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Pamela: hi Dad
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rich-c: hi daughter, see we're the only ones here so far
changed username to Harvie
Pamela: looks like we're about to have company
Pamela: Hey, Harvie
rich-c: equally obviously we won't be alone for long ;-)
Harvie: Hello there
rich-c: hi Harvie
Pamela: we missed you last week
rich-c: both of you before I forget - Computer Fair this Sunday
Pamela: thanks for the reminder Dad but I won't be in town. Are you going?
Harvie: I fell asleep, had 6 hrs sleep in 3 days previous
rich-c: yes, there's a GP in the morning I'll likely watch live, but nothing till the football game at 4 p.m.
Pamela: each or total, Harvie?
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rich-c: great heavens, Harvie, what caused THAT?
Harvie: total
Pamela: do me a favour Dad, look for one of those little computer vacuum sets for me?
rich-c: some sort of major plumbing catastrophe?
Pamela: ick, Harvie
Harvie: Babysitting a flaky control system on a sewage pumping station
changed username to 5 days = goodbye
Pamela: wow, sounds like my idea of a good time
Pamela: Hi, Rie
5 days = goodbye: hi low ever1
rich-c: you're better off, Pam, with the attachments for teh vacuum cleaner
Pamela: that's what I mean Dad - will you look for one for me?
rich-c: OK not sure if teh show will have them but if they do, I'll fetch
5 days = goodbye: oic will she be on later?
rich-c: hi Rie
Pamela: thanks Daddy
Harvie: Hello Marie, wwhat's in 5 days?
5 days = goodbye: hi uncle richard
5 days = goodbye: I move
Pamela: Erin's on her way home so she'll be late but says she's coming
5 days = goodbye: oci
rich-c: heavens, you mean the ministry actually found some work to do?
Pamela: I figure ETA is about an hour from now
rich-c: she is really running late, then
Pamela: she had a ministry function of some type tonite Dad
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changed username to laptop George
rich-c: yes - the political aides have tto do a lot of schmoozing
rich-c: hello George - you trying to rub it in?
Harvie: Hello George
laptop George: Hi Everyone
Pamela: hi George
laptop George: what?
rich-c: I don't have a laptop tonight
laptop George: i have 2
rich-c: well, you're a little too far away for me to come borrow one
laptop George: i'll say
Harvie: Did you find new digs George?
laptop George: not yet it's a bummer
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changed username to rich*c
rich*c: damn dumping has started early - what did I miss?
Pamela: having trouble already DAd?
rich*c: yep, got dumped
rich*c: wasn't even from someone coming in or leaving, either
rich*c: you folks still there?
Pamela: still here Dad
Harvie: Oh yea
laptop George: i'm here
Pamela: Have you seen the news today Dad?
rich*c: when it goes quiet I fear the worst - with reason
laptop George: waiting for my dinner in the oven
rich*c: sort of - which part, the hostage deal at Union Station?
Pamela: yeah - wondered if you'd heard about it
Pamela: explain to me how when you don't listen to the radio or watch the TV news, you knew what was going on
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changed username to rich/c
laptop George: i got some red rosies for my salamanders
Pamela: yeah - wondered if you'd heard about it
rich/c: dumped again
Pamela: explain to me how when you don't listen to the radio or watch the TV news, you knew what was going on?
laptop George: acting up?
rich/c: you mean you brought the salamanders home? whatever for?
rich/c: I se the front pages of the Post and Sun when I check my webmail
Pamela: ah, okay
laptop George: to observe and breed them
Harvie: My salamander runs on propane not roses
rich/c: what do you hope that will accomplish, George
Pamela: what kind of salamander runs on propane, Harvie?
laptop George: they are really they are red spotted newts
Harvie: Salamander = construction heater
Pamela: Ahhh
rich/c: I think that usage dates back to the medieval alchemists, Harvie
laptop George: red rosies are fish
Harvie: A salamander is also a broiler in a kitchen
rich/c: do they live in an aquarium or terrarium, George?
laptop George: a combo
rich/c: hope you are giving them enough space and fresh wter
laptop George: divided tank
Harvie: A terrarium with a puddle?
Pamela: cute Harvie
rich/c: also likely a fair description
rich/c: test
laptop George: test
Pamela: we're just really quiet, Da
Pamela: d
rich/c: obviously :-)
Harvie: You don't feed your newts Zippo do you :)
Pamela: sorry, Papa
laptop George: i had trouble getting in tonight
rich/c: did I tell you about teh fate of my laptop. Pam?
Pamela: no, what happened Daddy?
laptop George: no, i feed them newt bites
rich/c: I was using it to check something when all of a sudden - no volts
rich/c: light went out on the monitor and AC adapter - it's toast
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
laptop George: sorry to hear that
Pamela: meaning unfixable Dad?
rich/c: and Dell only stock replacement parts for five years - the laptop is seven years old
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
rich/c: bonjour, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Harvie: Bienvenu Daniel
Pamela: is there any hope of getting used parts?
laptop George: Hi Danny
5 days = goodbye: uncle richard what's ur oppinion on windows XP???
rich/c: heard from one of your buddies today - "rossingnol"
laptop George: i got sp2
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Daniel Bienvenu: my answers will be slow for a couple of minutes :-)
rich/c: if you don't have to use it, Rie, do without it
changed username to james
Pamela: Hi James
james: good morning
(007 music plays in the background)
Harvie: I'd give my opinion but profanity is discouraged here
laptop George: Hi James
rich/c: I do not like Microsoft's protection features (like having to get Bill Gates permission to install a replacement hard disc)
Harvie: Hello James
james: how is everyone?
5 days = goodbye: sounds like a whole lot of fun
rich/c: the reports say the new service pack has to cover so many faults it's almost an OS in itself
rich/c: good morning, james
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james: what's everyone up to?
changed username to The Late Rich
rich/c: it is supposed to be safer and more stable than previous Windows versions
Pamela: that's ominous, Doc
rich/c: but how recoverable it is when something goes seriously wrong is a question
Harvie: ll the back doors that allow MS to peruse and alter your files
The Late Rich: "I am the ghost of Colecos paaaaassssttttt....."
laptop George: it seems to be
The Late Rich: Sorry that I am late.
james: i recently installed debian linux on this machine
Harvie: Hi Doc
The Late Rich: I am in the robot lab right now, just finished reconfiguring some computers for class tomorrow.
rich/c: yes, MS has a habit of arrogating far too much power to themselves
Pamela: is tomorrow your first class Rich?
laptop George: all 7 cd's
rich/c: not to mentiojn planting little spy devices they'd rather you don't know about
The Late Rich: Hehe, first class was Monday.
james: i have to go for a bit. i will be back]
Pamela: right, James
rich/c: sounds like you made a good choice, james
james: sorry to be so short
5 days = goodbye: ok so what ur telling me is too stick with win 98?
The Late Rich: All alone tonight, Pam?
james: win98.. blech
The Late Rich: It runs ADAMem okay.
Pamela: yes, herself was at a ministry function tonite and will arrive anon
rich/c: well, that's my choice, Rie, and I have no trouble affording the upgrade
james left chat session
The Late Rich: Wow, important schmoozery :-)
The Late Rich: Too bad I am just working late.
The Late Rich: I will have to come back in the morning to finish the LEGO stuff.
Pamela: I only heard from her briefly - we'll know more when she arrives
The Late Rich: I had to do 2 system reinstalls tonight, and revert a bunch of machines to MacOS 9.
The Late Rich: Apple in their infinite wisdom made their last "Software Update" break the access to our robot boards.
rich/c: what's the matter, OS X give them indigestion, or did the programs you're using?
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The Late Rich: The latest OS X breaks stuff, yeah.
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
The Late Rich: So I had to revert from 10.3.x to 10.2.x.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
rich/c: hello Guy, how's you and Karen?
Harvie: Good evening Guy
The Late Rich: So can I take a 30-minute break and drive home?
laptop George: Hi Guy
The Late Rich: Elanor is home with Diana and Grethen, Joan is at work, Christina is out.
The Late Rich: I'd like to get back...I was home long enough to eat supper then come back in.
The Late Rich: Hi Guy.
Pamela: go home Rich
The Late Rich: You all can quiz Guy while I drive home :-)
Harvie: You have developed a lisp Doc
rich/c: james, I downloaded a 300MB ISO file recently and burned it to a CD
The Late Rich: Lisp?
The Late Rich: Thufferin' thuccotash...
Harvie: You said Grethen
The Late Rich: Haha, so I did.
rich/c: first CD. teh drive wouldn't even recognize a disc was there when I put it in
rich/c: second burn it saw the disc but saw the file as a text file (it's actually a program bundle)
laptop George: hiccup
rich/c: any advice as to what I did wrong?
Harvie: Did you select "burn as image" ?
Pamela: James is gone, Dad
rich/c: I'm not sure that's an option on my software - it's just "data disc"
Harvie: What burning program?
rich/c: oddly enough teh software does allow the burning of an ISO disc but the option is grayed out
rich/c: it's called B's recorder Gold and comes with the LG DVD burner
rich/c: basically a very nice program I have found easy to use
5 days = goodbye: well all i'm off nighty night to all
Harvie: Download CDRWIN, I have B's and it will not burn an image
rich/c: goodnight, Rie
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Harvie: Goodnight Marie
changed username to Scott
rich/c: any suggestions where to get that, Harvie?
Scott: Hey guys, decided to drop by
The Late Rich: Hi Scott.
Pamela: hey Scott
Harvie: Google for it
5 days = goodbye: night all
laptop George: Hi Scott
Pamela: nite Sweet Pea
laptop George: nite 5
Guy B.: Well, Karen and I may become engaged later this year. We are in love with each other.
5 days = goodbye: night
The Late Rich: All right, I have to get driving...
The Late Rich: back in 30.
5 days = goodbye left chat session
The Late Rich: <poof>
Guy B.: HI Scott
The Late Rich left chat session
Pamela: you have 30 minutes - GO!
Scott: Question: Does anyone have any idea if the site for the next ADAMCon has been decided upon.
rich/c: as far as I know it has not
Pamela: I believe it's here in Toronto, Scott
Guy B.: Dale is suppose to take next year's.
Scott: I ask this because I am offering to Host it in Denver.
Pamela: isn't this rather sudden Guy?
rich/c: that's been talked of, Pam, but I think it was faut de mieux
Scott: Good. If no one objects, I'll take ADAMCon 17 and host it in Denver
laptop George: the chat hid on me
Guy B.: Well Pam. It's not definite yet. But, we have fallen for each other and she has made me her best friend.
rich/c: I doubt you will hear any objection, Scott - we like new places
Guy B.: We did agree when everything is settled with her.
rich/c: I will certainly attend if my health permits and the US will let me in
laptop George: try Philly
Scott: I will need a little help in planning, since this would be my first time
Guy B.: Wow, Colorado sounds great Scott.
Scott: Lots to do out here in Colorado
Guy B.: I do too. Been 5 years since my divorce, but we are happy with each other.
rich/c: it's a very nice drive there across I-80 and lots of neat stuff in the mountains behind
rich/c: I am sure you wil be able to get all the help you need, Scott - it isn't hard
laptop George: din din calls
Scott: Good. I appreciate that.
Pamela: send food, George
rich/c: yes, you are both sort of on the bounce, aren't you, Guy?
laptop George: meatloaf
Scott: I do need to go - have to put some items up for sale on eBay. Will drop back here if it's not too late.
Pamela: what, no ice cream?
rich/c: don't knock it, George; well made, it's a treat
Scott: Have fun at ADAMCon!
Scott left chat session
rich/c: ok - am I still here?
Guy B.: I'm here.
Harvie: Nope :)
rich/c: always need to check when someone leaves
Pamela: yes you're here Dad
laptop George: butter almond icecream for dessert
Pamela: send ice cream!
rich/c: well, that isn't too bad, if you can't get good ice cream
Pamela: (Hmm, note to self: ice cream in the freezer, dimbulb)
rich/c: last weekend we had President's Choice chocolate fudge cracks - double chocolate with chocolate shavings in it
rich/c: I'm still on a chocolate high!
Pamela: considering how much chocolate you had I'm not surprised DAd
rich/c: hey, you had some too, so you'd be equally vulnerable
Pamela: if I'd known we were killing the bucket I'd have had more : )
rich/c: this weekend, Chapman's frozen yogurt - Cappucino
Guy B.: Rich, Karen and I are doing fine.
rich/c: nice rich coffee yogurt with a blizzard of chocolate speckles in it
Guy B.: Where's mine?
rich/c: I'm sure you are, Guy; my comment wasn't meant to be discouraging
Guy B.: No problem Rich.
Pamela: problem is Dad, I won't be here this weekend. You'll have to save me some : )
Harvie: Yours is in Markdale Guy
rich/c: sorry, Guy - these things are only sold in Canada - pity
Pamela: have you been to Markdale, Harvie?
rich/c: what is Markdale?
Harvie: Many times
Guy B.: Rats.
Pamela: Markdale is where Chapmans is based. Little hole-in-the-wall town near Orangeville.
rich/c: well, maybe we'll have Adamcon 18 in Toronto and you can try it then
Guy B.: Anyway, El Paso is creeping up on us. 3 weeks from now.
Pamela: I've been there.
Pamela: Markdale, I mean.
laptop George: Bush country phooey
rich/c: small town, big company getting bigger - who says quality doesn't pay when fairly priced?
Harvie: They make their ice cream with powdered milk
rich/c: no, we don't have any Bush country here, George - bush yes, Bush no
rich/c: is that how they get it so rich and concentrated - more milk solids?
laptop George: i mean in TX
rich/c: well, Texas is off teh agenda for me, I regret to say
Harvie: That's why it melts faster than other brands
rich/c: my cardiologist says don't get out of range of a good Ontario hospital till they have things figured out and settled down
rich/c: I hadn't noticed any faster melting - but then we buy the premium line not the regular
Harvie: What does he know, have you ever seen an "old" doctor
laptop George: watch out for those Canadian drugs they are not safe
rich/c: where on earth did you get that idea, George? They're safer than those in the US
Pamela: I have grown another brain : )
Pamela changed username to Pamela / Erin
laptop George: 60 minutes
rich/c: what do you mean by "old" doctor, Harvie?
Harvie: It;s an old joke rich
rich/c: either they had a pharma company lobbyist or Republican agitator on then, George
rich/c: Canadian drugs are sfer than those sold in the U.S.
rich/c: that's one reason why so many Americans come up here to fill their prescriptions
laptop George: and the the whitehouse is trying to stop that
(rich/c gives rich/c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
(Guy B. gives Pamela / Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
(Pamela / Erin gives rich/c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
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changed username to Riches At Home
rich/c: right, George - just look up how much the Big Pharma gave to teh Republicans this year
Pamela / Erin: you made good time, Doc
rich/c: did you know there are more pharma loibbyists than Congressmen on Capitol Hill?
Pamela / Erin: Erin beat you though
Guy B.: Welcome back Dr. D
Riches At Home: Rin 1, Rich 0.
Pamela / Erin: okay, round's over
Guy B.: Well it's raining here and we are expecting a little heat on Friday.
Pamela / Erin: a little???
Riches At Home: Rikn by TKO.
Pamela / Erin: alright, now that everyone is here, I have an announcement to make
rich/c: yes, there's a big bubble of warm air working across the lower Great Lakes now
rich/c: in Toronto we call it "Exhibition weather"
Guy B.: Well Pam. It's been downright cool this summer. We haven't had much of any 90 degree weather this year.
rich/c: right, Guy, we've had the same patter as you, 30 hours later
Riches At Home: Announce away....
Pamela / Erin: I am officially employed!
Guy B.: And it's triggering some severe weather. 5 tornadoes in two counties by me yesterday.
Riches At Home: Tim Horton's strikes again!
rich/c: hey, neat-o, daughter - all the details, please!
Riches At Home: Congrats, Pam :-)
Guy B.: Spill it Pam.
Pamela / Erin: Reception / admin assistant for Somerville National Leasing Inc. Starting tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.
Guy B.: Wow, great going there.
Riches At Home: What do they lease?
Pamela / Erin: cars
rich/c: Somerville, eh? They're a pretty big outfit that's been around a while
Riches At Home: Do they compete with Speedy?
Pamela / Erin: no, different industry
Riches At Home: I thought they rented cars too, my bad.
rich/c: where in the city will you be working?
Pamela / Erin: you're right actually
Riches At Home: Hehe, if 8:30 AM, you better get to bed soon!
Pamela / Erin: sales, short term rental, fleet and individual leasing, auto finance, and full service maintenance and repairs
rich/c: depends on whre they're located, Rich
Pamela / Erin: the office is a new 12,000 square foot facility on Arrow Road, custom built and designed for Somerville.
Pamela / Erin: I am now officially less than ten minutes from work.
Riches At Home: Walking distance.
rich/c: that is just over by the Wilson subway station, isn't it?
Pamela / Erin: no Dad, it's just east and north of Weston and Sheppard. Arrow Road runs parallel to the 400, right beside it.
Harvie: West side of 400
rich/c: OK, that should be handy enough for you, all right!
Pamela / Erin: literally door to door in 9 minutes including traffic
Pamela / Erin: Woohoo!
rich/c: I trust the pay and hours are suitably attractive?
Pamela / Erin: hours are 8:30 to five, and the pay is comparable to my old job. However, by being so close I eliminate the cost of my transit pass every month, which will save us over $1000 a year.
rich/c: and that you get space in the company parking lot?
Riches At Home: Thirty Altairian Dollars per day.
Pamela / Erin: And, I'll be spending less on gas and food
Guy B.: Looks like you came out ahead Pam.
Pamela / Erin: absolutely no problem with parking - plenty of room
rich/c: why food? company cafeteria?
Pamela / Erin: well, at least even, Guy
Riches At Home: Bring from home before it gets warm.
Guy B.: Better yet.
Pamela / Erin: no but I'll be far from any fast food or restaurants and will have to start packing my lunch more often which means I'll spend less $ on food
rich/c: and also if you're prudent eat a lot more healthily in the bargain
Guy B.: That's what I do. I bring my own lunch to work. Don't have to spend money in the cafeteria.
rich/c: can I market you some pears for starters? :=)
Riches At Home: I don't think she's been living on pork rinds and Cheetos, Richard...
Pamela / Erin: heck Dad, I forgot. I'll have to come over in the next couple of days to get them.
Riches At Home: Can you ship them to Cleveland, Richard?
Guy B.: Got a whole bunch of pears here. Letting them get ripe right now.
Pamela / Erin: well, maybe Cheetos . . . : )
rich/c: well, not quite, Rich, but the Speedy building didn't offer much in the way of diet delights
rich/c: sorry, Rich, I don't think the USDA woulw let them in
Guy B.: My sister in-law bought a new Dell and has asked me to set it up for her along with transferring her files between the two.
rich/c: yes, Guy, but we grow our own
Guy B.: Her old one and the new one.
Guy B.: How big are they Rich?
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rich/c: lots of luck, Guy - my experience with Dell of late does not recommend them
changed username to Ronald
Riches At Home: I do actually have a small bit of ADAM news for tonight, once Pam et al. have finished with their news.
Guy B.: HI Ron.
Pamela / Erin: Hi Ron!
rich/c: highly variable, Guy
Harvie: Hello Ron
Ronald: Hello from the living room
rich/c: greetings to the left coats!
Pamela / Erin: I'm done Rich. Just wanted to surprise everyone.
Guy B.: Well, I have one here at home, plus a new one at work.
Riches At Home: Hi Ron.
Ronald: Only trouble with laptop is I don't have a lap
Riches At Home: Probably only Ron or Richard will recognize the name, perhaps Harvie or Guy.
rich/c: just don't keep them too long - after 5 years, they're unsupported with parts
Pamela / Erin: yeah, I can see where that might be a problem Ron : )
Harvie: Then call it a notebook
Riches At Home: But yesterday I got a nice long E-mail from one Tom Clary.
Guy B.: That's what they are called anyway now.
rich/c: right now I have a Dell that's a doorstop becasue the AC adapter blew and Dell doesnt sell them any more
Riches At Home: He for fun had Googled for his name and found a mention of him in a TWWMCA article.
Harvie: I never met the man but the name is familiar
Ronald: yes, remember Tom Clary, although I don't think I ever met him
Guy B.: I think I met him at one of the cons. Can't remember which one though.
Riches At Home: He wrote ADAMlink III, which was a reverse-engineering of ADAMlink to talk to the Orphanware serial boards.
Riches At Home: He wrote me about the software tools and methods he used to do it.
rich/c: ah, OK, he never was a part of the larger community, just close with George and Herman
Riches At Home: And also to take exception with HLM-GMK's version of how they got the "rights" to ADAMlink IV alpha.
laptop George: din din was good
Ronald: where does he live?
Riches At Home: The version as related by me in TWWMCA, since I didn't know any different.
rich/c: told you so, George. Try making it with oatmeal and spinach sometime
Riches At Home: Hmm, dunno, Ron.
Riches At Home: I don't think he mentioned it.
Riches At Home: Okay, lags here...
laptop George: this was my meals on wheels
Pamela / Erin: yeah, we're getting lags too
Guy B.: I didn't tell you the good news on Abby. I got a second opinion and she has a thyroid condition which she is on medication for now. No Cushings Disease.
Harvie: I smell litigation, do you think he'll hire barry wilson? :)
Riches At Home: But Tom never heard of IV alpha.
Pamela / Erin: hypo or hyper, Guy
rich/c: anyway what did he have to say, Rich?
Guy B.: She's just about back to her normal self. She has to come back in 6 weeks for another blood work.
Riches At Home: And while I haven't heard back from him in answer to questions in my reply, I have a feeling that he didn't do the RLE viewer or the 80-column video part of IV alpha either.
Riches At Home: He told about how he had to fundamentally redesign the code to support anything over about 1200 bps.
rich/c: why would he care at this point in time, Rich?
Pamela / Erin: what happened to the Slopsemas tonite?
Riches At Home: He wasn't mad or anything, just said he didn't remember ever making a deal for source code rights with Herman and George.
Riches At Home: HLM-GMK told me that they had bought the rights and source was supposed to be included, but never materialized.
rich/c: let's say intertesting if true, and it could be
Riches At Home: So they gave IV alpha to me to disassemble and make into ADAMlink V.
rich/c: though George and Herman have always been rather sensitive about rights
Riches At Home: He only remembers III/II+.
Riches At Home: the III+ IIRC might have put in the SydModem.
Riches At Home: So...if Tom didn't do IV alpha, then I wonder who did :-)
rich/c: oh good, anyone want to buy a Sydmodem> I have one I don't need
Ronald: Beginning to think our group needs a historian
Riches At Home: Tom used a disassembler called Dazzlestar. I've heard of it.
Riches At Home: I wouldn't mind buying the SydModem, Richard, I don't have one in my collection :-)
Ronald: Dazzlestar was written by a Brit. Have it downstairs somewhere
Riches At Home: I asked Tom if I could forward his E-mail to the list, stripped of his E-mail address so he could remain incognito if he wanted.
rich/c: make me an offer, Rich - it might even be working
Riches At Home: I did invite him to the chat tonight.
Riches At Home: What did they cost originally?
Ronald: Can remember using it to try to understand how assembler programs were written
Riches At Home: I can say some tech stuff on the topic, at the risk of putting Pamerin to sleep...
rich/c: haven';t a clue, Rich - and after 20 years does it matter?
Riches At Home: Well, yeah it does, Richard :-)
Pamela / Erin: that's okay, we're gossiping : )
Guy B.: And me as well.
Riches At Home: If it cost you $350 say, then that is different than it having cost $35.
Riches At Home: Haha Guy.
rich/c: Ron, have you any idea what Syd asked for his 1200-baud modem? And what that would be in 2004 dollars?
Riches At Home: Okay, I will not talk tech.
Ronald: Not a clue Richard.
Riches At Home: I would guess over $100 CN.
Pamela / Erin: and if we were gossiping about you do you think we'd tell you ?
Riches At Home: Limited run and all,
Guy B.: I can program with Qbasic, Smartbasic, Cobol and Pascal. But, the only assembler I can understand is IBM mainframe.
Ronald: suspect so.
rich/c: I know at the time it wass pretty big money, but our definition of what's big moeny has changed too
Harvie: I recall that he would bring the price down to $100.00 if he could get 100+ orders
Ronald: Paid $155. for my 2400 baud Supra
Riches At Home: I doubt that 100 Sydmodems were ever made.
rich/c: of course 100+ orders proved something of a chimera
Riches At Home: There are so few places where you could even connect with one now...
Guy B.: I believe that there weren't that many made.
Harvie: That was why he quit
rich/c: I can't think of any
Riches At Home: I haven't tried CWRU dialup for a long time...and in January they are discontinuing it.
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: Campbell River Community Net used to allow dialup at 2400 baud, but not sure if they do now....that would have been 4 years ago
Guy B.: Seems BBS's are becoming dinosaurs because of the Internet.
rich/c: ah, dialup - how quaint
changed username to Yan
rich/c: hello Yan, and welcome back
Riches At Home: HEhe, I bet it isn't sniffed by the spooks, though, like the internet is.
Yan: Helloooo
Guy B.: HI Yan
Ronald: When I got here in 1995, there were about 15 active BBS in the Comox Valley
Ronald: now there are none
Pamela / Erin: well you can say that, but who didn't have net access on Sunday because his DSL was down? ( she asks from her dialup line)
Pamela / Erin: Hi Yan
Harvie: I find it amazing how many people in the Mandrake newsgroup are on dialup
Riches At Home: Has Rin got her computer yet?
rich/c: btw Harvie, were you down on Sunday?
Yan: how everybody feel tonight?
Riches At Home: It is about Pam's beauty sleep time if she has to be at work at 8:30 AM.
Ronald: work?
rich/c: no, I am having trouble resolving a software conflict - and have other things to do too
Harvie: For a while
Yan: Me I'm tired, my newborn baby was a nightmare last night
Pamela / Erin: remember I don't even have to get up till 7:30
Guy B.: Still a number of us here in the USA are still on dialup, but DSL and Cable Modem are catching on. But, they are still high priced. SBC is still doing the $26.95 promotion for it's DSL.
rich/c: you have a new child, Yan? tell us more
Ronald: newborns tend to set their own agenda
Yan: it's my third girl
Yan: born 13 of July
Guy B.: All the ones you have are girls?
rich/c: third? oh wow - Rich can identify with that, he has four
Pamela / Erin: BTW, I was out to see Kimberly and the baby yesterday
Ronald: how about that
Riches At Home: You are catching up to me, I have 4 girls.
Yan: Yes Guy
Riches At Home: 17-14-11-8 years old.
Guy B.: Wow, how old are the other two?
Riches At Home: Diana's 11th birthday is actually on this Friday.
Pamela / Erin: Happy Birthday to her, Rich
Yan: mine are 4, 2 12 and 1 month old
Yan: :)
rich/c: Harvie and I pay 34.95/month and supply our own modems
Guy B.: And keeping you busy.
Yan: oups
Yan: 2 1/2
Pamela / Erin: much better Yan
Yan: yes very busy
Yan: but yesterday and today the older one are with grandma
rich/c: I can believe that - I found just one a handfull - still do some days 8=)
Guy B.: My girlfriend has a 6 year old daughter and she really adores me and she also has a 9 year old son.
Harvie: I'm still renting John's modem, he agreed to drop the rental this year
Pamela / Erin: I do my best, Dad
Pamela / Erin: keeps you on your toes
Yan: but the yougest need all the attention the other two ask
rich/c: I boiught mine off the top, Harvie, and it's fine
Yan: youngest
Harvie: Back when I got mine GVC would not let him sell them
rich/c: also Ma Bell apparently didn't have a 3.0 line available so stuck me on a 4.0 (oh how I suffer ;-))
Riches At Home: We managed to space ours so that there were never 2 in diapers at the same time. That seems to have been a major tactical win compared to stories I have heard from other parents.
Yan: sorry I'm so tired that I made typo after typo
rich/c: oh, I though you were just adopting the board style, Yannick
Guy B.: You should get some rest Yan. Must have been up most of the night.
Riches At Home: Go to sleep then, Yan.
rich/c: yes, you'll recall with his two james has his hands full too
Yan: ;-) dont worry
Yan: I need some information about some Coleco programming
Guy B.: Daniel should be able to help you with that.
rich/c: your department, Rich and Daniel (if he's still around)
Yan: so it's why I am here before the sleep
Riches At Home: I can try...
Yan: mmm I dont think so...
Yan: it's a very special request
Ronald: lay it on us Yan
Harvie: You'll never know if you don't ask
Yan: I have several project ready to be developpe on the console
Yan: developped
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here... but I can't answer all questions about programming.
Ronald: just most of 'em
Yan: but I hate to ask for help, I prefer to read book and documetation and experiment myself
Riches At Home: Your sound extractor is neat BTW, Daniel.
rich/c: just most of them, eh, Daniel? :-)
Yan: it's a more efficient way to learn
Ronald: Sometimes it's the only way Yan
Riches At Home: I should have thought of writing such a tool when I was disassembling PitFall.
Yan: but I miss one thing..
Yan: one book..
Yan: one documentation...
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D? thanks!
Yan: can you guess wich one?
Riches At Home: The CV manual...
rich/c: which, Yan? we're dying of suspense...
Yan: yes Rich
Yan: the Colecovision Programming Manual
Riches At Home: When cleaning out my computers before moving I did find some scans of pages that I started to do of it for Daniel a long time ago.
Ronald: it's online isn't it?
Riches At Home: No, the ADAM one is.
Ronald: ah
rich/c: that's different from the Adam Technical Manual, right, Rich?
Riches At Home: CV calls are similar in intent but different in setup.
Daniel Bienvenu: About my sound extractor, you were able to try it? no problem about a OCX file?
Yan: if it's online I've searched for month for it and I never found it
Riches At Home: Not online, I am pretty sure.
Yan: yes we have the adam here
Yan: I made scan of the OS listing for my purpose
Riches At Home: I never wanted to have the only copy...I am sure I gave copies to Dale Wick and Chris Braymen once upon a time.
Yan: but I really want badly this last documentation...
Riches At Home: I just have to make the copies :-(
laptop George: it's my bedtime
rich/c: OK George, take care then - see you next time 'round
Pamela / Erin: nite George
Daniel Bienvenu: bye george!
Riches At Home: Now that I am moved into my new office at last...I can probably do it.
Harvie: Goodnight George
Ronald: nite George
laptop George: nite Everyone
Guy B.: Bye George.
Riches At Home: I know it has been promised to Daniel for a long time...and it isn't vaporware, it does exist.
laptop George: poof
laptop George left chat session
Yan: Rich if your confident with Daniel, we can take this task ourself...just ship the book , we will pay for the postage cost and return it to you....what do you think?
Riches At Home: I just need to schedule 2 hours with the copy machine when everyone has gone home for the day.
Yan: good nite George
Yan: vaporware... LOL
Riches At Home: I have 2 copies, one was the "original" one given to me by Barry Wilson in 1992, he got if from someone in Puerto Rico! It is in a *terrible* state, 20th-generation photocopies.
Guy B.: Well folks. Might as well go too. Have to call Karen soon. I think I'm finally done with Satuirdays working. But, I am spending this Saturday with Karen and her daughter. So, I'll see you all next week.
Riches At Home: When I was in grad school I spent weeks making a nice copy master from it, painting out all the bad spots with whiteolut.
Yan: if we can read it ... that sound good to me
Riches At Home: whiteout.
Yan: :-))
Riches At Home: Fixing pages rotated about 30 degrees offline...etc.
Yan: Bye Guy...
Yan: see you soon
Pamela / Erin: g'nite Guy. Stay out of trouble!
Daniel Bienvenu: and thats' why I saw in your powerpoint presentation one of your project to scan the document and try to make it better?
Riches At Home: It is missing some pages, though, and these appear to be missing from every known copy.
Guy B.: You know I will Pam.
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Ronald: Niters Guy
rich/c: see you, Guy - drop by Saturday if it fits
Riches At Home: Hehe, yes, that is what I embarked upon, Daniel.
Guy B. left chat session
Riches At Home: I was scanning the cleaned-up copy master pages and planned to make a PDF.
Yan: Rich, I will be extremly happy with what you will send to us
Riches At Home: I am not done...but like I said, I found the CD where I had saved the project to the point I stopped working on it...I should just send it to youj as better than nothing,.
Yan: thats very cool
Riches At Home: I will look after robot lab tomorrow morning; I have no more lectures to give this week.
Yan: "when it will be done"
Riches At Home: Just robot lab tomorrow and anatomy lab Friday afternoon.
Yan: ;-)
rich/c: scan it, and post it on your website and let everyone download it - saves postage
Riches At Home: Smelly anatomy lab :-)
Riches At Home: that was my intent, Yan, just like with all the PDFs of the ADAM schematics.
Yan: but I understand that you have a very busy life Rich
Riches At Home: have you seen that webpage?
Pamela / Erin: gotta desensitize your nose again : )
Riches At Home: I do do good work with that kind of stuff, I am mjust very slow.
Yan: slow?
Yan: like me!
Riches At Home:
Yan: just talk about that to Daniel...
Yan: LoL
Riches At Home: BTW, more webpage fun.
rich/c: well with your passel of kids, Yan, you have a very legitimate excuse!
Riches At Home: Last weekend the Greek Orthodox church across the street had their annual Greek Festival.
Riches At Home: There is always a flea market...and I saw some stuff that I just had to buy.
Yan: outch thats a lot of work to "retouch" these shematics!!
Riches At Home:
Ronald: of course
Ronald: I know that feeling
Yan: LoL
Riches At Home: I put them up on my office walls that will traumatize students who come to visit me :-)
Riches At Home: Hope it makes you laugh...everyone who has stopped by my office since has been dumbfounded.
Yan: I really like this penns oil sign
Riches At Home: It is a great slogan.
Pamela / Erin: Graeme will want the Nixon plate
Riches At Home: Gotta love Pat in the lime-green sleeveless top...
rich/c: wonder if I can go look without getting turfed here? I will try
Riches At Home: Go ahead, Richard.
Ronald: LOL.... Tricky Dicky and Pat
Riches At Home: And I could have had Ike & Mamie...
Riches At Home: And JFK and Jackie on facing plates...
Riches At Home: And Jimmy Carter, too!
Ronald: what were they asking for them?
Yan: all that stuff was at the flea market?
Riches At Home: $8 apiece.
Riches At Home: And MORE!
Ronald: not bad eh>?
Riches At Home: LOTS MORE!
Ronald: oh... i see
Riches At Home: Funniest thing was, the old lady running the cashbox...she said the plates belonged to her Mom! She had them PROUDLY DISPLAYED IN HER HOME FOR YEARS!
Ronald: Presumably those were inaugural plates eh?
Yan: whew
Riches At Home: So these were not Franklin Mint bought-on-spec collectibles, but true expressions of affection from a real voter!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Riches At Home: They are hallowed :-) holy relics...with great power...
james: glad to see some folks are still here
Pamela / Erin: hello again, James. Everyone settled?
(007 music plays in the background)
james: for now. it's amazing i get anything done in the morning at all
Riches At Home: I am not here, I am being impersonated by an artificial intelligence agent written in Javascript.
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: I am here because I'm not all there
james: was at the office. they're going to crunch the numbers for me for my insurance claim
Yan: this kind of wall decoration remind me my grandma house
changed username to rich=c
james: i owe our secretary an apple pie :D
rich=c: told you it would dump me
Pamela / Erin: hee hee hee - oops!
Riches At Home: Did you like them, Richard?
james: hi ron!
Riches At Home: En ron!
Ronald: Hi James.... howz it goin"
rich=c: yes, pity you didn't scoop the lot
james: not bad
Ronald: '
Pamela / Erin: that was groan worthy
Riches At Home: I figured those two were enough. Tricky Dick was the first politician I learned to caricature.
Ronald: The ones you got look like they're in reasonable shape
Riches At Home: They are perfect.
Riches At Home: On Election Day I should eat cake off of them!
rich=c: a full sset would have added value as collecxtibles
Ronald: :)
Pamela / Erin: was the dust included or did you have to pay extra for it?
Riches At Home: There was no dust, these were lovingly kept.
rich=c: should you eat off them on Inauguration Day?
Yan: ho my user list I have 3 rich.....does it have duplicate or its all an original one?
Yan: ;-p
Ronald: That's something I've never seen done in our land..... putting the Prime Minister and spouse on a plate
Riches At Home: Only if Der Bushmeister is going out on his kiester on 20 January.
Riches At Home: well, Canadians are too refined for cannibalism, Ron.
rich=c: we are sort of counting on that, Rich - the alternative doesn't bear thinking about
Riches At Home: I dunno, I am not optimistic.
Riches At Home: I am waiting for an "October Surprise".
Harvie: Dave Chalk's last show had a software package for making plates
rich=c: Yan, the lower-case rich-es are all me; I come in with a slight change in the listing every time I get dumped
Riches At Home: Someone will appear with the head of Osama on a pike...or elections will be postponed due to "reliable reports".
Yan: LoL
Yan: ok rich double
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich/c
Harvie confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Riches At Home confirmed ban
rich=c confirmed ban
rich=c: oh - my guess is that they have binLaden and will announce the hree weeks before voting day
Yan confirmed ban
Riches At Home: We can go to Taupe Alert or Mauve Alert or something.
james: politicians.. i say ship the lot of them off on a rocket into the sun
Pamela / Erin: oh, mauve sounds pretty!
Harvie: Paisley alert
Riches At Home: Auburn.
james: mauve alert.. lol.. just doesn't have that urgency to it.. :D
Ronald confirmed ban
Pamela / Erin: plaid!
james: fuscia alert.. fuscia alert..
Ronald: sorry...missed the last bit....had a phone call
Yan: LoL
Riches At Home: Pomegranate and peuce.
james: richard simmons could go on national t.v. and do the alert
rich=c: doesn't mean anything but ut serves to keep the voters terrified
Riches At Home: Richard Simmons would cause an alert just by going on TV!
james: heh heh..
james: america's national fruit
Ronald: have another question - unrelated..... friend of mine just phoned to ask
Riches At Home: I still remember his license plate from his TV show in the 1970s: YRUFAT?
Yan: who is Richard simmons?
Ronald: you all rremember the "print highlight" function that Smartwriter used to have
Riches At Home: An energetic guy with an exercise show on TV.
Yan: why are you fat!!! LoL
Ronald: is there any modern equivalent in Windoze?
Yan: yes!!
Yan: I remember!
rich=c: mine still does :-)
Riches At Home: Yes, Yan.
Yan: look like a
Riches At Home: Copy to clipboard, then print?
Yan: sheep!!!!
Yan: LoL
Ronald: you can print directly from the Clipboard?
Riches At Home: Dunno if there is direct print of highlighted stuff.
Riches At Home: You can in MacOS IIRC...Wintel,YMMV.
Ronald: alll I was able to suggest is highlight what you want to print and paste it into a new blank file
Yan: I dont remeber I wich recent flick I saw him...
Yan: do you?
Riches At Home: You could always paste into Wordpad and print it :-)
rich=c: if worst comes to worst, highlight, copy, bring up Notepad and paste it in, then print
Ronald: right
james: or get a mac
Riches At Home: He has one, james.
rich=c: pick your choice of Notepad clones to actually use
james: i know :P
james: there's a nice one called "notpad"
Ronald: I have a Mac, and I have no idea if the it's available there
Pamela / Erin: Erin says you can do it - highlight the area, go to File, hit print, it will give you the option of printing the highlighted area
Riches At Home: Let me see...
Ronald: ok..... that's it. thanks
Yan: I use NotePad+
Yan: very very usefull
Yan: and no size limit for the file
rich=c: I have about a half dozen of them, use what suits my mood
Ronald: shows to go ya
Yan: here:
Riches At Home: I can view the Clipboard, but not print directly from it in MacOS X.
Ronald: no matter how much I think I know, there's always something I don't know
Pamela / Erin: did you try it Ron? Does it work?
rich=c: yes, I have Edit Pad Lite, two word processors in Easy Office, Abiword, whatever is in StarOffice...
Ronald: brb
Harvie: There must be something I don't know but I don't know what it is
Yan: Staroffice? the suite on Linux?
Pamela / Erin: ignorance is bliss, Harvie : )
rich=c: there is also a DOS edition, Yan
Yan: oh yes...I remember
Daniel Bienvenu: HO RICH, I FORGOT! It takes 25 hours but I downloaded the OpenCD ISO file. ;-)
rich=c: I actually bought the CD from Sun before I had a DSL line for downloads
Yan: and I think it have a Win version too...
Yan: free to download
Riches At Home: brb
rich=c: OK Daniel, really neat - good for you
Ronald: No, that won't work. I'm upstairs, and my printer is downstairs attached to a box that is turned off
Ronald: means I have to remove butt from chair..... that's tough
Harvie: Mandrake comes with Open Office Org
rich=c: Harvie says there's a program CDRWIN that will help you burn it - Google for it
Pamela / Erin: well that's a big help!
Pamela / Erin: <E> if I'm right, just tell everyone : )
james: @ron, i wholeheartedly agree
Ronald: I will try it later
Ronald: :)
rich=c: yes, the OpenCD ISO image has Open Office - and Abiword, and Mozilla, and GIMP, and lots more
Ronald: Have the Mac version of that for OS X
rich=c: great way to waste hundreds of megabytes of disc space, if you have it to waste
Ronald: yes.... agreed
Ronald: somehow despite it's presence around here on more than one computer, I've never warmed to Open Office
rich=c: I notice the new computers being sold now have a minumum 80 gig hard disc
Ronald: have no idea why.... it's quite capable
james: i used open office a couple years ago. going to try to get it going on my debian installation here soon
rich=c: how on earth can anyone use up that amount of space?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, rich, I may need this 80gig of HD capacity.
Ronald: @James.... you a Debian man, my son?
james: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: my penitum 400Mhz doesn't capture well videos
james: a noob at that, but getting there
Daniel Bienvenu: except in RAW
rich=c: what on earth for, Daniel?
Harvie: I have a 120 and an 80 and they are both nearly full
Ronald: I must learn more about it..... there are a couple of devotees in our Linux group
Daniel Bienvenu: for 10 secondes it takes 1Gig
Ronald: I'm into Gentoo and Suse here on the laptop
james: it's still a geek o.s. and not for average users by any stretch of the imagination but it's getting there
Harvie: James, are you using Sarge or Woody
james: woody
Ronald: I'm a noob with about 5 years of thrashing around
Ronald: right....that's their latest, I think
james: with xfs filesystem support
Pamela / Erin: hello? Are we still on earth?
Ronald: I have it, but haven't installed it anywhere yet
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry Pam/'rin! ;-)
rich=c: not for long - it's way past my signoff time
james: @ron, the net install is nice if you have a fast connection
Daniel Bienvenu: you didn't know that we are all extra-terrestrial? :-P
Ronald: @James.....agree, and they still have a way to go with their hardware drivers
james: if not, don't worry about anything more than the first 3 cds
Ronald: Suse was the only one I could get my wireless setup working on
Pamela / Erin: it's becoming very apparent
james: i want to play with open office
Riches At Home: back
Ronald: @James....right...gotcha
rich=c: right - I think I shall go catch some zzzzs now
james: i just don't know if the productivity/hardware support is there yet though to go completely windows free
Ronald: @James, yes, and I think that's what it takes. We've all been sensitized to Word and MS Office
Pamela / Erin: Dad, will let you know tomorrow how my first day went
rich=c: I'll look forward to hearing, Pam
Ronald: Well, with Gentoo, I'm getting close to tossing out XP (Duron is dual boot now)
Pamela / Erin: me too!
Harvie: The drivers are very up to date in 2.6 kernel
rich=c: and so will your mother - in spades
Yan: well I have to go.....I hope the night will be more quiet.....goodnight everybody...take care! and see you later!
Pamela / Erin: night, Daddy
james: i do a lot of desktop stuff for the classroom
Ronald: Need some software for burning CD's - the rest I can do
Pamela / Erin: <E> night uncle Richard
rich=c: bonsoir, Yan - see you next week
Riches At Home: Bye Yan
james: bye to all those leaving!
Pamela / Erin: nite Yan
Yan: je l'espère rich=c
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Yan!
Harvie: K3b in Linux is the best I have seen
rich=c: niters, all - see you Saturday or Wednesday as it goes
Yan: Bye Rich @ home
james: it'd have to support my printer, have some decent graphics / layout apps too
Yan: salut Dan
Ronald: that's another thing I need to do ...update the kernel... I'm still running 2.4.19
rich=c: Pam, Harvie, don't forget Computer Fair on Sunday
Yan: Salut tout le monde....
Yan: ;-p
Pamela / Erin: I won't be here!
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, only wednesday for me. I will not be at home this saturday.
Yan left chat session
Riches At Home: My only kernel is unpopped popcorn :-)
james: heh heh
Ronald: K3b won't compile on my box..... we're going to make a meeting project out of that next month
rich=c: OK, see you allm whenever. Bye now!
Ronald: it fails part way in
james: i wish there were a linux group around here
rich=c: colour me gone
rich=c left chat session
Ronald: sure helps James. Have the good fortune here of having some guys who know their stuff
Harvie: Bye rich
Daniel Bienvenu: bye rich
james: exactly
Ronald: All I have to do is run the club
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
Harvie: alt.os.linux.pick_your_flavour
Ronald: I'm getting better, b ut I still go to Windows for "comfort zone"
Pamela / Erin: Bobs!
james: hi bob
Pamela / Erin: where ya been?
BobS: ya lady....FORGOT !!!!!!!!
BobS: shame on me, eh?
Riches At Home: Windows is comfort zone? It is a Procrustean bed...
Ronald: Hi Bob
Pamela / Erin: forgot?
Harvie: Ello ello ello
Pamela / Erin: I'm shocked
BobS: Hi Ron....and Hrv and James. and all
Ronald: more like a case of the devil I know, Dr. D.
BobS: was busy making a banner for AC16 tonight
BobS: and lostr the time AND the night also
Ronald: Ah, you're a good man Bob.
Riches At Home: Neighborhood kids and some cans of spray paint would do it.
BobS: si senor
james: hey ron, i know it's been a couple weeks.. any word back on that nabu stuff?
Riches At Home: Or a SmartWriter banner :-)
BobS: hows' the wet coast????
BobS: raining and thundering here
Harvie: Scott Gordon was on earlier and expressed a desire to host Adamcon next year
Ronald: not yet James, I'll rattle Bill McPherson's chain again
james: thanks
BobS: cloth one Ridb
Ronald: time I talked to him anyway.. He made me swear not to disappear again
BobS: Rich
Riches At Home: I am game for anybody hosting an ADAMcon.
james: how about here? :P
Riches At Home: Yes Bob?
Ronald: did the other guy come thru?
Pamela / Erin: but do you have room for all of us James?
james: room wouldn'T be a big deal but i think it'd be the most expensive adamcon on record
Pamela / Erin: (pictures cots in a dorm room)
Ronald: We would need a sugar daddy
BobS: ya true james
Riches At Home: It would probably be $2K round-trip airfare.
Harvie: He just wants Punkin pickers
james: unless it was in the off season
james: in which case you'd be looking at 1K
james: still not cheap
Riches At Home: Hehe, Elanor and I one time for fun went to and selected the most expensive round-trip to Tokyo flight out of Cleveland that we could.
Riches At Home: I think we got something that was $10K.
Riches At Home: All first class, of course.
Riches At Home: All peak hours.
james: i still don't book online
james: i can get much better deals through my travel agent over the phone
Ronald: ouch
Riches At Home: I booked El Paso direct through Continental's website, I am happy with about $250 US round trip.
james: and don't even contemplate buying a ticket online through air canada's website unless you like being fleeced
Pamela / Erin: would be great if we were all millionaires
james: @pam, yeah, or even just me :P
Riches At Home: Well, I am Rich.
Ronald: I cannot mention Air Canada in this house
Ronald: unless I want to be evicted
Pamela / Erin: heck, I can't even afford to go to Denver and Scott wants to host next year
Riches At Home: The last leg to the Island for me last year was Air Canada.
Pamela / Erin: if we have it in Denver, that will be three in a row that I miss
james: air canada basically learned it's management from the lie-berals
Riches At Home: Of course through Pacific Coastal.
james: bloated, inefficient and backwards
james: *its
Ronald: @James.... Ya got that right, Pilgrim
Harvie: With Air Canada you think you never left the ground... they treat you like dirt
Riches At Home: I will go wherever the convention is.
Riches At Home: Just don't ask me to run it yet :-)
james: last time i flew a/c international i was rather underwhelmed
Riches At Home: I am presuming that there will be an ADAMcon 16.5 in January again.
Riches At Home: At least for me to visit all the Clee-folk.
Ronald: my last a/c flight was 1 hour 50 minutes in the air and 5 1/2 hours on the tarmac.
Pamela / Erin: that doesn't negate the problem of getting to the real thing
Ronald: two flights "gone mechanical"
james: and despite what people were complaining about northworst, i have to say when we flew with them last time compared to a/c i was quite happy
Riches At Home: Though that will depend on my teaching schedule for the Spring.
Ronald: I mean...two aircraft
james: though i don't care for the airport in detroit
BobS: yes james....NWA mid field terminal leaves somethign to be desired
Riches At Home: Someone in the Dept. resigned on the first day of classes this week...there is a scramble to cover his courses...and I will inherit one of them in the Spring.
BobS: RESIGNED the first week !!!!!!!!
Riches At Home: Which may give me 4 classes...depends on whether or not I will still have to do some projected lab duties.
james: yeah, i could make a long list of what that airport leaves to be desired
Riches At Home: Yes, on the first day, bingo.
Harvie: Is he the newest cadaver?
Riches At Home: Almost.
james: not the least of which would be a shorter trip than the 2 mile underground walk to the baggage claim
Riches At Home: Worse, he was the other lecturer hired (besides me) out of the national search they had in June.
Riches At Home: Our Chairman is not so happy.
Ronald: that would tend to dent his day all right
Pamela / Erin: seriously folks, couldn't we delay a trip to Denver till 18?
Riches At Home: The guy is staying until Fall Break (early October), then he is gone.
Riches At Home: I think Denver can wait.
BobS: Dale has dibs on ADAMCON 17
Ronald: a decision to be made at 16 P/E
Pamela / Erin: Scott was asking earlier if he could host 17
BobS: qill be in July I think
Pamela / Erin: no one said him nay
Riches At Home: And making it 18 means I escape consideration until at least 19, when Bob and I will have to fight :-)
Riches At Home: Well, I'd like him to come to the conventions wherever they are held.
Pamela / Erin: the only problem I have with Denver is that it's three in a row that are so far away it's impossible to afford to go
Riches At Home: We need new people at these things.
Riches At Home: That is why I am looking forward to Rin being at 16: it will all be new to her, so we have someone to teach again.
Pamela / Erin: I'd love to have a con where I don't have to spend two weeks pay to go to it
Riches At Home: Otherwise...we can all sit by the pool with our laptops and ADAMem...
Riches At Home: I understand, Pam.
Pamela / Erin: just remember, the laptops can't swim
Riches At Home: But we have lost our economies of scale.
Ronald: pretty much
Riches At Home: So it is top dollar for everything.
Harvie: Time for me to sign off
Ronald: Be well Harvie
Harvie: Goodnight all
Pamela / Erin: I would have loved to go to Comox and El Paso and I would love to go to Denver but money is very, very tight around here
BobS: be good Harv
Riches At Home: I have just decided to suck it up...everyone else in the family is getting their trips and stuff in, so I am putting in my own claim :-)
Riches At Home: Bye Harvie.
Harvie left chat session
Pamela / Erin: Nite Harvie
Riches At Home: We just have to do what we can, Pam.
Ronald: It is an issue here this year with me too Pam, but mostly because of the choices I made
Riches At Home: If it is in Toronto 3 years running, works for me :-)
Ronald: However..... it is an issue
Riches At Home: I am just saying that I will be infinitely flexible: wherever it is, I am going :-)
Ronald: Oddly enough, I find it easier and cheaper to get to Toronto/Cleveland/Grand Rapids
Riches At Home: The rest of you can decide what is best for the greatest number.
Pamela / Erin: I just don't think you guys are getting it - a $50 dinner out is a huge extravagance for us. Travelling to exotic places just isn't an option.
Ronald: the fares that Bob quoted me back in the early summer weren't available from here, and I was looking at over $1Grand in air fare alone
Riches At Home: We are getting it, Pam.
Ronald: I hear ya Pam
BobS: OK year........PAM'S HOUSE
Ronald: Hey .... there's a plan
BobS: or partment as it may be........'
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam's House is in Canada?
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Riches At Home: If it gets too expensive for those who are otherwise willing to come...then there is no more point in planning conventions.
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james: ok, time for lunch
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james!
Riches At Home: Yum, food.
Pamela / Erin: sorry guys, I just got dumped
james: i'm starved
james: i'll see you all next week
Ronald: food is good
Pamela / Erin: I don't know if this posted so I'm going to try again
BobS: bye james
Ronald: anyway, I trust you guys will have a hearty discussion about all this in El Paso
BobS: Daniel.......Pam is in Toronto
BobS: probably Ronald
Pamela / Erin: I know I sound like I'm whining, and I probably am, because I'm tired, but it's very difficult for me because I miss you guys so much and I can't afford to travel to see you
Pamela / Erin: nite, James
Ronald: Nite James..... go straight home now
Riches At Home: Well, Pam, we just make do.
Pamela / Erin: I don't have a make do, Rich
Riches At Home: Other than ADAMcons, I have never travelled in my life. No vacations as a kid etc.
Riches At Home: So, I get to do some of it now.
james left chat session
Pamela / Erin: my only hope for getting to a con is if it's in driving distance
Riches At Home: I know people who as kids have been everywhere...
Pamela / Erin: and that describes me perfectly.
Ronald: Still in all...(for the record) I still support our rationale in choosing El Paso
Riches At Home: Again, there is luck involved...when I went to some of the distant conventions, there were enough of us in Cleveland that we could van-caravan to get there.
BobS: time for me to go also kids....I know, I was late , but it is now late too
Ronald: nite Bob
Pamela / Erin: and I understand that decision, and I support it too Ron. Who knows how long it will be before we get to see the Stones again?
Riches At Home: Otherwise, I would never have been to Salt Lake City or Sarasota -- B.A.S.I.C. drove those.
Riches At Home: If I had to fly in 1993 and 1994, I would not have been able to afford it, either.
Pamela / Erin: However, three expensive cons in a row is a lot for people to handle
BobS: will see ya's in 2 camping next Wed
Pamela / Erin: Night Bob - hi to Judy and have fun
BobS: ok :-)
Riches At Home: If you want to put them all in Toronto for the next few years, works for me!
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob!
Riches At Home: I don't mind the drive.
Ronald: Well, this will be the third one I've missed, and I don't like it one bit
Daniel Bienvenu: Good night all! I'm leaving too.
Riches At Home: I missed the first 3, Ron :-)
Pamela / Erin: I don't want them all in Toronto
Riches At Home: And 10, the anniversary one.
Ronald: right.... you materialized at 4 right?
Riches At Home: Then Guelph...and St. Catharines... :-)
Riches At Home: Yes Ron.
Ronald: although we certainly knew who you were by then
Daniel Bienvenu: and Rich, if you have any suggestion about my sound extractor, reply to my email ;-)
Pamela / Erin: I'm perfectly okay wiht Cleveland or GR, or Quebec for that matter
Riches At Home: I could have technically gone to 3, as I'd hooked up with Herman and George by then, but not enough to go on a trip when I was still in grad school.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit! à mercredi prochain!
Pamela / Erin: sorry guys, guess I'm not very rational at the moment
Pamela / Erin: night, Daniel
Riches At Home: Nobody is trying to make you overextend yourself, Pam.
Ronald: you have made a good point Pam
Ronald: don't feel bad about doing it
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Riches At Home: In retrospect, I wish I had gone, because that was a time when things were still going "up" in the ADAM community.
Riches At Home: I came in either at the peak or on the downside, depending on whom you talk to.
Ronald: yep
Pamela / Erin: I have to admit, I also feel that if there's any chance that Mom and Dad will make next year, it will have to be here, or close to here
Ronald: What really gets me Dr D. is that from that point on, there was more resources available to the average Adamite that had been previously, but
Ronald: less and less got done with it
Riches At Home: I think the thing I miss most are the montly B.A.S.I.C. meetings over at the Newburgh Heights city hall.
Ronald: I'm thinking of SmartBASIC 1.X and Chris Braymen's work
Ronald: all this neat stuff, and nobody's there to use it
Riches At Home: 12-hour sessions (for me) where everything was new and everything I touched was golden, all the ideas on how to patch stuff and fix stuff worked.
Riches At Home: It was a magic time...when I had lots of time.
Ronald: I got more done with ADAM when I had less time to do it
Riches At Home: I miss packing the van full of ADAM stuff at 1 PM and coming back at 1:30 AM.
Ronald: right
Pamela / Erin: You see 1:30 am far too often now, sir
Ronald: Our bunch in Ottawa had to be out of the meeting hall by 10am, but we'd adjourn to whatever fast food outlet would have us
Ronald: 10 pm that is
Riches At Home: Or sitting in Herman's bombed-out apartment building that he was electrician for, working on hard drive patches or ADAMlink V stuff.
Riches At Home: haha Pam, pot kettle black at 11:56 PM
Riches At Home: There, in his little kitchen, was the first time I ever had bratwursts.
Pamela / Erin: yeah, I know. I was just about to say that having completely ruined the mood, it's time Erin and I went to bed.
Riches At Home: Hemand cooked up a bunch after a long day of coding...a day I think I had skipped out of the lab :-)
Pamela / Erin: since both of us have to get up and go to work in the morning : )
Ronald: What I miss most about it was that it was an era of experimentation. We had far more people trying various things, like tax programs, genealogy programs, and the like
Riches At Home: Me too, I will be up at 5:30 AM.
Riches At Home: Sleep tight gals.
Pamela / Erin: thanks. And thanks for listening.
Ronald: to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream
Riches At Home: Sure. <hugs>
Ronald: Think we'd have to recommend something about Scott's kind offer
Riches At Home: I think my problem is that, when I didn't know it would work, it was more interesting.
Ronald: like thanks, but we'll see you year after next
Pamela / Erin: to you both as well from both of us. We'll see you next week
Riches At Home: Once I knew that it would work, it was just busywork.
Ronald: exactly Dr. D
Pamela / Erin: kerpoof!
Pamela / Erin left chat session
Ronald: anyway sir, it's dark here, so it must be dark there
Riches At Home: That and the prospect of writing a menuing system for the PC side of ADAMserve in x86 assembler, ugh.
Riches At Home: I just didn't want to do it :-(
Riches At Home: Yes it is dar..
Riches At Home: Wow,just us two.
Riches At Home: So, time to go.
Ronald: yup
Riches At Home: Good night, Ron.
Riches At Home: Hope you and your Mother stay well.
Ronald: yes.... work will becon for you early enough.... I' don't have that problem but
Ronald: I do have to be up...mother needs insulin first thing in am
Ronald: nite Rich.... be well
Riches At Home: Nite Ron.
Ronald: she's doing ok, thanks
Riches At Home: <poof>
Ronald: niters
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