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rich-c: well greetings - Stephen?
rich-c: you there, friend?
(Torontonians have officially taken over the world)
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changed username to BobS
BobS: Bonzai !!!!!!!
BobS: ich bin here !!!!!
BobS: richard I know...Stephen I don't
rich-c: hi Bob
rich-c: not sure I'm mentally here, though
BobS: why ?????
BobS: slow tonight
rich-c: drove back from Plattsburgh yesterday - bit over 500 kilicks
BobS: must be the LARGE # of users :-)
BobS: why, you are retired, yes???? what is the hurry ??
rich-c: there was a time when I'd scoff at 500 miles, but now evn klicks do me in
BobS: got totake it easy mon
rich-c: we wanted to go home
BobS: noplace like home........
rich-c: especially Frances, she hated the hotel beds and the reestaurant meals
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changed username to Daniel B
BobS: oh no.....could handle that for awhile
Daniel B: hello rich, bob and stephen
BobS: hello DANIEL
rich-c: the fact that the weather turned, both of us have bronchitis, and my back's uppity again also added to itsalut, Daniel
BobS: oh YUCK rihcard
BobS: got the scuds here too.....too much weather changing back and forth
BobS: how' the weather in Quebec Daniel ??????
Daniel B: colder
rich-c: oh yes, I also took another fall - mild concession, no bleeding, but leaving emergency at 2.30 a.m. sort of spoils one's sleep
rich-c: right Daniel - you got teh cold wave, but did you get the days of grey skies as well?
BobS: you got to be more careful
Daniel B: yes
BobS: zero sunshine here today
BobS: and most of yesterday and ALL of tomorrow
rich-c: what do I do when I'm using a towel rail for balance and teh things breaks off in my hand?
BobS: don'tuse a towel rack, get ahandicapped room with real bars
rich-c: I don't consider myself that handicapped - maybe another day
BobS: whatever works is what you need Richard
BobS: that works too
rich-c: oops, been having problems with the caps lock last few days
rich-c: Frances says she wants top travel - but if our own RV won't do it, we ain't going
BobS: what is "top travel" ??????
rich-c: sorry, misprint, meant "to travel"
BobS: ahhhhhhhh
rich-c: we are now looking for a sort of class Super-B or small and tidy class C
BobS: tha would be my suggestion.......a Born Free type class B
BobS: there are a number of different ones out there
rich-c: don't know why but Frances doesn't like the "Born Free" - I think teh two or three floorplans she looked at put her off
BobS: seems like most of the class c's are high profile in the wind models today with a lot of basement storgae
rich-c: she is not enthusiastic about front end overhangs, either
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rich-c: even something like the Mobile Traveller would be pushing it a bit
changed username to Harvie
BobS: but the front end overhang is great for storing stuff
rich-c: hello Harvie
BobS: Harvie, MY MON !!!!! HOW DOING???
Harvie: Howdy howdy
Daniel B: hi Harvie
Daniel B: I'm fine.
rich-c: tes, but it limits your view of overhead traffic lights, and draws a HUGE gas penalty
Harvie: Hi Dan
BobS: gas mileage sucks......anyway
rich-c: yes, and even your cheap $3.00/gallon it hurts
BobS: although I was looking in the mew motorhome mag for Oct.....(Nov ???) and it has a new class b I think that get almost 20 mpg on alittle diesel
Harvie: Overhang shouldn't add any drag, the frontal area doesn't increase
BobS: down to $2.80 now
BobS: chwt is it by you ????
BobS: what
Harvie: 95 cents/litre today
rich-c: we were 97.7/litre today, down from $1.o6
Daniel B: and here, it's 11 cents more
rich-c: anyway that one you're talking about is over $100K US, if it's the one I think
Daniel B: nah!... it's 1 cent more only
rich-c: given how long I'll ne able to continue driving and the depreciation on RVs that is a luxury we don't want to afford
Harvie: It's only money and you can only spend it once richard
BobS: check out got a nice class b Ford van frame, slideout w/ power bed
rich-c: the thought has not escaped us, but some things aren't worth their costs
rich-c: I doubt we want a skideout - addsw too much weight and complication
rich-c: and what the hell is a powwe bed? Like in the Safari?
BobS: don't know, like it fols from a sof to bed by power
BobS: sofa
rich-c: well, that's attuned to us old folk and our fading muscle strength, anyway
BobS: Pam would liikek the rv when you are done with it........ :-)
rich-c: doubt she could support one, Robert - as you know they don't run cheap
BobS: probably
BobS: BUT it would look great in the street in front of the apt
Harvie: I on the other hand do run cheap :)
rich-c: too greast likely as a target for vandals
rich-c: and she'd not be able to fit it into the apartment garage
Harvie: It would go with the house no?
rich-c: if we don't have to sell the house first to cover assisted living costs
Harvie: She could just double your dose of Warfarin :)
rich-c: hey, even on the dose I'm using now I'm in bad shape
BobS: how much are yo on ????
rich-c: when I went to hospital night before last my INR was 3.8
rich-c: I was just let down to 2.5 from 3.0 mg, Robert
BobS: HOLY SH$T !!!! you are amight HIGH
rich-c: I shall be having words with the medicine man tomorrow
rich-c: maybe he will order another cutback
rich-c: see we have lost Stephen
BobS: oh well who was he ???????
rich-c: dunno - here when I came in, never sID A WORD
BobS: lost soul no doubt
BobS: where IS everyone anyways ?
rich-c: maybe we just didn't meet his expectations, not being all Adam all the time
Daniel B: i think he is the new visitor we talked with late during the last chat session
Harvie: All the important people are here :)
rich-c: could very well be
BobS: no that was Steph.......thought for Stephanie
BobS: maybe WRONG
rich-c: well, not quite, Judy hasn't logged on yet ; - )
Harvie: I meant "here at my keyboard" :)
BobS: ah
rich-c: oh, PARDON ME!
BobS: where is Pammie ????
rich-c: good question - my guess is, watchiong tv
BobS: and the evil Doktor.......and Rin......and Dale
Harvie: GuyF isn't here to gloat rich
rich-c: if she joins in after 10 p.m. that likely will be why
rich-c: oh, as you'll recall Guy Foster is pretty neat people
rich-c: Dr.D and Rion may be private messaging
Harvie: Well yes, but this is hockey :)
rich-c: and Dale has never been a regular on these chats
BobS: true, but Dale has been coming a little altely
BobS: and Guy B is usually late
rich-c: yes, that I have noticed
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changed username to Steph
rich-c: Ron is also a late joiner - of course they are in different time zones
changed username to Judy
rich-c: Hi Judy and Sterh
Judy: Hi, everyone
Harvie: Hi Judy and Steph
Steph: Hello all
rich-c: good to see you back, Steph
Steph: Thanks
BobS: ron is ALWAYS late, just because he is on the west coast.....NO EXCUSE
rich-c: we're just chit-chatting arpound - you have any questio s or such?
Steph: Each time I can I'll be there
Harvie: What part of the world do you dwell in Steph?
BobS: well we are alwasy here Steph......just shooting the breeze unless we have seriou ADAM stuff
rich-c: that's welcome news
BobS: near Montreal, yes????
BobS: st something or other IF I rmember
Steph: Yes, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu to be exact
BobS: THAT'S IT !!!!! glad yo know where yo live !!!!! :-)
BobS: farn dingers
rich-c: despite appearances, Bob, not all Quebec place names start with "St." - just most of them ; - )
BobS: so thell us about yourself.....if i remember, you commented that you have or had an ADAM yeasrs ago and just pulled it out *or got a new one)
rich-c: yes, a little more of this and Toronto may have to cede its domination of the world 8 - )
Steph: Pulled it out after 15 years
BobS: and it still works ????
rich-c: long as it was in a dry area, why shouldn't it?
BobS: here I have about 4 setup and working good...with countless others in storage in the back room of the basement
Steph: I bought another one at a garage sale couple years ago, for parts.
rich-c: smart move, Steph
Steph: yes it still working
BobS: have had afew die in a good environment Richard
rich-c: they are durable machines, much more so than anyone expected
rich-c: often means someone overheated them, Bob - remember they can only be used about 8 hours a day
BobS: last one son Doug had and the video went on the fritz
rich-c: so what did he do about it?
BobS: rest works fine, just can't see anythign !!!!!! :-)
Steph: I'm trying to find more stuff but it's not so easy
BobS: I gave him another from the stach and have the dead one in the basement.....sound familiar ?????
BobS: stach
BobS: stash
rich-c: why, what are you after?
rich-c: both Bob and I serve as Adam dealers
BobS: and we gots stuff.......lots of it
BobS: Richard is in Toronto and I am in Michigan
Steph: Nice to find you on the net after two weeks of search for something
rich-c: we trty to be seen - [ut Adam into Google and you'll find us
BobS: how did you find us ??????
Steph: I speak french, is my english ok for now
rich-c: of course you've find a lot of static, too!
BobS: goto that is my webpage and there is lots of info on there
BobS: it is great Steph
rich-c: votre englais est tres, tres meillier qur mon francais, bien sur
BobS: seems like I am the only one who DOESN'T speak french
Steph: searching, searching and searching for stuff and find the site
Harvie: Your english is fine, we won't tell the language police :)
BobS: there ARE language POLICE ??????? OUCH
rich-c: rioght - almost all of us do and of course Guy F. and Daniel are Quebecois, so that's natural
Harvie: I don't parlay either Bob
Steph: your french is ok too.
rich-c: they're teh latest division of the Department of Home Security, Bob
rich-c: mine is unfortunately 50 years out of date - Pamela's is better
BobS: i can BELIEVE that Richard..........heck, we are going to locked in shortly and can't leave !!!!!
Harvie: In Quebec it is illegal to have a sign with english more prominant than French Bob
rich-c: oh, you'll be leaving - I can hear the knock on teh door now....
BobS: (*I know, heard tath from Dale and Jill
Judy: I now have a pass port so I can go anywhere
BobS: come january we are GONE man
BobS: 11 days of fun and sun
rich-c: Frances and I just got ours but with little result
Steph: But it's not the case Harvie.
Steph: You can find a lot of place with english only????
rich-c: when we showed our passports last trip, the immigration guy said 'Oh, you're A,ericans, then'?
Judy: yes, most places speak English, never been a problem for us
BobS: go thru Windsor tunnel......gont thru with NO PROBLEMS
rich-c: some places speak Franch, others Spanish, even Dutch
rich-c: we went over teh Ivy Lea bridge, as it happened, little traffic, zero hassles
Harvie: Has the enforcement of the law been relaxed Steph
rich-c: whoops, where has Daniel got to? A phone call, maybe? (He's still on dialup)
BobS: hcard until the end of the month and then DSL
Steph: Not supposed to, but the government doesn't have time and peoples to check.
Harvie: Unless the news cameras are near :)
rich-c: and besides, some of the very Anglais townships in the Outaouais are - uh, uncooperative
Steph: Peoples don't bother with that now, so French is probably dying slowly
rich-c: the language cops have come to know that area is hazarous to their health
rich-c: the odd part is that htere is huge interest in bilingualism in English Canada
Harvie: Well, Mr. Itis is telling me to move away from the keyboard, Goodnight all
rich-c: every time I drive along Lawrence East I pass theToronto French School and Glendon College
BobS: nitge Harvie
rich-c: boyj are exclusively French-language schools mostly populated by English
BobS: need Frontpage Express Richard.......ideas ???????
Harvie left chat session
Steph: See you next time Harvie
BobS: old version
rich-c: TFC is a private school charges BIG fees, and still has a waiting list
rich-c: nite, Harvey
Steph: Maybe there's an opening in the mind of the youngest
rich-c: you mean it's good for my fumbling fingers, Bob?
rich-c: it's the parents who send them, but the kids find it exciting
rich-c: English they can learn anywhere, but full French immersion is another story
BobS: no need it for my webpage.........found it I htink and am downloading now
Steph: It's great
rich-c: I think Frances is talking to Pamela on the phone now - of course teh tv would be over
BobS: slowly Richard Scarry would say
rich-c: is it an open source program, Bob?
BobS: don't know......but it is downloading.....the original is supposed to part of Win98
Steph: Here in Quebec it's easy to learn French in school for an english person, but to learn english for a French person is another story. We only have base courses.
rich-c: hmmm - I'm using Win98 now and don't recall it
rich-c: we have French mandatory from I think grades 4 through 10, and available as an option after
BobS: gonna find out if it works......had it on the desktop downstairs but had to reformat and lost must recreate
rich-c: of course all teh universities offer courses in French
rich-c: what happened that you had to reformat, Bob?
rich-c: test
Steph: The government think it's a good idea to have some restriction to protect the language.
rich-c: in honesty, I think they may be right, they are just so hamhanded about it
rich-c: as a believer in bilingualism (or multilingualism) I think kids should learn all they can
BobS: think it was bad memory, just took forever to load stuff and got out of memory errors.....
BobS: tried jsut reloading windows, no luck. so formatted adn started from, scratch
rich-c: wouldn't defrag and scandisc clean it up for you?
rich-c: you may just have had too many TSRs going - that can gum things up too
BobS: don't know didnt try
rich-c: format and re-install is not my dish of tea - I'll do it if needed but will try every other remedy first
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Sorry I'm late. But, here I am.
rich-c: it's the late Mr. Bona - where you been, Guy?
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel: hello again rich
Daniel: bob
Daniel: guyB
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel. Phone call?
Daniel: Judy
Daniel: and Steph
Guy B.: Had a problem with Java on Firefox, but I'm using IE and I managed to fix that problem. I'm also watching the ALCS game.
BobS: Mister Bona !!!!!!
Daniel: Sorry but my computer crashed
BobS: oh heck Richard just WHACK the sucker and start over.
BobS: good for the soul
Daniel: I had to wait a complet re-scan of all drives, etc.
rich-c: how up to date is your Java, Daniel? And how old is your copy of Firefox?
Daniel: the problem was not firefox... not this time
Daniel: my Java is 1.5 something
Daniel: and firefox 1.07 fr
rich-c: not sure what the latest is, but they encourage you yo upgrade
Steph: Have to leave now, I'will check Bob's webpage this week. Talk to you next week.......may be. Good night
Daniel: good night steph!
Guy B.: Bye Steph.
rich-c: look for you, Steph - be back soon
BobS: nite Steph
Steph left chat session
Judy: hi, Daniel
Judy: and Guy
BobS: Steph and male or female ?????????
Daniel: hi Judy
BobS: question of the night
rich-c: male, Stephan
BobS: Stephanie or Stephen
Daniel: I suppose male
Judy: have been watching TV, have a hard time doing two things at the same time
BobS: left handed and NOT ambidexterous
rich-c: figgers
Judy: at least I am in my right mind
BobS: but right handers are in their correct mind
Judy: not!!!!
rich-c: I don't know why it is, but most of the really bright women I've met have been southpaws
Daniel: And now, a question for all of you...
rich-c: go, Daniel
Judy: thanks, I think
Daniel: Did you tried a puzzle grid named Sudoku (or Number Place)?
rich-c: haven't tried it, but it's a big deal in the Toronto Star lately
Judy: not me
Daniel: I tried it last week, and now I can't stop thinking of it
BobS: never heard of ti Daniel
BobS: but that is nothing new
rich-c: you should be able to find a lot about it on
Daniel: the rules are simple... but some puzzles are very hard
rich-c: yes, the rules are about three sentences long - then the fun begins
rich-c: I'm not sure that logic alone is enough to solve them - too many permutsations and combinations
Daniel: The goal of this game is : Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.
BobS: oh man,,,,,,that is NOT a game for me......too involved
BobS: simple but deadly
rich-c: I think part of the solution has to be reached by intutions or guesswork - the old cut and try
rich-c: I don't have enough time in my life now, I don't need another diversion
Daniel: I tried to program an automatic solver... no luck. My software only work with the easiest grids.
rich-c: there has to be some underlying priciple (or principles - but finsing them is another matter
rich-c: and you can't write teh program if you don't know them 8 - (
Daniel: based on the web sites, when no easy deduction can be done, it's time for guessing.
Daniel: I wanted to avoid my software to guess
rich-c: that's what I was saying above
rich-c: if you can ever discern the logic, even if it's cut and try, think how many billions of tries it can do in one minute
BobS: I think it is a plot to drive you guys CRAZY
Daniel: anyway, my brain is washed because of this game. I want to program a video game based on this puzzle, but just generating a grid is not as easy as it looks like.
rich-c: easy there, Slopsema - your time is coming too... ; - )
BobS: I willl just ignore the things
rich-c: just so long as you don't expect them to go away
Daniel: based on the increasing popularity of this game, it will be difficult to not see a sudoku game at every corner
Judy: I think I will call it a night, so night all
Daniel: bonne nuit Judy
rich-c: goodnuight, Judy
Judy left chat session
BobS: think that I must call it a night also guys
Daniel: Where was everybody?
rich-c: and I'm still beat from the trip, so I will close out too
rich-c: see you all next week
BobS: been fun and informative.......see yo next week ????
BobS: OK
Daniel: bonne nuit Rich
BobS left chat session
Daniel: bonne nuit Bob!
Daniel: bonne nuit Guy!
Daniel: * p o o f *
rich-c: a la prochaine, Daniel
Daniel: take care!
Daniel: bye
Daniel left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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Daniel: bonne nuit tous!
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