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rich-=c: salut, Daniel
rich-=c: went an picked up le roulotte today, takes a few minutes to set up in the driveway
Daniel Bienvenu: allo Rich!
rich-=c: test
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw no one online, so I decided to check my emails.
rich-=c: right, sensible idea
rich-=c: anyway we went and picked up our trailer for teh repair shop today
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a big sun in the sky today.
rich-=c: yes, it is warm here too - fortuntely we can use teh air condtioning in teh truck even when towing
Daniel Bienvenu: how long it will takes to repair your trailer?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, In the room, it's cold... and not because I use air conditioning
rich-=c: oh, this was general review, relube, caulk loose areas, install some new goodies, not anything but wear and tear
rich-=c: we wre pretty chilly this morning too -we run a pair of exhaust fans all night and open selected windows
Daniel Bienvenu: the adamcon is in 2 weeks?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to finish my presentation
rich-=c: starts the 16th - that's what, twelve days?
rich-=c: right and that will be a challenge
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I have 7 days to finish my powerpoint
rich-=c: if lucky (no medical drises, etc.) we have about 10 days later this month when maybe we can go out in the trailer
rich-=c: we won't5 go far - maybe just tour the wine country around Niagara
Daniel Bienvenu: I went to niagara falls when I was a young boy.
rich-=c: even in that short time it has changed enormously
rich-=c: just don't get me started on reminiscences of croos-lake runs by steamboat
Daniel Bienvenu: ok ;-)
rich-=c: I like to cross teh bridge at Queenston into New York state
rich-=c: I would buy tuna fish and pineapple and guava jelly which weren't available in Canada during the war
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm late in my planning to do the presentation in time for the adancom, but I think I still can make it in time... a shorter one this time.
rich-=c: oh yes, and being a kid, maybe teh odd comic book?...
rich-=c: what is your presentation about, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the comments about my first one was "good" but missing a part with a game programming part.
Daniel Bienvenu: I decided to write the sequel of the first presentation
rich-=c: so you plan to pick up the loose ends, so to speak?
rich-=c: with luck that should be a little easier than strting from cold
Daniel Bienvenu: The game will be a simple breakout by staring with drawing graphics, and programming each part one by one.
Daniel Bienvenu: no sprites for now, I keep the sprites for another presentation
rich-=c: I reckon Dr. D and Dale will enjoy that, and Doug Slopsema
rich-=c: pity - the gre4at joy of Adam is the number of sprites it will support
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my goal is making this presentation to be understand by someone who may never program a thing.
Daniel Bienvenu: showing the "path" of a logical way to program step by step a game
rich-=c: hmm - do we just have a server delay or did it eat my last post?
Daniel Bienvenu: about sprites?
rich-=c: guess it ate my last post - that's twice already
rich-=c: yes, I was remarking thata the sprites are the great joy of Adam game programmers
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, but I will start with a project without sprites.
rich-=c: and also that it is surprising how far I can follow your technical presentations
rich-=c: because as non-techies go, that's me
Daniel Bienvenu: and at the end, I will say that "to make this game better, we can use sprites for the ball and the paddle."
rich-=c: but that will be the presentation for the next Adamcon ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly
Daniel Bienvenu: walking before running
rich-=c: I do hope there is one, and that Frances and I can get to it
rich-=c: I didn't drive far today, but it was high-speed 4-lane with heavy traffic and the air conditioning on
rich-=c: the truck could keep up with traffic easily and no sign over overheating despite the load and heat
rich-=c: we even managed to sweat out a traffic jam without the van overheating
rich-=c: if health permits, we could drive to Denver very comfortably next year - we'd like that
Daniel Bienvenu: at least, you were able to drive. me, I don't have rights to drive
rich-=c: still haven't got your licence?
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly
rich-=c: Russell (Pam's hubby) is the same way - he does not drive either
rich-=c: mind you, given the "joys" of Toronto traffic, that may be the only rational strategy
Daniel Bienvenu: I hate traffic :-)
rich-=c: right - I can cope with it though
rich-=c: an intimidating truck, a bad attitude, and a half-century of experience make it much easier
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, I will take the rest of this afternoon to work a little bit on my presentation. I hope it's fine for you.
rich-=c: right, Daniel, I have to set up the trailer
rich-=c: you take care and will see you Wednesday
Daniel Bienvenu: before leaving, I want to know if you like playing Othello (Reversi)?
rich-=c: honestly, I haven't any idea what the game is
rich-=c: the only game I play with any regularity is Free Cell
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a 8x8 board game were you have to flip your ennemi coins by corner them
rich-=c: sounds a bit like Go, then
Daniel Bienvenu: but there is no fliping effect in Go
rich-=c: except that Go uses the grid lines not squares, and there are more of them
Daniel Bienvenu: I know Go. I played one time and personnaly, I hate this game.
rich-=c: it's said to be a sort of oriental version of chess
Daniel Bienvenu: well, Go is way too complex for me. my skill number is high and the meaning of this high number is "you are stupid".
rich-=c: I guess it's one of those things I might get around to, some day
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried Win-Go (or something like that) and I lost many times.
rich-=c: old hinese saying: the longest journey begins with a single step
rich-=c: it doesn't mention all those stumbles along the way ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's time to go. take care Rich!
rich-=c: au revoir,
rich-=c: Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Daniel Bienvenu: Richard
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