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Ron: Obviously, I am too early
Ron changed username to Spud Island Ron
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: test
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rich-c: test
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changed username to FyuG
FyuG: Wow, have we got a full house tonight!
rich-c: allo Guy, comment ca va?
FyuG: Rich: Good... Good.
rich-c: don't worry, I'm the only one in the Adam community who's ever on time - and I'm not always
rich-c: I'm sure that others will turn up in due course
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FyuG: Speaking of which
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: see, here's one now
rich-c: salut, Daniel
FyuG: Slut Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: .F yuG olleH
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich-c!
FyuG: Oops, sorry, I meant "Salut"
rich-c: missed you last week, as I recall
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changed username to Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Harvie!
Harvie: Hello all
rich-c: hello Harvie, seems like all the Yanks have abandoned us tonight
FyuG: What's up Harvie?
Harvie: Who is the refugee?
Daniel Bienvenu: Is it just because I didn't realize it before, but I like the update Dale did on the main page
rich-c: a regular buddy running backwards
Harvie: I guess I'm not to sharp tonight
rich-c: I never see the main page any more, my bookmark comes straight to chat
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a picture of me and GuyF
FyuG: Yaeh, it was a nice pic.
rich-c: some day I'll have to go take a look myself
Harvie: I am using Firefox in Knoppix, Firefox in Win98 would not load the Java applett
FyuG: Daniel: The main actor in "Monk" won some kind of award for the show.
FyuG: Knoppix, had a hard time detecting my wireless network card....
rich-c: I am running Firefox in Win98 and it works just fine
Daniel Bienvenu: Monk, hehe, this guy is funny
FyuG: But can you run Firefox on an Adam! That is the question!
rich-c: no, Adam has a different OS
Harvie: In the status pane at the bottom it said "Java notinited"
rich-c: mine just says "Java applet window"
rich-c: the place where I have problems is with QuickTime
rich-c: sometimes it refuses to load and says I need (something unspecified) and can't get it from the Apple website
rich-c: won't name what I need or tell me where to get it - shades of Microsoft!
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
Harvie: Does the term "conspiracy" come to mind?
BobS: ya mon
rich-c: hey, our first Yank appears - hi Bob
Harvie: Hello Bobbo
rich-c: now that you mention it, Harvie...
BobS: roight mate
BobS: we be here
BobS: for why u got ?????????
rich-c: that "we" mean Judy's watching over your shoulder?
BobS: kina
BobS: kinda
BobS: she is here on the phone
FyuG: All we need is our Japanese friend to show up!
BobS: james........ok
rich-c: oh, if james comes along he'll likely be later
FyuG: Ya man.
rich-c: so how's things over in Michigan?
BobS: staying out of rita's way.....(hext hurricane, yes??)
BobS: for cryin out loud
BobS: when willthey end
rich-c: yes, I was looking at it earlier on the NOAA site
rich-c: their hurrican tracking centre pages are really neat
BobS: what's the http?
Harvie: The hurricanes are manufactured by the oil companies as an axcuse to raise the price of gas
rich-c: hold on a second
BobS: true harvie........BUT some state leaders are questioning WHY when gas is only $60us per barrel how come the gas is over $3/gal
rich-c: thy for the hurricane and for general
BobS: $3gal should not happen until oil is 490us per barrel
rich-c: I'd take that with a grain of salt, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know what to think about that... but there is two entries in the webbrowers list with the mention "cp/m, 8 bit"
Harvie: But the politicians are big shareholders in the petro companies
BobS: sorry $90 per barrel
FyuG: BobS: The barrel although is at the same price, the capacity to refine that barrel is limited.
rich-c: don't forget that in refining oil only a small fraction of a barrell can be made into gasoline
BobS: and the oil companies are making record profits.....NO DOUBT
FyuG: Rich: Yeah, there are other byproducts though which they can sell.
BobS: piffel.........New Orleans only accounted for 10% capacity and they are now back on line
rich-c: yes, the quarterlies have been very generous to the oil companies
rich-c: not necessarily, Bob; and with Rita around I doubt the offshore rigs are producing much
FyuG: The refineries should leave the gulf coast, too much tumult.
rich-c: I do believe the refineries took a bit more of a knocking around than that, too
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Pamela: greetings
Pamela: Guy, are we feeling a bit backward tonite?
Harvie: Hello Pam
rich-c: btw, Bob, I'm not trying to defend either the oil companies or the refiners - or the market
FyuG: maP: ?tahW
Pamela: cute, very cute
BobS: good thing richard.......theslimeballs
BobS: hiya Pam
BobS: mostly they raise the price...."becasue they can"
Pamela: anyone else watching CNN?
BobS: no
BobS: whas up???????
FyuG: North America has to start thinking: "Diesel"
BobS: watchign new program E-Ring
rich-c: but realistically, you know the greed merchants will do their best to jack up prices at teh first hint of short supply
BobS: we need hydrogen cars
Pamela: just watched them bring in an Airbus 292 with front wheel crippled - it landed safely
BobS: we are about that price.......
Pamela: but boy, was that scary
Harvie: Diesel comes from the same place Guy
rich-c: yes, but you can cut it with vegetable oil to make biodiesel
FyuG: Harvie: Yes, but it's a more efficient substance.
Pamela: problem is, Bob, when you think hydrogen you have to remember the Hindenberg
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings
Pamela: hey, Guy
Harvie: Hello Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy!
FyuG: Harvie: And, it's about 30-40 percent more efficient than regular gas.
rich-c: hello Guy, how's the Windy City
BobS: need propane like tanks which the trailers and motorhomes have Pam
BobS: hi Guy
Guy B.: Warm right now.
BobS: ya so.......
Pamela: twas a beautiful day today
Harvie: But if everyone used diesel the same weasels control the pricing
rich-c: Pam, forget the Hindenburg - gasoline is more flammable, and packs more energy er pound that dynamite
rich-c: you can stop a tank with a gasoline weapon - you cant do that with hydrogen!
FyuG: Harvie: True, but it will have less of an impact on the environment, and less demand.
Guy B.: Abby's blood test's came back yesterday. Her thyroid count is down and now she is taking two tabs a day until the count goes back up. Her paws are healing up.
Pamela: that's good new, Guy
rich-c: that's good to hear, Guy
Guy B.: Pretty sure that what it was.
Harvie: Hydrogen fuel is best used as a solute at low pressure
Pamela: news, that is
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rich-c: anyway the answer is nuclear - which of course can produce hydrogen in off-peak hours
Guy B.: She's continuing walking on the right hind leg more. But, still she thinks she can walk normally on it. Will take awhile for this to get better.
FyuG: Rich: Yeah, nuclear, but we have to find a way to control the radioactive waste, to make sure we don't kill our planet.
rich-c: there isn't enough radioactive waste to worry about, Guy
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Judy!
Pamela: hey Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Harvie: Hi Judy
rich-c: all teh stuff produced in teh last half century is still storedin the plants themselves
Judy: hi, everyone
rich-c: welcome, Judy
Guy B.: Judy, Abby's paws are healing up. Her thyroid count was down. She is now taking two tabs of her thyroid medicine a day.
Judy: is everybody well?
rich-c: the business of radioactive waste is a red herring put out by the people who make their living panicing people
Judy: that is good, Guy
Pamela: well enough, thank you : )
FyuG: Rich: Still, makes for a pretty dangerous catastrophic scenario.
Guy B.: Vet is sure that is why she got the infections on her paws.
rich-c: so does Earth being hit be an asteroid - but it's very unlikely to happen
Pamela: Dad, while I think of it I'm supposed to remind Mom through you to mail the birthday cards for Graeme and Graeme Jr. if she hasn't already done so
rich-c: an heavy-water moderated reactors like the Candu^ are very accoident-resistant
FyuG: Rich: Not to be a nay-sayer, but that's what they said about the Titanic.
rich-c: I think your mother is asleep at the moment - wait till I check
Pamela: 'kay
rich-c: anything that produces energy can produce a catastrophe - look what a fertilizer ship did to Texas City, Tex.
rich-c: or the Cleveland gas line explosion back during the war
rich-c: she is asleep, Pam
Pamela: okay, I'll try again later in the chat Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back...
rich-c: by the way, GuyF, how many people were killed in the Chernobyl disaster?
FyuG: Rich: Sure, but they didn't have to deal with radioactive matter, such as the accident in Chernobyl with the nuclear reactor.
Harvie: GuyB: how is the planning for AC18 going?
FyuG: 31 people Harvie.
rich-c: so yuG, how many?
FyuG: I already answered, up above.
rich-c: right - 31 people over a whole industry worldwide in 50 years - real dangerous, what?
Guy B.: Be right back
Guy B. left chat session
FyuG: Rich: You didn't ask me how many people were affected by the radioactivy and the impact it had on the health and environment.
rich-c: you want dangerous, look up why all the LNG ports are so far from anywhere
rich-c: there was some, but no one knows how much
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: yuG, ralize that there are people making a juicy lifetime living out of "activism"
Guy B.: I'm Back
rich-c: whoops, have I been dropped or has everyone gone to sleep?
Pamela: sleep . . .
FyuG: Still here.
Judy: I think everyone went to sleep
Judy: I am close
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Pamela: sorry, just watching the discussion roll by - I know better than to get involved
changed username to Neil
Pamela: hello, Neil : )
Harvie: Hello Neil
Neil: Hi
rich-c: I'm doing mine in the mornings - with my Diltiazem I'm dopey till noon
Guy B.: HI Neil
Judy: hi, Neil
rich-c: hello Neil
BobS: hiya Niel
BobS: goes the battle for professorship?????
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Neil: Still battling. It's been tiring this week working on scholarship applications.
changed username to Dale-in-PA
BobS: keep struggling mon
Dale-in-PA: Hi all.
Pamela: you're starting to sound like Rich, Neil
Pamela: greetings, Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
Neil: No doubt, Pamela.
rich-c: hello Dale in PA - what are you doing there?
BobS: hey Pennsylvania ???? or ???????
Dale-in-PA: Just checking in on the chat from a random McDonald's in PA.
Neil: What are you doing in PA?
Dale-in-PA: I mentioned last week I was gonig to be on vacation this week.
Pamela: well at least you're well supplied with food : )
rich-c: you're sure it's not a specific McDonald's? ; - )
BobS: prince Albert Island........
Dale-in-PA: We were in Strasburg PA all day for "A day with Thomas" -- riding steam trains, etc.
Neil: Oh, now I remember you mentioned that.
Pamela: oh, the railroad museum???
rich-c: yes, that's fascinating country - very bad for the waistline, though
Pamela: we've been there!
BobS: WOW......Jaffy must have LOVED that
BobS: Jeffy
Dale-in-PA: Well, I'm on I-81, and can't figure out where I am exactly.
BobS: lost eh?
Guy B.: We had that here in Chicago back in August.
rich-c: which direction are you pointed, and why?
Dale-in-PA: Well, correction Jill says that we're at N 39 degrees 46.249 ft, W 77 degrees 43.304 ft
Neil: Don't you have that geo thing?
BobS: well then you are NOT lost
Dale-in-PA: (according to the GPS)
Pamela: does the museum still have an old TTC streetcar?
rich-c: don't recall that, Pam
Judy: sounds like Jill has everything under control
rich-c: I remember the old Gray Coach bus in the transportation museum in St. Louis
Guy B.: Dale by chance, that railway museum have any rail cars from Chicago there?
Dale-in-PA: But I'm at exit 16 on the express way, and we know that the exit numbers reset in each state, and we can't rememer which state were actuall in.
Pamela: it had something from the TTC - pretty sure it was a streetcar, but coulda been a subway car
FyuG: Dale: The Adam was dropped off at your house yesterday. Just to let you know.
Dale-in-PA: Missed the museum. Spend all day at the train station, and taking rides on various trains.
Dale-in-PA: Thanks FyuG.
Pamela: oh, you shoulda gone to the museum
FyuG: Dale: Enjoy
rich-c: well the Straburg RR is only one of the train attractions, Dale
Dale-in-PA: For the rest of the week we're in Basye, VA in the mountains.
rich-c: the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum is very close by and well worth the effort
Guy B.: Rats, we have some of our old rail cars from the L system at many of the train museums around the U.S.
rich-c: there's even a collossal model train layout just up the road
Pamela: do you know Dad, I still have the charm on my charm bracelet from that trip
rich-c: what's the attraction in Bayse, Dale?
Dale-in-PA: We went to the place where the collosal model railway was, and had supper there. But that place was closed by the time we left the "a day with Thomas" event.
rich-c: lots of "gute essen" down there in Penn Dutch country
Pamela: that was an awesome trip if I remember correctly
Dale-in-PA: We rode Thomas the Tank engine (25 min), a tender engine called the 475 (Jeffrey say it is Gordon; 45 min), the mini box cars ("Toby" Jeffrey says)...
Dale-in-PA: then Jeffrrey played with his wooden trains, and shopped for some new ones, etc.
rich-c: that's something new since we were down that way, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale
FyuG: Dale: You could have found some "gute essen" in Montreal too!
Neil: According to your co-ordinates, you're somewhere near Gettysburg.
Guy B.: He must be very tired after a day like that.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to not react more ealrier... I was away, I don't feel good, probably something I eat
rich-c: that's pretty close to the Delaware line as I recall, at a skinny part before you get into Virginia
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Neil
Neil: Hi Daniel
Pamela: if he's that into railways Dale, there's a small guage railway and museum to the west of Toronto where you can ride and wander - he'd probably love it
Daniel Bienvenu: Do I have to understand that Neil is the only one who physically was at one of the consumer electronic show in the years '80s?
Pamela: if you want more info, I'll see what I can find out
Neil: Rich, you must mean Maryland, it's nowhere near Delaware.
FyuG: Daniel: Woah, where did that come from? Delayed response to something?
rich-c: right, sorry - usually I do my sleeping in the mornings... 8 -)
Neil: I was at several of the CES's in the early 80s, including the one where the Adam was ...
Neil: introduced and the next one where they announced the videodisc player peripheral.
rich-c: never ever heard of a videodisc peripheral
Pamela: was that in the history?
Neil: Really? It was for that Dirk the Daring game: Dragon's Lair.
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Neil: No, actually, that never got mentioned in my history.
changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: well, search for Coleco and Ralph Baer... you may find info about videodisc and Coleco
Dale: Back.
rich-c: what happened, Dale, did the net drop you?
Pamela: how rude - did you get dumped by your own chat Dale? : )
(Guy B. gives BobS a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Dale: Using wireless from the parkinglot isn't the most stable.
Harvie: Time for me to go, goodnight all
rich-c: this I can believe, just be glad it's there
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Pamela: gnite Harvie - take care of yourself
BobS: hite harvie
rich-c: nite Harvey, see you next week'
Dale: I've gone into the restaraunt and the signal is much stronger.
Daniel Bienvenu: The idea was to play a coleco game that control a videodisc... and Dragon's Lair came automatically
Harvie left chat session
Judy: nighht Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: too late
Dale: But now I have limited battery.
BobS: oops
BobS: stay till you die mon
Pamela: it's not your night, Dale : )
rich-c: I don't remember the state of the art in videodiscs back then, but they wre pretty primitive
Guy B.: When I heard that Coleco got the rights to that game. I thought they would use something like that for the Adam.
Judy: have a good vacation, Dale
Dale: I tried for two hours yesterday to get on the internet via dial up in Basye without using long distance.
Dale: I gave up.
Dale: US ISPs don't accept Canadian cerdit cards.
rich-c: well they did issue it as both a cartridge and a Supergame, IIRC
Guy B.: Dragons Lair only came out in Supergame format.
Dale: Compuserve wouldn't reactivate my account (which is still in Neil's name from when I set it up in 1989) without talking to Neil first.
Daniel Bienvenu: It's because of a review of the different versions of Dragon's Lair that I heard about Dragon's Lair for Coleco Adam.
Dale: And I needed to download somthing to reactivate my ATT Global account.
Guy B.: Buck Rogers has both cartridge and supergame formats.
rich-c: you can connect to Bell Canada at 1-800-555-1111 and the call is then treated as originating from your home
Neil: I can't remember if it was supposed to be an RCA-style CED disc or a LaserDisc, but I think a LasreDisc just like in the arcade game.
Pamela: just how many accounts do you have?
Dale: Richard, I don't have a new calling card for that service since I just moved and changed my phone number.
Neil: LaserDiscs were still actively being produced until DVDs finally drive them out. I don't think they were any less primitive in 1983 than in 2003.
rich-c: ouch - you do have your problems!
Daniel Bienvenu: Note : I like the picture under "AdamCon 17 welcomes Daniel Bienvienu and Guy Foster on their first AdamCon visit. We hope to have enticed them to many more AdamCon's to come."
rich-c: I have a US dollarcredit card, but it's on a Canadian bank - wonder if they'd accept that?
Guy B.: Dale took a great shot of me holding the banner.
Dale: Well, I used to have a $2.95 a month grandfathered account for personal use with Compuserve, and a $59.95 a month account with att global for work use (sharable among 3 users).
Pamela: sixty bucks a months????
Dale: But I actually haven't used dial up at all in about 3 years, since I normally select a hotel that has high speed these days.
rich-c: it;/'s a business account, not personal, Pam - they cost a lot more
Guy B.: It pays to keep dialup handy in case there isn't high speed around.
Dale: Had the account since 1995. I noticed when I tried to reactivate it yesterday it was now $14.95 a month (US).
(Hal9000 has left the building)
(Guy B. winks)
rich-c: everything's gone quiet - time I got me a beer
(Guy B. gives rich-c a glass of cranberry juice.)
Pamela: sorry, trying to get my e-mail but mailwasher is giving me trouble
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changed username to Dale-back-in-car
Dale-back-in-car: Last time returning.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to find again the web page I'm talking about (coleco adam dragon lair)
Dale-back-in-car: If I fall off again, I'll hit the road again.
Pamela: Is Jillian asleep, Dale?
rich-c: OK, that sounds sensible, Dale hope you don't have too far more to drive
BobS: yeas, I can't find it Danie;
BobS: well hit a motel !!!!!!
Dale-back-in-car: So, I may have a dial up account with my high speed account at ICA. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow.
Dale-back-in-car: Jill is stretching. I'm about an hour from Bayse.
rich-c: well, ypu wpn't have to worry about chat tomorrow
Neil: "1978- Licensed Coleco to build an interface unit for use between COLECOVISION game or ADAM computer and a 5" version of RCA's Selectavision Video Disc...precursor To Phillips CDI and present CD-ROM game systems."
Dale-back-in-car: We'll be there all day tomorrow.
Guy B.: So they had something back then and they never built it.
Dale-back-in-car: Everyone in Bayse says that the up-to-date info is on their website.
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rich-c: what is there to do in Bayse? I've nevre heard of the place
changed username to Spud Island Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Dale-back-in-car: I heard that the prototype laserdisc adaptor was built. Can;'
Spud Island Ron: Evening all
Dale-back-in-car: remember who had it.
Judy: hi, Ron
rich-c: hellko Ron, which end of the continent are you on?
Dale-back-in-car: I've never seen it in person though.
Neil: Hi Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Ron!
Pamela: Greetings, Ron
BobS: HI Ron
Spud Island Ron: Hi all
BobS: where is Spud Island ????? PEI ?
rich-c: yep
Guy B.: How is the weather out there?
Spud Island Ron: yup, the one, the only
Spud Island Ron: unsettled. We've had a little of everything today
rich-c: too far inland for Ophelia to have bothered you?
Pamela: boy, everyone seems to have taken fall travelling to heart
Spud Island Ron: was about 40 km south of Peggy's Cove when she went through. Just a day of rain on Sat. Not even any wind to speak of
Guy B.: Now after a dry summer. We are now getting more rain. Especially if we get any remants from Rita if it comes this way.
Spud Island Ron: anybody see that aircraft landing at LAX ??
rich-c: doubt Rita will swing that far north on her present track, Guy
BobS: mujst be the one Pam was watching
Guy B.: Depends where though.
BobS: prolly be on the news tonight
rich-c: Pam was talking about a nose wheel up landing, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Neil for the Ralph Baer web site.
Spud Island Ron: yes, that's it
Pamela: I saw it, Ron
Spud Island Ron: weren't that sumthin !!
rich-c: h0ow did they do in survival?
Pamela: my heart was in my throat. Problem was not a nose wheel up, but nose wheel stuck running perpendicular to the aircraft so it wouldn't roll.
rich-c: like, you mean, down but crosswise?
Spud Island Ron: yes
Pamela: Perfect three point landing and no problems. They dug a nice long trench in the runway at LAX though
Pamela: exactly
rich-c: that must have taken some pretty fancy aircraft handling - which airline was it?
Pamela: even offloaded the passengers with a stairway
Spud Island Ron: Airbus
Pamela: US Air, I believe - an Airbus 292
Spud Island Ron: it was a company called Jet Blue
Spud Island Ron: can't say as I've ever hear of 'em
Pamela: me neither
rich-c: OK, Jet Blue is one of the discount airlines
BobS: yup
Spud Island Ron: ah
rich-c: they are big and gettin bigger, mostly in the US southwest I believe
Neil: It looks like Ralph's new book that came out in April would be very interesting. The the behind the scenes stuff from '70s and '80 Coleco and others:
Spud Island Ron: damn fine job of piloting it was
Pamela: took off from Burbank, CA en route to JFK but they noticed the front wheel right away so spent about three hours in the air burning off fuel, then came into LAX for the emerg landing because of the longer runway
rich-c: which Airbus is the 292? don't recall hearing of that model before
Daniel Bienvenu: Ralph Baer saved a lot of documents... and based on interviews, he also saved coleco
Pamela: scared the spit outta me, I don't mind telling you
rich-c: imagine a lot of underware needed changing after that one
Neil: By the look of his website, he was largely responsible for all the Coleco electronics stuff (handhelds on up).
rich-c: balancing on teh main udercarriage till the wheel could be allowed to touch gently enough - wow!
Pamela: with that, and the hurricane, and the tornado in Minneapolis, the US is having a hard day
Pamela: it was a beautiful landing after all that
rich-c: Minneapolis had a tornado? Oh, yuck
Pamela: brought it in very slow, touched down on the rear landing gear, and rolled as long as he could on them before bringing the nose down.
rich-c: I didn't even realize those aircraft had a tail wheel any more
Pamela: they had a tornado warning actually and a huge t-storm cell, but I don't know if one actually touched down
rich-c: likely GuyB will be seeing the same frontal line soon, then
Judy: yes, we are, these storms have to end
Pamela: I don't think it does Dad - just the two rear wheels
rich-c: ah, I was thinking of the main undercareriage as a single unit
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: ah, okay
Judy: and to think we are dry as a bone here, and down there they can't handle any more water
Spud Island Ron left chat session
rich-c: we are planning to go out tomorrow but have a forecast for evening rain
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Pamela: are you still without rain Judy?
changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Ron!
Neil: Thanks, Dan.
Ron: Hi Daniel
rich-c: welcome back, Ron
BobS: still VERY dry
Pamela: I've often thought that it's too bad they can't "relocate" water to the parts of the country that need it, by trucking or whatever
Ron: technical glitch - didn't realize I was running on batteries
rich-c: my guess Bob is that that problem will end tomorrow
Judy: we have had a little rain but not enough, the trees are turning color and leaves just dying
Pamela: we've now had enough rain that everything is green again and looking much more healthy
rich-c: but that NPOAA website I gave you earlier will tell all
Guy B.: Oh yes, we do have rain in the forecast for tomorrow.
Judy: won't be a good color season this year
rich-c: just the first hints of change around here, but looking promising
Ron: I gather I was about 3 weeks to a month too early on my trip around Cape Breton NS
Ron: we did that last week
Ron: pretty spectacular I hear
Pamela: I'll bet it was still beautiful though Ron
rich-c: yes, spring and fall come later down there
rich-c: that trip is thrilling any time of year
Ron: Oh yes..... I have seen some beautiful vistas, but this one was right up there
Ron: Have video footage of one of the biggest moose I've ever seen
Pamela: I'd love to do that trip again sometime. I guess I've inherited some of my parent's wanderlust after all
Pamela: just how many moose have you seen???
rich-c: it's considered one of North America's great drives, like Going to the Sun or Trail Ridge Road
Ron: Oh, a few, but nothing this big
Pamela: mooses? meese?
Ron: dunno
Pamela: as long as he wasn't stuck to the front of your car . . .
Ron: not quite that close fortunately
BobS: or you would not have a car left !!!!!!
Pamela: just ask Bob : )
Ron: sure was a great drive though
rich-c: very fortunately - they are about as easy to move as a brick wall
BobS: I only hit a dear !!!!!!! a moose is like 10 times bigger
Ron: Well, we were travelling in my cousin's 30 foot motor home, be even that wouldn't have stood up too well
rich-c: I think you're right, Ron
BobS: not lie
Pamela: motor home? Ouch, I'll bet he looooved the recent gas prices
Ron: and this was one big freakin' moose Bob
rich-c: so you're motorhoming it? is it a Class A or Class C?
Judy: something to see!!!
BobS: remind you of a bus, eh???????
Ron: would't have the faintest idea
Pamela: i'll bet, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: If Ralph B. saved Coleco in 1976, that also means that the "historical benchmark 1975" is wrong in the web site I used to send you the "financial" story of coleco :
Ron: yep
Ron: a bus with bad brakes
rich-c: Class A is sort of bus-built, Calss C is house on a van
Ron Wed Sep 21 22:39:51 GMT-04:00 2005: moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: ouch
Ron: bus built
changed username to Eric
Daniel Bienvenu: Eric
Ron: wonder we made it through the highlands
rich-c: welcome, Eric
Pamela: greetings Eric
BobS: ouch
Guy B.: HI Eric
Ron: I've never seen bare metal brake disks before
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) Who is Eric?
BobS: YO Eric
Ron: Hi Eric
Eric: hello all been a while since i've been here
Pamela: and why did he let them get so bad???
Neil: Daniel, yes, some of those dates are not quite definite.
BobS: oh, ugly mi man
rich-c: yes, some of those grades in Cape Breton I would NOT like to tackle in ANY vehicle with dicey brakes
Ron: exactly
Ron: I gather Merrill hasn't had this vehicle very long - and apparently it did pass inspection.... can't see how
rich-c: (PRIVATE) teacher in Chicago I think, Guy
BobS: course, metal to metal shoould stop just fine.........for wahile
BobS: awhile
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Judy: hi, Eric
Pamela: it's just really hard on the eardrums
Eric: screeeeeeech
rich-c: you got it
Daniel Bienvenu: I like Open Office
rich-c: you playing with Open Source programs now, Daniel?
Pamela: so how long are you on the island Ron, and where to from there?
Daniel Bienvenu: a Word document is 6 times bigger than an OpenOffice one
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using OpenOffice beta version because I can generate pdf files with tabs
Daniel Bienvenu: and I finally adopt it
BobS: another Microsoft program daniel???
Daniel Bienvenu: clone
Daniel Bienvenu: opensource
rich-c: that's the Open Source version of Star Office, isn't it, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, that's the official story, yes
Guy B.: I like OpenOffice since is can use Access database files.
rich-c: I think teh fact is acknowledged on both sides, Daniel - Sun was giving away Star Office for that reason
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope they will fix the bugs in the new beta version
rich-c: well, Open Source stuff is continually under development
Daniel Bienvenu: one of the bug is a problem to automaticaly add the extension filename
Daniel Bienvenu: a stupid bug, but I have to be careful
rich-c: I have Star Office but don't use it, also Firefox and Thunderbird among others
Guy B.: Going to have my eyes checked this Saturday. Been having trouble reading small print. Especially at work.
rich-c: just got Wordperfect Office 12 for the price of the disc + mailing
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm currently using the version 1.9.115
Pamela: you're getting old, Guy : )
Guy B.: Still using Wordperfect Office 2000
rich-c: it comes with age, Guy.
Pamela: of course, I've had glasses for nearly ten years now
Guy B.: And I'm the only one in my family not wearing glasses.
rich-c: actually, most folk need them by 40 and often before
Pamela: but mine are for distance. I'm hoping that somewhere in the future my distance vision and my reading vision will equalize, and I'll be back where I started : )
BobS: won't happen darlin
rich-c: I think I struggled by till I was 45, but by then there was no doubt or choice
Guy B.: Well, I'll find out what's going on and see what develops from there.
Pamela: pessimist : )
Pamela: well if you do get glasses Guy, you'll have to post a new picture : )
rich-c: amazing how much easier it is to read those highway signs, Guy
BobS: we want ot see some COOL glasses Guy
Guy B.: If I do, it may be for reading only.
Neil: Well, I'm 45 and got new glasses two years ago in a weaker prescription.
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
BobS: well taht is good Neil
rich-c: don't worry, your time for bifocals will come
Pamela: I'm up for new glasses too
BobS: but Guy......he is still a youngster and can't see straight
Neil: I'm not rushing it.
Pamela: see, Neil? Equalization : )
Pamela: he's 43 (right?)
rich-c: I now need distance, intermediate and closeup glasses
Neil: Maybe so.
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw on tv, a version of linux to be burned into a 50meg cd-rom (business card shape?), named damn small linux
BobS: get no line focals.....then noone knows except when you tip your head up and down to read stuff
Guy B.: Well folks, going to call it the night. We'll see you all next week.
Judy: I will be calling it a night , so talk at you next week,bye all
Pamela: keep us posted Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: I will
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight GuyB
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy Bona
BobS: me too, boss says so........
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy, take good care of Abby. See you next week
Neil: I have to sign off, too.
Pamela: you too, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Bob!
BobS: till we meet again..........
Pamela: g'nite bobandjudy
rich-c: nighjt, Bob and Niel
BobS: yup. boss said so....... :-)
BobS left chat session
Pamela: well, then you must
rich-c: and Judy...
Neil left chat session
Pamela: g'nite Neil - good luck with the applications
Pamela: oops, gone
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Neil... too late....
rich-c: yes, and when did we lose Ron?
Pamela: I think he fell off some time back
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dale... oops very late
Pamela: guess it's time for me too - I still have some 'net research to do
rich-c: yes, Dale faded away some time ago
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: good night, Daniel
rich-c: night daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Eric!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit GuyF l'envers
Pamela: night, Daddy - don't forget to remind Mom about the birthday cards
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Rich-c!
Daniel Bienvenu: ... too fast now
rich-c: have done that, POam
Pamela: gnite Guy and Eric
Pamela: okay, thanks. I'm gone.
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir! la semaine prochaine!
rich-c: and yes, it's time for me to pack it in too
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
rich-c: you bet
Daniel Bienvenu: hello James if you check the log! :-)
rich-c: yuG and Eric, night for now
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Eric: hey FyuG
FyuG: Yo.
Eric: do you know the time difference from amabama usa to paris france?
Eric: alabama
FyuG: No clue, sorry...
Eric: ok I was going to ask earlier but didn't have a chance
Eric: you still use an adam?
FyuG: Hmm, no, actually I've never used an Adam. I'm more into the Colecovision aspect of things.
FyuG: Are you an Adam user?
Eric: was I have a few collecting dusk
Eric: a few coleco's too
FyuG: Yeah, I owned a Coleco Adam for a few months, ended up giving it away, it was taking up too much space and didn't see the purpose really.
FyuG: In the Adam heydays, I was an Atari user.
Eric: yea me too
FyuG: Atari user? :)
Eric: no too much space.... did have a 400 and a 800 atari
Eric: with the tape drive
FyuG: Yeah, it's all relative I guess, if you have a big house, then owning 20 Adams isn't much of a problem. Yeah, I started with an Atari 800XL + tape drive. Awesome system for it's days.
FyuG: I was never attracted to the Adam back then, I never saw it as being better than any systems that were available back then.
Eric: it had missle command in rom didnt it?
FyuG: Nope, no games in rom. 800XL had basic in rom, the 800 needed a 16K basic cart.
FyuG: I remember seeing the ADAM being liquidated in a store called "Pascal" here in Montreal, Quebec, but never saw it as more than an overpriced typewriter. :)
Eric: I think there was a trick and it had missle command in the rom had to press some keys when you turned it on.
Eric: need to search google if i remember right
FyuG: Yeah, I seriously doubt it, but then again you never know how much those old electronic marvels can amaze us even after all those years.
Eric: I had a colecovision and when the adam came out I had to have one. waited a few years before i could get it..
FyuG: Yeah, I never owned a Colecovision, only an Atari 2600
FyuG: Which is why I probably went on to Atari computers.
Eric: i wish some people would release all the roms and dsk images for the adam.
FyuG: Yeah, I'm sure it would fit on 1 CD. :)
Eric: you seen the new atari 2600 flashback 2?
FyuG: Yeah, I'm anxiously awaiting for it to arrive at a Toy's R Us or Wal-Mart in Montreal, Quebec! I bought the Colecovision head-to-head TV video game system last week though....
Eric: I'm in usa I got the c64 joystick! its awesome it has basic and you can hack it and connect disk drive and keyboard
FyuG: Yep, I got that one too a few months ago, and yes it is amazing!!! I've seen the hack, and when I have a chance, I'd love to try the hack out.
Eric: i seen the coleco head to head but its not colecovision
FyuG: Nope, it's not colecovsiion, but I bought it anyways, anything that says Coleco on it piques my curiosity.
Eric: I did the keyboard hack. and its works
FyuG: Really? Awesome. How about the disk drive hack? Did you try that out?
Eric: disk drive hack no. but i did build a xe1541 cable so i could use my pc as a hard drive for my commodore 64
FyuG: Yeah, I built a cable like that too last year, works really well.
Eric: you ever use an amiga?
FyuG: I still use an actual C-64 once in a while when I have a chance.
FyuG: Yeah, for sure, got an Amiga 500 here.
FyuG: Love that machine.
Eric: you heard about the new amiga 0s4?
FyuG: Sure, I was a member of a while ago, haven't logged in an while....
Eric: I want one but the motherboard cost about 1000 us
FyuG: Yep, I'm interested as well in that motherboard, but then I look at the price.... Not worth it I guess. Vintage Amiga equipment goes for a lot of $$$ even today.
FyuG: I wanted to build an Amiga 4000 workhorse, but man, every piece and add-on card is so expensive.
Eric: yea i know winuae is so much cheaper
FyuG: Yes, indeed. I should get myself a DVD with Amiga software one of these days...
FyuG: During the Amiga years, I was using an Atari ST...
FyuG: I loved the Atari ST, it was like going from a Honda Civic to a Cadillac.
Eric: I bought a 1040 a few years ago but no disk. i still have it collecting dust
FyuG: Didn't the 1040 come with a disk drive on the side?
Eric: yes but I didn't have and disk
FyuG: The Atari had some pretty impressive games if I recall. Had an awesome programming language called GFA BASIC too.
Eric: theres an st emulator for the sega dreamcast thats nice
FyuG: Yeah, I've used one on the Xbox, but it's really not the same. My first encounter with emulation was on the Atari ST. There was a program called "Magic Sac" which turned your ST into a MAC. Now that was awesome at the time.
FyuG: I also had an IBM PC XT emulator for the Atari ST. iI just remembered.
Eric: yea i had the transformer for amiga 1000 that was a emulator for ibm 286
FyuG: Yeah. Emulation has been around for a very long time!!!
FyuG: Eric, is it the first time you log on to the Adamcon chat? I've never seen you before.
Eric: teh xbox will run a much of emulators. its nice
FyuG: Yeah, I use my XBOX to run MAME. It's awesome. I built an arcade joystick with arcade components for it, and it rocks!!!
Eric: no I come here ever once in a while
FyuG: Cool, well I hope to get a chance to chat with you again! My usual name is: GuyF
Eric: I want to talk about the adam computers but most of the time most people here is talking about travel an daily events
FyuG: Hehe, I know, that's the first thing that shocked me. Nobody talks about the Adam, or at least very rarely.
FyuG: Check out my webpage:
FyuG: It's full of Coleco/Adam info, might interest you.
Eric: I'll do it ..... maybe see you next week
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FyuG: Cool, don't be a stranger, hope to see you next week, really great talking to you.
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