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Dr.D.: Haha Rin and I beat BobS here
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changed username to Pamela
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changed username to Testarossa
Testarossa: hi all
Dr.D.: Mmmm, Testarossa
changed username to Western Mitch
Dale/AC17: Hi All
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Pamela: greetings
changed username to JudySlopsema
Western Mitch: This really feels wierd
Dr.D.: Well Ron...
JudySlopsema: Hi, everyone
Dr.D.: I would be in my room, except I would have to pay extra :-S
Pamela: Judy where are you?
Testarossa: hi Bobs and Judys
Western Mitch: Do you have to pay extra for the internet cable?
JudySlopsema changed username to Judy
Judy: in our room
Pamela: ah, okay
Judy: bob isn't on yet
Pamela: welll tell him to hurry up!
Judy: he is still working on that
Dr.D.: That is what the popup wegpage said last night when we tried it out, Ron.
Dr.D.: webpage
Dr.D.: Fingers are still digesting dinner at Denny's
Judy: how was the pool?
Testarossa: and on the card in the room
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Dr.D.: Wonderful pool Judy
changed username to rich-c
Testarossa: it was great...nice and comfy pool
Pamela: lovely, Judy
Pamela: warm and easy to get into, but cool enough that it cools you down
Guy Foster: This is the most eeri feeling ever! Chatting with a bunch of people that are right in front of me.
Western Mitch left chat session
rich-c: evening, everyone
Pamela: hey
Testarossa: hi Uncle Richard
Dr.D.: You are young, Guy, so adapt :-)
Pamela: dad\
Judy: we will have to get in there a little later
Dr.D.: Hello Richard
Pamela: sorry, that's supposed to say Hey,
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rich-c: hi Rich and all
Dr.D.: I hope to God your connection does not spazz and create a zillion Richards... :-S
changed username to Western Mitch
Judy: at least we are in a different room
Testarossa: how are you feeling Uncle?
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I'm on Neil's spare (!) laptop at the con
Guy B.: Greetings from Whitby!
Western Mitch: Hey Mr. Clee
rich-c: that's up to Dale and his server
Western Mitch: How are you?
Dr.D.: No Richard it is you...your connection is the only one that ever does this.
Guy B.: HI Rich
Judy: Hello, Richard, how are you doing?
rich-c: hey Ron your oled team is lading 20-0 in thee second quarter
Dr.D.: Yes, we have heard serious medical stuff about your leg...
Western Mitch: Ottawa?
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changed username to Neil
Guy B.: Rich, do you have Powerpoint on your computer?
rich-c: oh you should see it (and will)
Pamela: are you coming tomorrow dad?
rich-c: I have a front pouch pack with tubesrunning outint5o my ARM
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Pamela: Dad is borgified!
rich-c: i HOPE TO MAKE IT, pAM
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Pamela: I hope you do too Dad - it's weird without you
changed username to BobS
rich-c: right now I am on the new laptop nd mytyping is very slow
Neil: We'll all be happy to see you here if you can make it.
BobS: I am here
Judy: yes we will and Francis also
BobS: just look out the door in the conference room; up 3 floors and see the computer almost hanging out the window pointed westward
rich-c: wello, don't go running off to lunch at 11 a.m. - we might not even make it bythen ; - )
Neil: Lunch is scheduled for 12, as long as we're not running behind ...
BobS: lUNCH ..........we need FOOD !
Pamela: hey
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Pamela: bob
Neil: in which case it may even be a touch later than that.
changed username to Ron and Harvie
BobS: hey tis been about 20 minutes since nourishment
Pamela: as long as you're on the road by 11:00 you should be okay for traffic Dad
rich-c: OK I hope to get Guy to hel aet up Adamem on the new computer
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BobS: and right now the 401 is running flawlessly
BobS: can see it from here
changed username to Testarossa
Judy: yes, it is Sunday, not a normal traffic day
Pamela: traffic won't get bad until about noon
Ron and Harvie: test test
Pamela: no one in this city gets up early on
Pamela: Sunday
BobS: test test....OK YOU ARE HERE
Ron and Harvie: Hello from Harvie
Testarossa: hehe
Dr.D.: Testing
Testarossa: :-)
BobS: hello TO Harvie
Guy B.: Sure I will help setup the emulator on your computer.
Dr.D.: Hooray Rin and I just did a shift from chairs over to the conference table in the session room.
(BobS gives Ron and Harvie some poutine.)
Testarossa: woo-hoo
Judy: what are you testing for?
Guy Foster changed username to Guy and Daniel
Dr.D.: To make sure my network connection had not died.
Ron and Harvie: rabies
rich-c: be aware i CANT GET INHTO A NORMALO CAR RIGHT NOW ns with the intravwnus thwe truck requires some contortiions too
Testarossa: Riches...
Pamela: well the handicapped parking spot is literally right outside the front door of the hotel and is about 20 feet from the meeting room
BobS: hey harv.....did you get the wireless card to erin yet??????????
Judy: I am finely warm
Guy B.: Rich, if you have Powerpoint on your computer here is the link to download my presentation I did yesterday.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Okay Guy.
changed username to rich-2
Testarossa: Harvie got it to me Bobs :-)
Testarossa: and I'm very grateful
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thanksGuy
Guy B.: Your welcome.
(BobS reboots Guy and Daniel's computer remotely.)
Pamela: and thanks for letting me drive your car - it was a lot of fun
rich-2: got drooped again - Dale, qwhaT DOES YOUR SERVER Hve GFinst me, NYWay?
Guy B.: What the???
Judy: Bob just gave me some too
Dr.D.: Would you like to buy a vowel?
BobS requested to ban rich-c
Pamela: Dale's not in the room, Dad
Guy B. confirmed ban
Testarossa confirmed ban
rich-2 confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy and Daniel confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Ron and Harvie confirmed ban
rich-2: oh, he is out pulling my plug, I guess ; - )
BobS: and the correct answer IS ???????
Pamela: I'll take a $ please
BobS: for what?????
Pamela: oh, not a vowel, sorry
rich-2: Ron, Ottawa is now up 27-4
BobS: 10:30pm .......... POOL PARTY !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Been there, done that, Bob.
Judy: or just before
Pamela: I already got wet
Testarossa: hehe
Judy: so???
Dr.D.: It closes at 11 PM Herr Roberto
BobS: but but......we went to eat......and.....and
Pamela: I can't drive in a wet bathing suit
Testarossa: poor Bobs
Dr.D.: that is why we came back here first...swim, eat, chat
BobS: I know just 30 minutes to get wet and sleepy inthe whirlpool
Judy: we were hungry
Pamela: neil's computer is making dire announcements
BobS: were DYIN here we were .....f or food
Dr.D.: I ate a 3-scoop chocolate ice cream cone at the gardens, that tided me over, Judy.
BobS: such as
Guy B.: I hope everyone liked my presentation on the AdamEm utilities yesterday. This is the first time I ever did one and without any classes. I have it at work, but one supervisor would probably question on why I want to take unless it's work related. Thus, I did this without taking any classes.
Judy: we just had a single
Pamela: three scoops??
Dr.D.: It was great, Guy.
Judy: you did fine,Guy
Guy B.: Thank you.
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moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-3
changed username to Frances
Pamela: Hey Mom
Testarossa: hi Aunt Frances
BobS: HEY Frances
Guy B.: Hi Frances
Dr.D.: Hello Frances
rich-3: ah, that's why I gbot bounced
Judy: Hi, Frances
Ron and Harvie: Hi Frances -(Ron) are we going to see you tomorrow?
Guy B.: Oh boy Rich. It seems to happen to you too often.
Frances: Hi, everyone and yes, we plan to be there tomorrow, unless something goes wrong, which I suppose it could
Pamela: Mom are you on the desktop?
Frances: Yes
Judy: Bob is working in the kitchen right now
Pamela: wow the network card works
Pamela: that's cool
Guy B.: That's great Frances. Will be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Testarossa: how are you Daniel..I see you watching over there :-)
rich-3: yes, she's on Win98 and IE
Pamela: someday, i'm going to have 21st century technology on my computer
Neil requested to ban rich-2
Frances confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Testarossa confirmed ban
rich-3 confirmed ban
Frances: Pam, your dad is in the living room with the laptop & simultaneously wata foot ball game
Ron and Harvie confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Frances: Watching
rich-3: abd I am on
rich-3: Firefox and XP
Frances: But you may find me snoozing in a corner tomorrow because I have not slept well for 2 nights
Pamela: that's like Russell with his game on the computer and watchingTV at the same time
Pamela: Mom there's a really comfy couch just outside the room that's great for naps
Guy and Daniel confirmed ban
Frances: Has he told you about his gadget?
Guy B.: I'm still on this legacy, but very useful notebook with Win95 and have Office 95 for which I have two databases that I'm working on. So, it still does the job.
Pamela: what gadget?
Frances: Ron, has Jeff got himself married, or is he planning it? Richard is sort of vague on the subject.
Guy and Daniel: (Daniel) hello Pam, Guy, 'rin, Judy, Dr.D, Bob, Neil, Frances, Ron, Harvie, Dale, and specially rich-c
Guy and Daniel: i'm fine
Testarossa: hi Daniel
Frances: His portable I.V.
Guy B.: Glad the both of you are here.
Judy: Hi, Daniel and Guy
Ron and Harvie: Frances, He's already married. July 2nd was the wedding . Was there for the better part of a week.
Ron and Harvie: Went very well
Pamela: I haven't talked to him today so no
rich-3: glad to hear that
Neil: We heard something about the portable I.V.
rich-3: I mentioned it earlier, Pam
Guy B.: Rich C, which leg is giving you the trouble?
Pamela: that's not a lot of info, Dad
rich-3: a nnedle in my arm. pump on my belt, tube connecting them
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela: cool
Frances: Spouse, what's a nnedle?
rich-3: mostly the left lg but the right one has problems too
Dr.D.: Hi-tech junkie
Guy B.: Oh boy, are you able to walk on them?
Neil: Still learning to use that laptop keybord I see.
rich-3: scared the hell out of the doctor I suspect
Dr.D.: I am entertaining Erin by completing the last few slides of my presention for tomorrow.
Frances: The left leg is the one he injured but he now has a characteristic cellulitis rash on his right leg.
rich-3: yes, cant bend the left one enough to get into a car, though
Pamela: are you talking about the Doc at the hospital Dad?
Guy B.: Oh boy. That's not good at all. How did that happen?
Frances: Yes, Guy, he can walk but the leg doesn't bend very well and getting in and out of the van is hard, and so are stairs.
rich-3: yes, Pam
rich-3: I fell, Guy - twice
Pamela: thought so
Guy B.: Ouch.
rich-3: definitely, Guy
BobS: throw him in the back andtake off Frances
Pamela: klutz
Frances: Can't drive, Bob
BobS: oh shuchs then
Pamela: small problem Bob - Mom doesn't drive
Dr.D.: He should hire a driver...find some stuffy gent named Geeves
Frances: He drives okay, once in place
Dr.D.: To bring the Bentley 'round
Guy B.: Take your time getting here.
Judy: that sounds like a plan Dr D
rich-3: Jeeves thinks trucksw are infra dig
Pamela: ????
Frances: Trucks are beneath him
rich-3: infra dignitatum - beneaTH HIS DIGNITY
Dr.D.: Better than beneath a truck...
Dr.D.: subito piano
Pamela: good thing we have Neil here to translate
Pamela: ouch, Rich
rich-3: the problem with this keyboard is the cxaps lock is too close to theshift key
Testarossa: HI DANIEL <waves>
Guy B.: Had Abby at the vet before I left. Blisters flared up again on her paws. Trying a stronger medication, but the vet is very sure that she has an allergy to something outside.
Pamela: the problem I'm having with Neil's spare is the shift and the enter are too close together
Frances: I agree - I've been using it too and it keeps happening to me too
Dr.D.: Now we are communicating via semaphore across the conference table.
Pamela: may just be the heat Guy
Pamela: now we're getting semaphore
rich-3: somehow that doesnt bother me on this one ewvwn though that'sa how it's set up
Guy B.: Could be a possibility too. Been hot up in my area.
Pamela: much hilarity ensues
Frances: Decode semaphore
Dr.D.: tee hee said she and yclept the window to
rich-3: why was she named after a window?
Dr.D.: You need to reread "The Miller's Tale", Chaucer...
Frances: Are you-all sitting around one table and talking via computer? Wouldn't ordinary speech be easier
Guy B.: Most of us are Frances.
Testarossa: probably
Dr.D.: Then you couldn't hear us, Frances.
Pamela: you'd think but we're typing across the table instead
Frances: True, Rich
Judy: not Bob and I we are in our own room
Neil: Only 9 of us are sitting around the one table.
Ron and Harvie: Rich and Frances - are you interested in having a try at the Mighty Mitchell Award?
Dale/AC17 confirmed ban
Dr.D.: Yes I have to write my MMA entry.
Dale/AC17 confirmed ban
Dr.D.: And so does Testarossa.
Dr.D.: Guess we can do that later.
Ron and Harvie: A top ten list of "
Frances: Myself, I don't know about it. Noticed an e-mail on the subject but didn't get it read
rich-3: don't think it's our sort of challe nge, Ron
Judy: it is Much to Cold in there for me
Pamela: not much later left
Testarossa: as I have never used an ADAM......we'll have to see how that is gonna work
Ron and Harvie: Things I miss out on because I don't use my Adam as much any more
Ron and Harvie: a list of 10 things
Guy B.: I feel like a Popsicle with this A/C running on me.
Pamela: you and I have a date with a couple of screwdrivers tomorrow, Erin
Frances: Too cold where they are Judy?
Testarossa: :-(
Pamela: want the afghan ?
BobS: a really nice one it is too Frances
Ron and Harvie: the afghan is MINE
BobS: bring your cash
Judy: yes, every where we go they have the AC turned to freeZing
Guy B.: If the Slopsema clan did it a few years ago. I think the both of you can do it.
rich-3: I cansympathize, Guy - in the hospitAL IT FELT LIKE THEY WERE SEEKING THE FROSTBITE TRADE
Dr.D.: I should buy some tickets.
Dr.D.: I have lots of $CA
Guy B.: I never have my own A/C at home this cold.
Testarossa: where should we put the cash?
Pamela: we have gremlins
rich-3: we keep ours at 7tF
Ron and Harvie: too cold Rich
Guy and Daniel: You can give me the cash, thanks. $$$
rich-3: sorry, 75
Frances: ???
Testarossa: <smirk>
Pamela: Judy's freezing all the time and I'm comfortable
BobS: got to wait until tomorrow and I will take ALL your money and give tickets in return
moved to room Meeting Place
Frances: Richard's freezing all the time too
Frances: He wears sweaters, for heaven's sake!
changed username to Christina
Pamela: modern commerce at work
BobS: YO Christina !!!!!!!!
BobS: welcome my dear
Pamela: Hey Christina!
rich-3: well no, mostly just in the evenings for some reason
Testarossa: yay little red stubs of paper for little green bits of paper
Testarossa: hi Christina
Dr.D.: Hi Christina!
Judy: wish I had one with me
Guy B.: Since Jeanene has Abby at her place and hers are on. They are keeping cool. I let her use my A/C, since I have a bigger one in my apt. So, she has one in her living room and one in the bedroom.
Dr.D.: How did you remember the chat?
Christina: HEY daddy
Frances: Hi, Christina
Dr.D.: I forgot to remind you...
Guy B.: HI Christina
Judy: hi, Christina
Dr.D.: <hugs> Hi Christina
Christina: mum remembered
rich-3: welcome, Christina
Neil: The thermostat in the meeting room is currently displaying "72 degrees" in "large friendly letters"
Dr.D.: I thought she was at the TMBG concert
Ron and Harvie: Hi Christina
Pamela: how are things in Cleveland, C?
BobS: but it is more like.......66
Christina: we got back at 5:30
Dr.D.: BTW I sent Mom the address and phone # for the hotel finally
Dr.D.: How was the concert?
Dr.D.: We got back from our excursion to a local garden about then too.
Christina: The concert was fine
Christina: it rained during the second show
Guy B.: Who was at the concert?
Christina: but we were under a huge tent thing
Dr.D.: I am sure Mom was in heaven...did she get to meet the Johns after all the legwork she did for them?
Christina: Last night she met the dan's and Marty
Christina: and she got a signed cd for Elanor
Dr.D.: Oooh
Guy B.: How is Elanor doing Christina?
Christina: She is good
Christina: she is almost done with summer school
Guy B.: She's in high school now, isn't she?
Dr.D.: Yes, just one more week.
Christina: she's taking gym and health
Dr.D.: 10th grade this fall Guy
Guy B.: Wow
Frances: What is she doing at summer school?
Pamela: how are your preparations for college coming along Christina?
Christina: okay
Guy B.: What are you taking at college?
Frances: Starting college, Christina?
Christina: I've got towels, bedding, and a new laptop
Christina: THANX daddy
rich-3: another one with caps lock rouble
Christina: sorry I get excited
Guy B.: This is BIG step for you Christina.
Frances: And the most important of these is a new laptop!
Christina: At school i'm majoring in archeaology and maybe a minor in arty
Pamela: don't forget your teddy bear
Pamela: or whatever furry critter offers comfort
Christina: it will probably be my blankie
Pamela: : )
rich-3: some keyboards are jusat trecherous that way, Christina
Guy B.: What college are you attending?
Judy: that sounds like a good thing to take along
Christina: Mercyhurt College in Erie, PA
Dr.D.: Is the laptop still working well?
Christina: Mercyhurst
Guy B.: Ah that's right. When do you start?
Pamela: Freudian slip Christina?
Christina: YEP, i've got tons of music and video clips to keep me entertained
rich-3: that's a college, not a university?
Christina: Move in day is August 27
Frances: Erie isn't far away
Pamela: did any of you get out to get HP and the HBP last night?
Dr.D.: Hehe downloading via DSL...
Christina: yes it is run by the nuns of mercy
Guy B.: Not too far away. Getting nervous about leaving home?
Dr.D.: just be careful not to buy anything.
Christina: in the 80's it was a high school
Dr.D.: Hi thee to a nunnery, I think not
Dr.D.: Hie
Christina: I didn't
Dr.D.: :-)
Frances: Why that particular school, christina?
Christina: the music is all mine on cd
Guy B.: What kind of music do you listen to?
Christina: It has one of the best archeaology programs in the country
Pamela: brb
Christina: about 98% of the worlds parishable artifacts go through that school
Dr.D.: Are the other sisters there Christina?
Frances: How did yuou get interested in archaeology?
Christina: I like all sorts of music
Neil: Three of us went to Brooklin Shopper's Drug Mart at midnight and bought Harry Potter. They sold about half of their stock between ...
Neil: 12 and 12:15 am.
Dr.D.: You can login from the Mac and from your laptop.
Christina: the beatles, john mayer, maroon 5
Christina: right now I am on the MAC
Dr.D.: Then you could put the other sisters on.
Christina: OKAY let me call them down
Ron and Harvie: Yes, I am now the proud owner of the latest Harry Potter novel, and I have not read any of the previous
Guy B.: I listen to Classic Rock, with instrumentals and oldies right behind. I listen to The Beatles too. My sister is a huge Beatle fan. She has some master recordings of some of their albums.
Christina: mum got her copy of HArry Potter
rich-3: Ithink I got my new laptop juszt in time -the old one is acting srangely
Christina: I love the oldies
Dr.D.: Strange how?
Neil: What's a "master recording"?
Ron and Harvie: Oldies rule!
Dr.D.: Don't tell me anything about HP 'til I get a chance to read it.
Dr.D.: There was a group of folks here who went out to a bookstore last night to get their copies.
Christina changed username to Gretchen
Dr.D.: I may go get one for myself Monday while Erin is at work.
rich-3: did you get a copy, Pam
Gretchen: HI
Testarossa: hi Gretchen
Judy: Hi Gretchen
Guy B.: It's the original record that came from the recording studio and that record is used to make the copies.
Dr.D.: Hello Gretchen!
rich-3: hello Gretchen
Guy B.: HI Gretchen
Gretchen: Hi daddy
Dr.D.: <hugs> to all of you
Dr.D.: <kiss>
Dr.D.: Did you enjoy the kids concert?
Gretchen: How are you
Neil: Pam's out of the room, but she said her copy was being delivered to her office.
Dr.D.: I am good Gretchen.
Gretchen: Yeah <with insane laughter>
Guy B.: How old are you now Gretchen?
Dr.D.: Old enough to be dangerous, Guy.
Gretchen: 9
Guy B.: Dr D, she can't be that bad.
Dr.D.: She is not bad at all.
Dr.D.: She is just dangerously clever.
Gretchen: Oh yes I can
Guy B.: Sounds like she's doing just fine.
Dr.D.: She has learned all of her older sisters' tricks.
Pamela: will get mine tomorrow Dad
Pamela: hey
Pamela: Gretchen
Guy B.: Ah, you better be careful Gretchen.
Gretchen: bye, see ya later
Gretchen: Here's Diana
Guy B.: Bye Gretchen.
Testarossa: bye Gretchen
Gretchen changed username to Diana
Diana: Hello
Testarossa: hi Diana
Dr.D.: Hello Diana.
Dr.D.: And bye Gretch
Guy B.: Here's the other one. How are you Diana?
Pamela: greetings Diana
rich-3: OK hope you enjoy it, Pam - did youget a pre-ordewr discount?
Diana: 11, 12 in August
Dr.D.: On the same day Christina goes to college.
rich-3: welcome Diana
Neil: At Shopper's last night it was 40% off the cover price.
Pamela: paid a whole $5.44 for it after 40% preorder discount, $25.00 gift card and Indigo/
Judy: Hi, Diana
Pamela: Chapters discount
Diana: Christina's present is that she is leaving
rich-3: that's pretty good, Pam
Testarossa: <smirk>
Diana: sorry, I'll still be sad
Testarossa: of course you will :-)
Dr.D.: haha
Pamela: ya gotta love it
Dr.D.: I think the younger 2 will take over the older 2's room...and Elanor will go into the single.
Guy B.: You're going to miss your sister when she leaves for college. But, look on the bright side. You have your other 2 sisters.
Dr.D.: Leaving Christina, I don't know where :-)
Pamela: oops I misplaced my sister?
Diana: HEE hee
rich-3: it isnt like Erie is a million miles away
Dr.D.: Just 2 hours east on I-90
Pamela: Rich is Christina planning to come home for holidays?
Dr.D.: At least that is how long it took me to get there on Thursday.
Diana: bye from diana, here comes Elanor
Dr.D.: Bye <kiss>
Pamela: night Diana
Testarossa: bye Diana
Dr.D.: (Erin is Testarossa by the way)
Guy B.: That is if your not Speedy Gonzalez.
rich-3: hail and farewell, Ele
Dr.D.: Thee faaastes maaaaus eeen all Meeeehico
Guy B.: Bye Diana
Diana: I lied here is Christina
Dr.D.: haha
Guy B.: Yee Haaaa!
rich-3: Elanor and diana
Diana changed username to Christina
Dr.D.: Andale andale
Testarossa: hi again Christina
Pamela: arriba
Christina: I'm back
Ron and Harvie: I'm having trouble keeping you all straight
Dr.D.: At Pamela: yes AFAIK
Guy B.: Welcome back Christina.
Dr.D.: She isn't being kicked out :-)
Christina: yeah there are just so many of us
Dr.D.: She will likely be working over summers though.
Pamela: so where will she sleep if the others are playing musical bedrooms?
Ron and Harvie: :)
Christina: not yet
Dr.D.: I was just speculating.
Testarossa: <smirk>
Christina: I will sleep on the floor
Guy B.: Are you nervous about leaving home?
Ron and Harvie: It's ok. Your dad just re-introduced me to you all
Dr.D.: She can sleep in the spare room with me and all the ADAM stuff :-S
Christina: it has become my new home
Pamela: true
Christina: Okay here is Elanor and I will travel to my laptop
Dr.D.: We can always draw lots...have a game of skill to determine who gets what room.
Pamela: do any of you have your own room now?
Dr.D.: Or roll dice.
Neil: Christina, did you say "98% of the perishable artifacts"? What are "perishable artifacts"?
Christina changed username to Elanor
Guy B.: Hi Elanor. How are you doing?
Testarossa: hi Elanor
Ron and Harvie: artifacts that perish
Elanor: hold on,nina needs to get her laptop
Dr.D.: hehe
Pamela: Hi Elanor
Elanor: hi! How are you guys doing?
Dr.D.: I figured she was typing from her laptop before.
Pamela: we're having fun but missing you
Neil: We're all doing great!
Elanor: No it is on the computer
Dr.D.: We are keeping very busy...went swimming earlier tonight.
BobS: bloody good actually
Testarossa: having a very good time
Judy: Hi, Elanor
Ron and Harvie changed username to Ron
Guy B.: I hear your going to be a sophomre this fall, eh!
Guy B.: sophomore
Elanor: Hello to everyone
Dr.D.: Spent the afternoon at an outdoor garden full of 1/12th scale miniature houses.
Pamela: farn dingers
Dr.D.: Gubby would love it.
Ron: well enough for an overheated old guy Elanor
Pamela: it's all the keyboard's fault
Judy: have you been doing any stitching, Elanor?
Dr.D.: She needs an ADAM with SmartKeys
Dr.D.: Gretchen has been doing some, Judy, Joan has been teaching her cross-stitch.
Dr.D.: She has made a couple things already.
Judy: good for her
Elanor: Yes I am almost finished with a cross stich and then I will finish my quilt
Guy B.: You're getting very talented Elanor.
Judy: you are quiltimg?
Elanor: I know
Guy B.: Still have that pink mascot?
Elanor: Yes I am learning how to do it with a quilt my month
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-3: do you have a DSL connection at the šon?
changed username to Christina
Elanor: yes I still have Adam the pink thing
Ron: wireless in the meeting room Rich
Dr.D.: We are sharing a single net connection here Richard.
Christina: I have finnaly come back
Guy B.: We have the hi-speed here Rich.
Judy: a quilt block every month?
Ron: ethernet hi speed in the rooms - ya gotta get a cable
Dr.D.: There is a hub into one DSL port in the conference room.
Guy B.: But, some of us are using the cables.
Dr.D.: SOme people are using wireless, but it doesn't stay up long enough for me.
Elanor: Yes I have done six squares and I need to do the other six
BobS: OR if your room faces the conference room,........put the laptop on the window sill and get the wireless signa'
rich-3: lots of choice, then
BobS: been working all night that way
Judy: I did one of them, also
Christina: So Daddy, how is can-ad-a?
Elanor: Cool! What did it look like when you were done?
Dr.D.: Canada is fine.
Dr.D.: Food is great, people are great.
Testarossa: he got you guys more chocolate
Guy B.: We had a little rain up here.
Testarossa: :-)
Pamela: : )
Ron: We're still here, north of the border
Dr.D.: Yes more Canadian candy.
Pamela: it's like a sauna outside no
Dr.D.: Also something fun for Gretchen.
Elanor: We go a lot of rain today
Dr.D.: I got her a miniature squeezable rubber chicken.
Guy B.: Did you?
Christina: how was the putine??
Dr.D.: It is about 6 inches long.
Dr.D.: No poutine yet...every time I mention it to Erin, she says no.
Elanor: there was a down pour
Testarossa: 'cause it's the wrong one you keep mentioning
Neil: Well we may mostly be sitting around one table using wireless Internet, but at least we haven't crashed the hotel switchboard like we did at a couple of earlier AdamCon chat sessions in previous years.
Guy B.: Whoa, I guess you guys haven't had a lot of rain either.
Ron: P-O-U-T-I-N-E
Judy: I never finished it off, the colors of the blocks were not good, so it is just sitting around looking dumb
Pamela: oops
Dr.D.: I have eaten the poutine Erin likes from KFC, and it is not bad.
BobS: like taht Neil ???????
Christina: Sorry that stuff sounds disgusting
Pamela: ugh
BobS: I am with you Christina
Ron: Bob did you drop my computer on the floor again?
Testarossa: gotta try it first :-D
Ron: You're right Christina
Elanor: Some of my squares are smaller then others so I will have to fix it
Testarossa: but yes it does sound gross
Dr.D.: Well, it is different, but be nice: we have 3 people from Quebec here at the convention, and it is their national delicacy.
Pamela: it's actually quite good Christina
BobS: nope not yet, darn thing takes too long to boot up so it is packed inthe laptop bag
Christina: Daddy I 've got a question
Ron: cheeze curds, french fries and gravy
Ron: all mixed together in an amorphous mass
Guy B.: I was wondering what was in that.
Christina: My computer will not automatically scroll I have to do it, can I fix that
Testarossa: mmm melty
Dr.D.: Not automatically scroll?
Pamela: check your scroll lock key
Dr.D.: Are you running Explorer?
Neil: Bob: "like taht Neil?" I don't understand.
Christina: Yes I am running internet explorer
Dr.D.: I don't just automatically scrolls in XP here...
rich-3: likely more to come, Guy
Judy: a friend of mine had that trouble with here squares also
Christina: it does it okay on the Mac
Dr.D.: Harvie is telling me that you have to move your cursor down to the bottom of the window.
BobS: heck, I don't either neil
Elanor: none of my friend cross stick or quilt, the knit
Dr.D.: Or out of the text-typing window.
Christina: Oh well mine is just stupid
Pamela: I detect a whiff of Mac snobbery here
Dr.D.: No...Harvie says it is Exploder that is stuped, and I agree.
Christina: Elanor forgot the "Y"
Guy B.: Maybe not. Just stubborn.
BobS: tis a wee bonny machine, eh?
Dr.D.: Hey, she is on a Dell 810 laptop
Ron: we are busy thinking different
rich-3: 30 - 18 Ron, end of the third
Dr.D.: Stupid
Judy: I have now taken up crocheting
Dr.D.: Neil is castigating me for my typoing
Ron: Yea...... !!!
Testarossa: <smirk>
Pamela: Ottawa vs who Dad?
Judy: for something diffferent
Christina: They are quoting Disaster Squad
Pamela: I love the new words we're inventing
Guy B.: Everyone is entitled to slip a little. With the exception of Bob.
Dr.D.: Erin loves Disaster Squad
rich-3: Calgary
BobS: huh ??????
BobS: mine own self ??????
Elanor: Is this any better? Is it safe?
Christina: Help me
BobS: NO
Christina: save me from this insanity
Dr.D.: "Disaster Squad" is a private joke.
Elanor: Ha HA ha
Dr.D.: it is an independent student film the Film Society showed in February.
Dr.D.: I bought a copy of it, it is a total scream.
Christina: it is a movie made by some of daddy's students
Dr.D.: 4 high school friends took 4 years to make their own movie...hilarity ensues
Pamela: and insanity
Dr.D.: They obviously grow older during the movie...
Guy B.: Boy, I remember that in high school. Did not do a good job in the editing.
Dr.D.: And had to go back to refilm some stuff that was filmed earlier, so cuts back and forth between old and new versions of the people in the same scene.
Christina: I am now getting the entire film
Dr.D.: This thing is very professionally edited and done, great homebrew SFX.
Dr.D.: The girls have it memorized.
Testarossa: it was done quite well
Christina: and they quote it every day
Dr.D.: Don't feel bad, Erin's brothers hated it, too.
Elanor: for a student film
Testarossa: nephew's liked it though
Pamela: it was very entertaining and if you're not paying close attention, the age differences are not apparent
Christina: my friends thought that it was just weird
Dr.D.: Nephew's Mom didn't, though
Ron: Dale and Daniel are devising a program to calculate the meaning of life
Testarossa: <smirk>
Elanor: My friends thought it was funny
Testarossa: bad influences we are
Ron: It's up on the screen
Christina: your friends are weird
Dr.D.: Have too much fun we do, hmmm?
Pamela: we already know it's 42
rich-3: thought they had that already
Elanor: No robbie is the really weird one
Testarossa: :-)
Ron: yess.. but you must also know the ultimate questiohn
Christina: yes with half a head of hair
Ron: question
Dr.D.: I am not as weird as them, at least, Christina...
Dr.D.: At least I don't think I am.
Dr.D.: Your mileage may vary.
Christina: well,
Christina: doctor Who
Elanor: well what?
Guy B.: brb
Dr.D.: I realize that The Doctor is not everyone's cup of tea.
Christina: brb, be right back
Christina: Elanor
Elanor: what about be?
Christina: he has strange teeth
Christina: the doctor
Christina: oh no they are quoting again
Dr.D.: Maybe there are no dentists on Gallifrey.
Dr.D.: After all, the Daleks did destroy the planet...
Christina: they are fasinated with his srewdriver
Dr.D.: And nobody to take his dental insurance card.
Elanor: Extermante
Christina: and extermination and the "are you my mummy"
Dr.D.: The "mummy" one was a bit much yes.
Dr.D.: But the Daleks have always said EX-TER-MI-NATE
Christina: retarded like a fox is the worst catch phrase ever
Elanor: jumpin' Jesus in a lobster bin
Pamela: Dad FYI when you pull into the parking lot of the hotel, be careful of the front end - the entrance is quite steep and many people have bottomed out on it (judging by the scrapes in the pavement)
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: yrd
Dr.D.: yes
Dr.D.: We are back?
changed username to Murray
Dr.D.: yes
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Dale turned off our power.
changed username to Rin
Dr.D.: So we lost our network connection.
Murray: Hi everyone
rich-3: OK thanks for the tip, Pam. Luckily we have pretty good clearNCES
Rin: hi Murray
Pamela: hey Murray, you made it
Judy: hi, Murray
Judy: long time no see
Pamela: how are the horses
Guy B.: I'm back.
Guy B.: HI Murray
Murray: I got home about 30 minutes ago. SOme rain here and there
Murray: The horses were standing at the gate.
rich-3: hello Murray, havent heard from you for a while
Dr.D.: Christina, I just told Ron Mitchell about the "Fedex me to Poop-Town" quote
Dr.D.: He thought it was funny
Christina: yeah that was funny
Ron: where have you been! We're hungry, and you'r e gadding about the countryside
Pamela: sounds like the cat after a long day
Dr.D.: Just so out of nowhere...guess I should burn Ron a DVD.
Elanor: Tests? I was never good at tests!
Christina: we had lovely chinese food this evening
Dr.D.: I could do it...I have the image here on the computer.
Ron: please
Dr.D.: Mmmm Chinese
Dr.D.: Rin and I ate at Denny's tonight.
Christina: funny face breakfast?
Dr.D.: I had a bowl of beef vegetable soup and a grilled chicken salad with honey mustard.
Rin: na...salads
Guy B.: I've had some Thai food. My favorite is sweet and sour chicken.
Murray: How are you Rich? It's been quite a while!
Dr.D.: Thai is good too Guy.
Dr.D.: Erin had what, taco salad?
Christina: they are playing with the Steve Erwin toy
Rin: yep
Dr.D.: And some apple-y dessert.
Guy B.: We have a Thai restaurant in the area.
Dr.D.: I had a banana split for dessert
Christina: Oh yeakh we say Charlie and the Chocoalate factory
Rin: yessir
Dr.D.: How is it?
Christina: I ca't type
rich-3: sort of the worswe fror wear, Murray, but hanging in there
Elanor: You me we saw
Dr.D.: I understood her...just want to know how it was.
Elanor: I can't do it either
Christina: Elanor can't type either
Dr.D.: Ron has departed for a pounding device.
Christina: it was good, Johnny Depp was a bit creepy
Pamela: strangely enough I understood all that
Guy B.: Elanor, do what I did. Take a typing course while you're in high school.
Christina: the music was awesome
Pamela: he looks like a girl in the movie
Pamela: really strange
Dr.D.: Were there Oompa-Loompas?
Murray: I've been thinking about you over this ADAMcon particularly with the history of ADAM.
Christina: and the oompa-lumpas were hilarious
Dr.D.: Good
Dr.D.: Oom Pa Loom Pa Oompaty Do
Guy B.: This movie must be better than Willie Wonka.
Christina: his father was Christopher Lee
Dr.D.: Hehe
Pamela: I don't know if that's good advice Christina - I got 55 in my typing course in high school
Dr.D.: Hammer Films Dracula
rich-3: I am flattered, Murray
Dr.D.: Christopher Lee is a great creepy horror should see "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave" sometime.
Christina: he is a dentist
rich-3: well, that's creepy 8 - )
Guy B.: Glad I took a typing course. I ended up using it when I had to do some programming in college and later when I got my first job. Now, I type everyday.
Murray: Hope to see everyone tomorrow. My satellite connection hiccups at 10:00 Nite all!
Guy B.: Bye Murray.
Elanor: (^_^) (<_>) (0_0)
rich-3: nite Murray
Murray left chat session
Pamela: nite Murray see you ihn the a.m.
Christina: sooo weird
Rin: bye Murray
Dr.D.: Bye Murray!
Dr.D.: What is that code Elanor?
Christina: she just likes making funny faces
Elanor: (?_?)
Guy B.: I think she is telling you something Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Dale says it is Hello Kitty-speak
Dr.D.: meow
Christina: Daddy, tell the little ones to bathe!!
Dr.D.: uh-oh
Dr.D.: Okay stinky kids, hit the shower
(A dog howls in the distance)
BobS: fireworks going off Neil
Dr.D.: If Mom is watching...tell them to go wash
Neil: I should go look out the door.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: ua mon
Christina: mum is uptairs reading
rich-3: why freworks tonight?
Pamela: going to look, brb
changed username to Mitch
Guy B.: Sure it's not lightning????
Christina: fireworks for what?
Mitch: everybody went away
Christina: thay don't like us anymore
Christina: Where are you, I can't find you
rich-3: here but quiet
BobS: it is Whitby days or something
Elanor: Nina put on music! Yes!
BobS: fireworks down on the waterfront and viewed form the 4th floor is GOOD
Christina: So El how is the music?
BobS: this makes TWO years in a row we had fireworks in honor of the ADAM convention !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elanor: GOOD!
Christina: Do you know what the fireworks are for?
rich-3: yes, we were at atkins Glen for the 4th of July and the display over the lKEW
rich-3: lake was fantastic
Guy and Daniel: (Daniel : I'm here... just had to fix something with my library)
Guy and Daniel: (my coleco toolkit library : getput)
Christina: Okay, now we are dancing in ojur basement
Elanor: She means our
Christina: shut it
Christina: El do you like my running mix?
Elanor: Yes It is nice
moved to room Meeting Place
Christina: just nice, I worked hard on this
changed username to james
james: good morning
Elanor: Fine it is great!
rich-3: morning. james
james: how is everyone?
james: i'd have been on sooner but my kids had other plans
Guy and Daniel: (bonsoir JAMES
Christina: just great I worked hard on this mix, the minutes that it took to move it into a folder and all I get is a great
rich-3: hanging in there
james: hi guy, dan
james: glad to see everyone has made it soundly
BobS: hey james
Elanor: it is Fantastic
BobS: busy watchign fireworks here we qare
Guy and Daniel: je suis au Adamcon, c'est merveilleux
Elanor: your back
Guy and Daniel: Guy et les autres sont sortis voir un feu d<artifice
rich-3: Ottawa leads Calgary 33-18, three minutes lewft - smile, jamesa
Christina: Yeah, my computer is scrollin on its own
james: wow, when did hockey scores get so high? :P
Christina: wait I lied
Guy and Daniel changed username to Daniel
james: brb, i don't quite trust case
Daniel: I hope you are ok Rich
rich-3: OK enough to see you tomorrow I hope, Daniel
Christina: How is it across the basement Elanor?
Daniel: oh, really?
Pamela: hey James
james: hi pam
Elanor: It is just great
Christina: is the music too loud?
Elanor: no
james: so how is the 'con going?
Christina: Gotta love that Bon Jovi
Pamela: well the fireworks are beautiful but I feel guilty about leaving so abruptly
Elanor: yes it is goosd
Christina: goosd?
Elanor: good
james: i think she meant "good"
Christina: really?
Daniel: going fine i hope, for me, it looks just great.
Christina: just messin with you
Pamela: James, everyone else is outside (except Daniel) watching the fireworks
Elanor: I know
Christina: I have to et a whole years worth in before I leave in a month
Pamela: Dad in answer to your question, it's Harbour days here in
rich-3: Frances says she fell off but has to go do some chorea NYWay
Christina: I forgot the "G"
Pamela: Whitby and there are tall ships in the harbour as well
Daniel: I were supposed to sleep at Dale's house, but the plan changed and I'm staying at the hotel, in Dale's "suite".
rich-3: good show - Pam, you going home tonight?
Pamela: get what Christina?
Pamela: yes I am Dad
Pamela: but not till the fireworks are over : )
Christina: Teasing and giving her a hard time
Christina: She knows that I'm just Joshin
Pamela: ahhhh - gotcha
Daniel: I took many pictures today, probably more than 150, at the cullen garden.
Elanor: poor me (-_-)
rich-3: want to bring that French GP tape for me then tomorrow
james: what fireworks would these be?
Pamela: I have it with me
Pamela: planning ahead
Christina: But because of me leaving, you get yor own room
Elanor: my own room? Yes!!!
Pamela: remember El, when Christina is gone, you get to be top dog for a while
rich-3: good show Pam
Christina: that is what I heard arounfd the rumor mill
james: i'd love my own room..
Elanor: some times I don't want to be
Christina: yeah el, you have to cook and clean and watch after the children
Pamela: gotta be an only for that James
Christina: and DRIVE!!!! hee hee
james: i'm an "only" father, that doesn't count? :P
Pamela: that wasn't quite what I meant : )
Pamela: sorry James
james: i sleep with case more often than not but damn he's fidgety
Christina: She has to take over all of my old duties
Pamela: why do you sleep with him?
james: who would think a 3 y.o. could be such a bed hog
Christina: Have fun ELanor
james: i sleep with him because he doesn't snore
Elanor: I think so
Daniel: I also did a presentation today with Guy. I talked about Colecoshop, Guy said that this part was good. I talked also about Coleco programming related stuff like my SoundBank project, but I didn<t have much time to prepare well a conference so... I<m not sure they understand.
james: dan, did you show them colecoshop?
Pamela: I'm sorry I missed it Daniel
Christina: Are you down El?
Pamela: I'm going to try to be earlier tomorrow
Elanor: no I am up
Pamela: I love this Drushel shorthand
Christina: No, I'm taller than you
Christina: thanx we try
Elanor: so...
Pamela: tee hee
Daniel: I give a piece of paper to everyone one with a laptop here before the presentation with the URL of the Colecoshop forum.
Christina: I'm more up than you, so you are down to me
Elanor: I am up to jane
Christina: Evryone is up to JANE
Christina: even an ant
james: speak english (or french) you people :P
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
rich-c: OK who tripped over the poqwwer cord?
james: well we're a big crowd now, aren't we?
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to arg
arg: maybe we should go to the secondary
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rin
changed username to rich-c
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: I'm back.
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich
rich-c: OK who pulled the plug?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Neil
Rich: Dale said it had to be rebootedd.
arg: hey, how come no matter when i sign on i get shoved to the bottom? :P
Pamela: Dale pulled the plug
changed username to Redwood Ron
rich-c: nice to see I wasn't the only one dumped this time
Pamela: sorry Dad
Pamela: we got the message about the game though
moved to room Meeting Place
Redwood Ron: we were out watching fireworks
changed username to Dale/AC17
arg: hi ron
Dale/AC17: Hi ya.
rich-c: who is arg/
Dale/AC17: I think that we lost some people.
Dale/AC17: But there are a few online again.
arg: it's a mystery
Redwood Ron: hi arg
rich-c: THEY'LL BE Back, except Franca who lft eRLIER
Rich: It probably killed my girls' connexion
Pamela: I think it's either the Slopesemas or James
Dale/AC17: I'll be changing my spaniel server Java VM for next week's chat to see if it works better.
Rich: LeAvE tHe RaNsOm In SmAlL uMaRkEd BiLlS
Pamela: just who do you think we're gonna pay for?
arg: fOR sAlE USed caPSLocK kEY
Pamela: cHeaP
Rich: Intermittently used by a little old ADAMite only on Saturdays and Wednesdays
rich-c: right, and they dont have experience with this server's moods
Redwood Ron: i prefer the lower case eh
Pamela: would that be US or Canadian dollars?
Rich: Altairian Dollars
Rich: And a clean towel
Rin: 3 Altarian dollars
Redwood Ron: we are getting dangerously close to insanity again
arg: how about something a little less exotic like a giant stone wheel that i can trade for a new wife or new canoe
Rich: free Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster
Pamela: we walked across that line many hours ago
arg: (i'll take the canoe)
Rich: Trade it away for box #3
Pamela: somewhere around the miniature Flyer
Rin: gold brick and lemon sold separately
Rich: What did he win, Jay?
Guy B.: Guess Bob and Judy must have called it the night.
Rich: A year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat!
Rich: They were going swimming at 10:30 PM, remember?
Redwood Ron: bob and judy probably went swimming
Guy B.: Oh yes.
Rin: maybe they'll stop by and say hi
rich-c: yes, they have to get up early tomorrow
Pamela: well , Rich - a beautiful set of Samsonite luggage and a trip to the moon
Rich: Not dripping wet near all these electronics!!!!
Rich: A $25 gift certificate from the Spiegel catalogue.
Pamela: hmm, someone got a camera? <evil laugh>
(Guy B. hugs Pamela)
rich-c: Pam, don't forget they are doing a lot of night conatruction work on 401
Rich: James is arg?
rich-c: you will have a challenging drive home
Guy B.: Argghhhh!
Redwood Ron: James probably SAID "arg"
Pamela: a tripod just passed under my nose
Rich: Sounds like a fortune cookie from the Mandarin, Richard.
Redwood Ron: is that as in "invalid arg"??
rich-c: could well be
arg changed username to james
james: i've been unmasked :D
Pamela: I'm probably not going to take the 401
james: hey, i'm no invalid. not yet :P
Rich: It was Pam who said it, James.
Pamela: at least not very far
Guy B.: How's Japan?
Redwood Ron: I see nothing wrong with the 401
Pamela: since it's so late i'll probably go get R from work
james: hot and very humid
rich-c: oh, give it a shot, it may be OK
Pamela: yes here too James
Redwood Ron: It brought me here in a strange car after a night with no sleep
Redwood Ron: and I didn't hit anybody
Rin: hehe
Guy B.: Same here in Whitby and were freezing like Popsicles in the hotel with COLDDDDDD A/C.
Pamela: we just had a rain shower after a day of 30 plus temps
james: so everyone there seems to be having fun
Rin: good car, good 401
Redwood Ron: yes
Pamela: now it's like a sauna outside
Redwood Ron: fun? yes
Pamela: good car is in question
rich-c: yes, but at night many lanes are closed, Ron
Neil: If you can multi-task, there is a descrition of "Whitby Harbour Day" here
james: i've got the a/c on
Redwood Ron: that's the mafia car
Rich: I like cold A/D.
Rich: A/C
Redwood Ron: It looks like it should be shot at
Rich: Rin is shivery though
Pamela: but Guy let me drive his Jeep Liberty today
Pamela: that was fun
Rich: Have to rectify that
Guy B.: Maybe we should put an ice bucket on your feet Dr. D.
Rich: Ice bucket, I have some Coke bottles to put in one
Rich: Tres romantique
Guy B.: Even better.
Rin: hehe
Rich: I know a tiny bit of French, Daniel
Pamela: there is a lot of non-verbal communication going on in here
Pamela: most of it derisive
Guy B.: Instead of a Dodge Neon, the rental company let me have a Jeep Liberty.
rich-c: we sort of got that impression, Pam
Pamela: actually I think that's the wrong word
Rich: Derivative
Guy B.: Mind you, this is a really nice car, compare to my Chevy Cavalier.
Redwood Ron: I got a Chrysler something or other - 800 ??
Redwood Ron: 300
Redwood Ron: alls I know is that when I tried to open the door, all hell broke loose
Redwood Ron: I don't know about these alarm systems
rich-c: that's their big hot rod - what did you do to deserve that?
Rich: Alarms exist to keep the owners out of their cars
Guy B.: At least I know my car better than the Jeep.
Redwood Ron: arrived a day late
Rich: Ron is a Special Ticket
Pamela: maybe you should do that more often, Ron
Redwood Ron: they were expecting me at 9 am on the 13th
Rich: All the traffic lights turn green when he drives by.
Redwood Ron: which is exactly what I'd told them in my reservation
Pamela: someone called it a Mafia car
Rin: that was Bobs
Redwood Ron: so the said you either get a convertible or the Chrysler
Pamela: good description, I think
Rich: Dual machine guns under the headlights
Guy B.: Ah so he has the special one.
Pamela: and you didn't get the convertible?????????????
Redwood Ron: and bill is going to be higher
rich-c: it has that look - especially the fleet version, I expect
Rich: Ron will make them an offer they can't refuse.
Redwood Ron: Naw.... not with this humidity - it didn't appeal to me
Pamela: the fleet versions usually have all the bells and whistles too
Redwood Ron: I want something I can turn into an ice box
Rich: Or his cousin Vinnie will be coming to talk to them.
Pamela: I'm with you R
Pamela: on
Rich: And Vinnie is a man of few words.
Redwood Ron: good
Rich: So if they know what's good for 'em, they'll give Ron a good deal.
Pamela: unfortunately my A/C still needs fixing
Redwood Ron: I wish
Pamela: so on Wednesday I was driving around in a very windy oven
Redwood Ron: interesting image Pamela
Rich: James is quiet...changing diapers?
Pamela: Bob and Judy are here dripping all over the wires
james: just lurking
james: cleaning up a few small things here
Rich: We are being silly here James.
james: guy is going to give me a video feed via his yahoo webcam
james: *via his webcam on yahoo
Redwood Ron: contribute an intelligent idea James
Rich: My back is starting to get sore from sitting in the chairs in this conference room though.
rich-c: small things being infants?
Redwood Ron: we're short of them
james: an intelligent idea.. not sure you're asking the right guy but let me try to come up with something :P
james: has anyone/everyone seen colecoshop?
Redwood Ron: yes James- have it now bookmarked
Neil: We had a demo of colecoshop this morning here.
Rich: Want to buy some games we do
Redwood Ron: James, we gotta get you to one of these shindigs
Pamela: want to play games
james: when and if i ever get dns working, we'll have a proper domain name with which to access it
Pamela: we're working on it Ron
james: it's been coming along bit by bit
Pamela: AC20
james: literally at times
Redwood Ron: oh yes - 20 that sounds like a plan
Rich: My arm is already being twisted about AC 20
james: plan to have a proper main page w/ a link to the forums, a proper colecoshop store and some other goodies
Pamela: James, the webcam is up
Redwood Ron: so colecoshop is yours James ?
james: hey, i can see people
Pamela: are they dead?
Rin: lol
Redwood Ron: live or dead?
james: actually, funny you should mention that pam
Rich: Daniel is pointing it at Neil Wick now
james: cause my son kinda freaked us out yesterday
james: hi neil!
Rin: oh?
Neil: Hi
Pamela: oh, what happened?
rich-c: thyey just kind of move funny, eh?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
james: well my wife's grandmother passed away last sunday and we had the funeral on monday
BobS: ok, got wacked,, but back
Rich: It's Dr. D. in the tie
rich-c: roberto is bak - hi
Guy B.: Oh you are!
Rich: Hi James
Rich: I am waving
james: camera feed has died
Rich: Rin and I got dressed up for dinner.
Pamela: bobs is upstairs
Rich: That is Rin now
BobS: good swim, water cold like hotel a/c
james: you broke it, rich :P
Rich: I am too handsome
Rich: Couldn't stand it
james: so anyway, they were at her grandmother's house yesterday
BobS: guy and daniel got lost?
james: and he's just *staring* out the window, standing very still when he says
rich-c: hope you are not expecting us to dress for dinner tomorrow
james: "mommy, mommy, grandma is here"
BobS: can't see ya rich
Rin: that's freaky...
Rich: Rin and I had a night out, Richard.
james: i was somewhat disconcerted to say the least
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich: It was Denny's, but it was still a night out,
Pamela: I'll bet
changed username to Guy F
james: whodat?
Pamela: did he explain further?
Rich: Did you see Rin on the webcam, James?
Rich: Ron Mitchell
Rich: waving
Rin: my goodness
Guy F: Me, Guy Foster
james: hi ron!
BobS: RICHARD, ya better have clothes N
BobS: ON
james: hi dale
Redwood Ron: you getting this James?
Rich: Now it is Guy Bona
james: nice to see some faces to go with the names
rich-c: just barely, Bob - it is awkwRD GETTING A SLEEVE OVER THE IV LINE
Rich: Now it is Ms. Rin waving
Rich: My Rin
Rich: And Dr.D
Rich: <just kissed Rin>
Redwood Ron: We need a cam at your end James
Rich: She is blushing
james: missed that actually
Rich: Replay
Rin: hi James
james: video feed is maybe one frame every 5 seconds, at best
Rich: darn be isn't looking
Pamela: 'you two are disgusting"
Rich: he
Neil: Pam says "That's too close"
Pamela: sorry about the close up there James
james: if you give me a minute to get somewhat decent, i'll turn on my webcam
Rich: You are just jealous that Russell isn't here
Rin: LOL
Pamela: somewhat?
Rich: Be sure to clean up the keyboard
james: well i'm only half decent right now, and i won't say which half
rich-c: any old how folks, much still to do this evening
Pamela: nope - we've been getting told that for nearly 20 years
Rich: hehe
james: getting dizzy here guys
Rich: Mystery and anticipation
Redwood Ron: now there's an image
Rin: hehehe
BobS: so have a good night Richard and come if ya can, eh?
james: lol
rich-c: hope to join you all for lunch tomorrow
Rich: Yeah probably ought to go to sleep soon
Rich: I am getting giddy
Pamela: Dad, we'll see you tomorrow - if you can't come, call my cell
Guy B.: Hope to see you then.
Rin: and goofy
Redwood Ron: getting?
Rich: Rin is kicking me in the shins to behave
Pamela: otherwise, what is your ETA?
Rin: <smirk>
Rin: not kicking
Rin: nudging
james: brb
rich-c: long as the nurse gets here inime to chane my i/v
Rich: <I bruise easily>
Pamela: okay
Pamela: let me know
Pamela: what time did she come this morning?
rich-c: we're shooting for lunch, 401 willing
Pamela: okay
Guy B.: Ok, Rich C. Bring your notebook and We'll get the emulator running on it.
rich-c: she was here a bit afer 9
Redwood Ron: look forward to seeing you my friend
james: you can see me now. hardly formal wear but at least i'm not soft porn anymore
Rich: Pam says "good"
Rin: LOL
Redwood Ron: I can't wait
rich-c: thanks and good night all - see you tomorrow
james: stop pointing at the ceiling :P
Rich: hehe
Rin: good night Uncle Richard
Pamela: night DAddy
BobS: YIKES james. cover UP
Rich: Bye Richard
james: cover up what?
Redwood Ron: Hey!
Pamela: HI JAMES!
Redwood Ron: there he is
BobS: guten tag richard
rich-c: colour me gone
james: hi
Rin: hi James
rich-c left chat session
james: am i on the big screen?.. i sure hope not
Rin: hey James
james: hey
moved to room Meeting Place
Neil: Hey! What'dya know? You actually exist!
Pamela: you're on Guy's laptop at the moment
james: phew!
Rin: hehe
changed username to <undefined>
Neil: No we haven't engineered putting you on the big screen. At least not yet.
james: no rush :P
Redwood Ron: ain't technology grand!
Pamela: what you don't relish being six feet high?
james: would be grander if i could use it to sleep at night
Pamela: sleep is a commodity that you give up when you have kids
james: hi dan!
Rich: Erin is laughing at me.
BobS: NOW what did you do Rich?
Pamela: James can you see what Dale has on the big screen at the moment?
Rich: If I told you, Erin would kill me.
james: i see desk with people sitting at it
Rich: Photos coming soon maybe
Rin: hehe
Redwood Ron: James, you're looking far too serious
Rich: I am waving
Rich: I was anyway
BobS: tis a taable w/ bodies sitting at it
james: sorry, that happens when i concentrate
Redwood Ron: right - I did that once
Pamela: that's Daniel wving the camera around
Pamela: waving
Rich: Well since this is ADAMcon we should all CONcentrate
james: *groan*
Redwood Ron: Ohhhhhh!
Rin: <groan>
Redwood Ron: bad
Rich: I told you I am losing it.
Rin: hehe
Rich: Who is Mr. Undefined?
james: 'tis still black
Rich: Or Ms.?
Pamela: Walmart
Rin: Canadian Tire
Rich: Canadian Tire
james: you could try canada, though i assure you they're made in taiwan
Rich: right across the street, we saw many
Rin: LOL
Pamela: lol
Pamela: okay, Rich is getting silly
Guy B.: Ok, wiseguy. You just volunteered to get my flags.
Rin: hehe
Rich: No I simply told you what Rin and I saw there yesterday.
Pamela: James now can you see the big screen?
james: no, no images coming through
Rich: It's night time here, silly
Rich: Our photons are all asleep
Pamela: okay Guy is working on it
Rich: My eyes are falling asleep too
Rin: me 2
Rin: sigh
Guy B.: Looks like I'll be turning in soon myself.
james: hi guys
Guy B.: James, can you see me?
james: yup!
Guy F: Dale and Guy B
Guy B.: I have Erin next to me.
Rin: hi James
Rich: Just gave Rin a kiss
james: i can see that :P
Rich: She is my sweetie
Rich: <kiss>
Rich: She is too giggly to respond
Rin: <blushing>
Rich: Or embarrassed
Rin: hehe
Rin: <kiss>
Guy B.: Don't mind those two James. They like the attention.
Rich: Okay we will go stand in the corner
james: ewww
Rich: <dons dunce caps>
Pamela: opposite corners
Rich: Hey I didn't mean anything like that!
Rich: Though now that you mention it...
Pamela: I know
Rich: She is poking me again
Pamela: <evil laugh>
james: what's that on the screen?
Rich: I am a bad student
(Guy B. gives Rin a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Rin: thanks Guy :-)
Redwood Ron: Dale is trying to draw a horse
Guy B.: Now, don't eat it all at once.
james: sec..
Redwood Ron: and not doing well
Rich: (Chocolate gives Rich a zit)
Rin: HEY
james: sec.. i'm not talking to myself here, even though it might look like that from that end
(Guy B. creates a new action for Rich)
Rich: uh-oh
Rin: <smirk>
Rich: Which action, Guy?
(Guy B. smiles)
BobS: chewing chocolate
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at Rich.)
Pamela: I'm coming up there to get some
(We secretly replaced Rich's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Rich)
(Rich creates a new action for Rich)
Rich: Rich says Nya-Nya
Guy B.: Only the Shadow know.
Guy B.: Knows.
Rich: Dat be some Shadow den
james: great view
(007 music plays in the background)
Rich: Not the anal probe now!
james: meet aiden
Pamela: can you see up Daniel's nose?
james: trtyttmy
james: frxzxxhjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Rich: Aidenish
Pamela: hang on James
Rich: It probably looks better in Kanji
BobS: gonnago to bed now gang....see most of you in the morning; james be good ....... those here, BEHAVE
Rich: haha
BobS left chat session
Rich: Vice squad will be called soon
Redwood Ron: Nite Bob
Guy B.: Oh uh.
Redwood Ron: sleep well
Rin: nitey nite Bobs!
Pamela: night Bob and Judy
Pamela: I'm leaving shortly
Guy B.: Ok Bob. Bye
james: aiden is cranky
Guy B.: Me too.
Rich: Me 3
Pamela: me four
Rin: 5
Rich: Okay I am going to close hailing frequencies for tonight, sir.
Rich: Sirs
Rich: ma'ams
Pamela: night Rich
Rin: as am I
Rich: Sirmams
Rin: night all
Rich: Good night James
Rin: sleep well
Pamela: night Rin
Rin: bye James
Pamela: I"m heading out too
james: bye
Rin: Bye Pam
Rin: til it be 'morrow some
Rin left chat session
Pamela: before I turn into a pumpkin
Rich: ~~~zzsel~xNO CARRIER
Pamela: night James
james: everyone leaving?
Rich left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to shut this down and head up myself. James, hope to see you next Wednesday.
Pamela: great to see you
Redwood Ron: no
james: i'll be here. was nice seeing people
Pamela: Ron will be up till four a.m.;
Redwood Ron: :)
Guy B.: Night all.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I'm outta here folks
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
james: bonjour dan, ca va?
james: tu quittes aussi?
james: my hand is stuck. cool i can wave at you and type at the same time now
james: hello?
Neil: hello
Neil: I was just looking at your picture
james: hope your eyes are ok
Guy F: (Daniel : I will go sleep in 10 minutes.)
Guy F: ca va
james: yeah, i might do the same
Guy F: what time is there?
james: dale, thanks for your help earlier in the week
james: noon:30
Guy F: tired? :)
james: kids had me up early. didn't sleep well after 7.30 this morning
Guy F: I'm going to sleep too James, I'm off!!!
james: bye!
Neil: Well, I guess we're wrapping up for the night
Guy F: James: Get earplugs!!! So you can sleep better at night.
Redwood Ron: good seeing you James
james: earplugs unfortunately won't stop the kids from jumping up and down on my back
james: you too ron. one of these days it'll be in person
Guy F: Electric tazer gun perhaps?
Redwood Ron: that's what dads are for
james: thought has crossed my mind
Guy F: hahaa
Redwood Ron: anyway, I go..... be well all
james: 'nite ron
Redwood Ron: Goodnight from Harvie
james: methinks it's time for lunch soon
Redwood Ron left chat session
james: who's coming in i wonder
james: anyone here?
Dale/AC17: James, glad to help.
james: unfortunately it's still not working :P
Dale/AC17: I think that yuo should set as your secondard DNS server.
james: ok, i'll try that
james: but i wonder if the changes i made have even taken effect
Dale/AC17: We'll work more on it wednesday to get you farther.
james: should i be doing an rndc reload before restarting bind?
james: that would be very much appreciated
Dale/AC17: It typically takes 72 hours for new DNS servers to propigate world wide.
james: ok, well it's been at least that, and the fact it doesn't work locally seems to indicate something is not right
Neil: Still here, but closing down soon. I have to wait another 46 minutes to start transferring another digital video tape to my computer.
Dale/AC17: Definately it should always work locally.
james: i've got the bind9 manual and i'm going to try and look through it
Dale/AC17: I'm still working on my presentation for tomorrow.
james: what are you presenting?
Neil: Sometimes it can take much more than 72 hours ...
james: well i'll give it a few more days
Neil: I've seem DNS changes take more than a week to propagate to some nodes ON THE Internet.
Dale/AC17: My topic is Game Balancing
Dale/AC17: And I did an hour of theory on Friday
james: sounds interesting
james: i'd really like to make it to a con sometime. i haven't been to a single oen
james: *one
Dale/AC17: And hour of demoing some games and discussing the theory today
james: neat
Dale/AC17: And tomorrow it is hands on.
james: well i think once colecoshop goes "live" with some advertising we'll start to gain mass
james: so people will be building games?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy Foster
Guy Foster: Hmmm,Guy F needs to be kicked out. :)
Dale/AC17: Well, building games is a bit ambitious.
james: i hope to start building my first game once colecoshop is mostly up and running.
Neil requested to ban Guy F
Guy Foster confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Dale/AC17 confirmed ban
Dale/AC17: It is more realistic to think that we will be tuning one or two of my sample games.
Guy Foster: Dale: I can't wait to start building my first game too James. It's so demanding.
james: what i need is time
james: that is a good exercise too though
Dale/AC17: I'm just trying to clear my mind enough to fingure out if I can reasonablely use my "Warm Fuzzy's Quest for Salad" game
Dale/AC17: and apply some of the game balancing strategies to it.
james: i'd like to make an ultima style rpg game for the coleco but the adam would certainly be a better platform on which to run such a game
Guy Foster: Well, the good thing about retro game programming is that you're not really pressed for time, like the developpers used to be, so you can create something of higher quality.
james: until we get some hardware going
Dale/AC17: Guy, you haven't worked through a whole game.
Dale/AC17: ?
Guy Foster: Dale: No, never.
Dale/AC17: Okay.
Guy Foster: Dale: Been doing demos, and learning the Colecovision. I started a few games, but never finished them due to boredom.
Dale/AC17: Well, my games are terible. But I'm trying to make ones which are more fun.
Dale/AC17: In January I took a course based on "The Art of Computer Game Design".
Guy Foster: Your conference and book your recommended is awesome, it was truly the highlight of the conference for me.
james: what book is this?
Dale/AC17: That is what my game balancing session came from.
james: in a nutshell, what is "game balancing"?
Dale/AC17: Hmmm....I have a PDF here....
Guy Foster: James: I can send it to you if you want, I have it in .PDF format, it was written by David Crane, author of Pitfall and River Raid and some other awesome games.
james: he'd definitely be the authority
james: sure
james: my address is james at folkwolf dot net
james: whenever you get the chance. i can bug you about it again on wednesday if you're busy now
Dale/AC17: Check out:
Guy Foster: Just sent the file (.PDF) to James.
Dale/AC17: The book
Dale/AC17: "Art of Computer Game Design" is actually by Chris Crawford.
Guy Foster: Ah yes, true.
Guy Foster: sleepy.... zzzzZzzz
Dale/AC17: Do you see the PDF?
Dale/AC17: (the one on
Dale/AC17: We can talk about it more on Wednesday. It is pulled directly from the relevant sections of Crawford's book, with Colecovision examples where I could think of them.
james: got the pdf from guy
Dale/AC17: And contemporary examples where I couldn't (the book was published in 1982).
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC17: Neil will have a Real Audio of the lecture that matches up with my slides.
changed username to Ron
Dale/AC17: I'll post it soonish hopefully.
Guy Foster: Dale: Oh great, so I won't feel like I missed out by not being able to attend tomorrow.
Ron: yo..... you guys still here
Guy Foster: yoyo
Dale/AC17: I don't know about the hands on session. They are typically difficult to follow from a recording. We'll see how it turns out.
Dale/AC17: Ron, no, we're being good, and are fast asleep for tomorrow's sessions. ;-)
Dale/AC17: (ie to rest up for tomorrow's information).
Ron: right..... am about to do the same
Ron: See ya's tomorraw
Dale/AC17: Or maybe I'm preping for tomorrow's session.
Ron: I know..... you probably won't get to bed for another hour
Neil: I think it's going to take a day or two before I have the Real Audio ready to go.
Ron: at least
Ron: Must go see what my pics look like from thisafternoon - nite all... see ya tomorrow
Ron left chat session
Guy Foster: Ya, would be nice if we could all exchange the pics we took from the Adamcon, I have quite a lot.... over 100 for sure!
Dale/AC17: I'd like that Guy. I've done that in past years.
Dale/AC17: Neil is thinking of bulk burning CDs, like he did at AC15.
Dale/AC17: To be distributed mostly Monday morning.
Neil: Okay, my next tape is starting to transfer, so I'm going to leave that going and sign off now.
Guy Foster: Allright, Cry Baby is starting on TV now.... gonna go see it! :)
Neil left chat session
james: m
james: anyone still here?
Dale/AC17: I asked you a Q a while back.
Dale/AC17: Didi you look at the PDF?
Dale/AC17: (I provide a link to my presentation slides)
james: oh, sorry no
james: hang on
james: got it now
james: was just talking to guy about stuff like plastic molds and custom boxes
james: but i really should go for lunch
Dale/AC17: ttyl then.
james: read through it
james: very interesting
james: have you presented this yet?
Dale/AC17: We learned today that the application of the techniques on the Colecovision games are extremely superficialy.
Dale/AC17: Yes that was Friday's presentation.
Dale/AC17: If you look at the schedule at
Dale/AC17: you'll see what we've been doing approximately.
james: has the venue for next year's con been decided yet?
Dale/AC17: It will be discussed at the ANN meeting.
Dale/AC17: Any suggestions?
james: yokota :D
<undefined> confirmed ban
james: just maybe i might be able to go next year
<undefined> left chat session
james: hey dale, you still there?
james: on that page you sent me, the link to the friday photo gallery goes to thursday's
james: was able to access the friday pics by just substituting "fri" in the url
Dale/AC17: True.
Dale/AC17: I'm still working on that site.
Dale/AC17: I haven't announced it to the mailing list.
Dale/AC17: I'll post Saturday's pictures tomorrow morning, I guess.
james: ok, just thought i'd bring it to your attention
Dale/AC17: np. I was aware.
james: well since yokota isn't feasible for most people, how about something near dan's end?
Dale/AC17: I always have trouble updating the daily reports when I'm running the 'Con, and I've signed up for too many sessions that I haven't distilled into presentations ahead of time :-(
james: :D you like to keep busy
Dale/AC17: So I'll catch up eventually.
james: i keep telling myself that. so far i haven't managed to do so
Dale/AC17: I think I'm going to focus on a shortest path thing for the presentation tomorrow. That's what I worked on in February, so that is usually how I choose what to present.
james: i hear kids crying. i should probably go help.
james: i look forward to talking to everyone again on wednesday
james: good luck w/ your presentations!
Dale/AC17: see you later.
Dale/AC17 left chat session
james: bye!
james left chat session
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