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Rin / Pam: hi Bobs!!!
Rin / Pam: Hi Harvie!!
Harvie: Howgy howdy
Harvie: Was the server down last wed. ?
Rin / Pam: nope, we were here
Rin / Pam: howdy
BobS: we were @ Dr D's
BobS: howdy people
Rin / Pam: oh right...I was late last week sorry
BobS: Dale's site was locked up......had to travel to Cleveland
Rin / Pam: hehe
Harvie: I couldn't get on, my IE EXPLORER has been hijacked, I switched to Fire Fox
BobS: whatcha mean highjacked
BobS: hear for the folks Pam ??????
Harvie: What is the URL for Doc's chat?
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Rin / Pam: actually Pam is working on laundry
changed username to Judy
Rin / Pam: hi Judy!
Harvie: Highjacked as in taken over by malware
Judy: hi, Pam and Rin
Rin / Pam: Aunt Frances and Uncle Richard are back up in Niagara
Rin / Pam: returning at our Thanksgiving
BobS: as in a virus Harvie???
Harvie: That kind of thing Bob
BobS: couple weeks on Monday if I recall.........
Rin / Pam: yeah they are returning on the 10th IIR
Judy: how was your return flight, Erin
Rin / Pam: very nice Judy, thanks...left early arrived early little to no turbulence and perfect landings
Judy: we had clear flying also
Rin / Pam: very nice :-)
Rin / Pam: luckily I had the afghan to keep me warm from Houston to TO
Judy: I changed into long pants first time in 12 days, what a bummer
Rin / Pam: that sucks, yeah
Judy: Bob did use his cane to get around the system in the airport, got wheel chair and was bussed right thru
Rin / Pam: LOL
Rin / Pam: it works!
Judy: he decided that was the way to travel
Rin / Pam: How is the leg/knee BTW?
Judy: getting a little better, he is wearing a brace and using a cane to help
BobS: am limping along rin
Judy: so, did Pam like the afgan?
BobS: gettign al ot better actually
Rin / Pam: hopefully it's not too painful Bobs
Rin / Pam: she did
Rin / Pam: I brought it to her the Monday night
Rin / Pam: she was ecstatic
Harvie: What happened to the leg, too much dancing?
Rin / Pam: I was *ver* tempted to keep it
Rin / Pam: :-)
BobS: will make it Rin.....ave to sacrifice for vacations and ADAM conventinos you know
Rin / Pam: *very*
Judy: jumped in the pool
Rin / Pam: hehe :-)
Judy: slipped on the edge with one wet foot
Harvie: Ouch , I hate it when that happens
BobS: YOU hate it, think how I FELT !!!!!!
BobS: although it didn't show up for almost a week
BobS: and when it DID show up it almost cripled me
Harvie: So you won't be running any marathons soon?
BobS: not any time soon Harvie
BobS: although I am walking some without the cane......will keep tihandy for a while yet to let the leg heal more
Judy: no, but he needs to get well enough to get back to exercising to get rid of the couple of pounds that he put on on the trip
Rin / Pam: :-)
Harvie: You, me ,and Rich Clee would make quite a trio with our canes
BobS: a photo op, eh????
Judy: the heart doc was pleased with his weight loss in the last few months
Rin / Pam: now there would be an interesting photo-op
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changed username to Dr.D
Rin / Pam: hi Rich
Judy: hopefully it will not last too long
Harvie: Hello Doc
Dr.D: Hello Ms. Rin.
Dr.D: Hello all.
Judy: hi, Dr D
Dr.D: I felll asleep...I kinda have the flu or something.
Dr.D: Fortunately you can't get it remotely :-)
Rin / Pam: maybe I've got something similar
Dr.D: I wanted to stay home today, but had my class.
Rin / Pam: I woke up with an awful sinus headache that didn't go away until 4:30 PM
Judy: bummer, Doc, had to bring Ryan to the doc today because he has something also
Dr.D: Also the Ph.D. thesis defense for one of the students in the slug lab, the one emigrating to Canada.
Dr.D: Ouch, poor Rin :-(
Rin / Pam: how did he do
Dr.D: He passed, thank goodness.
Rin / Pam: yay!
Judy: went from Bob's doc to Ryans
Dr.D: But he has a few weeks of "corrections" to make to his document.
Dr.D: It was about qw as thick as a phone book.
Rin / Pam: oh wow
Harvie: Sounds like a Soap Opera Judy
Judy: or night mare
Dr.D: More troubles, Judy?
Judy: no, Bob went for check up and Ryan had a frog in throat (his words)
Judy: sorry neck
Dr.D: Frog...
BobS: doc checked me up and then down; then told me I was LEAVE
Judy: when he has a sore throat he says that
BobS: come back in a year
Rin / Pam: LOL
Judy: don't know where it came from
Dr.D: Well, it is nice for the medical profession to say that they don't want you in the office.
Harvie: I skip the Doctor visit, just read the obits, if my name isn't there I carry on
Dr.D: Must mean you're doing something right.
Rin / Pam: nice Harvie!
Dr.D: I'd prefer not to see my own obit.
Judy: not really true, he has to have some tests done if all is well with them he is going to double up meds
Rin / Pam: hey, but if you see it, hopefully that means you're all right
Judy: to try to keep his heart in sink
Rin / Pam: Pam is here and says hi
Dr.D: Hehe reminds me of a line from "Bedtime for Bonzo"...the Film Society showed it Saturday.
Dr.D: Hi Pam.
Judy: hi, pam
Dr.D: Someone said that a female character in the movie had a beautiful heart.
Harvie: Hello Pam
Dr.D: I said to Elanor, "Yes...I have it in a jar on my desk so I can look at it".
Rin / Pam: haha
BobS: HI Pam
Dr.D: What can you do in a movie with lines like Reagan wanting to teach Bonzo right from wrong, and to do good deeds without hope of reward?
Dr.D: "And truth, justice, and the American way!" we yelled out :-)
Dr.D: Bonzo for President...he would be an improvement over here...
Dr.D: Maybe this weekend I can get my AC16 pix up on a webpage.
Dr.D: I have been too busy.
Dr.D: Had to give 2 tests last week and grade them over the weekend and early this week.
Rin / Pam: I'd like to see more pix...has Meeka got hers up yet
Rin / Pam: ?
BobS: dont' think so
Rin / Pam: are you all finished with tests for a bit, Rich?
Judy: I don't know
Harvie: What is your chat URL, I must have it saved incorrectly
Dr.D: Yes, until about a month from now.
Dr.D: Next batch of exams is 3rd week of October, after everyone comes back from Fall Break.
Rin / Pam: well that's good hopefully back to a bit of normal for a while
Dr.D: The backup?
Dr.D: It's
Dr.D: I think.
Harvie: Yes
Dr.D: Next week is not normal for us, though.
Rin / Pam: oh?
Dr.D: Our whole school gets shut down Tuesday because of the stupid VP debate being held here.
Rin / Pam: oh right I had heard about that
Dr.D: Security perimeter.
Dr.D: They are even halting the RTA trains east of CWRU for 24 hours.
Rin / Pam: oh wow
Dr.D: And MIB are literally wandering and snooping all over.
Rin / Pam: how will this affect your classes
Dr.D: It is sickening.
Dr.D: Robot class is cancelled that Tuesday.
Dr.D: That is the only one...but we already have extra session mechanism so no problem with makeups.
Rin / Pam: <P> what are they looking for aliens? :-)
Dr.D: Anti-Republicans, Pam.
Harvie: That's most of the world isn't it?
Dr.D: One Theta Chi is a varsity athlete and one of the few who is allowed to use any part of the Veale Center where they are having the debates.
Dr.D: Every time he goes there, he is checked out...he can't even **** in the locker room without MIB in sunglasses waiting outside, no lie.
Dr.D: He was totally disgusted.
Dr.D: Our country is broken if we have to shut everything down any time our leaders have to go out in "public".
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dr.D: If they are all so scared, I think they ought to look in the mirror and ask why.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Rin / Pam: hi Daniel
Judy: hi, Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Dr.D: Hi Daniel.
BobS: Hi Daniel
Dr.D: Say Pam, are your folks still on holiday?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi rin, hi pam, hi judy, hi harvie, hi dr.d, hi bob
Dr.D: Incommunicado, at any rate?
Rin / Pam: <P> yes, just talked to them tonight
Harvie: Doc,all you need is a black suit and dark glasses, you'll never get noticed
Dr.D: I think it must be spite, their timing to coincide with ADAMcon.
Dr.D: I don't have a black suit.
Dr.D: There was one pic that Rin took of me with my camera though that makes me look like a MIB.
Rin / Pam: <P> nope just serendipity
Dr.D: hehe
Rin / Pam: oh yeah....I gotta see how that turned out :-)
Dr.D: I look like Ahnuld...I put her sunglasses on.
Dr.D: At least I could see through them, her regular glasses, no way.
Rin / Pam: my Stuff by Duff glasses :-)
Dr.D: But my tired-eye reading glasses are probably no good for anybody else but me.
Rin / Pam: well that's because I'm blind as a bat
Harvie: Of course you have to trim your Afro and cover up the Black Panther tatoo :)
Dr.D: <snicker> yo bro
Dr.D: I shudder to think what would have to be done to my hair to make it curly like an Afro.
Rin / Pam: hahaha
Dr.D: Probably so much that it would kill it and make it all fall out.
Dr.D: They you could call me Kojak.
Dr.D: I could wax my head and blind you all with glare.
Rin / Pam: <P> cueball!
Dr.D: yep
Dr.D: I would be ugly bald, my forehead slopes back too much.
Harvie: We would have to wear Black Glasses :)
Dr.D: Australopithecine style.
Dr.D: Picard I am not.
Rin / Pam: Pam actually managed to pronounce that :-)
Rin / Pam: <P> bring on the medical terms
Dr.D: "I'll take Human Evolution for $100, Alex"
Rin / Pam: <P> hehe
Dr.D: Hey, I helped my trivia team to win last night at a Scholarship Reception at one of the sororities on campus.
Harvie: Alex says "you could use some evolution"
Dr.D: I knew 2 hard "date" questions that were worth 800 and 1000 points, respectively.
Rin / Pam: <P> he's a Ph. D. how much more evolved do you want him to be
Dr.D: I was invited by 3 women who are in my anatomy class.
Daniel Bienvenu: I were unable to be online and chat last week.
Dr.D: I am not evolved at all :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: wow! very popular dr.d!
Dr.D: Our team members each won bags of Halloween candy...which I ate today at work, to keep the girls from stealing it.
Rin / Pam: hehe
Dr.D: There were about 10 other faculty there, Daniel.
Rin / Pam: <P>likely excuse
Dr.D: Snickers bars, Hershey's kisses, and Tootsie Rolls won't last long around here.
Rin / Pam: don't think they'd last long anywhere
Dr.D: I hadn't had a Tootsie Roll for a long time, I missed them.
Dr.D: So here are the "date" questions I got...see how you can do.
Dr.D: (1) What year was the first Olympiad held in Olympia, Greece?
Dr.D: <waits>
(Jeopardy theme plays in the background . . .)
Dr.D: <and these weren't multiple choice, either, you had to know it>
Dr.D: <waiting for someone to Google for it :-) >
Rin / Pam: <P>1000 BC?
BobS: 39AD
Dr.D: 776 BC
BobS: naw later than that/.............
Rin / Pam: Oh wow that was weird
BobS: OH BOY wrong !!!!!!
Rin / Pam: I was just typing that
Dr.D: The resurrected games were in 1896.
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Dr.D: But the ancient ones began in 776 BC.
changed username to james
BobS: ahso
(007 music plays in the background)
BobS: HIYA James
Rin / Pam: hello James
Dr.D: (2) what year was the first motion picture deposited in the Library of Congress?
james: good morning
Harvie: Hello James
BobS: guten abend sir
Judy: hi, James
james: how is everyone?
Dr.D: I have the flu, stay back :-(
Rin / Pam: 1902 as per Pam
james: will do
Dr.D: Am full of Sudafed, Robitussin, and Bronkaid.
Dr.D: Nope.
Harvie: 1865?
Dr.D: No, Edison hadn't invented it that early.
Dr.D: It was 1893.
Judy: is this the flu you missed while you were at AdamCon, Dr D?
Rin / Pam: Bronkaid?
Dr.D: And it was the short of his assistant sneezing.
Dr.D: Yes Judy, what everyone here had.
Dr.D: And saved for me as a "welcome back" present :-(
Rin / Pam: oh that was thoughtful :-)
BobS: oh yuck, what a family!!!!!!
Judy: they got you
Dr.D: Yeah, they love me.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james
Judy: misery loves company
BobS: that will TEACH you to leave home without them
james: hi dan!
Dr.D: They'd have brought it to El Paso and made you all sick.
Harvie: Luckily I'm too slow to catch a cold
Dr.D: You wouldn't want that now, would you?
james: rich, did you get my verbose email?
BobS: oh that would have been BAD
Dr.D: I did and it got lost at the bottom of my inbox.
james: usually where they can be found
Dr.D: I can deal with it tomorrow afternoon after class.
Dr.D: I was just trying to catch up from 2 missed class days due to ADAMcon and the 2 exams etc.
james: no rush, was just curious
Dr.D: No, it arrived safe and sound.
james: my mi drive seems to have died
Dr.D: :-(
james: yeah, an unhappy event
Daniel Bienvenu: BE RIGHT BACK
BobS: oh yuck james
Harvie: The controller or mechanism James
james: so i opened it up to take a peek
BobS: they are almost impossible to repair unless it would be the drive itself and not the interface board
james: i have reason to suspect the physical drive and not the controller
james: said reason being that the drive no longer sounds right when i power it up
Dr.D: I have a PM floppy system that Chris Braymen sent me long ago...I have never fired it up.
james: pm?
Dr.D: Powermate.
Dr.D: Non-ADAMnet floppy drives, Mark Gordon's first kind.
james: so looking inside it appears to be the mi controller hooked up to a standard pc 5.25" drive
james: wow
Dr.D: They went through a funky IDE type of controller.
Dr.D: Very fragile, the interface cable was a nightmare.
Dr.D: Scott Gordon would probably be able to say more.
Dr.D: I got it from Chris when he was getting rid of his stuff.
Dr.D: Sigh, I have so much of this stuff, I need a museum.
BobS: find a 5 1/4 drive james.................... and hope
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changed username to da-duron-ron
Harvie: Wasn't there a small modification to the drive necessary?
BobS: could it be the roudn one??????
Rin / Pam: hi Ron!
BobS: AH HA 'tis he !!!!!
Dr.D: Duran-Duran?
da-duron-ron: Hey!
BobS: ron....james has a disk drive question
Rin / Pam: <P> Shawn Cassidy!
Harvie: Hi Ron
da-duron-ron: hello all
Dr.D: Hehe, the Hardly Boys
Dr.D: Hi Ron.
da-duron-ron: Hi Dr. D, Harvie
Harvie: brb
da-duron-ron: a question ?? Answers are expected, yes?
Judy: Hi, Ron
da-duron-ron: Hi Judy
da-duron-ron: Judy, I have a question for you
BobS: did MI disk drives have a chip added tot he dirve mech????
james: hey
james: sorry, was changing a diaper
Dr.D: They may have had to be jumpered in non-IBM style to be Drive 0 and Drive 1 (no twisty cable).
Judy: ask away
da-duron-ron: Well, I'm using a non- MI hard drive on mine Bob. the original Western Digital looked pretty mnuch stock to me
james: so yeah, is the drive inside the mi powersupply and case a standard pc drive or is it modified?
da-duron-ron: standard pc drive
james: alright, i assume it has to be authentic 360k, right?
da-duron-ron: there's a circuit board inside the case that looks rather basic to me.... looks like it only provides power, and a drive connection
james: yeah, i was looking at that
da-duron-ron: thought you were talking about hard drives.... sorry
BobS: probably james
james: and couldn't see any noticeable mods to the physical drive
da-duron-ron: but the floppies are pretty much the same
da-duron-ron: yes....360K....
james: what if i wanted to use a 720k 3.5" drive? 5.25" floppies are a little scarce
da-duron-ron: some of them had a "disk in place" sensor
BobS: I think the Orphanware and E&T drives neede an eprom or something in them but I thought MI drives had it on the board already
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
Judy: hi, Guy
Rin / Pam: hi Guy!
da-duron-ron: I'd have to take mine out of the case to tell ya for sure. Can do that it you like
Harvie: That rings a bell Ron
james: would be interested in knowing.. so is 3.5" drive a possibility with the mi controller?
james: i noticed there are a couple of jumpers on the control board too
da-duron-ron: yes, I have one
BobS: AH YES !!!!!!! Ron you are RIGHT.......Dale wick has a MI art convention and it had an extra light glued in for disk in sensor
BobS: worked perfectly well though without it
Guy B.: Thought I let you all know that I'm making the Adam Em Utility program more menu friendly. Even Bob would like it.
da-duron-ron: a 3-1/2 that is
BobS: COOL Guy
da-duron-ron: sounds good to me Guy. User Friendly is good
james: @ron, so if i were to locate a stock 3.5" 720k drive i could in theory at least use the mi controller and have it on the adam?
da-duron-ron: Ok Judy..... looking at the group pic from the con, and a question occurred to me
Harvie: Hello Guy , you must have come in while I was away
da-duron-ron: Who is taller, Bob or Doug?
Guy B.: I'm going to ask for some beta testers for the non-Adam Dcopy shortly.
Judy: Doug, by 2 inches
BobS: I would think James, that the 720 and the 360 had a different interface board somehow
da-duron-ron: gee.... I wouldn't have thought it that much
BobS: he stands on tiptoes Ron
Dr.D: This may not work...but if you want to see the pic of me with the sunglasses, try
da-duron-ron: looked pretty much the same to me
da-duron-ron: :)
da-duron-ron: Ok... so I consider myself duly informed on that..... by the expert
Judy: if I am the expert, yes you are informed
da-duron-ron: exactly
Dr.D: You can see Rin's reflection taking the picture in one lens, and my laptop in the other.
da-duron-ron: Can remember thinking when I was touring with you guys in Orlando, I'm not going to lose the guys in a crowd..... alls' I have to do is look up
Dr.D: Self-documenting photo.
Rin / Pam: re: photo uncontrollable giggles :-)
BobS: that would be correct ron........DEPENDING on the crowd
Rin / Pam: <P> COOL DUDE!!
Judy: ya, sometimes that does work, but others, like going to Shipshewana even that doesn't work
Dr.D: Rin takes good photos. She snapped some of me giving my PowerPoint, otherwise I'd never know what it looked like.
da-duron-ron: Dr. D. - there's something different about the hair
Dr.D: It has grown out, you mean.
da-duron-ron: yeah, that's it
Dr.D: Yeah, the girls convinced me to let it grow out before last Christmas.
Guy B.: Bob, I haven't sent Meeka those photos I shot yet. I have to make two Zip files, since Yahoo will only allow 20mb attached files. Currently, the file is over that limit.
da-duron-ron: aha. They do have input into such things
Dr.D: It was a bit long at the convention, but I had no time to get it trimmed before.
Dr.D: Finally got to that this week.
BobS: ok, cut them suckers down and send them on....but QHY yahoo??????
BobS: thougth you had sbc
Rin / Pam: well, you weren't in hippie phase yet :-)
da-duron-ron: I hear ya. Am a month overdue myself. Starting to look like one of Dickens' characters.... Fezziwig maybe
Dr.D: I was never in hippie phase.
Harvie: You don't need permission to let it grow, it grows all by itself
Guy B.: SBC Yahoo DSL Bob. That's why.
Dr.D: I recently kept it all about an inch long, just for ease of maintenance.
Rin / Pam: I mean it wasn't miles below your ears :-)
da-duron-ron: Bob.... I still haven't sent you the money...... my mind has been elsewhere this past week..... will get it outa here tomorrow
BobS: well tell them to get thier act together Guy
Dr.D: I think the longest I ever had it was a Bobby Brady style when I was about that age.
Dr.D: Probably shorter than that, even.
BobS: ok Ron......haven't been too roadworthy myself......but packed the shirts up tonight
Dr.D: It was over the ears about halfway, side part.
Guy B.: They did make changes, now I can send bigger attached files.
Dr.D: But I am an old geezer, short hair for guys, long hair for girls.
Rin / Pam: Rich, what con number is the black shirt you gave me?
Dr.D: 4
Guy B.: Oh, I'm leaning closer to hosting Adamcon 18 for 2006. Jeanene has volunteered to help me out.
da-duron-ron: I'll drink to that Dr. D
Rin / Pam: cool thanks
Dr.D: I think it says "IV" on the shirt.
da-duron-ron: I will say that y'all made a fine lookin' bunch in the official
da-duron-ron: Adamcon garb
Dr.D: The Cleveland ones always got Roman numerals, IV, VIII, XIII.
Judy: cool,Guy
Rin / Pam: we were trying to figure it out since I don't have it in front of me
Dr.D: Have you worn it, or your boots, to work?
Guy B.: I will let you all know by the beginning of next year of my decision.
Rin / Pam: I've worn the of the shirts will be worn on Friday when the boss is away
Dr.D: And did you have to pay any duty on the boots when you got back to Canada?
Harvie: Guy, FTP them to your web page and she can FTP them
Rin / Pam: everyone loves the boots
Rin / Pam: perfect for the Ag ministry :-)
Dr.D: The Senor said they were kangaroo, right?
Rin / Pam: right
Rin / Pam: and no no duty
Guy B.: FTP what Harvie?
Dr.D: Put spring in your step.
Rin / Pam: hehe exactly :-)
da-duron-ron: in other news.....
da-duron-ron: son Jeff is now engaged
Harvie: the pictures
Rin / Pam: congrats Ron!
da-duron-ron: they bought a Condo in Burnaby
Dr.D: Congrats!
james: are congratulations in order?
Rin / Pam: congrats Jeff
da-duron-ron: thank y'all
Judy: congradulation Ron
da-duron-ron: date to be set in the new year
Rin / Pam: how old is he, Ron?
Guy B.: Great to hear that Ron. Give my best to him.
Dr.D: 30-something, right?
da-duron-ron: I was kinda wondering when they'd get around to that
da-duron-ron: yes, both 30 something
da-duron-ron: I certainly will
BobS: TOO old he is, but congrats to the soon to be newly weds anyway
Dr.D: 30something is too old?
Rin / Pam: <P> hey I waited 'til I was 38
da-duron-ron: all I have to do now is to get them NOT to set the date for next July
Dr.D: If they come to ADAMcon, let it be July :-)
Dr.D: We can get the MidiMite to play "Here Comes The Bride"
da-duron-ron: oh well, yes... hadn't thought of that
da-duron-ron: :)
BobS: TELL the boy and girl Ron,.....ASSERT yourself
da-duron-ron: I most certainly will
james: or the emperor's march from return of the jedi :D
Judy: no, ask nice, Ron
Dr.D: hehehe
Rin / Pam: <P> tell them Toronto's a beautiful place to get married
Guy B.: I didn't get married until I was 32.
Dr.D: I imagine it is.
Dr.D: Ron can be the Emperor :-)
da-duron-ron: :)
james: heh heh
Dr.D: "Everything is proceeding as *I* have foreseen..."
da-duron-ron: oh yes, that emperor
da-duron-ron: exactly
james: topic hijack - ron, i got the nabu hardware
Dr.D: I wonder if Jedi Knights get married under a bower of crossed light sabres...
da-duron-ron: did ya.... hey.... anything you can do with it?
james: well i can turn it on (more than i can say for my wife)
james: and it'll sit there and say "adaptor failure"
da-duron-ron: talkative eh?
Dr.D: better than bare blinking cursor
james: yup. what i have is the pc part
james: the nabu system also came with a second part, the same size as the pc which they called an "adaptor"
james: i'm assuming that it's some kind of early cable modem
james: that part i don't have
da-duron-ron: must rattle Bill McPherson's chain again in Ottawa.... forgot to do that
da-duron-ron: I mean, ya gotta have an adaptor
james: and it came with a manual
Dr.D: Maybe there's an emulator for it somewhere.
james: which i may scan and put on my website along with pics of the nabu itself. there are other people interested
da-duron-ron: there's a thought
james: well as far as i know, the nabu system itself was run off of a
james: uhh.. sec.. wheels chugging
da-duron-ron: What I should do is send you Bill's e-mail so you can talk to him direct. He may even remember you
james: ddp-11 (?) mainframe
james: some dec mainframe if i recall
Dr.D: pdp-11?
Dr.D: DECsystem 2060?
james: that might have been it
da-duron-ron: isn't that PDP 11?
james: a little before my time
Dr.D: DEC 10?
da-duron-ron: my first programming experience was a PDP8
da-duron-ron: do not care to repeat it
Dr.D: I have a hardware manual for one, Ron.
Dr.D: Part of DEC's catalog for 1967.
da-duron-ron: it was monitoring navigational signals known as Loran C
james: anyway, if you have bill's email address, i could always talk to him directly
Dr.D: Has some hilarious posed shots of engineers trying to look like they are doing something technical with it.
da-duron-ron: ships
Rin / Pam: Hey gents, I'm going to make an offer re: ADAM stuff that needs storage
da-duron-ron: brb
james: what's in the offer?
Dr.D: An offer?
da-duron-ron: I'm upstairs - Bill's address is down
Rin / Pam: I have space so if some stuff needs saving I will offer to save it
Dr.D: that is very generous, thank you, Rin!
james: @ron, i know the feeling
james: have you ever looked inside the nabu?
Dr.D: Not sure I could get any of my stuff up to you...but maybe your Uncle's stuff...who knows.
james: it's about 90% empty space
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Rin / Pam: least I can do as a newbie-no-nothing
left chat session
james: they could have made them much slimmer
Dr.D: Too bad ADAMs can't hook up to DSL...
Rin / Pam: that should be newbie-know-nothing
Dr.D: We'd get you online very fast then.
Dr.D: No shortage of computers.
james: inside the nabu there seems to be 3 expansion slots
Rin / Pam: Hey Daniel...
Rin / Pam: where'd he go
Dr.D: <snicker> just thought of bad joke, James.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
james: dr. d, what's the joke?
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Rin / Pam: there you are Daniel
Dr.D: If the computer is named Nabu...
Rin / Pam: I was just going to comment on your presentation
Dr.D: are the 3 expansion slots named Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Dr.D: <my Sunday school teachers would kill me for that one>
Daniel Bienvenu: there are more people now
Rin / Pam: @ DanielI was just going to say thanks...cause now I know how to make a ball :-)
Dr.D: I liked your modified YANK BASH program, Daniel.
Dr.D: 3 tries before you die is much nicer.
Dr.D: And the rotating maple leaf, very well done.
Rin / Pam: and a maple leaf thanks to Rich
Dr.D: I think it would play more like Atari 2600 Breakout if the bricks started out all the way across the screen, instead of gaps at each end.
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks to you! it was a pleasure to do this presentation.
Guy B.: I bet that could be modified to do that Dr D.
Dr.D: So you have to break your way it is, the first bounce goes right through the gap and starts bouncing across the top compartment.
Dr.D: I was being a bad student during Dale's presentation and hacking your game.
Dr.D: It made Rin laugh, though.
Rin / Pam: it was great!
Rin / Pam: kept my interest :-)
Dr.D: The bouncing ball is just on character cell boundaries, right? it isn't a sprite.
Dr.D: You could get more angles if it were a sprite.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, there was no sprite
da-duron-ron: @James <> or <>
Daniel Bienvenu: I wanted to keep it simple and start with characters.
Dr.D: Agreed, great start.
james: sec.. grabbing an analog scripting device
Rin / Pam: I showed the modified version to my office, Daniel, they thought it was great
Dr.D: LOL james
james: :D
james: done. thanks, ron
Daniel Bienvenu: well, dale told me that doing exercices more than a game project should be a better start. so I will work on a presentation to be between the first presentation and the second one.
Dr.D: I told Rin that the next mod should be LIBERAL logo bouncing to wipe out CONSERVATIVE and NDP logos :-)
da-duron-ron: finger trouble
Dr.D: But that would politicize the game too much :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
Rin / Pam: but it would be an even bigger hit at Queen's Park :-)
changed username to Jillian
Dr.D: Since we didn't know your political leanings, we decided to stop with YANK BASH :-)
Rin / Pam: hey Jillian!
Dr.D: Hi Jillian!
Guy B.: HI Jill
Jillian: Hi all,
Dr.D: What's the word?
da-duron-ron: aka a damn pen
Jillian: I'm supposed to be doing homework but thought I would drop in for a while.
Harvie: Hello Jillian
Rin / Pam: when did you finally get back to TO?
james: lie-beral
Dr.D: I was curious about your rumored detour to Atlanta, frankly....
Judy: hi, Jillian
Jillian: I got to toronto at about 11am.
Dr.D: Lie-Beryl, I can make it green :-)
da-duron-ron: I'm getting you all in sperts... or is that spirts
Jillian: Mostly because I went to the airport at 6am and threw a fit.
Judy: how are classes going?
da-duron-ron: Hi Jillian
Rin / Pam: <P> Ron -- spurts
Jillian: classes are good. lots of homework, but I'm learning lots too.
da-duron-ron: thank you R/P
james: the liberals annoy me both at a provincial and federal level
Rin / Pam: I can tell James
Rin / Pam: a bit yes :-
BobS: same here doc
da-duron-ron: Agree James. I feel the same
Dr.D: So what did happen with your travel?
james: and i can't stand that parish or whatever her name is
Judy: is the little guy feeling better?
da-duron-ron: We're never quite sure out here if we have real liberal or recycled Socred
Jillian: at one point on the way home my itinterary was El Paso, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto
Jillian: It ended up being El Paso, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto.
Dr.D: Anaheim, Azuza, and Kukamunga...
Jillian: just 11 hours late.
Dr.D: Did you miss a connexion?
Rin / Pam changed username to Pam / Rin
james: anyway, my parents are still here and kids are in the room so i should get going
Dr.D: hi James' parents
BobS: be good james
Guy B.: Whoa. Mine on the way back was Albuquerque. When I arrived there, just had to walk across the way for my flight home.
Daniel Bienvenu: i catched a cold ... started friday night
Jillian: yes the first flight leaving from Elpaso was 50-70 minutes late.
Pam / Rin: Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe
james: they're here until sunday
Harvie: Bye James
Pam / Rin: nite James
Dr.D: Bye James.
Guy B.: Bye James
da-duron-ron: Hello to James' family from Western Canada
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit james
da-duron-ron: be well James
james: good bye/night everyone!
james: thanks
Judy: bye James
Pam / Rin: Hi Jillian - Pam at the keyboard now
Dr.D: Rin and I had rather close connecting flights, a delay like that would have stranded us at several points.
james left chat session
BobS: and from there it was DOWNHILL, right Jull ????
BobS: Jill
Dr.D: When she got in to Cleveland, it was the total other side of the terminal from the departure to Houston.
Jillian: exactly. BobS. I should have left the airport and come to the banquet instead.
Dr.D: They were boarding by the time we walked over there...and her flight was a bit early.
Daniel Bienvenu: @everyone: I submited smash game at the minigame compo 2004 with the source code and the powerpoint file.
Jillian: eek. I hate having to run through airports.
Dr.D: I hope it was well received, Daniel.
Judy: yes, you should have and split my dessert with me
Dr.D: We never had to run, we just walked fast, right Rin?
Guy B.: Mine too.
Dr.D: And there was a people mover at one point through the underground section.
Pam / Rin: <E> really fast!
Dr.D: Toronto speedwalk you called it, my normal walking speed BTW.
Judy: bob got pushed in a wheelchair he thought it was wonderful.
Guy B.: I showed Karen that dessert. Even she would have shared it with me.
Jillian: I was totally amazed at how big the airport in Atlanta is. You could get lost for days.
Pam / Rin: I have a really weird picture in my head now, Judy
Dr.D: The girls liked my cheesecake tower with Shrek on top :-)
Judy: mine was a half and that was still tooo much
BobS: yes, Jill....that is one HUGE airport
Pam / Rin: we're waiting for the pictures, Rich
da-duron-ron: Atlanta is a regional hub
Dr.D: <hangs head>
Judy: people have
Guy B.: I've been there too. It is big.
Pam / Rin: and so you should!
Dr.D: Okay, lemme see if I can upload that one, too.
Harvie: That one in Dallas is pretty big too
Jillian: The only comment that I've heard from Dale about the food was that Jeffy slept through most of the meal, but really liked the peanuts.
Pam / Rin: you said it, I just agreed with you : )
Judy: he was so cute eating them
Pam / Rin: so Jillian I gather that because of the delay in El Paso, you missed your connection in Houston?
Guy B.: That he did Jill. He slept through most of it.
Jillian: In Dallas I had to actually climb down a set of stairs on to the tarmack. I've never done that before.
da-duron-ron: Next thing I know, Jeffy is going to be 30, which will make me 90
da-duron-ron: give or take
Jillian: My original connection was in Dallas to Cincinatti to Toronto
Judy: we have last year coming back from our cruise, with Bob's parents, not cool!!!!
Pam / Rin: so you missed the connection in Dallas?
Jillian: I had about 40 minutes between each flight, but missed that first one.
Pam / Rin: who was your carrier?
Guy B.: What did you do?
Jillian: I got to have about 4 hours of sleep in the Double Tree Club in Atlanta, which was nice.
Jillian: Delta
Daniel Bienvenu: minigame compo 2004 web site :
Pam / Rin: I hear you bought lots of clothes!
BobS: see???????? I coulda told ya Delta sucks
Jillian: Yup. I managed to go the first week of classes only wearing new clothes.
Pam / Rin: now's a fine time to mention that, Bob
BobS: Jill there IS a Catherine's in Grand Rapids, right around the cornere from us
Judy: could you find the pants that we returned on line, Jill?
Pam / Rin: wow, colour me green. I wish I hadn't missed that shopping spree
Jillian: Talk to Dale, I don't book them, I just fly'em or something.
BobS: too bad babe
BobS: then he should be they are even in bankruptcy
da-duron-ron: well now my experience with Delta sure beats Air Canada -
da-duron-ron: which doesn't take much
Jillian: Cool. I haven't managed to check online for the pants yet. I haven't actually spend much time on the computer.
Pam / Rin: anything beats Air Canada, Ron : )
da-duron-ron: Ottawa/Salt Lake City via Boston
da-duron-ron: agreed
Pam / Rin: what classes are you taking Jillian?
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll see if I can make Saturday. Otherwise next week.
Dr.D: okay, the cheesecake tower that Rin and I built at the banquet is at
BobS: best flights were from southwest and northwest......although last Feb's NW flight was a flight from he%%
Judy: if you want I could check over here and see if they have the pants?
Pam / Rin: Night, Guy
BobS: ok Guy, have FUN
Judy: night, Guy
Jillian: I'm becoming more convinced that smaller airlines are hte way to go. Jeffy and I flew Harmony to and from Vancouver and it was great.
Dr.D: and Rin with the afghan is at htto://
Dr.D: http:// rather
Guy B.: Bye. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
da-duron-ron: nite Guy
Dr.D: Continental treated us well, I thought. Rin?
Jillian: Dale actually ended up on Continental for the trip back.
Pam / Rin: <E> Continental.calm : )
da-duron-ron: Jeffy is sure seeing the world
BobS: say WHAT?????? dale got goofed up too ????
Dr.D: As they show a disaster in-flight movie about glaciers...
Jillian: I think I'll try to get them on line, Judy. I've decided I like that shirt with jeans as well as the other pants. thanks for the offer thought\
Jillian: I'm taking Project Management.
Harvie: I gotta go,goodnight all, see you next week
Dr.D: Bye Harvie.
Jillian: No Dale's flight was a joint flight Delta/Continental actually operated by Delta.
Pam / Rin: Night, Harvie
Jillian: Nite Harvie
Judy: no problem, good luck on line and glad to hear that they look good with jeans
Harvie left chat session
da-duron-ron: be good Harv
da-duron-ron: heads up all.... beware Mt. St. Helens
Jillian: Jeffy has certainly done more flying that I had at his age, Ron.
da-duron-ron: she's rumbling and making noise
Pam / Rin: yeah, we heard, Ron
da-duron-ron: figure the eruption any time in the next few days
Dr.D: Hope people stay away from it this time.
Jillian: When did that start? I'm so out of it.
BobS: you are ONE LUCKY MOM........Jeffy is a jewel......his surrogate grandma says so
Jillian: Thanks, I agree.
da-duron-ron: there have been minor quakes in the vicinity for a few weeks
BobS: keep your eyes peeled Ron, you may see the smoke
Dr.D: He may see the mountain blowing in on him!
Pam / Rin: I gotta tell you Jillian, I was looking at Dale's photos and I have to say - you two do good work! He's such a doll
da-duron-ron: yeah
BobS: naw, the mountain is too far away to actually hit ron
Dr.D: That's what they said in 1980...
da-duron-ron: dust last time covered a fair part of the west continent
Dr.D: I have a vial of ash from that eruption, the Geology Dept. at CWRU gave them out as promos during Freshman Orientation.
Dr.D: They had mason jars full of it.
da-duron-ron: Jillian, how old is Jeffy now?
BobS: yah and NOW maybe the public will believe the scientist and leave !!!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jillian
Dr.D: In stereo!
Jillian: It's a little wonky tonight.
Pam / Rin: dumped Jillian?
BobS: Jillina IS twins !!!!!!! got bounced eh????
Jillian: yup
BobS: Jeffy PULLED the plug
Jillian requested to ban Jillian
da-duron-ron confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Dr.D confirmed ban
da-duron-ron: sure looksike he made friends with everyone
BobS: ok, he is NOT perfect......
Jillian: Nah, He's in bed at a decent time for once.
Pam / Rin: I gotta tell you Jillian, I was looking at Dale's photos and I have to say - you two do good work! Jeffy's such a doll
Judy: is he feeling better?
Jillian: He's great at making friends, not so good at leaving personal space for people.
BobS: need a "chiwwy hot pepper????"
Dr.D: deja vu?
Pam / Rin confirmed ban
Jillian: He took a chiwwy pepper to school today.
Jillian: Thanks Pam.
BobS: cool, impress the rest about his vacation
Dr.D: "I saw old people playing video games!"
Pam / Rin: had a thought about the chili peppers
Jillian: He slept for most of the Tuesday after we got back and then he was right as rain.
da-duron-ron: yeah..... show and tell
BobS: and that thought would be what?????
Pam / Rin: thinking we should use them as pass cards at next year's con - no pepper, no entry
Judy: that is good, Ryan has it now
Dr.D: Not fair if someone has never been to an ADAMcon before...
BobS: hmmm.......that would work, except we don't want ot exclude anyone
Jillian: I don't think most of the kids in his class would get that.
Pam / Rin: we'll just send extras to those who don't have one yet
Judy: he told me yesterday that there were only 3 kids in daycare Monday, now he isn't ffeeling good
da-duron-ron: Oh Oh
Dr.D: I can be the Guardian of the Bridge of Death.
Dr.D: It is fun to be a doorward.
Pam / Rin: <E> or Dr. Pepper : )
da-duron-ron: We're better out here now..... sent the bug east
Pam / Rin: much hilarity ensues in Toronto
Dr.D: haha Rin
Jillian: blue no yellow aagghhh!
Dr.D: You must convert 17 decimal to hex to get in.
Dr.D: Or name any 4 colors of the 15-color palette
Jillian: 21?
da-duron-ron: NO!
da-duron-ron: 11
da-duron-ron: 0x11
Jillian: do'uh I was thinking base 8
Dr.D: <Jill falls into Pit of Eternal Peril>
BobS: tis 17 HEXAdecimal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jillian: red, blue, green, white?
Dr.D: No, that's ADAMcon XXIII.
Pam / Rin: red blue green yellow
Dr.D: hehe see TWWMCA articles :-)
Jillian: I guess I have more to study. :)
BobS: not ready for that one yet Rich
Dr.D: Who's to say, Bob?
Dr.D: I'm game.
Dr.D: It takes 2 folks with one ADAM and it's an ADAMcon.
BobS: well we need soem #'s in between first Rich
Dr.D: true...but plan ahead :-)
BobS: have enough ADAM's here to make AC30 or more
Pam / Rin: ADAMs make the world go round
Dr.D: Have enough years to make ADAMcon 50 or so :-)
BobS: a couple of MI powermates....lots of disk cards, hd cards, etc etc
Pam / Rin: brb
BobS: then Ron and I can be "the old men" at AC50
Dr.D: Keepers of the Secret Knowledge
Jillian: sounds like a plan to me.
Dr.D: We'll get you robes.
da-duron-ron: um..... 50-16 is 34..... that makes me 95
BobS: by then maybe Dale will have taught us to program, eh??????
da-duron-ron: Mitchell 95
da-duron-ron: ugghhh
(Jillian laughs heartily)
BobS: has a nice ring, eh?????
Dr.D: Sounds familiar, though...
BobS: if you take after are THERE
Dr.D: Microsoft Ron '95
BobS: BTW, how mum doin this week ?????
da-duron-ron: amazing how an idea gets extended to its ultimate point of insanity
Jillian: Only with the insane. Like this bunch.
da-duron-ron: much better thanks, Bob. the cold is still there, but she's more or less got it beat
Jillian: Good to hear.
Judy: that is great, ron
Jillian: I'd better get going. Back to Risk Management Techniques
da-duron-ron: she's back at the point where she's willing to argue with me....that's positive
Pam / Rin: must you Jillian?
Dr.D: Step 1. Unplug power cord before servicing unit.
Judy: night Jill
Dr.D: Sounds like easy Risk Management.
BobS: good to see you Jill....say HI to Dale and Jeffy
da-duron-ron: ah yes.... what could happen, what will happen, what is the impact if nothing happens
Dr.D: Good night, Jill.
Jillian: I thnk I must. Don't want to flumox course in second week.
Pam / Rin: come back verry soon, Jillian
BobS: nite Jill
Jillian: nite all.
Pam / Rin: don't be a stranger
Dr.D: Tell Dale to send me the #*^&#8 CHAT LOG FILES!
Pam / Rin: g'nite
da-duron-ron: and what is it's impact on President Bush
Jillian: Yes Rich.
BobS: gonna go here too kids
Dr.D: I will process them for the website...
Jillian: nite
Jillian left chat session
da-duron-ron: nite Jillian
Pam / Rin: to the tune of Yes Dear
BobS: must work for a living....UGHHHH
da-duron-ron: work? Y'all know my views on that
BobS left chat session
Pam / Rin: we know Ron, you avoid it at all costs
da-duron-ron: exactly
Pam / Rin: night Bob
Dr.D: Me too, take bus tomorrow, since Christina has physical therapy and needs a car after school.
Daniel Bienvenu: which chat log file?
Judy: night all , this grammy is tried
Judy: tired
da-duron-ron: nite grammy
Pam / Rin: night Grandma Judy
Dr.D: But the cough syrup has me awake against my will.
Dr.D: So type away I will, yes, gollum!
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit judy
Dr.D: G'nite Judy.
Dr.D: brb
Pam / Rin: and the crowd goes quiet
Daniel Bienvenu: which chat log file?
da-duron-ron: shhhh
Pam / Rin: from August of '03 to the present, Daniel
Pam / Rin: sorry, Ron, did I wake you up?
da-duron-ron: mother has fallen asleep whilst watching Law and Order
da-duron-ron: not me.... Mommy
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I did a copy-paste of the special el paso one
Pam / Rin: she probably needs the sleep Ron
Dr.D: back
da-duron-ron: must go to Dr. D's site to see the pics
Dr.D: put Christina to bed, she fell asleep in the living room.
da-duron-ron: yes.... usually.... she doesn't sleep all that well
Pam / Rin: Rich, how long do you figure before your pics are up?
Dr.D: I have to get them all up...not sure I have enough disk space for all of them.
Pam / Rin: well, no rush, just curious
da-duron-ron: you'll let us know when we can visit eh?
Dr.D: No sooner than this weekend...I have, goodness...102 MB of photos
da-duron-ron: a bunch
Dr.D: I will, it will get posted to the list.
Pam / Rin: my eyebrows just shot up
Pam / Rin: 102 mb??
Pam / Rin: good heavens
Dr.D: yep
Dr.D: 108 photos Friday
da-duron-ron: just want you guys to know... you make great screen savers
Dr.D: 127 Saturday
Dr.D: 102 Sunday
Pam / Rin: I must remember to get one for my wallpaper at work
Dr.D: 38 Monday
Pam / Rin: then I can answer questions about all the strange people
Dr.D: No Thursday because I wasn't there.
Daniel Bienvenu: no yankbash pictures?
Dr.D: There are some YANK BASH photos, too.
Daniel Bienvenu: where?
Pam / Rin: 375 pics - that's a lot
Dr.D: In my collection of convention photos, Daniel, that I haven't made into a webpage yet.
da-duron-ron: these days I'm into Linux wallpaper - Tux everywhere
Daniel Bienvenu: ok :)
Dr.D: I will let everyone know when the site is up.
Pam / Rin: he's cute!
da-duron-ron: fer sure eh?
Pam / Rin: Tux, I mean
da-duron-ron: yes
Dr.D: I thought she meant Daniel.
da-duron-ron: is he not cute?
Pam / Rin: I haven't seen a picture of Daniel since he shaved : )
Pam / Rin: I can't comment
da-duron-ron: Dont think I've ever seen a pic of Daniel
da-duron-ron: you'll have to fix that daniel
Dr.D: He looks different than I imagined :-) But I think we all do.
Pam / Rin: Erin says the first time she pictured you it was at 65 wearing a cardigan : )
da-duron-ron: yupo
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, we imagine so manythings about someone we never see before
Dr.D: Me? or Ron?
Pam / Rin: you
Dr.D: or Daniel?
Pam / Rin: that was before we enlightened her
da-duron-ron: ROTFL
Dr.D: 65 my hair will be as white as Ron's.
Dr.D: Probably at 45 my hair will be as white as Ron's .
Pam / Rin: we can race, Rich
da-duron-ron: at 45 I was a white as Rons
Pam / Rin: I have heredity against me
Dr.D: I can do the Mr. Rogers cardigan thingy, no prob.
Dr.D: Rin will always be red :-)
Pam / Rin: it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
Pam / Rin: <E> one way or another
Dr.D: We rode the Neighborhood Trolley into Juarez :-)
da-duron-ron: now tell me, and tell me true.....
Pam / Rin: did you see the King?
Dr.D: Saw lots of Speedy Delivery guys on bikes.
da-duron-ron: Did Erin make it to Mexico?
Dr.D: Yes, she braved the border.
Pam / Rin: <E> I did, thanks to Bob
Dr.D: That is how she got her boots.
da-duron-ron: aha! And they said it couldn't be done
Dr.D: I fully understood her reluctance.
da-duron-ron: indeed
Dr.D: getting into Mexico is easy: just have $US and be ready to spend them.
Pam / Rin: <E> and I sat through every one of the sessions - no one tied me to a chair, either!
Dr.D: Getting back into our police state, however...
da-duron-ron: pity
da-duron-ron: Is it getting that bad?
da-duron-ron: I keep hearing stories
Dr.D: If Canadians will have to have passports to get her in 3 years, yes.
Dr.D: here
Pam / Rin: <E> the guy at the border was fascinated by my health card
Pam / Rin: <E> said he'd never seen one before
Dr.D: If I were you, I would go tit-for-tat and require it for Americans coming in.
Dr.D: Then let them complain....and maybe it will come to an end.
Pam / Rin: et tu, Brute?
Dr.D: Si Seniorita
da-duron-ron: sad, but true
Dr.D: It is just xenophobia and paranoia.
Dr.D: But God is sending signs of His wrath to Florida, that's for sure :-)
da-duron-ron: I dunno Rich.... hard to decide what the answer is..... it's certainly a different world post 9/11
Pam / Rin: they're so paranoid that they're infecting the Canadians
Dr.D: Punishment for 2000, and warning not to let it happen again this year.
Dr.D: I think the answer is you trust people.
Dr.D: Don't give people a reason to hate you.
da-duron-ron: yes, and that's hard for some to do
Pam / Rin: not without reason though
Dr.D: You can't stop a fanatic once he becomes a fanatic, no police state can stop someone who is willing to die.
Pam / Rin: to a certain extent I can understand it
Dr.D: I would rather people have the freedom to blow stuff up but not be motivated to do it.
Dr.D: Rather than trying to create an environment in which it is impossible to do.
Pam / Rin: that's all fine and dandy, but we'd rather not have you blown up
Dr.D: Perhaps.
da-duron-ron: even in my own little world, there are people of middle east ancestry, and each time I see one, part of me is going "terrorist"....without any justification whatever
Dr.D: But I would rather risk it.
Pam / Rin: Daniel, do you go across the border at all?
Pam / Rin: we've all done it Ron
da-duron-ron: yes
Pam / Rin: earth to Daniel
da-duron-ron: Daniel, resistance is futile
Pam / Rin: I think he's ignoring us
Pam / Rin: I just wondered if the Quebecois borders are as bad as the rest
da-duron-ron: probably writing an algorithm
Pam / Rin: certainly they haven't been as bad in years past
da-duron-ron: obscure jungle drum beat first heard by Sir Horatio Algo
da-duron-ron: (sick)
Pam / Rin: sic
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, i were chating with someone else for tomorrow
Dr.D: Algier?
Dr.D: Alger
da-duron-ron: that's it Alger
Daniel Bienvenu: across the border? yes, last year for a gaming expo event named phillyclassic
Pam / Rin: any problems?
da-duron-ron: wonder if it's easier by car
da-duron-ron: from Quebc to Philly wouldn't be so bad
Dr.D: I didn't have any troubles going in January by car.
Pam / Rin: it certainly is if you're white bread. Sad fact, but true
Daniel Bienvenu: any problems? unfortunatly yes, i went with friends and they bring so many stuff that they stop us at the border
da-duron-ron: oh oh
Dr.D: I'll never be able to bring as much stuff to a Canadian ADAMcon as I did at 007.
Pam / Rin: what did you bring to 007?
Dr.D: Then I just took all the seats out of the Caravan and laid it out in the back.
Pam / Rin: aside from everything
Dr.D: Complete PC system, ADAM HD system, lots of spare parts, monitors, tools...
da-duron-ron: yeah.... our gear tends to look like the makings of you know what
Dr.D: I put it out so they could see what it was, instead of the Herman method of hiding it in boxes.
Pam / Rin: you won't have to - just raid the Clee basement : )
da-duron-ron: I would never again attempt to take the carload I took to 11
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, my planning for tomorrow is done
Pam / Rin: 11 was Seattle?
Dr.D: I was amazed that Dale brought his ADAM HD system as a carryon on the plane.
da-duron-ron: yes
Dr.D: Yes Pam.
Pam / Rin: just trying to keep them straight
Dr.D: That was the only working ADAM at the convention this year.
Pam / Rin: so - he checked his ADAM?
da-duron-ron: wonder if we will ever get to an ADAMless ADAMcon
Dr.D: I figured this would be the first ADAMcon that was emulators-only.
Dr.D: Yes Ron.
Daniel Bienvenu: tommorow, I go to my university to meet many employers in a special event named "carrefour de l'emploi"
da-duron-ron: brb
Pam / Rin: job fair, Daniel?
Dr.D: My suitcases got searched coming and going because of the game controllers and camera battery chargers I packed inside.
Dr.D: I got little inspection letters from the FAA or NTSB or whatever.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will see if they have any job for a guy like me.
Dr.D: I hope they do.
Pam / Rin: <E> mine got searched on the way home too
Dr.D: What did you have in it?
Pam / Rin: <E> they repacked my bag better than I did
Dr.D: You didn't have a camera or dryer?
Dr.D: hehe
Pam / Rin: <E> the chili peppers, among other things
Dr.D: Oh yeah, plastique
Pam / Rin: <E> or the wire in the pipe cleaner
Dr.D: If I didn't think they wouldn't have any sense of humor about it, I would be tempted to glue wires on the inside of my suitcase lid that spelled out "NOTHING TO SEE MOVE ALONG" so it would show up in the X-ray.
Dr.D: or "NO WMD HERE"
Pam / Rin: security has no sense of humour
Dr.D: It is a prereq for the job.
Dr.D: lack thereof I mean
da-duron-ron: right
Pam / Rin: <E> so's crabbiness
Dr.D: PMS :-)
Pam / Rin: so how do you explain the guys?
Dr.D: Hormone treatments.
Pam / Rin: ah, that's why they're so bitchy
da-duron-ron: male menopause
Dr.D: The guy at the Mexican border where we walked through seemed friendly.
Pam / Rin: <E> yeah, cute too : (
Dr.D: I expected them to go into Red Alert mode when Jeffry ran away and got out behind the roped-off areas.
Pam / Rin: whoops, that should have been : )
da-duron-ron: oh that must have been a riot
Dr.D: Long way to go for a date, Rin
Dr.D: Nobody noticed! I was astounded.
Pam / Rin: gives new meaning to the expression "hot date"
Dr.D: I was right behind the Wicks when this happened...I thought OMG major incident
Dr.D: Dale or Jill (can't remember which) had to go out of bounds to grab him back.
Pam / Rin: <E> it was Bob
Dr.D: Ah.
da-duron-ron: another entry for the Adamcon Journal
Pam / Rin: <E> don't you remember "fine, you take care of the three year old"?
Dr.D: Sigh...some day some sicko is going to put a bomb on a kid and let him do just that...
Dr.D: Now I remember.
Pam / Rin: <E> Bob had a fine time telling that story
da-duron-ron: That's the sad part of it precisely Dr. D.
da-duron-ron: it's already happened in other places.... Viet Nam..... Northern Ireland
Dr.D: yes
Pam / Rin: although you notice that the IRA has been verrrry quiet since September 11th
da-duron-ron: and three years after age 3, you can actually convince them to throw a bomb
Pam / Rin: I think they thought they were thoroughly outclassed
da-duron-ron: yep.
Dr.D: Probably kicking themselves for not thinking of it.
da-duron-ron: :)
Dr.D: wham into Big Ben...Parliament...
Pam / Rin: what kind of statement could they possibly make after that?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm quiet... I'm surfing the internet before leaving
Dr.D: No problem, Daniel.
da-duron-ron: And what have you found Daniel
Pam / Rin: Daniel, are you going to send us an up to date picture to post with the AC16 stuff?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I catched a cold last friday and I look awfull now
Dr.D: We can make up a photo.
Dr.D: :-)
da-duron-ron: but you will be better, trust me
Dr.D: You can't look worse than me.
Daniel Bienvenu: and I'm looking for information about jobs.
Dr.D: perhaps we should leave you to that, then...that is pretty important.
da-duron-ron: still no luck Daniel?
Pam / Rin: try Workopolis, Daniel -that's how I found mine
Pam / Rin: I found it to be the best of the job sites
da-duron-ron: The wrold is missing out on a damn fine programmer. Someday they'll see that
Dr.D: Google is hiring...
da-duron-ron: I dunno - hearing about what you guys are going thru, I don't think I could be part of the working world any more
da-duron-ron: we have people applying to our community net with more degrees than a thermometer
da-duron-ron: (that's somebody elses line, not mine)
Pam / Rin: it's a good comparison though
Daniel Bienvenu: no luck... and i tried workopolis
Dr.D: Hehe, I heard it as more degrees than a Mason :-)
da-duron-ron: right...same idea
Pam / Rin: keep trying Daniel, they post new listings every day
Daniel Bienvenu: of course, I keep trying
da-duron-ron: too bad you weren't out here Daniel. We could put you to work
Pam / Rin: also, try outside your normal category -sometimes it helps to look in related positions
da-duron-ron: only trouble is, we couldn't pay you
Pam / Rin: isn't pay the definition of a job Ron?
Dr.D: Pay is important, Ron.
Pam / Rin: pay is good
Daniel Bienvenu: @dr.d: i will send you newly taken pictures of me
da-duron-ron: I know.
Dr.D: At least in a mercantile economy.
Pam / Rin: <E> pay is the only reason I work
da-duron-ron: details, details
Dr.D: Okay, Daniel.
Dr.D: What would you do if you didn't need pay, Rin?
Pam / Rin: <E> complete her degree in philosophy
da-duron-ron: Retirement=work without pay
Pam / Rin: <E> paint for fun
Dr.D: She could do that anyway.
Daniel Bienvenu: you will see that I look more awfull than you, dr.d. ;-)
Pam / Rin: yeah, but it's easier when you can go to school full time
Dr.D: How much longer do you have to go?
Pam / Rin: <E> about a year and a half, full time
Dr.D: If it is too bad, Daniel, I will make you look good with PhotoShop.
Dr.D: Maybe you could pick up a class here or there? Dunno what is available.
Pam / Rin: <E> that's the plan
Dr.D: "Synthetic a priori knowledge and the spread of BSE", there is a good thesis topic.
Dr.D: Maybe Ag & Food would send you back to work on that one.
Pam / Rin: she's gotta get a bachelors before she can write a doctoral thesis!
Dr.D: Undergrad thesis, I did one for my B.A.
Dr.D: That's how I got "with honors in biology" on my diploma.
Pam / Rin: <E> "The Mentality of Farmers, Explained"
da-duron-ron: aha
Dr.D: Too easy, one word, 'MOO".
Pam / Rin: <E> less has been said on philosophy papers : )
Pam / Rin: unless they're tobacco farmers of course
Pam / Rin: then they just cough
da-duron-ron: and now ladies and gentlemen: the world according to Donald Trump
da-duron-ron: You're fired
Dr.D: Gimme my severance pay.
Pam / Rin: which reminds me, I missed The Apprentice tonite
da-duron-ron: just started here
da-duron-ron: Mother changed the channel, and since it's her ballpark, and her bat and ball
Dr.D: That tripe will rot her brain...
da-duron-ron: which is something she probably realized
Pam / Rin: in order to receive severance, one must be employed by a company for more than five years, and said company must have a payroll of more than 2.5 million in Ontario
da-duron-ron: something like that
Pam / Rin: believe me, I know - having now received it from two different companies : )
da-duron-ron: I know we were entitled to one week's pay for each year of service to a maximum of 28
Pam / Rin: I don't get fired, I get laid off
Dr.D: Convert $CN to lira or something, I'm sure it will come to 2.5 million.
Pam / Rin: one week for every year with the company
da-duron-ron: Hell, I never even felt severed, but I got the money
Pam / Rin: there's something to be said for the fact that I haven't been fired from a job in 17 years
da-duron-ron: downsized, not severed
Dr.D: I'd hope you wouldn't be fired, Pam.
Pam / Rin: they just keep restructuring on me : )
Dr.D: What were you doing that would get you fired? :-)
Pam / Rin: Oh I have been in the past Rich - that's what I get for speaking up for myself
da-duron-ron: somewhere in the early Roman Empire.... the General kept finding things for his men to do. When he could not do that, he re-organized
Dr.D: My job change is a form of speaking with my feet.
Pam / Rin: unfortunately, I used my mouth
Dr.D: Others in the lab are doing the same...the place will be bare come May.
Dr.D: Slug lab will be empty...
da-duron-ron: somebody should get the point
Pam / Rin: who's gonna feed the slugs? Former lab employees?
Dr.D: The somebody is finally getting it.
Pam / Rin: (Just dive into the tanks)
Dr.D: Not me.
da-duron-ron: slugs. We have a million of 'em
Dr.D: The 6 most senior people will be gone by May, me, 2 Ph.D. students, 3 M.S. students.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sleepy now.
Pam / Rin: hang on a second gents - gotta show Erin something
Dr.D: sleep, Daniel.
Dr.D: Logout and go to bed.
da-duron-ron: lie horizontal
da-duron-ron: ferme les yeux
Dr.D: <wonders what Pam is doing>
Daniel Bienvenu: I will not be online saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Dr.D: Good night, Daniel.
da-duron-ron: be well - drink hot rum until you can't see the end of the bed
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tous!
da-duron-ron: nite Daniel
Dr.D: <what he said>
Daniel Bienvenu: rum? maybe good for a cold?
Pam / Rin: good night, Daniel
da-duron-ron: beats buckleys
Daniel Bienvenu: <i said good night to all o you>
Dr.D: I knew that, Daniel :-)
Pam / Rin: no, it was an escargot
Dr.D: yummy, keep it off my pizza, please.
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pam / Rin: did i tell you about my plague rat dream?
Dr.D: No...
da-duron-ron: ??
Dr.D: Seven rats ate all the grain, and Moses said unto Pharaoh...
Dr.D: Or rather Daniel said unto Nebuchadnezzar...
Pam / Rin: no no - Russell and I were watching something on the history channel about the bubonic plague
Pam / Rin: one of the items was how it was spread by rats and fleas
Pam / Rin: I went to bed right after that
Pam / Rin: dreamed I was cleaning up a house and found a rat, so I picked it up
Pam / Rin: held him so his feet were in the air, and he was looking down his nose at me
Pam / Rin: thought (to myself, I'll point out) I hope he doesn't bite me
Pam / Rin: the rat turned his head and coughed a couple of times
Pam / Rin: but that isn't the funny part
Dr.D: He asked you for a Kleenex?
Pam / Rin: the funny part is, I said to the rat: "Faker!"
Pam / Rin: I woke up as Russell was coming to bed, laughing hysterically
Dr.D: Very strange....
Pam / Rin: he thinks I have too vivid an imagination
Pam / Rin: can't imagine why : )
da-duron-ron: Freudian Analysis?
Pam / Rin: oh no, direct correlation to the program
Dr.D: Not going to touch that one, Ron...
da-duron-ron: no repressed symbols?
da-duron-ron: :) me either
Dr.D: Why would a plague rat fake being ill?
da-duron-ron: only the Rat knows
Pam / Rin: probably so I'd let him go : )
Dr.D: Poor little fella must have been misunderstood, looking for attention.
da-duron-ron: my last dream (day ago) was of my ex-wife. I'm not going there either
Dr.D: eek
da-duron-ron: right
Pam / Rin: I've dreamt of all sorts of things - rats, weddings, subways to name a few
Dr.D: I have been dreaming of icky things like taking tests, since I am sick. That kind of stuff tends to come out when I don't feel well.
Dr.D: Probably will now dream of a rat taking a lab practical.
da-duron-ron: Oh, with me, they're a real tossed salad. Take everyting I ever did, and everyone I ever knew....mix them all up..... and serve a random slice
Pam / Rin: <E> chrome slugs doing the hokey-pokey
Dr.D: Now I dare not sleep, Rin....
Dr.D: Science does not remove the terror of the gods!
Pam / Rin: <E> with the meds you're on, it's probably a good idea
Dr.D: But slugs have only one foot, not right and left.
Dr.D: So they have to start with "whole self"
Dr.D: Chrome...hmmm.
Pam / Rin: you put your right antenna in . . .
Dr.D: No antennae...anterior tentacles and rhinophores.
Pam / Rin: picky, picky
Dr.D: I think that's the right URL
da-duron-ron: I had enough trouble with earthworms in grade 10 biology
Pam / Rin: only thing I dealt with in school was frogs
Dr.D: Not plane nor bird nor even frog...
da-duron-ron: speaking of birds, we had a dead robin out front tonight... once again proving that birds cannot fly through windows
Dr.D: hehe
Dr.D: they paint hawk outlines on the glass doors of the hospital to try to scare sparrows away.
da-duron-ron: think they really believe they can
Pam / Rin: they've been trying to disprove that for years Rich
Dr.D: They did it at UH here, not sure if it works or not.
Dr.D: But the black hawk decals are there.
Pam / Rin: well gents, it's time we two were in bed
da-duron-ron: interesting thought
da-duron-ron: yes.... I must give mom her insulin
Dr.D: Okay, hope Rin feels well enough to go to work tomorrow.
Dr.D: And I hope I can make it to robot lab.
Pam / Rin: morning comes waaaay too early
da-duron-ron: be well all
Dr.D: And hope Rin doesn't give Pam whatever she had.
Dr.D: Good night, Ron.
da-duron-ron: :)
Pam / Rin: <E> Pam hopes that too
Dr.D: Morning is early by definition.
Pam / Rin: Gnite Ron
da-duron-ron: now...where's the off switch...... ah...there..... poof
Pam / Rin: <E> Morning is evil by definition
da-duron-ron left chat session
Dr.D: No morning is not evil.
Dr.D: It is just early.
Dr.D: All right, bye.
Pam / Rin: a debate for next week
Pam / Rin: g'nite Rich
Dr.D: no debates
Dr.D: <poof>
Pam / Rin: hugs for all
Dr.D left chat session
Pam / Rin: kerpoof
Pam / Rin left chat session
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