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rich-c: verify
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changed username to Erin
rich-c: hello Rin, you're early
Erin: hi Uncle Richard...yeah a bit
rich-c: that's OK - better early than late
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Erin: figure I'll be packing in early
changed username to BobS
Erin: so might as well be early
BobS: HI kids
rich-c: having a busy week, are you?
Erin: hi Bobs
rich-c: greetings Roberto
BobS: late night last night rin ?????
BobS: got to pace yourself
Erin: a bit of a busy week Bobs
Erin: and I forgot how hard it is to wake up at 5AM
rich-c: is the Legislature back in session?
BobS: got a winter storm warning here richard.........headed your way too ai think
Erin: nope not until Feb. 15th
BobS: then WHAt is so busy ??????
BobS: tis VACATION time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: yes, we're supposed to have fairly exstensive snow starting at midnight
Erin: BSE
rich-c: oh right, you've got another mad cow
BobS: we don't have so much snow, jsut nasty wind and blowing....supposed to get 8-12" before it is done tomorrow night
Erin: yep and the Americans have said they will open the border as planned on March 7th it should be all right
rich-c: anyway Bob our radar this afternoon showed a lot of nasty stuff south of us but it hasn't blown up here - yet
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BobS: lucky you !!!!!
changed username to Dr.D.
BobS: oh richard, you stilll here????
rich-c: oh, maybe I'll get lucky and stay on tonight
Dr.D.: Hi everyone.
BobS: snowy ther eis it?
rich-c: hello Rich
Dr.D.: Very, Bob.
Erin: hi Rich
Dr.D.: It took me about 45 minutes to get home tonight.
BobS: you can HAVE IT
Dr.D.: It was only because of the dumb time I chose to come home.
rich-c: this time it isn't lake effect, Rich, it's a soggy mess up from Texas
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Dr.D.: And a not-so-great route.
changed username to Pamela
BobS: Judy says...."sucks to be him" (dr d)
Pamela: good heavens, everyone's early tonite
Dr.D.: haha
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: yup
Erin: hi Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone
Dr.D.: Hi Pam.
BobS: Pam !!!!!!
rich-c: anyway maybe I can stay on tonight - I'm trying Firefox
Pamela: let's hope, Dad
Erin: would be nice for a change
Dr.D.: One campus problem happened this week: a kinda critical bridge across the railroad tracks that separate south campus from the rest, was closed by the City of Cleveland -- PERMANENTLY.
rich-c: I'm already finding parts of it I don't like
Pamela: hey Dad, is Mom hanging around?
Dr.D.: Bridge is ready to fall it must be replaced.
rich-c: yes she is
Dr.D.: Of course, they won't begin that until May...and expected completion date isn't until July 2006.
Pamela: with you now?
rich-c: yes
Dr.D.: It is a major artery into/out of with it closed...other routes are backed up.
Pamela: Mom, thanks for teaching me to hemstitch
rich-c: ?
BobS: bummer rich
Dr.D.: Add the snow tonight, and that is why my 45 minutes to get home.
Pamela: I hemmed my black dress pants last night
Dr.D.: I just put it in first gear and listened to the radio :-)
Pamela: and it looks like a professional job
rich-c: by hand or on the sewing machine?
Dr.D.: Next time I will go a different way home.
Pamela: by hand
Pamela: and I just wanted to say thanks
rich-c: that;s pretty neat
rich-c: you're welcome
Dr.D.: Sewing is a good skill, I'm glad the girls all have it.
Dr.D.: I am limited to buttons, however.
rich-c: your ma gets her sewing macine back from teh shop soon
Pamela: well I'm no professional, but I know my way around a sewing machine, and do a fairly good job by hand too
Dr.D.: It's broken, Richard?
rich-c: they phoned today to say it was ready, but we do not plan to drive tomorrow
rich-c: she has a collection, Rich, and this one was showing its age
Pamela: I also mended three sweaters with holes in them
rich-c: hey, way to go
Pamela: also by following mom's advice
rich-c: she's retreated to read her book now, but I'll tell her
Pamela: I just wanted her to know that I do listen to her occasionally : )
Dr.D.: How old is this machine, Richard?
Pamela: my age minus three years, Rich
rich-c: two or three decades, Rich - not sure
Pamela: which repair shop Dad?
rich-c: she's had an Elna bought new since the year dot
Dr.D.: Joan has her Grandma's 1950 centennial edition Singer.
rich-c: and has been pleased enough with it to buy a couple of used "backups"
Dr.D.: But she replaced it with an Elna.
Dr.D.: Mostly because she was tired of doing buttonholes by hand, no buttonholer for the old Singer.
rich-c: Frances would agree with that
Dr.D.: Hmm, seems to me we had this discussion here some few years ago...
Pamela: Erin, you didn't call me back on Monday
rich-c: don't recall exactly, Pam, up above 7 on West Beaver Creek Road
Pamela: Mom's original Elna is 36 years old, Rich
Erin: nope 'cause I didn't get the message til Tuesday
Pamela: oh, not the one at Dufferin and Wilson then
Erin: sorry bout that
rich-c: not quite as old as you are, Pam
Pamela: LOL - what happened?
Erin: didn't check my cell til I got to work
Pamela: she bought it when I was three
Erin: I was revelling in having the place to myself
Pamela: Did Pat get off okay though?
Dr.D.: Mom had a White and wore it out after 25 years.
rich-c: I think Franceds' original sewing machine was a White
Erin: yep actually Andre (from Sue's office) came over for a couple hours, we all had dinner and her drove her to the train station and me back to the apartment
Pamela: wow, nice : )
Erin: yeah saved me some tokens and it was a nice visit
Pamela: I really enjoyed having her here on Friday
rich-c: Pam, going to nag you again - send me that BSOD message
Pamela: I wish we could have spent more time with her
Erin: it was a good visit
Pamela: STOP NAGGING! I haven't forgotten
Dr.D.: <meow>
rich-c: huh! I think I'll get it around teh time my Adamcon shirt turns up
Dr.D.: I presume it
Pamela: btw Dad, have you sent the sculpture pictures yet?
Dr.D.: Yes, I owe you that Richard.
Dr.D.: It is still sitting right on top of my dresser.
rich-c: what sculpture pictures?
Dr.D.: Pristine and untouched.
Pamela: of the kitty!
rich-c: oh, I don't know if your mother has even downloded them yet
Dr.D.: Wonder if I have any bubble mailers that are big enough for a shirt...
Pamela: well don't wait too long, I want to send them to people
Erin: of your gift from Catherine, Pam?
rich-c: with my chat board off teh air I've been doing heavy maintenance on teh computer
Pamela: yes, Rin
Erin: hehe
rich-c: and your mother has hardly got a look-in
Erin: that thing is really cute
Dr.D.: Your auto chat is down, Richard?
Pamela: Bob, why are you so quiet?
Dr.D.: watchin' TV I bet :-)
rich-c: yes, and I am suffering severe deprivation
BobS: just watching the jabber go bye
Pamela: pooooor Daddy
Dr.D.: What's wrong with the chat?
(BobS laughs heartily)
rich-c: no, haven't turned on teh TV since teh Grey Cup
Dr.D.: Do you guys have snow, Bob?
rich-c: it got hacked over Christmas and Justin is having problems getting it back up
Pamela: are you getting snow Rich? I missed that conversation
Dr.D.: Any suspects?
Dr.D.: Yes, we are getting snow and sleet. 45-minute drive home tonight, usually 7 minutes :-)
Pamela: oh, lovely
Dr.D.: Like I told Bob, I put 'er in 1st gear and listened to the radio.
rich-c: no, it was collateral damage when teh business server got hacked
Dr.D.: I am afraid I am limited in my ability to talk about cars, if you are suffering withdrawal.
rich-c: I think he has to give priority to the company server
Pamela: I never told you I got stuck on the ice on Friday, did I?
rich-c: no, though I'm not surp[rised - we had a bit of a surplus
Pamela: parked in the wrong spot down at the salon
rich-c: Pam, did I send you a clip of Maukie?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: did you send it to Erin?
BobS: Dr about 3" last night and tofday and winter storm warning now......maybe 6-10 by tomorrow night
rich-c: does it have teh full function (prr, meow, etc)?
Dr.D.: I wouldn't be surprised if we got a big amount, Bob.
Pamela: I don't know, I haven't tried it
Dr.D.: <going to check current accumulation>
BobS: are int he path
rich-c: OK, if not I have an improved version
Erin: what's Maukie?
Pamela: he didn't send it to you?
Pamela: for shame, Daddy
rich-c: a very cute flash presentation for cat lovers
Erin: not that I'm aware of
rich-c: I don't think I even have Erin's email address
Pamela: where should I send it Rin?
Pamela: send it privately
Erin: my hotmail would be best
rich-c: better I should send it, Pam, so she has full function
Dr.D.: Two inches deep...and heavy sleet falling.
Pamela: oh, that one. Okay
Erin: okay so here it is Uncle R
Dr.D.: It is rain until it hits the ground, then it freezes.
Dr.D.: I stood outside in it and got my hair all wet :-)
rich-c: OK, have it copied
rich-c: it's two files and unless you know how to edit html script must be put in a specific directory
rich-c: you will also need Macromedia Flash player but you likely have that anyway
Erin: hmmmm...'kay....wouldn't have a clue at editting the html script
Erin: alright...I'll check it at work
Dr.D.: What does this thing do, Richard?
Pamela: I sent it to your hotmail Erin
Erin: thx
Pamela: I'll second that, Bob
Dr.D.: It is pretty icky weather.
Pamela: by the way, Happy New Year, everyone
BobS: well KEEP it Rich
Erin: oh right
Dr.D.: Fun for snowball fight, though, it packs beautifully.
Erin: that happened didn't it :-)
Dr.D.: I'm not sending it to you, Bob.
rich-c: it's a cat that behaves in a catlike way; you can use it as wallpaper in fact
BobS: right pam.......but ya expect it to be better tahn last year??????
Erin: nifty Uncle R
BobS: or worse???
Dr.D.: It's moving toward Cleveland from your direction, right?
Pamela: it's an open book Bob
Dr.D.: HNY Pam.
BobS: yup.actually south of us
Pamela: it will certainly be different
rich-c: just looked at our radar - we are still on teh northern fringe but I can see you're getting it good, Rich
BobS: we are going to catch the northern edge with the snow only
Pamela: where's the weather witch when you need one
BobS: up at the north pole partying with Santa !!!!
rich-c: yes, it seems to be past you, sort of check-mark shape with teh check up Lake Huron and teh stroke along Lake Erir into NY state
Pamela: is your place warmer Erin?
Dr.D.: I still wore my Santa hat to work today.
Erin: not really
rich-c: see my keyboard has forgotten how to spell again
Dr.D.: I got some catcalls...but I said hey, it's a warm hat.
Erin: seems a lot chillier today
Pamela: it's freezing in here, even with three layers and the heater running
Pamela: are you running your heater?
rich-c: sure you didn't leave a window open, Pam?
BobS: make it a fad, Rich.....were it until summer !!!!
Erin: you mean your heater :-)
Pamela: definitely no windows open here
rich-c: the wind should be on the offside of teh building for you
Pamela: whatever : )
Erin: not yet...dunno why I don't it's chilly
Pamela: unless it's coming from the southwest Dad, we're gonna get some wind from somewhere
Dr.D.: Christmas in July :-)
Dr.D.: The car salesmen do it.
rich-c: the storm is from teh southwest, up from Texas
Pamela: having windows on three sides is both a blessing and a curse
BobS: winter makes it a curse
BobS: course the summer.........
rich-c: yes - I'm a bit chill even though I'm at teh computer which is usually enough to keep me quite toasty
Pamela: well, it doesn't help that there are no curtains up in this room
Pamela: in the winter, this room is the coldest. In the summer, it's the hottest
rich-c: yes, they do help in damping drafts
Erin: i have the heater on now Pam
BobS: well then......put up some cheap horizontal blinds
Pamela: good - run it at 500 or 1000w, to avoid blowing a circuit
Erin: and how would I judge that?
Pamela: there's a reason there are no curtains in this room Bob
Pamela: first or second heat notch only, not all the way up to the third
Erin: right like you told me the other night...I got it on II
Pamela: good : )
rich-c: note this URL folks:
BobS: and that is
Pamela: and the reason would be because the curtain rod is currently residing on the floor where it fell down
Dr.D.: <I am working on burning a DVD, BRB>
rich-c: highlight it and hitcontrol-c, Erin
rich-c: then open Notepad and under edit click paste
BobS: WHY????
rich-c: that shoud give you a permanent record of where Maukie lives
Pamela: this building is built of cement block under plaster. It's hard to drill into the ceiling, and harder still to get stuff to stay there
Pamela: we put up the rod and it stayed for about two days before one of the plugs fell out
Erin: got it, thanks
Pamela: haven't had a chance to repair it
BobS: what is this Maukie thing????
Pamela: it's a virtual cat Bob
rich-c: might as well deownload from there, Erin; even if I send you the files as an attachment they will still download at the same speed
BobS: ahso
Erin: alrighty
Pamela: Erin, you still have my little white ladder, right?
rich-c: make sure you get teh instruction sheet on how to make it work
Erin: yepper, used it to change the kitchen bulb
rich-c: Rich or Bob, either of you running Firefox?
Erin: with your bulb I might add
Pamela: okay, perhaps I can get it back from you this weekend and get your assistance with the curtain rod?
Erin: okay
BobS: nope, jsut win98
Pamela: great. Thank you.
Pamela: <note to self: find the floor in the computer room>
Erin: good notes are the key to success
Erin: :-)
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: Firefox runs under Win98 just like IE does
BobS: so why use it?????
rich-c: it is alleged to be far less vulnerable to web nasties, for one thing
rich-c: it has some features like tabbed browsing some folks like
Pamela: I want some thing sweet. Anyone got any chocolate?
rich-c: sorry, daughter. I could muster and apple or a clementine
Pamela: hmm, clementine - there's an idea
Pamela: brb
rich-c: now we've got two of them gone
BobS: kinda small tonight, eh ?
BobS: maybe everyone thinks the weather in the midwest is stopping the chat
rich-c: Erin, did you notice teh report in the paper today that BSE may be a random mutation and not hereditary?
Erin: hehe Bobs
rich-c: well, Guy and on are always late, and with James one nevr knows
Erin: the was CJD was it not Uncle R?
Pamela: don't worry, I didn't go far
rich-c: Daniel may have gotten preoccupied with something
Pamela: only problem with this is sticky computer keys
rich-c: the two seem to have a similar way of doing their damage, Rin
Erin: yes they are both brain wasting diseases
rich-c: but whether there is an established relationship between BSE and CJD is pretty iffy still
BobS: Pam...QUIT eating over the keybaord !!!!
rich-c: yeah, you're only supposed to drink over it
Erin: from what I understood from the article was that CJD was seemingly random
rich-c: Bob, I lost track (again) - are you still on Coumadin?
Pamela: how am I supposed to defend my self with sticky fingers?
rich-c: lick 'em off ;-)
Pamela: <gulp> very juicy clementine
rich-c: we got one box that was small and bitter, but all teh others have been very nice
Pamela: second box went mouldy on us before we could finish it, and I found one with seeds. Otherwise, they've been great
Pamela: bleah, sticky puds
rich-c: we've been going through about a box and a half a week
rich-c: and yes, we did have a few that wre very seedy
Pamela: 0ujjj
rich-c: anyway Rin, back to your problem - yes, and they're now suggesting BSE may be random too - an infrequent chance mutation
Erin: I don't think that would be too surprising, then
Pamela: oops, sorry - cleaning the keyboard
rich-c: if so that means no one (and no nation) can afford to get righteous about it
Erin: but that would be hard to explain in the UK
rich-c: take it in and run it under teh shower, Pam
Erin: I mean 12 a month was not exactly random
Erin: or rather infrequent
rich-c: it does seem to be communicable and that happened through feed, I believe
Pamela: not till I'm done with it Dad - I don't want to get electrocuted : )
rich-c: changing the regulations on feed seem to have cleared things up
Erin: that's the understanding yes...the Specified Risk Materials in animal feed
Erin: seems to have yes....and this most recent animal was born prior to the feed bans
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changed username to james
rich-c: yes, it's what, eight years old?
james: good afternoon
rich-c: good morning, james -
rich-c: go ahead and gloat about your weather in Japan
Erin: was born in '96 and the ban came into effect in '97
Pamela: there was a PBS program on BSE and CJD a couple of weeks ago that seems to confirm that specified risk materials in the feed are the reason for contamination
Erin: hello James
Dr.D.: I'm back.
Dr.D.: Hi James.
Pamela: good morning James
Dr.D.: My DVD is now burning...should take about an hour.
Dr.D.: So I am now free while I wait.
james: how is everyone? welcome to the year 19105
BobS: hiya james
Pamela: a "cheery little blaze"?
rich-c: you must have an awfully slow burner - and enough to fill the whole DVD
Dr.D.: It has to encode the video...
Dr.D.: It's not just writing a's doing the authoring. This is a video DVD.
rich-c: no way to encode teh video file onto your hard drive, then burn it from there?
Dr.D.: That is what it is doing, Richard.
Dr.D.: Video into iMovie for editing...iMovie project into iDVD for DVD layout...and then burning.
rich-c: if it's just a file transfer, then, that seems awfully long
Dr.D.: Ron would understand :-) It's how he made his ADAMcon presentation.
Dr.D.: Speaking of whom...anybody heard anything from him lately?
BobS: nope
rich-c: when I back up my hard disc I pretty well fill teh DVD but it doesn't take any hour to do it
Dr.D.: The transfer part is not slow, it is the squeezing down of 25 GB of video data into 4.5 GB of DVD.
rich-c: and it's being compressed on the fly
Dr.D.: Writing file data is different than encoding video for a DVD.
rich-c: yes. if you're getting a 5:1 compression ratio, that figures
rich-c: anyway, Rich, are you using IE or Firefox?
Dr.D.: As a web browser under MacOS X?
james: test
rich-c: oh right - you'd be using Safari
Dr.D.: This is Exploder...Safari locks up after a while with the chat...or at least it used to.
Pamela: you're here James
Dr.D.: I haven't tried it for a few MacOS upgrade versions.
james: odd.. nothing else comes up.. wonder if some dns server got knocked out somewhere
rich-c: you're with us, james, the server just has occasional slow periods tonight
rich-c: I don't know, the web has been noticably slow teh lst two days
james: just tried a bunch of sites but they didn't come up]
Pamela: the scroll is slow tonite
Dr.D.: I haven't noticed any bad performance.
Dr.D.: There goes Richard...
Pamela: whoops, we just lost Dad
Dr.D.: I think it is his firewall software...
Dr.D.: I asked him to turn it off and give a trial to see if that stopped the drops.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-1
rich-1: was I the only one who got botted or did we all?
Dr.D.: We are all here, Richard.
Pamela: just you Dad
rich-1: OK, I suddenly got a popup for no visible reason
Pamela: and maybe James : )
rich-1: that's a shame, here I ws doing so well tonight
Dr.D.: What did the popup say?
Pamela: boo
Pamela: : )
rich-1: maybe I need a beer to cry into ;-)
Dr.D.: ha
(Pamela gives rich-1 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
(rich-1 gives rich-1 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dr.D.: to both Dad and Daughter
Erin: I've thought about it and no I don' think so
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: you certainly have enough furniture
Pamela: especially for someone who a year ago didn't have any
Erin: yeah just something else for more clutter
Dr.D.: Clutter is good, it's filth that's bad.
Dr.D.: I am the king of clutter.
Dr.D.: But it is clean clutter.
Pamela: heck, I'm the empress
rich-1: then I'm the emporer
rich-1: I was doing some de-clettering this week
Dr.D.: The Kingdom of Klutter.
Pamela: what can I say, I learned from the best
rich-1: (dull thud as Pamela faints onto floor)
Dr.D.: I defer to Richard; he is the most senior of us, he can be the King.
Pamela: so what did you throw out Dad?
Pamela: LOL
Erin: hehe
rich-1: paper long in need of retirement primarily
Dr.D.: Does Pam need CPR now?
Pamela: (Lindsay comes rushing upstairs to see what made all the noise)
rich-1: I did note throw out teh TTC tackets I found
Pamela: !?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
Dr.D.: I guess dial 9-1-1 or Canadian equivalent.
rich-1: won't say they were old, but the value on teh back was 25/c
moved to room Meeting Place
Erin: that is ours too
Pamela: holy cow!
changed username to Late Ronald
Dr.D.: What is TTC?
rich-1: mooooo
Erin: RON!!!!
Pamela: Toronto Transit Commission
rich-1: Toronto Transit Commission
Dr.D.: Hello Ron, Happy New Year and all that jazz.
Late Ronald: hey!
Pamela: greetings and Happy New Year Ron
rich-1: hey, it's Ron - thought it was James coming back
Late Ronald: and likewise to ya'all
Pamela: bus fare when I was about 2
rich-1: anyway Ron, a happy new year to you too
Dr.D.: The buses here in Cleveland were still 50 cents when I was a freshman in Fall 1980.
Dr.D.: The trains, too.
Pamela: so where did you find the tickets, Dad?
rich-1: well, I think this would pre-date that
Pamela: was that student fare or adult, Rich?
rich-1: oh, one of thpose things stuck in a drawer somewhre
rich-1: I even found my ATL card from University (Admit To Lectures)
Pamela: okay, even I have cleaned my drawers more recently than that
Late Ronald: they still got streetcars in Toronto?
Pamela: yes Ron
Dr.D.: I found a CTS transfer ticket from 1975 in a library book here once (Cleveland Transit System).
Pamela: on King, Queen and College Streets
Late Ronald: ah
Pamela: sorry, Dundas, not College
rich-1: not to mention Spadina and part of Bathurst
Pamela: oh yes
Erin: College has a Street car
rich-1: and yes, the College cars are back running now the track's been rebuilt
Erin: and St. Clair
Late Ronald: in the fourteen years I lived in Ottawa, the price o f a monthly OTC pass increased from $26. to $63.
Pamela: shows you how often I ride anything but the subway anymore : )
Dr.D.: No streetcars here since a long time ago.
rich-1: anyway Pam, the 25˘ was teh adult fare
Late Ronald: Vancouver still has trolley-busses
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-1: oh yes, we have a few of those too
changed username to BobS da 2nd
Pamela: we retired ours - too much traffic
Late Ronald: just about ran into one before Xmas
BobS da 2nd requested to ban BobS
Late Ronald confirmed ban
rich-1 confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Pamela: didn't they retire the Bay street trolleys finally?
BobS da 2nd changed username to BobS
Late Ronald: forgot about Vancouver bus drivers.... when want out and you're in the lane left of em.... well
Late Ronald: watch out
rich-1: oh yes, not long after teh subway opened
BobS: Ronald, how are doing?????
Pamela: how do you miss a trolley bus???
Dr.D.: Bus beats car
BobS: sneaked in whilst I was gone
Late Ronald: well enough Bob, thanks
Dr.D.: Like rock-paper-scissors
Late Ronald: up to my butt in probate papers
Late Ronald: ya
Dr.D.: Sigh Ron
rich-1: in Ontario know when a bus signals you MUST yioeld way - a new law
BobS: probably and now, jsut try and read those papers
rich-1: no way to get around probate in BC, Ron?
Pamela: and speaking of which, would you please change your handle from "late" to "tardy"?
Late Ronald: been that way unofficially for some years in Vancouver
BobS: abd yubderstabd them
BobS: ]and understand them
BobS: farn dingers
Late Ronald: for estates, over 10
Dr.D.: Bob is speaking Dutch tonight.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: yavool
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: or his fingers have a bad head cold : )
Daniel Bienvenu: happy new year again folks!
Late Ronald: you guys stop pushing the cold air west please
rich-1: bonjour, Daniel - joyeux annee
Late Ronald: we not supposed to be this cold
Erin: happy new year Daniel
BobS: happy one too Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello 'rin, Ron, Bob, Dr.D, Pam and Rich! =)
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel, Happy New Year.
Pamela: hi Daniel - HNY
Late Ronald: A self-respecting Tsunami would freeze before it hit the coast
Dr.D.: <however that goes in French>
BobS: misery LOVES company Ron
Late Ronald: :(
Pamela: and we were taught to share : )
Late Ronald: oh
rich-1: would you like some of our so far dry air - at -6 and sinking?
Late Ronald: snow in the forecast for tomorrow
Dr.D.: We have heavy sleet here in Cleveland, Ron.
Pamela: 10 cmsupposed to be coming our way
Dr.D.: 45 minutes to get home tonight...usually 7 minutes.
Late Ronald: sleet? yikes!
rich-1: yesm here too - 8-12 CM they think
rich-1: don't ask what Rich is getting in Cleveland
Dr.D.: Snow day for the kids if it keeps up :-)
rich-1: and this one is from the southwest, not lake effect!
BobS: Judy says "HI"
Dr.D.: I wanno go outside and have a snowball fight.
Late Ronald: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: It is perfect packing snow.
Erin: hi Judy
Pamela: where is she Bob?
rich-1: hek,lo Judy
BobS: sitting here with her feet up
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to jamesII
Pamela: yay, it's James
jamesII: i'll be back and forth. i have to call and bitch at my isp
Late Ronald: Hi James
Pamela: go for it James : )
jamesII: hey ron. i'll be back shortly
rich-1: gee, we wre beginning to wonder if someone had amputated your head...
Dr.D.: Or Japanese equivalent, probably much politer.
jamesII: had this problem before where i was online but getting no dns resolution
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james
rich-1: there's been a lot of that going around
jamesII: worked fine the night before, get on in the morning and stuff doesn't work, isp can't find problem and insists it's my router
Pamela: I notice that the scroll is moving much faster now
Dr.D.: This machine multi-tasks for Dale, I bet.
jamesII: i insist it's not and that it's a problem connecting to their dns server
Dr.D.: Maybe he is using it for something.
Late Ronald: well of course James. Customer is always wrong eh?
rich-1: maybe Dale was doing some work and has finished now
Pamela: maybe it just needs to warm up : )
jamesII: but didn't have any way of proving it. now i do.
Late Ronald: good
jamesII: going to reconfigure my router to their dns server to see if the problems come back and then again to my friends to see if they go away
rich-1: what are you doing to prove it, james?
Late Ronald changed username to Ronald
jamesII: now that i have a server that i know works, i can tell them as much and get them to stop blaming my router
Dr.D.: Don't forget to mix the matter and antimatter with your bare hands, James.
jamesII: lol
Dr.D.: But keep the door closed, or you'll flood the whole compartment.
Erin: well folks, I'm going to call it a night
Erin: gotta be up too early
jamesII: i told them i had a hard time believing that everything on my router but dns would work
Ronald: what else would you call it Erin?
jamesII: heh heh. bbs
Pamela: nite, Rin
BobS: ik rin.....sleep well
Dr.D.: Nite Ms. Rin, HNY.
rich-1: right Rin, happy 5 a.m. awakening (uggggh)
Ronald: nite love
Dr.D.: blech
Erin: a nuit Ron :-)
jamesII: *kill.this()*
jamesII left chat session
Pamela: insert bleep here
Dr.D.: You killed Rin, James!
Dr.D.: :-)
Erin: thanks all...have a good night and week :-)
Erin: lol
Pamela: ttyl
Erin: bye bye
Erin: <kablooie>
Erin left chat session
BobS: hope THAT doesn't leave a mark on rin
Pamela: James blowed up real good
Ronald: my sister and her hubby are headed for Bali next Tues
Ronald: I dunno....wrong part of the world for me
Dr.D.: Bali?
Pamela: where is Bali, Ron?
Dr.D.: warm and tropical
Ronald: just east of the bad area
Pamela: I KNOW that
Ronald: travel agent assures them there's no damage
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: warm and tropical, I mean
changed username to rich-2
Ronald: one of the 13000 or so Islands that make up that chain you see on the map extending south and east from Thailand
rich-2: OK, well now we know it isn't my browser is the problem
Pamela: it's the comings and goings that are doing you in Dad
Dr.D.: Safest place to be on the planet now, won't be another tsunami like that for a few centuries.
Dr.D.: In that part of the world, anyway.
Ronald: suppose that's true Dr. D
Dr.D.: LA and Seattle, take note.
Pamela: unless they have another killer earthquake
Dr.D.: That is what will happen when the San Andreas fault goes...
Pamela: never say never
rich-2: yeah, teh next big one wil be offshore from Vancouver
Ronald: yup
BobS: and the island will break off into the sea and float around like a cruise shi[
Dr.D.: haha
BobS: ship
rich-2: there is much concern about teh Cascadia rift
Ronald: Vancouver Island returns to the seabed, and the west coast moves inland 70 miles
Dr.D.: Was it Rin who was saying that Sumatra moved 6 meters from where it was?
BobS: oh. not good mon
Ronald: we have been warned
Pamela: 30 metres, Rich
Pamela: 90 feet
rich-2: it wasn't six meters, Rich, it was 30!!!!!
Dr.D.: I couldn't remember the number.
Pamela: it was a lot, regardless
Ronald: big
Dr.D.: Bad memory here, Richard, mea culpa
rich-2: compared to even the biggest California quakes, that's many tikes the earth shift
Ronald: last Tsunami hit Port Alberni in 1958
Ronald: Port Alberni is at the head of an inlet 60 miles long
BobS: aw CRAP, then my maps of the world are all wrong????????
Ronald: not sure of year, was either 1958 or 1964
rich-2: yes, that was a harmonic from one based in Alaska
Ronald: yup
Pamela: knowledge test here foks - Russell was saying that the earthquake was a 9 on the earthquake scale, but that only California uses the Richter scale and that this one was not equivalent. Any knowledge / opinions?
Ronald: narrow space, too much water
rich-2: only earthquake measurement I've ever heard of is the Richter scale
Ronald: me too
Dr.D.: What is, "I don't know, Alex"?
Ronald: Richter got up one morning and said, "Ya know, what this world needs is a scale"
rich-2: I believe theree is another measuring tool but it is rarely used
Dr.D.: Equivalent kilotons of TNT?
rich-2: folks don't like Richter because it is logarithmic not straight arithmetical
Pamela: I've never heard of this and I don't know where he got his information.
Dr.D.: Ask him :-)
Ronald: Who, Richter?
Pamela: no, Russell
Ronald: oh
rich-2: no Rich, this one was measured in nuclear bomb equivalents
Pamela: ahhh, my fingers are finally warm
Daniel Bienvenu: I know Richter, 6 is 10 times more powerfull than 5, yeah that's logarithmic.
Pamela: <she says, parenthetically>
Ronald: Meanwhile, the officials in Sri Lanka are saying they'll have to find something for the Canadian DARTS team to do
rich-2: yeah, if you put your heater in your lap long enough, that happens
Ronald: like decibels
Pamela: I think the top 5 feet of the room have finally warmed up
rich-2: right Daniel, so don't even think about a 9
Dr.D.: Biological sensors are logarithmic...nothing wrong with log scales...pH is a log scale.
rich-2: yes, sound is on a log scale too
Daniel Bienvenu: 9 is supposed to be the maximum?
Pamela: there is no maximum
Dr.D.: Even Star Trek warp factors are logarithmic :-)
rich-2: there is no maximum, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: if i remember well, I only experienced a 5
Ronald: somebody else in Edmonton was trying to tell me there
rich-2: just that there hassn't been a 9 or higher more than about twice since they started measuring
Ronald: There's no such thing as >9
Ronald: first I'd heard of that
Daniel Bienvenu: it shaked like if we are in an old train running fast.
Pamela: if I remember correctly the Frisco quake in '06 was an 8.6
Ronald: lets hear it for tectonic plates
rich-2: no, like any log scale it in open ended, at least till edefined by the Apocolypse ;-)
Pamela: fascinating stuff
Dr.D.: God may not play dice, but he knows how to interpolate in log tables :-)
rich-2: actually 8.4 I think but I'm not positive enough to argue
Ronald: Repent, repent, I say! The Kingdom is at hand
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Dr.D : are you sure God doesn't place dice?
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. play
Dr.D.: Repaint, repaint, the kingdom of Glidden is at hand!
Ronald: :)
Pamela: naw, I'd rather use Benjamin Moore
rich-2: interesting question, Daniel, but I don't think we're going to go there
Ronald: there was a story out here about 2 young Dudes from Williams Lake (interior of BC) who slept in the day of the Tsunami, and therefore did not go to the beach as planned
rich-2: too easy to generate too many hurt feelings
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: they were in Phuket
changed username to jamesIII
Ronald: picked the right day to sleep in
jamesIII: well now my isp's dns is working all of a sudden
rich-2: james, were you in and out agasin?
Dr.D.: <Rich rolls d20, makes saving throw against uncertainty>
jamesIII: yup
jamesIII: lol
Ronald: quick, James - talk
Ronald: no saving throws - I cancelled them all
rich-2: I think he's contesting my title as most booted on the board
Pamela: yeah but he's booting himself
Ronald: his isp
rich-2: right, flipping between two ISPs
Pamela: well James, much as I hate to love ya and leave ya, I think it's time I went to bed
jamesIII: anyway, i'm here to stay for a bit
Ronald: good James
Dr.D.: I probably ought to go to.
Dr.D.: I only have to get up at 6:30 AM, though.
jamesIII: off the phone with tech support. they're going to check things on their end (or not since they got me off the phone)
Pamela: and I don't have to be up till 6:45
rich-2: there is an article in Consumer Reports this month praising the Japanese decision to allow competition in phone service
BobS: oh gotta take a npa early so you can stay late
Pamela: positively uncivilized
Ronald: I don't have to get up at all
jamesIII: 6.30? gack. even my kids don't get up that early
Dr.D.: I didn't get home until 7:15 PM tonight, Bob.
Pamela: consider yourself raspberried, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer think that the nature is ruled by precarious stability generated by chaos, the butterfly effect. So God had nothing to do with what appends.
Dr.D.: Ron is the lucky one.
Ronald: I know, I know
Pamela: I didn't want to spit on the keyboard
jamesIII: hi dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again james
rich-2: well, Pam and Rich, good night, sleep tight, and drive very cautiously in the morning
Ronald: but in actual fact, I've been waking up around 7 am
Pamela: yes Daddy
jamesIII: anyway, call me stubborn and cranky but i don't like being told a problem is on my end when it isn't
Daniel Bienvenu: you are leaving, rich?
Ronald: don't blame you James
rich-2: you're a chaos theorist, are you, Daniel?
BobS: nite kids
Pamela: g'nite everyone - until next week
jamesIII: bye to whomever is leaving!
Ronald: Nite Pamela.... be good
Pamela: I will Ron
rich-2: no, Pan and Dr. D. are leaving
Pamela: I'm outta here
Pamela: kerpoof!
jamesIII: bye pan!
jamesIII: heh heh
Dr.D.: Bye all until next Wednesday...when classes will have resumed.
Ronald: west coast is still here
Pamela: : )
jamesIII: for now, eh ron? :P
Pamela left chat session
Ronald: furnace working overtime
Dr.D.: <ppf>
Ronald: yup
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I think that some things can't be avoid, and some things can be.
Ronald: and the list dwindles
rich-2: "a Chinaman sneezing in Shanghai can set men to shovelling snow in New York" - quote from 1939 book
Daniel Bienvenu: the nature acts as it supposed to act, no matter what I drink during dinner.
Ronald: probably just as well Daniel
rich-2: first statemnt of chaos theory (or alusion to it) I ever saw
jamesIII: well i think there are all kinds of little things that have a cumulative effect and this can influence nature
rich-2: anyone like to guess author and title?
jamesIII: "Rich Clee - Observations of an Old Man"? heh heh
rich-2: (a sudden silence descends)
jamesIII: just teasing you rich
Ronald: Aldous Huxley?
rich-2: it was a bestseller and even a Readers Digest condensed book (but despite that very good)
jamesIII: guess i could cheat and google for it
jamesIII: but that's no fun
Ronald: ya got me curious now
rich-2: go for it james, be interesting to see what you get
rich-2: I'll let james sweat a while, then offer more hints
jamesIII: sec
jamesIII: browser seems to have crashed
Ronald: you're still there
rich-2: hey, that's not fair!
Ronald: I'm here because I'm not all there
rich-2: oh he's there, just Google isnt, right?
Ronald: aha
rich-2: anyway I couldn'
rich-2: t get on to eBay last night, and had problems with
jamesIII: hmm
jamesIII: not getting much actually
rich-2: and got an extraordinary number of 404s
Ronald: what are you searching for, "Chaos theory" ??
jamesIII: no, i'm searching on the quote directly
rich-2: basically he has to be looking for a novel that contains that quotation
Ronald: the positive achievements of a public servant will be inversely proportional to the quality of supervision given
rich-2: yes, I'd say that is an immutable law of nature, Ron
Ronald: :)
jamesIII: my dad was here and was helping me sweep the driveway
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to admit that I didn't find yet
jamesIII: the only broom i had was really small. *really* small compared tot he driveway
jamesIII: he asked if it was provided by public works
Ronald: work..... that's a 4 letter word
rich-2: OK james, the only word I'm not sure on (it WAS 60 years ago) is the city name
jamesIII: only thing i get is "Monkey Due" but i don't think that's it
Ronald: nope
rich-2: it was by a California professor also known for his history of teh Donner party
Ronald: brb
rich-2: I guess Ron is busy Googling on the new clue
Daniel Bienvenu: He wrote, "It may happen that small differences in the initial positions may lead to enormous differences in the final phenomena. Prediction becomes impossible." This is the statement which gives Poincare the claim to the title "Father of Chaos Theory." This is the first known published statement of the property now known as "sensitivity to initial conditions", which is one of the defining properties of a chaotic dynamical system.
rich-2: neat pickup, Daniel - can you give us a date for that?
jamesIII: so what happens if i sneeze? you all get to shovel your driveways? heh heh
Daniel Bienvenu: French mathematician of the 19th century named Henri Poincaré
rich-2: you got it, james - the currently popular paraphrase has to do with butterfly wings in teh Amazon
Ronald: no, Diet Coke Time..... must resolve to keep my Diet coke and my computing devices on the same floor
jamesIII: do like i did ron - get a little fridge
rich-2: yes, that makes sense, Ron
jamesIII: i have one in my study room
BobS: time to go guys.....have to get up early in the am to shovel this "stuff"
Ronald: yes
jamesIII: not that much studying gets done here
Ronald: good idea
jamesIII: sorry bob, i sneezed too much
BobS: yub, am felling zick
Ronald: nite Bob.... say G'nite to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: It was natural for anyone with an inquiring mind to wonder what would happen if three or more bodies were allowed in the model. In fact, the question became so famous that a prize was offered for its solution and it was given a name -- "The Three Body Problem." Poincaré, being one of the preemminent mathematicians of the time, tried his hand at solving the Three Body Problem. Ironically, he ended up winning the prize by writing a paper showing that he could not solve it.
BobS: :-)
BobS: nite all
jamesIII: granted, i'm not chinese, but i don't think the theory covers that :P
BobS left chat session
jamesIII: so who was it, rich?
rich-2: OK, take it easy, Bob; eldering gentlemen with heart problems are discouraged from snow shovelling for good reason
Ronald: are we into the a"Game of Life"??
rich-2: clue three: he also wrote a famous book on popular anthropology, a history if US geographic naming
jamesIII: totally off topic but i was watching discovery channel
Ronald: and?
rich-2: not to meniton an enduring science fiction classic, the history of a transcontinental highway, and other works
jamesIII: and they said the tortoise that charles darwin encountered on the galapagos island
jamesIII: is still alive
Ronald: interesting
rich-2: (whic is not beyond the bounds of possibility)
jamesIII: when he encountered it, it was 5 years old and the year was 1835
jamesIII: said tortoise is now older than even rich
jamesIII: by a good century, at that
rich-2: but just barely!!! ;-)
jamesIII: can you imagine living 175 years?
Ronald: no
jamesIII: wish i could. think of all the stuff you could see
rich-2: well, tortoises are not noted for their speed at doing anything - even aging
jamesIII: i'm going to have to cheat and find someway of using relativity
rich-2: too high a risk of living in an interesting period of history
jamesIII: my students never believe me when i tell them someday i could be younger than they are, though the odds aren't in my favour
jamesIII: so who was it rich? i give up
rich-2: George Rippey StewArt - book title "Storm"
Ronald: in a parallel universe you are younger
rich-2: and btw it was in print for ages so there are lots of copies still lying around cheap
rich-2: good enough it's worht pursuing with abebooks or maybe Powell's
jamesIII: ron, can i add "unmarried and having fun" to that?
Ronald: yes
jamesIII: score!
rich-2: if you like science fiction his "Earth abides" is a classic
Ronald: in a parallel universe I am a drummer
Ronald: making money at it
rich-2: only book I ever encountered that was reissued in hardcover after full saless in paperback
rich-2: it was drawing over $25 US on the antiquarian market back when that was serious money
Daniel Bienvenu: do you heard about the mutliverse theory? To resume this theory, our universe is probably a bubble in a set of bubbles.
jamesIII: bubbles are fun
rich-2: there are a lot of variations on that, Daniel, I believe
jamesIII: i know,i sound so erudite when i say things like that
Daniel Bienvenu: and because the bubbles are all together, all the bubbles are not round.
Ronald: quantum physics vs unified field
Ronald: string theory
rich-2: just as we know that all we can sense are three dimensions but it takes several multiples of that to construct a universe like ours
jamesIII: any of which make more sense than women
Ronald: rotfl
rich-2: ;-)
Ronald: you cannot make sense of women
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Ronald: I gave it up as a bad job
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think someone we know will read this discussion in the futur?
Ronald: yep
jamesIII: well i might look it over next week, dan
Ronald: Pam or Erin
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: I never read the "log files" to see what I miss.
jamesIII: ooh.. a visitor?
Ronald: anyway, all I know is next life, I'm coming back as a drummer
changed username to Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: harvie?
Ronald: Hey Harvie.
jamesIII: i'm coming back as ...
jamesIII: hmm..
Harvie: Howdy all
jamesIII: gotta think about that one
jamesIII: maybe i'll come back as my own great-grandson
jamesIII: and leave all my stuff i have now to me
Ronald: oh oh.... a bend in the space-time continuum
jamesIII: i just think i was born 100 years too early
Ronald: no changing history now
Ronald: I was born 25 years too late
rich-2: hi Harvie, I was just offline sending a joke to Ron
Ronald: good
rich-2: it should be in his inbox any minute (hour? day?)
Ronald: I like jokes
Ronald: at some of them I even laugh
Harvie: I had trouble earlier, the java applett wouldn't load
jamesIII: i fixed a squeaky door today. wonder if i should get off my butt and do anything else before i teach
rich-2: give this one a ty, then
Ronald: This is a pentium 166.... give it an extra half hour
rich-2: you'll note I've only been tossed twice tonight, Hrvie
jamesIII: that's a real speed demon there
Ronald: that's enough for one day James
jamesIII: good. i don't want to raise people's expectations of me
rich-2: I'm trying out Firefox
jamesIII: firefox is nice
Ronald: must do that. Hear good things about it
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using Firefox too.
jamesIII: they have a japanse version
Harvie: rich, are you still trying to get rid of the snow thrower?
rich-2: let's say its different, but I've already discovered features I don't like
jamesIII: i've been recommending it to clients that were buggered by spyware
rich-2: yes Harvie
jamesIII: really? what rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: The only bug I experiment is when running flash applications, crash occurs.
Ronald: Just removed Windoze XP from duron, and put on Fedora Linux Core 3
Ronald: my first Windoze Free box
Daniel Bienvenu: I suspect an optimisation problem with macromedia plugin.
rich-2: odd; the first download Mozilla recommends for it is Macromedia Flash plugin
rich-2: have you seen, Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent two "bug report" to firefox.
jamesIII: i might buy a mac next year
Ronald: No Rich, have not been there
rich-2: nice thing about open source; they want the challenge
Ronald: will check it out
jamesIII: this year i get daddy-in-law, the school and my car paid off. financial freedom is barely a year away
Ronald: Can Gibsons be far behind?
rich-2: by all means do, could deal with your software needs real quickly
jamesIII: gotta save up for a few years before i make a downpayment on a house
Daniel Bienvenu: I really like firefox. it's fast and need less memory.
rich-2: Harvie, do you know someone who wants a snowblower?
jamesIII: i'm looking to purchase in 2008
jamesIII: @rich, i bet bob does
Harvie: Yes, my brother-in-law
Ronald: not far away James
rich-2: I'd be happier if I could synchronize the bookmarks with IE
rich-2: and I don't like their scheme for editing bookmarks, either
jamesIII: why use ie at all though?
jamesIII: i haven't touched it, except when absolutely necessary, in years
Daniel Bienvenu: I use IE only because WindowsUpdate works only with EI.
jamesIII: @ron, not far away at all
rich-2: Frances likes it better - she is used to it
Harvie: rich, I'll call you tomorrow
jamesIII: looking forward to getting through this year though. being in the black again will be nice
rich-2: So where is your bro-in-law, Harvie?
Harvie: Bolton
Ronald: It's an achievement James
rich-2: do so, Harvie, just not too early (as, before 11 am), OK?
Harvie: Definitly not early :)
jamesIII: my sister-in-law to be just bought an imac g5
jamesIII: very nice looking machine
Ronald: they are indeed
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
jamesIII: it's a transition i've been looking to make for awhile but paying stuff off is my first financial priority right now
jamesIII: i loathe debt
Ronald: there's only one G5 in captivity here. It's owner is a graphics artist
<undefined> changed username to rich-3
Ronald: most of us underlings are still G4
Daniel Bienvenu: hello "rich the third"
jamesIII: if i do buy it though, i'll probably pull out all the stops and get the 20" model
jamesIII: rich is catching up to me in incarnations
Ronald: understand James
rich-3: I am eyeing laptops right now
jamesIII: i really think they should be teaching fiscal management in elementary school
jamesIII: give the kids some play money, teach them about interest and how buying stuff on credit costs more in the long run
Ronald: Richard the 2nd - off with his head
rich-3: getting close to 15" screens and DVD burner for $1000
Ronald: good lesson James
Ronald: only took me 55 years to learn it
jamesIII: crts are facing extinction soon
rich-3: but I will have fusses about the OS and ports too
Harvie: I must go, just popped in to see if the applett would load, bye all, Happy New Year
jamesIII: i have to admit, some of that has been the asian influence
Ronald: be well Harvie
jamesIII: unfortunately, credit is taking off here in a big way
rich-3: happy new year, Harvie, hear from you tomorrow!
Harvie left chat session
jamesIII: happy new year, harvie
jamesIII: and you wouldn'T believe the interest rates
Ronald: level of personal debt rising here to unprecedented
jamesIII: 28%.. in a country where banks pay you literally 0.01%
jamesIII: yeah, the problem needs to be addressed at a young age
Ronald: exactly
jamesIII: i never learned fiscal management in school. my wife apparently did
rich-3: here most interest rates are very low - I think prme may be under 5%
Ronald: GIC's get between 2 and 3.5
Ronald: whoopee
jamesIII: i'm moving my stuff to medium volatility mutual funds
rich-3: mind you, the credit card issuers do know how to charge (16% +)
Ronald: yup
jamesIII: risk is low and i get close to 6%. i'm young and earning well so i can afford some moderate risk
Ronald: mutuals are a better bet
Ronald: it there is anything that is a better bet
Ronald: which I doubt
jamesIII: could go as high as 9% but basially if it matches close to real estate appreciation in ottawa, i'll be happy knowing that
rich-3: yes, we have a very diversified portfolio - no great amount in it, but risk well spread
jamesIII: $250k worth of house dollars invested will buy $250k worth of house when i'm ready
jamesIII: not that i have $250k!
Ronald: our real-estate is doing better than that here
Ronald: last year this house was assessed at 147500. This year it's 198300
rich-3: hell, our little bungalow would sell for almost twice that
jamesIII: what isn't so good is that i've found out (too late) that real estate in japan isn'T liquid at all
Ronald: well, this is Comox now
jamesIII: wow
Ronald: assessed value is always under market value
jamesIII: so the school i have is mine forever. probably couldn't sell it if i wanted to and even then, i wouldn't get face value for it
rich-3: they're calling the cross street "millionaire's row" because that's what it costs to buy in
rich-3: the builders start by paying over 400K for a house to tear down
jamesIII: a million isn't what it used to be, eh
Ronald: nope
Ronald: I'd want at least 10 million now - maybe 25
Ronald: to feel rich
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to say goodnight soon. Midnight is coming.
jamesIII: you'd need that much to be considered so
Ronald: nite Daniel....
jamesIII: dan, any new projects for this year?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-4
Ronald: Richard the 4th
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm planing to release a special 5th anniversary edition of dacman : my first coleco game released in cartridges.
Ronald: did Shakespeare write that?
rich-4: bounced again is it trying to tell me something?
rich-4 requested to ban rich-2
jamesIII confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
rich-4 requested to ban rich-3
Ronald confirmed ban
jamesIII confirmed ban
Ronald: Kill Richard
jamesIII: dan, are you going to expand on your mountain mining game.. forget what it's called
Daniel Bienvenu: I received requests for dacman, a game I did during summer 2000.
rich-4: maybe I should quite while I'm ahead - it's late in the Eastern time zone
Daniel Bienvenu: John Dondzila released it during the CGE2K.
Ronald: yess sir.... I will not feel slighted....
rich-4: think I will knock it off, folks - Ron, enjoy the joke
Ronald: will go there now
Ronald: I'mm away too guys... see ya's next week
rich-4: james, do look at tht book - I suspect you might like it
Ronald: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: And also planing to finish the new coleco programming document with the bios source code.
rich-4: Daniel, bonsoir
Ronald: nite all
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Ronald left chat session
rich-4: nite all
jamesIII: who's gone?
rich-4: poof
rich-4 left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we can continue our discussion with yahoo messenger
Daniel Bienvenu: just give me a minute
jamesIII left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-01-05
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