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Daniel Bienvenu: Harvie?
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hallo Harvie! did you had problems last week to connect to the adamcon chat
Harvie: No I got on fine, two weeks ago Dales site was down
Daniel Bienvenu: I had problems to connect last week
Daniel Bienvenu: I were unable to chat with you
Harvie: I thought I talked to you last week
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Druselius
Harvie: But you were in and out
Harvie: Hi Doc
Druselius: Hail and well met!
Druselius: Wonder where the Clee contingent is.
Harvie: Did you lose an "h"?
Druselius: Hehe, that is my name in Latin :-)
Druselius: There is no "sh" sound in Latin.
Harvie: They will be on soon I suspect
Daniel Bienvenu: hello dr.d
Druselius: Hi Daniel.
Harvie: Then how do they tell someone to "Shush Up!"
Druselius: Or I should say "Bonjour".
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir! :)
Druselius: Hmmm, good question, Harvie.
Druselius: soir = evening, yes.
Harvie: Maybe the Latin people were too polite to say such a thing
Druselius: No, they would just kill you :-)
Druselius: hold a sec
Harvie: Do you have your school back?
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changed username to half a brain
half a brain: good heavens, where is everyone?
half a brain: Hi Harvie, Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello! half a brain?
half a brain: I'm missing half my brain - she's gonna be late
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Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! ok!
changed username to Queen Bee
Harvie: Hello, which half are you
Queen Bee: hello
Queen Bee: all
half a brain: the Pam
half a brain: half
Queen Bee: who's half a brain?
half a brain: me
half a brain: everyone has an alias tonite!
Queen Bee: me who?
half a brain: Pam
half a brain: is that you Rie?
Queen Bee: where's erin?
moved to room Meeting Place
Queen Bee: but of caorse
Harvie: And is Queen Bee = Marie
changed username to Who am I?
half a brain: She'll be here
Queen Bee: i can't stay long
Who am I?: hmmmm
half a brain: she said about 9:30
Queen Bee: i just came too say hi to her
half a brain: we need more clues, Who am I
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry guys, I have to leave now. someone need the phone here. talk to you again in a couple of minutes
half a brain: okay Daniel
Who am I? changed username to Rin the Red
half a brain: so you're online after all Rin?
Rin the Red: Lookee lookee
Harvie: I suspect "who am I" is from Cleveland
half a brain: when did you get hooked up?
half a brain: nope, that's Rin
Rin the Red: tonight :-)
half a brain: I suspect Druselius is from Cleveland tho
half a brain: cool - with Tamco?
Rin the Red: nope sympatico :-)
Rin the Red: yay
Rin the Red: surprise
half a brain: DSL?
Rin the Red: nope not yet
Harvie: That must mean you have a computer then
half a brain: Mom tattled on you
Rin the Red: I do Harvie :-)
Druselius: back, had to get Gretchen in bed.
Rin the Red: mom's a pain
Druselius: Rin the Red?
half a brain: no, Russell's mom, not yours
Druselius: No Pam tonight>
Druselius: ?
Rin the Red: yes Druselius
half a brain changed username to Pamela solo
Druselius: Hi Marie.
Druselius: Where is Pam?
Druselius: Pam solo?
Druselius: Rin is borrowing a computer?
Pamela solo: yeah, because Ms. Rin is on her own 'puter
Queen Bee: y hello there druselius
Rin the Red: hehehe
Druselius: Her own? Your Dad finally got one working for her>
Druselius: ?
Pamela solo: no, she inherited my mother in law's old one
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Druselius: Ah, tired of waiting :-)
Pamela solo: which reminds me, I had better go and lock the door
Pamela solo: brb
changed username to Judy
Rin the Red: hi Judy!!
Harvie: Hello Judy
Judy: good evening all
moved to room Meeting Place
Druselius: Hello Judy.
Pamela solo: Hi Judy
Harvie: Where is the BOB
changed username to Bobs
Pamela solo: where did you put it Rin?
Judy: have you got your own computer, Rin?
Pamela solo: Hi Judy, Hi Bob
Bobs: Her I sis
Bobs: here I sis
Pamela solo changed username to Pamela
Bobs: is
Rin the Red: in the unit...I need to get a desk now
Rin the Red: I do Judy
Pamela: working on that : )
Harvie: Howdy Podner
Rin the Red: yay :-)
Rin the Red: Hi Bobs!!!
Druselius: Hello Bob.
Judy: way to go
Bobs: use kitchen table Rin
Bobs: miss me did ya???????
Pamela: always Bob
Bobs: am in two worlds right new laptop today and am installling
Pamela: BTW, Dad says hello - I just got off the phone with him
Bobs: cool mon!!!!!
Bobs: and theya re OK ????
Harvie: Wasn't aimin at ya
Judy: next time you talk to him say hi back
Pamela: they're fine - finishing up their tour of wine country
Pamela: you can tell him Judy - he'll be back next week
Bobs: wino's eh ?????
Judy: drinking thru it are they?
Pamela: no, buying through it : ) I saw the Visa bill : )
Druselius: How are your Mom and Dad, Pam?
Bobs: OUCH
Pamela: having a good time Rich
Pamela: health is good
Judy: sounds good
Pamela: I wish they could say the same about the trailer though
Queen Bee: cool
Druselius: Trailer is kaput?
Bobs: oh oh...what's the matrer????
Pamela: there's a roaming repair guy who frequents the park they're staying at - he's been over to them three times since they arrived
Queen Bee: welll all i better be off
Bobs: trailer is a wino
Druselius: What's wrong with it?
Rin the Red: night Chickpea!
Queen Bee: night all
Pamela: once to fix a hot water line, once to fix the gas line from the bottle to the trailer, and again to re-connect the bottle properly : )
Harvie: Bye Bye Marie
Queen Bee: night doodle bug
Pamela: night sweetie
Druselius: Gas line, sounds dangerous....
Pamela: TTYL
Pamela: nah, just newfangled construction that Dad doesn't understand yet : )
Queen Bee left chat session
Druselius: I'd hate to see it explode.
Druselius: So now he will be shopping for a new one in earnest.
Pamela: won't happen, they're too careful. They have one bottle with the old connection and one with the new - they're supposed to switch to the full one automatically but it didn't happen
Bobs: you gotta unnerstand Richard, richard...........been awhile since a shakedown cruise you know
Pamela: very true, Bob
Bobs: got to get the old valve changed over to new type
Druselius: The Meteor is holding up better than the trailer, sounds like.
Bobs: so got cold eh??????
Druselius: I never hear of any problems with it.
Druselius: Cold is GOOD.
Pamela: when they couldn't get it to switch, they called the repair guy who helped. Then last night they discovered that the new bottle wasn't fully connected and if it's not, the gas will not flow
Druselius: No more sweating out of clothes.
Pamela: actually they're using the van
Bobs: cold, but SAFE
Bobs: Meteor is history, no ????????
Harvie: Not cold Bob, cool
Druselius: I don't think yet, Bob.
Druselius: It was there when I was there in January, right Pam?
Bobs: oh yea right Harv
Pamela: oh no, Dad refuses to get rid of it - but Mom refuses to ride in it so . . . impasse
Pamela: yes Rich
Judy: it has been downright cold around here, but warming
Druselius: What, it rides great...big old-fashioned station wagon.
Pamela: not a wagon - a sedan
Pamela: and the seats are not that comfortable
Pamela: Mom and Dad find the van much more comfortable to ride in
Harvie: You can tell it's cold when you have a piece of water
Pamela: plus, the Meteor is so big that it's a pain to drive around town
Pamela: and believe me when you're trying to find parking in Niagara Falls, smaller is better : )
Druselius: I like the seats in a Meteor/Grand Torino.
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changed username to <undefined>
Druselius: My Grampa D. had one, the car before the '74 Maverick was a 1971 Grand Torino.
Pamela: the grand Torino was a different vehicle Rich
Pamela: much smaller
Pamela: the Meteor is 20 feet long!
Pamela: actually, I think it's a barge in disguise
Pamela: you could house a family of four under the hood
Druselius: The Meteor is the station wagon version of the Torino IIRC.
Druselius: My Maverick is 18 feet long :-)
Pamela: nope
Druselius: It's bigger than either of our Minivans.
Druselius: It was the Canadian version of one of the big Fords, then maybe LTD.
Druselius: I need to dig out my 1974 shop manual set...
Bobs: got it Dr d
Pamela: bigger than the LTD - same size as the Lincoln Continental of the same era
Bobs: in canada all the names are turned around from the states
Harvie: Meteor was the cheap Mercury
Pamela: the Meteor is a Mercury, don't forget
Druselius: Ford/Mercury were clones then.
Pamela: only the grills and lights were different
Druselius: Ford Maverick (cheapo), Mercury Comet (air conditioning, 302 V8).
Druselius: And different grille.
Pamela: that's how you can tell them apart
Pamela: mercurys usually have four headlights, fords two
Pamela: or round vs. square
Pamela: at least the older ones
Pamela: as of the Tempos and Tauruses, no difference
Druselius: Comet/Maverick still had 2, but they were only one step above the Pinto.
Pamela: vs the Topaz and Sable
Druselius: .
Druselius: ? those are relatively new
Druselius: .
Druselius: Can't remember when Sable/Topaz came out.
Pamela: try like 1985 (Tempo / Topaz) and 1986 (Taurus / Sable)
Pamela: I know, because the Tempo replaced what I was driving, the Ford LTD
Pamela: the smaller one, on the Panther chassis
Druselius: Grandma D. got a Tempo after she gave me the Maverick.
Pamela: they are great little cars - hard to kill
Druselius: I coulda had the Tempo, too, after she died, but I didn't want it, the Maverick worked fine.
Pamela: no comment Bob? I know you've been driving Crown Vics for a while
Druselius: Anyway Rin, are you on DSL now or what?
Rin the Red: So, Jusy....does Meeka have her pics of El Paso up yet?
Rin the Red: Judy
Rin the Red: small keys sorry
Bobs: stick to crown vics or grand marquis
Pamela: too big for me
Druselius: <small voice> I don't have mine up, been too busy with classes
Pamela: drove Dad's '87 Crown Vic - too big
Rin the Red: it's okay Doktor
Bobs: don't know if she has them up or not
Bobs: prolly not
Harvie: brb
Pamela: 'kay
Druselius: I have multi-hundred photos...
Rin the Red: I'm just curious if there are any up other than Dale's
Druselius: have to write a script to make the thumbnails...if I do it manually, I will be den ganzen Tag (i.e., all day).
Judy: don't know she has been working quite a bit , talked to her this afternoon
Druselius: Elanor is gloating, "There are WAFFLES AGAIN in the freezer!"
Pamela: and you don't have all day
Druselius: Don't ask me why.
Pamela: mmm, waffles
Druselius: I only live here.
Pamela: I haven't had dinner
Rin the Red: that's a ditto here
Pamela: me thinks perhaps I should go slap together a sandwich or something
Druselius: No food!?!?! Tsk. Tsk.
Druselius: Yes, go get something to eat.
Pamela: I will eventually
Judy: she is not on line tonight
Druselius: I would beam you over a sandwich but the Heisenberg compensators are down here.
Pamela: I made the mistake of going out just as I got hungry - by the time I got back, I wasn't hungry any more
Pamela: well that's no good - I wouldn't want it to end up in Germany or something
Druselius: I am sure some German would eat whatever I put into the transporter.
Druselius: We had some broiled steak here tonight.
Judy: depends on how long it takes to get there
Druselius: Not sure how fast something could be sent to Germany from here.
Judy: we had t-bones on the grill, very good!!!
Druselius: My old boss sent some slugs from Cleveland to Tel Aviv via air once.
Pamela: it's allegedly instantaneous
Pamela: I shoulda raided the fridge at my parents place!
Druselius: It took 24 hours...and only 2 of the 6 slugs survived.
Rin the Red: oh wow
Pamela: I'm not eating slugs
Rin the Red: not jet-setters, eh
Druselius: It was for an experiment he needed to do with a colleague in Tel Aviv.
Druselius: And he didn't want to use the local Mediterranean slugs.
Judy: not very good odds, dr
Pamela: I bet the slugs weren't happy
Druselius: No, their cooling ice melted, for one thing.
Harvie: Dis the Mossad mistake them for terrorists?
Druselius: This was before 9/11...
Harvie: They have been gung ho for many years
Druselius: Now I don't think he would dare take them as checked luggage...
Druselius: That's true.
Pamela: i'm going to investigate the contents of my fridge - brb
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changed username to james
james: hello
Judy: hi, James
(007 music plays in the background)
james: small crowd today
Druselius: Hi James
Rin the Red: hello James
Druselius: But Rin managed to get her own computer online tonight.
james: how is everyone?
Harvie: Good morning James
Bobs: hiya James
Druselius: Doing well, fall has definitely come to Cleveland.
Druselius: We had some frost last night.
Druselius: A few crickets still chirping this evening, though.
Harvie: Are all the MIBs gone from CWRU?
james: fall is here too though nowhere near as chilly as frost
Judy: Bob is walking better, cane free
james: the crickets are thankfully mostly gone
Druselius: But they will not make it for many more nights.
Druselius: Thankfully? I like them.
james: i like them, unless it's 2 a.m. and they're keeping me up
Druselius: Peaceful sleep...
Druselius: Anything new from Jean and Jack, Bob?
Druselius: We didn't tucker them out by being there, did we?
Bobs: no they are fine
Bobs: got some emails from here and gave her all your email addresses
Bobs: so WATCH OUT
Druselius: hehe
Judy: talked to Jean was having trouble with email to us
Druselius: What is her E-mail address? I can make sure it is whitelisted.
Druselius: Is she subscribed to the ADAM list?
Bobs: dan't gfive it to ya mon or i would have to kill ya
Druselius: coladam rather.
Bobs: NO she is not
Druselius: No prob, just asking.
Druselius: I could sign her up if she wants.
Druselius: Only me and Dale see the spam...I kill it before it ever gets out to you folks.
Druselius: About 10 per day now, though.
Judy: what is a whitelist?
Druselius: It is a list of addresses that *ALWAYS* get through, no matter what the content.
Judy: got you
Druselius: It is for trusted people :-)
Druselius: You assume they will never send you spam...
Bobs: well put our on it.............adamcomputer, jslopsema & rslopsema...both
Druselius: Got them.
Bobs: swell mon
Druselius: I think some of those are already on the list, but I will check to be sure.
Druselius: All I need is the 10 MB file, I can take it from there.
Druselius: I have the logs of everything that got diverted to coleco, too.
Rin the Red: if it's in caps do you think he will notice
Druselius: All done up and ready to put somewhere...
Druselius: Hehe
Bobs: think maybe rslopsema is on, but don't know about the rest
Rin the Red: :-)
Druselius: I "yelled" it at Jill last week.
Druselius: She said she'd pass it along.
Pamela: there, that's better
Pamela: Hi, James!
Druselius: If Dale had set up the chat client with the defaults, I'd have been able to grab the logfile already and work my magic on it.
Druselius: But he installed it in a non-standard place.
Rin the Red: food, Pam?
Pamela: uh huh
Rin the Red: what'cha havin?
Pamela: one hotdog sandwich
Druselius: Hot dog, yum.
Pamela: with Havarti
Rin the Red: cool
Pamela: except i'm getting bbq sauce on the keyboard
Rin the Red: LOL
Bobs: oh heartburn express !!!!!!!!
Judy: that would not be a good thing, Pam
Pamela: thats what Gavescon is for Bob
Druselius: hot fingers
Bobs: I guess
Druselius: Hot dog with havarti, hmmm, not sure about that one.
Druselius: Elanor interrupt, had to read/sign something.
Pamela: I went for quick and junk foodish
Pamela: it's good Rich
Pamela: the Havarti is very mild flavoured
Druselius: I like Havarti, don't get me wrong.
Druselius: Just never heard of it on a wiener.
Druselius: guess I am not sophisticated ;-)
Pamela: hey ya work with what ya got
Druselius: Iron Chef Pam.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: iron tummy Pam : )
changed username to ron<>ron
Pamela: Hi Ron
Harvie: Hi Ron
ron<>ron: hello all
Druselius: No, that is for hot dog with tabasco and horseradish :-)
ron<>ron: Harvie, my son
Druselius: Ron doesn't know if he's coming or going...
Pamela: ick!
Judy: hi, Ron
ron<>ron: ??
ron<>ron: Hi Judy
ron<>ron: Bob
Druselius: Unless Ron means ron != ron like in C...
ron<>ron: yes
ron<>ron: it's one of these matter -- anti-matter things
Druselius: Ron and Anti-Ron.
Pamela: ah, balancing the universe
Druselius: If they meet, BLOOOEEEYYY!!!!
ron<>ron: we just don't actually touch eachother
Druselius: Just like in Star Trek, "The Alternative Factor".
Rin the Red: HI RON!!!!!
james: sorry all. wasn't ignoring
Bobs: for SHAME on ya James
ron<>ron: Hey James!
james: was checking on aiden
Druselius: How is the littlest one?
james: doing well
james: a much easier baby than his big brother was
Pamela: Rin, when do I have to start feeding Schiefer?
james: or is, for that matter
james: brb
Rin the Red: um Friday night please
Pamela: okay - till Monday evening, right?
Druselius: Why must Pam feed the kitty?
Pamela: because Mama is heading for the center of the universe
ron<>ron: Again this year, I am looking for a way to turn oak oak leaves to
Rin the Red: going to Windsor for Thanksgiving
ron<>ron: $10 bills
Druselius: Windsor is the center of the Universe?
Pamela: if you figure it out Ron let us know
ron<>ron: indeed
james: heh heh
Pamela: I could make good use of that trick
ron<>ron: I can almost hear the old oak tree laughing at me
Bobs: shirts on the way Ron
Pamela: which reminds me Rich, did you mail Dad's yet?
ron<>ron: oh my Gorsh..... the money!! Geez.... will get it away post haste
Druselius: Nope, honestly totally forgot.
Bobs: taking the scenic route past Mt St Helens
Druselius: Hmmm...I can do it Saturday.
Pamela: well wait till Friday now - because Monday is a holiday and they'll be home Sunday
ron<>ron: she's not done yet, Mt. St. H.
james: ron, you could probably sell the leaf on ebay
james: and get $10 for it
ron<>ron: hmmmm....... a thought James
ron<>ron: what am I bid for a west coast oak leaf
james: brb. need my allergy medicine
Pamela: 10 cents
ron<>ron: awww
Druselius: Not so many leaves falling here yet.
Pamela: you asked : )
Druselius: I expect that peak color will be next weekend.
ron<>ron: :) Yes Pamela
Pamela: around here it's chestnuts
ron<>ron: aha
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: maybe I should sell them for ammo
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again!
ron<>ron: Salut Daniel
Rin the Red: hi Daniel
Pamela: allo again, Daniel
Harvie: Leaves don't fall untill there is enough rain Doc
Druselius: Squirrel mortality is up this week, judging by roadkill...stupid things running into traffic like mad...or crossing 5-lane roads on electric wires and falling off.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Pamela: aha! so that's why they're clinging
Pamela: the leaves, not the squirrels
ron<>ron: we had another robin attempt to penetrate plate glass
ron<>ron: this one lived to tell about it
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy, hi rom, hi 'rin
Bobs: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bobs
Druselius: ouch
Pamela: I had a near miss iwth a squirrel the other day
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Judy: they are washing up on the shore at Lake Michigan
Pamela: Hello Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Rin the Red: hey Guy!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi guy
ron<>ron: squirrils or robins?
Judy: hi, Guy
Harvie: Hi Guy
Pamela: or leaves?
Druselius: Hello Guy.
Judy: they have not figured out why and there are more than one kind that are doing it
Pamela: suicidal squirrels?
Daniel Bienvenu: please, tell me when I'm wrong. it's important for me to improve my english
Judy: squirrils
Druselius: Squirrel <pedant mode>
ron<>ron: hmm
james: back
Judy: ya, not a good speller here
Druselius: It was only for Daniel's benefit :-)
Druselius: Rin must be checking her E-mail or something...she is too quiet.
Rin the Red: hey Pam...
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks dr.d ;-)
Druselius: Or else plotting...
Pamela: yes Rin?
Judy: we did have it one time that we were in the boat and a squirrel came in the boat on the river
ron<>ron: mmmm - date squares
Druselius: Daniel, I find that my "foreign" students are my best spellers on examinations.
james: how have you been, pam?
Rin the Red: when do they turn on the heat in this building?
ron<>ron: dessert
Pamela: in about a week
Rin the Red: okay...
Bobs: NEVER, you just FREEZE to death
Pamela: good James - getting back into work mode
james: same here
Druselius: I take off points for misspelled words on exams...and my domestic students complain bitterly.
james: parents went home on sunday
Rin the Red: thanks Bobs...just wanted to make sure :-)
ron<>ron: Did you pay the heating bill Pam/Rin??
Druselius: I tell them _____ ____ or something equivalent :-)
james: so i'm slowly catching up on things here
Pamela: we don't pay for heat Ron
Pamela: which might explan why we don't have any
ron<>ron: well then...
Pamela: : )
james: why don't you "blankety blank blank" :D
Druselius: Neither does the landlord then, apparently!
Bobs: roghto Pamela
Bobs: righto
james: oops.. minus points for missing punctuation
Judy: cool
Druselius: It's a puzzle, James.
Pamela: no, they turn on the heat around the 15th of October I believe
Harvie: Oct. 15 to May 15 by provincial law
Pamela: sooner if it gets really cold
Druselius: 32nd of Septober.
Judy: we have the fireplace on right now
ron<>ron: I see
james: septober is a popular month with my students
Druselius: Do you have space heater(s) for emergencies?
Pamela: oh yes Rich
Druselius: I still have my dorm-sized one from lo 24 years ago...
Pamela: couldn't get along without them
Rin the Red: I need to get one
Druselius: Only a few times did I ever make toast with it :-)
Bobs: good thing.....but poor Rin......tsk, tsk
Pamela: I have two - you're welcome to borrow one
Rin the Red: I'm borrowing an extra comforter from Pam already
Pamela: and now she's comfy toasty warmie
Druselius: Hehe, the ADAMcon16 afghan?
ron<>ron: we don't want you two freezing in the dark
Bobs: sure, lets Russell freeze to dath
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not good in puzzle when it's in relation with a language I don't assimilate well like english.
Pamela: no, the afghan is gracing the foot of my bed
Druselius: Have your cats discovered it?
Pamela: are you kidding Bob? Russell, freeze to death? The man is a furnace
Bobs: FARN dats
Pamela: no, and they're not going to
Bobs: well he DOES look warm and fuzzy
Druselius: Cats like afghans and comforters.
Pamela: I put it away out of reach of them every morning
Druselius: Our did when I was a boy, anyhow.
Pamela: if I left it out they'd be doing happy feet on it and that would be disastrous
Guy B.: My heat hasn't been turned on yet.
Druselius: Ours, I meant to type.
Druselius: -1/2 to Dr.D.
Rin the Red: hehe
Pamela: he's my personal furnace, Bob
Druselius: Anybody see our glorious CWRU last night on TV?
james: i'd say the most annoying trend in abuse of the english language recently is apostrophe abuse
Pamela: I saw a nice blue background Rich
Rin the Red: My mom did
Druselius: Yes, too many people think "it's" is a possessive.
Rin the Red: she was impressed and thought it would be a nice place to attend
james: i see that a lot
ron<>ron: it isn't is it
Druselius: Hehe...despite all the "rebranding" campaign, it was still called "Case Reserve University".
Daniel Bienvenu: But I normally like puzzles like this one : 3 guys are going to a motel, the clerc tell them it's 30$ for a night and they have to pay right now. they each pay 10$ before going to the room. after a couple of minutes, the clerc realized that the room wasn't 30$ but 25$ and asked the janitor to give back 5$ to these 3 guys. the janitor think about it and decided to only give back 1$ to each of them and keep 2$ in his pocket. So, these guys finally pay 9$ each for a total of 27$ and the janitor has 2$ in his pocket for a total of 29$, not 30$. Where is the missing 1$?
Judy: good thing if they don't give you heat until oct 15
Druselius: A crawler on CNN had it "Cape Western Reserve University". We're now an oceanside resort...
Druselius: Hmmm Daniel...
Bobs: is this a TRICK question Daniel ????
Bobs: I think it was lost in the money conversion rate and went to the bank...........
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
Pamela: as long as it's not in hurricane country, Rich
Bobs: oh well take what you can get
Druselius: still thinking, if it doesn't scroll off...
james: i'm feeling mighty stupid here
Daniel Bienvenu: do you want my solution? it takes me time but i fugred out that there is no 1$ missing at all.
ron<>ron: you're not along James
ron<>ron: alone
james: i'm sure that's the key and it's somewhere in the phrasing of the problem that the trick lies
Druselius: There isn't there is a bad assumption that each guy paid $9 as discounted.
Daniel Bienvenu: the error is when adding 2$ to 27$ for a total of 29$. the answer is 27$-2$=25$
ron<>ron: each paid $10 and got a dollar back
james: i wish you hadn't posted the solution :P
Druselius: Yes, that is it Daniel.
Druselius: Tricky phrasing.
ron<>ron: think my anti-matter just contacted the matter... I have turned to mush
james: oh ron, thanks for bill's email address last week. i haven't had a chance to mail him yet
james: or anyone else
ron<>ron: right James. YOu'll get to it
james: "eventually"
Pamela: put it on your to do list, James
james: my assistant of two years sees to it that i don't get much done in the mornings or evenings
ron<>ron: priorities
Pamela: yes, but you wouldn't trade a minute of it James
james: well there are certain minutes that i would, but for the most part, yes
james: and he's very attached to me
Harvie: The secret is to fall behind first thing in the morning and then you have all day to catch up
ron<>ron: they do have a way of becoming part of your life
james: maybe not quite as much as his dump trucks but i rank in a very close 2nd to his grandmother which is saying a lot
Druselius: Re: mush, Ron, maybe it's time to sleep.
Pamela: I'm good at that Harvie
ron<>ron: was raking leaves this afternoon - really feeling it
ron<>ron: tomorrow there will be a pile of bones on the floor
james: hey ron, as a westerner, do you know how long the bus ride is from calgary to edmonton?
james: i'm taking 3 junior high school girls to canada next year and they did a documentary here on the west edmonton mall
ron<>ron: I know it's about 2-1/2 hours by car
Druselius: I think the response is, "Can you hum a few bars?"
james: to which i've now capitulated in taking them to
james: pardon the dangling preposition
ron<>ron: not sure wether the bus is a milk run or straight thru
james: ok, even if there are a few stops it's probably not much worse than 3 hours.. ok.. very doable
ron<>ron: ah.... the WEM
ron<>ron: I know the WEM
james: one of our stops is calgary (going to banff) and i have an extra day to play with
ron<>ron: yep. It's a 4 lane highway all the way
Harvie: When I lived in Calgary (1980) it was cheaper and faster to fly
james: i've been informed they're willing to get up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to get there and go shopping
james: you can imagine my excitement :P
Druselius: James, you said you're transporting young girls across provincial lines?
ron<>ron: it's really worth seeing James - once
james: cheaper to fly.. wow.. those were the days
james: yeah, like niagara falls - once
Druselius: <runs>
Harvie: Lougheed's air force
Guy B.: Niagara Falls. Slowly we turn, bit by bit. Inch by Inch.
Pamela: brr, my fingers are cold
Daniel Bienvenu: ho james! what is happening with your disk drive problem?
Druselius: Need hot sauce, Pam.
Pamela: need gloves : )
ron<>ron: James, would you be anywhere near Vancouver during the trip?
james: dan, i think it's a mechanical problem with the drive itself and not a controller malfunction
Druselius: Hehe Guy.
Guy B.: You remember that Dr. D.
james: so in theory if i pick up a 360k drive, i think i can fix it
Druselius: I read that Larry Fine, one of the 3 Stooges, would have been 102 years old today.
james: @ron, we'll be stopping there briefly at vancouver airport on our way in
Druselius: They did that skit.
Daniel Bienvenu: where can you find a 360k drive?
Druselius: And many other vaudeville teams :-)
james: you're welcome to meet up with us in calgary on our way out. we'll be in banff and edmonton for a few days
ron<>ron: ok. No chance for a visit then
james: calgary isn't much of a saunter for you, is it?
ron<>ron: hmm.... any idea when?
ron<>ron: no, only about 14 hours, and I have a brother over there
james: i can give you an exact date
Pamela: and did you all hear that Rodney Dangerfield died?
james: 14 hours?
james: from vancouver to calgary?
james: oh.. drive?
ron<>ron: yes
ron<>ron: about 2 hours on a kite
james: sec.. let me pull up the kids' schedule.. going to have to print that today anyway.. they've been bugging me for it since august
ron<>ron: direct from Comox
Guy B.: Yes, there is one guy who will get a lot of respect for his funeral.
james: but things got delayed since i lost some power supplies from a lightning strike in august
Druselius: Poor Rodney.
james: @dan, if you find a 360k drive, let me know!
Pamela: they were discussing his early career on CHUM FM this morning
Pamela: apparently he developed the routine by using that line and then tailoring a tag line to fit on the spot
james: i've currently got us arriving in calgary on april 1th
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: in which computer I may find a 360k disk drive? an old XT?
james: probably
ron<>ron: April 1th eh?
Pamela: said he didn't enjoy movies as much because the immediate feedback wasn't there
james: an old xt or 286 even
ron<>ron: That might be do-able
james: yup, as they call it here
Daniel Bienvenu: in this case, i think i have one.
Druselius: brb
Daniel Bienvenu: but how to be sure?
Pamela: is that the first or the 11th, James?
ron<>ron: we should plan on setting something up
james: it's the onth
james: *oneth
Pamela: gotcha
ron<>ron: ya lost me son
james: heh heh
Pamela: April fools day, Ron
james: ron, it'd be nice if we could hook up.. it's been about 16 years
ron<>ron: oh
james: april 1th is a friday, btw
Pamela: are you coming to T.O this time James?
Daniel Bienvenu: is there a particularity to recognize a 360k disk drive than a more recent one?
ron<>ron: will hafta see about that. A lot will depend on how things are here
james: yup, doing pretty much the same trip as the first time i came, except the homestay is at the beginning
Pamela: you're going east to west then?
james: well i understand it's a long drive and the roads can be tricky at that time of year
james: yes, it's much easier to go east to west
ron<>ron: thinking I would fly -
james: work our way back west at a relaxed pace; makes the trip home much less gruelling
ron<>ron: in an airplane that is
james: heh heh
ron<>ron: arms get too tired if I try it without
Guy B.: I thought I let you guys know. I'm about 80% sure that I will host Adamcon 18 in Chicago. But, let me see what I need to do.
james: i'm kinda peeved.. for once the hockey schedule would have worked perfectly in my itinerary
Pamela: Yay!
Rin the Red: that would be awesome Guy!
Bobs: that is good news Guy........will help ya all we can
Druselius: back...reading
james: and the greedy players who won't be happy until they're paid more than the gdp of smaller countries force management to lock them out
Daniel Bienvenu: congratulation Guy
Guy B.: Jeanene has said she will help me out with it.
Druselius: Guy for ADAMcon 18, that is super.
ron<>ron: sounds like a plan Guy
Judy: wonderful, Guy
Pamela: find someone who's planned a wedding Guy - I guarantee that will help
ron<>ron: I like it
Guy B.: I have to see what dates are good for everyone.
ron<>ron: wha.... ya mean everyone has to get married...... Not I
Pamela: which reminds me i need to go take my cell phone off the charger ( don't ask about that train of thought!)
Guy B.: Well, it won't be me getting married. That's for sure.
Pamela: never say never, Guy
Bobs: kinda early aren't you ???????
ron<>ron: night has fallen
ron<>ron: (thud)
Daniel Bienvenu: s there any different between two 5"1/4 disk drive to find a good one for you james?
james: anyway ron, maybe as we get a little closer to spring we'll have an idea if you think you're up to it
james: @dan, it has to be genuine 360k
james: not 1.2mb
Druselius: Remember Spike Jones' version of "The Glowworm", Ron?
ron<>ron: fer sur James.
Daniel Bienvenu: is there a mention on the drive somewhere or a number of pins or something?
Pamela: how do you tell James?
ron<>ron: um..... I pretty sure I've heard it, but it's not coming back
Druselius: Nelson Eddy/Jeannette MacDonald parody...girl sings "When the night falls silently...the night falls silently...."
ron<>ron: oh yeah.... now it comes back
Druselius: Then Spike dumps Fibber McGee's closet on the floor.
Druselius: Klang, anvils, pots, etc.
james: @pamela - i'm not sure.. it's been awhile since i've had to look at them
james: the disks are easy to tell apart though.. the 360k disks have a hard ring around the centre hole
ron<>ron: that's not Beeeedle baum
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: what abouth a 5"1/4 disk drive from an old Tandy 1000 EX personal computer?
Guy B.: Well, more changes to my AdamEm program. I had to put a Error trap in, but at least it won't bomb out now.
Pamela: oh, then that's probably not mine
james: @dan.. i think it'd be okay as long as it's the same as a pc drive..
Bobs: should do it Daniel
Bobs: they only had 360's i think
Druselius: "Der Fuehrer's Face" is probably my favorite Spike Jones cut.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a complet Tandy 1000 I never use, I find it at a flea market and looks perfect
james: hmm.. might do the trick
Druselius: And it was his first big hit.
Judy: I am going to call it a night, can
Druselius: "William Tell Overture" is great, too.
Judy: can't seem to stay awake, night all
Druselius: No prob, Judy, sleep well.
Pamela: night Judy
Pamela: sleep tight
Rin the Red: nite Judy
ron<>ron: which one had the line, "The invisible man is here" ....... (reply) "Well, tell him I can't see him."
Guy B.: I think I will too. I will see how Saturday goes. I'm on vacation next week, but not heading anywhere. So, I'll see you all next week otherwise.
Guy B.: Bye Judy.
Judy left chat session
ron<>ron: Nite Judy..... rest the eyes
Rin the Red: nite Guy
Pamela: g'nite Guy. Enjoy your vacation - it's well deserved
Daniel Bienvenu: if you want my tandy 1000, we will have to find a way to give it to you.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy!
ron<>ron: Nite Guy
james: @dan, i think i'd only want the drive
Druselius: All right Guy, good night.
Druselius: Nice news about possible ADAMcon 18.
Bobs: nite Guy
Guy B.: Bye. Poof
james: that's a lot of shipping weight to send to japan
Pamela: ADAMcon is going strong
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: i will see what i can do, i never open a tandy 1000 before
Bobs: gonna go here tool kids.......tired and all
Pamela: okay - night, Bob
Pamela: see you next week
Rin the Red: nite Bobs
james: good bye bob
Druselius: BobS tired too? :-)
Druselius: Good night, Bob.
Harvie: A 360 floppy turns at 300 rpm, a 1.2 drive at 360 rpm, if that helps Daniel
ron<>ron: sleep well Bob
Bobs: nite all
Bobs left chat session
Pamela: oh that's logical Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks for the info Harvie.
james: @pam, how is your father? it's odd not to see him on
ron<>ron: brb
james: @harvie, thanks
Druselius: he is having an independent extended ADAMcon without us :-)
Pamela: he's fine James - he and Mom are in Niagara, touring winerys and playing tourist
Pamela: he'll be back next week
james: so what if i had a 1.2mb drive and told it to spin at 300?
james: cool, the wineries there are very nice
james: went in the summer once and we could smell the orchards as we drove through
Pamela: the doctor told him not to go anywhere more than half an hour from the nearest Ontario hospital so they played it safe
Harvie: The heads are different width
james: good plan
james: ok.. so genuine 360k it is
Pamela: Erin, can you hear me yelling at the cats?
Druselius: Are you yelling at your own, or Rin's?
james: i'm going for lunch. i'll leave myself in lurk mode and if people are still here in 15-20 mins i can chat more
Pamela: mine
Pamela: enjoy James
Druselius: Are they being naughty kittens?
Rin the Red: no sorry Pam
Druselius: So they get no pie.
james changed username to james-lurking
Rin the Red: can you hear my cat yelling :-)
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: not over mine
Druselius: Shiefer is yelling?
Pamela: suddenly they've decided to whine
Rin the Red: crying more like
Druselius: A catfight between cats, hmmm.
Pamela: I did hear her last night though
Druselius: Is she Siamese with a loud cry?
Harvie: James, I remember discussions about using 1.2 drives and they worked but not reliably unless high quality disks were used and disks could only be read on the drive they were recorded on
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I personnaly tried a 1.2m drive and it never works for me.
Druselius: I never had any luck using 5.25-inch 720s or 1200s to write 320/360s to be read on a genuine 320/360K drive.
Druselius: If you read it in the same 720/1200 drive you formatted it on, it worked fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, and that's normal
Druselius: But I lost about half of my original commented EOS-7 disassembly back in 1988 due to that error...
Daniel Bienvenu: oops
ron<>ron: ugh
Harvie: That's because the 360 head is much wider path than the 1.2
Druselius: Fortunately it was just typing of handwritten comments, so I just had to retype it.
Druselius: Yes Harvie.
ron<>ron: Are Rin and Pam on separate computers now?
Pamela: yes Ron
ron<>ron: progress
Rin the Red: :-)
Harvie: No more fighting for the keyboard?
Pamela: well of a sort, but I miss the company
ron<>ron: separate computers..... separate kats
Pamela: we never fight
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check again to find a drive for james. i don't want to cut in piece my tandy 1000, i don't know if i will be able to find another one.
ron<>ron: never?
Pamela: not that I remember
Druselius: never?
Pamela: do we Rin?
Harvie: Well hardly ever
Druselius: loaded question...
Rin the Red: we play fight
ron<>ron: was waiting for that
Rin the Red: you haven't killed me....
Rin the Red: .....yet
Pamela: or vice versa
Druselius: Wow, just heard a loud drive whine from my Apple G3 system...BRB.
Pamela: it's like having a sister, but without the sibling rivalry
ron<>ron: not good
ron<>ron: neat eh?
Pamela: oh, it definitely has it's advantages
Rin the Red: it's all good :-)
Pamela: sorry James : )
ron<>ron: Yes.... it's alll good
Pamela: it's the closest I'll ever come to having a sister
Druselius: back
Rin the Red: ditto Pammie :-)
Pamela: awww
ron<>ron: and what's with the G3
Druselius: External SCSI HD made a loud main bearings whine.
ron<>ron: cute - cut it out you two
ron<>ron: I know that whine
Pamela: alright, mush over for the night
Druselius: It seems to be okay...I shut the whole system down and powered off the external box.
Rin the Red: <big yawn>
Pamela: stop that!
ron<>ron: sleep Rin
Harvie: Back up and replace real soon
Druselius: Yes.
Rin the Red: I'm thinkin'
Druselius: Restart, it came back up and is quiet.
Pamela: congrats, you managed to give that away
Rin the Red: I've been up for quite a while
ron<>ron: Goood Lord!
Druselius: But for about 5 seconds there was a crescendo of whine.
ron<>ron: thinking is bad for the soul
Harvie: 3 in 1 oil?
Pamela: go to bed Rin
Druselius: No externally-accesible points, I think.
Druselius: I remember trying it with MFM ST225s.
Rin the Red: I know, I know
Pamela: (nag, nag, nag)
Pamela: however, I live in a glass house so shouldn't be throwing stones
Druselius: You already had a hot dog, no need for oats :-)
Harvie: To the clean room Doc
Druselius: Maybe both of you should put your kitties to sleep.
Druselius: Yes.
Rin the Red: well,'s been a slice.....and I'm glad to be back....but I think I'm going to beddy byes
Druselius: I disassembled a drive once for kicks.
ron<>ron: Nothing more attention-getting than the sound of metal on metal at high speed
Druselius: It was a dead one, so I couldn't hurt it more.
Pamela: night, sweetie
Rin the Red: night Pammie
Pamela: will I see you tomorrow night?
Druselius: Bye Rin, glad you are net.accessible again.
ron<>ron: G'nite Rin....go straight home now
Harvie: Goodnight Red
Druselius: Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
Rin the Red: should be tomorrow Pam
Rin the Red: hehehe
ron<>ron: no stopping at the bar, getting drunk
Rin the Red: good night all
Pamela: okay. Call me when you get home
Druselius: When are you leaving for Windsor?
Rin the Red: Friday at 4 I think
Druselius: Never mind, bye Rin.
Rin the Red: have to get the ticket tomorrow
Druselius: Important item.
Rin the Red: yuppers
Rin the Red: til next week all
Rin the Red: ciao, ciao
Pamela: bye bye
ron<>ron: :)
Rin the Red left chat session
Druselius: Don't eat too much turkey.
Pamela: She has the right idea I think
Pamela: I should go to be too
Druselius: or whatever the main dish is for your Thanksgiving.
ron<>ron: a Thanksgiving dinner...... what.... in Windsor?
Pamela: bed, that is
Pamela: yeah, which reminds me I should ask her to bring me home some scalloped potatoes
Druselius: I have to take the bus at 6:30 AM tomorrow, I guess I should go too.
Pamela: oh ick, Rich
Pamela: why the bus?
ron<>ron: comes fast enough Dr. D.
Druselius: Long day, too: I have been invited to another Scholarship Dinner by a campus sorority.
Druselius: 6-7:30 PM.
Druselius: So I won't get home until after 8 PM.
ron<>ron: dirty job Dr. D. But somebody has to do it
Druselius: At least they will feed me :-)
Pamela: I'm tired just hearing about it
ron<>ron: I hope so
Druselius: One gal in this sorority is in my anatomy class.
Harvie: Sounds like a good time to sign off, goodnight all
Druselius: All the Greek organizations ask faculty to visit.
Pamela: gnite Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Harvie
Druselius: the good ones do, anyway.
Daniel Bienvenu: merci pour les informations
Druselius: Okay, good night to all.
Druselius: I will sign off, too.
Pamela: night Rich
Pamela: see you next week
Harvie left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit dr.d
ron<>ron: Yeah.... I'm gonna wrestle some mor with my ATI Radeon card which doesn't like Linux on the Mac
Druselius: 3s and 8s, we gone, bye-bye...
Druselius: <poof>
Druselius left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: good luck ron
ron<>ron: apparently, there is a way
Pamela: okay guys, I'm for bed
ron<>ron: all I have to do is find it
Pamela: see you in a week
Pamela: good night all
ron<>ron: nite everyone
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
ron<>ron: matter-antimatter dematerialize
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit ron, pam and james
ron<>ron: xizzhggpp??!!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
ron<>ron left chat session
james-lurking: and then they were one
james-lurking: *poof*
james-lurking left chat session
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