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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi Dad
rich-c: hi Pam, you're on early toonight
Pamela: well, I got everything done on time for a change
rich-c: isn't often you're the first aboard
Pamela: of course, I still have six loads of laundry to put away, but . . .
rich-c: heavens! the age of miracles has not yet passed ; - )
Pamela: glad to have made your night.
Pamela: How are things?
rich-c: there is always a load of laundry to be put away - even if you didn't do any
Pamela: well, i just finished putting away the last four loads last night - figured it was time for some different colours
rich-c: oh, saw Dr. Santo yesterday - he told me to watch the USGP on tv but vacation travel is OK
Pamela: well thats good - but where is the USGP?
rich-c: he thinks that tumble I took in February was a symptomn of peripheral vascular dystrophy
rich-c: that's not enough blood flow to teh parts that stick out
Pamela: well that would make a certain amount of sense
rich-c: it's at Indianapolis - they have a course in the infield
rich-c: yes, it would also explain why I'm so sensitive to cold
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Pamela: yes it would
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: he thinks the long walk into the course plus the long stair climb might be too much
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: and if I should have to carry heavy stuff or allow for rain, forget it
rich-c: hi Harvie, how's it going?
Harvie: Incredibly average :)
Pamela: greetings Harvie - sorry, I was cleaning my mousepad
rich-c: do you think we might have a spring this year?
Pamela: how is Arthur-itis this evening?
Harvie: Next monday
rich-c: well, if you got an optical mouse, Pam, you wouldnt have to worry
Pamela: I have an optical mouse Dad
Harvie: Artie is ok for about an hour max
Pamela: it's not what's on the eye that's the problem, it's what's on the mousepad and the feet of the mouse
rich-c: that's a pretty narrow window of opportunity, Harvie
Pamela: and spring must be coming soon Dad - all the windows in here are open and I'm not freezing my tush off
rich-c: well, on our errands today I was able to back off the heater a bit
Harvie: After an hour things start to throb, have to have a very short walk
Pamela: I was outside in my fleece today and fine with it, despite the wind
rich-c: does that relieve it then, Harvie?
Harvie: Helps the knees a bit
Pamela: I guess the question becomes Harvie, can you walk and type at the same time?
rich-c: yes, I think I'll be able to switch to my fleece sweater soon too
Harvie: I don't think so Pam
Pamela: gotta love polar fleece - I'd like to shake the hand of the inventor -him and Post It notes
rich-c: I gather just stretching them and moving them isnt enough?
rich-c: well the guy who invented post-it notes is well known
Harvie: After the short walk I like to get them up for a while
Pamela: I'd still like to shake his hand
Pamela: talk about things I use every day
rich-c: you could likely find his email address and send him a thank-you
Pamela: all I have to do is wend my way through the maze at 3M
rich-c: then Harvie what you have is a cramping and stiffness that moves into pain?
rich-c: that's what google is for - search post-it
Harvie: Stiffness
rich-c: that's almost more like muscle cramping than arthritis, in the description
rich-c: mind you, the two can go together - I know
Pamela: when does James leave Japan?
Harvie: The stiffness is from inflamation of the tendons
rich-c: Pam, did I send you the URL for the screen cleaner?
Pamela: yes, and I got my screen duly cleaned. It only took 10 minutes to load : (
rich-c: right - I forget, what are you doing for the inflaamation?
rich-c: trust you passe3d it on to those who would appreciate it
Harvie: Sometimes aspirin
Pamela: I will.
rich-c: there is more effective stuff, Harvie - have you discussed it with your doctor?
rich-c: I'd suggest Erin and Kimberly, for starters
Harvie: Pam, did you get your memory problem fixed?
Pamela: I haven't even tried yet Harvie - been too busy
rich-c: if she waita a little long the computer will die of old age and make the whole thing moot
Pamela: these days I'm lucky if I get at the computer once a week
Pamela: there is that consideration too Dad : )
rich-c: sheesh - your mother and I are trying to get away from it occasionally
Harvie: rich, He said medication only masks the pain and encourages you to do more damage
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rich-c: I;ve heard that hteory - but I'm not sure my doctor would agree
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hello Rich
Pamela: greetings Rich
Dr.D.: Hi all.
Pamela: you're home, awake and here - how did that happen?
Dr.D.: Only here for a bit...long night ahead, have to write a lecture for tomorrow :-(
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.D.: Probably won't finish until about 4 AM :-(
Dr.D.: Small turnout, looks like.
Pamela: so far, anyway
rich-c: it's early yet, don't fuss it
Harvie: High traffic last week
rich-c: yes, but it took a while to develop and some didn
Dr.D.: I was busy then, too. Wednesday night is like my worst night of the week this semester.
rich-c: t come in until others had left
Pamela: besides, if I want to sleep tonite, I'll have to take off early to put my laundry away
Dr.D.: I have lecture class Tuesday and Thursday, but 2 3-hour labs with half-hour prep each on Wednesday.
Dr.D.: Plus lab Tuesday I hardly get to work on stuff for Thursday during normal working hours.
Dr.D.: Tomorrow I have to spend the evening at the Theta Chi chapter at Kent State University.
Pamela: does it always take that long to write a lecture?
Dr.D.: So I am going to have a long day...
Harvie: Keeps boredom at bay I'll bet
Dr.D.: Yes, when I am teaching something that I have to relearn after 25 years.
Dr.D.: I could do with boredom, Harvie.
rich-c: the first year teaching any ciourse is a killer, Pam - even for kindergarten
Dr.D.: Anatomy was a review, physiology has been major relearning.
Dr.D.: I am struggling to stay ahead of the class.
rich-c: lesson planning is - well, a challenge
Dr.D.: This class was invented from scratch, new book, new syllabus, new everything.
Harvie: Show reruns of CSI :)
Dr.D.: ha
Dr.D.: Christina would like that
rich-c: when I was teaching classes I spent far more time on prep than I did doing lessons
Dr.D.: 6 hours prep for 75-minute lecture this semester :-(
Pamela: good Lord!
Dr.D.: And I have little of this lecture written...hence the 4 AM estimated time of finishing.
rich-c: that sounds about right, Rich
Dr.D.: You try giving a coherent talk on something totally new for that long, Pam :-)
Pamela: do you actually get through all of your material in that period?
Pamela: no thanks : )
Dr.D.: Usually...sometimes I guess wrong (always on the too-much side).
rich-c: aside to Harvie: my arthritis pain was kept fairly well under control with Arthotec
Pamela: is this a first year class?
rich-c: it's a prescription NSAID easier on the plumbing but good on inflammation
Dr.D.: It's a junior/senior level class.
Dr.D.: So I can't BS my way through anything, they are sharp, mostly pre-meds.
rich-c: didn't realize how good till I had to give it up a week before my surgery - that was the worst part of the operation
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: c'est moi!
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
rich-c: bon nuit, Daniel
Pamela: do you actually write / read the lecture word for word, or point form it?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Harvie: The pain is Mother Natures way of saying Whoa Boy
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: comment ca va a Ste.Foy?
Dr.D.: I write out mostly what I will write on the blackboard.
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Dr.D.: I have to put all the details in or I will forget them.
Dr.D.: I have not been doing this so long that I have it all totally memorized.
Daniel Bienvenu: À ste-Foy, la neige fond doucement.
Dr.D.: And I never use PowerPoint, thank goodness, that would add another 6 hours to it.
rich-c: very true, Harvie, but don't play hero - that';s what my surgeon said
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam! Hi Harvie!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dr.D
Pamela: what is the goal at the end of the semester then?
rich-c: we have not had much snow lately, so some significant melting has taken place
Dr.D.: That they be exposed to all of human physiology at the almost-med-school level.
Dr.D.: Every organ system...emphasis on neuro, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and endocrine.
rich-c: I assume you mean a once-over-;ightly of all major systems?
Dr.D.: Tomorrow is the one lecture on the immune system.
Pamela: and how does physiology differ from anatomy - identification vs function?
Dr.D.: No, once over in great detail.
Dr.D.: Anatomy is the names of structures.
Dr.D.: Physiology is how they work.
rich-c: I'm surprised you can get that done in 150 hours a week
rich-c: sorry - 150 minuteeds
Dr.D.: It feels like 150 hours.
Dr.D.: I have to cover 2 textbook chapters per lecture, about 30-60 pages.
rich-c: or do expect them to read a textbook a week in addition?
rich-c: in heavyweight scince? that is seriously tough
Dr.D.: It is, yes.
Dr.D.: But med school is worse.
rich-c: so I have heard; you just get them conditioned, is that it?
Dr.D.: I am not abusing them on purpose. They have to know a ton all at once in med school, there is just no escaping it.
rich-c: oh, that's understood
Dr.D.: And molecular biology advances over the last 20 years have pushed anatomy/physiology aside...but the molecular stuff doesn't help you diagnose/treat stuff as well as traditional anatomy/physiology.
Dr.D.: Most of the molecular stuff just drives new drug design.
rich-c: by the time they're out practicing, an 80-hour week will feel like a vacation
Dr.D.: haha
Dr.D.: Anyways...I need to sleep at least a couple hours tonight, so I think I will say sayonara.
Pamela: probably a good plan Rich
rich-c: yes, if you don't know what/s going on in there, 6you can't treat it even if treatment is available
Dr.D.: Good night, all. Sleep some for me :-)
rich-c: OK Rich, take care, see you next week
Harvie: Happy trails Doc
Pamela: good luck getting it written.
Pamela: Gnite.
Dr.D.: It will get done, it has to.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: hey, he's gone, I'm still here
rich-c: wonder if that's Firefox or Dale fixing the program?
Pamela: what were you saying about the age of miracles Dad?
Harvie: Firefox or IE?
rich-c: actually I haven't been dropped since I started using Firefosx - well, maybe once
rich-c: I still use IE a lot because Firefox makes password handling so awkward
rich-c: and they didn't improve things with the new 1.0.5 upgrade
rich-c: getting the setting right and the look right isn't easy
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm quiet, I know... but it's not because I'm not there, but I received messages to answer.
rich-c: and I still haven't learned to use tabs
Pamela: you'll have to show me Dad
Pamela: I've never seen Firefox
rich-c: yes, this would be a good night for you to hold forth, Daniel - less competiton
Pamela: it's gotten awfully quiet all of a sudden
rich-c: Harvie, have you heard of a new browser called Phaseout?
Harvie: That's a new one on me
rich-c: It's a tabbed browser, and I believe a freebie
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using FireFox for about 3 months now. I uninstalled Netscape and Mozilla and I keeped Firefox.
rich-c: take a look at - I'm not sure if it's a www. or just http://
Daniel Bienvenu: And I found why firefox crash on my computer, it's a well-konw problem with the ocx file by macromedia.
rich-c: well, Netscape is just Firefox with a bunch of spyware added, using a different name
Harvie: I'll look later (weekend) if I remember
Pamela: well gents, I think I'm going to hit the road - I still have to put my laundry away, and I'm zoning
Pamela: an early bedtime won't hurt me
rich-c: OK daughter, take care, see you
Pamela: g'nite Daddy, I'll call in the next few days
Pamela: night Harvie, Daniel
Harvie: Goodnight Pam
rich-c: ok - have a good sleep (for a change)
Pamela: Say hi to anyone I miss
Pamela: I will Dad. I'm outta here.
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: how come you don't use IE, Daniel?
Harvie: He is too wise
Daniel Bienvenu: I still need IE... windows update works only with this one
rich-c: just don't like it, is that it? or prefer tabbed browsing?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Firefox is good compromise between Mozilla and IE.
Daniel Bienvenu: Firefox don't use the same special keys than mozilla to be more IE compliant
rich-c: Firefox is just a development of Mozilla, a little lessdemanding interface, I gather
Harvie: IE = hijack prone, nonstandard implementation of web standards
Daniel Bienvenu: do you know the popular BBS in php (forums)?
rich-c: well, I keep IE right up to dsate (all updates) and have about four layers of protection
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it works better under IE than Mozilla
Daniel Bienvenu: starnge knmowing php is not microsoft
rich-c: yes, a number of the BBSs I use, are using php
rich-c: it's actually open source meant originally for Unix, isn't it?
Harvie: But the site maintainer probably uses Ms server
rich-c: aren't Unix servers still far more popular?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes unix-like still popular
Harvie: Linux and Unix, yes
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I believe Mozilla is simply an earlier draft of Firefox, in effect
rich-c: are you saying, Daniel, that Macromedia Flash programs can crash Firefox?
Harvie: Mozilla is a suite like app, Firefox and Thunderbird are modules
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice that Firefox is starting and running much faster than Mozilla
rich-c: right - so Mozilla being more memory consumptive would run slower
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried the free antivirus software I talked last time and... my verdict is don't try it.
rich-c: which one is that, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: asvast.. i think
Daniel Bienvenu: avast?
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway
rich-c: OK, I have AVG on my laptop and Anti-Vir on my desktop, but haven't tried Avast
rich-c: I think of the pair I have AVG may be a little easier to get on with, but the jury is still out
Harvie: AVG protected my system by locking the Windows system files, prompting a re-install
Daniel Bienvenu: two bad things about avast : using too much disk space, and can bug by trying to uncompress archives (in windows/temp) and do an infinite loop.
rich-c: really? I have never heard of any such misadventures - you must have something rally strange
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changed username to Scott
Scott: Hi guys
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Scott!
Scott: Need to get food for the dogs
Scott: Be back in a minute...
rich-c: hello Scott - how's Colorado today?
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw your message telling us you fix the problem
Harvie: I found the best anti-virus protection is Linux
rich-c: yes, if there aren't many viruses written the chances of infection have to be lower
rich-c: some claim open source means it's easier to spot and meet a virus challenge
rich-c: or at lest clean up the mess afterwards
rich-c: but it also means all the script kiddies can keep probing it
Daniel Bienvenu: it's easier to find faillure or security problem... but it's valid for both sides.
Scott: I'm back
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again scott
Scott: Yes, I fixed that little issue
Scott: Thanks for pointing it out.
Scott: I'm also reviewing TFS
rich-c: once Linus gets popular enouigh, I suspect it's going to get a plague of viruses too
Harvie: That's true, but also Linux has users and administraters (root), if you run as a user malware can only hurt your home partition
Scott: The extract from ROM/Save to ROM needs some work
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't test with rom yet
Scott: I didn't really touch it in the last 2 weeks of development
Daniel Bienvenu: today, i programmed a windows application in vb5 to do screen mode 3 screens.
Scott: I put off the file I/O until last
Harvie: That is a misconception rich
Scott: Interesting. Don't remember what mode 3 is. Multicolor mode?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, very big pixels
Daniel Bienvenu: the screen is like a 64x48 pixels image
Scott: The only graphics mode I'm really interested in is mode 2.
Scott: I don't touch the rest.
Scott: Perhaps I'll dabble around with the VDP some more.
rich-c: I've heard both sides in my newsletters, Harvie, but no real information yet
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, the very interresting one is mode 2 and I adapted my icvgm software for it in the version 3.
Scott: So what is this meeting you're going to?
Scott: CCVG or something or other?
Harvie: A virus can only operate in Linux if you explicitly tell it to
Scott: Lakers lost last night, BTW, life is good!
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a meeting where video games collectors (mostly classic gamers) exchange, trade, buy and sell video games/game systems and also computers.
Scott: Interesting. Any development?
Scott: Or stictly collectors?
rich-c: I am sure some ingenious hacker will find a way to bugger things up 8 = (
Daniel Bienvenu: it's CCJVQ for Club des Collectionneurs de Jeux Vidéos du Québec (Quebec Video Games Collectors Club)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, there are 4 coleco programmers in the club. :-)
Scott: Cool. When TFS is ready, I'll send each a copy on CD
Harvie: Well , my hour is up, I must go, Goodnight all
Scott: Obviously, much work still needs to be done on TFS!
Scott: Some of the functionality that I want is there.
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: night Harvie - easy on those knees
Scott: Wow, quiet night!
Scott: Or am I too late?
Daniel Bienvenu: My software ICVGM was not done in one day. Take time!
Daniel Bienvenu: you are not too late.
Scott: And I still have The Animation Studio to develop.
Scott: Ouch!
Daniel Bienvenu: it was a quiet night
Scott: Will be burning the midnight oil!
Daniel Bienvenu: comparing to the previous chat session
Scott: It's never a quiet night while I'm here.
rich-c: yes, Pam has come and gone, and Rich, and Bob hasn't shown, and Ron isn't due yet, nor Guy
Scott: Right, Rich?
Scott: Ron's moving, right?
Scott: So Dan, what is your initial impression to TFS?
rich-c: yes, on April 15th, apparently
rich-c: want some old computers?
Scott: Sucks? Needs work? Alright? Good? Great???
Scott: Old computers?
rich-c: he has a basement full adn no basement to take them to in the new place
Scott: Coleco ADAM computers?
Daniel Bienvenu: my impression? well, it's good, but I still prefer my own software for now.
rich-c: I think he was talking about handing out a couple
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
rich-c: they are still salable but he doesn't want to make his maiden excursion on eBay right now
rich-c: hi Guy, wondering when you'd show up
Scott: Yeah, it is quite different than yours. I would also prefer the tool that I developed since I know its limitations
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! Effective this past Monday. I got promoted.
Scott: Congratulations, Guy
Scott: And, hi!
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel Bienvenu: But your "to do" list is very interresting. the final version should be my prefered tool in the future.
Guy B.: Wow, only four of us tonight? Where has everyone gone to?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think they all gone to bad, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. to bed! :-P
Scott: TFS will integrate completely with The Animation Studio, so it will get interesting.
rich-c: don't know where Bob is, Ron's not here yet, Pam and Rich have come and gone
Scott: Yeah, the TO DO list keeps growing.
Scott: The core functionality is present, but there's a lot more that it should do.
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Scott: Such as grab fonts/sprites from images
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, the screen mode 3 editor I'm doing only need a way to export data to C and ASM for developpers. that's all.
changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: it was a one-day developing project.
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Scott: Wow, then you're pretty close to being do.
Ron: Hi all
Ron: Sorry to be late, but had to attend to some action on the house
rich-c: ah Ron, here at last
Scott: The ASM source code was a breeze to develop.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron
rich-c: I think Scott wants to ask you about used Adams
Scott: Surprising that the GUI design eats up a lot of time
Ron: Hi Daniel
Ron: Guy B.
Scott: I can only imagine how long it would take to develop in Java
Scott: My GUI design for each font set changed several times
Scott: I actually revamped it quite a bit in the last two weeks.
Scott: Oh yes, hi Ron
Ron: Hi Scott
Scott: One feature that I wanted to add was the ability to download fontsets directly from TFS
Scott: Perhaps store font sets directly into a database
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Scott: Need to think it through some more.
Scott: I am quite pleased with Visual Basic, though. A very good prototyping tool
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changed username to james
Scott: Definitely has its use.
Ron: Guiness is good
james: hi, not here for long
james: how is everyone?
Ron: Hi James
Scott: Hi James.
Guy B.: Hi James
Ron: You're here for a good time, not a long time
Scott: How are your ColecoVision/ADAM projects going?
rich-c: btw, gentlemen, I expect to miss Saturday's chat - Sebring race is on, and GP of Malaysia
rich-c: good morning, james
james: it's all i can do to keep up with my regular work
Scott: How's Japan, my friend?
Daniel Bienvenu: saturday, it's the ccjvq meeting
rich-c: maybe I should have saved it for toimorrow, Ron
Scott: Daniel: Are you still planning to finish that 3D ColecoVision game?
james: wet but better than what we had
rich-c: but I've got errands in the afternoon and early evening, so it isn't discreet
james: got 60cm of snow here on the weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: with the editor scrn mode 3 I'm doing, I will be able to do one of my "to do" projects.
Ron: ah well..... that's your call my son
Daniel Bienvenu: the 3d game is based on screen mode 3...
Scott: I am contemplating doing Dragon Master in Flash, then porting a version to ColecoVision.
rich-c: hey, that's about two feet - all at once?
james: yup. started friday night and finished sunday night
Scott: Ahh! Ok, gotcha then. Mulicolor mode + sprites, right? Should be interesting...
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james, i can't chat with you saturday
rich-c: that's a real dump, james - make you fell like Ottawa?
Ron: merry Christmas
james: we get dumped on here like that a lot in the winter, sometimes more
Daniel Bienvenu: yes scott, the monsters in the cave will be sprites.
james: it's mostly gone now though. 2 or 3 days of temps above 10 with sun and rain have cleared almost all of it
rich-c: I guess our news media are deficient - we never hear about your blizzards
Scott: That's an original way of using Multicolor mode.
Scott: Should work fairly well.
rich-c: but then they didn't cath that 90-car Interstate pileupo over by Bob last week either
Scott: How's the graphics at 64 X 48?
james: ok, case is having a tantrum, i should go
Scott: Pretty blocky?
rich-c: OK james, take it easy, come back soon
james: he'd better outgrow this soon or he might not be with us for his 4th birthday
james: a year of this shit is more than enough
Ron: see ya J
Scott: Bye!
rich-c: they do, but I can't offer advice
james: ttys, sorry to be so brief
Daniel Bienvenu: In theory, in full-screen, the game can do 30 fps rendering, but it's too fast for nothing.
james: *poof* i'll try to come back if he calms down
Daniel Bienvenu: bye James
james left chat session
Scott: Wow, 30 FPS. Really?
Scott: 24 FPS should be more than enough?
Ron: brb
Scott: Perhaps a little choppy at film camera rate?
Scott: Ron - Don't go!!!
Scott: ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: NTSC 60 refresh per second. and my function should be able to show a new frame at each 2 refresh.
Daniel Bienvenu: but, it's too fast for nothing
Scott: That's pretty smooth. How much can you pack into a 32K ROM?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will probably do a 10 fps
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changed username to BobS
Scott: Hi, Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob
BobS: Hi guys and gals
BobS: ok, no gals
Scott: We were just talking about you ;)
rich-c: about time you got here, Bob - james, Rich , Pam and Harvie have already come and gone
BobS: I know, I am late, but at tleast I made it
Scott: We'll beat you later!
rich-c: we will give you credit for that - trust you have a good excuse ; - )
Guy B.: Hi Bob. To those of you who missed when I came on. I got promoted effective on Monday.
BobS: COOL Guy
Scott: You are the man...
BobS: yes, went out w/ family for Judy's belated b-day
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Scott: $BIG MONEY$
Scott: My performance review is tommorrow
Scott: The chat room has SLLLOOOOWWWWEEEEDDD down...
Scott: Uh, oh, overload!
rich-c: back to normal - dumped again!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Bob
Bob: got dumped
rich-c: anyway, Guy, maybe now my congratulations on the promotioin will get through
Guy B.: Ron, just got through reading about those floppies you have. What do you have on them?
rich-c: me too Bob - what did you do to us? ;-)
Bob: good stuff!!!!!!
Scott: Well guys, I gotta go do some homework. After the homework, I'll get back to programming TFS!
Bob: not me mon
Scott: Have a good evening...
Bob: well be good Scott
Guy B.: Bye Scott.
Scott left chat session
Bob: nite nite
rich-c: night Scott - don't forget teh disc drive
Bob: good luck richard
Bob: I think Scott has a real bunch of unorganized boxes so far
rich-c: well, I'll keep reminding him
Bob: that'll do
rich-c: bout all I can do
Bob: so......what did I miss??????
rich-c: not a great deal, actually - chit chat, discussions of Firefox, that sort of stuff
Bob: ah..........thas ok
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: Dr. D. was explaining why his appearances are short these days
Bob: oh oh
rich-c: well, he has significant workload
Bob: he is BUSY.......wid a capital B
rich-c: he is in effect a first-year tqacher
rich-c: been there, done that, so I can sympathize
Bob: and they are piling the workj on
rich-c: undefined, if you want to give yourself a name, click on edit
Bob: ya and then what?
rich-c: well, as he pointed out, 60 minuts of class is six hours of prep
Bob: probably at the first crack at ti
Bob: will get easier as time goes om
rich-c: in the first year you have no lesson plans or lecture notes or handouts, have to prepare them all
(Bob gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Bob: nice, eh???
rich-c: easy there, Bob - I'm already working on my first one - and it isn't St. Paddy's Day for another 80 minutes!
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at Bob.)
rich-c: ya tryin to make a drunk of me?
Ron: back
Ron: Hi Bob
Bob: oh yes...don't want you to get ahead of your own self
Bob: HI Ron
Bob: what do ya meand back........ never left, eh?
Ron: had to do an e-mail to my brother and sis re the house
rich-c: got an offer?
Bob: ah, sold it did ya?????? or still waiting???
Ron: yes, but......
Bob: but, but
Ron: too low
Ron: maybe I'll counter
Bob: bummer, talk them UP
rich-c: with offers, yes, buts- are S.O.P.
Ron: ??
Ron: S.O.P.
rich-c: the market these days, if your price is fair, you'll get a bidding war
rich-c: standard operating procedure - thought a good bureaucrat would know that ; - )
Ron: haven't actually put it on the market yet..... there have been people coming to the door
Ron: never heard that one Rich
Bob: well they should be truly interestd than
rich-c: I'd read that as a sign when you do formally offer it you'll get inundated
rich-c: sign the offer back to them about $50 K over what the place is worth
Ron: think so. Pretty hot around here right now
Ron: Trying to do "Sale by Owner" and I'm not at all comfortable with the process
rich-c: tell me about it - that monument to execrable taste next door to us is listed at $1.1 million
Ron: but then, I've been uncomfortable before
rich-c: suspect if you apply yourself "Sale by owner" will work better for you
rich-c: but get a good lawyer and talk to him ahead of time
Ron: Yes, like to the tune of about 12 grand
rich-c: at least and maybe more
Ron: Oh well..... it will all work out. Will see my legal guy tomorrow
Bob: good advice there
rich-c: gather then you already have your lawyer chosen, and consulted - you should be fine then
Ron: hell no........ I haven't had a chance to consult yet...... Like I just got the probate papers last week.
rich-c: oh, OK - just know where you are and don't let anyone push you
Ron: But yes, the lawyer I'll be dealing with has done other things for both Mom and I
Ron: exactly Rich.
rich-c: right, and remember folks assume that "sale by owner" means you're not in the market for lowballs and haggling
Ron: ok... point noted
Ron: Sister Steph has the business head in the family
Ron: I tend to give away the shop
Guy B.: Ok folks. Got to run. I'm working this Saturday and will be helping Karen with an job application online. So, I'll see you all next week.
Ron: Niters Guy. Be well
rich-c: better get her deeply involved then - gives a good excuse for stalling, too - "gotta consult with the others"
Bob: nite Guy
rich-c: nite, Guy, Be good.
Ron: exactly. I've already used it
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: that's OK, it wears well
rich-c: oh, Ron, I have another little joke to send you
rich-c: this time don't reply though - Frances read the incoming with the last one and was not amused
Bob: oops
rich-c: quite - she never looks at the outgoing
Ron: oh..... my apologies
rich-c: I survived (if barely) ; - )
rich-c: anyhow, bedtime here, folks - see you next Wednesday
rich-c: good night, all
Ron: Coke
Ron: night Rich
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Ron: who's undefined?
Ron: Bob you still there?
Ron: Nite all
Ron left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-03-16
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