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Harvie: Hello Gents
james: good morning
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changed username to rich-c
Harvie: How are things in the land of the rising sun?
Harvie: Hello rich
james: not too bad
rich-c: Sheesh! So eager you can't wait for starting time to get here - ;-) - hi guys!
rich-c: et aussi bonjour Daniel
Harvie: How is the little one James?
rich-c: good morning james, still getting your sleep these days?
james: he's doing well. gaining weight and growing
rich-c: that
rich-c: s what he's supposed to do - good to know it
Harvie: Not coding yet :)
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rich-c: and Harvie, yes, I see y0u're there - how about them Argos?
changed username to <undefined>
Harvie: Right on
james: no coding yet but his big brother is finally talking some
rich-c: football season opened last night, james
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<undefined> changed username to Dr.Schlafen
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Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.Schlafen: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
rich-c: whoops! where's my German dictionary?
rich-c: and what's with the laughing gas?
Dr.Schlafen: schlafen = "to sleep"
Dr.Schlafen: I am very tired...
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rich-c: you too, huh? got 9 hours sleep last night and still could barely drag myself out of bed this morning
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Dr.Schlafen: Very interesting.
Harvie: I spent all day out in the sun and it has me worn out too
rich-c: I am having definite issues of lack of energy - things have improved, but...
Dr.Schlafen: I have spent the last 3 days teaching teachers how to program robots.
Harvie: And red in places :)
Dr.Schlafen: Alas, the prep has resulted in only about 3 hours of sleep per night for the last 6 days.
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james: hey, that's 18 hours, i don't see the cause for complaint ;)
changed username to Pam / Rin
Dr.Schlafen: This is the first night I *don't* have to go back into the lab to do anything.
Harvie: Better to spend your time teaching robots to program teachers
rich-c: that is just plain too little, Rich
Dr.Schlafen: So I dunno how long I can hold out.
rich-c: hi daughter
Pam / Rin: hello
james: @harvie, should i take offence to that remark? :P
Dr.Schlafen: Well, Richard, part of the blame is on my colleague at Wright State.
Dr.Schlafen: Hello Dealy-With-2-Heads.
Pam / Rin changed username to Pam & Rin
rich-c: what's he (or she) gone and done?
Pam & Rin: look, he's speaking our language
Dr.Schlafen: Well, his new grad student, rather.
rich-c: tell us more, rich
Harvie: I didn't mean teachers in Japan :)
Dr.Schlafen: The guy was s'posed to arrive on campus last Monday...and do some revisions to the teleoperated robot simulator we are trying out for the first time in my summer robot course.
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel B: Hello! I wasn't at my dask! :)
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Dr.Schlafen: Monday, came, no guy...he was AWOL...nobody knew where he was.
rich-c: and can I infer from that he didn't show?
rich-c: hi Guy, you're early again
Pam & Rin created action P/Bond Music
(007 music plays in the background)
Dr.Schlafen: On Friday, with *nothing* done on it, my colleague and another grad student of his decided they would go to work on it Saturday.
rich-c: hi Daniel
Guy B.: The name is Bond, James Bond!
Pam & Rin: Hi Guy
Dr.Schlafen: They would get the stuff to me by dawn on Sunday, at the latest.
rich-c: promises, promises
Dr.Schlafen: I didn't get it until 3 PM...
rich-c: they're practicing to enter politics
Dr.Schlafen: ...and had to spend the next 9 hours co-debugging it.
Dr.Schlafen: We actually used the backup chat on coleco for communication.
rich-c: why not? it's sitting there, might as well use it
Dr.Schlafen: By about 2:30 AM I had the Monday assignment written and Xeroxed.
Dr.Schlafen: Monday night, we did it again, to get the Tuesday assignment ready, again by about 2:30 AM.
Dr.Schlafen: It all mostly worked...but *then* last night I had to go back into the lab to prep it to use the Handy Boards.
Dr.Schlafen: I got out at 11:30 PM then, whee.
Dr.Schlafen: So I guess I got more than 3 hours of sleep last night.
Daniel B: this friday, be ready for ...
Pam & Rin: and you're here instead of asleep why?
(Guy B. gives Pam & Rin a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel B: ... my happy birthday =D
Dr.Schlafen: I mowed the lawn after work (since I couldn't do it over the weekend and it was too tall).
Dr.Schlafen: Happy Birthday Daniel!
rich-c: right, Daniel - many happy returns
Pam & Rin: thanks Guy
Guy B.: Happy Birthday Daniel
Pam & Rin: you beat me by a week Daniel
Dr.Schlafen: I am here for the company, Pamerin.
Dr.Schlafen: The robot lab is very lonely late at night and I am getting stir-crazy.
Pam & Rin: are you still at the lab?
Daniel B: thank you thank you!
rich-c: It sounded as if you'd be too busy to notice
Pam & Rin: and how old are you Daniel?
Dr.Schlafen: I did get to help with Gretchen's softball practice last night...and the coach made me an honorary assistant for helping out with all the practices/games so far: he gave me a ballcap :-)
Dr.Schlafen: No, I am at home, thank goodness.
Daniel B: 29 years old this friday
Dr.Schlafen: Shower after mowing lawn, just unwinding.
Daniel B: yes, 1975 june 18
Pam & Rin: 06/26/65
Dr.Schlafen: One more year before the odometer rolls over in the tens digit :-)
Dr.Schlafen: Pam or Erin?
Dr.Schlafen: I think Pam, right?>
rich-c: I'm 14 months shy of 3/4 of a century
Pam & Rin: yes
Pam & Rin: don't rush it, Dad
Dr.Schlafen: I am 3 bricks short of a full load, Richard.
Guy B.: And I'm 4 years from a 1/2 century.
Dr.Schlafen: If you come by the ADAM chat next Saturday, we can wish you HB in real time, Pam.
rich-c: well, given the amount of sleep you've been getting, that figures
Dr.Schlafen: Unless you will be totally gone partying then :-)
rich-c: not next Saturday, a wekk next Saturday
Pam & Rin: don't know what we'll be doing Rich
rich-c: probably out trying to salvage an electioin that should never have been called in the first place
james left chat session
Dr.Schlafen: No next Saturday; this Saturday is the impending one.
Dr.Schlafen: Regional nomenclature difference, I guess :-)
Pam & Rin: I got it, Rich
rich-c: the Brits would say "Saturday week" and maybe be clearer
Pam & Rin: so far I haven't been called for the advance polls, Dad
Dr.Schlafen: Probably.
Dr.Schlafen: But this week is next week's last week.
rich-c: that's tough, guess they have enohgh - you didn't check?
Pam & Rin: I'm a little cheesed off about it too
Dr.Schlafen: Salvage an election?
Pam & Rin: I did check
rich-c: the Liberals called an election when they didn't need to
rich-c: and now stand to get hammered federally for the stupidity of the provincial party
Dr.Schlafen: So vote and be done with it.
rich-c: only in Canada
Dr.Schlafen: I guess I don't see the difficulty, other than nuisance of going to the polls.
rich-c: well, there is the problem of making up one's mind
rich-c: we can't vote for Gilles, he's Quebec only
Dr.Schlafen: Maybe Mme. Realpolitik can clarify the situation for this poor Yank :-)
Pam & Rin: <E> huh, what?
rich-c: I watched Slippery Jack as a Toronto councillor and grew a fine contempt for him
Dr.Schlafen: What is the problem about an election?
Dr.Schlafen: I am being too obtuse...too tired, I make sense only to myself.
Dr.Schlafen: Anyway, I bet Daniel's birthday plans are more interesting.
rich-c: all we have is reasons for voting against people - they should wait till thedre is an issue or some positives
Dr.Schlafen: What are you doing on your birthday, Daniel?
Daniel B: maybe a "pique-nique" at the Orléan island for my birthday
Dr.Schlafen: What kind of food?
Pam & Rin: Ile d'Orlean -isn
rich-c: if he's lucky maybe the first strawberries will be in, but it's a bit early for that
Pam & Rin: 't that an Expo 67 site?
Daniel B: sandwich, chips, cola and cake :)
Dr.Schlafen: Our back yard is teeming with brilliant red wild strawberries.
rich-c: no, that's the one in the river downstream from Quebec City
Dr.Schlafen: Unfortunately they are only as big as a pea and not very sweet.
Guy B.: Send them over here.
Dr.Schlafen: But the yard is a beautiful mix of green and red and off-white from the clover flower.
Pam & Rin: sign at the strawberry farm said three weeks to berries on the 4th
Guy B.: After all the rain we got. You should have big ones.
rich-c: the Expo 67 site (see Circuit Gilles Villeneuve/ Grand Prix du Canada) is in Montreal
Dr.Schlafen: These wild ones grow all summer long if there is enough rain.
Pam & Rin: is that the island we went to on the boat that Mom loved so much?
Guy B.: We're due for some heavy rain here later tonight.
rich-c: we have the lawn cut every week so teh wild strawberries don't get a chance to grow
Pam & Rin: as long as we don't have another sound and light show like Sunday
Dr.Schlafen: That is why I wanted to get the grass cut tonight while I could, even though it had rained earlier in the day and the grass was wet and soggy.
rich-c: no, l'Ile d'Orleans is reached by a most impressive briadge
Dr.Schlafen: I mow every week, too, but the strawberries are below the cutting setting :-)
Pam & Rin: okay, obviously my memory is faulty
rich-c: were you thinking of Bonaventue Island off Gaspe, Pam?
Daniel B: :)
Pam & Rin: yes I guess I am Dad
Pam & Rin: any
rich-c: that's the one with the huge gannet colony, reached by small boat, sort of water taxi
Pam & Rin: yes that's the one Dad
Guy B.: Got a surprise from Yahoo yesterday. A bigger mailbox.
Pam & Rin: I remember how much Mom loved that ride : )
Dr.Schlafen: Even more spam?
rich-c: tyhat's a long way downstream from l'ile d'orleans
Guy B.: No, increase to 2 GB.
Dr.Schlafen: How many SmartWriter files would that hold?
rich-c: yes, the overpriced outfits are beginning to feel the pressures of competition
Daniel B: Guy, the surprise I had from yahopo was... a better spam filter
Dr.Schlafen: Hehe, only yahoo spam will get through now.
Harvie: Don't you have to give them permission to archive your mail Guy?
rich-c: I will say this for - tell them about abuse and they will stop it (e.g. someone using their account to spam)
Guy B.: Found out why. Google is coming out with a free e-mail service and they are giving everyone 1 GB space. So, as an SBC Yahoo DSL member. My space went from 75mb to 2 GB. The subaccounts and I have 4 of them. Go to 100mb from 10mb.
Dr.Schlafen: And what are you going to do with all that space?
Guy B.: No, the mail stays there until I delete it. I can archive it if I want.
Dr.Schlafen: My E-mail archive from the beginning of my Freenet account 14 years ago is not more than about 50 MB.
rich-c: what in hell would ANYONE do with 2 gig of archived mail???
Guy B.: Who knows. I have 250mb in my Yahoo Briefcase. I've put some of the emulator files on there for everyone to download.
Dr.Schlafen: Well, if it were all HTML and binary attachments as BINHEX...
Pam & Rin: you'd be amazed, Dad
Dr.Schlafen: Can you say VERBOSE?
Harvie: They get to own it
Pam & Rin: I can say that. Can you say that?
rich-c: well, that's an ftp site, not an email mailbox
Dr.Schlafen: Might as well store your messages as 1200 dpi scans of the printout...
Guy B.: Rich, I was very surprised what they did and even better. No More Ads in the mailbox.
rich-c: as I said, competition, it's wonderful. The more the better
Dr.Schlafen: Give it time, the ads will creep back in...
Dr.Schlafen: Plaintext E-mail is your saviour. Repeat 3 times before bedtime.
rich-c: amen
Guy B.: No, that's from now on. Only those who aren't on the premium e-mail or the DSL will get the ads.
Harvie: Pine Pine Pine
Dr.Schlafen: yep, Harvie.
Dr.Schlafen: Or elm...mutt...
Pam & Rin: who are you pining for, Harvie?
Harvie: Or is that SLRN SLRN SLRN
Dr.Schlafen: The fjords.
Guy B.: Oh, I can still dump them to my hard drive, but I won't need to that anymore.
Dr.Schlafen: Hehe, do you trust Yahoo to keep better backups than you?
rich-c: these days you burn them to a DVD, all 4.3 gigs at a gulp
Guy B.: I'm sure they backup the servers everyday. Heck, my company does to our files and the databases.
Harvie: Check the terms Guy, Your mail may not be exclusively yours any more
rich-c: they need to - see they were hit by a DOS attack yesterday morning
Dr.Schlafen: Hehe...searchable...goodies sent straight to John Ashcroft...
Guy B.: It took 2 CD-RW's to backup all the music songs I transfered from cassette tapes a couple of weeks ago.
rich-c: naw, he automatically gets them anyway, before they even get to your mailbox
Dr.Schlafen: haha,
Harvie: You got it Doc
Guy B.: Spooky
rich-c: big deal, Guy - 80¢ worth of discs for teh whole lot
Dr.Schlafen: "GEORGE BUSH IS A FINK" -- come and get me, boys, I'm saying something unAmerican.
Guy B.: Well, better to be safe than sorry, right!
Pam & Rin: here's a question for the masses - if you record something on a cassette tape and want to write the cassette that to CD, how do you go about it?
rich-c: don't know if they intercept chats, just emails
Dr.Schlafen: Have to import it through your computer's Audio In somehow, then use a program to burn it back out.
rich-c: play it into your hard disc through your sound card then write it from there
Dr.Schlafen: Unless someone sells a tape/CD deck that will dub to CD-R.
Dr.Schlafen: I have never heard of one.
Guy B.: You need a cassette player. I'm using my Sony Walkman. A cord that runs from the player to your line in jack in the back of the computer and a Wave Editor.
Daniel B: do you remember that our chat session are scanned and indexed in web search engine like google?
Dr.Schlafen: Record to WAV or AIFF.
rich-c: I'm sure it's coming but it isn't here yet
Dr.Schlafen: Yes, all the ones that Dale has put up.
Harvie: If it's DAT it's easy
Guy B.: Nero has one that came with my CD-RW drive.
Dr.Schlafen: hehe Harvie.
Dr.Schlafen: I have only ever seen DAT in an ADAM :-) It actually is just about the same medium.
rich-c: wouldn't be surprised if I have some software that does it too with my DVD burner
Dr.Schlafen: You will just need about 650 MB of free HD space.
Dr.Schlafen: Just for the image.
Guy B.: You might have one Rich. See if you have installed it on your computer.
Pam & Rin: okay guys, too much work. But thanks anyway
Harvie: A few years ago the RIAA wanted congress to outlaw DAT, they didn't see CDR coming
Guy B.: It's not that hard Pam.
Pam & Rin: <E> for you people, maybe
Guy B.: It took me a couple of times to time it when I recorded the song.
Guy B.: I remember that Harvie. They thought it would kill the CD's.
rich-c: now they want a humungous royalty paid on every blank CD, regardless of what it is used for
Harvie: You could take the cassettes to a radio station and have them broadcast the music, in a matter of minutes it will be available at :)
Guy B.: They get a percentage of blank music CD-R's that are sold. Not the Data ones.
Pam & Rin: it's not music Harvie, it's voice
rich-c: in Canada we get badly shafted
rich-c: there is one consolation though
Guy B.: Voice?
Dr.Schlafen: There is no difference between any kind of CDR.
Harvie: Someone will pirate it anyway :)
Dr.Schlafen: Data is data.
rich-c: the RIAA accused someone of pirating and teh court said sorry, with the levy on blank media, the royalty was paid
Pam & Rin: talking, Guy
Guy B.: Oh
Dr.Schlafen: CDs have audio data digitized into a computer file.
(Guy B. smiles)
(Dr.Schlafen gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: right, WAV and such convert analogue to digital files, right?
(Dr.Schlafen's head explodes!)
Dr.Schlafen: Yeppers.
Guy B.: Thanks!
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
rich-c: I told you, Doc, you gotta sleep!
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(The lights sudddenly go out)
Dr.Schlafen: ZZZZZzzzzzzzz
Dr.Schlafen: Now I am George.
changed username to james
(007 music plays in the background)
rich-c: welcome back, james, where ya' been?
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Pam & Rin: where y'at, James
Dr.Schlafen: Flirting with the gals playing the 007 music.
(Daniel B's head explodes!)
james: case is home with a cold and a bit of a fever today
james: lol
Pam & Rin: oh charming - how are you coping?
rich-c: this does not make for a fun scene
changed username to Knoppix George
james: not too bad
(Daniel B's head explodes!)
(Daniel B's head explodes!)
rich-c: hello George, hot enough for you today?
Dr.Schlafen: Knoppix?
james: i'm watching him to give mom a bit of a break
Pam & Rin: Daniel, who is blowing you up?
Knoppix George: Hi Everyone
(Dr.Schlafen is thrown out of the window.)
rich-c: still playing with your new Linux OS?
Harvie: Debian - like live CD
Knoppix George: yes
Daniel B: I downloaded the emulators MAME and MESS sources to re-compile them with the debugger
Daniel B: but it's not working
Dr.Schlafen: Where/what is Knoppix?
Knoppix George: 3.4
rich-c: think that's teh first time you've liked a Linux well enough to stick with it
Knoppix George: a distribution of linux
Dr.Schlafen: Sounds like the old game Gnip-Gnop.
Harvie: It;s Linux on a CD, you don't have to install it, Just boot from the CD
Dr.Schlafen: From Kohner IIRC...inventors of the Popamatic.
rich-c: these days the smart guys have figured out how to make big money giving away a free product
james: case is being cranky. i'll try to be back soon
rich-c: so we have a new Linux distribution every week
Daniel B: I think they did an error in packaging the new source code. and this makes my head blow up!
Pam & Rin: feed him some whiskey, James
Dr.Schlafen: !?!?!?!
Daniel B: I try to fix the problem
Knoppix George: i'm using the konqueror webbrowser
Dr.Schlafen: Glurgh
Dr.Schlafen: Don't you dare, James.
Pam & Rin: just a little, Rich : )
Daniel B: but without the missing files, I can't do anything with that
Dr.Schlafen: None at all, glurgh.
rich-c: does it really render a page as well as IE, George?
Dr.Schlafen: I am afraid that one wasn't in even Dr. Spock's book.
Knoppix George: it seems to
Pam & Rin: old folk remedy
rich-c: that's neat, then, because I bet it's lighter and less vulnerable to exploits
Knoppix George: slightly larger print
Dr.Schlafen: Include me out of that remedy.
rich-c: well, you can change teh print size to suit yourself in IE
Pam & Rin: we will, Dr. T
Dr.Schlafen: Yah, the more for you two, right?
Pam & Rin: no, more for Case : )
rich-c: where are the Slopsemas tonight?
Daniel B: I can't fix the problem, I will not try to compile new mess version with debugger. :(
Knoppix George: this computer seems tailor made for it
rich-c: any Linux I gather is far less demanding of resourcves than Microsoft
Dr.Schlafen: There is enough whiskey at Case.
Dr.Schlafen: and Dr. T?
rich-c: btw, Rich, I was looking up international rankings of universities last week
Dr.Schlafen: I imagine we are next-after-last.
rich-c: I was very impressed at how highly CWRU is rated
Dr.Schlafen: snort, by whom, except for BME.
Knoppix George: some computers can be tricky with this version
Dr.Schlafen: BME used to be #5 in the US.
rich-c: it's an international ranking outfit in China, covers the whole world
Dr.Schlafen: I think you can find me there.
Knoppix George: my HP doesn't work well
rich-c: HP?
Knoppix George: packerd
Daniel B: @Dr.D : poor you! hehehe! But, you are lucky, my sister is there too!
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rich-c: make doesn't matter, spec does
Harvie: Harvie's Packard
Knoppix George: vectra machine
left chat session
Dr.Schlafen: Your sister?
Daniel B: yeah, my sister is a professor too.
Dr.Schlafen: <Darth Vader voice> You have a sister!
(A dog howls in the distance)
rich-c: Vectra is a pretty old model, isn't it?
Dr.Schlafen: If you will not turn...then perhaps she will!
Dr.Schlafen: What does she teach?
Guy B.: Oh George. I didn't see you come in. How are you?
Dr.Schlafen: Or what research does she do?
Dr.Schlafen: Or both?
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(A strange smell wafts around the room)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron Baby
Dr.Schlafen: Must be Eau d'Slopsema
Guy B.: Hi Ron
changed username to Pam & Rin again
rich-c: bloody well time you got here, Ron!
Ron Baby: even'n
Dr.Schlafen: Eau d'Mitchell
Harvie: Hello Ron
Pam & Rin again requested to ban Pam & Rin
Guy B.: How's the weather in beautiful BC?
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Knoppix George confirmed ban
Dr.Schlafen confirmed ban
Daniel B: french courses
Ron Baby confirmed ban
Pam & Rin again: AAARGH
rich-c: and more to the point, how's mum?
Dr.Schlafen: I am sad, I removed you.
Knoppix George: Hi Ron
Ron Baby: I voted to remove someone....who was it
Pam & Rin again: don't be
Ron Baby: Knoppix eh?
Ron Baby: I got that
Pam & Rin again: everyone voted us off the island - great
Knoppix George: oh, thankx
Harvie: I abstained
Pam & Rin again: we got summarily dumped
Dr.Schlafen: Professor says there is a vacancy on his island.
rich-c: yeah, one of you is all they could cope with ;-)
Dr.Schlafen: Must bring own boat, however.
Knoppix George: i'm still here
Pam & Rin again: <E> no boat here
Guy B.: We are missing the Slopsema clan tonight.
Dr.Schlafen: 'Cause he can't build one.
Dr.Schlafen: They have the boat...
Knoppix George: both oars in
Harvie: How are the daisies Ron?
Ron Baby: weather in beautiful BC is.... well.... beautiful
Knoppix George: motor full tilt
Pam & Rin again: BTW, hi Ron
Ron Baby: garden is growing, we had a deer again this morning - in the swimming pool.
Dr.Schlafen: Towing some waterskiers :-)
Ron Baby: couldn't get out
Guy B.: Great. No rain. But, we are going to get hit hard with rain here.
(Knoppix George gives Ron Baby a can of cranberry soda)
Ron Baby: finally threatened to take her picture, which got the adrenalyn flowing
rich-c: just so it doesn't hit Indianapolis on Sunday, Guy
Guy B.: Another race there?
rich-c: merely the Grand Prix of the United Stazes, Guy
Dr.Schlafen: Hasn't the Indy 500 been already?>
Guy B.: Oh, that's the granddaddy isn't it?
rich-c: that's bush league - teh GP counts for the World Champioinship
Dr.Schlafen: "motor racing" -- Jackie Stewart
Dr.Schlafen: Gimme slot cars :-)
rich-c: precisely
Dr.Schlafen: Motorific! by Ideal
Guy B.: Well, I'm not a racing fan. More of a Cubs, Bears and bowling fan.
Knoppix George: it's hot and sticky here
james confirmed ban
Pam & Rin again: Arrrrgoooooos
Dr.Schlafen: I can bowl 100 if I am lucky.
Guy B.: Same here George. Decided not to use the air since it will cool off here later on.
Knoppix George: 186 here
rich-c: once upon a time, I could bowl fairly decently
Pam & Rin again: <E> my best is 13
rich-c: but back then I had brown hair, too
Dr.Schlafen: Thirteen?
Ron Baby: The Lions Roar in 2004
Dr.Schlafen: Musta been 9 gutter balls.
Pam & Rin again: I'm thinkin' it's better not to ask
rich-c: yes, and they start this week - Friday night, I think
Ron Baby: yess sir
Guy B.: My highest game was a 230. Back in the 80's.
Pam & Rin again: mini golf is my game
Knoppix George: i'm on a morhpine buzz
Ron Baby: 230 is pretty respectable Guy
rich-c: Argos won their opener last night - Saskatchewan had terrible luck but the Argos wre value for it
Ron Baby: that's 10 pin, of course, eh?
Guy B.: Pam, you and I square off.
Dr.Schlafen: But then again I never bowled in my life until a lab party about 13 years ago...and then a couple of birthday parties the girls were invited to, and I think one we had once for Christina at a bowling alley.
Ron Baby: missed that one
Pam & Rin again: you're on, Guy
Ron Baby: too busy watching the political debate
Guy B.: Always loved mini golf.
Ron Baby: and the fallout therefrom
Knoppix George: i racked my back up
Dr.Schlafen: You can face off at AC16.
rich-c: Nealon Green broke hiis ankle seven minutes in - out for the season
Pam & Rin again: I've been playing since I was oh, five?
Ron Baby: Not good for the Big Green
rich-c: I figured teh Argo home opener was far more important than a bunch of useless pols
Dr.Schlafen: Skee-Ball at the carnival I can handle.
Knoppix George: doctor gave me 4 vials of morphine
Ron Baby: think you are right Rich
Ron Baby: I wasted my time
Guy B.: Boy, I haven't played Skee-Ball in a long time.
rich-c: you have got to be sriously buzzzed, George - any idea who you are or whre you are?
Dr.Schlafen: That is a lot, George.
Harvie: It was easy to spot the liar , he was on stage
rich-c: when I had teh hip done I really wasn't registering much for a week
Knoppix George: some place with a lot of wires
Dr.Schlafen: But now Richard is better...stronger...faster...
Ron Baby: I thought Anna-Maria Tremonte was nice to look at. Found myself wishing they would turn the camera around
Pam & Rin again: hello, my name is Inigo Montoya - you killed my father ; prepare to die
rich-c: by a damn sight, Rich - really don't even use the cane any more
Dr.Schlafen: <cue "6 Million Dollar Man" sound>
Dr.Schlafen: Excellent!
Dr.Schlafen: That is inconthievable!
Pam & Rin again: it was like Zen Daddy
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron Baby: Think I must be losing touch with the world. "Zen Daddy"
Ron Baby: ??
Knoppix George: i wanna jump out of my skinn
Dr.Schlafen: Zen and the Art of Hip Replacement
changed username to rich-c-redux
Pam & Rin again: he was very blissed out during that week
rich-c-redux: sorry folks, got dumped (or dumped myself?)
Pam & Rin again: did your connection quit Dad?
Dr.Schlafen: I have to say, my students had trouble using the coleco chat in class yesterday and Monday.
Knoppix George: get comcast
Dr.Schlafen: MacOS X Safari does not like SpanielChat at all.
Dr.Schlafen: They all had to switch to Exploder.
rich-c-redux: I don't know Pam, may have just been my own keyboard error
Ron Baby: The car in which he was riding disappeared without warning
Pam & Rin again: problem with us was, the connection quit all of a sudden - that's why we got dumped
Knoppix George: left leg gone again
Dr.Schlafen: It's only a flesh wound!
Pam & Rin again requested to ban rich-c
Harvie confirmed ban
Dr.Schlafen confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c-redux confirmed ban
Ron Baby confirmed ban
Knoppix George: test
Ron Baby: Off with his head
rich-c-redux: anyway Rich, I can now walk the 2-km round trip to teh INR lab and back
Harvie: My left leg never goes anywhere without my right leg, well hardley ever
Ron Baby: Progress, Mr. Clee
rich-c-redux: at least not when we're sober, right, Harvie?
Dr.Schlafen: Progrefs
Pam & Rin again: and if one of them refuses to move?
Knoppix George: one hacker destroyed
rich-c-redux: speak to it firmly
Dr.Schlafen: And beat him when he sneezes.
rich-c-redux: you have an attempted break-in, George?
Harvie: The other one does a sit down strike
Knoppix George: DESTROYED
Dr.Schlafen: Zerstšrt.
rich-c-redux: how did you do that, George?
Pam & Rin again: gesundheit
Knoppix George: KNOPPIX fire
rich-c-redux: what, did it detect a break-in attempt?
Knoppix George: yes
Dr.Schlafen: (wipes off keyboard and screen)
Pam & Rin again: ewww
(Guy B. gives Knoppix George a nice tall frosty Guinness)
rich-c-redux: I find that attacks are far less frequent now that I have the DSL, oddly enough
Knoppix George: their computer is now a papperweight
Guy B.: As long as you have a firewall up and active. You shouldn't have any problems.
Ron Baby created action P/drifting
rich-c-redux: oh yes, but it's nice to seriously respond to these attacks occasionally
Harvie: With Linux a firewall is redundant
rich-c-redux: besides, my copy of Zone Alaram is getting a little cranky lately
rich-c-redux: well, not called upon often, Harvie, but redundant?
rich-c-redux: hold on while I get a Guiness so I can join George
Guy B.: I have Sygate and it's really good. And it does work with Windows 95. Zone Alar, no longer supports Win95.
Dr.Schlafen: Sir Alec?
Knoppix George: it's true broadband attacks are less effective
Harvie: There is no need for a firewall in linux
(Pam & Rin again gives rich-c-redux a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Guy B.: How come Harvei?
Harvie: You only run the services you need
Guy B.: Guess my fingers are getting messed up. Sorry Harvie.
Ron Baby created action P/west
(The west coast is drifting away from shore)
Harvie: Even if an attacker gets in he can not get root access
Guy B.: That's good. I can see why. Now I heard HP will offer Linux in their systems.
rich-c-redux: Ron, never did see your answer - how's mum doing?
(The west coast is drifting away from shore)
(west coast is drifting away from shore)
Ron Baby: Much better, thanks. She's a lot stronger than she was a couple of months ago
Dr.Schlafen: Hmmm...
Guy B.: Oh, uh!
Knoppix George: all the pretty nurses keep going across the hall
rich-c-redux: that sounds like good news, Ron - glad to har it
Dr.Schlafen: Are you still in hospital, George?
Guy B.: Good to hear Ron.
Knoppix George: yes
rich-c-redux: that's ain't fair, George, but it's always teh way
Ron Baby: yes. good news inded
rich-c-redux: besides, they all look prettier when you're buzzed ;-)
Dr.Schlafen: <notes blackmail material to give to Frances>
Knoppix George: true
Knoppix George: even the one with the beard
Harvie: Here at the rest home we don't have pretty nurses, just guys in white suits
rich-c-redux: right!
Dr.Schlafen: With enema bags.
Pam & Rin again: not lab coats Harvie?
Harvie: Under their eyes :)
Dr.Schlafen: There is a nice image.
Knoppix George: oops
rich-c-redux: coming from an expert on bags under his eyes...
Pam & Rin again: well that just totally ruined my ice cream
Dr.Schlafen: "Hi, my name is Edna, I'm your nurse, but don't bug me"
Dr.Schlafen: I'll take it if you don't want it.
(Pam & Rin again gives Dr.Schlafen a yummy bar of chocolate.)
james confirmed ban
Harvie: Nurse Cratchit retired
Dr.Schlafen: Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy.
Dr.Schlafen: Thanks Pamerin (keyboard is now brown)
rich-c-redux: we wanted to buy some frozen yogurt today but teh supermarket didnt have it
Dr.Schlafen: Any of you know Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy?
Dr.Schlafen: (Richard might)
Pam & Rin again: I thought Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
rich-c-redux: from her home in teh Sudan...
Knoppix George: real fuzzy wuzzzy
Dr.Schlafen: NJF-W is older than FW the bear.
Ron Baby: you guys have been watching too many political speeches
rich-c-redux: "So here's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, and your friends who are no more..."
Ron Baby: now that's fuzzy wuzzy
Dr.Schlafen: All wrong.
rich-c-redux: OK, where is teh quote from?
Dr.Schlafen: You read the wrong books as kids.
Pam & Rin again: well excuuuuuuse us
Knoppix George: my damn eyes are gone again
Dr.Schlafen: NJF-W is the muskrat housekeeper/live-in nurse for Uncle Wiggily.
Dr.Schlafen: He of many tales and bad left hind leg with rheumatism.
Dr.Schlafen: My favorite kids stories...
Dr.Schlafen: Now almost 100 years old.
Knoppix George: don't forget workmens comp.
rich-c-redux: my Fuzzy-Wuzzy dates back further than that
Pam & Rin again: and ours, further forward
Dr.Schlafen: Uncle Wiggily Long-ears the rabbit...a nice rabbit gentleman.
Dr.Schlafen: Whose favourite food was cherry pie.
Dr.Schlafen: He always carried at least one slice of it in his valise on his travels.
Pam & Rin again: isn't there a game by Milton Bradley called Uncle Wiggly?
Dr.Schlafen: Made up after the books, yes.
rich-c-redux: I ended up more with the Beatrix Potter stories in the Peter Rabbit series
Dr.Schlafen: Her stuff is too "twee" for me, but YMMV.
Dr.Schlafen: The illustrations are first-rate, though.
Dr.Schlafen: I wanted to see Mr. MacGregor get that wascally wabbit Peter.
rich-c-redux: yes, somewhere about the house I have one of the books - in Welsh
Dr.Schlafen: Make him into a pie...
Harvie: All my kids books were by Mickey Spillaine
Pam & Rin again: <E> hey!
Guy B.: Well, guess my faithful dog Abby. Is telling me she wants to go for a walk. So, we shall. I won't be able to make it Saturday. Have a haircut appt. So, I'll see you all next week.
Dr.Schlafen: Okay Guy, bye!
Pam & Rin again: nite Guy
rich-c-redux: OK Guy see you next week
Pam & Rin again: hi to Abby
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Ron Baby: Nite Guy
Dr.Schlafen: "I was walkin' down the sidewalk to buy a paper when the shots rang out, and Barney the Dinosaur bought the farm."
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.Schlafen: "Never borrow from a Teletubbie, I always say."
Harvie: That's the ticket Doc
rich-c-redux: oh, Harvie, before I forget - there's a Computer Fair at Downsview Hanger June 27th
Dr.Schlafen: "Gordon and Susan showed up with buckets to clean up the mess."
Pam & Rin again: what did I read as a kid Dad? I don't remember
Dr.Schlafen: "On Sesame Street, they keep things clean."
rich-c-redux: admission by donation for the food bank
Harvie: Thanks rich
Dr.Schlafen: Hehe
rich-c-redux: approximately 90% of the Bathurst Heights Libnrary kids section - why?
Dr.Schlafen: That would be great, a Spillane kid story.
Pam & Rin again: can't remember
Pam & Rin again: altho come to think of it, that's true : )
Dr.Schlafen: E'ry Who down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot...
rich-c-redux: neitehr can I - it was a sorry week when we only ended up bringing home six books for you
Dr.Schlafen: One fish two fish red fish blue fish old fish new fish
Dr.Schlafen: Fox socks Knox box
Pam & Rin again: Erin thinks she's broadcasting : )
Harvie: Two poiple boids sitten on a coib
rich-c-redux: I think you made you way through most of the Dr, Seuss canon, though
Dr.Schlafen: What is she broadcasting?
Ron Baby: I do not like green eggs and ham
Pam & Rin again: she was just saying One Fish Two Fish
Dr.Schlafen: I meant what I said, and I said what I meant, but oh I am seasick, one hundred percent!
Pam & Rin again: I do not like them, Sam I Am
Dr.Schlafen: sympatico synchronicity telepathy
rich-c-redux: did you ever get into Alligator Pie, Pam. or was that later?
Pam & Rin again: yes and I still have the books Dad
Dr.Schlafen: That's one I have not heard of.
rich-c-redux: how about Jacob Two-Two and the Hooded Fang?
Pam & Rin again: that and Nicholas Knock
Dr.Schlafen: Nope...
Dr.Schlafen: Encyclopedia Brown?
Dr.Schlafen: The Mouse and the Motorcycle?
Pam & Rin again: I don't think so
Ron Baby: I was raised on a stream of Grimms Fairy Tales
Dr.Schlafen: Hehe love Grimm
rich-c-redux: that was a story for slightly older kids
Pam & Rin again: Encyclopedia Brown, definitely
Ron Baby: "The Man Who Set Out to Learn to Shiver"
Pam & Rin again: Grimm, yes
Dr.Schlafen: That one is creepy.
rich-c-redux: I started on things like The little engine that could"
Harvie: Hans Conreid narrating fractured fairy tales
Pam & Rin again: help me out here Dad - the stories about the Mormon boys - Tom was the protaganist, i believe
Dr.Schlafen: And the several that end with the wicked stepmother/sisters being rolled down the hill in barrels filled with nails...
rich-c-redux: and oh yes, "Mike Mulligan and his steamshovel"
Ron Baby: there was some racist stuff..... like Little Black Sambo
Dr.Schlafen: Yes!
Dr.Schlafen: Captain Kangaroo read that one lots
Dr.Schlafen: And "Caps for Sale"
Dr.Schlafen: and "Stone Soup"
Dr.Schlafen: and "Danny and the Dinosaur"
Pam & Rin again: yes, Mulligan and Sambo
rich-c-redux: and 'Little Cumsee in Dixie"
Dr.Schlafen: hehe Re: LBS
Pam & Rin again: I think ours was a first edition too
Dr.Schlafen: I also had an unexpurgated Uncle Remus edition...great stuff.
Ron Baby: Rupert the Bear
Pam & Rin again: didn't read Rupert
Harvie: Zippadee doo dah
Dr.Schlafen: "Pleez doan' t'ro me in dat der briar patch!"
Pam & Rin again: <E> Paddington
rich-c-redux: Pam, remember "Johhy Crow's garden"?
rich-c-redux: Harvey, zippa-de-do=dah was from the Disney flick "Song of the south"
Pam & Rin again: no, Dad
Dr.Schlafen: And an unexpurgated Pinocchio is a great read...the real P is *nothing* like the Disney one.
Ron Baby: Do kids still get read to these days?
Dr.Schlafen: Yes, but those were animated versions of Remus tales.
Pam & Rin again: Erin says she remembers it
Dr.Schlafen: My girls are mixed about reading. They watch tons more TV than I did.
Pam & Rin again: Ferdinand!
rich-c-redux: only the ones whose partents care enough, Ron - as has always been the case
Dr.Schlafen: Yes I remember him.
Ron Baby: yes
Pam & Rin again: and Ping
rich-c-redux: right - "Story about Ping"
Dr.Schlafen: Yes! "on the Yellow River and the Yangtze"
Dr.Schlafen: Captain Kangaroo read that one, too.
rich-c-redux: and Ferdinand actually dates back to my time
Dr.Schlafen: Ping the duck, wow, I had forgotten about him.
Dr.Schlafen: He got home but whacked with a broom, right?
Ron Baby: Something sorta similar..... I have just ordered from Amazon, the original Superman series... that used to be at the theatres as a serial
Ron Baby: produced by Sam Katzman
rich-c-redux: oh, you mean teh flick
Ron Baby: yeah--- it's a 15 part video
rich-c-redux: btw, are you all aware that "Metropolis" is based on Toronto, and the "Daily Planet" on the Star?
Dr.Schlafen: Did you know that the "Faster than a speeding bullet!" stuff was not part of the comic, but was invented by the Fleischers for their animated version in 1941?
Dr.Schlafen: Really?
Ron Baby: did not know that
Dr.Schlafen: I always assumed it was a New York clone.
Pam & Rin again: this is driving me nuts Dad - can you remember anything about the Tom books?
Ron Baby: What, Tom Swift?
rich-c-redux: no, Schuster was a Toronto Star employee for some time, when he got teh comic idea
Dr.Schlafen: I always wondered how Batman could visit Superman because Gotham City and Metropolis were the same :-)
Dr.Schlafen: Wow, neato.
rich-c-redux: I though the faster (etc) business was originally in one of the Action Comics episodes
Harvie: His aunt was named LOIS
Dr.Schlafen: The two artists were from Cleveland.
rich-c-redux: no, hold on while I ask your ma
Dr.Schlafen: Nope. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound..." was all Fleischer storyman material.
Pam & Rin again: no - stories about a couple of brothers, older one named Tom, who always got into trouble at school - Mormon, I think
Dr.Schlafen: Mormon Harry Potter, LOL.
Harvie: Tom Sawyer?
Pam & Rin again: nope
Dr.Schlafen: Tom Teriffic with Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog.
Pam & Rin again: nope
Pam & Rin again: aaaagggghhh
Dr.Schlafen: Tom and Jerry
rich-c-redux: sorry Pam, your mother can't help either
rich-c-redux: Rich, do you remember Wayne & Schuster?
Pam & Rin again: oh well, will have to go raid the kids section of the library
Ron Baby: Not the Hardy Boys?
Harvie: Was there a moose and squirell?
Dr.Schlafen: Gosh, what were the HB's names?
Ron Baby: One was named Frank,
Ron Baby: the other, I'm not sure
Dr.Schlafen: I can't remember...I do remember the Bobbsey Twins.
Dr.Schlafen: On TV we called them "The Hardly Boys" LOL
Pam & Rin again: I read the Bobbsey Twins
rich-c-redux: anyway, Frank Schuster was either brother or cousin of Supoerman creator Schuster
Dr.Schlafen: I have my Dad's very un-PC versions of the BT.
Pam & Rin again: I think I read just about all of those
Pam & Rin again: I loved them
Dr.Schlafen: Their gardener and cook are "darkies".
Dr.Schlafen: Joan has about 25 books of Trixie Belden.
Dr.Schlafen: Whom I had never heard of until she showed them to me.
Dr.Schlafen: She has apparently been rebooted, too, like Nancy Drew.
Dr.Schlafen: Updated, modernized, etc.
Dr.Schlafen: Hmm, the BT were Nan and Bert, Flossie and Freddie, right?
rich-c-redux: that's OK, wait tillv she discovers S, E. Hinton
Pam & Rin again: I graduated to Nancy Drew at about age 10 I think
Pam & Rin again: names of BT correct
Dr.Schlafen: woo hoo!
Dr.Schlafen: some brain cells!
Dr.Schlafen: spark spark spark
Dr.Schlafen: spork
rich-c-redux: about that time I was reading teh Dave Dawson (in the RAF) series
Dr.Schlafen: I have heard about them, never read them.
rich-c-redux: well, they wre Candaian, so I doubt you'd have encountered them
rich-c-redux: but they were immensely popular with pre=pubescfent males at the time
Pam & Rin again: all the Little House books
rich-c-redux: also realize that Canada was at war then while teh US was not
Dr.Schlafen: There was something of similar nature for British WW1 infantry but I cannot remember the name of it.
rich-c-redux: you aren't thinking of the Boy Scouts series, are you?
Dr.Schlafen: Unfortunately for me, I saw LH on TV before reading any of the books, so the TV people are my image of them...and Laura was a brat.
Pam & Rin again: I got out Alligator Pie, Dad
rich-c-redux: they had a lot of plot links to WW1
Dr.Schlafen: It was Major someone, they were all veddy British, stiff-upper-lip, sporting young men...
Dr.Schlafen: Quite apart from the reality of the Somme...
rich-c-redux: OK, don't recall anything like that
Dr.Schlafen: I can't remember it.
Knoppix George: time for me to go to bed
Dr.Schlafen: I also remember reading that the Monty Python group liked to skewer stuff from those books whenever they had soldiers.
rich-c-redux: right George, take care, sleep tight
Knoppix George: nite all
Dr.Schlafen: With 4X morphine, I am surprised you are awake.
Ron Baby: nite George
Dr.Schlafen: Good night George.
Pam & Rin again: okay George - g'nite
Knoppix George: yes
Knoppix George: pooooof
Knoppix George left chat session
Ron Baby: brb
rich-c-redux: for a change, I am still awake enough to continue a little bit longer - it's mornings when I am sleepy
Dr.Schlafen: I am coasting on silliness now.
Dr.Schlafen: Anti-Sleep (tm)
rich-c-redux: I know what you mean
Harvie: I'm only sleepy between noon and noon
Dr.Schlafen: hehe
Dr.Schlafen: It's always bedtime somewhere in the why fight it?
rich-c-redux: I had it strange today - I could barely stay awake to take Frances shopping at noon
Pam & Rin again: and the three o clock snoozles are the worst
rich-c-redux: but after lunch I had to go up and get our wine for teh next 6 months and I was fine
Dr.Schlafen: Is that like a Three-Fingered Snitznoodle?
Pam & Rin again: that's when yhou want to lay your head on your desk and go to sleep for a few minutes
Dr.Schlafen: I lie on the floor with a pillow in my office when that happens.
Pam & Rin again: colour me jealous
Ron Baby: I must have my afternoon nap, or I get very cranky
rich-c-redux: you might vas well because if you try to fight it you wont get anything done anyway
Harvie: I just rest my head on the steering wheel when I get drowzy
Dr.Schlafen: I set the pointer on my door to GO AWAY <with Mr. Yuk face> and nap.
rich-c-redux: hoping to get teh trailer up for fettling on Friday
Ron Baby: any of you ever develop the ability to sleep with your eyes open?
Dr.Schlafen: And you wake up in an air-conditioned cubicle that is very dark.
Pam & Rin again: I wish I could have done that but they frowned on it in my office ( musta been the snoring)
Pam & Rin again: I did Ron
Dr.Schlafen: I don't snore AFAIK.
Dr.Schlafen: If I do, nobody has ever told me so.
Pam & Rin again: I'm my father's daughter - of course I snore
Ron Baby: I knew a gent once - you'd swear he was wide awake
Dr.Schlafen: So, if you see me konked out at ADAMcon 16, take notes.
Ron Baby: Until you actually spoke to him
Dr.Schlafen: Does Rin snore?
Pam & Rin again: not unless she's sick
Dr.Schlafen: Sick?
Dr.Schlafen: Like headcold stuffy?
Pam & Rin again: yup
rich-c-redux: oh btw - I got my copy of my birth registration Monday
Ron Baby: I am a chainsaw
Dr.Schlafen: Neosynephrine :-)
rich-c-redux: I ordeered it on February 27th - so much for government efficiency
Pam & Rin again: that's why you share a room with Guy, Ron : )
Harvie: I only snore when I'm asleep but I never get to hear it
Dr.Schlafen: Finally you can prove you exist :-)
Dr.Schlafen: <snicker>
Ron Baby: yep..... without his hearing assist, he's deaf as a post
Pam & Rin again: very convenient, that
rich-c-redux: yes, now all I need is the registration checkback I paid for to prove it was delivered
Pam & Rin again: however I think most asthmatics snore
Dr.Schlafen: I have never made a systematic study.
Dr.Schlafen: Not sure if I count as an asthmatic, since last "attack" was 14 years ago.
Ron Baby: well, this one does
Dr.Schlafen: And before that was 20 more years.
Pam & Rin again: that's what prompted the comment - you, me, Erin, Dad
rich-c-redux: likely common to all forms of COPD, from a similar mechanism
Pam & Rin again: I don't think you qualify, Rich
Dr.Schlafen: I need to join a different club.
Dr.Schlafen: No "Order of the Golden Inhaler" for me :-)
Pam & Rin again: I don't think that's a club you really want to join, Rich
Ron Baby: My brother once told me that he'd never met anyone who fell asleep so fast, and snored so loud
Ron Baby: this from a man who did Army boot camp, not once, but twice in his life
Dr.Schlafen: Fast sleep is good, sometimes it takes me ages, esp. if I have stuff on my mind.
rich-c-redux: of course, your brother and I have never met...
Ron Baby: that's right. You weren't here last year
Harvie: My neighbour three doors up the street says I snore
Dr.Schlafen: hahahahahaha
rich-c-redux: anyway, folks, it's our recycling night, so I have stuff to tie up and take out
Dr.Schlafen: Out with the old, in with the new.
Ron Baby: I can fall asleep anywhere
rich-c-redux: going to have to call it a night
Dr.Schlafen: <looks outside, sees no sun> I'd call it night, too.
Dr.Schlafen: <silly><
Pam & Rin again: Dad - any plans for the next couple days?
Pam & Rin again: Silly!
Ron Baby: what's wrong with you guys... bright sunshine here
Dr.Schlafen: <smirk>
Dr.Schlafen: PUT OUT THAT LIGHT!!!!
rich-c-redux: so night Harvie, Rich, Ron, "Pam/Erin", Daniel
Dr.Schlafen: Good night Richard.
Ron Baby: niters Rich
Pam & Rin again: nite Daddy
rich-c-redux: yes- Amiga meeting tomorrow night, trailer in Friday and football game, USGP Sunday, amybe OWRS Portland
Pam & Rin again: oy - okay, I'll call
rich-c-redux: anyway no shortae of amusement, Pam
Harvie: Goodnight rich I think I must go too , so goodnight all
Ron Baby: he's a busy man, Pam*Rin
rich-c-redux: right - time to go now
Pam & Rin again: <E> nite, Uncle Richard
Dr.Schlafen: Bye Harvie.
rich-c-redux: once againt, 'night all
Pam & Rin again: Night, Harvie
Ron Baby: Nite Harvie. Be well
Harvie left chat session
rich-c-redux: colour me gone
rich-c-redux left chat session
Dr.Schlafen: He is auf wiedergesehend.
Ron Baby: like ...... outa here
Dr.Schlafen: Why the "Baby" tonight, Ron?
Dr.Schlafen: You too?
Dr.Schlafen: I must have missed it.
Pam & Rin again: je pense qu'il pleut
Ron Baby: I have no idea Dr. D. Was looking for something that would fit in the field
Dr.Schlafen: haha
Ron Baby: has nothing whatever to do with anything meaningful
Dr.Schlafen: "he thinks it is ...?" mon francais est mal
Pam & Rin again: I think it's raining
Dr.Schlafen: Ah.
Ron Baby: poor
Ron Baby: Toronto
Dr.Schlafen: Rain is good.
Ron Baby: yes, but in moderate quantities
Pam & Rin again: as long as there's no sound and light show I'm okay
Dr.Schlafen: "The liquid sun keeps pouring down, it's so hard to explain: if you weren't a Torontonian, you'd swear that it was rain!"
Dr.Schlafen: apologies to Spike Jones
Ron Baby: Are you a thunder phobe, Pam&Rin?
Pam & Rin again: no, we call it Nova Scotia Sunshine
Pam & Rin again: nope
Dr.Schlafen: <WOTAN RUMBLES>
Pam & Rin again: however, thunderstorms during chat = NO GOOD
Pam & Rin again: we had a doozy on Sunday night
Daniel B: sorry guys and girls... I had a kind of meeting with James about a new software I want to do.
Dr.Schlafen: <thunderbolt speeds from Mt. Olympus>
Ron Baby: true.... you need all sorts of surge stuff
Pam & Rin again: not likely around here
Dr.Schlafen: No problem, Daniel.
Pam & Rin again: in our 50 year old apartment building
Ron Baby: WOTAN, put your toys away, please
Pam & Rin again changed username to Pam & Rin
Dr.Schlafen: Elder Gods need to play, too!
Ron Baby: Well, Daniel, you know the purpose of this is really to talk about those kinds of things
Ron Baby: no need to apologize
Pam & Rin: it is???
Daniel B: I'm doing a kind of "INSTALLER" to make it easier to install and run the coleco dev environment under windows like the one i use.
Ron Baby: sounds quite useful
Daniel B: but I realize that I need to create a new software, a kind of GUI to select or create a coleco project.
Ron Baby: something that would lead you into the emulator?
Ron Baby: Not exclusively Pam/Rin, but sometimes
Dr.Schlafen: Pamerin are non-techies.
Pam & Rin: understatement of the evening : )
Daniel B: I think the GUI software will have to open a file browser and run my useful CCI (Coleco Compiler Interface) at the right sub-directory.
Ron Baby: I'm not sure what I am these days
Pam & Rin: ah, philosphy
Ron Baby: Sometimes I get mistaken for someone who knows about technical things..... and I am very much interested in Daniel's work
Dr.Schlafen: I am a lapsed techie, non-practising.
Dr.Schlafen: practicing
Ron Baby: Only because I wish I could go there myself
Pam & Rin: I get the basics and that's all I'm gonna understand for a while
Pam & Rin: after that it's all geek to me
Ron Baby: Daniel, when you do a game, do you assume that your user is running in on Colecovision, or on the CV Emulator?
Daniel B: but i don't know how to program in VB "open a file browser, please"
Ron Baby: ya got me , son
Ron Baby: I suspect that you're going to do your best to find out
Dr.Schlafen: There has to be some Windows API call for a file requestor.
Daniel B: Ron, when I do a game, I first try it on emulator, then I try it on a real coleco. and I assume that my big projects will be on a cartridge one day.
Ron Baby: ok
Pam & Rin: stupid question of the day - what's in a cartridge?
Ron Baby: a game
Ron Baby: or perhaps two
Dr.Schlafen: That which we call a cartridge
Dr.Schlafen: By any other name would play as fun
Pam & Rin: okay, I deserved that
Ron Baby: in the early days of Colecovision Pam, games were sold in cartridge format. You simply plugged them into a slot a nd played
Pam & Rin: I realize and remember Ron - what I meant was, are they a form of proto-CD or tape or what?
Daniel B: in my cartridges there are a small board with two chips : 7408 and 27256. 7408 for the /Enable links and 27256 for the ROM (game data)
Ron Baby: programmed onto an electronic chip
Ron Baby: within the cart
Ron Baby: there ya go - from the guy who can make 'em
Pam & Rin: <E> for some reason I'm picturing 8-track
Ron Baby: no tape
Pam & Rin: so the chip acts how?
Dr.Schlafen: No tape inside, Erin.
Dr.Schlafen: The chip gets mapped into a part of the computer's memory.
Dr.Schlafen: A program on disk or tape is read off the medium and put into the computer's volatile memory.
Pam & Rin: the medium being the cart I assume?
Dr.Schlafen: A game cartridge chip has the info in it already, and it is switched into the computer's brain.
Dr.Schlafen: medium=disk or tape.
Dr.Schlafen: You need a program to read a tape or disk.
Dr.Schlafen: A cartridge, when plugged in, is plugged right into the brain.
Dr.Schlafen: But the contents of the chips can't be changed, unless they are a special kind that programmers use for development.
Pam & Rin: okay
Dr.Schlafen: If I had a blackboard, I'd draw a picture.
Pam & Rin: thank you Professor
Ron Baby: now....there's a project. Add to this chat program a whiteboard
Dr.Schlafen: hehe
Dr.Schlafen: If it was all 2-way webcams I'd draw a pic and hold it up to the camera.
Ron Baby: yes, that would do, -
Pam & Rin: but what would we do on "don't hate me because i'm beautiful" days?
Dr.Schlafen: Nobody would hate you gals.
Ron Baby: never on Wednesday
Dr.Schlafen: Cheesecake would never be refused :-)
Pam & Rin: those would be the days when hair is sticking up, zits are plentiful and bags are prominent under the eyes
Pam & Rin: not to mention the sweats you're wearing are three sizes too big
Dr.Schlafen: Then you wear a mask :-)
Pam & Rin: Erin suggested sticking a glamour shot to the camera : )
Ron Baby: nobody has to know your true identity
Daniel B: I have to go now... Good night! (I will search on the internet for my VB problem)
Dr.Schlafen: Just be glam all the time and you don't have to worry.
Pam & Rin: goodnight Daniel
Dr.Schlafen: Good night, Daniel.
Daniel B left chat session
Ron Baby: good luck Daniel. It's out there, I'm sure
Pam & Rin: oh sure - do you know how much work that would be????
Dr.Schlafen: Why? Shower daily, brush hair, wear clothes, what else do you need to do?
Ron Baby: the guy on the other side of the mirror can look a little crude on cam
Dr.Schlafen: What is gonna show up in 640x480?
Pam & Rin: and you live in a house with five women??? Where have you been?
Dr.Schlafen: Just because society makes you think you have to primp excessively doesn't mean that you really have to in order to look acceptable.
Ron Baby: :)
Dr.Schlafen: pbbbt!
Pam & Rin: clearly we have different definitions of acceptable : )
Pam & Rin: are you getting deja vu Ron?
Ron Baby: now that would not surprise me
Ron Baby: yes
Ron Baby: all over again
Pam & Rin: Ron and I had this conversation last week
Dr.Schlafen: hehe
Dr.Schlafen: Well, if you want the guy, do what the guy wants, not what you want.
Dr.Schlafen: And I doubt that the guy wants 3 hours in front of the mirror :-)
Pam & Rin: guys have it all over girls when it comes to the acceptable department
Ron Baby: a sad reality
Dr.Schlafen: Saith who?
Dr.Schlafen: Don't be a slave to fashion.
Dr.Schlafen: That is what I tell my girls.
Ron Baby: right
Dr.Schlafen: If they don't listen, well, it is their business.
Dr.Schlafen: Clean and neat works for me, all the rest seems to be excessive, but YMMV.
Dr.Schlafen: More girls primping for other girls than for the guy...again YMMV.
Dr.Schlafen: Very un-PC I am being right now, no doubt.
Pam & Rin: not necessarily : )
Ron Baby: Appearances trump reality (and common sense)
Pam & Rin: true, Ron
Dr.Schlafen: I don't know anyone who is looking for Miss Crayola :-)
Ron Baby: All I was trying to do was match the colour of my short pants and socks on the golf course
Ron Baby: Nobody really gave a damn except me
Pam & Rin: and your friend's wife : )
Ron Baby: Oh yes... Lin.....
Dr.Schlafen: So the fashion police roasted you over something, Ron?
Ron Baby: she cares
Ron Baby: not as badly as the golf police
Ron Baby: (the other members of my foursome)
Dr.Schlafen: Well, give 'em something really shocking to gripe at, then :-)
Ron Baby: I was saying last week Dr. D, that I play Sunday mornings with another couple whom I've known for years - since working days in Ottawa
Dr.Schlafen: Scotch plaid shirt and oblique-stripped pants, for instance :-)
Pam & Rin: ouch, my eyes
Ron Baby: Lin does take note, and knows me well enough to tell me that wha I'm wearing doesn't match
Dr.Schlafen: "Don't just eat the hamburger, eat the HELL out of it!" -- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, 1953.
Dr.Schlafen: He also said to quit your job and slack off :-)
Ron Baby: a truly excellent piece of advice
Dr.Schlafen: So I guess Ron has followed that one, too :-)
Ron Baby: I've done that
Dr.Schlafen: "Too much is always better than not enough"
Ron Baby: Everything in moderation, including moderation
Dr.Schlafen: and finally "___ 'em if they can't take a joke"
Ron Baby: RIGHT ON!!
Pam & Rin: I'll drink to that
Ron Baby: I'm gonna go out there and....... and.......
Dr.Schlafen: I am drinking some water right now :-)
Ron Baby: water is good
Pam & Rin: sipped cranberry : )
Dr.Schlafen: Hope there is enough for both of you.
Pam & Rin: think we could train Guy to send me cranberry instead of Diet Coke?
Dr.Schlafen: Or is it two heads, one stomach?
Pam & Rin: one head, two stomachs
Ron Baby: I have visions of the Pam&Rin character
Ron Baby: does it get along
Ron Baby: ??
Pam & Rin: well she hasn't killed me yet
Pam & Rin: <E> yet
Dr.Schlafen created action SO/Cranberry Juice
(Pam & Rin snickers evilly)
(Dr.Schlafen gives Pam & Rin a glass of cranberry juice.)
Ron Baby: but now, you see, we're left to observe for ourselves to conclude who is actually talking
Dr.Schlafen: Is that better?
Dr.Schlafen: Rin is plotting...
Dr.Schlafen: uh oh
Ron Baby: which half of the entity predominates?
Pam & Rin: hey c'mon, we leave a trail of clues
Dr.Schlafen: Have to do some measuring...
Pam & Rin: depends which half has the keyboard (with input of course)
Ron Baby: ah
Dr.Schlafen: So far Erin has only gotten in a few <E> coments.
Dr.Schlafen: AFAICT.
Ron Baby: tend to agree Dr.
Ron Baby: but you never know, they might be out to fool us
Pam & Rin: I can't type fast enough to get all her comments in!
Dr.Schlafen: They'd have to be cleverer to fool us that way, Ron.
Pam & Rin: and not all of them are printable : )
Dr.Schlafen: Touch typing is a good skill, Pam :-)
Pam & Rin: oh, I can touch type, but not that fast
Dr.Schlafen: Rin has unprintable comments, tsk tsk.
Ron Baby: I've met Pam, but not Rin
Pam & Rin: <E> I talk really really fast!
Dr.Schlafen: Rin is her own person, based on January in Toronto.
Pam & Rin: <E> it's not swearing or anyting, just unacceptable comments (or censored) sometimes
Dr.Schlafen: That is what (PRIVATE) is for.
Ron Baby: yes.... you've been there
Dr.Schlafen: I have photos posted on the AC15.5 website.
Pam & Rin: <E> I get yelled at for those ones!
Dr.Schlafen: Have you seen it?
Dr.Schlafen: I think
Ron Baby: no..... missed that.... I recall seeing your message about it.. What's the URL?
Dr.Schlafen: There are some photos of Rin in that (and PAM too).
Dr.Schlafen: oops, it is
Dr.Schlafen: I am told that the hotel is being converted into apartments or something.
Pam & Rin: Rin says she doesn't like how she looks in those pictures
Pam & Rin: condos, Rich
Dr.Schlafen: It is the same hotel we had ADAMcon 12 at.
Dr.Schlafen: Wonder if they will keep the finches.
Dr.Schlafen: She doesn't?
Dr.Schlafen: What is wrong with them?
Pam & Rin: think they can help it? :: )
Pam & Rin: <E> squinty eyes, funny nose, among other things
Dr.Schlafen: So tell us, Your Scarlet Highnessness, what would improve them?
Ron Baby: now I know
Pam & Rin: <E> I'm not photogenic so nothing
Dr.Schlafen: It was a fun weekend.
Pam & Rin: I disagree, by the way
Dr.Schlafen: <snort> clearly YMMV.
Pam & Rin: <E. I think we'll all agree that I'm MUCH better looking in person : )
Dr.Schlafen: Well, find me a glam JPEG and I will Photoshop it over your face.
Pam & Rin: she can't find her glamour shots : )
Dr.Schlafen: Definitely good-looking in person, can't say better than the photos.
Pam & Rin: did you go to the site Ron?
Dr.Schlafen: Maybe I should give her Spock ears/eyebrows/green complexion then.
(Pam & Rin laughs heartily)
Dr.Schlafen: Photoshop is powerful...just see the National Enquirer.
Ron Baby: Well.... be that as it may, at least now I feel better informed about the entity Pam& Rin
Pam & Rin: we've had an affinity for a long time
Ron Baby: yes, went to the site
Dr.Schlafen: Bringing up Photoshop...feeling evil....
Pam & Rin: my nose was a little out of joint when she first arrived but I got over it : )
Dr.Schlafen: Out of joint?
Pam & Rin: <E> oh don't get evil - oh God!@
Dr.Schlafen: hehe
Dr.Schlafen: Many tools to change colours...
Dr.Schlafen: Hehe now she is green.
Pam & Rin: yes, out of joint - I was fourteen and up till that point I had been the only grandchild. And along comes the "perfect little pink rosebud" as everyone called her and suddenly i was chopped liver
Ron Baby: The Doctor is working his magic
Dr.Schlafen: Hair selected with wand tool...
Pam & Rin: <E> that's just frightening
Dr.Schlafen: Making it Vulcan black.
Dr.Schlafen: Wow, very scary.
Pam & Rin: <E> nobody changes the hair
Ron Baby: I wanna see this
Pam & Rin: no you don't Ron
Ron Baby: :(
Pam & Rin: (Erin cradles head in hands)
Ron Baby: a picture is worth a thousand words
Dr.Schlafen: Some work to give Spock eyebrows...not as easy as hair change.
Pam & Rin: I think she's plotting revenge, Rich : )
Dr.Schlafen: Oh, this is priceless.
Ron Baby: are you two cousins?
Dr.Schlafen: Rin will probably kill me.
Pam & Rin: yes, Ron - first cousins
Ron Baby: never mind "probably"
Dr.Schlafen: Hey, you have all seen my Ugly Professor photos, right?
Pam & Rin: my mom and hers are sisters
Ron Baby: aha
Dr.Schlafen: Plus my stuff at the Gong Show last September?
Pam & Rin: <E> yeah but you did those for fun, buddy
Ron Baby: Oh he's really into it now
Dr.Schlafen: This was fun, too :-)
Pam & Rin: (much moaning issues from the seat beside me)
Dr.Schlafen: It is done...and saved.
Ron Baby: and she hasn't even seen the result yet
Ron Baby: all right.... make it public, dammit
Dr.Schlafen: Well...I could be kind and destroy it.
Pam & Rin: <E> oh but Ron seems to have his heart set on it
Dr.Schlafen: If you all would promise to destroy it after you look at it.
Dr.Schlafen: I can send him a PRIVATE :-)
Ron Baby: of course, I will consider the source
Pam & Rin: hey, I like life - don't be thinkin' I'll pass it on!
Dr.Schlafen: It is Pam I don't trust to flush browser cache :-)
Ron Baby: ROTFL
Pam & Rin: I do that religiously, Rich
Pam & Rin: every time I log off
Dr.Schlafen: Since it is just us...and I will remove the link, so even if the chatlog appears and someone looks for it, they won't ever get it.
Pam & Rin: and I repeat, I like life (and I want to live to see my 39th birthday)
Dr.Schlafen: All right, here is the link:
Dr.Schlafen: I had to blow it up, so it is a bit blurry.
Dr.Schlafen: When you have all looked, I will delete it.
Ron Baby: Whgoa!
Pam & Rin: <E. oh thank you Ron!
Ron Baby: :)
Pam & Rin: <E> I look evil!
Dr.Schlafen: Cool and logical.
Ron Baby: well, memory will be erased
Ron Baby: mine, I mean
Dr.Schlafen: Smirking at Kirk to show him you really know best.
Pam & Rin: <E> well if you put it that way
Dr.Schlafen: it is now gone.
Pam & Rin: <E> as long as I get Kirk in the end, we're fine : )
Dr.Schlafen: Reload will fail.
Dr.Schlafen: But Kirk has fake hair, ewww...
Dr.Schlafen: You'll have to loan him some to make a better toupee :-)
Ron Baby: picture? what picture?
Dr.Schlafen: That is one of the fastest Photoshop edits I have done.
Ron Baby: impressive, Dr. D
Dr.Schlafen: Must be because I am so tired that I am not thinking about what I am doing...
Ron Baby: Yes, it's after midnight in some parts of the land
Dr.Schlafen: I just kept making it greener and greener.
Dr.Schlafen: Trace around hair, make it really black.
Pam & Rin: hang on we're showing it to Russell : )
Dr.Schlafen: You promised to delete it...Rin, pull the plug on the computer...
Ron Baby: Does Russ want to see it?
Dr.Schlafen: Let him sleep.
Pam & Rin: Russell didn't know it was Erin
Pam & Rin: at first
Dr.Schlafen: Good, nobody else will, either.
Pam & Rin: it's gone, Erin watched me delete it from the cache
Dr.Schlafen: But all my unflattering ones are still up for all to see :-)
Pam & Rin: no copies at her wedding : (
Ron Baby: if we are asked, we will deny all knowledge of this conversation
Pam & Rin: what conversation?
Ron Baby: exactly
Dr.Schlafen: She can do it in person...hmmm...get the Green Orion Slave Girl outfit :-)
Pam & Rin: Erin is speechless
Dr.Schlafen: A first?
Pam & Rin: I think so
Ron Baby: All right - I must take my leave of this sculduggery
Dr.Schlafen: Well, here is the revenge photo for me:
Pam & Rin: <E> too much for you Ron?
Ron Baby: right. Will see you's all next week
Pam & Rin: <E> hmm
Pam & Rin: g'nite Ron - hugs to you and Mum
Dr.Schlafen: oop[s
Pam & Rin: try again, Rich
Dr.Schlafen: krud
Pam & Rin: that won't load either
Dr.Schlafen: just wait...
Dr.Schlafen: ok:
Dr.Schlafen: yeah it is long
Dr.Schlafen: But stupid.
Dr.Schlafen: And it did just load.
Dr.Schlafen: Me as Nature Boy in the Gong Show.
Pam & Rin: WHAT are you wearing on your feet???
Dr.Schlafen: Frog slippers.
Dr.Schlafen: With open red mouths.
Dr.Schlafen: And tiger ears.
Pam & Rin: cute, very cute
Ron Baby: Good Lord
Dr.Schlafen: Holding a recorder and a bull horn.
Pam & Rin: <E> nice Ron, very nice
Dr.Schlafen: And that is part of the public Gong Show page,
Pam & Rin: we have to give you credit for guts :)
Dr.Schlafen: Don't load it, it is big.
Dr.Schlafen: HEy, I was there to be gonged.
Ron Baby: Is this an annual affair?
Pam & Rin: did you succeed?
Dr.Schlafen: No, it was just a promotion around the Chuck Baris biopic "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind".
Ron Baby: ah I see
Dr.Schlafen: We put on a whole show...I think I sent you links to the MIDI files of the music cues I did in Finale.
Ron Baby: Must have been a hoot
Dr.Schlafen: YEs, I succeeded in being gonged.
Ron Baby: yes, I recall that
Pam & Rin: I looked at the whole file at work : )
Pam & Rin: temp switch
Pam & Rin: <e> definitely an interesting pic Rich
Ron Baby: be well all, I'm being beamed up
Pam & Rin: <E> nite Ron
Ron Baby: :)
Ron Baby left chat session
Pam & Rin: I'm back
Pam & Rin: I'm thinking it's time for bed
Pam & Rin: you there?
Pam & Rin: ??
Pam & Rin: did you get dumped?
Pam & Rin: olly olly oxen free
Pam & Rin: well, something clearly went wrong
Pam & Rin: it's been five minutes
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich
Pam & Rin: did you get dumped?
Rich: Thank you for waiting, my computer crashed.
Pam & Rin: we figured something went wrong
Rich: Entire thing locked up, had to reboot.
Rich: ANd of course repair time etc.
Rich: So I am actually surprised to find you still here.
Pam & Rin: you're lucky - our computer takes about four minutes just to boot
Pam & Rin: well we were just about to give up
Rich: I guess it is punishment for teasing poor Rin.
Rich: But I tried to put something unflattering for me up in return.
Pam & Rin: she's nodding but says she doesn't control the fates
Rich: I guess she won't sit next to me next time I come to Toronto :-(
Pam & Rin: you succeeded in posting the link
Pam & Rin: <E> I wouldn't say that
Rich: Well, mine is up for everyone to see :-)
Rich: Rin's survives only in memory.
Pam & Rin: dont' worry I dumped the link : )
Rich: I erased the copy remains.
Rich: It is gone for good.
Pam & Rin: especially since your system crashed : )
Rich: Yes, that is true. Photoshop went down with the rest of it.
Pam & Rin: <E> obviously the computer didn't appreciate it
Rich: I had been sharing drushel remotely, that was probably part of the network load.
Rich: No, computer must have Rin-protect circuits or something.
Pam & Rin: >E> tee hee
Rich: I should make a Spocky me photo.
Rich: Then you can throw darts at it.
Pam & Rin: <E> now tha twould be something to see
Pam & Rin: <E> no darts though, that's mean
Rich: Somewhere is a photo of me in my Kirk uniform.
Rich: That would be the one to mod...make Spock a captain.
Rich: Or else change the shirt color to blue...Photoshop could do that.
Rich: Then I could make a side-by side :-)
Pam & Rin: interesting - Erin's left eyebrow just went up
Rich: Hehe she is more Spockian than she lets on, I guess.
Pam & Rin: she has the greeting down pat : )
Rich: Rich as Kirk and Rich as Spock, from the same photo.
Rich: Live long and prosper!
Rich: <hand sign>
Pam & Rin: eyebrow on stun
Rich: <falls over>
Rich: I thought it was neck pinch though that stunned.
Rich: My neck is safe at this remove, fortunately,.
Pam & Rin: actually that's only funny to me because I'm the only one who's read the book
Rich: Which book?
Pam & Rin: Uhura's Song
Pam & Rin: I've given it to Rin but she hasn't read it yet
Rich: I never read that one.
Pam & Rin: it's my absolute favourite of all the Trek novels
Rich: What is she reading now, HP? Nietzche?
Pam & Rin: Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Rich: Colour Classic Comics :-)
Rich: A gram is better than a damn.
Pam & Rin: <E> LOL
Rich: I am feeling pretty Gamma right now.
Rich: Or maybe I am an Epsilon-Minus Semi-Moron.
Pam & Rin: <E> oh please! Definitely and Alpha Plus
Rich: Though maybe she hasn't gotten to them yet.
Rich: Biased observer.
Pam & Rin: <E>perhaps
Rich: I always thought Mustapha Mond was a silly name.
Pam & Rin: <E> yeah'
Rich: But I stole part of it to make the silly name of a silly author: Mustapha Maalox Snidefarthing.
Rich: He was supposed to be a poet.
Pam & Rin: <E> & <P> LOL
Rich: Of the "Absurdist Period" in literature...totally made-up, of course.
Pam & Rin: <>E of course!
Rich: I think his masterwork was something called "The Flight of the Cassowaries".
Rich: I did write said masterwork for dear MMS.
Pam & Rin: eh! whats a cassowarie?
Rich: (can you tell it was an English assignment from high school?)
Rich: A large flightless bird.
Rich: Cassowary is the singular.
Pam & Rin: ah, an apteryx
Rich: Related.
Pam & Rin: there's soemthing else I read as a youngster - Asterix and Obelix
Rich: Anyway, note the obvious absurdity of the title.
Rich: I have seen them, know they are popular in Europe (being in French), but I have never read them.
Rich: Asterix the Gaul.
Pam & Rin: you can get them in English too - Dad had them all in the library
Pam & Rin: perk of being the bosses daughter - i had the run of the library
Rich: hehe
Pam & Rin: twas very cool
Rich: Did you get to see the secret bookcase the slid back to reveal a passage to the dungeon?
Rich: that slid back, I meant.
Pam & Rin: no, but I got the pass that got me into the staff room : )
Rich: Fun.
Pam & Rin: much better than student washrooms, let me tell you
Rich: Attendant, marble bath, sauna, eh?
Pam & Rin: exactly
Pam & Rin: but don't tell the students
Rich: lips are sealed
Pam & Rin: those days are long gone
Rich: Well, I am thinking I ought to go to sleep at last...
Rich: At least Rin and I have to get up to go into the salt mines...
Pam & Rin: I'd say that's a very good idea
Rich: or robot labs or agriculture ministries or whatever.
Pam & Rin: and Erin is nodding her head emphatically
Rich: Poor Rin, sorry to keep you up.
Pam & Rin: <E> oh please
Rich: It is 12:52, late...
Pam & Rin: tres late. Go to bed.
Rich: I can sleep in until about 7:45 though.
Pam & Rin: good!
Rich: Okay, I shall go...
Pam & Rin: until next week, hugs and kisses from both of us
Rich: ...and hopefully not see green Rins in my sleep.
Pam & Rin: LOL
Rich: hugs and kisses to all
Pam & Rin: nitey nite
Rich: hailing frequencies closed, sirs.
Pam & Rin: kerpoof
Rich: ma'ams
Rich: bye
Rich left chat session
Pam & Rin left chat session
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