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Terry H: Hello Ric C
rich-c: well hello Terry H -where do I know you from (cause I'm sure I do)
Terry H: I am new here. I just dug my adam out and got back into things and found just how much fun it was and how much i missed it. Look ed around the internet and found the chat room
rich-c: Bongo - good for you. I'm an all-but-retired Adam dealer - actually enthusist first, but if you need a printer ribbon...
rich-c: are you on the Adam mailing list yet?
Terry H: Thanks i amy after I get the printer working. I had a quick email fromn Mr. Wick who invited me to the chat room.
rich-c: right - that's Dale Wick, our host at and hence the chat, and general major activist
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Terry H: He seemed like a nice and offered to help with info.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: at the moment he and the Quebec Axis - Daniel Bienvenue, Steven Foster, Steph H. and deep in Colecovision games
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rich-c: speaking of whom - how did the show and contest go, Daniel?
changed username to Scott Huggins
Scott Huggins: Hello, everyone!
Daniel Bienvenu: It was awesome. But no one knew about the homebre games
rich-c: grettings to Scott Huggins - another newbie, if I remember rightly
Scott Huggins: Yeah! I've been doing Cv programming for about 2.5 years.
rich-c: well, how did they react when they saw them, Daniel? and did our guys win any prizes in the contst?
rich-c: sit be the side and listen, Scott, cause I think the next few exchanges may have you bre2wing up questions like mad
Daniel Bienvenu: Don't be modest! Scott Huggins is a new coleco programming guru.
Scott Huggins: Ha! Yeah, thanks to Daniel.
rich-c: aha! another of your recruits, Daniel? Salut, Scott!
Scott Huggins: Ha!@
rich-c: you doing CV only or also Adam, Scott?
Scott Huggins: CV. I have released one game (Astro Invader)
Scott Huggins: Have you heard of it?
rich-c: you another one of the Quebec crowd?
Daniel Bienvenu: For some projects, I think a Coleco Adam is a better solution, but there are more ColecoVision owners.
Scott Huggins: hahaha! Would you believe I'm in Texas????
Scott Huggins: Daniel-'s a super neat machine (Adam)....but no one has one.
Scott Huggins: (or shall I say - very few own one)
rich-c: with our widespread membership, that's no distance. james for instance is in Japan. If he comes in, the proper gretting is "good morning"!
Scott Huggins: Rich...are you a programmer also?
rich-c: oh, there's still lots of Adams lying around - real nice one if you want to pay the price
Terry H: I have an Adam I a, trying to get back to working and I am in Virginia
rich-c: no, I'm an Adam enthusiast since 1983, activist, club president, writer, Adamcon organizer, etc.
Terry H: A man of many hats..
rich-c: I started teh dealership bit after everyone else folded - I refused to leave the community high and dry
Scott Huggins: Wow, that's very impressive! 1983!
Scott Huggins: Hi Terry!
Terry H: Hi Scott. Greta to be here.
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rich-c: it's the same for Dale, and BobS and GuyB and a few others who may pop up; later
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings
Terry H: I have not been able to find anyone who shared my interest in the Adam untill last week end.
rich-c: see? there's another of the real old-timers now
rich-c: hey, that's what the Internet is for, eh?
Guy B.: Terrry, you found us. Welcome aboard.
Terry H: Thank you. I am ver excited to find this place
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello guy!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel. Missed you last week.
Terry H: Hi to all.
rich-c: as you'll appreciate, Terry, keeping the flame alive for a quarter-century hasn't been easy
Guy B.: Rich, Terry found my website and sent an e-mail to me.
rich-c: we have had a lot of folks fall by the wayside over teh year
Guy B.: I filled him in on what's happened since when he last used his Adam.
rich-c: that's great, Guy - hope the hit will push you up the Google rankings
Daniel Bienvenu: I wasn't online last week.
Terry H: My son thinks I am crazy still playing with the thing. He jusst does not understand what this did for us back then.
Daniel Bienvenu: To concentrate on things to do for the festival
rich-c: but we don't care how the returnees are found - they are all mightily welcome
rich-c: my daughter is the same - but she likes the Adam folk so much she is often on the chat
Terry H: I am thinking of getting a hard drive card for the Adam, any comments on this idea?
rich-c: and while I have never heard of anyone doing it, I suspect it would be much easier to learn teh fundamentals of programming entering through SmartBASIC and CP/M
Guy B.: Well, we all know what the Adam did for us and even though today's PC's are more powerful and the office suites can be quite complecated. At least the Adam software was easy to use.
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changed username to Bob>
Terry H: Not only easy to use but a lot of fun. IT kept you interested.
rich-c: yes, when I have something simple to do, like write a memo or address and envelope, I can finish the job on the Adam before the PC finishes booting
Bob> changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a smartbasic book. I use smartbasic for my projects, but it can be cool.
BobS: hi people
rich-c: hello, Roberto - two new recruits today - neat, what?
BobS: ya mon
BobS: scott name I recognize......Terry.....maybe.....
BobS: both colecovision guys?????
rich-c: more one of eacyh, Bob
Terry H: I have an Adam
Guy B.: Hi Bob. We have a new comer, Terry. He found my website and send me an e-mail and filled him in what's been happening since he last used his Adam. He just brought out again.
BobS: been going crazy with this stinkin dsl connection
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. I mean, I can't use smart basic for my projects. I don't have a compiler to fit all memory usage in 1K ram and 32k rom.
BobS: think SBC is sabotoging it......they are parked outside constantly
rich-c: Bob, you can't get them for $9.95 a month and expect them to work ; - )
BobS: tis 415 limited time
BobS: $15
BobS: same stuff guy has
rich-c: oh, I can just see you living with limited time - and the skiw version too, right?
rich-c: slow
Guy B.: The $14.95 deal has ended. There's a $16.95 deal going on now.
rich-c: yes, and what is it? DSL lite?
BobS: it is great when it works, but about every 4 or 5 days it craps out. they BETTER be dizing it and get the hell out of my neighborhood
Terry H: I had too many problems. Gave mine up and went to cable.
BobS: fixing
BobS: I love the speed, but the hassle.........YIKES
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rich-c: sheesh, I've had virtually no problems with my DSL but wouldn't touch the local cable, their rep is that bad
BobS: sbc is not the greatest maybe
Terry H: Dont care for the custoomer service but at least it is stable
rich-c: well, tamcotec gets its gateway from Ma Bell, who does drop the ball occasionally
Guy B.: I had my DSL gone out once in the 2 years I've had it. But, the great part is I have SBC dial-up included at no additional charge and I have that installed on my two Dells.
BobS: ya I got that also Guy, but dialup is NOT the speed factor of dsl
rich-c: yes, John tossed in the dial-up option but I've never made use of it
rich-c: that's teh joy of dealing with an independent - you get to understand each other
BobS: it is nice for backup use Richard....and may be good for out of town use
rich-c: no, my ISP is limited to Toronto, and I doubt I'd fancy the long-distance charges
Guy B.: But, the dial-up is much faster than Netzero's and it doesn't take that long to load a page.
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you know if Dale will be online tonight?
rich-c: no, one never knows with Dale - he may not even be on this continent for all we know
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: Scott and Terry, Dale sold his company to Best Buy and now runus it as a subsidary for them, in effect
BobS: but I am here to tell ya. a LOT slower thatn the dsl
BobS: PAMELA me dear
Pamela: greetings
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: hello daughter, meet our two new buddies from Texas A(Scott) and Virginia (Terry)
Terry H: Hello Pamela
Pamela: Hi Terry, welcome aboard
BobS: oops lost Scott
Terry H: Thank you. Glad to be here
Pamela: We seem to have lost Scott
rich-c: oh dear - hope he=ll try to get back on
rich-c: I've learned now when dumped to just go back to the entry page and hit "reload"
BobS: ya
BobS: it works
Pamela: sorry folks, sorta distracted on this end
rich-c: unless the server is having one f its hissy fits, of course
rich-c: still watching the tv, Pam?
BobS: well when Dale's server is on the 'fritz', all hope is lost
Pamela: nope, but conversing with Russell before he leaves
BobS: anybody heard form Dr d lately?
Pamela: I spoke to him last week - very busy just now
rich-c: ask Pam, maybe she has head something through Erin
Terry H: Are there many groups like this out there, or are they few and far between?
Pamela: brb, gonna say goodbye to my hubby
rich-c: to the best of our knowledge, we are the one and only
BobS: man you done found the onlies one
BobS: onlyest
BobS: ????
rich-c: ?????
Terry H: Wow, Guess I got lucky then.
BobS: there is a group dedicated tot he colecoVision and Daniel is into that for programming
rich-c: in this information age, it takes talent to avoid us
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Terry H: Programing is sometjing that I wish I had gotten onto years ago
changed username to Jud
Jud changed username to Jud..EE
Jud..EE: hi, all
rich-c: BTW, if this server craxshes, there is a backup at
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Guy B.: Hi Judy
changed username to Dale
rich-c: greetings, Judith
Pamela: Hi Judy, hi Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, we have all been taking your name in vain ; - )
Terry H: Hello Judy
BobS: Terry write this down.....or save it...or something....... it is the ADAM NEWS NETWORK page and has all kinds of good information
Dale: Hi all.
BobS: etc about supplies, webpages, chat site etc
BobS: Hi Dale
Pamela: anyway, re Dr D, I sent him a two line e-mail to wish him happy birthday on Thursday and got a whole page in return
BobS: it his bday eh?
rich-c: just highlight it, hit control c, later print it out using control v
Pamela: November 3rd
BobS: too bad he is getting older
Terry H: Thanks Bob
Pamela: we're all getting older, Bob : )
BobS: when you search the internet, ther are lots of great pages out there, but most don't lead to other ADAM pages, just their own interest and computer
Dale: Richard, I'm sorry I haven't managed to fix the chat archive yet. I started to work on it twice this week, but kept getting interupted.
Jud..EE: not many other choic es
Pamela: true, Judy
rich-c: I'll convey your apologies to Frances - I never use it but she likes to keep an eye on what we are up to
Pamela: btw, I haven't had a chance to get pictures of the quilt yet, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten
Jud..EE: that is good , would like to see it
rich-c: has Russell left yet?
Pamela: yup
Pamela: about five minutes ago
BobS: well you better GET TO WORK Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale!
Pamela: get to work on what?
rich-c: don't forget to see he tapes the Sunday games - they should be fantastic
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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm talking with Scott to ask him to come back here and meet you.
Pamela: he'll be home to see them, Dad - he's off this weekend
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
Pamela: having trouble, Guy?
james: good evening
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James!
BobS: we didn't scare him off did we ?????
Pamela: hey, James
BobS: hi james!!!!!
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: nah, it's this pesky work thing Bob
james: a few
Dale: Hi Daniel. I missed you last week. I'm excited about the games compo. I'm looking forward to getting the vWed Nov 09 21:46:44 GMT-05:00 2005: james : james: common sense prevailed for once and i stayed home w/ sick kids this morning while wife went to funeral
BobS: work does GET in the WAY doesn't it ??????
Guy B.: I'm here, I'm catching up on the e-mail at my other address.
Pamela: yes, of all kinds of things. However, it does pay for minute expenses like rent and food
BobS: funeral...condolences....grief....sorrow....all the above to you....who left ?????
Jud..EE: the trouble is we need the money
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't came online last week. to concentrate on the things for the festival.
BobS: Myuki's grand.....?????
james: wife's grandmother. her other grandmother passed away in september and my grandmother passed away in late sept
Dale: We went out shopping tonight for a new big boy bed for Jeffrey, and a RC Monster Truck (which are related, believe it or not).
rich-c: james, you have been running out of grandmothers in one unconscioinable hurry
james: so that's three funerals in three months plus my brother's wedding in october with very tiring travel so i'm looking forward to doing nothing and going nowhere for awhile
Dale: We haven't decided on the bed, yet, but we ended up with a "miniracer". I needs lots of batteries: 3 AA, and 3 AAA.
rich-c: I can identify with that
james: still doing my trip in march but i'm actually looking forward to that
rich-c: will you be into Toronto on that one, james?
james: got a really fun group going this time
Pamela: get the multipacks of 12 or 16, Dale - I guarantee you'll use them up
james: still planning it rich, but i think we will be for a few hours
rich-c: will it run on rechargable batteries, Dale?
Pamela: one of the people in the building got a remote control truck for their son a couple of weeks ago - but it comes with a charger instead of batteries
rich-c: maybe e can find a way to touch base, for lunch or something maybe
james: oh rich, i meant to ask if you got any guys in toronto maple leafs jerseys dressed up as hockey players trick or treat your place :P
james: that would be good for sure
rich-c: we had no trick or treat this time james - we wre too tired and ill
Dale: I'll have to try it with rechargables. The 3 AA are in the remote. The car charger base needs the 3 AAA. I'm thinking that it won't work as well with rechargables.
james: sorry to hear that
rich-c: anyway we are in a Jewish neighbourhood so there's no indigenous crew, and the others have learned this resulsts in thin pickings so stay away
james: bob, thanks for your reply re my disk drive
Pamela: are you asking about trick or treaters dressed as hockey players, or hockey players dressed as trick or treaters? : )
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: I'm sorry to hear that you want to stop colecoshop project.
james: the kids here want me to somehow get halloween going here
james: @dan, yeah, i have to set priorities and unfortunately i can't do everything
Daniel Bienvenu: @dale: yes, I'm waiting the official voting pack for the minigame compo.
BobS: richard can tell you about MI drives and there strange ways too James
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: guy foster seems to want this project.
james: yeah, i meant to include rich on that mailing
rich-c: changing Japanese traditions is difficult; introducing new novelties can be very successful, n'est-ce pas?
james: i've been talking to guy and will likely transfer the domain name to him
james: @rich, yes but it's going to take some co-operation. i was thinking some kind of local neighbourhood thing where people can "opt-in"
BobS: that'd be good, then it won't get lost in the shuffle
james: indicating their house is trick-or-treatable by putting up some kind of sign/decoration
rich-c: well, when everyone on the street is Orthodox, opt-ing in is unlikely
Pamela: have them post cardboard jack-o-lanterns outside James - that's what we do at the trailer park
james: and if i can get the local candy vendors interested, and no doubt they would be, they could likely help out with the marketing
james: that's a good idea pam
rich-c: we always used to do it by lighting teh front porch, but the kids want neighbourhoods where the picking are thicker
Pamela: I can't take credit for the idea, unfortunately
james: sure you can ;) i'd be none the wiser
BobS: ya mon!!!!!
james: so rich - maybe i can pick your brain about the mi drive?
rich-c: I'm afraid I just raised too honest a daughter...
Pamela: sigh - my parents are rubbing off on me (despite my best efforts!)
Dale: Gotta put Jeffrey to bed. Be back later.
BobS: like mom & dad ....... like daughter
rich-c: you can try, james, but I'm no authority. I didn't service them, just sell them
james: as you know, the previous fd unit became mechanically defective so a few months ago i found a replacement online
james: and had it sent to my place in canada. last month when i went, i brought it back with me and dropped it in
Pamela: what's really scary is when I open my mouth and my mother comes out
Jud..EE: I think our house may blow away tonight
james: the drive itself seems to know when there is a disk inserted (read light comes on) but adam seems rather clueless
Jud..EE: the wind is unbelievable tonight
BobS: if you have a duplicate drive and look real close...maybe you can see th emods
rich-c: you're likely getting the same cold front we have, Judy - full trees yesterday, bare today
james: i have to mod it?
Pamela: it was like that the other night here Judy
BobS: hmmmmm, did Mark use a prom in them Richard?
Jud..EE: last night we had a thunder storm, now tonight we are just having wind
james: the only thing i can think of at the moment is that the green power led for the mi casing is no longer connected
Pamela: if I didn't know better, I'd say we were neighbours, Judy
Jud..EE: oh, yes it really got cooler thru the day
Jud..EE: really!!!!
rich-c: all I can say is that MI built new control boards and bought any old secondhand DD disc around
rich-c: I also know not al drives would work with all board, and vice versa - they took a lot of tweaking
Pamela: our high for tomorrow is supposed to be just above freezing -they were threatening us earlier with snow showers
james: hmm..
Pamela: to which I say - ick
rich-c: had at least one that even Mark couldn't get to work, and he built the damn thing
Jud..EE: same here
james: pam, i shouldn't tell you then that it's near 20 and sunny here, right?
Pamela: not if you value your life : )
james: had i known that each drive was so unique i'd have stuck with a standard stock coleco drive
rich-c: oh, when you have them and they're working, they are such an improvment it's unbelievable
BobS: probably a better deal James
Terry H: Rich, is ther any special drive that one should use?
Pamela: I really don't mind the cold, and am not too bad with the snow, but it's the wind I hate
BobS: but nobody knew just what was happening until later
rich-c: besides, the Coleco drives have a nasty habit of committing early suppuku
Pamela: is that like hari kari?
Jud..EE: I do;n
rich-c: yes
Pamela: just checking : )
james: lol
Jud..EE: don't like the cold would rather have warm all year long
james: anyway, i'd be super happy if i can get this working
james: does having the outside power led connected or disconnected have any effect?
rich-c: the Coleco drives haqve that heat source (forget what it is) on the motherboard, which warps it
james: brb
Pamela: you're just a big sun worshipper, Judy
BobS: haven't had a problem w/ that REichared
BobS: and James. the power led shouldn't have an effect I wouldn't think
rich-c: that's what most Coleco drives seem to die of, according to Rich and Geoff Oltmans
Jud..EE: that is right , like the summer
Pamela: as much as we like to complain about the weather, I'd rather take our dose of winter than put up with the stuff that the midwest and the south get
BobS: had some that got out of whack with a pot and the guy in arkansas fixed them
Pamela: hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, oh my
Jud..EE: so I started a swimming exercise to see if that will make the winter go easier for me
rich-c: yes, there are SOME compensations to our climate - Lord knows there have to be
Pamela: that sounds like fun, Judy
BobS: the only ones I have had 'fail' is th pot problem......some work warm others work some dead ones....but don't know the problem
Pamela: at your local pool?
Jud..EE: it is work but I do love it
rich-c: I think the guy who could fix them was Geoff Oltmans - he is still around but inactive
Jud..EE: the instructor is a slave driver
BobS: yes, he did some work on them didn't he
Pamela: I'd love to have a pool easily accessible - I used to be a fish
BobS: I know he replied James, but with not many ideas as i recall
rich-c: Oscar's Compueters in Ft. Walton Beach used to do them but he's retied since his wife died
Jud..EE: this one is only about 5 minutes away for the house
Pamela: Russell's uncle had a house with an indoor pool - he said after a while, they didn't use it
Daniel Bienvenu: I really like Warm Fuzy making salad.
Pamela: me, I'd be in it every day
BobS: he couldn;t fix the MI drives either....I remember one convention he was trying to fix one and finally gave continuity with design
Jud..EE: beautiful pool but was a little cold this morning only 80 degrees
Daniel Bienvenu: But on a real Coleco, the green ingredients are too difficult to identify
Pamela: that's a bit cool for me these days too
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james: hmm..
changed username to Mitch
Pamela: the pool at the trailer never gets really warm which is too bad
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Mitch: Have no fear, Mighty Mitchell is here
james: lack of design continuity isn't a good thing but i guess there's not much i can do about it
rich-c: hello Ron, how's life on the left coast?
Jud..EE: supposed to be 82 and you could feel the difference
james: hello ron
Mitch: we're being blown away
Pamela: I believe it
Jud..EE: hi, Ron
BobS: hello MITCHELL
james: common sense prevailed and i stayed home w/ sick kids while miyuki went to funeral
Pamela: seems to be the theme tonite, Ron
Mitch: hi Judy, Hi Bob, Hi Pamela
Mitch: Hi James
BobS: oh oh........does that mean the winds will blow allthe way over here ????
rich-c: yes, we've had about 24 hours of serious gales
Guy B.: HI Ron
Mitch: the way they're goin' I wouldn't doubt it
Jud..EE: sounds like it will keep on blowing for days
james: so basically it just seems that adam can't see the drive
Mitch: Took down a fence between my neighbour and I
Pamela: it's one of the few times I actually close the living room curtains - even with the windows closed, you can feel a breeze coming in
Mitch: so we'll have to be good neighbours without fences
BobS: maybe RON has some idea........
Pamela: but "good fences make good neighbours"
Mitch: about?
james: so here's another idea - can the mi controller i have now be made to work with a 3.5" drive?
BobS: HOW did the drive act before??????
james: previous drive?
BobS: and how different with new mechs in it ?????
james: worked fine, then one day started making unhappy noises
james: and hasn't worked since
Mitch: I have one James, and it is an MI
BobS: ok some mechs crapped out.........
james: that's why i figured it was mechanical and naievely believed i could just replace the actual drive
Mitch: Thought somebody here might have a clue. I have one in the same shape
james: @ron, is yours 3.5"
Mitch: yes... one of them
BobS: thought yours was working Ron ????
james: cause 3.5" would be much better
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope the next version will avoid using the rabbit ears to grab the ingredients
Mitch: my 3.5 is - it's a couple of the older 5-1/4's I was looking at
rich-c: I have an MI 3.5 drive I am willing to sell - but I put a lot into it and want decent recovery
james: was it a difficult mod?
Pamela: why Daniel, you mean rabbits don't normally eat with their ears????
BobS: are the 5 1/4" ones MI drives Ron????
Mitch: No, it was given to me that way. It
Mitch: is a Micro Innovations product
Mitch: I've never had the cover off
BobS: and probably don't want to either Ron
james: hmm.. wonder what's involved. can't be *that* different
BobS: then it will die
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Pamela: (PRIVATE) Guy, why are you so quiet?
BobS: not difficult James IF you know what to do I am sure
Mitch: No, they're pretty much a dog's breakfast
changed username to GuyRevB
GuyRevB: Hi all.
Mitch: they were given to me whilst in Ottawa
james: so are there specs?
rich-c: are you folks all sure the 360K drives you are using are in fact DD and not 1.2s?
Pamela: what happened, Guy?
Mitch: no. Nothing on paper at all
james: @rich, i haven't thrown it into a pc yet but it should be 360k and not 1.2
BobS: good point rihc
BobS: rich
james: because that is something i checked
BobS: HOW????
james: if it was 360k?
Mitch: this is really getting to be a lost art, folks
james: well by checked i mean i took the vendor's word for it. i suppose i don't really know for sure.
BobS: ya james
Mitch: there were different people modifying mechanisms in different ways
BobS: never trust that !!!!!!
james: so for all i know it may not be
rich-c: stick it in a PC and use the format function to find out
Mitch: ET had his way, Lingrel had his
james: i might throw it in a pc anyway
Mitch: and yada yada
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm here
james: because i have several heavy boxes of 5 1/4" disks that were sent to me by david cobley(?)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) whatcha doing? You're so quiet
BobS: I've got a system that formats 720k 5 1/4" disks.......take THAT
james: and i'm in purge mode here. i want stuff out of the school. ideally i'd like to take all those disks, make images and be done with the bulky media
Mitch: @alls I know James, is that on one the drives I had around here, I tried a locally purchased drive mechanism, and got exactly the result you described
Mitch: never did get it working and eventually gave up
rich-c: why? don't you want it? then why would anyone else? ; - )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) These guys are talking on disk drives. Little too technical to me.
james: hmm..
Mitch: exactly James
BobS: only the official IBM drives could be told easily for 360k vs 1.2mg.......the star for 360k I belive
Daniel Bienvenu: Est-ce que Guy Foster est l?
GuyRevB: Yeah man
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ah, I know what you mean. That's why I've been studiously ignoring all that stuff and talking to Judy.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: non, c'est GuyB qui a re-apparu
Daniel Bienvenu: you are not Guy Bona
james: will have to throw it in a pc.. don't even know if i have a cable to hook it up
GuyRevB: 10-4
GuyRevB: No, I am Guy Rev. B
Daniel Bienvenu: mon maudit to
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm on a website on the Chicago-L system.
Mitch: What role did the "disk in place" sensor have?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking B was for Bona
GuyRevB: haha, no, B for BETA.
Mitch: I mean it was a special wiring just for Adam, was it not?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) the El? you mean the transit system?
Guy B.: I think you should change the name, so all of us don't get confused.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Yep.
Mitch: BRB
GuyRevB left chat session
rich-c: whoops! sorry - hello Guy F.
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james: so i might put getting the mi drive to work off indefinitely
changed username to GuyRevisionB
GuyRevisionB: There you go, better?
james: assuming this drive works in a pc, what are people using to make adam disk images?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) is this con research ?
Guy B.: I'm assuming Guy F????
Pamela: (PRIVATE) because I thought you drove to work
GuyRevisionB: Good guess!!!
GuyRevisionB: Guy #2
Mitch: dcopy.exe (here at least)
BobS: find a good 386 and then use a 1.2 meg drive.....the best and most reliable wasy to read and transfer ADAM disks i have found is with the old 386
Terry H: Is it worth even trying to fix the floppy drives?
BobS: I built a P166 with true 360k drive A: and it screws thigns usp half the time. will read directories ok but won't transfer...think it is running too fast for the drive
Dale: I'm back.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dale
GuyRevisionB: Hey Dale....
james: a 386 might be hard to come by. are there problems using newer machines?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) No, a history of the L system in Chicago. I really like the history of the system. Even though a lot has changed over the years.
rich-c: are we talking here about Adam drives or MI drives with "mainstream" (ha) drives?
Pamela: did Jeff go down, Dale?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) very cool!
Dale: Partly.
Daniel Bienvenu: Like I said before, I like Warm Fuzzy making salad whatever is the name of this gamee
james: rich a bit of both
Mitch: yes James, for some unfathomable reason
GuyRevisionB: James: I see tons of 386/286 systems all day long, even saw an XT yesterday, let me know if you want me to pick one up for ya.
Pamela: partly?
BobS: seems taht the P166 is possibly too fast for proper read write of small disks........
Daniel Bienvenu: but on a real coleco, it's too hard to identify the green ingredients
james: all the older machines here are these proprietary nec pieces of garbage
Pamela: are we talking 3.5 or 5.25 drives here?
Daniel Bienvenu: and you must change the pick-up spot
Dale: Jill is reading him a story. He is in PJs in his room, and in bed. A step in the right direction.
james: i had a bunch of 486s up to a couple years ago
rich-c: I have a 5-1/4" drive B in my 1600XP on Win98R2 and last time I used it it was working fine
Mitch: both Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: it's strange to take potatoes with the rabbit ears
Guy B.: I still have my P133 and I'm planning to put in two 360K drives on it. The BIOS will accept it.
GuyRevisionB: Rich: You using a special controller for that disk drive, or just the regular 3 1/2 controller?
Pamela: have you tried whiskey? : )
Dale: I could change the pickup spot, but I have to have a different one for each direction the rabbit faces I think.
rich-c: just whatever came in the machine, GuyII
james: ok, so assuming i can get the right hardware
james: what software do people use to read/write adam disks?
james: brb
Dale: What makes everyone think that the problem is the drive mechanism?
Dale: Is it really not spinning?
james: my previous drive worked perfectly until it started making unhappy noises, dale
GuyRevisionB changed username to GuyFhaustah
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's one thing we didn't have a chance to do in July - take everyone on the subway
rich-c: I had a casr like that once, james... 8 - )
Dale: Replacement drives are tainted as far as I'm concerned if they aren't 360k drives -- the more common 1.2M (high density) drives are nothing but trouble AFAIK.
BobS: 3 1/2" controller ???????like they are different ????
Mitch: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... Dale, I want to introduce you Scott Huggins who is a new colecovision guru. already release a game for the colecovision, and I had this game at the Adamcon this summer and you asked to everyone if someone played this game.
Dale: As I understand it the 3.5" controller uses a faster clock.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) We have two subways in Chicago.
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, Scott Huggins is not online now
GuyFhaustah: Hehehe, I was asking myself.... Scott? Where?
BobS: and that may be the bottom of the problem.........
GuyFhaustah: Scott left the Colecovision scene he told me, he's moved onto the Vectrex BTW.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so for you it wouldn't be a novelty, but for a lot of people it's a neat experience
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I thought it was called the El because it was elevated
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you have any good news for me?
Dale: Daniel, I'd like to try it on my ColecoVision hooked up to a TV, but I have to get it powered correctly still...
GuyFhaustah: I'm working on another CV game! Is that good news??? :D
Dale: and I need some way to get it onto a cart, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: YES
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) It is. But we have 2 lines that are in the middle of expressways.
Dale: Maybe I'll but that USB burner at the end of the month.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) and therefore buried, right?
Dale: buy.
GuyFhaustah: Dale: Some nice EPROM programmers on ebay for like $40 US... thinking of getting one to replace my very strudy but old ISA based eprom writer.
Dale: What was his game called?
rich-c: wait till Best Buy has a special, Dale 8 - )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I have to take you on one of the lines to experience it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Astro Invaders (yes, i think it's that)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I hope we'll get the chance. Russell has agreed with me that we'd like to take a week and play tourist while we're there.
rich-c: you are right, Daniel
Dale: For me it has to work with my laptop under Win2K. USB ones should be more stable.
GuyFhaustah: Dale: How about Parallel port?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) do some shopping, go to the Art Institute (I believe that's what it's called), and generally play tourist.
Daniel Bienvenu: my eprom burner use parallel port.
Terry H: Been nice chatting, Thank you for the warm welcome. I have to leave now. Hope to be back next week. All take care and safe days..
Dale: I find that most parallel port burners aren't supported under XP or Win2K. I could be wrong.
Pamela: g'nite Terry - nice to meet you
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a batronix... and this company do also a version for usb
rich-c: hope to see you soon, Terry
Mitch: good to meet you Terry
Dale: The only disadvantage to the USB one is that it is in the top range of pricing.
Jud..EE: night Terry
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hang on, I'm going to get my road atlas
Terry H left chat session
rich-c: does your laptopo even have a parallel port? these days a number don't
Dale: GuyF do you use your under DOS or Windows?
GuyFhaustah: Dale: Here ya go, USB $ $45US:
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Terry... too late
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, I got it. So where do you live?
GuyFhaustah: Dale: the one I have (ISA based) is used under DOS. Problem is my new computer has no ISA slot, so I need to unload this one and get either a USB or Parallel port programmer. I prefer parallel port, easier to write code for it if I have to.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I live in North Riverside. West of Chicago.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) this map isn't very detailed - how far west is west? The farthest suburb west on this map is Elgin
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moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to oops
GuyFhaustah: Greets oops.
oops: it's james
Mitch: I think we should all return to the good old days
oops: accidentally killed the parent page
Daniel Bienvenu: oops?
oops: ok, so what's the software to transfer disk images?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) OK, Elgin is northwest. Look for Berwyn.
GuyFhaustah: Yeah, object oriented programming 'sti!
Dale: It looks like it is actually a parallel port, which is just powered by USB. I'm not sure that that is what I had in mind.
Daniel Bienvenu: maudit malade!
rich-c: what, are you ill, Daniel?
Dale: James, I think that that drive chatter could be caused by the controller/power cube as well.
Dale: But I could be mistaken, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: It's GuyF... he's making jokes... making me laugh. so I used an expression
Pamela: (PRIVATE) alright, let's start with county cause I can't find Berwyn
rich-c: OK - I'm not fully up on joual, yet
Mitch: @James - Do you have the emulator package?
oops: well i could always fish it out of the recycling bin and make sure it works in a pc
Mitch: @James, the disk image prog is in there
oops: adamem, yeah
oops: oh, ok. is it an option?
Mitch: ok... it's dcopy.exe
oops: ah, duh. ok. thanks
oops: how have people made out using 486s?
Mitch: however there are parameters required on the command line which aren't too well explained in the docs
oops: ok
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Ok, something tells me you have a small atlas. Am I right?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yup
oops: ie, 486s w/ 360k or 1.2mb drives to do disk transfers
Mitch: like <dcopy A mydisk.img /s:8 /h:2 /t:40
Daniel Bienvenu: my 286 is dead, no 386 or 486 left.
BobS: got another prob with it allset up on main desktop.....same .zip file as other puters......won't make an ADAMEM disk just sits ther stupidly
oops: i should probbaly write that down
Mitch: best to go to Guy's site and get his utilities
oops: even better
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) That's what I thought. Do you have Dupage County listed on that atlas?
BobS: got myhead scratching..........
BobS: and it does not itch.........
oops: what's your website addy, bob?
Mitch: s=number of sectors, h=number of heads t = number of tracks
oops: oioos
oops: guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yes, and I just found Berwyn
oops: let me try that in english this time. guyb, what's your website addy?
BobS: is mine the link to Guy and DeKogel and such
oops: thanks
Mitch: each of these parameters depends on what type of disk image you're creating/copying
BobS: and use Guy B's utils to swap disk drive types inside ADAMEM
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Ok, I'm the next town to the left of Berwyn. North Riverside is a small town. It might not be listed.
Mitch: And then..... they have to be converted - diskconv.exe
BobS: a REALLY sticky wicket that
oops: i'm going to go through the huge pile of disks i've got, make images and put them up for people
Mitch: Don't we know it eh Bob?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) and I just found Riverside, but that's as detailed as it gets
oops: the ones that are legal and don't already exist that is
Pamela: (PRIVATE) just south of 56, right?
Guy B.: is my website. Has docs on the utilities and some Qbasic batch files that will setup the utilities.
BobS: a real mess ron
Mitch: ya got that right, pilgrim
BobS: HEY Ron....did you get my xmas files....and did they come out your end ????
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm in-between I-55 and I-290. You found Riverside. North Riverside borders it.
BobS: the ADAMEM 160 should be alright
oops: alright, i'll procure myself with the necessary hardware and try this stuff
Mitch: yes, I got 'em, but I haven't opened them yet. Been REAL busy the past couple of days.
Jud..EE: I will be calling it a night, talk at you next week
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Mitch: Supposed to be retired..... supposed to have all the time in the world
oops: good night judy
Pamela: g'nite Judy
Jud..EE left chat session
Mitch: Nige Judy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, I found the general area. So the next question is, where is the area that you want to have the convention?
rich-c: night Judy
BobS: REtired......just means you do things slower.......
Pamela: allegedly, Ron : )
Mitch: Guess so eh?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm planning out around the Oakbrook Terrace area. That would be further west of me. Look for I-88.
Mitch: I need a course in time management
Mitch: but I've got no time to take it
Dale: :-)
oops: kind of like how i need patience... NOW
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I found Oak Brook - same general area?
Mitch: yes..... Lord grant me patience, and I want it NOW
Pamela: I'll send you my course materials Ron
Mitch: ok - when you get time
Pamela: I took the course on company time : )
Mitch: nice
Pamela: when I have all the time in the world
Mitch: ha ha
Dale: So I need some kind of 27C256 chips for 32k ROMs?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Yep.
oops: ok, i need to get case lunch and could do for some myself
Mitch: There must be a supplier of such things in Toronto no?
rich-c: OK james, take care - till next time
Mitch: lunch? Oh yes... it's Thurs
oops: @ron, bob i'll let you know how i make out with drives etc
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so in real terms, how far is that from downtown? The golden mile, I think it's called
oops: maybe i could get a 3.5" drive working somehow. that would be nice
rich-c: night Guy
Dale: There are 3 or 4 good component sellers, but you need to know what you're shopping for.
Pamela: night, James
Mitch: @James, if push comes to shove, I'll give you one that works
Mitch: right
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) About 15 miles.
oops: getting it to work with the standard ubiquitous mitsui 3.5" drive would be great
rich-c: time I packed it in as well, folks
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, so not far. Good.
BobS: nite james
oops: good night everyone
Pamela: have a good night, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit oops
Mitch: are you guys still doing the Saturday thing?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit james
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Guy B.: Poof
rich-c: if I can't make it next week Pamela can tell you why
Mitch: let me know how you make out James
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: IF we can remember Ron
rich-c: otherwise see you all next Wednesday
Daniel Bienvenu: I find out some 27c256 on old pc motherboard... some amibios eprom chip.
Mitch: ok
oops: will do. *poof*
Pamela: night Daddy
oops left chat session
Dale: Daniel, I see the votepack now at for the mini game compo!
rich-c: night everyone - colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: really?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit rich!
rich-c left chat session
Mitch: ch
Mitch: be well Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: I will download the vote pack right now
Mitch: too late
Pamela: I guess I had better go tend to the dishes in my sink before bed
BobS: nite Pamela
BobS: so I guess I will head out too now.........
BobS: don't stay up too late kids !!!!!
Pamela: good night all, I'll be here next week - sorry about last week, I was just too tired
Mitch: nah?
Mitch: I'll go take a look at the pics Bob, and let ya know
Pamela: now that I 've taken the course, it comes on mine : )
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
BobS: poof; bye; auf wiedersehen; areverderchi (?)
Pamela: and on that note of wishful thinking, I'm outta here
Dale: Good night Pam.
BobS: GOOD Ron
Pamela: kerpoof!
BobS left chat session
Pamela left chat session
Mitch: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? the minigame compo web site said "The Vote Pack is current up, more tomorrow"... what "more tomorrow" means here?
Mitch: will see you's all next well
Mitch: tomorrow there will be more
Mitch: il'y'aura plus de renseignments demain
Daniel Bienvenu: wow mitch!
Mitch: with that horrible translation, I will go away now
Daniel Bienvenu: not horrible at all
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit mitch!
Mitch: nite
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale?
Mitch: poof
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changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale?
Mitch left chat session
Dale: Hi
Daniel Bienvenu: you miss everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: they all said goodnight!
Daniel Bienvenu: and leave
Dale: I saw a bunch leave.
Dale: But I didn't notice that they couldn't hear me.
Dale: The vote pack doesn't include the voting reference sheet.
Daniel Bienvenu: you are still having problems with your server?
Dale: Nor does it include instructions on how to vote.
Dale: No, just IE on my laptop.
Dale: I can go the whole chat without issues with Firefox.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, last year, we vote like this ... selecting a game, writing a value and a little comment (optional)
Dale: I now know why the chats aren't auto posting. I is because of Day Light savings time. I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: oops!
Daniel Bienvenu: the day light savings time
Dale: Did you post the whole file of comments, or was it a web form to vote?
Daniel Bienvenu: it will be then a real puzzle with the new day light saving time in the future
Daniel Bienvenu: well, they took time to do htm files.
Dale: Yes.
Dale: Maybe I should have formated my stuff in HTML to begin with.
Dale: I was going to, but last year's votepack was mostly .txt files.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, no fixed format. everyone does what he can
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will start with the Commodore 64 games
Dale: Did you ever ask Guy Foster what happened to the web page mentioned in his game (
Dale: Does he know it doesn't work?
Daniel Bienvenu: err... no i didn't ask him
Dale: Maybe I should email him then. I didn't see him leave.
Dale: Did he say that he shipped Gulcave?
Dale: He mentioned another project.
Dale: But it was really noisy just then, so I didn't get to ask him more about it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure what is going on with Guy Foster
Daniel Bienvenu: ... with Guy Foster projects
Dale: There are emulators that don't like <8k ROMs? Which ones?
Daniel Bienvenu: difficult to say
Dale: I've been working on my WaTor game with the Hangman element. I almost have the basic logic for letter selection working correctly.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know only that brsms is one of them
Daniel Bienvenu: a multi emulator that can play sega and coleco games
Daniel Bienvenu: problem with non 8k games
Dale: Hmmm...haven't tried that one.
Daniel Bienvenu: brsms has a debug screen. that'S why I know about him
Daniel Bienvenu: a new wator version?
Dale: work in progress. This build is to try and debug the hangman part of the game.
Dale: Use the joystick and click the firebutton to guess letters.
Dale: Once I'm satisfied, I'll add the game logic that allows you to buy guesses. And as I said before, right guesses allow you to make another guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: like Wheel of Fortune?
Dale: Right. Which is also basically a hangman game.
Dale: When you're out of money for guesses, you'll have to go out fishing again.
Dale: 100 movie names uncompressed will fit in 1.5k.
Dale: If I compress them, it may take 700-1000 bytes.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm waiting your message telling "coming soon" hehe! I can't wait to play the final version.
Dale: I also need to pretty up the graphics on the hangman screen. I'll have to work on that still.
Dale: It could be good, I think. I'll have to properly balance the fishing and the guess cost. Definately some work to do there.
Daniel Bienvenu: take a note that you need to modify green ingredients pattern/color to make them more visible and easy to identify on screen.
Daniel Bienvenu: (i know, it's not the same game)
Dale: I was saying earlier that I hadn't really tried them on a real TV.
Dale: And I was speculating on what it would take to manage that.
Dale: That's how I got on to the EPROM programmer topic.
Dale: Where could I get a CV cart board with a socket, and a programmable EPROM to use?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i remember
Dale: I guess the EPROMs are easy to find.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I think I can do a test cartridge for you
Dale: I get the impression that there is still at least one manufacturer of something that should be compatible.
Daniel Bienvenu: I only need to find a socket, I have the material to make the rest of the cartridge
Dale: Do you use EEPROMs? Or do you erase with a UV light?
Dale: Ideally I'd like to be self sufficient. That way I don't have to bug you all the time. :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using the UV light ones
Daniel Bienvenu: It's the ones I saw on the old PC motherboards
Dale: I have a whole tube of 40(?) pin sockets, but they are the width of the Z80. I'm not sure that that is the right size.
Dale: You are reusing ones from PC motherboards?
Dale: Maybe my sockets are the right size then.
Dale: I'd like to use EEPROMs. I don't know about the whole UV thing. Too hardwarey for me. EEPROMs are nice a clean with an automatic burner.
Dale: Maybe the roms are only 28 pin?
Dale: It's been a while since I thought about all of these things. I'm sure I knew the answers to all of these questions in February.
Daniel Bienvenu: What I did for my own Coleco test cartridge is making small holes to put the socket on the cartridge, and I solder the pins on the pcb inside the cartridge ... that makes a spagetthi inside.
Dale: I'm happy to use the PCB without a case.
Daniel Bienvenu: 28 pins
Dale: Maybe I haven't forgotten everything then.
Dale: I wonder if I can get a 28 pin ZIF socket with a latch. Those are the sexiest ones to use.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I can send you tomorrow a pcb with a simple socket on it where you will need to be careful to extract the eprom from it.
Dale: That would be great.
Daniel Bienvenu: do you need some 27c256 (uv light to erase)?
Dale: I'll get an EPROM burner at the end of the month.
Daniel Bienvenu: or you will buy a flash version of this model
Dale: I'll pick some up locally. That should be easy enough.
Daniel Bienvenu: i think the pin-out is in some part compatible
Dale: I researched it in the winter, and I decided that it was.
Daniel Bienvenu: it takes generally 15 minutes to erase a chip
Daniel Bienvenu: uv
Dale: What clock speed do you use? 150ns is what I remember working.
Dale: I think that 120ns work too, but 80ns are definately too fast to work.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm not goos in electronic, I just know that what I'm using works
Dale: Fair enough.
Daniel Bienvenu: the ttl 7408 on the pcb is 74LS08.
Dale: Right.
Daniel Bienvenu: it works but probably the slowest to be used on this pcb.
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard that CH is faster than LS... maybe but less cheap too
Dale: I think that the main board uses LS versions.
Daniel Bienvenu: If I give you a pcb without anything on it, do you think you can find someone to produce more of them?
Dale: So I think that LS is good.
Dale: I have someone, near where I work, that was recommended by a friend who has used them before.
Dale: They specialize in short run and prototype 2 layer board production.
Daniel Bienvenu: send me an email with your address, and I will ship you the pcb with the socket, and the pcb alone.
Dale: How many do you want. I'll figure out the price, and buy some for me too.
Daniel Bienvenu: I want nothing if you can have more pcbs... the coleco homebrewer need them.
Dale: These are the people:
Daniel Bienvenu: canada. good
Daniel Bienvenu: they are in ontario?
Dale: I'd be happy to sell them via paypal I guess.
Dale: They are about a 10 minute drive from where I work.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, they are
Daniel Bienvenu: awesome
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I don't know what is the price to produce them but to be sure, I will send two two of them.
Daniel Bienvenu: two of them to you
Dale: I'll email you my address.
Dale: They do all of the finishing: properly drilled holes, sodder through the holes, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: note : if it'S possible can you specify to them that this pcb didn't have the correct holes on the edges?
Daniel Bienvenu: we had to cut plastic inside the cartridge to make it fit
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't pay for the pcbs production, but I will certainly buy some.
Dale: My impression, but I can't remember for sure, is that they can accept Eagle Cad files, where I can specify all of the drilling rules.
Dale: I can pay for the production, but it isn't clear to me that I personally need to use any.
Daniel Bienvenu: err... that means we have to produce a CAD file?
Dale: That's why I was trying to get James, Scott, etc. interested.
Daniel Bienvenu: you know Scott Gordon from GoodDealGames?
Dale: Eagle Cad is free for hobbiests who are doing 2 layer designs. It even works under Linux (which I like).
Daniel Bienvenu: well, james, goodealgames and I are still discussing about finding new plastic casings (cartridges) and pcbs.
Dale: Yes, I've met Scott Gordon a few times. I even visited him in Denver, CO when I was in the area on business. Met his wife too.
Dale: (and his parents for that matter).
Daniel Bienvenu: GDG said to me they can find good eproms
Daniel Bienvenu: but we still in "looking for" process
Daniel Bienvenu: for the rest
Dale: I'm willing to spend some money on casings too, but like I say, it isn't clear to me that I'd used them. Someone else would have to gradually buy them to use them for homebrew, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: james is trying to pay for a mold to produce new coleco cartridges
Daniel Bienvenu: well james find someone who can probably do a correct mold or mold CAD design.
Daniel Bienvenu: found someone
Dale: I sent the link to Precision Circuits to Scott Gordon, in case he is interested.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will ask to him again if he want a few pcbs from me.
Daniel Bienvenu: they used all the ones I sent to GDG to release Gamepacks
Daniel Bienvenu: #2
Dale: I found a supplier who could make me casings for about $10 each, but I guess that is more than the cost of canabalizing old carts, so that is pretty useless.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, useless... knowing that in asian it will cost a peanut
Daniel Bienvenu: still waiting for your email
Dale: But $6000 for 100000 casings could take a very long time to work through.
Dale: So maybe the real cost per case over 5 years is more like $4 each.
Daniel Bienvenu: 5000 cartridges is enough for sure. I think the movement cartridge version will end up around 2010.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think we can produce 1000 games to use 100000 cartridges.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be dead before to see that happend
Daniel Bienvenu: I got your email
Dale: So, I think...
Dale: that you should have my mailing address now.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: time to sleep, but before I want to try wator
Daniel Bienvenu: Austin Powers : the spy who shagged me
Dale: Correct! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: the control is not quite right.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did something similar with a St-Valentine Days demo
Dale: Well, you can only guess one letter at a time. Is that what you mean?
Daniel Bienvenu: Talk to you next week! Check your mailbox friday or monday
Dale: Thanks!
Daniel Bienvenu: no I mean that the cursor can't move like I want with the joystick
Daniel Bienvenu: too slow probably
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: good night
Daniel Bienvenu: take care
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Dale: I can speed it up.
Dale: It is a setting.
Dale: Goodnight.
Dale: poof
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale left chat session
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