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Dr.D. T-2: Hello?
Dr.D. T-2: Anybody here?
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changed username to james
james: hello
Dr.D. T-2: Hi James, wonder where all the folks are?
Dr.D. T-2: Though I know Richard Clee is on holiday.
james: not sure.. i personally can't stay very long at all
Dr.D. T-2: And the Slopsemas are in El Paso already.
Dr.D. T-2: No prob.
james: i've been extremely busy
Dr.D. T-2: I was expecting really only Pamerin and Guy, maybe Ron.
Dr.D. T-2: Me too :-)
james: my parents are coming from ottawa for a two week visit on sunday
Dr.D. T-2: Wow.
james: and i've been outside everyday for the last week for at least 5 hours refinishing the school
Dr.D. T-2: Make it all pretty for Mom and Dad :-)
james: sanding, painting
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james: well it was long overdue
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changed username to Pam and Erin
changed username to Harvie
james: totally weathered. the original stain didn't hold up very well
james: cheap crap
Pam and Erin: and the Toronto contingent arrives together
Harvie: Hello
Dr.D. T-2: Haha, hi Torontonians.
james: hi pam and erin
james: anyway, doc, you're just the man i need to talk to
Pam and Erin: greetings!
james: managed to modify the cart copy proggy from hacker's helper to dump and read from disk instead of tape
Pam and Erin: Hello James, Doc, Harvie
Dr.D. T-2: (Uh-oh) :-)
(007 music plays in the background)
Dr.D. T-2: Great, knew it was possible.
Pam and Erin: so what's with the handle, Rich?
james: well all i had to do was change two numbers
james: one for the rom write routine, device 4 instead of 8
Dr.D. T-2: T minus 2 days and counting to ADAMcon (at least for me).
james: and then the same in the loader proggy
Pam and Erin: gotcha
Dr.D. T-2: That sounds about right, James.
james: so now i have two disks with dumps of that prototype cartridge
Dr.D. T-2: Pam, will your folks be near a computer tonight?
Dr.D. T-2: Neat, James.
james: i'd like some help looking at the actual rom image
Dr.D. T-2: What do you want me to do with them?
Pam and Erin: actually, no -they're in Niagara Region and I just hung up with them
Pam and Erin: they send their greetings
james: well i just want to peruse it a bit and see if there are any programmer comments
james: big time collector and i are of the opinion that it's a unique proto cart for the ces convention in 84
Dr.D. T-2: Any block editor would do it.
Dr.D. T-2: File Manager.
james: hmm.. why didn't i think of that.. yeah, i'll try that
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Dr.D. T-2: But I presume you'd like it moved to a PC file.
james: won't be until october that i can get to it
james: eventually, yes
changed username to Focused
james: so now that it's on floppy instead of tape, i could in theory send you guys a disk image
Pam and Erin: Hi Aunt Cynthia!
Dr.D. T-2: Yes.
Focused: hi there!
Dr.D. T-2: Why Focused?
Pam and Erin: I'm so smart!
Focused: New Car
james: i have a pentium kicking around somewhere running w98 w/ a 5.25" fdd but it's high density
Pam and Erin: because she just bought a new 2000 Ford Focus
Dr.D. T-2: Ah, new car.
Focused: It still smells new!
james: heh heh
Dr.D. T-2: You will need a genuine 360K disk drive,
Pam and Erin: I just talked to Mom, Aunt C - told her about the car and the banking issues being straightened out - she's pleased
Focused: I'm very glad.
james: that's what i thought..
james: ok.. that's going to be very hard to come by here.. probably hard enough to come by in north america
Dr.D. T-2: What's the mileage? (kilometrage?)
james: i'll have to scout around a bit
Pam and Erin: does that mean I need to find out if Dad has one in stock James?
Dr.D. T-2: Not if you have a true-blue IBM PC with dual floppies like I do :-)
james: heh heh
james: pam, if your dad has a genuine 360k 5.25" drive for a pc, i'd be interested
Pam and Erin: oh, I was thinking it was an ADAM drive -sorry
james: no problem
Pam and Erin: however, I don't know what's in my old 486 or in Erin's 386 that she inherited - I can find out as long as you're not in a hurry
Focused: Pam your mom won't believe how easy the banking issue was solved.
Pam and Erin: oh?
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changed username to Yan the Clown
Focused: They simply issued me a bank card at the branch here that allows me to access the account in TO from any TD branch.
Pam and Erin: hello, Yan
Yan the Clown: helllloww!
james: no rush at all
Yan the Clown: hello Pam, James, DrT2
Pam and Erin: really - Mom was wondering about that. She'll be pleased to hear it. What about the signature issue?
james: i have so much stuff to keep up with here right now it's all i can do
Yan the Clown: Harvie
Harvie: Hello Yan
Focused: I signed the forms here and that is good for all branches.
Yan the Clown: Someone here play a little with a PS2?
Pam and Erin: very cool!
Harvie: My nephew has one
Pam and Erin: Rich, in answer to your question earlier, the car has about 92,000 kms on it
Yan the Clown: thats just because I just received today Lowrider...
Pam and Erin: no PS 2 here, Yan
Yan the Clown: it's a very crazy game
Yan the Clown: do you know what Lowrider is?
james: ok, i need to go. rich, if you're interested, it might be cheaper in terms of shipping etc for me to just send you a copy of the disk
Yan the Clown: the real lowrider fashion?
james: rather than people sending me drives etc
Pam and Erin: are we going to hear from the traveling Slopsemas tonite?
Harvie: I know what "a" lowrider is
Yan the Clown: it's that bizarre trend , mainly in California where guy modify their old 57 chevy and put those "jumpy" and hydraulic suspension
Focused: Got to run Garth wants to talk to his new girlfriend.
Pam and Erin: well that was quick!
Yan the Clown: very crazy
Dr.D. T-2: That is probably true, James.
Pam and Erin: tell everyone we say hi and send our love
Dr.D. T-2: I promise not to spread around the image.
Dr.D. T-2: I can even destroy my copies afterwards if you like.
james: ok..if you email me your snail mail addy i'll post it to you "shortly"
james: james at folkwolf dot net
Yan the Clown: and an half week before returning to work...boohoo :-(
Harvie: But no need to take a cyanide capsule Doc :)
james: bye everyone!
Dr.D. T-2: Sure, I need your E-mail address though...I can get it from the coladm list database though, I think, since I'm an admin.
Yan the Clown: bye!
Pam and Erin: night James
james: james at folkwolf dot net
Harvie: Bye James
james: bye harvie, pamerin and all
Focused: Bye everyone!
Focused left chat session
Pam and Erin: for some reason I feel like I'm losing my identity : )
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Yan the Clown: only 4 remaining
Yan the Clown: .....
Dr.D. T-2: Erin needs to get a computer.
Yan the Clown: :-P
Pam and Erin: this is unusual - this chat is usually packed with people
Dr.D. T-2: You will never guess what I am working on right now :-)
Pam and Erin: Spyhunter?
Dr.D. T-2: Well, your folks are on holiday, so are the Slopsemas.
Dr.D. T-2: Nope, nothing ADAM.
Dr.D. T-2: Perhaps I should allow remote submissions of Mighty Mitchell entries.
Dr.D. T-2: Pam, bone up on SpyHunter.
Pam and Erin: well, I expected the Slopsemas to be here 'cos they're already in El Paso and have a hookup
Dr.D. T-2: Send me a screenshot by 6 PM could win big prizes!
Pam and Erin: not sure Dad has it, Rich
Yan the Clown: youre doin fentex slipper
Pam and Erin: however I was just saying that maybe I should boot the ADAM at M & D's and see how I do : ) - take the digital and e-mail you a screen shot
Dr.D. T-2: Do you have ADAMem? I can send you a ROM image.
Pam and Erin: no, and with the Dell down, neither does Dad
Dr.D. T-2: You could do that :-)
Pam and Erin: what about you, Harvie? Are you going to give it a shot?
Dr.D. T-2: You can play it on the computer you are using right now.
Dr.D. T-2: Just download and install ADAMem from the net.
Dr.D. T-2: Then I can send you the ROM image.
Pam and Erin: I can't load anything on this beast right now - still having VMM problems
Harvie: I think I have Adamem somewhere
Dr.D. T-2: ? so how are you using the chat?
Pam and Erin: go to the website and it loads, why?
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Yan the Clown: whats that??
changed username to Guy B.
Pam and Erin: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from Dial-up Land.
changed username to old 486 George
left chat session
Yan the Clown: hi Guy
Pam and Erin: hi George
Pam and Erin: why dial up, Guy?
old 486 George: Hi Everyone
Harvie: Hello Guy and George
Guy B.: I'll be right back. Having some problems on the Athlon. Going to switch to the Dell. Be back in a few.
Guy B. left chat session
Pam and Erin: okie doke
old 486 George: i'm on my 486
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Pam and Erin: must be nice to have multiple computers to choose from : )
old 486 George: yes
old 486 George: and a T-2 connection
Harvie: Are you still homeless George?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
old 486 George: yes
Yan the Clown: tien tien
Yan the Clown: Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I miss something?
Yan the Clown: salut Dan
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Yan!
Yan the Clown: no rien a date
Pam and Erin: I can't download and save anything from the net just now Rich - I tried and it tells me I don't have enough memory. So, I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way : )
Pam and Erin: hello, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D? are you at El Paso?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello ladies!
old 486 George: i have 512kb. video memory
Dr.D. T-2: Old fashioned is fine...I doubt that there will be a genuine ADAM at this convention.
Dr.D. T-2: Everyone is a commuter via plane.
Dr.D. T-2: No, Daniel, I am 2 days from El Paso. Hence T minus 2.
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changed username to Ron
old 486 George: 24mb. ram
Pam and Erin: Hi Ron
Ron: dammit Scotty, I told you to get this thing fixed
Dr.D. T-2: Mighty One!
Ron: Yo!!
Harvie: Hello West Coast
Pam and Erin: I cahn't do it, Capn
Ron: Hi Central Canada
Daniel Bienvenu: Are you going to El Paso?
Ron: I wish]
Ron: But no
Harvie: Brampton is not only central Canada but the centre of the Universe
old 486 George: bring me some tadpole shrimp
Daniel Bienvenu: Guys, ladies, I have a problem.
Ron: speak of it sir
Daniel Bienvenu: I were unable to contact Dale Wick and I suspect he already takes his plane to El Paso.
Ron: quite likely Daniel
Pam and Erin: if so, then he'll be on chat on Saturday Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: How can I be sure my presentation will be done during ADAMCON now?
Pam and Erin: Saturday night, that is
Ron: he's doing a presentation for you?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it was the plan
Ron: they'll bring Dale up to speed, I'm sure
Ron: where's your materia.l?
Pam and Erin: give Guy the info tonite, Daniel - he'll pass it on when he gets in tomorrow
Yan the Clown left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Contacting Guy? it's a good idea but I don't have his email.
Dr.D. T-2: sorry, I was away for a bit
Pam and Erin: he'll be back, he's just switching computers
Daniel Bienvenu: really? fine!
Ron: Daniel is looking for a way to get his presentation down to El Paso
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale Wick didn't reply to me to say "I got it". So, I'm a bit anxious
Dr.D. T-2: No prob if he has high-speed net.access.
Dr.D. T-2: Problematic otherwise.
Daniel Bienvenu: I also updated my presentation tonight.
Dr.D. T-2: If you can get it to me by Thursday night, I will bring it.
Dr.D. T-2: Just don't know how big it is, and if it is big, if you can upload it to a site I'd give you access to.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a big PowerPoint file (240K) with pictures and text. 81 pages.
Dr.D. T-2: How big is it?
Dr.D. T-2: If 240 *K* (not MB), you could try E-mailing it to me at
Dr.D. T-2: I hate attachments, but in this case it would be okay.
Daniel Bienvenu: Compressed it's smaller than 200k.
Dr.D. T-2: Otherwise I enable FTP access for you on a machine in my office.
Dr.D. T-2: 81 pages?!?!
Pam and Erin: LOL
Daniel Bienvenu: But there is a complement part, another archive, a folder with the source code and the programming environment.
Dr.D. T-2: There will have to be a break in the middle, nobody can sit still for 81 slides.
Dr.D. T-2: Trust me, I teach :-)
Ron: hmmm.... that's 81 for Daniel, 50 for me, bun pads to be supplied?
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Dr.D. T-2: How long did you plan it to occupy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy?
changed username to Guy B.
Pam and Erin: <E> I'll be at the pool . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: yes!
Guy B.: I'm Back.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello guy
Ron: Hi Guy
Guy B.: HI Ron, how is it out there?
Ron: not bad Guy. cooler today, but no rain
Dr.D. T-2: brb
Pam and Erin: k
Dr.D. T-2: Pool?
Pam and Erin: <E> yes
Pam and Erin: <E> or not (blushes)
Ron: Wonder if the Slopsema's got their equipment hooked up
Guy B.: It is raining here.
Ron: got an e-mail from him Monday to say my CD had arrived
Ron: along with the Mighty Mitchell award
Ron: unfortunately, Mighty Mitchell was omitted from the box
Harvie: They are probably over at Rosa's Cantina :)
Pam and Erin: so sad : (
Ron: I know eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: I need an email address to send another copy of my presentation for the adamcon meeting (El Paso).
Ron: you mean, Out in the west Texas town of El Paso
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changed username to Red
Daniel Bienvenu: Red?
Harvie: That's the place
Red: hello every1
Pam and Erin: Hi Rie
Ron: sec
Harvie: Hello Marie
Red: hi
Dr.D. T-2: No Award in the box?!?
Pam and Erin: no Mitchell in the box
Dr.D. T-2: Marie is a Redhead now?
Harvie: Do we get the whole family one at atime ?
Ron: Daniel, Bob Slopsema's e-mail is:
Pam and Erin: <E> Ron, what's the next line to the song - it's driving me crazy!
Ron: He's picking it up from El Paso
Ron: I fell in love with a Mexican girl
Pam and Erin: <E> thank you!
Ron: don't ask me what the next is
Harvie: "night time would find me at Rosa's cantina"
Ron: Music would play, and Felina would whirl
Dr.D. T-2: Farina would hurl...
Harvie: Are you accompanying on the keyboard Ron?
Dr.D. T-2: <food fight>
Ron: right
Ron: if you cast your ear to west of the mountains, you'll hear it
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks rom
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. Ron
Ron: I want a rift in the time-space continuum - need a very quick and dirty way to get to El Paso
Ron: molecular transport
Dr.D. T-2: Keyboard photons will work.
Harvie: "up on a horse and away you do ride
Ron: make it so, Number One
Pam and Erin: If you find one Ron let me know
Dr.D. T-2: have to change computers here...brb in a few minutes.
Dr.D. T-2 left chat session
Ron: Off to the left there are 5 mounted cowboys
Ron: Off to the right ride a dozen more
Ron: something and something and something and something
Ron: I have to make it to Rosa's back door
Ron: Something is dreadfully wrong, for I feel
Ron: A deep burning pain in my side
Ron: Good Lord, I've got to get the tape out
Harvie: Just an Ulcer no doubt
Pam and Erin: <E> hope you're quoting the song there, Ron
Ron: definately not
Pam and Erin: would that be the eight track, Ron?
Pam and Erin: sorry, had to be done
Ron: I've skipped about 3 minutes of it. It was 4 and a half minutes long
Ron: eight track, cassette, vinyl, CD, MP3
Ron: whatever
Ron: have 'em all somewhere
Pam and Erin: send music!
Pam and Erin: send chocolate!
Pam and Erin: send Ron!
Ron: music and chocolate would fit
Ron: Ron, no
Ron: @Erin: when do you leave?
Pam and Erin: <E> Friday morning at 7:20 am
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sending my presentation to Bob.
Ron: aha. The time fast approacheth
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changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope, this way, at least one copy of my presentation will be available at the meeting
Ron: that should do it, Daniel. Doug will see whomp it into shape when it gets there
Dr.D.: I am back, at last.
Ron: 'bout time
Daniel Bienvenu: Maybe Dr.D wants a copy of my presentation in his mailbox?
Dr.D.: Running from the laptop instead of the Quadra 840 AV.
Dr.D.: You can send it, Daniel, and I will bring it just in case.
Dr.D.: But please send it to
Ron: wouldn't hurt Daniel. The more you send, the more chance of it actually getting there
Ron: 81 slides from people in absentia. That has to be a record
Dr.D.: I have decided not to give a PP presentation -- I ran out of time to make a nice one.
Harvie: It will get more coverage than a virus
Dr.D.: So I am hoping for a blackboard etc.
Ron: ah, the real tools of the trade
Dr.D.: Otherwise, every spare moment at the convention will be making a miserable PP.
Ron: a blackboard, a pointer, and a length of sturdy belt
Dr.D.: Or a flip pad...whiteboard...
Ron: I hear ya Dr. D. happened to me last year. Fortunately, we went to the mountain instead
Ron: which was probably a good thing
Dr.D.: Haha
Pam and Erin: over head projector?
Dr.D.: Well, I am going to talk about ADAM emulation and the guts of ADAMserve.
Dr.D.: That seemed to be what Doug wanted to hear.
Dr.D.: I have to choose who will be bored to tears and who will be hopelessly lost during my talk.
Ron: would sure love to hear that one Rich. Send my your notes
Dr.D.: I have to choose to bore Dale, and try hard not to lose Rin and Judy.
Ron: Tie <E> to a chair, she's not to go near the pool
Dr.D.: I will pitch it for Guy and Bob (and Ron).
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sending my presentation to Dr.D now.
Dr.D.: And we will see what happens...
Dr.D.: Thanks, Daniel.
Pam and Erin: careful Ron, she's small but she's tough
Guy B.: My presentation will be on my new Qbasic Utility setup program.
Pam and Erin: oh, and she bites : )
Ron: I know...... sometimes I live dangerously
Dr.D.: She is fair-skinned, she should be careful about burning...
Red: no erin's a softy
Daniel Bienvenu: I like QuickBASIC.
Pam and Erin: don't be telling all her secrets, Rie : )
Ron: dangerous when cornered
Dr.D.: Me too, it's my favorite programming environment, 4.5 for DOS.
Red: lol
Harvie: Daniel, is it possible to send a copy to ?
Pam and Erin: I'm sending her with SPF 100 sunscreen (is there such a thing?)
Ron: and to
Ron: pulleeze!
Dr.D.: Erin bites? Eeek, hope she has eaten breakfast before we get on the plane in Cleveland...I want to arrive whole in El Paso.
Daniel Bienvenu: QuickBASIC 4.5 is very powerfull and can be used with an old 286 computer VGA video without any problem.
Dr.D.: I only wish there were a QB 4.5/DOS that didn't have a 640K limit.
Dr.D.: It would be perfect for me then.
Ron: those were the days, my friend
Pam and Erin: relax Rich, she never eats breakfast before 10:00 am
Red: bye all
Dr.D.: We'll be 45 minutes in the air by then, no escape...
Pam and Erin: night, Rie : )
Ron: nite Red
Harvie: More song references Ron?
Dr.D.: Bye Marie.
Red left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye marie
Dr.D.: Be at the chat Saturday?
Guy B.: Night Marie.
Harvie: Bye Marie
Dr.D.: Oops, she went...
Ron: indeed....appears to be Harvie
Pam and Erin: she'll most likely be there Rich
Dr.D.: Time is what, 9 PM Eastern?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sending my presentation again.
Dr.D.: 8 PM?
Ron: Now I am really getting confused
Ron: who is Marie?
Dr.D.: I was asking 'cause I don't remember.
Ron: (Red)
Ron: I've got 7:15 PDT
Harvie: Richard Clee's niece
Ron: ah. Thank you sir
Dr.D.: Donny's sister.
Pam and Erin: close enough Harvie
Pam and Erin: she lived with my aunt's family for years and we all consider her to be part of the family
Ron: good. I am now duly informed
Harvie: Oh. She called him "uncle Richard once on the chat, thus my impression
Ron: I have a hunch that the tin can and string has not reached El Paso tonight
Pam and Erin: I can understand the error, Harvie. We'll explain in full some day : )
Ron: 99,200 bytes from Daniel have just attached themselves to my eMac
Pam and Erin: quick! Call an exterminator!
Ron: I know... they're running all over the floor
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, at least one got it
Ron: they don't know it yet, but they're on the wrong computer
Harvie: I got it too, thanks Daniel
Pam and Erin: Guy, I think I still have your old e-mail address - what is the new one?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm finishing the archive with the strict minimum for the coleco programming environment.
Dr.D.: I got
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron, Harvie and Dr.D have my presentation now
Daniel Bienvenu: I said part2 because it's my second presentation for the adamcon.
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's the "sequel" of the first one
Ron: So do I Daniel. I'll have to do a little network transfer
Ron: have you still got part one around?
Guy B.: Ok, Ill keep an eye out for her.
Pam and Erin: Rich, what's the address for the AC 15.5 website?
Daniel Bienvenu: the first one? it supposed (but not yet) to be available online in the adamcon web site.
Ron: ok Daniel, I'll check that out. Believe you're right
Ron: I actually downloaded it (or you sent it to me) at one point, but that was about 3 hard drives ago
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron, I will send you the first one soon. Let me check my backup here.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Judy
Ron: could it be
changed username to TexasToast
Ron: is it
Ron: YES
TexasToast: YEE HAA
Ron: Bob and Judy from the Pase
TexasToast: tis US
Judy: hi, all
TexasToast: from Rl Paso
Dr.D.: Holla Senor Slopsema.
Pam and Erin: Slopsemas galore
Pam and Erin: howdy, y'all
Ron: we were wondering
Judy: we are here
TexasToast changed username to Roberto
Judy: all together
Guy B.: Bob, how is it down there?
Roberto: was watching the sunset city lights from top of mountain
Judy: wonderful, just watched fireworks
Pam and Erin: <E> Bobs!
Ron: oh nice
Judy: up on the mountain
Roberto: YES !!!!
Roberto: got ya aroom Rin
Judy: was beautiful
Roberto: and Dr D 2
Pam and Erin: <E> just making sure you were paying attention
Roberto: can you believe taht ????? Juarez had fireworks to kick off ADAMCON 16
Pam and Erin: Oh good, and I was wondering if I was sleeping on the balcony
Roberto: they goofed and got it one nights early though
Ron: Need you guys to take all sorts of pics, no ya hear?
Pam and Erin: who's posting the pictures this year?
Harvie: I told them you were coming Bob
moved to room Meeting Place
Roberto: out with Jack & Jean tonight at the NM and TX state line
left chat session
Roberto: YES Harv !!!!!
Judy: Meeka is here do you really think we won' t have pictures
Ron: silly me
Roberto: dale & Jill have nt arrived yet
Pam and Erin: posted on hollowdreams?
Dr.D.: I will bring the robot lab digital camera...and card reader...and this year I have a USB-capable laptop.
Roberto: we already sent ya one Ron
old 486 George: no hocket pucks
Roberto: but Doc our connection speed sucks
Judy: not until we get home to slow internet
Dr.D.: How slow?
Ron: yes sir, got that - thank ya
Pam and Erin: Canada Rules!
old 486 George: test
Pam and Erin: you're here George
Roberto: 26,400 anad 28800 baiud
Ron: hello to George the 486th
Dr.D.: Modem, I presume?
Guy B.: Anyone going to pick me up at the airport tomorrow?
Roberto: and hotel puters are just as bad.......
Pam and Erin: what happened to the DSL connections?
Roberto: high speed NOT
Dr.D.: Is it wireless, modem dialup, or what in the rooms?
Roberto: promises promises........
Roberto: phone in rooms
old 486 George: no hockey pucks
Roberto: have our wireless on and using it for multiple
Dr.D.: I.e., do I need to find some throwaway dialup account for net.access?
Roberto: no, I can set you up on mine
Ron: Dr_D@AOL.tmp
Dr.D.: Do I need to bring longer than a 6-foot UTP cable?
Pam and Erin: <E> Guy, there's a free shuttle to the hotel, just call the number in the e-mail Bob sent and they'll come pick you up
Roberto: aol would work for Dr D, Guy, GMK, but not for Dale, Murray and rin
old 486 George: i have a 486 on comcast cable
Guy B.: Have to print that out then.
Dr.D.: Well, I got one day to figure out something, so I am all ears.
Ron: take miles of phone cable
Dr.D.: I used to have a netzero throwaway, but I don't think I used it enough to keep it alive.
Guy B.: At least I can use my modem card since I can setup a number for there.
Dr.D.: Not sure netzero even has dialup "free" net access anymore.
Dr.D.: Though that was supposed to be their model.
Roberto: OK LISTEN UP..........Guy, Erin, Dr D, the baggage claim there is a phone for the Travelodge hotel on Montana Ave
Roberto: USE IT
Daniel Bienvenu: @Ron: I found my first presentation for the adamcon last year.
Pam and Erin: O.K!
Ron: @Daniel.... good... can you send it?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's bigger than the actual one
Roberto: Dr D, you will need a 12-15 ft UTP if you want ot hook onto our router in the conference room - unlesss you can go wireless
Judy: take a bathing suit, Erin
Roberto: Ron presentation works GREAT
Judy: we have been swimming every day
Pam and Erin: <E> already packed, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: the PPT file is more than 900K. I will compress it in a zip file.
Ron: She's not allowed near the pool, Judy. She has to remain in class
Guy B.: Great Bob, thanks.
Roberto: got a viewer from Jean's school today and it is even easier than using the computer setup
Judy: the water is a little cold but no one else uses the pool
Pam and Erin: <E> you have to save me Judy - they're threatening to tie me to a chair!
Dr.D.: You are packed up already Rin?
Dr.D.: I haven't even dug out the suitcase from the closet yet...
Pam and Erin: <E. just my bathing suit : )
Ron: @Roberto The projector will help immensely
Roberto: Daniel, HOW are we going to get the file????????
Judy: what for?
Ron: he just sent it to Highstream
Guy B.: I got a memory card for my digital camera, so I can take more photos. I have some with my dog already.
Dr.D.: He sent it to me in E-mail just now, Bob.
Dr.D.: I will bring it on my laptop.
Judy: I have a k nife
Roberto: to WHO @ highstream ???????
Judy: will cut you out
Ron: away put your weapon
Guy B.: Bob, when is my presentation scheduled for?
Ron: slopsema@highstream
Roberto: fri after lunch
Roberto: OK
Dr.D.: Yeah, I should ask that question, too :-)
old 486 George: so tomorrow is the big day
Dr.D.: Will there be a blackboard/whiteboard available?
Dr.D.: I ran out of time to make my presentation a PowerPoint...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Doug S.
Judy: tell Doug he was the one that couldn't get thru the airport
Pam and Erin: do it on the plane, Rich
Dr.D.: Bleh.
Judy: he had tools
Dr.D.: No thanks.
Pam and Erin: Hi Doug!
Roberto: no..... BUT Dr D, you can make it into Powerpoint on the plane ride down !!!!!!
Doug S.: hi all
Ron: Hey Doug!
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie: Hello
Dr.D.: Krud, you are going to make me be up all night tomorrow then.
Guy B.: HI Doug. Where's Meeka?
Dr.D.: I had to plan 2 exams this week...
Doug S.: sitting next to me
Roberto: IF you can't stand the heat, Dr D.......we can scrounge somthign up I suppose
Pam and Erin: Hi Meeks!
changed username to George II
Dr.D.: It takes forever to do PPs well, that is why I hate them.
Judy: right here working on pictures she took tonight
Guy B.: HI Meeka
Dr.D.: Chalkboard or flip pad is so much faster...lI have good blackboard technique.
Pam and Erin: Meeka, are you posting your pics on hollowdreams?
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Roberto: so don't do ti well !!!!!!
Dr.D.: Well, then at least make me for Sunday so I have some time.
Roberto: chill out kids, Meeka is not online yet
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sending my first presentation (the first I did for the adamcon last year).
Dr.D.: If it isn't done well, you will all be at the pool with Erin.
Pam and Erin: I know, sending messages through Doug : )
Doug S.: don't think we will be posting pictures on this lousy dialup.
Pam and Erin: : (
Ron: You're a good man Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: the zip file is approx 550K
old 486 George: i'm switching computers
Pam and Erin: now don't lose the bytes this time Ron
Roberto: great Daniel
Pam and Erin: ok George
old 486 George left chat session
Ron: well, we shall await for when ya can
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have to send my archive as a complement of the presentation
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: Hey - it's a Mac. The bytes go where they go
changed username to Meeka
George II: here I am
Ron: and nobody knows where that is
Pam and Erin: there she is
Dr.D.: Okay Bob, when am I up, and how much time do I have to fill?
left chat session
Guy B.: Hi George
Daniel Bienvenu: BE RIGHT BACK
Meeka: Hello everyone
Ron: George
Dr.D.: Hi Meeka
Ron: Hi Meeka
Roberto: you can fill up to 3 hours and youa re on sometime on Sat I think
Harvie: Hello
Judy: we have been having a good time with Jack and Jean, so good to see them again
Pam and Erin: tuned up your tan yet Meeka?
Roberto: you want me to have to look???????
Meeka: ya, I have been diligently workin on it
Guy B.: Looks like I'll have to try to get most of my program ready by Friday.
George II: there that speeds it up
Judy: she got a good burn already
Roberto: THIS is s LOOSE convention you know. and getting looser and looserer
Meeka: mom keeps makin me pu tsunscreen on though LOL
Dr.D.: Any real ADAMs there, Bob?
Meeka: seems she dont wanna live with a lobster
Pam and Erin: that's a mom for you : ). Funny, mine does the same thing!
Dr.D.: Or is this the first all-emulator convention?
Ron: @Roberto +Doug: on that CD of mine (somewhere) there's two .dsk files of MIDI files
George II: my 486 was too slow
Roberto: ABSOLUTELY, although incapacitated ....... or or the other
Judy: ya, right she puts it on and jumps in the pool, can't work much
Meeka: lol, well it was early this morning when we went in
Judy: she might wine
Pam and Erin: give her some cheese : 0
George II: bring me some tadpole shrimp
Ron: is that whine or wine?
Meeka: yes
Pam and Erin: same diff
Dr.D.: How about tadpoles?
Roberto: IF ya'll come in before 9am, you will find us in the pool
Judy: whine
Ron: Do they have Diet Coke in El Paso?
Pam and Erin: oh man, I miss you all already
Meeka: yup
George II: for my aquarium
Guy B.: I won't be bringing my bathing because I be able to hear.
Meeka: I know
Roberto: hotter than blazes here, BUT the swamp coolers are working good and w/ low humidity, it is NO SWEAT
Dr.D.: Good trout bait.
Pam and Erin: not for dinner George?
Judy: yes of course they do
Ron: just wondering
Roberto: O MIGHTY ONE ........whatcha wan twitht he .dsk files??????
Judy: take the clothes for hot weather, Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: I'M AT MY DESK NOW
Meeka: I promise I will have pic's up asap for you when I get home Pam/ROn :)
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Meeka
George II: i want the .rom files
Ron: @Roberto - they were meant to be given out on disk, to those who want to use them
Roberto: Guy, you can bring your suit and sit on the wade or sit on the edge in the low end !!!!!
Meeka: ya, we been wearin tank tops almost every day
Pam and Erin: I guess I'll have to cultivate patience then Meeka (sigh)
Meeka: Hi Daniel
Roberto: prgrams are what Ron????????
Ron: don't expect you'll have too much there they can be played with. Although, if you write them out to the DOS environment, they can be played with Win Media Player
Pam and Erin: can't hear underwater anyway Guy, so pack your bathing suit and have fun
Meeka: well, soorry, maybe I can e-mail a few selected ones to ya ahead of time......whats your e-mail agian?
Judy: how is the job going, Pam?
George II: skinny dipping allowed?
Ron: they're meant to be used with Sequel -- for those who have it
Pam and Erin: Job is going well Judy - everyone seems to think I hung the moon, at least so far : )
Meeka: k, I got it
Judy: that is good
Roberto: NO GEORGE
Dr.D.: "hung the moon"? I have never heard that phrase.
Pam and Erin: thank you!
Roberto: don't feel bad Rich, I never heard it either
George II: He He
Pam and Erin: it's a common phrase around here, folks
Meeka: ya, I have heard of it before
George II: i see the moon
Pam and Erin: thank you!
Ron: I hung the moon right over the sky
Harvie: I've heard it but it meant something different than Pam's meaning
Dr.D.: Please put your pants back on then, George.
Ron: And then the sun came passing by
George II: not mine
Ron: and the whole dern mess just made me cry
Pam and Erin: get your mind out of the gutter, Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: hung the moon?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a song?
Pam and Erin: Forget it! Just forget it!
Ron: don't worry Daniel, even the anglos don't know what it means
Dr.D.: No, regionalisms are interesting.
Meeka: Ron-------I finally did it
Ron: did what/
Meeka: we get purple shirts this year
George II: time to eat some worms
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to get a few things packed and ready for tomorrow. I'll see you all there. For those not coming, hope to see you on the Saturday night chat.
Dr.D.: Watch out that they don't eat you.
Pam and Erin: Purple!!! Very cool!
Ron: gotta have one
Dr.D.: See you Friday afternoon, Guy.
Meeka: and Jean must be psychic cuz she made a purple afghan too
Guy B.: Ok, Dr. D.
George II: gummy worms?
Meeka: Very Pretty!!
Dr.D.: Erin and I will get there sometime after 2 PM local time, we guess.
Meeka: k Guy, have a safe trip
Judy: she is she was just helping me climb the rocks on the mountain
Harvie: Did we ever determine at what time the chat is on Sat. PM ?
Guy B.: I should be in around 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.
Ron: good question Harvie
Pam and Erin: Night, Guy. "See" you Saturday
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Ron: Purple is my fav colour
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
Dr.D.: Travel safely, Guy.
Roberto: TRAVELODGE LA HACIENDA........and NOT Travelodge downtown
Pam and Erin: Safe trip!
Ron: good trip Guy
Judy: night Guy, see you tomorrow
Dr.D.: Barney the Dinosaur is purple :-)
George II: don't crash
Roberto: anybody know whe dale was coming in????????
Roberto: see ya Guy
Roberto: hang on Guy........
Ron: You know Dale, he'll be there some time during the 'con
Roberto: Guy room # is 312
Dr.D.: I haven't heard from him for months and months...
Guy B.: Ok, folks. See you all tomorrow or Saturday.
Roberto: Dr D room is # 316
Roberto: Erin is # 315
George II: i'm in my livingroom
Dr.D.: Neat to know, thanks.
Dr.D.: I am a prisoner of my own mind.
Guy B.: Got it Bob. Thanks.
Ron: @Roberto | Judy - how are the Stones doing? They ok?
Dr.D.: I think I had a gradeschool homeroom 316 once...
Daniel Bienvenu: hey Bob! did you get an email from my tonight? Just checking.
Daniel Bienvenu: (from me, not from my)
Ron: 7 PM my time. NOTED
Pam and Erin: I thought it was 9:pm Eastern, Bob
Harvie: Thank you sir
Roberto: YUP, Daniel got it
George II: where is Rich C.?
Dr.D.: El Paso must be in Mountain timezone then .
Pam and Erin: Dad is travelling in the Niagara region this week George
Guy B.: Bye All. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pam and Erin: night Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: And Bob, you are ready for the Adamcon meeting?
George II: oh
Ron: right Dr. D. I figured Central, but not apparently
Roberto: I assume that the emial from you Daniel is the proesentation
Roberto: READY AND WAITING for ya'll
Roberto: change due to triop to mexico erin
Roberto: and since WE control the time from convention....this 10EST
Pam and Erin: gotcha Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob, can I send you the complement of this presentation? it's a zip archive with the source code and the compiler
Roberto: Pam BE THERE OR BE SQUARE !!!!!
Dr.D.: Rin can hang out in the pool Saturday afternoon, then :-)
Ron: I am soooo square
(Roberto gives Pam and Erin a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Ron: sadly square
Pam and Erin: too late Bob
Ron: but I will not wine
George II: any videos?
Judy: we hope she will come along
Judy: or whine
Ron: yes
Roberto: NO Dr D you are coming to Juarez....bring your drivers license it's all you need
Roberto: Rin, drivers license with picture
Ron: Now there's a jail in Juarez, from some songs I hear
Roberto: tis a group activity
Judy: is safe, on the bus
Pam and Erin: <E> I don't have a drivers licence, Bob
Ron: don't wanna hear of anyone being locked up in it
Roberto: picture id then
George II: no funny money
Dr.D.: I will bring birth certificate too...just need to be sure I can dig it out.
Pam and Erin: <E> I'm not going to Juarez
Dr.D.: Something to check on at the end of the chat.
Pam and Erin: (note to self)
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob, can I send you the complement of this presentation? it's a zip archive with the source code and the compiler
Roberto: and i quote ......"a photo id".......
George II: we don't like the queen here
Roberto: send it Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not ready yet. Working on it now
Roberto: I download frequently
Judy: we went to check it out and were told what to bring
Dr.D.: I wouldn't blame Rin for being skittish about crossing into Mexico.
Roberto: Erin, me thinks you must have a pivcture ID to get on airplane and then to get into US and then back on plane ma'am
Dr.D.: Not getting *into* Mexico, but getting back into our anal US of A.
George II: no wooden nickels
Judy: what are you taking to get into the US, Erin?
Roberto: yup that is why the tour ..... acouple thousand do it every day
Pam and Erin: <E> I have all that. *Exactly*.
Dr.D.: brb
Pam and Erin: <E. birth certificate and photo health card
Roberto: COOL, wait till you get here and then make the decisiion
Pam and Erin: <E> yes, Dad
George II: going to get smashed?
Judy: he will take care of you
Judy: he is dad and granddad you know
Pam and Erin: 'scuse me, Ihave to scrape Erin off the floor where she is rolling : )
Ron: probably something ya wouldn't want to miss <E>
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for the adamcon schedule. I know I probably have it here but any help is welcome
Judy: he does think he is in charge, ya know
Roberto: WHAT YO NEED dANIEL?????
Pam and Erin: are you related to my father???
Roberto: hav eit here
Roberto: BUT as with all conventions.......nothing is set in stone for times and meals and and
Roberto: si senorita
Judy: that is what Jean says
Pam and Erin: thought so - you were channelling him there for a minute
George II: test
Pam and Erin: one two three
Pam and Erin: Rin's taking over for a while
Roberto: Ron took us 'To the top of the mountain" last year, and we are gonna repeat it as a tribute to him !!!!!!! :-)
Pam and Erin changed username to Erin and Pam
George II: four five six
Ron: aww gorsh!
Judy: but is will be warmer on this mountain
Ron: Let me be there
Roberto: makes ya feel special don't it Ron ??????
Daniel Bienvenu: I need two things: when Dale Wick will do presentations, when (for me) it's the chat session saturday.
Ron: yes sir
Roberto: darn right, no frosty this year mon
George II: six one nine
Ron: the weather we've been having here lately, ya can't see our mountain much
Roberto: chat foryou Daniel would be 9pm because you are one hour ahead of toronto
Ron: they roll it up on skids and put it in a box now and then
George II: try IVAN
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: K, I am back
Meeka: darn laptop batteries
Erin and Pam: hi Meeka
Ron: re hi Meeka
Harvie: Wrong offset Bob
Judy: what are you getting, Ron?
Meeka: Pam, I just sent ya a pic of this years afghan to make sure I had the addy right
Ron: what am I getting?
Ron: getting jealous
Erin and Pam: I'll tell her Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: And when Dale will presents things during the adamcon?
Judy: in weather?
Meeka: k
Roberto: had your session set for Dale on Sat morning DANIEL, but can change to sunday is nec essary
Daniel Bienvenu: Sat morning?
Ron: oh.... lots of clouds, rained like H yesterday. Today it felt more like November than September
Daniel Bienvenu: I think my presentation is a bit rough for a saturday morning.
Ron: mountains obscured
Roberto: 10pm est ...........9pm montreal time ??????
Roberto: ok then will try to talk Dale into Sunday then DANIEL
Harvie: No, Montreal is on EST
Roberto: you wanted to be online when Dale gives it DANIEL ???????
George II: worms are good
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it's ok Saturday but... my presentation is about programming and I don't think you will appreciate listening about programming a saturday morning.
Roberto: oK then Harv 10pm EST on Saturday evening for chat
Roberto: have too Daniel....we love it ANYTIME
Erin and Pam: <P> note to self -- take a nap on Saturday
Judy: we don't do anything to early, DAniel
Ron: naps are good
Roberto: no sleep IN Erin
George II: long nap
George II: skip dinner
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D still there? what is your opinion about talking coleco programming a saturday morning?
George II: asm
Ron: Chris Braymen used to talk about "sleep deprivation"
Erin and Pam: <P> OOO!! OOO!!!
Erin and Pam: <P> I want!
Ron: suppose you guys are going to eat some crispy bacon eh?
George II: <^>
Harvie: Well, Buenos Noches everyone, will try to remember chat Sat. night
Judy: yes they do have that, Ron
Erin and Pam: Good night Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I suggest sleeping well friday night to have guts hearing about coleco programming saturday.
Ron: ;(
Ron: nite Harvie
Judy: bye Harvie
Meeka: you want what Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Harvie
Erin and Pam: <P> I want the afghan!
Meeka: lol
Harvie left chat session
Meeka: did you send dad ticket money?
Erin and Pam: <P>and yes Erin is buying tickets for me
Roberto: $1.5 ca money kids............Make a pledge and we will get you some tickets !!!!!!!
Ron: I'm not allowed. Already have one. But somebody is gonna buy me some tickets
Roberto: sen LOTS Pam
Judy: it is really pretty
Ron: I am pledged
George II: no funny money in U.S.
Roberto: we got you down for ......uh .......... 50 tickets Ron , that right???????
Ron: yes.... I was told that (re US $) by DA MAN
Erin and Pam: <P> Ron's not allowed!
Ron: Roberto is DA MAN
Meeka: ya, rummer was mum likes purple tooo (wink, wink)
Ron: (nudge nudge)
Dr.D.: still brb
Ron: 50 tickets
Erin and Pam: <P> how much are tickets?
Ron: um......
Ron: well ....e.r.....
George II: fudge?
Ron: 10 bucks worth
Judy: 1 dollar US or 1.50 Can
Erin and Pam: okay cool
Ron: Well, we better make it 10 tickets.
Ron: so that's $15
Ron: in funny money
Roberto: "AND the raffle money goes to a good cause kids !!!!!! .............
Erin and Pam: making money off the Canadians, are we
Roberto: my hnotel room charges
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey Ron! If you have any comments about my presentations, reply me.
Ron: it's a good cause Pam.
George II: hee hee
Erin and Pam: <P> note to self give money to Judy :-)
Judy: exchange fee
Roberto: OK remember rin 10 bucks US gets you 11 tickets
Judy: that will work
Erin and Pam: thank you Bobs <smiles sweetly>
Roberto: that a good enough exchange ratie????????
Ron: yes..... there are fees and charges, and levies, and stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: BE RIGHT BACK
Ron: and surcharges on the charges
Erin and Pam: aren't levies against the NAFTA agreement :-)
Roberto: BUt if you spend only 5 us,,,,,then you get like 5 .5 tickets.......
George II: double chocolate fudge
Roberto: and the 1/2 is worthless
Ron: nah..... gimme 10
Erin and Pam: <P> pass some this way George
Meeka: 1/2 tickets are worthless too
Meeka: they have NO number on half a ticket
Ron: ya don't get 1/2 an afghan
Erin and Pam: LOL
Roberto: but but Ron.....what happens IF that eleventh one is the WINNER
Judy: well, Jean could maybe make you one
Ron: then I will utter something suitably inappropriate
George II: didn't we bomb them?
Roberto: no, they bummed us G
Ron: after all, I do have one of these creations, and a fine piece of work it is
Judy: I have two
Erin and Pam: <P> two!!!
Roberto: Jean is TICKLED PINK that we are here and that we have the afghan raffle
Ron: TWO ??
Ron: gee
Judy: if you pay enough you get one
Roberto: TWO ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ron: I know
Judy: o9r two
Meeka: I have two of them also
George II: i only have throws and comforters
Ron: between the tickets I bought, and the airline extra freight to get it home..... but it was worth it
Roberto: you see is all aobut how much you spend on tickets; you CANNOT get something good for NUTHIN
Ron: 'tis the truth he speaks
Judy: did you have extra weight on that, Ron?
Erin and Pam: but it only takes one to win....hmmmm.....philosophical mind at work
George II: i have one fleece throw and one fur throw
Ron: Yup. My suitcase was 15 lbs over, but then that wasn't really the afghan's fault... it was all the other junk I carried with me
Judy: we can have 70 pounds per case, they would be so heavy you couldn't even lift it
Roberto: BUT ..... Pam my dear, it HAS to be the right one to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron: had to repack right there in the terminal
Meeka: ya, but he who posses the mostest tickets has the bestest chances Pam LOL ;)
George II: swamp the plane
Erin and Pam: but,'s only one
Dr.D.: back, sorry
Roberto: BUT you have to buy the RIGHT one my dear
Erin and Pam: hi Rich
Doug S.: welcome back dr.d
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
Dr.D.: I was looking for something that I thought I knew where it was, but it wasn't there.
Roberto: welcome back cotter.......
George II: test
Judy: welcome back, Dr D
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dr.D: what is your opinion about talking coleco programming a saturday morning?
Dr.D.: My true stamped official birth certificate :-)
Judy: it is always in the last place you look
Dr.D.: Found, whew. The OHIO one.
Erin and Pam: the long form one?
George II: new text list
Dr.D.: Yes, the government doc, not the pretty hospital one with my tootsies on it.
Erin and Pam: hehehe :-)
George II: catalog
Dr.D.: Daniel, not sure what you mean.
Dr.D.: Do you want me to give the first session Saturday morning?
Daniel Bienvenu: No, I know that Dale will do the presentation
George II: format c:
Dr.D.: Ah, you mean having Dale give your talk.
Dr.D.: George....
Dr.D.: Why don't you just DELTREE *.* yourself and logout.
Roberto: good one doc
Dr.D.: I am bloody sick of your garbage here, and everyone else is, too.
George II: how rude
Roberto: true
Dr.D.: For crying out loud, man...get a clue or get oujt.
Roberto: now, now kids
Dr.D.: Rude, I'm just getting started.
Daniel Bienvenu: My question was simply about saturday morning, hearing of coleco programming, it's not too rough
George II: bye
Dr.D.: Kids nothing, I am saying what you are all thinking.
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
George II left chat session
Roberto: NO, we can handlew it Daniel end of story
Dr.D.: Good riddance.
Dr.D.: Jerk.
Judy: way to go Dr D
Dr.D.: As my thesis advisor would say, he is a jerk with capital A.
Roberto: Pam where is dad ???????
Roberto: out in the wilds ??????
Roberto: with the bears and mooses ?????
Erin and Pam: <P> he and Mom are in Niagara region
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, well I hope I did my presentation easy enough because it's supposed to be done for newbies with my technic of Coleco programming in C language.
Roberto: and THAT is an excuse ?????? I think not
Dr.D.: I am sure your talk will be fine, Daniel; last year's was.
Daniel Bienvenu: And any comments is welcome
Roberto: we can DI IT DANIEL
Roberto: DO IT
Dr.D.: You will be a hard act to follow :-)
Ron: It'll work Daniel
Erin and Pam: <P> no lap top, Bob, due to A/C adapter failure
Roberto: for cryin out loud
Dr.D.: I don't have time to test it...but I am pretty sure that I could run ADAMserve off this Powerbook using Virtual PC and a USB-to-serial converter attached null-modem to a real ADAM.
Dr.D.: I would love to try it out...
Dr.D.: But my ADAM stuff is packed away so tight here in the basement that I can't get it together in time for Friday.
Roberto: real ADAM is not working forgot some vital parts my man
Dr.D.: But all the docs suggest that the Virtual PC emulation of a PC serial port through USB is pretty good for "standard" stuff like telecom.
Judy: like the insides
Dr.D.: Oops, just a bare shell?
Roberto: shh !!!!!!!!!!1
Roberto: don't tell mon
Dr.D.: Hide a laptop inside it :-)
Roberto: the darn UPS broke this one !!!!
Dr.D.: Let out the magic smoke, did it?
Roberto: jsut think what they would do with a VALUABLE ine
Roberto: one
Roberto: looks good though
Dr.D.: Which board is fried?
Erin and Pam: all brawn and no brains, eh?
Dr.D.: I could try to smuggle a bare board in my suitcase.
Roberto: and serves the purpose ........ an ADAM at EVERY convention
Roberto: see KAPUT mon
Roberto: si
Dr.D.: Both boards?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry to bother you with my presentation. I'm a bit anxious, probably because the presentation is soon.
Dr.D.: or don't know?
Roberto:, main bd, top board.......
Doug S.: it's been gutted and stuffed, dr.d
Dr.D.: Anxious, Daniel? I just learned tonight that I have to write a PowerPoint tomorrow!
Roberto: shhh
Dr.D.: Hehe...use it to serve cake at the banquet, then :-)
Judy: don't worry be happy
Roberto: OK
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Roberto: it si a GREAT doorprize !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr.D.: It will get done...I just have to write a lecture tomorrow to hand out to my anatomy class in the afternoon, since I am cancelling Monday's class due to travel.
Dr.D.: I won't get back to Cleveland until 8 PM local time.
Roberto: dos numbero uno, bitte
Dr.D.: So I told them I would give them a handout with Monday's lecture on it.
Daniel Bienvenu: If you see Dale friday, give him my presentation.
Dr.D.: I had hoped to hand it out in class today...but I didn't get to write it (had to finish today's lecture).
Roberto: will see DALE tomorrow !!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: tomorrow?
Dr.D.: So, gotta write it tomorrow after robot lab, and after a 11:45 AM meeting that may go an hour.
Roberto: ya he is coming into conventino central TONIGHT
Judy: make it short Dr D
Dr.D.: Hehe, your hubby saith I have to fill 3 hours :-)
Erin and Pam: draw a picture of the ADAM from three vantage points and call that a day
Roberto: ........or so, Dr d......we are an easy bunch yo know
Dr.D.: I could do that, Pam.
Dr.D.: Art is fun.
Roberto: ow many times do we not digress and talk about something else?????
Erin and Pam: that would be Erin
Dr.D.: haha
Judy: it is all greek to me anyway
Dr.D.: I could draw Erin..."Rin with Shell of ADAM".
Erin and Pam: hehe
Dr.D.: I will try hard not to put you to sleep, Judy.
Dr.D.: I just noticed the keyboard switch.
Judy: you will have a hard time putting me to sleep
Roberto: you DO know Dr D, that every time we try to demonstrate something with real stuff, Murphy gets in the way
Judy: I don't sleep much
Dr.D.: As long as you get what you need...
Daniel Bienvenu: Nooooooooo! not Murphy's law! Don't tell me that when I'm anxious! :-)
Roberto: take a LOOOOOOOONG nap son
Dr.D.: I know Doug is keen to get native ADAM floppy support under an NT-derived OS.
Roberto: sis enor
Roberto: si senor
Ron: sidetracked again
Dr.D.: Last time I looked, the people at Sydex were selling a floppy I/O SDK with source code and DLLs for about $500.
Dr.D.: That would certainly be the lazy-man's way to do it...
Roberto: thougth Sydex went under and is gone........
Dr.D.: It would work, but it would cost $$$.
Dr.D.: No, they are still around as a law enforcement data recovery service.
Dr.D.: That is why they yanked ANADISK.
Dr.D.: However, they do sell floppy I/O code, or did the last time I looked at their website about a year ago.
Roberto: which was??????
Dr.D.: A DOS-based low-level floppy disk analyzer program.
Dr.D.: Great to figure out disk formats, formatting tricks, etc.
Dr.D.: That was how I figured out why DOS INT 21H calls couldn't read an ADAM 320K disk.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob, after the chat session tonight, I will send you my zip archive for the presentation
Daniel Bienvenu: My windows is doing weird things, I will need to reboot soon.
Dr.D.: It showed me the side 1 formatting with the head fields set to 0 (like it was side 0).
Dr.D.: And the BIOS chokes on that mismatch.
Ron: are we looking for ANADISK, or did I miss something?
Dr.D.: My ASM code on the server side of ADAMserve was a reimplementation that avoided that error check.
Doug S.: can we not insert .asm code inside of the .c code that adamem is written in?
Dr.D.: I must be typing too fast...too much geekspeak.
Roberto: OK Daniel
Dr.D.: You could, yes Doug.
Dr.D.: however, if it tries to talk to disk controller directly, NT-derived OSes will block access, since it virtualizes the ports in protected mode.
Ron: brb folks, gotta go upstairs and check on Mom
Dr.D.: If you want to run only on MS-DOS or Win<=98, then it will likely work okay.
Dr.D.: I know nothing about writing stuff to talk to system devices in NT, 2K, XP, etc.
Doug S.: so how do the win32 data recovery programs access the floppy drives in any mode they wish?
Dr.D.: The code that Sydex were selling would do this automagically.
Dr.D.: They somehow get access through the protected modes.
Dr.D.: Either they manage to do the equivalent of su root and do what they want, or else they go through the OS virtual disk state machine to do the stuff.
Dr.D.: And it wouldn't surprise me if, at some point, user-ring code might not be allowed to do too low a level of stuff with the hardware controllers...or the controllers put into modern computers might be crippled so as not to have the flexibility of formatting in the old.
Dr.D.: Even in the old days, there were some clone FD controller chips that didn't duplicate all the functions of the "original".
Erin and Pam: <P> Judy, what major stores are in the area of the hotel?
Dr.D.: And now I have lost the ladies :-)
Erin and Pam: oh no we've been lost for a while :-)
Dr.D.: This is why I don't want to write my PP on the plane, Erin will kill me, or zonk out...
Erin and Pam: that would all depend on whose company you prefer...the computer's or mine :-)
Meeka: lol, they havent let usa shop yet
Dr.D.: I just don't know how people hack hardware nowadays under Win2K or XP, Doug...maybe they don't, any more.
Meeka: they keep sayin we dont "need" anything
Erin and Pam: who said anything about need!?!?!
Ron: back
Erin and Pam: hi Ron
Dr.D.: I get to see the laptop every day. I have seen Erin for about, oh, 2 days in January. You do the math :-)
Roberto: whoa dude youa re married ya know
Erin and Pam: still...that doesn't give me much confidence :-P
Dr.D.: haha
Dr.D.: It would be rude to type the whole flight.
Roberto: proabably
Erin and Pam: well folks....I gotta get up at 5AM and Pam 6ish so I think we're off to LaLa land
Dr.D.: lala probably a good idea on this end too.
Roberto: ok be good and get that day of work in so's you can get here
Dr.D.: I have to put back the mess I made looking for my birth certificate.
Ron: yes..... unless you're on the west coast. We LIVE in la la land
Dr.D.: No,that is LA land.
Dr.D.: L.A.
Meeka: k
Roberto: totally cool
Erin and Pam: be good?!?!?! what kind of advice is that...pish
Meeka: nighty night
Roberto: Ronasl
Ron: lotusland
Roberto: Ronald
Roberto: ok so it not good
Dr.D.: Listen to the sirens...
Ron: home of BC BUD
Dr.D.: All right, robot lab tomorrow, PP presentation, and packing.
Dr.D.: lots of Ps there.
Erin and Pam: <P> Judy, Meeka, I'm putting you in charge of helping Erin find a dept. store so she can shop for me
Roberto: go to bed people tis almost the midnight hour
Roberto: YE S MA'AM
Meeka: k
Dr.D.: Yes, I am off now, Senor.
Dr.D.: See you Friday afternoon!
Erin and Pam: <P> thank you!
Ron: she'll be tied down
Erin and Pam: good night all
Erin and Pam: LOL
Dr.D.: Talk to the rest of you on Saturday night in chat.
Erin and Pam: g'nite all
Roberto: ya mon
Meeka: night
Dr.D.: <poof>
Erin and Pam: kerpoof
Erin and Pam left chat session
Doug S.: night dr.d and erin
Dr.D. left chat session
Ron: so Roberto, my man
Roberto: so......Daniel....atke a chill out pill, we can handle the presentation and will LOVE it
Ron: are you prepared?
Roberto: yes Ronadl
Roberto: absolutely
Ron: impressive
Roberto: been here for most a week now and got ithandles
Roberto: made banquet reservations today
Ron: yep, it's the only way
Ron: you deserve kudo's
Ron: Think I got to the point last year where I felt I was more or less organized....... about Saturday of the 'con
Roberto: heck Ron, getting used to doing it on the fly when you arrive
Daniel Bienvenu: ok Bob! Give my presentation to Dale tomorow to let him read it before saturday.
Roberto: will do mon
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to reboot now.
Roberto: jkkkj
Daniel Bienvenu: goodbye everyone
Ron: you've had some experience at it
Ron: nite Daniel
Roberto: bye
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you satruday night
Roberto: start saving pesos for next year in toronto Ron and Daniel
Ron: you betcha
Roberto: or yen....or somthing
Ron: is Dale gonna do it next year?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Bob: and don't forget to check your email tommorow for the archive to be used with my presentation.
Meeka: we think so, but havent gotten "official" word yet
Roberto: ya mon will do daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: <poof>
Ron: I know he was talking about it
Roberto: fer sure ron he said so last year
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron: remember that
Roberto: 5 years apart same dates in July
Ron: hopefully by then we'll have found a caregiver that Mom can relate to
Roberto: hope so...make it HAPPEN
Ron: yep
Ron: I dunno, this just wasn't my year - on a number of fronts
Roberto: will look forward and not back Ron
Ron: ya got that right sir.
Roberto: good things will come to pass, eh????
Ron: better to expect that than the other. Usually works out for the best, despite my attempts to prevent it
Roberto: ya
Roberto: gonna play with Meeka's pics now will talk to tyou Sat night K ????
Ron: yup. take care, see ya Sat night. G'nite all
Roberto left chat session
Meeka: nighty night
Judy: night Ron
Ron: :)
Meeka left chat session
Judy left chat session
Ron: \Beam me up Scottie
Ron left chat session
Doug S. left chat session
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