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Harvie: Howdy howdy
rich-c: welcome harvie hi dale
Dale: Hi all.
Dale: How are you today Harvie?
rich-c: glad to see you have us up again dale
Harvie: Good Dale, and you?
Dale: Me too. I was getting really fed up with Bell not giving any progress reports.
rich-c: i amon the laptop so will be slow and my typingwont be the best
Dale: I'm a lot better now that I have back up.
Dale: Jill on the other hand has Strep Throat.
Dale: Not fun.
rich-c: i think we all feel that way - not thAT THAT IS ANYTHING gAINST rICH
Harvie: I've been having bell problems too, keep getting dropped
rich-c: me, i am reinstalling Windows on teh desktop for the umpteenth time
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Harvie: "Windows: codename SNAFU"
changed username to Dr. D.
Dale: So, what do you think of Harper, and his cabinet member appointed to the Senate?
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr. D.: Hi all
rich-c: cutting it a bit thick
Dale: Pretty crazy for a guy who is theoretically against appointed senate, I think.
Dr. D.: Why can I get to this only when I type the URL manually? The link from the main website continues to give me Applet not initialized errors.
rich-c: but the Emerson move really smells
Dr. D.: Dale, Re: your mail about the IDE-to-CF adapters...
Dale: You have to visit not for it to work.
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Dr. D.: I forwarded a post today on alt.folklore.computers to Bob, someone there was asking about it.
left chat session
Dr. D.: I typed when I did it manually.
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: That works.
Dr. D.: It had never been, had it?
Dale: Hmmm...well it shouldn't make a difference. It doesn't for me that I know of.
Harvie: That's where I go (
Dr. D.: In any case...with the list down today, I didn't know what BobS's working E-mail address was.
Dale: I always use when I access it. Both work, but sometimes applets are more picky about what they accept.
Dr. D.: So I Googled the ANN site and sent it to the netzero account listed.
Dr. D.: Okay, I will try the www dealy in future.
Dale: I guess my applet code tag is a relative one, so I'm on the wrong trail.
rich-c: my observation has been that if it isnt a www, then putting that in will draw an error messaage\
Dr. D.: The guy had asked about Disk Manager and File Manager yesterday, and I answered those questions.
Dr. D.: But when he asked about how many heads/sectors etc. to use with his IDE-to-CF adapter, I didn't know.
Dr. D.: I have not low-levelled a HD for too long a time to remember what it should be for IDE.
Dale: My friend uses CF cards with an CF-to-IDE cable for his embedded design inside a router (running Linux).
Dr. D.: But I figured BobS would know.
Dr. D.: I would love to have it run off such an adapter...
Dr. D.: Would make an ADAM laptop possible at last.
Dr. D.: Save the internal space for an internal 1.44 MB floppy :-)
Dr. D.: At least in a console ADAM.
Dr. D.: That would be a fun homebrew.
Harvie: brb
Dr. D.: To match my all-in-one Mini Winnie system.
Dale: Well, there is some great options if we get the IDE CF card working.
Dr. D.: I even have 8 MB and 32 MB CF cards here, scavenged from a dead digital camera.
Dale: Usually we autodetect IDE settings these days.
Dr. D.: Not File Manager :-)
Dr. D.: Of the HDinstall
Dr. D.: rather
Dale: I think I may have a tool to do that somewhere for the Adam, but maybe I just did it with a PC BIOS that I had handy.
rich-c: willbe trying to get on from the desktop shortly, see if it wirks
Dr. D.: Problems Richard?
Dale: Drives larger than about 120Meg would support the "tell me about your layout" protocol message.
Dr. D.: Worth modifying HDinstall to take advantage of it then.
Dr. D.: Your point about MTBF of frequent sectors is well-taken, though.
Dr. D.: That's the problem with EEPROM.
Dale: Well, my friend tells me that with the larger CF cards, you can get them to throw in the IDE-CF connector, so they must be pretty cheap to make.
Dr. D.: Embedded systems like car engine controllers have to fight it, low-order bits in the byte are changing all the time.
Dr. D.: Just about the time we get it working, CF will go obsolete :-S
Dr. D.: IDE-to-USB anyone?
Dale: I had the idea about 5 years ago, but at the time I felt that the MTBF was a showstopper. My new thinking is that since the cards are so cheap, maybe it isn't such a problem now.
Dr. D.: IDE-to-cuneiform tablet, then :-)
Dale: Well, I was looking yesterday at a USB On-The-Go chipset.
rich-c: well , when the dos prompt tells me there isnt enough memory to bott it, I'm in trouble
Dale: It runs at various speeds from 12 MHz to 48 MHz, and can act as a USB host, or as a USB device.
Dr. D.: Sounds interesting.
Dale: That would mean that if we made it into an AdamNet device, it could connect to any USB HD.
Dale: Or could be an uplink to a PC.
rich-c: anyway you wiil just have to put p with my lousy typing
Dale: You can read about it here:
Dale: brb
Dr. D.: ADAMnet is neat...just wish I had graduate student hours to work on it...I think I know enough to make it work, just not enough time to try...efficiency at hacking is greatly reduced for me anymore.
Dr. D.: No problem Richard.
Dr. D.: BTW thanks again for the redheads article.
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Dr. D.: :-)
changed username to Neil
Dr. D.: Hi Neil.
Neil: Hi
Dr. D.: A brace of Wicks tonight.
rich-c: yes, you did notice I sent a copy to Rin?
Dr. D.: Yes, but she rarely reads that account anjymore.
rich-c: hello Neil, haven't seen you fora while
Dr. D.: So read it to her over the phone, as we were chatting when I first read mail that day.
rich-c: anyway I figured she'd get a hoot out of it
Neil: Busy, busy, busy. But I have a few free minutes tonight at least.
rich-c: so where are you in your adventures these days, Neil?
rich-c: any of you aces tell me - when teh real-mode drivers load but don't initialize, what file needs replacing?
rich-c: suspect the problem is in the underlying DOS
Dr. D.: I am sorry to say I have no idea Richard.
Dr. D.: You still fighting with that same Windows system?
Neil: In my adventures... I'm taking 2 courses this semester, which are my final mandatory courses. I have to do 2 "Comprehensive exam" papers (currently working on the first one) and then the dissertation.
rich-c: yes, Win98SE, reinstalling that didnt deal with teh problem
rich-c: neither did a restoe from a backup image file
Dr. D.: How long to write the dissertation, Neil?
Dr. D.: Richard, did you wipe the drive and start over for the reinstall?
Neil: I'm revising a paper to present at a conference/workshop in Toronto this weekend. (I did a practice presentation today and woke up at 5 am to work on it, so I probably won't last long tonight).
rich-c: no, it's an upgrade disc, they don't require the drive be wiperd
Neil: I figuring 2 years to write the dissertation, but I'll probably have to do fieldwork in advance when I get to that stage, so it might take longer.
rich-c: I am beginning to suspect a hardware failure and the troubles started with a power failure crash
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changed username to BobS
Dr. D.: Win98-vintage machines are approaching wearout, Richard :-(
rich-c: I thought I had escaped without damage bar a few lost files, but it seems not
Dr. D.: 2 years should be plenty of time.
Dr. D.: Hi Robert.
rich-c: greetings, Bob
BobS: Hiya fellas
Dr. D.: Question: does the netzero account mailto at ann.hollowdreams still work?
BobS: ESCAPED ?????
BobS: say what??????
Dr. D.: I sent you something there today, in lieu of working coladam list and my inability to remember your E-mail address.
BobS: works
Harvie: I'm back, Hi Neil and Bob
BobS: got to address it to dslopsema or mslopsema there
Dr. D.: Okay, then read your mail there, or wherever coladam delivers to you (just forwarded it to the list).
rich-c: my computer keeps crashing out - won't initialized the real mode drivers like himem.sys
Dr. D.: Saw a USENET post today from a guy asking ADAM HD questions....and you Da Man for that.
Dr. D.: He is trying the IDE-to-compact flash dealy.
rich-c: when I call teh DOS prompt I get told insufficeint memory
Dr. D.: And had some questions about parameters for HDinstall.
BobS: YHIKES dont' know off hand the differences
Neil: Hi Harvie.
Dr. D.: Maybe you have failing system RAM, Richard.
BobS: will have to check the mail closer Dr D
Dr. D.: Bob, you have formatted more HDs recently than me, that was why I thought of you.
Dr. D.: You can contact the guy, his E-mail address is enclosed.
Dr. D.: Reseat the SIMMs, if any maybe.
rich-c: doubt it - the memory check runs OK, in fact just added 512M more
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BobS: anyway.......son Doug has purchased on of those thingy's for the flash to ide adapter....tried it but no luck.....BUT hear this !!!!
BobS: it worked flawlessly with an ide sparq drive (zip drive type thing)
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changed username to FosterChild
FosterChild: Greetings...
Harvie: That's your problem Richard, win98 can not handle 512 ram very well
left chat session
BobS: will do it Dr D
rich-c: looks like GuyF is with us
BobS: hi guy
Harvie: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: Someone left a baby on our doorstep :-)
rich-c: you think that 768 RAM is too much? soe programs complain my 256 RAM was not enough
BobS: got to talk to doug some more,........maybe other stuff like a 1 or2x cdrom will work also....seeems to be aspeed issue as far as reading
FosterChild: Win 98 has a theoretical RAM usage limit of 2GB of RAM
FosterChild: Depends on the motherboard really.
Harvie: I had to cut back from 512 to 256 with Win98
rich-c: yes, that's what I would expect, so issues on a upgrade to 68M seem unlikely
rich-c: I did upgrade teh BIOS but it said it flashed successfully
FosterChild: My motherboard can take up to 512MB max. If I add more, it'll recognize it, but it won't be cached and mapped properly and cause system conflicts.
Dale: I'm back.
Dr. D.: Extra RAM never seemed to make any Win98 systems I used run any better.
Dale: Hi Neil.
Neil: Hi
FosterChild: Dr. D: A way to make Win 98 run better is with this command: "format c: /u"
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rich-c: I have a very sophisticated mb for its time - MSI K7T-266 Pro 2 - even has RAID
BobS: (PRIVATE) seems this guy wants to use a FAST flash and it appears this will never work.....don't know the heads and cylinder is pretty much automatic
FosterChild: chipset?
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changed username to Doug S
Dale: Win98 runs 100% better when moving from 32MB to 128MB.
BobS: Guy, i LIKE that idea :-)
FosterChild: look up the motherboard chipset and see the max ram you can add to it, to make sure you're not adding too much.
Dale: It is all in how much you run at once.
Harvie: "The package said requires win98 or better so I installed Linux"
BobS: ok doug is HERE.......noe HE can tell you about his invention
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Well, whatever you know, tell him...maybe he will give you some feedback, and who knows, it may just work somehow.
rich-c: VIA, don't know the number offhand
FosterChild: Yes, Linux is what works for me too.
Dale: Harvie LOL.
Doug S: invention?
BobS: (PRIVATE) ya mon will do
FosterChild: Dale: Why you have so many ports open on your system? ;)
BobS: the sparq drive to ide interface, but no luck with the falsh card
rich-c: mb says up to 2 gig max
Dale: I'm a bad boy?
Doug S: actually tonight i had luck with the compact flash card.
BobS: YES you BAD
Dale: I run ftp, ssh, SMTP, http, etc.
BobS: ok correct me....SLAP
Dr. D.: Gig what...could be "bits" instead of "bytes" :-S
Dr. D.: it's for pr0n, Guy <runs>
FosterChild: Dale: Yep, I realized that... logged on to a few of your services to snoop around, make sure everything is secure. ;)
Dale: I've set everything up with best practices.
BobS: Doug, some guy is trying that setup and running into problems with it........the email is on the adamlist from dr D to us
Dale: But I still run DNS, ntpd and so on.
FosterChild: Dale: Yes, did a port scan, you got LOTS of ports open... PORTS I've never heard of!!!! :D
Doug S: i just sent an email to the list that should explain alot.
BobS: ok not have it yet
rich-c: maybe I should see what happens if I pull the 256 chip and leave the 512
rich-c: though the problems really started when I tried to install my HP scanner and that crashed things out
FosterChild: Rich: Could always try that out.... if you have so much memory, why not upgrader to something more stable, such as perhaps Windows 2000 or XP?
Harvie: It might matter what order they are in rich
rich-c: but why would that crash a restore from a CD image?
FosterChild: Rich: The fact that you have too much memory?
Dr. D.: Swapfile set up for certain memory size, Richard.
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Harvie: It has to go to ram beefore it can process rich
rich-c: first, I'd lose so many files and programs (many wont work in XP)
Dr. D.: It may not be smart enough to adjust to the new memory size.
rich-c: and Frances and I are not enamoured of X
Dr. D.: Who knows where else in the system files the current memory size is hard-coded.
rich-c: P which is on teh laptop I am using now
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changed username to Meeka
Dr. D.: there are limits to upgrades, some point, you can't go any further.
Meeka: I made it :)
Dr. D.: You either keep what you have or move on to a new machine.
rich-c: hello Meeka, another infrequent visitor heardfrom - how are you doing?
Dr. D.: Might I suggest both? Keep a stable Win98 machine for what you have, and get a new XP machine for new stuff.
Dr. D.: And don't expect one machine to run it all.
BobS: hi Meeka
Meeka: pretty good
Dr. D.: Hi Meeka, definitely long time to hear.
Dale: Dr D, what do you think of the new Intel Macs?
Meeka: I khnow
rich-c: my desktop is 98 and teh laptop XP, both similar configurations
Meeka: had to get doug to try to figure out what was wrong. I havent been able to sign in for like forever
Dale: I'm quite suprised that Apple would do them, and that they would be as much faster as I hear that they are.
FosterChild: I find those new adds very insulting to the PC community at large... They say: "Up to now, the Intel processor has been living a boring life" or something like that.... Uh.... OK.
Dr. D.: But your laptop is destabilized from trying to run Win98 apps, right?
BobS: or longer !!!!!!!!
Dale: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: ya ya ya
Meeka: prob more like a year or so, but you now how your son works :P
Dr. D.: I am glad I have my G4 Mac...too bad dumb IBM couldn't keep up with chip fab to meet the PPC demand.
Harvie: Is the mac chip an x86 family?
Dale: <grin> Guy, they are supposed to stir you emotionally.
rich-c: yes - my browsers jusat kill the screen display - bang, it's blank
FosterChild: IBM owns Motorola?
BobS: and so now the intel chip is going to have an exciting existence in an Apple?????? ya right
Doug S: Dale, for the Spaniel Chat stuff, what odd ports are being used to connect to the Spaniel Chat serveR?
Dale: IBM had now announced the G5.
Dr. D.: nope, Macs were Motorola all the way, 68K family until the PPCs came out.
FosterChild: BobS: Exactly...
Dr. D.: A few servers have G5s in them.
FosterChild: Dr. D: OK, always thought PPC was a Motorola product.
BobS: HEY Guy,,,,how's come Sandra doesn'
BobS: t log on with us??????
Dr. D.: But there were too many fab rejects I hear...also too slow getting a low-power G5 for Powerbooks.
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Dr. D.: Apple just bolted.
FosterChild: BobS: She's not a computer user...
BobS: won't give her a 'puter?????
rich-c: haven't tried, have always verifed that what I installed was XP compatible though a large lot are OK from 98 up
changed username to Judy
BobS: and she is interested in you.......strange aint
BobS: ' it
Neil: It's a little insulting to PCs, but Apple doesn't care about that. It just encourages Apple "groupies". At least Apple hardware tends to be more stylish than most Windows machines.
Judy: Hi, All!!!
Dale: Well, XBox and PS3 seems happy with PPC.
Harvie: Hi Judy
FosterChild: BobS: She's got a pretty nice P4 2.4GHz HP Laptop I bought for her (the one I was using at Adamcon) but she don't touch it.
FosterChild: XBOX is Intel!!!!
BobS: tell her it will NOT bite.........
Meeka: hi mom
BobS: you got to get her aclimated to computer life
Judy: hi, there Meeka
Judy: you got on!!!
Dr. D.: I hope my 17" PB keeps going and going and going...
FosterChild: BobS: She really has no interest for computers... She's one of the last remaining few.
Meeka: dougie fixed it so I could get in :)
Dale: Spaniel chat is on port 4321 of course.
rich-c: hello Judy, now we have just about the whole family here
Dr. D.: We are awash in Wicks and Slopsemas.
Judy: bout time
Meeka: lol
BobS: need Jill
BobS: and then Jeffery
BobS: HA
Dr. D.: Jeffrey you mean
Dr. D.: kldi od[0e03 lskd[]
Judy: isn't that nice???
BobS: farn dingers agian
Dr. D.: <there is some Jeffrey>
FosterChild: Where is my separatist friend tonight?
BobS: pttttttt
Meeka: he wanted in LOL
BobS: lost in space Guy
BobS: or got a job and is tired
Judy: I see
Dr. D.: Jobs are good
Doug S: Dale, until I hooked my laptop on the outside of my firewall, it would not load up the java classes required to run Spaniel. Any ideas why? Once they loaded into IE, i am back behind the firewall and it seems to work.
rich-c: he has been late getting on lately
FosterChild: BobS: I got a job, I'm still here!!!
Dr. D.: hehe I am barely here
rich-c: maybe he's into teh caribou after teh election results - especially down his way!
Dale: Rich D was complaining about some connection issues too.
Dr. D.: I didn't get home from work until 20:30 tonight.
Dale: I don't know.
BobS: GREAT !!!!! but I was talking about Daniel
Dr. D.: Review session for an exam I have to give tomorrow.
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Dale: Most firewalls only block incoming connections, not outgoing connections.
changed username to Guy B. and Annie
FosterChild: Dr. D: I got hope from work this morning at 10:00AM...
Guy B. and Annie: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy B and Doug S
Meeka: hello
FosterChild: Dale: Scan the port, see if it's filtered.
Dr. D.: Hello Amerikanner Guy
Doug S: the firewall i have i define the exact rules in both directions if i wish.
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: hey GuyB
BobS: got a new girlfriend???????????????????????????
Dale: Well, allow outgoing connections to and you should be set.
Guy B. and Annie: If you want to know who Annie is. She is the new pup.
FosterChild: GuyB: Did you know that in 1973, our name was ranked 973 most popular name in the US? I checked last night.... ha
Doug S: At this point I am not limiting outbound connections at all.
Judy: I thought so, what kind, Guy?
Dr. D.: Did you know that 62.4 percent of all statistics are made up?
Doug S: All of my firewall filters are on inbound traffic.
BobS: COOL....oh oh, watch out !!!!!!!!!! pee pee on the floor !!!!!!1
Meeka: awww
Dr. D.: And 4 out of 5 developing countries prefer American Defense.
FosterChild: Dr. D: Depends in which field.... such as pharmaceutical.
Dale: Hmm...Bob...sounds a little too familiar.
Dr. D.: And 4 out of 5 British housewives can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and a dead crab.
Dale: But Jeffrey is making good progress.
Guy B. and Annie: She was first when I got her home. Now she is going outside with no problems.
BobS: well I hope so !!!!!
Dr. D.: <obligatory Monty Python>
rich-c: Zone Alarm monitors both incoming and outgoing connections
Neil: I can't tell the difference either.
(BobS hands Dale a tissue.)
Dr. D.: I read a report that ZoneAlarm has got spyware in it now...
BobS: tha's for cleaning up
Dr. D.: Someone found it sending data to servers across the pond.
Harvie: Firewall??? Just turn off services you don't use
Dale: It is an option in the install.
Guy B. and Annie: Annie will have her first visit to the vet next Saturday. She will have her bandages and stitches taken out.
Dr. D.: Stitches?
rich-c: I'd take thatwith a grain of salt, Dr. D. - though far too many programs want to call home
Dale: First visit to have stitches removed?
Dale: Sounds like a second visit type issue.
Dr. D.: Just passing along the rumor, I don't run it myself, or anything else like it.
FosterChild: Want a $1000+ router for about $75? Get the common Linksys WRT54G and get a hacked firmware (based on the Linux Kernel). Among the options included are a hardware firewall that is configurable.
rich-c: that's what I thought, Dale - you can send logs automatically to them of intrusion attempts
Guy B. and Annie: She was spayed and hang nails were removed from her back hind legs. Abby had the same thing done when I adopted her 12 years ago.
FosterChild: Linksys based their router software on Linux and was forced, under GPL to release their source code. Hackers quickly took it and modified it and turned it into something amazing.
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: mock not Richard Stallman, right?
Judy: is it the same kind of dog as Abby was?
Dale: I've heard good things about the hacked Linksys, but haven't tried it.
FosterChild: Dale: You should, considering those routers are dead cheap... I plan on getting a second one to use as a rogue access point.
Dr. D.: Rogue access point?!?
Dale: I uses a WRT54G I believe. The default interface is pretty good really.
Dr. D.: Que?
FosterChild: Dr. D:
Dr. D.: The only ROGUE I know is a text adventure :-)
Harvie: As opposed to a civil access point?
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changed username to rich-1
Dr. D.: haha, now I see.
FosterChild: Yes, ROGUE from the old mainframes.
Guy B. and Annie: Rich, you got dumped again!!!
rich-1: I gather I was the only one dumped
FosterChild: Dale: Is there a way to telnet into this chat session?
Dr. D.: You were.
rich-1: you spotted that quickly, Guy
BobS: you have GOT to clean up your act man !!!!!!
Guy B. and Annie: No one else has, yet!
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
BobS confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Guy B. and Annie confirmed ban
FosterChild confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Meeka confirmed ban
changed username to DougS
Dale: Maybe...
rich-1: I missed teh explanation, Guy - could you repeat it?
BobS: so Doug.......recap...........everything you have tried with the ide apater has long as you use an external ps ????????
Guy B. and Annie: Now things are getting settled down here. I'll see about getting the con going.
Judy: if we stay off the phone we don't have a problem, other wise the phone can throw us off
Dale: I know that I can telnet in to the management console for the chat server.
BobS: AND now we bought a new phone to solve the problem
Harvie: Are you on dialup Judy?
Dale: But it probably uses a binary protocol on port 4321.
Judy: Meeka I am on the 99th round of my tablecloth
DougS: as a recap. the SPARQ drive and the IDE compact flash adapter will operate correctly off the ADAM P/S.
DougS: but the IDE ZIP drive requires external power.
Meeka: no, their phone was running on the same freq as their wireless device
Meeka: yayyyyy, how may more to go?
FosterChild: Dale: Yeah, just wondering, would be easier for me to log into using telenet, such as the IRC protocol instead of loading a JAVA client.
Judy: 20
Dale: I've had an IDE ZIP drive on my Adam for ages.
Dale: But I've never done much with it.
Meeka: thats not bad
Judy: doesn't sound like much does it?
Meeka: it cover the top now?
Harvie: Is there not an option to change channels on the phone?
BobS: ok about an early slow cdrom ??????
BobS: or can't be used because it needs to be formatted?
DougS: what good is a read only hd?
BobS: ON the ADam
DougS: hehe
rich-1: Frances hs one of those and a Syquest q135 on her Amiga
BobS: easier to get a new one Harvie
Judy: haven't tried it yet, but am almost done with another ball and then I will tryit
Dr. D.: CD-R of everything ever written for the ADAM, that's all :-)
Dale: I've found that if you load up an Adam with a large memory expander and a parallel printer card it starts to flake out on the native 62 Watt Adam power supply.
BobS: only good for info Doug......
Dale: And it never gets healthy again afterwords.
FosterChild: I managed to put Linux on a bottalbe USB pen drive of 128MB recently. Can the ADAM be interfaced to USB 1.0 devices?
Dale: That's why I've been switching my machines to PC power supplies.
rich-1: sounds reasonable, Dale - big memories eally tax the machine
DougS: The problem we have had in the past with PC power supplies what the ADAM and a HD did not draw enough power to kick the power supply in to full load so the ADAM was flaky.
Dale: Guy, I've been thinking of trying to make a AdamNet to USB adaptor. But it's not gonna be economical, as the volume of production is only like 20.
Harvie: I used AT power supplies with my Adams just to get rid of the printer
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Dr. D.: I will buy them, Dale...
changed username to Daniel B
FosterChild: Daniel 'sti!!!
rich-1: salut, Daniel
Judy: yesterday the power blinked and killed the dish
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Guy B. and Annie: Hi Daniel
Meeka: thats not nice
Daniel B: Wow! Party time here! everybody is online tonight?
Dale: Did you look at that chipset I posted earlier Dr. D?
DougS: as in DEAD receiver mom?
FosterChild: yeah we were just waiting for you!
Meeka: killed killed, or just for a couple sec's
Neil: Everyone is here!
Dr. D.: I have not yet, Dale.
Daniel B: salutations tout le monde!
Judy: so we called them and if you unplug it resets itself
BobS: Hi Daniel !!!!!!!
BobS: bout time mon
Dale: I sent out a party invite.
Judy: so we had to dig back there again
Dr. D.: Don't have a Mighty Mitchell though.
Meeka: lol
rich-1: nor Pam and Erin
FosterChild: Dan: So, how's life now that the Conservatives have been elected and are in power?
Dr. D.: oh gack politics
Meeka: he, you "back there mess' cant hold a candle to ours :P
Dr. D.: pardon me while I FORMAT /U MYBRAIN:
Judy: but good news, on the 23th we can cancel and start with a new system
Meeka: yayyy
Daniel B: I was at the university tonight, talking with a friend of mine.
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BobS: hey!!!!!! what did the election do to Rin and her job ?????????
FosterChild: Dr. D: Hey it's Canadian politics, not American politics... It's easier to handle.
Dr. D.: You are working now at least part time, yes Daniel?
changed username to rich-2
Judy: we are going to buy from Sams
Guy B. and Annie: Rich, Not again!
Dr. D.: I get my fill of it from is not easier to handle :-S
Daniel B: how's life now? ... errr, I will answer you when I will see the difference.
Judy: looks like a good deal there
Neil: From my viewpoint in Ottawa/Hull, the Conservatives are up to the same tricks they criticized the Liberals for, but we;ll see what happens.
Dale: Well, GuyF, I was thinking about something based upon:
Dale: Which can be both a USB client and a USB host.
Daniel B: it's a full-time job, but for a short period of time.
BobS: but of course Neil.......only the names change, not the politics
rich-2: the election was federal, Rin is provincial, Bob
FosterChild: Dale: Tiny chip!
Dale: Maybe I could even just use their prototyping board to make it all happen.
Daniel B: 37.5 hours per week, during 4 months
rich-2: sorry, hit the wrong key and bounced myself
BobS: whew, that's good, eh ?????
Dale: It is intended for embedded designs afterall.
BobS: oh man..........richard........ "-(
rich-2: they do let you grab lunch, do they, Daniel ? ; - )
Daniel B: yes, enough time to relax during lunch time.
Dale: If I interface that with the Adam on AdamNet we would have access to several different USB devices, and could use it as an uplink to a PC too.
FosterChild: Dale: but is the adamnet fast enough???
rich-2: the laptop as you saw at Adamcon is nice, but the keyboard is cramped as on all laptops
rich-2: I suspect you will find few Conservative supporters in this crowd, Neil
Dr. D.: I vote for "BOB"
Dale: AdamNet runs at about 1.2Mbits. So it would not download data at the "USB-Full Speed" of 15 Mbit/s or "USB Highspeed" of 400 Mbit/s. But that's probably okay.
Dale: It's okay by me anyway.
Harvie: Well , my joints are telling me it's time to Leave, Goodnight all
Dale: Maybe that should be Mbyte. Hmm...I've forgotten what units.
Dr. D.: Nite Harvie
rich-2: good having you by, Harvie - take care and be back soon
Dr. D.: ADAMnet is 62.4 kbps
Meeka: night
Dale: Goodnight Harvie. Good to see you.
FosterChild: Which reminds me, I should take my Geritol.
Harvie left chat session
Dr. D.: Serutan and Ex-Lax
Guy B. and Annie: Bye Harvie
BobS: testing
Guy B. and Annie changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: 1-2-3
FosterChild: Dr. D: You on those now?
Dr. D.: you are here Bob :-)
Dr. D.: Not me
FosterChild: DR. D: ;)
Dale: So definately not fast enough for 10Mbit/s ethernet.
Dr. D.: Multivitamin in the morning.
FosterChild: Dale: Think the Adam can be programmed to have TCP/IP stack?
Dr. D.: Potassium supplements throughout the day for blood pressure, that is all.
Judy: Mandy just called wanted to say hi to ev eryone
Daniel B: bonne nuit Harvie... too late.
Guy B.: I know you guys would like to see what Annie looks like. I have some photos of her and will have them up soon.
Dr. D.: Yes GuyF....looking for link
Dale: Well, there are other CP/M machines with TCP/IP, I hear.
Dale: Dr.D what do you know about that?
FosterChild: C-64 an be used as a web server!
Dr. D.:
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: the ~adam is for the author, Adam Dunkels, not our ADAM
changed username to meeka
rich-2: won't list my pills and meds - memory buffer lacks enough sopace ; - )
Dale: Well there you go.
Daniel B: @Neil: hello :-) did you find time to look for any picture related to electronic consumer show in years '82-84, and maybe a picture of a Coleco building?
Dr. D.: My BP is 128/72, down from 140ish/90 this July.
Neil: Rich, I'm not adverse to the Conservatives, and I was pleased to see them do so well here in Hull and in Quebec in general, but I'm still skeptical as to whether they can "save the world."
FosterChild: I take Centrum multi-vitamins once a month or so, or whenever I REMEMBER to take them....
Dale: And I though you were holding back, and you knew of a Coleco Adam project that was already completed.
Dr. D.: I wish
rich-2: that's enviable numbers, Rich
Dr. D.: Diet and KCl
Dr. D.: No NaCl
Dr. D.: Almost no meat
Dr. D.: sigh
FosterChild: Neil: Well, we'll see how they'll do, only time can tell.
Dr. D.: stir-fry veggies or salad most of the time
BobS: english please
Dr. D.: chicken or fish about 1 time per week.
Neil: Daniel, nothing has showed up yet, but you never know.
rich-2: let's say with my meds my diastolic can sink into the 50s but systolic is still 130+
Dr. D.: potassium chloride, sodium chloride
Dale: NaCl=table salt.
Daniel B: the only CES pictures I finf out didn't show the coleco booth. very disappointed.
Dr. D.: Last week I had the girls over for was the first time I cooked hamburger since July
Dale: So, Daniel, you told me to port AdamEm to Windows.
Dale: Well, I've made some progress, but I'm stuck, and I'm not sure where I'm going wrong.
Dr. D.: I made steak for Rin once when she was here.
Daniel B: @Dale, at least, I asked for help.
FosterChild: cattle becoming carnivorous is bad news
Daniel B: Which compiler and libraries?
Dale: I have an executable that draws a theoretical Adam screen in a Windows window (using SDL = simple direct layer).
Neil: I still "digging though" stuff at my parents' place when I get a chance, but so far I'm mainly finding stuff I put away in 1986. (not early enough)
rich-2: yeah, that could get awkward 8 - ?
FosterChild: Neil: Like that stash of porn mags? ;)
Dale: Using SDL with Dev-C++
Neil: No, sorry no stash of porn.
Dale: I meant to package it for you on Friday, but was still down then.
FosterChild: Neil: Well, I had a stash in the 80's... So did most of my friends. :D
Dr. D.: tsk tsk
FosterChild: Neil: No internet back then.
rich-2: none atall? gee, Neil, we thought you were more adventurous than that ; - )
FosterChild: haha
Dr. D.: no porn here either
Neil: I stash very strange things.
FosterChild: Dr. D: Not even at 16???
Dr. D.: The only unclothed stuff I have lying around are bare ADAM circuit boards :-S
rich-2: or were you afraid of corrupting you younger siblings (no name mentined, of course)
Dr. D.: Nope, not ever Guy
FosterChild: Dr. D: So how'd you learn about the birds and the bees? ;)
Dr. D.: My younger siblings were sisters, and they didn't have any porn either.
rich-2: Dr. D. gets headaches when his halo gets too tight ; - )
Dr. D.: Field experimentation I guess
FosterChild: Dr. D: That's a scientific approach!
Dr. D.: Reading biology texts
Dr. D.: Hence the "Dr."
Neil: A poster autographed in person by Clayton Moore, that sort of thing. (He died in 1999.)
FosterChild: Dr. D: I'd have expected "Rev." too!
Dr. D.: Wow the original Lone Ranger!
Neil: That's the one.
rich-2: I have lots of vintage 1983 Adams - it was a very good year
Neil: I was.
Dr. D.: I am a Reverend in the Church of the SubGenius, I sent my $30 to "BOB" in 2003.
Neil: It was.
Dr. D.: You were a Rev., Neil?
FosterChild: 1983 was good year for video games and computers in general.. lots of nifty stuff appeared then.
Daniel B: I need to download something. my Dev C++ packadge didn't include any library.
Neil: Clarification: 1983 was a very good year. ("I was" was a typing mistake)
Dr. D.: Ah
Daniel B: I have to go there :
FosterChild: 1983 was a good year for porn too, but I disgress...
Neil: (One-track mind.)
Dr. D.: Remember Guy, the chat is archived :-)
Dale: For my source so far check out:
FosterChild: Dr. D: Hehehe, it's fine, I have nothing to hide.
Dale: There is a package for SDL.
Daniel B: there is 2 versions of SDL... 1.0 and 1.2
Dale: Let me see if I can find where I got it...
Neil: I do have several pictures of me posing with Playboy centrefolds, if that counts. (But they were all wearing one-piece bathing suits.)
Dr. D.: There is probably worse stuff Googleable now than you ever hid between your mattresses.
Dale: I use SDL 1.2.4
rich-2: which piece? ; - )
Dr. D.: hahahahahahaha
FosterChild: Neil: Hey hold one a minute there... did you go to a CES convention and then go to the porn convention in Las Vegas? I remember you saying that this summer.... and you talk about me... haha. :D
Dr. D.: The bunny ears :-)
Neil: CES/porn, whatever, it's all the same thing.
Daniel B: actually it's 1.0.8 or 1.2.9
Daniel B: I will get the 1.2.9
FosterChild: Neil: Yeah things to drool over that you can't afford.
Dr. D.: it's all fiddling bits
Dale: 1.2.9 is closest without going under.
Daniel B: I suppose you recommand this procedure to install dev-c++ with sdl library :
Dr. D.: Well folks, since my day tomorrow begins at 5:15 AM, I think I am going to retire.
Dr. D.: It was great to see so many folks out tonight.
FosterChild: Have a good night...
Dr. D.: We need to do this more often :-)
rich-2: OK, night, Rich, take it easy
Dr. D.: I will Richard...good night, all.
Judy: night Dr D
FosterChild: chat behaved marvelously tonight
Dr. D.: <poof>
rich-2: yes, a real turnout for a change
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: be well doc
Dale: In Dev-C++ go to ...
Guy B.: Boy he's fast.
Dale: Tools->Check for updates/packages.
BobS: like speedy gonzales
Neil: Good night, all. I really need to sign off too.
rich-2: yes, he does exit abruptly
FosterChild: like the Flash
Daniel B: bonne nuit Dr.D ... too late (Again)
Daniel B: bonne nuit Neil!
rich-2: OK Nei;l, take care, come back soon
FosterChild: Daniel: Next time, type: "Bye", it's faster. :D
BobS: nite Neil
Dale: Then in the dropdown for "Select devpak server" choose " Community Devpaks"
Neil left chat session
Dale: It is in the list.
Dale: Goodnight Neil.
meeka: night
BobS requested to ban Judy
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
meeka confirmed ban
rich-2 confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: she got whacked battery ran out and now she is starting over........JUDY, where ARE you?????
left chat session
rich-2: when you're at home, why don't you plug in?
BobS: got to exercise the vatteries mon
BobS: batteries
Dale: brb
rich-2: maybe, but running them out unnecessarily? sounds strange to me
BobS: besides, richard......ya might wnat to go to the "lue"
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Judy
FosterChild confirmed ban
rich-2: getting all charged up now, Judy?
Judy: yes, I am back
rich-2: with no doubt volts to burn
BobS: oh yes.....120 of them you see
Judy: hope so
Dale: back
BobS: and so.........
rich-2: I hardly everrun mine off the batteries - I should but I'm impatient and batteries slow things down
Dale: Did the life of the party leave?
BobS: them at full power, just get adimmer screen is all
Judy: I should have kept an eye on it but oh well
Dale: Guy B, am I safe for July 29th?
Dale: I've been invited to be bestman at a wedding.
meeka: mine did that earlier
Dale: My business partner is geting married again.
FosterChild: Dale: Hey congrats!
Daniel B: ... downloading packadges ... it takes time ...
Dale: Thanks! He and I've been working on various projects together since 1991. So we've been at it a while.
FosterChild: weddings are always fun to go to.... last one I went to was fun, but cost more than usual.
Dale: Daniel are you on dialup?
Guy B.: I'm going to look at that date or the week before that.
Dale: Week before if possible please. :-)
Daniel B: yes, modem 56k running.
BobS: better stay away form that date guy
FosterChild: They still offer Dial-Up service???
Dale: LOL
FosterChild: hehe
rich-2: well with Rich and Ron and now Dale his options are getting a bit limited
rich-2: what dates are still open, Guy?
Guy B.: Why Bob?
BobS: get the dates lined up mon ......and run with it
Dale: You set the date early enough,
Dale: and I just tell my excited groom that I'm booked.
FosterChild: One thing to remember when organziing stuff is that you can't please everyone all of the time...
rich-2: yes, Pam is going to have to declare for her vacation very soon
Dale: But now it'd be tricky to do both in one weekend.
Guy B.: Well, now that things are settled. I'll start working on this now.
BobS: ya me too.........
Daniel B: it will download during all night... my dev-c++ software was really not up-to-date
FosterChild: Is there a tentative month for the ADAMCON?
Dale: July
Dale: GuyB has always said late July or early Aug.
FosterChild: do we need passports to go to the US of A nowadays?
rich-2: OK nad if you can't getChicago, try east - remember that we've used South Bend for a reason
Dale: No passport until 2008 as I understand it.
rich-2: no, but sometimes they can help - depends on your apperance
FosterChild: So what is valid ID? Whenever I go to the US of A I always hear a differnt story from the border guards.
rich-2: they don't seem to think 75 yer old white males are a menace
Dale: But birth cert if you are Canadian born plus photo id is the minimum.
rich-2: your drivers licence will usually do
FosterChild: Rich: Would a 75 yrs old non-white be a menace?
rich-2: ask Homeland Security - they see menaces under every bed
rich-2: we used pasports on outr lsst trip, whicxh led to our being told we wre Americans
BobS: they are ALL a bunch of matte what country
Dale: The official minimum is passport or proof of citizenship (landed immigrant card, birth cert are the usual)
BobS: AND photo ID,.....always photo ID
Dale: Photo id is often asked for, but technically optional.
FosterChild: I went through the border 7 yrs ago, and the US border guard wouldn't let us through with driver's license and medicare card.
rich-2: yeah, but official depends on how menacing you look and who's watching
Dale: I've seen SIN card or health card and an interview work though.
meeka: see ya later, i am off to bed
rich-2: again, lat yer or two they are a bit fussier, but peviously they didnt want to see anything
meeka left chat session
BobS: against better reasoning.....we got our passports (cause you are gonna need them eventually) and they worked great as the total requirements
Dale: The problem with medicare card is that it proves only that you're a resident, not a citizen.
rich-2: night Meeka, see ya
Judy: night Meeka, see you tomorrow
Guy B.: Well folks, one pup has fallen asleep and now I'm going to get ready too as well. I'll see you all next week.
rich-2: and it doesn't have a pnhoto - at lest ours dont
BobS: passport has no photo?????????
Judy: night Guy
Dale: In the last month I've gone to the US for the day, and they didn't want to see our ID for a car of 5 Canadians. Your milage may vary.
BobS: then what good is it?
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
changed username to rich-3
FosterChild: Yeah, depends really. When I cross the border with my 72 yrs old mother, they act differently with me.
rich-3: kicked my self off again - I suspect it may be the Alt or Windows key is doing it
Daniel B: I have to go sleep now too. I will try to recompile the adamem+sdl project to see if my dev-c++ env. is ok
rich-3: since Frances and I were born in the USA we really confuse them
Daniel B: bonne nuit tout le monde!
Judy: night to you Daniel
Dale: Richard, I need to make you a tamper proof chat client maybe :-)
Daniel B: talk to you again, next week!
rich-3: OK dont stay up too late Daniel - you have to be bright at work tomorrow
BobS: nite Daniel
FosterChild: Dan: WTF? Where u going?
Dale: Goodnight Daniel. Good luck downloading.
Dale: Daniel has a day job for a change.
FosterChild: Dan: D.....S.....L......
rich-3: no Dale, just maybe a cap for teh danger keys so I cant press them while chatting!
Dale: First he need to raise money for AdamCon. :-)
Daniel B: * poof *
Daniel B left chat session
FosterChild: Dale: Well, he can raise money by starting to put up his analog modem up for sale on EBAY.
Dale: Yeah. Nice antique. ;-)
Dale: "mint condition. still works" ;-)
rich-3: what Are dos modems going for? $2.50 plus shipping?
FosterChild: Hehehe. Actually I was looking for an analog modem yesterday for my laptop. My built-in winmodem isn't detected in ubuntu linux.
Dale: What kind of laptop?
FosterChild: Sony Vaio PCG-FRV27
Dale: tricky.
FosterChild: Yupperz.
rich-3: that's a fancy one
BobS: well I got 4 56k internal pci and 1 external 33.6 for $7 us including shipping recently
Dale: Well, there are some good PCMCIA modems for sure.
FosterChild: Even the FUNCTION keys to do special commands doesn't work.
BobS: almsot free they are
Judy: night all, talk at you next week
FosterChild: Well, I still have an old 33.6K PCMCIA modem I bought for my MAC laptop 8 yrs ago.
rich-3: night Judy, see you soon
Dale: 'night Judy.
Judy left chat session
FosterChild: night Judy
BobS: hey, the 33.6 works most as good as 56k on the plain vanille phone lines.........
rich-3: yes, they are sold in bulk now, or singles for $5 which can likely be haggled down
BobS: both are slow......but work
FosterChild: I'll go looking for it, it's somewhere in my junk box... but I need it to get dial-up access when not at home.
FosterChild: wonder if linux will detect it.
Dale: Don't you have WiFi whereever you want Internet?
Dale: or Ethernet. Except on vacation, that's what I find.
rich-3: I'd have thought the Vaio would have a dialup facility built in, like my Acer
Dale: Ricahrd, it does ifyou want to run Windoze.
Dale: Guy, does lspci say anything helpful about the winmodem?
rich-3: oh, the price of efficiency, then - right
rich-3: did I do something again?
rich-3: nope - still here
BobS: dumped ALL of us off
rich-3: that was likely Judy leaving - chat tends to dump folks when anyone leaves
(BobS reboots rich-3's computer remotely.)
rich-3: it is a beta, after all....
Dale: We stopped talking for a minute.
(rich-3 throws a hot potato at BobS.)
BobS: welll get PREPARED MON.........tis time I left also gang. been FUN and profitable
BobS: enjoyed the chat tonight with the whole gang cept for ron.......bummer
rich-3: right Bob, see you next week, same time, same station
BobS: see ya's next week and I might be alittle late .........
Dale: You know, Dev-C++ (bloodshed GCC Integrated Developement Environment) always wants to update itself.
BobS: go to visit Judy's folks
BobS: ta ta....and goodbye
rich-3: well, it'sthattime anyway, so I'll jpoin you at the exit
BobS left chat session
rich-3: goodnight, gentlemen
Dale: Richard, I don't think it's done that since August.
rich-3: anfd see you next week
Dale: Until next time Ricard.
Dale: Richard.
Dale: bye
rich-3: nite, Dale, bonsoir, Guy - colour me gone
rich-3 left chat session
Dale: So, Guy are you still paying attention?
Dale: I've finally got my game above 4k (but not by much).
Dale: Are you enhancing your minigame contest game for the cart publish?
Dale: Well good night.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-02-08
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