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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Harvie
changed username to Eric
Harvie: Hi rich
Harvie: Hello Eric
Eric: I'm Eric from alabama
Eric: hello Harvie
rich-c: greetings to our simultaneous arrivals!
Harvie: Hi, back again I see
rich-c: how's life going today?
Harvie: A little chilly, I was working outside
rich-c: we didnt go outside except for our weekly shopping - not too bad with limited exposure
Eric: getting cool here 50'
rich-c: but we apparently have a cold front coming through tomorrow
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changed username to Erin
rich-c: we've had our first had frost, Eric - about -5C or 22F
Eric: brrrrrr.
Erin: good evening gentleman
Harvie: Hello Erin
rich-c: hello, Rin, see you're yourself tonight ;-)
Eric: hello
Erin: I am...couldn't think of anything catchy that I haven't already done :-)
rich-c: had to give your sister-in-law a small slap on the wrist today
Erin: oh?
rich-c: she sent me a hoax xhain letter - I sent her a link to the full story
Erin: ahhhh I see
rich-c: I don't thinbk she'll get taken in again, at leasst if she listens
Erin: that's true
rich-c: by now I have a whole list of bookmarks in my "debunker" file
rich-c: deal with virus aleerts, real and phoney, urban legends, the lot
Erin: well that's good
rich-c: there is so much dangerous stuff out there on teh 'net you need to know how to cover yourself
rich-c: it can be dangerous even to send someone one of those electronic greeting cards
Erin: not surprising though well meaning
rich-c: do it with some sites and their email addresses will become so spam laden they have to give them up
rich-c: they have great privacy policies - for you
rich-c: they don't say what they are going to do with your friend's address
Erin: that's true
rich-c: I've managed now to convince my brother and nephew in Florida that they're Not A Good Idea
rich-c: but when we got back from holiday late October I had to delete 967 spams
Erin: oh wow
rich-c: and we'd been home and cleaned things out two weeks earlier
Erin: that's ridiculous
rich-c: I think it's criminal - but how do you stop them?
Harvie: I get about 150 spams a ady
Harvie: day
Eric: about 50
rich-c: yes, and that's after Tamco's filtering, right?
Harvie: Tamco does not filter
Erin: I only get about 3-8
rich-c: I'd say my daily total runs 75 to 100
Erin: but I'm not doing as much as you gents
rich-c: Rin, you shouldn't get any, your address is too new
rich-c: or did you fill in a form somewhere or take up an offer?
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughteer
Harvie: Hello Pam
Erin: I meant my hotmail acct
Pamela: hallo
Erin: hi Pam
Pamela: no alias tonite, cousin?
Erin: nope...just being me
rich-c: oh, on hotmail everyone gets spam - I think they send blind to likely names
Erin: 'cause I ain't so bad :-)
Pamela: no argument there : )
Erin: yeah that's why I am surprised at how few I get
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: Hi Harvie, Hi Eric
rich-c: hi Pam, how's it going?
Pamela: busy
Eric: hi pam
rich-c: figures, I guess
rich-c: what are you two doing for Russell's birthday?
Pamela: I dunno, haven't thought that far ahead - besides, he's working
rich-c: your mother was asking since it's only five days away
Pamela: well he goes back on midnights tomorrow night till next Thursday at 8:00 am, so we can't do anything about it till next weekend anyway
Pamela: but I will keep you posted
rich-c: OK, I have some stuff to passa onto you
rich-c: you know those business cards that are really CDs?
Pamela: yeah
rich-c: well, I have a set of four that have Harry Potter stuff on them
Pamela: have you looked at them?
rich-c: for some reason my DVD player doesn't like teh format
rich-c: and my CD player is still hors de combat
Pamela: still?
rich-c: Star has a story today on the Mississauga train crash 25 tears ago - like us to keep it for you?
rich-c: haven't had time to uninstall and reinstall everything to get it working again
Pamela: sure - but don't quiz me anytime soon - still haven't read the article on Hurricane Hazel : )
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello hello
Pamela: hello Daniel
rich-c: I've got a companion article to that for you too - also Hub
Erin: hi Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Eric: hello Daniel
rich-c: what is doing in Quebec City tonight?
Pamela: okay. I have an appointment with the podiatrist on Saturday morning - maybe I'll drop by for a short time afterwards, before I have to meet Russell
rich-c: sounds reasonable - expect we'll be here
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, tonight it's cold and dark (as dark a city can be) .
Pamela: will be around noon, by which time I hope you'll be up and about : )
rich-c: they just brought ion the backhoe next door so life will be noisy
Pamela: you can tell me more then
rich-c: did you see the aurora borealis, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: no sorry, I don't see aurora
rich-c: we missed it too, but there was apparently a very impressive display this week
rich-c: I figured with less light pollution and more northern location, you would have had a good show
Harvie: I was in Aurora today , no Borealis though
Pamela: any snow Harvie? : )
Harvie: No
rich-c: oh, I get nosebleeds north of Rich ond Hill, Harv ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: this week, we had snow.. but it did stay long.
Pamela: well Dad, I guess that means no more trips to the trailer then
rich-c: same here - we have had teh odd flurry but it hasn't lasted
Daniel Bienvenu: the snow didn't stay more than a couple of hours
rich-c: well, our trailer is winteized and parked
Pamela: so you only get nosebleeds in the winter? : )
Pamela: and speaking of which, when did you take the trailer back?
rich-c: over teh weekend - going up was no problem
rich-c: but coming back with teh construction on the DVP and 401, we came home through teh city
Pamela: oh, good
Pamela: I don't blame you
rich-c: came across Finch, down Don Mills RD, across Lawrence
rich-c: so got a look at the new additions to Don Mills centre and the houses on the Bridle Path
Pamela: was out at Katherine's on the weekend
rich-c: do you go through teh city or across 401 to get out there?
Pamela: 401 or 407 depending on day and time
rich-c: it's a pretty long trip - Toronto is a big city
Pamela: 41 kms one way
Pamela: puts a dent in the gas tank
rich-c: for the benefit of Eric - it's a hair bigger than Chicago or Phoenix
Eric: thanks
rich-c: 41 km is about 25 miles
Eric: been to kinston ont. before
rich-c: what brought you up there, Eric?
Eric: work I carpet mill shut down and we removed the machines
Eric: A
rich-c: gee - I didn't even know there was a carpet mill in Kingston
Eric: not since about early 90's
rich-c: we are missing Bob and Dr. D. tonight - wonder what's up?
Pamela: dunno - no message from them
Pamela: and I checked just before coming here
rich-c: Kingston has changed much - its main business is Queens University and Royal Military college
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changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: speak of the devil
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
Pamela: Hi Rich
rich-c: and a couple of federal pens, not mentioned but the jobs are valued
Dr.D.: Hi everyone.
Erin: Hi Rich
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.D.: Back from planning out the movie schedule for Science Fiction Marathon XXX.
Pamela: we were just wondering where you were
rich-c: Rich, before I forget - make a note of
Dr.D.: 30 years of SF marathons at CWRU.
Dr.D.: 6 PM meeting.
Dr.D.: No food served.
Dr.D.: Got home after 9 PM, needed to eat.
rich-c: what is an SF marathon?
Erin: well that wasn't very nice
Dr.D.: Science Fiction.
rich-c: yes, but what is it? a reading match? trivia quiz?
rich-c: ah, flix
Harvie: Triple x rated? :)
rich-c: anyway, the Ontario Science Centre is having a big robot fest this weekend
Dr.D.: Roman Numeral Thirty, Harvie.
rich-c: aaaparently lots on teh net - try that url for info
Harvie: D'oh
Dr.D.: okay Richard
Dr.D.: If they have a robot that will teach gross anatomy, I'll hire it as an assistant.
rich-c: who knows, next year some of your (former) students may want to enter
Pamela: well folks, hate to come and go so fast but I'm exhausted so am signing off. Will see you all next week.
Dr.D.: Not sure about former students, but current ones in anatomy are all keen to sign up for my physiology course next semester.
rich-c: take care, Pam
Eric: I always wanted a hero robot from heath kit
Dr.D.: Bye Pam.
Erin: bye Pammie
Harvie: GoodBye Pam
Dr.D.: You can still find them, Eric, but they are pricey.
Pamela: night everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Eric: night pam
rich-c: you mean Heathkit is still around, or are they collectibles now?
Dr.D.: Collectibles.
Eric: collectibles ebay$$$
Dr.D.: Though someone might make a Hero kit.
rich-c: fodder for eBay 8-)
Dr.D.: My colleague at Wright State in Dayton has one.
rich-c: there's a Wright tate college? that's new to me
Dr.D.: Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.
Dr.D.: Home of the Wright Brothers.
Dr.D.: Has been for at least 50 years...
rich-c: full university - they offer graduate degrees, then
Dr.D.: Yes indeed.
Dr.D.: Up through Ph.D.
rich-c: they must be small - I can't recall ever hearing the name
rich-c: and I've been to Dayton to see the Air Museum
Daniel Bienvenu: Coleco Question: In the OS-7, there are many routines for graphics named objects (can be characters, sprites and even mix of characters and sprites). In the OS-7 lisiting, I find the sprites object data format, but I'm looking for the other object formats.
Dr.D.: It's still there and still impressive.
rich-c: the Museum or Wright State?
Dr.D.: The museum.
rich-c: well, the Air Force has lots of money
Dr.D.: My recollection of the listing Daniel is that it documents the object format, simple, complex, etc.
Dr.D.: I don't have it at hand, though.
Harvie: brb
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Dr.D.: I do remember that ACTIVATE has a bug for complex type objects, a fatal one.
Daniel Bienvenu: a fatal bug?
Dr.D.: Yes, it doesn't work.
Daniel Bienvenu: i didn't see it
Dr.D.: It was documented in a problem report, Coleco internal document.
Dr.D.: Just like PUTVRAM and GETVRAM have bugs that they don't work for more than 255 bytes.
rich-c: Rich, I referred Joe Blenkle to you for Adamlink 55 - heard from him yet?
Dr.D.: I saw his post to the list, not sure I got anything from him personally.
Dr.D.: He should ask Herman or George, they are still selling it.
rich-c: I think I suggeste4d you, later mentioned Herman
Dr.D.: My stuff is quite packed away...
rich-c: OK, I sent him their url
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I suppose I will have to wait for your coleco information to update my own documentation.
rich-c: maybe eric will know something about it?
Dr.D.: The EOS version of PUTVRAM and GETVRAM fix the bug.
Dr.D.: But nothing fixed ACTIVATE, it was in ROM.
Dr.D.: And they never released an updated ColecoVision console with new ROMs to fix it.
Daniel Bienvenu: But I don't have the EOS VRAM routines in the Adam tech doc.
Dr.D.: They are in the EOS commented assembly listing on the ATM site, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: ho the site, ok
Eric: sorry, I havent even mastered smartbasic yet
Dr.D.: I think GETVRAM and PUTVRAM are the first 2 routines.
Dr.D.: No problem, Eric.
rich-c: strictly a hardware man, are you, Eric?
Eric: yea thats it
Dr.D.: hardware is good.
Dr.D.: Sigh, I am still hungry...
rich-c: oddly enough, despite my vast fund of ignorance where computers I concerned, I can almost follow this discussion
Dr.D.: I am going to adjourn to eat some more supper.
Dr.D.: My day started at 5:30 today...
Erin: see you later Rich
rich-c: hey, bring it to the keyboard - that's what I do with my beer
Dr.D.: So I think I will follow Pam and bow out for tonight.
Dr.D.: Sticky fingers not good for laptop.
rich-c: OK - remember to check that URL
Dr.D.: I wrote it down, Richard.
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
Dr.D.: Good night all, happy chatting...the logfile will appear tomorrow (at least it has so far, Dale's bot is good)
rich-c: take it easy then - nite, Rich
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu: too late :(
Daniel Bienvenu: I were checking the site
rich-c: heavens, Pam and Rich bow out early, no sign of james or Guy or Bobs - where is everyone?
Eric: was smartbasic ever converted to a cart? will it load on a coleco vision?
rich-c: I'm not sure - I think one of the Walters brothers tried to do it - but it needed the Adam board to work
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Daniel Bienvenu: I have no info about a smartbasic rompack or somthing similar
changed username to rich/c
Eric: i don't remember where but i seen a smartbasic cart for sell.
rich/c: not sure if the board bogged or I got booted
rich/c: I think one of the Walters brothers offered one, but it needed an Adam to work
Erin left chat session
Eric: it would have been nice back in the ddp days
rich/c: SmartBASIC has to load into the top half of RAM to work
Eric: I never had a disk drive
rich/c: well the Walterss had a number of neat items in their day
rich/c: at the moment I have enough for myslef- and five Coleco drivers that don't work
rich/c: I have two old Coleco drives of dubious reliability, two MI 320s. and an MI 720 and another 720 conversion
(rich/c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Eric: Milwaukees Best here
Harvie: A "Shotz" ? :)
rich/c: well, with Milwaukee's best, the price is right
Eric: how much is a pack of cigarettes in canada now?
rich/c: don't know - a carton is about $58
rich/c: the 7-11 was advertising that price today
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Eric: they was like 7.00 a pack back in the early 90's
changed username to BobS
Harvie: Hello Bobbo
rich/c: but I've been unable to smoke since my bout of pneumonia about two years ago or moe
BobS: hello guys
rich/c: greetings, Robert, where you been?
BobS: smokin BAD for ya anyway, yes ????
BobS: was out for dinner w/ Doug & Meeka; then had to fix Mandy's car lights, then LAX was on so we stayed @ Doug's......then bs'ing
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
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Harvie: Hello Guy
BobS: Hi Guy
changed username to rich+c
rich+c: dropped again!!
rich+c: it's all your doing, Bob
Guy B.: Light crowd tonight
rich+c: or maybe I can blame it on Guy?
Guy B.: You got dumped again, eh!
rich+c: you came so late half them have gone home, Guy
BobS: ok si I take responsiblity
BobS: WHAT ???? who was here????
BobS: and we BOTH feel badly
rich+c: Pam and Dr. D. had to log out early
Guy B.: Shucks, I wanted to tell Pam something.
rich+c: and we seem to have lost Erin, too
BobS: aw bummer dudes
rich+c: send her an email, Guy
Guy B.: I have her address.
rich+c: she's not teh best at picking them up but does eventually
Harvie: Guy, what is your site url?
BobS: BUT Fuy....beware of that woman's jeaolous husband !!!!!
BobS: well anyway, you knolw who youare
Guy B.:
Harvie: Thanks
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changed username to rich=c
rich=c: guess teh first bounce was Bob, the latest Guy
Harvie: 4 riches
rich=c requested to ban rich+c
BobS confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Eric confirmed ban
rich=c requested to ban rich-c
BobS confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Eric confirmed ban
rich=c requested to ban rich/c
Eric confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich=c: OK - NOW YOU KNOW!!!!
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: Well, that looks better.
BobS: ahso !!!!! the equal rights guy
Harvie: Only one left , get it while it's hot :)
rich=c: that's why I change the connector each time - I know which are teh dups for deletion
rich=c: yeah, judging by the way things are going tonight, if Ron comes I'll be bounced again 8-(
Guy B.: Anyway, looks like Jeanene will be getting a new computer. This one will have to have USB ports. So, we are going to look for one at the next computer show. The Gateway I gave her is going to the scrapheap.
BobS: what did she do Guy ???? not treat the Gateway nice ?????
rich=c: what's the CPU on teh Gateway, Guy?
Guy B.: Keeps hitting a certain key and the whole display goes blank. So, the computer has to be rebooted. There is a bad board that is causing this.
Guy B.: P166
rich=c: Frances is happily using our P166 laptop at the moment
BobS: and like why is she not on ??????
rich=c: well, if the board is toasst, repair is not economic on a P166
rich=c: as a desktop in top shape it might bring $39.95 if you're lucky
rich=c: she's using it to browse one of her BBSs
Guy B.: Well, I going to get the Gateway back, take everything out and scrap it. The hard drive is fine and it has Win98 and Office 2000 Pro on it. If I put this hard drive into another computer. Will it work?
rich=c: a hard drive is a hard drive - but is it big enough for these days?
BobS: should work....will update itself witht he new cpu settings
Guy B.: If any new hardware is detected then I can just install the drivers in that then.
rich=c: yes, I can see Win98 getting a little confused in its new home
Harvie: Win 98 will try to reconfigure to the new hardware ( be prepared to "insert win98 disc" several times and reboot 20 times
rich=c: but any drive 10 gig or over should do fine
Eric: just buy a new mobo and cpu and install in the old case
rich=c: will the power supply be up to it, Eric?
BobS: trouble is eric.......if guy gets fasta board, he will need a new p.s as well
Guy B.: It should be easy removing the old ones from the system list. I have the CD-Rom, so I'll give it a whirl then.
rich=c: my old P166 desktop only had about 180 watts available
Eric: just dont get anything too fancy
Harvie: New Mobo will need new Ram, new Video card
Eric: new psu said rich
Guy B.: I wish I could to that, even though the case is an ATX. Most of the Mobo's have network ports and this case doesn't have the room for one or for a game port.
BobS: chop a new hole in the back !!!!
rich=c: given how cheap a new up to date computer is these days, fooling about doesn't pay
BobS: you gotta be inventive my son
Guy B.: Easy for you to say.
rich=c: Dell are advertising a barebones desktop for $349 Canadian delivered
Guy B.: I can get a barebones too and I have built two of them this way.
Guy B.: The Athlon and P133 are the ones I did.
rich=c: exactly - and given how cheap they are, why fight it?
rich=c: I didn't do it myself but my Athlon is a white box to my specs
Guy B.: The show is next Sunday. So, I'll check around and see what we need.
rich=c: now I can get a laptop equally or better equipped with 15" screen for $1000 here
rich=c: if teh show has used as well, you shoiuld get something excellent
Guy B.: My Compaq is worth $49 according to what HP gave me.
rich=c: especially if you don't care about an OS, CR or hard disc
Eric: CRT?
rich=c: yeah, but your Compaq is what? a 486 with a 12" screen?
rich=c: no, Eric, LCD
rich=c: same screen area as the CRT on my Athlon
rich=c: actually, I'm just waiting for my CRT to die so I'll have an excuse to buy an LCD to go with it too
Daniel Bienvenu: good job guy B
Guy B.: I found out it's PII 266. Thought it was a P266.
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw your web site update :-)
rich=c: no, early P1s didn't go beyond 166 if I recall
Guy B.: Thanks Daniel. Look for a special page sometime later in January.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok :)
Guy B.: I'll make an annoucement by then.
rich=c: plotting something, are you, Guy?
Guy B.: Thought so Rich. So, I have two Pentium II's. The Compaq and the Dell.
Guy B.: I think you will know what it will be Rich. So, I'll keep you in suspense till then.
rich=c: a PII 266 should be worht a bit over $50, Guy, even in US dollars - a bit, not much
Harvie: Well, I gotta go nod off, Goodnight gentlemen
Eric: goodnight
rich=c: OK Harvie, take care and stay warm in teh cold
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight harvie
Harvie left chat session
Guy B.: Originally, the Compaq came with 32mb of ram. I have 96mb of ram in it.
rich=c: btw, before any more go - I expect to get teh Saturday chats going this weekend
BobS: nite Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry Rich, I can't be online this saturday
BobS: oops gone !!!!!
Guy B.: I'll see if I can make it.
rich=c: yep, the divisional finals are both on Sunday, same for teh Grey Cup
BobS: heck I can stop by IF I can remember !!
Eric: Its at 3.00pm right
rich=c: I know the problem - Frances often has to remind me
BobS: seems like I get busy with whatever adn then it is 4 or 5pm and oh oh
rich=c: you are right, eric
Guy B.: 2:00 central time for me.
rich=c: if I recall you're still in the Eastern time zone, right, Eric?
BobS: roight mate
Eric: centals
Eric: central
rich=c: Central? then 2 p.m. for you
Eric: thanks
Eric left chat session
rich=c: Guy, do you have any disc management program like Partition Magic?
BobS: and THAT will be THAT
Guy B.: No, but I have System Commander Deluxe that I believe has that feature.
rich=c: yes - if I recall from my copy of SC, it also allows you to image one disc onto another (or partition of another)
rich=c: so if Jeanine's new computer has a big disc, you can bolt in the old one and copy it over
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde!bonne nuit tout le monde!
Guy B.: V-Com has dropped support of System Commander Deluxe and are advising to upgrade to the newest version.
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
rich=c: bonsoir, Daniel - dormez bien!
BobS: bye Daniel
Guy B.: I have Data Lifeguard that will do the same thing. So, that should work.
rich=c: yes, at a suitably extortionate markup - they've learned from Microsoft
rich=c: there are even freebie programs that will do it, but they are rather more geeky
Guy B.: I like the Data Lifeguard tools that Western Digital included when I bought the 40gb drive last year. It was really easy to use.
Guy B.: It will work with non Western Digital drives.
rich=c: I think I have a WD hard disc - wonder if I have it?
rich=c: if not, can I download it from their website?
Guy B.: I have two of them on the Athlon. 13gb and the 40gb.
Guy B.: Yes, it is available to download.
rich=c: let me check what I have - brb
Guy B.: We lost Rich again.
BobS: figures......he gets lost alot
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Anyway, Abby is doing fine. She's on some new medication for her leg. But, we are walking again. Your Back Rich.
rich-c: ok, my bad this time - I goofed
rich-c: anyway, I checked and my hard disc is a Maxtor - no joy
rich-c: maybe I should check their website, though - they may be matching the competition on tools
Guy B.: Boy, I remember 4 years ago when my old 850mb hard drive went out on the P133 and that was a Western Digital. I worked on that for a week when I finally got that back up.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: you were lucky to get it back up - hard discs are not easy to resuscitate
Guy B.: Had to get a new HD. And it's still going fine. 4.3gb Western Digital.
rich-c: now that I have teh DVD burner backups are easy - teh software comes with the burner
rich-c: so idiot-resistant even I can handle it
Guy B.: I bought a new one of those all in one printer, scanner and copier. It's a HP and it was on sale at K-Mart for $99
rich-c: unfortunately I now have my drivers so mixed up my CD-RW won't work
rich-c: yes, they're incredibly cheap these days, aren't they?
BobS: AND they work greqat, I bought one strictly for a copy machine.....and COLOR to boot
BobS: stand alone too yet
Guy B.: This one has a feature where you can hookup a digital camera that is Picbridge compatible and print without using the computer.
BobS: well kids, time to blow this pop stand for tonight
rich-c: I actually have a little program that makes my printer act as a copier, but's it on command from the computer
rich-c: I think you're right, Bob - hope to see you Saturday
BobS: so BE GOOD, have FUN, and don't let the politicians GET YOU DOWN
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Bob. We'll see you next week. Might as well go too. I have to switch to the Dell. See you either Saturday or next week.
rich-c: OK, good night both, and I'm off
Guy B.: Bye
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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