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rich-c: verify
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changed username to Harvie
rich-c: good evening Harvie
Harvie: Hi rich
Harvie: Feelin cold and lonely?
rich-c: are we starting ti get some snow? wasn't sure as I came in to the computer room
Harvie: I can't tell, my blinds are down
rich-c: anyway, definitely cold - my meds make me extra sensitive
Harvie: Nope no snow here
rich-c: looked like a very fine dusting was just starting
rich-c: we use what ws intended to be a bedroom as the computer room - with blind drawn
Harvie: The wind yesterday and this afternoon sure makes it feel colder
rich-c: it's small and with the computer on very warm
rich-c: tell me about it - I was out shopping twice - yikes!
Harvie: Yes my AMD cpu sure puts out the heat
rich-c: anyway, I'm wearing long johns, a winter shirt, and still need a woolen sweater
Harvie: I worked outside yesterday and today
rich-c: yes I have an Athlon too - it's running at about 46 C
rich-c: must have needed an icepick to get you in
Harvie: Felt like it
rich-c: it was bad enough just going across the parking lot to get the shopping cart
rich-c: luckily when I went for my INR test and prescription, there was nearby parking for borh places
Harvie: The weather is making me feel my age
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: your age, ha! let me tell you about age...
Harvie: Apparently I'm not a teenager any more
rich-c: greetings, Roberto
BobS: HI KIDS !!!!
Harvie: Hiya Bobby
BobS: we'uns is all alone tonight ?
BobS: colder than sin here......and more on the way
rich-c: for the moment, yes, but it's early days yet
Harvie: Channel 24 says high of -1 tomorrow
BobS: ya that's about right
rich-c: yes, a buddy in Montreal phoned today = with windchill he had -32C
BobS: darn cold we call it
BobS: and not liking it.......tis almost spring
rich-c: we have rather more emphatic epithets, but that's teh general idea
Harvie: 12 days to go
BobS: and I think it will be a 'little' late
rich-c: way it's been lately you rally can't predict anything much any more
rich-c: we could be sunbathing by Friday week
BobS: heck it almost does NOT look like spring will ever vome
BobS: come
BobS: oh no......cold right on thru next week
rich-c: as you noted, it isn't even due to start for another ten days
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changed username to Daniel B
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Harvie: Hello Daniel
rich-c: ah, here's Daniel now
Daniel B: hello
BobS: yes but our normal is 45 F inthe daytie m and we are coming in at 20F
rich-c: bonsir, Daniel
changed username to bair
BobS: HI Daniel
Daniel B: Did I miss something?
Harvie: Hello Bob Bair
rich-c: assez de froid chez vous?
BobS: HEY Bair how are ya mon?????
bair: hi every one
Daniel B: oui, il fait froid et beaucoup de neige
BobS: almost missed you coming in
rich-c: nous n'avons de neige maintenant
Harvie: He came in the same time as Daniel
rich-c: hi robert teh bair, and mightily welcome
BobS: how are you and Virginia doing in the cold of winter (but almost spring) ???
BobS: this cold sucks !!!!!!!
bair: It has been a while thought I would come in and say hi
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: you have been missed, Bob; we are always glad to see you
Scott: Hello all
Harvie: Hello Scott
rich-c: hi Scott
BobS: hey guys !!!!! did you see we made the news here little ol Grand Rapids ????? had a 90 car pileup onthe freewya just N of town !!!
BobS: Hi Scott
Scott: Wow, that's twice in a row now.
BobS: what's 2 in a row?
rich-c: when did this happen, Bob? didn't see it earlier today
Scott: Dan: I have been working nonstop on The Font Suite and progress has been excellent!
BobS: yesterday @ 9am
bair: She is doing fine and I am getting ready to retire from tower
Daniel B: nonstop? wow!
Scott: Will give it to you to review in one week
BobS: about 50 cars going south and 40 going north.....whiteout in a snow squall
Scott: Nonstop in my free time
Daniel B: ok :)
rich-c: I am in facour of retirement, Bob - heartily recommend it to anyone
Scott: Probably spent 30+ hours on it
BobS: HEY that is no fair ....this retirement talk....I can't yet.......
Scott: I'm a little drained, but happy with its progress
rich-c: wasn't it on a superslab then, Bob?
Scott: May give it to you a little earlier, who knows?
BobS: then you can do the civil defense full time ??????
BobS: superslab ???????
bair: I have been there for 3o years
rich-c: interestate
BobS: go fo it mon !!!!!!!
Scott: Rich: My wife and I have decided that we want to move back to the east coast
bair: yes
BobS: yes interstate divided w/ median
Scott: We have decided on Charlotte, NC.
Scott: DC area WAY too expensive now
rich-c: that's an interesting choice
Scott: Will be going through all of my boxes and hopefully will find the hard drive
rich-c: nice city if you're a NASCAR fan
Scott: My dad said I have it, but I haven't come across it yet. May be at his house.
rich-c: not hard disc, Scott, a 5.25 floppy
BobS: see ???? you are lookin
Scott: That's right, a floppy
BobS: fore the wrong thing !!!
Scott: But I'm sure you'd be happy with a hard drive, right?
(BobS reboots Scott's computer remotely.)
rich-c: I admit I wouldn't toss it back!
Scott: If it's in my house, will come across it shortly.
Scott: My wife and I need to get out of this elevation and unforgivably dry climate.
Scott: I like water, trees.
rich-c: yes, if housiung prices are too high in Hcarlotte you can always move across the street into South Carolina
BobS: like the humid midwet country, eh Scott?
Scott: Housing prices are awesome right now.
Scott: I could buy twice the house for the same price as mine
Scott: Plus there's a lot of technology companies either in or moving into Charlotte
rich-c: yes, in the hot areas prices are totally ridiculous
Daniel B: I like helping new coleco projects, do you need help for your fontsuite software?
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: they're a little out of the TEchnology Triangle though, aren't they?
Scott: Basically, one could get a 3000 sq ft house w/.5 acre for $180,000 USD
Harvie: Hello Pam
BobS: pamela
BobS: !!!!!1
Scott: I just need some help testing.
Pamela: Hello
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel B: I can do that
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BobS: today Richard ANYWHERE can be technological
changed username to james
Scott: The Font Suite is a Visual Basic app, so it's not officially a ColecoVision project
BobS: James from JAPAN !!!!! long time no see
Harvie: Hello James
BobS: ata least a week or so
Pamela: Hi James
james: i think three. how is everyone?
Scott: I will need help with sound and music for DragonMaster
rich-c: yes Bib but there are concentrations - oursx are Waterloo and Ottawa areas
BobS: Bib ????? who dat ????
rich-c: good morning james, didn't see you slip in
BobS: farn dingers
Scott: Dan: You're a Visual Basic 5.0 programmer, right?
Pamela: someon later than I, thank goodness
BobS: and Ron Mitchell is still not here pam
Daniel B: yes
james: well, i'm pretty small, good at slipping in. part of my ninja trainint
rich-c: nor for that matter is Guy, but he's always late
james: *training
BobS: true Richard
rich-c: or on time if you translate to Central Time
Pamela: appears everyone has farn dingers tonite
BobS: naw he is still alte
BobS: late
james: i hate this keybroad
james: *keyboard
rich-c: what is it on, james?
james: aplogies to the womenfolk
Daniel B: I programmed my graphic editor ICVGM in VisualBASIC
Pamela: 'twasn't me, sir
james: what is what on?
BobS: the keyboard
rich-c: the keyboard you're complaining about - a laptop?
Pamela: however, having appeared, I think I shall go get myself something to eat
james: i used to have an ergonomic keyboard but it died
james: so now i'm using a $15 piece of crap
BobS: alwasy hungry eh?
Pamela: naw, just haven't been hungry till now
Pamela: I'll be back
rich-c: just no pleasing some foklk...
Pamela: (*food*)
BobS: whoa !!!!!! a keyboard called "that" ?????? now, now
rich-c: to me a keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard - unless it's on a laptop
james: it's hard to go back to a regular keyboard
james: i find it much slower
BobS: and IF you get the right laptop, the keyboard is alright
BobS: Rich Drushel had an apple one at convention and it was fingers would not fit
rich-c: I see claims to that effect, Bob, but I'm dubious
Scott: Sorry, had to give the dogs something to eat
rich-c: they are certainly no joy on my old Dell
BobS: I like the toshiba one, other than some odd placement of keys like is almost like the ADAM for feel
Harvie: Ilike the irony of an ergonomic keyboard dying, not the operatop
Scott: Yes, I briefly checked out your VB app awhile back.
Scott: Will look at it again
Daniel B: Which version you have?
Scott: Not sure, it was awhile ago
Scott: It was good. My memory's a little fuzzy, though.
Daniel B: I think I can do the same software in Java... but with time.
Scott: Has anyone in the room ever been to Charlotte, NC?
rich-c: yes, a couple of times
Scott: What was your experience?
rich-c: among other things we went to their science centre
BobS: nope
rich-c: unfortunately I could barely pull Frances out of teh computer section before they closed ; - )
BobS: got Frances online yet thru wireless????
rich-c: we were camping, teh campground is run by the amusement park - Six Flags or something?
Scott: Yes, Java is time consuming
Scott: That's why I started in Visual Basic first.
rich-c: not that she can't, Bob, she won't
Scott: Visual Basic is good for prototyping an app
BobS: WELL........the nerve
rich-c: never mind, I tried "hard" networking and somehow blew it
rich-c: she can get on the internet though
BobS: so that is good, just don't let her buy too much stuff on Ebay
rich-c: don't worry, she wouldn't
BobS: it can get addicting though
rich-c: she might give most of the house away on Freecycle, though
Daniel B: yes, very good for prototyping, but my vb projects stay in VB.
Scott: My VB projects will eventually jump ship... maybe!
Scott: Dan: You're from the Toronto area, right?
Daniel B: well, I programmed my editors in QuickBASIC 4.5, but I reprogrammed them in VB... mostly because DOS is not used anymore, and because of that the mouse pointer doesn't appear.
Daniel B: Me? from Quebec
rich-c: no, Daniel lives in Ste. Foy, Quebec, and is much more comfortable in French
rich-c: though in fact his English is far better than he believes
james: i'd say his english is better than quite a few native speakers
rich-c: and you wouldn'
rich-c: t get much argument, james
Scott: I've had the opportunity to take classes in French several times, but I always have a hard time justifying it, since most of you already speak English
Daniel B: I learned my english with the internet...
rich-c: well, English is the predominant language in Canada
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Daniel B: and still in work in progress
changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel B: ;-)
Harvie: Hi Doc
rich-c: in fact now I think French is behind Chinese and Italian, among others
BobS: the infamous Dr Drushel !!!!!
Pamela: well, hello Rich
BobS: hey doc
Dr.D.: Infamous :-)
Scott: I didn't know that English was your second language
Dr.D.: Meesa here.
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Late supper tonight, just finished dishes.
james: i don't think it's behind italian. chinese maybe
Scott: Muy bien
Dr.D.: And I see Bob Bair, hello Bob.
james: in hong couver, i'd have no doubt of it
Scott: I am forced to speak Spanish since my wife is Colombian
bair: hi rich how are you
Scott: But I don't understand a word of French
rich-c: in my neighbourhood it's pretty much a dead heat between Italian and Hebrew
Dr.D.: Very good Bob, long time no chat.
Scott: Dr. D: Ever visit Charlotte, NC?
Pamela: actually, Scott they're very similar
Dr.D.: But that applies to me, too. Wednesdays are bad this semester for late chats.
bair: yea it has been a long time
rich-c: long as you can say "Juan Pablo Montoya" you're OK, Scott
Dr.D.: Yes, twice, Scott.
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Scott: What was your experience of Charlotte?
Dr.D.: I think I just passed through it.
Scott: My wife and I are interested in moving there.
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Scott: What did you think? Beautiful?
Pamela: looks like someone's having trouble getting on
Dr.D.: Once to visit a friend in grad school at UNC.
BobS: oh oh....someone has problens
rich-c: looke3d like a pleasant enough small city, reasonably neat and tidy whre we saw
left chat session
Dr.D.: Once to visit my Finnish penpal who was working 5 weeks at IBM Raleigh-Durham.
bair: this is the most i seen in at one time
rich-c: well Guy and Ron are still to come and they aree quite regular
Dr.D.: I thought it was nice, under-populated.
BobS: it IS a good crowd tonight bob
Scott: It's growing at a pretty rapid rate
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Scott: Don't know if it can still be considered a small town
Scott: Errr, small city?
rich-c: I'd say nearer a small city
Dr.D.: In 1986 it seemed very countrified, lots of old shiny-chrome cars from the 1950s and 1960s.
Dr.D.: Four years ago, it was rather sprawly, and all the old cars had gone.
Scott: They have several pro sports teams now. City's grown up a little
rich-c: look, I live in a place larger than Phoenix or even Chicago - I have big standards
changed username to <undefined>
Dr.D.: If you are cosmopolitan in outlook, it will be too insular and intolerant for you.
bair: i like small cities better
Dr.D.: They harrass Asians, Indians, and blacks.
Scott: Hmmm
rich-c: yes, it's pretty much NASCAR's home base - there is a lot of good ol' boy attitude around
BobS: well DAT'S not nice
Dr.D.: Even Ohio will do that south of a line from Sandusky to Akron to Youngstown.
Dr.D.: If you have any international-student type friends, they will be harrassed.
Pamela: so do we have a lurker, or someone having trouble getting on I wonder
rich-c: yeah, Ohio's own Mason-Dixon line, so to speak
Dr.D.: And it will be hard to find varied cuisine.
Scott: Yeah, I have a hispanic wife, so that is something to consider, since that area of the US is the south
Scott: Northern VA isn't so much thought of as the south
<undefined> changed username to eric
rich-c: I think the Americans with problems with Hispanics are limited to certain areas
BobS: HEY Eric made it in!!!! Welcome mon
Dr.D.: If she is very Hispanic, Scott, she might get some comments from the especially ignorant.
rich-c: hello eric, good to see you back
Pamela: to go back to what I was saying Scott, you'll find you understand more French than you think. Spanish and French have the same root, as I'm sure you know, and many of the words are so similar that it's hard to tell what language you're speaking sometimes
Dr.D.: Especially if she has an accent.
Pamela: Hi Eric
Scott: She's been mistaken as being Asian, which is funny
james: what city are we talking about?
Pamela: Charlotte, NC
rich-c: Charlotte NC
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
Harvie confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Scott confirmed ban
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bair confirmed ban
changed username to ron
Dr.D.: It is still not as developed-up as other places in the US.
BobS: AND richard is not getting vounced with all these users around !!!!!
BobS: a miracle
rich-c: and Scott, re what Pamela wasaying - after I finished high school (French mandatory) I was on a bus in New York City
Harvie: My friends from Dana Corp told methat North Carolinians in general resist anyone not born in NC
Pamela: Greetings Ron
BobS: YOU Ronald
ron: greetings!
BobS: welcome welcome
bair: night all the phone is ringing
Pamela: night Bair
Dr.D.: That is a change; has Richard fixed his computer?
BobS: how's the west caost ?????
eric confirmed ban
Harvie: Hi Ron
rich-c: A man with a Spanish newspaper stood in front of me and I could get the drift of every story
Dr.D.: Bye Bob.
ron: sunny, warm
BobS: nite bob
bair left chat session
Dr.D.: Hello Mighty Mitchell.
Daniel B: bye bob
ron: Hey! Bob Bair, was it something I said?
Scott: Asians will come up to her and speak in their native language and she has to tell them in English she doesn't understand.
BobS: :-)
ron: eve Dr.D
BobS: that is cute !!
ron: Just getting dark here
BobS: huh ??????
rich-c: hello Ron (belatedly)
ron: Hi Rich
BobS: been dark for hours here
Dr.D.: Is she Spanish-descended Hispanic, or Indian-descended Hispanic? If the latter, there are lots of Asian features.
james: hi ron!
rich-c: he's three hours behind us, remember?
ron: Hey James!
james: first time on in weeks
ron: yes, we move more slowly here on the Island
james: been pretty busy here
BobS: and THAT is not all bad Ron
BobS: slow is good
ron: fer sure eh?
rich-c: wait till we get near the solstice - Ron will be able to read without artificial light past 10 p.m.
Dr.D.: If the island is moving, it must be on the back of a whale :-)
ron: yup
ron: no Dr. D. just a couple of randomly arranged tectonic plates
ron: which could leave us floating at any minute
rich-c: I dunno - St. Helens is grumbling again - got to wonder what's going on down below
ron: yup
Scott: Dr. D: She's a little of each
Scott: Pamela: What I can't get past is the pronunciation
ron: it's all related apparently
rich-c: does a tsunami on one side mean look for The Big One on the other?
ron: we've had flurries of quakes about 250 miles west of the Island
Pamela: I know Scott, it takes a bit of work but you get used to it. I had to, during the two semesters I had French and Spanish back to back , with the same teacher no less
Scott: Pam: A french girl tried to teach me to pronounce au revior. Thought it was sooo strange
ron: nothing very big, but there
Scott: Spanish has always been a snap for me, thogh.
rich-c: maybe you just didn't want to hear those particular words...
Dr.D.: Na habla espanol.
Scott: Obviously
ron: ROTFL
Dr.D.: Or something to that effect.
ron: I like Scott's sense of humour
Dr.D.: Elanor is the Spanish-speaker at home.
Scott: El queso esta viejo y podrido. Donde esta el bano?
ron: huh?
Scott: An old joke from the movie Encino Man
Pamela: El bano esta en la casa : )
ron: something is in the house
Scott: Pamela, miraste la pelicula Encino Man?
BobS: probably just a burgler
Pamela: Rich - yo hablo, usted habla
BobS: or a deer
ron: :)
Scott: Nos hablamos
Pamela: no, Scott
Scott: Anyway...
ron: Hi Harvey!
ron: Harvie
ron: (sorry)
Scott: Ron - progress has been good on The Font Suite
Harvie: Howdy
ron: been watching the traffic
Scott: Will have a reviewable copy to you next week.
Pamela: Hay muchos anos que hablan en Espanol, Scott
Pamela: no tengo practicar
ron: good. I shall look forward to that
Dr.D.: Meesa canna speak no ferrin tongyoos.
Scott: Hay muchos anos que no hablaste en Espanol?
Pamela: si
Scott: Quanto?
Dr.D.: 'Ceptin' gut alt deutsch
ron: You've lost me
Pamela: no se - diez, once
Harvie: I'm unilingual, I can only decimate English :)
Dr.D.: Die Leute, die deutsch nicht sprechen ko"nnen, sind doof :-)
rich-c: jsut exchanging views on how long ago Pam took Spanish and how long since she used it, Ron
Pamela: Oh I'm best at that Harvie
Dr.D.: BobS might be able to figure that out out.
ron: thank you
Dr.D.: that one out
Scott: Es bastante tiempo.
BobS: nope got some but not the last and the Leute
Dr.D.: Hocus pocus
Dr.D.: Loco parentis
BobS: don't speak german
BobS: .........
Dr.D.: Jackie Onasss
Dr.D.: Dino DiLaurentis!
Scott: Yo hablo cada dia, pero necesito ir a la escuela si quiero estar mejor
Pamela: no tengo algien hablarse
ron: illegitimae non carborundum
Scott: Hablo conmigo
Dr.D.: was brought to you by numero quatro and the letter zed
Pamela: how did Latin get into the mix???
ron: Ha
Harvie: Dos cevesas por favor
Scott: There you go, Harvie!
Pamela: su espuesa, es Espanol o Mexicano?
Dr.D.: was made possible by grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
ron: trop de langues
Scott: Dos Coronas con limas por favor!
Dr.D.: My head hurts :-)
rich-c: si nous voulons parler en langue tranger, il y a beaucoup de francais ici
Scott: There you go, a little French and I'm totally lost.
Dr.D.: So I am going to logout and take some Tylenol...had to wait too long to eat supper tonight.
rich-c: thats cervezas, I believe
Dr.D.: Nite-nite, all.
Pamela: mais Papa, parler plus bien l'Espanol
BobS: be good doc and be well
Scott: No importa si entiendo un poco de Espanol
ron: eat Dr. D. 'tis the sustenance of life
Dr.D.: Enjoyez-vous youse conversation internatonale
rich-c: take it easy, Rich
Dr.D.: Hailing frequencies closed.
ron: energize
Harvie: I think I'll follow the Doc out the door
Dr.D.: <poofez-vous>
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: oops
ron: Dan Rather resigns
Daniel B: me?
rich-c: Art getting to you again after all that cold, Harvie?
ron: he looks like Hell
ron: No Daniel, the newscaster on TV
james: sorry, will space out for a bit
Daniel B: like Hell?
Harvie: Yessirr rich, goodnight all
rich-c: comme l'enfer
ron: no you sir... watching TV
rich-c: OK, spring will arribe yet
Scott: The newscaster who got busted breaking a poorly researched story...
Harvie left chat session
Scott: That guy...
ron: bring back Walter Cronkite
Pamela: finalmente, Scott, tengo dos amigos al trabajo que hablan Espanol
Scott: That's most of the news media, right?
ron: poorly researched and inaccurate
rich-c: well, I gather the was somewhat more to the story than that, Scott
Scott: Muy bien. Porque no practicas con ellos?
Pamela: no tengo el tiempo
Scott: Cronkite phone home...
Pamela: it's takes too long to communicate in English,never mind what little Spanish I have left
Pamela: I've lost all my tenses
Scott: There's always more to the story.
ron: ADAMs are about to b e packed in boxes
Pamela: not to mention, one of them is hard of hearing - I can't imagine what his hearing aid would do with my Spanish
ron: I have about a month to get my act together
BobS: moving ??????
Scott: I would like to minor in Spanish.
ron: yes
Scott: Maybe after I move...
Pamela: did you sell the house Ron?
BobS: and then you are apartment bait ????
ron: not far, only about 6 blocks
ron: not yet, but today I had an appraisal done
james: how many adams do you have, ron?
Scott: Big money???
Pamela: and they told you to clean out the snakepit, right?
ron: there's one lady who came to the door in January, spoke to her today, she's still interested
rich-c: start moving early, Ron, that's a lot of wheelbarrow loads ;-)
ron: number of ADAMS = 6
Pamela: that's good advice
rich-c: hey, that's barely enough to get by on
BobS: call 2 men and a truck or similar mover types
ron: going to hire a mover for the big stuff, but hopefully I'll have a couple of weeks before a prospective buyer wants this place
Pamela: we moved from one side of the street to the other, and it still took us three UHaul loads and three panel van loads full
ron: take the duplex April 15
BobS: kind of a do it yourselfer deal only they move that stuff
rich-c: you can put off closing on the house, Ron, as long as it's in the sales agreement
ron: there's the piano
ron: for which I'll need help
Scott: Daniel: I have other Visual Basic project in mind
Scott: But I'm starting with The Font Suite
Scott: There's an animation package I would also like to put together
BobS: ouch, that is heavy
Pamela: get piano movers Ron - it's worth the extra money
ron: yes, Bob, there's lots of small movers here
ron: will get it tuned again after the move
ron: it was built in 1902
ron: so was I
BobS: the piano ????
ron: yes
rich-c: just don't try to move it yourself - or you will regret it greatly
ron: nope
james: you were built in 1902, ron?
ron: not a chance
BobS: cool a true antique
Daniel B: Other VB projects in mind?
Scott: Will probably work more on my web-based app first
ron: some days I feel like that
james: lol
Pamela: don't we all : )
Scott: Yes, The Animation Studio - Sprite editing and animationg
Daniel B: sorry if my answers are slow :-)
ron: I'm sure the universe will unfold as it should
Daniel B: or late
Scott: Also a tile editor and environmental map editor
Scott: So, at least 2 more projects
Pamela: Ron, if you can manage it, do what Kimberly and Art did
Scott: In VB, that is.
ron: which was/
ron: ?
Daniel B: The sprites animation is a project I need to do for 3d cave to animate combat with sprites
BobS: speak oh Pamela
Pamela: pack everything boxable that you can and save out only what you need for moving day and that will fit in the car, such as clothing and dishes
Pamela: move the boxes the night before
rich-c: hint: the size of a move is measured in units of pizza and beer
Pamela: and have the movers move just the furniture
BobS: I LIKE that Richard
ron: yes, that's the intent
Pamela: actually Burger King and cola, Dad
Scott: This is a game you are working on?
Pamela: it worked beautifully for them
rich-c: this is a grown-up move, daughter
Scott: You're building a 3D game on the ColecoVision?
Scott: Most of what I want to do are RPGs
Pamela: trust me, no on wants beer when they're so tired they can hardly stand up
Scott: So I'm building an RPG engine for ColecoVision
rich-c: no comment ; = )
Daniel B: yes, I showed my idea of doing a 3d game with pre-calculated frames. and the concept is oriented now to a role playing game in this environment
Pamela: and you don't want to feed them beer, unless you want 15 houseguests on your first night in the new place
ron: true
Scott: Interesting. Did you send a ROM to the ColecoADAM list?
rich-c: oh, only enough to rehydrate them after sweating off so much liquid
Scott: I think I saw it, but forgot to download it.
ron: Expecting Sister Steph and hubby Floyd over the weekend before. That will be my birthday weekend. So I said I'd provide cake and ice cream
ron: And son will be here I expect
Pamela: if you have the stamina and the will Ron, it's the best way. If I ever have to move again (please no!) that's what I'll plan on doing
ron: so if I'm not straightened out by then, they'll straighten me
Scott: Daniel: You're idea sounds interesting.
Scott: Are you planning to release this after the documentation?
Scott: Perhaps I could add a few features to The Font Suite that would aid you with development
Scott: How are you using the VDP?
Pamela: I was going to suggest you ask your soon to be daughter in law, but she'll be knee deep in wedding plans. One crisis at a time.
Scott: I assume you are playing around with the Name Table quite extensively.
Scott: Sorry, Dan. I'm a fast typer.
ron: @Scott, Daniel - do you guys find that ADAMs memory limits what you feel you can do? I mean you must be used to having way more available memory than ADAM provides
Pamela: isn't that the challenge though Ron? To work with what you have in the way of memory and do it anyway?
ron: yes. Code has to be compact
Scott: Ron: Occasionally it is a problem, but it's amazing what you can squeeze into a few K if you are coding in assembly.
ron: yep
Scott: The Font Suite originally was coded in assembly, and I am still trying to figure out how to bring all of the functionality into the VB environment.
ron: Cousineau had that down to a science.
BobS: that was the point back then.......compared to today's standard and available power, they had to do a REAL job to mkae it work
Scott: Yeah, that guy was GOOD!
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changed username to Guy B.
ron: he found spaces that Coleco didn't even know about
Scott: Very interesting...
Pamela: hey, Guy
rich-c: welcome, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings. Just finished filing my income taxes.
BobS: hiya guy
ron: Mr. Bona I presume
james: programming today is very wasteful
ron: bloatware
Scott: I would love to be able to program a cartridge larger than 32K, though.
james: code like crap, no thought into making it efficient. just get a faster cpu and more memory
james: @scott, we're workign on that one
Scott: It appears that doing a multicart is too expensive
ron: that's it
Scott: Multicarts have been done, though.
Pamela: well gents, I'm going to bow out - I still have some things to do before bed
rich-c: well isn't there a limitation in the way the Adam BIOS splits memory into two exclusive parts?
ron: night Pamela. Be well
BobS: be good Pam
rich-c: OK Pam, take care in the cold
Scott: For the ADAM, I thought the limitations were only in software.
Pamela: Night Ron. Take care of yourself.
ron: oh yes
Guy B.: Guess I'll give you that Diet Coke next time Pam. Bye.
Scott: Good night, nice chatting with you.
Pamela: I will, Dad. It's not been to bad.
ron: one packing box at a time
Scott: At least my father said that at one time...
Pamela: y tu tambien, Scott : )
rich-c: not too good either - but glad you're coping
rich-c: anyway, sleep tight
Pamela: I'll call soon Daddy
BobS: but software limitations are directly dependent on hardware, no ?????
Scott: I'm interested in seeing what a 3D game on the ColecoVision would look like.
Pamela: g'nite all
Pamela: kerpoof
ron: or was that, get tight and sleep
ron: no, guess not
Guy B.: I've been giving this a little more thought and I'm leaning towards hosting next years Adamcon.
Pamela left chat session
Scott: Yeah, but it you can build the hardware, then your only problem is software, right?
james: @guy, you're in michigan, right?
BobS: good Guy.....we willhelp ya you know
Guy B.: Illinois James.
james: sorry
ron: Chicago - here we come
ron: yeah!
james: no offence intended. heh heh :D
rich-c: just pick a place to the southeast of Chicago, Guy, so we dont get tolled to death going places
BobS: we WON'T let him into Michigan James
Scott: My dad almost finished an ADAMNet hard drive. He got too frustrated programming the driver software, though.
Scott: Hardware worked just fine.
Guy B.: I have a place in mind and Jeanene will help me out.
ron: sounds good Guy
Scott: Dan: What's the game concept for your 3D ColecoVision project?
Guy B.: Now, just to get ready for this year's con.
BobS: YES Guy
Scott: Uh, Dan???
Scott: Simon says, Dan?
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
BobS: you can't give it to yourself richard
(Scott like playing Coleco games! =D)
Scott: Bizarre!
rich-c: well, there's one sitting here beside me and I went and fetched and deliver3ed it
BobS: well drink UP
BobS: and do NOT spill
ron: Next door neighbour is barbecuing steak
rich-c: gently, Bob, savouring each flavourful drop
BobS: ah beg some ron !!!
ron: must close the deck door...... or open it wider...not sure which
(BobS smiles)
Scott: Daniel, are you still there???
rich-c: it hass just started snowing here - as if we didn't have troubles enough already
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
BobS: oh YUCK
ron: poor Toronto
BobS: Ron, they LIKE it !!! we inthe states are ready for spring !
rich-c: those crocodile or alligator tears, Ron?
ron: Shouldn't mention this, but our forsythia is in bloom
BobS: right Guy ?????
ron: all fake Rich
rich-c: no, you shouldn't mention it
BobS: Judy says to Ron......must be nice, I am jealous
ron: sorry
Guy B.: I'm ready for spring.
rich-c: actually, the snow means a warmer air mass is arriving
BobS: the man here says another alberta clipper is ON THE WAY
ron: yes, warm air being forces upward over the back of a cold front
rich-c: by Saturday we may even get above freezing briefly
BobS: not here mon
Scott: We had snow for a half hour yesterday, then the sun came out and melted it up. You wouldn't have guessed there was snow earlier in the day
Scott: Only in Colorado!
ron: Where are you Scott? Denver?
rich-c: yes, despite daytime highs of -12C, the sun has been strong enugh to melt snow and ice
Scott: Yes, Denver
ron: aha
Scott: Aurora, to be more precise
Guy B.: I heard and I think it's by the weekend.
Scott: We have some of the wackiest weather
Scott: Today was beautiful
ron: Hell, thought Aurora was just outside Seattle
Scott: But had to work indoors all day :(
ron: bummer
Scott: It may be, but it's also to the East of Denver.
rich-c: well, you should be in the rain shadow of the Rockies, Scott, so have a dry climate
ron: yes, guess there is more than one
Scott: Charlotte has 3-4X as much rainfall.
rich-c: also, with the wind coing off Vail Pass, there should be considerable adiabatic cooling - chinook stuff
Scott: Did I mention that I like rain?
ron: It's also an aircraft that serves the Canadian Forces on coastal patrol
ron: come west young man, come west
Scott: Ever heard of the Royal Canadian Kilted Yacksmen?
james: "go west.."
ron: ummm.... no
rich-c: do we want to ;-0 ?
ron: right James
Scott: I was one of my favorite Ren & Stimpy episodes.
james: 'twas a laddie who said to his lassie "take a look under me kilt"
james: "that's gruesome!" she exclaimed
ron: :)
james: "look again, it grew some more!" he replied
Scott: They even came up with a theme song. One bizzarre show!
ron: can't be any worse that Spongebob Squarepants
Scott: I don't know. Ren & Stimpy was way ahead of its time
Daniel B: Sorry, my sister needed the computer
Scott: There is life!
ron: sisters
Scott: Dan: What's your game concept for the 3D ColecoVision game?
rich-c: need to get a little old laptop, Daniel
Scott: Is it a tank game?
rich-c: might not do much but it will access the internet
Daniel B: the project 3d cave still in work in progress. no rom was done, but some screenshots
Daniel B: based on what I suppose it will looks like
Scott: Sounds cool. Would like to see when ready.
rich-c: don't I recall a game called "Mo9dem tank" for teh Adam?
Daniel B: my idea is to use the screen mode "multicolored big pixels" no one use
BobS: yup. shot at each other over the mountain
Scott: I guess if you REALLY wanted to, I could send you my current version of The Font Suite.
rich-c: no, that was "Artillery Duel" - this one was written to be played online
BobS: ok
Scott: I am working on the Save routines, so you won't be able to save your work. But at least you'll get to test the usability of the tool.
rich-c: I think Chris Braymen wrote it
Daniel B: because of its specification, this screen mode help to refresh the entire screen very fast
Scott: And see the direction it's going.
james: time for lunch here
Daniel B: but because of this screen mode, there is no way to see nice hi-res graphics... except by using sprites
james: i will see you all again next week, but likely not on the 24th
Scott: I have the theme song from The Royal Kilted Canadian Yacksmen in my head.
BobS: almost time for bed here James
Scott: Can't get it out...
BobS: be good say HI to the wife andkids !!!!!
Daniel B: that's why I will use sprites for the ennemis in the cave
james: will do. bye, everyone!
rich-c: OK James, enjoy and take care. See you anon.
Scott: Bye!
ron: niters Bob....niters Judy
Daniel B: bye james
james left chat session
BobS: I am not gone yet Ron,,,,,,just James
ron: oh ok
ron: I'm ok, the world's all tangled up
Scott: I'm gonna need to get off soon. Falling asleep and need to work on The Font Suite
Daniel B: my first idea with 3d cave was a simple maze game
Scott: Must have been that slice of ice cream cake I had
Guy B.: James sure leaves quick
Scott: So it's developed into a full fledged RPG?
ron: there he was, gone
Scott: Kind of like Shining in the Darkness (Sega Genesis)
Daniel B: but now, the projects is growing... without programming any line of code.
Scott: Or more like Escape from the Mindmaster?
ron: projects have a way of doing that
rich-c: btw, Scott, did you see the offering on the mailing list today?
Daniel B: I only calculated the size of the pre-calculated frames in the ROM and it will takes about 16k with the software to show them
rich-c: lots of used Colecovision game cartridges
Scott: Yeah, that did catch my eye.
Daniel B: so, the game story and the game engine cannot be too complex
Scott: So you should have enough space, right?
Daniel B: if I want nice graphics for the ennemis
Scott: Are you still gonna program in C?
Daniel B: yes, enough space
Daniel B: yes, programming in C but also in ASM
Scott: You'll save a little space working entirely in ASM, but more headaches, too.
Daniel B: I program some parts in ASM to have more control on the timings
ron: In a C environment you can go to ASM, right?
Daniel B: you can use functions made in ASM
Daniel B: in C language
ron: ok
Scott: Dan and Ron: Would you like to play around with an early copy of The Font Suite or wait another week for a more finished product?
Daniel B: the asm function need to be adapted to read the parameters and return a value if needed.
Daniel B: continue your nonstop work on fontsuite. I can wait another week. ;-)
ron: I'll wait for the finished product Scott. Will probably do an article on it for ANN - will be the first one I've written in years
Scott: Ok, so I'll have something farther along for y'all to look at next week.
ron: good man
Scott: It's pretty solid, just needs a few things written.
Scott: Like Save/Load functionality.
ron: just little things eh? >:
Scott: Right now you can extract and save to ROMs, but my Save to HTML, Save to ASM and Save to .tfs need work
ron: that
ron: is going to be a great programmers tool Scott
Scott: Daniel - what features might you need for editing an 8 X 8 fontset?
Scott: I ask, because I've only asked myself what my needs are, not anyone else.
ron: The ability to see what it looks like, and be able to work on it at the same time
ron: so I'd be reading and writing to the character table at the same time
ron: name table, I mean
Daniel B: Well, the evolution of my tool ICVGM was based on programmers needs.
ron: change of foreground and background colours on the fly
Daniel B: the new version is the support for the multicolor mode (screen mode 2)
Scott: Support for 8 X 16 and 16 X 16 fonts will come later
ron: right
Scott: Ron: I believe I've addressed all those issues with my tool.
ron: ability to save font sets
Scott: Yeah, I have left saving fonts for last.
ron: I'm assuming you're going to make it possible to load a font set into smartbasic?
Scott: Perhaps that should have been one of the first things I worked on?
Scott: Well, I'll just allow the user the option of saving in .fnt format
ron: depends on your approach and programming philosophy I guess
Daniel B: the only thing I were unable to do for ICVGM is to add copy and paste buttons to copy and paste a set of characters.
Scott: Just like FontPOWER fonts.
ron: ok. I've used that one
Daniel B: not the full set, but a part of it
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. Maybe Saturday, depends what I have going. Otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
Scott: Dan: Sounds like a pretty easy thing.
BobS: well to leave for tonight....been REAL !!!!! ALL be good, safe and have FUN this coming week !!!!!
ron: See ya Guy.....Chicago 2006
Daniel B: yes, but not easy to integrate in the code I've made.
Scott: Guess it depends on how your fontsets are set up.
BobS: so goodbye for now.....parting is such sweet sorrow..............
ron: yeah.... packing boxes Bob
BobS left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
ron: niters
Scott: Sure. That's another feature I need to add. Cutting and pasting ranges of fonts into other font sets.
Scott: I had that in mind, but forgot about it.
ron: that's a good idea.. the list gets longer, the more I think about it..... how about different colour combinations for different letters in a font set?
Scott: 256 theoretically, right?
ron: Can't even remember how the colours work with the name table
Daniel B: errr... I'm not sure we can count the invisible color as a color.
ron: yes 256
rich-c: nite Guy and Bob
ron: probably not. Didn't Powerpaint have a problem with that?
Scott: No... DON'T GO!!!
Daniel B: I used it in icvgm, but was never used
Scott: PowerPAINT didn't make the transparent color available.
rich-c: think I will leave the coding discussions to teh experts - see you all next week
ron: that's right
Daniel B: bye Rich!
rich-c: goodnight all
Scott: Bye, sob :(
ron: night Rich
Daniel B: sorry for the too technical discussion
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel B: bonsoir Rich
rich-c left chat session
ron: that's why we're supposed to be here really
Scott: True.
ron: we digress..... a lot
Scott: Dan: Would like to help you with your 3D game, if I can
Daniel B: yes, but the top 10 questions here are about healt, weather and politics.
Daniel B: and also languages
Scott: Ha!
ron: :) right
Daniel B: Well Scott, why not continuing this discussion by email? I'm falling asleep.
Scott: That was actually the first time I ever really spoke to Pam
Scott: Yes, agreed.
Scott: Need some shuteye myself.
Scott: Bye all.
ron: yeah, where you guys are it's later
ron: nite sleep well
Daniel B: Actually, the 3d part is virtually done, only the game engine is not decided yet.
Scott: No, actually it's only 9:15 here
ron: you're on Central
Scott: No, MST
ron: nol... mountain
Daniel B: so 3d cave is virtually done for the 3d part.
Scott: Hope to make it back to EST
Scott: That's great.
Daniel B: good night Scott, Ron!
Scott: Send me some screenshots.
ron: nite all
ron: I go
Scott: Night.
ron: Law and Order is on
ron: :)
ron left chat session
Scott: Later, Dan
Daniel B: later scott
Scott left chat session
Daniel B left chat session
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