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rich-c: Daniel Vision, not Daniel Welcome?
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: greetings Rich
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Dr.D.: Hello are you feeling?
changed username to Guy B.
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rich-c: better today, at least up and around
changed username to james
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!! As of today, I've started overtime.
Dr.D.: New med regime still working?
Dr.D.: Hi Guy.
Dr.D.: And James.
Dr.D.: And Daniel.
rich-c: well, had a bad day yesterday, wondering if it wass the result of the doubled dose
rich-c: morning james
Dr.D.: Bad in what way?
Dr.D.: More tachycardia?
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changed username to oops
Dr.D.: Overtime Guy, yuck.
oops: it seems i got dumped
rich-c: usual - very fatigued and sleepy, not energy, general weakness, a bit bilious, maybe a tad light-headed - normal side effects
Dr.D.: I was asking if you had more tachycardia.
Guy B.: Just started today. Semi annual reports are piling up.
Guy B.: Get paid for it Dr. D.
rich-c: no way to tell but we suspec t so - those symptoms also tend to accompany tachycardia we think
Dr.D.: I had some "overtime" -- experiment didn't end until 5:30 PM.
Dr.D.: And I never even got to the slug part of it; it was all aligning and calibrating.
oops changed username to jamesII
Dr.D.: So Part II is first thing tomorrow morning.
Dr.D.: We have an abundance of James.
Dr.D.: Jameses.
rich-c: sounds like you have your hands full, Rich
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jamesII: as my wife will assure you, one is more than enough
Dr.D.: Yes, 2 weeks left in the slug mines.
changed username to Harvie
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Dr.D.: Hello Harvie.
rich-c: welcome aboard, Harvie
changed username to Judy
Dr.D.: 31 July is my last paid day for slug stuff.
Harvie: Hello everybody
Dr.D.: Then it is full-time as a teacher.
rich-c: ah, I think you're going to miss the little critters, Rich
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr.D.: Perhaps.
Dr.D.: Hello Judy!
Guy B.: Hi Harvie and Judy.
rich-c: hello Judy
jamesII: so how is everyone?
Judy: Hi Rich
Daniel Vision: hello
Dr.D.: Satiated; I had a big late supper.
Harvie: Hello Judy and Guy
Judy: and Guy and Harvie
Dr.D.: Since I didn't get home until about 7 PM.
jamesII: is it hot over there? it was about 36 here yesterday
Daniel Vision: Soory I waited for you but I surfed the web until 21h.
rich-c: we actually had strawberries; twice Pamela has found places that still had some stock
Dr.D.: I will be getting a new computer out of the job change, though: a $3K maxed-out 17" PowerBook.
jamesII: that's hard to take :P
rich-c: geez, Daniel, I've been here for ten minutes
Dr.D.: We had 90s F until the rain, now 60s F.
Dr.D.: Nicely cool.
Judy: it was hot here but we had a storm last night and has turned really nice now
Dr.D.: Today was mostly spotty rain showers.
Dr.D.: Elanor had a picnic cancelled :-(
Judy: we had a light show last night from the 7th floor of the hospital
Daniel Vision: I'm looking at the "minigame compo" web page and I see that there is no coleco entry in this 4K game compo, even last years.
rich-c: we just got teh tiniest corner of the warm air sector, mostly it's been very nice today between the rain showers
Judy: we were there until quarter to three this morning
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Vision: I like picnic... when there is some clouds not only a big sun. :)
Dr.D.: Thunderstorms woke us up about 5 AM, I think?
rich-c: what wre you doing in hospital, Judy?
BobS: OH OH a LOTS of people
Dr.D.: Hospital?!?!?
rich-c: hi Bob
Judy: my dad had parcel hip replacement
BobS: howdy all
Dr.D.: Okay, at least not you.
Judy: broke his hip 6 weeks ago
Daniel Vision changed username to Coleco Bienvenu
rich-c: oh, nothing seriod then ;-)
Dr.D.: Richard can tell you all about the bionic hip business :-)
rich-c: oh - a break is different, that's bad news
Coleco Bienvenu: hehehe it's fun changing usename :)
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rich-c: it is Daniel
Coleco Bienvenu changed username to Daniel Vision
changed username to Pam / Erin
Daniel Vision: How did you know :)
Dr.D.: Daniel, the same guy who wrote the description of adventure game logic posted a game in BASIC.
Dr.D.: I am going to try to adapt it to SmartBASIC.
rich-c: hi daughter
Dr.D.: And then post it to the list.
Judy: yes, they missed it , two times in emergency and endless visits to the doctor
Dr.D.: Hello Pam and Erin.
Pam / Erin: HI, Dad
Pam / Erin: Hi, Rich
Judy: hi, pam and erin
Harvie: Howdy Pamerin
Pam / Erin: Hi, Judy
Daniel Vision: I didn't read all this email but it's a kind of challenge to try
Pam / Erin: Hi, Harvie
rich-c: missed it? how do you miss a broken hip?
Judy: good question
Daniel Vision: but unfortunatly, this game is more appropriate for a COMPUTER
Dr.D.: It is pretty readable English, I think, but your mileage may vary :-)
Pam / Erin: who broke a hip?
Dr.D.: Not me, whew.
Daniel Vision changed username to Coleco Bienvenu
jamesII: @dr. d, rich i was wondering if by any chance you have a decent smart basic program
Judy: didn't show up in x-rays, bone scans and ultra sound
jamesII: for looking at cartridge roms
rich-c: did he break it in a fall or spontaneous snap from osteoporosis, Judy?
Dr.D.: Yes, I have one in SmartBASIC 1.x.
Judy: finially got a good reading on an MRI
Coleco Bienvenu: I didn't see "bonne fête de la Bastille", it's july 14 now :)
Judy: but had to have two of them also
Dr.D.: For regular SmartBASIC, I'd have to adapt/write one, not so hard, but there is a machine language driver that would have to be POKEd in.
Judy: don't know
jamesII: i have one that i typed in directly from hacker's helper
rich-c: that's for France, Daniel; you get Bonne Fete Nationale on June 24th
Dr.D.: I presume you got your proto cart, James?
Dr.D.: Bastille Day, eh?
Pam / Erin: Judy, who broke a hip?
Judy: was doing some gardening, when it must have happened
jamesII: but it's not very robust and i can't figure out how to switch the banks
Judy: my dad
Pam / Erin: ah, okay
Coleco Bienvenu: I know, I'm not european but I received an email from someone who think I am. it was funny :)
jamesII: @dr. d, awhile ago actually
rich-c: that sounds like spontaneous from osteo then - how old is he, Judy?
jamesII: it seems to be genuine but i'd like to look at the rom
Dr.D.: Do you have SmartBASIC 1.x, James?
Judy: had surgery this morning 12:15
Judy: 79
Pam / Erin: how's he doing?
jamesII: @dr. d, i don't think so. i have whatever the original adam cassette is
Judy: quite well tonight
rich-c: what did they do in the way of surgery, Judy?
Coleco Bienvenu changed username to Daniel Welcome
Dr.D.: Sigh, I'd have to send you a tape or disk, then.
jamesII: a disk might be lighter
Judy: replacement ball and stem
Pam / Erin changed username to Erin / Pam
Dr.D.: If you have a drive :-) And it if could survive being X-rayed by the security folks.
rich-c: right, your standard implant, just like mine
jamesII: i have a drive
jamesII: mi 320k
Dr.D.: Unless you can write a disk image file to a disk...if so, I could get you a disk image.
rich-c: the rest of teh bone was good enough to take the implant, was it?
Daniel Welcome: I must try programming in SmartBASIC one day. I have a book but not the software.
Dr.D.: Mail it or put up a zipfile for download.
Judy: had a tough night and early morning but is doing much better tonigh
rich-c: Daniel, there's an image of SmartBASIC with the Emulator, I'm sure
jamesII: i could download a file, i'll have to dig up a 5 1/4" pc drive and figure out how to make a disk from the image
Dr.D.: Or I could just write you a vanilla SmartBASIC program and E-mail it to'd have to type it in, of course.
jamesII: sounds like it'd be easier and faster to just mail it though
jamesII: that would work too
Dr.D.: That is the $64K question, making real disks from images...the ANN people fight it every month.
Guy B.: Ok, you guys ready about my new girlfriend?
Judy: they think so
jamesII: and i don't think i have the time and patience for it
Erin / Pam: <P> tell all Guy
Dr.D.: It isn't a long program.
rich-c: go ahead, Guy, we're all in suspenders ;-D
jamesII: if i could get the program i typed in from hacker's helper to work, i'd be happy
jamesII: but typing something in is no problem
Judy: we are waiting
Guy B.: It went great. We have our next date this Sunday night. We really hit it off and we couldn't keep our eyes off each other.
Erin / Pam: <P> awwww
Erin / Pam: how sweet
rich-c: sounds like a very good start, Guy
Judy: good for you, Guy
Daniel Welcome changed username to I am Daniel B.
jamesII: @dr. d, if you're at all interested, the proto seems legit
rich-c: one never knows how these things will turn out but one can hope
Guy B.: It went better than I thought.
jamesII: weighs a little more than a regular cart, has a thicker label which is not ink-jet or laser printed
rich-c: that's nice to hear
BobS: got another "lost" coleco program James???
Erin / Pam: <P> did you go out for dinner?
jamesII: the cart itself doesn't do much. nothing playable. there's a cabbage patch kid that climbs some stairs, does a couple situps
Guy B.: So, we are an item now.
Guy B.: She even called me tonight from work.
jamesII: the only thing you can do is pause the action
rich-c: Judy, does your father have a problem with osteoporosis or osteopenia?
Erin / Pam: very cool Guy, congrats
Judy: not that we know of but they will be checking on that soon
Dr.D.: James, I am digging out my ADAM Survival Guide...
I am Daniel B.: Survival Guide?
rich-c: both Frances and I have problems with that, though it was arthritis that did in my hip
jamesII: here's a link to a video capture if anyone is interested
I am Daniel B. changed username to Yes, I'm Daniel
Guy B.: So, I'll get a photo of her for you guys to see when I come to El Paso. I got my airline reservations made last weekend.
Erin / Pam: are you having fun Daniel? :-)
rich-c: it's a very old book, Daniel, that the Adam News Network published many years ago
Dr.D.: Speaking of airline mine made today!
Erin / Pam: mine too
Yes, I'm Daniel: Yes, I have big fun with the username :)
Dr.D.: It doesn't have a program like I am looking for, though, James.
Erin / Pam: @ Daniel, hehe
Judy: he has not been doing well for about 2 years but hopefully this will turn him around
jamesII: @dr. d, i even went as far as to dump the rom to tape and i'm using the tape viewer
Yes, I'm Daniel changed username to My name is...
jamesII: but i have no idea what block cart roms start at on the tape
Erin / Pam: @ Daniel....LOL
Dr.D.: Bleh, that is arduous...
My name is...: Daniel
Erin / Pam: hehe
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jamesII: it was tedious
My name is... changed username to Yes, it's me...
Yes, it's me...: ...Daniel :)
BobS: tha sucker is 1.8meg !!!!
Yes, it's me... changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Erin / Pam: ROTFL
Daniel Bienvenu: ok ok, i stop for tonight
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: BEHAVE your own self there Daniel
Dr.D.: And the nice thing about my plane reservations is, I will have company for most of the flights.
rich-c: Daniel, have you been emailing those humungous files again?
changed username to ProudLiberal
jamesII: @dr. d, you bringing your slugs? :P
Erin / Pam: Bobs I'll be sending you the con fee in mid-August
Dr.D.: Well....
rich-c: is that Cynthis showing up?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy, Pam, 'Rin, Rich, Dr.D, Bob, James, etc..
Erin / Pam: hi Mommie
BobS: cool
ProudLiberal: you guessed it
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't post any new files
Erin / Pam: <P> Hi Aunt Cynthia
rich-c: did Grame get on the Autoweek site and find what he wanted?
jamesII: who's the proudliberal?
rich-c: Erin's ma
ProudLiberal: he sure didbut it was Garth
Dr.D.: Hi Ms. Liberal :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I stoped with RPG game idea for coleco and a beta version of my Gamepack #2
ProudLiberal: Hi Dr. D
rich-c: ah - I thought you had said Grame - sorry
BobS: hopefully you are NOT flying alone there Dr D..........or is ti company you KNOW ????
rich-c: but I do hope he found what he was looking for
Dr.D.: It's company I know :-)
ProudLiberal: He sure did
Erin / Pam: he's flying with me Bobs
BobS: ahso !!!!!!
Dr.D.: Since the Clee clan is most likely not able to come to ADAMcon, and since Erin (and her Mom) had some reservations about her going alone...
Daniel Bienvenu: About Gamepack#2, GoodDealGames is ready to build cartridges and boxes for this game... I didn't do the final rom version, I'm never satisfied :)
Dr.D.: Erin is coming by way of Cleveland, and we have the same flight to El Paso down.
jamesII: anyway, miyuki is home so i need to tend to my pumpkin patch
Guy B.: Ok, Abby update. Got word today that Abby has Cushings Disease.
jamesII: it's in serious need of some long overdue weeding. it's probably going to take me a few weeks
BobS: and hwt the heck is that guy ???
rich-c: james, go do your thing but come back soon - take care!
jamesII: i'll be back though, since it's really hot
Judy: what is that guy?
Erin / Pam: good night James
jamesII: i'm guessing some folks will still be around in 30-60 mins so i'll leave myself in lurk mode
Dr.D.: And thanks to Continental Airlines' Seat Selector feature, we were able to get adjacent Erin will be safe from nasty terrorists, Mrs. Erin's Mom :-)
Guy B.: Something with her thyroid gland. I'm going to find out more about it and what the treatment might be.
BobS: nite james
Judy: night James
Dr.D.: Bye James.
Daniel Bienvenu: And I will probably be late this year to continue my presentation of making new coleco games by programing in C with Hi-Tech C compiler and my tools.
Guy B.: Bye James
BobS: oh yes
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye James!
jamesII: ttys!
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Bye James!
Bye James!: Bye James!
Dr.D.: Fortunately the planes are still mostly empty 2 months in advance.
Erin / Pam: hehe Daniel
Bye James! changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: it wasn't me :))
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
Dr.D.: If you give us a presentation, Daniel, we will show it at the convention.
Erin / Pam: <P> you're nose is growing Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel Pinochio
Daniel Pinochio: no no
Daniel Pinochio changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Erin / Pam: <P> LOLOLOL
Dr.D.: The Blue Fairy will not turn you into a little boy.
Guy B.: Gee, I have to decide what I'm going to do for mine.
ProudLiberal: Hey Dr. D we had possible terrorists in LaSalle last week
Dr.D.: Yuck!
rich-c: you did? how come we didn't hear about it?
Dr.D.: My penpal in Finland told me of some Pacific flight into LA that got an F-16 escort after its "terrorist on-board" emergency transponder came on by accident.
ProudLiberal: They tried to by aboat to go to the states at several different marinas
Judy: that is cool Erin then we will finially meet you in person
rich-c: mind you, I suspect any of us who live in big cities have at least one loccal potential terrorist
Erin / Pam: yuppers I'm looking forward to it
Dr.D.: It will be nice to have a newbie at ADAMcon, Judy...someone to show all that we know to, who hasn't heard it before.
Judy: but pam you are not coming?
BobS: and we ws gonna celebrate your weddin'
Erin / Pam: <P> no, sorry Judy, we can't make it
Dr.D.: Since I have to give some sessions on *something*, it will make it easier for me to think of something.
Judy: bummer!!!!!!!
Dr.D.: And I still have to think of a Mighty Mitchell Award contest.
Dr.D.: Ron says he is going to send the prize...
Erin / Pam: key phrase Rich....Dumb it down
Dr.D.: BobS, I presume that this will be the first ADAMcon with *no* real ADAMs at it, right?
Erin / Pam: <P> unless something changes between now and then
Dr.D.: If I go to fast, Erin, you can slug me or something...
Erin / Pam: <P> but thank you for the thought
Erin / Pam: so long as I have your permission
Dr.D.: We will be missing you and Russell, Pam...
Judy: you will be missed
Erin / Pam: or at least don't take offense if I snore
Erin / Pam: :-)
BobS: if you need one it can be arranged
Dr.D.: Nobody at ADAMcon needs permissions...just jump in and break something (usually hardware).
Dr.D.: Hehe Bob, I won't, I just figured that it was a totally commuter convention, nobody can bring anything in.
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Say hello to
Dr.D.: The days of Ron lugging his whole PowerMate HD system in his suitcase on the plane are over :-(
Say hello to: Daniel Bienvenu =)
Dr.D.: Speaking of other ADAMcon 16 attendees...
Say hello to changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Erin / Pam: <P> we're going to be sorry to miss it - and we miss you guys too
Guy B.: Now, does anyone know if the hotel has high-speed internet or do we use the slow pokey dial-up?
Dr.D.: I spoke to George Koczwara yesterday: he is planning to come!
Dr.D.: He said his wife may or may not come.
Dr.D.: I also spoke to Herman Mason.
rich-c: how about Hummon?
Guy B.: That's great. What about Herman?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not planing to go to El Paso... it's more than far for me and my budget
Judy: good deal
Dr.D.: Herman is doubtful...he and Zandra are trying to adopt the older brother of the little girl they adopted.
Dr.D.: Herman doesn't like flying, and El Paso is far for Zandra to drive, with little ones in tow.
rich-c: that will leave him with his hands full
Judy: that is too bad Daniel, we would like to meet you, also
Dr.D.: He wasn't totally ruling it out, but it seems unlikely.
BobS: bummer dude, ol Herman is getting scarce.......
rich-c: Daniel, if airfare is the stumbling block, there may be ways around it
Dr.D.: Well, we better see Daniel at ADAMcon 17, since that is supposed to be Dale Wick's convention.
rich-c: you need to get to a hub whre Southwest has a direct flight to ElPaso
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand
BobS: yes right there in downtown toronto next year
Guy B.: Anyone heard from Dale if he's coming?
Daniel Bienvenu: Toronto? that's not too far
Dr.D.: brb
Erin / Pam: no downtown!
Daniel Bienvenu: downtown? where?
rich-c: Daniel, get a discount flight to a sunspot like Orlando or LasVegas, they have frequent connections on Suthwest to ElPaso
Harvie: Downtown Buttonville :)
Daniel Bienvenu: how? who? when? why? and what?
Erin / Pam: not downtown, too expensive
BobS: Ddale will find something appropriate
Erin / Pam: but if we time it right the TO film fest will be on!!
rich-c: Daniel, look in teh travel section of your newspaper for "air only" fares to US destination in the ads
Daniel Bienvenu: TO film fest?
Erin / Pam: it's in September...all the sparkly stars
Erin / Pam: maybe I'll get discovered
rich-c: get on the Southwestern Airlines website and see where El Paso has a direct connection to the city
rich-c: book on the charter airline to (say) Las Vegas,m book Southwestern to El Paso
rich-c: not cheap but the price can be within reason
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello George, feeling better this week?
Erin / Pam: hi George
George: Hi All
Guy B.: George, where have you been lately?
Judy: hi, George
George: i'm better
Guy B.: Good to hear.
rich-c: well, come join the walking wounded
rich-c: Judy sliced up her finger, her father just had a broken hip joint replaced today
rich-c: I'm still trying to get my heart medications sorted, and Bob doesn't seem totally stable either
George: i'm in a frantic apartment search in betwenn hospital stays
rich-c: have to move out of the current one?
George: yes
rich-c: start at your favourite supermarket or plaza and work outwards looking for rental signs
Guy B.: I'm getting my right knee x-rayed tomorrow. Possible knee cartlidge wearing down or it could be something else and a Cat Scan on my sinuses.
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not the good timing to talk about it but I asked for the Coleco document, at least a part of the document referenced in "This Week With My Coleco ADAM" articles.
George: with government housing
rich-c: don't even talk about knees, Guy - those can get REEAL nasty
Daniel Bienvenu: I just want to remember it to you again
George: section 8
rich-c: whatever, we're not too up on US entitlements
rich-c: -
Erin / Pam changed username to Pam / Erin
rich-c: see the eerver is slowing down a bit here
Dr.D.: I'm back, Joan on the phone...
George: this one is being canceled
Dr.D.: She said hi to all of you.
Pam / Erin: Hi, Joan!
rich-c: and do say hi to her right back for us, Rich
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changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: She had to go get a monitor that was beeping.
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO JOAN! =) I hope she can hear me from here =P
Guy B.: Well, I hope it's nothing too bad. I won't know until I see the doctor again.
Judy: yes, say hi from us, also
rich-c: whatever teh doctor says - from all I hear you want to take a VERY conservative approach
rich-c: I don't know why a hip should be so easy and a knee so trouble prone as an operation, but that seems to be how it works
Judy: if they can make up their minds, not too crazy about doctors right now
Daniel Bienvenu: At least, she can do a "SEARCH" in Google and find my HELLO message to her in the future :)
rich-c: if your Dad's doctor is good and things went well, he will be able to stand and take a step tomorrow
rich-c: he will be out of it for a week on painkillers, but should suffer little more than inconvenience
Judy: was already up this morning, few steps and sat in a chair for 40 minutes
Dr.D.: Good to hear, Judy.
Judy: sould be up twice tomorrrow
rich-c: hey, he must really have come through with flying colours - that's great, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: and rich, I can't find the AIR PLANES section in the newspaper. Normmaly I just go directly to the games page and do the crosswords of the day :)
Judy: hope so, long time coming
BobS: richard.....considering that he has been laying in a chair for about 3 months now. that is GREAT
BobS: his attitude had a lot to do with it too
rich-c: most newspapers have a travel feature section once or twice a week where the travel agencies advertise
Judy: poor guy, bob thinks the hospital it a little worried about a lawsuit
Judy: they were really moving to get things going last night
Guy B.: Oh, in case you guys are wondering about me. I have my friend Marsha on the Yahoo Instant Messenger chat with me.
rich-c: you mean because of teh failed diagnosis?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D did you plan to release a part of the coleco document this summer or you prefer to wait until you finish all the document?
BobS: all doctors are quacks !!!!! or at least clueless a lot of the time'
Dr.D.: Hi Marsha!
BobS: TWO timer you.......
Judy: had the MRI at noon and surgery at 12:15 the next morning
Pam / Erin: Hi, Marsha!
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Dr.D.: I haven't done anything with it, Daniel. I am sorry that I have put it off.
Judy: yes, they blew it big time
Guy B.: Hey, Kemosabe.
rich-c: all I can say is that my surgeons seem to have done pretty well
Guy B.: Marsha says Hi Dr. D.
Dr.D.: "Marsha Marsha Marsha! It's always Marsha!" -- Jan Brady
Dr.D.: :-)
rich-c: mind you, as Rich can tell you, a blind man could have diagnosed my problem from the x-rays
(Guy B. smiles)
Judy: he had a good surgeon, the same one that did my mom's knee
BobS: oh I think that they did a good is just that they seem too reluctant to make any decisiion especially where it concerns surgery
Daniel Bienvenu: It's ok! I fully understand with all your activities and problems, you had not enough time to do everything you want. I have less activities than you and I still have problem with my free time.
Judy: he was on call at the hospital last night
rich-c: a busted hip on a 79 year old in reasonable health? uh, isn't this a no-brainer?
BobS: should be huh ?????
BobS: it appeared that they just wanted him to take 2 aspirins, sit down and don't bother then
BobS: them
Judy: had to have some stupid doctor co;me in and give the okay, waited three hours for that
rich-c: admitted, I had to get assessed by an internist to be sure I was a good candidate, but that was routine and we had time
Guy B.: I did tell you guys my girlfriend's name, didn't I?
rich-c: Karen, right?
Guy B.: Yes, that's her.
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to I am not Dr.D
BobS: THREE hours for some jerk to come in and say "you are looking good, and you are in good health ?????' ........YA RIGHT stupid !!! I need a new hip ?!?!?!?!?
Dr.D.: Well Bob, speaking totally rationally and without consideration of the people's a coin-toss on doing such major surgery on a person who's 79.
Pam / Erin: accept no imitations
I am not Dr.D: Sorry again Daniel.
BobS: well it karen or Marsha??????
I am not Dr.D: =)
ProudLiberal: Erin's Gampy had bypass surgery at 83.
Judy: that is what we were waiting for from 9:30 to 11 and what he did was a joke
Dr.D.: I am not a number!
rich-c: hell Rich, when I went in for my surgery I was one of teh youngr ones - some wre having the job re-done for the second time
rich-c: the implant only lasts 15 - 20 years, you know
BobS: they do hips and knees all the time Dr D
I am not Dr.D changed username to Dr.D number 2
Dr.D number 2: Yes, I'm not a number!
Dr.D.: It's not impossible, mind you...just gets to the point that the risk of surgery is greater than the risk of doing nothing.
rich-c: hips and knees are not teh same, Bob
Dr.D number 2 changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Judy: it was operate or never walk again
rich-c: I was eager to get my hip done - I'd think long and hard about a knee
BobS: here the knees are simpler and more quickly done than hips
Pam / Erin: I've heard the same, Bob
Dr.D.: As long as everyone knows the risks, you can consent to whatever you like.
Judy: the surgeon didn't have a problem with dad but they needed his primary doctor to give the okay but he doesn't visit the hospital
rich-c: Judy, if it helps, there is a hip support group on MSN that Frances finds fascinating
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Not Erin/Pam
BobS: otherwise healthy older people have a right to expect the same care as exery one else
Judy: is that something or what?
BobS: what is the address Richard???
Dr.D.: Looks like we have the 1's complement of Pamerin.
Not Erin/Pam: Where?
Pam / Erin: there!
Not Erin/Pam changed username to Not BobS
BobS: here, there ADN everywhere
Judy: would give them something to do if they can figure it out
Not BobS: yes, everywhere
Judy: and that is a big if
BobS: let's just way that the folks ar NOT computer literate
moved to room Meeting Place
Not BobS changed username to Not myself now
changed username to Flato McSpew
BobS: couldn't figure out Internet Explorer, so hd to revert back to aol.......go figure.........
Pam / Erin: Ron?
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: the far one???????
Guy B.: Who is Flato McSpew?
Not myself now: Where is he?
Judy: just glad that we din
Judy: didn't have to wait until tonight to do the surgery
rich-c: OK that should be the URL you want, Judy
Not myself now changed username to Don't tell me
BobS: got it Richard
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Judy: thank you
Don't tell me: err. you must login first :)
Don't tell me: otherwise you can'T access
Flato McSpew moved to room The Washroom
rich-c: yes, in order to post on msn you have to join and get a hotmail account
rich-c: but you can lurk without any signup
Judy: that could be a problem
Don't tell me changed username to Who is Flato?
Who is Flato?: yes a problem
Dr.D.: Flato is a Flosopher.
Who is Flato? changed username to Flosopher?
Pam / Erin: or would be if it he were spelled correctly!
BobS: flato is what the iron did to the shirt !!!!!!!
Flosopher?: uhh... errr... what?
Dr.D.: A pun, Daniel: Philosopher.
Harvie: Is that before the shirt hit the fan?
rich-c: Judy, also look at
Dr.D.: No, before the fewmets hit the windmill.
Pam / Erin: LOL - well done, Harvie
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Marsha had to go.
Flosopher? changed username to like Socrate?
BobS: so isz the new girlfriend MARSHA or KAREN ????????
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Judy: okay, will have to try
Guy B.: Bob, how many of us have registered for the con so far?
Dr.D.: Hehe, Guinness break :-)
Dr.D.: I am sending $$$ tomorrow by post.
Dr.D.: Need to get the checkbook from Joan.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: so far 3 and counting
Dr.D.: A riddle for Daniel:
Guy B.: I may be able to pay the rest now that I got a raise in my pay.
changed username to Pacific Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Pacific Ron: Yo!
Pam / Erin: Ronald!
Dr.D.: Specific Ron.
like Socrate? changed username to Hello Ron!
Harvie: Hello Ron
Hello Ron!: Yes, Hello Ron!
ProudLiberal left chat session
Pacific Ron: Not very specific these days
Pam / Erin: Aunt Cynthia says goodnight to all - she had to run
Pacific Ron: specificity is not my thing
Guy B.: Ron, got a new girlfriend. It's Karen.
Hello Ron! changed username to me? Daniel.
Pacific Ron: Hi Karen
Dr.D.: "She's" Karen :-)
Judy: think we need a rule that you come in under your own name, this is soooo confuseing
Guy B.: She's not here.
Flato McSpew left chat session
Pam / Erin: but we're having so much fun with pseudnyms, Judy
Pacific Ron changed username to Ron
Dr.D. changed username to Rich Drushel
Ron: I agree Judy
Rich Drushel: There I am :-)
rich-c: you may be having fun but for the rest of us, it's a pain
Judy: maybe you are having fun
Pam / Erin: you'll note we haven't changed except back and forth
Rich Drushel: Well, then I can create a Funhouse room and the non-party-poopers may retire there. Pbbbbbt!
Ron: or forth and back
Ron: depending on your orientation
Guy B.: We have two James, but he left didn't he?
Pam / Erin: only temporarily, Guy
rich-c: all the side rooms have that damned illegible coloured screeen
me? Daniel.: Yes, James is "talking" with Case
rich-c: no james is leaving it open in case he can return
Guy B.: So, he's still here, but not at the moment. Guess he's too fast for all of us.
me? Daniel.: and probably with some pumpkins too. =P
Pam / Erin: what is the baby's name? I've forgotten
Ron: Case probably has priority
Judy: how is mom, Ron
rich-c: I treid to get Frances on now that I have the laptop networked but she wasn't interested :-(
Pam / Erin: Mommy!
me? Daniel.: Case, it's Case, the name of his baby his Case. That's the Case, he is Case.
Guy B.: Yikes!
Judy: tell her she is missed, Rich
me? Daniel. changed username to jamesIII
Ron: she is free, white, and 21
jamesIII: just kidding, I'm not james =)
rich-c: I'll tell her but I doubt it will help - though she was looking in while I went and got my beer
jamesIII changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Ok, now James is three.
Judy: ok, Ron!!!
Ron: :(
Ron: send me to my corner
rich-c: no, Case is teh first one - what is the new one called?
Guy B.: No yet Ron.
BobS: but JAMES had the xecond one already, no????
Daniel Bienvenu: the new one? err.. well err... I can'T remember
Guy B.: Now, were back to James and James II
Pam / Erin: that's the problem, Daniel
rich-c: shame on you, Daniel, you're as bad as the rest of us ;-)
Ron: sounds like a line of Scottish kings
George: i have to go i did too much
rich-c: good luck on the apartment hunt, George
George: nite all
Daniel Bienvenu: James is not there... he's outside
rich-c: night now
Ron: Nite George
Pam / Erin: night George - goodluck with the apt.
Judy: with only 3 and a half hours of sleep it is hard to keep up tonight
George: poof
Daniel Bienvenu: he said here in Yahoo Messenger : "weeding pumpkins..."
Guy B.: Bye George
George left chat session
Pam / Erin: Ron, explain sleep to Judy, please
Judy: night George
Ron: You need more than that Judy
BobS: sleep is NOT waiting in thre hospitla waiting room...........
Ron: (comes from the 'take my advice-I'm not using dept.'
rich-c: she has an excuse, Ron
Ron: yes?
Guy B.: I ended up getting only four hours after my date last Sunday. Hopefully this Sunday will be better.
Judy: were in the hospital until quarter to three this morning that is when they were operating on dad
Ron: Oh dear
Rich Drushel: You always yell at me for being up two should go to bed, Bob and Judy...
Ron: phone ringing brb
Pam / Erin: Guy, that's why you're supposed to go out on Saturday night - so you can sleep in on Sundays
Guy B.: She was working all Saturday night.
Judy: think I am beyond tired
BobS: we know, ut, but then we would miss all the good gossiphere
BobS: gossip here
rich-c: Frances says if Bob abd Judy have any questions, shoot us an email
Rich Drushel: There was good gossip here? Nobody told me anything juicy.
Pam / Erin: Rich is right, guys
Guy B.: She has her daughter this weekend until 6 on Sunday. So, I'm coming over at 6:30.
Pam / Erin: re sleep, I mean
Judy: my brother in law had a replacement a year ago
Harvie: What about the Guy Marsha Karen triangle? :)
Judy: but thank you for the help
Daniel Bienvenu: * hehehe it's my chance! *
rich-c: oh, how did it go? and wouldn't he be rather young for that?
Guy B.: Marsha is not part of the triangle. Only Karen.
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Dr.D
Dr.D: *hehehe*
Harvie: Just kiddin Guy, they wanted gossip
Rich Drushel: That is Daniel impersonating me.
BobS: so who the heck is Karen
rich-c: don't ask Guy, he'll get all poetic on you
Judy: help!!!!!
Dr.D changed username to rich-c the 2nd
Guy B.: Bob, weren't you paying attention!
Ron: back
Pam / Erin: Enough, Daniel
BobS: I guess not
rich-c the 2nd: *hehehe*
BobS: got thrown off there for a minute
rich-c the 2nd changed username to Ok, I stop
Ok, I stop: *hehehe*
Rich Drushel: I still have a riddle for Daniel...
(Guy B. kicks BobS)
Pam / Erin: tell it, Rich
Pam / Erin: why are you kicking Bob??
Rich Drushel: Dating from his question about philosophers, reminded me of it.
BobS: ouch
Rich Drushel: I think it is from Shakespeare, actually...
(Pam / Erin reboots Ok, I stop's computer remotely.)
BobS: no kick me..... :-(
Guy B.: Cause he wasn't paying attention, or was he?
BobS: you haven't answered me yet sir Guy
Guy B.: My girlfriend.
Judy: he got locked up in there
rich-c: you mean tonight someone else is getting tossed instead of me?
BobS: SAY WHAT ????????? Marcha is your girlfriend an Karen is your NEW girlfriend?????
BobS: you playboy you
Judy: Bob was having some problems and my battery went dead
Pam / Erin: maybe you shouldn't have told him, Guy : )
BobS: you young guys.........
Guy B.: No, Marsha is my friend and Karen is my new girlfriend. We had a date last Sunday.
Ron: He's probably got a wife too
BobS: got the date part....
Harvie: So Doc, what's the riddle?
rich-c: not that he admits to
Rich Drushel: Why is a priest like a cobbler?
Guy B.: Judy, what did he drink tonight?
BobS: but you are burning love at both ends son
Ok, I stop changed username to you have mail
Judy: no sleep does that to youi
Guy B.: I only have one Bob.
BobS: they both SAVE SOULES (soles)
Ron: Poor Guy, we should leave him be
rich-c: one mends soles and the other mends souls
Rich Drushel: Both are menders of bad soles.
BobS: he loves it
Rich Drushel: That is The Bard's version.
BobS: don't ya Guy???
Guy B.: I'm beginning to wonder if he's with it tonight.
Rich Drushel: BobS is a smart learned cookie.
(We secretly replaced Guy B.'s Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
Pam / Erin: a very tired smart learned cookie : )
Rich Drushel: (We secretly replaced Daniel's drinking water with LSD)
Guy B.: I drink decaf, Jose!
Rich Drushel: He's trippin', man!
you have mail: * taste strange *
Pam / Erin: timing, Rich
BobS: cappacinno's at 2AM do NOT help sleepiness
Pam / Erin: nearly snorted water there
(Guy B. gives Rich Drushel a can of Coke)
(Guy B. gives Pam / Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
Rich Drushel: He must fear identity theft, he is changing faster than the thieves.
Ron: cast a can across the Rockies please
Pam / Erin: <E> I want the REAL thing, Baby
Guy B.: That's the C2 Coke for Dr. D. and Caffeine Free Diet Coke for Pam.
rich-c: for some reason I can barely stand coffee these days - can't understand why
Rich Drushel: You folks gonna be on for a while? Gretchen is requesting an interrupt of about 20 minutes.
(rich-c gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: me too Rich. I'm off both coffee and tea. Probably a phase
Guy B.: We'll be here.
Pam / Erin: we'll be here, Rich
Ron: better attend to it Dr D
Rich Drushel: <Ahnuld voice> I'll be back!
you have mail changed username to I am not here
BobS: oh alswasy
Judy: I just took a sleeping pill so I will not last tooo long
Rich Drushel: Nite then, Judy.
Pam / Erin: go to bed Judy
Rich Drushel: Back in about 20 minutes.
I am not here: second, someone he talking to me.
Pam / Erin: okie doke
rich-c: get your sleep, Judy, you need it
Ron: Judy, lie down before it takes effect. We don't wanna have to pick you up off the floor
Harvie: I think I have to depart, lots of work yet and an early rise in the AM
Judy: have to give the pill some time to kick in
Pam / Erin: must you Harvie??
jamesII: hello
rich-c: OK Harvie, take care and se you next week
Ron: Harvie, what's work?
Judy: they don't do that, take one every night
Pam / Erin: Hi James
rich-c: welcome back james
(007 music plays in the background)
rich-c: how is the pumpkin patch?
Judy: night Harvie
jamesII: just taking a break
BobS: be good Harvie
Harvie: This is my day to work this year Ron
Ron: Hi James
jamesII: from weeding my pumpkin patch. it looks pretty hopeless out there right now
jamesII: hi ron
Pam / Erin: well if you must : (
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Pam / Erin: g'nite then
Harvie: Bye bye
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: I rhought pumpkins wre so vigorous they choked or shaded out weeds
Ron: ok Harvie.... but don't take it seriously
jamesII: in some parts, yes
Pam / Erin: James, what is the baby's name? I'm ashamed to admit I can't remember
jamesII: but these weeds are a foot and a half tall now in most of the place
Judy: weeds always win
jamesII: the baby's name is aiden
rich-c: at a foot and a half you just grab and pull
jamesII: that's exactly what i'm doing
I am not here changed username to Drink LSD water
BobS: remember what????????
BobS: I have CRS you know
jamesII: now the trick is to do it a few thousand times
Ron: some things around here have been re-classified from weed to desirable growth
rich-c: yeah, wait till they get up there so they can be identified
Pam / Erin: only if you can feed the deer on them, Ron
Ron: exactly
Judy: that does help, doesn't it Ron?
Drink LSD water: ok, now I can remember his new baby's name
BobS: once weeds get big they are plants to be prote cted
Drink LSD water: is an acronym of my own first name, except the lettre L
Ron: indeed it does. Anything that produces pretty purple flowers can stay
BobS: you can REMEMBER, but will you RETAIN the memory??????
rich-c: oh, encourage a certain appetitie till teh venison season comes around...
Drink LSD water changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pam / Erin: DAD!
Ron: Had one the other day give me the deer's version of "the finger"
Daniel Bienvenu: my glass of water taste really bad
Pam / Erin: he can't eat Bambi
Ron: like....she's going.....stop shouting, what's your problem
rich-c: are they big or little pretty purple flowers, Ron?
Pam / Erin: can't imagine why, Daniel : )
Ron: moderate sized
jamesII: anyway, these weeds are taking all the nutrients from the soil
BobS: got some nasty ones there Ron
jamesII: and some of my pumpkin leaves are turning yellow from the outside in. gonna give them a nitrogen boost once the weeds in their
jamesII: immediate vicinity are gone
rich-c: we have wild asters and true geraniums which are pretty purple plants
Ron: It was all in her eyes
Judy: we just have a dog leaving huge piles and Ryan is fansinated with them
Pam / Erin: oh great, Judy
Ron: oh nice
Judy: it was awful
jamesII: eww
Pam / Erin: who does the dog belong to?
rich-c: may be a mold, james - have you had a lot of rain lately?
jamesII: no, not much rain
jamesII: no evidence of mold
Judy: don't know
Judy: a large wonderer
rich-c: we have some sort of mold attacking the local crabapple and paer trees
Pam / Erin: ick
jamesII: from what i can find online it seems to be a nitrogen deficiency
Daniel Bienvenu: Ooo... KKkkkkkk.... I can see the music is floating around my head.
jamesII: there's no wilting at all. the leaves are very firm.. just turning yellow. no spotting either
Judy: too much rain, Rich?
rich-c: the leaves turn yellow and drop off - we also have fire blight on the rowan trees
rich-c: no, it's persisted teh last couple pf years - I do spray my trees to limit it
rich-c: but the neighbour trees are not spray and teh wind can carry spores
Ron: beat the neighbour
jamesII: spray the neighbour
Daniel Bienvenu: ii... the walls are coming closer to me.
rich-c: there are days when we're tempted, but it's not on - actually she is very nice
Judy: we have had too much rain and some of the plants are showing the signs
BobS: heck, cut down the suckers trees
Ron: most un- neigbourly
rich-c: yes, we have Shasta daisies up to our chins with flowers nearly saucer size
Pam / Erin: pretty flowers!
Pam / Erin: oh, hey Dad, is Mom around?
rich-c: the trouble is, the day lillies are all coming out at once - the August ones are flowering now
Ron: are you chlaustrophobic Daniel
rich-c: yes Pam why?
Judy: I need to work out in the garden but it is either too hot or to wet so it is not getting done
Pam / Erin: is she there with you?
rich-c: no
Daniel Bienvenu: There was any drug in my glass of water?
Judy: but the fish are growing
Pam / Erin: let me know when she comes back to look over your shoulder - I have a message for her from Barbara
rich-c: OK I will tell her
jamesII: it's much too hot outside but i don't have any choice
Pam / Erin: 'kay
rich-c: she is here now Pam
BobS: this summer the weather is WIERD
Daniel Bienvenu: wow I must stop surfing to find informations, I can heard pictures and when I scrolldown I feel like I'm falling.
BobS: had bad storms last night
BobS: cold today, then prolly hot the end of the week
BobS: then more storms
Pam / Erin: Mom, I talked to Barbara today - she says to tell you that one of her lilies is blooming - one of the "school bus yellow" ones - that she got from you and that there are eight more blooms to come : )
rich-c: yes, we have a similar forecastr, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Leinad Unevneib
rich-c: quoth'a "Oh good"
Pam / Erin: that's what I forgot to tell you on the phone earlier BTW
Guy B.: At least we are in more comfortable weather. When I was on my way to Karen's place. I hit a torrential downpour on the tollway and no one couldn't pull over since we were all in a construction zone. You couldn't see the rain was coming down so hard.
Pam / Erin: she's very excited because seh didn't expect them to bloom this year and says thank you : )
Ron: brb folks... long distance call from a friend of Mom's in the east - better say hello
rich-c: that's OK - did you see what happened in Edmonton
BobS: what?????
rich-c: torrential rain, windrows of hail up to the top of fender wells, tornadoes...
Leinad Unevneib: gnihtaerb sllaw eht ees nac I
BobS: \fires closing in ?
Leinad Unevneib changed username to Daniel mindfree
Pam / Erin: must have been good water, Daniel : )
rich-c: the photos in teh papers last two days wre wild
BobS: dats not good
Guy B.: A tornado struck Roanoke, IL. yesterday and flattened a manufacturing plant.
Daniel mindfree: I can fly
Judy: we saw that on the news this morning, Guy
Guy B.: It's in downstate IL, near Eureka.
rich-c: there was a letter in teh Globe & Mail today about one of teh pictures
BobS: that it was aake?????
BobS: fake
Guy B.: The news showed the tornado's path. It was unbelievable.
rich-c: he said it was ral scary that the front end loader clearing the piles of hail belonged to Sunchine Landscaoing
Daniel mindfree: oh no, there are some Smiths here I hope that Neo will be back soon =P
rich-c: sorry, Sunshine Landscaping
BobS: :-)
BobS: that is petic justice
rich-c: or perhaps irony
rich-c: not that I haven't been in snow in Alberta in July, but that was in the mountains
Pam / Erin: was wondering about the spelling there Dad
Rich Drushel: Back now.
Daniel mindfree: ho-oh i can't connnnnnntrol. i'm fallinnnnnnng
rich-c: amd what Edmonton got wasn't snow, it was hail - baseball size
Pam / Erin: glacial goop!
rich-c: right, Pam, you know all about that!!!
Daniel mindfree: scaring
BobS: THAT can ruin your car finish !!!!!!
rich-c: did they have any pictures in your papers, Daniel?
Daniel mindfree: can I stop faking LSD effects now?
rich-c: well, OK, Daniel
Rich Drushel: Oui.
Daniel mindfree changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
jamesII: ok, i'm done sweating which means it's time to go out again
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. Since I'm going into work this Saturday. I won't be there and have date on Sunday. So, I'll see you all next week.
jamesII: *poof*
jamesII left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I saw news on TV, but I'm not sure I saw this on newspaper here
Pam / Erin: we want all the details, Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, we will be awaiting all the juicy details
Pam / Erin: have fun, and tell Karen we said hi
Guy B.: Give a preview Pam. Dinner and a movie.
BobS: bye james....late......
Judy: think i am ready to shut down my computer, is getting harder and harder to type
Guy B.: I'll see you later. Bye!
Rich Drushel: Sleep, Judy, you have earned a rest.
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: so, night all
Pam / Erin: alright Judy, go to bed
Rich Drushel: Bye Guy, good luck with Karen.
Pam / Erin: g'nite to you
rich-c: with a sleepy pill and your hours, Judy, that's no surprise
Daniel Bienvenu: aiden aiden aiden aiden aiden new James baby's name
Pam / Erin: yeah, I wrote it down too Daniel
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: it's an acronym of daniel
rich-c: better go log some zzzz's
Daniel Bienvenu: without the l
BobS: I go too good and DO NOT talk about me when i am gone !!!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: It is always easier to talk about BobS in the 3rd person.
rich-c: all the time, Bob ;-) - sleep tight!
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: So we will wish him a good night.
Rich Drushel: And he left before my screen updated, sigh.
changed username to Daniel twin
Daniel twin requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel twin: I don'T know why but somthing bad is happening
Daniel twin: I can't be back
Daniel twin changed username to Daniel twin
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: And I s'pose Daniel is the <undefined> guy.
Daniel twin: it's ok now
changed username to Pam / Erin
Rich Drushel: A brace of Pamerins.
Pam / Erin: Damnit, we just jut dumped
Rich Drushel: Which one is the clone?
Pam / Erin: is there only one of us now?
Rich Drushel: I see 2.
Daniel twin: Yes, me dumped too
Rich Drushel: I never left.
Pam / Erin: we only see one
Daniel twin changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: There were some slow times, but I never got dumped.
Ron confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: Must be slow update again.
Pam / Erin: we got dumped just before Bob left
Daniel Bienvenu: Well it says that the applet was disconnected by the server
Daniel Bienvenu: or something like that
rich-c: I think I'm still on
Pam / Erin: I wish people would quit eating my applets
rich-c: yep - now feature that, tonight I'm the only one who survives the dumps - go figure
Daniel Bienvenu: I lost all my "bad trip" experience. =)
Pam / Erin: nice change of pace, hey Dad?
Rich Drushel: You aren't down in the dumps tonight, Richard, that is a good thing.
Ron: I'm back
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! it was our turn now!
rich-c: question is, did something happen on my computer or Dales server?
Daniel Bienvenu: to be dumped for no reason
Rich Drushel: Long time no see, Ron!
Pam / Erin: and who dared to interrupt you Ron?
Rich Drushel: Getting ready for ADAMcon 26?
Ron: phone call from Ottawa.... an old friend of Mom's
Rich Drushel: Or is it 27, I can't remember.
Pam / Erin: well, we can allow that
rich-c: right - how is your Mom doing?
Ron: have know them since memory began
Ron: not bad, thanks Rich. She's tired today, because we were out wandering around the stores. She tends to pay for that
Rich Drushel: I hope that she pays for stuff she gets in stores :-)
Pam / Erin: it's good to know she's back on her feet though Ron
rich-c: yes, that seems to be how it works, Ron. But the wandering is worth it
Ron: oh yes....
Daniel Bienvenu: drug effect of LSD molecul was discovered during year 1943 by A. Horman.
Pam / Erin: Erin wants to know if it was Walmart again
Daniel Bienvenu: err.., Hofman nor Horman
Ron: Well, I was tied up with our local Musicfest all weekend, so she was ready to get out of the house
Rich Drushel: Did you perform, Ron?
rich-c: we need to do that more but never sem to get around to it
Daniel Bienvenu: After 20-40 mminutes, the effects starts
Ron: no... I'm not in that league. Our Community net set up an internet feed for reporters wanting to file stories
Pam / Erin: Daniel, just out of curiosity, why are you researching LSD???
Ron: Saved the CBC's bacon we did
Rich Drushel: 'Cause I stupidly put it in his drinking water.
Pam / Erin: live and learn : )
Daniel Bienvenu: All sense are confused with an effect of moving things and flying
Rich Drushel: He is making me pay for my bad judgement.
Daniel Bienvenu: of course not
Daniel Bienvenu: just curious on what is lsd, i never touch that
rich-c: it's also teh most talkative he's been on this chat yet
Daniel Bienvenu: i never touch any drug either
Rich Drushel: Now I am putting ether in your air supply...
Rich Drushel: :-)
Pam / Erin: hehe
Rich Drushel: Good man, Daniel.
Rich Drushel: My brain generates its own drugs :-)
Ron: pretty convincing act Daniel
Pam / Erin: <E> ever the educator
rich-c: not even caffeine (as in coffee, chocolate, soft drinks...)?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, i admit drinking some colas ... but cafeien is socially accepted
rich-c: excuses, excuses ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it doesn'T excuse but it's full of sugar and taste well
(Pam / Erin gives Daniel Bienvenu a can of Coke)
Daniel Bienvenu: taste gopod
Rich Drushel: Not sure I want to say that eating a Hershey bar is taking drugs...
Daniel Bienvenu: good
Daniel Bienvenu: good mistaped
Pam / Erin: depends on how badly you need a chocolate fix : )
Ron: Now let's not get onto chocolate
Daniel Bienvenu: the only drug I socialy not accept is "nicotine" because of all the cancers it generate
Ron: It causes me to go violent
Rich Drushel: Okay, we will back off from the Brown Peril.
Ron: Thank you
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't support seeing young boys and girls smoking. but I prefer that than seeing them learning how to use a gun.
Ron: I could build a large structure of some sort with Diet Coke cans
Rich Drushel: Build a mechanical ADAM computer.
Pam / Erin: I'll send you some of ours, Ron : )
Ron: yes
Rich Drushel: Each can can be one byte of RAM.
Ron: ok Pam/Erin
Rich Drushel: How long will it take you to amass 65536 cans?
Pam / Erin: minus the pop tops
Ron: I understand that in the lobby of Netscape Corp there is a dinasaur
Ron: made of pop cans
Daniel Bienvenu: headack is coming
Rich Drushel: I thought you were going to say "built from free MSN CDs" :-)
Ron: headache Daniel (mal de tete?)
Ron: :)
Pam / Erin: no, no, AOL CDs
Daniel Bienvenu: i knew it ... i just didn't remember it well when I need to use it
Ron: should be donosaur
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: dinosaur?
Ron: denosour
changed username to rich1
Ron: I dunno
Daniel Bienvenu: why not dynosaurus
Pam / Erin: dinosaur, Ron
Ron: thank you
Pam / Erin: I think you spoke too soon, Dad
rich1: guess I spoke too sooon - just got dumped
Rich Drushel: "mal" reminds me...the name of Mad-Eye Moody in the Italian translation of HP4 is "Malocchio" -- very clever.
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich-c
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Pam / Erin confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
rich1: just don't try to remove my twin
Daniel Bienvenu: wich twin?
Rich Drushel: Siamese Richards.
Pam / Erin: you mean the one we just got rid of?
rich1: I see I got preempted though this time I didn't get dumped
Pam / Erin: (she says with a sheepish grin)
rich1: yes - that request was not well judged
Rich Drushel: "We now resume our regularly-scheduled Richard Clee, already in progress"
rich1: this program dumps both when one is suggesteed
Pam / Erin: "having only missed a couple of laps"
Rich Drushel: If they have the same name, yes.
Pam / Erin: are we still twins?
Rich Drushel: My screen here still shows 2 Pamerins. A <PRIVATE> sent to either one arrives.
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, rich1 can be renamed back to rich-c.
rich1: even if you change teh name, Rich - in future I wont so teh confusion will prevent hasty actions
Pam / Erin: that
Pam / Erin: is weird
Rich Drushel: Must be Erin's doing.
rich1: right, Daniel, but no reason to do so
Pam / Erin: methinks that Dale needs to do some tweaking
Rich Drushel: Red hair vibes or something.
Pam / Erin: ya gotta understand, Rich, it's never her fault
Daniel Bienvenu: I see only only Pam/Erin ... if it count for one.
Rich Drushel: Unless she has gone blonde or brunette again.
rich1: well, it was only once tongiht, so let's let sleeping dogs lie
Ron: One Pam/Erin is enough
Pam / Erin: accept no substitutes!
Rich Drushel: Or shaved head...
Pam / Erin: nahhh
Ron: you guys really need two computers around there
Pam / Erin: we're trying, Ron but running into difficulties
Rich Drushel: Good, I don't wanna sit next to any bald women, unless it is a medical byproduct and thus unavoidable :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I think having copies is not bad, one can surf the net when the other is cooking dinner
Rich Drushel: It would be a loooonnnng plane ride :-)
Rich Drushel: Putting clones to work is a good idea, Daniel.
rich1: mea culpa Ron, I'm having grief configuring the loaner computer for Erin
Rich Drushel: I should get one to do my slug experiment tomorrow.
Pam / Erin: you should see the expression on her face Rich
Ron: ah
Rich Drushel: If looks could kill, I'd be 2 meters under, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: the problem is telling which one is the clone and why the clone have to do the work for the original.
Pam / Erin: yeah, something like that : )
rich1: for some reason System Commander and Partition Magic can't read teh partition setup
Rich Drushel: Re: medical byproduct, frustration at bad hairdo is not an acceptable excuse.
Daniel Bienvenu: don't forget that a clone of yourself is also yourslef and have needs and a life
Ron: strange
Rich Drushel: Can't read it?
Rich Drushel: Maybe just reformat and start over.
rich1: the DOS partition can only see the FAT16 dta partition, but the Win98 partition can see all four
Rich Drushel: Well, if you used NTFS or FAT32, DOS can't see those.
rich1: I want the DOS/Win3.1 partition invisible to the Win98 partition
Rich Drushel: Why?
Ron: ??
Daniel Bienvenu: don't try giving lsd to your computer. it will not help to solve your problem.
rich1: because they're supposed to be incompatible and I don't want to set up for a major breakdown
Ron: why bother with DOS at all?
Rich Drushel: Just put Win98 on it...the DOS mode isn't bad.
Daniel Bienvenu: and don't smash the monitor, it's not the solution
rich1: I've been told Win(* won't accept any other Windows version on the same hard disc - but I've got it
Rich Drushel: Erin is never going to use Win3.1...
Rich Drushel: And if it's a laptop, there is no add-on hardware (e.g., in expansion slots) to worry about supporting.
Daniel Bienvenu: I used 3.0 in the past but I uninstalled it after two weeks to use plain dos v5.0
rich1: you're likely right, but there are some fun games there and other stuff
Rich Drushel: So Win98 seems to me to be a reasonable thing to put on it by itself.
Ron: Win 98 will run 'em
Pam / Erin: problem is Dad, even if they're on there Erin won't know how to switch between the partitions
rich1: no, this is my old P166 desktop with memory and USB slots added
Rich Drushel: Okay, I thought it was a laptop.
Rich Drushel: But DOS can't see the USB, either.
Rich Drushel: Heck, WinNT 4.0 can't see USB.
Daniel Bienvenu: there are too many info, i think my headache (it's correctly typed now) is coming back
rich1: no, the laptop is Win98SE and just two partitions, one a sort of Dell administrative thing
Rich Drushel: Then rest your head, Daniel.
Ron: Lord, does Dell do that too
Pam / Erin: take two aspirin and call us next Wednesday, Daniel
rich1: though actually I have a nice 8 gig ahrd disc to go in the PCMCIA slot if I like
Ron: wish these people would stop reinventing the wheel
Ron: Compaq did that
Daniel Bienvenu: The only thing I know is there is a small soft from microsoft web site to make the usb ports alive if they are not recognized by the OS (almost all win32 OS)
Rich Drushel: Hard disk in PCMCIA? Must be pretty tiny/thin.
rich1: anyway, I have to get it sorted out, and install a lot of new software (antivirus, firewall, etc.)
Ron: then we'll have to surgery on Pam/Erin
rich1: huge it isn't, Ron, but decent size - it's an IBM
Rich Drushel: Unless the HD is an external box with a cable that plugs into the PCMCIA slot.
Ron: it will be highly technical and very expensive
rich1: yes, it is external with cable
Pam / Erin: two heads, Ron
Pam / Erin: or twins, if you will : )
Rich Drushel: Step 1: Cut on dotted line.
Ron: yes, that's what has me worried
Rich Drushel: Step 2: Refrigerate after expiration date.
Pam / Erin: <E> I'm the evil twin, just so you know
Ron: you mean there's only one?
Ron: thought you were both evil
Rich Drushel: Touche!
Ron: NOT
Daniel Bienvenu: *taking aspirin without lsd water this time)
rich1: any old how, folks, anyone looked at the clock lately?
Rich Drushel: idee bon, Daniel.
Pam / Erin: you should see the look on my face!
Pam / Erin: I'm ignoring it, Dad
Ron: (ronald runs from the room)
Rich Drushel: Clock says tick tock
rich1: 'fraid I'm past teh point whre I can ignore it - time to pack it in
Rich Drushel: I say tock tick to clock
Pam / Erin: yeah, you better run!
Ron: faster than a speeding bullet
Pam / Erin: okay, Dad. Remember we're at the trailer this weekend
Rich Drushel: Okay Richard, hope you are feeling better than today.
rich1: right - night - see you-all anonj
Pam / Erin: night Daddy / Uncle Richard
Ron: be well Mr. Clee. Say hi to Frances for me
rich1: will do, Ron
rich1: colour me gone
rich1 left chat session
Pam / Erin: bye bye
Daniel Bienvenu: Like I said in the first period of this chat session, I surfed the web and I saw the minigame compo web page where programmers submit small games (1K or 4K) just for fun and they are judged with a RANK
Pam / Erin: you're right, Rich, he'll never get it finished
Ron: sounds like fun Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw some Vic-20 games, C=64 games, CPC games, ZX Spectrum (Speccy) games, NES, even Gameboy color games.
Rich Drushel: I have some Macs I could donate, if I could smuggle them into Canada.
Pam / Erin: did you submit anything Daniel?
Ron: Speaking of the Vic 20. I have a quantity (6 or 8) Vic cartridges (games, memory expansion, debug utilities). Anybody know of a Vic 20 fanatic?
Rich Drushel: No PC systems, unfortunately.
Rich Drushel: And my 486 appears to be toasty dead.
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changed username to Daniel B
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Daniel B: Yes, I was dumped again
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
Daniel B: and yes, it's me again , Daniel
Ron: daisey, daisey, give me your answer do
left chat session
Pam / Erin: we're still having problems folks - gonna go out and come back and see if that helps
Pam / Erin left chat session
Ron: I'm half crazy, all for the love of you
Ron: oh... ok
Daniel B: I tried to tell something then *POOF*
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich Drushel
Ron: technical trouble is temporary....
Ron: please do not kick you set
Daniel B: Rich twins now?
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: It dumped me, for the first time tonight. Yummy. Just a moment.
changed username to Pam / Rin
Rich Drushel changed username to Rich
Rich requested to ban Rich Drushel
Daniel B confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Pam / Rin confirmed ban
Ron: daisey, daisey........
Rich: There we go, that is better.
Daniel B: I suppse Rich rename himself to know which one to dump
Pam / Rin: did everyone else get dumped too?
Rich: I actually restarted exploder.
Ron: drumble drab ad yankum per ardua ad astra
Daniel B: PARDON?
Rich: I think we should consider switching to coleco least we'd get a weekly logfile <grumble>
Ron: nor
Ron: and not plus nand
Rich: Honi soit que mal y pense.
Pam / Rin: we had to go all the way out and restart a couple of times
Ron: daisey..... daisey...... ya there daisey......
Ron: ok are we normal yet?
Daniel B: do you think that the chat session log file will be corrupted and see only these new messages?
Pam / Rin: all systems go here
Rich: I am perpendicular to the plane of the universe, yes.
Ron: more or less
Pam / Rin: not parallel yet?
Rich: No, the logfile keeps going, even if the clients crash.
Daniel B: I repeat a previous message then...
Daniel B: HELLO JOAN! =)
Rich: No parallelism.
Rich: She can't hear you, Daniel.
Rich: She isn't home from work yet.
Rich: And won't be for another 90 minutes, maybe.
Ron: but if we meet eachother in the hall, we'll both shake hands and disappear
Rich: And I will be killed if I am still on the computer when she comes home.
Daniel B: I tried
Pam / Rin: as well she should!
Ron: I know that one Dr. D.
Daniel B: like I said before, I visited minigame compo web site and i think i will submit a coleco game. seeing any coleco games in this kind of compo it's ridiculous
Daniel B: they have no coleco section
Daniel B: even a coleco selection
Pam / Rin: so you haven't submitted one yet Daniel?
Daniel B: i suppose i will be the first if i try
Ron created action P/HAL9000 has left
Daniel B: this empty zone of coleco submission is really bad
Pam / Rin: Ron, I want words with you
Daniel B: What is the meaning of (S)?
Rich: Looks like someone messed up creating a new action.
Ron: fouled up action
Daniel B: or the chat server again?
Ron: No it was I, I'm forced to admit
Ron: Can actions be destroyed?
Pam / Rin: I now have Bicycle Built for Two running around in my head!
(Rich gives Ron a glass of cranberry juice.)
Daniel B: Well, tell me why there was no trace of any "compo" for coleco games and demos in the internet?
Rich: Well, there are 2 of you there, so start pedalling!
Daniel B: (S) again?
Rich: ColecoVision is considered a dead system...
Rich: Even though we know it isn't.
Pam / Rin: Erin doesn't know the song : (
Daniel B: Do you think Vic-20 is not dead system?
Rich: There is "dead" and then there is "dead".
Daniel B: dead dead?
Rich: ColecoVision/ADAM are not of general interest to the people who like other obsolete systems, like 8-bit Nintendo.
Ron created action P/reports that HAL
Daniel B: I saw new vic games submited in this minigame compo
Daniel B: i saw many Speccy (ZX Spectrum) web site with pictures and demos
Rich: All it takes is one enthusiast, Daniel.
Daniel B: (A) again?
Pam / Rin: what are you trying to do Ron?
Ron: Ok .... somebody clue me in here
Daniel B: And during all this time, there wasn't any one?
Ron: Trying to create an action
Rich: If no Coleco games have appeared, then evidently not, Daniel.
Ron: a dismal failure am I
Pam / Rin: go to create an action, name it, then go to the next line and use <S> for the subject and <O> for the object
Rich created action O/I'm sorry, Dave.
(I'm sorry, Ron, but I can't do that.)
Rich: Just created that one.
Rich: That one is "I'm sorry, <O>, but I can't do that."
Rich: (minus the quote marks, of course)
Pam / Rin created action SO/Create action
Ron: hmmm
(Pam / Rin creates a new action for Ron)
Rich: You type some 16-character name in the first line.
Pam / Rin: see
Rich: Then go to the second line and make your action text.
Rich: Then there's an OK button or something.
Ron created action P/HAL9000
(Rich creates a new action for Pam / Rin)
(Hal9000 has left the building)
Rich: Ta-da!
Daniel B: But you almost have participated in adamcon meeting, there was absolutly any kind of compo?
Ron: aha
Daniel B: right? there was a compo?
Rich: what is compo?
Daniel B: competition
Daniel B: and composing
Rich: We have never had programming competitions at ADAMcons, AFAIK.
Rich: At least not from 4 onward.
Rich: I was not at 1, 2, or 3, so I can't say.
Rich: Nor at 10, but I know the agenda from 10 didn't include anything like that.
Rich: Who would compete, nowadays? Me and Dale Wick :-(
Daniel B: So I assume that even drawing contest didn't exist?
Rich: And Dale is much faster than me.
Ron: Think you're right Dr. D.
Rich: Drawing?
Ron: You had one assignment at 13 Dr. D.. to write a 4 line basic program - did you not?
Rich: Hmmm...
Ron: was part of the scavenger thing
Rich: Okay, yes there probably was for that.
Daniel B: Yes, I saw many compo with drawing contests where we have to draw a fullscreen picture, no using of converter software.
Rich: There are very few ADAM-native tools to do that, Daniel.
Pam / Rin: I remember that Ron
Rich: Either PowerPaint, or the Coleco Graphics Processor cartridge prototype...
Rich: Or very laboriously, patterns with SmartBASIC or SmartLOGO.
Daniel B: yes, the 4 lines programs is a kind of compo :)
Rich: A scavenger hunt would be fun again...but very hard to do at an all-commuter ADAMcon with uncertain net.access.
Rich: And Dale Wick would win it :-)
Ron: yea probably
Ron: He takes this kind of thing seriously
Rich: Making it hard for Dale would make it impossible for everyone else.
Pam / Rin: why not do a scavenger hunt that has nothing to do with computers?
Ron: yup
Rich: I could...but who knows what is to be found in El Paso.
Pam / Rin: 1. find the power button on the computer
Daniel B: Is that why there is no compo? because Dale has to win by default?
Ron: Rosie's Cantina
Ron: go there
Rich: No, realistically, Dale and I and you are the only programmers left in the ADAM community, Daniel.
Rich: Look at who comes to the conventions:
Ron: this is true
Rich: Of the Slopsemas, Bob and Doug can program a little bit, Judy and Meeka are gamers or Ladies Auxiliary.
Rich: Pam and Russell and Erin just know us from the chats.
Rich: Pam has typed in SmartWriter, that is all AFAIK.
Daniel B: ok, but how about the art contest? and not necessary drawing during the convention but in time for the convention
Rich: Ron can program some.
Ron: I can create but require other people's programs
Ron: well, yes, but
Rich: Yes, there have been in the past many good users of programs to create music and graphics.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Daniel B: using the Windows software PowerPaint to converter into PP file?
Rich: How can you prove you didn't make it with some non-ADAM tool and just convert it?
Ron: can do that much
(007 music plays in the background)
Ron: and add a MIDI file
james: too <expletive deleted> hot outside
Pam / Rin: an opinion I concur with James
Rich: I would like the task for the Mighty Mitchell Award to have something to do with ADAMs.
Ron: not bad here, but warm
james: it was 36 here yesterday
james: hmm
james: plus humidity
Pam / Rin: guys, do you want to go over to the Coleco chat? We're having problems again
Ron: James can program... add him to the list
Rich: Okay, I will open up the coleco chat...
james: coleco chat?
james: where?
Ron: right URL please?
Daniel B: you want me to quit and came back to the adam chat?
Pam / Rin:
Daniel B: it become interresting
Ron: right
Rich: Tried to make it easy to remember.
Pam / Rin: shall we then?
Rich: Meesa already thre.
Rich: there.
james left chat session
Ron left chat session
Rich left chat session
Daniel B: ok, I'm at the other one
Daniel B left chat session
Pam / Rin left chat session
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