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rich-c: hello rich
Dr. D.: Hi Richard.
Dr. D.: Sorry to hear about your E-mail.
Dr. D.: First time I tried to get in here tonight, the applet would not load.
rich-c: see you are on, and early
Dr. D.: So I went to backup in case others had the same problem, but nobody did.
Dr. D.: So I tried here again.
rich-c: yes, I wish I knew if I got bit or did somrthing stoopid myself
Dr. D.: Just eating some cereal before bedtime...I have had late nights every night since Saturday :-(
Dr. D.: And I am finally caught up.
Dr. D.: Is there any good news from your neck of the woods?
rich-c: I wasjust offgedtting my intermediateglassesa
rich-c: I am watching thew football gameandusing the laptopo
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: You should just go watch the Argos and forego this chat.
Dr. D.: I haven't seen a bit of football yet this year :-S
rich-c: oh it may be the last for twso weeks - we are off travelling
Dr. D.: Trailer Redux?
rich-c: no, running bobtail this time
rich-c: going over to the Aditrondacks
Dr. D.: You have earned the right to stay in hotels :-)
Dr. D.: We have had fall leaves here for almost a month in places.
Dr. D.: Trees started turning 3rd week of August.
rich-c: we would rather use ghe trailer but this time motels ae more useful
rich-c: our trees arre bEWLYSTARTING TO TURN
Dr. D.: Maybe you could hire a driver ala John Madden and his Greyhound bus.
rich-c: oh noI have alwaydxs enjyed driving
Dr. D.: I don't mind driving either, even if alone.
Dr. D.: It is good quiet thinking time...I almost never have the radio on.
Dr. D.: Just thinking.
rich-c: well I will not be alone
Dr. D.: Obviously :-)
rich-c: in fact we will be celebrting our actual 50th anniversRY ON THE ROAD
Dr. D.: As long as you and Frances are okay with it, then go for it.
rich-c: the formal event will be after we return
Dr. D.: Hope the party isn't too big and riotous.
Dr. D.: Are you organizing it, or Pam?
rich-c: we are as you know quiet people - we like it this way
rich-c: oh, Pamela has organized it - she is muchmoe intoszuch things thn we are
Dr. D.: I think Pam will be disappointed in me and Erin: when the time comes, there is going to be as little as we can get away with, because neither of us is into anything big.
Dr. D.: And big can mean big $$$, and why waste it on something that you aren't having fun at yourself?
Dr. D.: Other people can have a shindig to their own liking on their own dime :-)
rich-c: yes, Frances has always regretted that our wedding wsas as elaborate as it was
Dr. D.: They seem to be reverse potlaches of sorts sometimes, instead of ostentatiously destroying your household to show it has no meaning to you, you ostentatiously destroy your financial standing by blowing it on a big party.
rich-c: but we both had big families who wanted to attend
Dr. D.: Everyone tries to console me for having 4 daughters, oh think of the wedding costs, they say.
rich-c: yes, I agree - still, fashions may change
Dr. D.: I say phooey, they can have what they can afford, I am not paying for is going to be expensive enough.
Dr. D.: Christina reports this week that she did well on her first round of midterm exams, so she is relieved.
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Richard and Dr D
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: well, Frances'pafrents were well yto do and wanted a more elaborate affari
Dr. D.: Hi Judy...and Guy.
rich-c: greetings Guy and hello Judy
Dr. D.: I was just washing up after my bedtime snack.
Dr. D.: I didn't see you two come in.
Guy B.: Well, it's official. I'll be getting glasses for reading only by the weekend.
Dr. D.: Welcome to farsightedness.
Dr. D.: I have had 50-year-old eyes for 15 years now.
Guy B.: Well Dr. D. My long distance is fine.
rich-c: go ahead, gloat - me neding in effect trrifocals
Dr. D.: That's what farsightedness can't focus on stuff close-up any more.
Guy B.: It will help since I'm on the computer all the time at work.
Dr. D.: When I am tired, I can't focus closer than full arm's length.
Guy B.: That's what was happening to me with small print.
Judy: hello, Guy
Dr. D.: When I was 17 and building model airplanes, I could hold parts 2 inches from my eye and paint them in perfect clarity.
Guy B.: At least I don'
rich-c: yes, computers need their own customglasses,realy
Guy B.: At least I don't need bifocals.
rich-c: yet
Dr. D.: I really only wear glasses for when I have to do tiny detail work (like fixing a circuit board), or when I am in bed with a book propped on my chest.
rich-c: it was a long time betweren my first glasses and bifocals
Judy: be nice Richard
Judy: mine too
Dr. D.: Other than that, I can cope. But I remember what it was like to focus 2" away from stuff.
Judy: now I have dry eye
Guy B.: You think that I be the last one in my family to get glasses.
Dr. D.: Sigh, I just read that actor Don Adams (aka Maxwell Smart) has died.
rich-c: no, everyones eye start chnging around age 40
Guy B.: Yes he did. Boy, did I love Get Smart.
rich-c: yes, KAOS I hear is dedlighded
Judy: all body parts change and not for the better
Guy B.: He also did the voice of Tennesee Tuxedo and Inspector Gadget.
Dr. D.: I guess his trip through the Pearly Gates is a long corridor with lots of doors :-)
Judy: was at the hospital all day withmy mom, had knee replacement
Dr. D.: How is she, Judy?
Judy: sleepy and sour, and not feeling so great
Dr. D.: I am sure Richard understands that feeling after surgery...
rich-c: knee replacemens are reALLY
rich-c: knee relacements are really tough
Guy B.: My mom had both knees replaced. Several years apart from each other.
Judy: that is what they say, worse than hips
Judy: this is her second so she is done, I hope
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changed username to BobS
BobS: ich bin here
rich-c: yes, hips usually go well but we know a lot of buddies who e unenthusistic about their knee jobs
Guy B.: Abby is walking better, but taking it a little bit at a time.
BobS: between ebaying etc
Guy B.: Hi Bob. I'll be getting reading glasses by the weekend.
rich-c: i bob
Judy: that is good Guy
BobS: JUST for reading ????or for everything?
Dr. D.: Hello Robert
BobS: DARN tiny keys, eh?
BobS: hey Doc
Guy B.: She is still on her antibiotics and pain medicine and she is seeing the vet this Saturday for her shots and checkup.
rich-c: as does the football game in the bckground
Guy B.: Reading Bob.
Judy: she had really good success with her first and this one she had the new surgery, smaller cut
rich-c: yes, the screen is wide and the keys arent too bas
rich-c: d
Guy B.: Started to get cool here, but the rain has ended.
rich-c: but I am not accustomed to them and I am nlt a touchtgypist
Judy: we just have the rain but is still warm
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: hello
Pamela: sorry I'm late
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: YO Pam
Pamela: how is everyone?
BobS: SHAME on ya
rich-c: hello daughter Argos are leading 17 - 11
Pamela: so Russell tells me : )
Guy B.: Getting reading glasses by the weekend. Abby is walking better and we are doing a gradual walk.
rich-c: your mother is on the desktop researching motels
Pamela: good news about Abby, Guy
Pamela: so what kind of glasses? Design - wise, I mean
BobS: MOTELS !!!!! she is moving OUT ??????
Pamela: in NY Dad?
Guy B.: Well one thing. These glasses are sturdy and they have a flexible hinge. I think I chose Pierre Cardin.
BobS: Pam. somethign sexy the girls will like.....................
rich-c: Plattsburgh, e have Lake Placid booked already
BobS: SKIING !!!!!!
BobS: now it makes sense........ :-)
Pamela: gotta get new ones myself
rich-c: little early for that
Judy: I just did
Pamela: sure Bob, because can't you just see Dad on skis with his new hip?
Pamela: Rich, why are you so quiet?
Dr. D.: I am dozing.
Guy B.: Dr. D, have you heard from Christina?
Judy: no than you will be spending the day the way i did today, not cool
Dr. D.: Yes, Guy.
Pamela: and where were you Judy?
Dr. D.: She is doing well.
BobS: tis a rather, scary thought Pam
Guy B.: Good to hear.
Pamela: she's enjoying school so far Rich?
Judy: the hospital, mom had a knee replacement
Dr. D.: So far, a bit stressed at times, but did okay with midterm exams this week.
Guy B.: Midterms already! Wow.
Pamela: good to hear. How are the other girls holding up without her?
Dr. D.: Trimesters at her school, Guy.
Dr. D.: They like it with her being gone.
rich-c: the freshmna term is always stressful
Guy B.: That's right. Been awhile for me.
Pamela: Judy, how old is your Mom?
Judy: 78
Dr. D.: They are doing fine without Christina.
Pamela: they don't miss her, Rich?
Dr. D.: Nope :-)
Pamela: ah, sibling love.
Pamela: Makes me glad I'm an only : )
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: not that hey will adsmit
Dr. D.: perhaps not Richard
Dr. D.: but anyways
Guy B.: How's Elanor doing?
Dr. D.: I have been up since 4 AM today...for about 5 days straight...I think I will have to call it a night.
Dr. D.: Elanor is fine.
Dr. D.: She is being responsible as the oldest one now at home.
Judy: night Dr D
Guy B.: What year is she now in high school?
BobS: 4AM ????? tryin to kill yourself ?????
Dr. D.: I will sign off for now.
Pamela: for heaven's sake, go to bed Rich
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you : )
BobS: nite doc
Dr. D.: Long story Bob...involving a dead computer...I will tell it next week.
Dr. D.: Nite all...don't emulate me and stay up too late.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: Judy, is this your mother's first surgery of this nature?
Pamela: as in, is this the first or the second knee?
BobS: ah but you must "let dead computers lie" YES ???
Judy: no, this was her second knee, so she should be done
BobS: got all new parts now
Pamela: unless she wears the first one out : )
BobS: nwq cn't happen
Pamela: actually, that's good because it means she knows what she's in for, and how good her pain threshold is
Pamela: people wear out hips, Bob
Judy: I surely hope not, this was an awful way to spend the day
Guy B.: Ok, I have a couple hotels in mind for the next con. Both are relatively close to highways, shopping and restaurants. Will let you all know what I find out.
BobS: not in little time though
rich-c: dont be smart Pam, it usually happens
BobS: the olther knee is only 2 yrs old
Pamela: anytime a parent is in the hospital, it's an awful way to spend the day
BobS: cool Guy
Pamela: not being smart, Daddy. It's true - I know a couple of people who are on their second set
Pamela: Neil's mom is one of them
Judy: some were worse, heard some awful news for some other people that were there
Pamela: shopping? Did you say shopping? I'm all for shopping (especially in the States!).
Guy B.: Yes, I did Pam.
rich-c: exactly, Pam - hips fe good for 15 yersaon the average
Pamela: find me a nice big mall, Guy : )
BobS: got LOTS of cash ????????
Guy B.: In fact, there are two in the area.
Pamela: (in very small voice) no
BobS: well Guy is looking at teh Macy's type shopping probably
rich-c: just keep them to the southeast, Guy, even if you have to go into Indiana or something
(BobS hugs Pamela)
Pamela: brb
Judy: my parents are not the active that they should wear any parts out from now on
Guy B.: I already know what I have in mind and it will NOT be in Chicago.
rich-c: that is encouraging, Guy
rich-c: and Pam, have you looked At our dollar laelyu? it's over 85 cents
Pamela: a Walmart, a Lane Bryant, a Coldwater Creek, and a Liz Claiborne and I'm cool
Pamela: yes I know Dad, which means it's cheaper to buy US dollars : )))
Guy B.: Throw in Target too.
Pamela: this makes me vewy, vewy happy
BobS: that's good Pam
Guy B.: We have a Super Target opening here next week on the 9th of October. Today a new Ikea opened in Bolingbrook which is southwest from me.
Pamela: I need the stores I don't have in Canada - and some of the stuff that the Canadian Walmart doesn't carry
rich-c: they say tghere is a 75 store outlet centrre in Plattsburgh
Guy B.: You will love Target Pam. I shop there a lot, along with Wal-mart.
Pamela: maybe you'll find me some more sheets, Dad
Pamela: man, I'd better start saving my pennies ( and nickels, and dimes . . . )
rich-c: that is her call, Pam
Pamela: since I have to use my quarters and loonies for laundry : (
rich-c: well while we are away you can use our laundry, Pam
Pamela: Judy, do you find it hard to get 100% cotton sheets in the US?
Judy: we just were in an outlet with a Liz store in it
Pamela: problem Dad - I just finished three weeks worth of laundry tonite - hence why I was late
Judy: don't know if you can get them anywhere
rich-c: thats OK you will have two weeks to build up more (or get ahead) and will be over he anyway
Pamela: you can get them here, but they're the high thread count, Egyptian cotton and they're incredibly expensive - like $150.00 a set
Pamela: there's no such thing as getting ahead of laundry : )
Judy: who wants to pay that for sheets
Pamela: yeah, ouch is right. Of course, that's for king size, but still
Pamela: every time Mom and Dad go to the states I have them keep a look out for sheets
rich-c: maybe you should ask your mother to scout out the US scene
Pamela: got a 100% cotton set at a Dan River outlet store a few years ago for $20.00
Pamela: I should say, Mom found them
BobS: go online and find them to buy
Judy: you could try linens and more they seem to have a little better prices than some others
Pamela: considering it, Dad - if you're going to the outlet mall anyway
rich-c: no guarantees, our plans ae very open
Pamela: no guarantees needed : )
Pamela: anyway, if I start a list now, by next summer I'll have a good idea of what to shop for while we're down there
Pamela: got a date in mind yet Guy?
rich-c: yes, I imagine you will have a list
Guy B.: Not yet, I would say around the end of July, early August.
Pamela: alright, I can plan around that
rich-c: pick a cooling time, Guy
Guy B.: Firefox just informed me of an update.
Guy B.: I cannot guarantee about the weather Rich, but we'll just have to see. Our average high is around 83, but we usually get a little hot around that time.
rich-c: it may not be a wise one, Guy
rich-c: we consider 83 more than hot nough
Pamela: we probably don't have many options, Dad
Guy B.: This year was hot and dry. Maybe next year it will wet and cooler.
Pamela: how about cool and dry? That would work : )
Guy B.: That's better than in Florida.
rich-c: heard some gossip somewhere Mozilla didn't getthe new patch totally right - needs more work
Guy B.: That's why more updates come out now and then. The update will be version 1.0.7.
Guy B.: Openoffice will be releasing version 2 very soon.
rich-c: yes, the Open Source programs are always being upgraded
Guy B.: The beta version is out now for everyone to try and to report any bugs.
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
Dale: Hi all
rich-c: thats the advantage, the disadvantage is hey can be rushed ND BUGGY
Dale: Just checking in to see what's up.
Dale: Back from my trip.
Guy B.: Other than a small group tonight.
Dale: Too much driving on Friday -- 13 hours.
rich-c: hello Dale
Pamela: hey, Dale
BobS: have a good time ??????
Dale: Of course, we had a great time, all told.
Judy: hi, Dale
Dale: Never fogured out US gas prices though.
Guy B.: How long were you gone?
Dale: Seemed to be $3.09 -> $2.54 -> 2.89 during our trip. Could be taxes I suppose.
Guy B.: Oh yes, every city wants to get it 2 cents in. Especially on gas.
Dale: We left home Satruday evening, and made it home Saturday morning a week later.
rich-c: divide by 3.8 and multiply by 1.18 for Cdn $ per litre
BobS: nope, just gas preices jumping aroune.....
BobS: county to county, state to state, city to city
BobS: tis wierd sometimes
Dale: Two nights in Canada, and the rest in Virginia, except for one night in Pennsylvania
rich-c: in Toronto the range today is 98.5 to 10.9 per litre
Guy B.: Chicago is higher than everyone else in the state and that's because of the taxes on gas.
Judy: what are you paying, Guy?
Dale: Well the cheaper gas tended to be further south it seemed.
Pamela: your taxes vary by county, don't they Guy?
Guy B.: Last I got was for $2.69.
BobS: right Dale
Guy B.: Yes they do.
BobS: went up to 3.85 today in GR
BobS: 3.85
BobS: 2.85
rich-c: may be a time factor as the Katrina panic faded
Pamela: that's about 70.7 cents a litre, Guy
Dale: But then it went up again as we traveled back to NY.
Guy B.: Rita wasn't that bad and in fact, that storm went through rather quickly.
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changed username to Daniel B
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Dale: Hi ya Daniel.
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Daniel B: hello rich, Pam, Dale, GuyB, BobS and Judy!
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: saalut, Daniel
Daniel B: Sorry to be late!
rich-c: cÚst la vie
Pamela: so where else did you go besides Strasburg, Dale?
Daniel B: I had to wait, someone needed the phone here.
Guy B.: You missed Dr. D., but he turned in early.
Dale: There didn't seem to be any appropriate North-South Interstate highways, so we took US-15
Dale: Sections were labeled "Future I-99 corrodor", so I guess that one is in the works.
rich-c: yes, that has alwazys been the bezst route - even in the old days
Daniel B: ???<
Dale: Well, we spent most of our time about 100 miles North of Roanoke in the mountains.
rich-c: and you should have seen it 20 or even 10 years ago - today''s road is comparATIVE PARadise
Pamela: man, I have *got* to find my road atlas
Daniel B: Dale, your username was lost during the maintenance of colecoshop. sorry
Dale: We did some walking, some geocaching ( with our GPS, and
Pamela: note to self: time for a trip to CAA
Dale: visited the Luray Caverns, a petting zoo in Winchester VA.
rich-c: US 15 runs vertically down Pennsylvania thru Harrisburg
Pamela: is Jeff travelling okay?
Dale: Should I recreate it Daniel?
Daniel B: sure
Dale: Well, he wants to play with whoever is in the passenger seat, and he sleeps well while driving.
Dale: That and we read him some storybooks.
Dale: He did okay most of the time.
Pamela: that's good news. Some kids don't travel well by car
rich-c: Pamela was a great passenger from birth
Daniel B: yes, it's better for you to re-create an account... I can do one with the admin panel, but you will need anyway to change the personal informations
Dale: Jill and I had more trouble with all the driving. I'll take flying any day.
rich-c: gee, I hate flying anywhere I can dirve too
Judy: Bob just died and I think I will be calling it a night, was a long day and have Ryan coming tomorror
Pamela: okay Judy - good night to you both
Judy: talk at you all next week
Pamela: thanks for the lines tip
Pamela: sorry, linens
Judy left chat session
rich-c: OK see you in the next couple of weeks - take care
Daniel B: Judy?
Daniel B: well, too late to say "goodnight""
Pamela: re: good passenger from birth Dad - it must have been all the travelling I did in utero : )
rich-c: point well taken, Pam
rich-c: we always thought you were enjoying Virginia Beaxch
Pamela: I wish I'd seen it from the outside : )
Pamela: wow, it's quiet all of a sudden
rich-c: game ending
Dale: Daniel, it gave me an error when creating my account.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a yummy bar of chocolate.)
rich-c: \Ottawa 18 Argos 29
Dale: Jill never likes beaches.
Daniel B: Dale, I'm checking now if I can do something for that
Pamela: mmm, thanks Guy
Dale: Maybe failed to send the email?
Pamela: yay, Argos
Pamela: any idea why she doesn't like them Dale?
rich-c: yes they have a reaaly good shot at keeping first place now
Daniel B: doozer?
Dale: That's me.
Daniel B: what is doozer?
rich-c: gives them some distance over second place, Daniel
Dale: She says that it is dull, and she's never been a fan of hot.
rich-c: ask Pamela about Pacicic Coast tide pools sometime
Pamela: well I can't blame her for that. It's the sand castles and playing in the water that I love
Daniel B: Dale, I activated your colecoshop account
Pamela: ask Pamela about sand fleas some time : (
Dale: Characters from the TV show "Fraggle Rock"
rich-c: Daniel, it comes from Duesenberg, a pre-war car of great excellence
Daniel B: the mini mini mini mini characters in Fraggle Rock, I remember
Daniel B: they build a giant structure all around
Pamela: I loved Fraggle Rock
Pamela: doozers were soooo cute
Pamela: (as all the men gag)
rich-c: ah, different context and derivation
Dale: I still wonder why it gave an error, but I got in okay at colecoshop. Thanks.
Pamela: as I recall, doozers built crystalline structures that were meant to be eaten by Fraggles
Daniel B: James is traveling in Canada actually, I think, and will return in japan in a month.
Dale: Yes. They built many large structures (made apparently of the perfect balance of Ketchup and Mustard), and the Fraggles ate them all.
Daniel B: so if the error is a system problem, I can't do anything about it. But I can help with the admin panel included with the forum
Dale: A perfect symbiotic relationship.
rich-c: getting close to departure day, so I'd better get on with my work
rich-c: so I will call it a night - see you in gthree weeks, sooner if I can find a hot spot
Pamela: Dad, I'm having dinner with Kimberly tomorrow but will try to call when I get home
Pamela: in the meantime, have a good night
Daniel B: good night rich
rich-c: OK, well tell you what the cardiologist had to say
Pamela: alright
Dale: Try McDonalds or Flying J. That worked on my trip.
rich-c: good night, all
Dale: Good night Richard.
Pamela: night Daddy
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela requested to ban BobS
Daniel B: err... hello?
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela: okay, still here
Daniel B: Bob is gone?
Pamela: yeah, he headed out with Judy
Daniel B: ok
Guy B.: Looks like we kicked him out.
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela: nope, Judy said his connection died
Dale: And the nthere were four.
Guy B.: Well folks. Might as well call it the night. Busy day on Saturday, so I'll see you all next week.
Daniel B: I didn't know Bob wasn't really there.
Pamela: I'd better go too
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Dale: Daniel, I was thinking in the car about my fishing game I showed you in August.
Daniel B: Good night Guy and Pam!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs for you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Daniel B: fishing game...
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me Too.
Guy B.: Poff
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel B: the one with the guy and the girl feeding a bird or something like that?
Dale: I was thinking of adding a hangman/wheel of fortune aspect to it.
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: g'nite, Dale, Daniel see you next week
Pamela: kerpoof
Daniel B: Bonne nuit Pam!
Dale: Goodnight Pam.
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B: I like Wheel of Fortune, but I hate the "Bankrupt" space in the wheel.
Dale: More like hangman is what I have in mind.
Dale: I was thinking of adding a dictionary of 50 movies (like top gorssing movies) or US states, or 50 country names for the dictionary.
Daniel B: this wator rom is bigger than the one I already have.
Dale: Then once per fishing season, you'd sell your fish in exchange for buying letters on the board from the hangman word.
Dale: Then you could also guess letters, but if you got one wrong you'd have to go back fishing.
Dale: I update it every once in while.
Daniel B: Like a "go fish" with fishing boats but the cards are letters
Dale: I was trying to decide on a compression scheme for the words, and then I saw on colecoshop that you're having that very conversation.
Daniel B: my example is wrong, the goal of "go fish" is to do pairs
Dale: Right.
Daniel B: fishing letters... I don't think it was already done.
Dale: So the thing is my fishing game lacked a reward for catching fish well, so the pay off would be making the hangman easier to solve.
Dale: And solving hangman puzzles is fun, but not quite involving enough for a minigame I think.
Daniel B: Your idea is great, is it for the minigame compo?
Dale: Yes.
Daniel B: wow! a coleco hangman game in 4K ?
Dale: I just need to finish the three ideas I'm implementing (hopefully at least one before the deadline)
Daniel B: getbooty is my favortie :)
Dale: So I'm limiting my dictionary to 50 phrases. I figure about 1.5k uncompressed.
Dale: I could compress it using LZW since I have a GIF decompressor written for the Adam in assembly already. I wonder if I'd save any space.
Dale: My idea is to decompress it to VRAM, and index it, then grab from the index.
Daniel B: I don't think the 1k coleco ram space will be enough to store the lz dictionary to uncompress the data
Dale: Probably the 5 bit encoding or huffman encoding would be the best.
Dale: You know, I thought of that in the car.
Daniel B: you are typing faster than me.
Dale: :-)
Dale: It all depends on whether the decoder is too big.
Daniel B: yes.
Dale: For a large dictionary, you can do a delta compression, where only letters that changed from the previous word are saved.
Dale: That wouldn't help much with only about 50 words.
Dale: For most other applications I do, the size of the decoder is irrelevant, only the speed of the decoder matters.
Daniel B: I remember what you said to me during the Adamcon. it's true that I'm not faster than you to program things... when I have plenty of time, I can program during hours and makes things evoluing really fast. Actually, with your 3 minigame projects at the same time, I realize that it's you the faster coleco programmer here.
Daniel B: I hope my soundbank project helped you for the sounds and music
Dale: It did. I used it to make some great sounds for getbooty.
Dale: Let me see if I can post the result...
Daniel B: You updated it on your web site?
Dale: Just a sec.
Dale: is up to date
Dale: It is from Sept 10th, which is the last time I got to work on it.
Dale: The sounds are great in BlueMSX. My laptop isn't really fast enough to do BlueMSX justice.
Dale: I'll probably have to get a faster laptop to run a ColecoVision emulator!
Daniel B: no background music?
Daniel B: any plan to optimize the size of getbooty?
Dale: I want it to fit in 1k.
Dale: To do decent background music takes about 500 bytes, in my opinion.
Daniel B: less graphics, more asm programming?
Dale: Right now the graphics are 800 bytes. I need 400 bytes for the game logic.
Dale: I figure I can squeeze the graphics back down to about 400 bytes.
Daniel B: 400 bytes... it's about 50 characters. how many characters you need?
Dale: Worng directory.
Dale: Graphics are 2e1h in size.
Daniel B: 737
Dale: They are graphics mode 2 with a full colour table, for the prettiest appearance.
Dale: There is a complex name table too.
Daniel B: well, my fist compute of approx 50 characters was right after all, but with a wrong logic
Dale: contains the ICVGM300 .dat file.
Dale: I've only programmed 32 characters, but I've also used 9 sprites.
Dale: All told I guess that that adds up to 67 patterns and 31 color table entries x8 bytes.
Daniel B: I didn't realize that there was as many bullet sprite patterns in this game.
Dale: Well, I could slim it down to just 2, I guess.
Dale: It turns out that the 4th one isn't ever displayed, and the 2nd one is always off screen.
Dale: But I didn't know it when I was drawing them.
Dale: Do you think I've chosen appropriate sound effects? I never know.
Daniel B: I'm not sure for the 2 last sound data, but the fist ones sound just fine for me.
Dale: Well what I had in mind with the mast collapsing was the creaking sound of the mast as it crashed.
Dale: What I had in mind with the end of the level was counting some coins.
Daniel B: I understand more now the 2 notes sound
Dale: The coins effect doesn't really work as is.
Dale: But I wasn't sure where to go with it.
Daniel B: maybe this 2 notes sound is not necessary, it will free 12-13 bytes
Dale: You think I should drop the second voice?
Dale: Or the complete sound?
Daniel B: well, if it's for coins you will add in a future version, keep it.
Daniel B: I'm talking about the 42,3c,00,28,1f,41, 42,78,00,50,1f,41, 10 sound
Dale: I wanted a end of level sound. Coins was the concept, but I didn't manage to make the right sound.
Dale: Should have made a ringing sound instead I suppose.
Daniel B: well, for me, the reward was to hear the crashing sound when hitting the right spot
Dale: Oh, that sound is the game over sound (sound 7)
Dale: Bing bing bing.
Daniel B: it's not just bing bing?
Dale: The official version is 3 notes:
Dale: 0x42,0x3c,0x00,0x28,0x1f,0x41, 0x42,0x78,0x00,0x28,0x1f,0x41, 0x42,0xf0,0x00,0x50,0x1f,0x41, 0x10};
Dale: Maybe the uploaded version is out of date? Let me check the file dates...
Daniel B: I extracted the sounds from the rom file.
Dale: Defiantely the posted version is 3 notes.
Daniel B: maybe the rom version I used was outdated
Daniel B: is it "Get Booty" is two words?
Dale: is the one I just tested in VColeco and heard 3 notes.
Dale: Maybe the zip file rom is older.
Dale: Hmm...just retested and I'm wrong.
Daniel B: well, the sound.c file contains only 5 sounds, and the last sound is only "bing bing"
Dale: I'll repost the rom, just a sec.
Dale: Well, try downloading again:
Daniel B: the source code also need an update ;-)
Dale: I reposted the ZIP file with the polyphonic sounds (7 sounds instead of 5).
Dale: There, now I feel less silly.
Dale: Are you still there?
Daniel B: ye
Daniel B: I tested the new rom
Daniel B: I'm not sure the second sliding tone sound you added for the polyphonic hiting sound fx was a good idea
Dale: I could take it out again, I suppose. I kinda like the second tone.
Dale: Almost 12. I aught to go, I guess.
Daniel B: yes, it add a good aspect to this sound but I feel like this second tone was not necessary
Daniel B: maybe cutting the second tone to just keep its firt part
Daniel B: well, it's a compromize to free up some bytes
Dale: I'll see how the coding goes, then I guess.
Dale: Good night.
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Daniel B: good luck! and try to finish one of your minigame projects before the deadline ;-)
Daniel B: take care
Daniel B left chat session
Dale: poof
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