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brian: anyone here?
Dr. D.: Hello, I am here :-)
Dr. D.: The rest should be along any moment now.
brian: ok
brian: this is the adam chat, right?
Dr. D.: Yes it is.
Dr. D.: I'm Rich Drushel, but they call me Dr. D., since I have a Ph.D. in biology.
brian: Just getting back into my adam after 10+ years in storage
brian: Hi Rich , I think i read your web page
Dr. D.: I have been away most of the semester, Wednesday was a horrible night for my teaching schedule.
brian: I might have emailed you also, don't remember
Dr. D.: If you are the Brian Stiles who sent me E-mail...tell me what was the problem.
Dr. D.: I can manually administer the mailing list.
brian: thats me
Dr. D.: Hi :-) didn't have a chance to look at the list at work today, let me go there now...what error message did you get?
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brian: Don't quite remember other than it bounced back to me
brian: not really important
changed username to erin
brian: i can address the questions here
Dr. D.: Hi Erin.
erin: hi Rich
Dr. D.: You were a juno address...hmmm
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changed username to crash
Dr. D.: Ouch, I see what the problem is...
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Dr. D.: Something has happened to the entire list database!
changed username to CRASH
Dr. D.: Only me and the other admin, Dale Wick, are subscribed!
Dr. D.: Dunno what Dale has done...
CRASH: hello every1
erin: hey Chickpea
Dr. D.: Is that Marie?
CRASH: yep
Dr. D.: So Brian...I dunno what is going on with the mailing list.
brian: ok
brian: just a few questions really
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Dr. D.: I did notice that there were some other problems with today...the chat archive link is broken.
changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Hello
brian: most of the links on the pointer page are no longer valid also
brian: Rich can you tell me what has happened in the adam world for the past 12 years i've been gone?
brian: i see mw ruth is gone
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changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Sorry, chat client died.
erin: hi Harvie
Harvie: Are you using rich-c's computer? :)
erin: lol
Harvie: Hi Erin
Dr.D.: No, I stupidly was using Safari instead of Exploder.
Dr.D.: Hi Harvie.
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Harvie: I use Firefox
changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings. I'll be here till 9 tonight.
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changed username to ned>
Dr.D.: Hello mean 9 CST :-)
ned>: Robertos
Guy B.: Exactly.
erin: hi Guy
Guy B.: HI Erin.
ned>: HI kiddies
ned> changed username to RobertoS
erin: hello Bobs
RobertoS: gol durned fingers
Harvie: Hi Bob
Dr.D.: Hello Bob.
RobertoS: I had a GREAT day, was finally nice to sit out and eat supper in the great outdoors, now it will be back into the deep freeze for the holiday......
RobertoS: hey doc
RobertoS: who's brian ???????
RobertoS: didn't meet him yet
brian: im the new guy
RobertoS: and no richard?????
Dr.D.: A newbie who got a bounce message from the coladam list tooday.
RobertoS: cool, just frop bye to see how nuts we are, or do you own an ADAM
Dr.D.: Something is wrong at has only me and Dale subscribed right now.
RobertoS: huh????
brian: have had one since 87 or so, but just got it out of storage
RobertoS: i got all kinds of people here
Guy B.: That explains why I've haven't gotten any messages since Saturday.
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changed username to rich-c
RobertoS: cool brian.....tis old but still useful and fun to sue sometimes
Harvie: Hi rich
CRASH: how do i get there?
rich-c: hey folks, we are over at Dr. D's site - you want to move or shall we?
RobertoS: I don't care.........
RobertoS: let's VOTE !!!!!!!
RobertoS: novel idea
Dr.D.: have to give the link to Brian...
Harvie: Why don't you come here
Dr.D.: And Marie
Guy B.: I say, we should stay here.
erin: I gave the link to Marie
brian: can't stay ....have to get back to work!
Dr.D.: Where are you at?
brian: my shop
Dr.D.: I have to E-mail the list admin to find out what is up with
RobertoS: WORK ????? thas one of them FOUR letter words
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changed username to Judy
Dr.D.: r her
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Harvie: Hi Judy
rich-c: sounds like we're better here than there
Judy: hi, everyone
brian: I'll catch you all next wednesday..
rich-c: hi judy
Dr.D.: Hi Judy, hi Richard.
rich-c: ok Briasn we will be looking for you
brian left chat session
RobertoS: ok gang we can all go over to dr d site..........
Guy B.: By the way. The chat logs are screwed up. Only up to April's are listed.
RobertoS: be good brian and come again and STATY
Dr.D.: Wish I knew what happened to
Dr.D.: I have your E-mail address, I'll make sure it gets into the database.
Dr.D.: Well, Brian is gone.
rich-c: while we're making up our minds, who is CRASH?
Dr.D.: Marie again
RobertoS: YOU
Dr.D.: catty Bob :-)
RobertoS: oh tis mot you ?????
Guy B.: Good question?
Dr.D.: No it is not me...Marie was in an auto accident yesterday.
Harvie: What did Marie crash?
erin: her car
Dr.D.: Horseless carriage.
rich-c: oh greast - not hurt that badly, I gather
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RobertoS: oh oh
changed username to james
Guy B.: Hi James.
rich-c: good morning james
Harvie: Hi James
erin: hi James
Dr.D.: Hi James.
Dr.D.: Morning indeed.
Guy B.: How's everything going in Japan?
james: good uhm.. morning
james: sunny and warm
james: last week i finally finished sanding and repainting the school walls. now i've half finished the deck
Guy B.: How about bringing that warm weather here. Still cool over here.
james: at some point, i may even get to relax this summer!
james: yeah, my mom's been complaining
Judy left chat session
Dr.D.: It was November at the Indians game Monday night.
Harvie: No ground shaking James?
Dr.D.: A knit hat was a good accessory.
james: ok, so i'm a good few months ahead of everyone, not just 13 hours :P
Dr.D.: A blanket would have been better.
Dr.D.: Spring is very late coming to Cleveland this year.
Dr.D.: Everything is green at least, flowers all came up, but the weather is frigid.
Harvie: Nice day here today
erin: are you folks coming over to the other one?
rich-c: yes, we're doing quite well
RobertoS: so kiddies, where we headed with this chat?????? we needs to get on the same know ...where X is
RobertoS: see ya over at Dr D's
RobertoS left chat session
rich-c: erin, you and the others come here - the majority are here anyway
james: oh, are we moderating the chats now?
james: i've missed the last few weeks
Dr.D.: Well, some stuff I didn't want archived, James.
Dr.D.: So I turned off the logging at the backup site.
rich-c: no, seems teh database has gone to that great bit bucket in the sky
james: yes, i got your mail
Guy B.: It's not being archived. I've checked the chat logs. May's aren't even recorded.
Harvie left chat session
Dr.D.: They were, Guy.
Guy B.: When? It's not listed on the site.
Dr.D.: I looked last Thursday morning, the public part of last week was here.
Dr.D.: Sometime between then and now, has had something happen to it.
rich-c: we seem now to have people moving over there - I could care less, except keeping both open ins a pain
Guy B.: And a pain for my system Resources.
Dr.D.: Did Pamela finally deliver your shirt, Richard?
erin: I'm going to the other one
erin left chat session
rich-c: no, she didn't stop at her apartment on her way over here this evening, Rich
Dr.D.: Well she has it, Erin gave it to her last night.
Dr.D.: So it is finally out of my hands :-)
rich-c: so she told me, but she needs major car repairs so was sort of preoccupied
Dr.D.: I had heard something to that effect.
rich-c: anyway I'll go over to the other chat - guy, james, c'mon
CRASH left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, I'll see you there.
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.: I will hang here and direct any latecomers.
james: i'll stay here for a bit
james: mostly because i've once again misplaced the address
james: i swear i had it bookmarked but i think fairies play with my files while i'm asleep
Dr.D.: I just remember it, since I am admin :-)
Dr.D.: I haven't had the file fairy destroy anything recently.
Dr.D.: <knock wood>
james: lol. i've been so busy these days, it's amazing i get on the chats at all
james: self-employed, two kids, renovating the school
james: i manage to get on for maybe half an hour
Dr.D.: That has been my problem all semester, morning classes Tue and Thur, usually writing Thur lecture on Wed night...
james: when the weather is nice, and invariably it is on thursdays and not sundays, i like to get outside and get things done
Dr.D.: Relearning human physiology was *hard* after 20 years.
james: i'd say relearning anything after 20 years would be hard, but since i'm only 30 i haven'T had to do that yet
Dr.D.: Lucky you :-)
james: i still know most of what i learned up to when i was 10 :P
Dr.D.: Anatomy at least didn't change much.
james: not the last time i checked
Dr.D.: But a ton has been learned about molecular mechanisms in 20 years.
james: i really should have just named my sons "entropy"
Dr.D.: Ha, kids always tend to maximize it...
james: since it seems to increase dramatically in any room they've occupied
Dr.D.: They are living examples of 3rd law of thermo.
james: "can't win", "can't break even"
james: "it gets easier next year"
james: as my thermo prof liked to say
Dr.D.: We are graduating our first in 2 weeks.
Dr.D.: She is giving one of the 2 commencement speeches.
james: your first what?
james: sorry, i'm easily confused
Dr.D.: Kid :-)
james: high school?
Dr.D.: She is a senior in high school.
Dr.D.: Yes.
james: well i'm still working on graduating our first from diapers
Dr.D.: Going to college in Erie PA in the fall.
Dr.D.: Well, have to have a dry bottom before you can have a dry mind :-)
james: heh heh
james: is she looking forward to that?
Dr.D.: Yes. She is doing archaeology...working on a 3-week senior project at the Museum of Natural History here.
Dr.D.: She has been on a few digs in the past few summers.
Dr.D.: She is classifying pottery this month, Amerind, from old excavations nobody has gotten 'round to yet.
Dr.D.: It was badly sorted and put away in boxes for a few decades.
james: neat. well you have to do something you enjoy
Dr.D.: Badly sorted as in there are also flint bits of arrowheads and spears in it, that weren't supposed to be.
Dr.D.: But she already knew the flint from previous digs, so she wowed them.
james: impressive
Dr.D.: She has the bug...*AND* she realizes it isn't like Indiana Jones.
james: i'm hoping some day to go back to school so that i have more to show for myself than a high school education. so what is her major? archaeology?
Dr.D.: Yes.
james: sec, time for diaperology 201
Dr.D.: no prob.
james: back
Dr.D.: Hope it went without accidents :-)
james: no containment field breaches this time around
Dr.D.: hehe
Dr.D.: I have cleaned up too many breaches.
james: i've had a few to deal with
Dr.D.: Sometimes straight to the bathtub is the only recourse.
Dr.D.: Never go anywhere without baby wipes and clean clothes :-)
james: yeah, done that on more than one occasion. especially aiden. he likes to get down there and try to help
james: *tries
james: english used to be my native language
Dr.D.: Still has to communicate with the fingers though.
Dr.D.: I regularly use "typo" as a verb.
james: case is closing all the doors and blocking me off.. i think he's up to something
Dr.D.: uh-oh
Dr.D.: Christina twice locked Joan in the basement.
Dr.D.: Fortunately she had her house keys and was able to exit through the garage and come in the front door and catch the little bugger.
james: aiden can't open doors yet so case lured him into his room and then closed the door behind him
james: guess everyone is over on your server now
Dr.D.: They are...griping about AC17.
james: are you going to attend?
Dr.D.: Yes, Rin and I will be there...assuming Dale actually makes it happen.
james: alright, time to make my contribution to the eventual heat-death of the universe and clean this room up :P
Dr.D.: Otherwise, I am still planning to go to Toronto for that weekend, the time is already blocked out.
james: but i'll continue chatting
james: oh, is there a problem with dale's organization?
Dr.D.: Hehe
Dr.D.: no prob
james: i've heard it's a little pricy
Dr.D.: $300 US, that has been the price the last few.
Dr.D.: But that is pricy in $CN
james: fortunately not as bad as a few years ago when it was at 65 cents u.s. to the candaian dollar]
Dr.D.: It's between 80 and 85 cents now.
james: much improved indeedbn
james: was a little too strong when i was over with my students
Dr.D.: haha, can't win :-)
james: some places were trading yen at barely parity
james: of course it plummeted after we left
Dr.D.: Need Altairian dollars or something.
Dr.D.: See the Universe on only $30 per day...
Dr.D.: We saw the HHGTTG movie, not impressed, alas.
james: i doubt i would be. i rather enjoyed the books
james: and the bbc tv series in the late 80s i think it was, was pretty good
Dr.D.: Just ordered the DVD for that today.
Dr.D.: 1982
james: good memory. i was only 8 at the time but remember watching it when i was 13
Dr.D.: I didn't see it until last year, we borrowed the tape from the library.
james: i enjoyed it
Dr.D.: It was like "Doctor Who" which I also love.
james: i tend to like english sci-fi
Dr.D.: Same kind of effects.
james: i seem to remember a show called "the tripods"
james: have you ever heard of / seen it?
Dr.D.: Apparently CBC has the new "Doctor Who"...can't get them here.
Dr.D.: I have read rave reviews of it.
Dr.D.: A student colleague of mine is doing 3 months of research at Cambridge now, we are all envious, he gets to see it new.
james: cbc.. i could ask any of my friends if they've been recording it
james: they get cbc in cambridge?
Dr.D.: I doubt our local PBS station will pick it up, assuming it ever gets offered to PBS.
Dr.D.: No, they get BBC :-)
Dr.D.: The BBC are doing new "Who"s, and CBC are also carrying it.
james: even better
james: well if i get ahold of it, i can put it up on my server for you to download
james: i'll give you the address (don't have dns working yet) and set up an account
Dr.D.: haha I am sure it has been pirated 6 ways past Sunday
james: :D
Dr.D.: I will be a good boy and wait for legit outlets
Dr.D.: You can watch trailers on the BBC website...
james: personally, i don'T see downloading something that's been aired as any more morally wrong than borrowing a tape from someone who's recorded it
Dr.D.: The TARDIS interior looks nice.
Dr.D.: hehe
Dr.D.: Here on campus there is one sidewalk with a row of lights that look just like the top half of Daleks.
james: i've sent an offline pm to my friend from whom i download stuff that i can't get here, which is all of it
Dr.D.: I swear I am going to put little eyecam arms on the top of them some time and see if anyone notices.
james: :D some geek worthy of their salt should
Dr.D.: They are perfect Daleks.
james: i've been perusing career oriented websites
james: actually considered taking a psycological evaluation to see what kind of career i'd be best suited for
Dr.D.: My #4 daughter is best-suited for Evil Galactic Overlord, I think.
Dr.D.: I can see here in an underground lab...
james: she has visions of world domination, has she?
Dr.D.: Are you feeling unsuited for your current job?
Dr.D.: Yes...from dominating her older sisters.
Dr.D.: She knows how to push all their buttons.
james: at times, that and i have other things i think i want to do. don't feel like teaching efl in the japanese countryside for the rest of my life
Dr.D.: Wanting to come back to the West?
james: it lost its mental challenge some time ago
james: at some point yes, likely when case reaches junior high school
Dr.D.: They will all be the envy of the otaku here :-)
james: my japanese talents are wasted. i don't even like anime :D
Dr.D.: me neither, frankly...all but #1 daughter love it though.
Dr.D.: #4 daughter went to school in a kimono, it was Japan Day at her elementary school.
Dr.D.: I have photos, even:
james: i watched it a bit when i first started learning japanese but could never get into it
Dr.D.: and kimono2 and kimono3
james: cute
Dr.D.: It was made for #2 daughter, she has handed it down to #3 and #4.
Dr.D.: A Halloween costume.
james: if you ever decide you want to visit here, let me know
Dr.D.: I think the airfare would be about $5K :-)
james: for you and four kids.. very likely. i know that's close to what i pay when i bring miyuki and the boys
james: for one person flying on the off season, it's not too bad
Dr.D.: I remember once playing with a fare calculator...trying to maximize round-trip to tokyo.
Dr.D.: We had it over $30K with all the first-class stuff.
james: alright, i've been out-entropied. miyuki is going to take the kids out while i clean up
Dr.D.: Found a better catalyst :-)
james: yeah, aiden
Dr.D.: Large negative delta-G :-)
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changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: They are talking ice cream and yogurt now.
Dr.D.: Hi Bob.
Dr.D.: James is changing diapers.
Dr.D.: Or cleaning up.
BobS: wondered where james got too
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BobS: and wondering if ron was here
changed username to Daniel
BobS: instead of there.......cause he wosn'there
Dr.D.: Nope, I'd have said something.
BobS: Daniel........hallo
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
Daniel: oui oui, je suis en retard
Daniel: I had to scan and defrag my hard-drives
BobS: go to where almost all thr rest are now
Daniel: and it's not done yet. I stoped the process to be able to chat with you
Dr.D.: Not sure I would stop a defrag...
james: ok, i have to go now. see you all next week
james: bye bob!
james left chat session
Dr.D.: b ye James
Daniel: hello Dr.D
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr.D.: Gonna log out of this one...
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel: me too
Daniel left chat session
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