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Harvie: Hello rich
rich-c: Hi Harv, how's it going?
rich-c: enjoying the rain?
Harvie: Not so bad that it can't get worse :)
Harvie: Is it raining?
rich-c: yes, I'll wsecond that!
rich-c: here? not this minute, but it has been much of the afternoon
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Harvie: Few dribbles earlier here
rich-c: Frances is pleased because the lawn and garden needed it desperately
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
Harvie: Hello James
james: good morning/evening to you all
rich-c: so how are things tomorrow?
james: sunny it would seem
james: how is everyone?
Harvie: Hunky-Dory here
Harvie: How are the wee ones?
james: they keep me busy
rich-c: that's an evasive understatement ; - )
james: let's just say that when they're both finally in school i'll have a lot more free time
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rich-c: yeah, that does sort of figure!
changed username to Ginger
Harvie: Hi Ginger
Ginger: hello gents
rich-c: well, who have we here? Erin?
Ginger: indeed it is
Ginger: :-)
Ginger: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: any particular reason for teh choice of that handle?
Ginger: not really...just felt kinda kicky
rich-c: the final arrival of a bit of cool is getting to you, is it?
Ginger: I liked my hot island but the breeze is nice
Ginger: would be even better if it was blowing into the apartment
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hello
rich-c: after a bunch of 30° days we
Daniel B: hi james, rich, ginger and harvie
rich-c: will take all we caqn geet
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Ginger: hi Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel, ca va?
Daniel B: how are you today?
Daniel B: je vais bien, merci!
rich-c: much cooler, at last 8 = )
james: hi dan
rich-c: well, everywhere except under the collar...
james: what's got you steamed up, rich?
rich-c: I have been configuring my new laptop
rich-c: it's XP wth which I am unfamiliar
rich-c: and I had to get all new security programs before going on th3e net
james: i don't care for xp myself
rich-c: and XP is a bitch to configure anyway
rich-c: I'm a lot more comfortable at the moment at the desktop with WIn98
rich-c: finally with the help of my ISP I got the laptop online this afternoon
Ginger: Harvie...are going to the convention?
Harvie: I hope to, one way or another
Ginger: very cool
rich-c: you don't have to go for all; you can go for s3lected days (as I will)
Ginger: I haven't spoken to Pam on this yet but that may be the opportunity to get that modem card from you.....not sure her schedule for getting out to you before then
Harvie: Sounds good to me
Ginger: coolio
rich-c: with luck she'll be on anytime now; she hasn't said otherwise
Ginger: Rich is going to be a bit late tonight
rich-c: more end of term stuff?
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changed username to Pamela
Ginger: nope, the girls wanted him to go see Star Wars
rich-c: hjk daughter
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: good evening
Ginger: he is currently in the middle of that computer sim course
james: rich is gonna be tired. he tells me he's been up since 3 a.m.
Ginger: hi Pam
rich-c: we were just discussing when you can take Rin out to fetch the modem
Pamela: I see - discussing my taxi services : )
james: we've been talking about the new dr. who and corresponding a little by email
Ginger: exactly :-)
james: hi pam!
Ginger: that and cat services
Ginger: hehe
Pamela: hey james
james: how's it going?
Ginger: the family support group that you are :-)
Pamela: i got my mouth full
Ginger: hehe
rich-c: makes your fingers sticky, does it? ; -)
Ginger: yes Rich has been up since 3 again...sigh
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Ginger: but you know he will be here James
changed username to brian
Pamela: well it's hard to eat and type
Ginger: and likely wired for sound
rich-c: whats this? a brian? I should know who that is
brian: i came on once a couple weeks agoa
james: he said he had a lot of prep work to do for his course
rich-c: right - knew there was something familiar - welcome back
Daniel B: hi pam.
Ginger: yeah, and he seems to be doing it day by day
Daniel B: hi brian!
Pamela: Rin, any trip out to Harvie's will have to wait till after the weekend since Diamond Transmission currently has custody of my car, and it's a trailer weekend
Ginger: luckily it's almost second nature to him
Pamela: bonsoir, Danile
Pamela: oops, Daniel
Pamela: there, that's better
rich-c: what is the verdict on the tranny, Pam?
Pamela: still have to bail after about 15minutes to get my laundry
Ginger: I figured as much...I was just telling Harvie that worst came to worst it may be the convention weekend
Pamela: it needs fixing
rich-c: big fixing or little fixing?
Pamela: dunno for sure yet, didn't hear from Julio today
brian: hi daniel
rich-c: still, given teh mjleag3e on it, if it's sensibly repairable you're ahead of thde game
Pamela: yeah, i'll just be broke for the rest of my natural life
rich-c: hey, you got off real easy on the engine job - count your blessings
brian: who here can give me the lowdown on adding a hard drive to my adam?
rich-c: well, the first problem is to find one, brian
Pamela: easy is relative, since I'm not independently wealthy
rich-c: there are two or three interfaces
james: talk to rich, brian
brian: where do i get an interface board, and then can i just use an ide hardrive
Pamela: speaking of which, got a couple grand you can loan me Erin?
Pamela: : )
rich-c: two were from MjkcroInnovations
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changed username to Guy B.
Ginger: not off hand, sawwy
brian: oh the powermate?
Pamela: shucks
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
Harvie: Hello Guy
Pamela: greetings Guy
Ginger: hi Guy
rich-c: allo, Guy, how's Chicago
Guy B.: Cool and cloudy as of this moment.
rich-c: and loving every minute of it, right?
Pamela: and wow, am I glad
Guy B.: Better than what we had the last two weeks.
Daniel B: hi Guy!
Pamela: on top of everything else, our LR a/c died last week
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: anyway brian, I don't know where either of the MI interfaces might be had, now
Guy B.: I sent my payment to Dale this week.
Daniel B: hi Dr.D
Harvie: Hi Doc
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Pamela: Hi Rich
Ginger: hi Rich <hugs>
Dr.D.: Hi folks, got back from the movie.
rich-c: in the event he shows up tonight or something you could ask Scott Gordon if there are any around
Dr.D.: Hi Sweetie <hugs>
rich-c: it was his father Mark who built them
Dr.D.: Pouring rain here, I am soaked.
Guy B.: We missed that here Dr. D.
rich-c: hello Doc - sorry I was preoccupied as you cqame in : = (
Dr.D.: No prob, Richard.
Harvie: I had some MI cards and components, I'll have to dig into my parts department and see if any are left
Dr.D.: It is nice and cool though, very refreshing.
rich-c: we were just discussing where an Adam hard drive setup might be found
brian: did this allow you to use any ide harddrive
Dr.D.: Does Ginger have good news from the Premier?
Pamela: Erin, you didn't tell me - what worked on your a/c?
Harvie: Yes
Ginger: no news yet
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Ginger: and the stove was a great idea Pam
Dr.D.: HD, I think Robt. is the fellow to ask.
rich-c: but only up to 64 MB whic is all teh Adam will support
Dr.D.: Hi James!
Dr.D.: Like all the Doctor Whos?
james: hello. sorry, was just changing a diaper
Dr.D.: hehe
Dr.D.: need a transmat for that
rich-c: I believe Michael has one of those setups George & Herman made, and wants to sell it
Harvie: When you format the drive you just lie about the c h s
james: he's a good 4 pounds lighter now
Dr.D.: A Mini-Wini is a rarity.
Pamela: Erin, was it the fuse, or the cord?
rich-c: all Brian needs is one, in working condition
Dr.D.: couple kilos of poop is good for any baby
Pamela: ewww, James : )
james: sorry if that was tmi :P
rich-c: TMI, I'd say
brian: whats a mini wini? I thought that was a motorhome.....:-)
rich-c: oh, Pam, I have the latest Hub for you
Dr.D.: Miniature Winchester drive
Ginger: both were I just bypassed blowing another fuse and used the stove to avoid the problem
Pamela: recycle it Dad, I don't have time to read it
rich-c: not that you'll be buying that sort of stuff anytime sdoon
Ginger: when we get the chance I'll replace both the fuse and the cord for you and thank you
Dr.D.: WInchester being a late 1970s term for a hard drive
Pamela: glad to have helped - but I should have come down to your place and camped out for the last week
james: so dr, you must be pretty tired
Ginger: did you get the parts you requested?
Pamela: yes, they came in and the bedroom a/c was all that saved us from insanity
Pamela: knowing we could sleep cool was a lifesaver
rich-c: Rin, if your Minister gets shuffled, will you move with him or stay with the department?
Ginger: I'd opt to stay or go wherever he does
Pamela: okay, my laundry just went ding - be back in about five minutes
rich-c: no decsion yet then - he's rumoured up for a sideways promotion
Dr.D.: BRB, getting ice cream
Ginger: it's all very tight lipped....I have to say that the article in the Star was the first I heard about my guy
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rich-c: you people are terrible - once on chat you shouldn't drop out except for beer (and diapers) ; - )
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Guy B.: Hi Daniel
james: lol
rich-c: another reboot, Daniel?
rich-c: brian, you might send an email to to see if he has a salable hard drive (Mini-Wini)
brian: ok thanks i'll do that.
brian: i see a floppy was for sale on ebay
rich-c: when Dr. D. comes back he can tell you the pros and cons of that setup
brian: i assume those are easier to come by
rich-c: one of the Micro Innovations ones, or an original?
Dr.D.: back
Daniel B: hi Guy
brian: original 190k
Daniel B: no, not another reboot.
Daniel B: i did enough reboot last night
rich-c: if it was 190K it was for a TI 99/4a - Adam are 160K
brian: sorry 160k
Dr.D.: Always drop out for strawberry ice cream with extra fresh strawberries on top...and Hershey's chocolate syrup.
Ginger: mmmm
rich-c: I'm surprised there is one still left working - trust it has a money-back guarentee?
Dr.D.: My Mini-Wini still works.
brian: nope sold as is
Ginger: Ontario strawberries available now....maybe should try that soon
Dr.D.: The fancy internal all-in-one I made.
rich-c: not in yet at our grocery store, Rin
Ginger: hmmmm
rich-c: then they should pay you to take it - likely won't work and can't be fixed
brian: really? what usually goes on them?
Ginger: I think I may pop over to the farmer's market on Saturday and see what goods they have
rich-c: they have a hotspot (power supply) on the card that fries things
Dr.D.: The Coleco drives always run hot...very poorly-heatsinked rectifier section.
rich-c: also, the innards are rather corrosion prone, and need frequent cleaning
Dr.D.: Poor little 1-amp 3-terminal regulators with 3 amps running through them.
Dr.D.: I meant regulator not rectifier
brian: come to think of it, i had one in the 90's that quit working. I ended up tossing it
Daniel B: after one reboot i didn't have access to my "desktop", after a second reboot it doesn't boot and says "windows security problem, you must reboot", after a third reboot (in safe mode this time) i did a scandisk on all my drives, at the fourth reboot windows didn't recognized the sound card, at the fifth reboot (in safe mode again) i looked in the system information and the sound material was clearly installed, i taked this time to add two missing vxd files, and finaly, another reboot and all things seems to work fine again.
Dr.D.: But the rectifier is tiny discrete diodes, too, not a full-wave bridge IC.
Ginger changed username to Rin-berry
rich-c: when you figure out how to fix them, Rich, let everybody know!
Dr.D.: Better circuit design!
Dr.D.: Forced cold air
Dr.D.: Frigid unheated winter basement
rich-c: I have at leasst five u/s Adam floppy drives - in a nice cold basement
rich-c: waiting for any offers - as is
james: are these standard coleco drives, rich?
rich-c: absolutely, james - I actuallu suspect two of them merely need a very deep cleaning
rich-c: all I have to do is figure out whre I put the power supplkies
Pamela: that could be a challenge, Dad : )
Pamela: I"m back
james: well my mi drive is dead. i think the controller card is fine. it sounds like it's just dead mechanically. finding a replacement genuine 360k pc drive could be troublesome though
Daniel B: sorry but i have to quit for a moment. we need the phone here. be right back!
Dr.D.: Any 386 or 486 James.
rich-c: Pam, your mother says if you see any strawberries on your trip to the trailer, plese get the usual
james: see you soon, dan
Dr.D.: Or 286..
Dr.D.: 8086 is likely to be full-height.
james: 5 1/4" yeah, even most 486s that i've come across that had 5 1/4" had the 1.2mb drives
Pamela: noted, Dad (also planned : )
rich-c: I even managed to put one in my Athlon 1600 desktop
james: guess i could poke around ebay or recycling stores
rich-c: just about any old DOSbox will have one, though you likely need vthe double density only version
james: exactly
rich-c: I believe early on some offered teh option of double or quad density - I know some 3.5" did
james: and those are hard to find around here, because at that time in japan, it was all nec crap, and it's very non-compatible
Dr.D.: Find some Sanyo
Dr.D.: MBC-555
Dr.D.: It had dual half-height 180K or 320K
Dr.D.: An early MS-DOS compatible, not IBM BIOS compatible :-)
Dr.D.: I have was my Ph.D. lab's first non-Mac PC...I got it from the dumpster.
rich-c: how about drives meant for other classic computers, like the TI 99/4a?
Dr.D.: Many old memories typing my first journal paper on it :-)
Pamela: we were talking recently about learning to type - I learned on an electric typewriter
Dr.D.: I see now that Rin has become a fruit.
Pamela: and had to practice on the old manual at home
Rin-berry: tee hee
Pamela: who are you calling a fruit?
Rin-berry: hey
rich-c: I never did learn - I am still search, discover, and land 8 = (
Pamela: she's a nut!
Dr.D.: I learned in school in 10th grade on a business upright Remington manual.
Rin-berry: :-)
Rin-berry: lol
Dr.D.: Columbus method, Richard
Pamela: seek and ye shall find?
Harvie: "Hunt and Peck" :)
rich-c: still have the old Smith-Corona portable, too - and it still works
Rin-berry: point and peck but with 3...and sometimes 4 fingers :-)
Rin-berry: that's me
Pamela: well I know James is a touch typist
james: i try :P
james: i also learned in gr. 10 but probably on something a little more modern than what rich used
rich-c: at least the Adam keyboardd is good for typing on - one of the best
Pamela: despite having a fairly good rate of wpm, the backspace key is still my best friend
james: but they were electric typewriters
rich-c: our first Adam was our first electric typewriter
Pamela: and it didn't like me any better than the *bleep* typewriter
rich-c: in fact, we bought it because we figured it was a typewriter that worked like a typewriter should
james: you guys think this would do the trick?
Dr.D.: When you *bleep* at ADAMs, they don't work...just ask Herman and George
Pamela: I did a lot of bleeping at it in the early days
Dr.D.: tsk tsk Pamela
Pamela: quietly of course, that was before I spoiled my parents image of me
Dr.D.: Bleeping never helps
Pamela: there was also a lot of " Daaaad! Help!"
Rin-berry: sometimes is a stress reliever though
Pamela: it made me feel better : )
brian: I have to head home now, but thank you all for the disk drive info!
Dr.D.: ThanWe for stopping by Brian!
brian: good night
brian left chat session
rich-c: night Brian
Guy B.: Of course, I have an Eve 320K drive that has a fan over the vents. It gets hot and if I don't have that little fan over that, then the drive won't work until cools off.
Dr.D.: All done diapering James?
rich-c: james, that drive from Quebec looks credible if it works
rich-c: but you still have the problem of the interface card
Harvie: Well, an hour at this computer is about all my body can stand, Goodnight folks
Pamela: so where is the illustrious Mr. Wick this evening?
rich-c: OK Harvie, take care, catch you next week
Rin-berry: bye Harvie
Dr.D.: I read your question Richard and was wondering why you were asking James about a drive from Quebec...I was thinking, shouldn't that be Daniel?
Pamela: g'nite Harvie - we'll call about picking up the modem - if worst, maybe July 10th when I'll be in Brampton anyway
rich-c: unless I'm watching teh football game!
Dr.D.: <smirk>
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
rich-c: season opener is 7 p.m. on the 22nd - BAD timing
Harvie left chat session
Dr.D.: Ooops bye Harvie
rich-c: isn't it james who wants the floppy, or was that only brian?
Pamela: what are you smirking at Rich?
Dr.D.: Your Paterfamilias
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changed username to rich-c
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changed username to james
<undefined> changed username to Pamela
james: ok, so we all got bumped?
Pamela: there, we're back
Pamela: looks like
james: well apparently my ebay account has been suspended. they say i'm past due
rich-c: WHO PULLED THE PLUG?????
Pamela: t'weren't me
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: I assume that's just a phishing email, james?
Guy B.: Wonder what happen there?
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james: no, i was actually logged in to ebay
changed username to Ronald
rich-c: welcome back, Guy, balance to follow 8 = )
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ronald: Hi!
james: about to buy that drive, when it told me my account was suspended
rich-c: greeting Ronald
Pamela: hey Ron
Ronald: Everybody well?
Pamela: your timing is excellent - we all just got dumped
rich-c: you were on eBay itself?
Pamela: hot!
Ronald: so I hear
rich-c: we've had it cool since last night, Ron - and wet
Pamela: finally cooled off yesterday
rich-c: the garden is back to growing from wilting
Ronald: aha..... a little reliev
Ronald: relief
rich-c: james, how does one get overdue with eBay?
Ronald: brb..... forgot to take my pills
rich-c: oops - which pills is Ron on, again? diabetes?
Pamela: not sure Dad
Ronald: yes
rich-c: where are Rich and ERin - over on the backup?
Pamela: ???
Pamela: dunno
Ronald: Just sent my cheque to Dale today
rich-c: I know the feeling - I take so many these days I rattle when I walk
Ronald: keeping the pharmasist in good situation, you know
Ronald: booked a Westjet (redeye) via Calgary
Ronald: leaves Wed evening, gets into Terminal 3 at 6:35 am Thursday
rich-c: I'm lucky - in Ontario OHIP picks up the tab (except for dispensing fee)
Pamela: 6:35 am??? oh, ick
Ronald: Returning the following Wednesday.
rich-c: there is such a things as a 6.35 a.m. om Thursdays? ; - )
Ronald: Twas a seat sale - just over $600 return
Pamela: once a week Dad
Ronald: Travelling Thursday to Monday would have cost over 900 return
james: yeah, i was on ebay, i know the phishing emails
Pamela: twice, if you're flying east
rich-c: and you won't get extra sleep either - Westjet are famous for being on time
james: well apparently if your credit card is declined. i can't see that happening though, my cards have always been in good standing
Ronald: well ..... if I'm dead when I get there, so be it
Pamela: just take a nap - it'll help
Ronald: yep
rich-c: OK, put a ticket on your vest button telling them to call me - just send burial instructions before you leave
Pamela: hmm note to self: don't reverse the ceiling fan without cleaning it first
Ronald: Last time I took a red-eye, I got sat next to a Catholic Priest who had just lost a family member, and he wanted to talk
Ronald: maybe this time I'll get sat next to someone I can ignor
Ronald: true Pam
rich-c: by the clock, you'll get here about an hour after you leave there, right? plus grond time at Calgary, of course
Pamela: I'm surprised you aren't all ROTFL
Ronald: something like that
james: one would think that even if an account were suspended you could at least view transactions without being able to buy and sell
Pamela: I think you can James, if you don't sign in
james: and they don't even give an email contact. like i'm going to contact them by post
rich-c: do you have a Japanese issuing bank on your credit card, james?
Ronald: ground time at Calgary is most of the evening. I get in there about 7 pm, and we dont leave for YYZ until just after midnight
james: i forget which card i'm using
james: i have two canadian cards and one japanese
Ronald: plastic?
rich-c: some of the US intermediaries have trouble with Canadian cards, let alone other furriners
rich-c: brb - beer tyime
james: alright, i can go to the "My ebay" section.. give me a few minutes to see if i can figure out what these boneheads have done
Ronald: oh.... you're talking e-bay....sorry
Ronald: I must learn how to sell
Ronald: haven't tried it yet
james: np. sec..
Pamela: so what are you going to do in Calgary for five hours?
Ronald: read.... play with laptop, play with HP handheld..... phone my brother..... watch girls
Ronald: not necessarily in that order
rich-c: if he's thinking, sleep in teh departurs lounge with his alarm set for 11.30
Ronald: that too Rich
Guy B.: That will pass the time.
Pamela: ah yes, girl watching - the universal male constant
Ronald: Guy, when are you getting into Toronto the Good?
james: ok, my account has been suspended because of a $2.63 outstanding listing fee which those boneheads didn't charge
Ronald: silly buggers
Pamela: for boneheads, read *bleep*?
rich-c: yes, they can be awfully stupid - had my own fight with them a few months back
Pamela: Ron, I don't think Guy has booked his flight yet
Ronald: ah... thanks Pam
Ronald: was contemplating renting a car at the airport, and since I'm going to be there early, could pick up whoever wants to go east
rich-c: one if my chat board cronuies was talking about using priceline, today - got VERY satisfactory results
Guy B.: I will be the weekend.
Ronald: oh Guy, so much for that idea
Pamela: you mean booking Guy?
rich-c: besides, there's no point in leaving the airport much before 10 a.m. anyway - unless you're a connoisseur of traffic jams
Ronald: good point Rich
Guy B.: I have a saved Itinerary and I would be coming into Toronto in the early afternoon.
Ronald: if the beastie has reclining seats, I'll park somewhere nearby
Ronald: and zzzzz
Pamela: if you can manage it, traverse the 401 around 10:30 or 11:00 am - the best time to travel across the city
Ronald: point taken...... sounds like a fine idea
rich-c: haven't been into teh jazzy new terminal yet - but assume like all airports, chain your luggage to you while you sleep
rich-c: or check it
Pamela: and just getting out of the airport and onto the 401 will wake you up, believe me
Ronald: yep
Ronald: I know... Last time I did that, I was with a taxi driver..... it was not fun
rich-c: in fact if you can get off before the nervous breakdown, we're off exit 365
Pamela: now *that's* scary
Ronald: indeed it was
james: who's flying where?
rich-c: oh no, survival rates are MUCH higher if you're in the back seat
Ronald: me..... Comox to Tarana
Ronald: and (hopefully) return
james: for the con?
james: lol
Ronald: yessir
rich-c: Guy too, we think - Thurs July 14th for Adamcon
james: we've been looking at real estate in your neck of the woods. nothing serious, just browsing
Ronald: whose neck?
Ronald: my neck?
Pamela: to what purpose James?
james: ron's neck. no way you could pay me enough to live in toronto
Pamela: I happen to like living here
Ronald: prices going up here - but you can still get in
james: not saying it's a bad place. i just don't go for big cities
Ronald: normal Comox Box now going for 250k
Ronald: give or take
james: yeah, saw that
Ronald: back in January it was 210k
Guy B.: I'm beginning to plan for next year's, so watch my webpage after this one is over.
Pamela: any hotel ideas yet Guy?
Ronald: good for you Guy. Good Lord willin' I'll be there
Pamela: and oh yeah, US shopping. Book a week
rich-c: it's OK james, you couldn't afford Toronto now. The house next door to me is selling for $1.1 million
Guy B.: Jeanene and I are looking around the Oakbrook Terrace area, which is about 10 minutes from O'Hare and it's close to the expressways and tollways.
Pamela: easy access to the El, Guy?
Pamela: HOW MUCH????
Ronald: good. I get to watch the aircraft coming and going
Guy B.: The Blue Line runs to Forest Park, but I can pickup anyone from there.
Ronald: I love aircraft
james: holy crap
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changed username to Daniel B
james: what's yours valued at, rich?
rich-c: O'Hared's too deep into the city - get way off teh southeast side so all the folks driving from the east don't have to contend with your traffic
Pamela: you can say that again James
Ronald: Salut Daniel
Daniel B: Sorry to be so long
rich-c: welcome back Daniel
james: ok, now i can buy that drive for $5.99 u.s.
rich-c: they'd pay $350 - 400K for the right to tear it down
Daniel B: we needed the phone, but after i saw some news on tv like the earthquake-tsunami alert and other things
Guy B.: Midway is the other airport.
Ronald: you got it straightened out James?
james: i think it'll do the trick
james: yeah, morons
james: i mean ebay, not you guys :P
Ronald: gross inefficiency once again rears its ugly head
james: ron, do you plan on staying out in comox?
Daniel B: hi Ron.
Ronald: yes, as long as they'll have me.... although later when I'm unable to sit up and take nousishment, my son wants me in Vancouver
Ronald: I will not think about that
Ronald: nourishment...??
james: well hopefully that's a ways off yet
rich-c: I reckon that will be some way down the road, Ron - you're much younger than I am
Ronald: who knows.... yes... one would hpe
Pamela: let's put it this way Ron - it better be
Ronald: As long as I have a choice... Comox is it
james: dan, sais tu ou se retrouve mascouche?
rich-c: way the medical research is going now, you could end up breaking the century mark
Daniel B: pas vraiment, non
Ronald: with my lifestyle? naw
james: my guess is that well off people from my generation have a chance at pushing beyond 120 or 150
rich-c: I just got a new road atlas, james - I'll have a look - brb
Pamela: I'm not sure I'd want to live that long
james: if i were sharp and healthy sure. if it were 50 years tied up to tubes, no thanks
Ronald: good point Pam.
Ronald: exactly James
james: anyway, we'll see. mortal is mortal, adding 50 years doesn't change the end result
james: sorry to be so morbid
Pamela: lots of things to think about when it comes to quality of life at that stage
Pamela: well, as Dad is fond of saying, life is a terminal disease
rich-c: it'/s off the island, n.e. from Laval, north of Lachainie
Ronald: :)
rich-c: basically Montreal metro area
james: thanks
Daniel B: vous parlez de la vie comme si c'était un "mauvais moment ŕ passer" ou quoi? je ne comprends pas bien.
rich-c: that is true, but they are making enormpus progress on medical matters right now
Ronald: brb
james: non, pas de tout, mais le fait qu'on pourrait etender la vie d'une dixaine d'annees ne change pas le resultat qu'on est mort le jour qu'on nait
rich-c: we just accept, Daniel, that for now no man lives forever
rich-c: but you will likely live a great deal longer than the elders here
rich-c: in fact you will have problems finding some cause to die of ; - )
james: i just thought of something not so good though..
rich-c: for people born in the year I 2was, the average age is dead - I'm in the surviving minority
james: that's a *damn* long time to spend married
Daniel B: and you really think that the life could be better if we stay alive forever?
Pamela: well the record is 80 years and two weeks James - so you have a tough record to beat
rich-c: well, the first 50 years are the hardest, james (speaking from experience)
james: oh, i'm not trying to beat it. trust me on that one
james: lol
rich-c: not forever, daniel, but longer than your elders
james: sad, but in this day and age, the fact i've been married 8 years means i've gone beyond expectations already
Pamela: what I find strange is that in my head, I've been married for 16 years, but it's only 1.5 on paper
rich-c: hey, Pam and Russell lived togehter for 1`5 years before they even got married
james: miyuki and i have been together for 10
Pamela: so unless we count from the beginning of our cohabitation, we'll likely not make the 50th mark
rich-c: you're barely starting, james
james: you don't have to rub it in :P
rich-c: Guy, did we ever find out when your plane gets in here for the 'con?
Pamela: he hasn't booked yet, Dad
rich-c: isn't that leaving it a little late (as in expensive)?
rich-c: or is now the time they start panicing and offer seat sales?
james: guy, you're in michigan, right?
Ronald: no that's Bob and Judy
james: oops
Ronald: Guy is in Chicago
Pamela: Guy's in Illinois
james: well which is it, chicago or illinois? :P
Pamela: speaking of which, where are the Slopsemas tonite?
Pamela: both you goose
james: heh heh
james: hook, line and sinker
Pamela: my brains are fried from a week of plus 30 temps
Ronald: better get back to this continent James
james: in good time
Pamela: the cat just walked out into the hall and is now whining because he can't see me
james: we might finally get some rain here. we've had maybe a week of rain in the last 75 days
rich-c: meow at him
Pamela: ya gotta wonder sometimes
Ronald: I have a friend who thinks that Vancouver Island should be home to about 5 million people, and wants that to happen soon
Guy B.: Well folks, going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
Daniel B: it's my brithday this saturday... 30 years old. it's supposed to be the "blues" period or something?
rich-c: we had quite a drought building till the last 36 huours - now we're wet
Ronald: then watch real estate prices
Pamela: Daniel, 30 was the best year for me
Pamela: I'll let you know about forty in a couple of weeks
rich-c: see you Guy
Pamela: night, Guy
Daniel B: bye guy!
Ronald: night Guy.. be well
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: don't rmember 30, it was too long ago
rich-c: besides, times were different then
Ronald: 30 was 4 years married. Jeff was 3
Pamela: yeah, that was BP
Ronald: we had our trials
Pamela: Before Pamela
james: 5 million people on vancouver island?
rich-c: 30 was five years married, but still five years BP
james: uhmm... "no".
Ronald: yes... that's what he says
Ronald: we're no where near that now
james: that would not be a good thing
james: send 'em to toronto :D
Ronald: Victoria would be about 700,000, and the rest of us maybe 300,000
rich-c: I think he's out of his skull - more people you do not need
Pamela: thanks, but we're overflowing now
Ronald: I want to build a fence around the Island. Anyone who hasn't been here for 10 years would be asked to leave
rich-c: 5 million is half the population of Ontario
james: i agree that canada as a whole would do well to triple our current population, but we need to start making other places for people to go
rich-c: a much better idea, Ron
Ronald: I think so
james: toronto is big enough for sure
Pamela: agreed James
rich-c: I do not think Canada needs any more people; we have too many now
Pamela: Toronto is so big now that places like Orangeville are becoming bedroom communities
james: have you annexed peterborough yet?
rich-c: Orangeville? even Barrie!
Ronald: was in Vancouver this past weekend...... I only go to remind myself why I don't live there
Pamela: not yet, but we're working on it
rich-c: get the tongue out of the cheek, james, we're getting there far too fast
Pamela: at least one of my former coworkers came in from Kitchener every day
Ronald: had to help with planning for Jeff/Francesca's wedding
james: vancouver too. montreal is plenty big and ottawa is growing at a breakneck pace still
Pamela: how's the planning coming Ron?
Ronald: as in pay for the wedding cake
james: at one million, ottawa can still grow, but it's no small town anymore
Pamela: and how big is this wedding?
Ronald: think they've got it pretty well done now Pam. looks like maybe 50 - 60 guests. Not that big really
Pamela: bigger than my 10 people, but large or small, the planning is the same
rich-c: no comment
Pamela: its all in the details
Ronald: yes
Pamela: i'm really proud of myself - we pulled it off in just four months
Ronald: I've taken to carrying my chequebook around with me
Pamela: and it all got done - except for the garlic bread
rich-c: I thought it was the father of the bride who picked up the tab
Pamela: I didnt' hear you volunteering Dad!
Ronald: well yes, normally , but in this case there are variations dictated by one thing and another
Ronald: actually, the kids have done most of it themselves
Pamela: which reminds me - should I bring my album to the con?
Ronald: well yes, of course. I have not seen
Pamela: what weekend is the wedding Ron?
Ronald: July 2
Ronald: the long weekend
rich-c: anyway, I have worked over a hot computer too long today
Pamela: so you should have your pictures by the convention?
rich-c: and I think it is time I packed it in
Ronald: I would expect so. Whatever I have I'll bring
Pamela: cool : )
Ronald: right Rich.... time for the 'needle and thread'
Pamela: g'nite Dad
rich-c: so good night, all
Pamela: will let you know about the car soon
Ronald: nite Rich
rich-c: colour me gone
Ronald: right
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: I still don't know what colour that is
james: lol
Ronald: transparent - like the invisible man
james: so now we're 4?
Daniel B: i'm asking to myself the same question about the colour
Pamela: about to be three actually, I have to get up extra early tomorrow
james: colour him 0xF :D
Pamela: without a car, I'm transiting to work and that takes much longer
Ronald: ah the great Toronto Transit System
james: well you certainly know your way around though. we were at our hotel in very good time
Ronald: long may it live
Daniel B: i don't know the answer
Pamela: well, it's one of those "you cna't get there from here' things
Pamela: I'm glad of that James
Pamela: as far as the north south lines, I'm pretty good for most stations
james: and i may very well use those instructions again next year
Ronald: right- remember those from Ottawa
james: got a group of six going with me
Ronald: you get over pretty well every year James?
Pamela: it's the east west stations I don't know that well
james: our schedule is a little different, but i do have us flying out of toronto to calgary again and staying the night. likely at the same hotel since that worked well
Daniel B: well, after calculating my small budget, i think i can't make it to the adamcon. i really wanted to meet you in person and see the game related presentations by the two Wick.
james: pretty close these days. i'll be in ottawa again for my brother's wedding in october
Pamela: I'm sorry to hear that Daniel - we were hoping you'd make it
Ronald: that would be a good reason
james: if it weren't for that, we could have maybe scheduled a july trip and i could have ended up at the con
Daniel B: i think there is no way for me to be there and come back with only 200$
Ronald: well James, one of these years you'll make it
james: but i can't do march, july and october all in one year. way too much and veyr pricy
james: i'm essentially paying for the equivalent of 3 adults on my salary alone
Ronald: I guess so eh?
Pamela: ouch
Ronald: yes, ouch is right
Ronald: I have only me
james: yeah, case is 80% fare and aiden is 20%, plus we have to get to the airport all the way from out here
Ronald: money
Pamela: given that we've missed the last two conventions because of budgetary constraints, I fully understand James
Ronald: and me the last one
james: miyuki' salary is negligible so i pay for everyone. no choice. at least i can write some of it off though
james: well vancouver is a bit of a haul too
Pamela: what does Miyuki do, James?
james: she packs fish at minimum wage in her father's store every morning including sundays. we won't go there as to how i feel about it
Daniel B: i can only hope that one day, i will be able to make it, and i hope we will all be able to make it to the adamcon to meet you all in one time to be a very good moment.
Pamela: about the fact that she's working, or where she's working?
james: the fact she's working every morning, working in a fish store, when she could be using her fluency in english to do much more
Pamela: you can solve that Daniel - host a convention. That way, you are guaranteed to see us.
Pamela: ah, gotcha
james: i'll be in ottawa at this time of year (end of july) in two years.
james: for my father's 60th (he's 58 this year)
Ronald: hmmm.... wonder how many AUFG types we have still there - I know of 2 or 3
Ronald: probably more were I to look
james: so if in two years time it were in toronto or montreal/qc i could go
james: we should get in touch with them
Pamela: there you go Daniel
Ronald: we should consider that
Daniel B: ho james, I didn't asked you this question before because i feeled stupid about it, well, my question is about names. how you know if a japanese is a male or a female just by its name? is there a trick or something?
Pamela: we can all practice our French on Daniel, and his English on us
Ronald: good question Daniel
Pamela: it's an excellent question, one I've never thought to ask
james: a lot of it is just becoming familiar with names, like in other languages. a person might not know "Jane" is feminine not having studied english
james: if you can read the characters that helps - girls' names tend to make use of characters for flowers, seasons, beauty etc (older names anyway)
Pamela: here's another question for you James: are Case and Aiden Japanese citizens?
james: boys' names would have characters from concepts like strength etc
james: case and aiden are dual citizens until they reach 20
Pamela: cool!
Ronald: then they have to choose?
james: some names can be used for either boys or girls but may be written differently, like "jamie" and "jaime"
Daniel B: what are the common names choosed for flowers, seasons, etc.?
james: still a little fuzzy on that, but for all intents and purposes yes. thing is, i'm told it's actually quite difficult to lose your canadian citizenship
Ronald: would be a difficult choice I would think
james: sakura is still popular, the character for "beauty" (mi), snow, hope, chance etc.. also names that end in "-ko" are girls names
Daniel B: But I know a girl named Jaime.
Ronald: ok Daniel, I've got a name for you..... which is it - male or female? Gaetan
Pamela: but having been born there, they won't have to become landed immigrants will they?
james: well maybe, just maybe in 20 years this won't be such a bass akwards place and they'll have dual citizenship agreemetns with a few countreis
Pamela: Gaetan - male
james: no, i've got case's canadian citizenship card and aiden's is being processed
Daniel B: i will say male too
Ronald: I know a woman in Ottawa who has that name
Pamela: fooled us both Ron
Ronald: although maybe I haven't spelled it right
james: @dan, that's what i'm saying about "jaime". when the i is in the middle, it's a girl's name (unless it's spanish)
Daniel B: well, in french there are "Gaetane" with an 'e'
Ronald: ok...that's it
Ronald: Her name was probably spelled with an e
Pamela: you know what I was thinkng earlier James? I can't imagine anyone ever calling you Jim
Daniel B: like James T Kirk in star trek?
Daniel B: always called Jim by his friends?
Pamela: LOL
james: no one calls me jim. not without consequences anyway
Ronald: As in "Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a tree surgeon"
Daniel B: hehe!
Pamela: that's what I mean - I can't imagine it
Pamela: and I've learned my lesson about shortening names without consent - it's hazardous to the health
Pamela: as Kimberly can tell you
Ronald: oh yes
Ronald: my mother called me Ronnie. Everyone else gets a black eye
Pamela: and I myself am picky about the use of my full name
Pamela: ditto with anyone who calls me Pammie
Ronald: :)
Pamela: except Erin - she's always gotten away with it
Pamela: dunno why
james: :D
Ronald: well, you see, there was a reason. My father was Ron, so I had to be Ronnie
Pamela: Pam is fine if you're talking to me but when my name is written, I prefer Pamela
Ronald: still have cousins who use the latter
Daniel B: Did you see Stone Trek? it's like Star Trek in the time of dinosaures, what is the name of this cartoon "yabadabadooo!"
james: my family calls me "jamie" that's it. anyone else who calls me that had better be female and intimate :P
Pamela: the Flintstones
Ronald: Remember from the newsletter days James... when you were writing Logo articles
Ronald: it was always Jamie deCarlo
Daniel B: that's it it's Stone Trek is Star Trek in a Flintstone look. it's in Flash animation somewhere on the net.
Ronald: but that was then....this is now
Pamela: I must admit I like Jamie better than Jim for you
james: james,btw, is my middle name
Pamela: what is your first name?
Ronald: oh... now there's a bit of trivia for you
james: i've never gone by my first name and it irks me no end when people use it. i usually sign first intial with my middle name to avoid confusion w/ credit cards etc
Daniel B: ho, another question about name... is there a word in japanese that is close to your name James (or Jim)?
Pamela: and pay attention class - this may be on the final exam
james: nope
Ronald: like Mom. Marjorie Gladys Mitchell became Glady
Ronald: but signed M Gladys Mitchell
Pamela: my grandfather was like that James - he was alwas F. Ross MacLean (F for Francis)
james: there's no original "ja" (long a) sound in japanese so my name just gets transliterated
Ronald: now there's a word
Ronald: translated/obliterated
james: transliterated = mapping syllables while matching the sound as closely as possible
Pamela: what do your students call you James?
Daniel B: so there is no confusion about your name... but your name must be deformed a bit in japanese
Ronald: "teach"
james: they call me "pops"
Ronald: Good Lord
james: yeah, gets mangled somewhat. not as bad as others
Pamela: <snicker>
Ronald: (me too)
Daniel B: pops? popsickles?
Ronald: now we're off the edge
james: some of them who came last march and were at my parents place for turkey dinner heard my parents calling me "jamie" so i haven't heard the end of that yet, either
Ronald: ohh geeze!
Ronald: they tease you
james: and reasoning with jhs girls is not unlike reasoning with a 3 year old, that's to say impossible
james: oh yeah
Pamela: wow, it's down to 24 degrees in the living room. Yay!
Daniel B: and your parents never call you pops now?
Ronald: I'm only 16 C and I've got the window open and fan going
Ronald: I will not survive in Toronto
Pamela: considring yesterday when I got home from work it was 30, I'll take 24 anytime
Pamela: boy, my spelling is down the tubes today
Ronald: anyway good people.... I must away
Ronald: have more boxes to unpack...
james: no, my parents don't call me pops
Pamela: yes, it's not getting any earlier
Pamela: and mornign comes very early
Ronald: and Pamela should be asleep by now
james: good luck with the unpacking.
Ronald: I still have way too much in here
Daniel B: it's getting late. i didn't sleep for a long time last night. so i gotta go now. good night everybody!
Ronald: gonna have to get mean....real mean
Ronald: Nite Daniel
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
Ronald: Afternoon James
Ronald: Nite Pamela
Pamela: nite Ron
Ronald: :)
Pamela: have a good day, James
Daniel B: Good night Pam, Ron and James
james: think things are winding up here
james: good night, pam
Pamela: I'm outta here - see you next week!
Daniel B: talk to you next week.
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela left chat session
james: alors il ne reste que nous deux.
james left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-06-15
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