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Terry H: Hello Harvie
Harvie: Hello there
Terry H: I am new here. Trying to get back into the ADAM
Harvie: I thought I have talked to you before
Terry H: You may have, but I have only been on the group for about 4 times now.
Harvie: I haven't been on for a couple of weeks
Terry H: Where are you located?
Harvie: Brampton Ontario, Canada
Harvie: And you?
Terry H: I am in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Terry H: Do you do much with your ADAM?
Harvie: Not much any more
Terry H: I dragged mine out a couple of months ago and started getting back into it. It is still a lot of fun.
Harvie: I used to use T-Dos, for invoicing and book keeping programs
Terry H: Sounds interesting. I just used mine for games and the adam filer, and the recipe program.
Terry H: be right back, wife calling....
Harvie: T-Dos is a rewrite of C/PM for the ADAM
Terry H: i have the C/PM, is T-DOS a newer version?
Harvie: T-Dos was written by Tony Morehen, It is an improvement of C/PM
Terry H: Is it still available some where?
Harvie: I believe it is free
Harvie: I probably have a copy somewhere
Terry H: would you know where I could get a copy?
Harvie: I think Bob Slopsema might have it on his website, or Dr. Richard Drushel
Harvie: I'm surprised that these people are not on line now
Terry H: Thanks, I will see what I can find.
Terry H: I know, By the time i get on there have been several already on line...
Terry H: I found a hard drive card and am going to try to get a hard drive hooked up to the ADAM in the near future.
Harvie: If you give me your e-mail address I can find a copy and send it as an attachment
Terry H: THanks, the email is
Harvie: Got it Terry, mine is
Terry H: Thanks, I will add this to my address book.
Terry H: Have you been part of theis group for a while?
Harvie: A couple of years
Harvie: Be right back
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Harvie: Sorry Terry, I have business to attend to, I will find the T-DOS and send it, Goodbye
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings
Terry H: nice talking to you.
Terry H: Hello Guy
Harvie: Guy, do you have T-DOS on your site?
Guy B.: No I don't, but I do have T-DOS.
Guy B.: Hi Terry
Harvie: Terry is looking for a copy
Guy B.: I think we should make that available for all.
Terry H: I would like to see what it is all about..
Harvie: I have to run Guy, sorry I can't talk longer
Guy B.: Ok Harvie, see you next week.
Harvie left chat session
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: Where are everyone?
Terry H: So Guy, being the new kid on the block, do you still have strong feelings about the ADAM?
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Terry H: Hi Daniel
Guy B.: Still do. In fact, I'm using the Adam Emulator with Powerpaint in designing a cover page for my new movie collection.
Terry H: that sound like fun..
Guy B.: Then when I'm done, I'll transfer the image back to an Adam disk to print.
Terry H: not familure with the Adam Emulator...
Daniel Bienvenu: interresting!
Terry H: By emulator, it must run on a intel system..
Guy B.: Adam Emulator is a program for the PC that can run Adam software. Marcel deKogel from The Netherlands wrote this back several years ago.
Terry H: interesting..research on my part is needed I see....
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the last update for adamem was 1997 or 1998
Guy B.: I have an AMD processor and the emultor would not work with Windows 98, but in MS-DOS mode. Works fine with Intel processors with any version of Windows.
Guy B.: 1999 was the last update Daniel.
Terry H: Found it. Downloading files now. Will look at it later this week.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, 1998 was the last date for the release of his coleco library...
Terry H: Does anyone have any information on upgrading a floppy to 360k?
Guy B.: Great, don't forget to download the utilities too. My site has documentation on the utilities. Marcel nver provided anything on those, but he did for the emulator.
Terry H: Great thanks.
Guy B.: For use with an Adam?
Terry H: yes
Terry H: Guy, I was telling Harvie taht I was going to try to add a hard drive to the ADAM. That should be an interesting task.
Guy B.: One time, there was a 360K floppy drive that was done by some company. Can't recall who it was, but not many were made. 160K standard Adam was the most popular then the 320K Eve drive which I have in addition to a standard Adam disk drive.
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changed username to james
Guy B.: It can be done, but the limit is 40mb I believe.
james: whoa, big crowd today
Guy B.: Hi James
Terry H: Hi James
Guy B.: How's the weather in Japan?
james: how is everyone?
james: sunny
james: fairly warm
Guy B.: Terry, James lives in Japan, so it's Thursday morning over there.
Terry H: kind cool
Guy B.: Bring that weather here.
james: heh heh. no way. all mine. no share
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Terry H: land of the rising sun. This is a pleasure.
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Cold here in Chicago.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: hi all
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron
Terry H: Hello Ron
Ron: Just wanted to let y'all know that I can't stay tonight. Have a meeting in about 20 minutes
Daniel Bienvenu: I don'T know what is going on... maybe it's the holidays
james: hi dan, ron
Guy B.: Harvie was here earlier, but had to leave.
Daniel Bienvenu: or it's a sport game playing on tv
Ron: If Bob comes on, can you tell him the card should be done in a week?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, we are not many tonight
james: and i'm afraid i can't stay either
Ron: see y'all later
james: got a pile of stuff to catch up on and since the wife and kids are out, i'm going to try to get some of it done
Ron left chat session
Guy B.: Ok James, at least you dropped by. See you soon.
Guy B.: Oh, it's Ron.
james: oh, it's ron.. just ron, nothing to see here :P
Guy B.: James, How's the family?
james: not too bad
james: kids are a little easier now
Guy B.: Keeping you busy.
james: indeed
Guy B.: How many do you have now?
james: last i checked, 2
Guy B.: Both girls or one of each?
Daniel Bienvenu: Case and Aiden
james: two boys, actually
james: good memory, dan ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's easy for me
Daniel Bienvenu: CASE, I'm using it in all my C codes
Guy B.: Couldn't remember if you have girls or boys.
Daniel Bienvenu: and AIDEN... it's like an accronyme of DANIEL
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, it's my trick to remember
Terry H: I have to look at mu ID once in a while just make sure who I see in the mirror
james: anyway, hate to bail, but i should get going on this stuff as it won't do itself
Terry H: Nice to meet you James
james: nice to meet you too, terry
james: i should be on a little more in the winter months
Guy B.: Bye James
Guy B.: Boy, small crowd tonight. Wonder where everyone else is???
Terry H: Maybe it was something I said.........or maybe it was the shirt???
Guy B.: What shirt?
Terry H: or the lack there of....
Terry H: Scared the wife too....
Guy B.: Oh! Usually Rich Clee is the first one here, then everyone else comes along.
Terry H: I tried to get on last week, but I was in a hotel and my signal kept getting dropped...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm worrying... where is Rich?
james left chat session
Terry H: Has everyone had a nice holiday so far?
Daniel Bienvenu: here, it's a period of big stress each year
Guy B.: That can be a problem. I wondering that myself. Maybe he's somewhere else tonight.
Terry H: Probably gettin some last second work done.
Guy B.: Mine went very well. My cousin's wife hosted Thanksgiving for the first time and everything was good.
Terry H: I was at my grandfahers in Pa. Went well. met family I did not know I had..
Guy B.: Now that's a nice surprise there.
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone in my familly asked for pictures to do a cd-rom about our family. I have to scan and manually clean up each picture my mother want to add in the cd-rom. She don't want to see a bad picture of her in the cd-rom. A nice cd-rom idea but a lot of work and stress
Daniel Bienvenu: having no control of a project, it's stressful
Terry H: you are not kidding. My wife is harping on me to get one togeather.
Guy B.: Indeed Daniel. Here in Chicago, our L system decorated 6 cars with lights and Santa's sleigh. I toook some photos of the train and used Photosuite to enhance the photos, since two of them I forgot to set on the flash.
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to modify colors of some old picture, mostly all red or all yellow.
Terry H: Some of them scared the pixels off the film so a lot did not turn out....
Daniel Bienvenu: And because of the particules of dust and scratches, I have to redraw some parts of each picture
Terry H: of course, it would have helped if I had removed the lens cap.....
Terry H: Daniel, that could be an interesting task
Guy B.: I'm hoping to get a new digital camera for Christmas. The one I have is only 2.0 megapixals and they have better ones out there.
Daniel Bienvenu: Some pictures was in a bad condition, I just looked at my mother to let her know that I can't do miracles.
Daniel Bienvenu: very bad condition
Terry H: You have a good one. I am still using a 1 megapix unit.
Daniel Bienvenu: My digital camera is 1.3 megapixels, a fujifilm
Daniel Bienvenu: I restored pictures from 1970s and before
Guy B.: I got it at Officemax two years ago for $69. I've added a memory card, since the camera had 8mb built in. And with a media card you can take more shots.
Guy B.: This one is a Visioneer.
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact the only pictures I didn'T restored was the one made with the digital camera
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changed username to BobS
Terry H: mine is an old HP
BobS: ME MATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: how are ya'll?????
Terry H: Hey Bob
BobS: and where the heck is everone???????
BobS: 3 yanks and a canuck ????????
Guy B.: I got an SD media card reader for my PC at K-Mart for $5. That's media card I have and now I can take the card out of the camera and use it in the reader. I have another PC with the USB cable for downloading the photos for the camera.
Terry H: We have been here for a while, where u been
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: or more precisely.....3 us citizens and 1 canadian citizen
Guy B.: Harvie and James were here earlier.
BobS: had a father's birthday dinner to attend i did
Terry H: bet that was fun
BobS: on sale Guy ???? or just plain pricing ??????
Guy B.: Ron dropped by too, but had to leave.
Guy B.: Closeout.
BobS: how does it hook up ?
Guy B.: They were on clearance. Through a USB port.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob
BobS: hi guys !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Had to install drivers for Win98. So a new icon appears if I need to stop the reader.
BobS: that is not bad.......apparently a lot of things need drivers for win98
BobS: I have been surprised lately at the number of hardware that need that
Terry H: Got to run guys, got to be up at 5 for work. Hope to talk agian next week.
BobS: when wil the ibm world catch up to the ADAM....plug and play TRULY !!!!!
BobS: ok Terry see yo next week hava good one !!1
Terry H: you daid it.....
Guy B.: Bye Terry
Terry H left chat session
BobS: no richard??????
BobS: or was he here and left?
Guy B.: Harvie and Terry were here. Then me, Daniel, James, Ron then you.
BobS: well then.........I ownder if Richard is in hospital......or........
BobS: wonder
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm worrying about rich
Daniel Bienvenu: he is normally online before everyone else
BobS: he was having problems last week, no?
BobS: well kids, tis just us and us is not talking I will toddle on and check out ebay and my emails.......
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Bob... too late
Guy B.: He's quick.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah
Daniel Bienvenu: I had two good news, I think I will write an email to the mailing list.
Guy B.: On what?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I saw my name twice in an article
Daniel Bienvenu: newspaper
Daniel Bienvenu: LaPresse
Daniel Bienvenu: last sunday
Guy B.: Share it with us. I'm sure everyone would like to hear about it.
Daniel Bienvenu: the second thing is the Sudoku puzzles I did with colors to make them cool... they are available in GoodDealGames web site, in the onlie puzzles section (i think).
Guy B.: Color, that would make the game stand out more.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Guy, check the mailing list soon, I will give links for the article and the sudoku puzzles
Daniel Bienvenu: for now, I have to quit
Guy B.: Ok Daniel, will see you next week. Bye
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to close the applet to not crash my computer when checking mails. strange bug may appear so, I have to quit now. Bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
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