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BobS: HI Harvie
rich-c: allo, allo!
Harvie: Howdy howdy
BobS: richard is IN CONGNITO
rich-c: greetings, Bobs and Harvie
BobS: oh Hi Richard
BobS: how is ??????
BobS: or is it how are ????
BobS: since there are two of ya
Harvie: I only see 1
rich-c: you two entered simultaneously - I've been sitting here playing Free Cell awaiting action
BobS: ahso.....palying games, eh ????
rich-c: but I only show one of each of us
rich-c: only Free Cell, it's about the only one I do play - perhaps because it's in the Windows package
BobS: naw.....I like hearts or solitaire
rich-c: well, Free Cell is one form of solitaire, just a great deal more challenging
Harvie: Freecell is more exercise for the brain
BobS: which means it boggles the mind more
rich-c: I can't play hearts as it moves too quickly for me to see the opponents' play
rich-c: but Klond8ike (the other solitaire) is pretty much pure chance
rich-c: with Free Cell you hav3e a chance to exercise skill
BobS: that is true .......and then you can't do the cards
rich-c: when it's real rather than virtual, I love a game of hearts
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changed username to DanielBienvenu
rich-c: Frances is very good at it but it gets her so wound up it's hard to get her to play
DanielBienvenu: hello hello
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
BobS: Hi Daniel
DanielBienvenu: too soon?
rich-c: with Free Cell, my best so far is 44 wins in a row
DanielBienvenu: Free Cell? I like it, but I prefer programming new games. :)
rich-c: when you're the fourth to arrive, Daniel, you're hardly too soon
rich-c: well, we wre just discussing the Windows games
BobS: GO RICHARD !!!!!! the new Bill gates !!!!!
DanielBienvenu: hehehe!
rich-c: I like Free Cell - right now my winning average is 83% and I hope to raise it
Harvie: The only hand Microsoft had in these games was to copy them
rich-c: I think Pamela will be on later - she has a problem
rich-c: she used Windows Update and something seems to have happened in the VMM
Harvie: Not at all surprising
rich-c: anyway, she gets some sort of insufficint memory message when she tries to download anything
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rich-c: I've been trying in desultory fashion to see if I can get some advice to help her
changed username to Scarlett
Harvie: Hello Red
rich-c: hello Rin, how's the Legislative Assistant?
Scarlett: allo allo :-)
BobS: ....... O'Hara ???????
Scarlett: very well....did you hear the news?
BobS: go fix Pam's 'puter will ya ?????
rich-c: what? have they found bin Laden?
BobS: NO, what ?????
BobS: and shot the b......d
Scarlett: I'v officially been promoted
BobS: to ??????
rich-c: hey, neat-o - what's the new rank?
Scarlett: I've gone from General Assistant to Special Assistant ...I will still be MPP Liaison but also Legislative Assistant
rich-c: right - gives you more rank, seniority and a raise, right?
Harvie: Do you get to wear dark glasses?
BobS: Ah a SPECIAL person
Scarlett: indeed a raise....much more than I would have predicted too so I am very pleased
Harvie: Sorry, that's special agent
Scarlett: no, no dark glasses.....get to carry the tape recorder though
rich-c: we are all very pleased for you, Rin - you can surely use it
Scarlett: thank you....the Minister is very impressed with my work and he knows I am very's a nice feeling <blush>
rich-c: not sure I'm too gleeful about having a full-time politician in the family ;-)
Scarlett: hehe...I know :-)
BobS: just don't believe a word she says Richard
Harvie: Just make sure they don't blame all their broken promises and lies on you :)
BobS: that will take care fo the problems
rich-c: well, the Ministry is agriculture, so she'll learn all about fertilizer?
Scarlett: hehe
Scarlett: we even make the jokes
BobS: ya
Harvie: Are you on duty at the fair?
Scarlett: the Royal?
Harvie: Yes
rich-c: Rin, any idea if Pam is coming on tonight?
Scarlett: I'm not sure if I am or not Harvie.....I can let you know when I find out for sure
Scarlett: I dunno Uncle R...haven't heard
rich-c: she seemed to think so a few days ago but we haven't talked since
Scarlett: I spoke with her last night she said she would be on tonight
rich-c: OK, just hasnt made it yet, then
rich-c: also had a call from Michael today - he thought he might be on this evening
Harvie: She was a little late last week wasn't she
rich-c: he's spent teh summer with his park trailer up on Rice Lake but now it's shut down for the winter
BobS: haven't heard for Michael in a long time
rich-c: yes, may be watching a tv show
rich-c: he sounded much less frantic today - bubbly but unfussed
Harvie: Better dope ? :)
rich-c: he has got himself a new dog to replace PJ, which definitely helps
BobS: well.........he is always a little exuberant, is he not?
BobS: could he Harvie
Scarlett: who's Michael?
Harvie: When did PJ depart?
rich-c: from what I've gathered he has somewhat cut back on that, Harvie
rich-c: he dies early last spring, I think - a pity, he was one smart dog
rich-c: Michael is a long-time Adam user, Rin, known well to the old-timers
Scarlett: oh okay :-)
BobS: alittle .....shall we say.....uh......on cloud nine with medications.........
rich-c: I will tell you more at another time, or you can ask Pamela
Scarlett: okay very cool
rich-c: muc, much more to the story than that, Bob
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: well tell rin the WHOLE story
Harvie: Hello Pam
rich-c: ah, hi, daughter - we were just wondering when you'd turn up
Pamela: greetings everyone
Scarlett: hello Pammie
DanielBienvenu: hi Pam
rich-c: not online Bob, remember this is archiived and indexed, vulnerable to Google
Pamela: Russell says hello too
rich-c: try Googling your own name sometime - very revealing
Scarlett: hi Russell
rich-c: Russell is no doubt in mouring - it's the last week of teh regular football season
Pamela: yeah, and he's going to miss the game tomorrow night because he has to work : (
rich-c: extend my heartfelt sympathies to him, I know just how he'll feel ;-)
BobS: oh well then take the subject for what is worth
Pamela: what story are we supposed to be telling Erin?
rich-c: well, it's a n othing game, but some of the goings-on should be reavealing
Scarlett: already told're late ;-)
rich-c: when you have time privately you may explain who Michael is - I heard from him today
Pamela: oh, okay
Pamela: how is he? and where is he?
rich-c: he's closed up the trailer now and is back in Toronto - he sounded very good
Pamela: brr, i'm freezing
Scarlett: ditto on that...and it's overcast out <pouts>
Pamela: I'm glad to hear that - we never got out to visit him this summer
rich-c: why? heat not on in your building yet, or did you leave a door open?
Pamela: yes, Russell is upset because he can't see the eclipse
Scarlett: I know I'm not happy
BobS: why not ??????
Pamela: heat is on but I'm in the back room with the window open for ventilation, and it's the coolest room in the house
BobS: we can see it here.....or will be able cleared off about 8pm
rich-c: well, maybe it will clear by 11 - but it was supposed to break up this morning
Pamela: apparently it started about 20 minutes ago
BobS: is about 20* comvered right nowe
BobS: up must have
BobS: yup
rich-c: your mother wants to remind you of the eclipse last year
BobS: 20% coverage right now........typeing better ????? dark in here
rich-c: yes, totallity is 11.04
Pamela: yes, we remembered. That was fun
Pamela: much better Bob
BobS: you yust aks and I vill tell ya vhat it is cobering
rich-c: anyway, Pam, we wre talking about your computer problem earlier
rich-c: but Rin arrived before we wre able to swap any ideas
Scarlett: sorry...was a bit excited :-)
Pamela: oh well, don't beat it to death here Dad
BobS: yes, Bill Gates got ya agian eh?????
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Pamela: were you telling about your promotion, Rin?
rich-c: well, Bob or Harvie might be able to offer suggestions - did you get my emails?
BobS: she already got congrats.........
changed username to Dr.C.
Scarlett: I was
Harvie: Hello Doc
Pamela: I did, Dad - thanks. That's why I was so late - reading my 38 emails
BobS: de doktor
Dr.C.: I have been eclipse-watching.
Dr.C.: Cleveland is crystal-clear tonight.
BobS: not real good yet doc
rich-c: gather teh cloud cover is broken up over your way
Scarlett: hello Dr. Rich
BobS: or are you earlier that us here in mI ???
Dr.C.: I am keeping the girls up to see it total in about an hour.
Pamela: if there's an eclipse in Toronto, it must be cloudy
Dr.C.: Hi Rin (I presume).
BobS: say 10:30 to 11:15
Scarlett: indeed
Dr.C.: Yep, nice long total stretch.
BobS: Pam....almost 1/2 now, Judy says
rich-c: what's the Dr. C about?
Dr.C.: Eclipse the D :-)
Scarlett: LOL
Pamela: cute
Dr.C.: I can follow the progress with the letter...
rich-c: ouch - should have k own better than to ask
Pamela: yes you should have, Dad
BobS: correction...Judy is full of 'pink ink' tis only about 25%
Pamela: where is the moon tonite? Since it's cloudy : (
Dr.C.: When I get to Dr.., you'll know it's total.
Dr.C.: In the east.
Dr.C.: Kinda looks like an upside down U, cocked 45 degrees now, concave down.
BobS: si senor
Pamela: I love it, play by play
Harvie: brb
Pamela: gotta go refill my choncolate milk and kiss my hubby good bye - be right back
BobS: hookay Harvie
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Dr.C.: Probably the starrynight site has a live animation or something...gotta be some live webcam sites.
BobS: now THAT sounds like a challenge
changed username to The 1 And Only
The 1 And Only: hello all
rich-c: hello Michael
Dr.C.: Computer-controlled hobby scope, webcam, easy to do.
BobS: HI michael
Dr.C.: And it is not sundown in Komox, so no eclipse for Ron.
The 1 And Only: hi pam
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The 1 And Only: hi rin
changed username to Judy
BobS: tis the Michael Hurst
Dr.C.: Must be Marie
Scarlett: Hi Chickie Pea
The 1 And Only: yeppers
BobS: he don't like his real name..........
The 1 And Only: but who else???
The 1 And Only: lol
Dr.C.: Hi Marie.
rich-c: hello Judy - sorry I can't get Frances to jo9in you
The 1 And Only: hello
Dr.C.: Hubris, downfall of the Greeks.
Judy: hi, everyone
Dr.C.: Hello everyone else I didn't say hi to yet.
DanielBienvenu: hello Judy
rich-c: have the laptop all set up but she doesn't want to go online
Judy: why won't she join the chat?
Dr.C.: Is it too cloudy where you are to see the eclipse, Daniel?
BobS: so tis Marie who don't like here real name..........
DanielBienvenu: too cloudy, yes
The 1 And Only: i like to chnage everything all around
rich-c: says she's spending too much time on the computer as is - she may be right ;-(
BobS: Frances afraid it will blow up ?
Pamela: Hello Rie, hello Judy
Judy: tell her hi, anyway
Pamela: sorry, I was off refilling my drink
The 1 And Only: hi pam
Pamela: how are you Chickpea?
Pamela: and Judy, are you frozen yet?
BobS: ......a CHOCOLATE guiness?????
Scarlett: mmmmmmm
Judy: no, why?
Pamela: no, no, no - a chocolate moo
The 1 And Only: i'm good you?
Pamela: things are okay but I'm really tired tonite
Judy: I have been working on my quilt and that keeps me nice and warm
rich-c: Guiness does not have the sort of chocolatey flavour of some other stouts
Judy: I am drinking almont tea, also very warm
Pamela: what, no cross stitch, Judy?
BobS: SO......question people........saw the deal bout ' (?)' ............anyone got any ideas what the object is
rich-c: I find that being in the computer room keeps me more than warm enough
Pamela: apparently curtains would help in here : )
rich-c: no, haven't looked at the website yet
Pamela: guess I'll have to bite the bullet and put them back up
Judy: no, haven't been doing much cross stitch, have so much already, no more walls to fill
rich-c: could it be that outfit that bought the rights ot the games multi years ago?
Pamela: actually that's funny, I have three pieces to finish and I give mine away! I don't have any of my own on the walls at all
Dr.C.: Eclipse is about 2/3, turning orangey here.
Judy: you have to be kidding
Pamela: nope
BobS: less than 1/2 here and white
BobS: but is it really a Telgames deal ???? or did they sellthe rights???
Dr.C.: 2/3 eclipsed is what I mean.
Pamela: we have two pieces that my sister in law did, one for me and one for Russell - but none of my own
Dr.C.: Less than half of the original moon is showing, yes.
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Judy: have to finish the quilt that I started when I cut my finger
changed username to Ron
Dr.C.: uh-oh
rich-c: ah, that's the question - or even did Telegames spin off a subsidiary?
Dr.C.: almost dropped binoculars!
Harvie: Hello Ron
Pamela: but using scissors, right?
Dr.C.: whew
Scarlett: Hi Ron
Pamela: Hey Ron
Judy: have it all piece and now is the fun part the hand quilting
Ron: evening all
rich-c: there is a resurgence of interest in the 8-bit games as you know
Judy: hi, ron
Dr.C.: almost knocked the things off the table here.
Pamela: you don't piece it by machine?
rich-c: ah, welcome Ron - didn't see you come in
Ron: Don't know whether or not to watch the World Series, or the lunar eclipse
Ron: both happen about every 86 years
Judy: yes, I do piece it on the machine but I hand quilt it
Dr.C.: haha
Pamela: not lunar eclipses Ron
Pamela: ah, gotcha
rich-c: oh, the last full eclipse was last Nov. 8th
Dr.C.: If it is total by you, Ron, it should loom large in the sky.
Pamela: you have to have really even stitching for that
Dr.C.: Low moon, lens effect.
Ron: I know... just coming up over the trees now
Dr.C.: Girls decided to watch from the front porch.
Dr.C.: I can see it out the basement window if I look up about 75 degrees.
Judy: I do try but no one looks at it that close, I don't think
Pamela: ouch, Rich
Dr.C.: Will it be total in Komox.
Ron: say the experts
rich-c: how is Boston doing, Ron? Have a buddy who's a real Red Sox fan
Pamela: are you doing a particular pattern?
Ron: 3-0 top of 5th
Ron: for Boston
Dr.C.: IIRC the first Boston batter hit a homer.
The 1 And Only: i will
Dr.C.: So I was told.
rich-c: he will be over the moon about that - it's been 68 years
Ron: It ain't over 'till it's over
Judy: this one you just do straight lines
rich-c: yes, but up 3-0 in both game and series their chances look good
Judy: really an easy quilt
rich-c: they may yet evade the Curse of the Bambino
BobS: AND the lady sings.........."it;s over, it's over, it's OVer.........."
Ron: indeed.... and my cousin Dr. Bob in Charlottetown will party in the streets
Dr.C.: Hehe, they can still blow it with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th and lose the next 4 straight.
Dr.C.: *THAT* would be curse of the Bambino.
Ron: One of these maritime fans with a Red Sox licence plate
Pamela: well you're quite the optimist Rich
Dr.C.: Hey, New York did that.
rich-c: really? does Boston fandom still extend that far north, even with Toronto and Montreal in the big leagues?
Dr.C.: Not quite 2 out in bottom of 9th.
Dr.C.: But they still choked 4 in a row.
Ron: oh yes. He has an autographed Ted Williams baseball in his den
Dr.C.: Autographed Bucky Dent bat too? <runs>
rich-c: a fan before the Canadian franchises started, no doubt
Ron: well, he almost got the team physician job early in his medical career
Dr.C.: wiw
Dr.C.: wowo
Dr.C.: wow
Dr.C.: (I can type)
Ron: he's been going to Fenway for a long time
Pamela: (sure you can)
rich-c: I would reckon so - though it is a bit more than an hour's drive
Ron: yep....but he goes
Ron: brb....must go look at the moon
The 1 And Only left chat session
Dr.C.: It's about Dr.) now.
rich-c: we are definitely being put upon - everyone else gets a clear sky, we have a blank
Dr.C. changed username to Dr.}
Dr.}: Dumb chat won't let me put a ) in the username.
BobS: from Telegames website....."Effective September 2004, we ceased our support of all "classic" and "orphaned" video game systems and software. These products are no longer available from us. "
Dr.}: Clear penumbra and umbra.
Judy: look on tv, they just showed the thing
Dr.}: Umbra is getting reddish here.
Dr.}: Still crystal clear sky.
Harvie: Hey Doc, loved your costume
BobS: sounds like theya re reinventing themselves
rich-c: OK, looks like someone bought the rights from them then, Bob - interesting
Dr.}: It's a pip, isn't it Harvie?
rich-c: maybe Daniel will find a market for his product yet ;-)
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
BobS: will see what happens.....might be interesting
DanielBienvenu: I don't think so.
DanielBienvenu: Hey! a friend of mine send me a link that makes me laugh. A friend of mine send me a link that makes me laugh.
Harvie: When is/was the contest?
DanielBienvenu: it's about the electronic voting system in florida
BobS: maybe the copyrights ran out tnd they don't want to sell as PD stuff
Pamela: sounds like the one that Mom sent me
Pamela: you make a cute girl, Rich
Dr.}: <kiss>
Dr.}: It's all in the fin.
Ron: I used to be a werewolf, but I'm ok noooooooooooowwwww
rich-c: oh, that one originated in the City University of New York I think, Daniel
rich-c: don't know how long the copyrights on games last, but it has been 21 years
rich-c: still, books I know it's life of the author plus 50 years, so I don't think the games would be PD yet
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Pamela: is it really that long Dad?
changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: Hello Guy
Pamela: Hello Guy
rich-c: welcome, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!! Has anyone seen the lunar eclipse yet?
Judy: Hi, Guy
Pamela: we're all keeping an eye on it Guy
BobS: hiya guy
Judy: yes, Guy we are watching it
BobS: tis coming !!!!!!
Pamela: at least, those of us who have clear skies - that is those of us not in Toronot
Pamela: Toronto, I mean
rich-c: I see River West claim they are "working with" Telegames as the successor copyright holder from Colecovision
Dr.}: Hello Guy.
BobS: either watch it tomight or wait until 2007
Dr.}: Going out to look again at der Mond.
Guy B.: It's almost total here in Chicago and the next total eclipse won't be until 2007. I'm taking some shots with my digital camera.
DanielBienvenu: About copyrights, someone gives me a link to search about registered trademarks and copyrights.
Scarlett: hi Guy
rich-c: US Patent and Trademark Office, perhaps?
Pamela: probably
Dr.}: Looks like Mars with a white yarmulke now.
DanielBienvenu: but I don't catch why a game like breakout has both dead and live trademark in this search web page.
Pamela: tee hee hee
rich-c: more than one version may have been copyrighted
Dr.}: Same red color as Komox, Ron, just not as intense.
Guy B.: Be right back, going to take another shot.
Pamela: i'm gonna go see if I can see it
Pamela: brb
Judy: we just went to look, not quite full yet
Pamela: nope, too cloudy
rich-c: I thought the next one was March 2006 - or is that not total in all North America?
Pamela: sheesh Erin, no wonder you're cold - your window is wide open
Scarlett: hehe
Scarlett: it is
Dr.}: You're looking in Erin's window? (waves)
Pamela: I can see her balcony from my bedroom window
rich-c: sure, on teh side they're hollering back and forth at each other ;-)
Pamela: nah, we just use the phone - it's quieter
Pamela: it's kinda silly actually - we'll talk on the phone for an hour rather than walking up or down a flight of stairs. I do that with Lindsay, too
rich-c: I wonder how many of the copyrights on teh games they isued wre owned by Coleco, and how many licenced?
Pamela: what's really weird is in the right conditions, I can call Lin and hear her phone ring through the phone and through the floor
Scarlett: that's weird
BobS: good question Richard......did they actually own the rights, or did they just atke them as their own
Pamela: it has to be really quiet in here for that though
BobS: kinda like a guy in texas
rich-c: well I think for instance they licenced the rights to Donkey Kong from Nintendo
rich-c: that's why Nintendo can keep on using the name and issuing new game
BobS: ahso
BobS: speaking of which,,,,,,,no James tonight
rich-c: Daniel, heard anything from James the last few days?
Pamela: has anyone heard from him? Was he affected by the earthquakes?
DanielBienvenu: yes, he's alive
BobS: wonder if the earthquake go him spooked
BobS: and?????
rich-c: I don't believe he was anywhere near the earthquake zone
Pamela: he's in the south west of Japan, right?
BobS: but the "ground still shook"
DanielBienvenu: i don't know... all i know is that he's ok
rich-c: that's my understanding, and the quake was way north
Pamela: quakes, apparently - they had another one yesterday
Pamela: ah, the joys of living in the ring of fire
Pamela: right Ron?
rich-c: aftershocks, it seems, some quite unusually severe
Pamela: at what magnitude do they stop being aftershocks and start being earthquakes?
rich-c: I bel,kieve it has more to do with where the epicentre of each may be
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. It's just a thin sliver now.
Pamela: it seems I've forgotten all the stuff I learned on the Earthquake Trail in S.F.
rich-c: just have to review it, Pam
Pamela: well it's been 30 years
rich-c: yes, that's long enough to justify a review
Pamela: that was a cool trip
rich-c: yes - if you Google it, it's in Point Reyes National Park
Guy B.: Oh, Boston is winning in the World Series.
Pamela: I remember that much Dad
rich-c: what's the score now, Guy? which inning?
Pamela: along with the seashore and the tidepools
Guy B.: Last I saw 3-0
Guy B.: In the 5th inning.
Ron: nature is grand
Ron: just about total eclipse now
Pamela: what was the name of the campground we stayed in Dad?
rich-c: well, we'll all have our fingers crossed for our folks and friends who are fans of Fenway
Ron: right
rich-c: oh heavens, Pam, I don't rmember that - just that wild road leading in to it
Pamela: something Ranch campground, I believe
rich-c: it was not the ideal place to tow a trailer
Pamela: was a very nice CG if I remember correctly
rich-c: you may be right - your mother will have it in her diary, I expect
rich-c: yes, we used it as a base for a number of expeditions
Pamela: boy the things you pluck from the depths of memory
Guy B.: We have a total lunar eclipse, but I'm unable to take a shot with my camera. So, the phases will do.
rich-c: I'll bet you still remember the mime at Ghiradelli Square
Pamela: yup
Pamela: and the ice cream lunch
Scarlett: well folks...I'm zonked...think I'm going to bed soon
Ron: I tried it Guy - (pictures from the deck) - not sure what I got
Pamela: probably very good advice, cousin of mine
rich-c: yep, being Special Assistant adds to the strain ;-)
Harvie: Goodnight Dcarlett
Ron: G'nite Scarlett, wherever you are
Guy B.: I got when the moon was going behind the shadow. Now that's behind. I can't get one.
Scarlett: yes getting up at 5 is an ungodly hour
rich-c: depends on teh quality of your camera, whether it allows time exposures
Pamela: Frankly, Scarlett . . .
Guy B.: Bye Scarlett.
Pamela: sorry, couldn't resist
Dr.}: back
Scarlett: haha
Pamela: night sweetie
Dr.}: penumbra is total, waiting on umbra
Scarlett: well good night all
Ron: did ya see it Dr.?
Dr.}: Yes.
Scarlett: until next week
Guy B.: Right now it's a orange color.
Pamela: will talk to you tomorrow hopefully
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Dr.}: Give it another 15 minutes and it will be totally in the umbra.
Dr.}: Scarlet moon, Scarlet Rin
Dr.}: Very dark
Dr.}: no updates
Dr.} changed username to Dr..
Pamela: I got dumped
changed username to rich+c
Pamela: apparently, so did Dad
Dr..: Just a long lag
rich+c: notice how I gott booted when
Dr..: I wasn't dumped, I just waited it out.
Guy B.: An update on my Adam Em Setup program. I'm going to test out the non-Adam disk size with Format and Dcopy from an image to a disk and see how it turns out. Then I'll ask for beta testers.
Dr..: You are a jinx on the chat, Richard :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
rich+c: notice how I got booted when Rin left?
Dr..: taking another peek
Guy B.: I'm still here.
changed username to Ron^2
Pamela: well I got dumped too
Pamela: what about youRon
rich+c: looks like Ron got dumped too
Ron^2: west is here?
Ron^2: yup
Pamela: west is here!
rich+c: makes me feel better that I'm not alone ;-)
Harvie: I didn't get dumped
Pamela: 'twas a glitch, I fear
Ron^2: there was a long silence
Ron^2: lunar effect
rich+c: oh, was it just a server delay and not a dump?
BobS: still 3-0 bottom of the 6th
Ron^2: yup....
rich+c: GO SOX GO
DanielBienvenu: I can see the moon
Ron^2: you get my message Bob
Pamela: man, and I thought football quarters took forever
DanielBienvenu: on tv
Ron^2: about being delinquent
Guy B.: I just found out tonight that I have a stomach infection. So, I'll be on antibiotics for 2 weeks.
BobS: and it must be the north of the border group that is being 'bad' and get chatized
BobS: chastized
BobS: ya mon I did
Ron^2: could be
rich+c: I dunno, Ron and Daniel can see it fine
Ron^2: you'll have to put a neg comment on my ebay account
BobS: ok
Pamela: sounds like fun Guy. How did you get an infection?
rich+c: just them of us downwind of all that Cleveland pollution are missing it
Judy: not cool, Guy
Guy B.: That's a good question. Could be anything. It was found during the blood test a couple of weeks ago.
Ron^2: Now tell me, those of you who know.....
rich+c: which anitbiotics are you on, Guy?
Ron^2: is the moon in the earth's shadow?
rich+c: yes
Ron^2: ah
Pamela: an eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon Ron
rich+c: the earth being bigger than the moon, it can stay totally hidden from the sun for a bit
Ron^2: right
rich+c: hides behind big brother, you might say
Ron^2: indeed
Pamela: a lunar eclipse, that is
Guy B.: I start the therapy tomorrow morning. It's called Prevpac. It has Prevacid, Bioxin and Trimox. Take 4 pills twice a day.
Pamela: a solar eclipse happens when the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun
Guy B.: And the next solar eclipse I believe is 2013.
Pamela: sounds like fun, Guy
Ron^2: I will be 68
rich+c: don't know that one, Guy I'm on simple penicillin variants at the moment
Pamela: I'l be 48
Ron^2: Mother says she doesn't want to know
Pamela: I don't blame her, Ron : )
Guy B.: Forturnately, my insurance covers this. After I'm finished, then I take Prevacid once a day.
rich+c: trouble with antibiotics is, they tend to kill the good bugs and upset your plumbing
Pamela: they just make me ravenous for 48 hours
rich+c: I take a cup of yogurt each day to restore matters
Guy B.: I take this before eating breakfast and dinner.
Pamela: you should take them on a full stomach Guy - it helps to prevent stomach upset
Ron^2: doesn't sound like fun, Guy
Guy B.: Abby is going to see the 2nd vet to have his evaluation on her left hind leg.
rich+c: not so, Pam - many are to be taken on an empty stomach
rich+c: the two penicillins I'm on are that way - 4 a day at 6 hour intervals
Guy B.: Doctor says I have to follow the directions listed.
Dr..: back, whole family saw it total
Pamela: all the antibiotics I've ever taken were to be taken on a full stomach
rich+c: depends on what they are and what they are for, Pam
Ron^2: I wish people wouldn't take stylistic liberties with "God Bless America"
Ron^2: sing it the way it was written
Pamela: ???
rich+c: if the doctor switches me tomorrow, I may well have a different regimen
Ron^2: on tv now Pam... sorry
Ron^2: 7th Inning
Pamela: who's singing God Bless America?
Pamela: oh, the 7th inning stretch?
Ron^2: some dude in the Stl Louis ball yard
Pamela: I prefer "OK Blue Jays"
Ron^2: :)
Pamela: : ))
rich+c: at this point they need God Bless the Cardinals
Ron^2: yes
Guy B.: What's the score?
Pamela: tee hee
Ron^2: still 3 zip
Guy B.: Alright. Looks like the curse will be over soon for Boston.
rich+c: the game ain';t over till the lst man is out - and St. Louis bats last
Ron^2: ah.... but Guy.... It ain't over till it's over
Pamela: don't say that too loud Guy
Ron^2: quoth the good Yogi
DanielBienvenu: sorry guys, I have to finish something before sleeping. good night!
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
Ron^2: Hi Daniel, Bye Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
Guy B.: That's true. My co-worker is still betting on St. Louis. But, anything can happen.
rich+c: good night, Daniel - catch you next week
Judy: nite Daniel
Harvie: Goodnight Daniel
Guy B.: Night Daniel.
rich+c: no Saturday this week - sorry, all
Pamela: what's up Dad?
Ron^2: noted Rich
DanielBienvenu: no saturday, ok
DanielBienvenu: bye!
rich+c: ask Russell
Ron^2: Saturday is cancelled
Pamela: ah, football!
Ron^2: we proceed directly from Friday to Sunday
Judy: I think I am goig to call it a night also, so night all talk at you next week
Pamela: nooooooooooo!
Guy B.: I was there last Saturday and no one was there.
Pamela: night Judy
rich+c: night Judy, see yo8u next week
Guy B.: Bye Judy
DanielBienvenu left chat session
Ron^2: nite Judy
Dr..: Bye a
Harvie: Goodnight Judy
Pamela: we can't cancel Saturday, it's going to be 25 hours long!
Judy left chat session
Dr..: was still looking outside
Ron^2: oh right.... we'll have to have it
Dr..: Elanor is still out there.
Dr..: Younger 2 were put to bed.
rich+c: right, and Sunday is Hallow'een
Ron^2: Boo!
Pamela: besides, we ahve a bed coming on Saturday - I want my extra hour to enjoy it
Ron^2: must carve my pumpkins
Pamela: oh, Scared!
rich+c: last year we only got one kid at the door all nithgt
Ron^2: i am not the best pumpkin carver, nor the worst
rich+c: we were going to skip getting anything to give out but relented at the last minute
Guy B.: Jeanene is going to carve my pumpkin for me, since I never tried. Got mine for $2.50.
Pamela: what's in the bowl this year, Dad?
Pamela: I miss carving pumpkins
rich+c: basically, mini chocolate bars - Cadbury
Dr..: get a pumpkin and carve it, then.
Ron^2: the way things are going around here, there won't be any left
Pamela: mine usually look like this: :0
Pamela: but I have no where to dispay it : (
rich+c: right, there is a pumpkin shoretage out west, isn't there?
Pamela: save me some Dad
Ron^2: no, a chocolate bar shortage, and it's local
rich+c: I can tell you the Niagara fields were full of them
Ron^2: like very local
Pamela: like in the house?
Ron^2: yup
Pamela: hmmmmm
Ron^2: strange that
Pamela: we'll have to investigate
Ron^2: indeed you will
rich+c: if we duplicate last year, you may inherit a whole box 8-(
Pamela: gosh, what hardship, Dad
Ron^2: we will probably only have 30 give or take
(Pamela gives Ron^2 a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Ron^2: mmmm
Ron^2: tks
rich+c: I'm sure you will bravely stand up to it, with Russell's help
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to get going and see how the game is going. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: we'll muddle through, I'm sure
Pamela: night, Guy
Pamela: take care of the tummy
rich+c: OK, cheer fgor Boston, Guy - see you next week
Ron^2: time to start watching guy, think we're on the virge of history
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Pamela: this is game three or four?
Ron^2: 4
BobS: game 4
Pamela: ahhhh
Guy B.: Thanks Pam, I will.
Ron^2: there are two inning left
rich+c: this is game four - win it and Boston sweeps the series
Dr..: Bye Guy.
BobS: well kids,. time for me to go also
BobS: so ADIOS
Ron^2: No joy in mudville (aks St. Louis)
BobS: see ya's nextr week
Ron^2: Nite Bob
Pamela: night Bob
Dr..: Bye Bob.
Harvie: Adidas Bob
BobS: bye
BobS left chat session
Dr..: (back from watching some more)
rich+c: bonsoir, Robert - see you next week
Guy B.: Bye Bob
Pamela: so what's happening out doors?
Dr..: The aliens are coming!
Dr..: and you can see....
Dr..: Green aliens from a red moon.
Dr..: Moon is very nice.
Dr..: Dark red.
Harvie: Seems like a silly notion, watching a moon that you can't see. Can you get a government grant for that?
Pamela: if so, I want in Harvie
Guy B. left chat session
rich+c: you can likel,y find a website broadcasting it live, Harvie
Ron^2: in the last 40 minutes, clouds have obscured everything
Dr..: Lot's of math symbols in usernames tonight.
Ron^2: can't see it no more
Dr..: But you did see it some, right?
Dr..: Ya got maybe 20 more minutes before it starts to get un-total.
Pamela: is that the scientific name for it Rich?
Dr..: And it's overcast in Toronto?
Ron^2: Oh yes, I saw it right up to total
Pamela: totally - we can't see a thing
Dr..: Oui, tres scientifique
Dr..: Sigh
Dr..: Have to see it on TV tomorrow I guess.
rich+c: go out and blow at the clouds, Pam, see if you can make a hole in them
Pamela: : (
Ron^2: I have some pics
Dr..: It is definitely a sight one should have in one's lifetime.
Pamela: won't you be surprised if it works Dad!
rich+c: in a word, yes
Pamela: we took the telescope over to M & D's last year and watched it
Pamela: 'twas quite an experience
Ron^2: Boston has runners on 2nd and 3rd, nobody out
rich+c: unfortunately, I had to watch it from the hospital
Dr..: I have seen Perseid showers...closest approach of Mars...Halley's Comet, Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp, the total annular eclipse of the sun here, about 4 total lunar eclipses, about 3 partial solar eclipses.
Pamela: quite a chilly experience if I remember correctly
Pamela: we watched the solar eclipse on Christmas day a few years ago
Pamela: that was fun too
Pamela: standing on the sidewalk in front of Russell's mom's place with our special glasses on
Ron^2: remember Hale-Bopp.... my very first Win 95 screen background
Pamela: seeing the eclipse, but not seeing each other
Dr..: I remember watching the partial solar eclipse on 7 March 1970.
Dr..: I had read about it in a library book in 1968 and saw the biiiigg track of it all across the continental US and was looking forward to it.
Pamela: you'd have been what, eight?
Dr..: Looked out the back dining room window to see it.
Dr..: March 1970, I was 7.
Pamela: I was four and a half
Pamela: too young to remember
Ron^2: April 1970 - I got married
Dr..: The book had been written in the 1950s and the latest eclipses it gave were for 1982.
Dr..: And I watched them all.
rich+c: I'd have been 40 then - likely happened on a school day
Dr..: That I could see from Ohio.
Pamela: 39, Dad
Dr..: It was cloudy, but the sun was visible through the clouds.
Dr..: It wasn't total in Ohio, just a bite out of it.
rich+c: I seem to recall great panics about not letting the kids stare and burn their retinas
Dr..: I had some Instamatic camera photos I took of the one in 1982, once...wherever they ended up...
Pamela: they're in the same place as the socks that escape from the dryer
Dr..: So that is why you build a pinhole camera projector box, like I did for the 1992 annular eclipse here.
Pamela: my girlfriend calls it the "great void of disappearance"
rich+c: but that takes the picture upside down! ;-)
Ron^2: that's where they go
Pamela: now you know Ron
Ron^2: gee
rich+c: I think they get transmuted into hangers, Ron
Dr..: It does, but it saves the retina.
Pamela: however . . .
Ron^2: I have socks that are separated
Pamela: LOL, Dad
Ron^2: right Rich
Harvie: Socks usually go over the basket in the washer sin cycle pam
Pamela: they go over the wall!
Pamela: so how many socks are floating in the lake?
Dr..: peeking outside again, BRB
rich+c: actually, they are swtill down in the machiery, getting slowly chewed into lint
Ron^2: bases loaded, nobody out
Harvie: And with any luck I get the service call to unplug the sewage pump :)
rich+c: a home run would go down real good right now
Pamela: however Ron, we watched an episode of Clean Sweep the other day - are you familiar with the premise?
Ron^2: indeed
Ron^2: um.... not really Pam....lay it on me
Dr..: the dark brown umbra is shifting to the right, the yellow yarmulke is moving to the will be un-totalling soon.
Dr..: I think about 10 minutes.
Dr..: But the bottom is still very deep red.
Pamela: an organizer, designer and carpenter get called into a home with a couple of really cluttered rooms, totally empty the two rooms right to the bare walls, redecorate and sort / toss the clutter
rich+c: btw, Doc, did you get that URL Daniel gave us? It's hilarious, you'll love it
Pamela: then do a yard sale for all the saleable stuff, and reveal the new decor at the end
Dr..: No, I frankly haven't been able to follow a lot of the chat with all the running in and out.
Ron^2: think my ex likes that one.... have heard her talk about ie
rich+c: it's
rich+c: give it a peek
Pamela: on the episode the other day, the couple in question had enough unmatched socks to spell out help enclosed in a circle in six foot high letters
Dr..: In the Netherlands?
Dr..: copied down for future ref
Harvie: Time for me to go, be well all.
rich+c: go figure - it originated at City University of New York, that's where I saw it
Pamela: Russell said we'd found the other end of the great void of disappearance - that's where all the spares landed
rich+c: see you Harvie, take care
Pamela: night Harvie
Ron^2: take care Harvie
Dr..: bye Harvie
Harvie: Time for me to go, be well all
Dr..: I'm gonna head out too, one more peek at the moon, and then to bed.
Harvie left chat session
Dr..: So...hailing frequencies closed.
rich+c: yes, you'll be up all night Tuesday
Pamela: you're going to get some sleep for a change????
Dr..: Good night all.
Pamela: Night, Rich
Dr..: Yes sleep
Ron^2: nite Dr
Dr..: Have to get up early.
rich+c: nite Rich
Ron^2: and morning comes soon
Dr..: <poof>
Dr.. left chat session
Pamela: well, i guess I should be sensible too
Ron^2: drama in St. Louis
Pamela: what's happening now?
rich+c: I'll buy that - time we all tucked in
Ron^2: They got one at the plate, and another... so now 2 out
Ron^2: bases still loaded
rich+c: unfortunately loaded basxes do make forces easy
Ron^2: yup, but it was a beautiful throw from first
Pamela: it's like the Jays win in '92 all over again
Pamela: hard on the heart
Pamela: just remember to breathe
rich+c: quite, I don't think I could bear to watch
Ron^2: strikeout... St. Louis got themselves out of that one
Pamela: okay, way too much drama. I'm for bed.
rich+c: still only down 3-0
Ron^2: the crowd hasn't had much to cheer about, but they're alive now
Ron^2: yup
rich+c: well, we will leave them to it - I must be off
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
Pamela: nite, Ron
rich+c: night, Pam and Ron
Pamela: say hi to Mum for us
rich+c: will do
rich+c: (poof)
rich+c left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Ron^2: I'm the only one left
Ron^2 left chat session
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