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Daniel B: I will be online later. bye
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(Ms. Rin gives Ms. Rin a yummy bar of chocolate.)
(Ms. Rin's head explodes!)
(Ms. Rin Giggles)
(Ms. Rin gives Ms. Rin a can of Diet Coke.)
Ms. Rin: ick...don't know why I'm drinking this tuff
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changed username to rich-c
Ms. Rin: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: hi Erin, what are you doing here?
Ms. Rin: thought I'd stop by when I checked on the cats
rich-c: I assume you're borrowing Pam's computer while she's away?
Ms. Rin: in the middle of laundry so I won't be too long
Ms. Rin:'s nice to have complete control of the keyboard
rich-c: yes, I'd sort of guessed you'd be there looking at teh cats primarily
Ms. Rin: :-)
rich-c: well, you'll just have to get your own computer one of these days
Ms. Rin: yes sooner than later I hop....Garth is hoping to build one then meet Pam and I in St. Thomas
Ms. Rin: have to figure out whne though
rich-c: OK, just don't let him get carried away - you can do an awful lot with a very simple computer
Ms. Rin: I've told him to KISS
Ms. Rin: well, without the stupid part
rich-c: true, but it's so easy to go sort of wild, especially on other people's money
Ms. Rin: oh I know.....I think he is going to use most of the parts he already has laying about then I will contribute luckily it will be my choice at that point
rich-c: right off teh top, you have to decide whether you want a computer for your needs now or one good for 4 to 5 years total
Ms. Rin: if he suggests something that he says I need that I don't know what it is I will ask you and you can let me know if it is entirely essential
Ms. Rin: he has a way of saying how important something is and it really isn't so
rich-c: there's limitations - older computers may not have USB support, or AGP, or space for enough memory or wrong type of memory
Ms. Rin: I'll see if I can get more information on the parts and let you know
rich-c: I bought mine at the end of 2001 and it still has lots of time left in it
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rich-c: but I paid a premium for a really great motherboard (like about $170 instead of $70) and a case with room for six drives+
changed username to Dr.D.
Ms. Rin: hi Rich
rich-c: hello Rich, just talking to Rin about her getting a computer
Dr.D.: Hello all.
Dr.D.: Rin is getting a computer?
Ms. Rin: well, it's in the works
rich-c: sooner or later - we're talking about buying strategies and what she has to think about
Dr.D.: Someday soon, then.
Ms. Rin: I was just telling Uncle Richard that if my brother suggests something as he is building it and says it is essential that I will ask Uncle R for his see if it really is essential
Dr.D.: Gigahertz Pentium is probably not necessary.
rich-c: I would discourage any Intel CPU or too high a speed AMD
Ms. Rin: ok I'll make a note
rich-c: I've metnioned my feelings on motherboard and case
Dr.D.: Your brother wouldn't steer you wrong, now, would he?
Dr.D.: (as in trying to get a big sales commission) :-)
rich-c: well, the young folk tend to get taken in with hype and grow big eyes
Ms. Rin: I don't think he would but his idea of essential is not always everyone elses :-)
rich-c: Garth is pretty sharp but at his age experience is limited
Dr.D.: It is true, though, that the more you get today, the longer it wil be useful in future.
rich-c: yes, that's so up to a point
Dr.D.: My 486 was super top-of-the-line in 1993, and didn't become really obsolete until about 2000.
Ms. Rin: wow....good lifespan
rich-c: and some stuff you just automatically get teh latest - it's hard to buy a hard disc under 80 gig now, ATA100 or 133, and 7200 rpm
Dr.D.: But that also was because I put a super-expensive operating system on it, Windows NT 4.0, that had a long lifespan.
Dr.D.: I am sure that if you had to use the 486 right now, you would be irritated at how slow it is.
rich-c: I doubt Rin will ever need more than a small percentage of an 80 gig disc and ATA66. 4500 rpm would serve fine
Dr.D.: Who knows, she might keep a bunch of songs or movies on it :-)
rich-c: but if the minimum is excessive, what to you do? visit the antique shop?
Ms. Rin: all I do is chat and email....I hardly ever even search
Dr.D.: Or all her E-mail.
rich-c: oh, I'm an email pack rat and can't start to use a block big enough to be visible on my 40 gig drive
Ms. Rin: I'm old fashioned when it comes to movies and music
Ms. Rin: well sort of but I prefer DVD and CD's
Dr.D.: You have a 35 mm projector at home?
Ms. Rin: not that old fashioned I guess
Ms. Rin: I don't think so :-)
Ms. Rin: hehe
rich-c: hey, I'm still using vinyl and tape - ever have a working beta VCR (though I use a VHS now)\
Dr.D.: The Film Society has some spare ones...for emergency use.
Ms. Rin: Our Beta still works...all except the record button
Dr.D.: And our dual portable 16 mm projectors for away missions when we have to use an alternate venue.
Ms. Rin: one of my favourite childhood movies is taped on Beta
Dr.D.: Is blank Beta tape still available?
rich-c: you know, a beta vcr and old Commodore 64 monitor and you've got a fully functional tv setup (+ antenna, of course)
Dr.D.: Which movie?
Ms. Rin: "The Secret of NIMH"
Dr.D.: Ooooh, very nice one.
Ms. Rin: yeah.....I was old for my that movie
Dr.D.: Don Bluth's best, alas, it was all downhill from there.
rich-c: bet you can find all the beta tape you want on eBay
Ms. Rin: probably
Dr.D.: I remember having a B.A.S.I.C. meeting at a member's house, George Harpster.
Ms. Rin: it was too bad they stopped making them....they were of more quality
Dr.D.: (There's a name I haven't thought of for a while)
rich-c: anyway, Rin, first decide what you want to do, then if you want to buy for the future or the present
Dr.D.: He had an entire wall, not unlike your computer room wall, Richard :-) of stuff on Beta.
Dr.D.: Floor to ceiling.
rich-c: sheesh!
Ms. Rin: well I would like the present....can always work on the future later :-)
Dr.D.: This was in 1991, I am pretty sure.
rich-c: maybe we should just loan you my P166MMX - you can certainly search and chat with it
rich-c: it has a 2.1 gig drive that isnt even connected, and an 8.4 gig drive that's little used, if I recall
Ms. Rin: what year software can it take?
Ms. Rin: (if I'm asking what I think I'm asking)
Ms. Rin: :-S
Dr.D.: Windows XYZ PDQ.
rich-c: depends on what you want - if you'd like open source, you can have just about anything you want
Ms. Rin: hehe
Ms. Rin: so '98 would work on it....or I suppose the better question is....what's on it now?
Dr.D.: I don't think a *nix distribution would be a good place for Rin to start.
Dr.D.: No offense (braving the Wrath of the Red-Head), but I don't think you're techie enough for it.
Ms. Rin: none taken
Ms. Rin: I know my limitations
Dr.D.: And it would require some care and feeding, if you will.
Dr.D.: Not that you couldn't do it, just maybe more than your would want to be involved with at this point.
Dr.D.: You need an internet appliance :-)
rich-c: I was not thinking of putting her on and flavour of *nix, Rich
Ms. Rin: I'm pretty good at figuring things out.......but I wouldn't want to blow up someone else's computer :-)
rich-c: give me a second to check something
Ms. Rin: internet appliance, yes...hehe
Dr.D.: The ADAM was the WebTV of the 1980s.
Dr.D.: Yukon! Oh, hes gone, he's gone!!!!
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Dr.D.: <line from Rudolph>
changed username to rich-c
Ms. Rin: haha...yes I remember
Dr.D.: That was interesting, Richard.
rich-c: sorry 'bout that, folks - fell off teh board
Ms. Rin: no prob
Dr.D.: Hopefully not off your chair or something.
rich-c: anyway, try this URL:
Dr.D.: In Czechoslovakia?
rich-c: you will find a free full suite of superb software for all flavours of Windows, all free
Dr.D.: Or China, rather.
rich-c: ch + cantonia helvetica
Dr.D.: What is .ch.
Dr.D.: Switzerland?
Ms. Rin: ok I'll try it tonight....I know how long it takes Pam's computer to load and I don't want to interrupt the chat :-)
rich-c: bingo
rich-c: yes - I fell off because I needed to open another copy of IE to get that, and didn't
rich-c: you can't
rich-c: sorry
Dr.D.: What sort of antediluvian thing is Pam running?
rich-c: you can't get the software, Rin, it's an ISO image that has to be downloaded to a CD and may overflow that
Dr.D.: Does it look like it came from the Flintstones?
Ms. Rin: I don't know but remember Wednesday when we were looking at the ADAMcon slowed everything way down
rich-c: but with my DSL connection even downloading 750 megs can be realistic and I have a burner
rich-c: Pam has an IBM P2 400 - think it's P2
Dr.D.: Then a 166 MHz machine would be even more sluggish...maybe not a good solution.
rich-c: well, that was her modem speed, Rin, not teh computer - the computer is fast
Ms. Rin: true, but if my brother has difficulties in getting a computer to me it will sustain me :-)
rich-c: hell, even a 386-16 can outrun a 56K modem
Dr.D.: He is in Windsor, right?
Ms. Rin: but I need to talk to Garth about that before I make a decision
Ms. Rin: yes
Ms. Rin: he is planning a trip to watch car racing in St. Thomas the first w/e of May
Ms. Rin: but something may have come up that he can't
rich-c: server speeds can also be an issue
Dr.D.: Where is St. Thomas WRT Toronto?
Ms. Rin: near London
Ms. Rin: 2 hours
rich-c: it's well down the road past London - about 120 miles at a guess
Ms. Rin: approx
Ms. Rin: it'll be meeting in the middle
Dr.D.: Ooh, like a drug buy or something :-)
rich-c: yes, Windsor is about 4+ hours down the road
rich-c: anyway, Rich, did you copy that URL I gave Rin?
Ms. Rin: something like that yeah :-)
Dr.D.: Just a minute...
rich-c: if you need a repeat, it's
Dr.D.: I grabbed it, Richard.
rich-c: I would be obliged if at some time when convenient you'd take a look at it and offer an opinion
Dr.D.: Okay, will do.
Dr.D.: Let me mail it to myself so it doesn't get lost.
rich-c: my 166 is currently still st up with Win95 but has an unused partition where another OS can be insalled
Dr.D.: done.
rich-c: in fact if I recall I still have Win3.1 on it in one partition
rich-c: and since it uses Partition Magic I can juggle partitions at will
Dr.D.: Win3.1 still runs on the 486.
Ms. Rin: BRB
Dr.D.: I have to reboot it in DOS mode to use ADAMem or ColEm anyway.
rich-c: I'm sure Win 3.1 would even run on my current machine - but would it be worth the effort?
Dr.D.: Depends if there are Win3.1-only apps that you want to run.
rich-c: you don't use the Windows front end for AdamEm?
Dr.D.: I have it for historical interest.
Dr.D.: Nope.
Ms. Rin: back
Dr.D.: The 486 is barely usable for the WinNT stuff.
rich-c: I took my time adjusting from 3.1 to 95 and did find there were apps where I liked the 3.1 version better
Dr.D.: I hear a car door slamming...Christina must be home.
rich-c: but since I found all the zippy freeware one can get, that has become rather less of an issue ;-)
rich-c: would you believe I have Star Office complete and have never used it?
Dr.D.: I don't think I have ever used StarOffice.
rich-c: it's by a Euro firm originally, picked up by Sun for *nix then ported
Ms. Rin: what is *nix?
rich-c: it's a full suite equal to MS Office
Dr.D.: Unix.
rich-c: any flavour of Unix including Linux
Dr.D.: The * is to avoid trademark lawsuit from AT&T :-)\
Ms. Rin: I get it :-)
Dr.D.: Also a * as a wildcard character, matches anything...
Dr.D.: So Unix, Linux, Minix, Ultrix, Solaris...etc.
Ms. Rin: not as many pages back now :-)
rich-c: anyway, Star Office has gone commercial with Sun, but is still improved freeware as Open Office
rich-c: it and GIMP are two base apps in the freeware bundle I mentioned
Dr.D.: Yes, Open Office, now I remember.
rich-c: GIMP is Graphic Interface Management Program, challenges Abode Photoshop
Dr.D.: I tried to install GIMP on my Mac OS X system, and it wouldn't do any of the common file formats, GIF, TIFF, JPEG!
Dr.D.: Some library it couldn't find...I couldn't track down I gave up.
(Ms. Rin gives Dr.D. a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Dr.D.: Yes, it is a Photoshop workalike.
rich-c: didn't know that GIMP had ever been ported to teh Mac
Dr.D.: OS X has a BSD Unix core.
Dr.D.: Yum, chocolate...
(Dr.D. gives Ms. Rin some poutine.)
rich-c: right - I'd forgotten that....
Dr.D.: Maybe not as tasty as chocolate, but it was on the menu.
Dr.D.: I also had to install X11 window manager to even get it to run, that was also no picnic.
Ms. Rin: it's all good......and dinner before dessert is something I have to keep in mind....bad habit
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rich-c: let's say if it drove you to giving up, it must have been a real challenge
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: Ha-aH!
Ms. Rin: hi Daniel
rich-c: btw, you haven't given us a report on your leg
Ms. Rin: oh yes how is it?
Dr.D.: Leg update:
Daniel B: bonjour mes amis, bonjour!
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
rich-c: hey, bienvenue, Daniel
Dr.D.: Friday was a very bad day.
rich-c: oh dear - what went wrong?
Dr.D.: I woke up feeling like I had been beaten with a stick, everything in my whole body hurt.
rich-c: great heavens - any idea of the cause?
Dr.D.: The leg hurt just because, the rest was the exertion of walking about 1000 meters the day before on crutches around campus.
Ms. Rin: hopefully you're getting some rest today
rich-c: a kilometer on crutches? you gotta be outa yer mind!
Dr.D.: Our campus is big, there are lots of places I have to go, Richard.
Dr.D.: It was the last day of class, I had to be there.
rich-c: face it, you've got an excuse to take it easy for a bit - let the world indulge you for a change
Dr.D.: No easy rest until the Egg Hunt is done with, next Sunday.
rich-c: nuts - tell them if they want you, send Security with a wheelchair ;-)
Dr.D.: I didn't make it in to work until about 11:15 AM, and that only because our weekly lab meeting was at noon.
Dr.D.: I had to wait for the pain meds to kick in in the morning, I just went back to bed for the morning.
rich-c: they should count their blessings when you show at all, and offer all indulgence necessary to make it easy on you
Ms. Rin: I agree
Dr.D.: And I was unable to get anyone to staff the robot lab last night, and Christina needed the other car to get home from softball practice, and Joan was working evening I just stayed on campus until midnight, from 6-12 in the robot lab.
Dr.D.: A few students came, they were quiet, so I could sit still.
rich-c: I know duty calls and you're inclined to answer, but sometimes you have to take your time about it
Dr.D.: I had Christina bring her sisters down to visit, and they brought me supper about 8:20 PM.
rich-c: nuts - lock the door and grab some zzzzs
Dr.D.: I ate and visited with them for about an hour.
Dr.D.: Today I am absolutely not going down to campus.
Ms. Rin: good for you
rich-c: I should bloody well hope not!
rich-c: and don't move out your door tomorrow either
Dr.D.: I did get work done there last night, I made 9 new replacement motors with LEGO plates on them, in case of breakage.
Dr.D.: Our spares were all gone.
Dr.D.: Tonight someone is doing the 6-9 slot.
Dr.D.: And tomorrow is the final noon-midnight extra session, after which the lab is CLOSED until the Egg Hunt.
Dr.D.: But I am not running any of those sessions, either.
Ms. Rin: good
rich-c: there should be more someones filling more slots for you too
Ms. Rin: you can't have this interrupting your recovery
Dr.D.: My co-instructor is taking the 12-3 slot on Sunday...but...he is really (sadly) not so competent to fix and troubleshoot.
Dr.D.: I am taking a risk by skipping the final session, because invariably stuff breaks that the staff and students can't fix, only me.
Dr.D.: But I don't want to be there if I can possibly avoid it.
rich-c: they just have to respect the fact that htere are times you can't be there
rich-c: what would they do if you came down with something contaigious that requireed quarantine?
rich-c: by tehv way, Daniel, I know you're quiet but realize you are there
Daniel B: yes
Daniel B: I'm here
rich-c: and yes, I did get your email though I havent had time to look at the attachment yet
Dr.D.: hold a minute....
rich-c: does it run in Windows or AdamEm?
Ms. Rin: I read your email Daniels sounds fun :-)
Daniel B: maybe you prefer a gif file?
rich-c: depends - if the one you sent runs in the emulator, I'd find a gif easier to handle
Dr.D.: Back.
Daniel B: I sent a powerpaint file (.pp)
Daniel B: not a rom file.
Dr.D.: If you want to see how much time I have spent in the robot lab...extra time...take a look at
rich-c: remember that now I have DSL file size is not an issue for me
Dr.D.: That's the list of the past extra sessions.
rich-c: I have never tried running Powerpaint in the emulator, nor am I sure how to get stuff into the emulator from Windows
rich-c: OK, Rich, control-c'd it
Dr.D.: Somewhere I have my disk image of PowerPaint for the Emulator, it works okay.
rich-c: I'll go look
Dr.D.: But the viewer program is the easiest way to look at .pp files.
rich-c: that's an impressive list, Rich - who are the others, graduate assistants?
Dr.D.: They are course alumni who help out.
Dr.D.: Except Hillel Chiel, who is my co-instructor.
Dr.D.: But that is how much non-class time is needed for this course...
rich-c: seems like you have quite a jg United Nations there
rich-c: at least by Cleveland standards...
Dr.D.: I have done about 42 hours' worth of extra sessions this semester.
rich-c: considering your basic workload, that's an awful lot
Dr.D.: I know <downcast>
Dr.D.: But this fall may be the last of the robot course.
rich-c: Daniel, did you see Guy's note about the Emulator website?
Daniel B: Marcel's web page? yes
Dr.D.: My teaching duties may be reassigned to be more mainline Biology.
Daniel B: Im worrying what is going on
rich-c: that's a mixed blessing - it has helped keep your operation useful
rich-c: well, as long as there is a website, we're OK, whether it is the original or a backup
Dr.D.: Yes...but my co-instructors are a bit worried about the loss of their teaching gravy train, as it were.
Daniel B: I sent a GIF file to the ADAMCON mailing list now
Dr.D.: The administrative credit for co-instructors is 50%.
Dr.D.: Well folks, I need to go start supper.
rich-c: so good for you, not so good for them
Dr.D.: Yes Richard.
Dr.D.: The workload distribution is always about 90%-10%.
rich-c: OK but for heavens sake, take care of that leg and stay off it, hear?
Dr.D.: "Yes Uncle Richard" <said in whiny kiddie monotone> :-)
rich-c: we want a much healthier report from you on Wednesday
Ms. Rin: haha
Dr.D.: I am not leaving the house tonight if I can help it.
Ms. Rin: funny Rich
Dr.D.: Not the meds, no Darvocet today, only ibuprofen.
Dr.D.: So it is my natural weirdness.
rich-c: less kill that qualification unless the place is on fire or something
Dr.D.: Christina can drive to the store for anything we might need etc.
Dr.D.: All right, I am closing hailing frequencies for today.
Ms. Rin: see you Wednesday Rich
rich-c: one thing my hip doctor told me - don't be a hero, use the meds, that's what they are for
Dr.D.: Good-bye Richard, Daniel, and Ms. Rin.
rich-c: bye for now, Rich
Dr.D.: Off to the galley....<poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel B: oops... too late! (goodbye Dr.D)
rich-c: I do wish Rich would not push himself so hard - I understand why he does it, but do not approve
Ms. Rin: I know.....but he's so's just ingrained
Ms. Rin: he really needs time to relax
Daniel B: I think he's old enough to know his limits.
Ms. Rin: time to himself
rich-c: yes, and long=term that is a dubious blessing for all concerned
rich-c: it's great to be hugely productive - but not so great to burn out early
rich-c: he is not one to sit still and idle happily
Ms. Rin: that's the hard part when you're someone like Rich.....he has to make everybody matter what
Ms. Rin: sigh
Ms. Rin: anyway...I should probably do get my laundry
rich-c: he has a very strong sense of duty - sometimes like at the moment too strong
Ms. Rin: it's very, very true....
rich-c: right, guess the puddy-tats are content now
Ms. Rin: I think they are....had some company anyway
Ms. Rin: :-)
rich-c: anyway, if you want to discuss computer matters, let us know
Ms. Rin: I will I'll see if I can talk to Garth and se what he has in mind
rich-c: right, it is a hard decision to make
Ms. Rin: have a good evening Uncle Richard....see you online Wednesday
Ms. Rin: bye Daniel
Daniel B: bye Erin
Ms. Rin left chat session
rich-c: bye tyhen Erin
rich-c: Daniel, your email just arrived
Daniel B: great
rich-c: I shall take a look at it more or less as soon as I get offline
Daniel B: It took me 3 days to draw this picture. I hope you like it.
rich-c: I am sure we all will and that you will get some positive feedback on Wednesday
rich-c: who knows, maybe I may get adventurous and see if I can view it in Powerpaint
rich-c: though I do not know how to get it into the emulator
rich-c: cut and paste, maybe, from the Eudora attach file?
rich-c: or unzip into the emlator?
Daniel B: May I suggest to load the PP file with BMP2PP?
Daniel B: or with my CVPAINT software?
rich-c: what is BMP2PP - is that a DOS or Emulator file?
Daniel B: Marcel de Kogel's BMP<->PP converter
rich-c: don't think I have your CVPaint, Daniel
Daniel B: there is a version for Windows
Daniel B:
Daniel B:
rich-c: right - my problem is that when I'm in the Emulator, it can't see the rest of teh computer (or won't admit it)
rich-c: anyway I've logged the URLs there
rich-c: your scroll demo just arrived, btw
Daniel B: Now, If nobody talk about my e-mails this wednesday, I quit. =P
rich-c: I will make a note, see if we can keep them stirred up
rich-c: the problem is there are so many personal problems around this week
Daniel B: yes, and I have problems too.
Daniel B: but, it's not important
rich-c: there's Rich's leg, Bob and I with heart trouble, Judy's finger, Pam looking for a job, Ron with his mother; so many
rich-c: so you do - you are on a job hunt whre we're hoping you'll get the right thing soon
rich-c: that first breakaway after school is a very stressful time
Daniel B: I modified my "CV" a little bit. Maybe this new version will works better.
rich-c: yes - all you can do is make the best possible case for yourself
rich-c: and don't scant your command of English; it is much better than you think
rich-c: if you can keep up in an English chat the way you do, you are handling the language very well
Daniel B: Well, my "coleco" experience give me this opportunity to learn english with guys likt you.
rich-c: quite - it means you get twice-weekly practice, and all spontaneous - you have mastered a major challenge so brag about it
Daniel B: I'm writing an e-mail to Marcel de Kogel. He sent me only one e-mail in one year.
rich-c: if his website is off line he may be having ISP problems -
rich-c: still, if the email bounces, that tells you something too
Daniel B: in the past, the emails didn't bounces.
Daniel B: we will see if it bounce now
rich-c: usually emails do get through, but they can fail for reasons good or otherwise
rich-c: wow - just got a big server delay here
rich-c: if it does get through you can ask him when the Emulator server will be up again
Daniel B: if he reply my email, yes
rich-c: yes, it is still up to him to answer
rich-c: who knows, maybe he's in the p[rocess of moving to Brazil, or something ;-)
rich-c: since his native language is Dutch, and he likely has Portuguese, what does he use corresponding with you?
Daniel B: he wanted me to speak to him in french
rich-c: did you oblige or find English worked better?
Daniel B: a kind of knowledge exchange
rich-c: yes, it is a way to practice
Daniel B: he's answering me in english but he also learned french.
rich-c: the Europeans are much more aware of the advantages of multilingualism than North Americans
rich-c: slows things down for both of you, but the knowledge gained is likely worth it
Daniel B: it's the domination of the english language here. and english is the language most people learn to be "international".
rich-c: yes, English has sort of displaced Latin as the "lingua franca" of cross language talk
rich-c: English dominates aviation, much science, information technology and I suspect international finance
Daniel B: well, it will be 5 o'clock in a couple of minutes. talk to you wednesday. :)
rich-c: right - time for dinner - see you Wednesday then
rich-c: au revoir!
Daniel B: chow!
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