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Guy B.: HI Dr. D
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Guy B.: How's everything over there?
Dr.D.: Very pleasant. Sunny, cool, a great day to be outside.
Dr.D.: In fact, we are going on a picnic as soon as Joan gets home from work.
Dr.D.: I have to go get some barbecuable stuff at the store as soon as I get out of this chat, in fact :-)
Guy B.: Same here. Nice day for it. Found out what my dog has.
Dr.D.: What is it?
Guy B.: Mites
Dr.D.: Ugh.
Dr.D.: What is the treatment?
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rich-c: greetings gentlemen
Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
Guy B.: Seems they are part of a dog's skin and they do build up. So, Abby will be seeing a dermotologist on Thursday for the next step. But, it looks like she will be dipped.
Guy B.: HI Rich
Dr.D.: Will Pam be around? Since it's her birthday and all...
Dr.D.: I wanted to wish her Happy Jack Benny Day :-)
rich-c: don't expect her on, she doesnt do Saturdays
rich-c: however we'll be joining them for dinner tonight so I'll pass on your feleicitations
Guy B.: Rich, I was just telling Dr. D. that Abby has mites and not a chemical burn that we thought she got.
Dr.D.: Dipped, wow.
rich-c: that's what I suggested - it didnt make sense for a burn to be on only two paws
Dr.D.: Dunno if any of our dogs ever had them.
Dr.D.: "Doesn't do Saturdays" haha sounds like a cleaning-lady's rebuff about windows
Dr.D.: Well, say hi to her then for me.
rich-c: I just got my two vehicles out of the shop - and a kilobuck later....
Guy B.: But our regular vet had a family emergency and had to leave so, we ended up having someone else and she was recommending a oral treatment that wasn't approved for dogs, but for livestock.
rich-c: massive tidying of all sorts of details on both
Dr.D.: I sent her E-mail, too, not sure when she reads it.
Dr.D.: So I presume her computer got fixed?
Dr.D.: Kilobuck...ouch.
Dr.D.: Wow, that was a long delay in updating...
Dr.D.: What was up with the Meteor?
rich-c: she isnt teh world's best on emails, and was loathe to use the program on my computer (laptop)
Guy B.: I take it, she's afraid of installing anything on her computer.
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Guy B.: Welcome Back
Dr.D.: Okay, it disconnected itself.
rich-c: see we all got dumped
Dr.D.: Very interesting...
Guy B.: I didn't.
Dr.D.: Guy is the Golden Boy today :-)
rich-c: great - anyway Guy do you have to dip teh whole dog or just the paws?
Dr.D.: But as I was saying...oral meds for mites, that is interesting.
Guy B.: I'm very sure it's just the paws.
rich-c: that should not be too hard on her, then, as long as she doesn't lick them
rich-c: Rich, Pam's computer did decide to boot for no visible reason Thursday and has been fine since
Guy B.: I talked with my regular vet today and she's not recommending it. So, that's out. But, she's for the dip and it will be 1 or 2 times a week for about 2 months.
rich-c: that is a case where a second opinion has value
Guy B.: That's why she has to stay at the hospital for half a day. To monitor her.
Dr.D.: Bizarre about Pam's computer.
rich-c: anyway Rich Pam did not want to use my laptop to download her emails
Dr.D.: Hehe, too sensitive :-)
rich-c: no, she did teh whole load - about 20 - of critical updates all at once
Dr.D.: I hope your dog won't be scared in the hospital, Guy.
rich-c: that often leads to things going wrong, especially on dialup
Guy B.: That's why I got it. This other vet I talked with was new and I think she didn't know what's she was doing. She did one thing right though. Found what Abby had.
Dr.D.: What is in the dip?
rich-c: medicine remians more an art than a science - even at the veterinary level
Dr.D.: I can remember my Grampa Varns making a sheep dip for his flock that was DDT...
Guy B.: Probably some chemical to kill the mites, I'll find out more on Thursday.
rich-c: Pam has Russell's cousin over today helping them install a CD burner
Guy B.: Well, thought I let you guys know that I'
Dr.D.: So who all is taking Pam to birthday supper?
rich-c: she is talking a bit of extra memory too - 64MB does not hack it these days
Guy B.: I'll be meeting someone new either tomorrow or Monday. Her name is Karen.
rich-c: Frances and I are meeting them there
Dr.D.: Laptops are only so expandable though.
Guy B.: Just the memory.
Dr.D.: Good luck with it, Guy. Karen is a nice name...I don't see it much nowadays.
rich-c: no, the laptop is mine - APam's computer is a desktop
rich-c: we'll be expecting a suitable report on Wednesday, Guy
Dr.D.: NOT!
Guy B.: At least you expand the desktop.
Guy B.: Yes, I'll fill you guys in.
rich-c: my laptop has 64 and will only support 96 8-(
Dr.D.: I think any future computers I get will be laptops.
Guy B.: That's what mine has.
rich-c: they have advantages but you pay a revolting price for them
Dr.D.: True, but the portability is worth it.
Dr.D.: And lack of footprint on your working desk.
Guy B.: There are a lot of used ones too.
rich-c: speak for yourself - the only thing I have been using the laptop for lately as Amiga meetings
rich-c: keep me amused while Frances does her thing
rich-c: but the meetings are over for the summer now
Dr.D.: Over half my working desktop is computer and monitors, it is too much.
Guy B.: I've been using mine for programming and database work and might come in handy if I decide to go back to school.
Dr.D.: And if I have to teach other courses this fall, I need to be able to plug into the projector systems.
rich-c: going to an LCD monitor will help greatly with the ral estate - cheaper too
Dr.D.: Helps some...the University isn't buying tube monitors anymore with desktop systems.
rich-c: well, if you have cause to buy a laptop, then it is the only answer
Dr.D.: But unless you need to plug in some expansion-slot device to control lab hardware, I don't see the need for a desktop except for price.
Guy B.: Going with the new LCD monitors?
Dr.D.: Yes Guy.
Dr.D.: Once enough people go with them, the price will fall on them.
Guy B.: They are still coming down, but not as fast as the PC's are.
Dr.D.: Even though it is expensive, if I buy a laptop, it will the the top-end Mac Powerbook with RAM and HD maxed out.
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rich-c: no, the issue apparently is yield on the larger screens - too many quality failures in the larger sizes
Dr.D.: Then it will be useful for 5-7 years.
changed username to Computerized Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Dr.D.: It is the Birthday Girl!
Computerized Pam: Greetings
rich-c: hey, daughter - you're online!!!
Computerized Pam: that I am
Dr.D.: I sent you greetings in E-mail.
(Guy B. hugs Computerized Pam)
Computerized Pam: just popped in to say hi and thank Rich for his birthday greetings
Computerized Pam: thanks, Guy
rich-c: I just spent the last half hour explaining why you weren't!
Computerized Pam: Rich, thanks for your e-mail
Dr.D.: So you read 'em, great! Thanks for stopping over.
Dr.D.: Hope you have a nice birthday supper.
Computerized Pam: well apparently my computer is a fickle beast
rich-c: as in?
Dr.D.: And, as I put it to your Dad, "Happy Jack Benny Day" :-)
Computerized Pam: thank you - we're going to Tuckers for dinner - free food on your birthday
Dr.D.: Bring your ID card with printed birthday for proof, eh?
Guy B.: Pam, thought I let you know that Abby has mites and not chemical burns on her paws. She's seeing a dermotologist on Thursday for the next step.
rich-c: if you'd prefer elsewhere, Pam, I'm sure we could look after it
Computerized Pam: something proving it's your birthday
Computerized Pam: that's a relief Guy
Dr.D.: Welts from birthday spankings? :-)
rich-c: do parents testimonies count?
Computerized Pam: no welts here thank you
Computerized Pam: don't think so, Dad
Dr.D.: No spankings, boo hoo.
rich-c: bummer
Guy B.: Yes it is. So, we'll see what's next. Most likely a dip.
rich-c: so did you find out what was wrong with the old CD, Pam?
Dr.D.: But I doubt she will need a passport.
Computerized Pam: no, we didn't psychoanalyze it Dad
rich-c: thought when Neil was in there he might have noticed
Computerized Pam: mites are easily curable Guy
Computerized Pam: we haven't had time Dad, we're working on something else and we have limited time
rich-c: anyway, is it now booting the way it ought to?
Guy B.: That's what my vet said. But, what she has is a little rare and the first time in a older dog.
Computerized Pam: yes, it's booting fine, and Belarc Advisor indicates that all the stuff I downloaded from MS installed correctly
Dr.D.: How did she get them? Abby isn't an outdoor dog.
Guy B.: But, she's a tough one.
Computerized Pam: it doesn't take much Rich, and Abby is outside every day for walks
rich-c: did you talk to Erin about getting an account so she can use the laptop, then?
Computerized Pam: nope, haven't had a chance - will do that once Neil leaves
Guy B.: Good question, although we do a lot of walking around the woods and the bike trail. Could be any number of factors.
rich-c: I hope you dont have Lyme disease in your parts
Dr.D.: Say hi to Rin for me if she is around, Pam.
Computerized Pam: Neil has to be out of here at 4:30 so I haven't had much time for anything else
Computerized Pam: I will, Rich
Dr.D.: Your election is going to be Monday, right?
rich-c: did you do anything other than install the CR burner, Pam?
Guy B.: We do have deer around, but I don't think she has that.
rich-c: yes it is Rich - Pam is a DRO
Computerized Pam: correct - I'm working as a deputy returning officer - it's going to be a long day
Dr.D.: I imagine Erin will be busy, too.
Computerized Pam: not so far, Dad
Dr.D.: What does a DRO do? Sounds like ballot transport.
Computerized Pam: Erin is doing calling to follow up with voters who haven't turned out yet - she's working in Brampton, of all places
rich-c: that is part of it - also keeps teh scrutineers from killing each other
rich-c: also makes sure that challenged voters can prove they're legitimate
Computerized Pam: DRO is responsible for distributing and collecting the ballots from the minute you receive them from the Elections Canada office to after the count
Dr.D.: What is the significance of Brampton? (far away, poor outlook for Liberals?)
rich-c: and keeps an eye on the poll clerks to make sure they aren't stuffing ballots
Computerized Pam: we're responsible for counting the ballots in our poll and ensuring that the elector's experience is a simple and pleasant one.
Computerized Pam: dunno about Brampton, that's just where they're sending her
Dr.D.: Get them better candidates :-)
Dr.D.: From the way you mentioned it, it sounded like some "obvious" irony.
Computerized Pam: hey, I have nothing to do with the candidates - I'm supposed to be impartial
rich-c: Brampton essentially adjoins Toronto on teh northwest side, just past the airport
Dr.D.: Good candidates would mean a good voting experience.
Computerized Pam: not necessarily : )
Dr.D.: Which we never have over here :-(
Dr.D.: Well, there is always trial by combat (or melee, with more than 2 candidates), and let God Himself decide.
rich-c: move to Michigan, they have a great (Canadian!) governor
Computerized Pam: you can have the best candidates in the world, but if your polling experience is slow, full of errors and fumbling and surly DRO's and poll clerks, it won't be pleasant
Dr.D.: Spray happy gas in the chocolate...
Guy B.: We just had a Republican nominee drop out here over divorce records that were unsealed after the news media sued to have them released.
Computerized Pam: anyway, I'd better get back to Neil
Guy B.: For the U.S. Senate.
Computerized Pam: free chocolate - there's an idea : )
rich-c: OK, see you at 6 at Tuckers
Dr.D.: Bye Pam, thanks for stopping over, Happy B.D. again!
Computerized Pam: was that Jack Ryan, Guy?
Guy B.: Bye Pam, see you Wednesday. Happy B.D.
Guy B.: Yes it was.
Dr.D.: Hehe, Jack Ryan...
Computerized Pam: we heard about that.
Dr.D.: Now we see Republican hypocracy...
Computerized Pam: might have something to do with the fact that his ex wife is Jerri Ryan
rich-c: I missed it - must have been quite a divorce case
Guy B.: You guess that right.
Computerized Pam: you have to be up on current Trek lore Dad
Computerized Pam: I'll tell you about it tonite.
Dr.D.: Yeah, she is 37 of Triple-E.
rich-c: ok, you can explain it to me over dinner
Dr.D.: May not be suitable for good digestion.
Computerized Pam: alright guys, I'm outta here. Dad, see you tonite. Guy, Rich, thank you for your birthday wishes and I'll see you Wednesday evening.
rich-c: really seriously sorfif, eh?
Guy B.: But, I have to blame the news media for this one. He was trying to protect his 9 year old son.
rich-c: sordid
Computerized Pam: bye now!
Computerized Pam: 5
Computerized Pam: 4
Computerized Pam: 3
Computerized Pam: 2
rich-c: that's his story as to who he was trying to protect...
Computerized Pam: 1
Dr.D.: It is tit for tat with raking Clinton over the coals for Monicagate.
Computerized Pam: kerpoof
Computerized Pam left chat session
Dr.D.: Republicans care so much about moral turpitude...must expose it...and then when it's one of their own...oh, we have a right to privacy!
rich-c: yes, we have a bunch of rabid right-wingers on teh auto chat, forever ranting about that
Guy B.: Well, let's say this was something that Clinton didn't do, but Jack Ryan did.
rich-c: we discuss teh Michale Moore movie right back at them
Dr.D.: The obvious answer is, it is *NOBODY'S* business, *EVERYONE* has a right to privacy.
Dr.D.: However, if *I* don't have a right to privacy, then by gum *THEY* don't, either.
rich-c: yes, but what Reppublivan ever believed in equal justice for all?
Dr.D.: What's good for the goose is good for the by the rules you make other people live by, and if *you* don't like it, then maybe there is something wrong with the rule.
Guy B.: But, the damage was done and he decided to drop out. Now, the big wigs are trying to find someone else. But, it looks like the Democratic nominee will win it with no problem at all.
rich-c: that would not hurt my feelings, Guy
rich-c: not that I am a fan of the Democrats - I am not
rich-c: it's just that Bush and his mob are a luxury teh whole damn world can't afford
Dr.D.: I am a fan of some party that doesn't exist, if it ever did...
Dr.D.: I am sure that our Founding Fathers would be aghast at all parties now.
Guy B.: I feel bad for him that he had to do that. But, it wasn't his fault. One of the other Republican candidates brought this on a month before the election.
rich-c: move across the lake, Rich, and have a choice of five or moe
Dr.D.: It has been suggested to me, Richard :-)
rich-c: that's OK, all ours do is see who can out-bungle the others
Dr.D.: I think our government is is too fossilized...and the mechanisms to amend it are subverted.
rich-c: it isn't teh government that's bust, it's the people
Dr.D.: It does not scale to 300 million people...
rich-c: I won't deny that some reconfiguration might be beneficial
Dr.D.: I think we could draw a president and congress at random from a lottery, put them in a dorm, give them a phone and a computer, and it would work better through common sense than what we have now.
Dr.D.: The main problem is, what you must do to be elected totally eliminates the people who would be most just and fair in the job.
rich-c: my late brother always felt that we should appoint our Senate via lottery - the One Big Prize
Dr.D.: Just like in the Democratic party: usually what you have to do to get the nomination guarantees that you will lose in the election :-)
rich-c: yes, teh Republicans have teh advantages in having all teh big-money buyers
Dr.D.: And it looks like Boston this summer is going to be a reprise of Chicago 1968, perhaps without the riots, but still a big ugly spectacle...
Dr.D.: So if it were all lottery, *ANYONE* could get the job...then maybe fairness would get back into it.
Guy B.: Beginning to wonder if that could happen.
rich-c: why? I had the impression Kerry was a lock, with Edwards the leading candidate for VP
Dr.D.: Because of unrest in Boston proper, a variety of strikes going on now, esp. police.
Dr.D.: Or was it transportation workers? I can't remember.
rich-c: any particular reason? did they elect a Republican mayor or something?
Dr.D.: Anyway, transport and security in Boston are going to be a nightmare...
rich-c: well, given teh Big Dig which I gather ain't over yet, what else is new?
rich-c: test
Dr.D.: All it will take is one incident, no matter who starts it (and the conspiracy theorist in me sees Republicans plotting for stuff to happen), and it will be a big ugly media show.
Guy B.: Going to be an interesting convention.
rich-c: I thought teh Republicans were more worried that the terrorists would hit New York
Dr.D.: Imagery...fires and riots against Kerry campaign posters lying in the streets, can't you see it?
rich-c: so why is the mood in Boston more ugly than anywhere else?
Dr.D.: That I don't know...I have only followed bits and pieces of it from people who really are rabid pro-Kerry folks.
Dr.D.: But I am more afraid that some ill-defined "state of emergency" is going to be declared on Oct. 15th to distract everyone.
rich-c: frankly, I can't see anything Kerry has done that would attract rabid supporters - lukewarm, maybe
Dr.D.: Or someone "believed to be Osama Bin-Laden" will be trotted out to say that we got him.
Dr.D.: Most Kerry folk are more anti-Bush than they are pro-Kerry.
rich-c: oh, I think that is when they plan to announce the capture of binLaden
Dr.D.: Or some wacko will shoot a water-pistol at Bush and we will go to Red Alert or something.
rich-c: exactly - the ABB bunch are indeed rabid - for reasons I find fully understandable
Dr.D.: Or some *real* wacko will shoot Bush and put Cheney in, since the puppet will have reached the end of his usefulness to his masters...
rich-c: you really should look at our Autoweek chat general discussion, Rich - they range from wackos to some serious intellectuals
Dr.D.: I am so disenchanted by what has happened in our politics since Bush was elected...I can see the back-room Republicans looking for their Lee Harvey Oswald right now...
rich-c: oddly enough ,there has been hardly any talk of "zero year" presidencies
rich-c: we also have no shortage of conspiracy theorists
Dr.D.: Hehe, Uncle Ronnie was the last any "zero year" previously he would have died, medicine in 1960 wouldn't have been able to save him.
rich-c: think they'll give some al-Qaeda sniper one clear shot in New York?
Dr.D.: Brain-wise, maybe he *was* dead...
Dr.D.: Yep, frankly.
rich-c: I must confess I'd expect to see more sighs of relief than tears
Dr.D.: But when I read that Cheney starts cussing on the Senate floor, then I am relieved that it is probably not so well-scripted.
Dr.D.: Agreed, Richard.
rich-c: especially since so many mainstream Republicans have broken with Dubya
Dr.D.: For the short term...but Cheney is no idiot.
rich-c: true, but how far is he trusted by teh party kingmakers?
Dr.D.: Cheney is the brains in this administration anyway. Dubya is the poor Dan Quayle.
Dr.D.: I think Cheney *is* what the kingmakers want in power.
Dr.D.: Hiding out in a bunker...
rich-c: undoubtedly he is teh "what" but I don't think he's the "who"
Dr.D.: Who else is there? Rumsfeld? Condi Rice? (gag)
rich-c: that's the problem; how do teh real Republicans steal back their party?
rich-c: Jophn McCain, maybe?
Dr.D.: McCain is the guy I would vote for in a heartbeat...but he is the guy who can't get nominated in *his* party.
Dr.D.: What we lack in this country is a real center.
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Dr.D.: And poor Richard got bounced again...
Dr.D.: I am gonna have to leave now anyway folks, to get to the store before Joan comes home.
rich-c: did I do that or did the program do that?
Dr.D.: Nice to see you both, and Pam too.
Dr.D.: I think the program did, it happened to me earlier.
rich-c: OK Rich, take care, see you Wednesday
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: bye now
rich-c: you have been very quiet, Guy
Guy B.: He took off mighty fast.
rich-c: that he did
rich-c: I am going to need to bail fairly soon too - have stuff to complete before going out
Guy B.: He mentioned that he was going to have a picnic for everyone.
rich-c: yes, good weather for that in this area today
Guy B.: Oh, got a new chair today from Sam's Club. Closing them out for $30. Originally $50.
rich-c: we need more to get rid of furniture than to get any more
rich-c: going to look for computer toys at the computer fair tomorrow though
Guy B.: I'm on the Dell right now. A new version of AntiVir is available, so I'm downloading it.
rich-c: I do a download when reminded, and have teh reminder set for 21 days
Guy B.: I have a computer show tomorrow too. Going to check my e-mail to see if they sent me one for a dollar off the admission fee.
rich-c: reminds me - teh AVG on teh laptop needs updating - I'll tell Pam
rich-c: ours is freee if you bring a donation for the food bank
Guy B.: Have to do the same on the other two.
rich-c: yes, it's always a challenge keeping ahead of teh hackers
Guy B.: Have to with all what's going on here.
rich-c: still - touch wood - they haven't managed to beat my defences yet, though they have tried
Guy B.: Especially about the guy that got arrested for stealing the master list from AOL.
rich-c: yes - 92 million names - no wonder spam is a problem\
Guy B.: I'm going to change the firewall on my laptop to Sygate from the one I'm using now. Too many messages keep popping up on it.
rich-c: and once they're out, of course, that's it - they get distributed world-wide
Guy B.: They got him and someone else too.
rich-c: if it's Zone Alarm, there is a way to suppress the messages mostly
Guy B.: No, it's Outpost. With Sygate, all I have to is check remember my response and it will do it for me.
rich-c: personally I'd like to see spammers get hanged, drawn and quartered - and then, let's get ral nasty with them
Guy B.: I agree with you. Should strangle them for what they have done.
rich-c: I've seen negative comments about the newer editions of ZA and may consider switching
Guy B.: It hung up on my system. So, I tried another one and that one wasn't any better. Got Sygate's, been with them ever since.
rich-c: yours isnt teh first report of that nature that I've heard
rich-c: anway, I have a bunch of stuff to do before we go out
rich-c: and teh restaurant is way up in the northwest corner of the city
Guy B.: And Sygate's will work with Win95. Zone Alarm no longer supports Win95.
Guy B.: Ok, Rich. I'll see you on Wednesday then.
rich-c: that isn't an issue with me - I have an old ZA burned onto one of my backup CDs
rich-c: anyway, good chatting, good luck with Karen. See you Wednesday
Guy B.: Ok, Bye.
rich-c: bye now
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