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Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hi Richard
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: It is working tonight I see.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Even if I barely am :-( getting a cold
rich-c: test
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I see your test.
rich-c: hard day again, Rich?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Yes, a bit.
rich-c: yes, I guess it didnt like the Freecell overlay
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Double section of physiology lab.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: A rat kidney lab: had to inject 8 rats with stuff at 7:30 AM this morning, and another 8 at 1:00 PM.
rich-c: double anything usually means bad news
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: No bites this year so far.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Yeah, 2 sections on Wednesdays: 8:30-11:30 AM, and 3:00-6:00 PM./
rich-c: I think I'm getting squeaminsh in my old age; won't sk for details
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Also took the girls out for supper, and I am a bit dozy from that.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Nothing serious for the rats.
rich-c: where do you-all go for supper?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Just 10 mL of various salt or sugar or caffeine solutions into the abdomen, collect urine.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Well tonight was a treat for Elanor: Saturday she went to district vocal music contest and got a II solo rating and I ensemble rating, very good work.
rich-c: I doubt the rats would necessarily share your view
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Joan took her out for supper that night, but I was in Toronto visiting Rin.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: So, I was able to do something tonight.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: We went to an Italian place about 2 miles from here.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: hehe Re: rats, that is true...but they are not getting radium or poisons etc.
rich-c: I gather you enjoy Italian olaces, or are the just the most common decent restaurants where you are?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: They sit in a little container with mesh bottom for 2.5 hours after injection, students collect and measure and assay urine for salt and glucose.
rich-c: sounds fascinating
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: It would be if the students were actually handling the rats, but they are forbidden to do so by "Safety Services".
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I might as well just hand them synthetic urine and let them analyze it.
rich-c: yeah, I suppose rat bites could be a hazard
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Possibly...but it is lots of antivivisectionist sentiment
rich-c: not really the rat bites, of course, but the lawsuits
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: yes, unfortunately.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: PETA don't care about slugs or cockroaches or worms, though.
rich-c: yes, you never know when PETA or their buddies are going to show up
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: It is like entering a military bunker to even get over to Animal Facilities anymore.
rich-c: I tend to have very little patience with such types
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: When I was an undergrad, each lab that used rats or mice had their own cages of them.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: When *I* did this lab back in 1982, we just got rats from the lab of one of the faculty, a reproductive physiologist.
rich-c: yes, when I worked for a bit at the Banting Institute there were no issues - but that was in 1961
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Well, 8 more rats tomorrow and Friday each, then the same schedule as this week next week.
rich-c: still, the anti-vivisectionists have been around for a very long time
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: They have...they should be forced to live without the benefits acquired via vivisection.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: No meds, no immunizations, no surgeries, no joint replacements...
rich-c: most of their species of Luddites are too dumb to understand that
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Just as God intended :-S
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: And no McDonalds burgers or pre-packaged foods from Loblaws
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: They just have no idea where things come from, sadly.
rich-c: our problem at the moment is with Greenpeace and their nut-case comerades
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: So how are you and Frances?
rich-c: oh, fine - she is reading over my shouldr here at the moment
rich-c: I am still trying to sort out my mess with Microsoft - the latest is a WinXP installation that went badly awry
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hi Frances :-)
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I am expecting Erin here at any moment, at least she said she was turning on her computer.
rich-c: talked to Pamela last night and she said she hoped to be on too
rich-c: Frances says hi backatcha
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Yeah, we missed them at last week's gathering...most people ever for a long while.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Did Ron ever show up?
rich-c: no, not at all - of course he lives BUSY LIFE THESE DAYS
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Busy how so?
rich-c: ah, the dreaded caps lock key
rich-c: he's retired 8 - )
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Hi there
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hope you and Russell liked the cookies.
rich-c: seriously, when you're retired, you have so much to do it's hard to control
Pamela: little tired there Rich?
rich-c: hi daughter
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Yeah, long day in the lab.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: With rats, no bites this year.
Pamela: we did, thanks - we're nibbling : )
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changed username to eMac
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Pamela: greetings, Rin
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I think Erin said that only the Thin Mints existed when she was a GG.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Is that right, Rin?
rich-c: well, looks like Ron is joining us at lst
eMac: hi Pam
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: eMac, the robot lab has 2 of them.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: White toasters :-S
eMac: Hi Honey
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: And Ron has an eMac
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: My money is on Rin though
rich-c: oh - it's Rin - why eMac, then?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I guess electronic MacLean
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Unless she got a new computer?
eMac: re: GG cookies, no we had chocolate sandwich, vanilla sandwich and peanut butter sandwich
Pamela: I'm babysitting my e-mail - will be back shortly
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: So nothing like ours, interesting.
eMac: first initial and then Mac
rich-c: hey Roin, tell your boss to back Tony Ruprechet's priovacy bill
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: The Thin Mints and Trefoils have been around as long as I remember from my sisters being in GS.
eMac: Ruprecht's Bill?
rich-c: there were trefoil cookies here for decades but they moved to the others maby 20 - 25 yers ago
rich-c: yes, private members bill to regulate credit bureaux - very important that it pass
eMac: was it introduced today?
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rich-c: essentially drags our [rivacy standards up to the (still deficient) American ones
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: err... good evening!
rich-c: no, I believe it's headed for third reading
rich-c: salut, Daniel
eMac: hi Daniel
eMac: oh, okay, I'll have to look it up
rich-c: how's lfe down on teh tidewater St.Lawrence?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hello Daniel
rich-c: I'll be sending an email to Mike Colle, s if he ever listened to his constituents
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm a bit tired... I like my job.
rich-c: so you have been working very hard at it, then - good
rich-c: who knows, maybe management will decide you like it enough you should be kept around
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Did the guy you voted for in your riding (think that's the right word) win election, Richard?
rich-c: yes, we are Liberal both federally and provincially
Daniel Bienvenu: i don't think so... the quebec division of this company have to disappear, it's a condition done by somone who did a huge investment.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: So then he ought to listen to you :-)
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: What is the company, Daniel?
rich-c: my name doesn't end with the right vowel
Daniel Bienvenu: I voted too, but my candidate didn't win.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Needs an i, eh?
Pamela: or an "o"
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: No easy way to Italianize Clee.
Pamela: sorry, had to ditch most of my 134 e-mails : )
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) it's Extenway, look at tsx for EY.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: 134 E-mails?
Pamela: I really have to download my mail more often
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: (PRIVATE) okay
rich-c: an a will do - ironically, both Volpe and Colle end with an e but that's not frequent in Italian
Pamela: that's two weeks worth
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: What
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: What's it all for?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: (Pam's mail)
Pamela: pharmaceuticals, loans, and cheap software
eMac: whew, thought you were asking about politics :-)
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: SPAM
rich-c: they are not good about even acknowledging mail, let alone responding
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: well, yeah, what's politics all for too
Pamela: wonder what they make of Vilneff?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Maybe they want the letter to contain coloured paper with the grin of H.R.M. on it...followed by at least 2-digit numbers :-)
Pamela: it's a bit of a head scratcher
Daniel Bienvenu: oops, I forgot something urgent... be right be.
rich-c: why don't you download Mailwasher and get a bit of a handle on it - or switch your email program to Thunderbird?
Pamela: I've got Mailwasher Dad - but it hangs on me from time to time
rich-c: yes, there are certain things will make it do that
Pamela: I had 134, ditched 78 of them before it hung on me this time, so I had only 56 to deal with
Pamela: namely, large e-mails
rich-c: just hit process mail anyway and get rid of some of the junk
Pamela: oh, I do - that's how I pared the original 84 down to 6 legit
rich-c: with Thunderbitd you would have a secondary filtering mechanism - slow learner, though : - (
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: (PRIVATE) sorry
eMac: (PRIVATE) it's okay....what happened?
Pamela: I heard from Christopher
rich-c: I just recently installed Mailwasher on the laptop, but so far it is working OK
rich-c: really? how is he doing, and what did he have to say?
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Pamela: just asking if we're still about - apparently he sent a Christmas card to us but it came back. I haven't responded yet, but will fill him in
changed username to FostMeister
FostMeister: Greetings to one and all.
Pamela: Hi, Gui
rich-c: hello Guy, comment ca vA?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Fostmeister, sehr gut!
eMac: hi Guy
FostMeister: eMac: Hiya!
rich-c: that by the way is Roin, Guy
FostMeister: Bought an antique Mac a few days ago, a Mac II Vx, having loads of fun with it!!!
FostMeister: RIch: HEhe, yeah, was wondering who emac was...
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hybrid of Ron and Rin
rich-c: erin Maclean
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: That is an interesting idea
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Whadaya think Rin?
eMac: dunno
FostMeister: Hey, Mr. Youwelcome (Bienvenu), how are you?
rich-c: dangerous ground, Rich - wanna rethink that? ; - )
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: hehe
eMac: I stop thinking around 7
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine!
rich-c: he's off on a brb errand
Daniel Bienvenu: I was away...
Daniel Bienvenu: but now, I'm back
Pamela: left your brain at work again, hmm Erin?
rich-c: oh, you're back, Daniel
FostMeister: Daniel: Welcome back Kotter.
eMac: oh no it just stops at select times :-)
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I think Schiefer got her brain...or the cookies.
Pamela: must be nice, there are days when I wish I could turn mine off : )
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: sleep or a good book might work
rich-c: oh Pam - before I forget - we have extra electronic filings on our tax program - want to use any?
FostMeister: Most people including me have their brains permanently turned off and use 3% of their god given brain capacity. lol
Pamela: nah, it's okay Dad - I prefer paper
Pamela: but thanks
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changed username to Guy B.
FostMeister: uhoh, who might that be!?!?!
rich-c: electronic filing get the refund back faster
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: Hi, Guy!
eMac: hi Guy
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I think that Douglas Adams said that humans talked in order to prevent their brains from working.
rich-c: hello GuyB
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy!
FostMeister: Pam: Hiya Pam!
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Hello Guy
rich-c: what's the word on Adamcon?
Guy B.: Dr. D I'm assume.
FostMeister: A tired D.
rich-c: and how's the new pooch?
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Yeah, kinda draggy tonight Guy.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Coming down with a cold I think, since this afternoon.
Pamela: Rich, you have got to get more sleep
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: So I also think I am going to logout and go to bed.
Guy B.: I'm going to inquire at a hoitel in Oakbrook Terrace this Saturday after my dentist and Annie's vet appt.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I agree. Fortunately I don't have to be on campus until about 9 AM tomorrow (unlike 6:30 AM today).
Pamela: Annie??? You named her Annie??
Guy B.: Yes, I did.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: arf arf
rich-c: OK Rich, get the zzzzz,s and take it easy
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: I will Richard.
Pamela: night, Rich
Pamela: Thanks again for the cookies
eMac: get some rest My Dear
Guy B.: She's part shepherd and Boxer.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Good night Pam...glad you like 'em.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Nite-nite the rest of you.
Guy B.: Night Dr. D.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs and kisses
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: And nite-nite to Ms. Rin.
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: (PRIVATE) thanks
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: Bye
Dr. Dzzzzzz.: <poof>
FostMeister: Guy: Thinking of getting a dog myself... I wouldn't know what breed would suit me best.
Dr. Dzzzzzz. left chat session
Pamela: gotta go tell Russell - brb
rich-c: think hard, Fos - they are a big responsibility nd very demanding
Guy B.: Why not a ordinary mutt. A mixed breed worked out for me. Had Abby 12 years and now Annie.
Guy B.: You can find them at animal shelters.
rich-c: and the local Humane Society can likely provide a fine choice - if you can convince them you deserve it
FostMeister: Reminds me of a story that happened to my wife and I this summer while camping. In the morning, in the middle of nowhere in the woods, we hear something playing around with our cooler. We peer through the tent and see a huge black animal. Sandra right away says: "Sh**, its a BEAR!". I got terrified and started panicking... After a few seconds, I take a look and notice that it's in fact a dog that looks like a bear. Real big, thick dark coat. It was hilarious. Got us scared for a good minute or so.
Pamela: I'm a big proponent of animal shelters. There are already too many animals in the world who need love.
rich-c: soe of the feral dogs are as dangerous as bears
FostMeister: Rich: Yeah, feral dogs in Jamaica are very dangerous.
rich-c: and when they're in a pack - watch out, you're in deep trouble
FostMeister: I found a tiny little cat under a car 2 years ago, and I've been loving him ever since... he's the cutest most adorable animal.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I can't believe you named her Annie! Oh well, it'll be easy to remember.
rich-c: there have been incidents here in eastern Canada - few, but enough to encourage caution
eMac left chat session
FostMeister: I guess if you see a wild dog with foam coming out of his mouth, it's not good news.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) You like the name?
rich-c: dogs and cats don't always mix, though many find a modus vivendi
FostMeister: Rich: Yes, like on top of a fridge. :D
Pamela: (PRIVATE) actually, despite the teasing, I love it : )
rich-c: with rabies, it's skunks and foxes are the main problem here; bats sometimes
Pamela: I see we lost Erin
FostMeister: No Coyotes in ur neck of the woods?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Well, I have a friend who works at Applebees by that name and I thought it was perfect. When I told her, she was surprised.
Pamela: brb
FostMeister: otay
rich-c: oh, often an established housecat can establish control over a new dog
FostMeister: yeah, especially a puppy...
rich-c: oh yes, coyotes er an increasing problem even well inside our city limits
FostMeister: Dan: Tu parles pas... t'est ben tranquille a soir.
rich-c: in fact the crcases of a couple wre found up on the York University campus this week
FostMeister: RICH: Coyotes love city limits... good feeding grounds...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm writing a text for coleconation
rich-c: yes, and we have our ravines, full of deer and other tastytreats
Pamela: oh ick, Daddy
Daniel Bienvenu: it's urgent.
rich-c: in the High Park area, you do not let a cat or small dog outside
FostMeister: Dan: So why you on chat?
rich-c: he's good at multitASKING, gUY ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't want to miss the adamcon chat session
Pamela: (PRIVATE) she must be fairly big then, Guy - shephard and boxer mix?
FostMeister: Well, you'd miss it if you didn't participate in it!!! ;)
Pamela: yeah, we get what for if we miss!
rich-c: easy to tell my caps lock is beside the a key, isnt it?
Pamela: (she says, from personal experience)
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She will be at or a little less than Abby's size.
FostMeister: Rich: Most keyboards are Rich...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) any personality quirks yet?
rich-c: yes, but wuth the laptop it's too close
FostMeister: Rich: Thought you were making a pun with Daniel, such as: Multi ASKING.
FostMeister: Rich: I'm using a lappy too, and indeed, it is too close.
rich-c: especially for a search, discover and land typist
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She has some traits of Abby. The tail mostly.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) a table clearer?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) how old is she, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm finishing the document... I just need to read it again just in case.
FostMeister: Document about what?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She's playing with all of Abby's toys and it's funny she will pick all of them out of the box.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's for coleconation
Pamela: a Columbus typist, as it were : )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She's almost 5 months.
rich-c: how is the weather down your way, Fos and Dan? get any blowback from the eastern blizzard?
FostMeister: Pam: Did u find yourself new employment?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) she's older than I thought
Daniel Bienvenu: it's snowy here, rich
Pamela: nah, but am still considering it, now more than ever
Pamela: was a crappy day at the office
FostMeister: Rich: It only snowed last night, about 5 cms.
rich-c: big snow or little snow, Daniel? from east or northwest?
FostMeister: Rich: I work night shifts now, get all the crappy weather in the middle of the night and have to shovel.
Daniel Bienvenu: it was big during the day, rich
rich-c: just what you need - and I'll bet the neighours love it
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Someone had her before and she has a brother who is bigger than she is and the same age.
FostMeister: Well, it wasn't much of a winter to say the least... in a few days it'll be march, then spring, the summer... and the cycle goes on.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so she's socialized already? That's good.
FostMeister: Before you know it, you're packing to go to the Adamcon!
rich-c: we have been all but dry and the flurries melt quickly - it was 9 here today (about 48F, Guy)
Pamela: Don't rush things, Gui - time is going by too fast already
Pamela: please don't wish February away
rich-c: anyway, we're in for a roaring blue norther over the weekend
FostMeister: Pam: Time seems to be going by faster because of the magnetic shifts that the earth is going through.
Pamela: well it makes the work day go by faster that's for sure
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She's getting along with Jeanene's cat, but she misses Abby.
rich-c: wont bother us much (tho'seriously cold) but Buffalo and Cleveland are going to get it good
Pamela: but I also find, the older I get, the more quickly time passes
FostMeister: Pam: Also makes rent day come faster too.
FostMeister: Pam: Indeed, ur not the only one that says that, I feel that too.... RIch, what's your take on that? Feel that too?
Pamela: nobody's getting rich, not even my landlord
Daniel Bienvenu: After 6 weeks of works, I was only able to save 300$. When the 4 months contract will ends, I don't know if I will have enough to go to the adamcon meeting.
rich-c: oh yes, when you've used up three quarters of a century, you worry about getting things done while you can
FostMeister: Rich: I'm starting to think more and more about the fact that I am mortal. Before my 30s, I thought I was imortal. :D lol
rich-c: well, you just might get another job when your contract ends, you know
Pamela: everyone thinks that way in their 20's Gui
rich-c: you might even get a recommendation from your current employer
Pamela: (PRIVATE) she meaning Jeanene, or the cat?
rich-c: yes, young folks are like that, Guy - unfortunately it shows too often in their driving
FostMeister: Dan: Hey some buckeroos is better than no buckeroos if you know what I mean.
Pamela: and Daniel, don't wait for this contract to end before starting to look for another job
FostMeister: Yeah, took me 9 months to get a decent job... takes time these days, economy is full of crappy paying jobs, but good ones are scarce.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) No, Zoe her cat is. Jeanene was the one who saw her at the animal shelter.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, but I'm worrying if it's better keeping them or using them to meet you again during summer. it's chicago this time.
FostMeister: Dan: Worry about $100 or so for your passport too, you will need it.
rich-c: yes, you'd think with our economy boiling as it is jobs would be easy to come by, but they aren't
FostMeister: I just got mine in the mail today.... finally!
FostMeister: Rich: Unemployment in quebec is at an all-time low, but they don't talk about the type of jobs.
Pamela: Gui, are you still going to Africa or wherever it was?
rich-c: no, won't need a passport till 2008 - and that may change
FostMeister: Rich: For land crossing, but air crossing? I think u need one.
FostMeister: Pam: Actually, I got hired for my government job I was talking about a few months ago... starting in 10 days, so no Africa for me.
Pamela: you know, Gui, having it can't hurt
rich-c: I don't fly, so that isn't a concern - though I do have a passport
FostMeister: Pam: Exactly, I always carry it.. going to Burlington USA tomorrow with it.
Pamela: woo and two hoos! What kind of job, which gov't and when do you start?
FostMeister: Pamela: I start end of February, and it's actually working for the Montreal Bus and Metro corporation, servicing electronic equipment in metro stations.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) question for you: is Jeanene dating?
FostMeister: Right now I work as a night time security guard, can't wait to finish doing that...
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: OK, fairly high skill level, important to system reliability - you will be valued, I reckon
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) No, she isn't.
FostMeister: Hiya Bobssssssssss!
Pamela: that's amazing Gui. Is it full time permanent?
BobS: Howdy people
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) interesting. Hmmmmm.
BobS: Hiya guys and gals
rich-c: hello Robert, been watching tv again?
Guy B.: Be right back. Annie needs to go out for a few minutes.
BobS: did I miss anything???????
Pamela: hi bob
FostMeister: Pam: Yep... I got lucky I guess, so things are looking good nowadays, finally, after 5 yrs of heartache.
BobS: how's the pup????
FostMeister: Hey, I'm pretty good bob, thanks for asking. ;)
BobS: got a permanent job, I am gathering???????
BobS: or agreat promotion?????
BobS: I meant the puppy Guy.....for thr other Guy
Pamela: Gui, if you can stick with it, you probably have a job for life. The transit companies are great to work for.
FostMeister: Yes, with the city of Montreal's transit company. Been trying to get in even before last years Adamcon.
BobS: COOL congrats man
rich-c: Pam's mother-in-law is a Toronto Transit retiree
FostMeister: Pam: Yes, I'll do my best, lots of advantages, after a few years you get like 4-5 weeks of vacation, etc...
FostMeister: Rich: Awesome!
Pamela: one of my coworkers told me today that she was offered !!! a job with the TTC and said she'd have to think about it! I'd be there in a heartbeat
rich-c: hey, I'll go get a beer to drink to you - brb
FostMeister: Rich: Hahaha, had one a few hours ago with Sandra to celebrate. We really needed that...
FostMeister: Pam: Some people are scared of the unknown and would rather stay with something familiar and stable.
rich-c: a votre bon sante - comme on dit icoi
Pamela: actually her issue is once she gets married, she'll be living in Barrie and would rather find something there than commute to T.O. everyday if possible
BobS: did Dr D, my kids or Rin or Harvie stop by?????
Pamela: Rich and Rin were here
Pamela: no sign of Meeka, Doug or Harvie yet
Pamela: or Ron
BobS: well.......wht the heck........Ron has been absent a lot lately again
rich-c: Rich and Rin were here earlier
Daniel Bienvenu: time to sleep ... bonne nuit tout le monde!
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
FostMeister: But it's only 10PM?
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
FostMeister: What time u start?
rich-c: we were remarking on that earlier - leads back to Guy's quetion
rich-c: Ron's retired, so haS TOO MUCH TO DO, TOO LITTLE TIME
FostMeister: Hahaha, when you retire that's when u have no time left to yourself.
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
FostMeister: Dan: Take care Dan, remember to enjoy life!!!
rich-c: exactly - you never can figure out whre you got the time to go to work
Guy B.: We are back and light rain is falling here.
Pamela: not looking forward to the drive in tomorrow - we're supposed to have freezing rain tonite
rich-c: I think the precip in your Area will be more Bob's problem than yours, Guy
BobS: yucky Guy, that means the strom is on the way
FostMeister: Yes, freezing rain for us tonight too...
Guy B.: Yes, we somewhat in between the snow and rain band.
Pamela: brb
rich-c: we should be OK here (with exceptions) till Saturday - then we get the deep freeze
Guy B.: Yep, we are getting that too for the weekend, then it will warm up again.
rich-c: you two get on NOAA for the eatehr? their local website pages are seriously cool
rich-c: oh well, it's Daytona 500 weekend so I'll be staying in anyway
BobS: gong to be just about 0* F here this weekend for lows
Pamela: I don't care about the cold - it's the form of precip that worries me
rich-c: but freezing rain won't do tomorrow night - it's Amiga night other side of the city
Pamela: I wouldn't plan on being there Dad
BobS: oops.....frances may have to be ready for a disappointment...although the weather people only have dumb luck on their side as to forecasting
rich-c: I htink we're supposed to have a HIGH of -8 Saturday - thats about 18F
FostMeister: Rich: U guys still have Amiga user groups in TO? Wow, lucky!
Pamela: sounds like a housecleaning weekend to me
rich-c: yep, counting Frances but not me, there will almost certainly be three there tomorrow night
rich-c: there are many others who do drop in from regularly to occasinally
Pamela: although we do have ambitions of taking Erin to Lick's for lunch on Sunday
rich-c: and the C-64 crowd across the hall, of course
FostMeister: Rich: Awesome. AMIGAS are awesome, if I ever have a chance to buy a souped up one, I will... Anyways, I'm off to do some surfing and then off to sleep, waking up early, going on a little trip with my poor old mom and my wife to Burlington, USA. Take care all.
Pamela: g'nite, Gui - safe trip
FostMeister: Thank you, hope it's not snowy or icy.
Pamela: we will keep fingers toes and eyeballs crossed for you
rich-c: OK, give our regards to Vermont, and keep a weather eye out - Jupiter Pluvius is in an increasingly nasty mood
FostMeister: *kerpoof*
Pamela: so Bob, how is life in GR?
Guy B.: Bye Guy
BobS: nite Gei
rich-c: so Guy, where is this hotel you are looking at?
Pamela: I think he said Oakbrook Terrace, Dad
BobS: life is holding for now, family good and mostly healthy now I think, job sucks as I got cut back to 10 hrs a week
Guy B.: Probably in Oakbrook Terrace. It would be in-between two malls and lots of restaurants in the area.
BobS: Oka Terrace in like what city mon
Pamela: what the h**k? How are you supposed to live on that???
BobS: good looking for fill in or permanent/semi-permanaent replacement now
rich-c: 2where is it relative to Chicago, Guy?
Guy B.: West of the city and you will not have to go through the city to reach it. I do plan detail directions to get there.
rich-c: just so we don't have to go through the city - even better if we can start south from say Gary
Pamela: it's basically superintendent work, right Bob?
Guy B.: Gary, you're south of the city.
BobS: right Pam.....but construction business here is way down , sot jobs not so easy to come by
BobS: may have to go hands on work, but thattoo is scarce
Pamela: what about the antique side of things? Any prospects there?
rich-c: how can that be? Gary is right on the lake, east of Chicago
BobS: maybe i could move north and get ajob with local transit ??????????
Pamela: don't laugh, you probably could : )
BobS: antiques are dead pam....going to pack up our toys in the next couple of months and sit on the stuff
Guy B.: There will be road construction this year. I'll find out what's going on to be sure. There is one going on now is the intersection of I-80, I-294, I-94 and IL-394. That intersection is being rebuilt.
Pamela: I hear that Alberta is experiencing a mighty boom at the moment, especially Fort McMurray
rich-c: move to Fort McMurray in teh oil sands - I've heard burger flippers make $20 and hour - after teh signing bonus
rich-c: the hours are killing nd the conditins are rough - but man can you make big bucks
BobS: biggest trouble is Richard, don't want to leave town......actually can't, not with Ryan here and all
Guy B.: I'm watching this pup play with her toys and she is having a blast.
rich-c: I undertand well, Bob - and you're getting on for an oil-field roughneck
rich-c: yes, Guy, dogs can be so engaging, cazn't they
Pamela: well good luck with the search, Bob. We'll be thinking outside the box for you : )
rich-c: btw Guy, you still haven't really told us where Oakridge is
BobS: heck think INSIDE the box also
Guy B.: Oakbrook Terrace is about 15 miles west of Chicago. 5 Miles from where I live.
rich-c: there's an outfit wants RV delivery truck brokers advertising in Highways at the moment
Pamela: it's the most difficult thing - trying to think of unconventional ways to use your skills for gainful employment
FostMeister left chat session
rich-c: but they want you to do 5000 loaded miles a month
BobS: am going to look into that an address or phone # ????
rich-c: that sounds painfully close in, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) c'mon, Dad, it's better than Whitby : )
rich-c: you'd like;ly nead a Ford F-450 or F-550 to haul the big stuff, Bob
BobS: I-80 west to I-294 north to I 290
BobS: naw Richard I want to drive the motorhomes to dilvery
BobS: delivery
rich-c: patience, Bob. I'm looking
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Pamela: well, good afternoon, James
james: fashionably late. didn't think anyone would still be here. glad i was wrong
james: hi pam
james: hello guy, bob, rich
Guy B.: Not really Rich and don't worry. Where I I tell how to reach the hotel will be a breeze.
Pamela: tis not yet 11:00 pm, the witching hour
Guy B.: Hi James
rich-c: good morning, james
BobS: west of O'hare airport and south about 6 iles
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: busy, thanks
BobS: hallo
james: same here. been doing a web contract on the side and it's taken up a lot of my time
Pamela: web contract? explanation please
rich-c: I csn follow a map, Guy, but I am worried about traffic jams - they're a Chicago area specialty
james: i was asked by someone to build a web site for their hockey team
Pamela: ah, gotcha
james: so far i've been busy doing the back-end admin interface in php and mysql
Pamela: c'mon Dad, if you can drive in Toronto traffic you can drive anywhere
james: that's almost done so i hope to start on the front end next week or thereabouts
rich-c: tell them you're cheering for Canada, james ; - )
james: of course i am
Guy B.: Rich, you have to stop worrying about traffic jams, Toronto is just about the same as in Chicago.
james: won't find me driving in toronto
Pamela: not if you get lost, we won't : )
Pamela: (PRIVATE) just don't ask Dad for directions, you'll be fine :)
Pamela: James, do you drive when you're in Ottawa?
BobS: can't get lost Pam.......drove in and out of O'hare in January (north of hotel site) and had NO problems at all
BobS: easier than Toronto traffic
james: (PRIVATE) lol. most assuredly.
james: i did the last time
james: not sure if i will this time or not
rich-c: Bob: or phone 1-866-724-1606
Pamela: how do you find switching from right to left hand drive and back again - any problems?
BobS: got it Richard, THANKS
james: i have this tendency to drive on the left side of the road which doesn't carry over well. i'm usually ok once i've brushed up a bit though
rich-c: yes, Guy, that's the problem - I don't care for our jams either
james: i've now been driving here more than in canada. i'll have been here 7 years come march 15
Pamela: wow
Pamela: doesn't seem like that long
james: it goes by fast, for sure
rich-c: Bob. companies like Hertz and vis also keep crews of drivers to shuttle cars between locations
rich-c: most of teh trips are local but here are long distance crews too (snowbird to summer country, for examole)
rich-c: Pam's friend Kimberly's father does that for Avis locally
Pamela: I'm just wondering if we ever get a chance to travel to Great Britain if I should chance right hand drive. I think my biggest concern would be my automatic responses
Pamela: actually Dad, he works for National Alamo
Pamela: same company as our franchise at work
rich-c: OK Pam sorry 'bout that
Pamela: you will also find that many of the local car dealerships hire older men, many of them retirees, to deliver new vehicles
rich-c: gather the switch of driving sides can be difficult but folks do manage
BobS: yes, but the rental car joins are very tentative and not paying much here
BobS: excuse me????? old men??????
rich-c: I suspect the money, such as it is, is in the longer distance runs
Pamela: I said older men, Bob - many are retirees
BobS: ok
james: lol
rich-c: you are getting on a bit, Bob - I believe most grandfathers qualify for teh tiele
Pamela: good driving records, and easier on the insurance
james: i'm gonna sit this one out ;)
Pamela: coward
Guy B.: Well folks, going to call it the night. See you all next week.
Pamela: g'nite, Guy. Good luck at the hotel - keep us posted
BobS: nite guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
BobS: be good
rich-c: OK, take care, Guy, see you next week
Guy B.: Me too.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me Too.
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: (PRIVATE) : )
Guy B. left chat session
james: i should probably get some work done too
rich-c: so james, how are things doing in Japan?
james: going well
BobS: well heck IF you are goinna leave hoo
james: keeping very busy. getting geared up
james: i can stay for a bit
rich-c: but you gotta go - OK, hope you'll make it next week
Pamela: anyway Bob, if we come up with any brilliant ideas, will let you know
james: just thought everyone was leaving
rich-c: goodnight for now though
Pamela: I'm gonna bail shortly too - I have an e-mail to respond to
Pamela: Dad, don't you chance it if the weather is bad tomorrow
rich-c: actually time is winding down, but there's a few minutes left yet
rich-c: btw Bob, I'm accomodating to the C-AP machine and the results are terrific
rich-c: I'm wiling, it's your mother who's gun-shy
Pamela: good
BobS: that would be goo Pam
BobS: good
BobS: great Richard........
rich-c: don 't you have a family member on one?
BobS: it just takes getting used too i hear
BobS: got TWO Richard
BobS: Dad and brother
rich-c: I was lucky and learned fast - very positive results may have had much to do with it
Pamela: okay folks, I'm off to write e-mails. See you later.
rich-c: night Pam, take care
Pamela: night, Daddy. Will call.
BobS: see ya Pam
rich-c: that's what I thought - how are their results?
Pamela: Night, Bob - say hi to everyone for me
Pamela: night, James - don't work too hard
BobS: might as well blow out too guys......see yo next week and earlier also
Pamela: kerpoof
BobS left chat session
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, see you next week if not before
james: i shan't
james: good night!
rich-c: well james seems like we're abandoned
james: apparently so
rich-c: shall we call it a night?
james: you gonna vote me off the island? :P
rich-c: your call
james: i should probably get some work done here. i really haven't accomplished a whole lot this morning
james: hopefully i can make it on earlier next week.. promises promises
rich-c: OK, I have some catchup too - so good night to you then
james: take care
rich-c: ditto
rich-c left chat session
james: *poof*
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