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rich-c: test
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rich-c: good evening, undefined ; - )
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: aha, Guy, made it this time
rich-c: trouble with your DSL line again?
Guy B.: I had to fix my phone line that had the DSL. It popped out of the jack.
rich-c: I don't think I even want to know about that...
Guy B.: Basically, I tripped on the line and that's how it popped out.
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changed username to Terry H
rich-c: aside - do you know can you use Direct Computer Connection between a 98SE and X machine on USB?
Guy B.: Abby is doing better. Her paws are healing up with antibiotics.
Guy B.: Hi Terry
Terry H: hello, new guy back. Happy turkey day almost
rich-c: hello Terry, decided to visit us again?
rich-c: not for us - we get the bird on what you call Columbus Day
Guy B.: I don't think it will work. It usually requires a serial or parrelal connection.
Terry H: yes, had to wor lasst wednesday so could not get on
rich-c: yeah, that does tend to inhibit things 8 - )
Guy B.: Have you tried a crossover cable connection with the network?
rich-c: so the pooch is getting you out for your daily walk again, is she, Guy?
Guy B.: Yep, she is walking much better now.
rich-c: both computers have USB ports and I have a USB null modem
rich-c: feel free to dive in, Terry, if you have anything to contributte
rich-c: you may also recall, Guy, that I've been having a wee tad of trouble getting the network to work?
Guy B.: You would have to get soemthing like PC Relocator if you want to transfer programs between two PC's. USB connections will work with that program.
Terry H: I thinks that u could try a serial cable I have ha had luck with that
rich-c: not the objective, maybe just transfer files
rich-c: not sure I have a serial null modem, Terry - parallel, yes, have used it before
Guy B.: Yes, I remember that. You need to use the Microsoft network and install NetBeau and you can connect two PC's and transfer files. I do it all the time for mine.
rich-c: (picture wild-eyed old coot diving into a box and tossing out wires while screaming cables! cables! cables")
Terry H: i have not tried a usb before, will have to try,
Guy B.: What you have to do is when you install the Microsoft network on you Win98 PC. You check the box that you want to share the files. The same for the other if it's Win98 or WinXP.
rich-c: OK, if I can get the Microsoft Network set up, I'll be using Client for Microsoft Networks, right?
Guy B.: Correct
rich-c: then I'll have to go back and install NetBUE on both, is that it?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: OK Pilgrims.........tis the bewitchignhour
BobS: bewitching hour
BobS: speak to me guys
rich-c: sorry, our pilgtims came and went last month
BobS: oh ok
Guy B.: Yes and then when you reboot both computers. Go into My Computer and click on your C Drive then right click then click Properties.
rich-c: like who'd give thanks for our winter ; - )
Guy B.: Hi Bob
rich-c: btw Roberto, is it snowing there too?
BobS: richard, terry and undefined
BobS: nope done snowing until late onight
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changed username to terry h
Guy B.: Then you should see a Sharing tab and click on the Full button. You don't need to supply a password and then you can Map the drive on the other computer.
Guy B.: Bob did you get that lake effect snow by you last night?
terry h: I am using an air card and have a bad signal in a hotel. may have to try again later if I keep droping
BobS: this morning guy
rich-c: OK, whre are you at the moment then, Terry?
terry h: in butler pa.
Guy B.: We got a half inch here. All melted now.
BobS: said we had about 3"
rich-c: should know where that is, Terry, but can't quite place it. Southwest part of the state?
BobS: started about 7am and built up until noon, then melted
rich-c: we are supposed to get 2 to 5 CM (2") overnight, but cold and flurries tomorrow
BobS: could get 5-7" tomorrow
BobS: or not
rich-c: since I have to drive up to teh sleep clinic for a session tomorrow night, I am less than enthusiastic
Guy B.: Going to get cold here and a wind advisory is up for tonight and tomorrow.
rich-c: we have it really weird - one of those days that drive Frances obsessive
BobS: gonna stay at a hotel overnight yourself eh Richard?????
rich-c: every time she turns on the weather radio or looks at Environment Canada or NOAA, she gets a different prediction
BobS: well that is what they do !!!!!! change like the weather
rich-c: well, hardly a hotel, Bob, especially since they get you up and turf you out by 7 a.m. 8 - (
BobS: I know, my dad went and is now using a breating machine.......and is sleeping a lot better
rich-c: well, we seem to be in a quiet little oval that's calm when everything around is catching hell
rich-c: yes, it's called a CPAP and is for sleep apnea - my younger brother considers his well worth the anoyance
rich-c: actually all it does apparently is blow a breeze on your nose and mouth all night
BobS: that's it
BobS: but you get alot deeper sleep and breathing is forced, therefore regular
rich-c: I could certainly use all teh help I could get right now - my blood oxygen is WAY down
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: oh oh, why??????
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Terry, Rich, Bob, Guy!
BobS: lungs not working effiecently?
BobS: hey Daniel
BobS: how are???????
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I'm fine!
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rich-c: well, the combination of pneumatic edema and COPD doesn't leave you excessive lung to work with, and if that isn't working well'
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: I'm on Lasix which has almost no effect at a double dose though may be reducing teh edema slightly
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you all receive the small gif file I sent in the adamcon mailing list?
rich-c: pretty sure I did - the sudoku thing?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! I tried to make it more Coleco Adam look by using the Coleco Ascii Pattern for the numbers
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: I suspect Pam got it but we didn't get around to that in our phone chat tonight
Dale: Just dropping in to say hi.
rich-c: hello Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? are you the one who tried twice to connect to the chat session?
Dale: Not me.
Dale: I just came in now.
Daniel Bienvenu: who is undefined then?
BobS: Hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale!
rich-c: likely someone who tried to connect but couldn't hold - quite likely Terry again
Dale: I got my new USB programmer tonight. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. But it looks good.
rich-c: he's as a hotel with a dicey connection and keeps having trouble
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand why you didn't received my letter yet
rich-c: what does a USB programmer do, Dale?
Dale: I think it can do EPROMs, PALs, and test simple logic gates.
BobS: programs usb's..........
rich-c: OK, hardware then to program firmware - got it
Dale: I bought it to program EPROMs for cartridges, MIB3 cards, etc.
Guy B.: HI Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will send you two other pcbs ... I still have your posting address.
rich-c: (ingenuously) like a boot prom to let an MIB3 handle a hard disc drive?
Dale: I haven't got your package yet Daniel. I think that the Christmas mail must be slower than in the summer.
Dale: Exactly Richard. Something I've meant to get for a long time. Now I can make my own custom Hard Disk boot PROM.
Daniel Bienvenu: it doesn'texplain why you receieved YOUr eprom programmer before my letter
rich-c: (mental note carefully made and filed)
rich-c: Dale, bet you'd know - can Direct Computer Connection be made to work bewteen 98SE and XP computers on a USB nul modem?
rich-c: btw Guy, Pam did plan to get on tonight though as she has a cold not necessarily for long
Guy B.: Hope she is feeling better Rich.
rich-c: long as she doesn't fall asleep in front of the TV...
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, did you teST the minigames?
Dale: Well, I bought the programmer on the 14th, and it was sent airmail to me and got here today, the 23rd.
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried half of them
Guy B.: Dale, I was telling Rich that it won't work. DCC expects either a serial or parallel cable connection.
Dale: I figure it normally takes a package 3 days+ 5days to get here from you surface mail.
rich-c: with all respect, Guy, Dale has a tendency to know things the rest of us don't
rich-c: or he can be sure when we can only make informed guesses
Dale: USB networking 1-1 devices do exist.
Dale: Should work fine on 98SE and XP.
Dale: I can't remember the brant -- maybe Belkin?
Dale: brand of product that is./
rich-c: one would think, just haven't heard about it - or got that far into the XP help files
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent my letter by mail around the november 11
Dale: Daniel, I've done some of the minigames, but I ahven't sent in marks yet. Do you think that the 4k Race Reloaded is favoured to win?
rich-c: the device I have is a Mobility Data Link Cable- "easiest way to network your notebook to another Pc"
Dale: I've never used it, all of my equipment has ethernet, so I usually use ethernet.
rich-c: haven't opened the package yet so not sure if it supplies its own software
Dale: It would have to Richard.
Dale: It is something that requires some set up the first time.
rich-c: with my medical problems of late I have little free time so I'm way behind on my computer mainteneance
Guy B.: I did use DCC with a serial, but since I installed ethernet cards and used crossover cables. It's much faster doing it this way.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't give 10/10 for 4k race minigame... it's not original to submit two times the same project.
rich-c: since I normally will not want my computers networked, I'd rather have a more informal or casual device
Dale: That's my feeling too. But it does look good. Last time it only had an 8/10 I think.
rich-c: looks like Terry has lost his connection again
rich-c: if you're interested, Dale, remember to ask me about the device next time we're on
Daniel Bienvenu: the controls are just fine, but it's not my favorite in this contest.
Dale: I really liked Bell Ringer 2, and 4kgyro the best so far in the 4k category.
Daniel Bienvenu: I also saw that AtariAge is selling a multicart atari 2600 with the atari minigames submited this year.
Dale: I think that I might be able to do 4kgyro in 1k next year.
Dale: I'll ask you Richard.
rich-c: I will try to find some time somewhre - at least there is only one football game this weekend
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changed username to <undefined>
Dale: In the 1k category I'm looking forward to trying the cats game -- it looks interesting to me.
<undefined> changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hello everyone.
Dr. D.: Sorry I have been away from the chats for so long.
Dale: Anyway, I should really go again.
Daniel Bienvenu: try to finish first your actUal minigames , Dale. ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr..D
Dale: Just wanted to check in and say hi.
Dr. D.: This is the first Wednesday I don't have anything to do...
rich-c: hello Rich - you all snowbound over there?
BobS: hey "D
Dr. D.: Getting there, Richard...
BobS: \NOTHING????
Dr. D.: So glad to hear that you are improving...Cynthia sends me regular reports.
BobS: Cleveland predicted 2 feet......
Dr. D.: We have perhaps 5 cm here, still coming down.
Guy B.: Dr. D. How have you been?
Dr. D.: Goodness knows what it is like a few miles east.
Dale: Bye all.
Dr. D.: Very busy Guy.
Dale: See you next time.
Dr. D.: Good night, Dale.
Guy B.: Work?
Guy B.: Bye Dale
Dr. D.: I hope Erin's bus gets here okay...she is due at the Greyhound terminal downtown about 12:30 AM.
Dr. D.: She is coming here for Thanksgiving.
Dale: poof
BobS: nite Dale
Guy B.: She's coming over tonight?
Dr. D.: I will take her back to Toronto Sunday, after driving Christina back to college in Erie.
Dr. D.: Yes Guy.
Dale left chat session
Dr. D.: She is en route, left Buffalo about an hour ago.
Dr. D.: She sent me a Blackberry message before she signed off for a nap.
Guy B.: Is it snowing out by you?
Dr. D.: Lots, Guy.
Guy B.: How much?
Dr. D.: Nice snowman/snowball fight weather.
Dr. D.: Few inches right now.
Dr. D.: I bet it is more further east.
Guy B.: You got more than Bob and I did.
Dr. D.: It was blowy powder this afternoon.
Dr. D.: Then the ground finally froze and it started to stick.
Dr. D.: Slow going driving home about 5 PM today.
rich-c: that's going to be a tough drive Sunday, on the weather probs
Guy B.: Be careful when you pick Erin up.
Dr. D.: Fortunately I have been parked and indoors since about 5:45 PM.
Dr. D.: Yes indeed.
Dr. D.: I will leave here about 11:45 PM, it's normally a 20-minute drive, but I won't take any chances.
Dr. D.: So what is new with all of you folks>
Dr. D.: ?
Guy B.: We had a nasty train accident here this evening in Elmwood Park. An express train hit 15 cars.
Dr. D.: I read Daniel's programming reports on the list.
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
Dr. D.: Ai!
Dr. D.: (about the wreck)
rich-c: I'm having medical problems but Erin can likely fill you in - Pam will have told her
Guy B.: The good news is no one was killed, but 10 injuries.
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Guy B.: Some people who witnessed the accident said the gates did NOT go down and there were a number of cars on the tracks when the train hit.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: testing 1..2..
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it's betWer now
rich-c: back with us, Daniel
Dr. D.: Like I said, Richard, Cynthia sends us sounded quite bad for a while, but now it sounds like you are improving.
Daniel Bienvenu: the applet was too slow, I closed the browser and retry
rich-c: I'll go get a beer to celebrate - a good St. Ambroise Biere Noire, of course...
Guy B.: How is Christina doing in college Dr D.?
Dr. D.: (just back from checking on an apple pie I have in the oven)
Guy B.: Pass a slice when it's done.
Dr. D.: She got back last Wednesday for Thanksgiving break. She got her report card today: one A, 3 B+.
Dr. D.: She was happy, and so were we.
rich-c: well, let's say teh doctor was optimistic enough to set the next appointment for Dec. 22
Daniel Bienvenu: Is there somebody who was upset to see a sudoku puzzle in the adamcon mailing list?
Guy B.: Wow, she is doing great.
Dr. D.: The pie is for dinner at my Dad's tomorrow, Guy :-)
Guy B.: Well, I'll be baking pumpkin.
Dr. D.: It's the same recipe I used last month for Canadian Thanksgiving: I visited Erin and her family in Windsor, and baked them a pie.
Dr. D.: Actually 2 pies.
Dr. D.: This apple pie is seasoned with pumpkin pie seasoning.
Dr. D.: Next ADAMcon I can bake one I guess :-S
Guy B.: That should be a new taste experience.
Dr. D.: Christina is really liking school, though her first best friend there is transferring to another school because she got too homesick.
Dr. D.: It is yummy, bit of cinnamon in it.
Guy B.: Sounds even better.
Dr. D.: She also "officially" has a boyfriend, she is going to "introduce" him this weekend.
Dr. D.: He went to the same elementary and middle school as her, but moved away in 8th grade...somehow they hooked up again, and there you go.
BobS: oh man.....NOW you got to watch that girl
Guy B.: I'll be working on the convention later next month. Have a couple of hotels I would like to look at.
Dr. D.: I am not worried Bob, she has a good head on her shoulders...she didn't date any in high school (nor did I), so I am sympathetic.
Dr. D.: ADAMcon, wow, only 6 months away :-)
BobS: tell her to keep it slow doc
rich-c: well away from rail crossings with defective gates, I trust, Guy 8 - )
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm hungry now
BobS: but being young,.......won'thelp to tell her
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
Guy B.: Might be late July/early August. Will let you all now.
Guy B.: know.
rich-c: preferably away from teh major pollution areas
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changed username to Ron defined
Dr. D.: Experience is only learned by experience, Bob.
Ron defined: Is there life?
rich-c: hello ye of the Wet Coast
Dr. D.: Hi Mr. Mitchell sir.
Guy B.: Hi ron
Ron defined: foggy coast is more like it
Ron defined: haven't seen the sky or any further than 1/4 mile for the past 5 days
Guy B.: You get the fog. We get the snow and cold.
Dr. D.: We have snow here, bet you won't want to trade though.
rich-c: somewhat fresh-frozen here but so far most of us are making it through
BobS: I guess, but you always hopw that the experience will be gained headed in the right direction
Ron defined: negative
Ron defined: subject?
Dr. D.: predicate nominative
Dr. D.: ablative case
Dr. D.: with a dangling participle
Ron defined: :(
rich-c: likely means a warm front, Ron - send it over to us when you're finished with it; we can use it
Ron defined: will do Rich
rich-c: who are you picking for the Grey Cup?
Dr. D.: White Thanksgiving means Green Christmas around here.
BobS: coldest air of the new winter season coming towards us tomoorw
Ron defined: but then a gerund can be a subject
Dr. D.: Using a gerund as a subject is a fun task.
Ron defined: we been chilly, but not as bad as you guys
rich-c: (would you believe in this weather I just had a FRUIT FLY buzzing me!!!)
Dr. D.: <that was an example>
Dr. D.: I guess you have to eat your fruit faster Richard :-)
Ron defined: yes, exactly - grammatically correct
Dr. D.: My favorite bit of grammar humor is perhaps the ultimate oxymoron"
rich-c: as you know I'm finding it prudent to keep large stocks, Rich
Dr. D.: (meant a colon : there)
Dr. D.: "The passive voice is to be avoided"
Ron defined: went out today looking at computing devices (as in new in the store)
Ron defined: my Duron is beginning to P me off
Dr. D.: At the Apple Store, Ron?
Ron defined: nope
Ron defined: the other side of the street
Dr. D.: I gave my PowerBook to a Genius in September to get fixed.
rich-c: the way things are going in goodies for dollars now, by January they'll be paying you to take them away
Ron defined: looking at an AMD 64
Ron defined: type box
Ron defined: Oh I won't buy anything stupid before Christmas
Ron defined: jut looking (ahem!)
Ron defined: just that should be
Dr. D.: My latest Wintel offering is only a P3-450 MHz with I am behind the times, Ron.
rich-c: have you seen the stuff MDG is offering or are they not out your way yet?
Ron defined: and doing just fine, I bet
Ron defined: no, not west here yet MDG
Ron defined: but then we have London Drugs
Ron defined: which sells more electronics than drugs
rich-c: if you get HUB magazine you'll get a good idea of what dealers are offerinmg
Ron defined: Have a wish to deal locally in any case
Ron defined: have my friends
rich-c: anyway I have an Athlon 1600XP in the desktop and Sempron 2888+ (64) in the laptop, both of which overpower me
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron!
Daniel Bienvenu: (I was away...)
Ron defined: Hi Daniel
Ron defined: @Daniel: did you send me a pic for the Xmas card?
rich-c: yes, but if your buddies know you know what the market is, they usually want to stay friends...
Daniel Bienvenu: @ron: I sent a santa clauss
Ron defined: well let's just say I'm prepared to pay more to support locals
Daniel Bienvenu: @ron: only a few days after your message
Ron defined: ok.... Daniel, would you send it again please?
rich-c: shame, Daniel - from you we expect a Pere Noel
Ron defined: I thought you had, but around here there are so many boxes receiving mail that I tend to lose things
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I can send it again
Ron defined: Thank you sir
rich-c: around here the locals tend to be cheaper than the office chains or Dell - yours could be the same
Ron defined: pretty much Rich, let's just say they're generally quite aware of what the big boxes are offering
Dr. D.: Guys, I have to logout now to attend to my pie...Happy Thanksgiving to all on this side of the border, and Happy Start of Winter Weather for everyone on the other side :-)
Ron defined: and prepared to match or beat
Ron defined: yes, Rich Happy Thanksgiving
Ron defined: and enjoy the pie
rich-c: besides, buy a white box and you get to configure it to what you want, not what somebody else thinks you might like
Dr. D.: I get 2 turkeys this fall, I feel lucky :-)
BobS: same to you doc
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: take it easy Rich, hope the kids have a safe trip
Ron defined: yes Rich, that's true..
Ron defined: anyway..... we'll see what boxing week brings
Ron defined: meanwhile, I'm in no rush
rich-c: I picked a pricey but VERY capable motherboared, my choice of CPU, memory, hard disc side, graphics - in short, the lot
Ron defined: Yes, I thought about that.... and I've done it before (Duron is a case in point), but I dunno - I'm not in the mood as I used to be
Daniel Bienvenu: @ron : your email start with bytehacker?
Ron defined: yup Daniel
Ron defined:
rich-c: yes, lay back, relax, figure exactly what you want, in the interval till you're sure the prices will only drop anyway
Ron defined: indeed
rich-c: I actually consider the motherboard and all it will support most important of all
Daniel Bienvenu: you got mail
Ron defined: Got it Daniel
Ron defined: thanks
rich-c: oh yes, in my highly prejudiced view, Win98SE is less annoying (if less capable than) Win XP
Ron defined: If I should ask you again - it's on my Duron - in Outlook Express
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you need more pictures? I can work on more this week-end
Ron defined: believe you're right Rich
Ron defined: Since I got the camcorder, I've been into video processing. The Duron will do it, but with a fair amount of sluggishness
rich-c: early word is, if you think X is bad, wait till you see Vista - Pheeew!
Ron defined: oh really?
rich-c: won't your motherboard take an upgrade to a faster Duron or Athlon? and is the graphics board up to it anyway?
Ron defined: @Daniel... well sir, yes, I could use a few - although I've downloaded some clip are and ported it over to ADAM. Probably have enough, but it would be nice to have your particpation
Daniel Bienvenu: @Ron: ok
Ron defined: probably - that might be an option
Ron defined: but the beast is 5 years old
Ron defined: memory upgrade might provide interim improvement (512 Meg to a Gig)
rich-c: sorry, I tend to viw that as barely broken in
Ron defined: not sure yet how I will proceed on that
rich-c: I feel I hit a sweet spot with my Athlon 1600XP - there is no way anything AI do can press irs limits
Ron defined: there was a time when I would have too Rich
rich-c: and at that, I havent challenged the limits, like using the RAID capability
Ron defined: Well, we'll see. I just put in a ATI TV/graphics card, and the beast is not comfortable with it
Ron defined: don't suppose that's really justification for turfing my good and faithful servant
rich-c: saw a report saying SATA is fantastic on paper and in performance, but is indistinguishable from a conventional hardd disc in speed
rich-c: on the contrary, if it can't do the job you need (or be coaxed to do it) it's time to change
Ron defined: Meanwhile, have my ADAM set up in the piano room, and honestly, it feels like I'm home whenever I sit there
Ron defined: all this other stuff notwithstanding
rich-c: I can identify with that - though for Frances it takes an Amiga
Ron defined: :)
BobS: the ADAM is surely simpler
Ron defined: life was simpler then
rich-c: total change of topic upcoming, gentlemen
Ron defined: go
rich-c: have any of you noticed that the Tempurpedic mattress patent appears to have expired?
Ron defined: I'm now very happy that I did not turf all the 5-1/4 inch disks
Ron defined: hadn't, no
rich-c: which means that even though they can't allude to the Tempurpedic in their ads, others can clone it
Ron defined: yes?
rich-c: they do show diagrams, though, that indicate inner workings the same as the pricey version
rich-c: anyway, I bought one and installed it some few days ago
rich-c: previously I had a custom cut polyurethane mattress which served me comfortably and well
BobS: ya don't install a mattress ///// you just throw it onto the bed frame
rich-c: but when I saw the TP clone at a decent price I bought it
Ron defined: I'd like one of these adjustable jobbies.... so I could prop up and watch TV while falling asleep
rich-c: conclusive rsults are not yet in, but I feel I am likely sleeping better on the new one than the old one
Ron defined: anything for a good night's sleep Rich
Ron defined: what I need to remember is.... if I want to sleep, I have to lie down
rich-c: it isn't adjustable, but if you're not happy with the sleeping qualities of what you've got, look for the new one
Ron defined: indeed
rich-c: they're new so I can't suggest names but look for the ads which give the game away
rich-c: and Bob, you will find at least one brand in Wal-Mart
Ron defined: right
Ron defined: ah.... venerable Mal Wart
BobS: ya but I don't need one
rich-c: well, that isn't quite the adjective I (or certain others) might use, but
BobS: but alas......I can't hardly keep me eyes open here.........
Ron defined: I, on the other hand, - perhaps I should buy a bed, rather than another computer
BobS: gonna have to say NITE
BobS: see yo all next week
Ron defined: commin' up on bedtime Bob
Ron defined: niters, my son
BobS: ya REAL quick
BobS left chat session
rich-c: gee, you usually last a little longer - guess it's because Judy isn't on 8 - )
Guy B.: Bye Bob
Ron defined: will have the card your was asap.... got your message re Jan 15
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Bob....
Daniel Bienvenu: oops
rich-c: nite Bob
rich-c: @Ron: decisions, decisions
Ron defined: terrible, isn't it
Guy B.: Guess I'll take off too. I'm off tomorrow and Friday. I'll see you all next week.
Ron defined: good for you Guy
Ron defined: enjoy the time off
rich-c: OK Guy, good luck on the hotel hunt - and the weather!
Guy B.: Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
Ron defined: ok, righty
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Ron defined: And I should go do some more on the ADAM
rich-c: gee, just us tougher Canadians left now ; - )
Ron defined: will at least pick off Daniel's picture
Ron defined: tough and robust
Ron defined: that's us
rich-c: so last round: who are you picking Sunday?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde!
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Ron defined: Hoping for Edmonton (obviously) but don't have a great deal of confidence
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next wednesday
rich-c: a la prochaine, Daniel
Ron defined: night sir
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron defined: I shall watch it with interest
rich-c: yes, I'm not fond of either, but Edmonton may be more deserving
Ron defined: we shall see
rich-c: if only all their superior opponents (in the semis and finals) hadn't thrown their games away
Ron defined: Just watched a heated debate on TV between Matt Dunnigan and George Climie
Ron defined: re the effectiveness of Ricky Ray
rich-c: you just can't hand out six or more turnovers and win a football game
Ron defined: yes... that's gonna be an issue
Ron defined: Jacques Climie
rich-c: so what did Matt and Jock have to say? they are both seriously bright observers
Ron defined: Dunnigan felt that Troy Davis had shut down Ray - Climie begged to differ
Ron defined: they were about as pointed in their debate as they were allowed to get
Ron defined: Not even sure who Davis plays for..... wasn't paying close enough attention
rich-c: I suspect I'd be with Jock on that - I didn't feel Ray (or Danny Machocia) really used Davis properly at all
Ron defined: that was the essence of the discussion
rich-c: Troy Davis is the running back Edmonton picked up from Hamilton in mid-season, to get an effective running game
Ron defined: ok, thank you
rich-c: they got it but have not always used it well
Ron defined: I don't do a very good job of following the trades
rich-c: even indoors, you can't win without at least teh credible threat of the run
Ron defined: yes..... the pass will only take you so far. BC sometimes tends to be a big play club, and can't move along the ground - then sometimes they can.... you just never know
rich-c: my own guess is the two highest priced quarterbacks in the league may be looking for new opportunities this off season
rich-c: I als think teh same will apply to Toronto's punt return star
Ron defined: there was a report last night that the Lions will have to ditch one or the other of theirs
Ron defined: both want the starters job
Ron defined: Dickinson and Printers
rich-c: but Printers comes cheaper, seems less fragile, and has proven he can win a lot of games
Ron defined: yup.... that's how I see it. But they keep putting Dickinson in there
Ron defined: Whatever they had going at the beginning of the season, they've lost
rich-c: besides their third string backup is pretty promising, too - and Wally Buono knows how to build winning teams
Ron defined: Wally doesn't want to tip his hand
Ron defined: oh yes
Ron defined: we seem to have this trouble in Vancouver..... flashes of brilliance, then thud
Ron defined: same with the Canucks
rich-c: smart coaches never do - but some folks can find messages between the lines, or even in what isn't said
Ron defined: oh we've had a following of sports journalists in Vancouver trying to do that since last year
Ron defined: Printers got off to such a fine start last year when Dickinson was out
rich-c: yes; of course the Toronto media are infamous for theircollection of columnists offering coaches the benefit of their superior wisdom
Ron defined: right
Ron defined: Wally should do this..... Wally should do that...... I'm sure he reads every word
rich-c: anyhow, old buddy, seems it's nearing bedtime in our neck of the woods
Ron defined: yes sir....well rest well. Talk to you later
rich-c: and time to continue my testing of the new mattress
Ron defined: write a report
Ron defined: nite Rich
rich-c: think about that - niteers for now
Ron defined: poooof
Ron defined left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-11-23
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