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rich-c: hi jeff youre early
rich-c: that was saent as a private message so it will not be recorded in the log of the chat
jfcarbel left chat session
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changed username to jfcarbel
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changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: hi Harvie, you're not first on tonight
rich-c: that's unusual
Harvie: I found out that there is no prize
jfcarbel: hi rich, jeff here
rich-c: jeff btw seems to be away from his computer for now
jfcarbel: i'm back
rich-c: ah, you're here now jeff - hi
rich-c: did you record that PM I sent you?
Harvie: Hello Jeff
jfcarbel: PM?
jfcarbel: hello harvie
rich-c: private message
jfcarbel: you mean email you sent me
rich-c: or were you online then off for a bit?
Harvie: I'm getting about a 5 second lag from send to appear on screen
jfcarbel: okay got it now
rich-c: OK, private messaging is used to pass information one does not want recorded in the public record of the chat
jfcarbel: did you get my private msg?
rich-c: I don't mind the people on the chat knowing, but the whole thing is on Google sooner or later - usually sooner
rich-c: sorry Harvie, but I did have to pass the info on
Harvie: No problem
rich-c: jeff is looking for an Adam box and I think I may have a lead for him
jfcarbel: I can put a face with both of you from the AdamCon gallery, mine can be viewed at
rich-c: he tells me there was one on eBay but it was bid up to $260 US, plus shipping!
rich-c: OK, ugly old bunch, aren't we ;-)
jfcarbel: the one on ebay was actually also in the original brown cardboard coleco shipping box
rich-c: did it have the Adam still inside?
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changed username to james
jfcarbel: yes adam was still in plastic wrap and all manuals and software
rich-c: good morning, james, we have a new visitor from Chicago
james: hello
Harvie: Hi James
jfcarbel: BTW, the our new baby girls pics are on my site link also
rich-c: even so it would mean the box had been opened so there would be a tear somewhere
jfcarbel: Hi James
james: hello. so you're the proud owner of a new adam?
rich-c: james is in Japan, Jeff - hence the good morning
james: how have you been, rich?
jfcarbel: yes james, got it hooked up to a commodore 1702 color monitor and loving it
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james: wish i had one of those lying about
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: not new, james, we were discussing one offered on eBay - in the original palstic wrap, in teh original box, in the original shipping sleeve
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone
james: ahh.. ebay
jfcarbel: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter - jeff has joined us
Pamela: Greetings, Jeff
Pamela: Good morning, James
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changed username to Erin
jfcarbel: Rich, thanks for all your help answering my many questions
Harvie: Hello Erin
Pamela: Hi Rin
Erin: hi Harvie
Erin: hi Pammie
james: hi, pam
james: how are you?
Pamela: grrr
rich-c: hi Rin, how was the Legislature today?
jfcarbel: getting crowded in here :)
Pamela: pretty good, tired though
Pamela: it gets worse, Jeff : )
Erin: excellent.....we got the firt question in question period ...a first for Agriculture
Pamela: I spent most of my day folding Christmas cards and stuffing them into envelopes. My arms hurt. Last count, 819.
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changed username to rich.c
james: getting more crowded by the minute :D
Pamela: I wondered if you got dumped Dad
rich.c: sorry, got dumped early this time 8-(
Erin: did you see my response Uncle Richard?
Pamela: and did you get my question?
rich.c: no, Rin, I didn't - got the you've been dumped box instead
Erin: oh okay
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rich.c: depends on which, Pam
Erin: it was a great day....we got the first question of question period a first for Agriculture
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hello Bob
Harvie: Hi Bob
BobS: go day mates
Erin: hi Bobs
BobS: got an FULL house almost eh?????
jfcarbel: Hi, Bob - finally made it on the chat
BobS: cool mon
rich.c: hey Robert, we have a new visitor, just around teh corner from you (Chicago)
BobS: didn't last week ?
BobS: in Guy's area huh ????
rich.c: welcome aboard, Roberto
jfcarbel: me and Bob have been chatting via email for some time, he has been a great help
BobS: si
jfcarbel: Bob, you speak spanish :)
rich.c: yes, he's been looking at all of us in Gale's Rogues Gallery :-)
BobS: NO
rich.c: now he's given us the URL for his baBY DAUGHTER
rich.c: see Bob you arent the only one who has accidents with caps lock
jfcarbel: my tired mug is up there too
BobS: I see Richard
james: i'll be back and forth. this room needs to be de-cased
(BobS quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Pamela: brb, gotta getta drink
jfcarbel: anyone keep in contact with Scott Gordon?
(BobS hands james a tissue.)
BobS: once in while Scott stops by, but not any time lately
jfcarbel: just wondering how his new site is coming along
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changed username to rich+c
BobS: rich, you having problems again huh ????
rich+c: dumped again!!!
BobS: the man is triplets
Pamela: I'm seeing triple
BobS: you have GOT to pay that dsl fee mon
rich+c requested to ban rich-c
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Erin changed username to Rinious Rouge
Harvie confirmed ban
jfcarbel confirmed ban
rich+c requested to ban rich.c
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
jfcarbel confirmed ban
Pamela: ahhh, that's better
rich+c: there, nopw have we got things in order?
Pamela: but, did that dump him again???
BobS: yup
Pamela: apparently not
rich+c: so where was I, since I lost everything on the screen?
BobS: you except US to remember?
BobS: good LUCK
rich+c: well you at leasst have teh screen in front of you!
Rinious Rouge: hehe
BobS: heard from Dr d about being here tonight????
Pamela: 'twas something about de-casing the room, I believe
james confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
rich+c: no, though I didn't check my mail after 8.00 p.m.
rich+c: is there something there now, then?
Pamela: nothing there from Rich as of yet
james: people are out for a bit so i'm cleaning up my room
james: wrapping a couple o presents
rich+c: my, you're ambitious early
Pamela: are you ready for Christmas James?
james: no, but it'll come all the same
rich+c: I haven't even got my Christmas letter written yet, and my printer is acting up
james: i've decorated my classroom. mostly done
Pamela: good, I don't feel so bad
jfcarbel: just did my outside decorations today, but tree is going up tonite
rich+c: I'm low on yellow ink but the red won't print at all, even though it's there
Pamela: Erin, do you know when you're going home yet?
rich+c: we went and bought us a plastic tree for the porch - it's full of fibre optics
jfcarbel: don't tell me.. its an Epson printer
Pamela: you're ambitious too, Jeff
Rinious Rouge: I will be leaving on the 23rd
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rich+c: no, it's a Canon S400
Pamela: and coming home when?
changed username to Judy
Rinious Rouge: the 30th
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Pamela: Hello Judy
Rinious Rouge: hi Judy
changed username to Roberto
Judy: Hi, Pam
jfcarbel: Pam, my wife made me do it :)
Harvie: Hello Judy
rich+c: hello Judy, old man dragged you in, did he?
Pamela: the result is the same, Jeff : )
Judy: Hi, Erin and Rich
Roberto requested to ban BobS
rich+c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
jfcarbel: where'd Bob go?
Judy: Hi, Harvie
Roberto changed username to BobS
james: what's wrong with your printer, rich?
rich+c: he's now Roberto - you can change your name with the edit menu
BobS: back Jeff
BobS: bot dumped
BobS: got
james: pam, they don't make those "to: from:" xmas labels here so i made my own
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changed username to Guy B.
Rinious Rouge: brb...gotta go look something up for the boss
BobS: anyway, will check the stuff maybe tomorrow eve jeff and get back at ya
james: and i could kick martha stewart's ass :P
Pamela: really? How strange. We'll have to export some for you !
rich+c: oh, that must have been Judy coming in - new ones in seem to lead to others being dumped - usually me 8-(
Pamela: You go, boy
Guy B.: Greetings!!! I'm using Mozilla Firefox and it works with the chat.
Judy: you can't buy labels?
Pamela: hi, Guy - I got your e-mail
james: i've got some nice ones. just did them up in corel and printed them to an a4 size label
Judy: I would go nuts
Judy: be back in a minute, Doug and Meeka are leaving have to say bye
Pamela: say hi for us
rich+c: hi Guy, you have a neighbikur here - meet Jeff from Chicago
Judy: will do
Harvie: Hi Guy, I've been using Firefox for a couple of months now
Pamela: thank you
jfcarbel: Hi Guy
rich+c: all the techie newsletters I get are very high on Firefox
james: i've been using it for quite awhile now, i really like it
Guy B.: I finally installed it and deleted Firebird whicj never worked with the chat. This is the first time I'm using Firefox with the chat.
Guy B.: Hi Jeff
jfcarbel: good to see some FireFox users out there
james: i've almost never used ie
Rinious Rouge: back
Guy B.: Hi Erin
Rinious Rouge: hi Guy
rich+c: are you using teh full Mozilla 1.0 or only the browser component?
jfcarbel: I though there is just the browser and thats it
james: just the browser component
Guy B.: I took part one of Advanced Excel at work today. Learned about database functions, vlookup and pivot Tables. Tomorrow is part 2.
james: i use thunderbird and another proggy for email and news
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changed username to Rich
Guy B.: Just thr browser. I'm not using Thunderbird for the e-mail.
Pamela: Greetings, Doc
rich+c: that Dr. D among us?
Harvie: Thunderbird is the e-mail component
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
Rich: Hi everyone, sorry I am late.
Rinious Rouge: hi Rich
Rich: Joan and I were out.
Pamela: better late than never
rich+c: we were wondering where you were
Harvie: Hi Doc
jfcarbel: Hi Dr. D
Pamela: brb
Rich: Hi all.
rich+c: can tell you're late, I've been dumped twice already
Rich: Had some meetings to go to, then went by GE Neela Park light plant to see the huge Christmas light displays.
Guy B.: Can anyone tell me how to extract the Jungle.bmp for Windows 98?
BobS: ok got a problem.......Doc...need diagnosis
Rich: uh-oh
Rich: Go on, Bob.
jfcarbel: jungle.bmp?
rich+c: what is jungle.bmp? wallpaper?
Guy B.: Yes, it's part of the Jungle theme
Rich: The startup display is hiddenly named as LOGO.SYS
Guy B.: Wallpaper, RIch
BobS: Doug & Meeka cannot ge tonline to chat from home.......only thing that has happened is that after convention doug paid telephone company to give him 5 permanent static IP addresses
rich+c: don't know if you can separate it from teh theme - what have you in mind?
Rich: I made a replacement one for my Win98 box that is a ColecoVision startup screen.
BobS: now when he tries to get online to chat, the applet never loads
jfcarbel: did you try a search on jungle.*
BobS: ideas???
Rich: Probably a router block on the port used by the chat app.
Rich: Which is 4321 IIRC.
Guy B.: The wallpaper which has a panther on it, doesn't appear on Jeanene's new computer that I'm working on.
Rich: I would have to look at the docs for the chat client.
BobS: and this would be on doug's end or Dale's ??????
Rich: I can look when I get to the robot lab next time to look at the coleco server that has the backup chat on it.
Rich: Doug's end.
jfcarbel: I wonder if theme files are just glorified cab or zip files
Guy B.: I know it's on the Win98 disk, I don't which cab file it is on.
Judy: I am back and they say hi back
jfcarbel: I'm behind a router, but no firewall
rich+c: oh dear, how come not?
rich+c: or is it a hardware firewall in the router?
Pamela: I'm back - went out to say goodbye to Russell - he sends greetings to all
Rich: Hi Russell.
rich+c: on midnights this week?
Pamela: too late, he's gone
Rich: Re: chat client port, my pal in Finland uses his cheap college alumni dialup ISP service.
Pamela: yes, Dad
Rich: It blocks everything except ports 80 and 8080.
Judy: Meeka says hi back, Pam
Rich: So he can't do *ANYTHING* but look at a webpage...unless the server redirects the service to one of those 2 ports.
BobS: BYE RUSSELL !!!!!!
BobS: think he heard that ????
Pamela: maybe, Bob
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thanks, Judy
jfcarbel: I did nothing special with my router
rich+c: it was kinda loud ;-)
Rich: So I have a version of the chat server for him that runs on a machine with a free port 8080.
Rich: And he can use it.
rich+c: no, but some I gather behave as hardxware firewalls anyway
Rich: I don't have that server running now...but I could put it up for test purposes if someone wanted to try it...
Rich: Or I could change the port that the backup coleco server runs on.
Pamela: if you change it will the rest of us still be able to use it Rich?
Rich: Yes.
jfcarbel: you can always open up a port on a router using port forwarding
rich+c: anyway, jeff, why no firewall, especially when teh best ones are free?
Pamela: Rin, is your mom coming by?
Rich: Like I said, I think the port used by Spaniel Chat is 4321.
Rinious Rouge: no she said she was tired but said to say hi
Pamela: ah, okay
jfcarbel: soon, looking at outpost or that other popular one
rich+c: I have been using Zone Alarm for some time but they seem to be edging away from teh freebie edition
jfcarbel: ZA thats the one
rich+c: I'm hearing good things about Sygate (?) firewall
jfcarbel: outpost looks very user friendly, anyone using it?
Guy B.: That's the firewall I use.
rich+c: jeff, go to
jfcarbel: Dr. D before I forget can you add me to the mailing list
Rich: I just noticed Rinious Rouge, very silly, Rin.
Guy B.: I have outpost on my notebook, but I plan to change to Sygate later on.
rich+c: there you will find teh current top choices of real software mavens for best freeware in many categories
Rinious Rouge: hehe
jfcarbel: guy, you mean outpost or sygate?
Rich: Sure, what E-mail address would you like?
Rich: You can E-mail it to me,
Rich: So you don't have to have it public here.
BobS: heck guys, if you ues Win3.1 you don't get viruses
Rich: Mine is already way public :-)
Guy B.: Sygate I have on my desktop computers and Outpost on my notebook. I prefer Sygate as I like it much better.
jfcarbel: Dr. D you should have it, I emailed you about getting some N&B editions
Rich: Not sure if you wanted that one or not.
Rich: I have Richard's box of N&Bs, but I won't be able to get to the scanning until the end of exams here.
rich+c: btw Doc, when do I get my Adamcon t-shirt?
Rich: I have to finish writing an exam to give tomorrow night, then a robot contest for a course I teach is this weekend, then 2 anatomy exams and a stack of lab notebooks...all to be graded by next Thursday.
jfcarbel: Rich+C, here is a good site too -
Pamela: wow, they don't believe in sleep at CWRU do they?
Rich: When I mail it Richard, which means when I get to a post office, which means not until I no longer have daytime university stuff to do, there is no post office for packages on campus any more.
rich+c: I have a long list, jeff - because I like lots of options so I'll check that out gladly
james: no fair rich, you get to have all the fun :P
Rich: I have not sold your shirt on E-bay, Richard, nor are the girls using it to cut Barbie clothes out of...
Rich: Fun, ai.
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Harvie: Use Linux, no firewall needed
Pamela: wow, full house tonite
changed username to BobBACKagain
Rich: Then I have to start writing lectures for a new Human Physiology class that debuts in January.
Guy B.: Your back Bob
Pamela: oh
rich+c: anyway, jeff, I have found pricelessware particularly good and strongly recommend it for your firewall
BobBACKagain requested to ban BobS
james confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
rich+c confirmed ban
Rich confirmed ban
james: uhh.. i wouldn't go so far as to say you don't need a firewall just because you're using linux
james: you're still going to want to make sure you've got unneeded ports closed and some kind of monitoring system running
Guy B. confirmed ban
Harvie: If you use Linux properly a firewall is redundant
BobBACKagain: don't need on 'cause if someone gets you just wack the hd and start over !!!!!!
rich+c: your turn to get bounced tonight, Bob?
Rich: So what is new, Pam?
BobBACKagain: think it is my isp.....about every 15-20 minutes
Rich: Got your Xmas tree up yet?
Pamela: not much Rich
Pamela: no, that's happening this weekend
BobBACKagain: gonna have to call and complain maybe
Rich: The girls insisted on Saturday, so that was when it went up.
james: heh heh
rich+c: found teh net very slow and ineffective this afternoon - lots of 404s
Pamela: Russell is off Fri-Monday then not again till New Year's Eve, so it's Saturday or never
Rich: They did most of the work, I just hung a very few ornaments and took photos.
BobBACKagain changed username to BobS
BobS: Judy says "goodnight all"
Rich: We've been there before...tree up 23 December then not down until Groundhog Day.
Rich: Good night Judy.
BobS requested to ban Judy
rich+c confirmed ban
Rich confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
jfcarbel confirmed ban
rich+c: night, Judy
Rinious Rouge: nite Judy
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Pamela: bye Judy
BobS: goodnite David, goodnite Chet, goodnite Mrs Callabash, goodnite Gracey
james: i had a valentine's day tree in the clasroom last year
rich+c: well, I've had our lights strung since Nov. 30th - says he with conscious virtue
jfcarbel: anyone have a saved snapshot of his Scott's adamresource website or did it never quite get completed?
Pamela: pppppbbbbbttttt (she says with daughterly love)
rich+c: he said he expected to have it back up soon
Rich: Better than a V-J Day tree, James <runs>
rich+c: depends on which side you're on, Rich
Rich: Don't spit in the chat, Pam!
Pamela: sorry
Rich: With an atom as the star...
jfcarbel: great, I found an archive of Scott's site and it looked like a wealth of information, but all links were dead
rich+c: so jeff, you did get a 1702 and got it running
james: lol. that would go over so well with the older crowd
jfcarbel: yes, just need to figure out what cable I need from RadioShack for the audio hookup
rich+c: I suspect there's little on Scott's site that isn't in Rich's archives
james: though i take the whole hiroshima thing with a big grain of salt
Rich: Put Gojira on the tree.
james: the japanese like to play the victim but have done very little in the way of redress for their own horrific war-time atrocities
rich+c: it's 5-pin DIN on one end sprouting four colour-coded RCA sockets on the other
Rich: Flaming Gojira for the star.
james: lol. mothra candle holders
Guy B.: I know he changed sites recently. I have to check, but it's the same. He hasn't updated it much.
rich+c: I believe teh audio comes oput teh white cable, but just cut and try ;-)
Rich: Gamera glass balls.
jfcarbel: thanks rich I'll give that cable a try
jfcarbel: how do I get to Rich's archives, is this a website
rich+c: used to have teh part # but it's likely hopelessly outdated anyway
Rich: My archives?
jfcarbel: i'll find it
Rich: I have no index.html that accesses everything I have ever put up for people to download.
james: @jeff, i wouldn't bother with a cable from radioshack for the audio hookup
jfcarbel: Rich, do you have an ftp directory
Guy B.: Sometime next month. I'll be making a decision for Adamcon 18.
james: i assume you want to go from the 5-port din thingy to the "audio in" on your 1702, right?
Rich: But you can find some stuff at
Pamela: is that the technical term James?
Rich: I think...
james: very much so
james: :P
jfcarbel: james, correct, thought that what RichC suggested
Pamela: just checking
Rich: Thingy...
james: ok, i migh thave missed part of the conversation
Rich: I thought you Canadians used "dealy".
Rinious Rouge: LOL
Pamela: no, that's Erin's deal
james: all i've done here is taken a standard rca cable, lopped off one end and put the signal wire to the audio out port on the din connector
Rinious Rouge: the Rin Right Dictionary
rich+c: comes from associating with too many politicians
Rich: Thingamabob
Rich: Dingus
james: whatchamadoinkle
Rich: She should look up Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary" then.
Pamela: btw, Erin, did you see that Great Big Sea is playing Massey Hall on Dec. 20?
jfcarbel: whatamacallit
(rich+c gives rich+c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Rinious Rouge: it was a good day in politics and so will be tomorrow
Rich: What, BSE is eradicated now, Rin?
jfcarbel: Rich, that link does not work
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Rinious Rouge: tomorrow is the inaugural Premier's Agri-food Summit
Rich: Bush was arrested for war crimes while in Canada?
changed username to BOB
jfcarbel: but this one does -
Rich: Ahhh
Pamela: no such luck, Rich
Rich: I knew I misremembered it.
rich+c: no, he has diplomatic immunity
Rinious Rouge: unfortunately not Rich but today in the House we got first question....a first for Agriculture (in our time anyway) usually it always goes to the big 4 first
Rich: it used to be as I gave it before, then I did some reorg a few years ago when my ISP discontinued anonymnous FTP access.
Rich: What is First Question?
moved to room Meeting Place
Rinious Rouge: the first question of Question period
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
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Rinious Rouge: usually the hot issue of the day
left chat session
Rich: So food stuff was the most pressing issue of the day?
BOB requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
Rich confirmed ban
rich+c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Rinious Rouge: no sh*t was
Harvie confirmed ban
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left chat session
Rinious Rouge: and by that I mean Nutrient Management
rich+c: although BSE is a federal problem pretty well
Guy B.: Is everyone crashing?
jfcarbel: anyone have an ADAM Survival Guide?
Pamela: nope, just Bob it appears
rich+c: here they're mad about not being able to sell reserved farmland to developers
Rich: Since when is ____ Nutrient Management?
Harvie: Not me
Rinious Rouge: mainly, yes Uncle Richard
Rich: Don't want those nutrients...
Rich: I have 2 of them :-)
Rich: Re: ASG.
Rinious Rouge: it's about source water protection
rich+c: yes, I think I still have some of teh ANN stock available
Rinious Rouge: can't have another Walkerton
Rich: Or BobS does.
BOB: si senor
Rich: Dunno what Walkerton is/was. Poor dumb Yank here.
james confirmed ban
Rinious Rouge: sorry
jfcarbel: Is this a good doc, that is ASG?
Rinious Rouge: in the town nutrients got into the water system
Rinious Rouge: 7 people died
rich+c: it's what comes from having the Tories running the province 8-(
Rinious Rouge: and many are suffering very badly from it still
Pamela: of e.coli infections
Rich: Very helpful for basic and intermediate ADAM users, a great snapshot from early 1990s ADAM community.
rich+c: it's very much outdated, jeff, but some of teh stuff remains highly useful
james: yeah, the lie-berals are doing so much better a job
Rich: E. coli is not a nutrient.
Rich: Meow...
jfcarbel: Is there an online version of ASG?
Rich: "Jane, you ignorant slut..."
Pamela: it's not???? I knew I was doing something wrong
Rich: Alas no.
rich+c: well I regret to say we have a major betrayal in progress in Queens Park - I am bitterly disappointed
james: e. coli.. definitely not on my daily requirements menu
Rich: Not unless someone has scanned it.
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Rinious Rouge: you're disappointed because change doesn't happen overnight
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
james: well rich, having been born the day nixon resigned, i can't say i've ever been in a climate where politicians were liked, let alone trusted and respected
rich+c: I sent teh masters to Scott but he never got them scanned an put up
Rich: And it would be a hard one to scan, since it was already mostly printed Elite daisywheel pages cut and pasted into newspaper columns and then photocopied.
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Pamela: hi Daniel
Rich: I wonder if the camera-original artwork for the Xerox run exists any more.
Rich: Who would have that, Barry Wilson?
rich+c: no, Rin, I am disapp[ointed because they have sold out to the pressure groups
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Harvie, Pamela, james, Rich, Guy, Bob, Erin!
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moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Rinious Rouge: hi Daniel
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left chat session
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rich+c: they no onger do their duty to the people, just what's pleasing to cranks like the Sierra Club
left chat session
Pamela: it looks like Bob is still having problems
Rich: what is with all the coming and going here?!?
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich: Sierra Club is no cranks IMHO...
changed username to MeekaS
Guy B.: That's what I'm wondering myself?
Rich: No John Muir, no redwoods left in California...
rich+c: bienvenue, Daniel, didn't see you come in
Harvie: They are around here Doc
MeekaS: I made it! :)
Rich: Holla Meeka!
rich+c: Rich, Scott has teh masters
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to be late
MeekaS: hello
Rich: That is good to hear that the masters still exist.
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried to help a friend of mine with a SQL query problem
rich+c: they are hered, Rich, and dangerous and destructive ones
james: i'm ignorant, so someone fill me in, what's the sierra club?
Rinious Rouge: we are making a difference -- it's not reported that way and we are making long term changes not band aid solutions -- course I know you will think it is just rhetoric
Pamela: hey Meeka
Guy B.: HI Meeka. I tried sending you my photos from the con. The e-mail bounced back to me saying server not found.
jfcarbel: someone said Scott's new site will be up soon, hopefully that will be on there
Rinious Rouge: hi Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Meeka!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to DougS
MeekaS: hmmm, dont know what to tell ya guy, all the junk mail still makes it :P
Pamela: and Doug! Hi!
Daniel Bienvenu: Doug!
rich+c: the Sierra Club is a once hugely respected conservationist group founded by John Muir
DougS: hello all.
jfcarbel: BTW, I am thinking of doing an Coleco ADAM tribute site, any suggestions
rich+c: they were instrumental in saving teh gerat redwood forests of California
Rinious Rouge: hey Doug!
rich+c: they also led great defences of teh national parks
james: are they no longer respected?
james: phone
Pamela: wow, we have a huge turnout tonite
Guy B.: Maybe that's why. The files are on the Dell and I have temporaily disconnect it. I'm working on Jeanene's new computer I bought for her for Christmas.
Rich: Maybe I should stay away until 9:40 PM every night :-)
rich+c: hi Doug, it's been a while
Rich: This is almost like an ADAMcon Saturday night chat.
Guy B.: Hi Dug
james: wish i could make it to those
Guy B.: Doug. Boy, my typing is slipping.
james: but sunday at 4 a.m. and me don't mix
Rich: haha not dedicated enough
james: slacker that i am
Rich: But don't the kids get you up Sundays at 4:00 AM?
rich+c: no, they got taken over by a bunch of ecofreak extremists; now they're selling national franchises
DougS: Dr. D, is there any good reason why I had to change the java permissions in IE down to low security in order to get the spaniel chat applets to register?
james: @rich, so basically like greenpeace
Rinious Rouge: hey Meeka......
MeekaS: yes
Harvie: Right on James
Rinious Rouge: do you have your pics up yet? <sweet smile>
Harvie: Same idiots
(Guy B. gives Rinious Rouge a can of Diet Coke.)
rich+c: yes, and at least exqually dishonest and extreme
Rinious Rouge: hehe thanks Guy
(A dog howls in the distance)
james: there are donuts calling me downstairs. brb
Pamela: want some ketchup on that Erin?
(Rich gives Rinious Rouge some poutine.)
MeekaS: lol, no. I really need to work on them , I have been slacking on that stuff lately
Rinious Rouge: haha
rich+c: as one of their own people described them :dogmatic tree-huggers in Birkenstocks"
Rinious Rouge: thanks Rich
Guy B.: Donuts!!! Hmmmm.
(Rich gives Pamela a glass of cranberry juice.)
Pamela: thanks Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Can I have some poutine too?
(Rich gives Daniel Bienvenu some poutine.)
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
(Rich gives Daniel Bienvenu some poutine.)
moved to room Meeting Place
jfcarbel: Hey I'm thristy too :O
Guy B.: I made a strawberry milkshake. Lowfat version.
Rich: Growing boy needs 2 servings.
changed username to back afain
Rinious Rouge: alrighty Meeka, just checkin' :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you Rich :-)
Rich: I am hungry but not sure for what...
Rich: ...or what is in the fridge.
(Pamela flings quantities of Diet Coke across the Rockies)
back afain changed username to back again bob
Guy B.: Thanks Pam
back again bob: damn phone system somewhere.......
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah!
Rich: That's a new one!
Pamela: I just wanted to know what it was!
back again bob: see the D&M got on tomnight
Rich: Which one is it, Pam?
rich+c: not necessarily, Bob, the 'net has been a mess today
Pamela: "diet"
Rich: Ah.
Pamela: under subject actions
Pamela: I think Ron created it
back again bob: 'so maybe not just me eh????
jfcarbel: BRB, ordering dinner
Rich: Hehe, he is the only one not here tonight.
back again bob requested to ban BOB
rich+c confirmed ban
Rich confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich+c: on my bbs group, most of the links in teh postings 404s
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
jfcarbel confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich: I just killed "BOB"!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
rich+c: and any pictures posted offsite we little red Xs
back again bob changed username to BobS
changed username to DougS
jfcarbel: yikes and I agreed by accident, peer pressure!
Guy B.: Boy, Bob is having all sorts of trouble tonight.
Harvie: "They just killed Kenny"
Rich: haha
Meeka: see what you started dad :)
jfcarbel: hahah
Rich: "Looks like we need a new Timmy!"
BobS: not my fault, the phone lines were squirely when you guys were here
Guy B.: Well, what's going on there?
james confirmed ban
Rich: NSA is bugging BobS.
jfcarbel: Bob, sure someones not trying to tap your phone :)
DougS: We both got a javascript error and got booted.
BobS: our own phone company !!!!!!!!!
jfcarbel: Rich, beat me to it
Rich: All that traffic in ADAM swag looks like terrorist activity to the spooks.
rich+c: don't know, Guy, perhaps a worm, perhaps a mechanical fault (some contractor broke a cable), perhaps a DOS
jfcarbel: Patriot act
Rinious Rouge: watch out for the chili peppers in the suitcase!
BobS: Jeff, THAT is probably closer to the truth
Guy B.: Could be anything. Even noise in the line could be the culprit.
Pamela: speaking of which, I need to get Mom and Dad's to them - I still have them <blush>
Rich: Must be that article floating around the net now, "Build a SCUD missile guidance computer out of spare ADAM motherboards".
james: just blame canada
rich+c: well if anyone wants to blame Carnivore, I'll buy that
rich+c: especially since they're said to be testing a more voracious edition
Guy B.: Rich, seems you haven't crashed tonight or did you?
BobS: fer cryiin' out loud girl
Rich: Rich D. has not crashed.
Guy B.: Not you Dr. D. Rich C.
Pamela: I know, I know. I put them in a drawer during cleanup and forgot about them
Rich: hehe me and my nice stable 17" Powerbook :-)
BobS: well give them to the folks for xmas gift
Meeka: sure ya did ;)
rich+c: yes, I took teh early shift, then bob took over ; - )
Guy B.: And I'm on the desktop using the DSL.
jfcarbel: BRB
Pamela: now *there's* an idea
Rinious Rouge: I haven't been kicked off........yet....remains to be seen
Pamela: neither have I
Guy B.: Me neither.
BobS: on dialup now....IF I get lost this time I won't be back gang
james: let's push him out :P
Rich: BRB, cops in front of our house! NSA is listening to me.
Pamela: James!
BobS: oh oh
james: heh heh
james: "did i do that? oopsy!"
(Pamela reboots james's computer remotely.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Yesturday, I downloaded a funny cartoon in 3d, available freely to download. I'm looking for more humoristic 3d cartoon like that.
james: lol
Daniel Bienvenu:
Guy B.: I might be a little late next week. My mom's retirement home is throwing a Christmas Party for all the residents and families. My sister and I will be going there.
Pamela: sounds like fun, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm planning to burn a DVD with some cartoons like that to see them with my family during chirstmas
rich+c: well, not fun, but tolerable, one of teh easier duties
Guy B.: I brought a small Christmas tree over to her that I had. Got some lights and ornaments too. Still have to decorate it.
rich+c: ah, you're talking films, Daniel, not static drawings
jfcarbel: I noticed on one of ADAMCon galleries a shot of a Coleco ADAM commercial, who had that?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, film
rich+c: was there ever a commercial for Adam? I've never seen or heard of one
Guy B.: Bob was that you who had that?
jfcarbel: It was on a TV screen some took a pic of
BobS: not me but YES there was commercial
Harvie: Alan Alda did a TV commercial for ADAM
BobS: and might have it here, was on Good Mornign America one day I think
Guy B.: We saw it a couple of years back at the con.
rich+c: after all these years, we still learn new things!
jfcarbel: would like to convert it to DVD and also put up a divx video on my site
rich+c: it won'
rich+c: t fit on a CD?
Rich: Back, 3 cops stopped some car.
Rich: DUnno what he did...
jfcarbel: just bought a new toy from canopus, an ADVC300 that does a great job of restoring old VHS tapes
Rinious Rouge: wow
rich+c: it's mistaken identity, Rich, he's FBI with an acoutic snoop on your hose
rich+c: cops didnt realize who the prowler was
Rich: let 'em come get me... "BUSH IS A FINK!"
Daniel Bienvenu: ho! I find another (film) cartoon in 3d.
rich+c: he wil later translate to sound of your keystrokes into a text
jfcarbel: Dr. D get me on the mailing list and I will query for who has that ADAM TV commercial
Rich: Will do Re: mailing list.
Daniel Bienvenu: This one looks like WORMS but agains a poor bunny.
jfcarbel: sure I could out it on a CD as a MPEG2 file
rich+c: a.s.a.p Rich, the list is active at the moment
rich+c: has anyone solved Joe Blenkle's problems?
james: which ones?
jfcarbel: What was Joe's problem?
rich+c: the latest was printer ribbons which I hope I dealt with
Rich: I am trying to add it now, Richard.
rich+c: good show, rich
Guy B.: He's looking for Diablo Hytype I ribbons for the Adam printer.
jfcarbel: BRB
rich+c: I emailed him back, told him no problem, I have lots
rich+c: surprised I haven't had an order from him; he has bought from me before
Pamela: he probably forgot, Dad
rich+c: seems unlikely; Joe just has his own strange ways
Daniel Bienvenu: hahaha! I find a cartoon based on what some guys looks like in front of their computer when bidding on ebay auctions.
Harvie: Didn't he say someone on e-bay had a bargain available?
Rich: Krud, the mail server in EECS is down right now, don't seem to be able to login to my CWRU E-mail, "NFS server reducto not responding still trying"
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich+c: yes - on Hytype IIs which are useless for Adam
Daniel Bienvenu: mmm... the last one is in quicktime format. I can't use it.
BobS: unless you could transfer the ribbon itwelf ???????
rich+c: why don't you just download teh quicktime viewer, Daniel? It's free
rich+c: well, you can take out the ribbon and put it in a Hytype I cartridge, yes
rich+c: but any ribbon pancake will do (I have lots) it's teh cartridge that counts\
rich+c: Bob, is Doug still on or is his sign-in a relic?
BobS: I have had trouble with the printer cover using after markets.....on some printers only
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Rich, the problem is transform the movie into mpeg-2 format for DVD.
BobS: think it is a relic
Harvie: I don't think he was looking for a cartridge, just wantef to know if the hytype 11's were worth buying
Daniel Bienvenu: My computer is unstable and the tool to do that crash when trying to create the output file.
Guy B.: Well folks, I brused my arm earlier this week and I want to try putting an icepack on it. So, I'll see you all next week or Saturday if I'm not out shopping.
rich+c: do you have any "universal" viewers like Irfanview or Slowview that can convert formats?
rich+c: OK, Guy, see you whenever - take care
Daniel Bienvenu: commercial tools like videowave crash right now on my PC.
BobS: bye Guy
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
rich+c: oh, Guy, before you go
Rich: Bye Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: my computer is unstable
rich+c: why don't you send jeff a provate message with your phone number?
Daniel Bienvenu: the only video-capture tool that works for me is VirtualDub... it's the only one.
Harvie: My computers "user" is unstable :)
rich+c: any idea why it's unstable, Guy?
rich+c: sorry, Daniel
DougS: i still here
Guy B.: My computer is not unstable. Daniel's is.
Guy B.: Ok, gang. I'
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's a video card drivers problem
Pamela: go take care of the arm Guy. We'll see you next week.
Guy B.: See you all later.
rich+c: Doug, do you still have any copies of Win98SE for sale?
Rinious Rouge: bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
DougS: not right now rich
rich+c: that implies that you may in teh not too distant future
Pamela: that's what I was going to ask
DougS: if i go looking for them.
Pamela: how much?
rich+c: should you do any finding, I would appreciate being told about it
Pamela: still here, Bob?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich+c: we are vaguely eyeing a new laptop and I would like a different serial number
changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Not sure what happened there.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Dr.D
rich+c: most come with WinXP but there are parts of it I don't trust
BobS: yes dear
Dr.D.: Got a javascript error.
Pamela: it's Rich we lost this time
rich+c: well Bob threatened to go off in a sulk if he got hit again so now the server is picking on Rich
Dr.D.: Vortex claimed me.
rich+c: that's what he gets for coming on as Rich instead of Dr.D
Pamela: at least now we know threats work
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Rich, I think a friend of mine has a copy of a Win98SE in english... but you know, it's a copy not an original so I think you don't want it
Dr.D.: :-)
Dr.D.: I think I'm going to take it as a sign that I ought to go to bed...
BobS: chicken
rich+c: I have a number of valid Win95 numbers and a Win98 upgrade disc so I'm not too pressed
Pamela: LOL
Dr.D.: <cluck cluck>
Dr.D.: <lays egg>
Rinious Rouge: hehe
Daniel Bienvenu: I have two windows 98 manuals with a key unmber of it.
jfcarbel: Dan, send me a PM with your phone or email, we can chat
Dr.D.: So I am off to bed...another late night tomorrow, will be gone until after 9 PM.
rich+c: I just don't like the inconvenience XP imposes, especially if you have a hard disc crash or do an upgrade
jfcarbel: I use Adobe Premiere for all my captures
Daniel Bienvenu: Me?
Rinious Rouge: good night Rich
Pamela: Goodnight, Rich
Dr.D.: Good night, all, and I'll add you to the mailing list tomorrow jfcarbel.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
BobS: nite Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
jfcarbel: I capture from either my Matrox RTX.100 card or the Canopus ADVC
rich+c: nite Rich
DougS left chat session
rich+c: Daniel, drop me a line on email about teh Win98
Pamela: I'm thinking it would be a good idea to follow Rich's lead. I'm pooped.
jfcarbel: yes Dan about the video capture if you want to chat
Rinious Rouge: wow Pam same wave length
Daniel Bienvenu: My computer is a pentium II 400Mhz and I use an ATI RADEON.
rich+c: OK daughter, go get your shuteye - see you Sunday if not befoe
Pamela: I keep telling you, two heads, one brain
Rinious Rouge: hehe
Rinious Rouge: well good night all see you next week
rich+c: jeff, Daniel can meet you here on chat - we have out times, but teh chat is really up 24/7
Pamela: and the brain is saying sleep!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, jeff... it's jeff? my email is newcoleco AT yahoo DOT fr
rich+c: so if two folks get together, nothing to stop them from using it
Pamela: gnite everyone
Rinious Rouge left chat session
james: good night pam!
BobS: nite Pam
jfcarbel: yes Jeff, I'll send you an email later
jfcarbel: bye all
rich+c: nite Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
BobS: nite ALL, gonna hit the sack too
rich+c: nite Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, me too... bonne nuit!
Pamela: kerpoof
BobS: next week all
Pamela left chat session
BobS left chat session
jfcarbel left chat session
rich+c: OK Daniel - bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: it's cleaning up the list of users.... and rich still there, he was not kicked by the software.
rich+c: wow, that thinned out the group in a hurry
rich+c: yes, I'm still here, it was Dr.D. who got booted
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich+c: Meeka, you still with us?
Meeka: yup
rich+c: guess not - just Harvie and james
Meeka: headin out soon though
rich+c: ah, OK, you've been so quiet
Harvie: I guess I'll make it thinner, goodnight
Meeka: lol
rich+c: OK Harive, see you next week
Meeka: been watchin the conversation
Harvie left chat session
rich+c: it got pretty hot and heavy tonigfht
Meeka: I have been catchin up on e-mails too
rich+c: good crowd, lots of acticity
Meeka: ya, that happens from timer to time :)
Meeka: yup
rich+c: gets a little tough keeping all the threads straight, but lots going on
Meeka: k, well hopefully since Doug got chat workin agian I will be back next week
rich+c: right, we will look forward to you two joining us, then
Meeka left chat session
rich+c: so looks like it's time to say goodnight, james
rich+c: nice to have a new user with us; hope he will be back
rich+c: anyway, must go, see you next week
rich+c left chat session
james left chat session > chat > Wed 2004-12-08
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