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Guy B.: Greetings!
Harvie: Hello Guy
Guy B.: How are you doing Harvie?
Harvie: Pretty good Guy and you
Guy B.: Doing Ok. My dog is seeing a dermatologist tomorrow morning to see what the next step for my dog's skin condition.
Harvie: Is she any better
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Harvie: Howdy rich
rich-c: hi, Harvie and Guy
rich-c: see you're early again
rich-c: Harvie, did you get my email about the relocation of the computer fair?
Harvie: Yes, better early than get involved in something and miss it altogether
Guy B.: She is doing better, except for the left hind leg which she may have either torn a ligament. She's still walking on three legs, but she is trying to walk on the injured leg. Hi Rich, yes I'm early again. Thought I put in a few more votes for the All-Star game. Voting ends at 11:59 tonight.
rich-c: right - we went and got some useful stuff
Harvie: Yes e-mail recieved ok
Harvie: What did you get
rich-c: picked up a copy of the Windows 98 Resource Kit - all 1800 pages plus CD - for $10
Guy B.: Wow, that's a good deal you got there.
rich-c: also the ethernet PCMCIA card I needed and a cable with RJ-45 ends
Harvie: Good for you
rich-c: yes, the CD has some very useful programs - the original price was $101
Guy B.: Now, you can use that to transfer files between two computers.
rich-c: got a couple of 4-port USB hubs for $5 each too
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Harvie: Always handy
rich-c: what I want to do is set up the laptop on the DSL so Frances can join in our conversations
changed username to MP of Cleveland
Guy B.: That has to be Dr. D.
rich-c: what's up, Doc?
Harvie: Hi doc
MP of Cleveland: Hello all.
Guy B.: How are you doing Dr D.
Harvie: MP?
rich-c: you get as gorgeous a day as we did today?
MP of Cleveland: Probably, but I was indoors all the time.
Guy B.: More warmer here today.
MP of Cleveland: Sigh, BRB, child interrupt...
rich-c: yes, we had a pretty warm day, at least 77
rich-c: was supposed to get into the 80s but not sure it did
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Harvie: Warm enough
Guy B.: Got into the mid 80's here. Now it's 81. I have a new feature from AOL Instant Messager. Called
changed username to Pam / Giggles
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Pam / Giggles: good evening all
rich-c: survived your DROing?
Pam / Giggles: barely
Harvie: Hello Pam/Giggles
Pam / Giggles: hi Harvie
rich-c: up too early, to bed too late?
MP of Cleveland: Back...
Pam / Giggles: oh yeah
MP of Cleveland: Hi Giggles and Pam.
Pam / Giggles: Hi Rich
MP of Cleveland: Are you tickling Rin, Pam?
Harvie: You gotta get that APIC doc
Pam / Giggles: how dare you accuse me of tickling her?
MP of Cleveland: She is giggling, I can't think of any other cause.
Guy B.: Thought I let you all know that Karen and I have setup a dinner date for Monday night.
MP of Cleveland: What is APIC, Harvie?
Pam / Giggles: tomorrow's a holiday - there's a reason
rich-c: very good - sounds promising
MP of Cleveland: Canada Day.
Pam / Giggles: besides, she'd kill me if I tickled her
Pam / Giggles: who's Karen, Guy?
rich-c: to us old fossils, it will always be Dominion Day
MP of Cleveland: No blood on the floor, Russell might slip and fall.
Guy B.: You want to know, eh!
Harvie: Interrupt controller
Pam / Giggles: details, Guy - details
Guy B.: She responded to my personal ad on
MP of Cleveland: Haha, got it now, Harvie.
Pam / Giggles: a personal ad?
MP of Cleveland: Had to do a summer reading thingie with Gretchen.
Guy B.: Yes
rich-c: that's how it's done in this Year of Our Internet, Pam
Guy B.: You want to know more Pam?
Pam / Giggles: tell me, Guy
Guy B.: Over a Diet Coke?
rich-c: she's dying of curiosity, whether she admits it or not
Pam / Giggles: and Erin approves, by the way
MP of Cleveland: hehe
MP of Cleveland: Of Diet Coke?
Pam / Giggles: no, of internet dating
MP of Cleveland: Could be risky...
Pam / Giggles: <E> or not so much
Pam / Giggles: <E> and it works for long distance relationships
MP of Cleveland: Well, witness our chats.
Guy B.: Ok. She's 43, divorced. Has two kids one 6 the other 9. She's going for a law degree.
MP of Cleveland: And before them, for the people on Compu$erve.
Guy B.: She lives about 15 miles from me. In Aurora, IL.
Pam / Giggles: what other interests does she have, Guy?
rich-c: btw Guy, what on earth are you doing on AOL? you know better than that
Guy B.: I have AOL Instant Messenger, That is free and I do have some friends on AOL.
rich-c: sorry - hit the caps lock
Guy B.: I have one installed.
Harvie: Takes guts to admit that Guy
Pam / Giggles: that's okay Dad, I figured it was an oops
rich-c: yes, if I really want to shout, everyone will know it!
Guy B.: Now, I wonder where Bob is tonight? I need to ask him a question about the hotel in El Paso.
rich-c: isn't this the week he said they would be away?
MP of Cleveland: I am finally almost ready to register for the convention, now that I know what my teaching schedule will be for the fall.
Pam / Giggles: that's what I thought
Pam / Giggles: so what's the scoop, Rich?
Pam / Giggles: and why are you the MP of Cleveland, by the way?
MP of Cleveland: Well, very far from optimal.
MP of Cleveland: I was elected Monday, silly.
Pam / Giggles: ah - in what riding?
MP of Cleveland: Cleveland.
Guy B.: Ah, that explains why he hasn't read my e-mail yet. I'm ready to make the airline reservations, but wonder if I should rent a car to get me to and from the airport.
Pam / Giggles: I think there's a shuttle, Guy
Pam / Giggles: IIRC, the hotel is only about a mile from the airport
Guy B.: Got to know if it will take me early to the airport on the 20th.
Harvie: Cleveland is in Perth County isn't it?
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changed username to rich-c
Pam / Giggles: call and ask : )
MP of Cleveland: I thought it was in Ohio, but I could be mistaken :-)
Guy B.: We have twins!
Pam / Giggles: geez Dad, did you get dumped again?
rich-c: was it just me got dumped or all of us?
Pam / Giggles: just you - working fine on this end
MP of Cleveland: Have not left, Senor.
Guy B.: It was you.
MP of Cleveland: (wow, that was a BobS-ism)
(Guy B. smiles)
Harvie: You are alright rich , the rest of the regiment is out of step
rich-c: guess Dale's server just doesn't like me
Pam / Giggles: channeling Bob are we?
rich-c: I suspect it comes from brushing a certain key accidentally - but which?
Pam / Giggles: got me : (
Harvie: "Escape" ?
rich-c: anyway, Pam, I am ready for the laptop back at earliest convenience
Pam / Giggles: okay Dad will work on that tout de suite
rich-c: nope, one of the ones bottom right, Harvie
rich-c: got an ethernet card and cable at the computer fair so now your ma can get on the net with it
Harvie: "Windows" ?
Pam / Giggles: as in networking?
rich-c: possibly, or the special menu key, or maybe even control
Pam / Giggles requested to ban rich-c
rich-c confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pam / Giggles: there - are you still on?
rich-c: yes, the internet is a network, with a DSL line that's how it's handled
Pam / Giggles: cool
Pam / Giggles: that would be nice, to be able to have Mom on too
Harvie: Do you have a hub?
rich-c: I got a 50 foot cable so she can even sit in the living room and still chip in
MP of Cleveland confirmed ban
rich-c: yes, I found an 8-port hub at a small shop recently, very reasonable
rich-c: it's a powered hub so should work well
Harvie: I use a Linksys router/switch
MP of Cleveland: BRB...
rich-c: forget the make on this - and even where I put it 8-(
Pam / Giggles: hokay
Pam / Giggles: that's not good Dad
Pam / Giggles: better start looking
rich-c: oh, it will turn up, I'm sure
rich-c: likely in the middle of the living room floor, anyway
Pam / Giggles: true - that's where everything else is : )
rich-c: exactly
Harvie: Your modem is also a router, how many ports does it have?
rich-c: got a couple of four-port USB hubs, too - one should help with the P166
rich-c: hate to tell you, Harvie, but I'm not sure
rich-c: let me see if I can find the box
Pam / Giggles: Harvie, what riding are you in?
rich-c: it's a G-net ADSL modem ehternet
Harvie: Brampton West I think
Pam / Giggles: as in Mississauga - Brampton West?
Harvie: How many rrj-45 jacks?
Guy B.: My modem only has one port just for the ethernet card. But, since I have another one built into the system. I can connect another PC with another card at that end.
Harvie: Could be, Tony Clement was the Conservative candidate
Harvie: You will have to use a crossover cable rich
Pam / Giggles: okay - just wondering. Erin was working Mississauga - Brampton West on Monday and wondered whether she saw you at the polls but apparently not
rich-c: don't know, Harvie; does have RJ-11 and RJ-45 support though
Harvie: Voted at the advance poll
rich-c: the damn modem is on the floor behind the computer with the computer desk blocking access
Pam / Giggles: ah
Harvie: RJ-11 is for telephone
rich-c: the ruoter/hub has an uplink port, Harvie, which I believe means I won't need the crossover cable
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Harvie: That's usually to hook another hub to it
changed username to Taratata
Taratata: Guess who am I!
Pam / Giggles: hello Daniel
Taratata changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pam / Giggles: boy, I'm good
Daniel Bienvenu: you win!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam, Guy, rich, harvie and... MP?
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
Pam / Giggles: and Rin
Harvie: Dr d
Daniel Bienvenu: OK =D
Harvie: He says he won Monday
Pam / Giggles: our honourary Canadian
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Red Still Alive
MP of Cleveland: I ran unopposed.
Red Still Alive: hello every1
MP of Cleveland: And I got 2 votes.
Harvie: Probably the only "honourable" MP
Pam / Giggles: I said honourary, not honourable Harvie!
Daniel Bienvenu: Excuse me... but what is the difference?
Harvie: To an MP, none :)
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe
rich-c: actually, "Honourable" is only used for Privy Council members
Pam / Giggles: how are you Rie?
Red Still Alive: i'm ok
Red Still Alive: mommy and daddy r gone now
Pam / Giggles: any word from the doctor yet?
Red Still Alive: no not yet i dont' go back till the 20 of july
Pam / Giggles: did Christine go too?
Red Still Alive: nope
Red Still Alive: they went broken thumb nuckel and all
Red Still Alive: she's working full time right now
Pam / Giggles: Andy?
Red Still Alive: yeppers
Pam / Giggles: <E> how did I guess?
Pam / Giggles changed username to Pam / Rincognito
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe! Rincognito!
Red Still Alive: lol
Harvie: Good one Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually it was not mine :)
Pam / Rincognito: <E> thanks for the credit, Daniel
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: You got dumped again Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich-c brothers
Pam / Rincognito: Dad, you HAVE to stop doing that
Harvie: Figure out which key rich
rich-c: yes, and this time I wasn't even touching anything
rich-c: it happened when Pam changed her handle
Daniel Bienvenu: really?
Pam / Rincognito: oops, sorry Dad
rich-c: well that often happens with a change but for some reason usually to other folks, not me
Daniel Bienvenu: but when i changed my username, it doesn't affect your connection.
Harvie: Could be John timing you out
rich-c: guess it's my turn this month :-(
rich-c: John does not time us out
Red Still Alive: bright red
rich-c: especially not on DSL!
Red Still Alive: like i used to have
rich-c: Frances says there's a gorgeous moon out there tonight, Rich
Guy B.: Past couple of times. My DSL had to connect twice. Normally it does it the first time before I login.
Harvie: He certainly does unless you send a keep alive ping
rich-c: get out your scope, it's only two days from full
rich-c: keep alive pings I've heard of but really know nothing about
Pam / Rincognito: yeah, but it takes longer than that, Harvie
Pam / Rincognito: moon!
rich-c: yes, he doesn't pull the plug until after a very long period of inactivity
Harvie: I'm not sure what the timeout is
Pam / Rincognito: at least half an hour, Harvie
Pam / Rincognito: from personal experience
Pam / Rincognito: brb
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: the real problem is websites that don't see the activity when you are downloading something, and bump you
Harvie: He has only dropped me twice in four years (server maintenance)
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam / Rincognito: sorry, just checking soemthing
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome back Guy - your turn to get bounced?
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: guess it was - he's gone again
Pam / Rincognito: maybe it is Dale's server
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's already july 1st tommorow; it's a celebration time for canada but a weird time here in Quebec. And after that, it's july 4th; it's celabration time for usa.
Pam / Rincognito: yeah, but you had your celebration on the 24th, Daniel
rich-c: yes, you had your Fete National on June 24th
rich-c: personally I prefer Fete de St. Jean-Baptiste, but I'm not a Quebecois
rich-c: anyway, you're fully entitled to celebrate Dominion Day too, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Tell me why in Quebec it's a weird day july 1st... any idea?
MP of Cleveland: He got his first job because of LEGO lab!
rich-c: that's one of those propaganda notions spread by the separatists - it didn't use to be that way
Red Still Alive: ohhh ok
MP of Cleveland: Hi Marie?
MP of Cleveland: Just getting back after a totally impromptu chat with an oooolllld student of mine.
Pam / Rincognito: <E> way to go Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: No, it's time for many people to move... to go to their new appartements.
Red Still Alive: y hello there what's new???
MP of Cleveland: Same old same old :-)
Red Still Alive: just a different pile??
rich-c: right, I forgot about that "quaint" old Quebec custom
MP of Cleveland: Yes.
MP of Cleveland: Actually, "new" job to begin next month.
rich-c: folks are really going to have to learn how to move on some of the other 364 days of the year
Pam / Rincognito: Rich, you didn't say what your fall schedule will be
MP of Cleveland: Oh yeah.
MP of Cleveland: Well, I am doing the robot course one more time.
Pam / Rincognito: we did! January 25th, it was - the coldest day of the year
MP of Cleveland: And also teaching human gross anatomy.
MP of Cleveland: Which *is* cadaver-based.
Pam / Rincognito: hence, the gross part
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: and thus why they call it gross ;-)
MP of Cleveland: Well, I get 2 med student minions to do all the actual prosections.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Had a few problems, so I had to reboot.
Daniel Bienvenu: why not mixing both courses... robot humanoid anatomy?
Red Still Alive: oic
MP of Cleveland: Which was surprising to me, I expected to have to do it all, or part.
Pam / Rincognito: so does this mean a five day-a-week schedule for you?
MP of Cleveland: However, the lab spaces are shared with many other courses, and coordination of usage is very dicey.
MP of Cleveland: Yes it does, Pam.
MP of Cleveland: Anatomy lectures Monday and Wednesday, 3 to 3:50 PM.
rich-c: yes, there's always the guy who runs overtime, and doesn't clean up, and...
MP of Cleveland: Robot lab Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 to 11:15 AM.
(Guy B. gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Pam / Rincognito: thirsty Guy?
(Guy B. gives Pam / Rincognito a can of Diet Coke.)
MP of Cleveland: And anatomy lab demonstrations in 2 1-hour sections on Friday afternoon, 4 to 4:50 PM and 5 to 5:50 PM.
Guy B.: Must have been asleep for that one. Pam, Might as well give you two cans.
Pam / Rincognito: thanks, Guy
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
MP of Cleveland: As I was saying about the lab is dicey to get use of the labs for classes.
Pam / Rincognito: so that means the earliest you can leave on Friday is 6:00pm?
Guy B.: Looks like I've started a trend.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I really have to go now... Someone is waiting for me elsewhere. Have a good celebration time everyone!
Pam / Rincognito: and you, Daniel!
Guy B.: Bye Daniel.
Harvie: Bye Bye Daniel
rich-c: enjoy Guy, maybe see you Saturday
MP of Cleveland: Well, to get cleaned up and to the airport, more like Friday at 8 PM.
Guy B.: He y Rich, I'm still here.
MP of Cleveland: However...there are no flights to El Paso past 5 PM on Fridays.
Red Still Alive: they there yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't promise to be online this saturday... but i will try.
MP of Cleveland: So I won't be able to leave until Saturday morning.
Pam / Rincognito: hmm - that could be a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
MP of Cleveland: If I leave at 6 AM Saturday, I can get to El Paso about noon El Paso time.
rich-c: given the connections, what time would that bring you in Saturday?
Guy B.: Just in time for lunch.
Harvie: Just have the cadaver give the lecture that day :)
rich-c: and more to the point, what would your timing be returning home?
MP of Cleveland: Also...the earliest I can get back in Cleveland on Monday, leaving at the earliest available time in El Paso, is 2:20 PM.
MP of Cleveland: I can't get back in time for my 3 PM lecture.
MP of Cleveland: The lecture can be rescheduled.
rich-c: what are the hubs whre you change planes?
MP of Cleveland: It is CLE --> HOU --> El Paso.
(Red Still Alive mixes matter and antimatter with his bare hands, bringing the warp drive on-line so that the Enterprise can esc
MP of Cleveland: No long layovers, about 5.5 hours total trip time at the fastest route, still only $352 round-trip.
rich-c: what airline?
MP of Cleveland: Continental, then it varies for the last hop.
MP of Cleveland: I have not made reservations yet.
MP of Cleveland: I just found out my scheduling this morning.
MP of Cleveland: So I had only a quick look.
rich-c: I don't dare think of reservations till after my cardiology report
MP of Cleveland: Worse...there is a written exam on the Thursday of ADAMcon, and a lab practical exam on the Friday...
MP of Cleveland: so I will be grading papers on the plane :-(
MP of Cleveland: In short...I may be a prig and beg off of running any substantive session at ADAMcon...I will have so little prep time...
Red Still Alive: oic
Pam / Rincognito: brb
MP of Cleveland: No way I will think of leaving Sunday would be too brutal.
Pam / Rincognito: that's a nice colour, Rie
Harvie: Sam Jaffe can handle your anatomy class for one week :)
MP of Cleveland: So, I will make it...but be a bit of a zombie...
MP of Cleveland: If it were anything other than exam week, I would seriously ask for a favor from the previous instructor, who owes me many.
MP of Cleveland: He's the herpetologist whose collection I have babysat for him when he is sick or away for about 20 years now.
Pam / Rincognito: is Dr. Jaffe still alive?
rich-c: I regret to say it looks increasingly unlikely that I can make it
Pam / Rincognito: and I doubt
Harvie: Was he ever alive? :)
Pam / Rincognito: Russell and I will make it
Guy B.: Won't be the same without you there Rich.
Pam / Rincognito: Erin is still deciding
rich-c: I desperately want to go - but you can't get there from here
MP of Cleveland: Sure you can, just have to fly like everyone else.
rich-c: my physical limits don't allow long days in teh air, and teh sort of stresses you get with security on the ground
MP of Cleveland: It's your call, Richard...I think you can make it, but YMMV.
rich-c: the routings from Toronto are horribly complex far as I can see, Rich
MP of Cleveland: Well, come to Cleveland the day before, and depart from there :-)
rich-c: I've been having a couple of worrying episodes of late, which may be the A-fib, or drug reaction, or something else
Red Still Alive: he's going up there for 3 weeks for training
Pam / Rincognito: in a hotel?
MP of Cleveland: Sure, why not?
rich-c: going to do a Holter test on July 7th
Pam / Rincognito: sorry, Rich that was for Marie
Red Still Alive: what?
Pam / Rincognito: the hotel part, Rie
Red Still Alive: oic
Red Still Alive: yeah
rich-c: I also worry about picking up and sort of cold or similar infection
Pam / Rincognito: what's a Holter test, Dad?
rich-c: had one a few weeks back that really knocked me down and out
rich-c: 24-hour or longer heart monitor, Pam
Pam / Rincognito: oh that one - ok
rich-c: will give a better handle on what's going on
Red Still Alive: lol
Pam / Rincognito: good
MP of Cleveland: So I have to talk with Ron to find out what he wants me to do for the Convention.
MP of Cleveland: To make sure I can do it...
MP of Cleveland: I would hate to just check in at the hotel and then have to run a session :-)
rich-c: yes, that would seem prudent
MP of Cleveland: For instance :-)
Pam / Rincognito: I have every faith that you can do it, Rich
MP of Cleveland: I will probably crash at 8 PM Saturday night and not reappear until 9 AM Sunday morning...
MP of Cleveland: "Win one for the Gipper, Rich!" :-)
rich-c: that would sem a sensible course of action
Pam / Rincognito: yeah, but Rich is never sensible when it comes to sleep and conventions : )
(S enjoys the flowers.)
MP of Cleveland: But better that than fall asleep face-first into the banquet cake :-)
Pam / Rincognito: true
MP of Cleveland: I guess I could eat it all then, nobody else would want a piece.
Pam / Rincognito: that's one way to have your cake and eat it too
MP of Cleveland: I guess it depends on what kind of cake.
Red Still Alive: what's the point of having cakre if u can't eat it???
MP of Cleveland: If it is lemon-currant or something, bleh.
Red Still Alive: ok
Pam / Rincognito: how about lemon poppyseed?
Harvie: Ad lib sessions are easy Doc, I had a guy named Drushell bail me out at 007
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
MP of Cleveland: I know someone who got a dozen doughnuts for himself by taking one bite out of each doughnut in a box that a coworker had brought and put in the staff fridge.
rich-c: bout time you arrived, Ron
Guy B.: There is he is. Hi Ron
Pam / Rincognito: Hello Ron
MP of Cleveland: Gosh Harvie, I don't remember now...
Ron: Hi All
Harvie: It was "Robotics"
Harvie: Hi Ron
Pam / Rincognito: how are you Ron?
Ron: hotter than Hell
MP of Cleveland: Vaguely it comes back...I think I had my obstacle-avoiding robot with me, didn't I?
Ron: we have sun on the wet coast
rich-c: really? finally got some heat out there?
Harvie: Missed you last week, were you deer hunting?
Pam / Rincognito: that bad? It's nice here
Ron: No Harvie, had visitors show up unexpectedly. Wasn't much I could do
rich-c: sorry - forget - you have forest fires back in the bush, some bad ones
(Red Still Alive smiles)
Ron: Indeed. the interior is at it again
rich-c: how did you get through your earthquake a couple of days ago?
Red Still Alive: lol
MP of Cleveland: I seem to remember reading in the paper that one of the newly-elected MPs in BC was from some obscure party.
Pam / Rincognito: back in a sec
Ron: never felt a thing here
Guy B.: You haven't had any rain for sometome out there?
Guy B.: Sometime that is.
Ron: guess they did at the north end of the Island, but it was more evident further north in the Queen Charlotte Islands
Ron: That's right Guy. Not much for the past few weeks
MP of Cleveland: Earthquake, I missed *that* news.
Guy B.: Boy, we have been getting rain here, but you need more that we do.
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: Authorities here are talking about a total ban on watering
Ron: imagine
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Oh yes, we did have one here in Illinois. Hit Ottawa 4.5. Felt as far as Valparaiso.
MP of Cleveland: BTW Ron, I haven't had a chance to ask him why he has it on his wall, but one of our new faculty members has a big 2 x 1 meter map of some sound on Vancouver Island on his office wall.
rich-c: guess it mistook me for Guy ;-)
Ron: aha..... a displaced prof perhaps
MP of Cleveland: I saw it through the window of his office whilst I was being shown some possible new office spaces for me.
rich-c: anyway, dumped and back again
Harvie: In my experience a "dry" spell in Vancouver is rarely more than 30 minutes
Ron: not this year Harvie.
MP of Cleveland: I don't mind rain...we've had enough so that our grass is still lush and green.
Guy B.: Especially what we got in May Dr.D
rich-c: yes, if it keeps up our pears should be nice and big this year
Ron: mmm
Pam / Rincognito: we've had lots of rain too
Pam / Rincognito: should we send some your way Ron?
Ron: not yet. I just opened the swimming pool
Ron: spent the afternoon in it
Ron: would like a little more
Harvie: It's rained a lot hewre but only outside
Pam / Rincognito: wow, that's rough, Ron
Ron: I know eh?
Pam / Rincognito: we feel for you
rich-c: well, we have a race in Cleveland on the 3rd and another here I believe the 9th (wait that doesn't make sense - 11th)
rich-c: so we want nice clear pleasant weather
MP of Cleveland: Cleveland Grand Prix, not sure of the date.
rich-c: this Saturday, Rich, and it should be a whale of a race
MP of Cleveland: Are you coming to the race, Richard?
Pam / Rincognito: <E> you've lost your address book?
Ron: racing whales, in Cleveland?
rich-c: that airport course leaves a lot of room for bravery and ingenuity
MP of Cleveland: ROTFL
Pam / Rincognito: this group has a very fertile imagination
Ron: indeed we do
rich-c: would that I could, Rich, but no
MP of Cleveland: It is very hot down on the track, I am told.
Red Still Alive: that's cool
rich-c: that it can be, though one can dress appropriately
rich-c: and there's always teh cool breeze off the lake
Ron: Are you blue, Red?
Red Still Alive: pardon?
Ron: Assuming Red is political?
MP of Cleveland: I thought we were an autonomous collective...
Ron: obviously I'm on the wrong track
rich-c: which reminds me, Ron - who is your independent likely to support?
MP of Cleveland: It's Marie, Ron.
Red Still Alive: ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm incognito tongiht
Pam / Rincognito: there's no one less political, Ron
Ron: He's playing cards pretty close to the chest now Rich. He's talking about issue by issue
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Ron: ok
MP of Cleveland: Redcognito and Rincognito.
MP of Cleveland: Sounds like Rosenkranz and Guildenstern.
Pam / Rincognito: yeah, but Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Pam / Rincognito requested to ban rich-c
Ron: We had a politician in Vancouver
MP of Cleveland confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
MP of Cleveland: Well there's always Vroomfondle and Majikthise...
rich-c confirmed ban
Harvie: They are part of Rich's course
rich-c: this is ridiculous bumped again
Ron: who failed to get his party's nomination
Guy B.: Rich, this hasn't been your night.
Ron: so he ran as an independent and won
Ron: seeing double - Ricbh C X2
(007 music plays in the background)
Guy B. confirmed ban
MP of Cleveland: It's a Magic Eye picture.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: We have triplets.
rich-c: this is getting ridiculous
Ron: Rich C is doing his tribble act
MP of Cleveland: A victim of overpopulation.
Guy B.: What's going on?
rich-c: I just keep geting dumped - no visible reason
Harvie: Maybe it's a "Bell" problem rich
Pam / Rincognito: Dad, why don't you try logging out and on again and see if that helps?
MP of Cleveland: The toilets have backed up into the warp drive engines and reversed the polarity of the space-time continuum!
Ron: which means, of course, that I'm standing upside down
rich-c: could be but then you'd be getting it too - you're on DSL too
MP of Cleveland: Or else someone has activated the Infinite Improbability Drive.
Harvie: Your local CO
Ron: NO! Not the dreaded IIP
MP of Cleveland: Well, ask to kill off the duplicates.
rich-c: it's Dale's server - I never have this trouble with other websites
Guy B.: The only problem I had was I was running something else on the system and I had to reboot since, something got messed up.
MP of Cleveland: Maybe we should move to coleco :-)
rich-c: sure, which is the one that's real so I don't get bumped again?
Ron: will the real Mr. Clee please stand up
Pam / Rincognito: Change your name - that way we'll know Dad
rich-c: I'd like to, Ron, but my back is acting up today...
MP of Cleveland: He never watched "To Tell The Truth".
Ron: oh
Ron: not good
rich-c changed username to real rich-c
Ron: is in the middle
Ron: of the lis
Guy B.: Ok, let's get rid of the dups.
MP of Cleveland: Gary Moore was the host, right?
Pam / Rincognito requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
MP of Cleveland confirmed ban
Red Still Alive confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
real rich-c confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Pam / Rincognito requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
MP of Cleveland confirmed ban
real rich-c confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, all clear.
Ron: there- Clee Clones removed
real rich-c: until the next time ;-(
MP of Cleveland: Copyright infringements removed.
Ron: Not sure MP. Don't think I ever watched it
MP of Cleveland: I did all the time in the 1970s.
MP of Cleveland: Our Pres. Jimmy Carter was on it when he was Governor of Georgia.
Red Still Alive: good night all
MP of Cleveland: And the impostors beat him out, so he got all the $$$ :-)
Pam / Rincognito: night, sweetie
MP of Cleveland: Bye Red.
real rich-c: night Rie
Ron: Nite Red
Harvie: Good night Red
(Red Still Alive winks)
Ron: must have been interesting
Guy B.: Bye Red
Red Still Alive: bye
Red Still Alive left chat session
MP of Cleveland: The panelists were all professional game show people...Bill Cullen...Kitty Carlisle (an actress and singer from the 1930s IIRC), Nipsy Russell, Orson Bean...Peggy Cass...
Guy B.: I remember those people.
real rich-c: I think I heard of one or two of them
Pam / Rincognito: I missed something - who never watched TTTT?
MP of Cleveland: Bill Cullen was a professional panelist because he had polio and they wouldn't show him walking with his braces until the very very end of his TV career.
Guy B.: I remember seeing that when I was about 3 or 4 years old.
MP of Cleveland: You Paterfamilias, Primula.
real rich-c: rather like Franklin Roosevelt
MP of Cleveland: I only saw the syndicated remake in the 1970s.
Guy B.: Bill Cullen hosted a number of game shows throughout the 60's and 70's.
MP of Cleveland: The original is indeed from the 1950s or 1960s.
Pam / Rincognito: oh, he never watches TV unless it's a race, the news or a football game : )
Harvie: I remeber watching it live
Ron: Ya got me. I remember hearing about the show, but can't remember ever actually watching it.
MP of Cleveland: I always liked Bill Cullen as a gameshow emcee.
real rich-c: no, I've stopped watching the news now - it's no longer news anyway
Guy B.: Does anyone remember Name That Tune?
MP of Cleveland: Don Pardoe was usually his announcer, too.
real rich-c: yes, that was on radio
MP of Cleveland: The remake, again, yes.
Guy B.: It was on TV too. Tom Kennedy hosted that one.
MP of Cleveland: And Don Pardo is still announcing for WNBC in New York at age 90-something...
Ron: But then I'm not now, nor have I ever been, a great TV watcher
real rich-c: that was likely before we bought our first tv
Guy B.: He's still alive?
MP of Cleveland: Yep.
MP of Cleveland: Still announces for NBC network too, Saturday Night Live.
Guy B.: I remember him from Jeopardy with Art Fleming.
MP of Cleveland: Pardoe actually I think is the spelling IIRC.
MP of Cleveland: Loved Art Fleming's Jeopardy.
Pam / Rincognito: I like Alex Trebec
Pam / Rincognito: he's Canadian : )
MP of Cleveland: I watched it at lunchtime before going off to afternoon kindergarten...right after Hollywood Squares.
MP of Cleveland: Fleming had a great way of saying "Nooooo, sorry..." when someone got the question wrong.
Guy B.: Both are good. I even watched Hollywood Squares when Peter Marshall hosted it.
MP of Cleveland: Luscious radio-voice baritone.
MP of Cleveland: They recently found videotapes of the old Hollywood Squares from that era, long thought lost.
Harvie: Most of the early tv personalities were radio people
MP of Cleveland: When Wally Cox was still the center square (not Paul Lynde).
Guy B.: Back in the 70's. The Cubs had Pete LaCock. That was Peter Marshall's son. His real name is Pierre LaCock.
Harvie: Mr. Peepers
MP of Cleveland: Yep.
Guy B.: Wally Cox also did the voice of Underdog.
MP of Cleveland: But Charley Weaver was always the lower-left square...until he died finally.
MP of Cleveland: "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!" I can do a great Underdog voice :-)
Guy B.: This I have to hear from you Dr. D.
MP of Cleveland: "When Polly's in trouble, I dare not slow, so it's hip-hip-hip, and awayyyyy I gooooo!"
Harvie: Can you do moose and sqvirrell?
MP of Cleveland: Can indeed!
Guy B.: Hokey Smoke!
MP of Cleveland: I should record these and put them up for download :-)
Ron: gotta hear 'em MP
Guy B.: I have the first season of moose and Squirrell.
Pam / Rincognito: can you do a British accent?
Harvie: Sell tapes for answering machines
MP of Cleveland: I can do Rocky, Bullwinkle, the Announcer (William Conrad), but only fair Boris Badenov.
MP of Cleveland: Yes, I can do several: RP, Yorkshire, a bit of Liverpool.
Guy B.: What about Captain Peachfuzz?
MP of Cleveland: But only from watching British import TV.
Ron: Where is the kaboom. There was supposed to be an earth-shattering Kaboom!
MP of Cleveland: I don't know who that is, Guy.
MP of Cleveland: Yes, Marvin Marian, I can do him, too.
Pam / Rincognito: holy childhood, Batman
MP of Cleveland: Martian.
MP of Cleveland: Or as a friend said in organic chemistry class once, "Holy non-enolizable ketones, Batman!"
Guy B.: He is on ROcky and Bullwinkle. He is the bumbly caption that doesn't know where to go.
Pam / Rincognito: ah, a Keystone Kop
MP of Cleveland: Holy giggly jiggles, Batman!
Guy B.: Oh, speaking of Batman. Chicago is going to be Gotham City for the next Batman movie.
MP of Cleveland: Should make it Gollum City...
Ron: Tell ya what I want, what I really really want
(Pam / Rincognito giggles)
Ron: the cartoon about the singing frog
MP of Cleveland: "One Froggy Evening"
real rich-c: don't know what city was teh model for teh original gotham but I suspect New York
Ron: Hello My Baby, Hello my Honey, Hello my ragtime doll
MP of Cleveland: "Hello, my baby, hello, my honey, hello, my ragtime gaaaalllll..."
Guy B.: Parts of Spiderman 2 were shot in Chicago on the L.
Pam / Rincognito: I'm getting serenaded here, Ron
MP of Cleveland: Not plane nor bird nor even frog...
Guy B.: It's just little ol me. Underdog.
MP of Cleveland: yep!
Ron: It has to be on one of these Wal Mart compilations somewhere
Ron: I been cut off
MP of Cleveland: It's probably on the net somewhere...
Guy B.: I believe you can get the entire Underdog series on DVD now.
real rich-c: nope, you're still on, ron
MP of Cleveland: With the Go-Go Gophers and Commander McBragg, too?
Ron: It's ALIVE !!!
Guy B.: Oh yes, who cannot forge those two.
Guy B.: forget those two.
Pam / Rincognito: quick, Igor
MP of Cleveland: Live on tape before a studio audience, Ron.
Ron: :)
MP of Cleveland: Reminds me of a long funny joke, my high school art teacher's favourite.
Guy B.: I'm waiting for word when the second season of Rocky and Bullwinkle come out on DVD. I already watched the first one.
MP of Cleveland: Igor does, rather.
real rich-c: there was a time when that wasn't seen as incongrupous
Ron: There's another one...
Pam / Rincognito: yesss?
Ron: can't remember what the chief character was, a dog or a wolf, or whatever
real rich-c: reminds me Rich, did you get the election cartoons I sent you?
MP of Cleveland: Yes I did Richard, thanks.
MP of Cleveland: Part of Bullwinkle show, Ron?
real rich-c: th0ought you would get a kick out of them
Harvie: Do you mean Droopy Ron?
MP of Cleveland: That would be Mr. Peabody and Sherman, if so.
Ron: but his wife sends him out for a loaf of bread, or was it, what was it, a bag of potatos, no, a... and on he goes for the entire cartoon
MP of Cleveland: That is a Tex Avery cartoon for sure.
Pam / Rincognito: btw Dad, we're starting our own political party
MP of Cleveland: Or wait, there is a Warner Bros. cartoon with a forgetful wolf with that plot./
real rich-c: why not, Pam? Semms everyone else is doing it
MP of Cleveland: I already started mine, and look what it got me: MP of Cleveland!
Ron: Sounds like it, Dr. D
Pam / Rincognito: wanna be a Senator?
real rich-c: in fact, you'll have trouble finding a name that isnt taken already
Pam / Rincognito: The Sensible Party
Harvie: Not possible in politics
MP of Cleveland: The Zombies for Fluoridation Party.
real rich-c: sounds too close to Common Sense - and that's a very dirty word in Ontario right now
MP of Cleveland: The Red-Headed League.
Pam / Rincognito: we'll make it possible Harvie
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I'm going to go. I'll see how Saturday looks. Otherwise, next week. Happy 4th to our USA folks.
Pam / Rincognito: pretty much, Rich, because Graeme is going to be the front man
MP of Cleveland: Happy 4th to you, Guy.
Pam / Rincognito: Night Guy
real rich-c: right, Guy - happy Independence Day weekend to you
Ron: Nite Guy. be well
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Guy B.: Thanks everyone. See you, poof!
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: Oh yes, we have a parade downtown tomorrow
MP of Cleveland: Does that mean that your hair is now red too, Pam?
Ron: must go see it
Pam / Rincognito: red highlights : )
MP of Cleveland: Marie at work? Or Rin experimenting on you?
MP of Cleveland: And that must mean that Rin is bleach-blonde now...
Pam / Rincognito: nope, it's my standard colour that lights up in the sun
real rich-c: Pam actually has a red cast to her hair naturally, though it depends on the light
Harvie: Payday at the base Ron?
Ron: I am the founding member of "The Loyal Order of Ballot Box Equivocators"
real rich-c: red hair is quite common in her family on both sides
MP of Cleveland: Quantum election theory.
Pam / Rincognito: oh, you're the person rejecting ballots : )
MP of Cleveland: A vote will appear of its own accord from the aether.
Ron: There were only 5 places to mark my X and I just didn't know
Ron: We even had a Marxist Lennist right here in the Valley
MP of Cleveland: A line for write-ins?
Pam / Rincognito: we had someone who voted for everyone
real rich-c: we had our parade last weekend - a million people turned up
Harvie: Aether it will or it won't Doc
Pam / Rincognito: no write-ins here
Ron: no = no writ ins
Ron: write
MP of Cleveland: <smirk?>
MP of Cleveland: <smirk> I meant, Harvie.
real rich-c: seems gay pride is a rather big deal here - and useful tourist draw
MP of Cleveland: No write-ins? How undemocratic!
Ron: And our Marxist Lenninist actually got 110 votes
Pam / Rincognito: better than our Green candidate -she only got 7
Pam / Rincognito: I did get one for the Communist party
Ron: indeed
MP of Cleveland: How can you have an election without the option to cast your vote for Mickey Mouse?
Ron: Always knew there was something wrong with this country, Dr. D
real rich-c: there was one riding whre the Marxist - Leninist actually had teh lead in teh first few polls
Harvie: Or Ralph Nader
MP of Cleveland: I think there is more right with it than wrong, Ron.
Ron: could b e
Pam / Rincognito: see? Honourary Canadian
MP of Cleveland: Nader, unsafe at any speed.
real rich-c: who needs Nader when we have about a dozen parties already?
Ron: we have no hanging chads
MP of Cleveland: Hangin's too good for 'em!
Ron: tee hee
real rich-c: Pam, how many names (roughly) are eleible to vote at a single poll?
Ron: the debate over proportional representation rages anew
MP of Cleveland: Not sure about Honourary Canadian...but I did draw a red maple leaf on our planning calendar in the kitchen for tomorrow.
Pam / Rincognito: what do you mean Dad?
MP of Cleveland: I also drew a firecracker for Sunday.
real rich-c: there's a voters list for each poll - typically, how many names will be on it?
Pam / Rincognito: about 450, Dad
Pam / Rincognito: if mine was anything to go by
real rich-c: so the poll clerks would have about 150 - 300 ballots to count, then
real rich-c: 250-300
Ron: Well, I will say this: usually by the time the TV coverage here begins, it's all over.
Pam / Rincognito: depends on turnout, Dad
Ron: At least this year we got to watch it before it was all over
Pam / Rincognito: actually, they worked to correct that this time, Ron
Ron: not that it made any difference. It was still all over
real rich-c: yes, your riding was one whe everyone sat on their hands - under 50% voted
Ron: and the winner won by less than 350 votes
Ron: Vancouver Island North?
Harvie: It may not be over yet
MP of Cleveland: Must be painful to ride while sitting on your hands.
Ron: We have 1 poll that still hasn't reported
real rich-c: guess that's why less than half showed up
Pam / Rincognito: considering how swamped the returning offices were, I'm not surprised
real rich-c: what time did you wind up and go home, Pam?
Pam / Rincognito: by the time I dropped off my ballot box and got home it was 11:10 pm
Pam / Rincognito: long day
Ron: did you get paid for your efforts?
real rich-c: you phoned in teh results first though, didn't you?
Pam / Rincognito: of course, do you think I'd work 15 hours for free????
Ron: I know I wouldn't
MP of Cleveland: If you were really behind your candidate, maybe.
Pam / Rincognito: no, because we had a central poll supervisor, we gave our results to her and she was supposed to phone them in
real rich-c: no, if you're partisan, you get your party to appoint you as a scrutineer
Pam / Rincognito: of course, by the time I left to take in my ballot box, she still hadn't been able to get through
Ron: We are not automated at all in this country Dr. D
real rich-c: guess that's why your riding was so very slow to show results
Ron: it'
MP of Cleveland: Well, with your population, it will still work unautomated...
real rich-c: have a discussion going on CC about how to vote
Ron: the ballots are physically marked and physically counted
Ron: yes
real rich-c: many of the Americans feel their system makes abuse far too easy and do not trust it
MP of Cleveland: I have to agree.
Pam / Rincognito: and some of us actually count them twice to make sure : )
real rich-c: they are quite envious of the Canadian system with all its checks and paper trails
MP of Cleveland: But it's mostly because the ratio of elected guy to population is so small now.
MP of Cleveland: Nobody feels ownership of the process any more.
MP of Cleveland: The guy I vote for isn't my neighbor any more.
MP of Cleveland: Or has no hope of ever being my neighbor.
Pam / Rincognito: the municipal ballot was automated
real rich-c: many feel that the new automated voting systems are very eager to rig - and the company with the contract is rigid neo-con
MP of Cleveland: Feel nothing, every one ever deployed has been cracked by security people with surprisingly little effort.
Ron: vote early, vote often
real rich-c: well yes, to the punch-card level - but there is still the paper trail
real rich-c: some objected that our system had to be slow - I pointed out it was so fast the tv couldn't keep up
Ron: However..... if I had to vote for various candidates at various levels and various jobs as well as a bunch of referanda, think I'd probably want some tech help
Pam / Rincognito: except for the reporting part : )
MP of Cleveland: The Toronto Star had a link to an autoupdating webpage, that I let run overnight. It was quite detailed.
real rich-c: in fact often there was so much screen activity all at once that I was missing thigs
Harvie: Why should the election process be any more legitimate than the governing process?
Ron: Mother had the same problem Rich. She kept asking me why they didn
Ron: didn't show the party behind each candidate's picture
real rich-c: well, at lest we know in electing these guys we wre the victims of our own stupidity, not some nefarious plot
Ron: In fact, they did. And when I explained they were all colour coded, then she got it
Pam / Rincognito: depended which channel you were watching, Ron
Ron: Global
Pam / Rincognito: didn't like Global's setup much
Ron: me neither, but somehow I remained glued to it
real rich-c: I settled for the old reliable CBC
Ron: Ah the Mothercorp
Ron: bless her indeed
Pam / Rincognito: we were switching back and forth from Global to CBC, to City, to CTV
real rich-c: well, it got me to bed at midnight knowing the result - and I'm in the Eastern time zone
Harvie: I settled for Monday Nighy Raw
Harvie: Night
Ron: see ya Harvie
Pam / Rincognito: it was 2:45 by the time I went to bed - by which time I'd been up for 20 hours. I didn't so much fall asleep as pass out
MP of Cleveland: Bye Harvie.
Harvie: Goodnight All
Harvie left chat session
MP of Cleveland: Hey, Dr. D. hours, Pam.
real rich-c: well, tomorrow is a holiday so you can catch up on any more sleep you need
real rich-c: Harvie, next Computer Fair July 25, Leaside
Pam / Rincognito: yeah, I know, but when I got home I was really keyed up, and Erin was on the phone to Windsor and she was really keyed up, and between us we generated enough energy to power the city for a couple of hours
real rich-c: oops, too late
Ron: I have a $10 ticket on one of these Duckie Races, so I have to go down town around 10 am
Ron: to see if my
Ron: Duckie is swimming upstream
MP of Cleveland: I can't imagine getting so excited over an election, unless some close kin of mine were a candidate.
Pam / Rincognito: <E> the rubber duckie race?
Ron: yup
MP of Cleveland: You need a radio-controlled duck.
Ron: exactly
Ron: but alas, the all get dumped in at a specified spot
Pam / Rincognito: <E> I always wanted to race a rubber duckie : )
real rich-c: oh, we need to take our elections seriously
Ron: and must travel a stated distance
real rich-c: we still have a hope of keeping the Neanderthals in check, most of the time
MP of Cleveland: Hey, I resemble a Neanderthal!
Ron: Again.... thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
real rich-c: well no, but some of your politicians do
Ron: I now look forward to becoming a CNN junkie on Election Night south of the border
real rich-c: our latest election was described as a battle between fear and loathing
MP of Cleveland: Oh pleez, just go to bed.
Ron: oh no, oh no, I could not even think of it
real rich-c: the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November will prove again it is hard to demonstrate the existence of intelligent life on Earth
Ron: Wonder if it will be all over in one night or will there be drama for weeks to come
real rich-c: Ron, don't even think of it
Ron: :)
MP of Cleveland: Let the Yank-bashing begin!
real rich-c: Pam, did you see anything in the paper about garbage collections this week?
Pam / Rincognito: I haven't even seen a paper, Dad
Ron: well, it wasn't so much that Dr. D. I mean we're not exactly short of things to bash on our own side of the border
real rich-c: oh, our calendar shows a collection tomorrow, and that can't be right
Pam / Rincognito: however, since tomorrow a holiday I suspect that everythign will be screwed up for a couple of weeks
Ron: But I can remember thinking... here is the most powerful nation on earth, locked in a dead heat over choosing its leader
Ron: And it's come down to one state
Pam / Rincognito: we're supposed to have recycling collection tomorrow - because of the holiday, I suspect we won't get it at all
Ron: But at least that nation did so in a peaceful and ordered manner
real rich-c: yep, crooked, and with the odd riot, but basically peaceful and ordered
Pam / Rincognito: I was actually surprised by the number of people who were so trusting with their ballots on Monday
real rich-c: you mean like handing them in unfolded and stuff?
Ron: yep. I put mind, properly folded, into a box. I have no idea what happened to it after that
Pam / Rincognito: no handing them to me then walking away without ensuring they were deposited
Ron: trust
Pam / Rincognito: and what part of "hand it back to me folded the same way" did they not understand?
real rich-c: huh - you wre the DRO not the poll clerk - you must have had some slow poll clerks
Pam / Rincognito: ??
Pam / Rincognito: I was the only one allowed to handle the ballots, Dad
Pam / Rincognito: besides the elector, of course
real rich-c: the ballot is to be returned to the poll clerk to have the counterfoil removed, not the DRO
Pam / Rincognito: no one is to handle the ballots except the DRO, Dad
Ron: what's DRO ??
Pam / Rincognito: I was the one tearing off the !@#$%^& counterfoils
real rich-c: I thought the DRO was responsible for a group of polls, not just one
Ron: in the Forces it would be "Daily Routine Orders"
Pam / Rincognito: deputy returning officer, Ron
Ron: thank you
Pam / Rincognito: that's the returning officer, Dad
MP of Cleveland: Democracy-Repelling Officer
MP of Cleveland: :-)
Ron: ha.... closer Dr. D.
MP of Cleveland: Dirty Rotten Ogre?
real rich-c: OK - then you had one poll and one clerk to work with you?
Pam / Rincognito: we really need to have a chat with the company that prints the ballots
Pam / Rincognito: correct
Pam / Rincognito: I resemble that remark, Rich
real rich-c: yes, if ours wre any example, those perforations could have been a lot better made
Pam / Rincognito: oh, yeah
Ron: by the way guys...... on a totally unrelated subject
MP of Cleveland: Digita Rights Operator
MP of Cleveland: Digital
Ron: I do not believe I'm going to make it to El Paso
Pam / Rincognito: especially at the end - I went through so many ballots that it was hard to keep up
real rich-c: next election, get on the party list erly so you get the advance polls and regular election day
MP of Cleveland: Oh dear, Ron.
Ron: many reasons, all of them compelling
real rich-c: except of course by then you'll be working...
Pam / Rincognito: you can't work both the advance and regular polls Dad
MP of Cleveland: SIgh, are we going to have enough in attendance to make a financial go of it?
MP of Cleveland: Only BobS could say, I think.
Ron: yes.
Ron: Will have to talk to Bob about all this, but at the moment I just can't commit
real rich-c: that's rough, Ron, but I can identify - I don't think my health will allow it either
MP of Cleveland: Right now I count 4 Slopsemas, 2 Vilneffs, 1 Rin, 1 Guy, 1 Dr.D...
Pam / Rincognito: I don't think we're going either, Rich
Pam / Rincognito: I counted 10
MP of Cleveland: I would presume Murray, but haven't heard from him in ages...nor from any Wicks.
Pam / Rincognito: Bob, Judy, Meeka, Doug, Murray, Rich, Dale, Jillian, Erin, Guy
MP of Cleveland: I thought you typed earlier tonight that you and Russell would be there.
Pam / Rincognito: and the Stones
MP of Cleveland: Maybe that was about something else.
Pam / Rincognito: no I said I don't think we'll be going
real rich-c: no, she said she doubted she would make it, Rich
MP of Cleveland: I misread, then.
MP of Cleveland: 10 plus Jack and Jean, that is really, well, small.
Pam / Rincognito: unless I get a much better paying job and they allow me to take the time off, I don't think we're going to make it
MP of Cleveland: Are you working now?
Pam / Rincognito: not yet
MP of Cleveland: :-(
Pam / Rincognito: agreed
Ron: a job is good
MP of Cleveland: And I will only be able to go for 2 days/2 nights, so I am not $$$-wise a full delegate.
MP of Cleveland: I will come for what I can come for unless BobS calls it off.
Ron: we'll just have to establish a vpn
Pam / Rincognito: a what?
Ron: Virtual Private Network
real rich-c: virtual private network
(The lights sudddenly go out)
MP of Cleveland: So I guess I will have to make an ADAMcon 16.5 then to visit the homebound Canadian contingent.
real rich-c: is that a hint?
Ron: Are Bob and Judy away?
MP of Cleveland: Who did that?
Pam / Rincognito: no, it meant I'm still in the dark
Pam / Rincognito: yes they are Ron
Ron: ah
real rich-c: I'm not sure I will dare set foot in an aircraft this year, or any scheduled carrier
real rich-c: but anyplace in driving range with teh trailer (whre we can take our time) might be feasible
real rich-c: too bad this wasnt a Cleveland or Grand Rapids - or even Chicago year
MP of Cleveland: Well, Jack and Jean deserve to see us, Richard, IMHO.
real rich-c: I agree 100%, Rich - but look at the numbers
Ron: Well, I have a number of reasons, any one of which taken by itself doesn't sound very compelling, but in total, is another story
MP of Cleveland: Numbers schmumbers...numbers were used to argue for why it should be in Salt Lake City, and then the numbers people never showed...
real rich-c: three of five men do not get to their 75th birthday - I'm less than 14 months short of that
Ron: I still agree with our rationale behind choosing El Paso
MP of Cleveland: Nobody has illegit reasons, don't get me wrong.
real rich-c: and I am showing the wear around the edges that creates that figure
real rich-c: I simply do not have the physical stamina for what that trip involves
MP of Cleveland: Only you know how you feel, Richard.
real rich-c: and for me it's a guessing game - with srious penaltis if I guess wrong
Pam / Rincognito: and for me, any other year it wouldn't be a problem, but because of my employment situation, I doubt there's any way
Ron: One thing I do not want.... if for this annual gathering of ours to end, because this year for me is a bit of an exception
real rich-c: I strongly secondd that emotion, Ron'you have no idea how disappointed I am; I really wanted to visit BC again and have never experienced anything like El Paso - and time is getting short
MP of Cleveland: There is always the model I proposed some years ago, which is just call whoever meets wherever with an ADAM (or now ADAM emulator) in tow an ADAMcon.
MP of Cleveland: Depending on what Bob's arrangements with the hotel are, this one may or may not be like that.
Pam / Rincognito: hence, 15.5
Ron: yes Dr. D. and I think that's what we need to go to
MP of Cleveland: Depends on whether the pricing is independent of attendance.
Ron: Well, we got a bit of a break here, but probably not a whole lot
Ron: $5. or $10 per room
MP of Cleveland: XIII was mostly independent of attendance, a few more would have gotten a lower rate on the meeting room, but that is all.
real rich-c: also depends if we can get a place and time all can accept - you wil recall I was very dubious about El Paso from the beginning
Ron: Given circumstances here Rich, I'm not sure any particular month would have been any better than any other
MP of Cleveland: "I told you so" is not a very comforting thing to hear right now, Richard, with all due respect.
MP of Cleveland: What you are saying tonight is basically if it wasn't at the Travelodge Yorkdale (now closed) or similar close place, your health wouldn't stand the trip.
real rich-c: I understand that, Rich, and that isn't the intention. Rather, don't dump on me when I gave you such long advance warning of the difficulties
MP of Cleveland: Something will happen, it always does.
MP of Cleveland: We'll see what that is.
real rich-c: that's a bit of an exaggeration Rich but unfortunately not as much as I could wish
MP of Cleveland: A Canadian ADAMcon will be up to Dale, and was indeed slated for next year.
Ron: I think, you go with whomever is coming
MP of Cleveland: Though since nobody has heard from Dale, who knows.
Ron: was the same last year. I had to actually phone him.... and discovered there was never any doubt about his coming here
Pam / Rincognito: Actually, when i talked to Dale he was still planning on having the con here next year
MP of Cleveland: And I have heard naught from Herman or George for almost 2 years now.
Ron: so I wouldn't worry about that
real rich-c: with COPD and A-fib and sudden sensitivity to colds, flying to the highest-humidex spot in North America is not the course of ultimate wisdom
Pam / Rincognito: and he was planning on being in El Paso
MP of Cleveland: SO I think they are so deep into retirement that they are not in the picture anymore, either.
real rich-c: I had a very distressing episode earlier this week, simply from a cold that never developed
MP of Cleveland: I will pay to go, so long as it isn't called off. I got a bit of a raise with my new position.
MP of Cleveland: And whoever can attend will be stewards until the next cycle. That is all we can do. And have fun doing it.
Ron: exactly
Pam / Rincognito: here's a thought - if there's a lottery win, we'll charter a flight from a central location and everyone can go - sound good?
real rich-c: don't see any better course of action
MP of Cleveland: And if it's called off, I will show Rin how to use an ADAM from the inside out sometime in January probably.
MP of Cleveland: And the rest of you are welcome to watch.
Ron: :)
Pam / Rincognito: Erin is snickering in the background
MP of Cleveland: Or demonstrate yourselves.
real rich-c: right - how are you at rigging Super 7?
Ron: Wherever two or three are gathered together
Pam / Rincognito: not so good - any luck with 6/49?
MP of Cleveland: She can at least play games. Spy Hunter is fun. And I can burn the Pac Man prototype to a real cartridge.
real rich-c: I quit buying when they doubled the price - another McGuinty mistake
Ron: a toonie out here too
Pam / Rincognito: how about this, Dad - we'll pick our numbers, then everyone else can work around them
MP of Cleveland: Lotteries are for loonies anyway :-)
real rich-c: I do quick pick on Super 7
real rich-c: right, wse call them the tax on idiots
Ron: is there a difference between a fool and an idiot? I heard "a tax on fools"
MP of Cleveland: Richard, did you ever get your Guinness tonight?
real rich-c: sharp at 10 p.m., Rich - I needed it
MP of Cleveland: I had some Mug root beer about then :-)
real rich-c: oh, at her birthday dinner Pam has Dad's cream soda, so that is still around
MP of Cleveland: Did you get your free dinner, Pam?
MP of Cleveland: Or did you have to wash dishes for it?
Pam / Rincognito: yes, i did
Pam / Rincognito: get it free, I mean
MP of Cleveland: haha
MP of Cleveland: What was on the menu?
MP of Cleveland: Truffles? Caviare?
Pam / Rincognito: a little of everything - tuckers is an all you can eat buffet
real rich-c: far too much unusually appealing stuff, truth to tell
MP of Cleveland: Oh boy, then you shouldn't have gone home hungry.
Pam / Rincognito: stuffed to the gills, thank you
real rich-c: I regained almost all the weight I lost the days before
MP of Cleveland: I guess the name is from the phrase "tuck in" = American "dig in"?
MP of Cleveland: Oft seen in Harry Potter...
Pam / Rincognito: isn't it derived from Mother Tuckers, Dad?
Pam / Rincognito: now Tuckers Marketplace
Ron: was gonna say
real rich-c: no, it's an American chain that began as "Mother Tuckers" - you take it from there
Ron: when i was east, think it was Mother Tucker's
MP of Cleveland: Haven't heard of that one. > chat > Wed 2004-06-30
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