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rich-c: heavens, Guy, you admit it?
Cubs Fan: Of course, the Cubs just won 6-1.
rich-c: what's doing in the Windy City today?
rich-c: we have a guy on our auto chat who uses a Chicago label and shows his home as "Winless City" :-)
Cubs Fan: Sun's out and in the 70's
rich-c: out of your area, but heard anything about Milwaukee weather?
Cubs Fan: No I haven't
rich-c: doesn't matter - there's a race there tonight but I can get it off the NOAA site
Cubs Fan: We are due for some rain tomorrow.
rich-c: having a tough time today - had murderous sore throat yesterday
rich-c: now it's mostly moved down into my bronchia - not an improvement
Cubs Fan: Must be due to allergies. I'm having that too as well as Jeanene.
rich-c: no, I'm not allergic - when I grew up it wasn't in an environment that encouraged allergies
Cubs Fan: I just found out from one of my old neighbors, the house I sold 5 years ago is going up for sale.
rich-c: this is just a routine cold and sore throat - figure to be muserable 3 more days 8-(
Cubs Fan: Some people have that problem.
rich-c: don't enquire what they're asking for it - it will make you weep
rich-c: the twin house next door to ours sold a few months ago for $360,000
Cubs Fan: It's going to be more than what I sold it for. Plus, they really changed the entire inside around. So, when an Open House come around. Jeanene and I are going to see it.
rich-c: they didn't expand it, though? must be big to start with
rich-c: here, most houses that sell are just being torn down and replaced by million dollar monsters
Cubs Fan: They remodeled the kitchen. Which we did 10 years ago when I had it. Then there's the attic. Has all natural wood. They painted right over it. Basically ruined it. I happened to see this throught the window.
rich-c: maybe it would be better if you didn't go see it - the changes could hurt your feelings
Cubs Fan: I know. That house is totally different on the inside. The outside hasn't changed.
rich-c: here even if some of the outside is left, the inside is redone
rich-c: around teh corner a twin bungalow to our 1000 sq. ft. job grew a second floor and out to 2500+ sq, ft.
rich-c: further down teh street, a storey and a half little one is being expanded out to a full two storey
Cubs Fan: I didn't tell you why they are selling it. The couple we sold it to got a job transfer to Iowa. The wife and kids are still here. But, since the school year is over. They will be moving out there now.
rich-c: down our street at the next corner only the roofless shell is left of a small house where the owner died
rich-c: well, that happens all the time
rich-c: hereI gather teh average time between moves is five years
Cubs Fan: Seems like its common then. I've been here in North Riverside for 11 years and I've moved twice within the village. I was in the eastern part for 3 years and back in the western part for 2 years. Abby is happy she is back here in the western part. She loves this area better than the other.
rich-c: we are still in teh house we moved into before Pamela was born. Some day she may inherit it
Cubs Fan: That way you keep it in the family.
rich-c: well, first she has to outlive us, and given her diet and smoking habits, that isnt a lock
Cubs Fan: I just got another offer for school. I'm going to take a look at it. It's for University of Phoenix. They have a campus here in CHicago.
Cubs Fan: She has to break that. But, that could be hard for her.
rich-c: then Frances has to stay till teh end, otherwise it could get sold to pay her expenses in a nursing home
rich-c: University of Phoenix has been advertising it correspondence courses very heavily
rich-c: I do not know what their reputation is academically
Cubs Fan: They mentioned that I take one course at a time and meet once a week. This could work out better for me.
rich-c: true - but is the course content accepted and teh degree widely recognized?
Cubs Fan: They are a member of the North Central Association and accredited bu the Higher Learning Commission.
rich-c: I get very suspicious when a city university pops up in another rather distant state
Cubs Fan: They are in Canada as well as the U.S.
rich-c: don't know who either of those bodies are or what their accreditation is worth
rich-c: I imagine Dr. D. could tell you but he isn't with us today
Cubs Fan: They are an accredited school..
Cubs Fan: Must be busy doing something with the family today.
rich-c: I have never heard of them operating in Canada - but then, it's a BIG country
rich-c: wasn't he talking about playing in a band or something?
Cubs Fan: Seems I think he did mentioned that.
rich-c: I think he said it would be this weekend but do not recall teh timeline he was talking about
rich-c: sort of surprised that Daniel hasn't turned up, too
Cubs Fan: Probably still working on that proposed project.
rich-c: oh, I'm sure he is, but he likes to talk especially if someone is on who will talk back intelligently
rich-c: ignorantly if necessary, but intelligently ;-)
Cubs Fan: Seems when it comes to what he wants to do. We basically get lost what he's trying to do. I only stick to what I know.
rich-c: have you had any experience with any firewalls other than Zone Alarm?
rich-c: I try to ask him questions that might be relevant, and that seems to satisfy him
Cubs Fan: I have one up rigjht now. Sygater Personal Firewall. This one works much better than Zonealarm.
Cubs Fan: Sygate Personal Firewall.
rich-c: I have heard of that and would be interested in details of your opinion - what makes it better?
Cubs Fan: Not only does it work with Windows 98, but Windows 95 as well. Zonealarm no longer works with Windows 95. Rich, it's good. It asks you if a program is accessing the network for persmission.
Cubs Fan: I had the thing blocked a couple of suspecious programs.
rich-c: Zone Alarm does that, but it has a reputation for not integrating weell with other software
rich-c: as Fred Lang puts it, it doesn't "play nice"
Cubs Fan: I tried it on the Athlon and it hung up on me.
rich-c: also, I'm back at version 2.6.xx and teh current one is 5.something
rich-c: I am having curious boot problems every once in a while - the monitor portion decides not to load
Cubs Fan: I don't know what version this firewall is, but there is an auto update feature and they do sell a pro version.
rich-c: I am sort of contemplating uninstalling ZA and putting in something moe compatible
rich-c: yes, ZA has a Pro version too, but I don't need its features
Cubs Fan: Try it Rich. I think you will like this better.
rich-c: maybe I should check on Steve Gibson's website and see his current recommendations
rich-c: well, Fred Langa did mention it's the one he is using now, which is suggestive
Cubs Fan: I tried one other firewall and that one did not work at all on the Athlon, but did on my Compaq notebook. But, I like Sygate better. Do a search on free firewall and look for Sygate free personal firewall.
rich-c: what we all need next is process guard, but it's commercial - costs $25
rich-c: and I am not sure how far I trust something that installs in kernel level and can only be deleted in DOS
rich-c: oh, I laready have half a dozen Sygate links - no problem there
rich-c: Langa has it, Gizmo Richards has it, Gibson has it, pricelessware has it - easy
Cubs Fan: I think the link has soho as the first word. That's where I found the download link.
rich-c: oh, I think we can take if for granted it's all over the net - bet Tucows and CNet are pushing it too
rich-c: not that I have any special expertise at finding freeware... ;-)
Cubs Fan: Give it try once you download it.
rich-c: I am seriously thinking of doing just that, long as I can get ZA uninstalled cleanly
rich-c: now that I have the DSL line I'm downloading like there's no tomorrow
Cubs Fan: You should be able to.
Cubs Fan: That's why I love it. Downloads are so fast.
rich-c: yes, either it has its own program or Control Panel will do it
rich-c: tell me about it - I wanted an update of that Easy Office program I use sometimes
rich-c: 90 megs - got it in well under ten minutes
rich-c: they only sell the Pro version on a CD - because it is around 700 megs
Cubs Fan: I had a 30 meg that was done in about 15 minutes. Would have been over an hour on dial-up.
rich-c: well, my line is supposed to be 3.0 Mbps and at times it comes awfully close to that
rich-c: I tell you, I now get real upset when I hit a slow server, though!
Cubs Fan: Sometimes the speed varys.
rich-c: oh yes, the 'net may be congested, or you may hit a server with insufficient bandwidth
rich-c: when Langa recommends something, often teh smaller sites collapse under the demand
Cubs Fan: And one thing about my DSL is I get the dialup at no extra charge. Nice when I bring the notebook and modem to El Paso.
rich-c: that would only be useful if your ISP has a point of presence in ElPaso or nearby
rich-c: my ISP has left my dialup account active, I use it maybe once a month
rich-c: it should help me set up the old computer for Erin so she can get online shortly after I give it to her
Cubs Fan: Good idea.
rich-c: and no, when I pass it on, my username and password will NOT be on it
Cubs Fan: She gets her own. Very good. Now I wonder what she is going to choose for her e-mail address?
rich-c: well, it will mean all she will have to do is get her username and password and email address and she's off and running, config already done
Cubs Fan: Probably some wild name I bet.
rich-c: I was kidding her and suggsted Rin-the-red. She seemed to quite like the idea.
rich-c: and names should be wild to thwart teh spammers who use dictional searches
rich-c: unfinished business - how is Abby's paw now?
Cubs Fan: Rin Tin Tin is another one that hit me. That use to be a show about a dog back in the 50's.
Cubs Fan: Abby's paw is completely healed up. She is walking normally again.
rich-c: if I recall teh original may have been in a story by Kipling - and that would be a while back
rich-c: good, glad to hear there was no lasting injury
rich-c: anyway, have a lot of stuff I need to check out. You'll be on Wednesday?
Cubs Fan: She's done with the antibiotics. But, trying to stop her from likcing it was a challenge. But, I persisted it and it worked.
rich-c: good for you - you got your reward
Cubs Fan: Yes, I'll be there on Wedesday. See you then.
rich-c: OK - bye for now
Cubs Fan: Bye
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