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rich-c: hey, good buddy, you're early
rich-c: (of course, so am I)
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changed username to erin
rich-c: hi rin, eric doesn't seem to be answering
erin: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: did you actually get spring from teh Legislature early today?
erin: maybe he's stepped away til 9 actually hits
erin: I was home sick
erin: will likely stay home tomorrow too
rich-c: could be, he was here when I arrived early but not answering
rich-c: oh dear, what bug is biting you?
erin: not sure but it's got a hold of my sinuses and ears
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rich-c: oh, that's a lovely combination
erin: have been dizzy and headachey
changed username to Harvie
erin: and tummy not happy either
rich-c: but it does sound more like "just" a cold than the flu
Harvie: Hello all
erin: hi Harvie
erin: yeah it doesn't seem to be the flu
rich-c: greetings Harvie - I'm on Firefox tonight
Harvie: Me too
erin: hopefully won't become it - another reason to take one more day at home (aside from the already feelinign icky)
rich-c: yes, but for you it's the regular thing - for me IE is teh more frequent choice
rich-c: welol, rin, whateveer bug bit you will identify itself in due course
erin: I'm sure it will
Harvie: But I see you didn't get dropped :)
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rich-c: don't speak too soon, it's only 9.03!
<undefined> changed username to Eric in Alabama
Harvie: Looks like eric got dropped
rich-c: though last week it was Ron and james got picked on
Eric in Alabama: I think i'm still here
rich-c: yes, eric, you are - we've been waiting for you to chime in
erin: hello Eric
Eric in Alabama: I've been here a few times before
Harvie: In the users list your name went away and came back again
rich-c: how's things in 'bama? here is 4 below zero F
Eric in Alabama: its about 50"F here
rich-c: yes we recall your coming by, wondering when you'd show again
rich-c: man, you are living in the tropics
Eric in Alabama: yea just replaced some water pipes last week went down to 17"F and they poped
rich-c: what brings you by tonight, eric?
Eric in Alabama: JUst modded an xbox been playing with an emulator AdamX
rich-c: great heavens - 17F in Alabama? What part of the state are you in?
Eric in Alabama: Birmingham
rich-c: yeah, all sorts of emulators are coming on strong now
rich-c: ah, that's a fair bit upstate from teh water, then
rich-c: for me the Alabama landmark is Talladega 8 - )
Eric in Alabama: rich its a 4 hour drive to the water
rich-c: not if you're pulling a trailer - then, try six
Eric in Alabama: I'm 20 miles (40 km) from talladega
rich-c: at our Amiga meeting last week the C64 crowd we demo' ing a joystick they got in QVC
rich-c: that's convenient, if you can afford teh price of admission
rich-c: NASCAR races don't come cheap
rich-c: the joystick had a C64 OS and ROMs of about 30 games built in
Eric in Alabama: where can you buy one of those c64 tv joysticks?
rich-c: darned if I know - QVC is an American shopping channel
rich-c: and they were apparently offering a limited time special
Eric in Alabama: I've never seen a nascar race on tv or in person
rich-c: still, I suspect you could Google an answer with teh right search terms
rich-c: I can only recall attending one NASCAR race - the one in which Richard Petty made his first start
rich-c: as you might guess, that was a time ago
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Eric in Alabama: I'm looking for the dragons lair 50 lives dsk for my xbox
rich-c: well - I have the Coleco Dragons Lair disc, but how many lives? Who knows?
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: greetings, Rich
Dr.D.: Hi gang
rich-c: had your dinner and got home early I see
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.D.: I am just popping in to say hi, can't stay
Dr.D.: "early" = 25 minutes ago.
erin: hi Dr. D
rich-c: pity, eric was just telling us about Adamem on an X-box
Dr.D.: We are going to watch a movie, won't have the girls up too late.
Dr.D.: Hi Ms. Rin.
Dr.D.: Neat thing, Eric...I'll read it in the log, I guess.
Dr.D.: Hope everyone is well.
rich-c: guess you'll just have to read teh transcript, then
Eric in Alabama: when i was a kid i could kill the dragon but i've done forgot how too.
Dr.D.: Yes Richard.
Eric in Alabama: Adamem on the xbox is nice
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rich-c: me, I can get to about teh third screen in the novice level
Dr.D.: Must have been a hack.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
Dr.D.: In any case...
erin: hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel, good luck with your job prep tomorrow.
Dr.D.: Per your E-mail.
Eric in Alabama: my kids can set infront of the tv and enjoy ther games I played as a kid
Dr.D.: I am being paged, gotta go...back next week.
rich-c: thought that was tonight?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Rich, Dr.D, 'Rin, Harvie! Who is Eric?
Dr.D.: Yes he did say it was tonight.
Eric in Alabama: later dr.d
rich-c: night, Rich
Dr.D.: Bye all.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D
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rich-c: nice; I gather teh old 8-bit games are having a revival
rich-c: eric is a games player in Birmingham, Alabama, Daniel
rich-c: he's been here before once or twice
rich-c: he's hacked an X-box to let him use Adamem
Eric in Alabama: I'm too old to be a game player, But i like my kids to play the games I played as a kid
rich-c: yes, and teh kids are finding now that there is much to be said for the old games
Daniel Bienvenu: Interresting :-)
rich-c: even kids don't have eight hours to get started into some of the more complex games
rich-c: btw, eric, Daniel has written a few new original games for Adam lately
Eric in Alabama: I want to type a drawing prog in smart basic but i forgot which way was PDL ( )
Eric in Alabama: Thats Great I think I have all of them
rich-c: I haven't touched SmartBASIC for years but I have some books about it
Eric in Alabama: been to his site a few times
rich-c: ah, so you two "know" each other then!
rich-c: I gather the fact you have them all means they meet with your approval
Eric in Alabama: I've downloaded the roms
rich-c: well, now's teh time to deliver the feedback right to the writer
rich-c: you're quiet, Harvie; arthritis acting up again?
Harvie: Continually
Daniel Bienvenu: I have the Adam SmartBasic prog manual here
rich-c: bummer - and you're having medication problems, if I recall?
Harvie: No problems, no medication
Daniel Bienvenu: I never programmed in SmartBasic but I have this book.
rich-c: OK Daniel, if you need more I have other books
rich-c: isn't there something that will help with the pain, Harvie?
Harvie: Whiskey works wonders
rich-c: hmm - tho8ugh in moderation it's likely one of the cheaper painkillers
rich-c: hasn't your doctor suggested something like Tylenol, though?
Daniel Bienvenu: my coleco games are programmed in C.
rich-c: yes - in fact it wouldn't surprise me if almost all were
Harvie: Yes, Tylenol, but I don't like to take it, old fashioned I guess
rich-c: it seems to be the low-risk analgesic of choice in the hospitals here right now
Eric in Alabama: I'm no programmer But I did like to play with basic
rich-c: well if you have the emulator up and running you should be able to program and run
Eric in Alabama: Yes i can
rich-c: I never did any BASIC programming other than a random number thing to pick my lottery numbers
Eric in Alabama: did they ever work?
rich-c: but I had to know some of teh basics to debug other folks programs sometimes
rich-c: I printer out a huge sheet and use them still - and I did teh program in 1984
Eric in Alabama: you have any luck?
rich-c: no, in fact in a draw where you should expect one number every two lines, I usually draw a blank
rich-c: even without teh program I usually get far fewer numbers than averaging suggest
rich-c: last weekend I had 21 numbers against a field of 49 - and one hit
Eric in Alabama: I was looking for the reedy library with magequest/videopaint, and michigana jones for my xbox I have the DDP but it quit working years ago
rich-c: our lottos up here btw involve picking 6 of 49 or 7 of 49
Eric in Alabama: alabama has no lotto
rich-c: I think I still have all three in stock - I think they're all on DDP but transferrable to disc
Eric in Alabama: I just buy outofstate scratch tickets
rich-c: our law allows a buyer to make a backup copy as of right - so I often send teh backup with an order, on disc
rich-c: by US standards, our lotteries are pretty chintzy
Eric in Alabama: If I was to buy them could you transfer them to a dsk image for adamem?
rich-c: the prize pool is quite small as we have so small a population
rich-c: silly as it seems, eric, I don't know how to make disc images, and no way to check them when I try
rich-c: ordinary copying yes, no problem, but imaging is beyond me
Eric in Alabama: or for a fee could i send you my origanals and you make me a backup of them? there are unworking
rich-c: frankly, I just don't have teh time to learn how
erin: did Pam say she was going to be on tonight Uncle R, or do you know?
Eric in Alabama: Thanks any way
rich-c: no comment from Pam either way, Erin
erin: okay, thanks
rich-c: eric , the only decision is whether it's cheaper to pay postage both ways to have the thingws recopied
rich-c: or just buy new copies outright - we'll have to work it out
Eric in Alabama: I dont know how to either and i dont have an adam disk drive
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changed username to BobS
erin: hi Bobs
rich-c: that's OK, I have twin DDDs and a good backup program
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BobS: hi kids
Harvie: Perhaps if Eric posted a query to the list someone might be able to help him out
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
changed username to JudyS
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy!
rich-c: ah, Roberto, 'bout time you showed up
rich-c: welcome Judy too
erin: hi Judys
JudyS: hi, everyone
BobS: hi kids how's things????????
Harvie: Hello Slopsemas
rich-c: other than the postage question he's as well off sending them here
BobS: I know BUt doug was splining on the phone how to make our laptops talk to each other for our trip
BobS: so's we only need one phone line to both be online
JudyS: and then he was trying to help me get something out of my eye
rich-c: why don't you just get DSL and solve both problems?
BobS: on the road?????
JudyS: must have an eyelash or some such thing in the thing
BobS: be in Illinois one night, Mississippi the nex
rich-c: oops = sorry 'bout that
rich-c: though I gather a lot of motels now offer DSL in each room
BobS: then back in MS for 2 nights, and then Kenticjy
BobS: Kentucky
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BobS: dsl might be a little costly
changed username to Pamela
BobS: ERIC !!!!
rich-c: when are you going to try to make this trip?
erin: hi Pam
Pamela: Hi there
BobS: tomorrow
BobS: be gone until Feb 8th
Harvie: Anything to avoid Eric eh? :)
JudyS: hi, Pam
BobS: ya mon
rich-c: hi daughter, whic tv program were you watching ;-)
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: not tv, just lots to do and not much energy
erin: I got your message today Pam
rich-c: Rob, eric says it's only 17 in Alabama, for goodness sakes
erin: I was off sick and will be tomorrow
Pamela: Oh?
rich-c: do you really have to take your trip in teh worst three weeks of the year?
Pamela: what's wrong?
erin: sinuses and ears
erin: dizzy, headachey and not happy tummy
rich-c: eric, you have my email address, don't you?
Harvie: McGuintyitis
Eric in Alabama: its 50 now it was 17 a few day ago
Pamela: oh, ick.
Pamela: so who breathed on you?
Eric in Alabama: yes I belive i do rich
erin: I'm not sure....have to find out and stick it to them
rich-c: OK feel free to use it for any questions anytime
Eric in Alabama: Thanks
Pamela: I'll say
BobS: gonna be sunny and especially sunny and warm in the Caribbean
Pamela: so did you do your windows?
erin: I did, the same night I got the kits
rich-c: yes, but we aren't in teh Caribbean
Pamela: and did it help?
erin: took a while but I got it done and it seems to be helping a bit
BobS: cleechez@tamcotec ......... EVERYBODY knows Richard's email address
rich-c: you using the shrink-wrap kit, Erin?
erin: I'm just chilly now as opposed to freezing
Pamela: are you using the heater?
erin: I am and I am
BobS: gonna be way cold here tonight also....maybe coldest night so far this winter
BobS: Guy is gonna FREEZE his little buns
Pamela: good
rich-c: we used teh shrink wrap a bit for a couple of winters and it did seem to have a noticably good effect
erin: it's helping too Pam, thanks
Pamela: to Erin, not to Guy :: )
erin: hehe
Pamela: did you do both rooms?
erin: I did
rich-c: yes, they're calling us for 4 below sero F tonight, maybe worse
BobS: maybe she did both rooms at the doorways !!!!!!
(BobS stops and smells the flowers.)
erin: in fact I did do the door to the balcony
Pamela: don't laugh Bob, the doorways are not a bad idea
erin: :-)
(BobS gives erin a can of Diet Coke.)
erin: thanks Bobs
rich-c: especially since you can't use your balcony anyway, Pam
BobS: just lock off the roooms you don't want.........
Pamela: your windows are even worse than ours, I think
BobS: no prollem dear
Pamela: it's always been cold in there
JudyS: we had quite a week-end, 12 inches of snow here
BobS: how was Toronto ????????
Eric in Alabama: hope you people have plenty of firewood
rich-c: oh, we only got about eight and it was light
Pamela: we got about six inches yesterday Bob
rich-c: and our gardener came by and cleared us today while we were out shopping
Pamela: but we had snow on three previous days
BobS: was fairly light here too thank goodness
BobS: OH Pam, it sucks to be in your shoes
Pamela: yeah well, what can you do
JudyS: but after the plow came thru it was not light
Pamela: at least I can travel in my car
rich-c: let's just say, Eric, that if we have a long power outage, we're toast
BobS: move south !!!!!!
Pamela: Erin, FYI you might try closing the door to the bedroom and heating the living room only, then . . .
Eric in Alabama: I might have a room for rent
Pamela: about half an hour before bed, take the heater in there and let it warm the bedroom
erin: yeah I might try that if it doesn't drive Schiefer nuts
Pamela: with the door closed, it takes a lot less to heat the space
erin: hmmm
rich-c: Judy, here we get two plows - one to race down teh road, the next to clear the driveway entrances of the windrows
erin: might just try that
BobS: that is an excellent idea pammie !
Pamela: believe me it makes a big difference
Pamela: that's the voice of experience, Bob
rich-c: yes, until you have to rehaet teh closed-off room
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I have to go now. Tommorw, I have a practice in job interviewing.
Pamela: and we have a bigger living room / dining room
erin: nite Daniel
Eric in Alabama: Good luck Daniel!
Pamela: I read your e-mail Daniel - good luck!
rich-c: OK, Daniel, bonsoir et bonne chance!
BobS: good luck Daniel
JudyS: night, Daniel
Harvie: Goodnight Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: merci beaucoup! bonsoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you very much! good night!
Daniel Bienvenu: *pooof*
Pamela: in addition, all our walls are outside walls including the bathroom. Erin's LR/DR and bedroom have outside walls but the bathroom is on an interior wall
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: poor Daniel, he is having such a time finding a job
BobS: YIKES......that's what you get for renting a corner unit
rich-c: yet he's a good programmer with a masters degre from a reputable university
Pamela: I went down and spoke to the super on Monday night about the lack of heat in this place - he said that the landlord hasn't been willing to put the money into getting the system properly fixed
rich-c: oh joy
Pamela: believe me Bob, the extra space is worth it : )
Pamela: so, he suggested that we write a strongly worded letter and forward it to the landlord
rich-c: not sure if we have an extra electric heater you could borrow or not
rich-c: or whether you could use it with teh cats around
Pamela: I fully intend to, and include it with my rent cheque
BobS: depends on what the electric bill runs Pam
rich-c: electric bills run only high and higher, Bob
Pamela: we don't pay for electricity or water Bob
Harvie: Instead of your rent cheque Pam
BobS: although if you could tap intot he house elcetric curcuit that the landlord pays for........
Pamela: don't I wish
rich-c: count your blessings, daughter - you don't want to know what our hydro bill will be this month
BobS: run a cord from a hallway plug into yoru place
Pamela: no Harvie, holding back your rent is illegal and it only causes more problems than it solves.
Harvie: I'm not kidding Pam, it gets attention
BobS: buy some HEATERS Pam
rich-c: yeah, from the sheriff with an eviction notice
BobS: and run 'em
Pamela: got a heater Bob - it's humming away beside me as we speak
BobS: get another
rich-c: remember, Harvie, McGuinty hasn't got around to repairing all teh Harris damage yet
Pamela: I have another - it's humming away beside Erin!
rich-c: her circuits won't stand it, Bob
erin: indeedy-o
Harvie: In Ontario it is almost impossible to evict a tenant
rich-c: not since Harris, Harvie
Pamela: besides, I don't want to be evicted. We have a good relationship with the landlord and I don't want to compromise that.
Pamela: and I'm NOT moving again
Harvie: Have you seen one case of a sherrif evicting a domestic tenant?
rich-c: sensible, daughter - good landlords are hard to find
rich-c: hear about them in the papers but haven't seen it myself
Pamela: I think the the biggest obstacle is that up until now, Angelo has been trying to fix the problem himself.
Harvie: How good is your landlord if he won't heat your unit?
rich-c: think he keeps it up to the lega;l minimum, doesn't he, Pam?
Pamela: It's heated Harvie, there are just other problems.
BobS: minimum may not be acceptable........
Harvie: Isn't the legal minimum 20 C?
Pamela: One, we have a circulation system which pumps in cold air from the outdoors, and it can't be shut off.
Pamela: Two, we've got single glazed windows
BobS: ouch
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Pamela: Three, the units are not well insulated around windows and doors - it's a fifty year old building.
Pamela: Four, it's been unusually cold for an extended period.
erin: he would have to fix the first 3 things and it would save him money and hassel in the long run
rich-c: maybe those temporary internal "storm windows" would help, Pam
Pamela: The super has lengthened the cycle of the circulation system to as long a period between cycles as possible, but it still comes on once an hour
Harvie: It;s still his responsibility to maintain the heat no matter how much heat loss
rich-c: Pam, I have seen rectangular pieces of plastic in light lath in window size
Pamela: yes, I've seen them too
rich-c: I think they come with double-sided tape so you can put them up
Pamela: However, I'm going to try Erin's route first and see if that helps
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rich-c: I believe teh yare sized for most standard windows
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
erin: hi Guy
Harvie: Hello Guy
Pamela: yeah, but we don't have standard sized windows : )
Pamela: hello Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, thawed out enuugh to start teh computer, did you? ;-)
BobS: Hi guy
erin: lucky the kits I got were just big sheets of the stuff
Guy B.: Bad enough we got over a foot of snow from last Saturday.
erin: with doublesided tape
Eric in Alabama: they might have been standard size 50 years ago
JudyS: hi, Guy
Pamela: I've been eyeing the plastic coverings from the bed and wondering if they would do with duct tape. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would be efficient.
rich-c: you should move to Halifax, Guy - they got 38" in the latest styorm
Pamela: exactly Eric
Guy B.: Judy, how much snow did you guys get?
erin: it would work Pam
rich-c: and it was teh third in ewight days
erin: my first inclination was to duct tape all the windows
erin: :-)
Pamela: did you cover your A/C unit too Erin?
Eric in Alabama: I use clear plastic and duct tape every year
erin: no
Pamela: you might want to do that too - that will probably help tremendously
rich-c: tears hell out of teh paint, Eric, but it's efficient
Eric in Alabama: and the windows that dont open I just leave the plastic for next year
Pamela: Eric, we got a king sized bed delivered in February - we have LOTS of clear plastic : )
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: we have storm windows, but even so an extra layer can help
erin: I'll see if I have enough of the plastic left and will do it
erin: 2 Bobs
BobS requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
erin confirmed ban
Pamela: if not, you can have some of ours : )
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: am i still here????
rich-c: what HAPPENED< fall off?
Eric in Alabama confirmed ban
erin: cool thanks
Pamela: still here Bob
erin: yepper Bobs
Eric in Alabama: paint? thats the wifes problem
BobS: battery life crapped out and we dropped phone line
BobS requested to ban JudyS
erin confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: BYE ya'll
Harvie confirmed ban
Eric in Alabama confirmed ban
BobS: Judy says
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela: goodnight Judy!
erin: bye Judys
Guy B.: Ok, what's happening with them?
Pamela: cute Eric
rich-c: night Judy
Guy B.: Bye Bob
BobS: the eye problem is making it so she can't wear her glasses.....and w/o glasses she can't see !!!!
rich-c: oh, Bob is still showing
BobS: I here mon
Pamela: glasses good
BobS: got an eyelash or somthing in there
rich-c: reminds me, Bob - how are you doing?
BobS: down to one pill in the morning Richard
rich-c: that's an awfully ambitious drive you're planning for a guy with heart trouble
BobS: weaning off the one at supper ......and doing good so far
BobS: naw....only 7 1/2 hours per day
BobS: and we have hotels lined up
BobS: Comfort Inns
rich-c: yes, but you're driving in unpredictable weather - even if you don't do something stupid someone else can
BobS: doc says....."pesky problem but it won't kill ya"
rich-c: and if tehy do it in front of you - well, never let your gas tank get below half
BobS: no, weather will be good....sunny alll the way
rich-c: well, you're a lot younger than I, but may have it worse
rich-c: the worst three weeks of winter, and weather will be good? Dream on!
Pamela: whre are you going Bob?
BobS: to New orleans and then on a week cruise then 3 days back to MI
Pamela: nice!
BobS: wishful thinkin huh??????????
rich-c: this is official, Bob?
Pamela: just ignore the man in the pessimist suit
BobS: sorry no........
rich-c: I still have to get going and get myself a passport
BobS: Richard we are gong SOUTH, not north !!!!
rich-c: in the midwest, Bob, the weather can extend a LONG way south in winter
BobS: passport to adventure
rich-c: and I wouldn't care to tackle the Kentucky/Tennesee mountains even in March
BobS: naw
BobS: watchin the weather channel
rich-c: I remember going down to the Sebring race, it's run at teh vernal equinox
rich-c: in the Shenandoah valley we had freezing rain - road of glare ice
BobS: cool
Harvie: Nallins is considerable west of Sebring
rich-c: definitely, especially if you live to tell about it
erin: well folks this cold thingy is wearing me down, so I'm gonna call it a night
rich-c: yes, basically you'll be running down teh Mississippi valley, with diversions
Guy B.: Bye Erin
Pamela: nite sweetie
erin: have a wonderful rest of the week and likely see you next Wednesday
Harvie: Goodnight Erin
rich-c: OK Rin, take care of that cold, see you next week - or Sunday, depending
erin: nite all
BobS: nite Erin
erin left chat session
rich-c: you'll be going down teh west end of Kentucky and
Pamela: Dad, FYI, confirmed with Kimberly for Sunday - if weather holds, we'll be there about 2:00 pm
rich-c: Tennesse, around Memphis, then, Bob?
BobS: straight down thru Illinois to memphis
BobS: then south to new orleans
rich-c: oops! your mother thinks we're supposed to be at your place
BobS: coming north, who cares what time we get back !!!!!
BobS: nobody likes to comehome and go to work
rich-c: when you're 40 miles from nowhere in a blizzard in the mountains, you care a lot
Pamela: she shouldn't - we discussed this the other night and I told her we'd be coming to you
BobS: naw. got a van.......with a good heater
rich-c: OK - I just hollered at her and you are right
Pamela: I'm going to frame that sentence
rich-c: and I hope two sleeping bags, 340 candles, blankets, booster cables, tow chain.....
BobS: Pam RIGHT ?????? ouch that will leave a mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: means we'll have to shovel out teh living room - oh, my aching back
Pamela: prolly easier for you to shovel out yours than for me to shovel out mine, believe me : )
BobS: you got snow stored in the living room ????
Pamela: naw, that's in the front hall, Bob
rich-c: at least I took the Christmas stuff down today (inside)
Pamela: that was on my agenda tonite too
Pamela: got part way through it
Pamela: it looks kinda silly with the cherubs and the easter bunnies, Bob
BobS: next Xmas will be here before you know it
Eric in Alabama: save the snow and send me some
rich-c: no, I run to books, newspape3rs, magazines, computers or parts thereof, pictures for handging "some day"....
Harvie: Well, I gotta get my feet up, see you all next week, Bon Voyage Bob
Pamela: Eric, you can have as much snow as you want - with our blessings
rich-c: send you all you like, Eric - or ask Guy, he has more and is closer (Chicago)
Pamela: night Harvie
Eric in Alabama: Thanks Pam
rich-c: take care, Harve - look for you
BobS: see you in two harvie
Pamela: would you like that in blocks, or loose?
Harvie left chat session
Eric in Alabama: loose
Pamela: one ton or two?
Eric in Alabama: snow balls are better loose
rich-c: and how many carloads did you want?
Pamela: of course you may have to refreeze it by the time it arrives . . .
rich-c: oh, I thought you wanted enough to carpet Birmingham
Eric in Alabama: just a few snow balls for the kids
Pamela: I drove out to Brittania and the 407 in that mess yesterday. Ick.
rich-c: now if we can just find a freezer chest and coerce UPS into leaving it plugged in...
Pamela: wonder if they'd loan me the reefer truck at work?
rich-c: dunno - the rental to 'bama would be mighty steep - even with employee discount
Pamela: talk about not needing the A/C!
Guy B.: I'll be right back
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: naw, the reefer is for lease
rich-c: didn't realize it but our ranks are thinning gast
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back
Pamela: what was that about Guy?
rich-c: right, welcome back, Guy
Guy B.: Some problems with my system resources.
rich-c: switching computers or phone lines?
BobS: cities Richard...........
BobS: going to the suburbs
Guy B.: My DSL speed is up to 384 and no additional charge.
Guy B.: Already notice the difference.
Eric in Alabama: Thanks it seems to be a problem with me getting some snow. So the kids will just have to wait maybe next year
rich-c: mine as I recall is 3 mb/sec with 5 available at small extra charge
Guy B.: Gee, maybe we should send you the snow we have here Eric.
Pamela: you can always come for a visit Eric : )
Pamela: all the snow you could want around here
Eric in Alabama: cost too much to ship guy
rich-c: yes, now if Pam could only afford teh time off work and borrow the truck, we'd be similing
Pamela: no vacation for me, not yet
rich-c: exactly, comes with teh package when you are new on the job
Pamela: and oh, how I miss my four weeks
rich-c: I have no trouble believing that
Guy B.: Well then, you should come up here. You're kids would love it. We have a sledding hill not to far from me and there's kids all the time there.
Pamela: I think I've got it figured out though
rich-c: oh?
Pamela: I have three and change days left over from 2004. Use two of those at Easter, and save one for the Wonderland trip in July. Take a week in June, and a week in September.
Guy B.: My vacation will have to wait until June for me. Have too much work coming up, including the promotion coming in March.
rich-c: just make sure you have teh time for Adamcon, Guy - espeically if you plan to organize it in 2006
Pamela: oh heck, I forgot about AC
rich-c: shame on (probably) both of you
Pamela: oh well, time to reconfigure
BobS: WHAT ????????????????????????
Guy B.: Oh I know. I think July shouldn't be a problem for this year. But, that annoucement will be coming.
Pamela: if Dale ever gets off the ground on this
Pamela: I'm beginning to wonder
rich-c: long as he doesn't put it on the Molson Indy weekend
BobS: maybe we all have to email hiim and get him moving
Guy B.: February is next week. He should start planning now.
BobS: exactly
rich-c: Dale is not given tro organizing things too far in advance
BobS: shoudl already have nailed downa hotel
Pamela: well, I've offered my help and so far he hasn't taken me up on it
rich-c: I expect he'll get moving on it in June
Guy B.: He should get everything nailed down by the end of April.
Eric in Alabama: good night all, I'm too young for retirement, and work comes early morning
Pamela: good night Eric - send us some sunshine please
Eric in Alabama left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Eric.
rich-c: OK Eric, come back again soon
Pamela: pleasure having you
BobS: GONE baby
Pamela: I'm wondering if someone senior shouldn't contact Dale by phone and get some specifics on what he has done already
BobS: wellll he's local for richard..............
BobS: or at least int he same regiion
Pamela: because I'm afraid that if we don't, we'll end up not having a con because Dale was too busy
rich-c: go ahead, try - but I think specifics may be scarce
Guy B.: I think we should have a backup site in case Dale is unable to do it this year.
Pamela: well if specifics are scarce, shouldn't we be taking over?
rich-c: oh, he's local for Pam and I - we have a BIOG local calling areea and he is nearby
Pamela: more to the point, maybe we should talk to Jillian
Guy B.: Didn't we ran into this back in 2000 with him?
Pamela: Bob, you're the expert - where should we be in the planning stages by now?
rich-c: Dale helped me (and the others) orgainize 02, and organized 07 and 12 himself - he knows the score
Pamela: yes, but he didn't have six zillion things on the go plus a wife and active child at the time
BobS: should have a notel reserved
BobS: hotel
rich-c: who knows, maybe he's waiting to see if the Triumph will still be available then
BobS: :-)
rich-c: it's slated for a conversion into condos but teh time line is vague
Pamela: at Keele / Wilson?
BobS: true and for AC16 he was coming the wrong week.....had to change plans lst minute
Pamela: exactly
rich-c: and with teh market starting to sag right now, delays may occur
Guy B.: Well, we should find out what's going on with him and see if he still plans to have the con.
Pamela: what else Bob
BobS: tha's enough for now
Pamela: alright - what's the average attendance for the last five years?
rich-c: maybe we should ask him to come join the chat some night soon - just to fill us in
rich-c: declining
BobS: maybe 12-15
Guy B.: I know it's been around 12
rich-c: after all, even I have missed teh last two with illness
Pamela: alright, the Clee clan has been missing for the last two years, so add four to that
Pamela: so say 16 - 20
Pamela: double occupancy, correct?
Guy B.: I'm sure I'll be able to come.
rich-c: how about George and Herman? are they still around?
BobS: yup GK is and Herman is too although missing the last 2 years
Guy B.: George came last year, but Herman had to cancel at the last moment.
rich-c: there will probably be at least two Drushels as Cleveland is an easy drive
Pamela: but we added Erin, and we probably will again this year
Guy B.: And we count the Mighty Mitchell
rich-c: if anyone has Dale's current address and phone number, I'd appreciate an email
BobS: don't know that Richard
rich-c: Ron isn't without health probles either, but we can hope
BobS: BUT tis the magic time here in MI......will se ya'll in 2 weeks, eh ??
Guy B.: Well, let's hope he'll be able to come this year.
rich-c: on a very ambitious day, he's actually within walking distance of my place
Guy B.: Ok Bob. We'll see you then.
Pamela: thanks Bob. Have a great time and safe drive.
BobS: thanks !!
BobS: poof
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, you and Judy enjoy your cruise - and drive safely, hear?
Pamela: so - do we start planning without Dale?
rich-c: no
Pamela: we're not getting a lot of cooperation from him so far
Guy B.: Well folks, I should be going too. Don't have to work this Saturday, so I might try. Otherwise, next week.
rich-c: he has taken on teh responsibility and unless he wants to delegate it, it's his
Pamela: night Guy
rich-c: OK, see you whenever, Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I'm just afraid that he'll wait so long to realize he can't cope that we'll be in the soup
rich-c: looks like we're by our lonesomes, daughter
Pamela: ah, alone with my Daddy : )
rich-c: don't fuss it, Pam - we always stagger through
Pamela: I am really concerned about this Dad
rich-c: anyway, have HUB here for you, don't let me forget
Pamela: for once I'm trying to take on some responsibility and no one wants to give me any
Pamela: I'll get it Sunday
rich-c: and if Russell has finished with LORT for a week or so, I'd enjoy porrowing it
Pamela: I'll ask him
rich-c: as for Dale, he's earned teh right to be jealous of his turf
Pamela: I don't know if he's that, or just too swamped to think about it. If the latter, I'd rather find out now than in May
rich-c: he can be told that if he wants to pass the buck, there are willing recipients
Pamela: Bob's right, we should at least have the hotel sorted out by now
rich-c: but teh call is exclusively his to make
Pamela: Quite honestly I don't think it's on the top of his priority list right now
rich-c: with 02, I don't think we had the hotel sorted till 90 days before teh 'Con
Pamela: and while I can't blame him, I'd feel more secure if we got things underway
rich-c: maybe they are - Dale isn't here to talk about it of late
Pamela: exactly. When was the last time he turned up? Christmas, wasn't it? And before that, the night of the convention chat.
Pamela: twice in a year.
rich-c: if I had his email address, I'd consider asking him when teh preliminary announcement will be coming
Pamela: hang on, I've got that I'm pretty sure - let me check
rich-c: great, I can guess how often he clears that box - oh, well
Pamela: that's the latest one I'm pretty sure.
Pamela: it's the last place I got mail from him
rich-c: I know, Pam, but it's webmail prone to excessive spam -I suspect it is little used
Pamela: well, it can't hurt to try. In the meantime, I'll see if I can find their new address
rich-c: still we can give it a try - he might be so shocked at a real email there he'll reply quickly!
Pamela: their new place is at Finch and Leslie, right?
rich-c: OK - I may have it in my archive. We can but try ; - )
rich-c: anyway, got a lot of garbage and recycling to put out - time to go
Pamela: yeah, and I'm not done with the cleanup. I'll try and call tomorrow night, and will call for sure when we're leaving here on Sunday.
rich-c: sleep tight and drive carefully
Pamela: sleep tight Daddy
Pamela: drive carefully, always : ).
rich-c: nighty night now
Pamela: nighty night
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
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