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james: anyone here?
<undefined>: me :-)
<undefined>: just logging in
<undefined> changed username to Dr.D. <tm>
Dr.D. <tm>: Hi James.
Dr.D. <tm>: I'll be back closer to 9.
james: ok
james: i've acquired a very, very rare game on ebay
Dr.D. <tm>: What game?
james: cabbage patch kids workout
Dr.D. <tm>: Never heard of it...
Dr.D. <tm>: it a prototype?
Dr.D. <tm>: Or someone's new game?
james: i'm not sure. i have vague memories of having played it once though but you won't find it anywhere or on *any* of the lists
james: it's an old game
james: we have a pic of the cartridge. i wouldn't have even bought it if the seller had not put the pic of the actual cartridge
Dr.D. <tm>: Hehe, you'll have to post some screen shots...assuming you can dump the ROM to use it under ADAMem.
james: there's *one* brief mention of it in ecn
Dr.D. <tm>: Or else take a photo of the TV screen.
james: oh, i'll have lots of screenshots and i'm going to use it to promote our website
Dr.D. <tm>: Or video frame grabber etc.
Dr.D. <tm>: Good.
james: i could easily hook up the video out from the adam to my video camera
Dr.D. <tm>: Okay, I'll let you tell your story just once, when everyone else arrives :-)
james: thanks ;)
Dr.D. <tm>: Back to lurking...
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james: time for breakfast
james: anyone here yet?
james: ok.. i'll be back in half an hour
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changed username to Harvie Powis
changed username to rich-c
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Dr.D. <tm>: Some people are here!
Harvie Powis: Hello Gents
rich-c: Hello Harv and Rich
rich-c: well hey Rich, it's 9 p.m., time we started, so we're here
Dr.D. <tm>: Have you been rained out the way we have here in Cleveland?
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: no, it has been absolutely glorious here today
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Harvie Powis: Seemed to have missed us Doc
Dr.D. <tm>: Buckets of rain the last 24 hours.
Dr.D. <tm>: Though it has stopped for now (as of late afternoon).
Dr.D. <tm>: But our forecast is for rain through the weekend.
rich-c: nice and warm - this was our shopping day and teh first one for casual comfy
Harvie Powis: Was supposed to be thundershowers last night but no go
Dr.D. <tm>: The girls all had umbrellas this morning.
Harvie Powis: It always rains Victoria Day weekend
Dr.D. <tm>: That's right, your V-Day is coming up Monday.
rich-c: I just checked our weather site - 22C and 60% p.o.p. tomorrow, cloudy and 17 Fri, 20s with 40 p.o.p Sat and 60% p.o.p. Sunday
rich-c: p.o.p = probability of precipitation
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Harvie Powis: Price Of Potatos
changed username to BobS
Dr.D. <tm>: Hello Bob.
BobS: good evenign all..............
Harvie Powis: Howdy Bobbo
rich-c: anyway, I have teh Monterrey OWRS race and GP of Monaco this weekend so I'll be inside a fair bit anyway
rich-c: hello, Robert
BobS: goo' day mates
Dr.D. <tm>: You need to play some Turbo, Richard :-)
rich-c: oh, yeah - that's a Colecovision game, isn't it?
Dr.D. <tm>: With the steering wheel module.
rich-c: that's OK, I don't play games on the DOSbox either, except Free Cell
BobS: mighty nice one too
Dr.D. <tm>: People at CWRU always like it when I bring it in.
Dr.D. <tm>: That and Spy Hunter.
Dr.D. <tm>: Especially with Super-Action Controllers for the latter.
rich-c: well, video games have always been attractive - to everyone but me, it seems
BobS: Tha is even better, although the car is not very real
Dr.D. <tm>: There are a very few games I like, most I agree with you, Richard, aren't so attractive.
Dr.D. <tm>: But Spy Hunter is one I could play for hours.
Dr.D. <tm>: Also Asteroids on the Intellivision.
rich-c: Frances used to play Carnival a lot
rich-c: and we did have a billiards game that was fun - Video Hustler?
Dr.D. <tm>: I could get in the "zone" with Asteroids and never die...until I had to go use the washroom :-)
BobS: Carnival is fun too.....Doug played them ALL and fid\gured them all out also !!!!!
Dr.D. <tm>: I was wondering tonight: was there ever a pinball game for ADAM/ColecoVision?
rich-c: btw Pamela and Erin may be late or not on at all
BobS: me????? I have trouble remembering one or two
BobS: bummer DUDE
rich-c: they are off at an evening event that is running overtime
Harvie Powis: Did Erin get her 'puter?
rich-c: also apparently Pamela has been having some sort of problem connecting
rich-c: no I am still working on it - I only have small time and big problems
Dr.D. <tm>: What event?
rich-c: have the floppies sorted out and the mouse back working but not properly
rich-c: church fashion show or something - female stuff
Dr.D. <tm>: Bleh.
Dr.D. <tm>: Rin will be steamed if she can't login tonight, though.
rich-c: got the USB ports in but not connected and unused modem out - haven't checked its operability yet though
Dr.D. <tm>: Recently I have had no computer woes.
rich-c: well that's unfortunate but I have other things to do too
Dr.D. <tm>: (Now I probably just guaranteed one.)
Dr.D. <tm>: Well, I guess she will just have to save her pennies and go get a new computer.
rich-c: well, my Athlon has caused me fairly minimal grief lately - though it seems to crash every time Frances touches it
rich-c: I think she thinks it's out to get her - she may be right
BobS: only problems here are self diintigrating batteries......leave the sucker off for a few days and it kills the battery.....
Dr.D. <tm>: Kills it?
Harvie Powis: I just mentioned today that I haven't backed up for a while and Winblows took a dive about an hour ago
rich-c: gee, I just plugged in the laptop after a solid month inactive - 6% charge left
Dr.D. <tm>: NiCad?
rich-c: but I plugged it in and now it is reading 100% charge
Dr.D. <tm>: People with NiMH have been telling me they have no such problems.
rich-c: damned if I know - what's in an old PI Dell Latitude?
BobS: Li-oin whatever that is
Dr.D. <tm>: Of course, no way to get NiMH for "old" laptops.
Dr.D. <tm>: Lithium, okay.
Dr.D. <tm>: They will lose charge, too IIRC.
rich-c: anyway, the battery has had to maintain the clock and CMOS for a month, so I am not fussed
BobS: naw, the cmos b attery takes care of Cmos doesn't it???????
Harvie Powis: It should
Dr.D. <tm>: Not on the Mac Powerbooks in the robot internal battery, no CMOS settings.
Dr.D. <tm>: We have 2 laptops with dead batteries, so they lose their brains any time the wall adapter is removed.
rich-c: not sure - on my old desktop it did, so I had to replace it - my CMOS was dropping into default every time I shut off
Dr.D. <tm>: Annoying.
Harvie Powis: Is mac software bios?
Dr.D. <tm>: But the stupid replacement batteries are $150 each!
Dr.D. <tm>: No, there is ROM, Harvie, but some CMOS-like config RAM.
rich-c: yes, all laptop batteries aer like that - I believe Radio Shack is offering to rebuild batteries now but that's expensive too
Dr.D. <tm>: $450 we don't is a scam.
Dr.D. <tm>: I want an atomic battery...
Dr.D. <tm>: Or a solar array...
rich-c: see if Radio Shack can make you and offer you can't refuse
Harvie Powis: Dilithium crystals
Dr.D. <tm>: Radio Shack raises my blood pressure: every time I go in one, there is less and less stuff.
Dr.D. <tm>: "Tandy Consumer Electronics" is all they are any more.
rich-c: haven't noticed that here, but then they didnt have that much to begin with
rich-c: actually I think Tandy just sold Radio Shack Canada to some other company
Dr.D. <tm>: When I was a boy, they had all kinds of hardware for building stuff, plus people who worked in them who knew all about it.
Dr.D. <tm>: Now it is sales droids pushing cell phones.
Harvie Powis: But..But..They got answers, all you gotta do is figure out the questions
Dr.D. <tm>: They don't know a resistor from a capacitor.
rich-c: yes, they didn't have the cmos battery I needed for the old desktop
Dr.D. <tm>: "I'm sorry, you forgot to phrase your question in the form of an answer."
Dr.D. <tm>: The one up the street did have one remaining 486-style CPU fan when the one in the 486 gave up the ghost this summer.
rich-c: found a hole in the wall next concession over - battery, memory, an 8-port hub, USB ports - did some nice business
Dr.D. <tm>: brb
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rich-c: now I have to work out how to upgrade Windows on a computer with System Commander handling the boots and Partition Magic managing partitions
changed username to George
BobS: allo Geo
Harvie Powis: Did you get a pccard lan adapter yet?
rich-c: hello George, how are things in Philly (BOO Flyers!)
George: Hi Everyone
George: i'm in the hospital
rich-c: no, I need a 16 bit - there's a shop in far Scarberia has one for $10 but I need to get out there
rich-c: what are you in hospital for this time, George?
George: chest pain
rich-c: ah yes, I know a little about that, and Bob knows a lot
George: i've taken enough nitro tp blow up
rich-c: I have my Holter test (24 hour monitor) scheduled for early July
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George: i have to get a 6 week event monitor
rich-c: I am just on the usual Cardizem and Coumadin routine for now
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Harvie Powis: Hello Judy
George: also T4 cva
Judy: hi, Rich and Harvie
rich-c: at least my INR tests are down to once every two weeks
rich-c: I was getting tired of visiting the vampire twice a week
Harvie Powis: Took you a long time to type Judy, are you still invalid
BobS: ...........use ameeodedone...IF it doesn'tkill ya, you will be heald
rich-c: which reminds me, how's with you, Bob?
George: nuse popped in while i was just using my urinal
Judy: a little but getting better
George: nurse
rich-c: we don't need teh gross details, George
rich-c: anyway, Bob, is your timer working right now?
George: see on my web cam
rich-c: anyone here?
Judy: his is working today, he is sleeping at the moment
George: we don't have a live video feed
Judy: should wake up soon
Judy: wasn't working on Saturday for a couple of hours, but the pill put it back
George: my web cam is at home
George: i just got it
rich-c: that's OK, we don't use webcams on the chat, as you know
George: no, but you do have videos on the adamcon site i seen a few
rich-c: Judy, Frances wants to know the state of the wounded finger
rich-c: yes, at the Adamcons we have had a live video feed for a few years now
Judy: has healed but don't have full use of it yet and am having a bit of pain in it now
rich-c: painful still? after this length of time that is unusual, I believe
Judy: is a nasty scar
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changed username to james
james: good morning
rich-c: that I can believe - and scars can be painful
Harvie Powis: Hi James
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: good morning, james - how's the latest addition?
Judy: it was a bad cut
George: Hi James
james: he's doing well
Judy: hi, James
james: hi judy, george, harvie
rich-c: which I suspect is more than can be said for a certain sleepless parent? ;-)
james: i'm not doing too badly either, he's been much easier than case
rich-c: that's a blessing - at a point where you need one
rich-c: of course it's early days yet, still, a good start matters
james: indeed, given they're doing construction aroudn the house again
rich-c: just what you need - what is it this time?
George: can laptop cpu's`
George: oops
james: anyway, as i was telling dr. d about an hour ago, i've made a very rare colecovision acquisition
George: can laptop cpu's be upgraded?
rich-c: so brag already!
james: lol
james: well i'll be more comfortable once it's in my hands but i have won the auction
rich-c: I believe it's possible with some, George, but not economic
james: it's a game called "cabbage patch kids workout"
rich-c: la[tops are made to be discarded, not upgrad3ed
james: a net search returns but one reference in a 1985 edition of ecn
rich-c: really? never heard of that one - it must be rare
james: extremely rare
George: i heard some use desktop cpu's
james: in fact i hadn't remembered hearing of it either
james: but after racking my brain i seem to have a vague recollection of playing it *once*
rich-c: yes, George, but there are issues with socket, poweer supply, the chipset (especially), frontside bus, memory
james: but you won't find it on any of the lists
rich-c: I'd have to check mine but you may well be right, james
rich-c: I got a hell of a shock when I found out my laptop wouldn't take more than 96 MB total memory
james: could be a prototype but there's no information on it at all. i hope to fix that
james: i couldn't even find it in the "rumoured to exist" lists
George: i mine take 160mb total
rich-c: well, it wouldn't be the first unreleased game to have surfaced
Harvie Powis: Back in a few...
rich-c: 160? how do you get that?
james: ebay
james: and i'm not about to disclose what i got fleeced for
George: i'm looking for a 128mb upgrade module
rich-c: the price of a good is whatever it will bring in the open market
james: lol
George: 32mb +128mb
james: anyway, i hope to use it to promote the site
rich-c: what kind of laptop do you have, George?
james: maybe even sell it off, i'm more interested in getting the rom and screen shots and info
rich-c: OK, so you're loooking to raise it to256 - is that the maximum?
George: toshiba PA1270U
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rich-c: I meant in terms of cpu and stuff - tech specs
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: hi meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: I gots my plants moved, it can rain now LOL
Harvie Powis: I'm back, Hi Meeka
rich-c: yes, Frances has been planting her garden and is now looking for rain
George: i got my peas in
Judy: I worked out in the yard all day and ended up with getting the lawn cut and trimmed tonight
George: little marvel
Judy: she could have some of our rain, we have had a ton if it lately
Meeka: ya, and we gonna get more of it if the weatherman can be at all trusted
Judy: the grass is growing like weeds
Judy: they can't predict weather that is for sure
rich-c: just took a call from Pamela - seems her phone line if fibbled
rich-c: gives a real loud background buzz but won't connect
rich-c: she had to call me on her cellphone, voice wont work
rich-c: barring a miracle, do not expect her on tonight
Meeka: thats to bad
rich-c: yes, frustration all around
Judy: you will have to tell her hi for us and that she was missed tonight
Dr.D. <tm>: back, sorry for the long delay, side-tracked getting people to bed.
Dr.D. <tm>: reading...
Harvie Powis: Ode to spot?
Meeka: lol, I hear dr. D in the background
Dr.D. <tm>: Finished looking over backlog.
Dr.D. <tm>: Too bad about Pam's phone.
Dr.D. <tm>: Judy, we have been all rain the last couple days, too.
rich-c: well, she will be discussing it with Ma Bell to see if it's on her side or theirs of the connection point
Dr.D. <tm>: No voice, either?
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changed username to <undefined>
Dr.D. <tm>: Maybe she should try a different phone, if she has one.
<undefined>: back
<undefined>: it appears i was bounced
rich-c: apparently not, she's been connecting and disconnecting, all sorts of testing
BobS: AND rain is forecast the rest of the week
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changed username to DougS
Dr.D. <tm>: And she paid her phone bill? :-)
rich-c: hello, Doug, it's been a while
<undefined> changed username to james
DougS: hello all.
Judy: hi, Doug
BobS: tis the WHOLE fambily
Dr.D. <tm>: Hi Doug.
rich-c: I assume so, or at least she hasn't been complaining of threatening letters
Dr.D. <tm>: A brace of Slopsemas.
BobS: got an email tonight from the director of Colecos ADAM peripheral department
Dr.D. <tm>: Maybe Pam can run a phone cable under the door to a neighbor's phone jack :-)
Dr.D. <tm>: Sounds interesting, Bob...
BobS: he wnated a disk drive manual.....I invited him to chat....but not here yet........
rich-c: actually she would have to drop it out the window to Erin's apartment below
Dr.D. <tm>: haha, that would be fun.
Dr.D. <tm>: The consumer manual, Bob, or the tech one?
rich-c: yes, and btw I have a copy of the manual if you don't
Dr.D. <tm>: If he wants a schematic, you can point him to my schematics webpage,
rich-c: will also entertain an offer for half a dozen inopereative (but I believe fixable) drives
rich-c: do you actually have a schematic for the disc drive, Rich?
Dr.D. <tm>: Yes, Richard.
rich-c: (makes mental note)
Dr.D. <tm>: With the 320K mod, too IIRC.
rich-c: (shakes head, note dissolves)
rich-c: IIRC?
BobS: just the one that came with the disk drive DR D
Harvie Powis: I have a copy of the schematic, I got it from a guy named Clee
BobS: ok will remembert taht
james: gee, i wonder who that could be.
rich-c: not the disc drive, Harv - the printer and computer, yes
rich-c: oh, and the tape drive - but not the floppy drive
Judy: Doug and Meeka we got our awning up last night
Dr.D. <tm>: Actually, it's the 160K version came, Richard Clee.
Dr.D. <tm>: And another version from Geoff Oltmans.
Meeka: all by yourselfs, I'm impressed
Judy: dad couldn't wait for help so he just had me
rich-c: when and how? was this during teh MTAG years?
Harvie Powis: Yes siree
Dr.D. <tm>: It was from the big roll of schematics you lent me for a year, Richard.
Meeka: I see
Judy: it is really cool
Dr.D. <tm>: Your awning or my schematics? :-)
rich-c: I don't recall teh floppy schematics being in there, Rich
Judy: I am talking about our awning
rich-c: unless this was back when you got the MTAG set and it included something my personal set didn't
Harvie Powis: You gave me a copy when I tried to fix the club's drive
rich-c: I guess then it was from the MTAG set, which I assume Dale has now
rich-c: or whoever is the custodian of the club's property
Dr.D. <tm>: They were.
Dr.D. <tm>: Go look at the webpage, you will see, I tell where I got 'em all from.
rich-c: right - the date would tell which set they came from
rich-c: I bought my personal set after leaving MTAG
George: test
rich-c: ah, you're still with us, George
Harvie Powis: I'm sure this was while you were still with MTAG
rich-c: found out yet teh specification on your Toshiba?
rich-c: that would explain it, Harvey
rich-c: the person I bought from did not have the disc drive page
George: no
rich-c: no analytic program like Belarc Advisor or AIDA32 on it, George?
Judy: Doug did your tv work?
james left chat session
DougS: nope. not the right one
DougS: need a c model. didn't find that till i opened the manual referencing the models
Harvie Powis: I think it's the same one Drd has but he did a pile of work to clean it up
Dr.D. <tm>: Hehe.
DougS: the b model has an external antenna port. the c model has an a/v input
Judy: that was the number that you wanted, wasn't it?
Dr.D. <tm>: It's the only "fully-restored" one on the page.
DougS: same model number, different letter at end.
Dr.D. <tm>: It took about a month...
rich-c: maybe I should download it
Dr.D. <tm>: It's a PDF file.
Judy: that is a bummer
rich-c: though then of course printing it out would be an issue
BobS: will have to package back up good and return it
Dr.D. <tm>: So are they all.
Harvie Powis: It takes me about that long to make sense of the original
Dr.D. <tm>: Nope, I made it like 1200 dpi, so it can print on a regular sheet of paper.
rich-c: OK, I'll go look - brb
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Harvie Powis: Must need a magnifying glass to read it on an 8.5" x 11"
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changed username to james
Dr.D. <tm>: Well, you takes your choice, Harvie...
Dr.D. <tm>: Though if you have a decent printer driver you could enlarge it and spread it over multiple sheets.
Dr.D. <tm>: Then you'd have to piece it together.
Harvie Powis: I think that's the state of the original
rich-c: just got both downloaded - ah, the joys of DSL
james: i may be in the market for an adam console
james: anyone have one?
Dr.D. <tm>: <snicker>
rich-c: sure james, how many do you want?
Dr.D. <tm>: You'd need a PAL one.
Dr.D. <tm>: Japan and all.
james: japan is ntsc
Dr.D. <tm>: I have never seen a PAL ADAM or ColecoVision.
Dr.D. <tm>: Really?
Harvie Powis: NTSC-J
james: well i have two now but both are flaky. i'm going to look at the power supply i rigged to it first
james: but i may need just one barebones main deck. nothing else. no tape drives or anything on it
rich-c: whatever you want in teh basic hardware I likely have, james
Dr.D. <tm>: It would cost a fortune to ship, I'd think.
rich-c: of course postae and Japanese customs are issues
james: a barebones console shipped surface wouldn't be too bad
james: customs only bugs me if it doesn't go regular post
rich-c: if you know the size and weight you can get the cost from the canada post website
james: and valued at $5 u.s. i don'T think they're going to waste their time chasing me for the 50 cents duty it'd come to
rich-c: they have a calculator
james: ok, i'll strip mine down, measure it and see what it comes to
Dr.D. <tm>: If it is a gift, isn't there some amount that is duty-free?
james: $50 or something, yeah
rich-c: remember teh box will add weight and volume, and both affect the price
Dr.D. <tm>: Hmm, maybe ship just the circuit boards...
james: if i can't get what i have working right.. i'm really not sure what the problem is
rich-c: most countries have a limit under which they dont bother with duty - for Canada it's $30 I believe
Dr.D. <tm>: Wrap in bubble-wrap, put between cardboard, put in bubble mailer envelope...should be okay.
james: yeah, they're hardy little beasts
Harvie Powis: But the Post Office can break anything
rich-c: ha, knowing teh paranoia these days, they'd probably figure it was the trigger board for a nuke or something
james: lol, they certainly try
Harvie Powis: Just don't mark it fragile
james: well considering most nukes are controlled with circa 80s technology (comforting, eh) you probably could launch one with an adam
rich-c: yes, I sent out a letter with key documents, registered with report back
Dr.D. <tm>: Write "KILLS TERRORISTS" on the outside.
rich-c: that was on Feb, 27th, no receipt confirmation yet
rich-c: Canada Post says it takes at least 40 days for the Yanks to respond
Dr.D. <tm>: To the US, Richard?
Dr.D. <tm>: Sigh, more bad Yank stories...
Dr.D. <tm>: <whacks head with board like Monty Python monks>
rich-c: yes, to the U.S. - cost me over $12 for the postage and service
BobS: got to keep mailings simple, otherwise it drives them crazy on what is in the mailing
rich-c: it contained documents that would make identity theft dead easy - I'm expecting the Mounties at teh door any time now
Dr.D. <tm>: Personal delivery...maybe you should use a courier...
rich-c: that wass even more expensive - like around $30 plus brokerage if I recall
james: ups is a scam
Dr.D. <tm>: Or send them FedEx and avoid Canad Post entirely.
rich-c: time wasn't the issue, just security, hence the registration
Dr.D. <tm>: Canada (-a dropped off somehow)
rich-c: UPS should be honest and use a gun and mask
Dr.D. <tm>: Well, if they get it there in less than 40 days...
BobS: that is what everyone says when they cross the border
BobS: am going to order deck railings out of Windsor......salesman sasy COME AND GET THEM, shipping will kill you, but a pickup will breeze right on thru customs at the border
rich-c: well, I expect that the letter actually got there, but I haven't got the document I ordered or proof of receipt
rich-c: and it's now been 10 weeks since it was sent
Dr.D. <tm>: Phone the recipient?
rich-c: it's a government bureaucracy
Dr.D. <tm>: Talk to Erin, she is in government, maybe she knows a backdoor.
rich-c: two hour holds at premium daylight long distance rates I don't need
Harvie Powis: Dial right down the middle
Harvie Powis: Carrott top wouldn't steer you wrong
DougS left chat session
Dr.D. <tm>: Hehe
rich-c: unfortunately, she only has contacts in Ontario
Meeka: night
Dr.D. <tm>: It's all One World Government anyway, right?
George: huh?
Meeka left chat session
Dr.D. <tm>: Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bildburgers, etc.
Dr.D. <tm>: Late-70s Conspiracy nut stuff.
Dr.D. <tm>: You need to get out more, George.
George: in the hospital
james: i know i need to get out
Dr.D. <tm>: Mind can go anywhere...
james: @dr. d or anytime
Dr.D. <tm>: Indeed.
james: as mine has on occasion
Dr.D. <tm>: "My mind is going, Dave...I can feel it..."
james: but i don't mind
Dr.D. <tm>: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".
Harvie Powis: Poor HAL
Dr.D. <tm>: "It's terrible to have lost your mind"--Dan Quayle.
Dr.D. <tm>: Poor indeed...when Clarke thunk up HAL-9000, he was thinking it would be like some IBM 370 descendant with, oh, maybe 16 megabytes or RAM :-)
George: sex sex sex
Harvie Powis: " A mind is a terrible thing to waste,,, on a politition"
Dr.D. <tm>: of RAM, I meant.
james: well who would ever need more than 640k of ram?
BobS: nobody I know of...........
Dr.D. <tm>: For most things, I really still don't.
rich-c: dunno - Bill Gates used to think it was more than enough
Dr.D. <tm>: I am still happy with DOS machines.
james: he's generally credited with the origin of that quote
Dr.D. <tm>: But I am not a gamer.
(BobS gives james some poutine.)
james: thanks bob
Harvie Powis: ENIAC only had 2k
Dr.D. <tm>: And I do agree that bigger machines are needed to do digital video editing.
james: hey, i got your name right today :P
BobS: thas OK
George: i want a star trek machine
james: how about nomad? he's perfect
Dr.D. <tm>: Mmmm, duotronics....M5....
Dr.D. <tm>: Then there is the SubGenius computer, MWOWM, which is a trinary machine: yes, no, and maybe states.
james: i'm usually in a maybe state
rich-c: invented by Heisenberg?
Dr.D. <tm>: So it is more human than people :-)
Harvie Powis: It's obviously female
Dr.D. <tm>: Probably, Richard.
Dr.D. <tm>: hehe Harvie
james: lol
George: adroids
james: compilers are female too
Dr.D. <tm>: No distaff folk are here to object, either.
james: miss one period and they freak
james: *ducks*
Dr.D. <tm>: I can imagine Pam and Erin having various cows over that remark.
Dr.D. <tm>: <snicker>
james: hence the ducking
rich-c: watch it, Judy's still on
Dr.D. <tm>: I meant over Harvie's "obviously female" remark...lag.
George: ducks are for eating
rich-c: beware of flying rolling pins, all you MCPs
Dr.D. <tm>: Mmmm, roast duck.
Dr.D. <tm>: Or Peking duck, my favorite Chinese food.
james: rolling pins.. i'm conjuring up some 1950's older housewife
Dr.D. <tm>: Too bad you have to order it 24 hours in advance.
Dr.D. <tm>: MCP = Master Control Program in early computer engineering texts.
Harvie Powis: Yes first they have to steal a duck
Dr.D. <tm>: <rim shot>
Dr.D. <tm>: No, they have to marinate it for a day.
Dr.D. <tm>: And it costs about $25...but it is yummy...with the plum sauce...
Dr.D. <tm>: <drools>
George: free egg roll
Harvie Powis: I usually marinate it after I eat it
Dr.D. <tm>: No 24-hour takeout on Peking duck :-(
Dr.D. <tm>: Fortune cookie:
james: "that wasn't chicken"
Dr.D. <tm>: "You will soon meet many people with many blunt instruments."
George: yuk
Dr.D. <tm>: "City chicken" = roast pigeon
james left chat session
Harvie Powis: " You sir are a blunt instrument"...Groucho
George: hood chicken = sparrow
Dr.D. <tm>: I am honored.
Dr.D. <tm>: Speaking of birds in the city...
Dr.D. <tm>: On my way walking to the parking lot, I saw an eagle catch and fly away with an adult red squirrel.
BobS: HOO HOO HOO !!!!! gotta go go go !!!!!
BobS: time for bedsirs
BobS: bed SIRS
George: urban city chicken=sparrow
Dr.D. <tm>: The bird could barely lift off carrying it.
rich-c: OK Bob, catch you next week, or Sat if you're on
BobS: SO, will see ya'll next week, same time same place !!!!!!
Harvie Powis: Good Night Bob
Dr.D. <tm>: Nite, Bob.
BobS: give me LOVE to all you meet !!! :-)
BobS left chat session
rich-c: sure it was an eagle, Rich? they're awfully rare in Cleveland
Dr.D. <tm>: Meesa probably ought go too.
rich-c: a red-tail hawk would be quite credible, though
George: time for me to go
Dr.D. <tm>: It wasn't a peregrine falcon, too big, wrong beak/head shape.
Dr.D. <tm>: Definitely not red-tail hawk.
rich-c: one of teh other accipiters?
Dr.D. <tm>: I was about 15 yards away from it.
Harvie Powis: Yes "tis nearly ellebben
George: nite all
rich-c: nite George
Dr.D. <tm>: And it sat on the ground for a couple minutes, on top of the squirrel, before trying to take off again.
George: poof
George left chat session
Dr.D. <tm>: We do have peregrines in the area, a nesting pair on the Terminal Tower downtown.
rich-c: yes, but teh peregrines are small - eagles are huge and live in Alaska
Dr.D. <tm>: But I can review my encyclopaedia, or maybe stop by the Museum of Natural History, where they have mounted birds.
Dr.D. <tm>: I saw a bald eagle on my way back from Toronto, between Buffalo and Erie.
rich-c: look at teh various hawks - there zre a number live in cities and will even take small cats
rich-c: quite possibly a migrant, I believe they fly early
Dr.D. <tm>: The squirrel's mate was not happy, it was sassing and fussing quite loudly--from up in a tree.
Harvie Powis: Eagles have been sited in these parts I have been told
Dr.D. <tm>: And when the bird flew off, very low angle of ascent, the squirrel tail was trailing out behind...
rich-c: not in teh city I'd wager, Harvey
rich-c: not even to clean out the rodents in Queens Park ;-)
Harvie Powis: Just outside of town
Dr.D. <tm>: This bird was very brown, not reddish to my eye...but I will investigate.
rich-c: once yiu get even to the airport you get hawks and vultures but eagles? doubt it
Dr.D. <tm>: It was big enough to have carried off a Pekinese or other small dog.
Dr.D. <tm>: Small lap-type dog.
rich-c: well, red (tailed or shouldered) is a very loose descrptive, Rich
Harvie Powis: Laptop dog?
rich-c: yes, there are lots of hawks would do that, Rich
Dr.D. <tm>: A slow computer, Harvie :-)
Dr.D. <tm>: A P75 running WinXP.
Harvie Powis: Could it have been an Osprey Doc?
rich-c: yeah, that defines "slow computer", I reckon
Dr.D. <tm>: Hmmm...dunno about osprey.
rich-c: ospreys are fish eaters, Harv - even though Cleveland's on the lake, doubt it would be that far inland
Dr.D. <tm>: It had a very sharp, hooked-down beak, eagle-like, not falcon-like.
rich-c: lots of hawks fit tht description, Rich
Dr.D. <tm>: Well guys, with no Pam or Erin to keep me up late tonight, I am going to adjourn...
rich-c: right, I'm in need of my shuteye, too
Dr.D. <tm>: I need 7 hours of sleep tonight.
Dr.D. <tm>: So good night to you both.
rich-c: see you next week, or Sat if it works
Harvie Powis: Sounds like a plan
rich-c: nite Rich
Dr.D. <tm>: I will be out of town Saturday and Sunday.
Dr.D. <tm>: So next Wednesday.
Harvie Powis: Good night gents
rich-c: OK
Dr.D. <tm>: <poof>
Dr.D. <tm> left chat session
Harvie Powis left chat session
rich-c: and Harv, I will sign out too - see you whenever?
rich-c left chat session
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