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rich-c: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Hello Richard.
Dr.D.: Dug out from snow I hope? Or not so much to dig out from?
rich-c: hey, what do you know - actually stayed connected for a whole sentence
Dr.D.: Haha
Dr.D.: I am convinced it is your firewall somehow.
rich-c: didnt have that much, though walking to the plaza this afternoon was indiscreet
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rich-c: I have some suspicions of Zone Alarm but can't prove anything
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: evenong, Harvie
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Harvie: Hello
Dr.D.: Indiscreet? I hope you didn't fall...
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Roberto
Dr.D.: Hi Harvie and BobS now.
BobS: allo all
Harvie: Hi Bob, Doc
rich-c: no, I had my cane and watched my step
Dr.D.: That is good.
rich-c: but unplowed sidewalks wre a hazard
Dr.D.: It snowed all night when the chat ended last week.
rich-c: driving was a bit of a challenge; the residue left by the plows had thawed and frozen
Dr.D.: Woke up to driveway plowed shut and 3 feet deep.
rich-c: ah yes, the dreaded Lake Effect
Dr.D.: About a foot in the back, with standing water under the ice crust and then wet snow on top.
Dr.D.: It rained, sleeted, and snowed in alternation.
rich-c: the doctors have fits when elderly gentlemen with heart problems try shovelling snow
Dr.D.: It took all 6 of us 2.5 hours to dig it out.
Harvie: Ours should be gone by the weekend
Dr.D.: And I would agree with the medicos about that, Richard.
Dr.D.: It has been low 40s F here all day today and the worst of the ice in the driveway has melted.
rich-c: yes, they';re talking temperatures of 10 or 11 (50 or 52)
Dr.D.: The end of the driveway from the street back to the sidewalk took me over an hour of hacking with the shovel.
rich-c: we're either side of freezing but going up
Dr.D.: It was almost solid ice.
Dr.D.: I needed a pickaxe.
Dr.D.: But it was a good workout, and all the girls helped.
rich-c: our gardeners also do some snow clearing; they showed up when needed
Dr.D.: Joan and Elanor might have had the worst of it, the very back was about 4 inches of standing water.
rich-c: you really got a major dose this time, Rich
Dr.D.: Which of course froze solid later in the day when temps fell into the 20s F.
rich-c: how about you, Bob - how did you fare?
Dr.D.: But we got through it...had no problems driving in or out on Christmas.
Dr.D.: Speaking of which, belated Merry Christmas to all :-)
rich-c: we didnt have to go out on Christmas, Pam came here
Dr.D.: Though I did mail it to the list.
BobS: only got about 3 inches I think
rich-c: yes, we saw, even though our ISP has been plagued by a dodgy router upstream
Dr.D.: We stayed at home Christmas Day until about 1:30 PM.
Harvie: Same back at ya Doc
BobS: was very manageable
Dr.D.: Then packed up and drove 90 minutes east to my stepsister's.
rich-c: yes, you got off easy this time, Bonb
Dr.D.: We were there until about 9:30 PM.
BobS: yes we did, but winter is almost over ya we are ok
Dr.D.: Almost over, ha, not here in will be winter until March.
rich-c: you are going to regret that statement, Slopsema - JP was listening
Dr.D.: And really, I can't complain about it.
Harvie: It's only 8 days old Bob
Dr.D.: haha Harvie the Astronomer.
BobS: oops
rich-c: (JP - Iupiter Pluvius)
Dr.D.: The girls built a snowman and a snow fort this afternoon in the back yard.
Dr.D.: Going to work this morning, I wanted to stay and play in the snow, warm and perfect packing.
rich-c: yes, kids get to enjoy the snow - they'll think there isn't enough
Dr.D.: Hehe
Dr.D.: I have some good deep-snow memories from my boyhood.
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rich-c: I had to be careful driving over to get teh groceries and milk, but made it
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Greetings
Harvie: Hi Pam
Dr.D.: A Christmas Day to New Year's Day week spent with my grandparents, going out every night in the snow with a lantern for walks in the woods or along the railroad tracks.
Dr.D.: Hello Pamela.
Dr.D.: Merry Christmas.
rich-c: while I remember - don't forget to send me the text of that BSOD
Pamela: Merry Christmas, Rich
Pamela: Bob, Harvie - Merry Christmas
Pamela: I'll have to search for it Dad - send me an e-mail, okay?
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Dr.D.: Blessed Servant Of D...?
Pamela: Blue Screen of . . .
changed username to judy
Dr.D.: Ah. Did something die in Windows?
Pamela: Seasons Greetings, Judy
Dr.D.: Hello Judy.
Dr.D.: Merry Christmas.
judy: hi, everyone
Pamela: not recently Rich
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changed username to rich-1
Pamela: that didn't take long, Dad
BobS: XMAS greetings,,,,,,,kids, it is almost NEW YEAR'S
Pamela: I know : )
Dr.D.: Well, Xmas happened after the last chat.
rich-1: oh, that was Judy coming in did it to me - hi Judy
BobS: ok
Dr.D.: Yes, Pam's 1-year-anniversary coming up.
judy: did everyone have a Merry Christmas?
Dr.D.: Pre-emptive Happy Anniversary, Pam!
Pamela: boy, does that sound strange. I said that today for the first time.
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
Dr.D. confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS: one time flies
Dr.D.: Pre-emptive? :-)
Pamela: it's hard to believe
judy: sorry about that Rich
rich-1: just two more days
rich-1: it's OK judy, I'm used to it
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Pamela: all I know is that this time last year I was running around like an idiot dealing with last minute stuff
changed username to Erin
Pamela: Hi, Rin
rich-1: yes, you did have your hands full
Harvie: Hello red
Erin: allo allo
rich-1: hello Erin
Pamela: are you ready to come home?
BobS: yo Rin !!!!!!
judy: hi, Erin
rich-1: back in the city, I see
Erin: howdy y'all
rich-1: your brother is driving my wife nuts
Erin: I guess I'm ready to go home...but it's been a good visit
Erin: with the birdy pics?
Pamela: you mean Garth?
Dr.D.: <back from answering phone>
rich-1: yes, she's been wearing out teh bird books and internet trying to get an ID
Dr.D.: Hi Ms. Rin.
Erin: Allo Doctore
Erin: wow....
Pamela: when did the pics finally come through Dad?
Dr.D.: You are trying to ID a bird?
rich-1: there just doesn't seem to be anything around that has those field marks
Dr.D.: <Christina says hi BTW>
Erin: yeah...we have a photo from a bird that was hanging out at the feeder Xmas day
Erin: hi Christina
rich-1: either yesterday or day before, Pam, don't remember
Pamela: hey Christina, Seasons Greetings
Dr.D.: <she was on the phone, hung up now>
rich-1: merry christmas (a bit late) Christina
Dr.D.: <she went to a movie and was phoning to say she was going to a friend's house>
Erin: wow...we had a special guest indeed then
Dr.D.: So what was this bird?
Erin: that;'s what we're tryin g to figure out
Dr.D.: Snail-darter?
Dr.D.: Passenger pigeon?
Pamela: that's the problem, Rich - we can't ID it
Dr.D.: Dodo?
rich-1: I think even with a logner telephoto and higher resolution we'd still be stuck
Erin: hehe
Erin: maybe
Dr.D.: What color is it?
Erin: it was very cute
Dr.D.: How big.
Erin: it had a snow white breast
Dr.D.: Is the photo on a webpage somewhere for inspection?
Erin: with a gold and brown necklace
rich-1: nearest similar bird is a Eurasian snow bunting
Dr.D.: I think we have a Petersen's Guide lying about somewhere.
Erin: gold edging on the wings
Erin: I could send you the pic Rich if you like
Dr.D.: I am no ornithologist.
rich-1: send all three, Erin, he still won't find it
Erin: well...just to look at the pretty birdy
Erin: he did this cute little butt wiggle into the ground every so often
Dr.D.: What kind of beak? Seed-eater, insect-eater?
rich-1: both Frances and I have been through teh National Geographic one, also a couple of others we have lying around
Pamela: Rin, you want me to meet you at the subway tomorrow night, right?
Erin: if you're available to that would be awesome
rich-1: seed eater
Pamela: of course - I'm not going to make you try to lug your suitcase home on TTC at that hour
Pamela: is your phone charged?
Erin: you're awesome Pammie :-)
Erin: yepper
Pamela: so, give me a call when you're leaving Union station, and I'll aim for about half an hour after that
Erin: very cool!
Dr.D.: Hmm, seed-eaters with white chest and gold.
Erin: thanks I will
Dr.D.: Does not ring a bell with anything I have seen before.
Pamela: I'll pick you up at the south end of Wilson, where the stairs are
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changed username to rich-2
Pamela: that's probably easier than trying to take your suitcase through the revolving exit
rich-2 requested to ban rich-1
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Erin confirmed ban
Pamela: sound good?
rich-2: wonder how many I'll get up to tonight? 8-(
Erin: sounds excellent to me
Dr.D.: If it was snow white, might be a bird that is a seasonal albino...that should help to ID it.
Pamela: all I have to do is remember to borrow R's metropass to get into the parking lot : )
rich-2: anyway, Rich, the bird has an unusually white breast
Dr.D.: Maybe it belongs further north and got blown south.
rich-2: yellow wingbards
Erin: I sent you 2 pics of it Rich
Dr.D.: Could it be an albino form of goldfinch?
rich-2: as mentioned, looks like a relative of a snow bunting
Erin: Pam have you seen it?
rich-2: havent checked the world book yet
Pamela: nope, the pics hadn't come through by the time I left on Christmas day
rich-2: no, wings are brown, breast white with sides
Erin: I'll send em to ya
rich-2: sort of like a chestnut-sided warbler that way
Pamela: 'kay. Although I don't know if I'll be of any help, as we don't have a bird book
Erin: it's okay at least you'll get to see the pretty birdy
rich-2: you're still in Windsor, are you, Rin?
Erin: I am ...til tomorrow
rich-2: do you have the bird pictures to hand, then?
Dr.D.: What is the weather like in Windsor? More like BobS's mild winter weather?
Pamela: what is the current temp, anyway?
BobS: welll ya
BobS: gonna stay above freezing here thru sat am and then drop below w/ chance of freezing rain
Erin: it's not bad, it's 2 C
Erin: I have current access to the pics Uncle R
Pamela: says it's 1 C according to the TV
Erin: well television lies
Dr.D.: They have shown up in my I have to figure out how to process attachments.
Pamela: and we're supposed to get freezing drizzle over night - yuck
Erin: apologies
Erin: yuckers indeed
judy: yes, our kind of weather, the pits, but I guess it could be worse
Dr.D.: Okay, I got them out of the E-mail and SFTPed back home here.
Dr.D.: In my considered scientific opinion...
Dr.D.:'s a bird.
Erin: LOL
Erin: it's a cute birdy
Dr.D.: I dunno what it really is, I'd call it a chickadee.
BobS: well ya...........
Pamela: I was just gonna say that
rich-2: it's OK Rin I have sent him teh pictures now - that's why I was quiet
Dr.D.: I know cardinals, and bluejays, and crows, and starlings, and pigeons...
rich-2: no, chickadees don't have that necklace
Dr.D.: Maybe it's a 3-Mile-Island chickadee :-)
Harvie: Maybe it was airbrushed rich
rich-2: nope, body shape is wrong, and Cynthis says it's very timid, which chikadees sure aren't
Dr.D.: Doctored photograph? Who took the pictures?
Erin: my brother
rich-2: Erin's brother, Grane I think
Pamela: brb, gonna say good night to Russell
Erin: we all sat around in the living room and saw the bird and Garth decided to get the digital
Dr.D.: Bye Russell, Happy Pre-Emptive Anniversary.
rich-2: I was able to enlarge them quite a bit in Irfanview but not much help - weak light, poor resolution
Dr.D.: Richard has a sense of humor...the Subject of his E-mail, "giving you the bird"
rich-2: ;-)
Erin: the camera adjusted a lot...the light reflecting of the snow and all...we're lucky we got anything
Erin: hehe
rich-2: it does show the field marks quite cledarly - and if there's anything in North America to match it, we can't find it
Erin: wow
judy: is it a nuthatch?
judy: they have a white breast
rich-2: even checked teh Eurasian birds that occasionally show up in the Aleutians
rich-2: nope, not a nuthatch
Dr.D.: getting the bird now
Erin: oh well, I guess...our special Xmas birdy :-)
rich-2: besides, a nuthatch would not use a feeder, and has an insectivore beak
BobS: hey doc, I can GIVE you the bird...........
Erin: hehe
Dr.D.: Yes Bob?
(BobS Giggles)
(I'm sorry, Dr.D., but I can't do that.)
Dr.D.: But you just said you CAN.
BobS: but you woyuldn't see it !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: That is a have thus failed to fulfill your prime directive...and must turn yourself off. Q.E.D.
BobS: so I could use ANY bird
Dr.D.: Roast turkey or goose would be nice :-)
BobS: aw.........
Pamela: he's cooking his own goose, thank you
Erin: :-)
Dr.D.: I am?
Pamela: no, Bob is
Dr.D.: Goose is good eating.
rich-2: well, one of you is 8-)
judy: no, goose or turkey being done here
Pamela: I'll stick with the turkey, thank you
Dr.D.: We had one for Christmas once just to do it.
judy: all though he could have taken it to work yesterday and fried it in the apartment
Erin: gobble gobble
rich-2: we had a very good turkey for Xmas (and Boxing Day, and...)
Dr.D.: Put it up on stilts so it can drain, and it is very good eating.
Dr.D.: <looking a Richard's bird photos now>
Pamela: oh, Dad, tell Mom thank you - the amount of turkey she gave me was just right for my purposes and we had a lovely lunch on Sunday
rich-2: traditionally, goose is more commmon for Christmas than turkey in most of teh world
judy: they had a fire, he has been working there the last couple of days, every time he comes in he has to change his clothes and they have to go to the washer
judy: what a smell
rich-2: I'll pass on teh wrod, Pam
Pamela: I'll just bet, Judy
judy: been awful
Pamela: is there anything more pervasive than the smell of smoke?
judy: don't think so
BobS: never had goose, only heard that it tastes greasy
rich-2: damn little, though I'll bet Harvie could offer a few suggestions
BobS: no Pam
Dr.D.: It has lots of fat, but that is why you drain it.
Dr.D.: It is a very clear white fat.
rich-2: all birds can be fat - you should have seen teh drippings from our turkey
Dr.D.: I like dark meat anyway.
Harvie: Yes, the places I work can execise the olfactories
Pamela: shocking, Harvie - I had no idea (sarcasm floats around the room)
rich-2: that was especiallly good about our turkey - narrow breast, lots of dark meat
Dr.D.: Fire is a bad smell, yes, it never comes out of stuff that you can't wash :-(
rich-2: Pam, when I got dropped earlier, I was mentioning that I was at the glorified pawn shop
Pamela: and what did you find, Dad?
judy: very true, don't envy the people that live there, not a pleasant thing
rich-2: they have a lot of DVDs including teh first Harry Potter and LOTR
rich-2: didn't ask teh prices
Pamela: got em
Pamela: have you stuck your nose in the second hand DVD shop at Lawrence Square yet?
Dr.D.: They are probably region 9, Antarctica, and won't play on a North American DVD player.
rich-2: I know, I've borrowed them, but if you know anyone...
rich-2: no, as you know I am very picky about my DVDs
Dr.D.: Though I discovered online a hack for our player that makes it region free :-)
Dr.D.: You enter a 6-digit code via the remote with the drawer open...and it responds "Ok".
Pamela: I try not to go into Lawrence Plaza, Dad. It's worth your life to drive around there sometimes.
rich-2: yes, there's lots of those around - and I play them on the computer anyway
rich-2: go in on Saturday, or anytime after Shabbas sundown
rich-2: which reminds me, I met Mrs. Schwartz in teh bank today - she was asking about you
Pamela: at least there's a back entrance into Lawrence Square that I can sneak into and out of
Pamela: Oh, how is she? And what was she asking?
rich-2: yes, but teh back parking lot is as full ass the front one
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changed username to rich-3
Dr.D.: Another brace of Clees
Pamela: I wondered if you got dumped. Did you get my last question?
rich-3: getting quite expert at this, aren't I?
BobS requested to ban rich-2
Harvie confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-3 confirmed ban
Erin confirmed ban
rich-3: not sure, Pam - anyway I told her about your committing matrim,ony
BobS: you are AWESOME richard....pretty soon we won
BobS: t even know you are gone
rich-3: she was pleased to hear it
Dr.D. confirmed ban
rich-3: you know she lives in that condo where the libreary used to be?
Pamela: you know, I detect the rumblings of a proud papa : )
Pamela: Yes, I knew that's where she had moved to
Pamela: how is she, and how are Debbie and Rachel?
rich-3: she was bragging about Rochelle's four daughters; the eldest now has her PhD but I don't know in what subject
Pamela: sorry, folks, I know this is all background noise for you
Pamela: Rochelle, sorry
rich-3: didn't get that far, Pam
Pamela: Dad, have you heard from Rita recently?
rich-3: no but I sent her teh usual Xmas card and she usually reacts to that after a while
Erin: did you hear that the quake changed the tilt of the earth's axis
Dr.D.: I read that.
Erin: 2.5 cm
Pamela: I didn't know that, Rin
Erin: and changed the speed
rich-3: that I missed although it apparently had some effect on teh rotation
Pamela: where did you find that out?
Erin: Mom just told me
Dr.D.: She caused the earthquake!
Dr.D.: She set the dials on her machine and bang it happened.
rich-3: what really shocked me is that they said Sumatra has moved 30 meters to teh southwest - 30 meters!!!
Dr.D.: Yes, the plate shifted.
Dr.D.: This is why we need an asteroid deflector...even if it falls in the ocean, the effects are still devastating.
rich-3: yes, but normally the shift is in inches (Pam, remember teh earthquake trail at Point Reyes?)
Harvie: Is she with S.P.E.C.T.R.E. or S.M.E.R.S.H. ? :)
Pamela: that's more than four times the distance of the Frisco quake of '06
Dr.D.: K.A.O.S.
Pamela: that was only 16 feet if I remember correctly
Dr.D.: We of course are C.O.N.T.R.O.L.
Erin: sigh, 80,000 dead so far
Pamela: yes, they are speculating a final toll of more than 100,000
rich-3: if that fence offset was indicative, teh shift in teh San Francisco quake was "only" aboput a meter
Dr.D.: Yes :-(
rich-3: yes, the newspapers here are competing to see who can justify teh highest figure
Pamela: we'll have to get out the slides and look Dad - I'm pretty sure it was about 16 feet
Dr.D.: Travel slides? IIRC your Dad's computer room is full of them on shelves, Pam.
rich-3: hey, one meter is plenty impressive
Pamela: you remember correctly Rich
Pamela: and we took a LOT of pictures on the California trip
rich-3: yes, about 8000 - and Pam, you forgot to take teh flower print home
Pamela: (smacks forehead) D'oh!
rich-3: no comment
Pamela: are you home on Friday Dad?
rich-3: yes, you want to come by?
rich-3: after all, that's your anniversary
Pamela: I'm trying the hair appointment thing again, but later in the afternoon. Maybe I'll come by on my way.
Dr.D.: I have all my Grampa D's slides...lots of me and my sisters when we were little.
rich-3: hey, come later and bring Russell, and we'll let him taste that nice REisling
Dr.D.: All Kodachrome, all beautiful color after all these years.
Pamela: I'll bounce it off him and see what he says Dad
Pamela: it could make for a busy evening
rich-3: OK - I know you enjoyed your glass
Pamela: which reminds me - Rin, have you any decisions about what you want to do on Friday night?
Dr.D.: I presume that Reisling = ethanol?
Pamela: yes, Rich
Erin: ummm
Pamela: LOL
Dr.D.: German ethanol.
rich-3: sorry, Riesling, and yes, it's a variety of white grape, for which Germany is famous but which actually does better in Ontario
Erin: I dunno yet Pammie
Dr.D.: gimme Kool-Aid :-)
rich-3: to each his own, Rich
Erin: grape Kool-Aid? ;-)
rich-3: not sure we want to go there
Pamela: blue Kool Aid!
Dr.D.: Theta Chi here makes a beverage that they call "Blue", it is non-alcoholic.
Dr.D.: Some kind of blue Kool-Aid with 7-up and ginger ale.
Dr.D.: It is really good...but it is very blue...makes your tongue blue.
rich-3: even the thought makes my stomach revolt
(Pamela gives rich-3 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
rich-3: which might be just as well considering the sugar content
Dr.D.: As does the thought of wine to me, Richard :-)
Pamela: diff'rent strokes Dad
rich-3: besides, I've just been told to go fetch my Guiness - brb
Pamela: hee hee hee
Dr.D.: I am eating a Christmas cookie that I decorated myself.
Pamela: oooh, cookies
Dr.D.: It is a Christmas Gollum.
Erin: LOL
Dr.D.: All white frosting.
Harvie: I must say goodnight folks (arthritis kicking up)
Dr.D.: Nite Harvie
Dr.D.: Green star eyes
rich-3: ahhh, that's much better
Erin: nite Harvie
Pamela: Good night Harvie, and Happy New Year
judy: night Harvie, hope you are feeling better soon and have a happy new year
Erin: brb
Dr.D.: Brown eyebrows, mouth, strands of hair, and loincloth made from individual extruded bits of chocolate sprinkle, painstakingly hand-placed.
rich-3: OK Harvie, take care with that arthritis - it's a beast, I know too well
Harvie: Happy New year to all
Dr.D.: Red mouth of same.
Dr.D.: And a yellow Precious in his right hand.
Harvie left chat session
rich-3: Happy New Yessar to you too, Harvie
rich-3: I'm waiting for Russell to sate himself on the LOTR 3 so I can borrow it
Dr.D.: The girls have been watching it.
Pamela: he hasn't watched it yet Dad - he'll probably do so while I'm out on Friday or Monday
Dr.D.: We just bought it outright the week before Christmas after asking if anyone had already bought it as a present for someone else.
rich-3: no rush Pam - the world won't end
Dr.D.: <just ate Gollum's head>
rich-3: just nicked my hand with my fingernail
Pamela: we didn't get the extended, 4 disc set this time
Pamela: ouch, Dad
rich-3: yes, I have to get some cotton to stop the bleeding since it wont stop on its own
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: you know it's time to trim your nails when . . .
Dr.D.: right, you are on coumadin.
Pamela: so Rich, what did Santa bring you?
Dr.D.: Let me see:
rich-3: the irony is I did just trim my nails yesterday
Dr.D.: new briefcase (hinges on old one died too many times and the repairs broke)
Dr.D.: new billfold
Dr.D.: some PJs
Dr.D.: couple sweaters
Dr.D.: can of cashews and can of peanuts
Dr.D.: 2-DVD set of 1960s "Thunderbirds" SuperMarionation movies
Dr.D.: Glass checkers/chess set
Dr.D.: bag of peanut M&Ms
rich-3: those can be pretty
Erin: hey I got those too
rich-3: those can be tasty
Dr.D.: M&Ms?
Erin: yep....peanut and regular
Dr.D.: or checkers/chess set?
rich-3: well, here they are called Smarties
Pamela: can't get peanut Smarties, Dad
rich-3: chess set pretty, M&M tasty
Dr.D.: haha
Pamela: and I prefer M&M's anyway - better chocolate
Dr.D.: reverse is not good for digestion or playing
Pamela: no, because how long would it be till someone ate your knight?
rich-3: I wouldn't know, never eat them (or any candy to speak of)
Dr.D.: My first chess set was home-made...I used coins, one side heads the other side tails.
Pamela: and what did Santa grace the Slopsema household with?
Dr.D.: My second one was also home-made: out of clothespins.
rich-3: when I was in grade 8 we had a teacher who w2as a chess nut - had all of us making our own chess sts
Erin: a chesnut?
Dr.D.: One stained brown, the other left plain and varnished with nail polish!
Erin: (a thankyou)
Pamela: groan, Erin
rich-3: our grade 8 sets used thread spools - nail polish bottle tops wre miters for teh bishops
Erin: hehehehehehehe
Dr.D.: <rim shot>
Dr.D.: <or is that Rin shot?>
Erin: :-)
BobS: new gas grill for eats.......some warm slippers for cold nights.........
BobS: clothes - always
rich-3: different size spools indicated different pieces; for larger pieces spools wre combined
Dr.D.: I made mine out of round wooden clothespins.
Pamela: ooh, nice Bob. Have you tried the grill yet?
Dr.D.: Cut off short, pawns.
BobS: nope
Dr.D.: Cut off longer, with one saw cut through head, bishop.
BobS: used the old one the other night becasue it had been too cold to put the new one together
Dr.D.: Same as bishop but with 2 cuts at right angles, queen.
rich-3: well, with this tropical weather we have coming, take it out on teh patioi and break it in ;-)
BobS: it iws out there now
Pamela: Barbeque at Bob's on Monday!
judy: I got opal earrings and pendant, clothes, snowbabies, cooling racks, coasters
BobS: come on down !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Same as bishop, but add (by gluing) the head and partial neck of another clothespin, the neck cross-cut for a crown, king.
rich-3: well, actual;ly the heat wave comes Friday
BobS: good 'cause I am taking Fri off I hope
judy: that is a good start to what I got, had a good Christmas
Pamela: sounds like a lot of work went into it Rich
Erin: do you still have it Rich?
Dr.D.: Cut off head, leave 2 cut-off tines sticking up (though trimmed), rook.
rich-3: where are you off to, Bob?
Dr.D.: Same as rook, but only one tine up, knight.
Dr.D.: Yes I do, Erin.
Erin: cool
judy: we aren't going anywhere, just sticking around, not working
Dr.D.: I was proud of it :-)
Pamela: I'll have to bring my kitty sculpture over on Friday and get a picture, Dad
rich-3: so you should be, Rich
BobS: nowhere, just NOT working
Pamela: we can e-mail it to everyone for a laugh
Dr.D.: Kitty sculpture?
rich-3: did you get that kitty Christmas picture, Pam?
judy: sent Ryan home tonight to his hamster, which was his big gift
Pamela: yes it was a gift from a girlfriend and it's hysterical
Pamela: what picture Dad?
rich-3: so bring it over when you come for teh picture and get your mother to take a shot
rich-3: the flower
Pamela: I'll try to remember
Dr.D.: I am thinking kitty sculpture = sculpture done by the kitty
rich-3: no, although she
Pamela: no kitty sculpture = sculpture in the form of kitty
Dr.D.: And I know of only one kind of such kitty sculpture :-)
Pamela: eww!
rich-3: no, al;though she's got some of that too - on the furniture :-)
Pamela: that's fur
Dr.D.: Litter mountains.
Pamela: you'll get a kick out of the sculpture
Dr.D.: What is the cat doing?
Erin: How's Schiefer, Pam?
Pamela: he's standing in "let's play" mode - front legs bent, hind end up, his head is slightly tilted to one side and his tail is on a spring so if you touch it, it wiggles back and forth
Pamela: big, outsize paws
rich-3: with any luck we'll have a picture ready for Friday night
Pamela: she's fine, Rin. Russell was down there earlier and I'll go down before bedtime
Pamela: I was with her for an hour last night
Erin: okay :-)
Erin: good :-)
Dr.D.: Hope she didn't leave Rin any artworks.
Pamela: none
rich-3: yet
Dr.D.: Well-trained cat.
Dr.D.: haha Richard
Erin: she's my good kitty
Dr.D.: "Happy New Year from the Kitty"
Pamela: she is a good kitty, just wants company
rich-3: what'e teh name of your bad kitty, Rin?
Pamela: FC
Erin: she's never bad
Erin: but sometimes she's my Nippy Nutbar
Pamela: she hasn't pulled that trick all week Erin
rich-3: if you have a good one don't you need a bad one to make a comparison?
Erin: wow...she must be depressed
Pamela: all she has to do is look at Willow
Dr.D.: FC?
Pamela: don't ask, Rich
Dr.D.: It must be off-colour.
Erin: it is
rich-3: likely
Erin: C = cat though
Pamela: naw, she's fine - happily wiggling around in my lap whenever I sit down
Dr.D.: Tsk-Tsk
Pamela: hey, I didn't come up with it - that's a quote
Dr.D.: F = feline
Dr.D.: Quote from whom? Rin?
judy: night all , have a happy new year
Erin: happy new year Judy
Pamela: g'nite Judy - Happy New Year to you
Dr.D.: Good night, Judy, and H.N.Y. to you too.
rich-3: OK Judy, take care, enjoy your rest, see you next year!!!
judy left chat session
Pamela: no, I had a friend who had a particularly annoying cat
Pamela: nicknamed it FC as a kitten, and it stuck
rich-3: there's another kind?
Dr.D.: hehe
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: I have known nice cats, but many more non-nice ones than nice.
Pamela: yes Dad although it may not seem like it sometimes
Pamela: hello Guy!
Dr.D.: Must just be my bad luck.
Erin: hi Guy
rich-3: 'bout time you got here, Guy ;-)
Dr.D.: Hello Guy, Merry belated Christmas.
BobS: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings, sorry I'm late. Went out to dinner with Jeanene and her girlfriend's daughter.
rich-3: figured you were chasing teh ladies, as usual ;-)
Guy B.: Well, not exactly.
rich-3: but close enough ;-)
Pamela: how was your Christmas, Guy?
rich-3: anyway, how was dinner and did you go anyplace special?
Guy B.: TGI Friday's.
Pamela: yum!
Guy B.: Better than I expected.
rich-3: they're a little noisy for us old folks, but teh food is good
Guy B.: Jeanene got a new 27" TV from her brother and nephew.
Dr.D.: We have those here, haven't been to one for a while.
Pamela: I love Friday's
rich-3: that sounds good, Guy - sure she'll enjoy it
Pamela: one of those places I wish they'd import up here
Dr.D.: Do you have local equivalents?
Pamela: well yes and no
rich-3: I recall we used to have TGIFs here
Pamela: if we did, it never got advertised
rich-3: it was downtown, near St. Lawrwence market, did quite well for a while
Guy B.: And what about the after Christmas bargains. Oh, boy. Got some stuff for next year.
rich-3: what did you find, Guy?
Guy B.: Ok, next week or so. I'
Guy B.: I'll be making an annoucement about Adamcon 18.
rich-3: I think there's going to be some seriously neat stuff around in January - February in computers
Dr.D.: We haven't gotten to 17 yet :-)
Pamela: we have Kelsey's, and Montana's, and Jack Astors, and Casey's
Guy B.: I know Dr. D. But, I thought I keep you in suspense.
rich-3: not to mention The Keg
Pamela: oh yes
Pamela: Outback Jacks, Le Biftecque
Pamela: Applebee's
Guy B.: Well, seems old computers are not going to die yet over here.
Dr.D.: Gang, I need to go get the girls in bed...they are tearing up the place upstairs.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-4
Pamela: okay Rich - good night and Happy New Year to you
Dr.D.: So I think I am going to logout for tonight.
Pamela: and to all your family
Dr.D.: Happy Anniversary Pam.
Guy B.: Well, you what to do Dr D. Have a Happy New Year and see you next week.
Pamela: thanks : )
Erin: Happy New year Rich
Dr.D.: Next Wednesday...
BobS: nite doc say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of them
Dr.D.: Thanks all.
rich-4: happy New Year, Rich, to you and yours
Dr.D.: I shall do so, Bob.
Dr.D.: So for the last time in 2004, hailing frequencies closed from Starbase Cleveland.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-4: yes, even if he turns up Saturday, thyat's 2005
Guy B.: Boy, I can't believe my last vacation day is tomorrow.
Pamela: time flies, Guy
rich-4: but then, Guy, you'd rather not believe it anyway, right?
Erin: did you have to work today Pam?
rich-4 requested to ban rich-3
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Pamela: yup, and tomorrow
Erin confirmed ban
Pamela: I'm off Friday, and back in on Monday
Erin: but off Friday?
rich-4: but Friday is your lieu day?
Erin: ok
Guy B.: I know. I'm getting paid tomorrow instead of Friday. Which is good.
Pamela: yes
BobS confirmed ban
rich-4: getting paid early is always good, Guy
Guy B.: Especially when the bills are due.
Pamela: somewhere in there I have to do some laundry
BobS: gonna call it quits here too people.....too tired
rich-4: and especially tight after Christmas
BobS: and it IS almost quitin time'
Erin: alrighty Bobs...good night and happy new year
Pamela: we understand Bob. Happy New Year to you all
Guy B.: Ok Bob. Wish you and Judy Happy New Year.
BobS: happy new year to ya'll and see ya later, eh?????
rich-4: getting around thast time, Bob - happy new year and see you next year!
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: And now there are four.
Erin: well folks I think I'm gonna call it a night
Erin: It's been a busy week and day
rich-4: yeme, I'm preoccupied with laptop computersd
Pamela: okay Rin. If your train is late, give me a call and let me know okay?
Guy B.: Happy New Year Erin and I
Erin: I will Pammie and thanks!
Pamela: night sweetie.
rich-4: OK Erin, have a safe trip tomorrow
Guy B.: I'm glad we met this year. See you next week.
Erin: nite nite
Erin: Thanks Guy you too :-)
Erin: <kablooie>
Erin left chat session
Pamela: that's new
Pamela: Guy, I hate to love ya and leave ya but I still have to go down and check on Rin's cat so I'd better head out.
rich-4: anyway, Guy, I need a new power supply for the laptop - current one died )cord break)\
Guy B.: She always full of surprises, isn't she?
Pamela: yup : )
rich-4: night daughter, keep us posted omn your plans
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: I will Dad, probably tomorrow evening if I can get any sense from Russell
rich-4: OK, we'll hope for teh best
Pamela: and I'll call before heading out to get Rin from the station
Guy B.: I just got the power supply for this ProStar notebook today. Going to try it out and see if the notebook comes up.
Pamela: I'm outta here. Happy New Year, Guy!
rich-4: well I've found one thorough eBay but the seller is slow responding
Guy B.: Bye Pam, Happy New Year.
Pamela: night all.
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
changed username to Daniel B
rich-4: but I plan it will be the last item I buy for the Dell
rich-4: bonsoir, Daniel - tu es en retard
Daniel B: Sorry to be very late, I fogot about the chat. Well, it's the holidays.
rich-4: quite, especially when it's cold and dark
Guy B.: Hi Daniel. Seems most of us are calling it the night.
rich-4: yes, we're sort of down to teh last febut do you have any news for us, Daniel?
Daniel B: news? well, I tried the links you give to me by emails and the games available to download are full of spyware.
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Happy New Year to all and see you next week.
rich-4: oh dear; I thought you might find them useful as contacts but obviously not
Daniel B: I had to clean up my computer by using two anti-spyware tools.
rich-4: night Guy and happy New Year
Daniel B: goodnight Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-4: didn't AdAware or Spybot cathc them on teh downloads?
rich-4: I thought those two gave a warning during teh download?
rich-4: test
Daniel B: Well, I don'T know wich version of adaware and spybot you use but I had to do a full scan to find 6 spywares the installer
Daniel B: example, pac mania - christmas edition, all the spyware are in the installer.
Daniel B: only a funny cookie is detected with a normal smart spyware scan.
rich-4: I tend to avoid site with known spyware; I am not sure where I got those recommendations'the main point of interest was that they are games programmers
rich-4: but obviously they are not people you might want to contact or work with
Daniel B: actually, I think I should try to find a job for the new year. :-/
rich-4: I saw an article that said Electronic Arts wre setting up a shop in Montreal
rich-4: and the inplication was they felt they needed a place to attact French-language programmers
Daniel B: To attract french-language programmers? It's me!
rich-4: the theme of teh article seemed to be they wre short on games=capable programmers
Daniel B: yoohoo! I'm here!
rich-4: and they felt they were not acquiring the available talent in French
rich-4: don't be too positiv e, news repots aren't always reliable
rich-4: but they are a big outfit thaqt needs talent so you could always ask
Daniel B: I know nothing about 3d games programming but I know a lot about videogames programming.
rich-4: I'm sure you could learn whatever is necessary, and would have a head start
Daniel B: thanks for the info, I will check about it.
rich-4: if EA go through with it, some non-Canadian outfits are likely to follow
rich-4: they learned there's a lot of talent up here when Microsoft started hiring half teh graduating classes at Waterloo
rich-4: I gather they still do
rich-4: But - it's getting late and I have a bunch of stuff needs doing before bedtime
Daniel B: I don't want to keep you awake because of me, thanks again
Daniel B: about the info, happy holidays
Daniel B: joyeuses fetes
Daniel B: talk to you next time
Daniel B: not saturday
Daniel B: bye
rich-4: thanks Daniel, see you next year - un nouvel an hereux pour vous, j'espere
rich-4: au revoir
rich-4 left chat session
Daniel B: au revoir
Daniel B left chat session > chat > Wed 2004-12-29
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