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rich-c: verify
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changed username to VE2HVZ - GuyF
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Greetings
rich-c: good evening, GuyF
rich-c: didn't know you were a radio ham
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Sure am!
rich-c: they are, I fear, a dying breed
rich-c: don't see many new towerwss going up these days
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Yes, unfortunately, wish I joined years ago... feel like I missed out on something, but we still have a nice group in Montreal called the MARC which is an English speaking Amateur Radio group, which holds monthly meetings, with a nice turnout.
rich-c: half a century ago I used to hang with VE3BIF Jr,, also knew VE3AQQ
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Never thought of getting into that hobby Rich?
VE2HVZ - GuyF: These days with the Internet, you don't even have to buy equipment to go on the air!
rich-c: not in the last half century - I'm not that great a techie, anyway, and don't ask me to learn to send and receive in code
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Hahaha, no need for that anymore. CW operators are a dying breed indeed, most HAMS these days shy away from code.
rich-c: back at my "get in time", those were the requirements
rich-c: and you generally built your own transmitter and much of your own tower
VE2HVZ - GuyF: They abolished the CW requirements even to get into the high frequency bands a few months ago... back then the only way to get on 30MHz and lower was with morse code credentials. Not anymore.
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VE2HVZ - GuyF: It's dying. Still a great form of communication which cannot be beat, but unfortunately, dying,.
changed username to BobS
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Heya Bob!
rich-c: yeah, great for me, only 50 years too late
BobS: hey dudes.......
rich-c: greetings, Roberto - snow there yet?
BobS: what's dyding????
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Hahaha, it's never too late. I've talked to hams that are 70+ and wouldn't surprised if they were in their 80s.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Bob: Morse code
BobS: ya mon. a real blizzard type coming, not much snow, but nasty
BobS: ah yes
VE2HVZ - GuyF: We're getting ready for snow this Friday in Kebeq
rich-c: yes, there is an "Alberta Clipper" on the way - we will be skipping the Amiga meeting tomorrow night
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Rich: Ur an Amiga fan?
rich-c: my problem is that I have a hospital appointment Friday afternoon
BobS: probably a good choice Richard
BobS: by Fri afternoon it will be over man
rich-c: no, Guy, but Frances is an Amiga devotee - now is talking buying a laptop to install Amiga Forever
BobS: we are supposed to be yucky tonight, a little freezing rain possible in the morning with change to snow flurries and DONE
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Amiga is a nice piece of technology. Only have a 500 though.
rich-c: for you Bob, not necessarily for me - they say 6 - 8"
BobS: YIKES......tis maybe true....the east half of MI is expecting 4-6"
rich-c: Frances has an upgraded 500, an origina; 2000 with hard disc, and a 3000 which she uses
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Woohoo, time to take out the snowshoeing equipment!
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Rich: Very nice. I have an Amiga monitor here, would love to get an Amiga 600 or 1200 if I ever have the chance.
rich-c: I believe it will be coming in on an east or southeast wind so this time it's us get the lake effect
BobS: so leave early for hospital and stay late........
rich-c: Guy, take this address: - he is on the TPUG executive
rich-c: say I suggested you write to him and tell him you want a 600 or 1200
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Oh, very nice! Thank you...
rich-c: if there are any floating around, he will know
rich-c: TPUG - Toronto Pet Users Group never dropped their historical name, though they cober Commodore and Amiga now
VE2HVZ - GuyF: And they are still around? AWESOME!
rich-c: and I believe Ernie (Chorny) has an Ada though he doesn't use it
VE2HVZ - GuyF: I still use my Commodore 64 once in a while...
VE2HVZ - GuyF: I'm Adamless now, I ended up giving the whole Adam kit to Dale for historical preservation purposes.
rich-c: well, the ranks of TPUG are thin (like Adam) but they still exist - once they were teh world's largest user group!
VE2HVZ - GuyF: I could imagine, back in the 80s Commodore was strong, even Atari. I was member of MACAM, an Atari user group, and man, we had like 50-60 members show up each meeting. Those were the days.
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changed username to james
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Greetings Mr. James.
james: morning everyone
james: can i interest y'all in some snow?
rich-c: good morning, james
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Morning? ;)
james: test
james: ok, guess the queue was just a little slow on the pickup. so how is everyone?
rich-c: we already have a shipment on the way, 15 - 20 cm.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: I think James has tons to spare!
rich-c: still on teh right side of teh grass here
VE2HVZ - GuyF: James: Pretty good. Haven't seen Dan yet...
rich-c: see the cardiologist Friday and respirologist Thursday week, then I'll know
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changed username to james
james: oops
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Greetings James #2
james: killed the parent window
rich-c: james, when you log in a second time use a variant name (e.g. james1) then we can dump the duplicate
BobS: HI james
rich-c: or, now change teh name in edit so we can tell which is which
VE2HVZ - GuyF: James: I will work on some icons tonight, and graphics for the website. We should have something ready for this week-end to announce.
james: you have a problem with 2 of me around? :D
rich-c: what makes you think one of you isn't a problem ; - )
james: lol
james: there are days i wish i had 2 of me
BobS: don't we all ??????
rich-c: ah yes, you do lead a busy life, I must admit
james: working on making it somewhat less busy
rich-c: naw, I think I'm down to one is enough - if I only had a little moe time
BobS: but think about how you could get the stuff done with 2 of you
rich-c: do you think the world is up to coping with that?
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Would you be jealous of yourself is you saw yourself with your wife? (!!!???)
rich-c: besides, it's an extra mouth to feed - and who'd drive the van?
james: i could split my earache in half :D
BobS: oh, doubles don't eat or eye the wife
rich-c: oh, after half a century of marriage I think I'm beyond that - barely, but beyond
BobS: they just perform duties to get you caought up
BobS: caught
james: there we go
james: now it's just me
james: no zombies
rich-c: ah, definitely reduces the crowding - but now, where's teh rest of teh gang?
rich-c: Guy and Pamela and Danie, at least should be in by now
rich-c: maybe GuyB is already snowbound?
BobS: naw he is always later
BobS: and is he not on vacation thiis week?
rich-c: don't recall him saying so, but I think he does take some time but nearer Christmas, doesn't he?
rich-c: anyway, does he go away in vacation time or just miss work?
BobS: just stays home I think
rich-c: so that shouldn't hinder his presence here then
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BobS: yes but he usially late coming in, is he not? and then stays till about 10:30 ?
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: Guy, any idea where Daniel and Steph might be?
BobS: hey there girl
Pamela: hi there
rich-c: hello daughter, just wondering whre you were
Pamela: I keep losing my connection so if I suddenly disappear, you'll know why
Pamela: was dealing with my email
BobS: ah ha
rich-c: does an incoming call knock you off line?
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changed username to Guy B.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Rich: Dan, not sure. Steph, have no idea who he is...
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: no, I'm still on dialup, remember? An incoming call gets a busy signal
rich-c: ah, here he is now - how's the snow, Guy?
BobS: and HERE HE IS richard
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Hey there Pamster!
Pamela: hey, Guy
Guy B.: Don't ask! We got 10 inches from last Thursday storm and we dodged one today.
Pamela: greetings to both Guys, actually
(VE2HVZ - GuyF blushes)
(VE2HVZ - GuyF hugs Pamela)
rich-c: we're in line for 6 to 8 inches tomorrow and into Friday
Pamela: well, thank you, but what did I do to deserve this?
rich-c: it will likely involve an east wind so our side of the lake will get the lake effect snow
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Pam: Just trying out the action commands! ;)
Pamela: ah, okay
(VE2HVZ - GuyF kicks Pamela)
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Here ya go! ;)
rich-c: it's for us - Amiga meeting tomorrow, cardiologist appointment Friday aft
Pamela: :( !!
rich-c: wants to let me test my new tires
Pamela: glad I have all my shopping done and I don't have to go anywhere but to and from work
VE2HVZ - GuyF: I installed my tires 2 weeks ago, and had the directional tires upside down, man did they perform horribly on snow, needless to say I had to reinstall them properly.
Guy B.: Ah, nothing like a glass of light eggnog and one dog who is resting in the recliner.
rich-c: yeah, that figures - what type?
Pamela: In the recliner???
BobS: GO Guy !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Yep
Pamela: smart dog
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Rich: Goodyear Icetrac
Guy B.: She loves it.
rich-c: yes, your cat prefers laps, right?
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changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: or the loveseat, facing in, on Russell's sweatshirt
(VE2HVZ - GuyF gives Dr. D. a can of Coke)
rich-c: OK - I got Nokians, can't speel the model name
Dr. D.: This thing is pretty impossible to login to tonight.
Guy B.: By the way, I've printed two photos of Abby.
Pamela: hey, Rich!
rich-c: hey, Dr. D. has joined us - that's been a while
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Keeps sending "applet not initialized" errors, all 3 browsers.
BobS: the good doktor
Dr. D.: I am home from the lab, late, eating supper.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Dr. D: Use Windows! ;)
Guy B.: You need the new version of Java.
Dr. D.: This is exam week (and next).
Pamela: I just kept getting bumped off Tamco
Pamela: must be Exploder
Dr. D.: MacOS X for me
Pamela: any snow yet Rich?
Dr. D.: Exploder would not connect, nor Firefox, nor Safari, but about 3rd retry of Safari it did.
Dr. D.: On the ground, fair amount, but none actively falling for a few days.
Dr. D.: Hi all BTW
rich-c: my DSL line is holding perfectly, and I've had no net bothers today either - been on since 4 p.m.
Pamela: well it's holding now, so I'm wondering if it was my mail
Dr. D.: My net.access is fine, Richard, it just did not want to connect to
Dr. D.: Got to backup chat server first try, no problem, but nobody was there, so I figured it was working for the rest of you.
rich-c: that is strange - I've been having no trouble at all, and minimal bumps
Dr. D.: It's only fair it finally works for you now Richard :-)
Pamela: so it's your fault, Dad
Pamela: brr, is cold back here
Dr. D.: Usually he is crashing and we are steady, turnabout is fair play.
Guy B.: I had that problem too with one of the Dells. I updated Java with the latest version and it worked. I have to do the same to the other computer. The Athlon works fine with an older version I installed last year.
Dr. D.: Plenty steam heat here, so I am fine.
Guy B.: Dr. D, how much snow did you get last week?
Pamela: the whole apartment is cold, but it's coldest back here
rich-c: yes, teh building structures are now getting chilled through, makes places much colder when walls are freezing
Pamela: this room gets the least heat and the least cooling
Dr. D.: There is about 6 inches lying on the ground, on average, not counting drifts.
Guy B.: You got less than I did. 10 inches here.
Dr. D.: I hope Rin doesn't freeze on the way home on the bus tonight, Pam.
Guy B.: Guess you all heard about the accident at Midway airport last week.
rich-c: you folks will get off much easier than we will tomorrow and Friday - we get the lake effect and we're further north
Pamela: she'll be fine Rich - one thing the TTC doesn't skimp on is heat on the buses
Guy B.: Don't tell that to Bob, Rich.
rich-c: yeah, you had someone land on a length of runway that wasn't there, right?
Pamela: and it's only a block from the corner. Have you talked to her in the last hour?
BobS: they wanted to use the city streets richard
Dr. D.: No I haven't Pam; I just got home about 15 minutes ago.
rich-c: yes, they have no runoff area at Midway - through teh fence and into the city
Guy B.: The plane crashed through a wall and crushed two cars in the middle of 55th and Central Ave. A 6 year old boy died from his injuries in his parents car.
rich-c: land on the numbers or forgrt about it
Dr. D.: Haven't talked to her since 5:40 PM.
BobS: THAT is the sad part of the whole thing
Pamela: I'm just waiting for her to turn up - she has to give me a cheque. She did say it would be late.
Dr. D.: She was telling me 10:30 PM, but her estimates are sometimes wonky.
Guy B.: They now believe that the pilot violated the airline's rule with using autobraking on landing and the pilot had trouble using the reverse thrusters which slows the plane upon landing.
Dr. D.: Last night was supposed to be "early" and it was 11 PM.
Pamela: it'll depend on when the party ends
rich-c: yes, when teh Air France Airbus goofed at Pearson, the whole aircraft burned but there were no significant casualties
Dr. D.: They need no-living zones around airports...
Pamela: the problem is, airports start out in the middle of nowhere but don't stay that way
Guy B.: It maybe a year before we find out what really happened.
BobS: trouble is Dr D, the airport may be in the outskirts, but town builds up around it
BobS: have the same problem coming here in GR
rich-c: Christmas parties with political workers, when an election's on? Forget ANY scheduling
Pamela: once upon a time, Pearson was practically in another time zone. Now there are people living right around it.
Guy B.: O'Hare is in better shape, since they have longer runways, but Midway is different.
Dr. D.: That's what I mean, don't build so close to the airport...
Dr. D.: Probably next thing will be eminent domain to clear it back.
rich-c: and complaining about teh noise of the aircraft, which has been there since before 1938 I know for sure
Guy B.: Midway was built before O'Hare was.
Dr. D.: All they need do is say "security" and it will happen.
Dr. D.: Rin promised she was not going to schmooze too much, Richard.
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rich-c: I get the feeling Americans are getting a little more sceptical of security as an explanation for everything, Rich
changed username to Round Ron
Dr. D.: Skeptical or not, it is the line that will be used, Richard.
james: good day
Round Ron: Yo!
Dr. D.: Hi Ronald.
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
Pamela: greetings, Ron
rich-c: well, the West Coast joins in - greetings
Round Ron: all are well?
Pamela: a bit chilly, thank you : )
BobS: US security SUCKS.....they need to get a life and profile and ge thuman
Dr. D.: I think I am, except for end-of-semester exam madness.
Round Ron: we got that here too, but no more snow
rich-c: let you know when I hear from the doctors
BobS: Hey the Dec disk
Round Ron: you gotta mark 'em eh?
Dr. D.: Better to not p.o. half the world so they aren't motivated to do bad things...then they won't need "security"...can
Dr. D.: can't stop a dedicated-enough zealot with a backpack bomb.
Round Ron: Great Bob....glad it got there in one piece
Dr. D.: And I don't want to live for long in the fascist state that thinks it can clamp down enough to do it.
Round Ron: interesting point of view
BobS: NOW, go to my ann website, download the Dec christmas disk and run it in ADAM emulator
Round Ron: will do sir
BobS: great thing the Ronald dude made !!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: so when are you moving up here, Rich? end of this semester or next?
(BobS gives ice cream to all his friends!)
(BobS gives Round Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.: Prevention is better than cure here, Ron.
Pamela: Ice cream, we're gonna have ice cream . . .
james: anyone want some snow?
Round Ron: just what I need, my man!
Pamela: no thanks, we have plenty
Dr. D.: How much is on Mt. Fuji now, James?
Round Ron: Where's your web Bob?
Pamela: it's not even officially winter yet!
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: YES ice cvream in the WINTER
(Pamela gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of cranberry soda)
Dr. D.: Before I forget...while Christmas shopping today, I saw a bunch of head-to-head video games with the brand name COLECO on them.
BobS: click on the ANN disks link and get it
Dr. D.: AFAIK these have nothing to do with anything Coleco ever put out.
Round Ron: right
Guy B.: Oh yes, I should have mentioned that too. But, they are NOT the Colecovision games though.
BobS: just depends on WHO owns the name now doc
Dr. D.: Also some multi-game cubes to plug into your TV, but the screen shots are not ColecoVision games.
Dr. D.: They were sports themes, but definitely not SuperAction Football/Baseball etc.
Dr. D.: The resolution looked more 1990 than 1984.
Guy B.: Looks like some early games before the ColecoVision.
Dr. D.: We had a Coleco TelStar system when I was a kid, it looked nothing like the stuff I saw today.
Round Ron: Remember "Head to Head" series being advertised the year before I got the ADAM
Dr. D.: Then maybe it is their stuff.
Dr. D.: Or some simulacrum.
Round Ron: There was Head to Head Football, I remember
Dr. D.: At least the Namco game cubes have a 6502 in them and the real arcade image ROMs in them...
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changed username to rich-1
rich-1: sorry - got dumped - teh rest of you there?
Dr. D.: Meesa here
Round Ron: I'm here
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Round Ron confirmed ban
Pamela: apparently so
james confirmed ban
Pamela: sorry, went to get a sweater and missed all the excitement
rich-1: but only you two? must have been a pretty indiscriminate bump then, so I can feel better about it
Round Ron: @Bob: somewhere around here I have my Adamcon 17 report - did it before I left for the east, and never sent it nowhere
Dr. D.: I may be a brain in a vat, but it thinks it is here.
Round Ron: give you somethin for the Jan disk
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Dr. D.: The other names are still showing up in my list here Richard.
Dr. D.: Maybe they are just away from their terminals.
Round Ron: With all this talk of Diet Coke, gotta go get me one.... BRB
BobS: oh for crying out loud Ronald !!!!!! and I never got it????
Round Ron: no, because I never sent it
Guy B.: Bring us all one.
BobS: good
Dr. D.: Diet Coke, pah.
Guy B.: Speaking of disks. Created 3 CD's of Christmas music from cassette tapes and worjing on a fourth.
BobS: go here....
Dr. D.: Real Coke with cane sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup :-)
Round Ron: Cans of Diet Coke circulating from the west
rich-1: yeah, what this world needs is more good Canadian stout
BobS: and check out the NEW coleco offering slated to go onsale Dec 26
Dr. D.: More stout Canadians?
Pamela: no we have enough of those already
rich-1: speaking of which, it's time I went and fetched mine
Round Ron: So, did anybody buy an XBOX 360 yet?
Dr. D.: <looking at Bob's link>
Guy B.: Are you kidding!
Dr. D.: Only if it has an IBM 360 in it :-)
Pamela: sheesh, I sent him his Guinness ten minutes ago. Obviously not paying attention
Dr. D.: The thing in that link is what I saw at WalMart today Bob.
Dr. D.: Wait, no.
Dr. D.: The head-to-head had the same color scheme though, red and white.
Guy B.: The only new thing I'll going to buy next year is a new notebook.
Dr. D.: Retract again, I *DID* see this at WalMart.
Dr. D.: The sports games...resolution no way is ColecoVision.
Dr. D.: Wonder whose games they really were?
BobS: wonder who has the coleco rights nowadays
Dr. D.: Or did they write new ones with retro graphics and slap COLECO on them?
Round Ron: Think I might go for a laptop instead of a desktop.... we'll see what the new product year brings
Round Ron: my son is counselling patience
Dr. D.: I would never buy a desktop again unless there was hardware that needed to plug into an expansion slot for some kind of lab equipment.
Round Ron: agree Dr. D
Dr. D.: Laptop is too convenient, too powerful.
Dr. D.: But I am not a gamer, the gamers want super video stuff, 1 GB VRAM etc.
rich-1: yes, the way computer prices are dropping now, by March they'll be paying you to take them away
Round Ron: Besides, I just bought a Nikon D50 digital cam
Guy B.: My laptop is beginning to fall apart. Already got a hole below the screen.
Round Ron: Merry Christmas, to me
Guy B.: The thing is still running.
Dr. D.: Once LCD screens get to a certain cheapness level, glass CRTs will go, and with them, most desktops.
Dr. D.: Not quite there yet, but close.
Pamela: I'm hoping the cost of laptops will continue to fall
rich-1: I am finding using the keyboard on a laptop - ANY laptop - rather awkward and uncomfortable
Guy B.: I cannot use the built-in trackball, so I have an external PS/2 mouse hooked up to it.
Dr. D.: That is why I bought a full-sized wireless keyboard for mine, Richard.
rich-1: partly because the keyboard is different, part because my fingers can't spell
Round Ron: I now have a real geek setup with the Duron. Buddy of mine brought over a box of stuff he no longer wanted, and in there was a Benq 15 in LCD monitor
Dr. D.: And external wireless mouse.
Dr. D.: That way, it *IS* my desktop at work.
Round Ron: my video card will feed 2 monitors, so now I've got stereo
Dr. D.: And this 17" Powerbook screen is as big as any desktop I had back in the day.
Round Ron: Well that's it Dr. D.... I'm looking at the G4 iBooks
Guy B.: I maybe able to get a Dell notebook with an employee discount through work.
Round Ron: maybe by the time I get there they'll be G5
rich-1: yes, my laptop has the 15.4" widescreeen - not fond of some of the distortions that occur, though
Round Ron: Have noticed the price of laptops starting to drop here
rich-1: the card layout in free cell gets all scrunched up in teh top part of the "table"
Dr. D.: I am spoiled with this laptop, if I have to use a "normal" 15" screen, it feels cramped.
Dr. D.: How do you mean distortion Richard?
Round Ron: yeah Dr. D. that was a pretty nice unit that one
rich-1: hell, I only have a nominal 17" (ergo actual 15") CRT on my desktop
Dr. D.: It was worth scavenging office furniture from a condemned campus building to sink all my moving allotment into it :-)
Guy B.: They are now below $1000. Wal-Mart had a after Thanksgiving sale on HP's. But only 32 per store at $399. All were gone in minutes.
Round Ron: nice work
Dr. D.: This one is true 17" Richard.
rich-1: because of teh odd shape and size of teh screen some things dont display optimally
Dr. D.: 1440 x 900 pixels
Dr. D.: I see.
Round Ron: Mal Wort not selling computers yet here on the Island
rich-1: we have laptops here - new - going at $699 up
Dr. D.: And with LCD, there is no "vertical size" adjustment.
rich-1: in desktops Dell was offering one today with XP and monitor for $399 Canadian
Round Ron: a write-up I read recently said to be wary of the low end of the laptop price scale
Dr. D.: I put $3K into the Dell laptop I got Christina for college...maxed it out, hoping it would still be usable 4 years hence.
Guy B.: Dell had one for $599.
Dr. D.: M$ software still brings it to a crawl, but what else is new.
Round Ron: t'was ever thus
Pamela: so why did you get her a Windows computer Rich, if you're really gone on the Mac?
Dr. D.: Mercyhurst IT officially WILL NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING BUT WinXP Pro.
rich-1: actually I think it's I have it at 1078 x 768 nominal, but it goes to 1280 or more actual
Dr. D.: And I did not want to be remote IT for Christina.
Pamela: ah
Dr. D.: She is not enough computer-savvy to take the risk with a Mac.
rich-1: written by a seller of high-end laptops, Ron?
Round Ron: Would have thought she would have had an easier time with the Mac,,, but then I suppose there's be no support around
Dr. D.: There are people with Macs there, especially among faculty, for IT for students is Win-only.
Round Ron: it was actually in PC Magazine Rich
Dr. D.: That last sentence should have read:
rich-1: I aam still trying to learn XP - so far I don't like it
Round Ron: they tend not to care much for the cheap stuff
Pamela: Russell got M&Ms in my icecream
Dr. D.: There are people with Macs there, especially among faculty; but IT for students is Win-only.
Dr. D.: eXtremely Painful :-)
rich-1: no, the techies can get rather snooty about low-end anything
Round Ron: pity....they know not what they do
Dr. D.: I am eating Christmas cookies baked for me by the co-directors of the Film Society.
Dr. D.: I found the plate sitting outside my office door, with a note.
Round Ron: hey..... fax me one
Round Ron: please
Dr. D.: These are probably bad for your metabolism, Ron.
rich-1: yes, acer, hp and compaq all have offerings below $1000, more than satisfactory
Pamela: of course some would argue he got ice cream on my M & Ms
Round Ron: everything is bad for my metabolism
Dr. D.: I won't be able to eat anything myself until supper tomorrow :-)
Dr. D.: I can't eat the last is a snowman
Dr. D.: With a big yellow scarf.
Round Ron: well certainly not
Pamela: fax it to Ron, Rich
Dr. D.: The scarf is yellow transparent gel icing, it will get the document glass all icky.
Round Ron: my cousin back east - the retired MD - said, basically if something tastes good, spit it out
Dr. D.: It is too thick to fit into the DVD drive.
rich-1: you folks are a bad influence - now I want another beer
Dr. D.: Yikes
Dr. D.: Drive him home, Pamela :-)
Pamela: are you kidding? I'm high on sugar!
rich-1: didn't say I was going to have one, just that I wanted it
Round Ron: In Heaven, there is no beer; that's why we drink it here
rich-1: and besides, I'm at home anyway - just don't have another on ice
Dr. D.: Have another Richard, it's not like you have to punch the time clock tomorrow :-)
Round Ron: exactly
Dr. D.: Put it out on the front porch.
Dr. D.: It will be icy in a flash.
Pamela: why couldn't you crave sweets like the rest of us humans, Dad?
rich-1: yeah, that would do it up pretty good
Dr. D.: Natural cold
Round Ron: Today I heard the results of yet another study
Dr. D.: In winter here the kids hang stuff out their dorm windows in lieu of fridges.
rich-1: you' ve never seen my approach to a dish of ice cream?
Round Ron: Chocolate is a very effective stress reliever
Dr. D.: It binds to the opiate receptors in the brain.
Round Ron: recommended that we all eat chocolate every day
Dr. D.: That is why it is addictive.
Pamela: I'm all for that assessment
Dr. D.: Well, in the Harry Potter universe, chocolate is medicine.
Round Ron: and..... this just in
rich-1: also is said to have a cweertain aphrodisiac effect...
Pamela: and so it should be
Round Ron: Fibre in one's diet does very little to prevent colo-rectal cancer
Round Ron: as previously believed
Dr. D.: Hehe, what is the recommendation now?
james: chocolate is good
rich-1: if the "little" effect is enough to spare me, I'll take it
Dr. D.: Chocolate Ex-Laxx
Round Ron: they were silent on that.... (this mornings Victoria Times-Colonist)
rich-1: besides, I tend to like fairly high-fibre foods
Dr. D.: Which is no longer sold here...
Pamela: although, I must admit that when totally stressed out at work like I was today, I am much more likely to be heard muttering " I need a drink" than "I need chocolate"
Dr. D.: The active ingredient in Ex-Laxx, phenolphthalein, was determined to be some carcinogen.
Pamela: and I'm not a drinker!
Round Ron: sometimes I think researchers are plotting against us
Round Ron: just to confuse all
rich-1: no, too many kids were mistaking it for candy
Dr. D.: Not even the white pills are phenolphthalein any more, Richard.
rich-1: and in America, "parental supervision" is becoming a non-PC utterance
Dr. D.: At least not here.
Dr. D.: So they still sell Ex-Laxx, but they put some other purgative in it, senna I think.
Dr. D.: Which is a nice poison...
rich-1: I have never used the stuff hence couldn't care less
Round Ron: One of our interns at Valleylinks produced a video presentation on keeping your kids safe on the net
Round Ron: scary stuff
Dr. D.: My Grandma Drushel lived on it for of course she couldn't go any more without laxatives.
rich-1: the video or teh inattentiveness of the parents to it?
Round Ron: was a little of both Rich - the young lad did a super job
rich-1: that would make it plenty scary, all right
Round Ron: Didn't realize that POS means "parent over shoulder"
Dr. D.: Not in the ADAM community :-)
Round Ron: indeed
Dr. D.: At least not as used by my pal Herman Mason Jr. :-)
rich-1: uh - depends on where you are - on it tends to have a different meaning
Pamela: ha ha, Dad
Round Ron: what's it say there?
Round Ron: priced over sanity?
rich-1: damn near anything - there are sections where we even talk about cars
Pamela: piece of . . . .
Round Ron: ok how naiive I am
rich-1: as in, that Ferrari of mine is a real POS... ; - )
Pamela: if someone said that I wouldn't believe them : )
Round Ron: speaking of POS, Rosie the Bull just cost me another$1400
Pamela: ????
Round Ron: rear suspension and leaky break cyl
rich-1: let's say teh phrase is mostly used for lesser machinery - much lesser - Saturns, for instance
Dr. D.: That is like millionaires complaining about crabgrass in the lawns of their estates...
Round Ron: :)
Guy B.: Just check my e-mail at work and our addresses are going to be changed.
Dr. D.: Changed to what?
rich-1: spam and hacker avoidance or some better pretence, Guy?
VE2HVZ - GuyF confirmed ban
Round Ron: certainly couldn't be the desire to be completely neutral in either official language
Guy B.: Last name. firstname to match the name of our website. The old one will still be valid until December 31, 2006.
Dr. D.: What is the website again?
rich-1: yeah, get hacking, Doc ; - )
Guy B.: Tell me about getting spamed at work.
Dr. D.: haha Richard
Guy B.: I work for Rotary International.
Round Ron: @ James. You're quiet
Dr. D.: At least it isn't guy.bona.<social security number here>
rich-1: he's likely PMing with Guy who is quiet too
Round Ron: yep
Round Ron: that would explain it
Dr. D.: PMSing?
Dr. D.: <snicker>
rich-1: no, that's something a little different...
Guy B.: Been getting things from the FBI and CIA saying I visited illegal websites, but I found out there was a virus attached to it. Our mailservers screen it out.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Nope, haven't heard of James in a while too
Pamela: (Pamela refrains from comment)
Dr. D.: Changing diapers perhaps
Round Ron: Are Quebec Ham Radio guys all VE2, Guy?
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: VE2 and VA2
rich-1: yes, that's one of the more common internet scams at the moment - phishing plus a keylogger, I believe
Dr. D.: Guy is a ham? So that explains the VE2HVZ
Round Ron: out here we're VE7
Guy B.: Abby can climb up the stairs again.
Pamela: Guy, is your apartment a walkup??
Round Ron: progress eh?
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: Yep, VE1 I believe starts in the eat, and finishes in the west with VE7
Dr. D.: If the FBI wants me, they will knock at my door...they won't send me an E-mail.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: *east
Pamela: ya got that right
Round Ron: out on the weather ship Vancouver (50 north 145 W) there was a VE0MZ
Round Ron: everybody wanted a QSL card
Guy B.: Thanks to the herbal medicine from the vet. It works on her and she is walking fine too. Now, if I can slow her down.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: Yep, VE0 is when transmitting from the ocean
Dr. D.: My Dad's original CB call letters (from when the band opened up in 1959) were 19W4951
Pamela: don't slow her down, Guy, move with her : )
Pamela: it's good for both of you
rich-1: what was Newfoundland, then - I can't remember
Round Ron: I should get my ticket. There's a local club
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Dr. D: CB used to require a license eh? Heard of that...
Dr. D.: Yes.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: Honestly you should, it's so easy there's no reason not to!!!
Dr. D.: Dad had to sit a 6-hour exam to get his license in 1959.
Dr. D.: 1st-class radiotelephone operator.
Round Ron: Still got Morse at about 20WPM running around in my head
Dr. D.: He has kept it current...mails in the renewal fee every 5 years.
rich-1: yes, that was s.o.p. back then - that and doing code
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: Oh boy, something I wish I could have! I'm trying to get 5 WPM to pass my test.
Dr. D.: -.-. --.-
Round Ron: Maybe in the new year I'll go and introduce myself
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: Ya should! They even have this program called Echolink which uses the Internet to connect HAMs all around the world.
Round Ron: CQ CQ CQ
Pamela: alright Ron, what did Rich just say?
Dr. D.: CQ
Round Ron: General call to all stations
Round Ron: listen up I'm talking to you
Round Ron: :)
rich-1: sure - even on teh easiest newbie bands I suspect there will be more than enough to keep you entertained
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Yep, CQ CQ CQ de DR.D
Dr. D.: became "breaker breaker" in 1973
Round Ron: ya :)
Guy B.: Anyone finish their Christmas shopping yet?
Pamela: I have
Round Ron: didi-dum-dum-didi
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Waiting for the atmospheric conditions to get better so I can communicated around the world with a 10M rig I have.
Dr. D.: or "skip land, skip land, calling skip land" from the guys with their 1000W linear amplifiers.
Guy B.: 3/4 done for me.
rich-1: and it came from "seek you" - now there's some trivia for you!
Dr. D.: I am all done, as of this afternoon.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Yes! An O.K. comes from the old telegraph operators.
Dr. D.: Better than 4Q
Round Ron: ha ha
Pamela: groan
Round Ron: Even Pam got that one
Dr. D.: <rim shot>
Guy B.: Hope to have it all done this weekend and to send out my Christmas cards. Printed them out and going to send a couple of photos of Abby to two friends of mine.
Pamela: whaddya mean, "even Pam"??? I'm a champion punster
rich-1: and if I recall meant "all correct" with a sardonic twist
Round Ron: Christmas Cards... ya me too
rich-1: mailed mine yesterday - my I feel virtuous
Pamela: got the tree out of the locker tonite and the decorations. The tree is now up but there's nothing on it yet
Round Ron: I have to get a parcel away to Edmonton no later than the weekend
Pamela: Cards are on the agenda, but I have to get stamps
Dr. D.: Rin and I put up a tree before she went home at Thanksgiving (US).
rich-1: I also got our lighting up, such as it is
Guy B.: I'm glad I didn't send them out yet. I got another address change to make and add a new record for my friend Marsha. Got a card from her today.
Dr. D.: Our stockings and one apiece for the girls I have hanging up.
Round Ron: Can't get into any of that stuff until I get the card away to Bob.... which takes all of November and about 2 weeks in Dec
Dr. D.: I wrapped the girls' stuff tonight and put it under the tree.
rich-1: nothing like being prepared well in dvance
Pamela: you're running out of time, Ron
Round Ron: I know, I know
Round Ron: A week tomorrow, I'm bound for my ex's place
Pamela: that's disgusting, Rich
VE2HVZ - GuyF: 11 days left, that's an eternity!
Dr. D.: The girls will put up the tree at the house after Christina gets home Friday, probably not 'til Sunday night though.
BobS: The card is DONE !!!!! so NOW get that shoppin' done Ron
Dr. D.: If I don't do it now, it won't be until Christmas eve.
Round Ron: thanks Bob....I needed that
Pamela: isn't that what Christmas eve is for? Wrapping?
Dr. D.: Today was my one day off before then...I am 14-hour days from now until 23 December.
BobS: nO.....that day is for OPENING them
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dr. D.: For putting stuff out and filling stockings, hopefully not wrapping, and definitely not shopping.
Pamela: If I'm not just finishing up my wrapping on Christmas Eve at midnight, there's something wrong with the universe
Round Ron: How are Doug and Meeka doin' Bob?
Round Ron: haven't heard from them in a while
Guy B.: I have a Garfield stocking that counts down how many days till Christmas. Except 2 and 1 are missing, so I'll have to create those two.
BobS: they are both doing good
james left chat session
BobS: getting caught up in the AMWAY sales thing and neglecting their ADAM friends
rich-1: I think we just lost james
Round Ron: say hi for me. Tell Doug I haven't dropped anything lately
Dr. D.: AMWAY, ewwwww
Pamela: since we're hosting this year, I guess I'd better be finished before then
BobS: OK
BobS: will do Ron
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Guess I'll be singing that south park christmas song...
rich-1: yes, I'm coming hungry - btw, your mother just finished teh second Christmas pudding tonight
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. I start my last vacation a week from today and hopefully during that time, I'll scan for the hotels around here for next year's con. So, see you all next week.
Round Ron: are they making a go of it?
Dr. D.: Deck us all with Boston Charlie, Walla Walla Wash., and tra-la-la...
Dr. D.: Good night, Guy.
Round Ron: Niters Guy
Pamela: gnite, Guy - let us know as soon as you set a date please
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-1: good luck Guy and see you when you're back on - hopefully you can spare us an hour next week
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too!
Guy B.: Going to see around the end of July or first weekend in August.
BobS: I don't know.....they are closed mouth especially after we told them about a 20/20 special that looked at the company in a rather dubious light
BobS: nite Guy
Pamela: that's good news Dad - which reminds me, I need the outside diameter of the container to see if it will fit in our steamer. Can you ask her?
Guy B.: Ok, see you all later. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Poofers
Round Ron: Guy.... if I may do a large PLEASE...... the first weekend of August is tied up here. I wouldn't be able to get away
Pamela: Amway is notorious for bringing out the worst in people, Bob
Round Ron: missed him. anybody got his e-mail?
Dr. D.: Guy hath gepooft, Ron.
Round Ron: I gotta tell him about that
rich-1: sher says don't worry about it, she'll bring ours
BobS: a new twist if the Alticor company which in an inline company
BobS: online
Pamela: okay. That will help.
rich-1: she says it's about 7", smaller if put in foil, and teh two are stackable
Round Ron: All of a sudden I was transported to downtown Ottawa and dumped in the Rideau Canal
Pamela: hang on, I'll check Ron - but don't be surprised if I get dumped.
Round Ron: damn screensavers
Round Ron: thanks Pam
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Errr, what's 7"??? I'm missing some of the convo...
Dr. D.: My parents got talked into a pyramid scheme selling cosmetics back around 1970, by one of Mom's was called Koskot...they put $2K in caused very hard times for us, that's all I will say here...
rich-1: more of less private, Pam and I, Guy
Round Ron: I have attended several intro meetings over the years, but somehow never got into it
Dr. D.: So I have natural distrust of stuff like Mary Kay and Amway...
Round Ron: Amway, that is
rich-1: count your blessing, Ron
Round Ron: indeed
Pamela: okay, try
Round Ron: just couldn't see myself being any good at it
rich-1: American Way is no place for a furriner, however polite they are to your face
Round Ron: thanks Pam
Round Ron: ah so
Dr. D.: I remember the day the semi delivered the load of cosmetics...boxes and boxes and boxes...
BobS: ;most any of the 'private' sales products invoke a little eyebrow raising here with this untrusting guy
Dr. D.: The product per se was legit, it was just the sales scheme was pyramid, and Mom and Dad were in it too late to be in the money-making part of it.
Pamela: me too, Bob
Dr. D.: They were also too honest...
Pamela: anything pyramid is suspect
rich-1: aw, they just do it so you can't conveniently compare the markup
Round Ron: In this country, I think pyramids are illegal are they not?
Pamela: oui, monsieur
BobS: ABSOLUTELY Dr D..........the ones who got rich were the bottom tier who jumped at an impossible chance at luck which actually turned out
rich-1: yes, I believe so, Ron, though proving them can be difficult
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Ron: I believe they are, but they still go on under different names, types...
Round Ron: however, they've done a little verbal jiggery pokery..... aka Multi-Level-Marketing
Dr. D.: At least the products were legit...after the crash, they were used...I think it took about 8 years for Mom to finally finish off the last off it.
Round Ron: I tell ya though, Amway has a stain remover that works like nothing else I've ever used
rich-1: Pam, are you still doing the Avon schtick?
Dr. D.: Kosmetics for the Kommunities of Tomorrow...Koskot...founded by one Glenn W. Turner.
Pamela: no, I haven't for years, Dad
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Tupperware parties! Woohoo
BobS: a pyramid scheme is not illegal IF the whole thing has a legit product to sell......that is how AMWAY made it work
rich-1: bite your tongue, Guy! 8 - )
Round Ron: My cousin the Doc in Charlottetown in 1997 tried to get me to come aboard something called Jewellway
Dr. D.: We do have some 40-year-old Tupperware at home, mixing bowls and collander.
Round Ron: told him he'd have to wait in line
Dr. D.: It will probably last another 40 years.
Pamela: Russell's cousin is into home base businesses in a big way, and I give her the orders from my office, and take the delivery. She gets all the headaches
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Dr.D: Colletibles, believe it or not... have a friend who's an avid tupperware collector.
Pamela: tupperware is the best, no doubt - but it's damned expensive
rich-1: yes, if you need it, Tupperware is a legitimate product - though perchance a bit overpriced?
VE2HVZ - GuyF:
Dr. D.: It is a set of pale yellow stuff, large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl (no lids, they have rounded lips for pouring) and the collander.
VE2HVZ - GuyF: We're getting 10 inches on Fri.... Uh-oh.
Pamela: well, put it this way - Ihave the best salad spinner going, from Tupperware, but the retail price is $50.00
Dr. D.: Fetchez le shovel :-)
Round Ron: and that.... I was given to understand is the difference. If you're selling a legit product, and the purpose of your business is to promote, sell and distribute that product, then you're not a Pyramid
BobS: NEWS FLASH..........FREEZING RAIN warning for us in Grand Rapids
Round Ron: EWWWW
Pamela: ick
VE2HVZ - GuyF: Time to think of KYOTO!
VE2HVZ - GuyF: ;)
BobS: that is about it Ron......although the end result for a lot of the sellers is the same as a worthless pyramid
Round Ron: But, on the other hand, if all you're trying to do is sign up people in your chain, then you're a Pyramid
Dr. D.: talk to our Fearless Leader here about Kyoto...he will K.O. your climatologist
BobS: it is the product validity that changes the whole thing
Round Ron: so I understand
Pamela: no comment
rich-1: oh, our guys ticked him off at the Montreal conference and now teh ambassador is sulking
BobS: well to go here and hit the sack so's I can get up early and deal w/ the ice (less than 1/4")
Dr. D.: So I read in the Toronto Star
BobS: next week all
Dr. D.: Good night Bob
Pamela: gnite Bob - hi to Judy
rich-1: night Bob
BobS: nite all
Dr. D.: I will be at a band concert next Wednesday
BobS left chat session
VE2HVZ - GuyF: BobS: Put something on your car windows, such as cardboard. That's what we do here, makes deicing easier in the morning.
Pamela: who's playing, Elanor?
Dr. D.: Diana.
rich-1: which will run rather late, so if we miss you - Merry Christmas!
Dr. D.: Elanor's vocal concert is this Friday.
Dr. D.: I have to get back in town with Christina in time to make the concert.
Pamela: oh, that should be lovely too
Round Ron: nite Bob
Dr. D.: Yes, Richard, I doubt I will make the chat next Wednesday.
Dr. D.: Yeah, since her class doesn't let out until 3:30 PM, and the concert starts at 7 PM.
Dr. D.: Just hope for normal 2-hour drive from Erie.
Round Ron: By this time next week, I must have all my shopping done and all my cards sent and my suitcase packed
Pamela: well then, Merry Christmas Rich
Round Ron: YIKES
rich-1: if the weather is dicey, remember arriving late is better than not arriving at all
Dr. D.: Thanks Pam, Merry Christmas to you too.
Pamela: better get busy then, Ron
Round Ron: yep
Dr. D.: Rin and I will be coming to Toronto on the 2nd.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I'll probably talk to you on Boxing Day
Dr. D.: Probably staying for a couple days.
rich-1: OK, we'll make a note - for how long?
Dr. D.: Rin doesn't have to go back to work until the 4th.
Pamela: yes, she was saying. Hopefully, since Russell is off on the Tuesday and Wednesday we'll get to see you
Dr. D.: Yes, the last few times have been very late arrivals...last trip was over 7 hours, ugh.
Pamela: I heard : )
Pamela: speaking of hearing, heard from Rin yet?
Dr. D.: Accident on the freeway leading up to the bridge, so they diverted everyone to Niagara Street and it was a crawl.
Dr. D.: Yes...she said dinner had ended and dancing had started.
Pamela: any idea when she'll be home?
Dr. D.: I wrote back, does that mean you are leaving now? but have had no reply.
rich-1: actually, that was teh alibi - in fact Security was having an attack of paranoia again - right, Rich?
Dr. D.: She was to be home at 10:30 per last word this afternoon.
Pamela: hmm
Dr. D.: I dunno Richard.
Dr. D.: I-490 or whatever it is was closed for several exits.
Dr. D.: Once I actually got to the bridge, it was zip right through.
rich-1: you lack teh nasty suspcious mind required for the U>S> these days
VE2HVZ - GuyF: I'll be out... if I don't talk to any of you, have some happy holidays!!! I should be on next week. Adios.
Round Ron: Security gets paid to be paranoid
Pamela: okay, Guy - g'nite
Dr. D.: Bye Guy, Joyeux Noel I think it is?
rich-1: Joyeux Noel et bponne nouvell annee, Guy
Round Ron: happy holidays Guy be well
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I should be in Windsor by early afternoon Boxing Day.
Round Ron: Well.... I better go and do something about my Christmas cards
Dr. D.: hehe, he is still here
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good, then hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to you and everyone
Round Ron: need a card elf
Pamela: (PRIVATE) if not, we'll see you on the 2nd or the 3rd
Dr. D.: SmartXmasWriter
Round Ron: :)
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I don't know what the plans are, other than that I will be there.
Round Ron: see ya's all next week. and if not..... Christmas greetings to all
Dr. D.: That is a program we need.
Dr. D.: Merry Christmas Ron.
Round Ron: tks...niters
rich-1: same to you, Ron - take care and enjoy
Round Ron: fooooop
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's okay, if I don't talk to Aunt C I'll be on her naughty list so I'll do it Boxing Day and make eveyrone happy : )
Round Ron left chat session
Pamela: nite, Ron
Pamela: okay folks, I need to go and get some stuff done before bed so I'm exiting stage left
rich-1: looks like we're pretty well folding up now - getting on to bed time
Pamela: Dad, tell Mom I'll call her in the next few days - I have another question for her
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I hope to stay off that list too.
rich-1: one note, Pam
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Rin says she is halfway home now.
rich-1: would you be interested in a bathc of music tapes roughly 1970's?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) always a good thing. Love you! Drive safe and Merry Christmas to all.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, good, we'll be up for a while yet
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) And that she didn't dance with any guys.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) will you let her know she can still come by?
rich-1: batch
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I will write that to her.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) thank you.
Pamela: I don't know Dad, would have to look at them
VE2HVZ - GuyF left chat session
rich-1: anyone still left?
Pamela: I'll let you know once I see them
rich-1: OK, I won't toss them till you do - they wre your uncle's
Dr. D.: I am here.
Pamela: thank you
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Just wrote to her.
rich-1: anyhow, time we all headed for bed - so goodnight, both
Dr. D.: So Richard...I hope you and Frances are well.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) poor baby, she'll be exhausted tomorrow
Dr. D.: Bed is probably a reasonable suggestion.
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) She has had 2 late nights in a row, grrrrr.....
rich-1: good for what ails you, Doc 8 - )
Pamela: (PRIVATE) says the king of I never sleep : )
Dr. D.: Yeah, have to get up early to get the girls to school.
Pamela: good night, Daddy
Dr. D.: Good night Richard.
rich-1: goodnight, Pamela and Rich
rich-1: colour me gone
rich-1 left chat session
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Rin says she will deliver the checque.
Pamela: that's great
Pamela: Is she on the bus?
Dr. D.: I guess, whatever halfway home means.
Pamela: hmm, maybe I'll give her a call
Dr. D.: I am fuzzy on the geography so I don't know what it really means.
Pamela: I'm not keen on her walking over from the corner
Pamela: well she must be above ground if her Blackberry i working
Dr. D.: That is true, it won't work on the train.
Dr. D.: She was complaining about her boots.
Pamela: LOL
Dr. D.: So hopefully there is not too much ice on the sidewalk.
Pamela: she should have known better. The sidewalks are actually not too bad but will be bad by tomorrow if we get the promised storm.
Dr. D.: She refuses to buy stuff that is comfortable, so there is nothing I can do. She only cares how shoes look, not how they feel.
Dr. D.: We have had that discussion many times, the point is moot.
Pamela: well most of the time she's good about not wearing dress shoes / boots in the winter, but with the party, I'm not surprised
Dr. D.: She even bought them here over Thanksgiving...
Dr. D.: ...after saying they hurt her feet, but she liked how they looked.
Pamela: I like the ones she got while she was there
Dr. D.: I think it is a girl thing.
Dr. D.: So I will let it pass...until I am paying half the podiatry bills, then I will growl some.
Pamela: some women will always put fashion above comfort. I'm not one of them
Dr. D.: Shoes are a blind spot I think, but what do I know.
Pamela: shoes are a weakness for most women
Pamela: I had my share of painful footwear over the years. Now I refuse.
Dr. D.: Shoes are something to wear to avoid being barefoot on rough terrain...
Pamela: it's hard enough to get comfortable footwear for square feet - fashion shoes are out of the question
Pamela: so says a man : )
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: This wouldn't be Rin?
Pamela: and who have we here?
changed username to Very Late Dan
Pamela: ah, Daniel.
Pamela: Hey Daniel
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr. D.: Everyone else went to sleep...and I should.
Very Late Dan: hello Dr.D and Pam!
Pamela: Rich, I'm gonna go get shoes and a coat and go down and watch for her
Very Late Dan: I wasn't at home tonight
Dr. D.: Hello and long time since I have been here.
Dr. D.: Okay, I will tell her, Pam.
Pamela: so I'll say goodnight
Very Late Dan: goodnight Dr.D
Very Late Dan: I will check the log file.
Pamela: talk to you soon, Rich
Pamela: Daniel, hello and goodnight
Pamela: kerpoof!
Dr. D.: Okay Pam, I just wrote her.
Dr. D.: Good night.
Very Late Dan: goodnight Pam!
Pamela: thanks, g'bye
Pamela left chat session
Very Late Dan: take care
Dr. D.: And I am going to go now too, Daniel...we were waiting for Erin to get back home from some political event, since Erin is supposed to stop by Pam's apartment for something.
Dr. D.: Erin wrote me from her Blackberry to say that she was nearly home.
Very Late Dan: ok
Dr. D.: So...good night, and if I don't make it back next Wednesday, Joyeux Noel!
Very Late Dan: bonne nuit Dr.D
Very Late Dan: Merry Christmas
Very Late Dan: Best wishes
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Very Late Dan left chat session
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