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Daniel: hello rich
rich-c: sorry, Daniel, didnt see you come in
Daniel: my internet is slow this afternoon
rich-c: anyway, bonjour!
Daniel: bonjour rich
Daniel: ici, le soleil est radieux
rich-c: you are on dialup, aren't you?
Daniel: yes, 56k win-modem
rich-c: nous voyons aussi plein de soliel, bien qu' il y a quelques nuages aussi
Daniel: what is your knowloedge on coleco and adam?
rich-c: depends on what you want to know; spotty
rich-c: what did you have in mind in particular?
Daniel: you know that I'm writing a document based on the colecovision bios, and some technical informations came from the hackers guide you sent me and also the big adam reference guide.
rich-c: so I gather, yes
Daniel: but there still a terra incognita.
rich-c: like, some portion of the code missing?
Daniel: What do you know about the colecovision programmers guide Dale Wick and Dr.D have.
rich-c: to be honest, Daniel. I didn't even know it existed until you three started talking about it
rich-c: and I have nebver seen a copy so can't tell what it is
rich-c: unless they aer using a strange name for some document I do have but don't recognize, of course
Daniel: a copy of this document was never bring to an adancon meeting?
rich-c: not to my knowledge, but again remember when the talk turns to assembler and stuff I tune out
rich-c: I bought my original Adam because it was an electric typewriter that worked like an electric typewriter always should have
Daniel: is there another document you can copy or sell to help me in my document project?
Daniel: I already have tachnical information about the sound chip and the video chip.
rich-c: I have no way to know, Daniel; I may understand what you are doing in a general way but the details are beyond me
Daniel: Do you have a suggestion for a good Z80 document?
rich-c: just got an error message; need to restart - brb
Daniel: ok
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rich-c: ah, back now
rich-c: got an error message about "TrkEng" in the registry getting lost, or something
rich-c: then a notice that RegTrk would be shut down
rich-c: that may be the Norton registry tracker
rich-c: sorry - are you there?
Daniel: yes
rich-c: OK. was afraid I might have lost you
Daniel: my internet is slow and I'm "downloading" my emails at the same time I'm chating
Daniel: I personnaly never enabled the RegTrk
rich-c: anyway, I do have books about CP/M and assembler some of which may include bios calls
rich-c: I gather it is Norton, then
rich-c: yes, I see by my task bar that the Norton one is gone
Daniel: I think I need a book (or document) where I can quickly find the time each operation code takes. I know that z80 documents are based on the number of cpu cycles and I know this year that the z80 emulator based on that is not running at a proper speed.
rich-c: that is deep specification stuff that I doubt ever escaped from Coleco, unless one of Dr. D's contacts liberated it on the way out
rich-c: thpugh I wonder if that's something Marcel might know - or even be aware of?
rich-c: do you think that might be the case?
Daniel: Marat F's z80 emulator is used in almost all the emulators I know. Only blue msx is trying to do a more realistic z80 emulator
rich-c: as an aside - are you getting any phishing messages "from PayPal"?
Daniel: I never received paypal spam or "fishing mails". But because I subscribe to ebay, I receive ebay spam...
rich-c: no, the eBay stuff can also be phishing, as can a number of banks and stuff
rich-c: anyway if someone cracked the eBay list they likely cracked the PayPay list too
rich-c: I have been sending the PayPal phish bait to Phonebusters and spoof@ebay
rich-c: I think having those two after them may have annoyed the phishers
rich-c: the PayPay phishing emails I got yesterday and today now contain a virue
rich-c: sorry, spoof@paypal
rich-c: and, virus
Daniel: My configuration doesn't allow reading any attachments and images from the internet... except if I ask to.
Daniel: And because my bank never email me, and because I never subscribe to credit cards and paypal service, I know that all these emails are phishing.
rich-c: oh, I allow anything in - but monitor with anti-virus, WinPatrol, Norton, Spybot S&D and some other stuff
rich-c: well, quite; I know any bank I don't use may be phishing, and many others
rich-c: I can usually spot phishing emails, and virus-laden ones by the size
rich-c: some I delete on the server, others I download and forward to the authorities
rich-c: I figure the more cops are on their tails the more often the sooner the phishing will stop
Daniel: you are more optimist than me.
rich-c: well, twice now I've had phishers try to retaliate with viruses
rich-c: they keep the source and subject line the same, but the virus is in there
rich-c: fortunately Anti-Vir is quite good at tracking such things
Daniel: that's remembering me something... I have to try a free anti-virus, I can't remember is name, asat? anyway, I'm searching it now.
rich-c: you do know that you can only run one anti-virus at a time?
Daniel: mmm.. it's named avast
Daniel: I know, but actually, no antivirus is running on my computer.
rich-c: I think you might find AVG from downloads its updates faster
rich-c: I am using it on my laptop, and Anti-Vir ( on my desktop
rich-c: I haven't downloaded avast yet; it seems to draw variable reviews
Daniel: Soory Rich but I have to stop chating now. nice to chat with you again.
rich-c: OK good you came by, see you Wed
rich-c: a la prochaine
rich-c: au revoir
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Daniel: bye
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