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Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich
rich-c: salut, Daniel\
rich-c: got your email, we shall see if anyone shows up
rich-c: think we may have problems tonight as the web is very slow
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice that the adamcon web site didn't work this morning
rich-c: oh, it likely did, you just wren't patient enough - it is boring to have to keep trying for an hour
Daniel Bienvenu: however, I give to them the second chat url
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: just in case
rich-c: for a while I couldn't even get into my mail at Tamco
Dr. D.: Hi all.
rich-c: hi Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
Dr. D.: I'm glad to hear that the pile of dead ADAM stuff disappeared from your driveway, Richard.
rich-c: got your email, btw, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Gentlemen, I have to check something now... so I beg your pardon but I have to go for approx. 15 minutes.
Dr. D.: And I got your reply too, Richard.
Dr. D.: No problem Daniel.
rich-c: yes, talk about serendipity, having a scrap metal scavenger come by just when we needed one
Dr. D.: I am frankly surprised he took them...they certainly look like no computer anyone nowadays would expect.
rich-c: mind you, there are four humongous bags of non-metallic stuff, but they're at the curb now
Dr. D.: That is better than the VW Beetle-sized stack of dead ADAMs :-)
rich-c: true, but the boards have gold-plat3ed contacts, thee's lots of copper wire, stuff like that
Dr. D.: Hope he doesn't bring them back :-)
rich-c: how much valuable scrap do you think there might be in a printer power supply?
Dr. D.: The heat sinks are aluminum.
rich-c: yes, but thaat's about a buck a pound now as salvage, I believe
Dr. D.: Also heat sink on the printhead.
rich-c: and there's the copper wires and windings in the motors
Dr. D.: Depends if there is some generic place to ship boards to be melted down.
rich-c: after all, he's a guy who makes his living on scavenging and knows what stuff is worth
Dr. D.: The boards are a phenolic resin, could be incinerated or melted.
Dr. D.: The plastic might be recyclable, it is polystyrene I think.
rich-c: they shred them and ship them to China which is where teh recovery is made
Dr. D.: Ah.
Dr. D.: So the components will return home for cremation :-)
rich-c: don't know what rare elements might be scattered about otherwise but I'll bet there are some
Dr. D.: Tantalum in some capacitors.
Dr. D.: Iron in the shielding.
rich-c: yep, bet they'll get that, too
Dr. D.: Gold plating on the contacts for the sockets etc.
rich-c: anyway it makes me feel immensely better that every useful part will live again instead of contaminating a landfill
Dr. D.: We hope...he could just dump it somewhere if it proves unusable for him...
rich-c: I expect he will know where there are others who want what he doesn't
Dr. D.: A big bonfire
Dr. D.: ADAMcon weenie roast :-)
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rich-c: so, have you folks got your cold front for the day yet?
changed username to eRin
rich-c: hi
Dr. D.: A storm went through but it was all bluster and almost no rain.
rich-c: hi Rin, how's the Adam going?
eRin: hi Uncle R
eRin: it's going
Dr. D.: It is still hot and muggy here...all it did was make the grass too wet to mow tonight.
Dr. D.: Hi Rin
eRin: I set it up all by myself
eRin: hi Rich
rich-c: we got a real soaker, thunder enough but not an eardrum buster
rich-c: the temperature went from 32 to 20, so don't ask about the humidity
rich-c: well, since you had all the instructions, Rin, I should hope so
Dr. D.: It got dark as night, loud thunder, but that was about it.
rich-c: hmm - you got the fireworks, we got the wet stuff
eRin: didn't know if there were any insider tricks to make sure it didn't explode
rich-c: next time you're by here, Rin, get Frances to show you some things she has done with Logo
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: well hello there
Dr. D.: Hi Pam
Pamela: how's the rubbish pile, Dad?
Pamela: Hi Rich
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Pamela: Hello, cousin of mine
eRin: hi Pammie
rich-c: all the metal was taken by Eddie the scavenger, I merged the rest into four garbage bags that are at the curb now
Pamela: Erin must be feeling very pale
rich-c: oh? why?
eRin: pale?
Pamela: no red to be found anywhere
Dr. D.: She was brown and spotted as a plover's egg when I left her Monday morning :-)
Pamela: Erin, didn't you tell me your freckles had merged?
Dr. D.: Her shoulders were almost solid tan
eRin: I believe I did
Pamela: that's a very cool way to get a tan : )
rich-c: I assume it comes from eating your lunch out in the park?
Dr. D.: We did a lot of walking outside on her vacation, Richard.
Dr. D.: Also 2 afternoons of swimming in bright sunshine.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
eRin: all sunny shine
Dr. D.: I got her out of her office.
rich-c: that'll do it - I've been all but housebound yet I have some tan too
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry I was away
Pamela: allo, Daniel : )
Daniel Bienvenu: (or it's "I were away"?)
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
Pamela: was is correct Daniel
rich-c: you had it right the first time, Daniel
Pamela: you always have a tan, Dad
rich-c: well yes but it varies in intensity
Pamela: what amazes me is how brown my forearms got in one afternoon at Wonderland
Pamela: now I can prove I have colour - all I have to do is take off my watch
rich-c: yes, I'd expect them to be red and peeling
Pamela: no, I've been very careful about wearing sunscreen
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Pamela: no burns for me, thank you
rich-c: a prudent thing to do
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my tan is strange because I'm wearing t-shirt all the time during summer.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: you have what is known as a farmers tan, Daniel
rich-c: how was the holiday, Roberto?
Pamela: Hey, Bob!
BobS: hallo all
eRin: Bobs!
BobS: i AM here
Daniel Bienvenu: I have my head, my neck and half of my arms brown.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob
Pamela: and did you perfect your tan, Mr. S?
rich-c: I remember driving west in summer - by the tike we hit the Pacific coast my left arm was so dark it looked like it belonged to someone else
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's better than last year, I was programming too much, so I didn't really see summer last year.
Pamela: most drivers get a case of drivers arm : )
rich-c: programing is great, you just have to remember to have a life once in a while too
BobS: sure did my dear
BobS: even got a little burned I did
rich-c: what, no sunscreen? shame!
BobS: forgot the one day
Pamela: so how was the trip Bob?
rich-c: and how did Judy like it?
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BobS: had a great weather, sat in the lake a lot, had a very noisy thunderstorm night on Wed and not much sleep, but ok
changed username to Harvie
BobS: Judy loved it
Pamela: greetings, Harvie
BobS: HI Harvie
eRin: hi Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie, you're a bit late tonight
Pamela: did Ryan behave?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir HArvie
Harvie: Howdy howdy howdy
Dr. D.: Hello Harvie.
rich-c: Frances wants to bring our trailer home this weekend
BobS: Ryan had a day he caught 6 bluegills about 6-7" long........
BobS: one little fisherman
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Harvie: Little fisherman, little fish?
Dr. D.: Bluegill, I caught some of them as a boy...good eating IIRC.
changed username to Guy Foster
Pamela: allo, Guy
rich-c: hello, Guy Mark II ; - )
Guy Foster: Hello all.
Guy Foster: Where's Mark I?
Harvie: Hi Guy
Guy Foster: Hi Harvie.
BobS: Hi Guy
rich-c: he hasn't come on yet - he is a bit erratic that way
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy
eRin: hi Guy
Guy Foster: Hiya Dan the man.
Pamela: I wish I liked fish
Pamela: I certainly enjoyed fishing the one time I tried it
Dr. D.: Hello Guy
Dr. D.: Still reading the CV docs?
rich-c: it would simplify matters at certain times, but c'est la vie
Guy Foster: Hi Dr. D... Actually no, I've been spending all of my free time disassembling Z80 code and trying to reconstruct compilable code. Not the easiest thing.
Dr. D.: What are you disassembling?
Dr. D.: I have some small experience with regenerating sources :-)
Pamela: (no Stephanie, no disassemble)
Pamela: sorry, couldn't resist
rich-c: isn't there a disassenbler program for Adam?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Dr.D. I notice that the sound section said in one page that a REST time is maximum 31 and after maximum 30... the reason for that is simply that tone3 rest code can't be 31 cycles long because the resulting code is FF, but the document didn't said that.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: SG1000 (SEGA) binary images. Very similar to the CV. Trying to port from one system to another. Luckily for me, I've found a program called IDA. Heard of it?
rich-c: I think one of the Walter twins may have written one
Dr. D.: There are several...I think I was using Z80DIS22
BobS: i LOVED those Short Circuit movies pam
Dr. D.: Haven't heard of IDA.
Pamela: they're among my favourites, Bob
Dr. D.: I am sure stuff is smarter than from the CP/M days (which is what Z80DIS22 is)
BobS: had them taped, but they disappeared
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Then by all means get it. It is truly the ultimate disassembler. It's interactive, so you tell it what you think the code sections are, and it will adjust the labels, etc....
BobS: "nice shoftware, Stephanie"
BobS: software
Harvie: Wasn't there an unasm?
Pamela: # 5 is ALIVE!
Dr. D.: I wrote UNASMHEX to run under SmartBASIC 1.x...but it was very primitive, mostly for info purposes, not easy to regenerate assemblable source except with word processing phases afterwards.
Dr. D.: hehe, UNASMHEX originally was a MS BASIC program that I back-ported to SmartBASIC...I was using it to cross-disassemble ROM image files way back in 1988.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Rich, someone told me now in Y! messenger that he will be interrested in a Atari module and some joysticks.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: It's truly a challenge in trying to reconstruct compiled code, but it's fun... I'm working on porting Galaga to the Colecovision.
Guy Foster: Daniel: I'd like an all-dressed pizza, since you're taking requests.
Dr. D.: I disassembled Pitfall for CV to give it infinite lives.
rich-c: OK, and while we're here Daniel, want to make a note?
Dr. D.: Turns out it was just a single byte counter of lives! NOP out the DEC (HL), and you live forever...
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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm taking a note of what I received by mail or messages
Pamela: next stop, genomes
changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: I think there is a link to a zipfile of the source off my This Week With My Coleco ADAM pages.
eRin: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
Pamela: hi Guy
Guy Foster: Dr. D: I stumbled upon your article on how to disassemble files, very informatrive, I was surprised to recognize the name of the person who wrote it!
rich-c: weights of basic stuff: joysticks 400g/pair, bare CV console 1.8 kg,, power supply 1.1 kg.
Guy Foster: Yo Guy!
Harvie: Hello , the other Guy
rich-c: it makes it easier to calculate postage
Guy Foster: Rich: You have any cartridges/games?
rich-c: hello Guy Mark I
rich-c: cartridge games no, just my personal collection
Pamela: Erin, how many keyboards did you end up with?
rich-c: there is one arcade-packaged Zaxxon, I believe, pretty decent collectible I think
Dr. D.: I think there were about 10.
Dr. D.: Some were in parts.
Dr. D.: I am sure that there is better AI for disassemblers now, Guy...I would have to reread my article to remember for sure what I did, it has been 5 years I think :-(
Pamela: I could have sworn we got more than that
rich-c: yes, but those wre games taking the Super Action Controllers, don't work otherwise
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Yes, the IDA program I told you about (available on my website) is really good.
Dr. D.: For those interested in what Richard's basement looks like *AFTER* taking out a ton of dead ADAM stuff, look at
rich-c: I think I may have one working set of Super Action Controllers, plus a number of spares
Guy Foster: Do you have any Adam modules that plug into the CV, Rich?
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: Forgive the bad pun
Pamela: major groan, Dr. D
eRin: <smirk>
rich-c: I think it was only about 250 kg, Rich 8 - )
Dr. D.: Okay, half a ton
Dr. D.: (English)
Harvie: Good one Doc, I must be dopey, I didn't notice till you mentioned it
Guy B.: Anyone interested in a couple 5 1/4" 1.2 mb floppy drives. I have a couple of them I'm planning to sell.
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changed username to aaron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: anyway, I've been talking with Guy about disposing of the CV basics - consoles, etc.
Pamela: greetings, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: nice pictures.
Harvie: Hello Ron
rich-c: but the rarities I want to see some fair money for, they are rare and appreciating
Dr. D.: The last photo I took, however, was at the end of the roll...the giant pile in the driveway.
Dr. D.: So it didn't come out, no film left :-(
Dr. D.: Hope Frances got a photo of it.
rich-c: hello, Ron
Guy Foster: Rich: Well, if you have an ADAM expansion module for the CV, I'd be interested for a little project of mine. Let me or Daniel know.
rich-c: honestly have no idea - I don't keep track of France's photography
Harvie: Film? We don't need no steenking Feelm!
Dr. D.: I did that day...only a disposable camera available.
Dr. D.: The digital one I had at ADAMcon was dropped.
Pamela: Mom took a lot of pictures and downloaded them right away so there should be at least one
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Oh no!!! The Mavica?
rich-c: Rich, were there3 any Expansion Modules 3 left at all?
Dr. D.: No, it was an old Kodak.
Dr. D.: You are thinking of Neil's or Dale's cameras, I think.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: No, was thinking of that older cam you had that looked like it could accept 3.5" floppies.
Dr. D.: I believe there were a few. The one you sent me by mistake, for sure.
Dr. D.: I don't need it, I have one already I think.
Dr. D.: Plus the one with the MegaCopy in it.
rich-c: Guy, is there a reason why a standalone Adam won't serve as well?
Dr. D.: But most of the EM3s were clearly marked dead
Guy Foster: Rich: I want to design an expansion module for the CV with extra RAM, and would like to play around with that module, if available.
Pamela: wow, look at all that floor space
Dr. D.: that is basically what the EM3 does...through the 60-pin expansion bus.
rich-c: if I have one it will be in a complete collector box, and that means a shade pricey
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! I like the wordgame "Clee-nup" ;-)
Dr. D.: There aren't enough signals out the cartridge port alone to add extra RAM in the lower 32K address space.
Dr. D.: It is a bad joke, Daniel :-)
Dr. D.: But I couldn't resist it.
Pamela: it is a very clever use, Rich
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Yep, that's why I'm thinking of using the expansion port, and not the cartridge port! ;)
Pamela: and plays into Dad's wordgame of Cleechez
Dr. D.: Then all you need are the ADAM motherboard schematics and you can roll your own XRAM.
rich-c: the other avantage of the standalone is that it can output a video signal usable with a monitor (Commodore 1702, for examole)
Pamela: brb, gonna get some more liquid
rich-c: if I understand what's going on, it sounds rather like re-inventing the wheel
Dr. D.: That was my immediate thought as well...but I imagine Guy has some other goodies in mind to piggyback on it.
Dr. D.: I have never seen a schematic of the EM3 motherboard per se.
Guy Foster: Nope, none at all... It's aim is to be real cheap and to offer more RAM for future Colecovision games, without having to buy an ADAM (bulky?). Of course it'll be ADAM compatible, so those carts will work on the Adam too.
Guy Foster: Remember, we only have 1K of RAM with the Colecovision.
Guy Foster: Possibly offering battery back-up would be an option.
Dr. D.: You will need the bus buffers that the ADAM put on its game board.
rich-c: exactly - so why not buy teh whole thing already done, with tape and disc game capability as well?
rich-c: It's not asd if an Adam is going to cost any forture, after all
Dr. D.: The fun of doing it, Richard.
Dr. D.: And of learning from it.
eRin: for those of you who hadn't heard....I set up an Adam on my very own
Guy Foster: Rich: No, the Adam doesn't cost a lot, but instead of having an Adam, a Colecovision with a tiny RAM expansion could do the same. Because all that is really needed is the extra RAM.
Pamela: where did you put it, Rin?
Dr. D.: Rin is now ADAMite 1.0.
BobS: COOL you are truly and ADAM user, eh?
rich-c: I understand both, Rich, but if "it's been done" and better besides, it seems unwise to me
eRin: it's on the dining room table
Dr. D.: It wouldn't need to be very big, not with modern parts, that is true, Guy.
eRin: that I am Bob :-)
Pamela: ah
Dr. D.: Probably no bigger than an Autodialer module :-)
eRin: who knew :-) ?
Dr. D.: Well, "better" is subjective.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: Also, a battery back-up has been talked about, something the Adam cannot offer without modification most likely.
Dr. D.: The EM3 needed a whole printer power supply to run it.
Dr. D.: A little RAM-only dongle might get away with just the CV power supply.
Dr. D.: And the tape drives and ADAMnet are not of interest to the gamers, I am afraid, Richard.
rich-c: yes, the Adam in either flavour uses the 80 watt power supply - though the biggest load is the printer
Guy Foster: Dr. D: That's it, the target audience is Colecovision gamers. They would be received the RAM module with the CART.
Dr. D.: I think it's a plan...
Guy Foster: Well, like most things I do, I have 20 plans, and usually 1 of them ever sees the light.
Dr. D.: Hehe
Dr. D.: Be sure to make a pass-through on your dongle to still plug in EM1, EM2, and the roller controller.
Guy Foster: Dr. D: And it's hard balancing geek life and married life.... :)
rich-c: Rich, any idea if we did set aside any EM3s that worked?
Dr. D.: I believe there were some...unfortunately, the photos I took don't look at the we-saved-this side of the room.
Pamela: don't worry, Guy, you'll get better with practice : )
rich-c: other problem is, the EM3 has to use teh printer power supply
Dr. D.: I would gladly bring back the EM3 you gave me by mistake, but frankly, I have no idea when again I will be in Toronto.
Guy Foster: Pamela: Yeah, I hope so!
Dr. D.: I will return it the next time I come back.
rich-c: well, first I'll have to look around and see what I can come up with
Harvie: Guy, the computer literate are only geeks to the computer illiterate :)
rich-c: but if we bring the trailer in this weekend, and I will be configuring the computers for Cynthia
Guy Foster: Harvie: Lots of wisdom in that sentence! ;)
Pamela: and most wives are fairly tolerant of their husbands hobbies
Pamela: as long as you remember you have a wife from time to time, things should be fine : )
Guy Foster: Pamela: My friend has gambling hobby, and his wife is leaving him for that.... :D
rich-c: she'll love the six hours of Friday Night Football
Pamela: if she's leaving him, it's not a hobby
Pamela: it's an addiction
Guy Foster: Pamela: It sure is... He's sick.
Daniel Bienvenu: as I can see, there is only adamcon members here. no coleco collectors came tonight to chat with us.
rich-c: well, they tend to be shy, and language apprehensions may figure in
Pamela: I think the person who dropped in earlier wasn't Ron, but a stranger
rich-c: hey, where did Ron get to?
Pamela: the name was Aaron if I recall
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, someone asked by email if you live in Chicagoland to go take the stuff.
rich-c: they do get disappointed when they find it's Toronto
rich-c: Americans have a real phobia about buying anything from Canada - at the individual level
Daniel Bienvenu: brb
Pamela: I'm gonna head out folks - I'm exhausted and could use an early night
Dr. D.: I should probably head out too...early day tomorrow.
rich-c: what I did not mention to you, Daniel, is that there is other CV stuff I do not plan to "give away"
Dr. D.: Long day getting ready for classes (which start on the 29th)
rich-c: OK Pam and Rich - good night both, takd care
Dr. D.: Bye all
eRin: night /Rich
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela: night Daddy
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: nite Rich
Pamela: goodnight to everyone else
Guy Foster: Rich: What kind of CV equipment do you have for sale?
BobS: nite Pam.........
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Dr.... too late
BobS: and the doc
rich-c: it is pretty much collectible level
BobS: and .......
Pamela: until next week - kerpoof!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela left chat session
BobS: that we are alone..........
rich-c: Guy - real cheap, CV consoles, working or nonworking for possible salvage
BobS: tell me do.....any secrets you have
rich-c: power supplies, joysticks, that sort of thing
eRin left chat session
rich-c: collectible level (as in not giving them away) expansion modeles - Atari add-on, SAC joysticks, may have a steering wheel, roller controller
Harvie: Secrets Bob? Who do you think I am, Garry Moore? :)
rich-c: also did you ever see the carts in the original boxes that looked like arcade games?
Guy Foster: Rich-C: No, never heard of that?!
rich-c: I have a couple of those, plus games that require the Super Action controller
Guy Foster: Rich: Those games look tempting...
rich-c: send me your email address, Guy, and I'll try to send you more information
rich-c: maybe I can get Frances to take pictures
Guy Foster: Rich: Awesome! My email is:
Harvie: rich, how is the swollen leg coming along?
rich-c: OK - let me test - am I still on?
rich-c: I can get into the van almost normally now, Hrvie, and walk short distances without qa cane
Harvie: If I said no would you believe me :)
rich-c: not now, Harvie ; - )
rich-c: guy, as you saw, this is a very busy weekend, so don't get impatient - you will hear from me
Guy Foster: Rich: No worries Rich, take your time, although I am still very curious to see those carts you have.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! take your time, and maybe I will receive more emails from guys who want coleco systems, power supplies and joysticks.
Harvie: My fingers just reminded me that I can't type like I used to, so goodnight all
BobS: nite Harvie
rich-c: maybe I can talk Frances into sending you shots - when I'm watching football, she plays with the computer
rich-c: goodnight Harvie, see you next week
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Guy Foster: Good night Harvie.
rich-c: 'going up to get a new set of tires for the van tomoprrow
rich-c: should be interesting to see how they perform
Guy Foster: Rich: Yeah, I'm due for a new set of tires myself... what brand are you getting?
rich-c: they're by Nokian and about halfway between thier Hakkapelita and NWR lines
rich-c: the one I'm getting is called I believe Vellita
Guy Foster: I bought some goodyear snow tires, soI might go with goodyear for my summer tires as well.
rich-c: they quote 100,000 km tread life, in my size (215-75R15) they are $110 each which isn't bad these days
rich-c: I had a bad experience with Goodyear many years back and have refused to touch them since
Guy Foster: Rich: There are so many brands of tires to choose from, it's mind boggling.
rich-c: the intersting thing about the NR is that it's an all-season - but has a Severe Snow rating!
rich-c: well, I used to go to Canadian Tire and buy their house brands and was quite satisfied
rich-c: but of late they have cut the discounts in their pricing, and added all the general maker lines
rich-c: I have always been successful with Michlin, though
Guy Foster: Rich: Living in Quebec, I can't afford to not have 2 sets of tires for Summer and Winter.... Michelin are very good tires.
Guy B.: I have BF Goodrich on my car and twice I had flats with them.
Guy B.: So, I'm planning to replace them with a different brand before the winter gets here.
rich-c: Guy, look at the Nokian NR, it just might be the an swer even in Quebec
rich-c: what were the causes of teh flats, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: holes in the road :-P
Guy Foster: Rich: I will keep that in mind. My current tires have been good for 75-80,000 KMs and was quite pleased with them, they are Vredestein tires, but they are extremely expensive.
rich-c: don't laugh, Daniel, potholes can wreck not only tires but wheels too
BobS: .....made holes in the tires.....
Guy Foster: Rich: Yep, suspension parts, steering etc...
rich-c: right, the Vredestten tires are worth the premium
Guy Foster: Rich: Heard of them?
BobS: potholes probably get more tires thatn old age
rich-c: for youm the Nokian all-season including severe snow might prove more economical
Guy B.: One was a nail. The other, just last month. He said I went over a pothole and caused the tire to go flat.
rich-c: as you might guess they are built in Finland where they think your climate is semi-tropical ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I laugh because it became a common joke here. seeing holes in the road is some place including Montreal.
Guy Foster: I've been through my share of potholes and have wrecked several mags in the winter. Now I use regular steel wheels, and when I wreck one, it's only $40.
Guy Foster: Daniel: And that' s a laughing matter?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's better laughing than crying.
Guy Foster: Rich: Yes, they are awesome in the rain!
Guy B.: Daniel, this past winter. The potholes here were so bad. That it caused a number of cars getting flats and Chicago winters can be just as brutal as they are in Montreal.
Guy Foster: Guy: Yep, we've heard of your Chicago winters... very comparable. Actually, it's been quite mild in Montreal, it gets rougher in Daniel's part of the woods.
rich-c: Guy, if you lose a tire to a nail, or other road hazard, it's hard to blame the tire
Daniel Bienvenu: I understand the gravity of the situation. but we all know the situation and the situation still almost the same year after year.
Guy Foster: Daniel: So it's better to laught it off
Guy B.: Well, the first one. I didn't realize I had a nail, but the second time and the same tire? Then there is something wrong.
rich-c: yeah - you keep drivbing where they drop a lot of nails - but why blame Goodrich for that?
Guy Foster: Guy: Well, any tire will be affected by a nail...
rich-c: yes, the only question is whether teh tire will we salvageable or not later
Guy B.: That's true. But, having two flats on the same tire in the same year? That's unheard of even for me.
rich-c: I've experienced it on occasion - just use a highway whre there's a fair amount of accident debris
Guy Foster: I've had a few screws and nails stuck in my tire, and the odd bent rim that made my tire leak air. Part of driving I guess.
rich-c: that it is, Guy II. You just have to live with it - and be friendly with a tire buster
Guy B.: Fortunately I have road service on my car insurance, so I just called them to have them put on the temporary spare until I had the tire replaced.
Guy Foster: Rich: I've gotten a few nails in, and now, I know how to plug my own tires, I don't even go to the tire shop for that.
rich-c: I suspect our local obsession for speed bumps has something to do with it too
rich-c: are you patching them for the inside as well, Guy?
Guy Foster: Rich: I just use a tool to stick in a plug all the way inside the tire, then I burn off the end. I did my first one about 50K ago, and it's been fine.
Guy Foster: Guy B: I've changed so many tires over the years, that I can change one in under 2-3 minutes.
rich-c: that is how they used to be done right from when they were developed, but lately the word has been patch as well as plug
rich-c: I guess it depends on how frequently you corner on the doorhandles and take on the stoplight grand prix
Daniel Bienvenu: I must quit now and contact you Rich in a couple of days about the interrest I've got.
rich-c: anyway, for me, one doesn't buy high performance tires for Safari vans
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
rich-c: OK Daniel thank you and keep me posted
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to get going too. I'll see you all next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: good night
Guy Foster: Daniel: Take care buddy...
rich-c: merci et bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: "colour me gone", which color is that?
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy Foster: Anybody ever use Bidpay as an alternative to Paypal?
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: I have run into one or two alternatives to PayPal and used them; Bidpay may have been one
BobS: nope, but have have buyers use it form my stuff
BobS: was slower than the "slow boat to china"
Guy Foster: Really? How many days?
rich-c: making their vigorish on the float, are they?
BobS: like 2 weeks instead of 4 days
Guy Foster: Hmm, they charge $1,95 per transaction fo rthe buyers.
rich-c: I refuse to deal with PayPal as they will not give me an account in US dollars
Guy Foster: Rich: I refuse to deal with Paypal as I have gotten screwed too many times by Europeans claimign that they did not receive their merchandise, when in fact I sent it months ago.
Guy Foster: Paypal refunds them blindly, and I was stuck with a $400US bill for stuff I already sent.
rich-c: did you insure it and claim with the Post Office?
BobS: ah...same PayPal problem I had
BobS: so I won't accept it, will use it to buy with
Guy Foster: Rich: Thing is, people that buy on Ebay want to pay the cheapest shipping possible, sending something to Europe, insured would cost a lot of $$$, so it's not feasible.
rich-c: your cautionary notes are observed and heeded, gentlemen
BobS: absolutely true Guy
Guy Foster: So I basically hope that the post office and the buyer are honest, cuz I'm an easy target.
BobS: go ahead and BUY using paypal, just do NOT accept it for mapyaments to you
rich-c: what do you sell, Guy?
Guy Foster: Rich: I sell mostly 70's and 80's memorabilia, toys, video games, electronic games, etc...
BobS: cool
rich-c: Bob is or wqas into the antiques game himself
Guy Foster: Yeah, it is, because it can still be found for pennies if you know where to look around.
rich-c: that's why garage sales exist - pity I haven't time for them
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Guy Foster: Just had a bad experience a few months ago, got kicked out of eBay, and paypal wants me to reimburse them like $500 or so....
changed username to WB
BobS: trouble is Richard....antiques don't sell for a price worth sellign to us on Ebay
rich-c: greetings, WB
WB: Hello all!
Guy Foster: Hello WB
Guy Foster: Warner Brothers?
BobS: Wille B
WB: Willie
BobS: yes????
rich-c: I feel I should know who this is...
Guy Foster: Ahh, sorry.
BobS: how you been man?????
BobS: long time no see
WB: Busy!
BobS: Willie B from chicagoland
rich-c: hey, Willie - it's been a long, long time
WB: Just got back from a COBOL conference
BobS: ADAMCON18 will be in your neck of the woods Willie
WB: Excellent!
rich-c: Willie, we have a new member in our group - Guy Foster, a game writer from Montreal
WB: Hello Guy!
Guy Foster: Greetings Willie... Cobol, haven't heard of that language in eons!
rich-c: He and Daniel managed to make it to Adamcon last month
BobS: Guy Bona is hosting next summer in the Chicago vicinity womewhere
rich-c: as long as it's to teh southeast so we don't have to drive through the city
WB: The conference was about bringing COBOL legacy applications into the 21st century
rich-c: somewhere around South Bend would suit me fine
Guy Foster: Was Cobol only used for business applications?
rich-c: yes, there is still a lot of the old legacy machinery in use, isn't there?
WB: Yes COBOL was a business language
BobS: think Guy was talking south of the city center
rich-c: yes - as I emp[hasized, a LONG way south
WB: Around the city would be very good!
rich-c: surely theree has to be a suitable motel on teh edge of the city so one need not drive through it
WB: Has anyone heard from Herman
BobS: but driving IN Chicago is half the fun mon
BobS: haven't heard a word lately Willie
rich-c: not for a very long time, Willie - he was totally devestated by teh loss of his son
BobS: Geroge didn't come to convention this year, so that meant no info on herman either
rich-c: are yoiu not on the Adam mailing list, Willie?
WB: Rich-C, how is the family?
rich-c: been so long since you've been on - did you know Pamela is married?
WB: No, I did not!
BobS: a year and a half ago?????
rich-c: yep, fifteen years they lived together, then they just up and got hitched
rich-c: yes, on New Years Eve
rich-c: me, I've got my 75th birthday in a fw days, and our 50th anniversay on Columbus Day
BobS: surprised us all......andshe kept it secret form us
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WB: Congrats!
changed username to Scott
BobS: hey Scott
WB: Hello Scott!
Scott: Hello all
BobS: welcome back man
rich-c: yes, just suddenly came on as Mrs. Vilneff, confused evryone
BobS: long time no se for you either
Scott: I was here last week late and talked w/both Dale and Dan B
rich-c: hi Scott, you have been missing of late
Guy Foster: Hello Scott.
WB: What you did not know Rich-C
Scott: School's commanded my time
rich-c: oh Frances and I knew, but she did not tell the others
Scott: But I did get my Associates, so that's a start at least
WB: Cute!
BobS: congrats Scott
Guy Foster: Scott: Wasn't there last week, but I read your convo, I'm involved with James with the PCB and cart mold manufacturing.
rich-c: I don't get it - how do you get that business when I can't find anyone wants a bare Colecovision?
WB: How is Frances?
Guy Foster: Rich: People will buy them, on ebay.
rich-c: just had her blood work done - tesst results say she will live forever ; - )
rich-c: eBay is so dicey...
WB: BobS, are you still selling on Ebay?
rich-c: since her mother died at 100, she does have good genes
BobS: hey guys, time for me to go now......glad I could greet ya'll.....stop back OFTEN......that means YOU, Scott and Willie
BobS: yup stilll sellign al littel
BobS: got to gret back ata it soon
BobS: been busy vacationing this sujmer
rich-c: night Bob, and best to Judy
BobS: yes sir will do it
BobS left chat session
WB: I am also leave to get some sleep. I have to work tommorrow. But, I shall return!
rich-c: OK WB, I have to be up early and must pack it in, too
WB left chat session
rich-c: so it will be Scott and Guy left - but since you're both gamers, don't stay up TOO late
Guy Foster: Rich: I'm on and off the chat.... I'm registering with Paypal.
Guy Foster: I hate 'em, but it's the only way to pay for things fast.
rich-c: you can always come back and talk next week, you know 8 - )
Guy Foster: I'm going to heed Bob's advice, and onyl use it to pay.
rich-c: that is what I do
rich-c: hint: pay them in US funds, with a US dollar credit card, so you don't get screwed on the exchange
Guy Foster: I don't have a US dollar credit card... how do we get that as Canadians?
rich-c: we have a US$ account and VISA card on it with the TD but most other banks offer it too
rich-c: you have to ask but they have them
Guy Foster: ok, didn't know that...
rich-c: few people do, and it's a pity, they are SO convenient
Guy Foster: Hm, they want me to add my bank account information....
rich-c: travel in teh US and never get burned by an exchange rate shift
Guy Foster: That's a great idea Rich, I go to the US often, so it would be great.
rich-c: if you do that you should also insist they will take automatic payment from the account
rich-c: then you can go away long past payment due date and it will be covered
rich-c: and you can always buy more US dollar when our rate is well up to top up the account
Guy Foster: So there doesn't seem to be a way to send money with Paypal, unless I register a bank account with it, even though my credit card is in my profile.
rich-c: PayPal has never asked for anything more than my credit card number
rich-c: if they are getting too9 nosy, find another way to pay
Guy Foster: My sending limit is at $0.00, and they are telling me that to increase that limit, I need to register a bank account... not something I want to do.
rich-c: tell them where to head in - sounds almost as if you got a phishing site - sure you actually are talking to APayPal?
Guy Foster: Yep... I don't get fooled by those things. I also have another option, they have billed me $1,95 on my credit card, and I have to type in a number that appears on my bill.... argh, so annoying, anyways, I will be heading off.
rich-c: if you got an email from PayPal - it's phony if it asks for your accopunt information
rich-c: OK, time for me to log off too - see you both next week
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
Guy Foster left chat session
Scott left chat session
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changed username to fsgv
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