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Harvie: Howdy
changed username to Lady Rin
Lady Rin: hi Harvie
Lady Rin changed username to Rinomatic
Harvie: Hi, I thought it would be richard
Rinomatic changed username to Rin-o-matic
Rin-o-matic: I know....I don't know how I beat him to it
Harvie: That was a quick change of name
Rin-o-matic: yeah....since I haven't been on in a while just as myself I'm not sure what name to use :-)
Harvie: Did you get a puter?
Rin-o-matic changed username to Ginger
Ginger: not yet I am currently visiting in Windsor
Ginger: so I'm on my brother's
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changed username to rich-c
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: howdy folks
changed username to Dr.D.
Ginger: hi Uncle Richard
Ginger: Hi Rich
Harvie: They are coming hot and heavy now
Dr.D.: Oops, looks like I have the wrong name.
rich-c: hello Rich see I beat you in by 3 seconds!
Dr.D. changed username to The Professor
Ginger: hehehehe
Ginger: nice
The Professor: Now we can play Gilligan's Island.
Ginger: very nice
moved to room Meeting Place
The Professor: Harvie, you look like a Skipper type to me.
The Professor: And Richard can be Mr. Howell.
The Professor: :-)
Ginger: LOL
changed username to George
Harvie: Ok little buddy
rich-c: never saw teh movie so I'm lost
The Professor: Movie nothing, 60s sitcom.
rich-c: hello George
George: hi Everyone
Ginger: hi George
The Professor: Hi George.
The Professor: Is it hot enough for all of you?
rich-c: oh, I wouldn't know - didnt watch sitcoms either
rich-c: don't even ask
The Professor: 90+ F here all day (mid-30s C for you Celsius folk).
Ginger: not quite a little more and I'll be happy
Harvie: Much the same here Doc er Prof
rich-c: unfortunately we have a gasoline smell around teh house and having all the windows closed was real upsetting
rich-c: I was getting a gasoline sniffer's high, or something
The Professor: Gasoline?
The Professor: Whence?
rich-c: well, some sort of petroleum smell, can't tell what - like what you get from floor wax
rich-c: and havent a clue as to where it is coming from, either
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early tonight
The Professor: Hello Guy.
Harvie: Hello Guy
Ginger: hi Guy
The Professor: Could be just the heat making some plastic smell you have linoleum anywhere?
Guy B.: Decided to check the e-mail first. Now, I got some guiy named Yanga who doesn't know anything about the emulator and he wants to know how to convert Smartwriter files to MS-Word.
rich-c: no, none of teh obvious things, Rich - and very strong
The Professor: You don't have a fuel-oil furnace, do you?
rich-c: electric
The Professor: Any gas stashed in the basement, or the garage?
rich-c: no
Harvie: Neighbours perhaps?
rich-c: nope, outside seems pretty clear
rich-c: trust me, Rich. we've looked pretty thoroughly
rich-c: unless the Meteor has suddenly sprung a leak, that's about it
Harvie: What about a neighbour staining wood?
The Professor: Then I am stumped.
rich-c: it seems to be inside teh house and we did find some paint remover with a loose cap
Harvie: Over to Arlene Dahl
The Professor: Hope it isn't your bionic hip melting :-)
Ginger: haha very funny
rich-c: the main issue is that I had a cold over teh weekend that got seriously bad, hurt my breathing
Ginger: how are you feeling now Uncle R
rich-c: so now I'm on four new additional meds all of which have side effects
Ginger: ?
The Professor: If I didn't know for sure that he doesn't use it, I would say, melting Brylcream :-)
George: walk around with a lighted match
The Professor: I can see the headlines now...
rich-c: and it leaves me at teh moment a bit woozy with a wibbly feel in the stomach
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rich-c: I am not, for now, a happy camper ;-(
The Professor: If it gets too bad, by all means get out and stay overnight in a motel somewhere.
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Seems that the weather has effected me yesterday.
BobS: AYe mates
Ginger: Hi Bobs!
rich-c: oh, the cold front is through now, all teh windows are open, and matters are improving fast
rich-c: hello Robert
George: hi Bob
The Professor: Hi Bob.
Harvie: Howdy Bobby
Guy B.: It's much better here too.
BobS: ALLO, Richard....a/c broke??????
rich-c: no, other issues, Bob
Guy B.: King Bob. Going to have my deposit for you shortly.
BobS: COOL mon
The Professor: We finally fired our AC up this evening, we will see if it is broken or not.
rich-c: relate to a cold and respiratory difficulties over the weekend
Ginger: wow do I feel out numbered :-)
BobS: we were threatening to turn it on tonight IF the warm spell didn't break, but it appears to be cooling down now
The Professor: Yeah, finally more Yanks than Canadians tonight.
BobS: a, bummer Richard
Guy B.: Had mine on for the first time this year. Only for the dog. We went only for a short walk. Today we went for a longer one, then it started to rain. Only lasted a few minutes.
Ginger: that's not it
Ginger: I'm the only chick
Ginger: :-)
Guy B.: So far.
rich-c: among other things it got Frances all fuss3ed and persuaded her to cancel her plans to go to Windsor this weekend
BobS: chickens ???????WHERE ????????
Ginger: hehe
The Professor: No lie, I saw an Ohio license plate yesterday that said CNDN EH
Ginger: that it too cool!!!!
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rich-c: not surprised - there's a lot of immigration both ways
changed username to Sweatin in T.O.
BobS: AND free trade, eh???
rich-c: yes, they are still working on free trade in jobs, though
Guy B.: Ok, we have a mystery person here.
BobS: buying $9000 CA worth of aluminum deck railings out of Windsor (made in Toronto) and just "bring them across the border"
Sweatin in T.O.: c'mon Guy, I'm no mystery
rich-c: I'd say it's more likely two people and Rie isn't alone any more
Harvie: I'll bet it's Pam
Guy B.: Pam?
Sweatin in T.O.: very good
The Professor: Mystery person?
Ginger: hi Pam
Guy B.: You had us fooled there.
The Professor: Ah, Sweat.
The Professor: P.U.
Sweatin in T.O.: no, I am one head and one body tody
Guy B.: Can't be hot there is it?
Ginger: that's why she can't spell
rich-c: where's teh other half of teh team?
The Professor: So then Rin got her new computer, Richard?
Sweatin in T.O.: in Windsor, remember?
BobS: it's a "tag" team Richard
Sweatin in T.O.: where I'm heading tomorrow?
rich-c: oh, did she go down ahead? I thought she was going with you tomorrow
Harvie: Lady rin aka Rin-O-Matic aka Ginger
Ginger: yeah..hehe....Harvie got the first three ideas
The Professor: (I was presuming that Ginger = Rin)
The Professor: Rin-O-Matic LOL.
Sweatin in T.O.: Erin, wanna fill them in?
The Professor: I like cherry pie filling...
Ginger: When I came on I didn't know what to call myself
Ginger: it's been so long
Sweatin in T.O.: how about Erin the Red?
The Professor: So you are not on your own new computer, then.
rich-c: and no Rich, I've been too ill to work on the computer for Erin :-(
The Professor: Sorry to hear...jeez Richard, maybe you need to seek medical attention.
Ginger: it's ok Uncle Richard :-)
Sweatin in T.O.: Rin are you at home?
Ginger: ETR has been done
Ginger: yes I am
rich-c: I was at teh doctor Monday; he gave me four new prescriptions - I rattle when I walk now
The Professor: Four?!?
Sweatin in T.O.: are Graeme and Brie home, can you tell?
BobS: you a druggie, then Richard?\
Ginger: Pam...I'm not happy with you
Ginger: they are
Sweatin in T.O.: why?
The Professor: <smirk>
Ginger: you didn't warn me about HP 2
The Professor: What about HP2?
(Guy B. gives Sweatin in T.O. a can of Diet Coke.)
Ginger: Nobody told me about the SPIDERS!!!!!
Sweatin in T.O.: what about it? Oh, you mean the spiders?
The Professor: Spock dies at the end, you remember.
Sweatin in T.O.: sorry, darlin
The Professor: Ginger no like spiders?
Sweatin in T.O.: didn't think of it - thye'
Ginger: I had to leave the room...almost hyperventilated
Sweatin in T.O.: they're not one of my phobias
The Professor: Ouch.
Ginger: my biggest phobia
The Professor: Have you always been afraid of them?
rich-c: an antibiotic, a corticosteroid, a bronchodilator, forget teh other
Ginger: I have in recent years just taught myself how to kill them
Ginger: always
The Professor: Wonder what the antibiotic is for...
Sweatin in T.O.: bronchial infection, I suspect
The Professor: The middle 2 I can understand.
The Professor: Ah.
Sweatin in T.O.: how are you feeling Dad?
Guy B.: Got a question for you all. Anyone need a little more help with the emulator or the utilities?
rich-c: head off pneumonia - I was having t4ouble breathing
The Professor: Wow.
rich-c: Had the x-ray Monday but apparently it didn't show anything catastrophic
rich-c: I have anothr appointment next Monday
Sweatin in T.O.: how's your breathing been, Erin?
Ginger: good
Sweatin in T.O.: oh, and by the way everyone, Hi
BobS: ALWAYS Guy....IF you are talking convention, you are NOW penciled in
Sweatin in T.O.: forgot that when I arrived
The Professor: Erin's breathing? Is she sick, too?
Ginger: no I'm fine
rich-c: yes, hi daughter, you did sort of come in at teh middle!
Ginger: but smog can be an issue
Harvie: Athsma?
Ginger: yep
Sweatin in T.O.: asthma, Harvie : )
Harvie: Doh
Sweatin in T.O.: that's okay, lotsa practice
Guy B.: I have some guy that e-mailed me through the AdamEm Utilities e-mail wanting to know how to extract the utilities, run the emulator, convert between the disk images and the Adam disks and now the topper. He wants to know how to convert Smartwriter files so they can read by Word. Now hows that for an e-mail!
The Professor: Probably a translation to RTF would be the best way...
rich-c: well, that's a nice little challenge, Guy
The Professor: God only knows what the internal format of a genuine Word document is.
rich-c: there is a way if I recall to convert Smartwriter files to simple ASCII text files
Guy B.: That e-mail was nearly a full page. So, I'm going to outline in Word on what he needs to do.
BobS: well.............think the conversion can be done as a text based file, yes?????
rich-c: and from there any text reader should be able to read them
The Professor: That's the other choice...but with RTF you might be able to keep simple formatting, if SmartWriter shows anything like underline.
The Professor: IIRC something like SpeedyWrite can do more stuff like that, but it assumes writing to a dot-matric printer.
Guy B.: I thought of two ways. One using modem to modem transfer. The other either by Adam Connection or the AdamDos utilities that Chris Brayman did some years ago.
rich-c: Smartwriter to RTF would be really convenient, but it isn't possible, is it?
Guy B.: I did try copying the text from Speedywrite to Word, but I get the entire graphics with it. So, that won't work.
The Professor: I don't see why not...RTF is a published spec, and someone somewhere has hacked into SmartWriter formats.
The Professor: I think that it's even given in the ADAM Technical Manual.
rich-c: even if teh information is there, that doesn't mean teh needed tool has been written
The Professor: Of course it hasn't been written...but I think it would be an afternoon's work if you knew the specs.
Guy B.: So, I'm going to try to help this guy out. So, my other project is on hold again.
rich-c: still, finding a willing and able volunteer might be a bit of a challenge, too
BobS: aw, Guy, you are just a pushover for a good cause
Sweatin in T.O.: Dad, does Mom have anything for me to take with me tomorrow?
The Professor: I can't do it until after Monday: I have a lab seminar to give Friday, and my summer robot course starts Monday.
rich-c: I will ask her Pam
Sweatin in T.O.: thanks
rich-c: she says no
Guy B.: Maybe I am. But, I hate when someone doesn't have a clue on what to do. But, knows how to use the computer and the Internet to communicate.
BobS: got cha
Sweatin in T.O.: okay
rich-c: yes, and if our community can't help him, no one can so it is in our laps
Guy B.: Exactly
Sweatin in T.O.: Bob, I've been meaning to ask you - why is the registration deadline so far ahead of the convention this year?
BobS: what is it?????
rich-c: Pam, Sunday June 27 there's a computer flea market in Downsview Park
BobS: ought to know, yes?????
rich-c: be a good place to pick up memory or a used drive cheap
Sweatin in T.O.: July first, I believe
Guy B.: By the way, going back to school is on hold for now.
Sweatin in T.O.: I'm not sure we'll be in town that day, Dad
rich-c: whatever - I think I may try to attend
Sweatin in T.O. changed username to Frazzled Pammie
rich-c: Guy, are you going with that Univ. of Phoenix deal?
Guy B.: I sent for more information on it.
Frazzled Pammie: I'll let you know Dad - Russell's schedule is supposed to change that weekend but I don't know exactly when or where we'll be
BobS: NAW, it is only paid in full by July 1st to get a FREE tshirt.......after that, no free tshirt, but registration is still open
BobS: the free tshirt is a great looking gimmick in the form we use year after year, don't ya think????
Guy B.: Why not throw in a free raffle ticket instead of a t-shirt.
Frazzled Pammie: okay, I just wondered why by July first - makes sense when the con is at beginning of August but seems kinda far ahead for end of September. Just wondering, is all
Ginger: speaking of raffle I should check my lottery ticket
BobS: whatever makes you happy Guy..........YOU HEARD IT HERE 1st !!!!!!!
Frazzled Pammie: bloody hell, I was gonna buy a ticket today and forgot!
Guy B.: It was a suggestion hombre.
BobS: paid in full by July 1st, gets a FREE raffle ticket for the grand prize also !!!!!
Frazzled Pammie: so what's the grand prize? I know, a T shirt, right ?
The Professor: Money in advance helps pay da bills.
Guy B.: There we go.
The Professor: (Spoken as a past ADAMcon chairman)
BobS: NO, usually the afghan that Jean donates
rich-c: Pam, your computer can take up to 256MB of SDRAM 100MHz
Frazzled Pammie: yes, and I only have 64 at the moment
Guy B.: Now, do we know if the hotel has broadband like it was in Courtney or do we all use dialup?
moved to room Meeting Place
The Professor: Packet-switched carrier pigeons.
changed username to Judy
rich-c: any idea how many slots you have?
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Frazzled Pammie: four
Ginger: hi Judy
Frazzled Pammie: hey Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: howdy all
BobS: Jean was going to talk to them, but we probably won't know till we get there......they do have, I believe, a free use highspeed area set aside for guests
Harvie: Hello Mrs.S
Judy: how is everyone?
Frazzled Pammie: someone has set off a car alarm here that sounds like an anemic siren. It's getting da**ed annoying.
Guy B.: I'll bring both my PC Enternet card any my modem for the notebook.
BobS: chill out pammie
Frazzled Pammie: anyone got a shotgun?
BobS: or you gonna need the guys in chite shirts
Frazzled Pammie: can't chill Bob, no A/C in yet : )
(BobS hugs Frazzled Pammie)
The Professor: That will make her even hotter, Bob :-)
rich-c: you and Russell better get wrestling with it soon, Pam
(Guy B. gives Frazzled Pammie a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: white
Judy: why are you sooo frazzled, Pam?
Guy B.: That's two for you Pam.
(Frazzled Pammie hugs BobS)
BobS: tank YA
Frazzled Pammie: I'm leaving for Windsor tomorrow morning Judy - I'm not packed, I don't know where I'm sleeping, I don't have a packing list and I'm sure I've misplaced at least half the stuff I want to take.
Frazzled Pammie: plus, there's this car alarm . . .
George: who cut me off?
Frazzled Pammie: thanks, Guy
The Professor: You need a packing list?
The Professor: Throw some clothes in suitcase and go...
rich-c: did you get dumped, George?
Guy B.: Maybe you did George
Frazzled Pammie: next Tuesday, Dad
BobS: throw some stuff in a suitcase and wing it. dear
The Professor: Travel light.
Judy: you could always pack like me, take everything
Frazzled Pammie: that's the problem - I don't have enough room for everything!
Judy: sometimes the suitcase gets awfully heavy
Frazzled Pammie: hence, the packing list
George: i'm sending cookies to everyone
rich-c: George, I've discoverd if you brush teh wrong keyboard key by mistake, you can dump yourself
Judy: send it in the mail
Guy B.: How long are going to be staying Pam?
Frazzled Pammie: gotta have shorts cause it's supposed to get hot, dressy clothes for the grad ceremony - oh!
The Professor: What kind of cookies?
rich-c: maybe that's your problems, George, my computer rejects cookies rather violently
Frazzled Pammie: sorry, thought for the list
Judy: whose graduation?>
George: all sent
Guy B.: Make sure your browser has cookies Enabled.
Frazzled Pammie: Erin's brother Graeme and his wife Sabrina are both graduating from St. Clair College on Friday
George: all received
Frazzled Pammie: no cookies for me George, thanks
Judy: we can't have any, still on a diet
Guy B.: I haven't had any in a long time.
rich-c: long as your browser is set to reject, Pam, you won't get any
George: silent cookies
Judy: the Bob has lost 35 pounds, not bad, hey
Frazzled Pammie: unless they're chocolate chip, I'm not interested : )
The Professor: Have some T-bone cookies :-)
Frazzled Pammie: from where??
Guy B.: Way to go Bob!
The Professor: If carbs you are avoiding.
Ginger: brb
The Professor: But I think those diets are all fads...
rich-c: that's good going, Bob, I know it isn't easy
George: no I have T-bone steaks
Frazzled Pammie: oh hey, Dad and Harvie, have you looked at the cookie selections at Loblaws recently?
Judy: I only lost 17, way behind Bob
BobS: the mere sight of food is depressing
Guy B.: They think that this carb diet won't last long. But, that doesn't stop companies from introducing low card stuff.
The Professor: Indeed, Guy.
George: 16 oz. t-bones
BobS: jsur eat less and esercise more
Guy B.: Now I heard wine is next.
Judy: we are not on that, Guy
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The Professor: Evil Ratbert from Dilbert should come out with the "Barn Siding Diet" -- eat nothing but barn siding to lose weight.
changed username to rich-c2
Guy B.: That's what I'm doing, plus one 10 year old dog taking me for a long walks.
Judy: we can't go anywhere that our bikes don't take us
Frazzled Pammie: get dumped Dad?
The Professor: Publish a book...have tapes and DVDs...and suckers will buy it and say it tastes great and works!
rich-c2: seems it was my turn to get dumped
Frazzled Pammie: must make grocery shopping hard Judy : )
(Ginger gives Ginger a can of Coke)
Ginger: well Pepsi actually
The Professor: No Dr. Pepper?
Frazzled Pammie: hey Erin, have you seen the Insiders report?
Ginger: huh?
Guy B.: Coke, no Pepsi. Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger.
rich-c2: don't tell her, it's bad for the waistline
Judy: no, easier, you buy less
Ginger: Dr. Pepper
BobS: WINE??????? I'll take some !!!!!!!
George: puree of sea slug
Ginger: ewwwww
The Professor: Mmmm, Aplysia au jus.
rich-c2: I thought Rich served it as a consomme
The Professor: With a side of truffles.
Judy: we rode our bikes to coffee Sat morning and for supper at night
The Professor: Slug-kebabs, now playing at a grill near you.
Guy B.: Thought I let you all know that Abby's paw is all healed up.
BobS: Dr D.........that's NASTY
Frazzled Pammie: the Presidents Choice Insiders report has announced that they're bringing out "PC New Wave Cola" - supposed to taste like Pepsi
Judy: I found a dandy slug in the yard yesterday, wouldn
Guy B.: Heard the Coke is coming out with a low carb cola.
Judy: 't want to eat it though
The Professor: How about water with food coloring in it?
rich-c2: we've pretty much lost our slugs since we got teh snails
Guy B.: Oh, do I remember doing that.
George: better than Reagan kebabs
Frazzled Pammie: ick, I'd skip the food colouring
The Professor: haha George.
Frazzled Pammie: c'mon Dad - now they're not homeless slugs : )
rich-c2: they keep holding races up teh side of the composter
Judy: you have snails in the yard, Rich?
Guy B.: When I was in scouts. We did a skit that involved liquer. So, we took some bottles with water and used food coloring to make it look like the real thing.
Judy: we have snails in the pond
The Professor: I have only ever seen one snail in the grass here.
rich-c2: we have snails like there's no tomorrow, Judy - like a gorss or two?
The Professor: And that was after a very very wet spring...the same spring I found some spotted salamanders while mowing the lawn.
rich-c2: gross
The Professor: Slugs aplenty though.
Frazzled Pammie requested to ban rich-c
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
The Professor confirmed ban
rich-c2 confirmed ban
George: slurp slurp
Frazzled Pammie: wow, it's cooling off
rich-c2: yes, temperature has been dropping since about 4 p.m.
George: burp!
Frazzled Pammie: no, it's really cooling off! I just went into the LR and got a COOL breeze - not just a slightly less warm one
Guy B. confirmed ban
George: fan on high
rich-c2: I know, we've had the windows open since dinner time
Guy B.: A lot better here in Chicago. Boy, it was muggy yesterday.
Frazzled Pammie: they were threatening us with t-storms, but it looks like we've dodged the bullet
Judy: it is much better tonight than last night, we are sitting out on the deck now
The Professor: Brief intense thunderstorms here about 6:30 PM? I didn't look exactly at the clock, I was busy.
BobS: today was the muggy day here.....86 degrees and humid asn heck
Ginger: we had some storms just before and as I was signing on
Frazzled Pammie: better living through air conditioning
Ginger: gone now, I think
Judy: and I was planting flower in the childrens garden all morning
Frazzled Pammie: it rained - briefly but hard, but no sound and light show
Judy: at Meijer Garden
Guy B.: We had some spotty rain here. But, nothing like last month. But, rain is in the forecast through the weekend.
rich-c2: yes, the weather radar this afternoon was showing a lot of activity Windsor to London, moving southwest towrds Cleveland
Judy: we had very little rain today, and a little in the night
Frazzled Pammie: btw Erin, even though it's supposed to cool off I left your A/C on for Schiffer - it's supposed to heat up again by the end of the weekend
Ginger: ok poo Schiefer
Ginger: poor
BobS: rain rain, go to philly
Ginger: god can't type
Frazzled Pammie: aw, she'll be all right
Frazzled Pammie: I'm going to spend some quality time with her tomorrow morning before I leave
Frazzled Pammie: hey Rin, here's a question - is your DVD player supposed to be on?
George: terrorists bomb Philly railroad bridge
rich-c2: so who's your cat-sitter for teh weekend? Lindsay?
Ginger: doesn't matter if it is
The Professor: Shieffer is a cat?
Frazzled Pammie: Russell - Lin's at the trailer
Ginger: yes she is
Ginger: my kitty
Frazzled Pammie: oh, and your phone is flashing - looks like messages
Ginger: probably someone's campaign office
The Professor: Are you in Rin's apartment, Pam?
rich-c2: panicky Liberals reporting teh consequences of their sins
Frazzled Pammie: no, I'm at home but I've been in and out twice a day for a week
BobS: what a cousin you are !!!!!!!!! WUNERFUL
Frazzled Pammie: these are things I forgot to tell her earlier : )
Frazzled Pammie: hey, that's what family is for - to help each other out
Frazzled Pammie: no biggie
The Professor: I wondered because of the flashing phone.
rich-c2: oh Pam heard anything on an election job yet?
The Professor: Commissioner Gordon is calling on the Batphone, Rin...
Frazzled Pammie: not yet Dad - I was expecting a call today
Ginger: I'm Batman
Frazzled Pammie: if they're going to call I hope they do it tomorrow before I leave
rich-c2: wish you luck - they usually do have trouble getting enough recruits
rich-c2: if not Russell should be able to cope for you
Frazzled Pammie: actually they'd better call soon - the advance polls are next Friday, Saturday and Monday
Frazzled Pammie: if he's home
rich-c2: well, you have an answering machine so he can deal from there is required
Frazzled Pammie: let's just hope he's awake enough to notice : )
Frazzled Pammie: my sweetie is not at his most awake first thing in the morning
BobS: WHAT ?????? another late sleeper
rich-c2: sorry folks - I am not feeling too good at the moment
rich-c2: I am going to have to call it a night
BobS: not good richard
Frazzled Pammie: what's wrong, Dad
BobS: nite, get well.....and be good
Guy B.: OK, Rich. Hope you feel better by Saturday.
The Professor: Perhaps a cool bath, Richard?
rich-c2: just not up to continuing, Pam - need to lay back a bit
The Professor: Put your bathing trunks on and sit in some cool water with a book.
The Professor: I do that when I am too hot.
Frazzled Pammie: okay. Will call before I leave tomorrow. Feel better, Dad.
Ginger: feel better Uncle Richard
Frazzled Pammie: g'nite Daddy
rich-c2: anyway goodnight all, see you Saturday or next week as applies
The Professor: Bye Richard.
Harvie: Goodnight rich
rich-c2: colour me gone
rich-c2 left chat session
George: i need to go too
Frazzled Pammie: okay, I'm a bit freaked
Guy B.: See you later George
Frazzled Pammie: night George
George: nite all
The Professor: Bye George.
Ginger: nite George
George: poof
George left chat session
Frazzled Pammie: wonder if I should call him
The Professor: Forgot to ask George if he saw the Venus transit...I didn't.
Harvie: I think the petroleum smell got to him Pam
The Professor: If he is overheating, then he needs to get cooled down.
Frazzled Pammie: huh? what did I miss?
The Professor: If it is a bad smell, then maybe you should go over and sniff yourself.
The Professor: Richard says there is a strong gasoline-type smell in the house that is making him queasy.
The Professor: He doesn't know whence it comes.
Frazzled Pammie: ahhhh - okay, now I understand.
Frazzled Pammie: my girlfriend said they were doing something to the house next door (which is for sale). I wonder if that's it.
The Professor: What "something"?
Harvie: Witchcraft
Judy: burning it down>
The Professor: Wingardium leviosa!
Frazzled Pammie: dunno - she was very vague, but it had something to do with siding, which is apparently piled on my parents front lawn. Could be petroleum based undercoating or vapour barrier
Frazzled Pammie: what are you levitating, Professor?
Judy: why on their lawn?
Frazzled Pammie: dunno that either
BobS: wsell, you sure don't know much girl
The Professor: Trying to levitate Ginger...
Frazzled Pammie: heck, Bob, I got it second hand from my girlfriend, who passed by quickly on the way to her parents place around the corner
Ginger: levitate me?
The Professor: ...she can float up and get some dates and coconuts from the trees...
Ginger: riiiiight
The Professor: I can't climb up with this leg :-)
Frazzled Pammie: how about "accio coconuts"?
The Professor: It's either levitate you or build a ladder.
The Professor: I failed accio.
The Professor: It keeps coming out atchoo! and the stuff blows further away.
Frazzled Pammie: what, no O.W.L.s?
The Professor: I have a G.E.D. :-)
Frazzled Pammie: did you go to see HP 3?
The Professor: Yes, last Friday night.
Frazzled Pammie: and?
The Professor: Ehhhhh.
Frazzled Pammie: what????????
Frazzled Pammie: expand, please
The Professor: Really didn't like some stuff.
The Professor: Hard to do without spoiling it.
Frazzled Pammie: I'm gonna see it regardless so go ahead
The Professor: Well, there are others here...
Judy: how is the leg, Dr D?
Ginger: I have no intention -- another down
The Professor: Well, there are more spiders in it, Ginger.
The Professor: Leg is about full strength again, but it feels creaky and twitchy at the end of the day.
Ginger: see...not happening for me...I'll wait until the DVD so I can go hide under my stuffed animals
The Professor: And there is a persistent feeling of something being inside the calf that is just a bit annoying.
Judy: that has to do with age, Dr D
The Professor: I never had it before the injury, and the left leg doesn't have any of it.
BobS: OLDE age
Frazzled Pammie: give it time, Rich
Harvie: Scar tissue?
Guy B.: Don't want to think about that yet.
The Professor: That is what I keep telling myself, I *don't* want to forget and injure it again.
The Professor: It is probably just the scar tissue and deep healing.
Judy: would not be a good idea
BobS: but me boy, tis soming i tell ya
The Professor: The outline of the leg is not symmetric with the uninjured leg.
Judy: has lumps and bumps?
The Professor: Still a bit of swelling most likely, or redistribution of muscle mass downstream of the tear.
The Professor: No, it is a smooth outline, fortunately.
The Professor: That is one way the orthopaedist knows (without MRI) that the tear is deep inside, not superficial.
The Professor: If it were superficial, there would be a divot visible.
Frazzled Pammie: ick, Rich
Ginger: owwie
The Professor: Well, it's the truth, Pam.
BobS: aw..........poor Joan will have to put up with you aging bod
Frazzled Pammie: I know, and I find most medical stuff fascinating - it's just a lot less fascinating when it's someone you know
BobS: join the crowd Dr D
Ginger: well folks....I think I hear it's time for me to go
The Professor: I merely note the aging bod, I am not trying to undo it, Bob.
BobS: WHOA...........storms are not good
Ginger: have a good night all
The Professor: I think it is still mostly functional :-)
Judy: or yourself, don't like the fascinating
BobS: be good rin
Ginger: see you tomorrow Pam
Guy B.: Must be a doozy. Bye Rin.
Frazzled Pammie: night Rin - anything I need to bring?
The Professor: Don't leave me on the island, Ginger! :-)
BobS: lots of booze
Ginger: nope just yourself is fine
The Professor: Bye Rin.
BobS: to celebrate with
Judy: bye Rin
Harvie: Goodnight Erin
The Professor: Booze? tsk tsk
Frazzled Pammie: okay - will see you about 3:00 or 4:00 depending on traffic
Ginger: Sorry Professor...but have to hide from the storms
Ginger: night Harvie
Frazzled Pammie: will let yhou know if I leave earlier
Ginger: alright Pam
The Professor: Okay, hope you have room under the bed next to the dust bunnies.
The Professor: Or the monsters...
Frazzled Pammie: night sweetie
Ginger: nite nite
moved to room Meeting Place
Ginger left chat session
BobS: professor..............WHERE'S Marianne?????????
changed username to Ron
Judy: it is clouding up here but no rain, yet
Harvie: That's where the spiders are
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Frazzled Pammie: hi Ron
Ron: hi all!
BobS: the wet coaster !!!!!!!
The Professor: Hello Ron.
Frazzled Pammie: you just missed Erin
BobS: how doin??????
Ron: aww
Harvie: Hello Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
The Professor: Mary Ann is baking a coconut-cream pie.
Ron: not bad for a 60 year old eh?
BobS: today ?????
Ron: Hi Judy
Frazzled Pammie: is that today Ron?
Ron: no, April 10.... but it still hits me now and then
Judy: how is the island, life?
The Professor: April 10...that is Theta Chi Fraternity's Founder's Day.
Frazzled Pammie: okay - can I get some advice on 39 then?
Ron: Well, right at the moment we have two doe in the back yard
The Professor: April 10th, 1856.
Ron: was taking pics when I remembered what time it was
BobS: happy belated birthday to you.........probably we celebrated it here, but are too old to remember.........
Ron: tks
Ron: They've been out there for the better part of 3 hours
Judy: how cool, we only have fish
Frazzled Pammie: how very neat Ron
BobS: drinkin out of the pool ?
BobS: or grazin in the grass ?
Ron: not yet, but they're helping themselves to my cedum leaves
Harvie: Get a salt lick and they will arrive regularly
Frazzled Pammie: is that good or bad Ron?
Ron: probably the same pair that ate my bedding plants 4 days ago for breakfast
The Professor: How do deer get to the island?
Ron: Now that's an interesting question Dr. D
Frazzled Pammie: take the ferry : )
Ron: right
Harvie: Queen of Nanaimo
Judy: that is the pits!!!
Ron: yeah, the bedding plants hadn't even been planted
The Professor: Have they always been there, or do they move back and forth from the mainland?
BobS: do they need tickets ???????
The Professor: Or passports?
Ron: pretty much always here, so far as I know.... although I wouldn't be surprised if one of our forefathers had introduced them at some time
Harvie: Deer can swim
Judy: was planting today at Meijer Garden in the new childrens garden, hasn't opened yet
Ron: They live mostly around the golf course downtown, but the get around
Frazzled Pammie: planitng what Judy?
Ron: what, 45km Harvie?
Judy: flowers
BobS: ok so they have to like swimming
Judy: perenials and annuals
Ron: annuals
Ron: went out and bought some more
Harvie: Isn't there a narrows to the north?
Ron: Yes, Harvie that's true. There are places where it narrows to 10 miles or less
Judy: soooooooooooo many flowers, unreal
Ron: neighbour said to put garlic plants in the bed. The deer don't like that
Frazzled Pammie: you were planting in this heat Judy?
Ron: So now we'll have deer with bad breath
Judy: supposed to be finished Friday, don't see that it is possible with that much left to go
Frazzled Pammie: plant some parsley too Ron : )
Ron: good idea
Judy: yes, was not great, but when you say youare coming you go
BobS: sir......could you leave a little grench dressing out on the stoop also ??????? Plain greens are slightly tasteless
Judy: we were finished with our shift at noon, was very hot
BobS: french
Frazzled Pammie: still, you like the heat, don't you
Frazzled Pammie: ranch dressing Bob
Ron: I sure enjoyed Meijer Garden
Ron: lovely place
Judy: yes, I do, but was even a little hot for me
Ron: Do they pay you for that Judy, or are you a volunteer?
BobS: oh ok
Judy: no pay
Frazzled Pammie: ah yes, you got to play tourist for a little while last time, didn't you
Ron: yup - thanks to the Slopsema clan
BobS: NO PAY< NO GAIN.........right ?????
Frazzled Pammie: me, all I got was a tour of the mall : )
(BobS groans loudly)
Frazzled Pammie: that's a groaner, Bob
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of cranberry soda)
BobS: oh we3ll it IS late you know
Judy: next time you should see the garden, not as good as the one by Ron, though
Ron: They also took me to a planetarium - seats were so comfortable, I fell asleep
Frazzled Pammie: enjoy it Bob, it's my favourite - very refreshing : )
Ron: that's gratitude for ya
Judy: we all did, Ron
BobS: Bouchard Gardens
Ron: Butchart
Frazzled Pammie: Butchart Gardens?
Frazzled Pammie: I've been there
The Professor: Planetaria are fun.
Frazzled Pammie: beautiful place
Frazzled Pammie: we don't have one anymore : (
Ron: Yes, I want to see the end of the program they were running. So I must go back
Frazzled Pammie: a planetarium, I mean
BobS: even better now Pam
Frazzled Pammie: shall have to find some time to come and see, Bob
BobS: think it was a hypnotist version Ron that is why we ALL fell asleep
Judy: you think you would see it the second time, Ron?
Frazzled Pammie: and go shopping : )
Ron: oh absolutely
BobS: SHOPPING.........above ALL else
Judy: in the dark you are supposed to go to sleep
Frazzled Pammie: well, I need stuff I can't get in Toronto
Ron: Well, I was in such a state, that I almost fell asleep outside on those little cars they were using to take us around the grounds
BobS: WHAT ?????? Toronto is the BIG city
Ron: Why frazzled, Pammie?
Guy B.: Abby is ready for walk before we turn in. So, we are going to get ready for one. I'll see you all either Saturday or next week.
Frazzled Pammie: yeah but we don't have Lane Bryant in Canada, or Coldwater Creek, or some US brands
Ron: Nite Guy
BobS: ok good
The Professor: Bye Guy.
Frazzled Pammie: Night Guy
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
The Professor: I should probably sign off, too..tomorrow will be a late night.
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: night Dr
The Professor: So, bye to safely, Pam.
Harvie: Pam if Honest Ed hasn't got it, you don't need it :)
The Professor: Say hi to Rin when you get there.
Ron: be well Dr. D.
BobS: well be good Dr D......and don't do anything i wouldn't do......K ??????
Frazzled Pammie: frazzled? I'm leaving for Windsor in the morning, I haven't packed or made a list and the place is in such a state that I won't be able to find half of what I need
The Professor: Dunno what you would do, Bob :-)
Ron: Do NOT today, that which you can put off 'till tomorrow
Frazzled Pammie: night Rich - I will
BobS: too old Dr d
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
Frazzled Pammie: get some sleep for a change : )
The Professor: Yes Mommie.
The Professor: Okay, poof!
The Professor left chat session
Frazzled Pammie: that's the problem Ron, I'm a procrastinator
Judy: how long are you going to be gone, Pam?
Ron: twenty to ten, chez the east?
Frazzled Pammie: finished my laundry at 9:10 this evening
Harvie: Now the Canucks are in the majority again
Frazzled Pammie: just till Sunday Juday
Frazzled Pammie: oops, Judy
Ron: I am also a procrastinator
Frazzled Pammie: I've continued shovelling out around here and things are just everywhere
Judy: what are you shovelling, Pam?
Harvie: As opposed to an amateur crastinator Ron?
Frazzled Pammie: however, I am beginning to see a glimmer of floor space here and there
BobS: procrastinator= kind, friendly and optimistic person...yes ?????
Ron: nothing amateur about my crastinating
Frazzled Pammie: yes - one who never does anything before it's time
Ron: exactly
Ron: must go see where my little friends are....brb
Frazzled Pammie: just goes to show you how long I've left this - I'm shredding things from 1998
BobS: bummer......ya like to see the little bambies......BUT
BobS: PAM !!!!!!!!
Frazzled Pammie: told ya
Frazzled Pammie: I've been taking heart from shows like Clean Sweep
Judy: how can you stand it, would drive me crazzy
BobS: organization is the key.......or at least throw crap out !!!!
Frazzled Pammie: it means I'm not the only one out there with a dirty little secret
Frazzled Pammie: I am the product of two packrats Judy - I come by it honestly
BobS: \ya we all keep unneeded stuff.......but the old phone bill from 1998 ???????
Frazzled Pammie: actually, it was a birthday card I think
Judy: we have a lot of stuff but it is put away stuff
Frazzled Pammie: we've run out of room to put away - that's part of why I'm doing this
Judy: can't stand a mess, just ask Bob
Ron: damn!
Ron: they've done it again
Frazzled Pammie: corallary of Murphy's law: Stuff expands to fill the available space
BobS: this sounds NOT food
Ron: deer paws all over the garden, and they've eaten most of the Petunia
BobS: good
Judy: what did they do?
BobS: oh to heck with flowers this year Ron
moved to room Meeting Place
Frazzled Pammie: may I suggest indoor potted plants, Ron?
Ron: I guess I'm not destined to have flowers this year
changed username to bair
Frazzled Pammie: hello Bair
Ron: right Pam
BobS: hey Bob !!!!!!!
Ron: Mr Bair
BobS: welcome back sir
Frazzled Pammie changed username to Pam
bair: hi every one
BobS: felt sorry for us didn't ya ????
Pam: how are you Bob?
BobS: oh Pam,,,,,I am fine.......
Judy: there are some plants that they do not like, don't remember which ones. had them set out at one of the nurserys near here
Harvie: Hello Bob
bair: ok I guess
BobS: OH, wrong Bob
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to chick pea
Pam: I'll bet if you do some research you'll be able to find deer-proof plants without too much trouble, Ron
Judy: hi, Bob
Pam: Hi Rie
chick pea: hi every1
BobS: hi your own self
Pam: how are you doing, sweetie?
Judy: Hi, Marie
chick pea: hello hello
chick pea: i could be better
Ron: That, Pam, is the only advise garden gurus give: plant things the deer don't lie
Pam: yeah, I heard
bair: why would I feel sorry for you
BobS: and that would be..........what Ron ?????
chick pea: i hear ur comming tomorrow
Ron: I had a list around here somewhere
chick pea: what time did rin leave??
Pam: yes, ETA about 3:00 ish
Harvie: Lead Ron
chick pea: coo coo
Judy: the trouble is that no one tells the deer what they don't like
Pam: about 20 minutes ago
chick pea: i'll be around later on tomoorw night to say hi
BobS: Bob, poor ron is having deer problems.........they are eating all his flowers
Ron: right Judy. I could try posting a list in the garden I suppose
chick pea: i have a pic of Jas and I for u
Pam: cool. I'm sleeping at Graeme and Brie's place - there are rumours of a cut throat game of Trivial Pursuit
Judy: but do they read
Ron: no
bair: Hey I tell the deer where they can go and can't they don't listen
chick pea: oic
BobS: see, they are a deaf bunch !!!!!!!!
chick pea: i'll track u down
Harvie: The means of delivering the lead is the secret
Pam: ah yes - note to self - take TP cards
(BobS winks)
Ron: Just had two in the back yard, Bob for the better part of two or three hours
Judy: glad we don't have that problem
chick pea: lol
Pam: when did you get the pics, Rie?
chick pea: anywa si better jeyt i have to get up earliy in the morning for skeeters' graduation
bair: I have something in my closet they better listen to
chick pea: there from a galla
Ron: illegal to discharge firearms - what I need is a proficient archer
Pam: wonderful! I found some pictures of you but they're ancient
chick pea: from?
Pam: I need a replacement
BobS: well Ron..........these here deer were vacationing you see.......and they couldn't get any further west, so they just stopped at our place
Pam: lessee, high school, the prom
Ron: a replacement what?
Pam: picture of Marie
chick pea: omg
bair: hey that is why I live in the country for
BobS: your
chick pea: those r pics that i don't think i need to see
Pam: what time is Christina's grad, Rie?
Ron: you got 'em in your neck of the woods Bob?
chick pea: 2
BobS: got any deer in your back yard Bob???????
chick pea: but i have to go to the bank and go to her house adn do her hair
bair: oh yea
Pam: tell her congratulations for me
Judy: I am a city gal, we just have a pond with fish
chick pea: i will
Ron: trade ya
Pam: that's so nice of you
chick pea: any ways i better jet
Ron: my deer for your fish
BobS: 'cept when we hit the suckers with the car
Pam: okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
bair: NO WAY
Ron: do fish eat Petunia
Pam: Don't work too hard!
BobS: bye Rie
Ron: niters Rie
chick pea: will do i'll stop by graeme's and brie's after
Judy: no just a lot of fish food
Pam: okay, I'll be there
Pam: I'm looking forward to this
chick pea: night
Judy: they are great eaters
chick pea: lol
Pam: gnite
chick pea: night'
Ron: My ex-wife tried that in Victoria. The raccoons ate the fish
chick pea: night all
chick pea left chat session
Judy: that would make me mad
Pam: coulda been worse Ron - could have been bears
Ron: yes, Leslie was not all that amused
bair: well I have a gun permit
BobS: not mad........infuriated !!!!!!!!
Pam: how big are your fish Judy?
bair: 13 inches
BobS: n o guns here in the city either Bob
Judy: so far we haven't lost one fish this year, one jumped out but I put it back in and it survived
bair: I have sharks
Pam: footlongs?
Ron: no, that's a sub or a hot dog
BobS: about 3 inches or so
Pam: it jumped out???
bair: they love fish
Pam: in a tank Bair?
Judy: some really small, from Ryan
BobS: these are 24 cent golodfish, none of that cheap stuff for us !!!!!
bair: they like men also
Pam: you big spender, you
bair: small lake
Pam: so what do you do with them in the winter Judy?
BobS: what the heck are you doing with sharks?????
Judy: we did break down this year and buy to high priced ones-1.99 each
Ron: Well, I suppose nature is nature, and deer must eat
Judy: put them in the basement
bair: when I don't like poeple
BobS: see ? it will all work out ok Ron
Judy: only lost one all winter, jumped out
Pam: you send them swimming in the lake Bair?
Ron: indeed
Pam: too bad you can't get them to mow the lawn, Ron
Harvie: Get a Wolverine, deer are scared of them
bair: well yea when I am not going swiming
Ron: good idea. I'll put up a sign
Ron: Moe or go!
Ron: Mow or Go
Pam: I thought they couldn't read!
Ron: you're right. They wouldn't get it
BobS: durn it Ron.....they can't read !!!!
Ron: Shouting at them does nothing
bair: no sharks can't read
Pam: maybe if you put the lawnmower out they'd get the hint
Ron: They look at you like, "what's your problem?"
BobS: time for this pupply to go nite nite gang
Pam: oh good - deer with 'tude
Ron: yup
bair: it is not that late yet
Judy: Bob is getting tired, so night all, talk at you next week
Harvie: Me too Bob, night all
Pam: wrong time zone, Bair
Ron: be well all the Slopsemas
Ron: sorry I was late
bair: night to all
BobS: well yes it is.......oh, you are not on DST are you it is only 10pm ?????
Pam: g'nite you two - see you next week
Judy left chat session
Harvie left chat session
Pam: wow, that was quick for Harvie
Ron: and then there were four
BobS: keep fogetting that most of IN doesnt' jump ahead./
bair: yes but I get up at 4:30 to go to work
Ron: oh really? Didn't know that
Pam: oh ick, Bair
BobS: so you shoulf be tired too !!!!
Pam: that's a horrible time of the morning
Ron: they're like northern Saskatchewan
BobS: don't stay up late kiddies..........see ya noect week !!!!!!!!!!!!1
bair: done it for 30 years now
Ron: nite Bob
Pam: we won't - nite Bob
BobS left chat session
Pam: how do you do it, Bob?
Pam: and what do you do that you have to be up that early?
bair: try to see every one next week
Pam: don't forget
bair: I work in the tool crib at towerautomotive
Ron: so they start early, obviously
Pam: so you start early, huh?
bair: every one left fast
Pam: yes, once it hits 11:00 ish everyone departs
Ron: still light out here
Pam: what time is sunset, Ron?
Ron: 10 pm
bair: we just got 1/2 inch orain
Ron: our time
Pam: nice
Ron: the closer it gets to June 21, the more after 10pm it is
Pam: and just think, the solstice is only two weeks away
Ron: we're further north than you guys
Pam: not quite the land of the midnight sun, but close
Pam: how is Mum doing Ron?
Ron: The Coast Guard station I used to manage up the Island about 150 miles - it never really got dark much before midnight and then it was sort of a
Ron: heavy twilight
Ron: started to get light again about 4 am
Pam: I can't imagine what that would be like
Ron: not good if you're a light sleeper
Pam: I've been up till dawn a couple of times - that's strange enough
Pam: I can imagine it would be a problem if you work shifts as Russell does
Ron: yes for sure
Pam: he doesn't sleep as well during the day
bair: I have call waiting so i will be going
Ron: I was one of the lucky ones - could sleep any time
Pam: g'nite Bair - nice to see you
Ron: nite Bob. Good to hear from you again
bair: same here
Ron: stay in touch eh?
bair left chat session
Pam: I'm like that too, Ron
Ron: just you and me, kid
Pam: and the furniture : )
Ron: I can fall asleep distressingly fast. Not good if you're behind the wheel of a car
Pam: no definitely not
Pam: makes getting enough sleep a priority
Ron: exactly. I've got to start getting to bed before midnight
Pam: me I can sleep anytime if I'm tired enough
Pam: there's a bedtime before midnight???
Ron: so they say
Pam: I thought that was just a nasty rumour
Ron: might be, I wouldn't know
Pam: however, I do have friends who go to bed at 9:00 every night
Pam: I can't imagine doing that
Ron: oh yes, I know a few of those. They expect you to be wide awake about 7:30 am. they phone you then
Ron: because they've been up since 4 am
Pam: yes, I know a few of those too
Pam: anyone who knows what's good for them doesn't call here before 9:00 am
Ron: yes, I have put out word to that effect, to all who wish to continue in my friendship
Pam: my mum-in-law is like that - early to bed and early to rise
Ron: to each their own
Pam: M & D used to have a household rule - no calls before 10:00 am on the weekends
Pam: the phone would ring at 10:01
Ron: :)
Ron: speaking of M & D did I miss them this evening? Or are they away?
Pam: actually Dad was on but he wasn't feeling very well and departed early
Pam: he had breathing probs over the weekend and saw the Dr. on Monday
Ron: ah. that not good
Ron: i see
Pam: the Dr. gave him four new prescriptions
Ron: shortness of breath. Got some of that going on around here
Ron: puffers?
Pam: a bronchodilator, a corticosteroid, an antibiotic and one other (Mom was unable to tell me which one)
Ron: 2 puffers
Pam: yeah - Uniphyl, which is a pill and . . .
Pam: um
Ron: probably to chase away any infection that might be hapening
Ron: I take that
Pam: starts with a P
Ron: it is a pill
Ron: Pulmicort
Pam: Uniphyl? I'm on it too
Pam: that's it
Pam: have been on Uniphyl for years
Pam: a wonder drug
Ron: Yes, it certainly works
Ron: but I'm still wheezy
Pam: it's amazing how much difference it makes
Ron: I get more immediate relief out of the Ventolin
Pam: have you tried Advair?
Ron: no
Ron: should ask my Doc about it
Pam: Dr. just put me on it - its a combo long lasting dilator and a steroid
Ron: aha
Ron: will make some enquiries
Pam: still have my Ventolin but am down from four -six puffs a day to one or none
Pam: that, and Tilade which is a prophylactic, and the uniphyl
Ron: oddly enough, my triggers are not from nature at all. More like - certain social settings and certain people
Pam: actually mine aren't either. I'm still smoking and that doesn't help, but I find it's sudden stress on the bronchia that does me in
Ron: yup
Pam: sneezing, or coughing
Pam: some perfumes
Ron: yes, that was a problem in the office in Ottawa
Pam: perfume?
Ron: yep. Certain people - there was one woman in personnel whom I used to have to present staff relations cases to
Pam: there's a saying out there: Nice perfume - must you marinate in it?
Ron: Eventually she changed perfumes - very kind of her, I thought
Pam: thought' you'd appreciate that
Pam: I had more of a problem when I was working retail
Ron: the elevators used to be awful at times
Pam: right next to the cosmetics counter
Ron: Oh God!
Pam: I had one guy who I would swear bathed in Polo
Pam: I'm not a fan of Polo at the best of times
Ron: not sure I've even heard of it
Pam: I literally couldn't help him
Pam: it's Ralph Loren - comes in a green bottle
Ron: aha
Pam: sorry, Lauren
Pam: smells like something you'd use to repel mosquitoes
Ron: don't have to worry about such things out here in the boondocks
Ron: imagine so
Pam: I had a coworker who had a real thing for the heavy, musk time perfumes at the office
Pam: she used to spray it on in her office after lunch
Ron: uggh
Pam: I had to stay away from her office for an hour afterward
Pam: oh, she was high maintenance
Pam: you know the type
Ron: indeed I do
Ron: always tried to stay away from them kind
Pam: luckily, of 75 of us she was the only one
Ron: in any office, you're always going to meet at least one who will be a problem
Ron: be it male or female, there's always one
Pam: oh, we had them all
Pam: one of each type
Pam: just for luck
Ron: right
Pam: the women in the office next to mine had no sense of colour
Pam: cardinal red skirt with fuschia sweater
Ron: that's unusual - mostly it's men who show up in gawd awful
Pam: actually I should say no sense of fashion
Ron: hurts my eyes just thinking about it
Pam: most of our guys were pretty good - and our CEO had great taste in ties
Pam: imagine looking at it all day : )
Ron: uggh
Pam: oh Ron, I could tell such tales : )
Ron: i bet.
Pam: poor Toni, she's a lovely person
Ron: Ottawa was usually kind of civil service drab
Pam: would give you the sweater off her back if you asked her to
Ron: yeah, that's the trouble
Pam: none of us wanted the fushcia
Ron: you couldn't say a thing
Pam: no, I didn't want to hurt her
Pam: I did make a point of commenting to her when she did hit the mark though
Ron: yes, it's called positive reinforcement
Pam: exactly
Pam: with a certain amount of wishful thinking thrown in ; )
Ron: what used to get me was the women who'd come into the office dressed to the nines, until you looked down at their feet
Ron: runners
Pam: oh that's just practicality
Ron: comfort. the heels were under the desk at work
Pam: guys just don't understand how lucky they are when it comes to fashion
Ron: Guys used to keep all their jackets in the office too
Ron: so as not to have to ride the bus in them - humid Ottawa weather
Pam: even now it's more relaxed than it used to be
Pam: can you imagine a woman going out without a slip under her skirt 20 years ago?
Ron: I suspect so. Although, somewhere around 1994, our Director issued a memo on the state of staff dress
Ron: He said suit and tie, proper attire for the women - no dressing down
Ron: no. that never happened
Pam: how long did that last?
Pam: I'm not even sure you can buy slips anymore
Ron: well.... I guess if you're the one wearing the slip, after a while it just ain't too practical
Pam: they're hot!!!
Ron: I remember going to a Christmas party just before I left. Had a ride with a couple I knew very well. She had to stop at the Rideau Centre Mall on the way to the party to buy a slip
Pam: sheesh - bra, undies, camisole, slip, skirt, blouse, pantyhose, heels
Ron: wouldn't know, Pam. I've never worn one. But can imagine
Pam: Well in the winter it's not so bad
Pam: however I avoid the whole issue by wearing pants : )
Ron: whereas we get away with a shirt and trousers, jockies and socks
Pam: men are too lucky
Ron: when you put it all that way, it sure doesn't seem very fair
Pam: fashion has changed so much in recent years
Pam: it's hard to keep up
Ron: I've heard cost analyses done on the average couple going out on a date - and who spends what just to prepare for said date
Pam: LOL
Ron: always the woman who can spend hundreds, while the man gets away with the suit he's been wearing all day
Pam: I must admit I've been lucky the last few years.
Pam: Since I wasn't working in the public eye any more, I was able to wear jeans to work
Ron: that helps
Ron: Here in the Comox valley, you're lucky to see anyone with a tie on. We're far away from the big city
Ron: most of the offices are casual
Pam: now that I'm looking to join a new office, I had to invest in a couple of business pieces
Ron: women and men
Pam: until I know what the dress code is, I'll have to go out with a jacket, dress pants and dressy shoes.
Ron: Right at the moment, I have precisely one blazer and a pair of grey flannels that get work perhaps once a year
Pam: yeah - Dad is the same
Pam: got rid of all his work wear and now has one suit
Ron: If I ever did go back to work in a city, I'd have to upgrade bigtime
Pam: well that would depend on the dress code in the office. For most offices, khakis and a nice shirt are generally okay
Pam: for men at least
Ron: yep. but there's casual, and then there's casual
Ron: the casual has to be reasonable quality and well cut
Ron: and the colours have to be somewhat in tune
Pam: couple nice pairs of Haggars or Dockers and some sport shirts and you're all set
Ron: mix and match yep
Pam: as long as you're not colour blind, you're okay
Pam: I must admit, Dad had some eye-searing combinations
Ron: My ex used to think I was. My colour sense is not great, particularly when I wander off the commonly accepted garb
Pam: you always look fine to me Ron
Ron: I usually find the closest woman and ask an opinion
Pam: good call : )
Ron: and usually, I get one
Ron: one way or the other
Pam: I remember Dad having a salmon coloured shirt that he wore with a pastel rainbow coloured tie and a brown tweed jacket and brown slacks
Ron: One friend I know here picks me up when she, her husband, and I play golf in the summer. Usually shorts, but the socks MUST match
Pam: most women will try to be helpful
Ron: I'm at the point now where when I'm going for accessories such as socks, I take with me whatever I'm trying to match up
Pam: but of course! Socks are an integral part of an outfit
Ron: exactly
Pam: sayeth a woman : )
Ron: :)
Pam: I had a hard time convincing Russell of that
Ron: Well I can't blame Lin really. i have presented myself with some rather off speed combinations
Pam: he was a classic wear black socks with everything guy
Pam: such as?
Ron: oh.... two shades of green (shorts and socks) that spend 9 holes arguing witheachother
Pam: who won?
Ron: it's either be totally different - or matched
Ron: The shorts.
Pam: green is hard to match too
Ron: Socks got thrown out because they matched nothing
Pam: there are so many shades it's hard to match them exactly
Pam: what colour are your golf shoes?
Ron: besides - Lin also has a happy knack of seeing socks that need darning -( or whatever we do these days)
Ron: black
Pam: hmm - that's a toughie
Ron: but sometimes I get away with totally different if the sports shirt matches the socks, the shorts can be different
Ron: We do have fun with that
Pam: especially in your Sunday socks : )
Ron: Of course, Lin is a fashion plate
Ron: she says, "Ron, you need a woman. We've got to find you a woman." To which I reply
Pam: don't tell me matching shorts and golf shirt, with white shoes and little socks with pom poms on them in a complimentary colour?
Ron: "never mind"
Ron: and sexy pink golf balls
Pam: did you mention that you've had a couple of women already?
Ron: Oh she knows that. We've known each other for years.....well back to Ottawa
Pam: is it one ex or two?
Ron: Lin and Arnie and I used to work in the same office
Ron: for me? One
Ron: I am now gunshy
Pam: i can't blame you. With the divorce rate as high as it is, it's hard not to be
Pam: look at me, I waited 15 years !
Ron: well, Leslie and I actually do better living 140 miles apart
Pam: sometimes you can love someone and not be able to live with them
Ron: That was pretty much it
Pam: look at Anthony Quinn
Ron: yes, noted
Pam: how long were you married?
Ron: 20 years
Pam: wow
Ron: somewhere around year 15, things got a little cold
Ron: on both sides
Pam: did you keep it together for Jeff?
Ron: Yes, I think so really. The year we split up, (1990) he was accepted at the University of Victoria, and he and his mother came west.
Ron: I stayed in Ottawa for another 5 years
Pam: so what made you go west?
Ron: Dad passed away in 1995 (March). I came out for the funeral, then spent the next few months wondering why I was rattling around in an Ottawa apartment
Ron: Mom was, of course, out here
Ron: So the department I worked for restructured in 1995, and I didn't particularly like the proposed changes
Ron: asked for a buyout
Ron: and got it
Pam: so you were from BC originally? How did you end up in Ottawa?
Ron: when you're climbing the ladder with the public service of Canada, you will end up in Ottawa. Started my career here in 1968 and got promoted
Ron: lots
Pam: my god, I was three in 1968
Ron: actually, I'm a forces brat, so have been all over Canada. My own career just carried on that way
Ron: good Heavens - time flies eh?
Pam: scary, ain't it?
Ron: yes
Pam: I can't imagine living anywhere but T.O.
Ron: take it you've been in Toronto for most of the time since?
Pam: even with all our travelling when I was young, I never found anywhere else I wanted to live
Pam: born and raised here
Pam: mother and dad saw to it that I got to 36 of 50 states and 9 of the ten provinces
Ron: sorry Pam, had a phone call in the middle there
Pam: s'alright
Ron: yes, they are (or were) travellers
Pam: they are - they've got a better collection of states than I do
Ron: they sure do
Pam: was just trying to figure out which 14 I'm missing
Ron: right ...... I can't even name all 50
Ron: give it some thought.... I'll be right back
Pam: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii, Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee
Pam: phew, had to get out the atlas for that one
Ron: And you've been to all the others?
Pam: yup
Ron: boy
Pam: not sure I appreciated it back then
Ron: no, I don't suppose.
Pam: and the only province I'm missing is Newfoundland
Pam: and the territories, of course
Ron: When we spent our 4 years in Northeastern Franch, I was like, "if somebody shows me another old church, I'm going to throw up"
Pam: well I appreciate it now
Ron: have since come to appreciate the history I saw, and wish I could do it again
Pam: I'd love to travel in Europe, but only if I could do it right
Pam: none of this "if this is Tuesday this must be Rome" kind of thing
Ron: about all I can say is that I have been to all 10 provinces, and 1 of the territories
Ron: No, you have to take the time to read about the history you're looking at
Pam: I'd love to do it all again
Pam: I particularly want to go to the UK
Ron: yes.... you'd like that
Pam: I have a lot of history and ancestry to explore
Ron: I actually spent the four years of my life there.
Pam: colour me green
Ron: A little blond schoolboy with an English accent
Pam: how old were you?
Ron: don't remember much of that
Ron: came home in 1948, (born in 44)
Pam: the first four years then
Ron: yup
Pam: your father was in the Forces?
Ron: then we spent between 1958 and 1962 in Northeastern France at a Canadian NATO base
Ron: yes, he was an airman
Pam: hence the nauseating churches : )
Ron: right.
Pam: and in 62?
Ron: was too young to appreciate that this was the stuff I was reading about in my history classes
Pam: that's too bad
Ron: such a treasure of places that go back to several hundred years BC
Pam: I think I'd be into the things like palaces
Pam: Versailles, Chenanceau
Ron: lots of those. And we here on this continent don't really know what wealth is
Pam: since I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity, i've never really given it any hard thought
Pam: or history. there are people in Europe who have watches older than this country
Ron: yes, that's true.
Ron: Went to Pompeii on one of our trips - and to Mt.Vesuvius. The lava had frozen things just as they were in 76AD
Ron: got the impression that we really hadn't changed much in 2000 years
Pam: that's a place I'd love to see
Pam: it's beyond imaginable
Ron: you get a sense that through it all, we really haven't added much to what they had back then. And particularly in terms of relationships.... we are much the same
Ron: our achievements are dazzling perhaps, but our relationships haven't changed much
Pam: whatever else happens, life goes on
Ron: that's it
Pam: we're born, we grow up, we find a partner, we procreate (sometimes), we grow old, we die - day to day life cycle
Ron: Sculduggery then, sculduggery now
Pam: only the technology has changed
Ron: yes
Ron: and the seven deadly sins are from the same list they had then
Pam: still, where else can you get a "photographic" look at what life was like 2000 years ago
Ron: undeniable. We can do that now. They couldn't then.
Pam: and haven't we added some sins to that list yet?
Ron: We can research, and film, and direct, and script, and produce a pretty close replica of what it was like for them
Ron: I don't think so Pamela, we've just had 2000 years' practice on the originals
Pam: it is perhaps one of the few moments truly frozen in time
Pam: well we must be getting good at them by now : )
Ron: oh yes
Pam: and on that note my friend, I think it's time I went to bed
Ron: I have to check out 4 computers for my hospital ECU computer club tomorrow... so I shal depart
Ron: been good talking
Ron: see ya next week
Pam: yes - I don't get a chance to chat with just you very often
Pam: until then - have a good one
Ron: was fun
Ron: niters
Pam: hugs
Pam: g'nite
Ron: :)
Pam: kerpoof!
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