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rich-c: bon apres-midi, Daniel
Daniel: bon après-midi, Rich!
Daniel: it's was my birthday, and I saw the last Harry Potter movie.
rich-c: ca va bien,?
rich-c: not last, just latest - there will be more (we all hope)
rich-c: did you go to the theatre or watch it at home on pay-per-view?
Daniel: this one is more scary, not only the black creatures, even Harry Potter scared me. he became too powerfull.
rich-c: have you read teh books?
Daniel: No, I'm not an alphanumeric reader. :)
rich-c: are the books even available in French, or do you have to read teh English version?
Daniel: yes, translated in french and available almost at the same period of the english version.
Daniel: (well, one month of delay sometimes)
rich-c: even so, they would not be as good as teh Egnlish version as there are certain things that just don't translate
Daniel: but I like keeping the surprise and see the movie without any preview and articles.
rich-c: unless you are aware of the traditional English school days story, much of the subtle humour is missed
rich-c: but then, I expect most American readers miss that part too
Daniel: peut-être (maybe)... but I don't see a movie because of the "inside jokes".
rich-c: I did find viewing the movies (borrowed from Pamela) that not everything was as I visualized it in the book
Daniel: I saw the movie with someone who read the books. he told me that they explain in the book why this and why that.
rich-c: re book: it isn't so much an "inside joke" as knowing where the "model" or "template" came from and how it fits that tradition
rich-c: one can convey far more in print than in a movie, just as the movie can show more
Daniel: I saw some scene in the previews I didn't find in the movie. I suppose they cut these parts to be in the DVD version
rich-c: back in the first half of the last century, there was a whole genre of British books about the high school experience
rich-c: in Harry Potter much of this sort of plot line is followed, but exaggerated
rich-c: in the traditional story, teh hero solves his problems with " luck and pluck" - Harry Potter uses magic
rich-c: but do realize that at school one is supposed to learn more and mature physically - become more powerful
rich-c: and thus the challenges one can meet must also become more difficult
rich-c: you still there?
Daniel: i was with my cat. sorry :)
rich-c: oh - what was teh cat up to?
Daniel: he wanted to hear : "good boy!" :)
Daniel: Now, it sleep on my bed. :)
rich-c: cats can be very demanding - ask Pamela ;-)
rich-c: unfortunately I have an allergy to catss - not that bad, but enough to mess things up a bit
Daniel: my mother's mother (hehehe) have a problem with her nose when touching a cat.
rich-c: it isn't so much my nose as my eyes - they get very itchy, and sometimes tears so I cannot see properly
rich-c: if cats are bathed every day (not bloody likely!) the problem is said to go away
rich-c: but who would be brave enough to give his cat a bath every day?
Daniel: here, we let the cat licking itself
rich-c: trust me, Daniel, it isn't the same ;-)
rich-c: did you watch any of the football games this week?
Daniel: i didn't see all the sports events including hockey)
Daniel: I was too busy with my coleco projects
Daniel: my master in computer science
Daniel: and my "job hunt"
rich-c: pity, all three of teh CFL games so far were very good, especially Hamilton at B.C. last night
rich-c: I thought you had completed teh work for your masters?
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Ronald: Hey!
rich-c: greetings to the West Coast!
Ronald: sunny west coast
rich-c: where the Lioin's roar is quite intimidating (if not quite enough)
rich-c: I was just telling Daniel that that was a something game last night
Ronald: Yeah, I started watching it, then got sidetracked to other things.....then came back to it with 11 minutes left to play
Ronald: They gave up too many points in the 3rd quarter me thinks
rich-c: real defensive struggle in the early going, but when Printers came in McManus responded and things opened up
Ronald: aha
Ronald: Dickenson seemed rusty
rich-c: well, that was a pretty good someback RC engineered even if it did fall short
Ronald: you betcha
rich-c: well, his leg was bothering him, even if he wouldn't admit it
rich-c: did you see the earlier games Tuesday and Thursday?
Ronald: I wouldn't be surprised
Ronald: No, unfortunately I had to go out both nights
rich-c: they said it stiffened up while he was sitting on the bench, even though he still had the brace on
Ronald: And that, I suspect is going to be a problem for a while
rich-c: that's too bad - Saskatchewan did a lot better than the score indicated - they will be heaard from
Ronald: and if Printers keeps up the way he's going, wouldn't be surprised to see more and more of him
rich-c: I had Frances at the Amiga meeting so missed the first half Thursday but teh second was great for an old Ottawa fan ;-)
Ronald: right..... I used to be one of those
rich-c: Printerts showed well in pre-season and he was no slouch last night either
Ronald: yep
rich-c: tonight we get Edmonton at Montreal - that ought to be illuminating
Ronald: Of course you can only spend so much time in shotgun formation before they figure you out
Ronald: must watch it
rich-c: yes, it's on the CBC so everyone can get it
Ronald: the people's network
rich-c: did you realize that only three games all season won't be teelecast?
Ronald: no, I didn't realize that. super
rich-c: if there's any CBC left should Harper get elected
Daniel: my work for my master was done last year, I have a diploma now, it's why I'm looking for a job. Hello Ronald!
Ronald: Had a call last night from the local NDP campaign..... they're saying watch out for the big bad conservatives
Daniel: sorry to be quiet but i received an email from ebay
Ronald: Hi Daniel
rich-c: do you think you will have to move to get a job, Dan iel?
rich-c: Quebec City is not exactly a hotbed of programming outfits
Daniel: dear ebay user,... (I'm not an ebay user)
Ronald: I hate that]
Daniel: I think I will go find a job in montreal... most of the electronic gaming in quebec are in montreal
Ronald: companies don't use the technology at their disposal to find out who they're talking to
Daniel: the ebay looks real
rich-c: given the agendas of some Reform members, I do not trust them at all
Daniel: I think the email really came from ebay
Ronald: Well, Rich - our guy out here is the sitting member and he hasn't even updated his Reform website
rich-c: depends on what it says, Daniel
Daniel: if it's true, i suppose it means someone used my email to have an account
Daniel: from
Ronald: probably Daniel
rich-c: if it is anything about needing your information to "confirm your account" or some such, it is criminal
Daniel: that's not a webmaster email. :)
Ronald: I have been known to chew out companies who make no effort to find out who I am
Daniel: During our regular update and verification of the accounts, we couldn't verify your current information. Either your information has changed or it is incomplete.
Daniel: Please update and verify your information by signing in your account below :
Daniel: If the account information is not updated to current information within 5 days then, your access to bid or buy on eBay will be restricted.
Daniel: go to this link below:
rich-c: Ron, I think Daniel may be the tarfet of a "phishing" attempt to steal his identity
Ronald: wonder if that's legitimate Daniel
Daniel: ***Please Do Not Reply To This E-Mail As You Will Not Receive A Response***
rich-c: those things can be forged, Daniel
Daniel: Thank you
Daniel: Accounts Management
Ronald: or is it just somebody masquerading as E-bay
Daniel: As outlined in our User Agreement, eBay will periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements. Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.
Daniel: Copyright 2002 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.
rich-c: I have had at least half a dozne attempts to fool me into thinking something was from eBay
Daniel: Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Daniel: Announcements | Register | SafeHarbor (Rules & Safety) | Feedback Forum | About eBay
Daniel: Copyright © 1995-2001 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.
rich-c: in fac they are criminals trying to get information to steal your identity
Daniel: Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Daniel: Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Ronald: looks legit, but I dunno
rich-c: the trouble is when you follow the links they also look identical to the real thing
Daniel: it's bulshit, the link...
Daniel: it's someone who try to have ebay accounts
rich-c: I get the same thing allegedly from PayPal and even Microsoft
Daniel: with a "ebay feel" fake web page
Ronald: me too
rich-c: OK, if it is identity theft, Daniel, forward it to:
rich-c: they will track down the fraud artist and put him out of business
rich-c: or at least they will block access to his fraudulent website
rich-c: just make sure all the headers are there when you forwrd the email
Ronald: brb
rich-c: if you want you can put in a note that you think it is a "phishing" email
rich-c: phonebusters started as an Ontario Provincial Police operation agaisnt telephone fraud
rich-c: but the got help from municipal police, other provincial police, the RCMP and even international police groups
rich-c: now they are sort of teh centre of defence against internet crime
Daniel: That's funny : To write to ebay about that... I have to be an ebay user. :(
Ronald: back
rich-c: two things Daniel: first, your can forward any suspicios message to or
rich-c: if you do send a copy to phonebusters because they can actually take action
rich-c: to use the "abuse" or "spoof" addresses you don't have to be an ebay user
Ronald: good advice
rich-c: the phishers use many of the same techniques as the spammers to steal or spoof addresses
rich-c: I got three returned mail messages last night - for messages I never sent; my address was stolen
rich-c: the ISPs try to stop it but I still receive spam allegedly from
Ronald: It's a big bad world out there
rich-c: the spam is in english
rich-c: Ron, in BC is there any sense the voters are going to taske out their grudge against the BC Liberals on the feds?
Ronald: I'm not hearing that in so many words Rich, but there sure is a heck of a lot of anger out here toward Campbell and crew
Ronald: We don't relate Federal to Provincial to the same degree though
Daniel: I hope this will be eough, I farwarded the email to abuse, spoof, and phonebuster (I don't know why but I did it)
rich-c: here most of teh Liberal vote erosion seems to be because they are mad at McGuinty
Ronald: right. heard that
rich-c: having just thrown out the Conservatives for multitudinolus sins, can't understand why they wouldn't oppose them too
rich-c: you did it, Daniel, because it is the most effective way to stop criminals who are trying to harm you
Ronald: if the message is legitimate, will Daniel be informed?
rich-c: quite possibly; they usually do have some sort of boilerplate to say it's OK if it is legitimate
Ronald: mm
rich-c: one of abuse or spoof may not work, but as long as it gets there, so what?
Ronald: they probably throw them onto the net in quantity
Ronald: whoever is doing it
rich-c: the idea is to get ebay to defend themselves and the cops to defend us all
rich-c: oh yes, I get two or three a day of the PayPal phishing lures
rich-c: though I think I may have made their life miserable by forwarding to phonebusters
rich-c: now they have stopped casting lures and put in a virus payload instead - revenge, maybe?
Ronald: wondered about that. like..... you blew the whistle on us so you're gonna pay
rich-c: quite - or, we'll trick you into sending a package to teh cops that goes bang, so to speak
Ronald: geez.... hadn't thought of that
Ronald: so you end up getting hell instead of them
rich-c: that's why I get upset when some crook hijacks my email address
Ronald: Are you still without cookies Rich?
rich-c: it gets marked as spam so I go onto blacklists at places like AOL and cant get messages through to my buddies any more
Ronald: tends to Jade one's view of the internet eh?
rich-c: yes, I have cookies blocked, with exceptions made for one or two places for my convenience
rich-c: for instance, I let Autoweek place a sessional cookie
Ronald: so you can go back to where you left off
rich-c: well, with Autoweek, I only need a cookie if I want to post something
Ronald: ah
rich-c: just looking at the site is free, you don't need to register or take a cookie for that
Daniel: Based on the authenticity text in ebay web site, this email is really a dangerous fake.
Daniel: simply based on the clearly IP adresse of the fake web site
rich-c: similarly on ebay, if you're doing business with them and want confidential access, you must take a cookie
rich-c: did you do a whois on the URL, Daniel?
rich-c: if you want to post on the Google newsgroups, you have to allow a cookmie too, and register
Daniel: no, I didn't... but when there is no DNS name associate to an IP, I suppose it's not ebay web site.
Ronald: think we should all go back to BBS's and FIDO
Ronald: like in the good old days
rich-c: not necessarily, some outfits use unnamed servers for their own purposes - even a whois is not infallible
rich-c: oh, I'm willing to accept the need for paranoia (advanced) to get the advantages of the internet
Daniel: in an ebay FAQ, it says that if it'is no ""... danger
Ronald: yes, I suppose - but dammit, I've got so many accounts, and so many passwords.... hard to keep track
rich-c: I have a little book...
Ronald: I use an old electronic organizer that doesn't leave the house
rich-c: also I have a bit of a system for creating and using my passwords
Ronald: aha
Ronald: there's a thought
rich-c: for instance, I created my hotmail account for use when travelling so we could email Pam
Ronald: Mother is sleeping through the US Open Golf tournament - I can't believe it
Daniel: I have to go... time to eat here. see you next time! bye! thanks for your help! :)
rich-c: so, the password was "forpamela"
Ronald: stay well Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, see you Wednesday!
Ronald: right Rich. That makes sense
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rich-c: I am miffed no end at TSN - they are running the damn golf tournament instead of teh US Grand Prix tomorrow
Ronald: we'll have to agree to disagree on that one Rich
rich-c: but will almost certainly block the Speed channel live broadcast on cable here
Ronald: I am a golf fan, and not much of a motor sports fan
rich-c: at least they didn't block qualifying today - I did get tp see that
Ronald: thankful for small mercies
rich-c: for me, the difference between golf and tennis is that golf doesnt make me seasick before putting me to sleep ;-)
Ronald: ROTFL
Ronald: my sister in Edmonton... now there's a tennis fan
Ronald: but she plays, and plays very well
rich-c: they are running the race tape at 11 p.m. Sunday followed by the Champ Car race tape from Portland at 1 a.m. Monday
Ronald: No mind you, I have immense respect for the drivers and crews
Ronald: they do what they do so fast and so well
rich-c: the trouble is. all teh guys on Autoweek will be gossiping about a race I haven't seen 8-(
Ronald: right
rich-c: it's been a busy week - three football games, Amiga meeting, and had to take teh trailer in for service yesterday
Ronald: I have always enjoyed watching people do well, those things I've tried to do myself ..... not so well
rich-c: I find CFL football gret, can't stsand teh US version (spoiled, maybe?)
rich-c: and I like racing as long at the course sometimes turns right
Ronald: yes, I'm with you on that one. think I'm the only one in this valley who prefers Canadian Football to American
Ronald: even my own son has gone yankee on me
rich-c: I know, and it's something I can't figure - our game is so much more challenging and exciting
Ronald: agreed
rich-c: in fact I barely recognize what they play in the NFL as football
rich-c: oh yes, they are raising teh taxes on beer and wine here on Monday
Ronald: they have the best teams money can buy
rich-c: and the worst rules for exhibiting the true levels of skills
Ronald: but still, I can't bring myself to watch an American game from beginning to end
rich-c: anyway, bout a couple of dozen Guiness and restocked the wine cellar (enough to last till 2005) this week
Ronald: good..... sounds like a priority
rich-c: even got a couple of bottles from the Okanagan this time round
rich-c: as you know Frances and I are very fond of our weekend dinner wine
Ronald: aha..... I've heard it said that OK wine is getting better..... not that I would know about such things
rich-c: they are gradually attracting very favourable national notice, and international may follow
Ronald: yes
rich-c: Ontario's international wine is icewine - about $50 per half bottle, very luxurios stuff and popular
Ronald: tell me, what exactly is ice wine?
rich-c: but the Ontario Rieslings are getting nicer by teh year - we do very well with cool climate grapes
rich-c: ice wine is made by leaving the grapes on the vine till they have had something like 72 hours of well below freezing temperatures
Ronald: ok
rich-c: this means they dry out and shrivel up but the remaining juice is equistely intense and sweet
Ronald: it would be
rich-c: they are then picked while frozen hard, and teh juice expressed and femented
rich-c: the product is very smooth, very sweet, very fruity, very intense
Ronald: good. now I know
rich-c: the problem is keeping the birds fro stripping the vines
rich-c: and getting the necessary hours of temperatures cold enough
Ronald: Know all about that. We have two cherry trees in the back yard, and basically we've given up
rich-c: Ontario is the only place in the world that can produce icewine reliably
rich-c: it originated in Europe - Germeny, likely - but in their climate it is a sometime thing
Ronald: They don't always get sub freezing
rich-c: even Ontario it can be pretty suspenseful - year or two ago they didn't get teh cold needed till late February
Ronald: which part of Ontario?
rich-c: leaving a perfectly good harveest on teh vine then sweating it out for a freeze you hope will come is rather dicey
rich-c: they are all produced so far in the Niagara Peninsula
Ronald: ic
rich-c: the North Shore Lake Erie region doesn't make it yet, and Prince Edward County is too new
Ronald: Well my son, I'm afraid I have to leave you
Ronald: take care... we'll see you Wed night
rich-c: see you then - take care
Ronald: bye
rich-c: bye now
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