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Daniel Bienvenu: taratata!
Daniel Bienvenu: glou glou glou
Daniel Bienvenu: ohé ohé!
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Daniel Bienvenu: allo toi!
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour bonjour!
rich-c: Salut, Daniel
rich-c: oui, c'est un jour assez bon, je pense
Daniel Bienvenu: comment ça?
rich-c: le soliel est tres beau, le vent est jolie
Daniel Bienvenu: ici c'est "cloudy" nuageux!
Daniel Bienvenu: je vois le lancer du disque à la télé
rich-c: yes - we had that weather yesterday, although avec peu de pluie
rich-c: I am being very successful at totally ignoring the Olympics
Daniel Bienvenu: disappointed? yeah! me too!
rich-c: ah, the joys of a DSL connection
rich-c: I am in the midst of downloading (in teh background) a 309 MB file
Daniel Bienvenu: wow! it's a big file!
rich-c: the Olympics do not disappoint or cheer me as I simply pretend they don't exist
rich-c: yes, it's a whole raft for Open Source programs in an ISO file
Daniel Bienvenu: simple suggestion, you may be avoid using spaniel chat when downloading a big file like this
Daniel Bienvenu: you should not chat with me during this time
rich-c: they don't list them but I believe Abiword, Star Office, GIMP and various others atre in it
rich-c: oh, I opened a second window and it seems to allow background downloading
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a big risk
rich-c: I'm sure it slows it a little but occasional text files like chat should not bother it much
rich-c: anyway I am using Fresh Download which allows multiple connections and resumes
Daniel Bienvenu: ce n'est pas une raison pour tenter le diable
rich-c: which does not mean I am ignoring your views, Danile - I am ratehr experimenting to see if I can get away with it
rich-c: especially teh devil that hides behind a blue screen in Richmond, WA 8=)
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! this one is very bad! hehehe
rich-c: anyway simply since coming on here 23% of teh file has downloaded already
rich-c: if it matters, I am using the http protocol rather than the ftp
Daniel Bienvenu: i know you are not a programmer
Daniel Bienvenu: but you may have this information
rich-c: to say teh leasst - I can just barely sometimes understand what programmers are tlaking about
rich-c: anyway, the image is a bunch of big, solid, useful programs ready to burn to a CD
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent an email to the adamcon mailing list with the question about the zero values for the "vol # steps" based on the hackers guide and what I found in encoded sounds in some games.
Daniel Bienvenu: I received no reply
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you receive this email I talking about?
rich-c: well, the ones who might answer are Dale, Rich, possibly Ron
rich-c: I think so -I got two from you yesterday
rich-c: btw, if you would like to look at the CD, it's
rich-c: and it's an http:// but not www.
Daniel Bienvenu: good find... but I don't want to start this download with my dialup connection.
rich-c: well, as long as you can afford ten to 12 hours, you could likely get it 8<)
rich-c: once I have the file I could likely burn an extra cd for you - it isn't hard
rich-c: how badly do you need a good, full-fledged office suite, word processor, graphics editor?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I have all I need... or I program it.
rich-c: these by teh way produce files compatible with the commercial standards (Office, Adobe., etc.)
rich-c: when it comes to nabbing useful freeware I am an expert :-)
rich-c: and with 40 gigs of hard disc space I can't possibly used can afford to wste incredible amounts
rich-c: do you have an internet program that maximizes the speed of your deownloads?
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried one, but it bugs my connection, I decided to not use it.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I still use an old Getright version
rich-c: I am not surprised - I tried a number but they were awkward or uncooperative or contained spyware
rich-c: Star Download wasn't bad but it was pretty awkward
rich-c: now I am using Fresh Download and in fairness, it does seem very compatible, very efficient
rich-c: in fact I started the open cd download just before opening teh new window for this chat and it is now over 50% complete already
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I will try with getright to see how fast it can download it.
rich-c: oh yes, the the Spaniel bites, it will automatically resume up to 20 times (8=)
rich-c: you might want to try Fresh Download for comparison - I can't give you a url right now
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem
rich-c: but you may find it listed at which you've used before
rich-c: if not you can pick it up from Google
rich-c: now over 60% downloaded
rich-c: I already have Abiword but don't use it much, and Star Office, but "bigger and better" versions might be useful
rich-c: though if I delete the old and install the new, I hate to think of what my defrag time will be next Friday!
Daniel Bienvenu: getright suggest that I will finish this download after 24h
rich-c: better let me burn you a cd ;-)
rich-c: there is a big difference between dialup and dsl, for sure
Daniel Bienvenu: well, we must talk next time. I will tell you if I finally download the file. ;-)
rich-c: unless your dialup connection is good for 24 hours solid, and getright works like Fresh Download, it will be pretty dodgy
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's time to quit for me. I still have to purchase food for tonight.
rich-c: right, you eat early and make your own, so I can see that
Daniel Bienvenu: see you next week.
rich-c: anyway, I assume you'll be on on W3dnesday?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, except a problem I will be online wednesday
rich-c: OK, I should be able to tell you by then how the download works - it's almost 90% finished now
Daniel Bienvenu: goodbye! see you next week
rich-c: so take it easy and see you then
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's the CGE event right now at San Jose. Where Gamepack#2 is release
rich-c: au revoir
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
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