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Daniel Bienvenu: Ha-AH!
rich-c: bon apres-midi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Je voulais te prévenir de mon absence... finalement, il était trop tard.
rich-c: ca va bien aujourd'hiu?
rich-c: non, tu es a la minute, je pense
rich-c: did you and Dr. D. get your game problems solved last Wednesday?
Daniel Bienvenu: I send you an e-mail about that, today.
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean ... I sent you an e-mail
rich-c: you must have sent it very recently then as I checked about 10 minutes ago and there was nothing but spam
Daniel Bienvenu: it was 10 minutes ago.... now
rich-c: ah, OK, it should be here soon then - the net seems to be working fairly well today
rich-c: I think I last checked 11 minutes ago
rich-c: I'd check but for some reason this program doesn't seem to like being minimized
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy!
Guy B.: I'll be here for a short time.
rich-c: greetings, Guy
rich-c: OK - how's your weather and your forecast for tomorrow, Guy?
Guy B.: Daniel, did Dr. D give you enough information about the video graphics?
Guy B.: Well, it's cool and cloudy. Had some rain and more is forecasted for tomorrow.
rich-c: damn - the Indy 500 runs tomorrow at noon, but only if the track is dry
Guy B.: Abby and I came back from the vet about 3 hours ago.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes... and no ... We talked more about my idea than video graphics.
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy, what is your e-mail?
Guy B.: My e-mail address that I use for the emulator utilities?
rich-c: you are pretty much in the same weather band as Indianapolis, aren't you, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: simply your e-mail... to send you a web page i did to explain my idea.
Guy B.: I would say about the same.
Guy B.: Ok,
rich-c: did they give a time (part of day) for the rain tomorrow? showers, or steady?
Guy B.: Around tonight, with the worse coming in tomorrow and it could be heavy.
Guy B.: Bad enough with the Desplaines river already has crested in three spots it won't be below flood stage until Monday.
rich-c: and yours from today will likely hit Charlotte, NC tomorrow evening and kill the race there too
Daniel Bienvenu: @Guy B. : you have a new message in your mailbox.... now!
rich-c: oh well, I'll see one race - F1 runs rain or shine :-)
Guy B.: I just got the alert. Thanks Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: take time to read and SEE the idea.
rich-c: don't bet on it, Daniel - for some reason ISPs seem slow to put new mail into the box sometimes
Guy B.: I remember some years ago we had 30 weather here in Chicago. And it was cold.
rich-c: hmm - well, I did remarks earlier the 'net seemed fast today
rich-c: yes, we had 4C overnight Thursday night
Guy B.: It was chilly yesterday.
Guy B.: At least I can enjoy this weekend. Off Monday, then in a month I start my first vacation.
rich-c: it's getting up now but it was pretty cool when I got up this morning, too
rich-c: yes, we had Victoria Day on the 24th, you have Memeorial Day on Monday
Guy B.: Seems the holidays between the two countries are always different. Except for one, Christmas.
rich-c: and New Years, and Labour Day
rich-c: just looked - the temp is 16/61 right now
Guy B.: Oh, that's right.
rich-c: oh yes, Good Friday and Easter too
Guy B.: Sun's trying to peak out here.
rich-c: we're sunny with nice puffy clouds but a chill breeze
rich-c: Frances is out at Doors Open - I thought she was going to go out tomorrow
Guy B.: I'm thinking of combining all the those qbasic batch programs that I did a few years ago and making it one program that will create and run batch file with the emulator utility. It will be like a utility program of sorts.
Daniel Bienvenu: I also did alot of Quickbasic program between 1994-1999
rich-c: sorry - right now I am up to my eyeballs in DOS, trying to set up the old computer for Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: (no 1994 it's not the number of QB programs I did) :p
Guy B.: I'm testing one now to work with my Cobol compiler.
Daniel Bienvenu: and I'm looking to the colecovision informations I have
rich-c: btw Guy, I downloaded all the schematics from Rich's site so there will be a backup source if necessary
Guy B.: Oh good.
rich-c: I don't have my own site (well I do but not that kind or for that purpose) but can send one on demand
Guy B.: Would be a good idea. I thinking of moving some my files from my website to my Yahoo briefcase server. I have 250mb of space available.
rich-c: I have 10 mb to play with - just enough for a few ftp files
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I think Coleco did the rev A2 (boards in cartridges) to avoid hackers dumping a 32K data when it's only 16K rom. I ontice that they add a pin for the "/Enable C000-DFFF" connected to the GRN pin.
Daniel Bienvenu: And why the "enable pins" on chips are negative? (0=enable, 1=disable)?
Guy B.: When I signed up for the DSL. They gave me a couple of premium services for free. One was a bigger e-mail box and the other for the Yahoo Briefcase and photos.
Guy B.: I kept forgetting about it, so finally I'm putting it to use.
rich-c: web space is getting cheaper, but then I'm paying a very low price for 3.0 DSL
Daniel Bienvenu: and what the "shield" pin is used for in the colecovision slot?
rich-c: I know nothing about wiring, Daniel
rich-c: if Guy can't help you will need to ask Dr. D. or Dale
Guy B.: Me neither.
Daniel Bienvenu: i know... Dr.D can answer me for some things but it's questions about hardware.
Guy B.: Well, sorry to leave so early. But, I have to get some shopping done. I'll see you all on Wednesday night.
rich-c: he sometimes knows a bit about hardware too, but how much I am not sure
rich-c: OK Guy, glad you could drop by
rich-c: see you then
Guy B.: Bye
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Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy!
rich-c: about your earlier question, Daniel - might a shield pin be there to drain off electrical interference or a static charge?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm reading the PowerPaint file about the Adam Video Display Processor by Dr.D.
rich-c: I think Ron Mitchell knows a bit about the VDP too but I am not sure
rich-c: I have a vague recollection of hearing him talk about it at one time
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I suppose it's the goal of the a shield but it's not doccumented... I don't have this information. And It looks like some coleco cartridge don't use this pin at all.
rich-c: I was only taking a wild guess due to the terminology
rich-c: I have seen the same word used in teh context of the cover of DIN connectors
rich-c: I could easily be completely wrong
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to do an adaptor for my eprom burner to dump rom from cartridge.
Daniel Bienvenu: For now, I have an IDE cable where I can plug a cartridge on it.
rich-c: there is another way to dump the ROM
rich-c: it works in the Adam but I don't know whether it works in the emulator
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to do an electronic circuit to simulate a rom chip.
Daniel Bienvenu: but I have to know what is "shield" pin is for.
rich-c: you might ask Dr. D. if there is a softwre way to obtain a ROM image within the emulator
rich-c: I am off my regular schedule this weekend so will have to leave now, Daniel
rich-c: I usually like to have at least two hours available but today only have the one (3 - 4)
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ok! I leave too.... something to buy
rich-c: right - see you then on Wednesday!
Daniel Bienvenu: see you (probably) wednesday night! :)
rich-c: OK - au revoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: au revoir!
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