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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Harvie
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changed username to Dr.D.
Harvie: Hello rich
rich-c: hello Harvie
Harvie: Hi Doc
rich-c: ah, Rich - before I forget - where is my Adamcon T-shirt?
Dr.D.: Still here, never been sent yet, still pristine, don't worry.
rich-c: now I'll say hello! ;-)
rich-c: hey, if it ain't on my back, I worry
Dr.D.: haha
Harvie: "What's the use in worryin....."
rich-c: anyway, I guess Ron will be absent from our group for a while
Dr.D.: At least tonight.
Dr.D.: I wouldn't say "for a while" yet.
rich-c: my guess is longer; no matter how inevitable it is, or how long the warning, it's still a blow
Dr.D.: BRB, I have to get kids in bed...
rich-c: not that he might not look to a crew of his buddies for support
rich-c: anyway, Harvie, "heard" from Michel today
Harvie: I know the feeling, the phone call that pulled me from chat two weeks ago was to inform me that my brothers wife suddenly died
rich-c: unfortunately he phoned just as I went out the door to my cardiology appointment
Harvie: What did Mike have to say
rich-c: ouch, Hrvie, I'll bet that one really hurt - she must have been fairly young
rich-c: have no idea - he asked Frances to have me phone him back
rich-c: unfortunately I haven't copied down his nyumber of teh week
Harvie: 50, her heart was weak since she was a kid (scarlett fever) but unexpected
rich-c: emailed him later this afternoon, explained I would be busy, but asked him to check in here tonight
Dr.D.: back
Dr.D.: Gretchen and Diana in bed now.
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Dr.D.: Bad news Harvie, ouch, sorry to hear that.
changed username to Erin
rich-c: yes, there were a number of childhood diseases that led to heart trouble later on
rich-c: hello Erin
Harvie: Hi Erin
Erin: hi folks
Dr.D.: My mom had rheumatic fever, gave her atrial fibrillation which eventually killed her at age 46 :-(
Dr.D.: Hi Ms. Rin.
Erin: hi Dr. D
Dr.D.: What is new in the world of Canadian government?
Dr.D.: <plot to send BSE-hamburger to Dubya?>
Dr.D.: <but could you tell>
rich-c: nothing much at the moment, except they're trying to figure out how to shut up Carolyn Parrish when Bush is here
Dr.D.: Who is C.P.?
Erin: I say fire her out of caucus
rich-c: and MP from Mississauga, Liberal, vociferously anti-Bush (as in "moron", "coalition of idiots")
Dr.D.: It's true, so what's the problem? <grin>
rich-c: the problem is, Erin, she's tel,ling the truth and everyone knows it - whether or not they want to hear it
Erin: it's not a matter of whether it is true or not it's about being a professional
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changed username to james
james: good morning
Dr.D.: <smirk> and Dubya is, haha
Harvie: Hello James
Erin: hi James
Dr.D.: Hi James
james: i'm afraid i can't stay all that long but i wanted to at least pop in
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: however heckling a visiting head of state in Parliament is considered de trop
rich-c: welcome aboard, james
james: i hope that parrish keeps her damn mouth shut for a change
james: thanks, rich\
Erin: stomping on the Bush doll out of parliament today was not a good start
james: who did that?
Dr.D.: sounds good to me...
rich-c: well, I'd prefer she offer teh courtesies of Parliament, but other than that - speak teh truth
Harvie: Someone has to fill Sheilas shoes
james: she could at least be civil
Erin: yeah but Shelia was loud and a pain with issues
Dr.D.: No use wasting courtesies on Bush, he and his cronies won't waste them on you.
Dr.D.: It's Pax Americana now, don't you know that?
rich-c: didn't hear about that latest, Erin - what happened?
Dr.D.: We know best, we do what we want.
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james: i'm not fan of g.w. and i think a continental "missile shield" is an atrocious waste of otherwise better spent funds
changed username to Pamela
james: but trading insults gets people nowhere
Pamela: hey everyone
Erin: Yes, Rich, but the point is we should be above the silly games that he wants to play.
Pamela: sorry I'm late
Harvie: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughteer
Dr.D.: The purge of the Cabinet is apace, replace with yes-men.
Pamela: I have a visitor
Erin: hi Pam
Dr.D.: Alien?
Erin: hi Kimberly
rich-c: Kimberly?
Pamela: very good you two
james: oh, dr. d, i have a question for you, thought you might be able to help
Dr.D.: Okay, James.
rich-c: so how is Mrs. Pankratz and offspring today?
Erin: I'm sick and feverish so I won't be coming up....don't want to spread the love that much
james: i have my school here in yokota, and i'd like to put up a lamp post with signs on it
james: giving the distances and directions to certain major cities from here
Pamela: anyway wanted to drop in and say hi, I have a couple of things to do before I come back.
james: hi pam!
rich-c: so put Kimberly on while you're aside
Erin: :-)
Pamela: Dad, Kimberly says hi and to tell you they're doing fine thank you if a bit short on sleep
james: ie: the distance "as the crow flies" so to speak
Dr.D.: Okay James...
rich-c: yes, that's sort of chronic when there's a baby in the house
Pamela: well that's part of the things to do - I have to help her take her stuff down to the car and I have to call Russell yet, which means logging off
Pamela: Hi, James
Pamela: Hi, Rich
rich-c: OK come back later if you can
Dr.D.: Hi Pamela
Pamela: Hi Harvie
james: i was going to start by using the gps in my father-in-law's car to get the co-ordinates here
james: and have someone in ottawa do the same in front of my house there
Pamela: I'll be back in about 20 minutes. At least I'm awake this week!
james: :D
Dr.D.: I have no GPS, if that is what you need, James.
james: no, i can get the gps data online no doubt
james: i'm just wondering what to do once i have the co-ordinates
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: okay folks, I'll be back. Hi, Bob
Pamela: brb
rich-c: most government issue topographic maps with full coordinates, james - you can likely get the info there
BobS: WHOA the gang is HERRE
Erin: hey Bobs
james: should i be picking up a text on spherical geometry?
Harvie: Hi Bob
Dr.D.: Hello Robt.
BobS: hi everyone
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: hi Bobs
BobS: YO
Dr.D.: You want arc length, I see.
james: hi bob
Dr.D.: Hmm.
james: i think i do. how would that translate to miles/km?
rich-c: even if Mercator distorts dimensions, can't you still get distances from teh conventional grid?
Dr.D.: Should be a simple problem if you convert lattitude/longitude form to angles in range of 0-360 or 0-2pi.
Harvie: Ask Jeeves James
Dr.D.: Just need average radius of the earth.
rich-c: all you need to know is how many miles (or km) in a degree/minute/second
Dr.D.: As a function of radius.
Dr.D.: I have a book at my office that has the formulae, I think.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello james, rich-c, harvie, bobs, erin and dr.d
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Erin: hi Daniel
james: ok.. that's a good starting point
rich-c: the gang is here early - Dr. D. has already had temporary leave and we're waiting Pamela back
Daniel Bienvenu: my answer will be slow tonight. I'm using a software that use 90% of my cpu.
Dr.D.: Girls are still quietly in bed.
Dr.D.: But I predict I will not make it to 10 PM, it has been a lonnnngggg day.
rich-c: great heavens, Daniel, what sort of software is that?
Harvie: angle/360 times pi D
Dr.D.: Was on campus for about 12 hours today.
james: 12.. yeah, that's long
Dr.D.: degrees to radians is easy, Harvie :-)
rich-c: setting up teh lab, marking tests, or what?
Dr.D.: it is spherical coordinates to arc length that is the fun.
Dr.D.: Review session for anatomy Exam #3 tomorrow.
Dr.D.: Exam is written.
james: i should go back to school
Daniel Bienvenu: It's TMPGEnc. I'm trying to convert in mpeg what I captured with my video card. but with a pentium 2, it's a bit slow.
rich-c: now you have to make sure there are no excuses about "misunderstanding" the questions
Dr.D.: They get to interpret a big chunk of Lee Harvey Oswald's autopsy report :-)
rich-c: well, video files tend to be awfully big and require a lot of capacity, for sure
james: hmm.. i should just google for "intro to spherical geometry" that would probably get me going
rich-c: is there a way to get teh same results through trigonometry?
Dr.D.: Trig is 2D.
james: i have a volley-ball with a 270 degree triangle drawn on it
james: you'd need a flat earth for that to work
Harvie: If curcumfrence = Pi d then angle over 360 times Pi d should give you arc length
rich-c: I'm noy sure I want to go there, james 8-)
james: :D
Dr.D.: The angle I need is the angle between the radii from the two surface points, Harvie.
james: rich, didn't they use those maps with ships falling off the edge when you were little? :P
Harvie: Okay, I am forgetting the two angles Doh
rich-c: don't they still? 8-D
Dr.D.: The surface points are given in a different coordinate system, have to convert it to find the angle of the sector.
james: i bet there's even something simpler.. someone has probably put some kind of calculator on the net already.. i should have thought of that
Dr.D.: The script kiddie solution :-)
james: mind you, that takes all the fun out of it
Harvie: I reitterate, Ask Jeeves
james: and the satisfaction of being able to say "yes" when people asked me if i figured it out myself
rich-c: oh, you'll have fun enough actually doing teh work
Dr.D.: I remember an almanac that had a 2D table of cities, that gave the distance between them, a matrix.
rich-c: bet it doesn't include Yokota
james: likely not
Dr.D.: It was something from my youth.
james: my new assistant of 6 months is on my lap
rich-c: with, I trust, a suitable absorbent...
Dr.D.: <smirk>
Dr.D.: Leaky Cauldron
james: containment field in place
Dr.D.: reminds me of force fields...reminds me of "The Incredibles"...go see it.
james: oh.. he's just like his brother
james: he thinks it's funny to kick the keyboard tray back in
james: i want to see that movie
rich-c: why sure - at six months, that's hilarious
Dr.D.: See it, run to see it, it's great.
Dr.D.: Might give Spiderman 2 a run for best picture of the year IMHO.
james: i liked spiderman2
rich-c: has "Return of the King" come out yet?
james: but from the previews at least, incredibles seems more interesting
Dr.D.: In theatres, a year ago, Richard.
rich-c: that means a tape or DVD soon then, I guess
Erin: DVD has been out for a couple months
rich-c: still waiting on Star Trek Episode 3
Erin: unless you want the fancy one then I have no clue
rich-c: I think the hot one this week is a Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkeban?
james: i still have to read those books
james: haven't read a book in months. my brain is wilting
rich-c: a good dose of fantasy once is a while is good for the soul, james
james: i could certainly use a little less reality at times
rich-c: Harry Potter is your basic British boarding school story - with a twist
rich-c: I have been enjoying the Guy Gavriel Kay stories, too
james: lol.. boarding school.. that was a thread my mother always used
james: "i'll send you to boarding school". i had no idea what it was at the time
james: *threat
rich-c: never took off that much here in teh colonies 8-)
rich-c: though there were a few of fairly high repute
Dr.D.: HP is good fun.
Dr.D.: Strongly recommended.
rich-c: G>G>Kay is not one I'd describe as "fun" - rattling good adventure series, for sure
Dr.D.: Then read Conan...or Lensman stuff :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Question: Any development about another special christmas adam disk for this year?
BobS: send pics Daniel
rich-c: Conan never turned me on, nor did I find the Lensman series that engrossing
BobS: will get one out one way or another
Dr.D.: I would guess not, Daniel, given what's up with Ron this week :-(
BobS: if Ron is not up to it, I am going to take a whack at it
BobS: all i need is TIME
rich-c: that is gracious of you, Bob - still Adam format only?
rich-c: I'd offer to loan you some, Bob, but I'm sorta short myself this week
Dr.D.: I think I just put the PowerPaint files up for Ron to grab from a website last time.
rich-c: maybe I can persuade Frances to do something in PP or more likely Logo
BobS: got to be .....yes, would prefer powerpaint I think
BobS: don't know about logo
Dr.D.: BMP2PP is your friend (thank you, Daniel)
rich-c: Frances isn't that happy working in PP and my artistic skill is nil
BobS: IF you keep a pic in Windows to 16 colors, i think that will also work using BMP2PP to bring over
Erin: well folks, I not feeling so hot so I am going to call it a night
Daniel Bienvenu: bmp2pp it's Marcel's software :-)
Erin: til next week good night all
rich-c: OK Rin, take it easy
Erin: good week, etc.
BobS: nite erin
Dr.D.: Feel better, Rin.
james: sorry, was reading stuff online
Harvie: Goodnight Erin
Dr.D.: Eat some soup or something.
Erin: thanks....see you all next week
Erin left chat session
rich-c: nite now
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I can't send any pp files in the mailing list without having a warning message "wanting for the approbation of the moderator".
rich-c: Bob, you saw my list email - any suggestions?
BobS: only thing I am interested in is the data drives IF they have good timing lots of bad ones inside good drives I think
rich-c: I think I have a bunch that haven't turned sticky yet
BobS: IF the module 3's have a socketed Z80 and/or the chip Rich talked about, take them out and dump the rest
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Dr.D.: Mail direct to Bob.
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Pamela: okay, I'm back
Pamela: Hi Daniel
rich-c: welcome back, daughter
Pamela: hey Bob
rich-c: dealt with Kimberly and your spouse now?
BobS: yes
Pamela: yup
Pamela: Kimberly is on her way home, and I finally had a chance to talk to R briefly
Pamela: I gather Erin went to bed?
rich-c: what's Russell's schedule - will he get to see the Grey Cup?
Pamela: yes, he's off this weekend
Pamela: he is, to say the least, pleased with the outcome of last week's final : )
rich-c: great - that should make his day - AARRRGGGOOOS!
Dr.D.: Erin was sick, she said.
james: spherical geometry is going to be challenging
Dr.D.: <gads fussballspiel>
Dr.D.: Nah, just coordinate transformation.
james: i'm not a visual thinker to begin with
Dr.D.: Give me a half hour, I will find something for you, James.
Pamela: did you solve the problem James?
james: take your time, i know you're tired
rich-c: hey, it's been a long time since Toronto made it to the Cup
james: lol. no. i've just started studying
Dr.D.: Yes, it was Col. Mustard with the candlestick in the Conservatory, Pam.
Pamela: since 1997 I'm thinking
Pamela: tee hee
rich-c: in fact they've had a hard time making the finals on ocasion
Pamela: I know Dad
james: i'm not satisfied to just have the answers handed to me, if that were the case i could have solved it the easy way
Daniel Bienvenu: but james, I don't know why you need to learn spherical geometry.
james: i'd like to understand what i'm doing
Pamela: there's an easy way James??
james: sure, i could google for stuff on the net to calculate it for me
Pamela: ah
Pamela: by the way, I'm assuming the recent earthquakes have not affected you?
james: no, they were rather removed from here
Pamela: good, we were rather worried about you all
james: it's typically worse farther north from here
james: i appreciate that
rich-c: yes, I gather your house specialty is typhoons
james: it certainly was this year
james: had to restake my trees no less than three times
rich-c: our family folk in Florida had four hurricanes in their laps this year
james: wouldn't be so bad if they could stay in the ground long enough for the roots to take
Dr.D.: You need to grown bonsai, James.
Pamela: note to self: be glad I live in Toronto
Dr.D.: They would be less vulnerable to high winds <runs>
james: but pam, that means you have to live in toronto :P
Dr.D.: grow
james: lol
Pamela: ha ha ha
rich-c: {note to be broken out day after first ice storm}
Dr.D.: Toronto seems okay to me, the few times I've been there.
james: it's a nice place to visit
james: heh heh
Dr.D.: Bonsai trees, bonsai kittens.
Pamela: well, I must say every time I've been away, I've been glad to come home
Pamela: bonsai kittens? Like Nermal?
Dr.D.: A joke webpage about growing kittens in formed containers.
james: i'm alwasy bemused by american weather forecasts that include toronto. like it's been annexed or something
Pamela: ewwwwww
Dr.D.: Very well done, suckered/duped the PETA types.
james: hmm.. maybe we could grow them square like those watermelons
Dr.D.: Exactly James.
Dr.D.: Even had a "catalogue" to order supplies online.
Dr.D.: It was just photography and Photoshop.
Dr.D.: But the rubes were fooled.
Dr.D.: And outraged...morons.
james: and the peta folk, did they bite, hook line and sinker?
Dr.D.: Yep.
Dr.D.: Google for it, the website is still around.
Pamela: I repeat, ewww
Pamela: I'll take mine walking and talking thank you
Dr.D.: They thought through all the problems, especially waste removal and feeding :-)
james: i don't advocate cruelty to animals by a long shot, but some people just don't think
Dr.D.: 51% of our population, for example.
rich-c: yes, that's how they qualify for PETA membership
rich-c: now, now, Rich - they can't help it
rich-c: after all, half the population is below average in intelligence
james: loved the front page of "the daily mirror" when it was posted online
Dr.D.: Hehe
james: how can "59,xxx,xxx" people be so DUMB??
rich-c: missed that allusion - what's teh daily mirror?
james: some brit rag
rich-c: OK - at least they got it right
Dr.D.: Great line from "BOB": "You know how dumb the average person is? Well, just think: half of 'em are even dumber than *that*!"
Pamela: and all of them are driving in Toronto : )
Dr.D.: Need to move to Lake Woebegone, where everyone is above average.
rich-c: have you seen that tongue-in-cheek "United States of Canada" column from teh Phila. Inquirer?
Harvie: Is "BOB" related to Yogi Berra?
Pamela: only if he's smarter than the average bear
Dr.D.: He is related to anyone who isn't a Pink Boy :-)
james: the one with "jesusland"?
rich-c: you got it, james
Pamela: hmm, I'm making puns - i must be awake
Dr.D.: "I don't think the Ranger will like that, Yogi"
rich-c: I was just thinking - we'd really need a path around the lakes
Dr.D.: We need Jim Rhodes' bridge to Canada :-)
Dr.D.: Across Lake Erie.
rich-c: have to saw off teh bottom half of Indiana and Ohio and let teh top be blue
Harvie: To Peelee Island?
rich-c: give them the souther half of Illinois to make up for it
Dr.D.: Well, the line from Sandusky-Akron-Youngstown divides us into 2 states.
Dr.D.: Below that is now Deep South.
rich-c: right, so they'd stay red
rich-c: I believe Indiana where it touches the lake has some blue counties
Dr.D.: Time for a new state of Northcoast.
rich-c: on the other hand, southern Illinois is not a blue kind of people
Dr.D.: Let the rest be Ohio.
rich-c: Shame! "I vill seek no further territorial aggrandizement"
Dr.D.: Or name the north part Erie.
james: there's an interesting site about north american amalgamation
rich-c: I like the Northcoast idea, make all the states bordering on teh Great Lakes blue
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rich-c: actually the idea has been around a while, and more often one suggesting NA regionalization
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Harvie: Hi Guy
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Pamela: hello Guy
rich-c: CA, OR, WA and BC alrady have an informal alliance called "Cascadia"
Pamela: I got your e-mail, did'nt have time to respond
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: by the way, I'm assuming everyone has seen Ron's post about his mother
Dr.D.: Yes, Pam.
rich-c: and the "Boston States" (Maritimes and New England) have much in common with each other but less and less with teh rest of the continent
Pamela: Erin told me about it this morning
Dr.D.: And given the public nature of this chat, I am loath to talk too much about it, other than to be sad for Ron.
rich-c: I send him a private message on behalf of the family, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
Dr.D.: It was posted to coladam, you ought to be subscribed, Pam.
Guy B.: HI Daniel
rich-c: but then she'd find out all those things I'm up to!
Daniel Bienvenu: my compute is calculating and use 90% of my cpu.
rich-c: not only that, she'd see how you-all responded to them
Dr.D.: ha, I can subscribe her against her will, using godlike admin powers.
Pamela: I did get the post, but not till tonite - I haven't been into my e-mail since Saturday
rich-c: so if tempest@tamcotec suddenly starts getting mail...
rich-c: by teh way, Pam, tried to send a message to Sabrina
Pamela: thanks Dad - until now, I've been careful not to post our e-mail address online
james: ok, i'm afraid i have to go now. sir aiden is getting fussy
rich-c: the net tried to deliver it 54 time before giving up for lack of any response from Sympatico
Pamela: oh? about what?
BobS: be good james
rich-c: and you wonder why I don't like Ma Bell's ISP
Guy B.: Bye James
Pamela: I'm subscribed!
Harvie: Goodnight James
Pamela: Night James
Pamela: Hi to everyone
james: good night, everyone
Dr.D.: Bye James.
rich-c: night james
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james
Dr.D.: Say hi to Mt. Fuji :-)
james: will do
james: *poof*
rich-c: you'll notice I left out the domain, Pam, so no bot wil pick it up
james left chat session
Dr.D.: Hehe, easy to try the standard endings, Richard.
Pamela: still, when I send it to someone, I do it privately
rich-c: oh, she sent us a hoax chain letter - I gave her a URL to find out about such things
Pamela: oh, the Applebees thing?
rich-c: I suspect on a private chat worry is not in order, as long as it thwarts cruising bots
rich-c: yes, that one, Pam
Dr.D.: It's the public archive of chats, Richard...Google finds each chat within a few days.
rich-c: that's true but even Google isn't going to catch an incomplete email address with no references
Pamela: brb
rich-c: anyway, Pam, the address is hoaxbusters.ciac,org - very good on such things
Guy B.: Has anyone have Windows 2000 on their computers?
rich-c: bite your tongue!
Harvie: I have it on a Dell laptop
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Guy B.: Harvie have you run into any problems running your programs with it?
Pamela: you're late with the Guinness, Dad
(Guy B. gives BobS a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Pamela: what address of Sabrina's did you try to send it to? All I have is their hotmail account
Guy B.: Where's Judy tonight?
Harvie: No , I only have Autocad and Acrobat reader on it Guy, have only plugged it in 3 times
rich-c: she's on - when it works
BobS: sitting here and sewing on a quilt
Pamela: I don't have that address
rich-c: I finally sent it to Cynthis for her to pass on - including teh delivery failure notice
Pamela: oh Dad - please tell Mom that Russell's birthday card arrived right on time, on Monday
Pamela: he asked me to say thank you very much
BobS: HAPPY B-DAY RUSSELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell 'em ok ?????
Dr.D.: brain is shutting down for the day gang, so I am going to bed now.
Pamela: I will Bob
Dr.D.: Talk to you all next week.
BobS: ok Dr D be good.......
Pamela: night Rich, get some sleep
Harvie: Are you having Win2k problems Guy
Dr.D.: I will try, Bob...lots of grading of exams
Pamela: (I feel like a broken record)
rich-c: OK Rich, before it unplugs, remember my T-shirt - wedather's getting cold!
Guy B.: Ok, thanks. The reason I was asking. When I got my Athlon, it came with a portable hard drive tray and I took it out. Now, I discover that I can use another hard drive with a different OS like Windows 2000 or XP and still keep another drive with Windows 98.
Dr.D.: okay Richard
Dr.D.: Good night, all.
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Dr D
BobS: tha boy STILL has not forwarded the t-shirt ?????? lazy guy.......SHAME SHAME
rich-c: you could even do that on a single drive with System Commander Deluxe, which you have
Pamela: not lazy, just too many demands on his time
Pamela: he takes on way too much
Guy B.: I think this will be much easier, since I can just remove the tray, slide the door open and change drives. Put it back in and boot it up with another system.
rich-c: true, Pam, but some things shouldn't fall through teh crtacks for TOO long
Pamela: he just needed reminding : )
Harvie: That is a much safer solution Guy
rich-c: will the BIOS accept that? a drive that keeps changing its OS?
Guy B.: There is an advantage Rich. Don't worry about screwing up everything.
Harvie: Bios knows nothing of OS
Guy B.: All I have to do is change the BIOS to scan the primary IDE for a different size hard drive. That's all I need to do.
BobS: bios just knows who is on board adn where they reside
rich-c: right, and the hard disc lives out on the end of a branch line
rich-c: althugh the HD controller(s) is on the board
Pamela: speaking of reminding Dad, have you got a pen handy?
Guy B.: The drive bay tray fits in a 5 1/4 inch bay and it connects to the primary IDE controller. The drive tray has a handle, so I just lift up the handle and pull it out.
rich-c: I can find one - brb
rich-c: OK go Pam
Pamela: write/copy this down: City of Toronto Urban Development Services: 416-395-7000
Harvie: What brand laptop Guy?
Guy B.: I have a Compac Armada.
Pamela: based at North York City Hall
rich-c: OK, why, Pam?
Guy B.: This drive bay will go into my desktop. So, I thought of trying this with one of my other systems.
Pamela: well I was talking to Russell about your gaping hole in the ground and he said that if there's no permit posted, that the city can stop the construction.
Pamela: Apparently, they must not have a permit because if one was issued, the neighbours would have to have been informed of what exactly was happening and been given the opportunity to object / complain.
rich-c: Oh, the city bylaw inspector has been informed of the unposted permit - and lack of fence - and encroachments - and unprotected tree
Pamela: when?
rich-c: we're likely going up to examine teh actual permit tomorrow, and a copy of the R-5 zoning requirements
rich-c: talked to him yesterday, or maybe day before
Pamela: what did he say?
Pamela: did he say anythin about the trespassing?
Harvie: That is a good way to try to learn a new OS Guy. I did that when I first got into Linux
rich-c: the area inspector is off sick - serious job injury - but substitute will be by, know what to look for
rich-c: also will ask Urban Forsetry to look at teh tree
Pamela: well, don't let it go - if you don't see him, keep nagging
rich-c: that's a civil matter - but I may put Elizabeth up to trying an adverse possession suit
rich-c: that might not only get them the land, it will cloud the title
Pamela: adverse possession? Please explain
rich-c: and if they happen to have an encroachment on our land - I can afford more and better lawyers than they can
Pamela: and, Elizabeth who? Eiras?
Guy B.: This way, I can keep Windows and try something else with another hard drive and not worry about screwing everything up. So, I'm going to try it with one of my other systems.
rich-c: yes - she was threatened and very upset - took us about 90 minutes to calm her down
Pamela: threatened by whom?
rich-c: the builder, sid he'd tear down the fence - Alice is still in Portugal and Eliz hasd to cope herself
Pamela: did you mention that to the inspector?
rich-c: I told the guy when he started work - stay within the bylaws, stay off my turf, we'll get along fine
rich-c: he didn't and he didn't and now he's in trouble - all I can stir up
Daniel Bienvenu: Good night everyone! I need to close some windows to help the software that monopolize my cpu.
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
rich-c: not the inspector, it's the inspector's boss I've been talking to
Harvie: Goodnight Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy!
BobS: ok Daniel, b good
rich-c: night Daniel, maybe see you Saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: bye harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: bye bob, good luck for the chistmas disk.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye rich
Daniel Bienvenu: bye pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: this saturday I go to Montreal... it's a meeting.
rich-c: next I have to find out if hard hats are mandatory on residential construction site
rich-c: hey, it's a neat city - go enjoy yourself, Daniel - et conne chance!
rich-c: bonne chance
Daniel Bienvenu: oui! je préfère bonne que conne. :-P
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: I can see that, Daniel... ;-)
Guy B.: Ok, we got twins
Pamela: sorry, I got dumped by tamco
Pamela changed username to Pamela the 2nd
Pamela the 2nd: hang on, changing names
rich-c: that's odd, Pam, Harvie and I are till here
Pamela the 2nd: my connection disappeared
Pamela the 2nd requested to ban Pamela
rich-c confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Pamela the 2nd: there
rich-c: sure teh ct didn't get tcord? 8-)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela the 2nd: nope, no felines in the vicinity
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS: strill here Pam ??????
Pamela the 2nd: anyway, the last thing I got was that he didn't and he didn't etc
rich-c: must have been a malfunction on your line alone then
Pamela the 2nd: yup
Pamela the 2nd: what did you say after that?
Guy B.: Ok, Pam. Now you can change back.
Pamela the 2nd changed username to Pamela
Pamela: better?
Guy B.: Much
Pamela: we'll have to talk about this on the phone Dad
rich-c: sorry Pam, box is moving too fast for me to highlight, copy and paste
Pamela: I'm sure we're boring our fellow chatters : )
rich-c: OK, remember tomorrow we have to go to city hall, and there;s the Amiga meeting
Guy B.: Got some news from my company. Got an extra day off for the holidays, so I bumped the starting date for my last vacation from the 22nd to the 21st of December.
Pamela: tomorrow night is TV night anyway Dad
BobS: how long a vacation guy ????
Pamela: nice, Guy
rich-c: the bottom line is, the guy who want to give us grief is getting a nice big helping in return'
BobS: thru jan 1st ?
Pamela: good : )
rich-c: yes, the trouble with looking for trouble is that sometimes you find it
Pamela: how did you get the extra day, Guy?
Harvie: Are you aware of the TPUG conference rich?
Guy B.: It will be 21st, 22nd, 28th through the 30th. I have 23rd, 24th, 27th and 31st for Christmas and New Years, 27th since Christmas is on Saturday this year and 31st for New Years Day which is also on Saturday.
rich-c: no Harvie but I bet after tomorrow night we will be
rich-c: BTW, you remember teh Computer Fairs this summer?
Guy B.: We normally have our Holiday Luncheon just before Christmas Eve, but he said since most everyone leaves early, he gave us all the day off with pay.
Pamela: I think we're getting the 24th through the 27th, and the 3rd for the 1st
Pamela: what about them Dad?
rich-c: seems they are quite a success
Guy B.: So, one long vacation and holiday break for me and we are slow right now.
rich-c: there's another one this Friday at St. Lawrence market, and Sunday in Burlington
rich-c: both run by George (same ad style/name)
rich-c: George doesn't waste his time on losing ventures
Pamela: but you'll be watching the Grey Cup, Dad
Pamela: : )
rich-c: not on Friday
Pamela: just don't try to drive downtown : )
rich-c: and not Sunday morning, either - game goes at 6 p.m.
rich-c: oh, I just use teh downtown drill - my truck is bigger than your car
Pamela: and by Sunday at 10:00, Mom and I will no longer be football widows
rich-c: older and cheaper to fix, too
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to get going. I'll see you all later.
Pamela: night Guy!
rich-c: OK Guy, take care, see you whenever
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: Ok, folks, Poof!
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: so Bob shall I see how many of teh busted DDPs have good wheels?
Pamela: well whatever fair you go to, keep an eye out for my mini vacuum kit please
rich-c: I won't be going but your mother says they're found in places like Fabricland (go figure)
BobS: yes Rich
Pamela: if you see one, please acquire it for me
BobS: I sent you an emnail about it
rich-c: oh, it hasn't arrived yet, but I'll get it soon no doubt
rich-c: haven't checked my email since about 6 p.m.
Pamela: what's this about dumping your stock Dad? What prompted that decision?
rich-c: desperation
Pamela: hmm, we REALLY need to talk
rich-c: I'm too old to play nursemaid to a pack of stuff that doesn't work
BobS: right mon
BobS: if it don't away wid it
rich-c: so let the landfill have anything I can't use
Harvie: Well, I gotta go, have a deficiency report to debunk before A.M.
BobS: nite harvie
Pamela: good luck with that Harvie : )
rich-c: pity to toss those Exp. 3 cases - they LOOK so potentially useful
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: good luck, Harvie
BobS: but WHO you gonna give them to?????
BobS: make great display pieces
rich-c: that's the problem - can't find anyone could use them, so to the landfill they must go
Pamela: give 'em to Rich (she says, tongue in cheek and knowing full well he's not here to defend himself)
BobS: I KNOW, stack them up and sellthe lot for one money on Ebay !!!!!!
rich-c: he's got them already - and only wants working stuff
rich-c: with shipping and commission, I'd end up losing money!
Pamela: well if you do send him anything, at least wait until he's sent your t-shirt
rich-c: yes, I'll hold it to ransome :-D
Pamela: exactly : )
BobS: where in heaven's name did you get all the dead ones ?
BobS: I have not had much go dead around here
rich-c: it's far too long a story dating back too many years, Bob
rich-c: essentially they wre known dead but some had working DDps and the price was right to gamble
BobS: ok .....will take your word for that to go too here... have agood week and will see ya's next week.......
Pamela: gnite Bob
BobS: strip 'em and ship 'em the dump
rich-c: OK, see you next Wednesday, Bob
BobS: nitey nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: so Dad, when's the amiga meeting?
rich-c: so daughter, guess it's time we shut off too
rich-c: but wait a minute till I do another entyry - want to try something
Pamela: waiting . . . : )
rich-c: you just dumped my copy - now stay quiet till I say OK
rich-c: rich-c: Oh, the city bylaw inspector has been informed of the unposted permit - and lack of fence - and
rich-c: OK - sorry I was trying to copy what you missed but it won't do it
Pamela: it;'s alright
Pamela: you can tell me on the phone
Pamela: so the Amiga meeting is tomorrow or Friday?
rich-c: looks like you'll have to hit teh archice in a day or two
rich-c: tomorrow after (early) dinner
Pamela: alright, then I'll try to call on Friday night
Pamela: after dinner and before my shows come on
Pamela: sound good?
rich-c: OK, far as I know nothing on then
Pamela: I even made notes : )
rich-c: we'll see what happens
Pamela: alright. I'm outta here. G'nite Daddy
rich-c: OK then, 'night for now
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: poof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session > chat > Wed 2004-11-17
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