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rich-c: so where is everybody?
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changed username to Erin / Pam
rich-c: hi daughter and niece
Erin / Pam: hi Uncle Richard; Hi Daddy
rich-c: so now thsat you've had a few days, h9ow's the job, Pam?
Erin / Pam: <P> it's working out just fine thank you
rich-c: not surprised but still glad to hear it
rich-c: your mother istaling about wandering off in the trailer at some point
Erin / Pam: <P> got everybody's name straight now
rich-c: is talking
Erin / Pam: where?
rich-c: can I count on you to do any necessary taping while we're away?
rich-c: let's say no more than a taxi ride from a decent Ontario hospital
Erin / Pam: <P> as long as it doesn't interfere with my taping; or I can do it on your VCR
Erin / Pam: that's illuminating
rich-c: which gives us Georgian Bay, some Muskoka, southwestern Ontario, Niagara, the Kawarthas...
rich-c: well, I'll see what Dr, Santo has to say tomorrow, but that was the cardiologist's advice
Erin / Pam: <P>any idea where you'll head first?
rich-c: nope, although your mother has been expressing some wistfulness for north
rich-c: I wouldn't mind doing a wine tour around Niagara
Erin / Pam: <P> we'll be at the trailer this weekend and next w/e
Erin / Pam: if you are so inclined
Erin / Pam: to drop by
rich-c: no, I'll be up that way for an Old Farts lunch on the 9th, though
rich-c: re i ds me, ZI have to confirm to our organizers
rich-c: that was supposed to be "reminds me"
Erin / Pam: Pam just stepped away
rich-c: we already have a lag on this; prepare for a dump at any time
rich-c: so what's the bad news from Queens Park, Rin?
Erin / Pam changed username to Pam / Erin
Pam / Erin: no time lag, Dad, we just stopped talking for a second
Pam / Erin: what'
Pam / Erin: is with the typing problems?
rich-c: no, that was between my writing and my post showing
Pam / Erin: I'm wondering if we shouldn't make Rich's site the default for these chats; we've been having so much trouble here recently
rich-c: my system is strictly search, discover and land and I often land in the wrong place
Pam / Erin: you never used to make this many mistakes, Dad
rich-c: well, I do sometimes, other times I'm very good and fast
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: may have something to do with the keyboard I'm using and the way I am sitting at it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow! not many people here!
Pam / Erin: I took my wrist rest to work this morning - I really miss it
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Pam / Erin: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich, Pam et Rich
Pam / Erin: so how far north are you planning to go Dad?
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose Dr.D is away
rich-c: we haven't planned anything yet, Pam, it's just a matter of what we can fit in when
Pam / Erin: and when are you planning to leave?
rich-c: well, let's say he hasn't joined us yet, Daniel
rich-c: well, I need some work on the car, to get the trailer, get it home, cleaned, and packed
Pam / Erin: isn't the trailer finished yet?
Pam / Erin: btw, we
Pam / Erin: 'll also be at the trailer the weekend of the 25th unless Barbara decides she wants that weekend
rich-c: all this between my court testimony, doctor appointments, dental appointments, your mothers appointments
Pam / Erin: so January, right?
Pam / Erin: : )
rich-c: we haven't had a recent report - have to push Neil a bit
Pam / Erin: and you're finally going to court on the accident! What date is that?
rich-c: depends on what teh cardiologist says on teh 23rd
rich-c: the 6th, I think, managed to talk them into making it an afternoon thing
Pam / Erin: which court is it? Meaning where is it?
rich-c: the farther depths of outer Scarberia
Pam / Erin: Scarboro? Why Scarboro?
rich-c: actually it's very close to the 401 so if the road is open I can get there quickly
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is everybody
rich-c: I guess because the culprit drove into me in Scarboro and that is where the investigating officer is based
Pam / Erin: well, whatever you do give yourself lots of time to park - I was at the provincial court at Arrow and Finch today and couldn't find a parking spot ANYWHERE
rich-c: I have been wondering the same thing, Daniel - no Slopsemas or Guy or George or Ron or Harvie yet
rich-c: why wre you at teh court, Pam?
Pam / Erin: if Harvie had a late call, he won't be here; however I do wonder about everyone else
Pam / Erin: there's a restaurant in the same plaza I wanted to go to - it was recommended to me by a coworker
rich-c: thought you were going to be taking your lunches?
Pam / Erin: didn't go grocery shopping till today, so nothing today
Pam / Erin: sorry, that should have said nothing to take
rich-c: remind me again about your trailer plans so I can make a note?
Pam / Erin: Russell's up there continuously as of last Saturday until the 12th - I'll be up there on the weekends this weekend and next, then we're back on the 25th and 26th
Pam / Erin: that is, the 4th and 5th, the 11th and 12th, and the 25th and 26th
rich-c: OK, weekends of teh 4th, 11th and 25th, right?
Dr.D.'ll be late: Popping in for a bit before I go home...hi folks.
Pam / Erin: I'm going to come home on Sunday night this weekend, I think, in order to avoid the rush on Monday and to give myself some time to do housework and laundry
Pam / Erin: Hi Rich
rich-c: hello Rich
Pam / Erin: are you at teh offfice still?
Dr.D.'ll be late: Yes.
rich-c: as long as the traffic isn't too homicidal at that hour, Pam
Dr.D.'ll be late: I had to come back to campus after supper to check on some stuff in the anatomy lab.
Pam / Erin: what on Sunday Dad?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello guy!
Pam / Erin: no one will be coming home on Sunday evening - they all leave at the last possible minute on Monday when it's a holiday weekend
Dr.D.'ll be late: I needed to determine how many of the 6 cadavers still had brains intact...turns out 5 do, so we are luckly.
Pam / Erin: Hi, Guy
rich-c: with Labour Day as the sort of last cottage weekend, I reckon teh roads will be a mess
Dr.D.'ll be late: Brain lab is next Friday, and it's a short week, so me and the assistants have a lot to do.
rich-c: greetings, Guy - should we greet Karen too?
Dr.D.'ll be late: All right, I am going home and taking a shower...I guess I will be back between 10PM and 10:15 PM.
Pam / Erin: <E> gives new meaning to pick your brains
Guy B.: I'll be meeting Karen's son for the first time this weekend.
Pam / Erin: 'hokay
Dr.D.'ll be late: Thanks Ms. Rin :-)
Dr.D.'ll be late: <poof>
Dr.D.'ll be late left chat session
Pam / Erin: hehehe
rich-c: I guess you are looking forward to that, Guy
Pam / Erin: good luck, Guy
Guy B.: Well, that was quick.
Guy B.: I think it will go fine.
rich-c: well, he says he'll be back
Pam / Erin: my experience with traffic on the long weekends is that everyone leaves work early on Friday so most of the rush is over by 6:00 or so
rich-c: I get the impression you two are harmonizing quite well
Pam / Erin: and they don't come home till the last possible minute on Monday, so coming home Sunday evening should be a breeze
rich-c: see what you mean, Pam, and it sounds reasonable
Guy B.: One thing Karen does not want me to mention is El Paso to her.
rich-c: oh Daniel, did I mention I did get a r3esponse on the CV stuff?
Pam / Erin: why not, Guy? It's only four days
Guy B.: I know, but she says she will miss me when I'm there.
Pam / Erin: awww, that's so sweet : )
rich-c: that's a good sign but not if it suggests she's too possessive
Guy B.: I told her I will call her to let her know I'm Ok.
rich-c: Heck, Frances was muttering about wanting to go into the woods and play hermit tonight
Pam / Erin: I must admit that while I do miss Russell, it's nice not to have to worry about anyone but myself for a couple of weeks
rich-c: yes, and when wse're 13 months from our 50th anniversary, I can accept her being a bit tired
Guy B.: Now, who is coming to El Paso and who isn't?
Daniel Bienvenu: not me
Daniel Bienvenu: no money
Pam / Erin: Just Erin from our crew
rich-c: my doctor says no
Pam / Erin: Rich is going, so are all four Slopsemas, and Dale as far as I know
Guy B.: Pam?
Pam / Erin: yes?
rich-c: I don't think Ron can leave his mother alone that long
Pam / Erin: are you asking if I'm going Guy? Cause if so, no I'm not
Guy B.: Ok, cause you're going to be the first one to see Karen's photo. I hope to have it soon. Her daughter took 2 of them of us.
rich-c: hey, scan it and email it around!
Guy B.: Pam, are you coming?
Pam / Erin: I can't Guy - can't afford it, and just started a new job
Guy B.: You're not! Aw shucks.
Pam / Erin: sorry, darlin'
Guy B.: Guess it's next year then.
Pam / Erin: We're certainly planning on it
rich-c: I'm hoping Denver works out and that I can drive there
rich-c: it is a beautiful trip thoruhg fascinating country
Guy B.: Ok, when I get the photos, I'll scan them and e-mail to everyone except those who are coming to El Paso.
Pam / Erin: let's save Denver for 18 Dad, so those of us who are financially constrained can attend at least one in five
Guy B.: I would love to go out there. I always wanted to visit Colorado.
rich-c: how about you folks do some saving instead? ;-)
rich-c: yes, Denver is no special prize, but once you get into the mountains - aHHH!
Guy B.: That's great of Scott to come forward to host one.
rich-c: I hope he means it and that this will be one of his promises that holds up
Pam / Erin: of course the other consideration is that for the Canadians, a $1000 trip costs up to $1500
Guy B.: We'll have to let Scott know there's interest in this, so he can plan ahead.
rich-c: true daughter, but with what Bush has done to the budget, the US dollar is going to sink even more
Guy B.: Speaking of the Slopsemas. Where are they tonight?
Pam / Erin: didn't Bob say something about camping this week?
rich-c: thought that was last week, since he's off to El Paso early next week
Guy B.: Oh yes, with the Labor Day weekend approaching. That's where he would be.
rich-c: Pam, you remember my having the LS-120 drive - sort of like your Zip drive?
Pam / Erin: yes?
rich-c: I picked up a new one - external, parallel interface - at the computer fair
Pam / Erin: did you have any success with my vacuum attachments?
rich-c: it occurs to me that given that interface, it should allow fairly easy exchange of programs in the family
Pam / Erin: and why did you buy a new one? Is the old one kaput?
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rich-c: no, but for $20 your mother was getting put off downloading Amiga programs just too big for a floppy disc
Guy B.: Rich, where are you going to find the disks for the LS-120 at?
left chat session
rich-c: with this one can deliver disc and drive as well
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changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Pam / Erin: Hi Ron!
Ron: Hi all
Ron: Woe is me.
rich-c: oh, I have a decent supply - after all, they are reusable
Ron: I have been banished from the kitchen
Guy B.: Has it cooled off out there?
Ron: It has
rich-c: Ron - how's the left coast?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron
Ron: I burned the pizza
Guy B.: Good to hear. Did you get any rain?
Pam / Erin: for shame, Ron
rich-c: SHAME!!!
Ron: when it says broil for 3 minutes, that's exactly what it means
Guy B.: Forgot to set the timer, eh!
Ron: live and learn
Pam / Erin: and how long did you broil it for?
Ron: about 5
Ron: carbon is good for the soul
Pam / Erin: to quote my mother, "when all else fails, read the instructions"
rich-c: is this in a microwave or toaster oven or what?
Pam / Erin: it apparently aids digestion : )
Guy B.: Abby will be glad to take your burnt crusts. That's her favorite.
Ron: I did read the instructions. One also has to follow them
rich-c: funny you should say...
Ron: it was passable. Not great, but passable
Guy B.: Although not burnt. But, chewy ones will do.
rich-c: we let Pizza Hut do the dirty work, then reheat gently in the warming oven
Ron: Well, the whole exercise was against my better judgement.. For me, pizza is something you go out for
Ron: first time I'd ever tried one of these home brew jobs
Pam / Erin: and what kind of pizza did you burn? Brand wise, I mean
Guy B.: Speaking of pizza. I tried Chuck E. Cheeses pizza last Saturday. Karen and I took her daughter there.
rich-c: there are some of teh frozen ones that are reasonably tolerably - chintzy with the toppings, though
rich-c: but then many of the takeout places are too lighthanded with their toppings too
Ron: It's called "Go Pizza" . Was a a brand new super market that just opened up in town. 4 bux for a 12 incher
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be right back.
Pam / Erin: hmmm
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rich-c: the price at least is highly attraCTIVE
Pam / Erin: try Delissio or PC Rising Crust, Ron - much better
Ron: well, I'll have to try again, and next time pay attention to what I'm doing
rich-c: I tried Delissio, wasn't greatly impressed
Ron: other than that..... we were on the edge of a rather large storm today. Vancouver got the brunt of it
Ron: lightning, heavy heavy rain
rich-c: an offshore typhoon, or just major disturbance?
Pam / Erin: ah, nature's sound and light show
Guy B.: We have Giradano's out here. Excellent stuffed pizza.
Ron: our weather man says it was the combination of a cold front and an upper low
rich-c: right, that can make for quite a show
rich-c: we are sort of getrting waterlogged here
Guy B.: Guess you guys all heard that another hurricane named Frances is heading towards Florida.
Ron: indeed it did from the 6:30 pm weather
Ron: yup, and he looks nasty
rich-c: yes, I emailed my brother in Orlando to remind him to tell us how he gets through it
rich-c: no idea yet of when and whre it will come ashore, of course
Ron: Gaston did enough misery
rich-c: we just look on the NOAA hurricane site - the satellite photo is impressive
rich-c: why, had Gaston hit the Caribbean now?
Guy B.: Catagory Four and it could hit Five with over 150 mph winds by Friday. Most of Florida is still recovering from Charley.
Ron: Wasn't it N. Carolina?
rich-c: yes, it took Orlando up to a week to get power back to everyone
rich-c: and my nephew who is with the police was working 13-hour shifts
Ron: all hands on deck
rich-c: have to go look at NOAA - I didn't track Gaston at all
Ron: was only classed as a tropical storm, no?
rich-c: Charley was a real mess, it ran diagonally up the peninsula - in below Tampa, out around Daytona
Guy B.: It was a tropical storm.
Guy B.: Punta Gorda had the most damage.
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
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Daniel Bienvenu: de retour!
Ron: bon
Guy B.: It looks Frances will hit Miami and travel along the coast.
Ron: I'm learning all sorts of things about Power Point I didn't know
Ron: presentation will actually work, I think
rich-c: you kn ow Microsoft has a number of PowerPoint viewers for various versions
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on a new version of my Coleco Reversi project. I optimized my program to make it more faster, but I used its new speed to make it more intelligent. and now, I can't beat my own Reversi program.
Guy B.: Mine will be a new AdamEm Utilities setup using Qbasic with a Visual Basic one done later.
Pam / Erin: strangely enough, I learned some things about Powerpoint while doing testing for a temp agency
Ron: The creator has been outclassed !!
Daniel Bienvenu: my new Coleco Reversi still slow but is more difficult to beat.
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rich-c: yes, if it even beats teh programmer, now that's a challenging game!
changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: welcome back, Rich
Pam / Erin: hello again, Rich
Guy B.: Welcome Back Dr D.
Ron: Hello, Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hi, I tried to hurry.
Dr. D.: I am still a bit wet.
Pam / Erin: don't drip on the carpet : )
rich-c: from sweat or is it raining over there?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Rich! I have just say that my new Coleco Reversi version still slow but is now too difficult for me to win a game againts coleco
Dr. D.: Z80 is smarter than you :-)
Dr. D.: Not dripping on the computer...carpet and chair, yes.
rich-c: I had a problem with my Adam today - I turned it on, didn't see the disc drives, no Smartwriter screen
rich-c: oddly enough, the game portion ran fine
Pam / Erin: I give up, Dad - your computers are just plain weird
Dr. D.: That problem is usually due to bad connection from the ribbon cable interconnect, Richard.
rich-c: I suspect it may have been a memory expander knocked a little askew
Daniel Bienvenu: by changing the way I programmed the AI functions, by changing the algorithms, the compiler make the AI more faster so I decided to make it smarter by doing a more bigger "the tree" generated by my minimax function.
rich-c: which ribbon cable, Rich? the internal one?
Dr. D.: Yes, Richard.
Dr. D.: At least that has been the problem with my ADAMs that did that.
rich-c: OK, I haven't opened up my Adam for donkey's years = maybe it's time to chase out the mice
Dr. D.: Usually I *cause* it by having taken it apart and put it back a bit askew.
Pam / Erin: and you're going to die laughing if there actually is a mouse living in it : )
Dr. D.: But I bet seating/reseating the connector a few times would do it.
Dr. D.: At least that is where I'd start if it were my dead ADAM.
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have free ram space to make it more intelligent but I don't think someone will appreciate waiting a couple of minutes between each turn.
Dr. D.: I got an ADAM once with a dead mouse in it.
Guy B.: Same here. Been using the emulator alot, but I should use the geniune mccoy, so I get the feel again.
rich-c: I think you are guessing right, Daniel
Pam / Erin: charming!
Guy B.: How did that happen?
Dr. D.: Minutes between turns is not good gameplay, Daniel.
Dr. D.: It was evidently living in there and died of old age or something.
Pam / Erin: bet it was nice and warm though
Dr. D.: You will all go ewwww...but I still have the mummified mouse :-)
rich-c: I've found a good squirt of electronic parts cleaner works well too
Guy B.: Bet it must have stunk in there!
Pam / Erin: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Dr. D.: Nope, looks like it just slowly dried out. It was a small mouse.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, so it's why i don't did it, I simply adjust the maximum depth to make it difficult but not too slow.
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Pam / Erin: Dad, you didn't answer me - did you have any luck finding the vacuum attachments at the computer fair?
rich-c: yes, we just acquired a basement mouse, so have the poison bait out
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: sorry, Pam - no, nop sign of anything like that
Pam / Erin: hello Harvie! You're late tonite - have an emergency?
rich-c: hi Harvie - we'd just about given up
Harvie: Hello, no just realized this minute that it was Wednesday
Guy B.: Hi Harvie, wondering where you were tonight.
rich-c: more vendors of new stuff than recycled this time, Pam, though note I did get the LS120
Harvie: Todays emergency came early
Guy B.: I had to miss my show. I setup my sister in-law's new Dell last Sunday.
rich-c: on the other hand, your mother got an eight in one memory card reader/writer
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried to optimized some parts in ASM but the result wasn't more faster maybe a 8% faster for one of my asm functions I converted from C to ASM. So, the compiler already did an excellent job.
rich-c: sounds like it did indeed, Daniel
rich-c: just realized - we don't have james tonight either
Daniel Bienvenu: If the compiler do an excellent job, if my program is slow, is simply because it's not well optimized algorithm.
Daniel Bienvenu: james is not online, even in yahoo messenger
rich-c: they did have a bit of a rough typhoon there few days ago - maybe the phones are still out
rich-c: it apparently tore up teh southern islands pretty thoroughly
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you see the worldcup hockey yesturday?
Harvie: In a pumping station we are currently building they specified hurricane straps to tie the roof down to the walls
rich-c: I have heard dumber ideas, Harvie
Harvie: Canada won again today
rich-c: no Daniel, I haven;t been following the World Cup
rich-c: but I gather the Canadian team did win
Ron: score was 2 - 1
rich-c: where is this pumping station, Hzrvie?
Harvie: We have built 30 stations in the last 25 years and never had a roof lift off
rich-c: yes, but with the climate change now under way there is violent weather whre there wasn't any before
rich-c: now we have quite a tornado alley jsut north of Toronto - it wasn't there before
Harvie: Town of Georgina ( Keswick - Sutton area). Three stations actually
rich-c: yes, they're on the edge of whre a few tornados have come through lately
rich-c: Pam, now you know where to go hide if there's a warning when you are at the trailer ;-)
Pam / Erin: all I need's the address of the one closest to Baldwin, Harvie : )
Harvie: Woodbine and Lake Drive (Island Grove) And the next two concessions east
rich-c: there you go, daughter; now you know where to run when it's time to duck
Pam / Erin: thank you sir!
Pam / Erin: posting is starting to slow down
rich-c: it bogs every once in a while, then seems to perk up again
Pam / Erin: but I never know if I've been dumped or if it's just slow
Harvie: I think Baldwin has enacted a community Tornado free zone bylaw :)
Pam / Erin: you're contagious, Dad - suddenly mi fingers don't work either
rich-c: well, tonight it doesn't seem to have dumped anyone yet
Pam / Erin: works for me, Harvie
rich-c: maybe it's just saving up to toss us all in one big sulk
Harvie: I just haven't remotely dropped you yet tonight rich
Pam / Erin: I hope not!
Harvie: Not feeling devilish
rich-c: somehow or other, Harvie, I don't think Iupiter Pluvius stops to read signs like that
Pam / Erin: yes, but does he read the fine print???
rich-c: I doubt he even looks at teh big print
rich-c: sort of like a Toronto driver confronted by a stop sign 8=>
Pam / Erin: "oh, was that a stop sign? Oops"
rich-c: yes, very nearly put an SUV on its roof on the way home from shopping today
rich-c: we came up to a blind corner, I braked for the stop
rich-c: but he came barrelling around without slowing and right across into my lane
Harvie: He go, I go, He stop, I push
rich-c: your mother opined we should have been there just a split-second earlier
Pam / Erin: where was this, on Melrose?
rich-c: she is not fond of those who run stop signs on blind corners
rich-c: bingo, Pam
Pam / Erin: I dont' blame her - I don't like those who run any kind of stop sign. And Melrose is one of the worst streets for that.
Ron: was there an accident?
Pam / Erin: only the one in the other drivers shorts, Ron
rich-c: no - one might say regrettably, the transgressor was so deserving
Ron: ok :)
Ron: I don't know how you people survive there, I really dont'
Pam / Erin: It's not worth bending your own metal, Dad
rich-c: besides, at the price of bumpers nowadays, I don't want mine messed up
Ron: Have enough trouble here in Courtenay
Pam / Erin: It's all in what you get used to, Ron
Ron: suppose
Pam / Erin: I figure if you can drive in Toronto, you can drive just about anywhere in North America
rich-c: a big truck, a big V-8 and an aggressive attitude help, Ron
Ron: :)
Harvie: Some people theorize that if there is excess speed and running of stop signs there may be a crash but it is no accident
Pam / Erin: I'd say that's a reasonable theory, Harvie
rich-c: I've joined with Jim Kenzie in avoiding the word accident - I prefer collisions
Ron: two or more vehicles attempting to occupy the same space at the same time
rich-c: damn little of our highway carnage is the result of pure accident
Pam / Erin: attempting to commingle atoms is rarely successful
Harvie: Natural selection?
(Guy B. gives Pam / Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
Pam / Erin: Darwinism
Ron: survival of the fattest
rich-c: sort of skimming the scum off the gene pool? You may have a point
Ron: be right back
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry guys, time is up for me. I still have to work on my reversi project
Harvie: If people are stupid enough to drive on the highway they should be culled from the herd
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Pam / Erin: night, Daniel
Harvie: Good night Daniel
Pam / Erin: <E> would you like that to be provincial policy? : )
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Harvie: Isn't it already?
Pam / Erin: <E> obviously not my ministry then : )
rich-c: well, almost but not quite - it is sort of the unofficial arean for the honing of survival skills
rich-c: when one starts getting careless, nothing like a run on 401 to sharpen up the reflexes
Pam / Erin: we should clarify, a run on the 401 through Toronto
Pam / Erin: the rest of the province isn't that bad
rich-c: say, anywhre from K-W through to Oshawa and the 135 turnoff?
Harvie: No, just anywhere
Pam / Erin: well, at least from the outskirts of Mississauga through Pickering and Ajax
rich-c: oh? how about teh QEW all teh way to St. Kitts, now
Pam / Erin: never mind the 401, it's the DVP I hate driving
Harvie: I reiterate, anywhere!
rich-c: I am rarely on that, except northbound from 401 where it isn't too bad
Dr. D.: Darth Vader Parkway?
Pam / Erin: the Don Valley Parking lot
rich-c: for all practical purposes, yes, Rich
Harvie: That is too kind of a description Doc
Pam / Erin: certainly most of the time you don't drive on Don Valley
rich-c: southbound I tend to bail out at Finch and go thrugh the city
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll be spending Saturday with Karen and both her kids. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pam / Erin: my motto - avoid the main streets whenever possible
Ron: later Guy. Be well
Dr. D.: Bye Guy.
Pam / Erin: g'nite Guy. Good luck!
Dr. D.: Speaking of bailing, I probably should, too.
Dr. D.: I am beat tonight.
rich-c: OK Guy, don't forg4et to get those photos scanned (unless you're using a digital) and email them to us
Harvie: GoodBye Guy
Dr. D.: Working on some laundry before I go to bed.
Ron: time moves on
Dr. D.: I am not awake enough for chat...
Guy B.: I will Rich. Once I get them.
rich-c: yes, you have had a hard day, Rich
Guy B.: Bye, Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pam / Erin: so, get some sleep : )
Dr. D.: I'm finally dry, too :-)
Ron: Diet Coke rules
rich-c: anyway, goodnight, Rich
Dr. D.: So, off to bed.
Dr. D.: Good night, all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Ron: niters Dr. D.
Pam / Erin: g'nite Rich
Dr. D. left chat session
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
Ron: Leaving only the Canucks to fend for themselves
rich-c: hadn't realized that, but you're right
rich-c: but don't know what we'll do - it's no fun slagging Bush with no Yanks around
Ron: Torontonians mostly, but one lonely transplanted maritimer
Pam / Erin: I'm sure you can find something else to occupy you Dad
rich-c: whoops! Harvie seems to have fallen off too
Ron: I'm working on my ADAMCOn presentation
rich-c: wonder if Dr. D. dragged him off with him?
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Pam / Erin: no, here he is
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: welcome back, Harvie
Ron: Rich will leave with anybody, eh?
Ron: Oh it was Harvie
Harvie: I booted the wrong guy rich
rich-c: gatehr you learned my trick - get dragged off with someone else's exit
rich-c: yes - I wish I could be there to see it
Pam / Erin: <E> exit stage left with cane wrapped around neck : )
Ron: not pretty
Pam / Erin: so what did you learn about Powerpoint, Ron?
Ron: well, for one thing....
Ron: it operates differently on the wintel and on the mac
rich-c: that's always a big help
rich-c: in fact, it doesn't work on the Mac beyonbd the 8.6 OS, does it?
Ron: they'll read eachother's files, but sound input (commentary) for a group of slides has to be done once for all slides on the Mac
Ron: so you have to get it right the first time
Ron: on the Duron and the toshiba, I can edit sound on each slide individually
Pam / Erin: interesting
Ron: Yes Rich, it does. There is a new version of Microsoft Office for OS X that ain't bad for a Bill Gates production
rich-c: there is something like that in Star Office but I have never explored it
Pam / Erin: what's the presentation on, Ron?
Harvie: Use Kpresenter, it's the same on all platforms
Ron: MIDI files - downloading them and making them play on ADAM
Ron: or... Making MIDI files ADAM Friendly
Pam / Erin: cool!
Ron: good idea Harvey, I should try it just to see if K-Presenter can open the file... or Open Office, I have that too on my Linux box
rich-c: yes - I still have a Midi-Mite if anyone wants one
Ron: will note that Rich and make sure everyone knows
rich-c: Open Office will open PowerPoint files - I've done it with Star Office
Pam / Erin: Ron, did you ever figure out the printing thing from last week?
Ron: Gonna do a little piano playing and a couple of movie shots and send it all down on a CD....hoping that Murphy is looking the other way
rich-c: that is sure tempting fate, Ron
Ron: right
Ron: forgotten about the printing thing P/E... refresh my failing mind
rich-c: Harvie, I found a CD burner program on the 'net - file is zmb5003.exe
Pam / Erin: printing a highlighted area, I believe
Pam / Erin: Rin says yes
Ron: Oh right, yes I did. My friend phoned back and said it worked for her
Harvie: I use k3b in Linux rich
Pam / Erin: <E> woohoo! Email that to the list - I knew something that no one else knew
rich-c: it's a freebie, about 10 mb as I recall, claims to do "everything"
Ron: I would gladly use K3B if I could get it to compile
Ron: keeps giving me grief
Ron: right, ladies, thank you very much for the expertise
rich-c: I'm just wondering if I can even install it without screwing up al my other burner programs
Harvie: Wrong Library-compiler link (I installed as a Mandrake RPM)
Pam / Erin: you can give Erin all the credit
Pam / Erin: anyway, we're falling asleep over the keyboard here so I think we're going to head out
Ron: Well, maybe I'll try that. the Linux I'm using is from, and it compiles an installation for you depending on what processor you're running
Ron: they have a library of sources setup for their particular distro... and K3B is in there
Ron: but I can also do RPM's, so maybe that's the way to do it
rich-c: I think I just fell off, too, folks
Harvie: Gentoo is a much more geek oriented distro
Pam / Erin: you're here Dad
rich-c: Pam and ERin - night people, take care
Ron: Well, to honest Harvie, it was the first distribution that recognized and properly set up all my hardware
Pam / Erin: we're outta here. Gnite Ron, Gnite Harvie
Pam / Erin: G'nite Dad
Ron: Nite P/E... go straight home now
Harvie: Goodnight ladies
rich-c: I think I'll follow you out - niter, Harvie and Ron
Pam / Erin: <E> good nite, Uncle Richard
rich-c: nite Rin
Ron: nite Rich
Harvie: Night rich
Pam / Erin: we will Ron : ). Until next week, ciao!
rich-c: colour me gone
Pam / Erin left chat session
rich-c left chat session
Ron: I have this love/hate relationship with Linux.... and I rely heavily on the expertise about me
Ron: I have SuSE 8.1 on my Toshiba
Harvie: You should try Mandrake 10.0, I find it quite good
Ron: been a while since I've tried Mandrake. Maybe I'll give it a shot
Ron: think 8.something was the last of theirs I tried
Harvie: It has a command called urpmi that finds dependancies and installs them
Ron: sounds good
Ron: weren't they about to go belly up?
Harvie: There is a sight called easy urpmi that helps you set it up
Ron: URL?
Harvie: They were in the French equivalent of chapter11 but weeded out some dead wood and are profitable once more
Ron: good to hear. They had (and probably still have) a good product
Harvie: Google for it, I think it's at PLF
Ron: ok
Ron: Well, I guess I'm gonna continue with the presentation
Ron: so we'll see ya next week sir
Harvie: Ok Ron, be good
Ron: never!
Ron: take care
Ron: g'nite
Harvie: Be well then
Ron: ok
Harvie: Bye bye
Harvie left chat session
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