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No 'puter/Arwen: lonely, we're so lonely
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changed username to Harvie
No 'puter/Arwen: hey Harvie
Harvie: Howdy
No 'puter/Arwen: we're in disguise
Harvie: Is that rin-tin-tin?
No 'puter/Arwen: yup, and Pam
No 'puter/Arwen: Rincognito, as Rin says
Harvie: Arwen???
No 'puter/Arwen: she wouldn't tell me
No 'puter/Arwen: so, I don't ask
Harvie: Erin , there is a few cheap computers on
No 'puter/Arwen: <E> how cheap are we talking?
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changed username to rich-c
Harvie: A couple under $100.00 but no monitor
No 'puter/Arwen: hi Dad - as you can see, we were successful
rich-c: obviously, Pam - hi harvie
Harvie: Hello rich
No 'puter/Arwen: what kind of computer, Harvie?
rich-c: what's the Arwen bit?
No 'puter/Arwen: that's Rin's pseudonym of the day
Harvie: P200
No 'puter/Arwen: desktop Harvie?
rich-c: not sure I want to know why
rich-c: P200 - that's still a Pentium 1, right?
No 'puter/Arwen: something to do with elvish thoughts, Dad
Harvie: Yes, a laptop for <$100.00 would not be much good
No 'puter/Arwen: true
rich-c: right - forgot about LOTR
No 'puter/Arwen: forgot??? your niece is shocked
rich-c: any laptop worth squat is at leasst $700 these days, and that's marginal with a pitiful screen
Harvie: Check the newsgroup
No 'puter/Arwen: ok
No 'puter/Arwen: thanks for the tip Harvie
rich-c: Pam's currently sulky computer is an IBM P400
Harvie: $100.00 / Mhz is the yardstick
No 'puter/Arwen: actually it's a p450, dad
rich-c: that's for laptops, Harvie, but desktops are far cheaper
Harvie: Yes , we were talking laptop
No 'puter/Arwen: in truth, at the moment it's a boat anchor
rich-c: double-check, Pam: it takes 64MB P100 72-pin memory, right?
No 'puter/Arwen: think so Dad
rich-c: confirm it for me, since you never know wht will turn up Sunday
rich-c: did Pam tell you her problems, Harvie?
No 'puter/Arwen: alright, hold on while I find the paperwork you gave me - see you around midnight
Harvie: Nope
No 'puter/Arwen: switching places for a bit
rich-c: basically, she installed a whole batch of critical updates at once and the Virtual Memory Manager got fibbled in teh process
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: seems it's calling to a memory address and isn't getting an answer
Harvie: That;s Microsoft for you
No 'puter/Arwen: BOBS!!!!!
rich-c: greetings Roberto
BobS: WHA'S up kids??????
BobS: si senor
Harvie: Hi Bobby
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rich-c: oh, Pam's computer has crashed so she's using my laptop
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early tonight
Guy B.: Greetings and some news from Abby.
BobS: hey Guy, got the money today !!!!!!!
No 'puter/Arwen: wow, Guy, you're early - hi!
rich-c: go for it Guy
Harvie: Hello Guy
rich-c: what's with the pooch?
Guy B.: Abby has bandages on her front paws. Vet suspects they are chemical burns from those lawn treatment companies.
No 'puter/Arwen: poor baby
rich-c: great heavens, what do they put on lawns in Chicago anyway?
BobS: see?????? and they say that that stuff is good BAH HUMBUG
Guy B.: She's on antibiotics and pain pills and return visit to the vet tomorrow to see how she is doing. The concern is her right front paw.
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No 'puter/Arwen: okay Dad, all the info you gave me says is std/max 64mb / 256 mb, speed 100 MHz, type SDRAM
rich-c: strange that her rear paws would not be affected too
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Those companies put dinky signs where you cannot see or read them.
No 'puter/Arwen: Hi Judys
Judy: Hi, everyone
Harvie: Hello Judy
Judy: what does the name mean, Pam?
No 'puter/Arwen: it means that my computer is toes up right now
No 'puter/Arwen: or do you mean yours?
Guy B.: HI Judy. Might as well fill you in. Abby got chemical burns on both her front paws. She's in bandages right now.
No 'puter/Arwen: and Erin is feeling Elvish
Judy: that is the pits, Guy, must keep her away from those type of lawns
Harvie: Gotta slip away for a mo'
rich-c: sorry - hi Judy
BobS: OR teach her to READ !!!!!!
Judy: hello, Rich
rich-c: how's the finger healing?
No 'puter/Arwen: if you can accomplish that Bob you'll make a mint
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Guy B.: I know and it's kind of hard with her. But, from now on that we will. She is going back to the vet tomorrow night after my allergist appt. Jeanene will bring her there and I'll meet them there.
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: Pam, did you get on using the connection set up for you, or mine, or make a new connection?
Judy: sounds like you have a big problem, Pam, computers are not supposed to be toes up
rich-c: greetings, Dr. D.
Guy B.: Greetings Dr. D.
No 'puter/Arwen: I'm not sure Dad but I'm not complaining
Dr.D.: Hi, sorry for the delay, long-distance phone call.
No 'puter/Arwen: it was either mine or yours, not a new one
rich-c: she is having problems with the Virtual Memory Manager so she gets teh BSOD after booting
BobS: Allo Doktor.......
Dr.D.: No'puter?
No 'puter/Arwen: believe me I know that Judy and I'm right annoyed about it - just ask Dad
Harvie: er What's up Doc
No 'puter/Arwen: Hi, Rich
Judy: it is healed, and have most of the use back, still a little weak
Dr.D.: Hi Bob and everyone else.
BobS: ya mon
Judy: hello, Dr D
rich-c: but coming along well - good to her it
rich-c: Rich, what does it mean when you take your temperature and it shows hypothermia - and teh thermometer is accurate?
Dr.D.: I presume Rin has become a brunette if she is Arwen...and Pam has no computer?
Guy B.: Rich, I'm going to talk to an advisor at the Univ. of Phoenix next week during my vacation.
BobS: that you are cold..........
Dr.D.: <rim shot>
Dr.D.: How hypothermic, Richard?
No 'puter/Arwen: <E> she was never described as a brunette, IIRC
Judy: it is storming here, not a great night for sitting outside, so we are in
Dr.D.: Elves all had dark hair, "save the golden house of Finarfin".
rich-c: 34.7 C - 35 is the line for hypothermia
Dr.D.: So what is your temp?
No 'puter/Arwen: <E> they don't specifiy what kind of dark
Dr.D.: Dark chocolate.
BobS: dark beer......bottom of the vat..........
rich-c: 34.7 this morning - down from 35.3 and 35.7 last two days
Guy B.: No storms here, but we are going to get them later and tomorrow.
Dr.D.: And creamy filling...sounds like a 3 Musketeers bar.
rich-c: I think I've been having extended A-fib periods last two days - incredible fatigue, no appetite
BobS: yum !!!!!!!
Judy: sounds like you are hungry, Dr d
Dr.D.: Eating ice cream, mostly melted though due to phone interrupt.
Guy B.: My weight is finally coming back down, but with Abby out of commission. Our walks are temporalily suspended. I have to drive her to the woods so she can go.
Dr.D.: But I am hungry, running all day with this robot class.
No 'puter/Arwen: pass the ice cream
Harvie: You need an APIC Doc
rich-c: APIC?
No 'puter/Arwen: ??
Judy: we have had trouble with the exercise also, tooo much rain and cold weather
Dr.D.: Your body temp is 94.5 F if I did that conversion properly.
rich-c: sounds credible
Judy: but we went out for a bike ride tonight
Dr.D.: Is your house cold? (too much AC)
Harvie: Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
rich-c: no a/c on for weeks
Judy: just outside, Dr D
Guy B.: I have to get my tires inflated, so I can ride mine. Got one of the last 5 speeds.
Harvie: To handle the phone interrupts
rich-c: and quite tolerable inside
Judy: don't need it here, almost need heat
Dr.D.: Have you lost a large amount of weight recently?
Dr.D.: And are you sure your thermometer is accurate?
Dr.D.: I would believe a mercury one...
BobS: nope Guy, got 1 too
Judy: at least that is whatBob thinks, I said no more heat until the fall
rich-c: yes, my weight does seem dowm beyond normal water balance fluctuation
rich-c: and the thermometer shows 36.7 when Frances uses it
Guy B.: Jeanene surprised me with that for my birthday 14 years ago and its a Schwinn.
Dr.D.: Then maybe you really are cold due to loss of body fat.
rich-c: the claimed accuracy is +/- 0.1 degree
Dr.D.: And you haven't got a new set-point yet.
Dr.D.: If you put it in ice-water and it says 4 C, I will believe it.
BobS: HAH......mine is 30 years old Guy and still works good........don't tell judy, she is a grinch
Judy: I got a new one this year
rich-c: doubt I've lost that much; my water excretion has been very high lately - sip a swallow, discharge a pint
Guy B.: No wonder Bob. You got the old and she has the new.
No 'puter/Arwen: TMI Dad
Judy: mine is prettier
rich-c: anyway it's electronic, Rich, and only has a limited range - mercury type tricks won't work
Guy B.: Boy, even though what's happening with Abby this week. I'm looking forward to my vacation next week. My first for this year.
Dr.D.: Then you have to believe it...or go to your local chemist's shop and get a real mercury one :-)
rich-c: a break is always very welcome, Guy
Guy B.: Especially with July reports will be coming in next month and so will overtime again.
rich-c: my sight isn't good enough even with glasses to be certain of the reding on a mercury type
No 'puter/Arwen: is your thermometer digital Dad?
Dr.D.: I think he said yes.
BobS: gotta get the Readers Digest large print version Richard
rich-c: yes Pam, digital electronic
Judy: I had problems with one of them, had to buy a new one works much better
No 'puter/Arwen: an under the tongue version or in the ear version?
rich-c: sublingual or armit or rectal - choose one of, Pam
(Guy B. gives No 'puter/Arwen a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: tongue one, they are much cheaper
Dr.D.: axillary is the med term for #2.
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of cranberry soda)
rich-c: I'll make a note ;-)
BobS: TANKS guy
Judy: hope it is diet, Guy
Dr.D.: (Dr.D. give No'puter a 'puter and Arwen a ticket to Valinor.)
BobS: was tirsty
Guy B.: I think it is.
Judy: that is good
Guy B.: Nothing but Diet Cokes for me.
Judy: have to keep after him, he is trying to get off his diet
rich-c: you mean it isn't New Low-Carb Coke? Heavens, where's your fad sensitivity?
Dr.D.: (Dr.D. wants a Hires root beer, but they don't make it any more.)
Guy B.: Well, if he keeps going off the diet, then he needs more exercise to compensate for it.
rich-c: they don't?
No 'puter/Arwen: will A & W do Rich?
Dr.D.: Put brown food coloring in tap water, dissolve 2 No-Doz tablets, there is no-carb drink for you.
Judy: the low carb beer is bad, at least that is what Bob thinks
Dr.D.: Ehhh, A&W is okay.
Dr.D.: Not sweet enough.
rich-c: is Dad's Old-Fashioned Root Beer still around?
Guy B.: I have tried the Diet A&W. It's very close to the original.
BobS: tis YUCKY
Dr.D.: That's why I don't like Dad's, it isn't sweet and syruppy :-)
No 'puter/Arwen: aren't you sweet enough already?
Judy: he is getting that, been working on building a house for my sisters oldest son
Dr.D.: Re: sweetness, depends on whom you ask.
Guy B.: How about Dog N Suds? I have a can of their root beer in my fridge.
Dr.D.: Bleh, what a name!
Dr.D.: Sounds like dishwashing liquid.
rich-c: slur on the good name of REAL suds
Guy B.: Dr. D, I take it you never went to one.
No 'puter/Arwen: sorry Guy, didn't see the Diet Coke go by
Dr.D.: It's a place, then? I never heard of it.
Guy B.: Famous for their corny dogs.
Harvie: A&W clone
BobS: Dog & Suds was just lie A&W only had more food tiems to sdell ya
BobS: items
Guy B.: In a way, yes.
Judy: are there any left, the one around here closed years ago
BobS: ......arf and and suds
Guy B.: They are all gone here. However, Woodfield Mall has an A&W Restaurant.
No 'puter/Arwen: which Judy?
Dr.D.: There was a carhop A&W in my parents' hometown that we went to until the mid-1970s, when it closed.
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Judy: Dog & Suds
No 'puter/Arwen: A & W only in malls here now
changed username to rich-c
Dr.D.: ISTR a non-carhop one on my way to Indianapolis on January.
Guy B.: We have a clone Rich Clee.
rich-c: damn, I got dumped (or dumped myself)
No 'puter/Arwen: will the real Dad please stand up
Dr.D.: I'm a Dad, quadrux!
Judy: welcome back, then, Rich
Dr.D.: (if that is a word)
Harvie: There's an A&W on Hurontario ST N in Brampton (drive through in a Petro-Canada Station)
Dr.D.: (I have been making them up lately)
No 'puter/Arwen: add 'em to the lexicon, Ric
No 'puter/Arwen: h
Guy B.: Be right, going to check on Abby. She's in the kitchen.
No 'puter/Arwen: there's one in Yorkdale and that's the only one I am sure of
rich-c: I can't remember if I've ever been in an A&W
rich-c: or for that matter Dairy Queen or Arby's
rich-c: and McDonalds was so long ago I pretty much forget when
Dr.D.: "to typo" = "to type text while making lots of errors"
No 'puter/Arwen: I was at DQ yesterday
No 'puter/Arwen: had a strawberry cheesecake Blizzard
rich-c: with me, all that stuff goes straight to my waistline, so I can't affod it
Guy B.: Abby's just lying down in the kitchen. She's doing Ok.
Harvie: All this talk of A&W has me thirsty BrB
Guy B.: Ohhh. That sounds good.
Judy: was in Burger King this week, was going out for lunch with the grand kids, only kind of place to take three little kids with two adults
rich-c: well, won't be time for my Guiness till 20 minutes or so
No 'puter/Arwen: it was Guy
Guy B.: My supervisor treated us for pizzas for lunch today. Ate too much of that.
Dr.D.: Richard, if you are dropping weight, maybe you need some wasteline...
rich-c: now pizzas, I can identify iwth!
Dr.D.: "Separated at birth?" I don't think so.
Dr.D.: :-)
rich-c: no, it happens when I lose my appetite for a day or two
Guy B.: We had stuffed and thick crust.
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rich-c: if I ever need to, I can rebuild it instantly
rich-c: all I need to do is walk past a Tim Hortons - don't even have to go in
changed username to George outside
Guy B.: George, you're outside today?
rich-c: George - teh hospital sprung you?
Dr.D.: What is George outside of?
George outside: Hi Everyone
No 'puter/Arwen: Hi George
Judy: hi, George
rich-c: c'mon, spill it, Geoerge - what's the news?
George outside: i'm live outside my apartment
Guy B.: How are you feeling?
No 'puter/Arwen: WIFI working again?
George outside: on wifi
George outside: i'm much better
Guy B.: Good to hear.
rich-c: hey neat! you're home, and even have the wifi perking -wow!
Guy B.: You have that secured?
George outside: with comcast
George outside: so secured comcast can't find me
rich-c: sounds good, George - do you still have AOL as your ISP?
George outside: yes
Guy B.: That's great. You did good George.
Harvie: On Knoppix George?
rich-c: then if someone does pirate you, it will be AOL's problem
George outside: win98 tonight
rich-c: you're not supposed to mention Windows tonight, George - notice Pamela's handle
Dr.D.: No, her handle means no computers.
No 'puter/Arwen: notice that Pamela has Daddy's laptop : )
Dr.D.: Ah, I said computer!
George outside: like i said comcast says they can't even find me
rich-c: count your blessing, George, long as you can find your connection ;-)
No 'puter/Arwen: nice Daddy!
rich-c: well, next step is to get your desktop untangled, Pam
Dr.D.: I hope the rental fee is good :-)
Guy B.: I had them come to my place last month. They claim I was using cable, but I wasn't. I'm using antenna on my TV's.
rich-c: them maybe we can let Erin borrow teh laptop for a while
No 'puter/Arwen: it's rent-free
Dr.D.: Family favors are never without payback :-)
rich-c: so waht was Comcast trying to pull?
BobS: and what did they say when they saw rabbits ears????
George outside: buy what they can
rich-c: I get the feeling sometimes that US cable companies are psychotic with greed
George outside: comcast is very big on expansionism
Dr.D.: All Americans are psychotic with greed...just ask anyone else on the planet...
Guy B.: Claimed they did an audit and found an active cable outlet. I do have an outlet, but there isn't a cable attached to it. Then this guy offered my $19.99 for 3 months. Then it goes up unless I cancelled. I turned him down.
Harvie: Ted Rogers taught them rich
George outside: not me
rich-c: well, yeah - not quite all, but a lot...
BobS: AH the old bullshit try from cable.........'have we got a DEAL for you"
rich-c: did he give any explanation as to why the outlet might be active?
Dr.D.: I need a new homeland...maybe Hungaria.
Dr.D.: Or Ecuarico.
Dr.D.: Or Grand Fenwick.
rich-c: go for that last one - they make great wine!
Dr.D.: :-)
George outside: yes bloody Hungaria
rich-c: besides, roaring mice turn me on
Guy B.: Jeanene has antenna service with them for $8 and guess what. They have her on basic service still.
Guy B.: No idea why Rich. I think it's a bluff.
Dr.D.: Film Society here showed "The Mouse That Roared" last fall.
rich-c: how does one end up buying antenna service from comcast?
Guy B.: You get the local channels and nothing else.
rich-c: you just moved, Guy - maybe the prevkous tenant had it and didn't cancel?
No 'puter/Arwen: even when you cancel or transfer, the outlet doesn't always go dead
rich-c: why not just put up an antenna and tell them where to head in?
George outside: it's called lifeline basic service here
Judy: or they canceled but the company didn't shut it off
Guy B.: Well, AT&T had it before until they sold it to Comcast two years ago.
Guy B.: That's probably what happened.
(Dr.D. gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dr.D.: I want to hear more about the mice.
rich-c: (with lots of thick cramy foam)
No 'puter/Arwen: when we moved into 29 it turned out we could have had free cable for two years before we got it
George outside: i have real antenna backup
George outside: and mobile
Guy B.: Now I hear that SBC wants to get into this using DSL and Microsoft is going to help them getting off the ground.
rich-c: that's your ticket to tell the cable company to go to hell - never part with it
No 'puter/Arwen: yeah, Bob, we didn't find out the outlet was active until the cable co. told us it was
Dr.D.: I am pretty sure that if the girls were not here I would dump cable and never miss it...
Dr.D.: Probably never miss any is a wasteland for me.
Dr.D.: Even reruns of the stuff I liked from the past is edited, time-compressed, and bug-ified.
rich-c: well, with teh racing season on and football going, I NEED our satellite
George outside: now i can watch tv whereever i go
Dr.D.: If you watch what they have, that is fine.
Guy B.: Since the primetime season is over. I'm watching old TV series on DVD.
rich-c: our football season is 78 games - 75 are being telecast (Frances groans)
Dr.D.: Richard, due to mailbox error I deleted your most recent E-mail without ever reading it.
No 'puter/Arwen: yes, Mom and I are football widows : )
Dr.D.: Even DVD is no guarantee of no edits.
rich-c: I think it was just a joke, Rich
No 'puter/Arwen: however, we are CFL football widows, which helps
Dr.D.: Russell likes CFL?
Guy B.: Some have included the scenes that were deleted.
rich-c: yes, at least teh alpha males watch REAL football
No 'puter/Arwen: oh yes, exclusively
Dr.D.: And then there is stuff like the complete Johnny Quest boxed set, which I would have considered buying, except that they went over the dialogue with a PC filter.
rich-c: the only edge teh NFL has over tennis is that watching it doesn't give me vertigo before putting me to sleep
Dr.D.: Deleting the most famous Race Bannon line of all time: "Take *that*, you heathen baboons!"
Guy B.: Does anyone remember Futurama?
No 'puter/Arwen: it's still on, Guy
Dr.D.: I remember of it, never was able to catch more than bits of it.
Guy B.: I have all three volumes on DVD.
No 'puter/Arwen: it's on Teletoon if I'm not mistaken
Dr.D.: Animation compresses very well to DVD, since it has so many areas of constant, flat color.
Dr.D.: So you can get zillions of hours on just a few discs.
rich-c: yes, we have some spammer offering 70 famous Westerns on DVDs
Guy B.: Pam, do you know who plays Leela's voice?
Dr.D.: "Roy Rogers versus the Nazi Threat" :-)
No 'puter/Arwen: I caught the tail end of That's Entertainment Too on PBS the other night
rich-c: may even be a legitimate business that doesn't rea;ize spamming is not a legitimate business method
Dr.D.: I think of Leela from Tom Baker's "Doctor Who".
No 'puter/Arwen: Erin says it's the actress who played Peg Bundy on Married with Children
Guy B.: Nope, Katey Sagal from 8 Simple Rules.
Dr.D.: Amazon with IQ of 200.
No 'puter/Arwen: same person Guy
Dr.D.: "Circle gets the square!"
Guy B.: Then why didn't you say so.
No 'puter/Arwen: cos I couldn't remember her name!
Guy B.: Besides, I never watched Married with Children.
Dr.D.: (Sounds like a "Hollywood Squares" question)
No 'puter/Arwen: then how do you know who played Peg Bundy?
(Guy B. gives No 'puter/Arwen a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Dr.D.: Spooky...just opened up my mailbox at CWRU and I have 666 messages.
No 'puter/Arwen: mmmm, chocolate (chanelling Homer)
No 'puter/Arwen: just close it again and send yourself something, Rich
Guy B.: Hey Homer, where's mine?
Judy: don't read them all at once, Dr D
rich-c: what did you do to deserve that? I rarely get over 120 spams a day
No 'puter/Arwen: (mouth full) no more chocolate
Dr.D.: Well, they are accumulated.
Dr.D.: I just haven't archived it for a while.
rich-c: don't you have some sot of spam filter?
Dr.D.: No spam, it is all filtered away from this account.
Guy B.: Whoa, that's going to take you all night or a couple of days to go through.
Dr.D.: Not 666 new ones, just 666 total, waiting to be archived.
rich-c: you mean you have that many REAL messages??? Whoo-ee!!!
Dr.D.: I was keeping some stuff from mid-May around because it has contact infor for my summer students.
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Dr.D.: Yes I do.
rich-c: oh, that's OK then - for a while you had me going there
Harvie: Sounds Evil
Dr.D.: Well, someone could send me mail and break the about Rin?
rich-c: I don't even want to think of how many messages I might have archived
No 'puter/Arwen: <E> can't - no 'puter, remember?
Dr.D.: (it would probably be "
Dr.D.: What are you typing on, then?
rich-c: well, if you can tell me the date when I sent you that deleted message, I could re-send it
Dr.D.: It was today, Richard.
No 'puter/Arwen: <E> Well Pam is typing...and it's on Uncle Richard's laptop
Guy B.: I never see spam. Occasionally, one might slip by. But, I set on my filter where it deletes it immediately.
rich-c: OK, it was a joke then - wsatch your mailbox for 667
rich-c: don't be surprised if that knoocks me off chat again - but I'll be back
Dr.D.: hahaha thanks Richard.
Dr.D.: I'll let you know when it arrives.
rich-c: OK you should have it anytime now
rich-c: I'll go get me my beer while we wait - brb
No 'puter/Arwen: can I do that on this thing Dad?
Dr.D.: Depends on if you have a webmail client or not, I think.
Dr.D.: Richard's E-mail arrived...
Guy B.: I have webmail client.
No 'puter/Arwen: ah the joys of technology
Dr.D.: but he sent it to my other address, so CWRU is still at the magic number :-)
No 'puter/Arwen: takes an e-mail thirty seconds
No 'puter/Arwen: takes snail mail three days
rich-c: can you do what, Pam? all I did was send an email
Dr.D.: Carrier pigeon takes a week.
No 'puter/Arwen: forward it to your CWRU address Rich
No 'puter/Arwen: check e-mail while chatting
Dr.D.: I might as well have spammed my self.
Dr.D.: Brain is going...maybe I should sign off and sleep.
No 'puter/Arwen: sleep is good - just ask Ron : )
rich-c: I don't know if you can do it with Outlook Express - I use Eudora which is independent
Dr.D.: I would, but he isn't here.
BobS: speaking of whom...............
No 'puter/Arwen: what I meant was, can this machine handle multitasking Dad
rich-c: the chat module will accept some multitasking but not all
Dr.D.: <CRASH>
No 'puter/Arwen: okay, I'll try later I've crashed enough computers for one day
rich-c: for instance if you want to do a web seardch you must open a new instance of IE
Dr.D.: "No electrons were harmed during the performance of this Blue Screen of Death"
No 'puter/Arwen: Dad, I just left a message for Neil asking him to give me a call about the computer - maybe he can help me
rich-c: anyway yes, the laptop has 98SE on it which allows multi-tasking within memory and cache limitations
George outside: i'm watching win tv and surfing the net and doing chat
rich-c: that means you have two copies of IE open then, right, George?
No 'puter/Arwen: got an elevator shaft I can "fix" mine with George?
George outside: right
No 'puter/Arwen: although Dad recommends defenestration
Dr.D.: Hehe, reminds me of a college football cheer we used to do when there was a bad call by the refs:
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: "Elevator, elevator, we got the shaft!"
Dr.D.: My chat is now running impossibly slowly.
Harvie: "Defenestrate Windows" :)
Dr.D.: Without updating.
changed username to rich-c
Dr.D.: And now it all appeared.
Dr.D.: <cue Twilight Zone theme>
George outside: i wonder what i could do with HT
No 'puter/Arwen: 2-4-6-8, who don't we appreciate? Referree, referee, bad refs!
rich-c: OK, am I triplets or did everyone get bounced?
No 'puter/Arwen: you'r only one here
Dr.D.: The ref beats his wife! (3 times) She likes it, she likes it!
rich-c: oh, see I lost my evil twin instead
Dr.D.: Followed by dog, mistress, himself...
Dr.D.: We had fun at the games.
Guy B.: You're back to your old self Rich.
rich-c: anyway, Pam, all you need is teh computer version of Pepto-Bismol
Judy: there is only one here
Dr.D.: A pink chat room?
Dr.D.: We could make one.
No 'puter/Arwen: (Pamela pours icky pink stuff into hard drive)
rich-c: bite your tongue!!!
(007 music plays in the background)
No 'puter/Arwen: (pink smoke ensues)
Dr.D.: Bismuth subsalicylate is your friend.
George outside: not mine
Dr.D.: Makes my tummy happy when it is upset.
George outside: i have an allergy
rich-c: as long as it cures Fatal Exception Errors in vxd.vmm
rich-c: I've never used it
Harvie: Linux cures that rich
rich-c: right, but for computer illiterates teh cure is worse than the disease
No 'puter/Arwen: that's me
George outside: i downloaded another linux
rich-c: works fine for you and George and Rich, but teh others?
Dr.D.: I have no Linux machines.
rich-c: which one, George?
Harvie: It's a piece of cake
Dr.D.: We need ADAMix.
George outside: it begins with top
rich-c: right, yours are all other Unix flavours, aren't they?
Dr.D.: Multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-threaded OS on the Z80.
Dr.D.: In 64K.
Dr.D.: With no hardware page faults :-)
Guy B.: If I tried it. Might as well install it on another hard drive.
rich-c: with a magaram memory expander, of course
George outside: it runs on windows partitions
Harvie: "Dr Linus Drushell"
Dr.D.: <snicker>
rich-c: most Linuxes can be set up to do that, I gather
George outside: not true
Dr.D.: The only Linus in me holds a security blanket and awaits the Great Pumpkin with sincerity.
Guy B.: There is no Great Pumpkin.
Dr.D.: Blasphemer!
rich-c: I know Linspire (nee Lindows) does
No 'puter/Arwen: no Guy, say it ain't so
Dr.D.: Smite! Smite!
George outside: not in linux
Dr.D.: Linspire? That is a new name to me.
rich-c: check it out - they have a "free" offer right now
Guy B.: Where?
rich-c: you'll find it in your copy of Langalist a few issues back
Dr.D.: So can Erin get Rinspire?
Dr.D.: (might fix her broken computer)
Harvie: Linspire is Lindows
Dr.D.: They changed the name?
rich-c: it isn't Rin's computer that's down - it's Pamela's
Guy B.: Oh, that's right because of Microsoft.
rich-c: yes, has to do with the Microsoft lawsuits in Europe
Dr.D.: They need to find some software engineer named Stanislaus Lindowski and say it was named for him.
George outside: there is a short list of linux dist. that run on windows at under distributions and making proper selections
Dr.D.: So Rin's computer is working now?
Harvie: Netherlands court found in Lindows favour
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
No 'puter/Arwen requested to ban rich-c
George outside confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Dr.D.: Seems like the chat is acting up again.
rich-c: sheesh, bounced wonder which key it is that does that?
rich-c: I know it's down on the lower right somewhere
No 'puter/Arwen: that's right Dad, blame it on the keyboard
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: of course
Dr.D.: 0321456987=/
Dr.D.: Tried all my lower right keys, none crash it.
Harvie: It's the "any" key
rich-c: try alt - windows - right click menu - control
Harvie: Or maybe the anar chy
No 'puter/Arwen: groan
No 'puter/Arwen: wookie sounds
rich-c: Harvie, colour that and save it for Easter...
Dr.D.: The mon kee.
Dr.D.: Or the Ric ky.
No 'puter/Arwen: the woo kie
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr.D.: <kiss I guess then>
Harvie: Not to mention the cook ie
Dr.D.: For pigeons learning to type.
rich-c: naw, that lives on teh screen, not the keyboard
rich-c: anywa, George, have you found the listing in the Langalist?
Dr.D.: Well gang, I am going to call it a night.
Dr.D.: See you all next week!
Guy B.: Bye Dr D.
BobS: tired eh?????
rich-c: right, you've been burning teh candle at both ends, as usual - take care
Judy: night Dr D
Dr.D.: Yes, plumb worn out.
BobS: be good, say HI to the wife and kids,
Harvie: Au reservoir
rich-c: OK, see you Saturday or next week, then
No 'puter/Arwen: nite Rich.....sleep sweet
Dr.D.: Our river is dirt cheap.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
No 'puter/Arwen: wow, that was quick
rich-c: so George, have you found it yet?
BobS: and I'M OFF......he said as he disappeared into cyberspace
rich-c: you just wren't paying attention, Pam
George outside: what?
rich-c: the free Linux distribution offers
Harvie: Bye Bye Birdie
No 'puter/Arwen: I was getting a beverage
George outside: i went inside for a min
George outside: i downloaded them
rich-c: OK, look at your last three or four copies of Langalist - the story is in one of them
Guy B.: Bye Bob
George outside: most are a free download
rich-c: oh, you mean you have them already?
No 'puter/Arwen: no no no that was a comment not a statement of intent, Guy
BobS: ME no leavin'...........ME stay, keemosabby
Guy B.: Well folks, got to go as well. I don't think Abby wants to go out for quick one and I have to give her medicine for the night. So, I'll see you all next week.
George outside: then you just burn the .iso files to cd
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week, then - enjoy your vacation
No 'puter/Arwen: see, now that was a statement of intent. G'nite Guy, hope Abby gets better quickly
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Guy B.: That I will.
George outside: nite uy
BobS: be good Guy
George outside: Guy
George outside: sorry
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: yes, I still have to get my CD burner running again - right now when I access it I get a BSOD
Guy B.: Ok, see you all later, Poof!
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: got into a problem when I changed drivers - will have to uninstall and reinstall everyhting
No 'puter/Arwen: it looks like I'll be in town on Sunday Dad, maybe I'll come to the computer fair with you
rich-c: good idea, Pam - just bring a can of tuna fish or something for the food bank
No 'puter/Arwen: Harvie, are you planning to go?
George outside: i like HP burners their recordnow auto burns .iso files
rich-c: I got a whole slew of really neat software with my LG DVD burner
Harvie: Not sure, would like to go but never know what emergencies may pop up
No 'puter/Arwen: no tuna in this house Dad
No 'puter/Arwen: well if you do go, I'll be the one with the sunburn : )
rich-c: well, get a crock of peanut butter, or some boxes of Kraft dinner, or something equally appropriate
George outside: now i want to go out on a party boat
No 'puter/Arwen: KD I can do, Dad
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
George outside: sea bass and drumfish are biting
rich-c: dumped gain - this is getting ridiculous
No 'puter/Arwen: Did you get dumped again Dad????
George outside: tamcotec
No 'puter/Arwen: I don't think it's tamco, George
rich-c: no, Pamela is on Tamco too and she's doing fine
George outside: the infailable isp
rich-c: and John isn't fiddling with teh upgrade until next week
Harvie: I'm on tamcotec and I didn't get booted
rich-c: I suspect it is when I nick the right-click menu key that it messes things up
BobS: ahso !!!!!!! its something INSIDE the hosue ......Frances ???????
rich-c: Frances is sound asleep in the living room, as it happens
No 'puter/Arwen: I have a furry lap rug
No 'puter/Arwen: now Erin has one
rich-c: so who has Inky?
No 'puter/Arwen: inky's asleep on the floor. That's willow going "mom, you don't have enough fur on you"
BobS: hmmmm....the cat????
BobS: of the resident skeeters?????
BobS: or
No 'puter/Arwen: yup
Judy: well, then tell her hi, tomorrow for us
rich-c: you mean Willow spreeads over two laps?
No 'puter/Arwen: no, he alternates
Judy: I am calling it a night, talk to you all in two weeks, will be gone next week
rich-c: OK Judy, see you in two weeks, then
No 'puter/Arwen: night Judy
BobS: and wid DAT, tis time be bid ya'll a fond farewell; adios; auf wiedesehen; and GOOD bye
Harvie: Goodnight Judy
No 'puter/Arwen: night Bobs
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night Bob, take it easy
No 'puter/Arwen: wish me Happy Birthday
BobS: Oh, and i will accompany the lady......see ya in 2
BobS: BAM, BANG.....poof
Harvie: A dios Bob
BobS left chat session
No 'puter/Arwen: speaking of which, where's Daniel tonite?
rich-c: I don't know, I was wondering - Ron isn't here either
No 'puter/Arwen: well Ron has been spotty recently so I'm not surprised
George outside: it's time for me to go
No 'puter/Arwen: okay George - enjoy the great outdoors
George outside: nite All
rich-c: right George; glad you are feeling better and things are going well for you
George outside: thanks
Harvie: Yep , the meter is running out and I got no mo Quarters
George outside: poof
George outside left chat session
Harvie: See ya next week
No 'puter/Arwen: heck, they're taking loonies now Harvie
Harvie: Old meter
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
No 'puter/Arwen: well shall we call it a night?
No 'puter/Arwen: I'm thinking it's time to give up, Dad
rich-c: OK Harvie, mayhap we will see you Sunday
rich-c: I agree Pam, having got bounced yet again
Harvie: Goodnight to all three rich-c's
No 'puter/Arwen: night Harvie
No 'puter/Arwen: maybe see you Sunday
rich-c: keep us posted on car washes, birthday urges, and similar questions
Harvie: Goodnight girls
Harvie left chat session
No 'puter/Arwen: I'll maybe be over tomorrow to wash the car Dad
rich-c: whatever - holler first, but I see no problems
No 'puter/Arwen: depending on weather, and I will call first of course
No 'puter/Arwen: until then, thanks for the loan
rich-c: right - meantime do a search on vxd.vmm and find a few ansers - if you know what needs fixing then fixing gets a lot easier
No 'puter/Arwen: I will
No 'puter/Arwen: night, Daddy
rich-c: DO NOT under any circumstances play with teh registry
No 'puter/Arwen: <E> goodnight, Uncle Richard
No 'puter/Arwen: I won't Dad
rich-c: other than that, good luck - night now
No 'puter/Arwen: thanks - kerpoof
rich-c: night, Rin
rich-c left chat session
No 'puter/Arwen requested to ban rich-c
No 'puter/Arwen left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel
Daniel: Je sais, j'ai manqué la session.
Daniel: La fête de la St-Jean ici... j'ai complètement oublié le reste
Daniel left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.D.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B. > chat > Wed 2004-06-23
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