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rich-c: 8.57
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changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Hi rich
rich-c: hello Harvie, as usual you're among the earliest
rich-c: how are things going with you today?
Harvie: Probably coincidence rather than good planning :)
Harvie: Not bad, was on my feet too much
rich-c: well, a little clock watching is helpful
rich-c: but of a stand and bend job?
Harvie: More of "stand around and argue with engineers"
rich-c: oh, one of those - whre elegant theory runs on teh rocks pf necessary practice ; - )
Harvie: Yes, the engineers handbook states that just because we designed it wrong you won't get paid to rebuild it properly
rich-c: right - I get your meaning
rich-c: at least teh weather has been better for outside - or unsheltered -work of late
Harvie: Yes, can this heat wave last?
rich-c: good question, actually - Jan 21st to Feb. 7th historically is teh coldest period of the year
rich-c: but climate is one thing, weather is another
Harvie: Sorry rich, the telephone rang (ironically someone selling storm windows)
rich-c: check
rich-c: the funny part is that storm windows apparently are better insulators than all these new triple-pane windows and such
Harvie: Actually it was new windows he was selling
rich-c: but I have a way with telephone solicitors - they'll quit rather than have to talk to me again
Harvie: They grow new ones every day
rich-c: I wotk on the theory that teh phone if for my convenience, not theirs
rich-c: oh yes, but if you can make their experience negative enough, they quit
Harvie: Wonder where the others (except Slopsemas) are?
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rich-c: well, Rich sent an email around saying he wouldn't be on - workload
changed username to jeffc
rich-c: but Daniel and james and Ron and Pam and Erin and Guy (well, he;s usually late) - I dunno
Harvie: Hello jeffc
jeffc: hi all
rich-c: hey jeff, glad to see you
rich-c: hoiw's life over Chicago way?
jeffc: busy with the baby
jeffc: holding her now and typing with 1 hand
rich-c: yes, kids can be quite a challenge - one of Pam's friends was over here with her new baby on Sunday
rich-c: about four months, seriously cute
jeffc: lorena is 4 months also
rich-c: bet she's a real doll, too - you got a picture on your website?
jeffc: yes, pics area bit old though
rich-c: 'fraid my "baby" wil be looking at teh big 4-0 in a few months
jeffc: brb
rich-c: yes, kids require attention - amazing how effectively they can squirm even at that age
Harvie: Sorry folks, gotta go, furnace acting up
rich-c: maybe we should start another inventory of the missing and see how many more turn up ; - )
rich-c: OK Harvie, take care
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: catch you next week
jeffc: okay babies in bed, rich still there?
rich-c: oh yes I'm stillhere
rich-c: how's your weather there? sharing our "heat wave"?
jeffc: got some great pics of a unreleased modem from a guy named Howard for my tribute site
jeffc: he was an engineer at Coleco
rich-c: really? Howard who?
jeffc: well tommorrow will be 40, if you consider that warm :)
rich-c: ah - I assume then it was something he was working on when Coleco folded
jeffc: not sure, never gave me a last name. I will ask him next email
rich-c: in February anything over freezing is a heat wave
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jeffc: no, they just went the cheaper route with the 300 baud expansion slot version
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: OK, how did he find you?
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: wow, where is everyone?
Pamela: Hi, Dad
jeffc: thru the mailing list, did you see my email about my Coleco ADAM tribute page project
rich-c: Harvie's furnace went wonky so he had to leave
rich-c: the Slopsemas ARE ON A CRUISE
Pamela: (Pamela turns pea green)
rich-c: and Dr,D sent round an email saying not tonite - where is Rin?
Pamela: dunno, haven't talked to her tonite
rich-c: oh yes, I saw it - but I gave almost all my newsletter collection to Dr. D. last year for his archice
Pamela: and we're missing Ron, James, and Guy too
rich-c: well, th0se three are more likely to come in lateer
jeffc: I know I am trying to talk him into giving or borrowing them to me so I can scan them
rich-c: and Daniel is somewhat unpredictable
Pamela: True. Well, I think I'll go find something to do for half an hour and come back.
rich-c: you'd better plan on a sma;l; quantity at any given time for workload control
Pamela: I'll leave you two to talk computers at your leisure
rich-c: also because we do not want huge files going missing in the mail
jeffc: rich, did you have more newsletters than the Nibbles & Bits?
rich-c: oh hang in daughter, at least we have a "new" face
Pamela: I know,and welcome, Jeff
jeffc: Hi Pam
rich-c: yes - enough to fill two "bankers boxes" with some left over
Pamela: but I have stuff I can be doing so i'll come back
Pamela: see you at 10:00
rich-c: just as I have a file drawer full of old Adam supplier catalogures
Pamela: kerpoof
jeffc: What were the others - Sprite Chaser, ADAM Garden, ECM>
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: and another full of Colecovision game instructions
jeffc: those would be great contributions to the tribute site, got a scanner?
jeffc: Whats in the supplier catalogs, any pictures?
rich-c: NIAD, Adams House, 463 Adam, MTAG, AUFG, dozens of others
rich-c: no - remember these guys wre awful small time operators with a minuscule market
jeffc: I think Dr. D;s plans are to scan them and archive them online for all, but I think he just does not have the time
rich-c: some, like Reedy, had fuller product lines and descriptions, but that's it
jeffc: I remember Reedy and Digital Express
rich-c: exactly - if I had teh time I would have done it long ago, but I haven't
jeffc: M.W Ruth comes to mind as well
rich-c: Digital Express was Sol Swift
rich-c: yes, I think I have a Ruth catalogue
jeffc: Just got a new scanner - Canon 9950F supposed to be very good
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changed username to james
jeffc: Hi James
james: wow.. big crowd here today
james: and i thought i was late :P
james: hi jeff, hi rich
rich-c: mine is a Plustek Optic Pro - seems decent but rather slow
rich-c: good morning, james
james: would be better without the 45" of snow we got
jeffc: so james what time is it over there?
rich-c: you folks didn't get the tsunami, did you?
james: nope, we got somewhere on the order of 80cm of snow
rich-c: nearly four feet of snow? so that's where ours went, jeff ; - )
rich-c: and james, Harvie and Pam have been in and gone, Pam will be back
james: 79 of which i consider rather superfluous to my needs
rich-c: oh, 80 cm - more than enough, but "onl.y" about 32 inches (brrr)
james: i'm not sure how long i can stay on, but if i miss pam, can you tell her thanks again for her help two weeks ago
james: and sorry about not being around last week?
jeffc: we had 7 inches here a week ago, but that will probably all melt tommorrow
rich-c: OK, she said she would be back at 10
james: ok so another.. 15 minutes or so
james: should still be here
rich-c: how is your planning going, by the way?
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james: just about done. i've got edmonton figured out. contacted my travel agent. will proceed with the rest of the planning
changed username to Ronald
james: once i know if we can leave directly out of edmonton or if we have to go back to calgary and fly out from there
rich-c: how are you going to handle the Toronto transfer?
Ronald: Yo!
rich-c: hello Ron
james: from what i've read, the greyhound station in edmonton is two blocks from the west edmonton mall
james: hi ron
james: @rich, got it all written down ;)
james: and i'm going to leave it at that
Ronald: Hi all
jeffc: Hi Ron
rich-c: just wondering which of several options you fond most attractive
Ronald: Everybody well?
james: we're goign to take the subway up to some stop and then just take the #58 which puts us within about a 5 minute walking distance to our hotel
jeffc: finally feeling better after a 3.5 week bought with a chest cold
james: it's actually fairly straightforward
james: 3.5 weeks.. holy crap
rich-c: yes, the Slopsemas are cruising, Dr. D. has homework, Pam wil return, Harvie has a furnace problem, don't know about Daniel or Erin
Ronald: not good
james: doing well, ron. you?
jeffc: I know, I was on steroids to stop the cough, unfortunately I did not bulk up like I wanted :)
Ronald: got one eye open
james: the power was out here yesterday for 1 1/2 hours in the morning. we have no central heating so the entire house was about 4c
james: lol
rich-c: yes, we have electric heat too and know the problem
james: houses here are built like such crap
rich-c: anyway Ron I go to the cardiologist Monday so will see what he says
james: it's amazing anyone gets a house paid off before it completely falls apart. no insulation, crappy single paned leaky windows
jeffc: so are dishwashers, got find a repairman for ours
rich-c: well, they're meant to be expendable in earthquakes
james: canadian or not, i'm tired of living in a walk-in fridge four months out of the year
rich-c: I've heard dishwaashers need a lot of attention, jeff
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changed username to Scott
Scott: Surprise!
james: my dishwasher works really well, but sometimes she gets moody :P
Ronald: hey!
jeffc: LOL
rich-c: hi Scott, where's my disc drive?
Scott: Wasn't sure you were still doing the Wednesday chat
Ronald: we are indeed
Scott: Oh yes, the disc drive.
rich-c: you should know we never give up
Ronald: we're here because we're not all there
jeffc: scott just saw your new updated site, its awesome
james: hey.. it's thursday morning and don't you forget it
Scott: Rich - I will make an effort to find it this weekend
Ronald: half our later in Newfoundland
rich-c: and can you hijack some of your old man's schematics for jeff's Adam tribute site?
james: arright, i need to go to the school to check my fax and bring some documents over and i'll likely have to shovel my way in
james: hopefully it's not snowing so hard that i have to shovel my way back out too..
jeffc: you are Scott of Adam Resource, correct?
Scott: I know that I have it, just go to look in my storage
Ronald: James, do I detect a certain amount of resentment?
Scott: Yes, unfortunately I'm that Scott
james: (ron - we're up to 80cm or so over the last couple days)
Scott: Of the ADAM Resource
Ronald: oh my
jeffc: I want to make my tribute site more picture visual oriented
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changed username to Daniel B
jeffc: I think Scotts got the info part covered on his site, that an understatement :)
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - tu es en retar
Scott: I haven't updated the old site in awhile
james: methinks it's time to buy a snowblower or coerce someone into doing it :P bbs
Daniel B: bonsoir Rich! je sais... désolé
Scott: But I am working on an entire new Coleco ADAM site
jeffc: Scott, did you ever scan more of the newletters you have?
Ronald: Daniel Hi!
rich-c: porquois?
Daniel B: Hi Ron!
jeffc: Also the ASG would be great to see completed online
Scott: I need it for my portfolio so I can look for a new job (later on down the road)
Daniel B: pourquoi je suis désolé? j'avais complètement oublié le chat de ce soir.
Scott: My scanner isn't working, so I haven't done anything lately
rich-c: yes, Scott, you have the masters of teh ASG, don't you?
Scott: I thought I had a pair of copies that you had sent, but it's possible one is an original
rich-c: hey, that's my Saturday trick, Daniel - as you've noticed ; - )
Ronald: deux minutes pour avior oublie Daniel
jeffc: Well, Scott if you need any help scanning stuff let me know, just got a new Canon 9950F
rich-c: very very dark one is the original - it will take a special scanning technique
rich-c: it's not teh scanning per se, jeff, it's the editing after
Scott: Special scanning technique = as in better off typing it in by hand :)
rich-c: now, now, Scott, let's not be getting cynical (synonym for realistic)
jeffc: I have some pretty top notch OCR software, but not sure how it works in real practive
rich-c: the smaller teh print the tougher teh chore - and the ASG print is small
Scott: Sounds good. Should I send you a copy, Jeff
jeffc: Abby Finereader is the OCR soft I have
Scott: I've done some of the ASG, but it's gigantic. And not very easy to OCR.
jeffc: Sure Scott, reply to my tribute email that I sent to the ColAdam mailing list
jeffc: I can then give you my address
Ronald: Been my experience that some of our old newsletters don't OCR too well
Scott: Ok. I think I saw that.
rich-c: I have Textbridge but there's no way I'd try the ASG on that
Scott: I was using OmniPage 11. That was ok for most stuff.
Scott: I am in the process of developing a PHP driven site for the ADAM Resource.
Scott: I will be changing the name and focusing on specific content.
rich-c: probably too you'd have to send the files as TIFFs - jpegs aren't good on small print
jeffc: PHP, this is something I want to learn
Ronald: TIFF files are large
Scott: PHP's good stuff.
jeffc: What type of content is your focus, don't want to reinvent the wheel
rich-c: humungous, Ron - remember the dialup days?
Ronald: yeah
Scott: I'm using PHP with MySQL at work
Scott: ColecoVision and OS-7 Game Development
jeffc: GIF is best for text
rich-c: yes, my automotive chat site is the learning tool of teh webmaster
Ronald: very difficult to say these days Jeff. I have no focus around here at all - 4 Mac's a Duron, and an eMac, as well as 5 ADAMs
rich-c: he wants to learn php nad mySQL and that's how he's doing it
Ronald: seldom sit down to the same machine twice
Scott: Also need to convert some VB programs to Java
Scott: These are development tools for ColecoVision games
jeffc: I am also working on a DVD Organizer program in Delphi 7, but I want to creat on online part with PHP/MySQL
rich-c: if it ever matters, Scott, I have instruction sets for many Colkecovision games
rich-c: some are original, many more enlarged photocopies
Scott: Instruction sets? What exactly do you mean?
Scott: Ohh -- as in game instructions.
rich-c: the documentation for teh various games
Scott: Gotcha! :)
jeffc: I have a few game manuals, wanted to scan those and put them on the site as well
Scott: I was thinking of assembly dumps -- mind elsewhere!
rich-c: but you'll have to get teh docs for Daniel's from Daniel 8 - )
Scott: I came across a web site that had all of the ColecoVision instruction manuals, so the content's already out there.
rich-c: and that implies a larger and better collection than mine, then
Scott: How are things, Daniel?
jeffc: really, I searched pretty hard an only found one with a few
jeffc: Scott, whats that site?
Scott: I found a site that had 50-100. Will need to relocate it again.
jeffc: Was it named something like "Moby.."
Scott: Don't remember.
rich-c: you should at least have bookmarked it and established a link, Scott
Ronald: forget to to that
Scott: Maybe I did bookmark it. But on which computer? Which browser?
jeffc: this is the one I am thinking of:
rich-c: especially when you're all wrapped up in the excitement of the hunt
Ronald: you got the same problem I have Scott
Scott: So doing any game development these days Daniel?
jeffc: this Moby site has 76 cover art scans and over 400 screenshots for Coleco games
Daniel B: Ok! How are things, daniel means anythings including my projects? well, I'm planning the return of my dacman game for its 5th anniversary
Scott: Wow, did you really program DacMan 5 years ago?
Scott: Doesn't seem like that long.
rich-c: time really flies these days
Scott: The website with all the manuals has it in plain text files.
Daniel B: dacman was released in august 2000 during the CGE2K
Scott: How many years have you been programming ColecoVision games? 10 years?
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jeffc: This moby site only has box cover art (front/back) and cart scan as well as about 5-6 screenshots each game
changed username to Pamela
Daniel B: I really programmed a coleco game in year 1999
Pamela: well, I see the ranks have swelled
rich-c: welcome back, daughter
jeffc: So maybe there is no site with scans of the game manuals, like AtariAge does
Pamela: thank you
Scott: I've been working on and off on ColecoVision games since 1986, but always found myself distracted by something else
Scott: Jeff, I'll find that link for you. Could be useful
rich-c: well if you are stuck for any individual manual, let me know and maybe I can help
Scott: I would like to go ahead and publish some of my code.
Ronald: Fundraiser at the door
Scott: I OCRed the manual for Tarzan. But it's really time intensive stuff. Don't know I'd want to do that for all ColecoVision games
jeffc: Rich, I keep that in mind, thanks for the offer
Scott: One idea I had for the new ADAM Resource website is to create a small compiler that can create ROMs in PHP
rich-c: why not just slap the thing on the scanner and send the result? It's the information content that counts, not how pretty it is
Ronald: has to be readable Rich
jeffc: the scans of manuals on AtariAge are quite good, so the coleco ones should be just as scannable like Rich says
rich-c: sure, but a typical folder will fit easily size as on a standard page size scanner
Scott: I did program a simple 8 X 8 image editor using JavaScript that will give you the line of code you need to include the bit image data in your source code
rich-c: my scanner is ancient but it ain't THAT bad
Scott: Have you had a chance to play around with PHP, ASP or JSP, Daniel?
Scott: And there was silence across the chat room...
Pamela: sorry, nothing to contribute, Scott
Ronald: have two books on PHP.... I need to open them
Ronald: Our community net web site is PHP based
Scott: PHP is pretty fun to use and very easy.
Ronald: so I hear
rich-c: btw, Pam, jeff has a daughter the same age as Jessica
Pamela: congrats, Jeff
Ronald: I can change (update) data on a website, but beyond that I let our young lads / ladies down at the office do it
Scott: Change data, do you mean changing it in the database?
Scott: At work we've been building a Nessus web based application for creating reports of our vulnerabilities
Pamela left chat session
Ronald: it's been a while since I had to go in there. We have a lot of non -profit organizations with their info placed with us
Daniel B: I programmed only one time in php and asp
Scott: We're working with thousands of records and a few hundred megabytes of scans
james: back
james: it's a total white-out now
jeffc: Thanks Pam, pretty soon I got to leave an make a bottle, oh the joys of parenthood
Ronald: we have a content management system now that allows users to update their own material
james: if anyone needs some snow, i have several hundred thousand metric tonnes of it at my immediate disposal
Scott: Daniel - what did you think? Pretty powerful stuff, isn't it?
Daniel B: All I know came from my knowledge in vbscript and javascript... php and asp are based on these script languages
Daniel B: the rest, I only experimented it one time. query to a database with php and mysql
jeffc: seems like PHP is the craze for any dynamic sites these days
Scott: I am in the process of sucking in all of the op codes for the z80A and making it available for people who need to quickly look up what opcode does what
rich-c: Pam has left - she says goodnight to all, and james, you're welcome
Scott: At work we're doing some things with object oriented PHP
Scott: Belated, but, good night Pam.
jeffc: I am thinking of using a PHP based picture gallery like Coppermine for the ADAM tribute site
jeffc: sorry guys/gals gotta go attend to my baby
Scott: I haven't looked at Coppermine. I am planning to write all of the code myself for the image galleries
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
rich-c: see you jeff, good to have you come by
Ronald: In my humble view, we need a history of ADAM, including all the post-market activity that is still going on (ADAMCONS)
jeffc: Scott send me an email and we can chat offline about stuff for my tribute site
Scott: You can reach me at
jeffc: Scott, I think there are many open source ones out there, may just want to base it off these
jeffc: Got the email scott, thanks.
Scott: Your ADAM tribute site sounds interesting. What exactly are you doing?
james: back (again)
jeffc: Scott, are you on the ColAADAM mailing list? I sen out a detailed email about it few days ago
Scott: Yes, but I haven't checked my AOL e-mail in a few days.
Scott: I was in the hospital, but all is ok.
Daniel B: an interactive z80a opcode list? good idea
james: no takers on that surplus of snow, eh?
jeffc: see my email, I really detailed things
Ronald: ya oughta stay out of hospitals Scott. they're full of sick people
james: i hate hospitals
Scott: Actually, it goes a little deeper than just the interactive lists of op codes
rich-c: sorry, james, we're still dealing with the local supply
james: crappy music, boring magazines and nowhere to get a cocktail
Ronald: bummer
jeffc: BRB, time to feed the baby
Scott: Since the data will be in the database, my idea is to be able to do disassemblies online
Scott: As well a create ROMs, etc.
james: @jeff, wait till they can feed themselves, then the fun begins :D
Scott: This is a lot of work, so I will start with the lists first
james: @ron, i was able to make a really good change to my schedule for the trip
Ronald: @james: yes?
Daniel B: ho! an asm compiler?
Scott: Yes, an ASM compiler / decompiler online
james: well originally we were flying into calgary from tranna, taking the bus to banff, from banff to edmonton and then taking a bus back to calgary to fly out
Ronald: ok
james: i was able to change our booking so that we just fly directly out of edmonton
Scott: I have been doing similar things at work
james: so no evening five hour bus ride back to calgary to fly out the next morning
Ronald: will save you a trip of about 3-4 hours
james: yup
Ronald: so are you still looking at Edmonton around the beginning of April?
james: and the girls can have the evening at the mall too, since we wouldn't have been doing anything in calgary anyway
Scott: I would like to have a cron job render new ROMs every day or so changing their contents. Similar to an online game
Scott: But you have to put the new ROMs in your emulator.
james: yeah, we were originally only there until 7 p.m. but now we've got all night to party :P
Ronald: good
Scott: As they become available. Thus the need for an ASM
james: let me check the exact date
Ronald: I'm thinking of driving over......
Daniel B: how many users will be able to use this online tool, scott?
Ronald: will spend a few days with sister Steph
james: we get in on the evening of saturday april 2nd
Scott: I am also going to convert all of my old articles into XML and throw it in the database.
james: and basically do the mall all day on sunday 3rd. please tell me it's open sunday.. didn't even think to check that
Scott: Daniel - it will be available for the public. I would like ColecoVision to have as many developers as possible
Ronald: ok..... willl plan on that
Daniel B: ok, anonymous access then
Ronald: oh yes
Ronald: Albertans have had Sunday shopping for some time
james: major tourist attraction so i can't see it not being open..
Scott: Sure. Anonymous access. You can cut and paste your code in a textbox to be compiled
Scott: Or upload a file to be disassembled.
james: "gee girls.. the mall is closed" heh heh.. don't think that would go over very well somehow. might find myself planted somewhere
Ronald: it's a massive place. Basically, I have a subset of the mall that I always go to.....very small portion thereof
Daniel B: sounds great! I really like your project idea.
james: i'd probably hit all the bookstores
james: @dan - i will be redoing my server on the weekend
Scott: Since you are actually programming new games, perhaps you'd like to help me test it out?
Daniel B: @james - under Linux and with PHP and MySQL?
james: i ran into dependency hell with installing php and apache 2.0
james: yes
Scott: You're not using SUSE, are you?
Daniel B: It will be a pleasure to try it
james: when i installed apache, i didn't know about apt-get and how it creates dependency trees
james: no, debian woody
Scott: We had *MASSIVE* problems with SUSE & PHP
Scott: Easiest install I've had is PHP/MySQL under Mandrake
james: so then when i used apt-get to get php, of course it didn't know about the existing apache installation and the versions were
Daniel B: I'm not an expert in Z80 ASM programming but I can program coleco things in asm.
james: mismatched
Scott: But I've heard the later versions of SUSE are better.
james: @ron, how far a drive is it for you?
Daniel B: @rich: you are so quiet. are you ok?
Scott: Daniel - that sounds good. There are a few things that I'm stuck on with regard to ColecoVision programming
rich-c: ha, by teh time he pays teh ferry fare on a car, it's cheaper to fly
Ronald: about 975 miles. a couple of days
james: yeah, i was going to say after looking at a map, it's a bit of a drive
rich-c: uh - Westjet? or don't they do direct Comox/Edmonton?
james: well as long as you have family out there and can make it worth your while
Ronald: yes that's also an alternative
Scott: I have a problem setting up the screen where four sprites all point to the same image. Also had problems reading the joysticks
Scott: That's why I want to create this tool and publish some of my code.
Scott: I have the feeling I will be able to get past these programming issues
Ronald: we'll see..... a lot will depend on whether or not my new digs are available. the Manager of the development where I want to go says that
rich-c: given teh dicey weather, especially after you cross teh Rockies, flight might be advisable that time of year, Ron
Scott: Daniel, your C programming tools for ColecoVision are great and very easy
Ronald: a unit for me might be available late March, early april
james: if we can hook up for a few hours at the mall, it would be good to catch up with you but that's a big trip to make
james: digs?
Ronald: so whether I fly or drive depends on what that plays out like
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: I would not count on doing it by road through the Rockies in late March
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Scott: Hello, Guy
Guy B.: Scott, how are you doing?
Ronald: I already have a $400 westjet credit because Mom didn't make the trip at Christmas
rich-c: hello Guy, where have you been?
james: @rich - that's exactly why we're bussing it instead of my renting a van
Guy B.: I was out to dinner with Jeanene tonight.
Daniel B: @scott: I have to admit that something in the original z80 specs document was not emulated in coleco emulators until now and it cause a bad surprise when testing under a real coleco. it's about a time window we have to wait to be able to pitch data to the VDP and this window depends on many things like the screen mode used, sprites used and if the data are transfered during the refresh or not.
james: if it were summer, i'd go for it, but not at that time of year
james: brb
Scott: Hmmm... I'll have to look into that
Guy B.: Rich, any word from Dale on the con?
Ronald: it can be iffy - I'm not one for dealing with snow drifts any more
Scott: Daniel, I need to show you the JavaScript 8X8 editing tool I developed. It's kind of neat
Scott: This creates the bit image data needed for and 8 X 8 image
rich-c: I've even sat out a snowstorm north of Banff in July
Scott: When I get time, I'm going to do another for sprites
Ronald: yup Rich. No guarantees
Daniel B: And it looks like the z80 emulation made by Marat (used in many emulators) doesn't emulate right the speed because something is missing and this explain why my digital sound test run faster under the emulators than the real coleco.
rich-c: Guy, I sent an email at him, it didnt get bounced, but no action
Scott: Then put a slew of images in the database and make them available as a library of images
Guy B.: Guess we'll just have to wait and see then.
Daniel B: I developed a dacman maze editor in javascript.
rich-c: if Westjet weren't discount, and didn't go direct Comox - Edmonton, I wouldnt suggest it
Scott: Neat. How large was your grid?
Daniel B: 19x21
Guy B.: Although I won't be planning my vacation time until May. Doesn't hurt to plan ahead, so I can get my dates in.
Scott: Ever thought of putting that online, at very least in a protected area for yourself
rich-c: I think he must be at leasst checking the transcripts here - I'm not gettting bounced off any ore
Scott: So you could put do game development in your browser?
Scott: And save the results to a database
Scott: You could create hundreds of screens
Daniel B: The dacman maze editor I did is to let everyone participate to my special dacman special 5th anniversary edition. I just need to tweak it to submit the maze data.
Guy B.: Scott, how are you doing in school and what courses are you taking this year?
Scott: That's also partly what I'd like to do - create a ColeoVision game where the levels could be saved in a database
Scott: And one could select their favorite boards and generate a ROM on the fly
Ronald: brb
Daniel B: Actually, the submit button do simply a "mailto" to my mailbox.
Scott: School is going well. I'm taking Astronomy (for my degree) Telecommunications and a soft course, don't laugh -- Intro to HTML
Daniel B: having more time and a web server with php support, I will probably do a databse with all the mazes and a tool to manage these mazes
Guy B.: That wouldn't hurt at all taking HTML. Who knows it could come in handy sometime.
Scott: A course in HTML is fairly below me. I've been doing web design/development for almost 6 years
Scott: And it's a VERY simple class
Guy B.: Well, then it should be a breeze for you then.
Scott: But I need it to get a certificate in Web Design from the college. I would like to have that for my resume
Guy B.: That would be a big Plus there.
Scott: Daniel, you should definitely do that. That would be incredible if you could have all those boards at your disposal and effortlessly create ROMs
Scott: I've already got 6 certificates from the college, but none in web
Guy B.: Wow, then this would be good for prospective employers.
Guy B.: When are you due to graduate?
Scott: Well that's what I'll be focusing on for my new site. An online assembler/disassembler and assorted other code and development tools
Scott: I graduate at the end of this semester for my Associate of General Studies (AGS) and a certificate in Networking.
Guy B.: Fantastic. Then what next for you?
Scott: Next semester (summer) I'll be taking another bonehead class and receiving a certificate in Computer Information Systems
Guy B.: Some programming in that?
Scott: Afterward, I need 3 classes for an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems
Scott: Oh yeah. Java, C, and Visual Basic. I've taken all those already
Scott: Still need to take a class in C++
Scott: Learned PHP on the job
Guy B.: Looks like you got the main part done.
Scott: But if you know C, and a little bit of Perl, PHP is really easy
Scott: I'm very close. That's why I'm taking a few extra classes and beefing up my resume
Scott: After I get a little more math, I'll move on to the university
Scott: Math = very scary thing
Guy B.: I remember that crash course in C back at Adamcon 13 with those Lego robots. Boy, I got all messed up with that.
Scott: Sounds like fun.
Ronald: it was
rich-c: quite a hoot - hope you looked at the website, Scott
Guy B.: I'm sticking with Qbasic, Cobol and Visual Basic for now. I have 6 years programming experience in Cobol.
james: back
james: for what it's worth :P
rich-c: how's the snow now, james?
Scott: Never taken Cobol, but it's still in use today
Scott: We have Cobol programmers somewhere in Northrop Grumman
Scott: I've heard VB.Net is good stuff, but I haven't checked it out yet.
james: it seems to have abated somewhat
james: i'll be happier when i can see my trees again
Ronald: Just keep it your side of the Pacific James
james: i was gonna crate it all up and put it on a ferry
Scott: We still have snow on the ground out here in Denver.
Guy B.: I've used Cobol back when my company had an IBM mainframe.
Ronald: no! no!
rich-c: thught you didn't see teh ground until July, Scott
Scott: My wife and I are thinking of moving back to the east coast to get away from the altitude and long winters
james: if i aim it just right i can probably hit your place
Guy B.: When did you get married Scott?
Scott: It's pretty much gone by May
Ronald: I'll send it to Tarana
Scott: May of 2002.
Scott: My wife's name is Ligia. She's Colombian.
Guy B.: How did you two meet?
Scott: Her english is pretty good
rich-c: better stay in teh bkue states, then. latins aren't popular in teh red ones
Scott: We met on a blind date to see a horror movie. It was the remake of Psycho. Kinda funny sounding, isn't it?
james: interesting that blue and red are opposite what they are in canada
Scott: We're in a red state right now
rich-c: or anywhere else in teh world pretty well, james
Scott: We're looking at North Carolina -- Charlotte area
Guy B.: Oh wow. I remember you mention your girlfriend whenever you came on here, So, I guess it was her.
rich-c: yes I know - does that have anything to do with teh itch to move?
james: i consider myself socially liberal but economically conservative. many of my generation do.
james: too bad there'S no party that matches that
rich-c: oh at teh moment with Martin the federal Libs do
james: @ron, i think the torontonians won't recognize it :P
Scott: Yes, my girlfriend moved out here awhile ago. It's the same person
Ronald: So what's the State of the Union. Missed the speech. Now listening to the "experts" on CNN
Scott: I heard that you just got the Fox News channel in Canada
Guy B.: That's great Scott. Send us a photo of her sometime.
Ronald: @James. They'll blame us, they always do
Scott: Just curious how that's going over in Canada
james: oh crap? really? isn't "fox news" something of an oxymoron?
Ronald: Yes, God help us
Scott: I will. Will put it on my new web site
james: i'm no big fan of the windbags in ottawa
rich-c: let's say it's available, Scott - not that anyone is likely to watch it
rich-c: Bill O"Reilly is not our kind of people
Guy B.: Well, folks guess it's time for me to go. I'll see how my time is for Saturday, otherwise I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: our media globs are billing it as a Gov't influenced propaganda channel
james: screw the east, screw the west, kowtow to quebec and send ontario's profits directly into federal coffers
Scott: Wow, that's sad. I usually like to watch both sides of the fence
james: @scott, we do, just not fox. we'll watch cnn and abc
rich-c: OK Guy, will keep an eye out for you
Scott: See ya Guy. NIce talking with you
Scott: CNN and ABC aren't balanced
james: well i wouldn't say fox is balanced either
rich-c: maybe you should get in touch with jeff, since you live so close together
Scott: Not saying Fox is, but those other two are fairly well slanted
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
jeffc: Scott, my wifes Colombian too
Ronald: dont think any of them either side of the border are balanced
james: i get most of my news online anyway
Scott: Slanted to the left, I mean
james: and try to get as wide a sample as possible
Ronald: only way James
Scott: I like watching O'Reilly.
james: i think canada could do with a shift to the right, economically anyway
Ronald: I just signed up for the online version of the Victoria - Times-Communist
rich-c: funny - here we seem them as running dogs of teh capitalist reactionaries ; - )
Scott: What part of Colombia is your wife from?
james: and well.. the u.s. and the christian hegemon just scare me right now
Ronald: should be Times-Colonist
jeffc: Born in Bogota
Scott: My wife was born near Cali in Candelaria
jeffc: I've been to Colombia to visit her family, how about you
rich-c: hell, $9 billion in surplus, paying down teh debt - how conservative do you want, james?
james: practise what you want, but keep it out of state affairs and keep your churches and sexual repression to yourself
Scott: Not yet. Not very safe especially for americans
james: @rich, i'm totally in favour of debt repayment, best way to go
rich-c: no question, james. should tell the neighbours
james: where i get ired, and i think most do, is when i read about hrdc, the gun registry, the governor general's expenditures
james: and the likes of liberal pigs feeding from the public trough
james: not that the conservatives are any better
Ronald: we had Stephen Harper here a week ago
Ronald: Listened to him speak out at the Crown Isle Golf Club
rich-c: I'll agree, james, but teh hrdc has been duly chastised, the gun registry is still under increasing fire
Ronald: room was full of Tory Reformers
james: was that a pun? :P
Ronald: and the fed me, which is why I went
rich-c: and as for teh GGs expenditures, I think we got full value for money and more
james: lol
Scott: Lost in Canadian politics...
james: meh, i say sack the monarchy, sack the g.g. and hire another auditor general
Ronald: Harper is not at ease in a crowd
Ronald: he's a good speaker, but when he has to schmooze, he looks stilted and uncomfortable
rich-c: yes, nothing to say, and a bit wacko about what he does mutter
james: i think it's harder than it looks
Ronald: He had an aide very close to him throughout
rich-c: I am not a fan of Mr. Harper and do not fancy his friends much either
james: some people just aren't comfortable with direct interaction with people they don't know
Ronald: I love that word R E F O R M !!!
rich-c: honest men don't need aides to coach them - which is why every politician has one
james: lol
Ronald: exactly
james: @rich, then i assume you know how to tell if a politician is lying
rich-c: sure as long as hiis lips are moving
Daniel B: @jameS: I know, it's when his mouth is moving.
james: :D
Scott: If there's a pulse...
james: @ron, is edmonton a big city geographically?
rich-c: to revise an oldie, there are liars, damned liars, and politicians
Ronald: @james - yes - covers quite a square area
Scott: Somewhere lawyers fit into there too
Ronald: the West Edmonton Mall is 170th St.... west side of town
james: ok. i've got us (probably) staying at the west edmonton mall in the first night, but being pricy
rich-c: pretty big, james - those westerners like their elbow room
james: i'm going to get us to an airport hotel for the second night
Ronald: my sister lives at 50th to the river..... east side of town
Ronald: Takes maybe an hour to transit - under normal traffic
rich-c: avenues run one way, streets cross them
Ronald: The airport is 35 miles south of town
james: so i need to figure out what routes to get from mall to close to airport or if cab fare is pricy
james: wow
james: that's a ways
rich-c: to go from 170th St. to 50th St. you'd use an avenue
Scott: Just before I go, anyone care to make a SuperBowl pick
Ronald: whitemud freeway
Scott: I think the Patriots are going to win.
james: i give the cheerleaders thumbs up. that's my pick.
Ronald: Oh Hey.... it's Superbowl weekend eh?
rich-c: New England - just because I have a buddy in Rhode Island roots for them
Ronald: almost forgot
Scott: The other team is Philadelphia
rich-c: as for weekend tv picks - I'm taking the Daytona 24 Hours
Scott: I think New England is too experienced going into this SuperBowl
rich-c: I only watch Canadian football - it spils one for teh furrin imitations
Scott: Ok, well I've gotta go. Are you guys still doing a Saturday chat?
james: alright so i should figure out edmonton.
rich-c: yep, I hope to be there, ditto Guy
Ronald: would be a good idea James
rich-c: sheesh, I didn't realize teh time
Scott: Saturday chat?
rich-c: I gotta bail, folks
rich-c: see you Saturday or next week
Ronald: nite Rich
Scott: Bye
james: and update my schedule. first night and day is easy. just need to figure out which airport hotel and how to get there
Scott: I'm gone too
Ronald: yes.... must try to remember that
Scott: Later!
james: by, to those who are leaving
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Scott left chat session
james: *bye
Daniel B: bye rich... too late
Daniel B: bye scott.... late again
Ronald: James - esentially the River (think it's the North Saskatchewan) divides the town north south
james: and the airport is south?
Ronald: streets run north/south
Ronald: yes the airport is south - due south of town centre
Ronald: avenues run east west
james: and where is the mall in relation to all this
james: i really should look up a map, i guess
Ronald: so if you've got an address lie 11619 73rd Ave you're on 73rd ave just off 116 street
Ronald: yeah, a map would be useful
james: the girls were asking me about seeing the aurora too
james: don't think we'll be making the 475km drive up to fort mcmurray though
Ronald: you know, that's something I've never looked for while over there
james: well we'd be there at the right time of year, but i mean the odds are never in one's favour with stuff like that
Ronald: Around the 21 of June, it's light till about 11 pm.... so they're up there
james: and edmonton certainly is far enough north
Ronald: yes. Must ask my sis about that. I'm sure they must of seen the aurora. Their living room window faces north
james: i doubt they'd be visible from the city, but perhaps from city limits where things aren'T all washed out
Ronald: yeah..... city light tends to obscure it
james: it'd be a nice bonus for our trip but i'm not going to plan on it
Ronald: right
james: are they visible when it's overcast?
Ronald: think it has to be clear
Ronald: but I'll find out
james: good chance of that though at that time of year. cold northern air tends to clear things up
james: had a good view of jupiter the other night, but it was too cold for me to be outside stargazing
Ronald: most times
james: think i'll look into this more once the rest of the schedule is set
Ronald: it's actually too cold on the deck out here too - I go out for a few minutes at a time and gaze skyward
Ronald: Last year the Mars thing was neat to see
james: yeah, i took a peek too
jeffc left chat session
james: even with my rinky dink scope you could sort of make out the polar ice caps
Ronald: my brother took the big scope that Dad used to have here, so I'm relegated to a n old pair of binoculars
Ronald: I like to sit out there in the summer - nice and pleasant
Daniel B: goodnight! *poof*
james: bye dan!
Ronald: night Daniel
james: you can apparently see a lot with binoculars and well adjusted night vision (1h+)
Daniel B: it was fun tonight, talking more about prog than weather and health :)
Ronald: yes, I'm surprised at what I can see.
james: view here used to be great until the morons at city hall installed a strip of megawatt lights
Daniel B left chat session
james: @dan, i'll be in contact with you soon about the server
Ronald: yes Daniel -I'd rather that too
james: missed him
Ronald: gone
james: aurora would be cool. gonna keep that at the back of my head for now
Ronald: Well - I have two more forms todo for Mom's probate submission, so I better get at it
Ronald: then I go do battle with the court house
james: yeah, i should get some scheduling done and a couple of emails/faxes sent
james: i just might get this tied up this week
Ronald: right have a good week sir
james: only been working on it for five months now
james: you too!
Ronald: take care
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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