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pardon: pardon
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changed username to rich-c
changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Howdy
rich-c: Hi Harv. looks like a simu;ltanepous arrival
rich-c: getting a bit of a chill on today
Harvie: Who gets first place? :)
rich-c: loks like I edged you this time ;-)
rich-c: want to hold on a second? there's a URL you will love
Harvie: Story of my life, day late and a dollar short
rich-c: wait till I see if I can paste it in here
rich-c: I recommend it; it's ahoot
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings, Robert
Harvie: Hi Bob
BobS: HI dudes
rich-c: how are things in Michigan? Cold?
BobS: nobody around eh????
rich-c: hey, I'm somebody!!!
BobS: cold and SNOWY......had 7 inches from 3pm until about 5:30pm
BobS: knida nasty
BobS: driving was the pits
rich-c: that will keep the old snow shovel warm
BobS: came home @ 4:20 and STAYED
Harvie: We got 10 inches but that was wide not deep
rich-c: yes, maybe I should get snow tires
BobS: tomorrow (US thanksgiving) will take out the blowers and clean up
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rich-c: well, I got to see what my van would look like with a white roof
changed username to Shortcake
BobS: don't kniw if it is supposed to hit you or not
Shortcake: hello every1
rich-c: I guess that's Erin joining us
BobS: HEY shortstuff
Shortcake: nope
rich-c: well, we were supposed to get high 3C and rain late in the day
BobS: and.......???
rich-c: by 1 p.m. it was below zero and sleet
rich-c: must be Marie, then
BobS: we'll just call ya Erin anyways...............................................
Harvie: Hi Marie
BobS: MARY ??????
BobS: who daT
Shortcake: Marie it is
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: Marie is a friend of Erin's in Windsor
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, c'est moi! hello!
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Shortcake: bonjour
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rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - avez-vous recu assez de neige aujlurd'hui?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi harvie,rich,bob and shortcake?
BobS: Hi Daniel
BobS: Marie
BobS: go figure.......
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : no snow... raining all day
rich-c: notice my French spelling is no better than my English
rich-c: don't worry, you'll likely get the stuff Bob has had and we're about to have ;-(
BobS: great snowstorm, had all the holiday travel screwed up good
rich-c: here's a suggestion, Bob
BobS: ya
rich-c: on a rear-wheel drive vehicle, are snow ties on teh rear only ok?
BobS: ya mon dat's where dey GO
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rich-c: and if you want special tires all round, how about ice tires front and snows rear?
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Brr
Pamela: Hi
Harvie: Hi Pam
BobS: my car is so heavy full of tools that I need air schocks to hold it up and I don't need snow tires
rich-c: hey, you've got your cats to keep you warm
BobS: Pmmie
BobS: ya here too !!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: saturday night, we had a mix of snow and hail(?)
BobS: her
Pamela: you'd think wouldn't you
Harvie: Best to put Rubber tires all around :)
rich-c: that sort of thing is real "fun", Daniel
rich-c: I was thinking about steering and stopping, Bob
Pamela: ah, winter. Ain't it marvellous?
rich-c: just luvverly
BobS: just have some tread on the front ones and they will be fine
rich-c: oh, Pam, I was wrong and your mother hasn't dug out the answer yet
rich-c: maybe we can persuade her to later
Pamela: tell her whenever she can, thank you : )
Pamela: know anyone who actually builds cabinets? Harvie, I'd be open to suggestions from you too
rich-c: I think that is how she will manage it anyhow
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Pamela: gotta getta sweater
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Pamela: brb
Judy: Hi, everyone
Harvie: Hi Judy
rich-c: Daniel, you were at a show over the weekend, weren't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, a meeting
rich-c: for gamers? how did it go?
BobS: winter strom warnign is what they call it here guys and gals
BobS: storm
Pamela: ick, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: classic gamers were there to seel or trade stuff. personnaly, I was there to show coleco stuff.
rich-c: we haven't had teh weather radio on today, just looked at teh papers - they were wrong
Judy: it really is awful out there tonight
Pamela: I feel for Russell having to come home in this
rich-c: how was the Coleco stuff received? Much interest?
Harvie: Pam, my brother-in- law builds cabinets, the best part is that by the time he finishes them they are true antiques :)
BobS: and ???????? were they all impressed?????
Judy: at 6 we had 6.5 inches of snow
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: the meeting was in a videogame store
Pamela: I'm looking for a recommendation for a coworker Harvie. Is he interested in a commission?
Daniel Bienvenu: and the teenagers there prefered to play my coleco games than xbox and ps2.
Harvie: No he plays at it and takes forever
rich-c: would you believe that does not surprise me, Daniel?
Pamela: ah. Well, if you come up with any bright ideas in the Mississauga / Brampton area, I'd be interested to hear of it.
Daniel Bienvenu: the link I give there is for the pictures
rich-c: Pam do you remember your uncle Gordon's friend Bryan Black (Apple)?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: did you know he's an expert cabinet maker and teaching woodworking in St. Catharines?
Pamela: actually, I believe you mentioned it when he called recently. But, he's in St. Catharines - isn't that too far away?
rich-c: I believe he still sometimes accepts work on commission - but his prices should be high
rich-c: what, a 90-minute drive? well, it is becoming winter in Canada...
Pamela: well, then please provide his contact information and I'll pass it on. Can't hurt!
rich-c: anyway, he is a trained, qualified, professional cabinet maker, apparently
Pamela: and, if he doesn't want the work, he may be able to recommend someone closer who does.
rich-c: try or 905-646-9285
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changed username to Ron
Ron: Hey!
rich-c: He's with us - our warmest welcome, Ron
Harvie: Hello Ron
Judy: Hi, Ron
Pamela: thanks Dad - got it
Pamela: Hi Ronnie!
BobS: RONALD !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi ron
BobS: welcome back stranger !!!!
Ron: Appreciate all the kind and warm wishes you guys sent over the past week
BobS: we have some SNOW saved for you.......want it shipped out ??????
rich-c: it's been an advednture for all of us, Ron
Ron: Ummmmm.......... thanks, but no thanks
BobS: hey.......we's FAMILY, eh ????
Ron: Good to know you're there, you guys
Ron: right
rich-c: that's very mutual, Ron
Judy: we are
Ron: we sure had a house full over the weekend
rich-c: I'll bet - you have a lot of family there and on teh mainland
Pamela: and you've had lots of practice : )
rich-c: guess you'd have got the group from Edmonchuk too
Ron: yup, 9 of us in all. Had to ship two of 'em off to the local motel
Pamela: send bedrolls!
Ron: right
rich-c: do you still have any folks left in PEI, Ron?
Ron: Jeff had a roll-away in the basement
BobS: ok, was thinkin......[OUCH].....and how's this....sister Stephanie .... brother more?????
BobS: plus assorted and asundry others
Ron: yes, two first cousins on PEI, 1 in NB. they couldn't make it oiut, but we sure communicated lots
rich-c: that's the joy of the internet - these days it's so much easier to stay in touch
Ron: cousin and husband from Edmonton, Steph's partner, Floyd, and his daughter Penny
Ron: Son Jeff, and my ex
Ron: right Rich
rich-c: so any idea how things are going to sort themselves out now?
BobS: good thing ya had a house,,,,,not and apartment !!!!!
Ron: lets just say that all the beds got used.. spent the day washing sheets and pillowcases
Ron: right Bob
Pamela: or if you must have an apartment, make sure you have a cousin and a sister-in-law to share the load (and the space) in the same building
rich-c: yes, I would imagine, and I expect the kitchen needs attention too
Ron: cleaning lady came in this morning
Ron: she's been working for Mom for 12 years, so we had a nice chat
Pamela: did you warn her before hand?
rich-c: that I expect was much needed - and appreciated - help
Ron: oh yes Pam
Judy: that sounds like my kind of cleaning let someone else do it
Ron: right Judy.....delegate and disappear
Pamela: oh, don't I wish, Judy!
BobS: you got a cleaning person ??????? RUSSELL ???
Judy: me tooo, don't have a cleaning lady
BobS: WOW what a GUY
Ron: I told her she can carry on until I decide what to do with the house
Pamela: ROTFL, Bob
Ron: anyway...... life goes on
rich-c: I gather you're undecided as to whether to stay or leave
Ron: yes ..... it's really too much house for me
Ron: but we'll see
BobS: but the POOL ?????? and the leaves ???? and the DEER ??????
rich-c: how about teh area itself - like it or would you be happier on teh mainland?
Ron: I know....
Judy: just take your time deciding, Ron
Ron: intend to stay in the area. Can't think of anywhere else I'd rather live
Judy: it is beautiful there
rich-c: if real estate there is appreciating like real estate here, that house could leaave you in quite munificent condition, Ron
Ron: but yes, there's lots of time. Besides it will probably take me 6 months to have umpteen garage sales
Ron: 35 trips to landfill, etc etc
Ron: It is Rich
rich-c: yes - make sure you leave a LOT of time for those; you'll need it
Ron: :)
Judy: not really the garage sale time, is it?
BobS: but, but RON, itonly has a carport.....ya can't have a 'garage' sale then................................
Ron: no, April is better here
(BobS gives Ron a can of Coke)
Ron: carport sale then
rich-c: on our street, little bungalows like ours sell for over $400,000 - and are immediately knocked down
Ron: tks Bob
Judy: is really not the weather for it her today, 6.5" at 6 tonight
BobS: no prollem mon
Ron: wouldn't be surprised if somebody did that here Rich. It's the land they're after
rich-c: exactly - but a ticky 45 x 120 ft. lot with conservative zoning?
Pamela: never underestimate the power of the "hot property"
rich-c: I've even seen stuff like it before - but I'm still shocked
Pamela: what's scary is, they spend the 400k and THEN spend more to build a new house
Ron: Well, this house was built in 1967, and it's not in bad shape really, but it is "older" now
Ron: just like me
rich-c: yes - the real esstate agents now call Roberta "million dollar alley"
rich-c: ours was built in 1953
Pamela: so what is Fairlawn??????
rich-c: nearly totally mansionized now - and likely seven figures to get in, more on corners
Pamela: mega ouch
Ron: Well, we are not quite the big city, yet, but the past six months, the market around here has been quite a seller's marker
Ron: market
rich-c: guys on teh car board are complaining about real estate prices in California
rich-c: say you can't find a house you can buy on an income under six figures
Ron: house prices here are about half what they are in Vancouver
Ron: but going up
rich-c: Vancouver was totally notorious last boom - gather they're at it again
Ron: yup
rich-c: hey, you're in a small town on an island - that isn't a boomtime recipe
Ron: Jeff and Francesca just paid almost 250 G's for a 2 bedroom condo
Ron: in Burnaby
rich-c: and did the realtor wear a gun and mask?
Ron: right
Ron: presumably it has a roof that doesn't leak
rich-c: not that that would be out of line in Toronto, and we aren't restricted by mountains
Ron: Vancouver had a big dustup a couple of years ago with a whole bunch of leaky condo's
rich-c: yes, that was really a scandal - did they ever get it fully resolved?
BobS: well Jeff is in the right place to raise heck about it
Ron: nope.... still in the courts
Ron: exactly Bob.... he'll just revoke somebody's building permit
rich-c: and there it will stay till a whole generation of lawyers retire on teh proceeds
Ron: make 'em an offer they can't refuse
Ron: that's right Rich
Ron: Is there a date yet for ADAMCon 17?
rich-c: we had condo problems here, too - garages couldn't cope with teh salt runoff from cars
Ron: wedding day is July 2
Ron: need to make a plan
rich-c: have we even decided where it's going to be? I think Daniel should host it ;-)
Ron: thought Dale was doing that
rich-c: maybe he could be talked out of it - isn't teh thrill gone by now?
Daniel Bienvenu: me? no, I'm not good to organize a meeting.
rich-c: more like a family reunion these days, Daniel
Judy: no, think they want to have it
Pamela: July 14th through 17th, I believe, Ron
Ron: seems I read that somewhere Pam, so that'll work ok
BobS: Dale will NOT be talked out of it.....somebody QUICK !!!! when was AC07 and AC12????
Ron: yeah, every 5 years
BobS: think it about 7 or later
rich-c: just as long as it isn't Molson Indy weekend, in case any of my car-chat cronies decide to attend
Pamela: 1995 and 2000, Bob
Ron: will probably show up in Toronto in a tux. Will have forgotten to take the damn thing off
rich-c: Toronto also had Adamcon 02, remember
Pamela: hubba hubba, Ron : )
BobS: AC 12 was July 20-23
Judy: would like to see that, Ron
rich-c: so Jeff is going formal, is he?
Ron: :)
BobS: Dale has it figured out that every five years the dates are the same for that weekend
Ron: yup. Roman Catholic and formal
Ron: Francesca is RC
Pamela: ooo boy
Ron: Jeff is agnostic
Pamela: good luck to them
rich-c: well, Toronto is tolerable from Victoria Day or earlier till about two weeks after Labour day - in a bad year
Ron: although he tells me she's not serious RC
rich-c: that's not uncommon, Ron
Pamela: I would think not, since they're cohabitating, are they not?
Ron: not an issue for me, but I think it was for Mom
Ron: starting today yes
Ron: they just took possession of the condo
Ron: so they've got a few months to discover whether or not they can stand eachother
rich-c: and will be moving in a.s.a.p
Ron: apparently they had to hire a cleaner to make the place up to snuff.... it was not
rich-c: I gather they bought used, then, rather than new
Pamela: not surprising, Ron
Ron: told Jeff to send the bill to the former owner
Ron: it's about 2 years old I gather
rich-c: maybe the more drastic troubles will have manifested themselves, then
Ron: could be
BobS: hopw so !!!!
rich-c: of course I assume Jeff made sure before they bought
rich-c: Pam, you mother has been checking and can't find anything
Ron: I have to go over to Van in a couple of weeks to sign some witness papers that the church requires... so I'll get a first hand look
rich-c: yes, that should give you a good idea
Ron: been a while since I've been to the big city
rich-c: prediction: you'll find traffic even worse than last time
Ron: expect so
Pamela: no brainer, Dad
Ron: I go there every second year to remind myself why I live here
Pamela: tell Mom thanks anyway. If she has any luck, let me know but no rush.
rich-c: there are advantages in being in Burnaby - sometimes you can still move around
Pamela: I'm absenting myself for a few minutes - have to send an e-mail. Back as soon as I can.
Ron: for those of you who don't know, Burnaby is adjacent to Vancouver
rich-c: it will depend on how good the transit links are to the job sites
Ron: all part of the same metropolitan area
Ron: I'm told the skytrain takes them everywhere in short order
rich-c: well, if they're handy to teh skytrain, that's a major asset
Ron: yup
rich-c: it likely also means they have good local shopping
Ron: so I understand
rich-c: last ime we were out there we stayed near teh border since we were going to Deattle
Ron: next key over Rich
rich-c: but we wandered about teh city too before and after Adamcon
rich-c: got a bit of a sense of teh suburban layout
Ron: actually - for a city - Vancouver is easy enough to navigate -- if you know where you're going
rich-c: I was not at all impressed with getting about downtown, especially as we picked up the car at the airport
Ron: brb - there is a Diet Coke in the fridge calling me
rich-c: in that area there are navigation problems, and we had streets closed for repair to boot
Ron: right
rich-c: anyway - rest of you ignore this, it's medical for Bob
BobS: ok
rich-c: got changed medication last week - diltiazem from 240 to 360, add digoxin
Ron: rings a bell. Think Mom was on that
rich-c: pulse dropped to 68 and appeared regular - since, 68 to 78, usually about 71
rich-c: systolic b.p. went up from ca. 125 to about ca. `145 but diastolica stayed just over 60
rich-c: beat appears regular in the b.p. meter monitor
rich-c: not out of teh woods yet but the prognosis looks optimistic
BobS: hmmmmm don't know about digoxin .....pulse sounds good and bp not too bad.......
rich-c: how does that tally with your experience?
BobS: that is good !!!!! mine bounces in and out......regularly
BobS: the diltiazem did nothing........
rich-c: well, I'm to have a 48-hour Holter in late January
BobS: finally go onto Zestril (generic now) and that is workin to hold down bp
rich-c: wondering if the digoxin has some sort of synergistic effect?
BobS: don't know
rich-c: btw the irbesarten was not changed
BobS: the WHAT ???
rich-c: anyway teh change was up the diltiazem add teh digoxin
rich-c: and teh change appeared really dramatic
BobS: different strokes for different folks......ya know
rich-c: irbesarten is the chemical name, not sure what any proprietary one would be
rich-c: anyway it's early days yet but at least I have some cause for optimism
BobS: ahso.......BTW, no james tonight
Judy: I am now a proud owner of another snowbaby
Ron: congrats Judy
Ron: from?
rich-c: no james, no Erin, no Dr. D
Judy: ebay
Ron: aha
rich-c: and Guy hasn't turned up either, or eric
Judy: my collection is growing
Ron: been looking on there more lately..... I just go shopping....
BobS: ya them too
Ron: Do you guys sell on there?
Judy: we do a lot of shopping, too cheep to buy much
BobS: Ebay gives us an interest and a place to blow cahs ron
Judy: Bob does
Ron: right
Ron: I might try a few items
Ron: just to see if anyone bites
BobS: not antiaues, pricing too cheap......selll the odd computer stuff we get thru aquasitions and Doug
rich-c: one hears some wild tales, Ron
rich-c: both positive and negative
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Judy: we have done all right on there
BobS: seller is usually ok...get paid check (and hold) or money order
Ron: bought another floppy drive for the Toshiba, only to discover that the first one (the one I dropped) still works. So now I have two floppies
BobS: thought it DIDn't !!!!!
Ron: ok... noted Bob. I take it you have had bad experience with Pay Pal?
Ron: yeah, well, I took the cover off and fixed it
Ron: the rails for the read/write head were slightly out of line
Ron: so it was stuck
BobS: yes, used to take it .....some guy paid for as is modems ( compaqs-wierd buggers those) them complained to Paypal
Ron: moved 'em back to where they were supposed to be, and all was well
rich-c: the problem with PayPal is that they do all their transactions in US$
BobS: who intrun ignored my defense of as is and gave his cah back
Ron: geez
rich-c: and will not credit your account in US$, they insist on converting it
Ron: aha I see
rich-c: buy or sell you get dinged both ways'
Pamela: sorry about that folks - I'm back
Judy: welcome back
BobS: doesn;'t surpirise me Richard
Pamela: had to send my Avon order to my rep, and it was huge, so took a while
Ron: so you end up paying the spread twice
Pamela: can't do it from work : (
rich-c: yes, and the exchange rate is very volatile right now, too
BobS: supposed to be WORKIN there hon ....not placing Avon orders
rich-c: but the Avon orders are from her co-workers!
Judy: i don't order Avon anymore, the gal drops off the book but when you order from her you never get the stuff
Ron: don't use the stuff
Pamela: give me some credit Bob, I wouldn't do it on company time - but we're not allowed to do it at all
BobS: but seems like the biggest problem richard....would be that they take avantage of the exchange rate all the time
BobS: well that takes care of the ones who DO it on company time
rich-c: no, it's that effectively I buy only and pay from a US$ charge card - so it goes "over and back" which is stoopid
Ron: Bob, I take it you don't have much problem with rubber checks?
Pamela: we're told we're not supposed to sell anything at the office so it's become an underground
rich-c: I mean, if I can have a charge card and bank account in US$, why won't PayPal work with it?
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry guys, my computer is slowing down. I have to close some windows. I have to leave now. Well talk to you next week (not saturday). bonne nuit tous!
Pamela: night Daniel
BobS: nope, we don't ship until 14 days after check receipt, by then you will get it back from the bank.....never had one come back
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: a reasonable rule, Pam, but I guess someone can slip you an order at break
Ron: ok
Harvie: Goodnight Daniel
Judy: some times that may work to your advantage, Pam, then everyone isn't hitting you up for something
Pamela: well, I've told them I'm not the one selling - I'm just the middleman
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - see you next Wed
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam, Judy, Ron' Rich, Bob and Harvie.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: and, if I choose to look at my brochure on my (unpaid) lunch hour, there's not much anyone can do about it
BobS: get money orders about 75% of the time
Ron: don't get fingers stuck in the windows Daniel
Pamela: if someone wants to borrow the brochure, I'm happy to lend it
Judy: Sher was complaining about that this week, first child in school and everytime she turns they are asking for more can goods or money for something else
rich-c: I have an M.O. on teh way from England for a copy of Dragon's Lair
Pamela: if it comes back with a bit of paper stuck inside, who am I to argue?
rich-c: also a buyer who wants the Hackers Guide - found I had a copy
BobS: think I got a couple more rich
rich-c: real, not photocopies?
Pamela: same goes around here Judy - everyone is selling something to raise money for something
BobS: real
Ron: speaking of which - are we still preserving ADAM stuff no matter who has it?
BobS: heck I been buying stuff for years
BobS: yes
Ron: If I do leave this house, somethings willl have to go
BobS: well taht is what mail is for
Ron: ya
rich-c: I'm out to get rid of my inoperative stuff
Ron: If I do move, hopefully I'll get a place with some storage space
Pamela: Dad, do you want help with that? I'll be happy to provide manual labour if you need it
rich-c: if I could find museums wanting exhibits, I could donate half a dozen inoperative Exp.3 assemblies
Harvie: You better hope Frances isn't :)
rich-c: current propect is I'll take out teh mbs for chip salvage, save teh lids, send the cases to landfill
rich-c: but I could assemble all the pieces for a credible museum exhibit - just don't turn it on
Ron: :)
Pamela: Dad, can you ask Mom for the name of that house book she wants please? I didn't write it down and can't remember it
Ron: My sister is on my case about all the stuff downstairs
Ron: I ignore her
Pamela: why is she on your case?
BobS: and she doesn't live there........GO FIGURE
Ron: she thinks I''m a pack rat
Ron: And she's right
BobS: so ?????
rich-c: women are like that, Ron - especially sisters
Pamela: still - it's your house
Judy: and her point is?
Ron: why keep so much?
Harvie: Seems to be what sisters do Ron
rich-c: Pam - it's Terence Conran's House Book, Third Edition
BobS: so she recognizes what ?
Ron: naw.... I exaggerate.... she's not seriously on my case
BobS: PLEASE don't tell her what she does..........
Ron: just a little bit
(BobS creates a new action for Ron)
(BobS gives Ron some poutine.)
Ron: yum
(BobS reboots Ron's computer remotely.)
Ron: !!
Pamela: thanks Dad
Ron: hey!
Ron: it's just been defragged..... works better now
rich-c: yes, I try to defrag weekly, also scandisc
Pamela: once a week religiously around here, ever since Russell crashed the hard drive on the 486
rich-c: it does seem to cut down on the BSODs
Ron: right at the moment, the house belongs to the estate, and I am the executor
Harvie: You don't have to do that Bob, Microsoft does that itself
Ron: POWER!!
BobS: that's true Harvie
Pamela: but power turns into headaches Ron
rich-c: Harvie, have you been to that URL I gave you earlier, yet?
Pamela: just ask my mother : )
Ron: I have a to-do list that's miles long
Pamela: I'll bet
Ron: overwhelming
Harvie: Was planning to visit apre chat
Ron: but it will all get done
rich-c: OK, I think you'll enjoy it
rich-c: or, before we forget, folks
Judy: Pam, i finished my tree skirt, just in time to get the tree up, been working on it since right after Christmas last year
Pamela: x-stitch or quilting, Judy? Congratulations either way
Ron: BC didn't play welll enought to win
Judy: cross stitch
Ron: echo in here
Pamela: wow, lotta work. Which pattern?
rich-c: or, did BC play well but Toronto play better?
Judy: was on burlap and I did snowbabies on it
Ron: one or the other, but BC didn't play as well as they have
Pamela: cool!
rich-c: I was quite impressed with BC overall
BobS: up and down; forth and back,; thru and thru........
Judy: was a bit of a pain
Pamela: that's a pattern I haven't seen before - did you purchase it?
Ron: always had a soft spot for Pinball Clements
Ron: don't really know why
Pamela: it's the grin, Ron
Ron: ah that's it
rich-c: well, looks like he's got his union card as a pukka coach now!
Judy: no, Meeka found some patterns in a book of a friend and I made up the order
Ron: yes, he certainly has
Harvie: Because he is real Ron
rich-c: and teh fact that he is apparently a really seriously nice guy, Ron
Pamela: so it's original too - very neat
Ron: yeah Harvie, I get that impression
Pamela: I've seen some of the tree skirt patterns - there's some serious workload in them
Judy: and then I crocheted a lace edge for it
Pamela: I'm still trying to finish three projects
Pamela: all for friends
Judy: this wasn't as much stitching as some
Ron: they just announced today that Wally Bono (sp??) is going in for open heart surgery
rich-c: hate to suggest any team run by Wally Buono or Don Matthews might find itself outcoached - but teh proof of teh pudding...
Pamela: I haven't been in the mood for stitching lately, don't know why
Ron: Buono right
Judy: I decided I will not try to start anything new until I finish some of the things I have started
Ron: well, they certainly were on Sunday
Pamela: so much for his cholesterol meds ads
rich-c: anyway, he's had his before, he'll get his wins again
Judy: my quilt is almost finished
rich-c: he wasn't advertising cholesterol meds, he was pushing lifestyles that don't need them
Ron: ironic
Judy: I went thru that for a while
rich-c: I don't know - I gather he needed a bypass which I admit does imply cholesterol blockage
Ron: be right back, the dryer has finsihed the last load of sheets, and I hate ironing
rich-c: that sound familiar, Pam?
Pamela: it's been a while too - I have a guest book cover for Kimberly that's three quarters finished - I could probably finish it in a day or two. Since the wedding was in June 2003, I'm a little behind : )
BobS: YA\
Pamela: yes it does, Dad
Pamela: I just need to be in the right frame of mind. Once I get into it, I'll get a lot done.
rich-c: hmmm - I wonder if that's inherited?
Pamela: Hopefully I'll have Jessica's birth announcement done before her first birthday : )
Judy: just sit down and do it, is better then to stitch with a friend, gets you back at it
Pamela: yeah, but my stitching buddy is Kimberly!
Pamela: : )
rich-c: want me to send you a scan of that story on Marilyn, Pam?
Pamela: no, just hold onto the clipping Dad
rich-c: OK - rmember my computer has a program that makes it effectively a photocopier
rich-c: for next time you drop by to visit
Pamela: I'll remember that, especially if we ever find Erin's biker babe photos
Harvie: Well I gotta go, goodnight all and Happy Thanksgiving to the Slopsemas
rich-c: those would likely do better as jpegs
Pamela: night Harvie
BobS: nite Harvie
rich-c: you've been quiet - anyhow goodnight, Harvie, see you next week
Judy: thanks and good night Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Ron: right
Pamela: so yeah Judy, I haven't been accomplishing a lot
Pamela: I'm hoping that once I have some other things settled that I'll be able to get back into it
BobS: well winter is here pam....and taht means a lot of home time and time to get crafty
Pamela: you should see my to-do list, Bob - it rivals Ron's!
Judy: that can work
BobS: and mine
Ron: then it's long
Pamela: four pages in my daytimer and counting
Ron: still need a way of turning leaves into ten dollar bills
Ron: and weeds
Judy: I am now taking care of Ryan three days a week so I may not get anything done
BobS: won't happen Ron
Pamela: tens?
Ron: well 20's then
rich-c: by now the bottom of mine must have extended to Comox, Ron - keep an eye out for it
Pamela: how do you like the new twenties, by the way?
Ron: wet 20's
Ron: my leaf vac is useless
Ron: I don't
Pamela: no? how come?
Ron: Can't wait for Herman to see one
rich-c: leaf vac? how decadent - we use a rake
Ron: beginning to look like the old Italian Lira
Ron: well so do I Rich.... except in my lazier moments
rich-c: you mean with all the anti-counterfieting stuff on them?
Judy: us to, went out there Tuesday and raked for a while Ryan kept taking the rake, he doesn't last long
Pamela: I'm having fun telling people about the sculpture in the bottom left hand corner on the back, and how I've seen the real thing
Ron: But then I've only had one go thru my wallet, so far, so I'm not really in a position to comment
Pamela: they're amazed that it fills a room
Judy: wanted to jump the pile, more like in the pile
Pamela: shocking, Judy : )
rich-c: not sure I've seen any yet either - what's the sculpture, that Reid that's in the UBC collection?
Judy: got one bag full, what a wonder!!!
Pamela: yes, the Reid raven / clamshell piece
Judy: he thought it was great today when it started snowing
rich-c: Frances collects all the leaves from our pear tree - apparently they don't mat down when used as winter mulch
Ron: had to chop down an oak last month. Hydro wasn't happy with it, the neighbour was afraid of it, and as it turned out they were both justified
Ron: main trunk was split and rotting
Pamela: how old was it Ron?
Ron: so that one won't produce leaves for a while
Ron: at least 42 years
rich-c: damn shame, Ron, but it had to be done
Pamela: that's too bad
Ron: I know. I hate it when trees have to go
Judy: but the bigger they get the more leaves they leave
Ron: Hydro made me an offer I couldn't refuse. They did it and disposed of the result for free
Pamela: that's one of the things I love about my neighbourhood - lots of very old, well established trees lining the streets
BobS: ya just have to plant a baby one Ron
rich-c: yes - found teh cherry trees next door annoying - till the builder bulldozed them
Ron: exactly Bob t'willl be done
Judy: but you rent and don't have to rake
Ron: expect so
Pamela: how about a chestnut, Ron? I can send you some fruits for seeding
rich-c: did you notice Pam that your address will change to "Church Street WEston"?
BobS: little trees don't leave much in the way of leaves
Ron: they do well out here. There are many downtown
Pamela: actually, they haven't informed us yet Dad
Ron: why not
rich-c: apparently it's part of teh package but much is still being negoptiated
Pamela: there's been a lot of controversy over the name change here
rich-c: yes, that's why the name was protected - both Churches are historic streets of some importance
Pamela: the people of Weston don't want the name change, argue that it pre-dates the Toronto street and that Toronto should modify theirs instead
Judy: well, it is that time of the night when you can turn into a pumkin, but not a pie, hav e to go and take care of the pies now
Pamela: if all they do is add Weston as a modifier, we'll be fine
rich-c: given the hazard of losing the Weston name in teh anonymity of teh city, I'd opt for preserving it in teh street name
Pamela: as it is, I always use Weston as my "city" when I address things
Judy: so night all and happy thanksgiving even if it isn't your thanksgiving
Pamela: good night Judy - Happy Thanksgiving to you
Ron: yours is this weekend Judy?
rich-c: right Judy, you and yours enjioy the holiday, see you next week
Judy: tomorrow
Ron: Happy Thanksgiving
rich-c: well so far, Pam, the Post Office has been encouraging that
Judy left chat session
Pamela: I have no argument with that
rich-c: when there's an "Elmhurst" they prefer North York or Etobicoke to Toronto
Pamela: but there are a lot of streets in Weston that are duplicated throughout the city
rich-c: yes, you'll get to keep some, lose others
Ron: Isn't it all Toronto now?
BobS: mama says......."say goo-nite Bobby" NITE ALL
Ron: g''nite Bob
Pamela: Lippincott, Denison, King, Elm St, Elsmere, just to name a few
BobS left chat session
Pamela: g'nite Bob
Pamela: Happy Turkey Day
rich-c: yes, Ron, dammit, but teh Post Office encourages teh use of the historic names to avoid duplicate road name confusion
Ron: oh... I see
rich-c: nite Ronert, Sat or Wed as fortune favours
Pamela: after the amalgamation, we were told everyone from Steeles to the Lakeshore and from Renforth to Port Union had to use Toronto
Pamela: and why should the post office actually read the postal codes anyway?
rich-c: apparently the denizens of teh dulicated roads are daying "find a better answer"
Pamela: absolutely
rich-c: the pressure to change is coming from the 911 dispatchers
Ron: long, sad story
Pamela: wouldn't have been a problem if they hadn't amalgamated
Pamela: old gripe
rich-c: I remember when Rexdale was changed to Etobicoke the Post Office started returning mail "for proper address"
Ron: out here we are still three solitudes
Ron: amalgamation was voted down
Ron: in a referendum
Pamela: speaking of which Dad, tell Mom I got a chuckle out of the address on Russell's birthday card - she left off the province when addressing it : )
rich-c: here we didnt get a vote - the neo-cons decided on it and the city got no say
Ron: yes, I heard that
rich-c: its been a mess ever since
rich-c: well, she had the postal code on it - maybe they noticed teh M
Pamela: I sincerely hope that the post office can find Toronto : )
Pamela: although recent experience says otherwise sometimes
rich-c: we got rid of Harris but unfortunately teh omelet can't be unscrambled
Ron: sounds like turmoil chez vous
rich-c: well, it happens when you're stoopid enough to elect Tories
Pamela: try moving and put a forward on your mail, and you'll learn the meaning of turmoil
rich-c: and especially when you're stupid enough to re-elect them
Ron: we have our own version of Tories. They call themselves Liberals
rich-c: so I've heard and know what you mean
rich-c: they're Liberals like the Bush mob are Republicans
Ron: here it's either right or left. There's nothing in between
Ron: exactly
rich-c: actually in Ontario the Liberals are desperately trying to hold to the centre
Ron: indeed
Pamela: if you folks are getting into politics, I'm leaving
rich-c: any old how, we're getting on towards bedtime - about time to pack it in
Pamela: yeah, it's that time, isn't it
rich-c: Ron, see you Saturday or Wednesday, whatever
Ron: yeah I think so
rich-c: OK - goodnight, all
Ron: right Rich. again, thanks for the good wishes
Ron: g'nite
Pamela: well I'll see you next week
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Ron: be good
rich-c: take this as an encore, Ron
Pamela: Dad, will talk to you soon
Ron left chat session
rich-c: OK Pam
rich-c: goodnight now
Pamela: nite nite. Sleep tight
Pamela: kerpoof
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