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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Rich!
rich-c: bon apres-midi, Daniel
rich-c: sorry to be late - you saw my email?
rich-c: oops - am I still here?
rich-c: yep - it did seem a little erly for me to get tossed
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, you still there and I saw your email
rich-c: so then you were not hurt when I did not show up on time
Daniel Bienvenu: I weren't online many times during the past months.
rich-c: well that is true of all of us - recall I ws away four weeks this fall
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I were not surprise to not see you at 15h today.
rich-c: right - you use the 24-hour clock
rich-c: somehow it seems les Anglais can't get their heads around that
Daniel Bienvenu: nobody else will be online today, i think.
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Daniel Bienvenu: you know that I received the documents you sent to me. I didn't consult the second one yet but I appreciate to have them.
changed username to rich-l
Daniel Bienvenu: oops! you are there?
rich-l: lppks like I got dumped - as usual
rich-l: yes, I don't know what's going on
rich-l: I do not have the problem on any other sites, nor does Frances
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think it's in relation of your browser? your ISP? your windows? or something else that this Spaniel Chat appplet don't like?
rich-l: it isn't my browser; I'm using Mozilla Firefox today
rich-l: I'm using the same ISP as Harvey and Pamela
rich-l: I'm using the same browser as either of them (depending on which I choose)
Daniel Bienvenu: my last suggestion is that spanniel don't like the symbol "-" in your nickname here. :-/
rich-l: makes about as much sense as anything else, unfortunately 8-(
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, it's probably not supposed to be but this bug is so weird...
rich-l: well, something on my computer and the chat do not harmonize
rich-l: if the computer gave me a hassle on any other sites, I'd understand it
rich-l: maybe Spaniel chat is in the habit of sending signals my antivirus or firewall don't like
rich-l: I am contemplating cjanging to teh Sygate firewall; there are things about Zone Alarm I'm nothappy with
rich-l: you still ytjere?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, my email software.
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changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron!
Ron: Almost forgot
Ron: hello all
Daniel Bienvenu: I lost. I predict that nobody else will be online today.
Ron: Rich clones I Nd II
Ron: and II
Ron: you will not believe this but.....
Ron: it's snowing on the wet coast. The ground is white
Ron: been snowing all night
Ron: we actually have accumulation
Ron: you guys still there?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here
Ron: think Rich has been ejected
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm also answering my emails.
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Ron: aha
Ron: here he comes
changed username to rich-2
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello again Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: Welcome back!
Ron: We need a new alphabet to classify and name Rich clones
Ron: :)
rich-2: oh, that's how I got bounced - Ron came in
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich-c
rich-2 confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich-l
Ron confirmed ban
rich-2 confirmed ban
Ron: go ahead, blame me! :)
Daniel Bienvenu: 1..2.. test!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still here
Ron: un deux trois quatre
rich-2: oh, I get bounced when anyone comes in
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
rich-2: btw, Daniel, did I ever tell you I have a cousin who lives in Ste. Foy?
Daniel Bienvenu: No, you didn't tell me that
rich-2: yes, on rue Bellvue
Daniel Bienvenu: You still in contact with him?
Ron: brb
rich-2: her, actually - we are at teh exchange Christmas card level
rich-2: she has a family to care for and an acrive life
Daniel Bienvenu: her?
rich-2: yes, she's from BC but married a Quebecois
rich-2: they moved to Quebec because that is where his family business is
Daniel Bienvenu: When you see you cousin for the last time?
Daniel Bienvenu: (when did you see your consin for the last time, sorry)
rich-2: some few years ago, in BC before she married
Daniel Bienvenu: she is younger than you?
rich-2: as I said, we do exchange letters, but that's about it
rich-2: I think she is younger than Pamela - but then Pamela is getting on too
Daniel Bienvenu: you have a consin in quebec that came from BC... do you have other members of your familly in the other provinces?
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changed username to rich-3
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello again Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: long time no see
Ron: like a hall of mirrors in here
rich-3: the chat is being particularly nasty today - maybe it doesn't like Firefox
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using firefox right now, and I use the TABS, one for the chat and the other to surf the net.
Ron: You guys like Firefox eh?
rich-3: I haven't tried the tabs yet
Ron: must download it
rich-3: I'm not clear on how they differ from the stuff in the toolbar
Daniel Bienvenu: I appreciate Firefox. My Pentium II @ 400Mhz appreciate this fast browser that need less ressources than the other popular borwsers.
rich-3: let's say IE remains my default browser and may not change for a while
rich-3: I do not like the sll or nothing passord setup and am unhappy with the bookmark organization
Daniel Bienvenu: The only problem I enconter is when running flash applications... but I think it's in relation of CPU ressource needed by the plugin to let me see the animation at the right speed.
rich-3: with an Athlon 1600 I do not have speed problems and Flash runs just fine
Daniel Bienvenu: And there is also the problem that WindowsUpdate works only with IE.
rich-3: well, Windows itself doesn't work without IE - you can't remove it
rich-3 requested to ban rich-2
Ron confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Ron: True
rich-3: anyway right now I have no convincing argument to say I would be happier switching to Firefox
rich-3: troublews enough I've got with IE, I don't need something even clumsier
Ron: Still trying to get my Duron rebuilt
Ron: Trying to do too much, I think, with one computer
rich-3: which means you're running what - the Mac?
Daniel Bienvenu: well let me experiment something. I will change my nickname to dan-b
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to dan-b
Ron: OS X 10.3.7 and also Gentoo Linux
rich-3: OK, now we'll see how long you last ;-)
Ron: Nothing around here has just one OS
Ron: think that's my problem
Ron: Duron's boot block just up and disappeared before Christmas
rich-3: so your browser choice is Safari or Firefox, right?
Ron: Safari
Ron: Haven't yet tried Firefox, but it's available
rich-3: can't get into the Duron with to start poking about?
dan-b: Safari, the browser made by Apple. Must works pretty well, isn't it?
Ron: yes, Safari works quite well.
Ron: is there a command line interface with firefox?
rich-3: oh - did you get teh Star Trek funny I sent you, Ron?
Ron: I no diddley squat about Firefox
Ron: yeah. cute
rich-3: I think there is some allusion to it in the help file; not sure
Ron: could be
rich-3: daniel out to know, unless he's been bounced...
Ron: brb - have to take some pills
rich-3: sorry, ought
rich-3: you there, Daniel, of has the Dreaded Hyphen revealed its true nature 8-)
dan-b: I'm there
dan-b: I'm here, I'm just waiting for any reaction from spnial chat
Ron: there. I shall now remain alive for another 24 hours
dan-b: well, I don't think you get bounced because of your nickname that use a "-" in it.
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changed username to richx4
dan-b: Hello Rich!
dan-b requested to ban rich-3
richx4 confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
richx4: yes, I'm ba- did you get bounced?
Ron: will the real Rich Clee please stand up
richx4: bottom one on the screen, Ron - the third has been removed
dan-b: no... maybe if I get out of here one time by a user request...
Ron: I see
dan-b: try it, ask spanniel to put me out of here.
richx4: what pills are you on, Ron?
Ron: this time, metformin
Ron: diabetes
richx4: OK Daniel, we will try
richx4 requested to ban dan-b
dan-b confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Ron: whoops
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to dan-2
richx4: OK it will take him a minute or so to get back
dan-2: I'm back
richx4: ah, here he is now - that was quicjk
dan-2: I simply did a refresh of the web page and the applet runs right away, without any delay
Ron changed username to Ron
richx4: anyway, Ron, my suggestion about Firefox would be try it and see if you like it
Ron: yeah, sounds like a plan
dan-2: now, I'm waiting for any reaction from Spaniel Chat... maybe he will associate my IP with an old request.
richx4: yes, that's how I get back, Daniel, once I know I've been dropped
Ron: still have strange white flakes falling from the sky
richx4: the big deal with it is that it's supposed to be more secure than IE
richx4: oh, we had them earlier - someone must have diverted ours to you
Ron: not nice
Ron: but it looks like a pitcure postcard out back
richx4: of course, you folks out there are not used to snow
Ron: ya got that right, son
richx4: unfortunately we are entirely too used to it, though not by Daniel's standards
dan-2: let it snow ! let it snow ! let it snow !
richx4: we just got a light dusting this morning but judging by teh Doppler radar Cleveland got dumped on - again
Ron: Daniel, I heard something about a big arguement over the Winter Carnival and Bon Homme du Neige. What was that about?
richx4: test
dan-2: It's difficult for me to talk about that, I'm not sure what is it about exactly.
richx4: sorry, heard some strange disc activity and thought I might have been tossed
dan-2: disc activity?
Ron: you're still among us I believe
richx4: yes, my hardd disc started burbling a way a bit, also seemed to be incoming net traffic
dan-2: ok! I were thinking that you see ufos outside.
richx4: the little Zone Alarm icon keeps me informed about what's going on
richx4: no, haven't seen a UFO since we were camping
dan-2: me too.
Ron: you mean you actually saw one?
richx4: but then, I'm not usually out admiring the night sky, either
richx4: Ron, something flew over that I could not identify
dan-2: in fact, my bother saw the first one to saw the ufo I finally saw
Ron: ok
dan-2: mistyped but you problably understand
Ron: yes
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dan-2: I saw an ufo when I was young, in a camping @ the prince edward island.
changed username to rich/mk5
Ron: really!
rich/mk5: well. so much for the hyphen theory
dan-2: the ufo was not in the camping, he was high in the sky and probably over the ocean.
rich/mk5: mine hung in the sky with no visible motion, then suddenly came towards me very rapidly
rich/mk5: there was an aircraft noise but it was notably delayed after teh time the object had passed
dan-2: it was during night, and this black oblic disk was flying from west to east without any sound and spinning (well, that's the impression I had by seeing its lights moving).
rich/mk5: essentially it behaved like somethi8ng trying to pretend it was an aircraft, and almost succeeding
Ron: mmm
rich/mk5: it had no wingtip lights, no flashing red below or strobe above
Ron: none of the usual aircraft markings
rich/mk5: I couldn't see any shape, it was too dark and apparently unlighted
dan-2: suddently, something get out of the ufo that makes some fire, it was like like a comet that enter in the atmosphere.
rich/mk5: mine could have some rational explanation, but yours is much more mysterious, Daniel
Ron: one of those once in a lifetime experiences
Ron: I would be very suprised if we had the whole place to ourselves
dan-2: but this second object, smaller than the first one, had no light so I were unable to saw it after that "flash" moment of fire. the big ufo never stop his slowly moving. So, I'm not sure what i saw exactly.
rich/mk5: there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies - right, Ron
Ron: or that we can perceive with our 5 senses
Ron: yup'
dan-2: my theory is that i saw a giant ufo that came near to the Earth and drop an objet in the atmospher.
rich/mk5: I wonder how much we are missing "up there" just because we're not out there to look
Ron: a fair amount I expect
Ron: must turn down the furnace....too hot in here
rich/mk5: still, the professional skywatchers aren't saying much
dan-2: but flying from west to east means that this theory may not be possible... wrong sense for an orbital thing and too big to be real i think.
rich/mk5: Frances just came in after walking back from Dufferin - took her 35 minutes - says she's hot
Ron: Hi Frances
Ron: good to hear that one of us is getting some exercise
rich/mk5: she's wandered away but I'll pass it on ;-)
Ron: I'm still in my jammies
Ron: and it's 1:40 in the afternoon
rich/mk5: she just came back and says hi to you
Ron: :)
rich/mk5: shame on you, I was dressed, had the paper read, and made my bed before noon
rich/mk5: and the paper was teh Saturday Star - all 700 lbs. of it
dan-2: Long time after that, I saw here in Quebec, when I was in a bus, a formation in "V" of five objects that makes a kind of wave movementand they go straightly in the sky to the north-weast.
Ron: not normally my style, but when I looked outside this morning, I concluded it was going to be a lazy day
Ron: but later, if I want to go get groceries, I'll have to shovel first
dan-2: I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one that saw these objects. peoples here are looking more the fllor or the other side of the road than the sky.
rich/mk5: well, Frances asked me to take her over to Dufferin so she could visit a store there and walk home - about a mile
Ron: did you file a report Dan?
rich/mk5: you see what you see, Daniel, and wonder about it, but we'll never know
dan-2: well, I had no prrof. I did no report.
rich/mk5: hard to file a report, Ron, without sounding silly or cranky
dan-2: but I writed an email the same day to my friends about this waving flying objects.
Ron: Have never had the experience, but I can imagine it would be difficult to report it.
dan-2: I think I keep a trace of this email in a backup.
rich/mk5: well, there is an organization - in Manitoba I believe - that does collect reports
rich/mk5: but I'd like more certainty before reporting what I saw
rich/mk5: it was just a flying object I couldn't identify
rich/mk5: am I here?
dan-2: yes
Ron: Well, there are authorities in the land who know at any instant what is supposed to airborne at any given point
rich/mk5: yes, and there are all sorts of radars peering everywhere all the time
Ron: so we'd have identified and unidentified
dan-2: my ufo experience @ prince edward island was during night but all my familly saw this ufo.
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Ron: most compelling are reports I've read from airline pilots - trained observers who are "up there"
Ron: am I still here?
Ron: nope?
changed username to Ron's Toshiba
changed username to rich-6
Ron's Toshiba: was I ejected?
dan-2: we saw it because I asked days before that night to be all the familly outside a few minutes to look the stars in the sky.
rich-6: looks like maybe I wasn't the only one tossed?
Ron's Toshiba: first time for me
rich-6: daniel, did you survive this last bump without being tossed?
rich-6: ah yes - I see we have two Rons now
Ron left chat session
dan-2: My parents says to me that it was probably a setelite.. knowing that the biggest satelit the human did is only a dot in the sky makes this affirmation of seeing a satelit that night sompletly wrong.
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changed username to dan-b
dan-b: TADA!
dan-b: I'm here?
Ron's Toshiba: now I have multiple instances of the Spaniel
Ron's Toshiba: one must go
rich-6: agreed - it's unlikely to be a satellite
rich-6: even the space station is not all of THAT bright
dan-b: I didn't saw any new text event mine so I did have to reload the applet.
dan-b: so, my theory about the "-" symbol in the nickname still an explanation about your bounced experience rich
rich-6: well, if both Ron and I were dumped, there wouldn't be anyone to talk to
rich-6: that's why I do the "test" every once in a while
dan-b changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban dan-2
rich-6 confirmed ban
Ron's Toshiba confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's time to say goodbye
Ron's Toshiba: looks like none of us immune
rich-6: right Daniel, getting about time to start dinner
rich-6: take care and we will see you Wednesday
Daniel Bienvenu: bye! talk to you probably wednesday
Daniel Bienvenu: about something alse than ufo
Ron's Toshiba: yep, I should go and make myself presentable
Ron's Toshiba: see you all on Wed
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron's Toshiba: bye
rich-6: yes, there does come a time after a certain hour...
Ron's Toshiba: exactly
Ron's Toshiba left chat session
rich-6: so hope you will join us Wednesday
rich-6 left chat session
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