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rich-c: hi harve
Harvie Powis: Hello Richard
rich-c: how's things with you today?
Harvie Powis: ot too bad, had to reinstall windows (shrug)
rich-c: reinstall windows? on your computer, you mean?
Harvie Powis: Don't know what happened to the leading n
Harvie Powis: Yes, too many trojans snuck in
rich-c: how on earth did they get in? surely you have a first-rate anti-virus?
Harvie Powis: I didn't have one, D/L'd AVG, it found the trojans and isolated them , and I couldn't run anything
rich-c: when you have teh viruses and trojans i.d.'d you can often go to Norton or McAfee and find out how to recover from them
Harvie Powis: Just got the machine running in time for the chat
rich-c: I just plain would never ever consider going online without a top anti-virus and firewall updated and running
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Harvie Powis: I have McAfee on my xp box, but I don't like to use XP
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: Hi, Harvie
Harvie Powis: Hi Pam
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: oui, c'est moi!
Pamela: Dad, we're just getting organized here but before we get started, is there anything I need to come over and get tomorrow?
rich-c: I haven't tried XP, don't want an OS that makes me phone Bill Gates for permission if I have to replace a cfashed hard disc or such
Harvie Powis: Hello Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Daniel B: Hello! bonsoir.. et Hi! :)
rich-c: just a minute while I ask your ma - I do have an extra copy of the new HUB if you like
Harvie Powis: That's why I don't like to use it , it came on my Dell box
Pamela: I'll get that some other time - it's not something I need to take to Windsor
rich-c: I am reasonably happy with my copy of 98SE - though oddly enough I have about six codes that will fool XP
rich-c: did you get your molther's email?
Pamela: about the Newfoundland quarter? Yes : ))
rich-c: no - the Newfie quarter was from me - she sent you a jpeg - Great Escape
Pamela: did you get an answer from Mom?
Pamela: Oh, yes, I got that too - very cute : )
rich-c: she seems not to have anything to go to Windsor
Pamela: Okay. I'm going to get my dinner - talk to Erin for a bit
Pamela changed username to Erin
rich-c: there's also a comic waiting for you now, that I found a hoot
Erin: hi peeps
rich-c: hi Rin - up taking turns on the keyboard, I see
Harvie Powis: Howdy
Erin: yeah, Pammie hasn't eaten yet
Erin: hi Harvie
rich-c: btw, is that gosympatico address some sort of personal webmail you have?
Erin: webmail, yes
Erin: btw, I'll have a phone as of Tuesday
rich-c: it's yours personally, not a gummint site, right?
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Erin: oh no it's my personal acc't
changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> changed username to SubGenius
rich-c: that's what I figured, so now w3e can get word to you that you can access from work if not anywhere else
Harvie Powis: Hi SubGenius
SubGenius: Hi.
Erin: hi Rich
SubGenius: The view is interesting from down here.
SubGenius: All those lofty intellects up there...
rich-c: (modestly) I wouldn/t know, never been there
Erin: from the basement?
SubGenius: That too...
Harvie Powis: A lot less demanding eh
SubGenius: "Better to be mean than average" :-)
SubGenius: It's been a long day...
rich-c: so Rin, once you get a phone line, then when will you be getting online on your own/
Erin: as soon as I can afford it, yes
Harvie Powis: They always tell me "keep up the mediocre work"
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Erin: hehe
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hail, Roberto
BobS: HOWDY mates
Erin: BOBS!!!!!
SubGenius: Phone line? Rin, are you online from your apartment?
BobS: whas sup ???????
Harvie Powis: Hello Bob
BobS: hi Harv
Erin: nope, not yet
SubGenius: Hello Bob.
Daniel B: hi Bob!
BobS: ok sub.........
rich-c: she's subbing for Pam who is making dinner
SubGenius: Sounded like you were...
BobS: HI ahso!!!!!
SubGenius: Ah, Pam is the galley-slave.
Erin: actually she's eating now
SubGenius: She better save you something.
BobS: just fillin' er face, eh??????
Erin: oh no, I ate, tummy happy
Harvie Powis: He thinks he's a u-boat captain Bob :)
Erin: pretty much Bobs
Erin: she is right here you know
Erin: ;-)
BobS: shhhh. don't tell her
SubGenius: But you clearly control the keyboard.
rich-c: doing all the heavy looking on, no doubt
Erin: well of course....I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!
SubGenius: Delusions of godhood...
rich-c: Rich, how are you set for weekend guest parking at your place?
Erin: <P> I can't "fill my face and type at the same time"
SubGenius: Weekend guest parking?
Erin: they're not delusions when you know it for a fact
rich-c: yes, you know, leave the vehicle in the driveway for a few days
Harvie Powis: But it's easier to talk with your mouth full on here
Erin: <P>that's true Harvie
SubGenius: We live in a duplex, single-lane driveway.
Erin: <P> it's even easier when you have a translator
rich-c: bummer
SubGenius: Why do you ask, Richard?
BobS: BUMMER dude, gonna have to park on the street
rich-c: Southwest has given up flying from Toronto
SubGenius: Not in Cleveland Heights, no street parking 3AM-6AM.
rich-c: but they do fly from Buffalo and Cleveland
BobS: them SUCKERS
rich-c: nice connection through Houston, I suspect, to ElPaso
rich-c: there may be an issue on the horizon...
SubGenius: There is well-supervised parking at Hopkins Airport.
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SubGenius: Some even in a deck.
BobS: what we "hope" to do goto Detroit and fly out after staying 1 night at a hotel......about $125US for hotel and extra parking days (at the hotel)
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: priced to match, I'd wager
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
SubGenius: I walked through it when I picked up Christina at the airport when she came back from Paris.
Erin: <P> Hey Meeks
Daniel B: hi Meeka
BobS: southwest has a $99 each way form Detroit to El Paso.....but can't book jsut yet-only booking thru Sept 13
rich-c: I noticed - what's the transfer point?
BobS: hi Meeka
SubGenius: Take the Greyhound to are flying anyway, so you need only a bag or two apiece.
BobS: don't recall..........somewhere south and west of here though
Erin: ok it's settled we are parking in Windsor for rates that cheap
Erin: is it direct from Detroit, Bobs
Erin: ?
SubGenius: Sounds like some ADAMcon planning is going on.
SubGenius: I still don't know what day I can leave and what day I have to return by.
rich-c: yes, we are very unenthusiastic about the date, will have to do it as a "hit and run"
BobS: more or less......would have to stop somwhere along the way
BobS: si READ YOUR emails !!!!!
SubGenius: Probably won't know that until after the end of the semester.
SubGenius: You misunderstand...
SubGenius: ...what day I am *free* to leave here, and to return.
SubGenius: There is a chance that I will get a M-W-F course to teach in the fall.
BobS: ADAMCON16.....El paso, TX.....LaHacienda Travel Lodge on Montana St a mile or so from airport
BobS: ahso
SubGenius: If so, arrive-Thur/depart-Mon is out for me.
rich-c: do they have an airport pickup?
Harvie Powis: Married White Females?
SubGenius: But that personnel decision won't be made until the end of the semester, maybe not until June.
SubGenius: Depends on certain budgetary things...
SubGenius: If I am just teaching LEGO lab, then no prob, leave after class Thursday morning, come back anytime I like Monday.
rich-c: I thought teh datee was set to accomodate your timetable, Rich - that's what Bob said
SubGenius: Yes...but certain job possibilities have opened up for me in the interim.
Erin: do tell
SubGenius: There is a chance that I can become a full-time instructor and get off the grant-cycle dole.
Erin: if you can
Erin: wow, <P> that'd be nice
SubGenius: But...this would mean going into the Biology Dept. teaching rotation, and most of their courses are M-W-F.
rich-c: OK - that's the business you were mentioning when you were here
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SubGenius: And it is uncertain whether or not I'd be able to continue the robot course at all the Biology Dept. labs are T-Th.
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
SubGenius: But my Chairman will know nothing until various budget things shake out around here.
George: Hi Everyone
Harvie Powis: Hi George
SubGenius: And currently CWRU is losing $20 million this it may be impossible.
BobS: Yo Geo
rich-c: and with all teh other administrative shaking going on there...
SubGenius: Yes.
SubGenius: So I have to play it by ear...but in any case, I will definitely be at ADAMcon 16 for Sat. and Sun. through the banquet.
Erin changed username to Pam / Erin
SubGenius: It's on either side of that that I don't know.
rich-c: it would be so much better if it wre in October
BobS: alright ya'll.....LISTEN UP !!!!!!!
BobS: Handicapped, smoking, non-smoking and intercommunicated rooms are also available. The services provided to our guests are: free local calls, newspaper, free shuttle to/from airport, greyhound and train station, in-house restaurant and lounge, room service, heated swimming pool, exercise room, laundry facility, remote television with HBO, CNN, ESPN, kids playground and parking lot, internet access and meeting room for up to 180 persons. Free Continental Breakfast, Free 24 hour Business Center with computer/DSL internet access, fax and copies. Room includes hairdryer, coffee maker, alarm clock and safe. Most rooms include micro/fridge.
SubGenius: Whenever it is, it is, and I will be there.
BobS: so SUCK on that !!!!!!!
SubGenius: Cut-n-paste?
George: Why is it in Bush country?
BobS: I is pretty good eh?????
BobS: ya mon
Pam / Erin: pool - excellent
rich-c: so how about putting up the into on the website - maybe even with a decent picture ;-)
Pam / Erin: DSL - excellent
Pam / Erin: coffee - good
BobS: we'uns is gonna HAVE FUN
Pam / Erin: (that from Erin)
SubGenius: But no poutine...
Daniel B: sorry if I'm quiet... I'm talking with James and sending e-mails.
Harvie Powis: Bob, you type fast
rich-c: now I'll have to buy a network card for my laptop
Pam / Erin: we can make our own in the microwave : )
rich-c: tell james it's daylight time here now and he should be sociable :-)
Pam / Erin: tell James Hi, Daniel
Harvie Powis: Richard
George: why are they having ADAMCON in Bush country?
BobS: get a wireless card 802.11 b compliant.....such as Belkin F5d6020 OR Netgear MA401
SubGenius: Because Carter Country was full?
Pam / Erin: because we have ADAM friends in El Paso, George
BobS: they will both work with the wireless router setup we plan on bringing in for the cahat session
rich-c: is that a URL, Harve? if so, .com? .net? .biz?
George: you have them in Philly
Harvie Powis: Usenet Richard
SubGenius: No wireless for any laptop I have access to...just 10baseT CAT5.
Pam / Erin: we'll get there George, but if we do, you'll have to do the organizing
rich-c: oh, right, a newsgroup
George: unless you dropped me as a friend
rich-c: OK, made a note of it, Harvie
SubGenius: 1....2....3....
Harvie Powis: Usually one of those each day offered for sale
SubGenius: 4.....5......6......
SubGenius: 7......8......9......10.
SubGenius: Now I feel better.
Pam / Erin: why?
rich-c: besides, we've never been to ElPaso, but we have been to Philly
SubGenius: Reminds me of "Sesame Street".
rich-c: even heard teh Wanamaker organ before it got burned
SubGenius: Soothing childhood memories.
Harvie Powis: Because it's not cold in the basement :)
SubGenius: Yeah, up to about 50 F down here now, quite toasty.
BobS: never been ther either, although Jean talks highle of the place
rich-c: from the map I'd guess it is a rather small town
SubGenius: But *everything's* big in Texas!
George: i'm hungry hunGRY HUNGRY!
BobS: mucho is
rich-c: well, by American standards - but up here our bigs are bigger
Harvie Powis: That's the river Bob
rich-c: Ontario is more than twice teh size of Texas - so is Quebec
SubGenius: ROTFL Harvie.
rich-c: me, I'm getting thirsty, but it isn't quite time for my beer yet
Pam / Erin: we got braggin rights - we just don't use 'em
SubGenius: I can't imagine Erin not bragging if she had something to brag about :-)
rich-c: but watch out if Erin ever gets transferred to the Tourism ministry
Pam / Erin: and just what are you all implying?
Meeka: ok, I am otta here, gotta go find more coughh syrup :(
SubGenius: Ministry of Silly Walks...
rich-c: ;-)
rich-c: take it easy, Meeka
Pam / Erin: are you icky, Meeka?
SubGenius: I'll leave that to your superior intellects, Pamerin :-)
Meeka: ya, I feel like death warmed over
SubGenius: I was in bed all weekend with it, TG it is over...
Pam / Erin: oh - not good - go get some cough syrup and feel better : )
SubGenius: 5 days of Robitussin is not good for you.
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: you are so right - that is rough stuff
SubGenius: It works...but it is nasty.
Harvie Powis: Johnny Walker Black Label is much better Doc
Pam / Erin: I don't have any problems with Robitussen
SubGenius: T-totaller, Harvie :-)
rich-c: sure Red Label isn't better in that application, Harvie?
Harvie Powis: But you must take your medicine Rich
SubGenius: Well, after a while Robitussin starts to have codeine-like side effects on me, and I have never tolerated codeine very well.
rich-c: oddly enough, small amounts of codeine do not bother me at all
George: i have a bag of chips dated Apr. 1804
SubGenius: Shuts down GI tract...makes me spacy.
Harvie Powis: Enough Scotch and you don't care about the cold anymore
SubGenius: After a dose of codeine following oral surgery, I saw an eyeball on the ceiling once.
rich-c: cute, George - that's the best before, right?
SubGenius: And I knew that it was impossible for it to be there, but the eyeball didn't listen to Spockian logic.
George: its old to my
Pam / Erin: that must have been some high, Rich
SubGenius: It hung there on the ceiling and looked at me.
SubGenius: This was around 1987.
SubGenius: It was a misperception of a ceiling light fixture.
rich-c: sheesh! - teh morphine after my surgery plugged up the plumbing for a bit, but once I was onto codeine (Tylenol 3) everything was fine
Pam / Erin: I hate the feeling of a codeine high
SubGenius: One of the reasons that I don't drink, I am probably physiologically very sensitive to it...and there is family history about such things, too :-(
Pam / Erin: however, the painkilling effects are great
rich-c: I don't get high, I just get woozy - I remember very little about my clinic stay
SubGenius: I have altered perceptions, and I hate it.
SubGenius: Too strong a reality principle, I guess.
SubGenius: I am loony enough without dope, anyways.
Harvie Powis: But life is so boring with unaltered perceptions
rich-c: OK, I do not have those problems, which is why I can enjoy wine and beer - moderately, anyway
rich-c: and when I got to rehab and only one T3 a day everything was clear
George: i can't wait for the grapes to turn. i eat them too fast
Daniel B: Bob, you just sent an e-mail to adamcon mailing list ?
rich-c: just got to buy them ripe, George
SubGenius: Green (unripe) grapes means a tummy-ache, George.
George: red globe
Harvie Powis: Make your own wine sip by sip george?
BobS: si Daniel
rich-c: not necessarily - Thompson Seedless are ripe when green
George: sweet red globe
rich-c: so how come I don't have it yet, Bob?
BobS: don't know Richard........
rich-c: we get our grapes from Chile but I didn't notice any in today
rich-c: I'm on DSL and have the mail notification set
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rich-c: of course, it only checks every ten minutes
BobS: sent it to the list..........
BobS: AH HA that IS the problem
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello judy
Pam / Erin: greetings Judy
George: its soon time for strawberries
Judy: Hi, everyone
SubGenius: Hi Judy.
Harvie Powis: Hello Judy
George: hi Judy
rich-c: only the southern ones, George - the really nice Redcoats won't come in till June
rich-c: California strawberries are around now - gorgeous looking, but the taste - yeech!
SubGenius: Add plenty of sugar to eat them.
Judy: doesn't get the taste that a home grown has
rich-c: yes, but you have to add so much sugar you can't taste the berries!
Pam / Erin: mmmm, strawberries
George: and a drop of balsamic vinegar
rich-c: I remember one year we followed teh strawberry harvest up the St. Lawrence and into the Maritimes
SubGenius: Vinegar on strawberries, ew.
Judy: what will that do George
George: bring out flavor
rich-c: we finished our last box of strawberries the day the first peaches came in
Pam / Erin: what hardship, Dad
George: with sugar
rich-c: you have no idea how your mother suffered
rich-c: luckily the peach season was long and lush, otherwise I might never have got her home
Pam / Erin: I sympathize Dad
Judy: is everyone having the wonderful weather that we are?
SubGenius: Very cold but sunny here in Cleveland.
George: nice day here
rich-c: we did have a sunny period this afternoon, but it was still chilly
Judy: was warm and sunny here today
Pam / Erin: send warm, Judy
Harvie Powis: Chilly wind here in Brampton today
George: sunny 70f
rich-c: I didn't need my sunglasses to drive over to the cardio lab this morning, though
Judy: no, will keep it all to myself
SubGenius: The rope pull contest in CWRU's Greek Week on Sunday took place in snow...
Pam / Erin: Judy, play nice and share!
rich-c: hatye you, George! ;-)
Judy: how are you doing, Rich
SubGenius: The trench of water almost had ice in it...
Pam / Erin: is that how you got sick Rich?
SubGenius: No, I was home in bed...I just heard about it.
Judy: not with warm weather, I neeed it
SubGenius: I slept 16 hours Saturday, same Sunday.
Judy: was out uncovering the pond today
rich-c: that you should do more often, Rich
Pam / Erin: probably needed it Rich - you do have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends and in the middle
SubGenius: I had a lab seminar to give Friday, but I was coming down with this "Sumerian Flu" as our students jokingly call it on last Tuesday.
Judy: the fish are wanting to go out in the sun shine
SubGenius: So, no chance to stay home to shake it off...had to buy Friday's seminar with a bigger crash later.
rich-c: I don't think we're out of the woods for freezing yet, Judy
Pam / Erin: take them for a walk, Judy
Judy: I know but I am really ready
SubGenius: I was a jiggly sick fellow after I was done Friday; seminar went well, fortunately, but it was a big price to pay.
rich-c: yes, you can push yourself only so far, then that's it
Judy: the little guys have had the flu, nasty stuff
rich-c: lucky you even made it through the seminar
SubGenius: Also, with Passover being this week, my orthodox co-instructor is out most of the week, so I have the robot course to myself.
Pam / Erin: my mother's always nagging me to get more sleep -she knows I get sick easily if i don't get enough
rich-c: now you know why she's always sick ;-)
Judy: only the boys had it,
SubGenius: If I could trade in some responsibilities, I could get more sleep.
Pam / Erin: I am not always sick!!!
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changed username to james
SubGenius: Pam seems quite healthy.
james: right on time
SubGenius: At least she did in Toronto in January.
moved to room Meeting Place
james: :P
Pam / Erin: there is nothing that says you have to do it all Rich
rich-c: good morning, james, decided to join the rest of us, I see
Pam / Erin: Hi, James
Judy: hi, James
changed username to Scott
james: hi
Pam / Erin: you're an hour late James
Pam / Erin: we're back to DST
james: who's the lowly subgenius?
james: yeah, i remembered.. about an hour too late
Pam / Erin: the sickly Dr. D
SubGenius: Recovering now, fortunately.
SubGenius: Only my "genius" is still "sub"...
rich-c: I would have hoped Daniel would remind you
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam / Erin: Hi Scott
Judy: sick on spring break, Dr D?
Scott: Hello...
changed username to BobS
George: bedttime for me
rich-c: hello Scott, haven't seen you for a while
Judy: Hi, Scott
SubGenius: The girls' Spring Break, yes. CWRU's was 3 weeks ago.
BobS: yaa made it !!!!!
rich-c: got to pack it in, George?
Scott: Yes, been busy. Just got back from my Java class
Pam / Erin: bye, George
George: yes
SubGenius: ROTFL, unintentional pun, Scott?
rich-c: night then, George
Pam / Erin: well you're in the right place then, Scott : )
George: Nite all
SubGenius: Bye George.
Scott: Yes, completely unitentional ol' evil SubGenius man
rich-c: Scott, I need some information from you about the MI 256K memory expander
Judy: nite George
George: bye, poof
james: he did remind me
Harvie Powis: They teach you how to drink coffee?
james: but i forgot
Scott: So... ADAMCon's in Texas???
George left chat session
Judy: yes, it is
SubGenius: Haha Scott.
rich-c: yep, should be an easy flight for you on Soiuthwesat, Scott
Scott: Rich - what info do you need?
rich-c: I have one where the addressing pin was left off
Scott: Southwest doesn't go out of Denver, I believe
rich-c: I need to know where the adressor wire needs to go
rich-c: no Southwest from Denver? that seems odd
Scott: Honestly I wouldn't know. But I bet I know who would.
SubGenius: Finnair, maybe? :-)
rich-c: maybe they couldn't get acceptable takeoff slots at the airport - is it very busy?
rich-c: besides your father, who, Scott?
Scott: I will double check. Hopefully I'm wrong.
Scott: I was implying my dad.
rich-c: yes, Southwest has good prices. Unfortunately they have dropped their Toronto service
Scott: I wonder how long of a drive it would be.
SubGenius: Any other carriers out of Toronto?
rich-c: if you can get the info, Scott, it would resolve much frustration
SubGenius: Mapquest tells me 25 hour drive from Cleveland...
SubGenius: ...anyone want to carpool? Van caravans are a great ADAMcon tradition.
Pam / Erin: you don't like the way I drive, Rich : )
rich-c: we can't afford teh time to drive it in September - that's why we wanted October
Scott: Yeah, just pick me up in Denver on the way :)
SubGenius: Too bad Erin can't drive, it would be a fun trio.
Pam / Erin: she watches really well : )
SubGenius: She can be the navigatrix.
SubGenius: Keep me from missing that left turn at Albuquerque.
Pam / Erin: and that's not to say she can't drive, she just isn't licensed to do so
Pam / Erin: she likes that title
SubGenius: -tor, trix
SubGenius: -trix I meant
Scott: Rich - I will ask him on Easter, that's when I'll see him next
rich-c: if you get to Albuquerque, you've gone too far. Back up
SubGenius: aviator, aviatrix
Scott: Trix are for kidz!
SubGenius: Beat me to it, Scott!
Harvie Powis: Dominator ...
Pam / Erin: Kix are for trids
SubGenius: I was just typing it.
Pam / Erin: not going there Harvie
SubGenius: Dunno if Pam/Erin want to go there, Harvie...
rich-c: please do, Scott; I've asked around teh Adam list and even those who have the carrds installed can't be bothered to reply - I am no little put out
Scott: Daniel B - Mike tells me you're almost done with Game Pack 2
SubGenius: My cards are all buried, Richard...
SubGenius: And I think where the jumper wire comes from depends upon what model of center-slot card you have...
Scott: Rich, why don't you send me the problem in an e-mail and I will forward it on to my dad.
SubGenius: If it's one of Scott's Dad's, there should at least be white silkscreen labelling on the card for jumpers, like J1, J2, J3 etc.
rich-c: what's your current email address, Scott?
BobS: Richard, you got the wrong adam list.....i haven't seen anythign on that
SubGenius: Richard did post to Coladam.
Scott: I don't know his e-mail offhand (that's bad, I know...)
rich-c: I mean yours, Scott
BobS: how's come I didn't get it??????
rich-c: OK Scott, got it copied
Harvie Powis: I got it but I have never had that card so I didn't reply
rich-c: dunno Bob - I'll send you a copy
Daniel B: Q: "Daniel B - Mike tells me you're almost done with Game Pack 2"
Daniel B: R: "Yes, just a few things to fix and it's done"
Daniel B: 9 reflexion games based on a 8x8 board plus 3 bonus games.
Scott: That
Daniel B: it's less games than the first Gamepack but I received good feedback about this new project.
Scott: That's great news, and very fast, I might add
Scott: Awesome
SubGenius: Daniel is quite a good programmer.
Scott: As you know, I'm also working on my project again.
Scott: Yes, better than me
Daniel B: And James is doing a good job with his Coleco web page project.
Scott: Didn't know he was working on one.
james: he is :P
Scott: It it in English and Japanese?
james: just english for now
Scott: I like that *for now*
james: i'll localize it later
Daniel B: Let me think... the second language will be french. =P
Pam / Erin: have you updated your regular web page recently James?
Scott: Are you also programming?
james: not in ages. i'm "getting around to it"
rich-c: maybe even enlist Daniel to help make it trilingual?
Harvie Powis: James, what's the URL? I lost my Favourites folder
Scott: Actually, I'm going to make my game available in Spanish as well
james: nothing but an intro page now. i'll link to the working pages once a little more has been developed and we test it out
SubGenius: I volunteer to do the Elvish translation.
Daniel B: Give them a clue about what you have done recently on the web page.
james: it'll likely be english and french
Scott: Another good programmer is Brazilian, so I guess we'll have to do a Portuguese version as well
james: though japanese would be easier for me, dan can polish up my french a bit
james: are you referring to eduardo?
Scott: Must be nice to be multiligual. I only speak a little English and a little Spanish :(
SubGenius: Rewriting English in tengwar text is trivial.
Scott: Yes, the Mello man
james: @sub, lol
Harvie Powis: Thanks James, I have it bookmarked
SubGenius: I learnt it in 11th grade...1978...
SubGenius: Have been writing stuff in it ever since.
james: @sub, you're dating yourself there :P
james: good way to keep stuff mostly private though
SubGenius: Yes, not a strong cypher, but it discourages the casual gawker.
SubGenius: Dating is okay, James.
SubGenius: My age is my age...
Harvie Powis: Try writing it in Anguish Languish
rich-c: you bragging or complaining, Rich?
SubGenius: Or Swedish Chef...
Scott: Or Elven.
Scott: JRR would be proud
rich-c: no, but he's good at Klingon, I've heard
SubGenius: "Eensert the chickee eento the cartridgee slot, bork bork bork!"
Scott: Klingon, now that's original!
SubGenius: 50-50 brag/complain, Richard.
james: lol
james: a good mix
james: who's good at klingon?
rich-c: long as your
Scott: What's that language that Jar Jar Binx speaks?
SubGenius: Q'PlaH! means "good luk!"
rich-c: long as you're still around to do it, might as well brag
SubGenius: Dunno how to say "You have no honour!"
SubGenius: Meesa no know, meesa no wanna know.
Pam / Erin: wait, let me get the Kllingon dictionary
SubGenius: I have a 1st edition packed away.
SubGenius: It has evolved considerably since then.
rich-c: there's a dictionary of Klingon???
rich-c: never mind, I'm not sure I want to know...
Pam / Erin: of course, Dad - and it translates both ways
SubGenius: Jar-Jar is lucky to have enough brain cells to drive a speech center.
SubGenius: There's a Bible translated into Klingon.
Scott: Yeah, let's do a special "Hooked on Phonics" edition!
SubGenius: And Shakespeare plays.
Pam / Erin: in the original Klingon
SubGenius: And there are 2 major dialects that have evolved from actual use.
rich-c: does babelfish know about this?
SubGenius: Don't think there is a babelfish translator for it yet.
rich-c: bummer
Harvie Powis: I'll bet it plays hell with the rhyming couplets Doc
SubGenius: Klingon was devised by a linguist to be as non-Indo-European as he could make it.
Pam / Erin: Holy '80's, dad
SubGenius: And to be as gutteral and spitty as possible.
james: i've read about that
rich-c: sort of like German
james: he was specifically commissioned to make a full, real language for use in the show
SubGenius: And to completely lack a verb for "to be".
SubGenius: Which played the hob with ST6 when Gurkon had to do Hamlet's soliloquy in Klingon...
rich-c: I knew I didn't want to know....
james: heh heh
james: @sub, what's the overall structure? ie: english is SVO, japanese is SOV
BobS: OK Richard, go the email now....will try and remember to dig out some and check it out
SubGenius:'s agglutinative, like Amerind languages.
SubGenius: Lots of particles and postfixes...
rich-c: geez, that took long enough, Bob - web must be slow tonight
james: very much like japanese then
Pam / Erin: must be you, Dad - I got it the first time
Scott: I'll have to bother you with all my Japanese questions, James
james: so overall it's post-positional then?
rich-c: no, this was an individual forward to Bob
BobS: naw, just checked
BobS: the mail
Pam / Erin: oh
SubGenius: It has been a long time since I looked at the could probably find something by Googling for "Klingon grammar".
james: good idea. ok, miyuki is back so i need to head off to my other job
SubGenius: I remember "hello" translates literally as "What do you want?!?!?!?"
Pam / Erin: Hi Miyuki!
rich-c: OK james, at least you had a bit more time today
james: i remember reading that somewhere too
james: yeah, i'll try to remember to come on earlier next week
SubGenius: And I remember some phrases from the phrasebook at the end, that were just silly:
SubGenius: "Your nose is shiny". and
james: lol
SubGenius: "Where did you hide the chocolate?"
SubGenius: There's one for Pamela...
james: anyway, gotta jet! *poof*
Pam / Erin: nite James
SubGenius: Poof!
james: P'oof!
rich-c: nite james
SubGenius: hahaha
Pam / Erin: obviously the female half of the population : )
james left chat session
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SubGenius: "Your chocolate is useless against me!"
changed username to bair
Pam / Erin: can't make a death ray without more parts : )
rich-c: all hail teh Bair - welcome!
Pam / Erin: Hi, Bair!
SubGenius: You have to stop eating them, Pam.
bair: Hi every one
rich-c: how's life among teh Hoosiers, Bob?
SubGenius: Hello Bob Bair.
Harvie Powis: Is that Bob Bair?
Pam / Erin: you have to read "How Much for Just the Planet", Rich
SubGenius: Another HHGTTG book?
bair: it is getting wamer
rich-c: and we can all stand a bit of that, Bob
Pam / Erin: ??
BobS: Mister BAIR !!!!!!
bair: i see there some here that i don't know
BobS: the one and only Bob !!!!!
Pam / Erin: HHGTTG? I've forgotten the translation
BobS: How the wife ??????? and ya'll ??????
rich-c: my daugheter Pamela, my niece Erin, Daniel the games writer from Quebec
bair: i don't think i am that
bair: oh it is fair
Harvie Powis: I met you at Adamcon 007 Bob
bair: soon be a year
rich-c: and Scott is Scott Gordon from Colorado (say MI jr.) ;-)
SubGenius: Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
bair: that has been a long time
rich-c: does that cover teh unknowns, Bob?
SubGenius: And I am Dr. Rich Drushel hiding under this moniker.
Pam / Erin: ah, I should have known that. No, its a ST:TOS book
SubGenius: Oh, is that the old Harry Mudd novel? 1970s vintage?
Pam / Erin: btw, I found the Klingon dictionary
Daniel B: I had the impressiong that SubGenius was Dr.D.
Pam / Erin: No, it's not a Mudd story
SubGenius: Then I am thinking of a different book.
Pam / Erin: I, Mudd or Mudd's Women?
SubGenius: Yes, my intellect is subpar tonight, Daniel, hence the descriptive alias.
Pam / Erin: Q'plah means success, by the way
Daniel B: 2+2=?
SubGenius: No, someone wrote a novel using Harry Mudd.
SubGenius: Yes, good luck.
Pam / Erin: we probably have it somewhere, Rich. Or else Kimberly does
bair: harry mudd was on star trek
SubGenius: 11 in base 3, Daniel.
Daniel B: you are right! :)
Pam / Erin: how do you get 11, Rich?
SubGenius: (1*3)+(1) = 4
rich-c: by calculating on base 3
Daniel B: base 3 use only three numbers : 0,1 and 2
SubGenius: Q.E.D., X.Y.Z., P.D.Q.
rich-c: A>S.A.P.
SubGenius: Back to remedial maths for you, Pammie :-)
rich-c: AKA
Daniel B: if we count, it's done something like this: 0, 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 100
bair: that is wrong 2+1=3
SubGenius: In base 10, yes, Bob.
SubGenius: But in base 3, your only digits are 0, 1, and 2.
Pam / Erin: alright, I've caught up now
rich-c: you can't do it in binary because that doesn't have a two
SubGenius: "Sesame Street" again :-)
SubGenius: "Oh who are the people in your neighborhood..."
Daniel B: Dr.D: When we need to use the base 3? I only use base 2,8,10 and 16.
bair: that is your first problem
Scott: Sorry, I slipped out a moment
rich-c: where do you use the octal, Rich?
Scott: Bob Bair, that name rings a bell
SubGenius: Never, Daniel, I was being a "smart-aleck"...not sure what the French translation is.
bair: hope not to loud
Daniel B: I know smart. We use this word here.
rich-c: une idiotisme, daniel
SubGenius: Dolor d'posterieur? :-)
BobS: Scott Gordon !!!!!! the Bair is our ANN treasurer extrodinair
rich-c: that I very much doubt, Rich
SubGenius: Pepe Le Pew French is about my limit...
rich-c: us old folks pick it up from Mamselle Hepzibah...
SubGenius: Pepe got his from Maurice Chevallier IIRC.
bair: some old folks don't even know that
SubGenius: Still, I thought I was clever... It is so insulting to be called a "pain in the ***", but "dolor d'posterieur" has a certain grandeur, even if it is faux.
rich-c: but pain is doulour
BobS: who you callin OLD ????????
Pam / Erin: Rich, do you know the original printing date of the Klingon dictionary?
(BobS reboots bair's computer remotely.)
SubGenius: I want to say 1986 or so.
Scott: That's right. How are you Bob???
rich-c: now don't you kids start squabbling there, Bobs
Pam / Erin: then I have an original here - copyright 1985
bair: getting better i think
SubGenius: I was close..."dolor" is the Latin version.
Pam / Erin: or the spanish version
rich-c: as in teh name "Dolores"
SubGenius: Mine, whatever year it is, says "First Edition" on the title page.
SubGenius: Does yours?
rich-c: was there ever a second edition?
SubGenius: Many editions...expanded vocabulary...
Pam / Erin: Mine says First Pocket Books Science Fiction Printing December 1985
SubGenius: Then that is it.
Pam / Erin: wow! we have a first edition!
Scott: Dan -- any other projects in the work other than Game Pack 2?
SubGenius: E-bay and yer goin' to El Paso in style!!!!
rich-c: ah, first printing - edition not mentioned though
SubGenius: :-)
SubGenius: Marc Okrand invented Klingon for ST3.
Pam / Erin: picky, picky
Daniel B: I will have to leave soon. My brother will be here tonight to visit us during this very long week-end.
SubGenius: The Klingon spoken in ST:TMP is gobbledygook, not the same.
rich-c: ah yes, Pacques
SubGenius: ST2:TWOK was 1985 time frame sounds right to me.
Scott: I gotta go too. Wife need the computer :(
SubGenius: I am a First Edition Rich-Speaker.
rich-c: everyone gets Friday off this week
Scott: See you all next week.
Scott left chat session
SubGenius: Ha I wish...
BobS: ok Scott
rich-c: see you, Scott
bair: tell her she has to wait
SubGenius: (to Richard's comment)
Pam / Erin: cool - shall have to check it out. It's in good condition, too
SubGenius: Bye Scott.
Pam / Erin: night Scott
Harvie Powis: Not here Richard
Daniel B: Scott: Yes, I'm thinking about finally release my project Jeepers Creepers. I also worked on a PIANO software to compose Coleco music with the PC keyboard. And I've done a CODEC to add small movie clip. I think it's enough for this year. :)
Daniel B: shit, my answer takes too long.
SubGenius: Merde!
SubGenius: :-)
Daniel B: oui, merde!
Pam / Erin: see, you do speak French!
Pam / Erin: I just realized -we're missing Guy tonite
rich-c: that's the last thing a racing driver says before he hits the wall
SubGenius: "Only the good parts" (as in "The Princess Bride" abridgement)
Daniel B: rich: you are right! :)
rich-c: I noticed that; he didn't turn up Saturday as he thought he would either
Pam / Erin: Hmm.
Pam / Erin: we're missing Ron too
SubGenius: Jean-Luc Picard says "Merde!" a few times during season 1 ST:TNG episodes.
Daniel B: George was here?
rich-c: he has his volunteer stuff, though I thought that was over
Harvie Powis: Out with his new girlfriend maybe
Pam / Erin: Perhaps, Harvie
rich-c: with Guy, one never knows
Pam / Erin: oui, Daniel
Pam / Erin: he does Rich?
Pam / Erin: when?
SubGenius: Can't remember the episode titles...
SubGenius: But J-L was more "French" early on.
bair: bob is judy still plaing Adam Bomb
SubGenius: I think he mumbled it whenever "The Boy" was on "my Bridge" :-)
Daniel B: BTW, I'm continuing my CODEC. I think I can have a better rendering result with less data.
Pam / Erin: yeah, that would make sense
SubGenius: Poor Wesley.
rich-c: one keeps forgetting, Daniel, that programming in 64K of space is far more demanding
Pam / Erin: he was much abused, wasn't he?
SubGenius: I have a JPEG of Wesley getting stabbed somewhere, my first Photoshop/video editing effort, back in 1992 or so...
Daniel B: I'm programming 32K rom. it's the limit. :)
SubGenius: Lemme see...
rich-c: right, I forgot about the memory split
Daniel B: I just have to use another reserved byte number to do someting else than RLE encoding. I'm thinking about copying graphic data from one square to another square (square=character).
rich-c: which I suspect, come to think of it, is the reason for teh ROM limit
BobS: Bair,,,,,,not lately, i blew up her computer an lost the saved version
BobS: and now she is a little lost as to what to do....start over or not
SubGenius: From a Q episode, I think, too.
bair: i bet she love you for that
Daniel B: I still don't know what Dale Wick was done in the past but I think my CODEC is going great. :)
Harvie Powis: Blowed up real good did it Bob?
BobS: did NOT think it was funny. I can NOT understand why though
rich-c: hey, that you even drew a rewsponse from Dale is a triumph
rich-c: he hasn't talked to anyone else here for months
BobS: uh huh Harv.......formatted it and started over......
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela / Erin
Pamela / Erin requested to ban Pam / Erin
Daniel B confirmed ban
BobS: now she asks me when I use gonna blow it up ??????
rich-c confirmed ban
SubGenius confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
SubGenius: It's a Twin Pamerin!
Daniel B: Well, I received two or three e-mails from him last week.
Pamela / Erin: Oops, dumped us
Daniel B: About a possible job in the phone company to do games.
BobS: well I axe3d ya just now
SubGenius: Phone company?
Daniel B: I don't fully understand
Pamela / Erin: Yes, that's from the first Q episode, I believe
Pamela / Erin: thanks Bob
rich-c: I think Dale may have enough French that if you ask him to clarify, he can do it
BobS: yes'm
rich-c: but Dale isn't with the phone company, he's with Best Buy
rich-c: maybe they need some games for cell phones they sell?
SubGenius: Who knows, with all the mergers...
Daniel B: Who knows? Maybe Gamepack will be available for mobile phones.
rich-c: any idea what OS a cellphone uses? the game-capable ones?
SubGenius: EOS :_)
Daniel B: Dale tell me that they programmed Embeded Java software.
rich-c: or they will by the time you getr finished with them, right, Daniel? ;-)
Harvie Powis: Can't be WINCE. They work.
rich-c: now, Harvey, don't be bitter - Bill Gates didn't send you those worms
SubGenius: If I throw a data pack hard enough at my ADAM, it will be embedded software :-)
Pamela / Erin: yes, but embedded in what?
rich-c: I dunno, every time I try that, they just bounce off :-)
Pamela / Erin: exactly my point
Harvie Powis: Yes but he supplied the ideal platform for them to propogate
Daniel B: funny guy!
SubGenius: Throw harder, Richard.
BobS: YOU WOULD throw somethign AT your ADAM ?????
rich-c: well, my Windows Update free cd is on teh way, so if I do crash I can do a fully updated restore
SubGenius: We all do, Bob...$$$, for starters :-)
rich-c: yes, lots of those, rich
bair: but he does not blow it up
Harvie Powis: At least he doesn't blow them up Bob
SubGenius: Magic smoke release is good.
BobS: that is true, at least rich is gentle while he is angry..........
rich-c: besides, I still have Guy Cousineau's Adam backup device
BobS: DON'T let the smoke OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: but if it gets out, use teh device to gather it up so you can stuff it all back in
SubGenius: It's hard to be gentle and angry at the same time.
bair: the phone is ringing so I will say good by
rich-c: it's somthing teachers learn, Rich - or else
bair left chat session
Pamela / Erin: nite Biar
BobS: it is a rather bad idea to put smoke back in.........some ALWAYS escapes
rich-c: night Bob, come again soon
BobS: nite Bair
BobS: say HI to Ginia
SubGenius: Sigh, is Bair well enough to travel yet?
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Bob, talk to you in another decade or so :)
rich-c: yes, and it plays hell with your video display
SubGenius: He and Virginia haven't been to a convention since 9, right?
rich-c: he's apparently had job obligations that kept him groundeed
BobS: I think...........since before that
BobS: or maybe was 9
SubGenius: I thought it was health problems mostly...but I could be misremembering.
rich-c: I also do not think Ginny is an enthusiast of conventions
SubGenius: He's such a jolly guy, I miss him.
Harvie Powis: Isn't he a volunteer firefighter?
rich-c: don't know about that, but he's with Emergency Services - fairly significant position too, I gather
BobS: Bair had a BAD colon infection, operation, couldn't sit for months.........then son got killed last year........
BobS: all in all a rough go of it the last 4 or 5 years
SubGenius: Tim, sigh....
rich-c: ah, didn't know about the plumbing problems
BobS: he's with civil defense harv........and yes pretty high up
rich-c: and I'd guess since 9/11 the heat has been pretty heavy
SubGenius: Osama won't mess with The Bair :-)
BobS: well kids....gotta go here
BobS: been FUN yaknow
Pamela / Erin: nite, Bob
rich-c: time is getting on, Bob - take care, then
SubGenius: FUN INDEED.
Pamela / Erin: nite to Judy too
BobS: but all good things must be postponed till later
SubGenius: Ha
Harvie Powis: Good Night Bob
BobS: nite
SubGenius: Bye Bob.
BobS left chat session
rich-c: y3ep, time is running down
Pamela / Erin: why do I picture all night talkathons in September?
SubGenius: I think I will get tired before then.
rich-c: Pam: cardiology lab visit was good - tell you later
Harvie Powis: I think I'll call it a night, see you all next Wed.
SubGenius: Oh yes, I had meant to inquire...
Pamela / Erin: okay Dad
Pamela / Erin: Night, Harvie
rich-c: night, Harvie
SubGenius: Glad it's okay, Richard.
SubGenius: Bye Harvie.
Harvie Powis left chat session
SubGenius: Did the Wizard give you a Testimonial from his little black bag?
rich-c: Pulse still up, fibrillation not present, BP nice
Pamela / Erin: that's good news Dad
SubGenius: Indeed.
rich-c: didn't hesitate to book a followup appointment in October
SubGenius: But still tachycardia is not what one would like to see.
Pamela / Erin: any suggestions as to the cause of the tachycardia?
rich-c: true, but maybe it is coming under control, and if the fibrillation is gone it's not especially dangerous
Pamela / Erin: did you mention your meds Dad?
Pamela / Erin: sometimes they can be a cause
rich-c: well, it's always a problem with the atrial electrical circuits, but beyond that little is known
rich-c: don't know where it comes from or why
Pamela / Erin: ah, idiopathic. Helpful.
SubGenius: Doctorspeak for "
SubGenius: "magic"
rich-c: yes, sometimes drugs work, sometimes they don't; there are various surgical approaches possible
Pamela / Erin: surgical? not again
SubGenius: No electrolyte imbalances, I take it from the lab work?
rich-c: but I am not at a point whre any heavy intervention should be considered.
Daniel B: My brother is there. I have to turn off my computer.
SubGenius: Yes, cut vagus nerve, implant pacemaker.
Pamela / Erin: g'nite Daniel. Happy Easter
SubGenius: Good bye Daniel.
Pamela / Erin: not good Dad
Daniel B: Joyeuse Pâques
Daniel B: :)
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - salud a votre frere
Daniel B: je vais saluer mon frčre, oui.
Daniel B: bye!
Daniel B: au revoir!
Pamela / Erin: bonsoir!
rich-c: oh the pacemaker is a last step usually reserved for V-fib when all else fails - I'm nowhere near that
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela / Erin: that
Pamela / Erin: 's good
Pamela / Erin: besides, that's ventrical, isn't it?
SubGenius: You could always use an ADAM to control it...
SubGenius: :-)
rich-c: yes, there's some scientific report I saw once that used it as a neat timing circuit...
SubGenius: That was me :-)
Pamela / Erin: yeah, but the ADAM gets kinda heavy to carry around : )
SubGenius: But you can play video games while you maintain a constant heart rate.
rich-c: anyway, time for me to bail, too - gotta take out the garbage and recycling
SubGenius: It would totally rule!
SubGenius: Our garbage day was today.
Pamela / Erin: problem is, most video games increase BP
Pamela / Erin: okay, nite Daddy
SubGenius: Have to play only the dull ones, then...
Pamela / Erin: <E> nite Uncle Richard
SubGenius: Good night, Richard.
rich-c: goodnight all - see you Sat or Wed
Pamela / Erin: Dad, will call tomorrow
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela / Erin: just what is the colour of gone anyway?
SubGenius: Transparent.
Pamela / Erin: okay, that will do.
SubGenius: The absence of all everything.
Pamela / Erin: that's pretty profound
Pamela / Erin: especially for 11:30 at night
SubGenius: I read it in "The Book of the SubGenius"
SubGenius: (no lie)
Pamela / Erin: where can we get a copy of this?
Pamela / Erin: so how fast can you read a novel, my friend?
SubGenius: And follow the links to stuff you can buy.
Pamela / Erin: scary
SubGenius: Depends...I finished HP 5 in 6 hours.
SubGenius: But only for plot.
SubGenius: "The House of the Seven Gables"...weeks....
SubGenius: What novel?
Pamela / Erin: wondering if we bring ST novels to the con if you'll finish them in a weekend
SubGenius: No.
Pamela / Erin: although I could just mail them :
SubGenius: Because it would be a misuse of ADAMcon time to read ST novels.
Pamela / Erin: alright, fair enough
SubGenius: Other things are more important.
SubGenius: Thought appreciated, though.
Pamela / Erin: here - have E for a while - gotta go get a drink
SubGenius: Gladly...
Pamela / Erin changed username to Erin / Pamela
SubGenius: Typing is thirsty work?
Erin / Pamela: apparently
SubGenius: So E, now I have what?
SubGenius: Do you have a busy workweek before Easter?
Erin / Pamela: no not really, I got a lot of filing done this week
Erin / Pamela: quite productive
Erin / Pamela: going to Windsor for the w/e
SubGenius: Sounds fun.
Erin / Pamela: always <rolls eyes>
SubGenius: Talked to my Dad tonight, we will be going to visit either him or my stepsister on Sunday afternoon.
Erin / Pamela: :-)
Erin / Pamela: cool
SubGenius: Not happy back home?
SubGenius: We get final decision by tomorrow now, stepmom and stepsister are still haggling over venue.
Erin / Pamela: it's fine right now, I'm just used to rolling my eyes to the idea
Erin / Pamela: are they far from you?
SubGenius: About 75 minute drive.
SubGenius: Southeast.
Erin / Pamela: not too bad
SubGenius: I will let Christina drive.
SubGenius: I will sleep if she keeps the radio down.
Erin / Pamela: is the whole gang going?
SubGenius: All but Joan, who must work evening shift. They will all go to church in the morning, though.
SubGenius: We will probably be leaving around 2 PM, back home around 9 PM.
Erin / Pamela: <P> obviously you trust Christina's driving
SubGenius: She drives at least as well as me...better than her mother...
Erin / Pamela: <P> LOL
SubGenius: It's true.
Erin / Pamela: <evilly> better than Pam?
SubGenius: Joan does not drive with confidence and destabilizes surrounding traffic.
Erin / Pamela: She HIT ME!!!
SubGenius: Well...
SubGenius: Since I'm on my side of the US-CN border, I will plead my 5th constitutional amendment.
Erin / Pamela: <P> c'mon I'm not that bad
SubGenius: If you can get me on your side, then I will fall under your jurisdiction and I will talk.
SubGenius: You aren't :-)
SubGenius: Joan doesn't drive as fast as you would.
Erin / Pamela: I foresee a kidnapping
SubGenius: That is part of her "destabilization", she tends to drive to slow.
SubGenius: too slow.
Erin / Pamela: <P> I drive with confidence
SubGenius: Confidence is good. Joan doesn't have it.
SubGenius: Christina does. She has driven fine, I have no qualms.
Erin / Pamela: <P> that's good
Erin / Pamela: <P> a lot of first time drivers don't have a lot of confidence
SubGenius: If the next time you see me, I'm in hospital with body cast, though, then I will rethink it.
Erin / Pamela: ie, me
SubGenius: Erin has no confidence?
SubGenius: Coulda fooled me based upon Toronto...but that was only 3 days,.
Erin / Pamela: not in driving, but I lack practice
Erin / Pamela: naaa, just a drama queen as I have been told :-)
SubGenius: Well dearie...I guess save your pfennigs and groschens and get your license.
Erin / Pamela: Pam says yes
SubGenius: Drama Queen, LOL.
SubGenius: Yes to Queen or yes to saving $$$.
Erin / Pamela: yes to getting licensed
Erin / Pamela: (yes to Queen too)
SubGenius: Mobility is good...if you ever get outside Metro Toronto, where there is not perfect public transportation, you will be stranded.
Erin / Pamela: cab it
Erin / Pamela: :-D
SubGenius: $$$
Erin / Pamela: so's a car my dear
SubGenius: And sponging rides gets old :-)
Erin / Pamela: and maintenance
Erin / Pamela: and gas
Erin / Pamela: etc
SubGenius: True...
Erin / Pamela: I never sponge
SubGenius: Just whatever is the right balance for where you live.
SubGenius: In Cleveland, having no car is pretty unthinkable.
SubGenius: Borrow nicely and sweetly? <bats eyelashes>
Erin / Pamela: I will get my license eventually, now that I am in TO and (hopefully) Pam is patient enough
Erin / Pamela: exactly
SubGenius: <Erin gives Pam chocolate>
Erin / Pamela: <sweet, innocent smile>
SubGenius: <Pam resists bribe>
Erin / Pamela: the first time she yells at me I quit
Erin / Pamela: Pam? resist bribe?
Erin / Pamela: you so funny
Erin / Pamela: :-)
SubGenius: Queenie is gonna get crowned again...
Erin / Pamela: naaa.....she agrees so long as it's chocolate
Erin / Pamela: :-)
SubGenius: the Sceptre of Pam's Right Arm With Fist...
Erin / Pamela: hehe
SubGenius: Christina was not hard to teach to drive.
SubGenius: I can imagine Elanor being a pain, though, she has no patience at all.
Erin / Pamela: no one's ever been patient enough and I wasn't ready at 16 when my father wanted me to learn
SubGenius: Just take your time.
SubGenius: Find a big mall with a big parking lot and start there.
Erin / Pamela: now golf carts that's a totally different story
SubGenius: I rode about 4 hours (over multiple days) with Christina in a parking lot as her very first sessions.
Erin / Pamela: that's what Pam said
SubGenius: Sunday morning, deserted.
Erin / Pamela: perhaps in the nicer weather
SubGenius: Low speed, put it in 2nd gear and leave it.
SubGenius: Go round and round, make figure 8s, pull into parking spaces, etc.
Erin / Pamela: no stick......that's too many thoughts at once for me to start with
SubGenius: Just get used to driving it around.
SubGenius: I would have trained Christina on a stick if we had a car with one...I learned both 5-speed on floor and 3-speed on column.
SubGenius: Highly recommended.
SubGenius: But not always possible these days.
SubGenius: Not sure a column-shift has been made for about 25 years.
Erin / Pamela: it's hard enough getting me behind the wheel of a car....I can learn a stick later
Erin / Pamela: I go it
Erin / Pamela: I'll just get a motorcycle
SubGenius: Well...if I am ever in Toronto in decent weather, I would let you drive around a parking lot with me :-)
Erin / Pamela: that way no one to freak me out while learning
Erin / Pamela: :-)
Erin / Pamela: that's sweet
SubGenius: Flopping a motorcycle on pavement is no fun...
Erin / Pamela: hopefully you don't start having the visions of "body cast" again
SubGenius: Besides, the helmet would mess up your hair...nobody could see it was red.
Erin / Pamela: it's all the unique mystery of me
Erin / Pamela: :-)
Erin / Pamela: <not too modestly>
SubGenius: Can you at least ride a pedal bicycle?
Erin / Pamela: yes
SubGenius: Elanor refuses to learn.
Erin / Pamela: why?
SubGenius: She was about 15 minutes away from mastery when she was 6, flopped it (no worse than she had flopped all that afternoon), and resolutely walked away.
SubGenius: Wuss.
Erin / Pamela: hehe
SubGenius: Christina hasn't been able to influence her, either.
SubGenius: But Elanor has made Diana scared of learning.
SubGenius: Double Wuss.
Erin / Pamela: LOL
SubGenius: And Gretchen has been completely indifferent.
Erin / Pamela: dominoe effect
SubGenius: Yes.
Erin / Pamela: I can ride a bike, roller skate,
Erin / Pamela: that's about it
SubGenius: I can fall down on roller and ice skates.
Erin / Pamela: oh me too
SubGenius: I can coast about 10 feet on a skateboard before falling.
Erin / Pamela: I just laugh it off
SubGenius: No sidewalks, and a gravel driveway where I grew up.
Erin / Pamela: that's never helpful
SubGenius: So I can't play basketball, either, it won't bounce on a gravel driveway.
Erin / Pamela: now that would suck
SubGenius: Country boy, I can climb trees etc. though as recompense.
Erin / Pamela: that's more adventurous anyway :-)
SubGenius: I have wrong height for basketball anyway, at least a meter too short.
Erin / Pamela: Zeek
SubGenius: Dig in dirt, walk in creek, etc.
Erin / Pamela: adveturous science collected crayfish didn't you
SubGenius: Well, maybe 650 cm too short.
SubGenius: Yep.
SubGenius: And snakes.
Erin / Pamela: I knew it!
SubGenius: And toads.
Erin / Pamela: and tadpoles no doubt
SubGenius: Found a turtle only once.
SubGenius: Yes, had tadpoles.
Erin / Pamela: any frogs?
SubGenius: The tadpoles were from toads.
Erin / Pamela: i figured as much, frogs are hard to come by
SubGenius: Frogs are too sly, I couldn't ever get near enough to catch any.
SubGenius: I could see their beady little eyes peeking up through the surface of the pond.
Erin / Pamela: :-)
SubGenius: Kermie hiding from Piggy.
Erin / Pamela: shifty little suckers
Erin / Pamela: LOLOLOL
SubGenius: Found a snake with a toad in its mouth once.
Erin / Pamela: consensus --eww
Erin / Pamela: I had a pet praying mantis once
SubGenius: It eventually gave up, it had grabbed one too big to eat.
SubGenius: I've seen a couple PMs.
Erin / Pamela: I knew a walking stick once
Erin / Pamela: too big
SubGenius: We had lots of katydids...and grasshoppers...and crickets...
Erin / Pamela: looked like a sp****
SubGenius: sp**** = spider?
Erin / Pamela: yes
SubGenius: I detect a certain trepidation?
Erin / Pamela: arachnophobia
Erin / Pamela: just learned how to kill them this past year
SubGenius: <lifts eyebrow> Fascinating.
SubGenius: Leave 'em alone, they won't hurt you.
Erin / Pamela: that and claustrophobia
SubGenius: Really?
Erin / Pamela: Christmas in a mall = hyperventilation
Erin / Pamela: elevators are ok if they are fast enough
SubGenius: Pam's car was pretty packed in Toronto, I didn't detect anything...if it was there and I didn't notice, boy I apologize.
SubGenius: The Mandarin was pretty busy...
Erin / Pamela: it's not a big's a slight issue
Erin / Pamela: but I do notice it from time to time
Erin / Pamela: not usually with people I know
SubGenius: I was pretty strange in Toronto...
Erin / Pamela: strange how?
SubGenius: Typing is one thing, in-person is another.
Erin / Pamela: you were my radiator :-)
SubGenius: strange=unknown, foreign.
SubGenius: <smirk>
Erin / Pamela: to be scientific -- I only notice the claustrophobia at Christmas an at that, ummm, "time"
SubGenius: Did you have a bad Christmas once?
SubGenius: Or is it simply a people density thing?
SubGenius: Ever been to a sporting event with 60K people and felt this?
Erin / Pamela: understatement.....but that has nothing to do with the claustrophobia........unless I'm suppressing something I don't know about
SubGenius: E.g. baseball or football game?
Erin / Pamela: people density
Erin / Pamela: China is off-limits to me
SubGenius: Re: Christmas, sorry to hear :-(
Erin / Pamela: it's just life
Erin / Pamela: nothing more
Erin / Pamela: nothing less
Erin / Pamela: <shrug>
SubGenius: I guess avoid big political conventions then, too...
SubGenius: High raving politician density.
Erin / Pamela: sometimes yes...usually I stay at the back of the room (more so to sneak out :-))
Erin / Pamela: A lot of the time I'm fine
SubGenius: Someday you may have to give a keynote address or something...or take an oath of office, Mme. PM.
Erin / Pamela: but I do notice it there
Erin / Pamela: oh G no
Erin / Pamela: no public office for me thank you
SubGenius: Your first act can be to reduce the size of conventions :-)
Erin / Pamela: actually thinking of looking into finding a career aptitude thingy
SubGenius: What you're doing now isn't your aptitude?
Erin / Pamela: I don't think so, but I don't know.....there's a lot of careers out there that no one even knows about.....I've been hearing about some and they have piqued my interest
SubGenius: You could be a lion tamer...or a chartered accountant (Monty Python ref)
Erin / Pamela: lol
SubGenius: But you aren't dull enough for the latter.
Erin / Pamela: thought about CA in highschool -- hate numbers
SubGenius: What has piqued your interest?
Erin / Pamela: I enjoy my job well enough....but I think I am meant for something greater, well, at least greater to me
SubGenius: Well, if you can find it, and still get paid for it...that is great.
Erin / Pamela: that's the key
Erin / Pamela: my other options are: marry rich or win the lottery
SubGenius: Any sugar daddies in your office?
SubGenius: Lotteries are not very likely...
Erin / Pamela: naaa...the boss is single but...naaa
SubGenius: I can't see Erin on the make for a meal ticket...right Pam?
Erin / Pamela: lottery seems to be my best bet
Erin / Pamela: she's not listening
Erin / Pamela: now she is
SubGenius: What was she doing?
Erin / Pamela: fiddling with a tape
Erin / Pamela: cueing "New Math" by Tom Lehrer
SubGenius: I hope you have higher hopes than the lottery...
Erin / Pamela: well of course
SubGenius: Because I counted in base 3, right?
Erin / Pamela: <P> yes
Erin / Pamela: <P> do you know the song?
SubGenius: He counts in base what, 8?
Erin / Pamela: <P> base 12 I think
SubGenius: I couldn't remember.
Erin / Pamela: I'm lost
SubGenius: Find Lake Erie. That is south. To your left is east. Everything else follows from that. And, don't try to walk on the water.
Erin / Pamela: I'm listening to the tape
SubGenius: Ahhh...he does go through it fast.
Erin / Pamela: frustrating
SubGenius: Look up the lyrics somewhere, it will help to see them written down.
Erin / Pamela: i don't understand why they are laughing
SubGenius: You didn't have to learn New Math...they (and I) did :-)
Erin / Pamela: <P> it is base 8
Erin / Pamela: TG
Erin / Pamela: I was screwed enough with "normal" math
SubGenius: Certain computers of that era counted in base 8, instead of base 16 like they do now.
Erin / Pamela: I always understood the big picture but not the simple stuff
Erin / Pamela: that's what my teacher said anyway
SubGenius: Don't sell yourself short...a good teacher could fix that.
Erin / Pamela: math is not my forte
Erin / Pamela: I'm a philosopher
SubGenius: It can be your pianissimo :-)
Erin / Pamela: hehe
Erin / Pamela: philosopher, dreamer...
SubGenius: "E pluribus faecum", that describes things in this country pretty well...hope yours is better...
Erin / Pamela: translation?
SubGenius: US motto is "E pluribus unum" = "out of many, one". Substitute "faecum"...I think you recognize the root...
Erin / Pamela: sorry, dense
SubGenius: Must be the hour...or the lateness thereof.
SubGenius: Proclaim bedtime throughout the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof...
Erin / Pamela: or the fact I never learned latin
SubGenius: My 2.5 hours of sleep is running out, alas and alackaday...
SubGenius: I never took it as a class, but I picked up lots of roots and endings.
Erin / Pamela: it is beddy bye time though
SubGenius: Pam can sleep in, right? <pout>
Erin / Pamela: yeaaaaaaaahhh <double pout>
Erin / Pamela: :-)
Erin / Pamela: well, get some sleep Rich
SubGenius: Well...then how about we close this down before Pam throws you out on your ear.
Erin / Pamela: hopefully you're feeling a little more upbeat
SubGenius: I will try....zzzzz.
SubGenius: Yeah, would be nice.
SubGenius: Better now than before.
Erin / Pamela: <hugs>
Erin / Pamela: that's good
SubGenius: Sorry for crabiness.
Erin / Pamela: :-)
Erin / Pamela: not at all
SubGenius: <hugs to all?
Erin / Pamela: :-)
SubGenius: all>
Erin / Pamela: hehe
Erin / Pamela: sleep well
SubGenius: Typos now, brain is going.
SubGenius: Good night Erin and Pam, Pam and Erin, etc.
Erin / Pamela: nighty nite
SubGenius: <poof>
Erin / Pamela: colour of gone
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