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rich-c: hello there Guy
Go White Sox: How did you know it was me?
rich-c: we are rather short of White Sox fans in this group
rich-c: though I'm surprised you're so early
Go White Sox: I know. I'm watching Game 6 of the NLCS. 1-0 Houston.
rich-c: uh, NLCS? Who dat?
Go White Sox: Houston an St, Louis. Houston is leading 3 games to 2. If Houston wins, they will face the White Sox in the World Series this Saturday.
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rich-c: oh, yeah, the Other League
changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings Robert
Go White Sox: HI Bob
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rich-c: this server is kinda slow tonight, isn't it?
BobS: the socks guy..........GUY B ????
changed username to fyuG
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fyuG: Hi all.
changed username to Harvie
BobS: GuyF ????
rich-c: salut, Guy - comment ca va?
BobS: lost here I am
Harvie: Hello all
Go White Sox: HI Guy F.
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Go White Sox: Hi Harvie
changed username to Judy
rich-c: well Guy decided to confuse us all by coming on an hour early
Go White Sox: Yep, that's me.
Judy: hello, All
rich-c: greetings Harvie
Harvie: Hi Judy
fyuG: Rich: Good, thanks.
Go White Sox: HI Judy
rich-c: welcome, Judy
BobS: hi ya'll
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BobS: only the ones I missed the first time around
changed username to james
rich-c: so, Guy and Bob - what flavour weather you guys sending us for tomorrow?
BobS: hiya james!!!!!!
Harvie: Hello James
james: hello all
rich-c: morning, james
Go White Sox: HI James
fyuG: what up James, long time no see...
james: sec.. phone
Harvie: Our weather is coming from Alberta tonight rich
Go White Sox: It's cool here already.
Judy: it was windy but the temp wasn't bad, in the 50's
rich-c: oh, another Alberta Clipper? Those we really don't need
BobS: you can KEEP the cold
Judy: we haven't had rain in a while
rich-c: thanks, but we have enough already
Harvie: Overnight low of one high of 11 tomorrow
fyuG: Sounds like Montreal
rich-c: yeah, soon as we've used the weather, we pass it on to you ; - )
Judy: supposed to have frost tonight
Harvie: Apparently we haven't had enough rain, the leaves haven't all turned yet
rich-c: hope it gets a bit more decent for the Alouettes - Argos game Saturday
rich-c: no, our leaves are turning, but lots to go yet
Judy: the leaves are changing here, too
fyuG: Rich: Yeah, hope the weather is good, otherwise torontonias are going to blame their loss on the weather. :D
Judy: but they are fulling off faster than normal
rich-c: @GuyF: yeah, our guys are getting soft working out of the dome
fyuG: Rich: Gotta admit though, I'm not much of a football fan... the sport never appealed to me.
Go White Sox: I'll be right back.
Go White Sox left chat session
rich-c: @Guy: to each his own; I tend to have unusual tastes anyway
fyuG: Rich: Well, you're a die-hard sports fan then!
rich-c: but I was reasonably happy seeing Alonso nail down the World Champioship last weekend
rich-c: actually, Alonso won the race before but wanted the mfgr's cha pioinship for Renault
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello! I will be back in 30 minutes!
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel - didn't see you arrive
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
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rich-c: that was quick
fyuG: Speedy Dan
rich-c: yes. For the rest of you, real football has two more weeks in the regular season
fyuG: Rich: So who are you rooting for? Hou or Stl?
rich-c: then there's semi-finals, divisional finals, and the Grey Cup
rich-c: since the Blue Jays finished in ignominy, I've paid little attention to baseball
rich-c: except to kid my buddy on the auto board - he's a die-hard Boston fan
fyuG: Hey at least you still have a baseball team! :)
rich-c: yes, yours sort of slipped out of town, didn't they
Harvie: Oops, phone call, gotta go, see you all next week
Harvie left chat session
fyuG: We kept our mascot though.
rich-c: yes, if times get tough you can send him over to Molson Stadium
fyuG: Well, he's the mascot of the Canadians now...
rich-c: Aha! Les habitants sont la!
Judy: bye Harvie
rich-c: the media are making quite a fuss, but I wonder how the fans are doing now that the strike is over?
fyuG: RICH: You know what the letters "CH" stands for on the ice of the Molson Center?
rich-c: it's CHC - club d'hockey Canadian
fyuG: It stands for "Center Hice".
fyuG: It's a joke... hope you get it.
rich-c: ohhh (moans)
fyuG: ducks
rich-c: Molson Centre? when they lost the Forum, they lost me
rich-c: like the move from Maple Leaf Gardens to the Air Canada Centre (ugh)
fyuG: Well, change is good... at least for the Montreal team.
fyuG: Lots it's flavor I must admit, from an emotional standpoint.
fyuG: *lost
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changed username to Guy B.
fyuG: Dan? Is it you?
Guy B.: I have returned.
rich-c: yesd - where are the Richards, Beliveau, and all Les Glorieux just when we need them?
rich-c: jjust in time, Guy - need another sports fan here
fyuG: haha, not from my days, never knew them. I can go back to the Larry Robinson era...
fyuG: early, middle 80s
rich-c: I watched hockey from the first CBC coverage of Toronto - in black and white
Guy B.: Ok, Houston is leading 3-0. If they win. They will be facing the White Sox in the World Series.
fyuG: I briefly remember seeing Lanny Macdonald play...
rich-c: I lost my taste in the Ballard era - trading Sittler was the last straw
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fyuG: Daniel!!!
changed username to Steph
Steph: Bonjour
fyuG: Salut
rich-c: allo Steph!
Guy B.: Ok folks. I'm on the Dell and I updated the Java and now it works with Firefox, so I'm going to switch PC's. I'll be back in a few minutes.
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK - I got a message a while ago complaining my copy of Thunderbird isn't MIME compliant
rich-c: I assumed that was built in - Mozilla help is too geeky to be of much use
rich-c: anybody got any clues, or did we lose those when Harvie checked out?
Judy: hi, Steph
rich-c: geez, are all us Canadians going to have to go back to talking esoteric sports and things?
Steph: I'm trying to use AdamEmMam but it's harder than I thought
rich-c: funny you should say - I've had that problem too
rich-c: part is just that us old folks don't have the time left to be patient
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rich-c: now Bob's gone and bailed on us - Judy, what did you whack him with?
Judy: no, he is probably coming upstairs, he has been working in the basement
rich-c: oh, that's the story? ; - )
Judy: he should be back soon, but he has not come up yet
rich-c: and Daniel has vanished, and Guy B though he'll be back
Judy: Daniel said that he would be back later and Guy said the same thing
Steph: The only thing I can get working is the word processor
rich-c: yes, Daniel is on a dialup line he sometimes has to vacate, and GuyB is swithing computers
rich-c: you managed to get the Adam word processor working? Way to go!
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: there are days when I could stand something nice and easy like SmartWriter
BobS: me back
rich-c: time you got back, Slopsema
BobS: I know was cussing out and slamming and ibm to the ground
rich-c: you've already driven bonag and Daniel away ; - )
Judy: he had to find his computer, I changed the room around today
Steph: The word processor is working but i want to do more like programming' etc"
BobS: IF I had had as mich trouble with the ADAM as I have with ibm stuff..........I never would have gotten involved with computers mon
rich-c: for that you have to get SmartBasic going, Stephan
BobS: or tdos (cp/m)
BobS: think I am going to build a pentium 166 dos loaded only and THEN run the ADAM conversion programs on that
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changed username to rich-2
BobS: either taht or kill bill gates
Steph: I think I need the roms to use those software???
BobS: what was your problem rich #2
BobS: nope but you DO need a working disk or tape srive
BobS: drive
rich-2: I've got the optical drives all mixed up - they think they're each other or nonexiatent
rich-2: I've marked them absent. removed and reinstalled all software and they are still meddes up
rich-2: I'm not sure what teh DVD drive is doing at the moment, but it won't read or write CDs
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BobS: see?????? kill bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
rich-2: welcome back, Guy
rich-2: oh yes, when I put a disc in the CD burner, it gags and crashes the computer
Steph: I have some softwares on data pack but can not use it on my pc
rich-2: but when I tell it to copy to a CD, it sticks out the tray and says go for it
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again!
Guy B.: HI Daniel
BobS: ONLY ADAM tapes will work IN the ADAM cross versions
Steph: Salut Daniel
rich-2: no, all you can do is get it transferred to an Adam disc, then change that to a DOS disc - GuyB can tell you how
Daniel Bienvenu: hello James, Rich, Guy, Guy, Bob, Steph and Judy!
BobS: the really crappy part of likfe is that there are SO MANY different program formats
BobS: AND different drives
Judy: welcome back Daniel
BobS: and THAT Richard is sometimes easier said than done
Guy B.: What is Stephan trying to do?
rich-2: yes, but Adam will write to its own DD disc drives if you have them
Daniel Bienvenu: Steph want to save data stored in Adam tapes
Guy B.: Does he have an Adam disk drive?
rich-2: and there is a program within the emulator lets you convert Adam format discs to DOS, isn't there?
BobS: can read the tapes ???????????
Guy B.: Adam Connection and AdamDos.
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: HelloWed Oct 19 21:58:34 GMT-04:00 2005: Guy B. : Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-2: hello daughter
Pamela: Hello, I made it finally
Pamela: hi, everyone
Steph: I want to use those softwares on my PC but don't know how, Only have data pack drive.
rich-2: well, at least you weere usefully occupied 8 - )
Steph: Hi, Pam
Pamela: some would go so far as to say I was plotting : )
BobS: then Steph, you are SCREWED (so to speak)
Pamela: Hey, Steph - you're new - welcome!
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: no way to swap files to ibm........
rich-2: I had sensed as much but you caught your mother by surprise
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Pamela: how did you sense it???
rich-2: but Bob, there IS a way to swap tape files to Adam discs
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if he can find someone with an Adam computer to help him copying data from his Adam tapes, his problem will be solve
BobS: ya mon but have to have a disk drive
rich-2: and there is a way with the emulator to let the DOSbox housing the emulator read Adam discs within the emulator
rich-2: push come to shove, Daniel, most of us here have Adam disc drives and can do that conversion
rich-2: guess I know you better than she does, Pam ; - )
Pamela: spill, Dad. I don't think I gave any hints.
Steph: May be I can buy softwares depending how much it will cost.
rich-2: won't do you that much good - there is original software available on tape at programmer's RRp
Guy B.: Someone on the Adam list had a similar problem, had tapes and now he wants to convert them to PC format and he doesn't have an Adam disk drive.
rich-2: and any software on a disc can be offered on a disc as well
Steph: Wath is the programmer's RRp
rich-2: in fact I have usually tossed in a backup copy in the opposite format when selling programs
rich-2: e.g. if you bought it on a disc, I'd toss in a tape copy
rich-2: recommended retial price, Steph - like msrp on other products
james left chat session
Pamela: we just lost James
Pamela: (PRIVATE) did Ron turn up last week?
rich-2: like, retail on the Adam clone of Tetris is, I think, $19.95
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B.: HI Dale
Pamela: Hi, Dale!
BobS: I have them here Guy...........and a big problem with 360k ibm disk drive working
Steph: Hi, Dale
Pamela: Glad to know there's someone later than me : )
BobS: HI Dale
Dale: I have an early morning meeting, so I probably won't stay long, but last week, Jeffrey wouldn't go to bed, and I missed everyone by 10 minutes.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale!
rich-2: (PRIVATE) no - haven't seen him for a couple of weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: deadline october 31... in two weeks
BobS: bummer Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: how are your minigame projects?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) has anyone heard from him since his trip to PEI?
rich-2: hi Dale - will your machine stop kicking me off now ; - )
Dale: I've been working hard on my pirate's game, and after two weeks of intense coding, I can only report that it looks the same but is smaller.
rich-2: (PRIVATE) not that I can recall
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hmm
Dale: I was investigating using LZ77 -- specifically PackC64.
Dale: I found some stuff on it for the Game Boy by Jeff Frowein.
Dale: His code isn't as compact as I'd like, but it does work. I'm not sure it will help me get my game in under 1k.
rich-2: Bob, what's your problem with the 360 drive?
Pamela: how far over is it, Dale?
BobS: darn things don't want to work reliably and the 1.2's are flaky
Dale: Richard, I thought you'd made peace with Spaniel Chat. You went for a long time without being knocked off.
rich-2: sounds like you do have mechanical problesm then - my 360/1200 5.25 works fine
Dale: Well the target is 1024, but it is currently 1192. :-(
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Bob, have you heard from Ron recently?
BobS: no I NEED Douglas over here to FIX it
Dale: Hi Judy.
rich-2: I've made peace with it, but every once in a while it sneaks up and pushes me off 8 -(
BobS: (PRIVATE) no, not at all
Judy: how is the family
BobS: (PRIVATE) I know he was on a long vacation to PEI
BobS: the chat LIKES you Richard
rich-2: you mean Doug can actually take apart a disc drive and reassemble it to work?
Dale: They're doing well. But I still haven't manage to get Jeffrey toilet trained.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yeah, but that was at least four weeks ago, wasn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: reducing graphics still possible in your project, but if you can't do all you want in 1k, go for a 4k version
rich-2: no great rush, Dale - it's inconvenient but it will happen
BobS: (PRIVATE) I think so, but he was going to be at least that long
Judy: that is not cool
BobS: but Doug knows these beasts and how to configure them
Guy B.: Well, I got rid of those old computers last Saturday. Should have seen the line. Had to wait about 15 minutes, but it was worth the trip and now Abby has room.
Dale: The big advance is that I've convinced him to use the potty after he comes home from daycare, but then he feels that that fulfills his quota for at home.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'm kinda worried - it's not like him to be incommunicado for that long
BobS: (PRIVATE) well hopefully he is ok and happy
Pamela: you know it's bad, Guy, when you have to move the computers out to make room for the dog : )
rich-2: I gave Dr.D. three or four dead Adam drives for his attentions - maybe if Doug can fix them we can supply our new members somehow
Judy: is daycare working with him, also?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I hope so. : )
BobS: I don't know if sending him email would help.....if not checking and near a puter, ho won't get it
Guy B.: Actually, I had to place them there. It was only temporary.
BobS: (PRIVATE) I don't know if sending him email would help.....if not checking and near a puter, ho won't
BobS: (PRIVATE) got to watch that, eh ????
Dale: I'm going to have to decide 1k/4k this weekend. It is feeling like 4k is where I'll end up, but I'm worried that the game play isn't enough for a 4k game. I could have a nice title screen though, and a full theme song.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) it's not really a big deal, I just don't want to worry everyone if it's nothing
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so, I go to the sources - you and Dad
rich-2: well, I got rid of my 166 laptop to sister-in-law but still have to get the 166 desktop ready to give away
BobS: (PRIVATE) and Rochard has heard nothing either, I gather ????
Guy B.: Speaking of Abby. She is doing better and we are gradually walking more a little at a time.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, that's not a problem Dale... you can certainly add goodies in the project to fill up the 4k and make your minigame the best in the contest.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) nope
Dale: Yes, daycare wants to move him up a class, but solidly trained is the requirement.
Pamela: that's good news, Guy
BobS: 1 p100 is OUT the door, a 166 is close unless it starts working, and a 486 is history
Dale: He can go all afternoon after his nap no problem. Nap is still a diaper thing.
Pamela: wow, what cleanup bug has infected this group?
Pamela: and how do I get it????
rich-2: now that you've got room, Bob, can I interest you in a TI99/4A? ; - )
Judy: how old is he, now?
BobS: it is closely related to the FLU and you do NOT wasnt hat
Dale: Well he'll be 4 years in January.
Pamela: isn't there a shot or something? : (
Guy B.: Got rid of a P120, P100 and a P166, two monitors, an old Fax machine a friend gave me. She said it wasn't working that good, two kyeboards, one dead hard drive and an old TV. All have been sent to be recycled.
Dale: So many of the kids born the same month as him are trained by now.
Steph: Daniel, I think you live in Montreal!
rich-2: it varies from child to child, Dale - don't fuss it (yet, anyway)
Daniel Bienvenu: in Québec
Judy: bribery sometimes works, if there is something he would really like, that is how Sherri got Micheal going
Pamela: Steph, vous etes en Montreal?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have a complet Adam for your problem , Steph.
rich-2: complete Adams can be had but the shipping cost is a killer
Judy: Mandy also used that, every day he was dry he got a matchbox car, cheap, but it worked
Dale: He still doesn't have any issue with being wet, so it is all purely for other reasons that he would volunteer to use the potty. At school they have a schedule, but that just isn't how our homelife flows.
rich-2: but what when she cuts off the supply of cars???
Dale: I'm certain that he'll want to master it before college.
Pamela: I don't think they make diapers that big : )
Judy: by then he was used to going on the potty and it didn't matter
rich-2: whoops! past time for my beer!
Judy: did you try the big boy pants that they have, then it runs down the leg, don't usually like that
Pamela: exactly what time is it, anyway? My computer clock says 10:33 but I'm sure that's wrong
(Dale gives rich-2 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Daniel Bienvenu: (Daniel will be back in a couple of minutes)
Judy: the training pants that keep the potty in isn't usually the answer, they have to know that the running down the leg is yek
Steph: Daniel, I can give you my email address and if you want send me back your phone number so I can call you back. It will be easyer for me to start.
Steph: Only if you want.
Dale: Jeffrey is seems mostly unaffected with wet underwear/wet pants. It affect me more it seems.
rich-2: it's 10.30 Pam and I'll send you a clock sync program
Pamela: it's okay Dad, it's gotten thrown off by the power failures we had last week
Pamela: usually it's fine - even makes the transition at DST
Steph: Pam, I'm in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, it's half an hour from Montreal.
Pamela: ah, okay
rich-2: I use the one that gives you automatic sync to the atomic clock - world time standard
Judy: try bridery
Dale: My computer says it's 10:33 now.
Dale: Wait...10:44
Dale: 10:34
Pamela: I'm not that concerned Dad
rich-2: doesn't your machine have a clock battery to see you through power failures?
Dale: Right.
Daniel Bienvenu: To be honnest, I'm not sure my Coleco Adam is working. I know that my diskdrive doesn't work. However, Guy Foster got an Adam computer rececntly, and I know someone else in Québec who still have a working Coleco Adam.
Pamela: yes it does, but prolonged power failures tend to make it speed up a bit
Pamela: we've had two hour-long failures in the last month
rich-2: must have been at times when we were away - I don't recall our USP screaming at us lately
rich-2: sorry, I meant UPS
Judy: have you had storms or just power problems?
rich-2: Daniel, have youtried cleaning the th9ing recently, especially the Adamnet connectors?
Pamela: they were very localized Dad - one storm related, one construction related I think. I only knew about them because I was talking to Russell from work when they happened. We weren't affected at work and I'm only ten minutes away
Pamela: one of each, Judy
Pamela: we had one very short, violent rainstorm with lots of wind
rich-2: yes, most failures seem local nowadays, though Toronto Hydro has more than North York Hydro did, I'm sure
Daniel Bienvenu: when pluged-in, I saw only a light and then nothing else happend.
rich-2: well, if you saw a light on the keyboard, you're getting power, anyway
rich-2: what did the printer do?
Steph: Have to wake up early tomorrow, bye everybody I will come back next week.
Pamela: and someone knocked over a power pole during construction
rich-2: see you Steph - a la prochaine!
Steph: Thanks for helping me.
Judy: bye Steph
Pamela: good night Steph : )
Daniel Bienvenu: good luck steph
Steph left chat session
rich-2: ph
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to GuyF
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
GuyF: Re-hello.
Pamela: allo, GuyF
GuyF: Hello^2
rich-2: you in and out again, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello^3 exp 10
Pamela: that looks almost as strange as FyuG
GuyF: I speak and write Hebrew, in Hebrew, we write the other way. :)
Pamela: boy, I'm off work for three days and my typing skills have gone out the window
rich-2: ha, I get away from teh keyboard for three hours and mine are kaput
Pamela: I hate to tell you this Dad, but I'm not sure you ever had them : )
rich-2: well, sorta, in a way, at times - you know...
Pamela: I don't even want to know what my handwriting will look like by the end of the week
Pamela: sorta : )
rich-2: legible at least, which is more than I can say
BobS: got vacation ?????? or ????
Judy: it will come back
Pamela: second week of vacation
GuyF: Yeah, it's like herpes... Ooops, wrong subject.. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Like I said last week, Sudoku brainwashed me totally. Evertime I use my computer, I want to program a Sudoku generator, assistant or solver.
Pamela: I still have a half day in December after this
Pamela: i'm saving it for my Christmas shopping
GuyF: Daniel: You got lots of time on your hands!
Guy B.: I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-2: OK, Guy - good luck
GuyF: Later self.
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too!
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: work can get you great bodily harm
rich-2: but then you don't have to work to get it, either
Pamela: well, not so far - but I'm sorta addicted to a roof over my head and food on the table
Judy: we are too
BobS: minor details my dear
GuyF: We're in Canada, I doubt anyone could not have a roof over their heads if they don't want to live in the streets.
rich-2: some days you just can't win
rich-2: I quit smoking a couple of years ago and now I'm back with pneumonia again
GuyF: Rich: Actually, I heard of someone who was smoking for like 30-40 yrs, and a few months after quitting smoking, he was sicker than he ever was...
Pamela: 'twas three years ago, Dad
rich-2: possible, but I doubt the two events were connected
BobS: don't tell him that Guy..........just get better Richard
Pamela: closer to 3 1/2 actually
Judy: you should see if you can't get the shot for that after you are better
Pamela: I don't like hearing pneumonia
rich-2: no shot for pneumonia, Judy - but antibiotics can knock it down quite well
Judy: yes, there is, Bob's dad has had it
rich-2: the difference between the 'flu and pneumonia is they know how to cure pneumonia
Judy: they have been around for about 10 years
Pamela: speaking of which, I should get a flu shot
rich-2: I don't think they have a vaccine for this new avian flu yet
GuyF: I'm terrified of those flu shots, a friend of mine took one of them a few years ago and was rushed to the emergency room a few hours later, she had an allergic reaction of some sorts.
Judy: me too, but have to wait another week, only high risk can get them now
Judy: if you are allergic to eggs you can' t have a flu shot
Pamela: Guy, if she had a reaction it was probably to whatever the vaccine was cultured in. Erin's like that.
rich-2: GuyF: if you aren't allergic to egges, a flu shot is unlikely to bother you
rich-2: and if you are worried, the doctors can test in advance
Pamela: I'm of two minds about it actually - last time I had the shot on a Friday, I came down with the flu on Monday and was sick for three days
Judy: something like that
GuyF: She wasn't allergic to eggs, but she was rushed to the emergency, it was pretty bad, and scary.
rich-2: well it was some sort of allergic reaction and they can be nasty
rich-2: but they can also be tsted for in advance
Judy: I am going to get one and so is Bob, we do not need the flu again
rich-2: in fact with that as a "warning shot" maybe she ought to consider testing for allergies
rich-2: my doctor isn't pushing flu shots yet, though I'll ask him when I see him Friday
Pamela: brb
rich-2: I have the feeling they're holding back to see if they can incorporate some defen e against avian flu
Dale: Around here the flu shot clinics start in November.
Judy: they usually do them at the grocery store that I go to, so I am watching for them to do it again
Dale: The avian flu may or may not be treatable, but the shots take 6 months to grow as I understand from last year's problems in the US.
rich-2: our doctor has his nurse do it; she has such a soft touch you don't know t's been done
Dale: It depends on whether the avian flu mutates into the strain that they already have a shot for or not.
rich-2: yes, I guess we'll end up going for "all the rest" and crossing our fingers, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich!
rich-2: there have only been a few incidents of crossover into humans so far - but...
rich-2: bonne soir, Daniel; a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too for tonight... talk to you all next week. And Dale, I will suggest you to do a 4k version for the contest.
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
Dale: It's probably good advice Daniel.
Dale: Bye for now Daniel/
GuyF: Bye Daniel.
Dale: I'm off to bed too.
Pamela: night, Dale
Judy: night to you also, Dale
GuyF left chat session
rich-2: depends, Dale, if you want to do it the hard way and challenge yourself, or do it the easy way and win
Dale: G'nite all.
BobS: nite Dale
rich-2: nite Dale
Judy: and I am going to call it a night also, night all
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: g'nite Judy
BobS: me also kids.......NEXT WEEK, ya ????????
Pamela: and Bob : )
rich-2: and so we lose the Slopsemas - goodnight to both
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Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
BobS: ahso.......nitey nite
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof* - and kids, don't use drugs!
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rich-2: niute Bob
Pamela: that's gonna leave just you and I Dad
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Pamela: guess it's time we went too, huh?
rich-2: so it does, Pam - anything needs chatting about?
Pamela: well all my secrets are on the table now : )
Pamela: but seriously, did you really suspect?
rich-2: the only decision is where and when
rich-2: your mother's first choice at the moment would be something here at home
Pamela: so she said - she's thinking Rossini's
rich-2: not sure whre we'd get enough chairs and tables form, though...
Pamela: we'll figure it out, don't worry
rich-2: there are a couple of better caterers than that - Herbs, for instance
Pamela: only problem is, it's awfully last minute for catering
rich-2: you might want to check out
Pamela: FYI, did you know there's a frost warning for tonite?
rich-2: though correct the spelling first, of course
Pamela: it's supposed to go down to 3
rich-2: yes, summer sure took off in a hurry, didn't she?
Pamela: and what else is new?
rich-2: well, my back is clearing up a bit, so i've left off the Tylenol 3s for now
Pamela: don't let me forget your football tape on Saturday
rich-2: still very dozy but able to stayawake for limited times
Pamela: I'm glad you're off the T3's
rich-2: yes, although I will tape this weekend's events here myself
Pamela: I don't like the idea of you being that out of it
rich-2: have to remember to put in an eight-hour tape
Pamela: I've got the two games from Thanksgiving day for you
rich-2: problem is, some jerk in the neighbourhood is screwing up our satellite signal
Pamela: ???
rich-2: likely a leaky cellphone
Pamela: screwing it up how?
rich-2: like, junk just totaqlly overrides teh signal from the satellite - like a sotrm cloud was passi g
Pamela: have you called Star Choice to ask about it?
rich-2: hey, ain't my typing great?
rich-2: no, it's just surfaced recently, but I do plan to call them
Pamela: strangely enough, i had no trouble reading that : )
rich-2: hold on a second, OK?
Pamela: ok
rich-2: go look for They have a lot of free programs, time sync included
Pamela: hang on let me write it down
rich-2: OK, if that doesn't work there are dozens of others
Pamela: got it. I keep a notebook by the computer now to write all these sites down
rich-2: btw, just for my info - how many expected Sat. nite?
Pamela: Aunt C, Marilyn, and if we can fit her in, Erin
Pamela: and us, of course
Pamela: no other surprises
rich-2: so maximum 8?
Pamela: no, seven
rich-2: OK, there is a new small restaurant just soutj of Rossini's your mother likes
rich-2: might be able to get a reservation - for what time?
Pamela: Dad, I think we should talk about this on the phone
Pamela: or is this Mom's suggestion?
rich-2: can do, not tonight necessarily, maybe layer on?
Pamela: tomorrow morning, I'm thinking
rich-2: no, she is vague on her actual wishes - I plan to suggest this
Pamela: well, she said inour conversation earlier that her first preference would be to do this at home
rich-2: not too early - we're neither of us out of the woods yet, sleep-wise
Pamela: please. Me, too early??
rich-2: first peference yes but she recognizes the problem of seating and serving seven
rich-2: anyway we shall see - but if it's here I'll have to know the menu to get the wine
Pamela: this is all about you two. Whatever you prefer is how we'll play it
rich-2: changing subject - when I give you a url, consider going to the site "immediately", make sure it's the right one, then bppkmark it
Pamela: and after this, I quit. I never manage to pull this stuff off.
rich-2: tht way it's always handy when you want to look further
rich-2: you're doing fine in a difficult situation - better than you know
Pamela: I"ve never been good at pulling these things off. I should have learned by now : )
rich-2: we will work out an answer that works - trust me
rich-2: you just don't understand the magnitude of the obstacles you've overcome
Pamela: well y'all threatened to go away for six months and not tell me when you were coming back if I planned a party!
rich-2: anyway, time to go - nite now
Pamela: I'll call you late morning, before we go out, okay?
rich-2: OK, after 10 should be OK
Pamela: more like 11:00 : ) I'm no early bird. Hugs and kisses. Nitey nite
rich-2: nitey nite
Pamela: kerpoof
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