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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie and Bob
BobS: hi guys
Harvie: Hello folks
BobS: thought i was gonna be onely I was
BobS: lonely
rich-c: you two came in "together"
BobS: actually, i was here and nobody else and then you and 2 undefined....
rich-c: no, I am almost always here at 9 on the nose
BobS: so who knows who got here
rich-c: you didn't show as here when I came in, Bob
BobS: storm coming and maybe the lines here are wcrewed up..........
BobS: gonna be a BIG one they say
BobS: lightning out right now
rich-c: you have a problem with your internet connection in stormy weather?
BobS: w/ storms coming soon
BobS: could be, show knows what the phone lines do sometimes
Harvie: I likely won't be staying too long, (tired)
rich-c: must be something not coming this far north
rich-c: been a tough day, has it, Harvie?
BobS: was supposed to go s of us too ,b ut now the storms are n of us about 2 hours
Harvie: Yup, too many hours
rich-c: what sort of job, Harv?
rich-c: brb
Harvie: Had to go to Midland to iron wrinkles out of a new pumping station
rich-c: that's a fair drive up and back - about 320 KM round trip, I'd guess
rich-c: @bob, yes, the storm warning is between you and Big Rapids, and the watch ends just north of there
Harvie: Something like that , last Wed. had to go to Kingston
BobS: radar shows we will get it too, just a little later
rich-c: you can see it on the NOAA website
BobS: heck it is on tv all ngt
rich-c: Kingston? that's another fair trip
BobS: special marine warnings now from bottom of lake halfway to Mackinaw bridge
rich-c: yes, I noticed
Harvie: 400 miles round trip
rich-c: miles or km? that sounds a little high to me
Harvie: Miles
rich-c: of course, you leave from Brampton and just crossing Toronto is a passel of miles
Harvie: Anyway, just stopped in to say howdy, batten down thw hatches Bob
BobS: will do Harvie. thindering now
BobS: thundering
rich-c: I had it pegged at about 320 miles round trip but that may be city limit to city limit
Harvie: Hide under the bed :)
rich-c: right, Harvie, thanks for dropping by
rich-c: take care and have a good rest
Harvie: Goodnight
rich-c: nite
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: unfortunately, our weather radar doesn't extend quite to your area, Bob
rich-c: or, wait a minute, let me look
rich-c: no, it's actually based in London and covers maybe to Flint at most
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changed username to Pamela
changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: hi, daughter
Daniel B: it's just me
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: Hi, Bob, Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: slow day so far
rich-c: not sure Bob is still with us, there's a nasty6 storm in his area
Pamela: oooooh
Daniel B: hello Rich, Pam and Bob
BobS: Hi Pam, daniel
rich-c: ah, he';s alive!
BobS: was talking on the cell and outdoors
rich-c: came out from under the bed, did you ; - )
BobS: watching the lightning
Pamela: Dad, tell Mom I got her e-mail re: Aunt Cynthia and I'll discuss it with her tomorrow night
rich-c: first serious thunderstorm of the year?
Daniel B: thunderstorm? too cold here for that.
BobS: yup first one and SHOW SPRING IS HERE
rich-c: we aren't scheduled for any for a bit yet - and Daniel will likely have to wait till July 8 - )
Daniel B: no, june! :-P
BobS: :-)
(BobS smiles)
Pamela: heck, we've had our first t-storm already - in February
rich-c: Pam, your mother talker to Cynthis twice today - unpanic, everything is under control
Pamela: I wasn't panicking, don't worry
rich-c: oh yea, but that was just a flash or tow - we're talking serious thunderstorms here, Pam
rich-c: how is the temperature running up your way, Daniel?
BobS: LOVE IT.....was waiting and waiting for spring to get here
Pamela: our last couple of days have been beautiful
Daniel B: just above 32F
rich-c: we're still into maple syrup weather, warminsh days, below freezing nights
BobS: tired Judy says ........... HI
rich-c: we're ~50F as a high over this week
Daniel B: Hi tired Judy!
Pamela: hey Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Pamela: I can deal - especially when I can go outside without a jacket and stand in the sun
Pamela: took my jacket to work today, didn't even bring it out of the car
BobS: she is crocheting (that how it is spelled ????? )
Pamela: yes
rich-c: well, I'm not up to that yet, but at least I don't need the full ski jacket, just polar fleece cardigan
BobS: yes we had 73* F today and it was nice short sleeve weather
BobS: but will be colder thru the end of the week
Pamela: I usually wear two layers to work because I never know how warm or cold it will be in the office on any given day
rich-c: mmummph - you deserve a thunderstorm, then
Pamela: yesterday, it was 25C in the office - had my jacket off, my shoes off, and a fan blowing
rich-c: yes - btw Pam, the Star now has a new more detailed weather report
Pamela: that would be great if I ever read the paper Dad
rich-c: they not only give the measured temperature, they calculate what it feels like
rich-c: yes, well that's close on 80F so you're entitled to feel warm
Pamela: much cooler today, but we didn't have as much sun this morning, and they've turned off the foyer heater so reception isn't getting as much heat
Pamela: much more tolerable today
Daniel B: I will check if james is online
rich-c: sounds like comes high summer you're going to give the air conditioning a real workout
Daniel B: just a minute
Pamela: James is here in Toronto, Daniel - he won't be online tonite
rich-c: he is? I knew he was coming but forget the exact day
BobS: ah james is on "walkabout"
Pamela: in fact, he should be checking into the hotel any minute now
Daniel B: yes! I forgot...
BobS: I thought it was during summer
rich-c: if he has a computer with him, he could even join us yet
Pamela: well once the building A/C is on Dad it won't be a problem
BobS: ONY if he can get an isp
rich-c: unless they get it too cold, as does happen
Pamela: I doubt he'll be in any shape to get online - remember, he's shepherding four teenage girls around
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rich-c: some hotels have connections, don't know how they work
changed username to mobile Ron
mobile Ron: HEY
Pamela: Hey Ron, you're early
rich-c: greetings Ron - you in Edmonchuk again?
BobS: "ron on the run"
mobile Ron: what's time?
rich-c: 9.36 here
BobS: a mere figment of your imagination
mobile Ron: nope. I'm sitting in a park in Courtenay overlooking the bay
Pamela: it's the commodity by which we live, remember?
BobS: ah COOL
mobile Ron: don't know whose server I'm using, but it seems to be fairly close by
Pamela: nice of them : )
rich-c: when did you get the wireless, Ron?
mobile Ron: I'm expecting the cops to roll up any minute
mobile Ron: have had it for some time Rich.... probably about 6 months or so
BobS: and you are hitching a ride on a system..........
rich-c: just haven't been using it on the chats?
mobile Ron: Anyway, If I fade out at any point, I'll know they're onto me
Pamela: so give us a word picture Ron -what do you see?
mobile Ron: right Rich
BobS: how's the weather in Courtenay??????
rich-c: yes, most wireless LANs are totally unprotected and anyone can climb aboard, apparently
mobile Ron: actually sometimes I sit up in the living room
BobS: nice and warm?????
mobile Ron: base station is in the snakepit
BobS: just locked mine down (via doug) last when I goto the bank, I am not "out there"
mobile Ron: ok with a jacket.....just sitting here enjoying the view and munching on Subway
rich-c: which reminds me, how is the sale/move going?
BobS: good mon
Pamela: good idea, Bob
mobile Ron: The tide is out - way out
mobile Ron: back to square 1 on the house. My offer and I couldn't come to terms
rich-c: sure it isn't a tsunami? no shaking earlier or anything?
mobile Ron: Ya win some, ya lose some
Pamela: that sucks, Ron
mobile Ron: hmmmm....nope..... not yet tsunami
Pamela: so does that mean you've lost the deal on the condo too?
rich-c: that's OK, you are under no pressure to move
BobS: those fast kind of dealas are usually not the one Ron
mobile Ron: I know Pam. I'd forgotten how much I hate playing this game
mobile Ron: Don't think the guy was really interested
BobS: UNLESS he could steal it
mobile Ron: yeah
mobile Ron: Ain't givin' it away
rich-c: opportunist, hoped the old fart wouldn't have kept up with the market
mobile Ron: He was a licensed real estate agent
rich-c: I think by the time we sell, the bidding will start at half a million
BobS: so he was NOT a buyer, but a fast buck boy
rich-c: probably reads all the obits and makes his bucks scamming widows and orphans who don't know what it's worth
mobile Ron: Son Jeff says if we took this house and put it in Burnaby where he is, it would be over a million
BobS: that is probably more true than not Richard
Pamela: hindsight is 20/20 Dad - perhaps you should have made a deal with Alice and bought Rita's house
mobile Ron: I would say so Bob. He was after a place to rent out
rich-c: is he talking lot size or house itself?
mobile Ron: lot size
rich-c: fairly big lot, then
BobS: hey.......Ron has a mighty nice pad there, we were there you know........heck it covers half the island
mobile Ron: it's something like 2/3 acre
mobile Ron: give or take
rich-c: sorry - dimensions l x w?
mobile Ron: :) right Bob
mobile Ron: well measured that way, it comes out to about 2400 sq feet
rich-c: I'm not good at visualizing fractional acres
mobile Ron: 1200 per floor
mobile Ron: Hell, I don't know
rich-c: that's the house; I was thinking of the lot
BobS: the lot........a LOT of lot too
rich-c: I think we run about 8 houses an acre here - say six lots, here, you'd be looking at $2 - 2.5 million
BobS: it si not a city size type lot, but a large suburb lot
mobile Ron: It's about 160 feet across the front, and down one side, b ut it has a section cut out of it on the other side. Kinda like an L shape
mobile Ron: thought my server had dropped off... but still there
rich-c: our lots are 45 x 120
Pamela: don't be too modest, Bob - your house and property are mighty huge too
rich-c: and they are asking $1.1 million next door to us
mobile Ron: high density Toronto
BobS: Ron....your lot maybe like 150x 200 ??????
Pamela: how much????????!!!!!!!!!!3
Pamela: (Pamela's eyes bug out)
rich-c: at least that's what Elizabeth heard, and I believe it
mobile Ron: don't think it's 200 deep Bob, would have to look at the plan, but it runs in my mind it's 180 feet deep or something like that
Daniel B: sorry to be quiet, i received a question by email about adamem
rich-c: strictly a gamer, or someone with Adam interests too
mobile Ron: ya gotta take care of business Daniel
Pamela: has Mom gotten a look inside yet?
rich-c: peeked through teh front door Sunday, but that's it
Pamela: heck, we need an open house so we can gawk
BobS: anybody ever seen the COLECOVISION game SKIING????
BobS: telegames had it
Daniel B: the question is if he can use the adamem front-end at Marcel's site... because it says windows 95.
mobile Ron: Not I sir
rich-c: don't think we would go, we're too easy to recognize - send you in though (just park on the street) ; - )
Daniel B: he is using windows xp
Pamela: so what if you're easy to recognize - it's an open house for heaven's sake
BobS: some guy in Italy contacted me about it......I know have it.....but found that Teryy fowler does
rich-c: can't say I know of it, top of my head
Pamela: won't park on the street unless I have to Dad - too many idiots on your roads
BobS: my understanding is that XP is not dos based, therefore a lot of the Win95/98 do not work correctly if at all
rich-c: yes, but traffic on our block is very light these days
Pamela: Dad, do you not have a cart of Skiing? I seem to recall seeing it at some point in the dim, distant past
rich-c: I believe you're right Bob about it not being DOS based
rich-c: maybe I do, we can look for it later maybe
BobS: the ibm machines hae skiing but I dont' have it for the ADAM
rich-c: but I keep getting told that "moist" Win 9X programs will run under XP
BobS: as long as tghey do not require dos they should
rich-c: I imagine XP would be an even tougher sell than it is if it wouldn't respond to existing software
rich-c: but Daniel, I suspect only Marcel can answer your question for sure
rich-c: it does run under Unix, doesn't it?
Daniel B: so nobody tried the adamem front-end under windows xp?
BobS: try it you may like it !!!!!
BobS: not here
rich-c: concerning which, whre's Dr. D. when we need an answer?
Pamela: probably writing another lecture
rich-c: I imagine I will end up with XP when I buy a new laptop
Pamela: are you planning to get a brand new laptop Dad?
rich-c: sooner or later, Pam, yes
BobS: stick to what ya know.......
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changed username to mobile Ron
BobS: the only contact I have had w/ XP seems to indicate it is win95/98 but with somem annoying things to get around
BobS: Ron you BACK
mobile Ron: kill me will you
rich-c: yes, if it gets too uncomfortable, I can always put in my 98SE disc image of drive C
Pamela: lose your connection Ron?
BobS: which one
mobile Ron: no....battery died had to go to my inverter
BobS: ahso.........
mobile Ron: joys of modern technology
Pamela: those pesky batteries
Daniel B: can you rename yourself in the chat?
mobile Ron: So now I'll run down the car bat instead
rich-c: yes, Daniel
BobS: yes, goto EDIT then change your name
mobile Ron changed username to RoundRon
RoundRon: there
rich-c: use "change user name" under "edit"
Daniel B: so mobile ron is the one to kill
Pamela requested to ban mobile Ron
RoundRon: yup
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela: there
RoundRon confirmed ban
BobS: HOT DOG, he is still with us
Daniel B: 1..2.. test! :-)
RoundRon: great eh?
rich-c: neat solution, I admit
RoundRon: twilight
Pamela: and how do you just happen to have an inverter in the car?
RoundRon: tide is coming in...... there are all sorts of people out for their after supper walk
RoundRon: 'cause I'm a NERD Pamela
rich-c: nice to k ow these days someone besides me is falling off the board
RoundRon: unabashed
Pamela: forgive me, I know not what I was asking
RoundRon: :)
rich-c: I always thught you wre more the geeky type, Ron
BobS: inverter is a GREAT thing
RoundRon: indeed
BobS: love the thing
RoundRon: fer sure eh??
BobS: ya
rich-c: Bob - about the ctalogs
RoundRon: then my brother got me this little plastic tray dealie, that hooks onto the steering wheel and provides a place for my laptop
rich-c: Scott has also made interested noise but he isn't co ing to AC
Pamela: oh look, it's Erinspeak!
RoundRon: that anything like bafflegab?
rich-c: perhaps you should take the lot home, pick out the ones you need, send the rest to him (collect)
Pamela: no, just Erin's names for things - dealie etc
BobS: have Scott tell you what he wants and give it to him.........
RoundRon: oh.. I see
BobS: or that
BobS: O I C eh?
Pamela: bafflegab is exclusive to the gov't and the attorneys
RoundRon: civil servants
rich-c: well, you're senior and asked first (by a few minutes)
rich-c: besides, you can ship UPS from your place to his, I can
rich-c: 't
RoundRon: as in, "our objective is to maximize input from the multi-disciplinary team and obtain throughput to the output
RoundRon: "
BobS: true
Pamela: exactly
BobS: or slow boat postal service
RoundRon: I used to get paid to write like that
rich-c: if that's cheaper than UPS, by all means
Pamela: by the word???
RoundRon: yup
rich-c: no great issues stand or fall on when he gets them
Pamela: can you say "verbose"?
RoundRon: indeed
RoundRon: why use one word when 25 will do?
Pamela: I know, I used to write letters like that all the time. Takes far more words to be polite than to come to the point : (
rich-c: t'was ever thus
BobS: storms are bypassing us to the north kids !!!!!!
Pamela: Somehow, "take it or leave it" doesn't sound very customer service oriented
rich-c: Ron, will you still be meeting james and his crew somewhere?
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RoundRon: moving
changed username to Guy B.
RoundRon: whoops...
BobS: IF you can't give them the truth, baffle them with BS
rich-c: hello Guy, time you got here ; - )
Pamela: greetings Guy
Pamela: hoppy Easter
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!! Had some rough weather here tonight.
rich-c: yes, Bob is getting it now
Pamela: so Bob was telling us
RoundRon: won't be able to Rich.... am about 2 weeks away from moving, and about to put a for sale by owner sign in front of the house
BobS: suck it up bub and batten down the hatches
RoundRon: Hi Guy
rich-c: yes, that will put paid to travel for a few weeks
Guy B.: Abby and I just got in from our walk before the hail and the heavy rain came down.
Pamela: I'll bet Abby's impressed : )
BobS: HAIL ???????
Guy B.: Pea size and Abby was wet anyway.
rich-c: oh yes, on a storm front like that hail is no surprise
rich-c: the temperature gradient must be something fierce
Guy B.: It's 55 here, but it was in the 70's this afternoon before the storms came in.
RoundRon: Chicago being a windy city?
rich-c: bet it drops a lot lower overnight, Guy
Guy B.: It will, no doubt about that.
BobS: high tomorrow is gonna be 20-25 * less than today
rich-c: we will be getting the same cold front but our warm air mass is much cooler
RoundRon: We had sixty something all day
RoundRon: daffodils everywhere (gloat)
rich-c: it's OK, our crocuses are starting to show green today
Guy B.: I bet you guys heard that Illinois is in the Final Four.
RoundRon: I recall those little guys.... they're the first to arrive in the east
BobS: HEY we have crocases and a little white bell flower
rich-c: and had an argument with Frances over whether the back yard robin was a local winter type or immigrant
BobS: so is michigan state guy....guys AND gals
BobS: so you gonna get beat !!!!!!!
Pamela: uh oh, I feel a rivalry coming on
BobS: grrrrr
RoundRon: all right...... what sport?
Pamela: round ball
RoundRon: clue me in
Guy B.: Just you wait Bob.
BobS: B-ball
RoundRon: ah
BobS: ncaa tournatments
Pamela: March madness
RoundRon: oh... yes, word of that was on TV
rich-c: there are some people to whom it matters, Ron
Pamela: I don't watch the news or read teh papers and I still know about it
RoundRon: well yes..... that must be so
rich-c: of much more importance, Ferrari will have the new car for this weekend's race
Guy B.: Illinois is playing Louisville at 5 on Saturday then Michigan State and North Carolina follow that. Those two for the NCAA championship on Monday.
BobS: bunch of crazy people who have an interest in blood, guts and a round ball
RoundRon: have always admired people doing things well that I've tried to do myself
RoundRon: Basketball was one such
RoundRon: these guys can hit the basket from just about anywhere on the court
rich-c: don't know why, but I find the paint drying channel more interesting
Pamela: I enjoy basket ball as much as the next person, but it's getting a little nuts. I guess everyone is trying to compensate for the lack of hockey.
rich-c: never mind Ron, before you know it the football season will be here
rich-c: they're televising the exhibition game from Halifax, even
RoundRon: exactly Rich
RoundRon: Vancouver's junior A team is enjoying record attendance
Pamela: exhibition game in Halifax? is the CFL expanding?
RoundRon: hockey that is
RoundRon: they've wanted to for some years
rich-c: they wish they wre, Pam - this is a bit of a market test
Pamela: hmm, must discuss with Russell
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
rich-c: why? one more team basically won't change things much - just more balance
RoundRon: Night has fallen (thud)\
rich-c: though we were going to have to send you some, Ron, as an email attachment
BobS: oh oh DARKNESS
Daniel B: well guys, Pam and tired Judy... good night! talk to you next week (not saturday).
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: Night Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, bonsoir et a la prochaine
Daniel B: bonne nuit Bob, Pam, Rich, Guy, Ron, Bob et Judy épuisée.
BobS: that too
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
rich-c: actually I think I may well cut back on my attendance on Saturdays, too
Daniel B: (i said Bob twice? anyway) *poof*
rich-c: hardly anyone ever turns up these days
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: all I'm doing is improving my percentage in Free Cell
BobS: well that is something ...........
Pamela: everyone is so busy these days Dad
Pamela: sometimes I wonder where the time goes on Wednesdays too
Pamela: all I managed tonite was to make dinner
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rich-c: well, as the weather improves and sports increase, Saturday afternoons have other claims on my time
changed username to Ron
Pamela: are you still at large Ron?
Ron: wierd- mac's version of the blue screen of death
Ron: the rotating beachball of death
rich-c: why, I thought that Macs never crashed
Ron: they have their own insidious tail spin
rich-c: sure that isn't an Amiga, Ron, with its boing ball?
BobS: and they said that Apple didn 't have a sense of humor
Ron: no so
Ron: someday somebody's going to explain that to me..... what happens, why it happens
Ron: yada yadda
BobS: 'cause it can
Ron: sitting here by the bay...... although I can't see it any more
rich-c: rotsa ruck! it's a computer, that's all and sufficient explanation
Ron: right
Pamela: well does the Mac tell you it's dumping all your files like a PC does?
Guy B.: Rich, just found out that AntiVir, the free anti-virus is no longer supporting Windows 95, but will continue with Windows 98 on up. I found another free one, so I can use that for WIndows 95. I might consider upgrading to Win98 on the P133 that has it.
Ron: it doesn't tall you squat. The cursor just starts rotating
Ron: and you can't do nuttin
Pamela: well, obviously the BSOD is better aerobics then : )
rich-c: didn't know that, Guy; since I have 98SE it doesn't matter
Ron: I don't really like either
rich-c: I also recommend you upgrade to 98SE, it's easy and seems nicer somehow
Pamela: I must say I've never had the opportunity to crash a Mac
Ron: some day Pamela, some day
Pamela: must try that some time
Ron: I shall be bringing this one in July, you can try it
rich-c: besides, Microsoft is still partially supporting 98 and SE so you can get defensive update
Pamela: cool!
rich-c: I assume Adamcom will be running exclusivelyt on emulators this time round?
Pamela: it looks as though I'll be dateless that weekend too - Russell has to work and won't be able to attend
Ron: It's a bonnie wee computer
Ron: awww
Pamela: : (
Ron: what's this work bit?
BobS: not if Dale has his or you take a couple
Pamela: 24/7, 365
BobS: WORK ???????? bummer word
BobS: that is one of those W words
Ron: absolutely
Pamela: yeah well, it keeps us in diamonds and furs
Guy B.: I'm going to try a test with a portable hard drive enclosure with one system. Win95 on one hard drive and another hard drive with another OS. If this works, then I'll get two more of these.
Ron: diamonds and furs..... hmmmm
rich-c: btw, anyone know a good partioning and multiple boot program for XP, preferably free?
Pamela: what, no comment?
Ron: Have been using Partition Magic Rich, but that's not free
rich-c: they say the revion of that that works with XP doesnt work with it worth squat
Ron: never heard of that one
rich-c: I have it on my current machine, also System Commander
rich-c: I get a fair number of newsletters
Ron: yes, there's that one
rich-c: but I know there seem to be a couple out there
Pamela: oh hey Ron, my car rolled 200,000 kms yesterday morning
Ron: aha
Ron: a milestone
Pamela: 'twas quite cool
rich-c: that's not the most felicitous phrasing, Pamela
Pamela: sorry, my odometer
rich-c: as in, end over end or side over side? ; - )
Guy B.: I do have System Commander, but now it's outdated and will have to upgrade. I thought using different hard drives with this enclosure would be the easiest. All I have to do is change the hard drive and pop the drawer back in and fire it up.
Pamela: well it would be one for the record books : )
rich-c: depends on how your BIOS feels about it, I suspect, Guy
Ron: Rosie the Bull is at 175,134.5
rich-c: they tend to get upset when the specs for drive C keep changing
Guy B.: I have the BIOS on auto, so it will detect the size automatically.
rich-c: getting it broken in there, Ron
Pamela: can't forget the .5, you know
Ron: pretty much
Ron: since I happen to be looking at it, I thought I'd tell you
rich-c: I can remember when you dumped a car at 60,000 miles as beyond economic repair
Ron: yes
Pamela: I got a kick out of watching it - thought I would roll it on the way back from Windsor but got home with 199, 996.6 instead
BobS: that was iin theold days Richard
Ron: a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
BobS: back int he leaded gas days
rich-c: yes, now you only start to think about some rebuilding at 120,000
BobS: exactly
Ron: course now this is km's not miles
rich-c: well, 200K klicks is 120,000 miles
Pamela: well 200k = 160,000 miles
Pamela: sorry, 120,000
Ron: we seem to have a little disparity between father and daughter
Ron: aha
BobS: got that all figured out gang
Pamela: nope, he's right
BobS: and I am not metric
rich-c: oh no, she caught on quick
Pamela: ratio 100:60
BobS: still alot of miles or kilometers
rich-c: oh, the Meteor haws over 175,000 miles on it
Ron: and you stick with 'em Bob. Don''t let any silly politician push km at ya
Pamela: when I got it in Feb. of 98, it had 125,002 kms on it
BobS: can usually go to around 130 - 40,000 before a tranny job
rich-c: I think our van has less than 120,000 KM on it
Pamela: still got my original tranny too
Pamela: (she says, knocking wood)
BobS: you just got a new motor come you got so many km on it?????
rich-c: we're lucky, have a dead honest tranny shop - have so much work they'll only ever do what's necessary and get you out
rich-c: bought it used, remember? it's a '95
rich-c: nothing wrong with the old motor, except it didn't have the oomph for my hooligan driving ; - )\
Pamela: no comment
rich-c: smart daughter
BobS: oh ya thas right
Pamela: only problem with the new motor is it contributes to my case of lead foot
Ron: Don't think I've ever seen anyone but Rich give driver the finger on the way by and then again in the rear view mirror - and live to tell about it
Ron: :)
Pamela: it's bad enough in my own car
Ron: Somewhere between Toronto and Buffalo
Pamela: Dad did this?!?!?!?!?
Ron: I was there, I swear
rich-c: when was Ron ever with me between Toronto and Buffalo, Pam?
Ron: enroute to Cleveland for AC8
Pamela: hmm, we need a third party verification - where's Mom?
rich-c: don't recall a thing about it
rich-c: unavailable
Ron: she was in the back seat
Pamela: not that I don't believe you Ron, just the finger isn't Dad's usual style
Ron: oh?
Pamela: no, he's more of a verbal type -where do you think I got it?
rich-c: I have other more subtle ways
BobS: like?
Ron: he referred to the dear gent as a "speed evangelist" as I recall
Pamela: yeah, that sounds about right
rich-c: let's just say a truck is very intimidating and can get awfully wide...
rich-c: and Ron, the phradse I use is "traffic evangelist"
Pamela: hmm, maybe we should try you in an F350
Ron: you're probably right Rich
Pamela: talk about wide . . .
rich-c: that might even straighten out the traffic on 401, Pam :-)
Pamela: don't count on it
Pamela: I must say, we had a very smooth trip this weekend
rich-c: well, I admit it doesn't intimidate 18-wheelers much 8 = (
Pamela: if you must travel on the 401, Easter weekend is a good time to do so
Ron: Well folks, I think I'll be on my way back to will shut down my night spot here
Ron: be well all
BobS: byer ron
Pamela: g'nite Ron - good luck with the house
rich-c: OK Ron, take care, see you next week
BobS: and here also guys and gals
Ron: tks .... I appreciate that
Pamela: yvw
Ron left chat session
rich-c: it is that time, isn't it - night, Bob
BobS: time for the bedtime hour and no lightning and storms now, went N and S
Pamela: night Bob - g'nite to Judy too
BobS: nite
BobS: poof
BobS left chat session
Pamela: well Papa, I suppose I'd better go to bed too
rich-c: guess that sort of cuts things down now
Guy B.: Well, I should be going too. I shall see you all next week.
rich-c: ok daughter, see you for dinner tomorrow
rich-c: night, Guy
Pamela: my ETA tomorrow is about 6:00, earlier if Dr. Kleiman can squeeze me in
rich-c: 10 - 4
Pamela: Gnite, Daddy
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Pamela: good nite, Guy
rich-c: nite both
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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