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rc: test
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BobS: HEY Richard
rich-c: hi Roberto, you are unusually early
BobS: how the health?
BobS: s
BobS: only a minute or two
BobS: didn't want to forget
BobS: :-)
rich-c: interesting developments with the CPAP\
BobS: and they are>
BobS: ?
rich-c: some glitches in the handling but I am adapting very well, very quickly
BobS: that is good
rich-c: and I feel it is doing me a great deal of good
rich-c: so why are you limited in your time on?
BobS: gonna be gone nest week and the week after
rich-c: oh, another one of your cruises?
BobS: HA a vacation !!!!!!!!
BobS: flyout Mon am early and come home 12 dyas later at supper time to chicago
rich-c: well, take along your laptop - surely teh cruise lines have wireless conections by now 8 - )
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BobS: IF I can figure out how to hook up....but don't think the ship has it
changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: bonspoir, Daniel - ca va?
BobS: BUt theyhave internet, prob is it is $$$$$$
BobS: so all I can really check is email
BobS: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: sorry to miss last adamcon chat session... I caught a cold... i was sure it was a flu, but it was a cold finally
rich-c: did you check or just assuming on the price?
Daniel B: Hello Rich
Daniel B: Hello Bob
BobS: have used it before, $.50 per minute
BobS: we do get some free perk minutes, but not much
Daniel B: I wanted to check the chat log... there is no chat log for last week
rich-c: it may have changed - when Holiday Inn is free wireless broadband in every room, the competition is getting stiff
BobS: not exactly a time to come chat., but you never know, I might pop in....if the connection is fast
rich-c: well, when did you check, Daniel?
BobS: will see,
rich-c: right - have to start putting some pressure on your travel agent, too
rich-c: the more customers they lose over internet issues, the faster they'll smarten up
Daniel B: I finally got a job in my domain
BobS: they won't lose people over internet, the usual crowd
BobS: is older and can live without it for a few days at a time
rich-c: have to get the trailer parks types into it too
BobS: GREAT Daniel
BobS: doing what?????/
rich-c: you got a job! that's terrific, Daniel
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rich-c: what are you doing?
Daniel B: programming for a multimedia system
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rich-c: OK - temp, freelance, or permanent?
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changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Chat is evil tonight, it will not let me in.
BobS: yo Doc
rich-c: hi rich, made it on on the swecond try I see
Daniel B: temp... four months contract
Dr. D.: applet not initialized, over and over
Daniel B: Hello Dr.D
Dr. D.: Exploder, Safari, and Firefox.
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Daniel B: there was a chat session last week?
BobS: what are you programming Daniel ???? games ? work apps?
Dr. D.: Yes
rich-c: there's a new update of Java just out
Daniel B: Go check :
rich-c: just installed it on my laptop about an hour ago
Dr. D.: The logger may be broken again.
Dr. D.: But we had a chat.
Dr. D.: Also some bad stuff left in the log, someone logged in and cussed.
Daniel B: programming a module to be used in a multimedia server
rich-c: OK - who's the employer?
Dr. D.: My software updates are current here.
Daniel B: who is butch?
rich-c: butcvh?
Dr. D.: no clue
Daniel B: the employer is Solutions Extenway
Dr. D.: Someone with that login name left some obscenities in the log about 12 hours before last Wednesday's chat.
rich-c: OK, never heard of tehm, but I've barely heard of Microsoft, so...
BobS: alost loser found our chat, eh?
Dr. D.: yeah :-(
rich-c: well, that's what teh delete button is for, Rich
Daniel B: they work on a tv with services like video on demand, internet, shopping...
Daniel B: it's to be in hotel
Dr. D.: You have a job, Daniel?
rich-c: that's hot stuff - do a good job and they may grow fast enough to keep you around permanent full-time
Daniel B: yes, I had the surprise last friday
rich-c: Dale may be able to give you some tips, too
rich-c: anyway regarddless of the outcome, the work experience looks good on your resume
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changed username to erin
Daniel B: yes, I have finally a real job... thank you! ... it's more like a second "stage" for me than a real job, because it's for a short period (4 months)
rich-c: well, looks like teh gang is checking in early tonight
Dr. D.: The Redhead is here...Hi Red
erin: Hi Doc
rich-c: hello rin
erin: hi Uncle Richard
BobS: Hi Rin
erin: Hi Bobs
Dr. D.: I may have to check out early, Richard...been up since 4 AM, didn't get home from work until 7:45 PM.
Daniel B: Bonsoir 'rin!
rich-c: how's things in Queens Park - chinning themselves on the panic cord?
Dr. D.: Was not at work until 7:30 AM, though...just woke up and couldn't sleep.
erin: and I'll be out early due to headache
erin: panicking about...?
Dr. D.: I think he means the Federal election.
rich-c: the elecftion - sems your federal buddies are in trouble
Dr. D.: Which party do you subscribe to, Richard? :-)
erin: I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention
rich-c: I'm not a member of any party, Rich
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: transcend the mess :-)
Dr. D.: I am not a registered party-member either.
rich-c: but we have been dragged into a totally unnecessary election on the coldest day of the year
erin: I agree
Dr. D.: Blame Herr Harper IIRC
rich-c: for no reason but teh unbridled powerlust of teh Conservative leader
Dr. D.: Seeking lebensraum
rich-c: and I've got equa;lly little use for his Jack-a-napes collaborator too
Dr. D.: He's hoping for an anschluss
Dr. D.: I have to admit Martin seems no wunderkind to me
rich-c: well he sure won't find any help on that here!
Dr. D.: I think a vote for Michael J. Mouse of the Disney Party is in order.
rich-c: take a look at our economic numbers, Rich - he can bore me to death with tehm when they're like they are now
rich-c: not to say I don't have issues with the party - I do - but they are the best of a bad lot
rich-c: and I'll beat that scumbag Hrper too - we'll vote in an advance poll when the weather is good
Dr. D.: That unfortunately is true about are parties over here...there is none good on its own merits, only less broken or less evil than others.
Dr. D.: our parties, sheesh, brain asleep
rich-c: well, you only have two to choose from, and money and media influences that warp that horribly
Daniel B: brb
rich-c: we have a couple of rabid reactionaries on our carnuts board who are trying to encourage everyone to vote Libertarian
Dr. D.: There are good points about Libertarianism.
Dr. D.: They have a good streak of MYOB
rich-c: that there are and our cursor cronies ar3e good at finding persuasice literature
rich-c: yes, in fact they carry it to extreemes
erin: (PRIVATE) Riches these are my new glasses
Dr. D.: That is the problem, no balance.
rich-c: I just don't want a society where 911 doesn't answer unless you're a subscriber
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Italian hugs and kisses glasses, eh? Thought you were Canadian <runs>
rich-c: like the fire insurance companies of ancient Rome - their firefighters only rsponded to those insured
erin: (PRIVATE) <smirk>
Dr. D.: Protection money.
erin: (PRIVATE) what do you think?
rich-c: yes, in the most literal sense, wot?
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) They aren't "funky"
Dr. D.: Well, taxes are a form of protection, more diffuse :-S
rich-c: we still do it on car insurance and stuff, but some things are better left to governments
erin: (PRIVATE) they are a bit but not extreme
rich-c: yes - how good a safety net do you want? how much are you willing to pay?
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Funky is rhinestones and glitter, pointy corners, or mirror finish lenses.
rich-c: Canadians are much more willing to pay than Americans, though our politicians don't believe it
Dr. D.: That is what it all comes down to...I don't have the answer, Richard, nobody has elected me philospher-king.
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changed username to BobS
BobS requested to ban BobS
erin confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: ok I am back
Dr. D.: A brace of BobSs
BobS: darn phone line
rich-c: well yes, but you need to vote for teh guy most likely to make the right call
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) They are fine Sweetie.
Dr. D.: Usually none of the candidates are likely to make the right call.
erin: (PRIVATE) <smirk> <kiss>
Dr. D.: So it doesn't matter much.
rich-c: right now it's a case of trying to pick the least dangerous of a pretty unsavoury lot
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) <tsk tsk>
Daniel B: I don't like talking about politic and religion, but I will certainly vote (and it's secret) ;-)
Dr. D.: I keep telling Erin that she really makes the Ministry go, not Steve maybe she should have a go at it :-)
erin: (PRIVATE) what :-) ? You don't have to like them, besides you don't even know what they look like on me
erin: no thanks
rich-c: right Daniel - I also usually say yes I voted; how? by secret ballot
Daniel B: I will go vote this week-end
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I was tutting the <smirk>
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: yes, considering the weather, make sure you get your vote in early
erin: the important thing is to vote and that's what counts
Dr. D.: I vote for Cthulhu...why vote for the lesser evil?
rich-c: thought he'd gone back home?
Dr. D.: (only funny if you have read stories by H.P. Lovecraft)
Daniel B: I don't want to wait in a line for an hour at the official day to vote.
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) <kiss> they will suit you Sweetie
rich-c: sorry - I was confusing him with teh Asimov story "Farewell to the master" - similar name
erin: (PRIVATE) <kiss> you suit me
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) <kiss> you suit me more out of your suit
rich-c: well, Friday is supposed to still be mild here, but rainy, but there's a lot of disagreement about teh days after
Dr. D.: I need to logout and reboot...BRB
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: how is your weather and forecast, Bob?
Daniel B: see you later dr.d
rich-c: oh, he'll be right back, Daniel
BobS: warm tomorrow, cooler in view w/ flurries, sun partly SUNNY for our trip to out Mon and OUT OF HERE :MON
BobS: just need good weather to leave @ 6:45 am Mon
rich-c: we seem to be getting conflicting forecasts for the weekend - continuing warm (about 45) or seriously freezing
BobS: change the channel
rich-c: funny - our papers take from competing private weather services and we have a weather radio and website for Environment Canada
BobS: pick the one you like
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rich-c: lately Environment Canada has had by far the better guesses
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rich-c: that should be Rich back now
rich-c: oops!
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erin: he was having difficulties earlier...
BobS: come on Rich
rich-c: have to tell him to get one of these new Apples with the Intel chips
BobS: everybody PULL
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel B: Dr.D is there?
Dr. D.: Stupid thing.
rich-c: yes, I see he just made it
Dr. D.: Not you Daniel :-)
Dr. D. requested to ban <undefined>
Daniel B confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Daniel B: I have to thankyou again Dr.D for the coleco programming document
Dr. D.: I am glad that it is useful Daniel.
rich-c: wthat's wht you get for not sending your tribute to Bill Gates
Dr. D.: Ha Richard; his spew will not connect at all tonight.
rich-c: which version are you using?
Dr. D.: Nor Firefox...both give Applet Not Initialized errors.
Dr. D.: The latest Mac version, 5.2 I think it is.
Dr. D.: Firefox, dunno what the version is, I DLed it only a month or so agao.
Dr. D.: ago.
rich-c: sure your Java is right up to date? I only got the update notice this afternoon
Daniel B: yes, useful document to complet mine and to understand the way it was normal to program a coleco game with the coleco bios.
erin: maybe that's why mine was flickering when I told this to install the new found updates...
rich-c: I've up[graded to IE 6.0 on the desktop; the laptop came with it
Dr. D.: Is programming according to Coleco specifications easier or harder than what you were doing before?
Daniel B: I'm using Firefox right now on my computer (pentium 400Mhz, win98)
Daniel B: it's working fine
Dr. D.: There is no 6.x for fact, M$ have stopped supporting IEmac this month.
erin: (PRIVATE) I'm going to go to bed My Love <kiss> should help the headache
BobS: yes richard, i also upgraded to IE6 and now Macromedia won't work and it is a PAIN
rich-c: ypours is the same as Pamela's, then, Daniel
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) sigh, leave me all alone here :-(
BobS: went to microsoft site and they acknoledge it......but their cures don't work
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: well, you have Safari and Fiefox and Opera to choose from so you aren't suffering
Pamela: hello, I made it
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) <holds> poor Rin <kisses temples>
BobS: so...........have to blow it awasy or live with the pain
erin: (PRIVATE) ...I can stay I suppose....but just because you're cute
BobS: Hi Pam
rich-c: bout time, daughter ; - )
erin: hi Pam
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) no, no, a thousand times no
Pamela: sorry, Daddy : )
Pamela: hi, Rin - I fell asleep
Dr. D.: M$ has managed to break Flash have they Bob?
erin: (PRIVATE) too late... I'm staying
rich-c: macromedia works just fine on my 98SE setup, and under XP on the laptop
BobS: yup
Daniel B: bonsoir Pam!
BobS: and it is only w/ IR6
BobS: IE 6
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) If you are in pain, go lie down
erin: (PRIVATE) I'll be fine
Daniel B: désolé de t'accueillir un peu en retard, j'étais en discussion avec quelqu'un d'autre sur yahoo
BobS: have upgraded all of our stuff to IE 6 and they all work cept for mine laptop...and it was working
BobS: but not anymore
rich-c: you will notice by the way that I am back up and running on the desktop
Pamela: Rich, did Erin tell you what happened at Yorkdale last week to cause all the emergency vehicles you saw?
rich-c: didnt see any emergency vehicles at Yorkdale; haven't been there for weeks and that rarely
Dr. D.: Not being in your snakepit, I can't see what you are using Richard...did you get your stuff backed up and booting okay now?
rich-c: however, spill it!
Dr. D.: No she didn't
Dr. D.: What was it, a shooting or something?
Pamela: of course not, Dad, you were home - but Erin and Rich came across the 401 to dinner last week
erin: yes I did
Pamela: no, someone ran a car into the plate glass window at Indigo
rich-c: yes, it was a bit of a hassle, and one checker claims I have over 400 accumulated registry errors, but I'm running
Dr. D.: I don't remember :-(
erin: I told you last night
Dr. D.: I still don'
Dr. D.: t remember
Dr. D.: Brain is going
Dr. D.: <downcast>
Dr. D.: 400 registry errors?
rich-c: same thing happened to our neighbourhood library some few months ago - they still have not got it fixed
Dr. D.: I must have that many in my brain, maybe it explains lack of short-term memory.
Dr. D.: I have only ever seen an accident like that once.
rich-c: mostly leftovers from many deletions from the look, Rich
Dr. D.: There is a Subway on the corner about 1.5 miles down the street. One night someone rounded the intersection too fast and went in-and-out through the front of it...after hours, fortunately.
erin: (PRIVATE) Gubby's email was returned....they were both delayed apparently.....don't know about Dad's...
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) resend then, I know hers is, can't remember Dad's
Dr. D.: Surprisingly it didn't make the roof collapse.
Dr. D.: They shored it up a bit and put in new plate glass.
Dr. D.: I think it took a couple weeks.
erin: (PRIVATE) ohhhhhh.....hmmm...the dr is not in the version that I recall
rich-c: yes, every once in a while someone gets into the wrong gear, or guesses a curve wrong
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) just a sec
BobS: lota crashes happen all the time
erin: (PRIVATE) it's okay......just confirmed I'm an idiot
rich-c: the library is still waiting - why, we don't know
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) it used to be gubbyd47, but they had to change it for some reason when it went from to
Dr. D.: The books better not be out in the weather.
rich-c: drive long enough and sooner or later you're going to have some sort of brain cramp and do something weird
rich-c: oh, they have plywood and tarpaulins and like that all over it, of course
rich-c: where is judy, Bob? Packing?
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) we are idiots together Sweetie <drool>
Dr. D.: Packing for what?
erin: (PRIVATE) <twiddles bottom lip> :-)
rich-c: they're going to abandon us for some silly cruise for two weeks 8 - (
BobS: nope sitting here watching the tube
BobS: going for am 11 day cruise doc
Daniel B: @Dr.D. : I asked someone to OCR the coleco prog doc to have an electronic textual version of it
Dr. D.: What, no wireless net.access on expensive cruise ships?!?
Dr. D.: for shame
Dr. D.: I have no idea how accurately it can be done, Daniel.
BobS: sure but costly for a tight fisted dutchman
rich-c: have to organize a consumer boycott, Rich, smarten them up to the 21st century
Dr. D.: Tight-fisted Dutchmen don't go on cruises
Daniel B: the first part, the copy is fine. the ocr works great. but for the annexes, it's another story
Dr. D.: Yeah, forget it for the Appendices.
Dr. D.: They are barely legible as they should see the true originals I inherited...
rich-c: btw, I have not managed (or tried) to install the scaner again yet
Pamela: why does it not want to install, Dad?
Dr. D.: There are marks and scratches all over the originals...I painted them out with Liquid Paper by took a *LONG* time.
rich-c: I think I may wait till I have HP tech support on the phone lin
Dr. D.: It has a Clee-detect circuit, Pam :-)
Pamela: : )
BobS: maybe it is Richard's "magnetic" personality
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) just sent a congrats E-mail to Marie
rich-c: no idea, Pam - it did install and claimed success, but teh driver haughtily annonced "there are no HP devices on this machine"
Daniel B: well, I typed the coleco bios listing, and I already re-typed the worst printed quality annexe (annexe H). So, if it only miss one section, I think it can be re-typed, but will need time.
Pamela: sorry I'm so quiet, I'm downloading two weeks worth of e-mails - all 99 of them
erin: (PRIVATE) hehe she'll appreciate it :-)
Dr. D.: I wish I had the missing page from the Graphics Users Manual.
rich-c: ye gods, I get that many in one day, on my Tamco account alone
Dr. D.: But it is missing from Dale's copy, too.
rich-c: bummer
BobS: missing??????
Dr. D.: Yes, a page was missing in the original stuff I got from Barry Wilson.
Dr. D.: It seems to have been missing from whatever Coleco ran off copies from to make the manuals.
Dr. D.: No malice, just a page dropped out.
rich-c: or dropped by whoever surreptitiously copied the manuals and smuggled them out...
Dr. D.: Unless they decided to pull it after they realized that ACTIVATE was broken for complex objects.
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Dr. D.: That too, Richard...but Dale's copy was a boughten legit copy.
changed username to Judy
erin: hi Judy
rich-c: aha - hi Judy, tv program over now?
Judy: hi, everyone
Pamela: hi, Judy
Dr. D.: Hi Judy.
rich-c: looking forward to teh voyage?
Dr. D.: Watch out for the giant squid...
Judy: yes, was watching for awhile.
Dr. D.: ...and don't take any "three-hour tours"
Judy: and I can' t type at all tonight
Judy: the fingers don't want to work at all
rich-c: how come? cocordination, wrong glasses, or stiff hands?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: too much time spent on the knitting, perchance?
Judy: yes, we are almost packed already
erin: (PRIVATE) It's bed time now My Love
Dr. D.: Erin tells me she is knitting now...
changed username to Ronald
BobS: Hi Ron
erin: hi Ron
Ronald: Hi y'all
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Yes it is
Dr. D.: Hi Ron
rich-c: well, the left coast clocks in - welcome Ron
erin: unfortunately it is past my bedtime all
Dr. D.: Leftpondia
Judy: don't know, just hitting the wrong keys
erin: have a wonderful
Ronald: Erin, I could use a forest green cardigan with pockets.... 2 XL
erin: see you next
Ronald: I pay
erin: hehe
Daniel B: hello Ron!
Pamela: greetings, Ron
Dr. D.: Have to be awake to keep Steverino out of mischief :-)
rich-c: night, Erin - sleep tight and take it easy
Daniel B: bonsoir Judy!
erin: I'm at scarf level :-)
Pamela: night, Rin
Judy: night than, Erin
erin: night all
Pamela: Love you
Dr. D.: Bye Rin
Judy: hi, Ron
Dr. D.: <kiss>
erin: (PRIVATE) love you <kiss>
rich-c: yes, apparently Toronto is becoming the knitting capital of North America
erin: to Pam love you too
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) <more kiss>
Ronald: Hi Judy, Daniel, Dr. D
erin: to Rich <kiss>
erin: (PRIVATE) <more kiss>
rich-c: you can likely find the story on the Star website with some looking
erin: bye bye
erin left chat session
Ronald: at
Judy: I made three scarves before D
Ronald: now now, none of that
Pamela: still checking my e-mail, almost missed her
rich-c: we have given them a small dispensation
Judy: christmas
Dr. D.: What is the difference between knitting and crocheting?
Dr. D.: <no, not a riddle>
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: I really am curious.
rich-c: hello Guy, how are things in Chicago?
Ronald: Both, I believe involve dexterity of the fingers, but produce different outputs
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! Sorry, to be late, but a crisis developed with Abby.
Judy: needles and hooks
rich-c: oh dear, what has gone wrong?
Daniel B: bonsoir Guy!
Pamela: knitting requires two or more needles, crochet just one, and the knotting techniques are different, I believe
Ronald: ah
Ronald: oh oh
Guy B.: She has a viral infection and caused her liver to swell up.
Ronald: pauvre petit chien
Judy: just one hook
Pamela: oh dear, Guy
rich-c: that is seriously nasty stuff
Dr. D.: hepatitis
Pamela: poor puppy
rich-c: bacterial infections are dealable with comparatively easy, but viruses - BAD news
Guy B.: She's on antibiotics and good news. She is getting better. She is going in for another checkup on Saturday.
rich-c: that is a BIG relief, Guy, for sure
Pamela: she can't be on antibiotics, Guy - they're for bacterial infections
Pamela: perhaps anti-viral?
Guy B.: I was really worried. She wasn't able to eat. She's on a boiled ground beef and rice diet right now.
Pamela: boy, we should eat so well : )
Guy B.: She's on Amoxcillon.
Ronald: will be get to meet Abby at the con?
rich-c: wonder where she picked it up - how long has she had it?
Guy B.: Yes, I do plan on that. I know one other who really wants to meet her.
Pamela: me, for one!
rich-c: well, that's a penecillin variant so I guess it is an antibiotic
Ronald: oh yes eh?
Guy B.: That's a good question Rich. Vet thinks she picked it up outside.
Pamela: she's a golden lab, right Guy?
Ronald: It's a big bad dirty world out there
rich-c: my dentist makes me take it before each appointment
Guy B.: She's a mixed breed.
Pamela: mixed what?
Guy B.: It is. I can't even take that. I have an allergic reaction to anything with penicillion.
Pamela: or should I say, mixed of what?
Pamela: I'm getting the impression that she and the vet are becoming very good friends : )
rich-c: well, with being on coumadin and having a hip that daren't risk infection, we muct be over-cautious
Guy B.: Part sheperd and Whippet. She's built like a Miniture Greyhound. She's lost 7 pounds out of this
Pamela: and thinks she's a lap dog, right? : )
Ronald: :)
Guy B.: One thing she will do is smile.
Ronald: hey! That must be cute
Dr. D.: Right before she rips off your arm :-)
Ronald: right
Pamela: oh, I get the impression she's a big suck
Dr. D.: I am sure Guy is well-protected.
Guy B.: She will even go up to complete strangers sometimes.
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Pamela: sorta like my cats
Guy B.: Oh one thing. She's a kisser.
Ronald: can usually tell how an animal has been treated by the way they respond to strangers
Pamela: when we were broken into all those year ago, I'm pretty sure they went up to the guy and went "Hi, rub my belly please"
Guy B.: Well anyway, now that she is getting better. Now, I will have to be next.
rich-c: you coming down with something, Guy?
BobS: what is YOUR problem ?
Dr. D.: That was it I am sure when my coin collection was stolen while I was away at college...our dog of the time was a wuss.
Ronald: Wuss, the guard dog
Pamela: and Suck the attack cat
Dr. D.: Yeah, poor Missy was a wuss.
Ronald: :)
Dr. D.: Cats are good for attack if you use a grenade launcher to propel them.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) decided on the Sunday plans yet, Pam?
Dr. D.: Quite satisfactory change in surface area.
Guy B.: My right hand will have to be checked for Carpal.
Dr. D.: bleh Guy
Judy: you don't sound like a cat lover, Dr D
Pamela: you're treading on thin ice, Dr. D
Dr. D.: My sympathies.
Ronald: exactly
Dr. D.: I like dogs much more than cats.
rich-c: yes, no fun when it siezes up, is it? Mine cramps when it's cold - and not very cold
rich-c: got a sweater on now, and a wrist brace - and it's at least 71 in here
Dr. D.: Dogs are friendly, cats are out for themselves...dogs will love you, cats will tolerate you so long as it amuses them.
Guy B.: That's all I need, especially when we starting to get busy at work. Just was informed that out IT Dept will start upgrading our PC's to WinXP Pro beginning next week.
Dr. D.: Only ever known one cat exception to that rule.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well it's up to you and Mom - it's her birthday, what does she want to do? Go out? If so where? Or, stay in?
Ronald: my sister in Edmonton has 3, and they all figured my laptop power supply was a toy to be played with
Judy: need to use a Jean afgan, Rich
BobS: FILTHY animals.....
Judy: or put a laptop on your lap
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I think she's assuming staying in - public places bother her hearing
Pamela: you should get to know Inky, Rich. All he wants is to hang out on your lap
Ronald: right..... that got checked out once
Dr. D.: Rin's cat only ever sticks her backside up at me to be petted :-S
Dr. D.: I want the front end
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well that's fine with us, Dad - just tell us when to be there and what if anything to bring
Ronald: like as in.... where am I supposed to sit?
Ronald: there's a message there Dr. D
rich-c: (PRIVATE) thought we were going to you, or have I missed something?
Dr. D.: Yeah and I am not gonna bite on it :-)
Ronald: not sure what it is, but it's probably not good
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Guy B.: HI James
Daniel B: hello james
james: fashionably late
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, I thought we were going out, so I think both of us have
james: how is everyone
Dr. D.: Hi James
BobS: hi James
Judy: hi, James
rich-c: good morning, james
Ronald: s'ok James, you're here
Dr. D.: Sleepy here, as you start your day there.
rich-c: managed to dig your way out of the snow yet?
Ronald: is that you sending the moisture eastward?
Dr. D.: Too busy watching The Doctor no doubt :-)
james: working on it
Pamela: (PRIVATE) you can come to us if you want - that's no problem, we just need to know. I guess we had better discuss verbally.
Ronald: Vancouver has had rain for 23 days straight
Pamela: good morning James : )
james: january, fortunately has been rather mild so far and a good deal is melting off
Ronald: they're not happy
Pamela: I can't say I blame them, Ron
rich-c: we have bveen having a heat wave - up to 8 today (45F)
james: it's sunny again today, so i'll likely go out and claw back the snow banks a bit and let it melt on the driveway
Ronald: I gotta go there this weekend
BobS: we've has measurable moisture for 50 straight days Ron.....saw
Pamela: 'twas gorgeous out there today
BobS: the sun for about 2 hours one day
Dr. D.: Sun was shining bright here in Cleveland for a while, I was amazed.
Ronald: We'll tall that to Vancouver Boc
james: dr. d, thanks again for the upload
Ronald: Bob
BobS: sucked here today Pam
Ronald: I mean we'll tell that to Vancouver Bob
james: i watched it enthusiastically
rich-c: yes, we have very little snow left - but doubtless more is on the way
james: hello dan!
Judy: sure wasn't good here today
Dr. D.: You're welcome...when they start up again this spring, I'll grab them for you, unless you have figured out Bittorrent on your own by then.
Daniel B: hello james
Dr. D.: I think Tennant will be a good Doctor.
Pamela: you must be getting the moisture too Bob - we had a relatively dry day and some sunshine,and very mild
james: i've got bittorrent working i think
james: on here somewhere
Daniel B: I caught a cold last week. I was sure it was a flu.
james: i tend to agree
Daniel B: it was a really bad cold
Daniel B: sinus
Judy: supposed to be almost 50 tomorrow, very odd january
Ronald: Dan, drink hot rums till you can't see the end of the bed
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, I guess we'll have to hash it out by phone
Dr. D.: And K-9 and Sarah Jane in the teasers, wow, can't wait.
james: i wish i could do that
james: unfortunately, i work with kids
Ronald: warm for Michigan eh?
james: so i just make sure i wash my hands frequently and wipe the tables down
BobS: extremely warm here
Judy: sure is
BobS: ron
Dr. D.: When Christina started in daycare, we were sick all the time; all the antigens had changed from when we were kids.
BobS: BUT we will surely PAY I think
Daniel B: I have finally a chance, a job in my domain. I started this week... with my cold, but I was happy to start.
Dr. D.: By the time we got to Diana (#3) it was no problem.
Pamela: and Daniel, even if you're still feeling ill, you won't care : )
Ronald: don't put away the snow blower just yet
Judy: good for you, Daniel
james: dan, this is good nes
james: *news
Ronald: what's that called..... immunity?
james: what are you doing?
Pamela: congratulations, Daniel - that's great news
rich-c: no, but the prognostications do seem to suggest a warmer winter now - but that is of course relative
Pamela: I don't care about temp, it's the precip that bothers me
james: the trend seems to be the same here, rich
Dr. D.: yes Ron
Ronald: great news Daniel
Ronald: it's been a long time coming
james: we've had net negative accumulation this month
rich-c: we prefer rain, you don't need to shovel it
james: and i'm doing everything in my power to help it along but my trees are not very happy
Judy: December was unseasonably cold now January is warm, go figure
Ronald: Edmonton was very mild..... and no snow
Dr. D.: Springtime
Dr. D.: Robins here never left
rich-c: what did they do, requisition their weather from Calgary?
Judy: really, they are not around here
james: @dr d, the first year case went back i got sick quite a few times, but i think between case having been going for a few years now and my workign with kids, my body has developed new antigens
Ronald: must have..... my brother says it was the same there
rich-c: we have three hanging about out front yard, when the hawk isn't cruising the neighbourhood
rich-c: had a downy woodpecker on the feeder today
Ronald: the earth is going to hell in a hand cart, I tell you
james: @ron, at least it'll be warmer :P
Daniel B: adding (programming) a module (functionality) in a multimedia system that looks like a Video-On-Demand + Internet + TV +... system
Dr. D.: There is no way to avoid it with the first kid...just have to hope that it doesn't repeat with grandkids :-)
Ronald: Our glacier is a shadow of its former self
BobS: we have had the woodpeckers all winter
Dr. D.: Yes Judy, robins are here...silly things...
james: @dan, how close is your work to where you live?
Dr. D.: Canada geese too. Camped out on the green space at the malls and on golf courses.
Daniel B: taking the bus each day... about 40 minutes
rich-c: we have sparrows, house finches, chickadees mostly, a cardinal pair and sometimes a bluejay
Ronald: out here we call 'em Seattle geese
Dr. D.: maybe some mastodons will thaw out of it Ron
Ronald: 'cause that's where they all are
james: @dr. d - send'em back to canada.. heh heh. pests that they are
Dr. D.: Hey, they are your national bird (tm)
Ronald: tell them that
Daniel B: it will cost me 65$ per month just for the bus
Dr. D.: Now that they are far from endangered...yeah, they can be pesty.
Ronald: oh yes
james: well hopefully they're paying you more than that :)
Dr. D.: Bet they are tasty eating though :-)
james: yeah, they used to be endangered but no way are they now
Ronald: wonder??
BobS: now those geese are a nuisance bird
rich-c: back in "olden times" our ancestors considerd them a tasty treat
Ronald: our local winter visitors are Trumpeter Swans
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Daniel B: well, it's a full-time job, but for a 4 months period
Ronald:Wfields full of 'em
BobS: I would like the swans
james: we got so much snow this year that it no longer "falls" off the garage roof
Guy B.: I have returned. My screen went blank and I had to reboot.
Pamela: who's having trouble getting on?
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james: test
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rich-c: tell us, Guy, which is teh ral you:42:06 GMT-05:00 2006: moved to room Meet to room Meeting Place
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BobS: think that is Judy trying to get back in
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Pamela: oopWed Jan 11 22:42:07 GMT-05:00 2006: moved to room Meeting Place
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Ronald: yeah, they're neat -
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BobS: testing
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Dr. D.: hello
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Wonald: Did everyone get dumped?
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Daniel B: somebody here?
Dr.D. requested to ban <undefined>
Daniel B: testinWed Jan 11 23:01:27 GMT-05:00 2006: Dr.D. requested to ban <undefined>
Dr.D. requested to ban <undefined>
Dr.D. requested to ban <undefined>
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B confirmed ban
Daniel B: 1
Daniel B: 2
Daniel B: 3
Daniel B: 4
Daniel B: 5
Daniel B: 6
Daniel B: 78
Daniel B: it's working now?
Daniel B: goodnight everybody! and hppy new year!
Daniel B: bonne nuit tout le monde! et bonne année!
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