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MP of Cleveland: Of course, an eponym was the 2nd likely explanation.
real rich-c: could be the American side has faded away leaving the Canadian franchisees on their own
MP of Cleveland: Probably better for the Canadian side :-)
real rich-c: often the parent company licences one master Canadian franchise which is autonomous
Pam / Rincognito: what I want to import is T.G.I. Friday's
real rich-c: I thought there wre TGIFs here
MP of Cleveland: I wish they had real onion rings instead of those potato skin thingies.
Pam / Rincognito: nope, not to my knowledge
MP of Cleveland: That is my gripe with them...the beef is fine.
real rich-c: used to be one downtown, around the St. Lawrence market
Pam / Rincognito: as far as I know they're strictly American
MP of Cleveland: Nobody around here yet has duplicated the giant Onion Brick that the defunct local restaurant Norton's used to have.
real rich-c: oops - people, anyone looked at the clock?
real rich-c: time for me to depart - goodnight all
Ron: Down with onions
MP of Cleveland: They went under about 15 years ago...I miss it.
Ron: I do not like them here or there....
MP of Cleveland: Good night Richard, feel better.
Pam / Rincognito: g'nite Dad - will get the laptop to you in thenext couple days
Ron: Nite Rich.
real rich-c: OK Pam, that's great
MP of Cleveland: And they had a dessert called the Cookie Monster:
real rich-c: nite all
Pam / Rincognito: nite Daddy / uncle Richard
real rich-c left chat session
Pam / Rincognito: cookie!
MP of Cleveland: a 1-foot diameter chocolate-chip cookie with chocolate fudge ice cream on it, hot fudge, and chocolate sprinkles.
Ron: oh-my-God
Pam / Rincognito: that's not dessert, that's dinner!
MP of Cleveland: Buy one, feed about 5.
Ron: I want ONE
Ron: but .... alas
MP of Cleveland: And their house salad dressing was some kind of sweet poppyseed that I've never found anywhere else.
Pam / Rincognito: it's like the ice cream parlour that used to serve banana splits for two - or three
MP of Cleveland: The last time we were there, Christina was a baby, and Joan's folks were in town.
Pam / Rincognito: whoa, that was weird
MP of Cleveland: The waitress sneered at us for bringing a baby into their (now) trendy single twentysomethings restaurant.
MP of Cleveland: And about 1 month later, they were gone...
Ron: understandable
Pam / Rincognito: alright, something strange just happened here
MP of Cleveland: Christina was a good restaurant baby, feed her first, she would be quiet for 90 minutes.
Pam / Rincognito: we're gonna log out and log back on
MP of Cleveland: Okay.
Pam / Rincognito left chat session
Ron: just a restaurant that obviously didn't want family
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MP of Cleveland: Didn't used to be that way, but they got that way at the very end.
Ron: ic
Pam / Rin: there, that's better
MP of Cleveland: You've changed handles.
Ron: re-hi Pam/Rin
Pam / Rin: we logged all the way out and started again
MP of Cleveland: re-hi, that is a new greeting.
Ron: the late Patricia Herrington
MP of Cleveland: Sigh.
Pam / Rin: that was weird to say the least - we started getting new posts at the top of the scroll instead of the bottom
MP of Cleveland: I miss PJ at ADAMcon time.
Ron: yeah.... exactly
MP of Cleveland: I was going to suggest hidux.
Ron: sounds like the scroller thingie when btfsrtwplk
Pam / Rin: exactly, Ron
Ron: went bftsrljths;r
Ron: you know what I mean
Pam / Rin: yes : )
MP of Cleveland: Vorble dreeble splingle floo!
Pam / Rin: bless you
Ron: yes, that too
MP of Cleveland: And drumlie wor his ee.
Ron: and when your scroller thingie goes vorble dreeble splingle floo.... there ain't much to be done
Pam / Rin: bork, debork, debork bork bork
Ron: except go out and come back in
MP of Cleveland: It could cost big bux if it's not stopped in time.
MP of Cleveland: Might give out your credit card number or something.
Ron: or something equally nasty
MP of Cleveland: Or arm the missiles at the SAC base in Omaha.
Ron: Lord forbid
MP of Cleveland: (I can also talk like the Swedish Chef, bork bork bork!)
Pam / Rin: was tres weird - like I said, started posting at teh top of the scroll, and jumping back there every time a post came through, and inserting weird characters in front of names
MP of Cleveland: (phase one working correctly, check)
MP of Cleveland: (begin phase two)
Pam / Rin: check
Ron: there was a time when you could deliberately do that with escape codes Pam/Rin
MP of Cleveland: Or by accident if you got the wrong terminal emulation selected :-)
Ron: but these days..... do they still use escape codes for video displays?
Ron: yes
MP of Cleveland: I am sure that for text, there is something like a terminal driver, but for graphics, I am sure that it is just bitmaps.
Pam / Rin: anyway - things I would like to see imported to this side of the border include T.G.I. Fridays, Cheddars, Lane Bryant
Pam / Rin: food and clothing - shows you where my priorities lie
MP of Cleveland: I can send you slugs, for another month anyway.
Pam / Rin: woudl those be under food or clothing?
MP of Cleveland: Food...and the slime could be sunscreen.
Ron: Slugs=onions
Pam / Rin: according to Ron, we don't need to import them : )
MP of Cleveland: And the ink, well, like woad to the Saxons.
MP of Cleveland: How about a purple face to go with that red hair?
Ron: We have Woad to clothe us which is,
Pam / Rin: well if you can eat escargot, why can't you eat slugs?
Ron: Twice as good as these
MP of Cleveland: No reason why not except probably taste...
MP of Cleveland: I wouldn't eat them unless I were utterly starving.
Pam / Rin: no dining on the research subjects?
Ron: There is a large pshycological barrier.... much as eating snake meat
MP of Cleveland: But they wouldn't make me ill, except psychologically.
MP of Cleveland: There is only one bit of red meat in the whole slug.
Ron: psychological
Ron: head stuff
Pam / Rin: probably TMI, Rich
MP of Cleveland: And inside is some gristly stuff that would be unpleasant.
MP of Cleveland: You asked!
Pam / Rin: well, since I don't like escargot anyway we're safe
MP of Cleveland: Never had it, nor the opportunity.
Ron: I have. Not bad when slathered with butter and served in a high end restaurant
MP of Cleveland: I fed a slug to our hedgehog the other day, though. She lapped it right up. And some worms.
Pam / Rin: oh, hedgehogs love snails and slugs and worms
Ron: she has no psychological barriers
Pam / Rin: there's your solution, Ron - get a hedgehog
MP of Cleveland: It's her natural food.
Ron: ok
MP of Cleveland: Ours is named Queen Elizabeth.
Pam / Rin: however, you have to get one big enough to outweigh your slugs : )
Ron: ha ha
Pam / Rin: a friend of mine had one - he was really cute - named him Ouch
MP of Cleveland: No hedgehog could eat the big Aplysia.
MP of Cleveland: They only prickle when puffed up, and they only do that if startled.
Ron: A slug by any other name....
MP of Cleveland: Once you get them in your hand, they crawl all over you happily.
Ron: shudder
Pam / Rin: they have to be acclimatized, though Rich - some are really shy and won't unroll unless they're left alone
MP of Cleveland: She's only about the size of a softball.
Ron: more psychological baggage
Ron: oh you mean the hedgehog
Pam / Rin: LOL
MP of Cleveland: This one is an albino from the tropics and is very nocturnal.
MP of Cleveland: SHe is up right now.
Ron: so is Queen Elizabeth a family member?
MP of Cleveland: She belongs to the elementary school, but the science teacher gave her to Diana/Gretchen to tend over the summer.
Ron: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to care for Queen Elizabeth, and serve her in an appropriate manner
MP of Cleveland: She is named after Q.E. the first, because her prickles look like a ruff in one of her portraits by Holbein or Cranach etc.
Pam / Rin: you can practice your British accent on her, Rich
Ron: have seen that pic
Ron: yes... prickly
MP of Cleveland: Methinks milady is immune to my vocal charms.
Ron: so you need another hedgehog - Sir Walter Raleigh
MP of Cleveland: No hedgehog decapitations in this household, thank you!
Ron: oh
Pam / Rin: is she running around loose Rich?
MP of Cleveland: No, she is in an aquarium.
MP of Cleveland: She would poop all over the floor.
Ron: terrarium
Ron: ??
MP of Cleveland: And there are waaay to many places for her to get lost on the floor.
MP of Cleveland: Glass aquarium filled with shavings and a house, food dish, water, etc.
MP of Cleveland: Not that she is kept in a tank of water :-)
Ron: of course not
Pam / Rin: no, they don't float very well : )
MP of Cleveland: I'm not going to try to measure her buoyancy.
Ron: part of the family nonetheless
Pam / Rin: appreciate that
Pam / Rin: <E> and you call yourself a scientist : )
Pam / Rin: what, no comment?
MP of Cleveland: back from getting some water.
Ron: was waiting for Dr. D. to defend himself
(Pam / Rin giggles)
MP of Cleveland: Scientist, hmm...
Ron: yes, as in systematic study of this, that and the other
MP of Cleveland: Well, I promise I will measure Queen E's buoyancy if I can test the methods on you first, Rin.
Pam / Rin: Rin is pleased with herself for rendering everyone speechless
Pam / Rin: now you've rendered her speechless
MP of Cleveland: If she weighs as much as a duck...then she's made of wood...and therefore...
Pam / Rin: <E> believe me, I float
MP of Cleveland: I don't think I have a water tank big enough to float a human.
Ron: how about displacement Dr D?
MP of Cleveland: Could do displacement, that is true. It worked for Archimedes.
Ron: na... then you'd have water all over the floor
MP of Cleveland: Change in water level.
Pam / Rin: yeah, it's tough to swim in the tub
MP of Cleveland: Guess I could do it at ADAMcon if there is a pool :-)
Ron: how did we get onto this?
MP of Cleveland: But then it would be so large as to have a tiny displacement to measure.
Pam / Rin: strange things happen after midnight, Ron
Ron: oh yes... forgot -
Pam / Rin: just toss her in - if she floats, great
MP of Cleveland: It all started with the aquarium comment.
Ron: right
Pam / Rin: if not, you get to practice Lifesaving 101
MP of Cleveland: I don't think I could throw Rin into the pool.
Pam / Rin: no worries - I can
MP of Cleveland: I doubt I could catch her, for one thing.
Ron: would have to mouth-to-mouth on Queen Elizabeth
MP of Cleveland: Bleh, CPR on a prickly hedgehog...need a special tube for intubation or something.
Pam / Rin: just place a trail of Pepsi cans to water's edge
MP of Cleveland: Hehe.
MP of Cleveland: Sounds like an idea for a TV commercial.
Pam / Rin: I think it's been done : )
MP of Cleveland: But drinking all that pop would change her buoyancy.
Pam / Rin: wouldn't the carbonation help?
Ron: to say nothing of the carcinogen effect
Ron: oh but then you don't have to give her Diet pop
MP of Cleveland: It would change it, so the measured value would be useless for Rin in the un-softdrinked state
MP of Cleveland: Experiment is no good if it changes the thing you're trying to measure.
Ron: I don't know
MP of Cleveland: Unless she was thoroughly burped.
Pam / Rin: well you can push her, but then you'll find out how buoyant you are too : )
Ron: sounds like thesis material to me
MP of Cleveland: That is likely, Pam, I doubt the experimenter would remain dry.
Pam / Rin: that's the drama queen in her : )
Pam / Rin: yes, but would the experimenter want to stay dry? It is a pool, after all
Ron: yes, I'm quite certain Queen Elizabeth would exhibit some sort of reaction to being dunked
MP of Cleveland: Publish in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.
Ron: right
MP of Cleveland: Hedgehogs can likely swim, but I don't want to make a trial of it.
Pam / Rin: <E> yes, it happens once and then somebody dies
MP of Cleveland: And Pepsi would not work as a lure to the water's edge.
Ron: yes, given that in September, Queen Elizabeth must be returned in good health
MP of Cleveland: Slugs and worms, maybe.
Pam / Rin: Pepsi only works on Erinus MacLeanus
MP of Cleveland: Yes, or we will be in deep doo-doo with the science teacher.
MP of Cleveland: I think you need feminine gender there, not neuter...
Pam / Rin: yes being in dutch with the science teacher is never good
Ron: and there is no buoyancy in doo-doo
MP of Cleveland: Erina Macleana, I'd think.
Pam / Rin: put a capital L in there and we'll be fine
MP of Cleveland: No such capitalization in Latin :-)
Ron: very educational, people, I have learned much
Pam / Rin: perhaps more than you wanted to Ron?
Ron: about Hedgehogs, slugs, buoyancy, Latin
MP of Cleveland: In Greek I bet it would be something like Herena Myklenos.
Ron: yup
MP of Cleveland: So now she can pose for a sculpture.
MP of Cleveland: :-)
Pam / Rin: and shoes and ships and sailing wax, and cabbages and Kings
Pam / Rin: sorry, sealing wax
Ron: ceiling wax
MP of Cleveland: It is "sealing" I am sure.
Ron: oh
Pam / Rin: yeah, they only wax ceilings on Trading Spaces
MP of Cleveland: Wax the ceiling, urgh, what a waste of time.
Ron: agreed
Ron: must be sealing. Used for catching seals
Pam / Rin: what can I say, it's good entertainment
Ron: another buoyancy problem
MP of Cleveland: Sealing letters, Ron.
MP of Cleveland: Signet ring and all.
Ron: oh
Pam / Rin: buoyancy is no problem for seals
Ron: they know how to do that
MP of Cleveland: It's the girlyancy that gets 'em, though.
Ron: this is getting like Alice in Wonderland
Pam / Rin: how can you tell we're getting tired?
Ron: mad hatter will be next
Ron: yeah, eh?
MP of Cleveland: Time to change places at the table, everyone move one place left.
Ron: shift
MP of Cleveland: I am actually wide awake now, this is my normal brain working.
Pam / Rin: I'm being kicked out of my chair!
MP of Cleveland: Expelliarmus!
Pam / Rin: well, I knew you could be disarming . . .
MP of Cleveland: Too bad there isn't a webcam, Ron; I bet they're having a grand old catfight now...
Pam / Rin: nope, no catfights here
Ron: oh I'll bet
Pam / Rin: just following directions : )
MP of Cleveland: You and Rin fighting over chairs, come on...
Pam / Rin: nah, they both roll - we don't have to switch
MP of Cleveland: And threats of tossing in the pool.
Pam / Rin: no, that was just sibling rivalry
Ron: I am at something of a disadvangate... I've met Pamela, but not Rin
Ron: I know her only from your pictures
Ron: which are purple
MP of Cleveland: They don't do her justice.
Pam / Rin: <E> in a word -adorable
MP of Cleveland: Vanity thy name is Redhead.
Ron: you're both adorable
Pam / Rin: not to mention modest
MP of Cleveland: Pride goeth before a fall.
Pam / Rin: <E> as long as I can see where I'm landing, I'm fine : )
MP of Cleveland: Probably the swimming pool.
Ron: We should have done all this last August when here..... and there was 40,000 litres of water in the back yard
Ron: enclosed even
MP of Cleveland: haha
MP of Cleveland: I don't think I got into the pool at the hotel.
Pam / Rin: we'll just have to repeat the experiment at regular intervals
MP of Cleveland: I don't think I've gotten to a pool at an ADAMcon since 12.
Ron: me neither
MP of Cleveland: I can remember being in with Elanor and Jillian.
Pam / Rin: didn't you go into the pool at the hotel in Cleveland with Elanor?
MP of Cleveland: And that was only a little bit.
MP of Cleveland: Hmmm, maybe...can't remember.
Pam / Rin: I have a vague memory of it - or perhaps she was with Joan and the other girls
MP of Cleveland: Swimming has generally been a Ladies Auxiliary thing.
MP of Cleveland: When they get bored of the computers.
MP of Cleveland: And of sewing.
Ron: right
Pam / Rin: I do remember the fireworks : )
MP of Cleveland: And me, having always had some session to give, never get away until the pool has closed for the day.
Ron: yes, time goes by
MP of Cleveland: I don't think I've ever been at an ADAMcon just as a spectator.
Ron: Nope. We usually find ways of putting you to work
MP of Cleveland: Even at IV, my first, I had a couple sessions to give.
MP of Cleveland: Hehe, need some clones of me :-)
Pam / Rin: which reminds me, Rich, weren't you going to ask someone about what they wanted you to do at the con?
MP of Cleveland: Yeah, I said Ron, but I really meant BobS, since he is the nominal organizer.
Ron: That probably needs to be Bob
MP of Cleveland: But I was supposed to come up with a contest for Mighty Mitchell part 2.
Ron: yes
MP of Cleveland: And you were to create/bestow the prize.
Ron: now that raises another item of business
Pam / Rin: part 2?
Ron: exactly
Ron: I will have to get it there
MP of Cleveland: I can still do this, in your name, if you get a prize to me or Bob.
Ron: well we'll see.
MP of Cleveland: I have to come up with a task...suitable for whoever is going to attend...and it will have to not depend on me being there the whole convention, 'cause I will be there only Saturday and Sunday.
Ron: I have the item. All I have to do is get it to one of you
MP of Cleveland: Okay, so now the onus is all on me :-)
Ron: a contest.... for great minds
Ron: your call my friend
Pam / Rin: are we going to have another disassembly contest?
MP of Cleveland: Judy will kill me if I ever do one that has her involved.
Ron: that's up to Dr. D as the winner of the 1st prize
MP of Cleveland: My next thought in that vein would be to make the disassembler be blindfolded.
MP of Cleveland: Totally evil and humiliating :-)
MP of Cleveland: Probably even I couldn't get it to work blindfolded.
Pam / Rin: we'll have to have one - Dad and I against Rich and Erin, perhaps?
Ron: I want pics of that
Pam / Rin: maybe next year
MP of Cleveland: At some future convention when all of you are in attendance, we could do it.
Pam / Rin: depending on how fast Dad is moving, I may need to pick another partner : )
MP of Cleveland: I think it might be unfair advantage to me in that pairing, though, since I think you and your Dad would be fighting all the time :-)
Pam / Rin: actually, we can work together fairly well in most circumstances
Pam / Rin: he taught me to drive
MP of Cleveland: Dale would be a good guide...maybe Bob or Doug.
Ron: say no more
Ron: back in a sec
MP of Cleveland: For this convention...hmmm...gotta think...
MP of Cleveland: tick tock tick tock...
Pam / Rin: there's gotta be something to that - I've never had a ticket of any kind
MP of Cleveland: Interesting.
Pam / Rin: oh?
MP of Cleveland: Just thinking of being your passenger :-)
MP of Cleveland: Toronto driving is different from Cleveland.
Pam / Rin: I didn't have any problems in Cleveland
MP of Cleveland: Cops are different.
Pam / Rin: found it quite easy, actually
MP of Cleveland: I know places where you would be nailed :-)
Pam / Rin: I think if you can drive in Toronto, you can drive anywhere (except possibly L.A.)
MP of Cleveland: And you wouldn't know until you saw the blinkylights and heard the sirens.
Pam / Rin: well in places where it's important, i'm very cautious about my speed
Pam / Rin: I don't speed in school zones
Pam / Rin: or in unfamiliar places
Ron: Hell, you get 50,000 points for a student in a crosswalk
Ron: 10000 bonus for drawing blood
MP of Cleveland: But they get a saving throw against injury, 2d20.
MP of Cleveland: :-)
Ron: shucks..... foiled again
Pam / Rin: only if they're high school students - elementary students move too slowly
MP of Cleveland: But they are smaller, so present less surface area for impact.
Pam / Rin: who foiled you, Ron?
Ron: I was not allowed to flatten my student
MP of Cleveland: Reynolds Wrap?
Ron: he was a levitating student, and he simply jumped over my car
MP of Cleveland: What game are you playing now, Ron?
Pam / Rin: sorry, no points for that
Ron: nope
MP of Cleveland: We should let you go finish it.
Ron: i have no idea
Ron: Had a cop glare at me once as I was transitting a school zone at 45 km/h
MP of Cleveland: It sounded like you had a game up on your screen.
Ron: but that was all it amounted to
Ron: speed limit in school zones here is 30 km/h
Pam / Rin: they're 40 in Toronto
Ron: we're getting as bad as the big city here. Do the speed limit and somebody behind you is on your case
MP of Cleveland: Too many city folk moving to your island, bringing bad habits.
Ron: yes
Pam / Rin: I have no problem with someone who wants to do the limit - it's those who are doing 20 under the limit that bother me
MP of Cleveland: And speaking of which...I have been here for 4 hours and probably should go to bed :-(
Pam / Rin: over your limit?
Ron: right.... that I don't like either
MP of Cleveland: That's what the cop is telling me right now.
Ron: yes.... you guys are up late.... it's 10 pm here
Ron: which means
MP of Cleveland: 1:09:22 right now.
Ron: you are all burning midnight oil at a fair rate
Pam / Rin: since you have to work tomorrow, probably very sensible
Pam / Rin: we all have the day off
MP of Cleveland: Yeah, you are all on holiday tomorrow.
MP of Cleveland: But I am off Monday .
Ron: oh yes.... holiday......... forgot about that. for me life is a holiday
Pam / Rin: for me too at the moment Ron
Pam / Rin: and Russell is off tomorrow
Ron: yes
Pam / Rin: anyway, Rich, go to bed
MP of Cleveland: Okay, I will leave you 3 to chat some more.
Ron: niters Dr. D
MP of Cleveland: I am closing hailing frequencies for tonight.
Ron: be well
MP of Cleveland: Bye all.
Pam / Rin: g'nite
MP of Cleveland: <poof>
Ron: and then there were 3
MP of Cleveland left chat session
Pam / Rin: we really need to get Erin her own computer
Ron: you need a network
Pam / Rin: she doesn't get to say everything she wants to
Pam / Rin: I don't think my dial up would handle a network
Pam / Rin: but, at least my computer works again
Ron: be right back folks.. my neighbour just phoned. She thinks I've left my lights on on the car
Pam / Rin: okay
Ron: Thank the Lord for neighbours
Pam / Rin: were they on?
Ron: Not only did I leave the interior light on - I left the driver's side door open
Pam / Rin: oops
Pam / Rin: not good
Ron: that sort of thing can kill a battery
Pam / Rin: by the way, where did you get the name Rosie from?
Ron: The colour is a dark red. Mother said it was Rose - which I disagree with, but it stuck
Ron: Taurus = bull
Ron: hence Rosie the bull
Pam / Rin: I wondered : )
Pam / Rin: good Rosie
Ron: yep
Pam / Rin: I approve of Taurii
Ron: this one's been a good car
Ron: there have been repairs required, but what car doesn't
Pam / Rin: mine just passed Drive Clean and it's 11 years old
Ron: there ya go
Pam / Rin: is yours a 93 as well?
Ron: yes
Ron: same year
Ron: still looks pretty good
Ron: when I wash it
Pam / Rin: are you still doing Air Care in BC?
Pam / Rin: yeah well, there's a rumour that mine is blue but right now you can't prove it
Ron: Only in Vancouver. They tried it in the rest of the province, but then gave it up
Pam / Rin: lucky you
Ron: My son has to get his done annually
Pam / Rin: it's a pain - every two years another $30 plus this year it was my licence as well, and of course the cost of two years of sticker
Ron: they get ya one way or another
Pam / Rin: $236.75 just to stay on the road. Scary
Ron: ouch
Pam / Rin: you can say that again
Ron: I had to get a medical this year, since I've reached the age of 60
Pam / Rin: I'm hoping I can keep ours on the road for another five years
Ron: and that cost me $106. which medical doesn't pay for
Pam / Rin: they require a medical to re-licence?
Ron: should be able
Pam / Rin: well, I'm starting to get rust in some places
Pam / Rin: just started showing up this year
Ron: Well, the licence out here is renewed every 5 years, and for me that came up last year. They asked me if I had any medical conditions they should know about
Pam / Rin: did you tell them?
Ron: and being a complete idiot, I mentioned my diabetes and athsma
Ron: cannot tell a lie
Pam / Rin: no comment : )
Ron: yeah, well there ya go
Ron: suppose it's better to be honest than not, but I wish I had that conversation back again
Pam / Rin: I don't think the asthma should be an issue but I can see the diabetes being of some concern
Pam / Rin: better not to be caught out
Ron: so from here on in, it looks like I better put a hundred bucks in the budget for extraneous medicals
Pam / Rin: and hope they don't increase the cost of the medical any time soon : )
Ron: what burns me, is that it all happens about the same time as I get my annual medical. The Doctor has to two separate exams
Ron: right
Pam / Rin: or at least two separate forms
Pam / Rin: it's all in the timing
Ron: last year he only charged me $50. But this year there was a month or so in between
Ron: so one way or another, they get ya
Pam / Rin: and doctors are getting more expensive every year too
Pam / Rin: I know, I avoid mine like the plague
Ron: yep
Pam / Rin: anyway my dear, Erin is falling asleep in her chair
Pam / Rin: so I'm thinking it's time we packed it in
Ron: yes.... I'd imagine. So we'll see you both next week
Ron: Happy Canada Day
Pam / Rin: absolutely
Pam / Rin: thanks, and you too.
Ron: niters
Pam / Rin: Until Wednesday, g'nite.
Pam / Rin: Hugs to you
Ron: hugz back atcha
Pam / Rin: tee hee
Pam / Rin: kerpoof
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