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Harvie: Hello rich
rich-c: hi Harvie, I'm on Firefox - see how it lasts
Harvie: It works good for me
rich-c: on Saturday IE wouldn't hold for even ten minutes
rich-c: well, first time I tried Firefox I still got booted a lot
rich-c: hope this isn't going to be like that
Harvie: I don't know what to think, you are the only one that consistently gets dropped
rich-c: no, there was one night Bob kept getting dropped, and another when Ron was the one
Harvie: But you , every night :)
Harvie: I see John hasn't sorted out his backbone problems
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changed username to rich1
Harvie: Hello again, must have hexed you
rich1: see what I mean about getting dumped? wasnt on five minutes!
rich1: I think Dale's server just doesn't like me 8-(
rich1: and this time we didnt even have someone coming in or leaving
Harvie: We will have to find a Windows network monitor to try to pinpoint the problem
rich1: I see Dr.D. won't be with us tonight
rich1: I have Sam Spacde; will that do?
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Harvie: Did he e-mail the list?
rich1: who D
rich1: r.D? yes
Harvie: Yes
rich1: hello
Harvie: Do we have a lurker?
changed username to Marie
rich1: someone seems to be having trouble getting in
Marie: hi uncle richard
rich1: oh, hi Rie
Harvie: Hi Marie
Marie: where is every1
Marie: hi harvie]
rich1: how's the weather down in Windsor?
Marie: snowing
rich1: what about temp?
Marie: not sure
Marie: but it's really cold
rich1: we've had intermittent snow and temperature dropping
rich1: tomorrow is supposed to be a real bun freezer
Marie: we got 3 inches of snow last night and were supossed to get snow the next 2 days
rich1: and don't even ask about Friday 8-(
rich1: now environment canada is saying expect cold for teh next few weeks
Marie: have you spoke to eirn?
rich1: no, we don't do voice and she hasn't been on tonight
Marie: oic
rich1: it's Pamela who keeps tabs on what Erin's up to ;-)
Marie: oic
rich1: but then Pamela isn't on yet either - maybe teh two of them are plotting mischief
Marie: i haven't spoken to either of them
rich1: Erin is very busy at her job, with long hours, apparently
Marie: i know
rich1: I don't think she's all that comfortable on the internet, either
Marie: erin?
Marie: we used to talk on here sall the time
rich1: yes, Erin - she doesn't seem to know much and doesn't pay much attention
rich1: oh, she gets on chat very regularly, I was just thinking in general terms
Marie: k
rich1: who knows, maybe she's caught a virus or some spyware and her computer won't work
Marie: who know
rich1: quite, we'll just have to wait and see
Marie: well i better jet then
rich1: but I'll bet her anti-virus (if she has one) isn't up to date
Marie: i'll be beack in a bit
Harvie: If she uses Windows probably, not maybe
rich1: OK c u later
Marie left chat session
Harvie: How's the health rich?
rich1: I'm not sure she knowws anything other than Windows exists - adn doesn't want to
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changed username to james
james: hi, here but back and forth
james: how is everyone?
Harvie: Hi James
rich1: I go in for a Holter Friday morning - then after about ten days they tell me what they've discovered
rich1: good morning, james
rich1: just telling Harvie, we're still trying to find out where to go on my heart meds
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changed username to Daniel B
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Daniel B: wow! no many online tonight
rich1: actually he's quiet about it but I suspect Bob'sd problems are more severe than mine
Daniel B: did i miss somETHing?
james: and i can'T stay long, unfortunately, have to translate some stuff
rich1: bone nuit, Daniel
rich1: not a great deal, Daniel, more general chit-chat so far
Daniel B: bonsoir rich, james et harvie
james: hi, dan
rich1: now you're her3e, Daniel, that may liven things up a bit
rich1: what are you needing to translate, james?
Daniel B: well, I subscribe to some courses to learn how to find a job.
Daniel B: I will probably find why I'm not lucky
rich1: have you tried some of the internet sites like Workopolis?
rich1: Harvie, which is teh government branch that handles job hunting?
Daniel B: yes I tried some sites, but the problem is I didn't receive answers.
rich1: they have an office in Lawrence Square that's always busy
james: i have to translate some stuff for the kids going on the trip
rich1: well, the more you register with the better your chances of getting an inquiry
Daniel B: most of the jobs are not listed anywhere and to have these you need "pushing" by someone in place.
Harvie: Word of mouth and reputation are the key to the best jobs
rich1: well, Workopolis are taking full-page ads in the papers these days inviting people to list with them
rich1: whether they are doing much in Quebec I do not know
rich1: and can't the school help you? they often haqve job services for gradulates
rich1: hervie, is the mounties
Daniel B: yes, and the courses are a service they offer.
Harvie: The pool of available programmers is huge, GOOD programmers not so huge
Daniel B: except here
rich1: the problem seems to be that Daniel needs a chance to show his stuff in French
Harvie: brb
rich1: I have no idea how the supply of French-language programmers might be
rich1: sorry james, missed teh last - you're translating from Japanese to English, then?
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changed username to Harvie
james: english to japanese
james: the schedule and costs for the trip to give to the parents]
rich1: you get dumped, Harvie?
Harvie: Sorry,
Harvie: I did it myself rich
rich1: ah so - where do the kids plan to go, and when?
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Daniel B: this year, I'm planning to release two games, one of them will be a remake of my dacman game. I did an editor and now I'm looking for a web site to put the editor online.
rich1: which of the twins is you, Harvie?
changed username to Pamela
Daniel B: hi Pam!
james: and i have a question for you torontonians
Pamela: hi there
rich1: hi daughteer, about time you turned up ;-)
Pamela: too much to do Dad, sorry
rich1: go for it, james
Pamela: ask away James
james: alright, we're going to be doing toronto-niagara return via train, so we end up at union station one night
rich1: any idea where Rin is, Pam?
Pamela: nope
rich1: Rie was on looking for her earlier
james: i'm looking for an "affordable" hotel that's either close to union station (walking distance)
Harvie requested to ban Harvie
james confirmed ban
rich1 confirmed ban
rich1: you're not serious?
james: or preferably close to the airport and easily accessible from union station since we fly out to calgary the next morning
james: hence the quotes
rich1: OK, does the GO bus run from Union Station to the airport? I think it doe
Harvie: How many in party James?
james: i'd rather have us as close to the airport as possible that night
james: five
rich1: the hotels up on the airport strip are less expensive overall, I suspect
james: would that be dixon road?
Pamela: you'd have to check the schedules at
james: sec.. gonna write that down. do they have routes posted too?
Pamela: they should
rich1: yes, anything on Dixon would be a reasonably priced taxi ridbut a limo wouldn;t touch it as teh distance is to short to pay
Pamela: as for hotels, airport is a better idea than downtown - no such thing as an affordable hotel there
james: i found one hotel near the airport and was told it was 2 buses *and* two trains to get there or a $40 cab ride, and we'd need two cabs
Pamela: brb
james: well i'd rather have us close to the airport anyway. would make for a much less stressful morning
rich1: I think Pam's gone off to check teh schedule for you, james
james: and most hotels have shuttle service
james: that's very kind of her
rich1: why don't you check the toronto website?
james: i'm about to.. got too many windows open here
rich1: I believe it's though it may have been simplified
rich1: it will have links to GO, Tourism Toronto (for hotels), etc
Pamela: no, it's
james: you should see the snow coming down here. i won't be surprised if i have more than a few cancellations tonight
rich1: OK, that's what it's been simplified to, then
james: the roads are *really* bad and visibility is .. negligible
rich1: oh, we only have about 5 cm that last 24 hours, but more is coming
james: we'll easily get ten times that
james: one of the joys of living in a mountain range at 400m above sea level.. no shortage of snow
rich1: noticed a headline in one paper about a big crash closing 401
Pamela: James, google GO transit to be sure of the web address but that's close
james: that's another reason i want us close to the airport. last thing i need is for us to miss our flight out because we get
james: snarled in toronto morning rushour traffic
james: thanks pam
rich1: well, will have all the links you can use
Pamela: snarled is a good word, believe me
james: what would be ideal is an airport hotel that is one train or one bus ride from union station
rich1: and no, you don't need any of our rush hour, for sure
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changed username to wet
Daniel B: who is there?
james: hi, ron!
Pamela: alright, where's it raining?
wet: yeah, it's me
wet: where else?
Daniel B: hello!
Pamela: greetings Ron
rich1: one GO train line goes up to Airport Road (DIxon) right up at teh northeast corner of teh airoirt
Harvie: Hi Ron
james: if i have to, i'll bite the bullet and pay the cab fare, but $100 for five of us is still a scam
wet: evening one and all
rich1: had any good landslides up your way
rich1: or are you into drownings today?
james: that sounds better.. so i think i'll do that.. and start looking for hotels that run along the bus route
wet: not here, but North Vancouver is a bit of a mess
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Pamela: James - a thought - check with the hotels to see if they have shuttles from downtown - that way you'd have door to door service
rich1: an airport limo would be cheaper than that, james, I'm sure
Pamela: I heard, Ron
changed username to BobS
wet: was bound to happen
BobS: HI kids !!!!
james: yeah, that's an idea too.. you know what baffles me though? why don't they have a direct rail link from union station to the airport?
Pamela: hey Bob
wet: Mr Bob
rich1: they had a fine picture of a car in a flooded field near Sooke
Harvie: Hello Bobby
james: too obvious or too expensive?
Pamela: you know James, we wonder that too : )
Daniel B: hello bob
rich1: greetings Bob
wet changed username to Ron
james: it would do wonders for ease of travel
Pamela: instead, we have the good old TTC
rich1: usual story james, politicians too cowardly to say it's worth paying a tad more tax to have
james: maybe the people who run the airport limousine services are lining the pockets of certain decision makers
Pamela: and actually you can get to the airport on the TTC on one train and one bus, but it's a looooooong ride
BobS: NOW, james you are getting the gist of politics !
Daniel B: @rich : no problem with spaniel chat tonight?
james: well i'Ve learned from the masters of political corruptness
Ron: He who pays the mandarin gets the licence
rich1: no, he'd have to transfer to teh Bloor line to get the bus up Kipling
Pamela: I heard about the mudslide in North Van, Ron - it was on the evening radio news
rich1: or were you thinking of bus from Yorkdale?
james: well with four teenage girls and luggage in tow, i want to keep it as simple as possible
Ron: yup. 1 woman killed- 2 houses gone, and 20 more teetering on the edge
Pamela: Dad, think - up University and Spadina to Lawrence West, then a Malton bus to the airport
james: i assume they've been evacuated?
rich1: I wasn't on five minutes before I ws dumped, Daniel, but it's been OK since
Ron: yes that's right
rich1: don't know if the Malton bus would get to the hotel he chooses
james: pam - does the go transit have a stop at union station?
Pamela: assuming it's on Dixon or by the airport, it probably goes past them all
rich1: still I think there are taxis hover around Derry and Dixon to feed off teh GO trains, Malton bus, GO bus, etx.
BobS: where Ron ? on the island oe ont he mainland???
james: alright. i think rather than choosing a hotel and figuring out how to get there, i'm going to look at the route
james: and choose a hotel based on that
Ron: mainland Bob
Pamela: Yes, they have a bus depot there, and the GO trains run out of Union. However, a GO bus would be your best bet if they run one to the airport
rich1: the trains stop in the station and the bus deport is across Bay St.
james: @pam, we leave for calgary the next morning
james: so i want us in a hotel near the airprot, as opposed to going directly to the airport from union station
rich1: oh, you're over visiting Geoff?
Pamela: I agree James, that makes the most sense : )
james: ok, that's a couple minute walk, if that, right?
Ron: @James - where James? Vancouver?
Pamela: right, James
james: union station to vancouver.. yeah.. about a five minute walk.. heh heh
rich1: james, GO runs buses to teh airport from Union, york mills/ Eglinton, and Yorkdale
james: @ron, do you mean where are we flying out to?
Pamela: did you check the website Dad?
Ron: where are you looking for a hotel near the airport?
rich1: sorry, York Mills/Yonge
Pamela: in Toronto, Ron
Ron: oh ok..... missed that during a senior's moment
james: alright, so what do you think of this - i find the go bus that goes along dixon road and take that to the hotel closest to the airport?
Pamela: James, when does your train arrive from Niagara?
rich1: no - and I'll bet teh bus that stops at Yorkdale originates at York Mills, and/or Union, likely both
james: sec.. i have a schedule here *somewhere*
Pamela: barring a hotel shuttle that's probably your best bet James
james: yeah, i'll check into downtown shuttles too
rich1: yes, one bus, no transfers, has its attractions
Pamela: sec, checking the website
james: ok, we arrive in toronto at 19.36
rich1: 19.36? you're getting as bad as Daniel, confusing us all ;-)
james: oops. 19.44
Pamela: okay, that's not too late - good
james: let's say 7.45 p.m.
Daniel B: I'm confusing you?
Pamela: btw, correcting website - it's
rich1: naw, say 19.44 - the trains run on 24 hours clocks anyway
rich1: just teasing, Daniel
james: though i'd be very surprised if they actually got it to the minute
rich1: but you know most Anglos are too dumb to figure out a 24-hour clock (present company excepted)
rich1: depends on what they class as arrival - yard limits, perhaps?
rich1: but if they hit the platform at teh given time I'd be surprised
james: used to have us coming in on the greyhound at 22.10 but thought 19.44 and union station would be better
rich1: tu as raison, james
Harvie: Gotta go, an hour is as much as I can stand in this chair lately
rich1: ouch, that's rough, Harvie - what's the problem
Daniel B: ho! I'm looking at a web site about a robot competion in japan named robo-one and all the robots have ... two legs!?
Pamela: depends on whether they have twelve fingers, Dad : )
Harvie: Arthritis in my knees
rich1: that's nasty - no meds that will touch it?
Harvie: Tylenol etc.
Pamela: James, what day of the week are you coming into Toronto?
rich1: have you talked to your doctor about it?
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changed username to Ron-1
Daniel B: ron? again?
Ron-1: hmmm
Pamela: I see it's Ron's turn to get dumped
Ron-1: yes....large as life, twice as ugly
Harvie: Yes, the alternative is to lose 200 lbs. and knee replacement
james: sec.. ok.. here's the toronto-niagara portion of our schedule:
Ron-1: not used to that
rich1: when I was having my hip trouble my doctor prescribed arthrotec - it worked fairly well
james: arrive toronto on tues march 29th at 12.49. check luggage at union station
james: lunch at osf and cn tower
rich1: did not do away with the pain but kept it tolerable
Daniel B: be right back
Harvie: My specialist said "stay off your feet"
james: leave toronto from union station at 17.45 for niagara falls
Pamela: a lot he knows, Harvie
rich1: great advice for you - just quit your job
Daniel B changed username to Daniel B [away]
Harvie: Anyway Good night all
james: that night, we watch the illuminated falls and have dinner
james: good night, harvie
rich1: see you Harvie
Pamela: good luck and g'nite Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Ron-1: Harvie
james: then the next day we do daytime viewing of the falls, tour behind the falls and lunch
james: then we have a few more hours, by which we'll be all falls'ed out and heading back to toronto
rich1: doing Maid of teh Mist, or the Butterfly Pavilioin?
Pamela: so it's a Wednesday - okay, let me check something
james: leave niagara at 17.45 and arrive again in toronto at 19.44
james: unfortunately, not available at that time of year
james: the butterfly pavillion might be. if there's any activity i'd do besides viewing the falls, that might be it
rich1: I guess teh Maid may have ice troubles, but teh butterflies will be open - and fantastic
james: would a couple of hours after lunch be enough for that?
rich1: well, you can't take teh kids to a winery for tastings
james: lunch is at 12.30 and i'm figuring on an hour and a half
james: lol. not without getting into a whole heap of trouble
rich1: though if they were to take some icewine home, it would be good political capital
james: not sure if minors can carry alcohol through japanese customs
rich1: likely not, and more's teh pity
rich1: you don't want to know what it costs in Ja[pan - not that it's cheap here
james: so assume lunch ends at 2 p.m. and we leave niagara from the train station at 5.45 p.m. that should give us around two hours for the butterflies
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changed username to Guy B.
rich1: but yes, the shuttle bus should be running, making the butterfly pavilion a lead pipe cinch
Pamela: Hello Guy
rich1: go Google teh Niagara Parks Commission and take it from there
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! Snow is approaching here shortly.
james: i'm not familiar with that colloquialism
rich1: hi Guy
james: yeah, i have the webpage bookmarked
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: James, bad news, I just checked the GO transit site and there's no GO bus that runs from Union Station to the airport.
james: @pam, what about along the road where the airport hotels are located?
Ron-1: brb
Pamela: nope
james: once we get to our hotel, we're fine. we'd just use hotel shuttle to get to the airport the next day
rich1: how about Yorkdale, Pam? he can get there on the subway with no change of train
Guy B.: Got the date when my promotion will be.
rich1: great news, Guy - share it with us
james: who's the mayor of your little town there, rich? i wanna have a word with him
rich1: guy named Miller - bit of a jerk
james: bit of a jerk = lot of a jerk. i'll wait for the next one
Pamela: from Yorkdale, there's a bus that runs to Malton and the airport. However, I don't recommend trying to shepherd four teenage girls through Yorkdale subway station, over the bridge, through the mall and into the GO bus terminal with all their luggage
rich1: but GO is Government of Ontario, so you gotta bitch at McGuinty
james: yeah, and since i don't really know where i'm going it'd be the blind leading the blind and noisy
Guy B.: March 23rd. My co-worker Anne last day will be March 22nd. She will be retiring. So, I'm very sure that this is the date I will be promoted. Will know more in the coming weeks.
james: will do
rich1: it's teh mall part that's the hazard - and the late hour
james: hazard as in riff-raff?
Pamela: no, hazard as in mall : )
james: or hazard as in getting them out of the mall would be difficult?
rich1: no, hazard in that it's a very colourful, somewhat upscale mall, and huge
james: well, why not.. how late are they open?
rich1: 9.30 or 10 I think
james: these kids will spend themselves broke before we even get west of toronto
rich1: 21.30 or 22.00 to you furriners ;-)
Pamela: you don't go far into the mall before getting to the depot but you have to come down an escalator off the subway platform, across a footbridge (which has stairs), into the mall and down another set of stairs into the depot itself
james: ugh
Pamela: Yorkdale mall is open until 9:00 pm on weekdays
rich1: yeah, just as well you're going to Calgary - think of getting them out of the West Edmonton Mall
james: yeah, i'm still working on edmonton. toronto is my current headache. once i have this figured out, i can use the same plan for future trips
rich1: actually sounds worse than it is, james - unless the luggae is seriously heavy
Pamela: sorry Guy, we're trying to get James from the train station to the airport in one piece and sanity intact : )
Guy B.: James, I take it you are going to visit Toronto. When?
james: @pam - to an airport hotel
james: not the airport
Pamela: details : )
rich1: double check to make sure teh OSF is still there - there has been redevelopment and I gather the Organ Grander part has gone
james: my sanity, well.. it comes and goes
james: ok, i'll double-check that too
Pamela: hmm, gonna check the Yellow pages - brb
Guy B.: Bob, where is Judy tonight?
james: i'll be back in a few - i'm being called for lunch
rich1: also brb, for other reasons
Pamela: okay, I'm back but researching while James eats
(rich1 gives rich1 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Pamela: keep talking, I'm listening
BobS: she is right here
BobS: taking it easy after a busy day
rich1: she's almost as hard to get on line as Frances 8-(
Ron-1: This morning I went to a diabetic clinic at the hospital
BobS: started early with the snow and then ended at her folks house moving furniture, etc
BobS: and they said WHAT ?????
rich1: what did they say, Ron?
Ron-1: was a session on nutrition - which I sorely need at this point. 8 of us there
Ron-1: too much junk food
rich1: no such thing as too little
Ron-1: :)
rich1: if you want good advice, send Frances an email and ask her for trustworthy web sites
Ron-1: think I need to get married again
Daniel B [away] changed username to Daniel B
Pamela: NOW you decide that
rich1: yes may just be right, Ron
Ron-1: :)
rich1: Bob, you are being very quiet about your heart, but I suspect you are in worse shape than I am
BobS: OR just eat better and eat your veggies etc
Ron-1: yes, exactly
Pamela: actually, Ron, what you need is a wife
BobS: is beating alright now..........but the future, who knows
rich1: right - chocolate is a vegetable, sin't it? or is it a fruit?
Pamela: chocolate is it's own food group
Ron-1: dark chocolate
BobS: atrial fibrillation is a pesky problem but will not kill says the cardiologist
rich1: any a-fib events of late, or holding steeady?
Pamela: it's part of the five main food groups - sugar, salt, fat, caffeine and chocolate
BobS: going in and out every few days
rich1: that ain't good - what meds are you on?
BobS: amiodorone..........biggest gun there is according to the doc
Ron-1: you guys are my kind of people
BobS: NO NO NO ronald
rich1: just amiodarone? nothing else?
BobS: thas it
Ron-1: Bob is right of course
BobS: other than the bolld pressure meds
BobS: blood
Pamela: sigh, I am my mother's failure
rich1: mind you, they are still trying to get a reading on me - do a Holter this weekend
BobS: maybe it will show something differently than thought of now
rich1: but I'm on Amio., irbesartan, digoxin, and diltiazem - and warfarin
Ron-1: Ah.... it's a tough life
Pamela: which one's the rat poison, Dad?
rich1: sorry about shouting
Pamela: ah. Saw a box of that at Walmart on my last trip. Was a little freaked out.
rich1: got right ris of our basement mice last month
BobS: heck you are gonna turn into a pill
BobS: Amiodorone
rich1: my doctor says amio is not his drug of choice but teh better ones are contra'd for me because of my lungs
rich1: since I stared the digoxing my pulse has gone from mostly 100+ to mostly -70
Ron-1: Mother was taking something called lanoxin....must be a relative
rich1: digoxin is a derivative of digitalis, a very traditional remedy
Pamela: derived from Foxglove, correct?
rich1: actually your blood pressure pills may duplicate some I listed, Bob
BobS: tis ron
rich1: I believe so, Pam
BobS: zestril.....generic...worked better than the ones you are on
Ron-1: ??
Daniel B: you probably notice that I'm quiet... well, it's only because I know nothing about the med you are talking about.
Ron-1: we are off topic Daniel
Ron-1: again
rich1: count your blessings, Daniel - they are not fun, just better than the alternative
Pamela: so did the diabetes clinic say anything else Ron?
rich1: make that as usual, Ron ;=)
Ron-1: not really Pam. It was a review of various items of dietary information - food groups, all about exercising choices, etc etc
rich1: yeah, maybe you and Harvie should start a weight loss contest
Ron-1: My big problem with all of that is between my ears
Pamela: ah. And have you seen a Dr. recently about your asthma?
Ron-1: but I will go there and get as much info as I can, hoping that some day soon, some of it will cause me to change my behaviour
rich1: geez, Ron, welcome to teh club8 = )
Ron-1: oh yes
Pamela: and??
Ron-1: It is what it is Pam. the meds control it to some extent, but it's weight related, as are most of my problems
Pamela: what meds has he got you on?
james: back
rich1: good james, found out anything useful?
Pamela: that was fast James
Ron-1: uniphyl, serevent, flovent, salbutamol
james: ate lunch and fit in time for an argument too
Pamela: efficient as always James : )
rich1: you must rattle when you walk, Ron
Daniel B: hello james
Ron-1: the hereditary Mitchell wheeze
james: hi, dan
Pamela: Uniphyl, good. Awesome little pills. 400 or 600 mg?
Ron-1: I have no idea
Pamela: are they round, or oval / oblong?
Daniel B: @james: do you think you will do your first coleco project this year?
Ron-1: oblong
Pamela: 600 then
james: @dan, i'm really not sure. i don't think you realize how busy i am
rich1: are the middle two inhalers, Ron?
Pamela: you say salbutamol - I'm assuming a generic Ventolin. Which one?
Pamela: they are, DAd
Ron-1: Ventolin, yes
james: i would like to, but it's really hard with the kids at the age they are
Pamela: which generic?
Ron-1: that's what's on the label - Salbutamol
Daniel B: @james: yes, I realize. it's why I asking the question.
Ron-1: no mention of the word ventolin anywhere
Pamela: as in Ratio-Salbutomol?
Pamela: white box, orange writing?
Ron-1: yes
Ron-1: hell no, its blue
Ron-1: anyway, enough of that
Pamela: is it ratio Salbutamol?
Pamela: humour me for a moment
rich1: ratio is a manufacturer, Pam
Pamela: I know Dad, I'm making a point
Ron-1: I'd have to go downstairs and look
Ron-1: sec
Pamela: alright let's come at this another way - does the inhaler look just like a Ventolin?
rich1: Pam, while he's away, are there any employment websites you could recommend to Daniel?
Pamela:,, and hang on I'll check my favourites
rich1: Daniel, pay attention and make notes
rich1: tere will be a test at the end 8 = )
Ron-1: back
Ron-1: ok yes, ratio
Daniel B: yes, I'm doing copy-paste
Pamela: good. if the pharmacist tries to give you Apo Salvent, reject it out of hand. It's a much inferior inhaler.
Ron-1: noted
Pamela: Apotex makes some good products but that's not one of them
rich1: you don't like Apotex, or is that just one lemon, Pam?
Ron-1: anyway, it's the only one that really does anything for me
james: between my wife and kids some days, it's amazing i get anything done at all
Pamela: and if you're after a miracle asthma drug, I recommend Advair.
rich1: Guy, you are very quiet tonight - what gives?
Pamela: my doc took me off flovent and serevent and put me on Advair. I'm down to using my blue inhaler maybe once a day if I'm really bad, from six to eight times a day.
rich1: too tired from walking the dog?
Ron-1: I have a rather jaded perspective on drugs - particularly asthma drugs. In my humble view, they are overpriced and ineffective
Pamela: sometimes I don't need my "ventolin" for days at a time
Ron-1: I've been wheezing since I was born, and I don't expect to stop
Pamela: well, I recommend at least trying Advair. Asthma drugs have come a long way in the last five years.
rich1: I'm on two inhalers but they are steroids, I believe
Pamela: and that's my last lecture on the subject for a while : ).
Ron-1: well, there ya go
rich1: fine Pam, now look up teh job sites for Daniel
Pamela: <sigh> fine. : )) I'll be right back
rich1: I take the Spriva once a day, the does is 18 micrograms - MICROgrams???
Ron-1: Is anyone interested in some surplus ADAM gear?
rich1: hpow does anyone measure out a doze of 18 micrograms?
Ron-1: I have 5 CPU's 3 disk drives that are surplus to my requirements
rich1: put the disc drives on eBay and get rich, Ron
james: what are the disk drives?
Daniel B: test?
Daniel B: ok, I'm here... it's working.
rich1: you're here, Daniel
rich1: Pam has gone to find those names for you
Ron-1: two are 360k (one of those is iffy) and there's a 160k which is good
rich1: the 320 drives are MIs?
Ron-1: Also a couple of ADAM printers
Guy B.: Reading my e-mail.
Ron-1: no.... hybrids from various places
Pamela:, that's another one
rich1: right - that can take a while, Guy
james: i have a defunct mi 360k drive
Ron-1: should really get used to selling on eBay, I guess. So far all I've done is bought
rich1: any you noticed solicited French registrations?
rich1: depending on whether it's the controller board or mechanism, it could be fixable, james
Daniel B: err... canadian web sites may have english and french pages, no?
james: as far as i can tell it's the physical drive itself
james: and not the controller board
Pamela: yes they will, Daniel
rich1: some do, some don't - some just serve certain regioins
Daniel B: well, I will check this out by myself for the french pages.
rich1: well Mark just used generic drives; if you can figure out the jumper settings you can easily install another
BobS: hey kids gotta jet here
Ron-1: so I discovered
BobS: see you NEXT week
rich1: it's the controller cardd that is the problem
Ron-1: nite Bob
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Daniel, I found my new job on
Ron-1: Say nite to Judy
rich1: OK Bob, look for you then\
Daniel B: bye bob
rich1: goodnight, Judy
Daniel B: oops... too late
Daniel B: what is your new job, pm?
rich1: wow, he really dumped fist this time - that's unusual for him
Pamela: I'm working for a leasing company in Toronto as a receptionist
Pamela: ten minutes (well, actually, nine) from home
Pamela: ya gotta love it
rich1: or on mornings like this, tow hours - but safe hours
Pamela: and it's, I see
Pamela: nope, took me sixteen minutes this morning Dad
Ron-1: walking or driving?
Pamela: driving
rich1: you must have been doing some pretty dicey driving, daughtere
Pamela: it's 4.9 kms
Guy B.: well folks, Got to run, I'll see you all next week
Pamela: c'mon Dad, I don't think I went above 40 the whole trip
rich1: OK Guy, see you then
Daniel B: bye guy!
Pamela: night Guy
Ron-1: night Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich1: in our neck of teh woods, 40KPH is pretty daring
Pamela: that was my top speed!
rich1: took some serious expertise to back out of our space at NoFrills - it's on a slant
Pamela: on a straighaway, with no one in sight, either direction
rich1: I took roads that had been sorta cleared so made fair time
Pamela: I'll bet : )
rich1: but when I had to use side streets - tiptoe-ing on egges
Pamela: anyway, Daniel, those are the top three sites in Canada, I believe. Workopolis was the best in my opinion but I'm sure that depends on what sort of job you're looking for
Daniel B: thanks pam! :-D
rich1: how is snow driving in Japan, james - do they use snow tires?
Pamela: I wish you good luck Daniel
Daniel B: well, it's 23:00 now... it's time to say goodbye!
rich1: or is there so little they just count of front wheel drive?
Ron-1: only 20:00 here
Ron-1: but then we're slow
Ron-1: and wet
rich1: so soon? then a bientot, Daniel - bonne nuit
Pamela: oh and Daniel, don't be afraid to go to the website of every company you can think of that might be remotely related to your field, and check out their employment opportunities. Also, work your contacts.
Pamela: Let everyone you know know that you're looking for a job - at least 50% of jobs are never posted externally but are filled by word of mouth and recommendations.
Daniel B: thanks for your advise, pam. I will check again what I can find by wurfing the companies web sites.
james: sometimes it doesn't hurt to contact them, even if they don'T specifically state that they're hiring
Ron-1: I shall away too see ya's all next week
Pamela: good hunting. G'nite!
Ron-1: nite all
james: good night, ron!
Daniel B: bonne nuit Ron, Pam, Rich et James.
Pamela: nite Ron
james: a tantot, dan
rich1: OK Ron look for you - floating along
Ron-1: :)
Ron-1: glug
Daniel B: tantot james.
Ron-1 left chat session
Daniel B: *poof*
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela: that's good advice too James
james: can i ask the toronto crowd a couple of more questions before you go?
rich1: looks like we're somewhat short of folks here now
rich1: go for it, james
Pamela: I have a whole ream of job hunting notes here - I should try and summarize them for Daniel and send him an e-mail.
Pamela: shoot, James
james: ok, i may have found a place, but i'll check their pricing
Pamela: which one?
james: sec.. i'll give you the link to the page
rich1: I'm sure he'd appreciate them, Pam, and I get the feeling he needs all the help he can get
rich1: which one is that, james?
james: holiday inn airport east
james: now towards the bottom, i think it says it's a $10 cab ride from the subway station called TTC
rich1: btw james, when Dixon turns north to pass by teh side of the airport, it becomes
rich1: Airport Rod
Pamela: 600 Dixon Road, Dad, just west of Martin Grove. We pass it on the way to Tuckers
Pamela: I'm checking out that TTC claim, James - hang on
james: i think i could handle one subway and one cab ride, if that's all it was
rich1: actually the Malton bus likely passes its front door - but if they mean subway $10 must be on an awful good day
Pamela: the Malton bus does pass by their front door James, but it's a bit of a hike in from the bus stop to the front door of the hotel.
rich1: Pam, do you know anything about the GO bus terminal at York Mills/ Wilson and its connection to the subway?
Pamela: and I don't know which subway they're thinking of
james: bit of a hike? we talking a 10 minute walk or two hours?
Pamela: five minute walk James
james: that's not a problem, we're all young and reasonably fit
Pamela: it's set very far back from the road
rich1: well, some of you re 8-)
james: as long as it's within sight
james: smart-ass
rich1: I specialize ; = )
Pamela: someone said to me the other day, "better a smartass than a dumbass"
james: i tend to agree
james: malton bus.. what does that mean?
rich1: Pam, what about the GO train (Milton line?) up to Dixon and Derry, and cab from there?
Pamela: Malton bus is the route name, the number is route 58
rich1: it means you take the Spadina line to Lawrence West, then the Malton bus forever
james: now *that* i'm going to write down right now
Pamela: it means it goes to Malton, which is a village name dating way back before the original city of Toronto amalgamation
rich1: before they renamed it, Toronto AInternational Siroirt was Malton, after teh village where it ws located
james: ok - so from union station i take the spadina line to lawrence west, and from there get on the bus?
Pamela: the problem with the GO train is the last train leaving Union Station is at 6:15 - it's strictly a commuter train
rich1: yes - Pam, does it stop in front of teh station or in a bay behind like the rest?
Pamela: that's right James, but Dad is right, it's a loooong bus ride
james: how long?
rich1: yes, but isn't there a bus on the route after that, roughly hourly?
Pamela: in a bay in the station. None of the routes stop outside the station.
Pamela: not to my knowledge, DAd
rich1: Malton as I recall used to, but I thought it had changed
Pamela: about an hour, depending on how much traffic there is on Lawrence
Pamela: not in my memory, Dad
james: long enough
rich1: well, you're young; us old folks.... ; - )
james: long and simple i can handle though
Pamela: the Malton bus leaves Lawrence West station every half hour outside of rush hour - if you just miss it, you have a long wait
rich1: once you get outside Toronto you will be asked for an extra fare
Pamela: the Holiday in is still within city limits so no problem there
Pamela: Inn, sorry
rich1: it's before teh fare zone change?
james: well i'm sure it would still be cheaper than cabbing it
Pamela: yes it is
rich1: be worth asking the Holiday Inn if they have an airport shuttle - they likel do
james: and i'm sure 4 girls will have no time passing a half hour
james: they have an airport shuttle. i doubt they have downtown picukp
rich1: they'll also get to see quite a cross-section of Toronto
Pamela: nevertheless James, check to be sure - if you can avoid transit, all the better
james: ok, let me review this - from union station, take the spadina line - will it be labelled as such?
james: i'll definitely ask
rich1: even a pickup at Yorkdale, or the Bloor subway at Kipling, would be most useful
james: indeed
rich1: it's the University-Spadina line, to Shepard
Pamela: Yes, James. the actual name of the north south line is Yonge/University/Spadina
Pamela: at Union, it's the University line. the signs will say Northboun on University -next station St. Andrew
rich1: but if you take teh Yonge line by mistake just get off at York Mills and find teh GO bus to Malton
james: good thing this isn't at all confusing
rich1: yes, from Union Station all subways are northbound
Pamela: Dad, don't confuse him !
rich1: hey, even if he goofs up, he can bail himself out with minimal damage
Pamela: that's superflouos information at this point - stick to the simplest stuff
Pamela: (sp?)
Pamela: superfluous
rich1: anyway, if teh first stop is King and the next one Queen, you are on teh wrong train
james: let's stick to what are the right trains for now
rich1: OK, university/spadina to Shepherd; first stop St,Andrew
james: i get off at st. andrew?
rich1: will cross the Bloor line at Bloor
james: i get off at st. andrew?
rich1: Lawrence is second stop after Eglinton; train is in open cut afteer Eglinton
Pamela: Dad! Stop!
james: do i get off at st. andrew?
rich1: no, that's how you tell you're going the right way - if it's King, it's wrong way
Pamela: that's too much information
Pamela: James, has your e-mail address changed?
james: it's james [at] folkwolf [dot] net
rich1: more which one is he using this week 8-)
james: been using that one for five years now
rich1: don't ask how long I've had mine...
james: i killed off the address my isp gave me and now i get almost no spam at all
Pamela: okay, I've revised it in my address book.
rich1: unfortunately someone did something ignorant recently and our spam seems to be rising exponentially
james: pam, i'm just going to check case for a sec.. i wouldn't mind getting these directions in a simple format
rich1: you look after that, daughter?
Pamela: I will Dad
rich1: OK - should help then
rich1: btw, I have the new HUB for you
Pamela: cool. I haven't read the last one yet!
rich1: welcome to teh club - but I suspect teh February issue will be more interesting
Pamela: my house is suffering from a surfeit of paper, most of which I have yet to read, and all of which is vitally important : )
james: back
rich1: know the feeling far too well
rich1: gather Case is OK
Pamela: alright James, shall I go through this step by step?
james: now i don't want to cause any family squabbles, but i'm much more interested in knowing where i should be going as opposed to not going
rich1: anyway, folks, past time for me to bail - see you next week
Pamela: Us?? Squabble? I don't know what you're talking about
james: good night, rich :)
Pamela: g'nite Daddy. I'll call over the weekend.
rich1: noght james, Pamela - take care
james: you too
Pamela: sleep tight Dad
rich1: colour me gone
rich1 left chat session
Pamela: I still want to know what colour that is : )
james: lol
Pamela: okay, you ready?
james: i know he means well, but damn if that wasn't confusing
Pamela: and it was not correct either.
james: yeah, got a fresh piece of paper too :)
Pamela: First of all, you're aware that Union Station is actually two parts, correct?
james: i am aware of that now
Pamela: Okay. From where Arrivals come in, you can follow the signs that say "to subway".
james: ok.. sec
james: k
james: i'm a slow writer. makes up for my typing
Pamela: they will take you through the concourse level of the GO station, out through a breezeway to your left, and into the subway portion of Union station.
Pamela: Once inside, go down the stairs and turn to your left where you will see the ticket booth. Adult fare is $1.90 cash.
james: i'm gonna cut and paste
Pamela: go for it.
Pamela: all five of you will require adult fare.
Pamela: Once through the ticket booth, take the escalator down to the subway platform.
james: ok, still with you
Pamela: Once on the platform, look for signs on the outside wall that say "northbound on University - next stop St. Andrew. Get on that train.
Pamela: k?
james: ok.
Pamela: Take that train to Lawrence West station. Get off at Lawrence west and take the escalator up to the street level.
james: this hotel seems reasonably priced too. y'know, if i get this reservation made today, i'm gonna take a nice long nap
Pamela: sounds like a good idea : ) I'm in favour of naps.
james: yeah, me too
james: ok, got it
Pamela: When you get off the escalator, you'll be facing the street. Turn left to get past the escalator / stairwell, then left again. Now your back is to the street.
james: with the currency exchange, it literally puts me right on budget
Pamela: Yay!
james: ok
Pamela: At this point you'll be facing the bus platforms. The Malton platform is to the right of the stair / escalator well, and is marked Malton 58 / 58A.
Pamela: Either the 58 or the 58A are fine to take. They run once every half hour or so at that hour of the evening.
james: alright, sounds easy enough so far
Pamela: You can check the schedule at that hour by going to
james: so statistically speaking, i can expect about a 29 minute wait :)
Pamela: it will tell you when the buses are supposed to leave.
Pamela: Get on the 58, find a comfy seat, and settle in.
Pamela: now hang on a sec while I check the map to see the proper stop.
james: thanks. can you cut and paste the url for me here?
james: oh.. duh
Pamela: the website is
Pamela: from the map, it appears there is not a stop outside the hotel, but I'll have to check and be sure.
james: i want malton west, right?
Pamela: Correct.
Pamela: Malton east would be all the info running from the airport to the subway, which you do not want.
Pamela: If there is no stop outside the hotel, you will have to get off at Martin Grove. Ask the driver to let you know, and keep an eye on things once you get west of Kipling Avenue
Pamela: the TTC also has a program in place called "request stop", in operation after 9:00 pm. It allows you to request that they stop somewhere other than a proper bus stop, which might be a big help.
james: ok.. sec.. i'm looking at the map on the hotel's website too
james: ok, it could very well be going on for 9 p.m. by the time we get there
Pamela: I wouldn't doubt it.
james: maybe if the driver is nice enough and sees 5 people with luggage, he'll do it regardless of the time
Pamela: by the time you get off the train, onto the subway and catch a Malton, it will probably be after 9:00 by the time you get to the hotel.
james: how long do you figure from union station to lawrence west, just so i can guage it while we're on
Pamela: about 30 minutes.
james: ok... sec.. gonna collect these last few lines and paste info in the right place
james: yeah, and martin grove looks like the closest stop, when i look at the hotel map
Pamela: and buses leave Lawrence west at: 8:08, 8:21, 8:34, 8:47, and 9:00 pm (there are lots more but those are within your time frame).
Pamela: it looks like they've numbered the routes at 58A or 58B - either one is fine for you.
james: yeah, i'm printing some of that stuff off now
Pamela: good.
james: yeah, and there's nothing stopping me from asking before we get on
james: how are most torontonians when approached for help/directions?
Pamela: pretty good actually. Just ask someone who look like me. People ask me all the time : ).
Pamela: I just checked and I was wrong about cash fare - it's $2.25 per person
james: now that's gonna break the bank :(
james: lol
james: alright, i'll carry a bunch of twonies and some quarters
Pamela: squeeze it out of your student's pockets : )
james: better not go there, some of them would actually like that
Pamela: if you can manage exact fare, they will love you forever
Pamela: ah yes, teenage girls - gotta love em
james: do they take coin only?
james: this $2.25 per person is for the bus, right?
Pamela: no, at the ticket booths they take bills or cash. If you tell him five adult fares and give him $11.25, he'll be very happy.
Pamela: $2.25 will get you on the system and that's all you have to pay. You won't even need a transfer.
james: ok. are we talking ttc or the bus right now?
Pamela: same difference
james: $2.25 for both the subway *and* bus?
Pamela: yup. : )
james: but how do they know when i get on the bus that i've paid?
Pamela: because you don't go outside the paid fare zone when going from subway to bus.
james: neat.. wow.. that's really cheap
Pamela: If you went outside the turnstiles at Lawrence West, you'd have to pay another fare. But you're not doing that so no worries.
james: ah, i get it
Pamela: considering how far you're going, it's excellent.
james: i'll be carrying a selection of coins and a calculator
Pamela: you can go from one side of the city to the other on one fare
james: beats $90 in cab fare, which is what it would be for the five of us for two cabs from union station
Pamela: holy s***!
james: yeah, even divided by 5 that's about.. well more than $20
Pamela: it certainly does
james: when you figure in tips etc
Pamela: since you're going through the ticket booth at Union, you won't need to have exact fare or even coins - you can give the collector a $20 and he'll give you the change to deposit in the fare box.
james: wow. i'm impressed
Pamela: we Torontonians complain about the cost of our transit fare, but people forget you can go 60 kms or more on $2.25. That's less than you would pay for gas if you drove across the city.
james: definitely. people really complain about $2.25?
Pamela: now if you were getting on a bus or a streetcar at a stop rather than at a station you would have to have exact change.
james: ottawa is at least that, or was the last time i was there and you don't go nearly as far
Pamela: Yes, they do, believe it or not.
james: though it's gotten more convenient. ottawa drivers are a surly bunch
Pamela: I think it's wild that I can get on a bus outside my place, which is fairly close to the west limits of the city, and ride the TTC all the way to the eastern limits on $2.25 and no one will question me.
james: $2.25.. i suppose if one were making minimum wage that would be expensive but.. really..
Pamela: $4.50 a day, five days a week. It's still a bargain in my opinion.
james: much cheaper than driving and maintaining a car
Pamela: I must admit that our drivers have gotten - mmm- shall we say, less polite over the years. However, most of them will respond favourably if you ask them nicely.
james: that's barely $125 per month
james: i imagine they get a lot of rude passengers
Pamela: what they do get is a lot of passengers who can't remember from one day to the next what bus they're getting on, and where it goes.
james: lol
Pamela: makes them a tad touchy after a while.
Pamela: If the driver is surly, be sure to note the time of the bus, the bus number (printed in white on the rear window) and make a complaint about it.
Pamela: or pass the info to me and I'll do it.
Pamela: We can't afford to have rude drivers - it's bad for tourism : )
james: i can very well imagine
Pamela: Well for instance, we live on the Maple Leaf 59 route. Now, the same buses go to the same places and turn in the same spots every day. Still, some people can't seem to remember that.
Pamela: When I was riding regularly, I would get the same driver every night. It got so bad, he'd get on the PA system as we left the station and say " this bus is the Maple Leaf 59, turning at Culford"
Pamela: and all the thinking passengers would roll their eyes : )
james: people like to be hand-held
james: lol
james: and here i am, a tourist, having spent little time in toronto and with your help i think i'll be ok
james: i really can't thank you enough
Pamela: Oh that's the other thing I forgot - the drivers call all the stops now on the PA system so that will help you. When you want to get off, pull the cord to ring the bell and the bus will stop at the next stop.
james: just like ottawa
james: cool
Pamela: You're very welcome. I'm (modestly) good at giving directions, so I've been told, and I didn't want Dad tangling you up.
james: maybe if he's really nice i'll give him some candy from japan
Pamela: Toronto is a very easy city to get around if you know what you're doing.
james: no offence to him, but yes, he had me confused within about two lines
Pamela: shocking : O
james: how long have you been at your new job?
Pamela: since end of August.
james: how do you like it?
Pamela: comme ci, comme ca
Pamela: there are some things about it that I like, and some that I'm not sure I can put up with
Pamela: they are very anal
Pamela: scratch that - extremely anal
james: that can get to you quick, i would imagine
james: lol
Pamela: it drives me nuts
james: when i was in ottawa, i had one real b**ch of a co-worker/boss
Pamela: they go so far as to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls; where the call originated from or went to, and how long the call lasted.
james: pretty much everyone, including management couldn't stand her
james: nice
Pamela: Now, I'm on the switchboard and I average about 150 calls a day. Can you imagine looking over a month's worth of calls?
james: that's... uhh.. alot
Pamela: they question you on anything that's over five minutes.
james: 4500 calls a month
Pamela: you can't use the internet or e-mail for anything, and I mean ANYthing, other than business
james: i was so bored at my old job, all i could do was email and surf half the time
james: it was really had to make the time go by
Pamela: my problem is that I've come from a place where I was trusted implicitly, and had a lot of freedom, and a lot of latitude for making my own decisions
Pamela: here, I practically have to ask to scratch my ass
james: get them to sign the ass scratching permission forms in triplicate
james: and pre-approve any bathroom breaks
Pamela: the money isn't that great, but on the other hand, it's close to home and I don't spend $$ on TTC fare any more
Pamela: the lack of TTC fare saved me more than $1000 a year
Pamela: made up for the lower salary
Pamela: sorta
Pamela: the people are wonderful
james: i did that once to get on my boss' nerves. she was always down on me and getting on my nerves
james: so one day i put up my hand and asked her if i could go to the bathroom
Pamela: and what did she say?
james: that and i got tired of being paid half what the people beside me were when i was always fixing their code
james: not much, which was fine since she talked too much anyway
Pamela: tee hee hee
Pamela: I don't know how long I'll stay there, but it's good experience
james: i can't complain at all about what i do
james: well.. most of the time
Pamela: well, this whole layoff thing has been a learning experience for me
james: aren't corporations wonderful?
Pamela: it took me a long time to change my outlook from "why me" to seeing it as an opportunity
james: i have a friend who worked for three different companies without ever moving his desk
Pamela: neat trick
james: yeah, he thought so too, until he'd had enough
Pamela: whereas while I was with Speedy, I moved my desk no less than 15 times
james: lol. that must be fun
Pamela: if you want to get an idea of what our company is about, go to
Pamela: yeah, not so much
Pamela: 15 times in 11 years, three of those times in the space of a month
Pamela: it got so living and working out of boxes was the norm for me
james: that would drive me nuts
Pamela: well, I got better and better space as time went on
james: have you seen office space?
Pamela: at one point, the next to last move I made, I was next to a meeting room which never got used, and the quietest person in the office on the other side.
Pamela: it was a huge space
Pamela: very private, very quiet
james: quiet is nice sometimes
Pamela: I didn't want to leave it
james: could do with some of that here
Pamela: well, that's what happens when you have two kids
Pamela: and a school : )
Pamela: and a wife
Pamela: anyway, my dear, it's 12:25 and I really should be going to bed
james: yeah.. the kids are fun.. but sometimes daddy needs time alone and he can't get it
Pamela: downtime is an absolute necessity - that's why I'm glad Russell works shift work
james: there's a lot of friction right now, the kids have really added to our workload/stress
Pamela: I can imagine.
Pamela: It's one of the reasons we chose not to have kids.
james: i wouldn't change it, but in four or five years when they're finally both in school, i'm not going to cry
Pamela: so you think you're just going to have the two?
james: let's just say the way things are now, it'd be biologically impossible to have a third, short of some miracle conception
Pamela: well, things will settle down once the boys get a little older and you get used to having two in the house
Pamela: just don't forget to take some time just for the two of you
Pamela: will Miyuki's parents babysit for you once in a while?
james: yeah, that's where we have trouble
james: no
james: they work too much
james: absolutely nuts how much they work
Pamela: can you find a sitter?
james: not easy. all the kids are really busy with their school stuff
james: it's not like in canada where you can ask a highschool student to come for a few hours
james: and everyone finishes late so we typically have dinner at 9.30 anyway
Pamela: well, I know one of my friends feeds her kids early and puts them to bed, then makes a point of having an adult dinner with her hubby so they have some time together just the two of them
Pamela: she says it helps to keep her sane
Pamela: just take time out once in a while to remember why you love Miyuki and why you got married
Pamela: all the rest will fall into place
james: i wish we could do that. we're lucky if they're both asleep by 11
Pamela: give it time
james: yeah, the next milestone will be aiden sleeping through the night
Pamela: and the celebration will be heard around the world
Pamela: (and then Aiden will wake up again)
james: no doubt - hey, are you ok for time? it's 12.30 there, right?
Pamela: yeah, and it's probably time I went to bed.
james: ok, again, i really appreciated your help today
james: i'm going to call the hotel tonight
Pamela: absolutely no problem. If you have any other questions, either e-mail me or ask me next week
james: thanks! get some sleep!
Pamela: I'm going to. I'll see you next Wednesday. Now go kiss your wife : ).
james: bye!
Pamela: I'm outta here.
Pamela: Kerpoof
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